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Austronesian Comparative Dictionary


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-m-Atayal(Formosan) infix forming an active indicative corresponding to active negatable indicative without affixes PAN *<um>

mKilivila(OC) your (distant degree of possession) PMP *-mu

-mKosraean(OC) 2sg. possessor, your PMP *-mu

-mLoniu(OC) 2sg. possessor, your PMP *-mu

-mMussau(OC) 2sg. possessor, your PMP *-mu

-m-Paiwan(Formosan) marker of actor focus PAN *<um>

-m-Seediq (Truku)(Formosan) prefix or infix in verbs of state or action PAN *<um>

-mSeimat(OC) 2sg. possessor, your PMP *-mu

-mTanga(OC) 2sg. possessor, your PMP *-mu

-m-Thao(Formosan) marker of actor focus PAN *<um>

-mTigak(OC) 2sg. possessor, your PMP *-mu

-mWuvulu(OC) 2sg. possessor, your PMP *-mu

-m(-)Kilivila(OC) your (intimate degree of possession) PMP *-mu

-maAli(OC) to come POC *maRi

maArop(OC) to come POC *maRi

maArosi(OC) and, but; the vowel changes PAN *maS

maAs(SHWNG) to come PAN *um-aRi

ma-Asilulu(CMP) (fossilized in e.g. mataɁu) PAN *ma-₁

maAtoni(CMP) and PAN *maS

ma-Bare'e(WMP) stative prefix PAN *ma-₁

maBugotu(OC) conjunction: and; the vowel of ma shifts in agreement with the first vowel of the following word; viz. me, mi, mo, mu. The form mi is often preferred when the following vowel is other than i. PAN *maS

maBuli(SHWNG) hither, toward the speaker PAN *um-ai

maBunama(OC) and; with PAN *maS

ma-Bunun(Formosan) stative prefix PAN *ma-₁

Chuukese(OC) die, lose consciousness, lose sensation, become paralyzed; (fig.) be overcome with fatigue, hunger, or other physiological want; be extinguished (of a light), stop (of an engine) POC *mate

maErai(CMP) to come PAN *um-ai

maFijian(OC) a particle compounded with many words, forming adjectives of state or condition PAN *ma-₁

Futunan(OC) and; etc. (in counting) PAN *maS

maGilbertese(OC) conjunction: with, and, but PAN *maS

ma-Hawaiian(OC) (fossilized in e.g. makaɁu ‘fear, frightened, afraid’) PAN *ma-₁

ma-ʔIban(WMP) mother PMP *ema-q

maKaulong(OC) and PAN *maS

ma-Kavalan(Formosan) in the state of (result of a prior action) PAN *ma-₁

maKola(CMP) to come PAN *um-aRi

maKosraean(OC) associate --- and some others PAN *maS

maKwaio(OC) and, but PAN *maS

maLabu(OC) bird POC *manuk

maLabu(OC) shallow place in the water PMP *ma-qati

ma-ʔLampung(WMP) mother PMP *ema-q

maLau(OC) and PAN *maS

Lau(OC) eye, face, aperture, mesh; door, porch, gate, mouth; point, edge, spout of a jug (the part that does the work); point of pen, edge of knife; bow of a ship; operculum of a mollusc; hand, wrist; time, season; to eye, to stare at PMP *mata

maLengo(OC) and PAN *maS

m̈aLeviamp(OC) and PAN *maS

maLeviamp(OC) to come POC *mai

maLikum(OC) and PAN *maS

Maori(OC) shame, abasement; shy, ashamed PCEMP *ma-mayaq

Maori(OC) conjunction: and; used to connect numerals, to connect points of the compass, to express dual relationship caused by marriage of persons belonging to different generations, as in the case of a father and son marrying sisters PAN *maS

ma-Maranao(WMP) stative prefix PAN *ma-₁

Marau₂(OC) snake POC *mwata

maMbula(OC) and (simultaneity or close temporal sequence, often causal, links predications that are components of a single complex event, cosubordinate nexus) PAN *maS

ma-Minyaifuin(SHWNG) (fossilized in e.g. mtait ‘fear, afraid’) PAN *ma-₁

ma-Molima(OC) (fossilized in e.g. matauta ‘afraid’) PAN *ma-₁

maMota(OC) hither, this way POC *mai

ma-Mussau(OC) (fossilized in e.g. ma-matautu ‘afraid’) PAN *ma-₁

ma-Lakalai(OC) (fossilized in e.g. matau ‘afraid’) PAN *ma-₁

maNauruan(OC) and PAN *maS

maNêlêmwa(OC) coordination and inclusive-comitative: and, with, in the company of PAN *maS

maNggela(OC) and, but; but the vowel changes, agreeing with that of the word following, me te, mu tu, etc. PAN *maS

maNiue(OC) conjunction: and (with numerals) PAN *maS

maNukuoro(OC) and, and so, and thus, and then; with, including PAN *maS

maNumfor(SHWNG) and PAN *maS

maNumfor(SHWNG) shy, ashamed PCEMP *ma-mayaq

maNumfor(SHWNG) toward the speaker PAN *um-ai

maOnin(CMP) to come PAN *um-aRi

ma-Paiwan(Formosan) stative prefix PAN *ma-₁

maPatep(OC) father PAN *amax

maPatpatar(OC) and PAN *maS

*ma-PAty(Formosan) stative prefix PAN *ma-₁

ma-Pazeh(Formosan) stative prefix PAN *ma-₁

*maPMic(OC) and, with PAN *maS

Puluwat(OC) die, be dead, dying, stricken, paralyzed, very sick; be killed; stop working, as a machine; death POC *mate

ma-Puyuma(Formosan) stative prefix PAN *ma-₁

maRarotongan(OC) conjunction: and: used to connect persons or numerals, and in many instances, place or thing PAN *maS

maRennellese(OC) comitative preposition: with, and, for, in behalf of PAN *maS

maRhade(WMP) father (children's speech) PAN *amax

maRotinese(CMP) and PAN *maS

maRotinese(CMP) tongue PMP *hema

ma-Rotinese(CMP) stative prefix PAN *ma-₁

maRotuman(OC) and PAN *maS

ma-Roviana(OC) stative prefix (fossilized in manivisi ‘thin’, or matagutu ‘afraid’) PAN *ma-₁

ma-Saisiyat(Formosan) stative prefix PAN *ma-₁

maSaliba(OC) toward the speaker POC *maRi

maSamoan(OC) and PAN *maS

Samoan(OC) ashamed, embarrassed PCEMP *ma-mayaq

ma-ʔBilaan (Sarangani)(WMP) father PMP *ema-q

maSoutheast Ambrym(OC) then, next, in that case PAN *maS

ma-Seediq (Truku)(Formosan) frequent prefix carrying the idea of an indeterminate future PAN *ma-₂

maSelaru(CMP) and PAN *maS

Selaru(CMP) tongue PMP *hema

Selaru(CMP) tongue PCEMP *maya

maSengseng(OC) and PAN *maS

maSudest(OC) bird POC *manuk

ma-Tae'(WMP) stative prefix PAN *ma-₁

ma-Tagalog(WMP) prefix forming adjectives denoting (a) a certain quality, e.g. magandá ‘beautiful’, (b) having much of something, e.g. mabató ‘stony (full of stones)’; prefix to root word forming verbs denoting capability of doing something voluntarily or intentionally, e.g. makíʻa ‘to be able to see something’ PAN *ma-₁

maTalise(OC) and PAN *maS

maTanga(OC) and, conjunction; sometimes expressed as ‘m’; always used as a substantival connective, never used between verbs PAN *maS

maTawala(OC) conjunction: and, with, but, also PAN *maS

maʔTboli(WMP) father PMP *ama-q

ma-ʔTboli(WMP) father, used in teknonyms with reference to the eldest child PMP *ema-q

ma-Tetun(CMP) stative prefix (fossilized, as in manas ‘hot’ < *ma-panas), or metan ‘black’ < *ma-qetan) PAN *ma-₁

ma-Thao(Formosan) stative prefix PAN *ma-₁

ma-Thao(Formosan) prefix marking the future in actor voice verbs PAN *ma-₂

maTitan(OC) and, with PAN *maS

ma-Toba Batak(WMP) stative prefix (called ‘qualifying prefix’ in van der Tuuk 1864-1867) PAN *ma-₁

maTolai(OC) and, but; with PAN *maS

Tongan(OC) feel shame, be ashamed PCEMP *ma-mayaq

ma-Tongan(OC) stative prefix (fossilized in mahaki ‘sick person, patient; sickness, disease’ < PMP *ma-sakit ‘sick, painful’, etc.) PAN *ma-₁

Tongan(OC) conjunction: and (only with numerals) PAN *maS

maToqabaqita(OC) coordinator: and (conjoins phrases, clauses and sentences); also used when there is contrast, unexpectedness between two states of affairs PAN *maS

ma-ʔToratán(WMP) mother (vocative) PMP *ema-q

maTugun(CMP) to come PAN *um-aRi

maʔTunjung(WMP) father PMP *ama-q

maWampar(OC) and PAN *maS

maWaropen(SHWNG) hither, toward the speaker PAN *um-ai

maWaropen(SHWNG) and, so that PAN *maS

ma-Watut(OC) tongue POC *maya

maWetan(CMP) and, but, or PAN *maS

maWuvulu(OC) and PAN *maS

ma-Wuvulu(OC) (fossilized in e.g. maɁau ‘afraid’) PAN *ma-₁

maYabem(OC) and PAN *maS

maYamdena(CMP) and PAN *maS

ma-Yami(WMP) stative prefix for indicative verbs PAN *ma-₁

maYapese(OC) conjunction: then, and, but PAN *maS


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-m̋aLeviamp(OC) to die; dead POC *mate

m̋aLeviamp(OC) and; with PAN *maS


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ma/mareMakatea(OC) and PAN *maS

ma:liTanga(OC) place, dancing square within the confines of every village settlement POC *malaqe

ma:ta-tusoroSaaroa(Formosan) to sleep (Ferrell 1969) PAN *tuduR

ma:tukTanga(OC) fully developed adult male who has reached years of discretion, not an old man, not a youth; husband POC *matuqa

ma:tuk suksukTanga(OC) very old man or woman POC *matuqa

ma¹¹Tsat(WMP) father PAN *amax

ꞌma¹²tMayá(SHWNG) to die PCEMP *matay₁

maaArosi(OC) the face; hole, opening, mesh of a net, gate; edge, point, brim; front of a person or house; numerical unit in counting fish hooks, needles, stakes, flints, fishing rods, houses, traps, slings, armlets and matches; a spot, stain, crystal in rock (as hornblende phanocrystal in dolerite, etc.), a groove for rubbing fire in a soft stick; to look at, stare; a circle; to lead PMP *mata

maaBanggai(WMP) shame PMP *ma-heyaq

mááChuukese(OC) death; loss of consciousness; collapse; paralysis; disease, illness, sickness, pestilence POC *mate

maaNggela(OC) ashamed; feel reverence PCEMP *ma-mayaq

maa-Sa'a(OC) the eye, not generally used with an article; the face; (with genitive i in Sa’a, ni in Ulawa) hole, mesh, opening, outlet; core of a boil; door, gate; edge, point, blade, brim; front of a house PMP *mata

maaToqabaqita(OC) used with a variety of senses that can be characterized as: focal point, eye, tip, edge; face; opening; mouth of a container, hole; front part of something; lid, that which closes something; door; with some nouns used as a classifier PMP *mata

maa, maWoleaian(OC) ashamed; disgraceful; feel shameful PCEMP *ma-mayaq

ma-ʔa-asiDondo(WMP) pity PMP *ma-qasiq

ma-ábugIsneg(WMP) be driven away PPh *ábuR

ma-abútCebuano(WMP) can be done, reached PPH *ma-qábut

ma-ábutIlokano(WMP) to reach; understand; overtake PPH *qábut

ma-ábutIlokano(WMP) to reach, be within one's reach, overtake, understand PPH *ma-qábut

m-a-ʔacúnuKankanaey(WMP) adrift PMP *ma-qañud

ma-adayóIlokano(WMP) distant (in personal relationship) PPH *ma-adayuq

ma-adiMotu(OC) exclamation of pity PMP *ma-qasiq

maadoluKapingamarangi(OC) thick (object); heavy or dense rain POC *matolu

maadoluNukuoro(OC) thick (object); heavy or dense, of rain POC *matolu

maa-dusaPazeh(Formosan) to be forked (bifurcation of a path) PAN *duSa

ma-ágaTagalog(WMP) early PPH *ága

ma-ʔaːgetGaddang(WMP) stinging pain PMP *hapejis

ma-ágomPangasinan(WMP) very greedy PPH *águm

ma-agsemAborlan Tagbanwa(WMP) sour PWMP *ma-qaRsem

maahPuluwat(OC) eye, face, point, as of a pencil or spear; end, as of a house; the two smallest eyes of a coconut; canoe end-piece; raised outer border of lee planked platform; to wake up, be awake PMP *mata

ma-ʔahiʔUma(WMP) have pity, have compassion PMP *ma-qasiq

ma-ahuGorontalo(WMP) burned up, turned to ash PWMP *ma-qabu

maa-iSa'a(OC) to eye,to watch PMP *mata

maa-i litawaSa'a(OC) a canoe landing place PMP *mata

maa-i numeSa'a(OC) house door PMP *mata

maa-i paraSa'a(OC) gate PMP *mata

maa-is-an-aSaaroa(Formosan) content (Tsuchida 1976:251) PAN *isi₅

maaka-kitaPazeh(Formosan) to meet for the first time PAN *kita₂

maa-kitaPazeh(Formosan) to look at each other PAN *kita₂

ma-ʔaksomChamorro(WMP) sour, acid, acidulous, tart PWMP *ma-qaRsem

maakuGilbertese(OC) fear, dread, terror, fright, dismay POC *matakut

ma-alaAmis(Formosan) be taken PAN *ma-ala

ma-alaʔIsneg(WMP) to get, etc., be able to get, etc., it can be got, etc. PWMP *ma-alaq

ma-alaTae'(WMP) it is gotten, it is successful, it is popular, it has a discount (of merchandise) PWMP *ma-alaq

ma-ʔalaUma(WMP) seized, caught PAN *ma-ala

ma-alaWolio(WMP) in demand, in favor, popular PWMP *ma-alaq

ma-alʸakPaiwan(Formosan) be disturbed by (too many) children PAN *ma-anak

ma-alapPaiwan(Formosan) be taken; able to be reached; become convinced, have mind changed; be enticed, led astray PAN *ma-alap

ma-alimPaiwan(Formosan) be forgotten; be caused to forget PAN *alim

maal(iu)Woleaian(OC) drift, be adrift (as a canoe) POC *maqañur

ma-álonBikol(WMP) turbulent, rough PWMP *ma-qalun

ma-alónTagalog(WMP) having many waves PWMP *ma-qalun

ma-ʔalsɨmSambal (Bolinaw)(WMP) sour PWMP *ma-qalesem

ma-alsom na ŋísiBikol(WMP) a sneer (lit. ‘sour smile’) PMP *ŋisi

ma-ʔalsumSambal (Botolan)(WMP) sour PWMP *ma-qalesem

maa-maGilbertese(OC) shame, timidity, shyness, bashfulness PCEMP *ma-mayaq

maa-maluKwaio(OC) shade PEMP *maluRu

maa-maluWayan(OC) shade, shadow; shelter, protection PEMP *maluRu

maa-mami-laKwaio(OC) brackish water POC *mamis

ma-ámbonAklanon(WMP) foggy, covered with haze, hazy PWMP *ambun

ma-ambónBikol(WMP) foggy, misty, hazy PWMP *qembun

Maameqe niuToqabaqita(OC) feast to worship an ancestral spirit: a quantity of coconuts is collected for the purpose PMP *niuR

máám(i)Chuukese(OC) wrasse PMP *mamin₁

ma-amianTontemboan(WMP) northwest monsoon PMP *qamihan

ma-ámoPangasinan(WMP) tame (refers only to animals) PPH *ma-haq(e)muq

ma-ʔanIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) a main-dish food, either a staple food, normally eaten with a side dish, or a snack food, as fruits of various varieties, bread or pastries PAN *ma-kaen

maa-nBuruese(CMP) tongue PMP *hema

maa-nBuruese(CMP) tongue PCEMP *maya

maanChuukese(OC) be becalmed, adrift; drift; soar (without flapping wings), glide; do a dance movement with outstretched arms POC *maqañur

maanChuukese(OC) living creature of land or air (other than human) POC *manuk

maanPuluwat(OC) to drift, as a becalmed canoe; dance with rotating hips POC *maqañur

maanPuluwat(OC) creature, being, animal, insect, bird, person POC *manuk

maa-(na)Arosi(OC) the eye PMP *mata

ma-ʔanaRarotongan(OC) heat, warmth; warm PMP *ma-panas

ma-anaRotinese(CMP) small, become smaller PMP *anak

maa-naKwaio(OC) eye; front; opening; mouth (of stream or river); top, lid; face; center PMP *mata

maa-na agaaToqabaqita(OC) space, area in front of panpipe musicians/dancers PMP *mata

ma-anadIbaloy(WMP) cautious PPH *ma-anad

ma-anadWaray-Waray(WMP) tame; subdued; domesticated PPH *ma-anad

maa-na gaagaoraToqabaqita(OC) the center of a person’s chest (on the outside) PMP *mata

maa-na ilaToqabaqita(OC) place on the reef where the waves break PMP *mata

ma-anakRotinese(CMP) have a child PMP *maR-anak

ma-anákTagalog(WMP) having many offspring PMP *ma-anak

m(a)-anakTontemboan(WMP) bear, give birth PMP *maR-anak

maa-na kafoToqabaqita(OC) water hole, place in a stream where people collect water and bathe; mouth of a river; mouth of a water tap (kafo = ‘fresh water’) PMP *mata

maa-na kuburuToqabaqita(OC) place, area from which a strong wind is coming (dark area in distance with black clouds) PMP *mata

maa-na lumaToqabaqita(OC) front of a house; area in front of a house; doorway of a house PMP *mata

maa-na nahiSa'a(OC) the edge of a sword PMP *mata

maa-na naifaToqabaqita(OC) cutting edge of a knife PMP *mata

maa-na qamaliToqabaqita(OC) landing place for canoes on the seashore (qamali = ‘sea, ocean’) PMP *mata

maa-na suaToqabaqita(OC) tip of a spear PMP *mata

maa-na suʔuSa'a(OC) the opening of the bay PMP *mata

maa-na thatoToqabaqita(OC) the disc of the sun (‘eye of the day’) PAN *mata nu qalejaw

maa-na ururu-Toqabaqita(OC) kneecap PMP *mata

maa-na uusi-aToqabaqita(OC) market place, when there is a market in progress (uusi = ‘buy things, shop for’) PMP *mata

ma-ʔana-ʔanaRarotongan(OC) warmness, warmth; a heating POC *ma-panas-panas

ma-ʔaneKapampangan(WMP) full of termites PPh *ma-anay

maa ni akaloUlawa(OC) the blind eye of the coconut (akalo = ‘dead person, ghost’) PMP *mata

maa ni eleKwaio(OC) flame; the biggest taro or yam in the fire; the main log (ele = ‘fireplace’) PMP *mata

maanifiTuvaluan(OC) thin (emphatic) PMP *ma-nipis

maa ni maeKwaio(OC) intention to fight (seen in the eyes; mae = ‘die, dead; fight’) PMP *mata

maa ni pwelusuUlawa(OC) nostril PMP *mata

ma-ánoyBikol(WMP) be eaten by termites PPh *ma-anay

maʔanuRennellese(OC) to float, drift, soar; to leap, as in a dance POC *maqañur

maʔanuTongan(OC) be afloat, not to be resting on or touching the bottom; kind of jelly-fish (kolukalu) that stays at or near the top of the sea POC *maqañur

ma-anuʔUma(WMP) drift away (as on a river current) PMP *ma-qañud

ma-ánudIlokano(WMP) drift, float; be driven along, carried away (by a current of water) PMP *ma-qañud

ma-ánudKankanaey(WMP) be carried away, swept away (by the current) PMP *ma-qañud

ma-anusBanggai(WMP) drift on a current PMP *ma-qañud

maanuwaPuluwat(OC) a legendary man-eating bird POC *manuka

maaŋaNakanamanga(OC) plural marker for nouns PMP *maŋa₁

ma a ŋayawPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) (of many people) to go headhunting (Tsuchida 1982) PAN *ŋayaw

ma-aŋhítBikol(WMP) have the odor of a goat PAN *qaŋeSit

maʔ apa-iTae'(WMP) what is wrong with him/her? PMP *apa-i

ma-apiTontemboan(WMP) catch flame, burn; warm oneself by a fire PWMP *ma-hapuy

maʔ-api-apiTae'(WMP) play with fire PWMP *maR-hapuy

ma-apíŋPangasinan(WMP) to have big cheeks PPH *apiŋ

ma-ʔapliʔSambal (Botolan)(WMP) stinging pain PMP *hapejiq

ma-apóyTagalog(WMP) fiery PWMP *ma-hapuy

ma-apuTontemboan(WMP) turn to lime, turn to powder PAN *qapuR

ma-apuTontemboan(WMP) add lime to the betel chew PPh *maR-qapuR

maa-ramaAnuta(OC) the light part of the day; daylight; light, bright; intelligent POC *ma-ramaR

maa-rapusToba Batak(WMP) hold fast, detain PMP *Rapus

maa-ririKisar(CMP) to erect, build PAN *diRi

maasCarolinian(OC) eye, face; blade, as of a knife, machete, or axe PMP *mata

maasChuukese(OC) eye, face (of living creature, and fig. of some things); leading, piercing, working, cutting end or edge (of something); beginning (of day); direction (of wind); front (of a building); means (of money); point (of pencil, needle, etc.) PMP *mata

maasPohnpeian(OC) face; first PMP *mata

ma-asákIlokano(WMP) be passable, transitable PWMP *qasak

m(a)-asemSimalur(WMP) sour PWMP *ma-qalesem

ma-ʔasenChamorro(WMP) salty, saline, briny, brackish PMP *ma-qasin

mááse-nChuukese(OC) orphan (death parted) POC *mate

ma-aseŋTontemboan(WMP) breathe; take a break, take a breather PWMP *qaseŋ

ma-ʔaseʔChamorro(WMP) mercy, merciful, pity; forgiveness, sympathy PMP *ma-qasiq

ma-asihOld Javanese(WMP) to love, have sympathy or compassion PMP *ma-qasiq

ma-ʔásimTagalog(WMP) sour PWMP *ma-qalesem

ma-asínHiligaynon(WMP) salty PMP *ma-qasin

ma-asinItbayaten(WMP) salty PMP *ma-qasin

ma-asínPangasinan(WMP) (very) salty PMP *ma-qasin

m(a)-asinTontemboan(WMP) be or become salty; to salt PMP *ma-qasin

maʔa-siʔuNias(WMP) distance from the elbow to the tip of the outstretched hand PWMP *maka-siku

ma-áslomAklanon(WMP) sour PWMP *ma-qalesem

ma-ʔaslúmHanunóo(WMP) sour, acid PWMP *ma-qalesem

ma-áslumHiligaynon(WMP) sour PWMP *ma-qalesem

ma-ʔasn-eChamorro(WMP) salted PMP *ma-qasin

ma-asóAklanon(WMP) smoky PMP *ma-qasu

ma-asóBikol(WMP) smoky PMP *ma-qasu

ma-asuTontemboan(WMP) fetch water from a spring or river PMP *asu₂

ma-asuTontemboan(WMP) fetch water from a spring or river PMP *qasu₁

ma-asy-asihOld Javanese(WMP) show one's love, do a favor, be so kind PMP *ma-qasiq

maʔat ~ ma-paʔatTontemboan(WMP) to chisel PMP *paqet

ma-ataBare'e(WMP) take or escort to a destination PAN *ma-SateD

ma-ataʔBoano(WMP) unripe PAN *ma-qataq

ma-ʔaːtaGaddang(WMP) unripe, raw (McFarland 1977) PMP *ma-hataq

ma-ʔataGaddang(WMP) raw, unripe PAN *ma-qataq

ma-átaIfugaw(WMP) it will be green PMP *ma-hataq

ma-ataIfugaw(WMP) it will be green (cp. na-ata 'it is green') PAN *ma-qataq

maataSio(OC) eye PMP *mata

ma-ataTontemboan(WMP) make a slave of someone, treat as a slave PMP *qaRta

maa taetaheSa'a(OC) opening in the shore reef PMP *mata

maa-takwaToqabaqita(OC) landing place (for canoes, boats, ships or airplanes); harbor; airstrip PMP *mata

ma-ata mania-ñaBare'e(WMP) of a woman, to accompany her parents-in-law a distance as they return home after the wedding feast at which they have taken their son to the home of the bride PAN *ma-SateD

ma-ateDampelas(WMP) die; dead PMP *m-atay

ma-ateTontemboan(WMP) perceive, become aware of, feel PMP *qatay

m-a-ʔatezPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) escort a sick person or a drunk home PAN *ma-SateD

m(a)-atiOld Javanese(WMP) die; dead PMP *m-atay

ma-atiWolio(WMP) shallow PMP *ma-qati

maatoluTuvaluan(OC) thick POC *matolu

maatoruAnuta(OC) thick POC *matolu

ma-atusTombonuwo(WMP) one hundred PWMP *ma-Ratus

ma-atusTondano(WMP) one hundred PWMP *ma-Ratus

ma-atusTontemboan(WMP) hundred PWMP *ma-Ratus

maʔauWuvulu(OC) afraid POC *matakut

maʔauWuvulu(OC) right side PMP *ma-taqu₂

ma-avoItbayaten(WMP) ashy PWMP *ma-qabu

maʔawPuyuma (Pinan)(Formosan) an alder, Alnus formosana PAN *maqaw

maʔawSaisiyat(Formosan) a plant: Litsea cubea PAN *maqaw

ma-awaŋManobo (Dibabawon)(WMP) clear, open (as a road) PMP *awaŋ

ma-awáŋPangasinan(WMP) extensive, spacious PMP *awaŋ

ma-awuBare'e(WMP) extremely numerous, as grains of dust PWMP *ma-qabu

ma-awut-iBare'e(WMP) a piece of weeded ground PMP *abut

ma-axapItbayaten(WMP) be caught, be apprehended PAN *ma-alap

ma-ayatTontemboan(WMP) raise sword, whip, or hand in threat PWMP *ayat

ma-ayoAbai Sembuak(WMP) big PAN *Raya

ma-ayoMurut (Tagol)(WMP) big PAN *Raya

ma-ayoTingalan (West)(WMP) big PAN *Raya

ma-ayotMansaka(WMP) immoral man, sex offender PWMP *ayut

ma-babNumfor(SHWNG) yawn; in general, open the mouth PCEMP *mawab

mā-babawRomblomanon(WMP) the depth of something is shallow; something is in a shallow place PWMP *babaw₂

ma-baganiMaranao(WMP) brave PWMP *ma-baRani

ma-bágatMasbatenyo(WMP) to meet PPH *ma-baRat

ma-báhoʔAklanon(WMP) smelly, malodorous, stinky PWMP *ma-bahuq

ma-báhoʔMasbatenyo(WMP) unpleasant smelling PWMP *ma-bahuq

ma-báhoʔTagalog(WMP) foul, smelly PWMP *ma-bahuq

ma-báhoʔWaray-Waray(WMP) having an offensive smell or odor PWMP *ma-bahuq

ma-bahógTagalog(WMP) be mixed with broth or other liquid PWMP *bahuR

ma-bahuʔTausug(WMP) stinky, odorous, smelly PWMP *ma-bahuq

ma-baʔítTagalog(WMP) kind, kindly; friendly; kind-hearted; good-hearted, good-natured; benevolent; good; virtuous; indulgent; making allowances; not too critical; mild; benign; amiable; affable; gently; kindly; friendly PWMP *bait₁

ma-bákasAklanon(WMP) quick, fast, speedy PMP *bakas

ma-bakesIbatan(WMP) a female, girl, woman PPH *bakes₂

ma-bakkáItawis(WMP) can be broken, breakable PMP *bekaq

ma-baliHoanya(Formosan) windy (glossed as ‘wind’ in Tsuchida 1982) PAN *ma-bali₁

ma-baliPangasinan(WMP) given to lying, untruthful PWMP *ma-bali₂

ma-balloMansaka(WMP) fragrant PPH *ma-baŋ(e)luh

ma-balósBikol(WMP) thank you PAN *bales₁

ma-banawIvatan(WMP) wash hands, feet PMP *ma-bañaw

*ma-banawPRuk(Formosan) wash, bathe PAN *ma-bañaw

ma-banáwRukai(Formosan) wash, bathe (Tanan) PAN *ma-bañaw

ma-bantógTagalog(WMP) to become famous; to make one’s mark; to become well-known; to succeed PPH *bantug

ma-bantútKapampangan(WMP) foul-smelling PWMP *bentut

ma-baŋgalToba Batak(WMP) having a broad chest and face; large-boned PMP *bagal

ma-baŋísBikol(WMP) cruel, mean, wicked, brutal PMP *beŋis₁

ma-baŋloAgutaynen(WMP) fragrant, nice smelling; to smell good PPH *ma-baŋ(e)luh

ma-baŋluAborlan Tagbanwa(WMP) fragrant PPH *ma-baŋ(e)luh

ma-baŋluAborlan Tagbanwa(WMP) fragrant PPH *ma-baŋ(e)luh

ma-báŋluHanunóo(WMP) fragrant, sweet-smelling PPH *ma-baŋ(e)luh

ma-baŋlúKapampangan(WMP) fragrant PPH *ma-baŋ(e)luh

ma-baŋluʔKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) fragrant PPH *ma-baŋ(e)luh

ma-baŋóSambal (Botolan)(WMP) fragrant PPH *ma-baŋ(e)luh

ma-baŋunBanggai(WMP) to stand something upright PWMP *ma-baŋun

ma-báŋunItawis(WMP) to erect (something) PMP *baŋun₂

ma-baŋunItawis(WMP) to erect (something) PWMP *ma-baŋun

ma-baŋunOld Javanese(WMP) with the shape of, like PWMP *ma-baŋun

maʔ-baŋun-anTae'(WMP) take the stacked bundles of rice from the drying place in order to count them, at which time a chicken or pig is slaughtered in offering PWMP *maR-baŋun

ma-bariPazeh(Formosan) blow, of the wind PAN *ma-bali₁

ma-basáʔCebuano(WMP) get wet PMP *ma-baseq

ma-básaKapampangan(WMP) recognized PWMP *basa

ma-basáʔKapampangan(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

ma-basabasáIsneg(WMP) become soaking wet PWMP *ma-base-baseq

ma-basógBikol(WMP) to get full PAN *ma-besuR

ma-bassiŋKavalan(Formosan) to sneeze PAN *baqeSiŋ

ma-batóMasbatenyo(WMP) to stone, throw stones PWMP *ma-batu

ma-batóTagalog(WMP) rocky, full of rocks, stony PWMP *ma-batu

ma-batuIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) rocky, of a land area (~ ma-batu) PWMP *ma-batu

ma-baúKapampangan(WMP) smelly PMP *ma-bahu

ma-báugKankanaey(WMP) rotten within, applied to trees PPH *báqug

ma-bayád-anHanunóo(WMP) to be paid PMP *bayaD

ma-bayarBanggai(WMP) to pay PMP *bayaD

ma-bayatKapampangan(WMP) heavy PMP *ma-beReqat

ma-bazaPazeh(Formosan) to know, understand; able, can PAN *ma-bajaq

ma-bazuBunun(Formosan) to pound (Motoyasu Nojima, p.c.) PAN *bayu

ma-baʔyátRemontado(WMP) heavy PMP *ma-beReqat

mab-bákkaItawis(WMP) to break (something) PMP *bekaq

mab-baku-bakuʔBuginese(WMP) by the basketful PWMP *bakul-bakul

mab-báŋŋagItawis(WMP) become deaf PWMP *beŋeR

mab-báŋunItawis(WMP) get up PMP *baŋun₂

mab-báŋunItawis(WMP) get up PWMP *maR-baŋun

mab-báttakItawis(WMP) to burst PMP *betak₂

mab-báyuItawis(WMP) to pound PAN *bayu

mab-bettaBuginese(WMP) cut PMP *beta₂

mab-betuBuginese(WMP) explode (as an erupting volcano) PMP *betu₂

mab-bilágItawis(WMP) to dry PMP *bilaj

mab-bílinItawis(WMP) leave or deliver a message PPh *maR-bilín

mab-bisaʔ-bisaʔBuginese(WMP) to split repeatedly PMP *biseqak

mab-bissaBuginese(WMP) wash the anus PMP *biseq

mab-buŋaBuginese(WMP) to blossom, bear flowers PWMP *maR-buŋa

m-abe-abeToba Batak(WMP) wave back and forth PWMP *ambay

ma-begatBinukid(WMP) heavy PMP *ma-beReqat

mabehKelabit(WMP) carry something on the back PMP *baba₁

ma-bekasMaranao(WMP) fast PAN *bekas₂

ma-beladBinukid(WMP) wide, broad (in area) PWMP *ma-bekelaj

ma-belakAgutaynen(WMP) for something to accidentally become cracked or split; for the earth to crack open during an earthquake PAN *belaq

ma-beli-kRotinese(CMP) valuable, costly PMP *beli

maː-béŋiKapampangan(WMP) be overtaken by night PMP *beRŋi

ma-bératYamdena(CMP) heavy, weighty, also used figuratively PMP *ma-beReqat

ma-beséSangir(WMP) burst PMP *besiq

m-abəyMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) yesterday PMP *Rabiqi

m-abiʔMiri(WMP) to finish PWMP *qabiq

ma-biāgIsneg(WMP) to live PPh *ma-bihaR

ma-bīʔahIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) strong, fast PWMP *ma-bikas

ma-bias-i jayaBare'e(WMP) change course PWMP *bias

ma-bieKapampangan(WMP) alive PPh *ma-bihaR

ma-bigátTagalog(WMP) heavy, weighty PMP *ma-beReqat

ma-bigáwTagalog(WMP) become stunned or stupefied PWMP *biRaw

ma-bigláʔBikol(WMP) be caught unawares, taken aback PPh *big(e)láq

ma-biglá-anIlokano(WMP) to start, to startle; be surprised, frightened PPh *big(e)láq

ma-bíhagBikol(WMP) be taken captive or hostage PPh *ma-bihaR

ma-bíkahIfugaw(WMP) strong PWMP *ma-bikas

ma-bíkasBontok(WMP) industrious; energetic PWMP *ma-bikas

ma-bíkasKankanaey(WMP) laborious; industrious; hard-working; assiduous; diligent; sedulous PWMP *ma-bikas

ma-bíkasTagalog(WMP) of attractive figure; attractively or finely dressed PWMP *ma-bikas

má-bikígTagalog(WMP) to have something (as a fishbone) stuck in the throat PWMP *bekeR₁

ma-bílaŋBikol(WMP) be able to count PPh *ma-bilaŋ

ma-bílaŋHanunóo(WMP) numerable, countable; be counted, be enumerated PPh *ma-bilaŋ

ma-bílaŋKapampangan(WMP) count PPh *ma-bilaŋ

ma-biláyPangasinan(WMP) alive, living PPh *ma-bihaR

maʔ-biri-biriŋMandar(WMP) yield the way, step aside PMP *bidiŋ

maʔ-biri-biriŋMandar(WMP) yield the way, step aside PMP *biriŋ₁

maʔ-bisikTae'(WMP) to whisper PWMP *bisik₃

ma-bisuRKavalan(Formosan) satiated, full (of the stomach) PAN *ma-besuR

ma-blínKankanaey(WMP) be separated, set apart, put aside PPh *ma-bílin

ma-boat taŋ dilakAgutaynen(WMP) talkative (derogatory; lit. ‘long tongue’) PMP *dilaq₁

ma-bogbógIlokano(WMP) to pulp; become pulpy, pulplike. Being booked to excess PMP *buRbuR₁

ma-bohoySambal (Botolan)(WMP) full after eating PAN *ma-besuR

mabok tahi teliŋaMalay(WMP) dazed by talk or nagging; talked down’ (lit. ‘drunk with waste in the ear’) PMP *taqi

m-abolSubanon(WMP) to weave cloth PPH *habél

ma-bolaToba Batak(WMP) split in two, broken PAN *belaq

ma-bolaToba Batak(WMP) divided in two, split, broken PAN *ma-belaq

ma-boLokSaisiyat(Formosan) rotten (of food) PMP *ma-buRuk

ma-boŋaMansaka(WMP) bear fruit (coconut trees, tomato vines, etc.) PWMP *ma-buŋa

ma-boŋáPangasinan(WMP) bearing fruit, laden PWMP *ma-buŋa

ma-boŋat-iBare'e(WMP) make an opening in something PMP *beŋat₁

ma-bóraʔMansaka(WMP) bubbly, sudsy PMP *ma-bujeq

ma-boriBare'e(WMP) be split, split open PWMP *berit₂

ma-boriŋMandar(WMP) black, blackened (having come in contact with charcoal) PWMP *budiŋ

*ma-bosokoPRuk(Formosan) drunk PAN *ma-buSuk

ma-bosuBare'e(WMP) satisfied from having eaten enough, satiated PAN *ma-besuR

ma-bsoyYami(WMP) full (after eating) PAN *ma-besuR

m-abtekItbayaten(WMP) bundled, baled PPH *betek₄

ma-btúgIsneg(WMP) satiated, sated PAN *ma-besuR

m-abuKenyah(WMP) dusty PWMP *ma-qabu

mā-buNias(WMP) drunk PMP *ma-buhuk

ma-buakKapampangan(WMP) have hair on (as after a haircut) PWMP *ma-buhek

ma-buálBikol(WMP) get uprooted PPh *ma-buál

ma-buálIlokano(WMP) fall down at full length (trees, persons, etc.) PPh *ma-buál

ma-buat-iBare'e(WMP) unload cargo from a vessel PMP *buhat₃

ma-bubu tanoanaBare'e(WMP) pour out life-force or soul-stuff, of the crown of the head of someone who is ill PMP *buqbuq

ma-buʔbúʔIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) for something (as corn, rice, wood) to be extensively destroyed by termites, weevils, etc. PPh *ma-bukbuk

ma-búgʔatAklanon(WMP) heavy, weighty PMP *ma-beReqat

ma-búgʔatHiligaynon(WMP) heavy, burdensome, cumbersome PMP *ma-beReqat

ma-bugbúgKapampangan(WMP) bruised (Forman 1971) PWMP *bugbug

mábúgiIlokano(WMP) be pregnant, with child PPh *bujiq

ma-bugókBikol(WMP) to rot (eggs) PMP *ma-buRuk

ma-bugtóŋKankanaey(WMP) to carry, etc. alone, by oneself PPh *bug(e)túŋ

ma-bugtóŋKankanaey(WMP) (to carry, etc.) alone, by one’s self PPH *buR(e)túŋ

m-abuhKelabit(WMP) dusty, covered with dust or ashes PWMP *ma-qabu

ma-buhókBikol(WMP) have a lot of hair on the head PWMP *ma-buhek

ma-buhókTagalog(WMP) hairy PWMP *ma-buhek

ma-bui-kRotinese(CMP) the workmen who work at the back in the construction of a house PMP *buRit₁

mabukKelabit(WMP) drunk PMP *ma-buhuk

mabukJavanese(WMP) intoxicated PMP *ma-buhuk

mabukMalay(WMP) intoxication. Properly of anything that 'turns one's head' PMP *ma-buhuk

mabukMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) drunk PMP *ma-buhuk

ma-bukbókBikol(WMP) be eaten or infested with small brown insects PPh *ma-bukbuk

ma-bukbúkKapampangan(WMP) infested with wood-boring insects PPh *ma-bukbuk

maʔ-bukbukTae'(WMP) sound of a suppressed laugh PMP *bukbuk₁

ma-búkidBikol(WMP) hilly, mountainous PAN *bukij

ma-búktutKapampangan(WMP) pregnant PPh *buk(e)tút

ma-bukugTausug(WMP) bony (as a fish) PWMP *bekeR₁

ma-bukul-búkulKapampangan(WMP) with many lumps, lumpy PPh *bukul bukul

ma-bukutOld Javanese(WMP) sit respectfully bowed PMP *bukut

ma-búlaʔKapampangan(WMP) bubbly PMP *ma-bujeq

maʔ-bulan-bulanTae'(WMP) for months, months long PMP *bulan-bulan₂

maʔ-bulaŋMandar(WMP) count months (of duration) PMP *bulan₃

ma-buláteBikol(WMP) get or suffer from roundworms PMP *bulati

ma-bulátiKapampangan(WMP) worm-infested PMP *bulati

ma-bulbulKapampangan(WMP) with abundant down PPh *ma-bulbul

ma-bullaʔMandar(WMP) opened wide, of the eyes PMP *bulat₁

ma-bulódBikol(WMP) hilly PMP *bulud₃

ma-buluBalinese(WMP) have hair PWMP *ma-bulu

ma-bumbon-ánBikol(WMP) of a river, blocked or obstructed by scrub, wood or bamboo PMP *bunbun

m-abunKenyah(WMP) misty, cloudy PMP *ma-Rabun

ma-búndukKapampangan(WMP) mountainous PMP *bunduk

ma-buʔníBikol(WMP) contract or suffer from ringworm PPh *ma-buqeni

ma-bunuxPazeh(Formosan) to swell; swollen (of a boil or tumor); to boast PAN *ma-bunuR

ma-búŋaKapampangan(WMP) bearing fruit abundantly PMP *buŋa

ma-buŋah-ónAklanon(WMP) fruitful PMP *buŋa

ma-buŋáh-unCebuano(WMP) fruitful PMP *buŋa

ma-buŋáwBikol(WMP) get knocked out PWMP *buŋaw₁

maʔ-buŋin-buŋinTae'(WMP) play with sand PWMP *buhaŋin

ma-buŋiŋMandar(WMP) sandy PWMP *buhaŋin

ma-būŋotIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) angry PWMP *buŋet

ma-būŋotIfugaw(WMP) furious PWMP *buŋet

ma-búquŋHanunóo(WMP) be broken (by nature), i.e. hatch, referring to eggs PPh *búquŋ

ma-búrakBikol(WMP) flowery, having many flowers PWMP *bujak

ma-burburToba Batak(WMP) break off, cave in, of earth PMP *buRbuR₂

ma-buresPaiwan(Formosan) sprayed or spewed upon PAN *buReS

ma-burik-osiBare'e(WMP) adorn with stripes PWMP *burik

ma-busíʔBikol(WMP) get slit, torn, ripped PPh *busiq

ma-busógAklanon(WMP) full, satisfied (after eating) PAN *ma-besuR

ma-busóŋIlokano(WMP) suffer the effect of a curse; turn bad PWMP *ma-busuŋ

ma-búsoŋTagalog(WMP) get what an ungrateful person deserves PWMP *ma-busuŋ

ma-bussítItawis(WMP) pregnant (later stages) PPh *ma-buntís

ma-busuBare'e(WMP) have an inflated abdomen PWMP *busuŋ

ma-busukPazeh(Formosan) drunk PAN *ma-buSuk

ma-busuŋBuginese(WMP) person whose abdomen is inflated as the result of a curse or supernatural punishment PWMP *ma-busuŋ

ma-busuŋKapampangan(WMP) swollen, of the abdomen as a supernatural punishment for ingratitude PWMP *ma-busuŋ

ma-busuŋTae'(WMP) swelling of the belly as a result of not showing respect or consideration for persons, objects or places guarded by taboo PWMP *ma-busuŋ

ma-buswáŋHanunóo(WMP) begin to flow again, referring to a river after the dry season is over PPh *busuáŋ

ma-bútaBikol(WMP) become blind PMP *ma-buta

maʔ-buta-butaTae'(WMP) close the eyes PWMP *buta buta₁

ma-butbutToba Batak(WMP) to fall out, of hair, teeth, etc. PMP *butbut₂

ma-bútodBikol(WMP) to spoil or rot, of fish PWMP *buntuD

ma-butsaqPaiwan(Formosan) foam-covered PAN *buCaq

ma-butuBare'e(WMP) broken or smnapped off, as a rope, line or branch PMP *butus

ma-butus-iBare'e(WMP) break something off, snap a line PMP *butus

ma-butus-i asuBare'e(WMP) release the hunting dogs in pursuit of game PMP *butus

ma-buyaBare'e(WMP) white, light-colored; used figuratively in many favorable senses PMP *budaq₃

ma-buyaBare'e(WMP) white; light in color PMP *bulan₂

ma-buya-siBare'e(WMP) whiten, whitewash PMP *budaq₃

maʔ buyoŋMalay(WMP) nickname for pregnant woman PWMP *buyequŋ

mæcAxamb(OC) dead POC *mate

-macYabem(OC) painful, sick POC *masakit

ma-caʔBerawan (Long Terawan)(WMP) cooked, ripe PMP *ma-qesak

macaFijian(OC) empty, dry, of liquids. Used as exclamation when a bowl of yaqona (kava) has been drunk --- the onlookers call out ‘A! Maca!’; to dry or heal up, of a sore PMP *maja

macaThao(Formosan) eye PAN *maCa

*macaPRuk(Formosan) eye PAN *maCa

ma-caa-caaSaaroa(Formosan) to laugh PAN *ma-Cawa

ma-ca-cavaRukai(Formosan) to laugh (Tona) PAN *Ca-Cawa

ma-cacawaThao(Formosan) to laugh PAN *Ca-Cawa

maca-coliAmis(Formosan) disagree with each other (two parties) PAN *suli₂

ma-cakawThao(Formosan) greedy for food, gluttonous; tending to take things without permission; to steal PAN *Cakaw

maca-macaFijian(OC) dry or healed PMP *maja

maca wa cawThao(Formosan) pupil of the eye (lit. ‘person of the eye’) PAN *Cau nu maCa

m-acayThao(Formosan) die, be dead PAN *ma-aCay

ma-caʔitAmis(Formosan) to be hung up PAN *saqit

macedruFijian(OC) hiccup POC *masedru

ma-cəkuk-cəkukOld Javanese(WMP) to choke (or to hiccup?) PWMP *cekuk

m-acemDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) sour, of the expression on a person's face PWMP *ma-qalesem

m-acemKaro Batak(WMP) sour PWMP *ma-qalesem

machaFavorlang/Babuza(Formosan) eye PAN *maCa

machi-Itbayaten(WMP) affix for togetherness, being with PPH *maki-

machi-ananayIbatan(WMP) to cry out in pain PPH *ananay₁

machi-bayatIbatan(WMP) someone meets with someone PPH *baRat

machi-dŋeyItbayaten(WMP) to consult PPH *maki-deŋeR

machi-haŋhaŋIbatan(WMP) someone eats with someone face-to-face PPH *laŋlaŋ

ma-chitaItbayaten(WMP) to be able to see; to catch sight of PWMP *ma-kita

mach-ma-rohaItbayaten(WMP) to have second thoughts about the propriety of an act or thing PMP *duha

mach-taŋdanItbayaten(WMP) to earn money PPH *taŋ(e)dan

mach-xaŋxaŋItbayaten(WMP) to be eating with PPH *laŋlaŋ

maci-akanYami(WMP) eat together with someone PPH *maki-kaen

ma-cidalAmis(Formosan) shining, of the sun PAN *siNaR

ma-cimoyYami(WMP) to rain, be raining PMP *timuR

ma-citaYami(WMP) see, able to see PWMP *ma-kita

ma-colo-hLoniu(OC) three PEMP *tolu

macouFijian(OC) a plant, Cinnamomum pedatinervium, Lauraceae; the bark is grated as a perfume POC *masou

ma-culo-hLeipon(OC) three PEMP *tolu

madMokilese(OC) portion of the reef exposed at low tide PMP *ma-maja

madPalauan(WMP) die; (electricity, etc.) go out; go numb PMP *m-atay

madPalauan(WMP) eye; face; point; edge; front; area/space (directly) in front of PMP *mata

madPohnpeian(OC) reef; large coral head; to be dry PMP *ma-maja

madaArosi(OC) ripe POC *madrar

madaʔKelabit(WMP) to advise; tell, instruct PMP *bajaq₂

madaBimanese(CMP) raw, not cooked PMP *ma-hataq

madaBimanese(CMP) eye; source PMP *mata

m-adaIbaloy(WMP) to get, take something PAN *ma-ala

madaKapingamarangi(OC) raw, not cooked; ripe (of coconuts) POC *mataq

madaKapingamarangi(OC) to see, to look (used only in compounds) PMP *mata

madaKapingamarangi(OC) raw, not cooked; ripe (of coconuts) POC *mataq

madaLeti(CMP) bandicoot PCEMP *mansar

madaMotu(OC) bandicoot, Perameles sp. POC *mwajar

madaNukuoro(OC) uncooked, raw POC *mataq

madaNukuoro(OC) front part of, face, beginning (of a thing); tip of; point, blade; common antecedents who are daina (sibling, cousin) or other connecting links of kin relationship PMP *mata

madaHawu(CMP) eye PMP *mata

mada ~ madeMoa(CMP) bandicoot PCEMP *mansər

ma-daaBare'e(WMP) to bleed, to menstruate PAN *ma-daRaq

mada-a-haleKapingamarangi(OC) the end of the house (front or back) PMP *mata

mada-a-haŋaKapingamarangi(OC) entrance funnel of the fish trap (made of peeled coconut root) PMP *mata

mada-ahiKapingamarangi(OC) small flame (obtained from a fire) PMP *mata

mada-alili-uuKapingamarangi(OC) nipple of breasts POC *mata ni susu

mada-a-limaKapingamarangi(OC) finger PMP *mata

mada-a moniNukuoro(OC) prow of a canoe PMP *mata

ma-daanMapun(WMP) to cause something to be old or worn out (esp. by constant wearing or using) PMP *daqan₂

mada-a-ŋa-huluNukuoro(OC) ten PMP *sa-ŋa-puluq

mada-a-ŋa-huluNukuoro(OC) ten PMP *ŋa

mada-a uaNukuoro(OC) drop (of liquid or rain) PMP *mata

mada-awaKapingamarangi(OC) small channel POC *mata ni cawa

ma-dáboʔSambal (Botolan)(WMP) to fall PWMP *ma-dabuq

ma-dabuToba Batak(WMP) to fall; be fallen PWMP *ma-dabuq

mada ɗyaraHawu(CMP) path, pathway PMP *mata nu zalan

ma-dáeomAklanon(WMP) deep PAN *ma-dalem

ma-daétBinukid(WMP) bad (in character and effect); dirty, unclean, soiled PWMP *zaqet

ma-dagdagAgutaynen(WMP) for an object to fall off from where it is attached; for fruit to fall off a tree; to fall out of a bag or container PPH *dagdag

madaguKapingamarangi(OC) fear, be afraid; be shy; shyness POC *matakut

madaguNukuoro(OC) afraid, scared POC *matakut

madagu-aŋaNukuoro(OC) fear POC *matakut

madagu-daguKapingamarangi(OC) fear, be afraid POC *matakut

madagu-daguNukuoro(OC) cowardly (concerning others or supernaturals) POC *matakut

ma-daháItawis(WMP) bloody PAN *ma-daRaq

mada haanauKapingamarangi(OC) a family; a group of people descended from the same ancestor (often holding land jointly) PMP *mata

ma-dáhonBikol(WMP) leafy PWMP *ma-dahun

ma-dáhonTagalog(WMP) leafy, having many leaves PWMP *ma-dahun

ma-dáhonWaray-Waray(WMP) abundant, of leaves PWMP *ma-dahun

mada kaleʔaBimanese(CMP) ‘eye’ of a coconut PMP *mata

ma-dakdakToba Batak(WMP) to fall, of fruits PWMP *dakdak

ma-dakelBinukid(WMP) many, much, lots of, plenty PPH *ma-dakél

ma-dakípTagalog(WMP) able to catch or arrest PAN *dakep

ma-dákitItawis(WMP) to be able to cross (river, street, etc.) PPH *dákit

madalTakia(OC) bandicoot POC *mwajar

madalaNias(WMP) evening star, morning star PMP *mantalaq

madalaSa'a(OC) morning star PMP *mantalaq

ma-dálanWaray-Waray(WMP) having many streets PWMP *ma-zalan

ma-dalán-anIlokano(WMP) to pass by PWMP *ma-zalan

ma-daldalAgutaynen(WMP) talkative PPH *daldál

ma-daldálBikol(WMP) talkative; vocal PPH *daldál

ma-dáldalCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) be a loudmouth PPH *daldál

ma-daliBugotu(OC) slippery POC *maralis

madaliBugotu(OC) slippery POC *madrali

ma-daliSa'a(OC) greasy, slippery POC *maralis

mada liroBimanese(CMP) sun (‘eye of the day’) PAN *mata nu qalejaw

ma-dalitAgutaynen(WMP) venomous, poisonous PPH *dalit₃

ma-dalíʔBikol(WMP) hurriedly, quickly, rapidly, in a rush; terse PPH *dalíq

ma-dálumHiligaynon(WMP) deep PAN *ma-dalem

ma-damdámIsneg(WMP) to remember PAN *demdem₁

ma-damdamKapampangan(WMP) sensitive PAN *demdem₁

madánLindrou(OC) sharp POC *matan V

ma-dandámItawis(WMP) to remember PAN *demdem₁

ma-daniManobo (Ata)(WMP) near PMP *adani

ma-daniBinukid(WMP) soon; almost PPH *daní

ma-daniManobo (Tigwa)(WMP) near PMP *adani

mada-nniaNukuoro(OC) finger PMP *mata

mada nnuiNukuoro(OC) having big holes (or entrances, etc.) PMP *mata

ma-dánogIlokano(WMP) to be hit with a fist; suffer a blow PPH *danug

ma-danúmItawis(WMP) to flood PMP *danum

mada ñiuHawu(CMP) eye of a coconut PMP *mata

madaŋMaranao(WMP) sweet fruit of the breadfruit type: Artocarpus odoratissima Blco. PWMP *madaŋ

madaŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) a tree with durable wood often used for house posts PWMP *madaŋ

ma-daŋógBikol(WMP) audible PWMP *ma-deŋeR

mada oiBimanese(CMP) spring, well PMP *mata nu wahiR

madarEast Damar(CMP) bandicoot PCEMP *mansar

madarTolai(OC) ripe, overripe POC *madrar

madarYamdena(CMP) almost ripe, of coconuts; half-withered, of leaves PCEMP *madar

madaraArosi(OC) morning star PMP *mantalaq

ma-daraŋTae'(WMP) seldom, scarce, infrequent PWMP *zaRaŋ

ma-dariArosi(OC) wet and slippery, as rocks POC *maralis

madariArosi(OC) wet and slippery, as rocks, an oiled stone POC *madrali

mada rihaBimanese(CMP) central part of the hearth (‘eye of the hearth’) PMP *mata

ma-darramFavorlang/Babuza(Formosan) accustomed to PAN *ma-dajam

madasBunun(Formosan) take along, take PAN *um-adaS

madasu-budoLindrou(OC) navel POC *buto

madauNukuoro(OC) right side PMP *ma-taqu₂

mada-uaKapingamarangi(OC) raindrop PMP *mata

mada uduaNukuoro(OC) the point of a promontory or peninsula (especially if large) PMP *mata

mada umaŋaNukuoro(OC) the bud of a Cyrtosperma taro corm PMP *mata

ma-dauŋMandar(WMP) leafy, dense, of foliage PWMP *ma-dahun

m-adawBisaya (Limbang)(WMP) daytime PAN *ma-qajaw

mada-waeleKapingamarangi(OC) rays (of the sun); prongs of the boom (on a canoe) PMP *mata

ma-dáwatIlokano(WMP) to get, obtain; something that is obtained (for free) PPH *ma-dawat

mad-daMokilese(OC) to dry up (of the reef) PMP *ma-maja

mad-dadáŋItawis(WMP) to warm PMP *daŋdaŋ₁

mad-daháItawis(WMP) to bleed PWMP *maR-daRaq

mad-dakálItawis(WMP) to grow PPH *dakél

mad-dákitItawis(WMP) to cross (river, street, etc.) PPH *dákit

mad-dándamItawis(WMP) to grieve PAN *demdem₁

mad-daraBuginese(WMP) to bleed PWMP *maR-daRaq

mad-datágItawis(WMP) to floor a house PPH *daq(e)taR

mad-datáŋIsinay(WMP) to arrive PMP *dateŋ

m-adeBimanese(CMP) kill; die out (of a fire) PCEMP *matay₁

madeKapingamarangi(OC) die; deceased; death; paralyzed POC *mate

madeLeti(CMP) bandicoot PCEMP *mansər

madeNukuoro(OC) dead (of plants only); numb, paralyzed; go out (of a fire) POC *mate

madeHawu(CMP) dead PCEMP *matay₁

madeDhao/Ndao(CMP) die, dead PCEMP *matay₁

m-adekKenyah (Long Anap)(WMP) sniff, smell PMP *hajek

ma-deketAgutaynen(WMP) to be crowded or squeezed together PPH *ma-deket

made salaNukuoro(OC) mistaken (in identifying); mistake someone for another PMP *salaq₁

madidi mateManam(OC) feel cold POC *mate

ma-digetAgta (Dupaningan)(WMP) rough, of the sea PMP *daRat

ma-dikítTagalog(WMP) to contact or touch accidentally PPH *ma-deket

ma-diklómBikol(WMP) dark, lacking in light PPH *ma-diklém

ma-diklom-ánBikol(WMP) to be caught by darkness (as at the end of the day) PPH *dik(e)lém

madilSonsorol-Tobi(OC) to sleep POC *maturuR

ma-diláwHanunóo(WMP) yellow PPH *diláw

ma-diláwTagalog(WMP) yellow; having a yellowish color PPH *diláw

madinLindrou(OC) to sleep POC *matiruR

ma-diŋinTae'(WMP) cold, shivering; very cool, of the wind PMP *ma-diŋin

m-adisSinghi Land Dayak(WMP) near relatives PMP *huaji

ma-djaqPaiwan(Formosan) to menstruate PAN *ma-daRaq

ma-djilʸaŋPaiwan(Formosan) become rusty PAN *diNaŋ

ma-djilaqPaiwan(Formosan) be licked PAN *dilaq₁

ma-dketIbaloy(WMP) sharp, as a blade that bites into wood or bamboo, instead of bouncing off PPH *ma-deket

m-adnetItbayaten(WMP) touching closely, clinging closely PPH *denet

ma-dŋólIfugaw(WMP) audible PWMP *ma-deŋeR

m-adoLun Dayeh(WMP) far away PMP *ma-zauq

ma-doKelabit(WMP) far PMP *ma-zauq

ma-dogoʔMansaka(WMP) bleeding profusely PMP *zuRuq

ma-dokaʔAmis(Formosan) wounded, hurt PAN *ma-Nuka

ma-dolawMamanwa(WMP) yellow PPH *dulaw

ma-doliAgutaynen(WMP) choke on a bone or have one stuck in one’s throat PWMP *ma-duRi

m-adónIsneg(WMP) to produce one leaf PWMP *ma-dahun

maduHawu(CMP) to vomit PCEMP *mutaq

maduaNukuoro(OC) old (persons), mature, full-grown; parent, elder (senior relative) POC *matuqa

ma-duaBuginese(WMP) second PMP *duha

maduaKapingamarangi(OC) old, mature, ripe (of breadfruit) POC *matuqa

ma-dueásAklanon(WMP) slippery PMP *dulas

ma-dúgiBikol(WMP) bony (referring only to fish) PWMP *ma-duRi

ma-dugóʔBikol(WMP) bloody, gory PMP *zuRuq

ma-dugóʔWaray-Waray(WMP) bloody, stained with blood PMP *zuRuq

ma-duha-duhá-unCebuano(WMP) full of doubts, suspicions PMP *duha duha₂

ma-dukut-anIlokano(WMP) to grieve; be sad; anxious PWMP *dukut₁

ma-dulawKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) yellow PPH *dulaw

ma-dumdumBunun(Formosan) dark, overcast, gloomy PAN *ma-demdem

ma-dúnoŋBikol(WMP) astute, bright, clever, gifted, intelligent PPH *dunuŋ

ma-duwa-yIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) to be two unit measures of length, quantity, size, time, value, weight, etc. PMP *duha

māe'Āre'āre(OC) unconscious; faint; ill; die; paralyzed; numb; war POC *mate

maeArosi(OC) numb, unable to move, ill; be eclipsed (of moon); be unconscious, faint; die; death; enemy; fighting party; weapons; lee side of an island (where the sea is maé) POC *mate

maeArosi(OC) payment for work done or land bought PCEMP *matay₂

maʔeAua(OC) die, dead POC *mate

maeHoava(OC) to come POC *mai

maeKwaio(OC) die; dead; fight; death; blow (n.); finished, without residual obligations, of a financial transaction; unconscious; want very badly, very much POC *mate

maeLau(OC) without motion, still; unconscious, numb, paralyzed; to faint; die; stop (of a clock), go out (of a light); be eclipsed, of sun or moon; tired out, weak, very ill, ready for rest; war; rainbow POC *mate

maeMekeo (East)(OC) die, dead POC *mate

maeRotinese(CMP) ashamed, to feel shamed; bashful PCEMP *ma-mayaq

maeSa'a(OC) die; ill; become unconscious; numb; eclipsed, of moon; a fighting column; enemies; war; weapons; used with 3p. possessor and ni genitive to denote excess POC *mate

maʔeWuvulu(OC) die, dead POC *mate

ma-eaBare'e(WMP) ashamed, shy PMP *ma-heyaq

mae-aLau(OC) death, sickness POC *mate-an

maeaWolio(WMP) shy, bashful, embarrassed, ashamed, modest PMP *ma-heyaq

mae ana hiorona'Āre'āre(OC) starve POC *pitolon

mae apoloSa'a(OC) paralyzed POC *mate

mae-haSa'a(OC) sickness POC *mate

mae-laLau(OC) danger POC *mate

mae-laSa'a(OC) death POC *mate

mae-la-naLau(OC) dying, death; death feast POC *mate

ma-eletAgutaynen(WMP) tight; tightly; firm PMP *heRet

mae-liLau(OC) kill POC *mate

mae-maeArosi(OC) very weak, wasting; infirmity, weakness PMP *m-atay m-atay

mae-maeSa'a(OC) die, be ill, become unconscious PMP *m-atay m-atay

mae-maneNggela(OC) straight; correct, just; to straighten, justify one’s conduct POC *mwanene

ma-empaʔMadurese(WMP) divide into four PMP *ma-epat

ma-endoTontemboan(WMP) become day PAN *ma-qajaw

ma-ənoSimalur(WMP) full, filled PMP *ma-penuq

m(a)-entutTontemboan(WMP) to break wind PWMP *maR-qetut

mae-ŋaKwaio(OC) death; war POC *mate-qaŋa

mae-ŋaSa'a(OC) sickness, death POC *mate-qaŋa

ma-eoBare'e(WMP) sunny, hot PAN *ma-qajaw

ma-eppaʔBuginese(WMP) the fourth PMP *ma-epat

maerTontemboan(WMP) to pay PMP *bayaD

ma-eramTontemboan(WMP) to rent PPh *ma-hedám

māe-si'Āre'āre(OC) be ill of, die of POC *mate

mae-siaKwaio(OC) die from, completely, to the end POC *mate

ma-ʔetNamakir(OC) black POC *ma-qetom

māe-ta'Āre'āre(OC) death feast, memorial feast POC *mate

ma-etaPangasinan(WMP) unripe, green (fruit), uncooked PAN *ma-qetaq

ma-etanKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) black PCEMP *ma-qitem, ma-qetem

mae-ta(-na)Arosi(OC) death feast POC *mate

ma-et-ʔet-anIlokano(WMP) to be constricted (by a rope, etc.) PMP *qetqet

ma-etiTontemboan(WMP) gradually lower, dry up PMP *ma-qeti

ma-etoCape Cumberland(OC) black POC *ma-qetom

ma-etoCentral Maewo(OC) dirty POC *ma-qetom

maɛtoNokuku(OC) black POC *ma-qetom

ma-fVaikenu(CMP) tongue PMP *hema

ma-fAtoni(CMP) tongue PCEMP *maya

mafaMele-Fila(OC) heavy POC *mapat

mafaRotuman(OC) raw, uncooked; green, undried PMP *ma-hataq

mafaRotuman(OC) raw, uncooked; green, undried POC *mataq

mafaRotuman(OC) eyes or face; spectacles; hole, opening, aperture --- in certain connections only (a crab’s hole, the ‘eyes’ of a coconut, mesh of a net); sharp edge --- of knife, axe, cut tin, broken glass, etc.; leader, head, ruler (in imitation of Fijian mata, of similar meaning) PMP *mata

mafaRotuman(OC) raw, uncooked; green, undried POC *mataq

ma-faaTuvaluan(OC) be broken (coconut, head, cup, canoe); be split POC *paqas

ma-fafaMalagasy(WMP) exhaused, empty, gone PWMP *paspas₂

mā-fafoLau(OC) a covering (fafo = ‘on top’) PMP *mata

ma-faitraMalagasy(WMP) bitter, brackish, disagreeable PMP *ma-paqit

mā-fanaSamoan(OC) be intimate, in close relationship; be married PMP *ma-panas

ma-fanaTongan(OC) warm (of food, water, or drink); warm (to the touch) PMP *ma-panas

mā-fanaTongan(OC) warm (inwardly, subjectively) PMP *ma-panas

ma-fana-fanaSamoan(OC) be warm (as water); (of weather) be mild, clement POC *ma-panas-panas

ma-fana-fanaTongan(OC) be fairly warm POC *ma-panas-panas

ma-faŋawAmis(Formosan) rice which doesn't mature PAN *baŋaw

ma-fa-punBuli(SHWNG) killer, murderer PMP *pa-bunuq

ma-fariThao(Formosan) windy PAN *ma-bali₁

ma-fasawAmis(Formosan) cold, as rice that has been left to sit too long; cooled off, of anger; grown cool, as one’s feelings toward someone PAN *ma-baSaw

ma-fazaqThao(Formosan) to know, remember PAN *ma-bajaq

maf-fúnatItawis(WMP) to wipe PMP *punas

maf-fútulIsinay(WMP) to behead PMP *putul

mafiRotuman(OC) low-tide water as containing fish; tide in general PMP *ma-qati

ma-filiTuvaluan(OC) plaited PMP *pirit

ma-filoTuvaluan(OC) twisted (of string) POC *piro

mā-fineSamoan(OC) woman, girl (term conveying sympathy or endearment) POC *pine

mā-fineSamoan(OC) woman, girl (term conveying sympathy or endearment POC *mapine

ma-fisBuli(SHWNG) how long? PAN *pijax

ma-fitiSamoan(OC) be released, snap tight POC *pintik

ma-fitiTuvaluan(OC) toppled over; spinning or flipping through the air (of an object); rolled over (of a log) POC *pintik

maf ne papulaRotuman(OC) (of taro plant) top, including the stem and a small piece of the tuber PMP *mata

maf ne pukuRotuman(OC) letter of the alphabet PMP *mata

mafoAua(OC) to heal, dry up, as a wound POC *mapo

mafoCheke Holo(OC) to heal, be cured, recover from pain, illness or injury POC *mapo

mafoLau(OC) to be healed POC *mapo

mafoToqabaqita(OC) of a sore: heal, be healed POC *mapo

mafoWuvulu(OC) to heal, as a wound POC *mapo

mafoFutunan(OC) to scar, heal over POC *mapo

ma-foaTuvaluan(OC) be broken (of dawn) POC *ma-posaq

mafo i kiluLau(OC) incurable POC *mapo

ma-folawAmis(Formosan) to leave the village PAN *ma-buRaw

mafuMuna(WMP) kind of yam PMP *mapu₁

mafuTongan(OC) stale (of food, etc.), fermented, sour PMP *mapu₂

mafuSamoan(OC) grated taro baked and cut into small cubes PMP *mapu₁

mafuaRotuman(OC) full-grown, of adult age; old, as opposed to young; to die (euphemistic); man appointed to act as spokesman for a district chief, to announce the kava, act as master of ceremonies, etc. POC *matuqa

ma-fuliSamoan(OC) fall over; lean towards; tend towards POC *buliŋ

ma-fuluIbanag(WMP) ten PWMP *ma-puluq

ma-fúluIsinay(WMP) ten PWMP *ma-puluq

ma-fus-iNiue(OC) plucked out (as hair, etc.) POC *puput-i

magáIfugaw(WMP) dryness of a land, of vegetation, or what happened to be wet insofar as the dryness is caused by the heat of the sun or the lack of rain PMP *maja

magaWedau(OC) many PMP *maŋa₁

magáIlokano(WMP) dry; neat, tidy PMP *maja

magáPangasinan(WMP) to dry, wither PMP *maja

mag-abáŋBikol(WMP) wait, watch for PMP *abaŋ₁

ma-gabʔih-ánMasbatenyo(WMP) be benighted, be overtaken by night PPH *ma-Rabi-an

ma-gabih-ánTagalog(WMP) be late in the evening, be overtaken by nightfall PPH *ma-Rabi-an

ma-gabókTagalog(WMP) dusty PMP *Rabuk

mag-abótBikol(WMP) to arrive, come, reach PPH *qábut

ma-gabúkHiligaynon(WMP) to be rotten, to decay PMP *Rabuk

ma-gabuk-ánTagalog(WMP) become dusty, become dirtied by dust PMP *Rabuk

ma-gabunTausug(WMP) cloudy PMP *ma-Rabun

mag-abʔabTausug(WMP) to eat or drink voraciously (derogatory, connotes criticism or anger) PPH *qabqab

ma-ga-gabókAklanon(WMP) rotten PMP *Rabuk

mag-agagAgutaynen(WMP) to sift flour, sand, etc. PWMP *agag

mag-ágawBikol(WMP) to snatch PAN *qaRaw

mag-ágawHiligaynon(WMP) grab, seize, take by force, usurp PAN *qaRaw

mag-agómBikol(WMP) to get married; husband and wife, couple PPH *agúm

mag-águmHiligaynon(WMP) to obtain, attain, achieve, possess PPH *águm

ma-gakud-ánBikol(WMP) to be tied to a job, family, etc. PPH *Rakéd

mag-ʔákutHanunóo(WMP) transport goods in this manner PMP *hakut

ma-gálaŋBikol(WMP) considerate, courteous, dignified, polite, respectful, reverent PPH *ma-gálaŋ

ma-gálaŋKapampangan(WMP) respectful, polite PPH *ma-gálaŋ

mag-alaŋ-álaŋHiligaynon(WMP) to hesitate PPH *alaŋ-alaŋ₂

mag-alaŋánTagalog(WMP) to hesitate; to vacillate; to scruple; to be left in an ambiguous or doubtful position PPH *alaŋ-án

má-galáwTagalog(WMP) to be moved, stirred or disturbed PPH *garáw

ma-galáwTagalog(WMP) constantly moving PPH *garáw

ma-gálosTagalog(WMP) covered with scratches on the skin surface PMP *garus

mag-alpásBikol(WMP) to free, set loose (usually birds, small animals) PWMP *lepas

mag-amáAklanon(WMP) related as father and child PAN *maR-amax

mag-amá-ʔBikol(WMP) father and child PAN *maR-amax

ma-gamagamaRennellese(OC) to be fairly light, as at twilight POC *ma-ramaR

mag-ambitKadazan Dusun(WMP) take with the hands PWMP *maR-ambit

mag-ambonBikol(WMP) to grow foggy, misty, hazy PWMP *qembun

mag-amomaAgutaynen(WMP) to entertain visitors, care for their needs; to host visitors, show hospitality to them PPH *amuma

mag-anadAgutaynen(WMP) to get used to doing something; to train, accustom yourself to do something; to train a dog, small child, etc. to do something PPH *anad

mag-anákHiligaynon(WMP) bear a child, give birth; be a godparent to a child during baptism or confirmation PMP *maR-anak

mag-anakKadazan Dusun(WMP) bear children, bring forth children, generate, give birth PMP *maR-anak

mag-anákTagalog(WMP) act as sponsor or godparent in baptism, confirmation or wedding; give birth PMP *maR-anak

maganiBagobo(WMP) brave men, warriors, a status of considerable prestige achieved by the taking of human life under culturally prescribed conditions (Lebar 1975) PWMP *ma-baRani

mag-ániBikol(WMP) harvest, reap PAN *maR-qani

mag-ʔániHanunóo(WMP) harvest with the hands PAN *maR-qani

mag-ániHiligaynon(WMP) harvest, reap PAN *maR-qani

mag-anítoBikol(WMP) make a sacrifice to or hold a festival for a particular anito PWMP *maR-qanitu

mag-aníto, maŋ-anítoKapampangan(WMP) make offerings to the spirits PMP *qanitu

mag-áŋayHiligaynon(WMP) to be well matched, to be equal PPH *aŋáy

mag-aŋkásTagalog(WMP) to ride together PPH *aŋkás

mag-aŋkasTausug(WMP) to give someone a ride behind one, as on a horse, scooter, or bicycle PPH *aŋkás

mag-aŋkatAgutaynen(WMP) for a person to ride a bike or drive a motorcycle together with another person riding on the back; to let another person ride behind you PPH *aŋkás

ma-gapChamorro(WMP) evaporate (expected **magwap) PWMP *ma-huab₂

mag-apátBikol(WMP) become four PWMP *maR-epat

mag-ápat-a bánwaKapampangan(WMP) spend four years PWMP *maR-epat

mag-ápugCebuano(WMP) make lime for betel chewing PPh *maR-qapuR

mag-apúyIsneg(WMP) cook rice PWMP *maR-hapuy

ma-garaŋPaiwan(Formosan) be angry; to scold, upbraid PAN *garaŋ₁

mag-aráyBikol(WMP) to cry out in pain PPH *aráy

ma-garisItbayaten(WMP) striped (?) PMP *garis

ma-garotItbayaten(WMP) to be scratched by other objects; to be accidentally scratched PWMP *ma-garut

ma-garutOld Javanese(WMP) to scratch PWMP *ma-garut

maga-sakitRomblomanon(WMP) a part of the body aches PMP *sakit

mag-asawáAklanon(WMP) be husband and wife, be married PWMP *maR-qasawa

mag-asáwaHiligaynon(WMP) take a wife, marry PWMP *maR-qasawa

mag-asawaMansaka(WMP) couple; husband and wife; family PWMP *maR-qasawa

ma-gasgásIlokano(WMP) to wear out (by friction) PWMP *gasgas

ma-gasgásKapampangan(WMP) scratched PWMP *gasgas

ma-gasgásTagalog(WMP) to be chafed; to be made sore by rubbing PWMP *gasgas

ma-gasgas-anAgutaynen(WMP) for something to become scraped or scratched up PWMP *gasgas

mag-asóBikol(WMP) become smoky; to smoke, smolder PMP *qasu₃

mag-asódBikol(WMP) help someone in pounding (rice, iron in a forge) PPh *maR-qasúd

ma-gasutTotoli(WMP) one hundred PWMP *ma-Ratus

magatMbula(OC) low tide; dry reef PMP *ma-qati

ma-gatálKapampangan(WMP) itchy PMP *ma-gatel

mag-ataŋBikol(WMP) offer or present a gift; to sacrifice something PPh *átaŋ₄

ma-gátasCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to milk a cow, carabao, etc. PMP *Ratas₂

ma-gátasTagalog(WMP) having plenty of milk PMP *Ratas₂

mag-atíBikol(WMP) to fall (rivers, seas); to recede, ebb (tide); to boil off (water) PPh *maR-qeti

maɣatiNggae(OC) reef PMP *ma-qati

ma-gatólBikol(WMP) itchy PMP *ma-gatel

mag-atópBikol(WMP) to roof, to thatch PWMP *maR-qatep

mag-atótBikol(WMP) to break or pass wind, to fart PWMP *maR-qetut

ma-gatuʔIbanag(WMP) one hundred PWMP *ma-Ratus

mag-atúbaŋBikol(WMP) confront or face; face up to, contend with PPh *atúbaŋ

ma-gatúlHanunóo(WMP) itchy PMP *ma-gatel

ma-gatusLauje(WMP) one hundred PWMP *ma-Ratus

mag-aviKadazan Dusun(WMP) to finish completely, consume, use up, exhaust, spend PWMP *qabiq

mag-áwayTagalog(WMP) to quarrel or fight (either in words or in action) PPH *áway

ma-gayoTatana(WMP) big PAN *Raya

mag-áyonBikol(WMP) to include; to implicate, involve PPH *áyun

mag-ayosAgutaynen(WMP) to fix or repair something; to arrange things; to get something ready, in order; to solve a problem, fix things up between people PPH *áyus

mag-ayunMapun(WMP) to swing back and forth like a pendulum PWMP *ayun

mag-aʔketAgutaynen(WMP) to wear a belt; to tie, fasten something around the waist PPH *hag(e)kes

mag-bāgIsneg(WMP) to put on a G-string PMP *bahaR

mag-bágatMasbatenyo(WMP) to meet together, accomplish together, do together PPH *baRat

mag-baggātIsneg(WMP) bear fruit PWMP *maR-beRas

mag-bahágBikol(WMP) to wear a loincloth PMP *bahaR

mag-bahágWaray-Waray(WMP) wear a G-string PMP *bahaR

mag-báhawBikol(WMP) to grow cold PMP *bahaw

mag-bahógMasbatenyo(WMP) to feed animals PWMP *bahuR

mag-bahógTagalog(WMP) eat rice mixed with broth PWMP *maR-bahuR

mag-bahúgHiligaynon(WMP) to feed swine, or any animal; of people, to eat mixed foods simultaneously PWMP *bahuR

mag-baʔítTagalog(WMP) to try to be good; to try to be prudent or sensible PWMP *bait₁

mag-bakálKapampangan(WMP) carry one's lunch PWMP *bekel

mag-bakaŋAgutaynen(WMP) to become bowlegged PAN *bakaŋ₁

mag-bákaŋBikol(WMP) to confuse, disorient PPH *bakaŋ₂

mag-bantaTausug(WMP) oppose one another PWMP *bantaq

mag-bántalHiligaynon(WMP) to bundle or wrap together with a piece of cloth or clothing PWMP *bantal

mag-bantógBikol(WMP) to make famous; to make known, promote, spread the news about PPH *bantug

mag-banwítBikol(WMP) go fishing; fish for something using a hook and line PPh *banuít

mag-baŋkáyBikol(WMP) to shroud the corpse; to mourn or perform funeral rites for PWMP *baŋkay

mag-baŋkay-baŋkáy-anMapun(WMP) to stand watch over the place where a recently deceased person used to sleep in his bed PWMP *baŋkay

mag-báŋonBikol(WMP) help someone up PWMP *maR-baŋun

mag-basáʔBikol(WMP) to wet, dampen PPh *maR-baseq

mag-basáʔHiligaynon(WMP) to wet, soak with liquid PPh *maR-baseq

mag-batiŋtiŋAgutaynen(WMP) for something to make a tinkling sound PPH *batiŋtiŋ

mag-batónBikol(WMP) to pull in (as a fishing line); to pull up (as pants); to yank PMP *bantun

mag-battáʔIsneg(WMP) to bind rice into battáʔ PPh *beték

mag-battúgIsneg(WMP) satiated, sated PPh *maR-besuR

mag-bawasAgutaynen(WMP) to reduce, lessen, decrease the amount of something; to subtract from, deduct from PPH *bawas

mag-báwasBikol(WMP) to diminish the amount of something; to lessen, reduce, subtract; to minimize; to ease (as pain) PPH *bawas

mag-báyaʔBikol(WMP) to stop doing something; to abandon, disregard, renounce; to concede (as defeat) PPH *bayáq

mag-bayóBikol(WMP) to pound rice PAN *bayu

mag-báyoIsneg(WMP) to pound rice PAN *bayu

mag-bayúHanunóo(WMP) to pound rice PAN *bayu

mag-bayúHiligaynon(WMP) to box, to maul, to pound PAN *bayu

mag-bayúKapampangan(WMP) pound, grind rice PAN *bayu

mag-belakAgutaynen(WMP) to crack or split something open with a blade or knife PAN *belaq

mag-beletAgutaynen(WMP) to repay, return a favor or help; to reciprocate PAN *bales₁

mag-beltayAgutaynen(WMP) to row or paddle a boat or raft PMP *beRsay

mag-bigláʔBikol(WMP) startle, catch someone unawares PPh *big(e)láq

mag-bíhagHiligaynon(WMP) capture, abduct, kidnap, attract, to bait PWMP *bihaR

mag-bílaŋBikol(WMP) include in the count, tally PWMP *maR-bilaŋ

mag-bílinHiligaynon(WMP) to enjoin, to leave behind PPh *maR-bilín

mag-bílinIsneg(WMP) to order, make a contract PPh *maR-bilín

mag-bíraBikol(WMP) strike or hit violently PWMP *bida

mag-biríbidBikol(WMP) to twist (as wire, rope) PWMP *bidibid

mag-bitbítBikol(WMP) carry in the hand, tote PWMP *maR-bitbit

mag-bítbitHiligaynon(WMP) bring along, carry PWMP *maR-bitbit

mag-bitísBikol(WMP) walk barefoot PMP *bities

mag-bonóbonIsneg(WMP) sow tobacco seeds PMP *bunubun

mag-boʔbokAgutaynen(WMP) to pour or dump something out; to anoint with oil by pouring the oil on the person’s head PPH *bukbuk₄

mag-boʔliAgutaynen(WMP) to lie about something; to lie to someone PWMP *buqeli

mag-buálBikol(WMP) to uproot PPh *buál

mag-buʔáyaBikol(WMP) to steal land PMP *buqaya

mag-bubónBikol(WMP) dig a well PMP *bubun₁

mag-bubóŋBikol(WMP) cover the peak of the roof with bubóŋ grass PMP *bubuŋ₁

Mag-bu-búhatAklanon(WMP) Creator PMP *buhat₂

mag-bu-bukídTagalog(WMP) farmer PAN *bukij

mag-bubuŋKapampangan(WMP) fix a roof PMP *bubuŋ₁

mag-bu-búxawIsneg(WMP) guard the field (often by shouting, in order to frighten the birds) PPh *maR-buRaw

mag-búgaHanunóo(WMP) expectorate, spit PMP *buRah

mag-bugáHiligaynon(WMP) to belch forth, to spit out, as a volcano belching forth lava PMP *buRah

mag-bugá, i-bugáBikol(WMP) to ejaculate PMP *buRah

mag-búgsayHiligaynon(WMP) to row, strike the water with an oar PMP *beRsay

mag-bugsókBikol(WMP) to turn steep PPH *bug(e)suk

mag-buhátBikol(WMP) to arise, rise, get up, stand up; lift, raise, pick something up PMP *buhat₃

mag-búhatHiligaynon(WMP) do, make, perform PWMP *maR-buhat

mag-bukáʔHiligaynon(WMP) to cut open, to crack PMP *bekaq

mag-bukálBikol(WMP) bubble up or flow from the ground (water) PMP *bukal₁

mag-bukálHiligaynon(WMP) to boil, to bubble PMP *bukal₁

mag-bukásBikol(WMP) to open, turn on (as a light) PMP *bu(ŋ)kas

mag-búkbukHiligaynon(WMP) crush, grind, make into powder PMP *bukbuk₃

mag-búkolBikol(WMP) to swell, rise (of a bump); to buckle, as pavement in hot weather PMP *buŋkul₁

mag-buláʔHiligaynon(WMP) to bubble, to foam (as beer), to spume at the mouth PMP *bujeq₂

mag-búlakHiligaynon(WMP) to bloom, to flower PWMP *bujak

mag-búlaŋBikol(WMP) attack with a cock's spur; take or choose a particular cock to fight PWMP *bulaŋ

mag-búlaŋCebuano(WMP) hold a cockfight PWMP *bulaŋ

mag-búlaŋHiligaynon(WMP) participate in a cockfight PWMP *bulaŋ

mag-buldíŋBikol(WMP) to blind in one eye PPh *bul(e)díŋ

mag-búligHiligaynon(WMP) to help, assist, aid PPh *maR-búlig

mag-bulóŋBikol(WMP) to treat medicinally PMP *buluŋ₂

mag-búlosBikol(WMP) to flow, to run (water) PPh *maR-búlus

mag-bulúŋHiligaynon(WMP) to cure, to doctor PMP *buluŋ₂

mag-buluŋ-bulúŋCebuano(WMP) someone who treats illnesses PMP *buluŋ₂

mag-búlusHanunóo(WMP) flow, run referring to a river current PPh *maR-búlus

mag-bunálHiligaynon(WMP) thrash, strike with a whip PWMP *benal

mag-búnalHiligaynon(WMP) thrash, strike with a whip PPh *bunal

mag-bunóʔBikol(WMP) butcher, slaughter; kill; stab PWMP *maR-bunuq

mag-búnotBikol(WMP) to draw or pick a card PPH *búnut

mag-buntótBikol(WMP) poke someone in the behind, to goose PMP *buntut₁

mag-bunúʔHanunóo(WMP) to wrestle PWMP *maR-bunuq

mag-bunúʔHiligaynon(WMP) stab with a sharp instrument, pierce PWMP *maR-bunuq

mag-bunyágBikol(WMP) perform a baptism, baptize; circumcise PPh *buniag

mag-búnyagHiligaynon(WMP) sprinkle, water plants, baptize PPh *buniag

mag-búŋaBikol(WMP) bear fruit PWMP *maR-buŋa

mag-búŋaHiligaynon(WMP) bear fruit, result in PWMP *maR-buŋa

mag-búŋaIsneg(WMP) bear fruit PWMP *maR-buŋa

mag-buŋáŋaʔBikol(WMP) form a crater; open out, form an opening PPh *buŋáŋaq

mag-buŋáwBikol(WMP) knock out, render unconscious; to daze, stun PWMP *buŋaw₁

mag-buŋkágBikol(WMP) to rive, force open; to crack (as a safe) PMP *buŋkaR

mag-buŋkálBikol(WMP) to turn over the soil, break ground; to dig something out of the ground; to uproot PWMP *buŋkal

mag-búrakBikol(WMP) to flower PWMP *bujak

mag-búriʔIsneg(WMP) to ornament, to draw PWMP *burik

mag-burík-butíkBikol(WMP) make something spotted PWMP *burik

mag-buríŋBikol(WMP) to mark with carbon, soot, or mud PWMP *budiŋ

mag-busbósBikol(WMP) rip open, slash, slit, tear; to incise PMP *busbus

mag-busóg-anBikol(WMP) struggle with one another PAN *busuR₁

mag-busúgCebuano(WMP) eat one's fill PPh *maR-besuR

mag-bútaBikol(WMP) to blind PMP *buta₁

mag-búta-bútaBikol(WMP) feign blindness PWMP *buta buta₁

mag-butásBikol(WMP) to free, set free, release, set loose, emancipate, liberate; extricate; to wean PWMP *butas₁

mag-butbótBikol(WMP) to hoot PWMP *butbut₁

mag-butógBikol(WMP) become inflated with air; boast or brag to PWMP *buntuR

mag-butúdHiligaynon(WMP) become bloated, suffer from the wind PWMP *buntuD

mag-bútuŋHiligaynon(WMP) to pull, to drag PPH *beteŋ₃

mag-buwátHanunóo(WMP) make, do PWMP *maR-buhat

mag-dáʔanBikol(WMP) to age PMP *daqan₂

mag-da-datāgIsneg(WMP) to weave flooring PPH *daq(e)taR

mag-daggātIsneg(WMP) to repound rice; to pound it thoroughly until it is completely unhusked --- this operation follows the toltól (first pounding of rice) PPH *deR(e)qas

mag-dágomBikol(WMP) to prick with a needle PAN *zaRum

mag-dágosBikol(WMP) to come or go in, enter PPH *dagus₂

mag-dagsáʔBikol(WMP) to be carried away by the current and washed up on the shore or bank PPH *dág(e)saq

mag-dáhonBikol(WMP) to sprout leaves PWMP *maR-dahun

mag-dáhonMasbatenyo(WMP) to grow leaves PWMP *maR-dahun

mag-dáhonTagalog(WMP) to grow or sprout leaves PWMP *maR-dahun

mag-dahunTausug(WMP) to develop leaves PWMP *maR-dahun

mag-daítTagalog(WMP) to be very close to another or others so as to be touching one another PMP *zaqit

mag-dakápIsneg(WMP) to handle a scoop net PAN *dakep

mag-dakápKapampangan(WMP) to catch, apprehend PAN *dakep

mag-dákitBikol(WMP) to ford or cross a stream PPH *dákit

mag-dakólBikol(WMP) to abound, accumulate, increase in number PPH *dakél

mag-dakópBikol(WMP) to apprehend, catch, capture; to collar, arrest, take into custody PAN *dakep

mag-dakúpHiligaynon(WMP) to catch, to trap, to snare, to capture; to arrest PAN *dakep

mag-dalagáTagalog(WMP) to grow into a teenage girl PWMP *da-daRa

mag-dálawBikol(WMP) to visit PPH *dálaw

mag-daldálBikol(WMP) to gossip; to talk a lot PPH *daldál

mag-dalíʔBikol(WMP) to hasten, quicken (as the pace of something) PPH *dalíq

mag-dálumHiligaynon(WMP) to deepen, become deep PMP *dalem

mag-damalAgutaynen(WMP) for an event or activity to continue all night long, until daybreak PPH *damaR₂

mag-dámayBikol(WMP) to share in one another’s feelings; to understand one another PWMP *damay

mag-damáy-anBikol(WMP) to offer support to, lend a hand to PWMP *damay

mag-dánawCebuano(WMP) form a pool in, flood PAN *danaw

mag-daŋdáŋBikol(WMP) to reheat; place something near the fire to warm, not putting it into the flames PPH *maR-daŋdaŋ

mag-daŋdáŋHanunóo(WMP) roast something directly on coals PPH *maR-daŋdaŋ

mag-daŋdaŋTausug(WMP) broil or roast something on the embers (as meat or fish) PPH *maR-daŋdaŋ

mag-daŋógBikol(WMP) to listen to PWMP *maR-deŋeR

mag-daópTagalog(WMP) to clasp or join (esp. the hands) PPH *daup₂

mag-dápitBikol(WMP) to escort the dead (priests) PWMP *dapit

mag-dapitTausug(WMP) to side with or favor someone PWMP *dapit

mag-dapogAgutaynen(WMP) to burn dried leaves PMP *dapuR₁

mag-dappáIsneg(WMP) to extend both arms PPH *maR-depa

mag-dapugTausug(WMP) to set fire to, ignite (something) PMP *dapuR₁

mag-darágaMasbatenyo(WMP) become a marriageable female; refers to females who become of marriageable age PWMP *da-daRa

mag-daráŋTagalog(WMP) expose something (as banana leaves) to an open fire in order to heat or dry it; to roast, make hot, singe, parch PPH *maR-daŋdaŋ

mag-datóŋBikol(WMP) to arrive PMP *dateŋ

mag-dáwatAgutaynen(WMP) to reach, hand something to someone; to reach out and take something that is being handed PPH *dáwat

mag-dáxaIsneg(WMP) to bleed PWMP *maR-daRaq

mag-dayawAgutaynen(WMP) to praise or think highly of a person; to praise or glorify God PPH *dáyaw

mag-dayoAgutaynen(WMP) to go and stay in a place temporarily for a purpose, usually to trade or to fish PPH *dáyu

mag-daʔtalAgutaynen(WMP) to make a floor PPH *daq(e)taR

mag-degusAgta (Dupaningan)(WMP) take a bath, bathe; play in water, swim around PAN *diRus

mag-dellaʔ tuwakYakan(WMP) a triangular tear, as in clothing PWMP *zelaq

mag-deŋanAgutaynen(WMP) to go together somewhere; to do something together at the very same time; familiar spirit (a familiar spirit is one which acts as a companion or a servant to a person) PMP *deŋan

mag-depaAgutaynen(WMP) to measure with outstretched arms PPH *maR-depa

mag-digeCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to bleed, to menstruate PWMP *maR-daRaq

mag-digiAgta (Dupaningan)(WMP) to menstruate PWMP *maR-daRaq

mag-dikítTagalog(WMP) to gum or stick things together with gum PMP *deket₁

mag- diklómBikol(WMP) to grow dark PPH *dik(e)lém

mag-dílaʔBikol(WMP) to lick PMP *dilaq₁

mag-dílamBikol(WMP) to lap up or catch with the tip of the tongue PPH *dilam

mag-dilam-dilamAgutaynen(WMP) to stick one’s tongue out at someone and wiggle it PPH *dilam

mag-dílapHiligaynon(WMP) to lick, to lap, to drawl the tongue like a dog PWMP *dilap₂

mag-díxutIsneg(WMP) to bathe PAN *diRus

mag-dokotAgutaynen(WMP) to be resentful, or hold a grudge against someone; to refuse to speak to someone PWMP *dukut₁

mag-dolokAgutaynen(WMP) to clean up a field after it has been burned (any remaining brush which wasn’t burned is now burned, and the large rocks are put to the side to form the boundary of the field PPH *duluk

mag-doloŋAgutaynen(WMP) to be positioned on the bow of a boat PWMP *duluŋ

mag-dónIsneg(WMP) to produce one leaf PWMP *maR-dahun

mag-du-dúmaIsneg(WMP) to make a selection PAN *duma

mag-dugóʔBikol(WMP) to bleed PMP *zuRuq

mag-dugóʔMasbatenyo(WMP) to bleed PMP *zuRuq

mag-dugúʔHiligaynon(WMP) to bleed PMP *zuRuq

mag-duguʔTausug(WMP) to bleed PMP *zuRuq

mag-duháMasbatenyo(WMP) be two; become two PWMP *maR-duha

mag-dúha-dúhaHiligaynon(WMP) to doubt, to hesitate, to waver PMP *duha duha₂

mag-duha-dúhaMasbatenyo(WMP) to doubt, hesitate PMP *duha duha₂

mag-dúhulHiligaynon(WMP) to give personally, to hand PPH *dúhul

mag-dúkotIlokano(WMP) to draw or pull out something (as from a pocket, a drawer, etc.); to pickpocket someone PPH *dúkut

mag- dukótMasbatenyo(WMP) to stick, adhere; this meaning is derived from the fact that cooked rice is sticky and is sometimes used to seal envelopes or informal letters PMP *deket₁

mag-dukótMasbatenyo(WMP) smoulder PWMP *deket₂

mag-dukútHiligaynon(WMP) to stick to, to paste on PMP *deket₁

mag-dukutTausug(WMP) to stick to and get burnt PMP *deket₁

mag-dúlotTagalog(WMP) to offer PPH *dulut

mag-dumdómMasbatenyo(WMP) remember well, think deeply PAN *demdem₁

mag-dumdúmHanunóo(WMP) to remember someone PAN *demdem₁

mag-dúmdumHiligaynon(WMP) to think, to recollect, to remember, to bear in mind, to recall PAN *demdem₁

mag-dumónBikol(WMP) to make a nest in PPH *dug(e)mún

mag-duŋánBikol(WMP) do something simultaneously PWMP *maR-deŋan

mag-duŋánBikol(WMP) to do something simultaneously PMP *deŋan

mag-dupaTausug(WMP) to extend one’s arms to the side PPH *maR-depa

mag-dúsdusHiligaynon(WMP) to push, to shove; to mix PPH *desdés

mag-duwáBikol(WMP) to double; to divide into two parts PWMP *maR-duha

mag-duwaTausug(WMP) to ride on the same conveyance with another person; in two, into two (parts) PWMP *maR-duha

mag-duwá dúwaBikol(WMP) to hesitate over, be dubious about; to doubt, question, waver, vacillate PMP *duha duha₂

mag-duwe-duweYakan(WMP) to waver, to be uncertain about something PMP *duha duha₂

mag-dúyanBikol(WMP) to rock a cradle or hammock PPH *dúyan

mag-dúyanHanunóo(WMP) to sleep, rest, or rock back and forth in a hammock PPH *dúyan

mag-dúyanHiligaynon(WMP) to rock a cradle, to swing PPH *dúyan

mag-dúyanMasbatenyo(WMP) to swing in a hammock PPH *dúyan

mag-duyán dúyanBikol(WMP) to rock or swing in a hammock PPH *dúyan

mag-duʔgasTausug(WMP) to repound rice in order to clean it more thoroughly PPH *deR(e)qas

ma-getselPaiwan(Formosan) to be pinched PAN *geCel

magga-amāIsneg(WMP) father and child(ren) PAN *maR-amax

mag-gabókBikol(WMP) to decay, rot PMP *Rabuk

mag-gakódBikol(WMP) to tie something to PPH *Rakéd

mag-galoAgutaynen(WMP) to mix, stir something such as cement PMP *galu

mag-gamitAgutaynen(WMP) to use something PPH *Rámit

mag-gamitAgutaynen(WMP) to use something PPH *gámit

mag-gámitBikol(WMP) to use; to avail oneself of PPH *Rámit

mag-gámitBikol(WMP) to use; to avail oneself of; PPH *gámit

mag-gamótTagalog(WMP) to try to cure oneself; to treat oneself PMP *Ramut₁

mag-gamútIsneg(WMP) to take root PMP *Ramut₁

mag-gamutTausug(WMP) to develop roots; to become settled or established PMP *Ramut₁

mag-gánotBikol(WMP) to pull up rice seedlings for transplanting PPH *gánut

mag-gapasAgutaynen(WMP) to cut, harvest with the use of a sickle PPH *gápas

mag-gáposBikol(WMP) to manacle; to tie the hands or feet PMP *Rapus

mag-gapusTausug(WMP) to tie, bind (as a cow to be butchered; grasp (someone) and hold firmly, esp. one who resists PMP *Rapus

mag-gatasTausug(WMP) to add milk to (something) PMP *Ratas₂

mag-gíliŋBikol(WMP) to grind or mill grains, usually rice PMP *giliŋ

mag-gilíŋIsinay(WMP) to grind (grain) PMP *giliŋ

mag-gíliŋMasbatenyo(WMP) to mill or grind PMP *giliŋ

mag-giliŋTausug(WMP) to crank something, keep something revolving or turning; to grind something, as coffee or corn PMP *giliŋ

mag-giliŋYakan(WMP) to mill something; to grind something PMP *giliŋ

mag-gi-nháwaBikol(WMP) to breathe PMP *nihawa

mag-gi-nháwaHiligaynon(WMP) to breathe, to take in air PMP *nihawa

mag-gi-nhawaTausug(WMP) to have or behave with dignity PMP *nihawa

mag-gíʔokMasbatenyo(WMP) to thresh PAN *Riqek

mag-gisgisAgta (Dupaningan)(WMP) to brush, as teeth PAN *gisgis₁

mag-gonayIbatan(WMP) to move oneself PPH *gunay

mag-goyodAgutaynen(WMP) to drag something; to tow something PWMP *Ruyud

mag-gubátBikol(WMP) to conquer or subdue a particular people PPH *gubát

mag-gúlaŋHiligaynon(WMP) to be old, to become mature, to ripen (as fruit) PAN *Rudaŋ

mag-guráŋBikol(WMP) to grow old PAN *Rudaŋ

mag-gutgótBikol(WMP) to cut something by drawing a knife back and forth like a saw PPH *getget₂

mag-gutgutAgta (Dupaningan)(WMP) to gnaw, bite into something, tear at something with the teeth PMP *gutgut₁

mag-gúyodBikol(WMP) to drag, to pull (as a sled) PWMP *Ruyud

mag-gúyodMasbatenyo(WMP) to pull, drag, tow; refers to pulling something along by a tether PWMP *Ruyud

mag-gúyoŋBikol(WMP) to shake something (as a house on poles, a tree to bring the fruits down) PWMP *guyeŋ

mag-gúyoŋBikol(WMP) to shake something (as a house on poles, a tree to bring the fruits down) PWMP *guyuŋ

mag-gúyudHiligaynon(WMP) to tug along, to drag along, to pull, to trail along the ground (as in pulling a reluctant goat) PWMP *Ruyud

mag-guyudTausug(WMP) to drag, pull (something) PWMP *Ruyud

mag-habánBikol(WMP) carry something cradled in cloth high on the back near the shoulders (as one might carry a small child) PMP *haban

mag-habólBikol(WMP) weave cloth PPh *maR-habél

mag-hagkósBikol(WMP) to tie a belt around PPH *hag(e)kes

mag-hálabHiligaynon(WMP) to feed like animals on grass, to pasture, to graze PPH *hárab₂

mag-halhálBikol(WMP) to gasp, pant PPH *halhál

mag-halhalTausug(WMP) to protrude, hang out (as the tongue from exhaustion, heat, thirst) PPH *halhál

mag-haŋótBikol(WMP) to eat s.t. tough by pulling at it with the teeth PPH *haŋet

mag-hápagBikol(WMP) to pursue, chase PPH *hápaR

mag-hátagHiligaynon(WMP) to give, to make a gift, to bestow, to assign, to award PPH *hátaR

mag-háwʔasHiligaynon(WMP) to take out of, to remove from inside PPH *haq(e)was

mag-hayópBikol(WMP) blow something away, blow on PWMP *maR-heyup

mag-haʔwásBikol(WMP) to come out of the water; to fish or pull something out of the water PPH *haq(e)was

mag-higdáʔBikol(WMP) lie down PPh *maR-hideRáq

mag-higótBikol(WMP) to pull taut or tight; to tighten PPH *higút

mag-higutHiligaynon(WMP) to bind, tie, secure, fasten with a string or a rope PPh *hiRét

mag-híkotBikol(WMP) to make a net from PWMP *maR-hiket

mag-hilaBikol(WMP) to pull or haul while singing PWMP *hilah

ma-ghilaSangir(WMP) shy, timorous; skittish PMP *gila

ma-ghilaSangir(WMP) timorous, skittish PWMP *ma-gila

mag-hílapBikol(WMP) to slice meat PPH *hilap₃

mag-hílomBikol(WMP) to keep a secret PWMP *lihem

mag-hilóm-anBikol(WMP) to keep a secret from PWMP *lihem

mag-hinógBikol(WMP) to ripen PPH *hinuR

mag-híŋosMasbatenyo(WMP) sniffle, inhale through the nose, smell, snuffle; refers especially to play as in teasing a baby PWMP *Siŋus

mag-hipusTausug(WMP) to be or become quiet (implies an end, cessation or discontinuance of noisy activities, as of household chores, traffic, quarrel or fight, or cannonade) PPH *hipes

mag-hubádBikol(WMP) to undo a knot; to untie, unfasten, disentangle PPh *maR-hubád

mag-hubásHiligaynon(WMP) evaporate, dry up PPh *maR-hebás

mag-húgasBikol(WMP) to wash (as dishes, a car; not applied to the face, hands or clothes) PPh *maR-huRas

mag-hugótBikol(WMP) to remove something with the fingers (as lice from the hair, or grains of rice from the stalk) PPH *húRut

mag-húgotMasbatenyo(WMP) to pull, haul, tow PMP *heRet

mag-húlogBikol(WMP) to drop (something) PPh *maR-huluR

mag-hunáʔ-hunáʔHiligaynon(WMP) think, have the idea, consider PPh *henaq

mag-húnosTagalog(WMP) to molt; to shed skin, as a snake PMP *hunus

mag-huyúpHiligaynon(WMP) blow, breathe upon, expel breath PWMP *maR-heyup

magiʔMongondow(WMP) hither, toward the speaker PAN *um-aRi

magiChamorro(WMP) here (toward or in the direction of the speaker) PAN *um-aRi

magiHoanya(Formosan) come PAN *um-aRi

magiKapingamarangi(OC) be sick, infirm POC *masakit

magiNukuoro(OC) sick, sickness; ill, illness; disease (physical or mental) POC *masakit

magi-aaNukuoro(OC) envious, jealous (non-sexual jealousy) POC *masakit

magi ahinaKapingamarangi(OC) menstruation (lit. ‘woman’s sickness’) POC *masakit

magi dabeoNukuoro(OC) menstruation (lit. ‘unclean sickness’) POC *masakit

mag-idalAgutaynen(WMP) to complain, fuss about the amount of one’s work or chores as compared to someone else’s; to push off the work onto someone else PPH *idal

ma-gidgídKankanaey(WMP) to be mangy, scabby; to have mange, scab PPH *gidgíd

mag-íhiʔBikol(WMP) urinate PMP *ihiq

mag-íkogBikol(WMP) put a tail on something PWMP *maR-ikuR

mag-ikutTausug(WMP) to become selfish or stingy PPH *ikut₂

ma-gilaMapun(WMP) to cause an animal to act wildly PMP *gila

ma-gilaTausug(WMP) to become frantic with delight, wildly excited, delirious PWMP *ma-gila

mag-ʔílagHanunóo(WMP) avoid (something), be careful PWMP *qilag

ma-gila nawoBare'e(WMP) angry, mentally disturbed PWMP *ma-gila

ma-gílaŋBikol(WMP) resplendent PWMP *gilaŋ

mag-ílogBikol(WMP) to travel via the main channel or deepest part of a river PAN *iluR₂

mag-imónBikol(WMP) be jealous of, covet, envy, begrudge PPh *qímun

mag-ináAklanon(WMP) to be mother and child (relationship) PAN *maR-ina

mag-ináʔBikol(WMP) mother and child PAN *maR-ina

mag-inátTagalog(WMP) to stretch; to extend one’s body or limbs PWMP *iñat

ma-gi-nháwaWaray-Waray(WMP) comfortable, satisfied, contented PMP *nihawa

magin-iwikAgutaynen(WMP) to oink or squeal, as of a pig or a large fruit bat PPh *íwik

mag-inómBikol(WMP) to drink PWMP *maR-inum

mag-inómCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to get drunk, to drink a lot of liquor PWMP *maR-inum

magin-sakáŋBikol(WMP) to become bow-legged PMP *sakaŋ

magin-taʔu, pagintaʔuYakan(WMP) to make something known PMP *taqu₂

mag-inúmCebuano(WMP) to drink PWMP *maR-inum

mag-inút-inótTagalog(WMP) to do something little by little; to inch along (as a crawling worm); to wade through; to make one’s way little by little with difficulty PWMP *inut

mag-iŋatBikol(WMP) be careful; look out or be on the lookout; take care in doing something PWMP *maR-iŋat

mag-iŋsudTausug(WMP) to move something a little, budge something PMP *isud

mag-ipesAgutaynen(WMP) to quiet down, stop laughing, talking or crying; to keep quiet about a secret PPH *hipes

ma-gipítBikol(WMP) to be cornered, caught in a tight spot, have no place to run to; to be caught short of time or money PMP *gipit

mag-i-ráromBikol(WMP) to place beneath PMP *i dalem

mag-i-ráyaBikol(WMP) to go upstream; to carry upstream PAN *daya

magiri-taliLakalai(OC) to wait (standing) POC *tari

mag-isipAgutaynen(WMP) to think, to give thought to something; to consider something PPh *ísip

mag-i-taʔásBikol(WMP) lift, raise, hoist, elevate PMP *i-atas

magi-tapapMurut (Timugon)(WMP) to slap, to cuff PWMP *tepap

mag-ʔíwikHanunóo(WMP) to squeal PPh *íwik

mag-iyutTausug(WMP) to copulate, have sexual intercourse (vulgar, often used in foul language and cursing) PPH *iut₂

mag-ka-anó-ánoBikol(WMP) be related to each other in what way? PWMP *anu-anu

mag-ka-áwayTagalog(WMP) antagonistic; opposite; conflicting PPH *áway

mag-kabá-kabáBikol(WMP) to throb (as the heart); to palpitate PPH *kabá

mag-kabánBikol(WMP) to place something into a chest PWMP *kaban₂

mag-kabánHanunóo(WMP) go together as companions PMP *maR-kaban

mag-kábigBikol(WMP) to set a boat back on course by turning it with an oar PPH *kábig

mag-kábigBikol(WMP) to rake in with the hand (as chips in the game of roulette) PWMP *kabiR

mag-kabítBikol(WMP) to support, hold up (as a weak person) PPH *kabít₂

mag-kabkábIsneg(WMP) to embrace PMP *kebkeb

mag-kablítBikol(WMP) to touch someone on the arm or touch someone’s clothing to get his attention PPH *kab(e)lít

mag-kabógBikol(WMP) to agitate water with the hand PPH *kabuR

mag-kaddámIsneg(WMP) to close one’s eyes PAN *kezem

magka-dúŋugCebuano(WMP) hear one another PMP *deŋeR

mag-kagátBikol(WMP) to bite PMP *kaRat

mag-kagátHiligaynon(WMP) to bite, to snap, to catch between the teeth PMP *kaRat

mag-kágawBikol(WMP) to scratch a part of the body (as to relieve an itch) PWMP *kaRaw₂

mag-kagudTausug(WMP) to scrape, remove something by scraping PMP *kaRud

mag-ka-hallot-anMapun(WMP) to seal (an agreement); to guarantee; to pledge (in order to seal an agreement) PMP *heRet

mag-káʔinTagalog(WMP) to eat frequently PAN *kaen

mag-kakakTausug(WMP) to quack like a duck; to laugh boisterously PMP *kakakₐ

mag-ka-kánBikol(WMP) to eat; to dine on; to devour; to jump (as in checkers) PPH *maR-kaen

mag-ka-kánBikol(WMP) to eat PAN *kaen

mag-ka-kanYakan(WMP) to eat PAN *kaen

mag-ka-ka-sunódTagalog(WMP) consecutive (for three or more); following without interruption PPH *sunúd

mag-ka-kilálaHanunóo(WMP) be acquainted (used mostly in the passive) PAN *kilala

mag-kaldítBikol(WMP) to make an incision for the purpose of drawing blood PPH *kal(e)dít

mag-kalíBikol(WMP) to leave tread marks in; to leave furrows or grooves in PAN *kali₁

mag-kaliAgta (Dupaningan)(WMP) to dig PMP *kali₂

mag-káliHiligaynon(WMP) to dig up (as sweet potatoes) PMP *kali₂

mag-kalíMasbatenyo(WMP) make a canal, make a drainage ditch PAN *kali₁

mag-kaliawAgutaynen(WMP) to yell, shout loudly, as of a drunk person or people fighting; to scream PPH *qaliaw

mag-ka-lípayHanunóo(WMP) to rejoice PPH *lípay

mag-ka-lípuŋHanunóo(WMP) to get dizzy PPH *lipeŋ

mag-kalog-kalogAgutaynen(WMP) to shake something PPH *kalug

mag-kamkámBikol(WMP) to appropriate someone else’s property PWMP *kamkam

mag-kanAgta (Dupaningan)(WMP) to eat, especially rice or a meal containing rice PPH *maR-kaen

mag-kanotAgutaynen(WMP) for a kerosene torch, firewood, etc. to produce soot and get things sooty PWMP *qanuqus

mag-kaŋkáŋBikol(WMP) to walk with the legs spread apart; to walk with the arms out, as if something is tucked under the armpits PWMP *kaŋkaŋ₁

mag-káʔonMasbatenyo(WMP) to eat PPH *maR-kaen

mag-ka-pagasTausug(WMP) to develop a hoarse voice PPH *pagas

mag-kapáʔ-kápaʔBikol(WMP) to flounder; to move clumsily and without proper balance PPH *kapaq-kapaq

mag-ka-písanTagalog(WMP) staying or living together PWMP *pisan

mag-kapótBikol(WMP) to hold in the hand PMP *kaput₁

mag-kápotBikol(WMP) to be stuck together; to be tightly wound around one another PPH *kapét

mag-kapótBikol(WMP) to hold in the hand PPH *kapút

mag-kapótMasbatenyo(WMP) control, take charge PPH *kapét

mag-kapútHiligaynon(WMP) to hold onto, to grasp, to clutch PPH *kapét

mag-k<ar>awíŋ-anHanunóo(WMP) mate freely (intensive), of dogs only PWMP *kawiŋ

mag-kárisBikol(WMP) to shave hair with a razor or knife; to shave the head or face PMP *karis₁

magka-sabáyBikol(WMP) to end up together; to coincide PWMP *sa(m)bay

mag-ka-sakitKapampangan(WMP) experience hardship, difficulty or pain PMP *sakit

mag-ka-sakítMasbatenyo(WMP) be sick, be in pain PMP *sakit

mag-ka-sakítTagalog(WMP) to fall ill, to become sick PMP *sakit

mag-ka-sakitTausug(WMP) to develop sickness, get sick PMP *sakit

mag-ka-sálaʔBikol(WMP) to sin PMP *salaq₁

mag-ka-siŋ-gúlaŋTagalog(WMP) all of the same age PAN *Rudaŋ

mag-ka-sunódTagalog(WMP) one after the other (for two); one following another PPH *sunúd

mag-ka-sunódTagalog(WMP) to set; to arrange; to fix for others to follow PPH *sunúd

mag-katáŋ-kátaŋBikol(WMP) to bob on the surface of the water PPH *kataŋ-kataŋ

mag-kataŋ-kataŋItbayaten(WMP) to drift, as someone in a boat who is lost at sea PPH *kataŋ-kataŋ