Austronesian Comparative Dictionary (ACD)
Robert Blust and Stephen Trussel, 2010-
Combined Hawaiian Dictionary (CHD)
based on Pukui & Elbert 1986, Andrews 1865,
Māmaka Kaiao 2003, Pukui, Elbert and Mookini 1974, et al.
Combined Kiribati-English Dictionary
based on Bingham 1908, Sabatier 1954 (Oliva 1971),
Goo & Banner 1963, Luomala 1953, et al.
Marshallese-English Online Dictionary (MOD)
based on Takaji Abo, Byron W. Bender,
Alfred Capelle, and Tony DeBrum, 1976
Micronesian Comparative Dictionary (MCD)
Bender, Goodenough, Jackson, Marck,
Rehg, Sohn, Trussel, and Wang, 2003
Mokilese-English Dictionary
Sheldon Harrison and Salich Albert 1977
Palauan-English Dictionary
Josephs, Ramarui, et al. 2015
Pohnpeian-English Dictionary
based on Damian Sohl, Kenneth Rehg, Robert Andreas 1979
Yapese Dictionary
John Jenson et al. 1977

Lexical Solutions

These dictionaries
were produced with
custom lexical software
developed by Stephen Trussel.
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