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Austronesian Comparative Dictionary


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-nAsilulu(CMP) 3sg. (human and non-human) genitive pronoun for inalienable possession PAN *ni-a

-nChuukese(OC) 3sg. possessive pronoun; of him, her, it (used in partitive constructions in many expressions where it would not appear in English, as in expressions of time, but not consistently POC *-ña

-nChuukese(OC) 3sg possessive pronoun: of her, him, it (used in partitive construction in many expressions where it would not appear in English, as in expressions of time, but not consistently) PAN *ni

-nGedaged(OC) 3sg. possessor POC *-ña

-nKosraean(OC) of, pertaining to PAN *ni

-nLoniu(OC) 3sg. possessor POC *-ña

-nLonwolwol(OC) 3sg. possessor POC *-ña

-nMarshallese(OC) of, pertaining to PAN *ni

-nMokilese(OC) 3sg. possessor POC *-ña

-nPenchal(OC) 3sg. possessor POC *-ña

-nPohnpeian(OC) construct suffix: of; this suffix is written together with the preceding word if that word is one syllable long or ends in a vowel; otherwise, it is written as the separate word en PAN *ni

-nSeimat(OC) 3sg. possessor POC *-ña

n/aŋaiSye(OC) Canarium sp. POC *kaŋaRi

n/auSye(OC) bamboo PMP *qauR

n/avatSye(OC) edible wood-grub POC *qapatoR

n/talSye(OC) taro POC *talos

n/tovuSye(OC) conch POC *tapuRi

-n/umSye(OC) oven PMP *qumun

n/upSye(OC) yam PMP *qubi

n/vauSye(OC) Hibiscus tiliaceus POC *paRu


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naAgta (Central Cagayan)(WMP) genitive of common nouns PAN *na₃

naAklanon(WMP) particle showing that an action has begun and/or is enduring; now, already, just PMP *na₄

na'Āre'āre(OC) and PMP *na₅

-naArosi(OC) 3sg. possessor; his, her, its, with certain classes of nouns; suffix to noun of relationship POC *-ña

naArosi(OC) article with common nouns, used with subject rather than object PMP *na₁

na-Asilulu(CMP) 3sg. (human and non-human) genitive pronoun for alienable possession PAN *ni-a

naAsilulu(CMP) a particle indicating finality (weu na ‘I’ll be going then’) PMP *na₄

naAtayal(Formosan) genitive of common nouns PAN *na₃

naBabatana (Avasö)(OC) and PMP *na₅

naBantuqanon(WMP) genitive case marker for plural personal names PAN *na₃

naBasai(Formosan) already PAN *Na₂

naBikol(WMP) grammatical linker used in adjectival phrases; grammatical connector equivalent to 'that' PAN *na₂

naBikol(WMP) already; yet; ever (nagháliʔ na siyá? ‘Has she already gone?’ or ‘Has she gone yet?’) PMP *na₄

naBikol (East Miraya)(WMP) genitive of persons (plural) PAN *na₃

naBontok(WMP) this; here; now PAN *-na

-naSambal (Botolan)(WMP) 3sg. agent and possessor PAN *ni-a

naBuginese(WMP) and PMP *na₅

naBugotu(OC) indefinite article, a; precedes nouns and gerundives (na tinoni ‘a man’) PMP *na₁

naBuol(WMP) genitive case marker for common nouns PAN *na₃

-naBuruese(CMP) his, her, its; an ending for anatomical nouns PAN *ni-a

naAmis (Central)(Formosan) genitive of plural personal nouns PAN *na₃

naCanala(OC) I, me POC *naku

-naCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) 3sg. agent and possessor PAN *ni-a

naCebuano(WMP) particle following the first word of the predicate, now [so-and-so] is the case by now, will be the case by a certain point of time; (with commands and exhortations) [do] now!; ayaw na ‘Stop (doing)! Enough! PMP *na₄

naChamorro(WMP) particle used 1. to link a modifier with a following noun, 2. to link demonstratives with the nouns or noun phrases that follow, 3. to connect the numbers beyond the number ‘one’ with the following noun, 4. to link certain question words with the following noun, 5. to connect a complement clause with a main clause, thus functioning as a complementizer (Topping 1973:138-141) PAN *na₂

naEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) article and demonstrative, the, this PMP *na₁

-naFijian(OC) 3sg. possessor POC *-ña

naFijian(OC) the common article: the, a; neither use is always in accord with the English practice PMP *na₁

-naFijian(OC) 3sg. possessive suffix, his, her, hers, its PAN *ni-ia

-naGapapaiwa(OC) attributive suffix POC *-ana

-naGilbertese(OC) 3sg. possessor POC *-ña

-naGitua(OC) 3sg. possessor POC *-ña

Hawaiian(OC) moan, groan, wail PMP *ŋaŋ

naHiligaynon(WMP) already, still, yet (Alás dos na ‘It is already two o’clock’) PMP *na₄

naIbanag(WMP) genitive case marker for common nouns PAN *na₃

-naIsneg(WMP) his, her, its; he, she, it PAN *ni-a

-naItbayaten(WMP) 3sg. agent and possessor PAN *ni-a

naItbayaten(WMP) now, already PMP *na₄

naKambera(CMP) definite article (na uma ‘the house’) PMP *na₁

naKapampangan(WMP) now, already PMP *na₄

-naKaro Batak(WMP) 3sg/pl. possessor PAN *ni-a

naKavalan(Formosan) genitive of common nouns PAN *na₃

-naLabel(OC) attributive suffix POC *-ana

naLabu(OC) 3sg. possessive marker PAN *ni-a

-naLau(OC) he, she, it, him, her, after nouns and prepositions, usually called a possessive pronoun POC *-ña

naLau(OC) the, a (na noni-na ‘his/her body’, na kui ‘a dog’) PMP *na₁

naLeti(CMP) and PMP *na₅

naMakassarese(WMP) and PMP *na₅

naMapun(WMP) now (indicates the arrival of the time of an expected event or the attainment of an expected state, or indicates that before the situation was different but now it has changed; already (indicates the occurrence of an event or the attainment of a state sooner than expected) PMP *na₄

naMasbatenyo(WMP) particle: already, now (Adi na sinda ‘They are here already’) PMP *na₄

naMbula(OC) then (Sombe yaŋ isu, na ko nio aŋma som [FUT rain 3sg. fall, then IRR 1sg 1sg.come NEG] ‘If it rains, then I won’t come to you’) PMP *na₄

naMbula(OC) determiner; bound relic of the Proto-Oceanic article *na occurring on some nouns, most of which are probably borrowed from the Maleu language of northwest New Britain PMP *na₁

-naMota(OC) 3sg. possessor, suffixed to a class of nouns and to one preposition POC *-ña

naMotu(OC) demonstrative adjective, used in place of the definite article PMP *na₁

naNggela(OC) nominal article, a, the (na tinoni ‘a man, the man’) PMP *na₁

naOld Cebuano(WMP) genitive case marker for plural personal names PAN *na₃

naPaiwan(Formosan) genitive case marker for common nouns PAN *na₃

naPuyuma(Formosan) particle linking nominal heads and attributes PAN *na₂

naRomblomanon(WMP) now, already PMP *na₄

na-Rotinese(CMP) 3sg. subject pronoun PAN *ni-a

naRotinese(CMP) tree with red wood: Pterocarpus indica PMP *naRah

naRoviana(OC) the (na vetu ‘the house’) PMP *na₁

-näSa'a(OC) 3sg. pronoun suffixed to nouns of a certain class, the equivalent of the genitive (nime 'hand': nima-na 'his hand'); noun ending used with nouns denoting relationship POC *-ña

naSa'a(OC) copulative, and PMP *na₅

naSaisiyat(Formosan) genitive of plural personal nouns PAN *na₃

naSengga(OC) and PMP *na₅

naRemontado(WMP) already, now PMP *na₄

naSubanon(WMP) already PMP *na₄

naSungai Kuamut(WMP) genitive of personal names (plural) PAN *na₃

naTae'(WMP) and (iko na aku ‘you and I/me’) PMP *na₅

naTagalog(WMP) linker between heads and attributes: ma-tákaw na táo 'a greedy person' = 'greedy LINK person' (Schachter and Otanes 1972:118) PAN *na₂

naTagalog(WMP) now; already; soon; about to PMP *na₄

naTausug(WMP) signals the arrival of the time of an expected event or the attainment of an expected state: now; signals the occurrence of an event or the attainment of a state sooner than expected: already PMP *na₄

naThao(Formosan) linker between heads and attributes used to signal emphatic attribution (in contrast with a, linker between heads and attributes used to signal neutral or unmarked attribution) PAN *na₂

naTigak(OC) article before proper and kinship nouns PMP *na₁

naTiruray(WMP) then; yet PMP *na₄

-naToba Batak(WMP) 3sg. possessor PAN *ni-a

naToba Batak(WMP) relative pronoun, often used to give emphasis (van der Tuuk 1971 [1864-1867]:369); attributive preposition linking a nominal head with an attributive adjective, verb, numeral, or a phrase : hau na tibbo tall tree = tree LINK tall, halak na modom the sleeping man = man LINK sleep, dakdanak na dua i the two children = children LINK two DEICTIC, halak na manuhor bukku the man who bought the book = man LINK buy book, jabu na di huta the house in the village = house LINK PREP village (Nababan 1981:81) PAN *na₂

-naTolai(OC) 3sg. possessor (with nouns of a personal nature, as body parts) POC *-ña

naTolai(OC) definite and indefinite article: the, a, an PMP *na₁

naTolai(OC) marker of part-whole relationships, as in mata na u ‘nipple’ [eye of breast] PAN *na₃

naTongan(OC) that, those, esp. near you PAN *-na

naTubetube(OC) and, so, but PMP *na₅

naVitu(OC) article with common nouns PMP *na₁

naWaray-Waray(WMP) denotes completion of development; already PMP *na₄

naWayan(OC) prenominal particle; marks a nominal as 1. common, as opposed to proper or local, and 2. specific, as opposed to generic; a variant ne occurs directly before nominals beginning with the noun-deriving prefix i- PMP *na₁

-naWuvulu(OC) 3sg. possessor POC *-ña

-naZabana(OC) 3sg. possessor, his/her POC *-ña

na:fTanga(OC) fathom, length POC *ŋapa₁

ꞌna³Mayá(SHWNG) palm tree: Arenga pinnata PMP *qanahaw

naaSolorese(CMP) brother (woman speaking) PMP *ñaRa

na-ʔahNamakir(OC) smoke PMP *qasu₃

na-ʔalNamakir(OC) sun POC *qalo₁

na alahu kapàtaŋuKambera(CMP) impenetrable forest (lit. 'dark forest') PMP *halas + "dark"

na-alsémIlokano(WMP) sour, tart, acid PWMP *qalesem

na-ʔaltɨmGaddang(WMP) sour PWMP *qalesem

na-ámuBontok(WMP) to be tame, of a domesticated animal PPH *haq(e)muq

na-ámoIfugaw(WMP) tame, as a dog PPH *haq(e)muq

na-ámoIsneg(WMP) tame, domesticated, gentle PPH *haq(e)muq

na-ámoKankanaey(WMP) tame, domesticated; quiet, calm, still; docile; submissive; gentle PPH *haq(e)muq

na-ámoIlokano(WMP) tame; gentle; domesticated PPH *haq(e)muq

naanBalantak(WMP) name PMP *ŋajan

naanBoano₂(CMP) sail PAN *layaR

naʔanChamorro(WMP) name PMP *ŋajan

naa-nTetun(CMP) brother, cousin (only used by women to their brothers and male cousins) PMP *ñaRa

na-anaRotinese(CMP) have a child; accept or consider as a child; develop shoots, of a plant PMP *anak

na-ana-kRotinese(CMP) call someone 'child' PMP *anak

na ana-na panaKambera(CMP) arrow PMP *anak i panaq

na-ániPangasinan(WMP) harvested crops (especially rice, corn) PMP *qanih

naan o nummaFavorlang/Babuza(Formosan) what name? PAN *nema

nááŋChuukese(OC) heaven, sky (early German sources report that it has several tiers or levels, of which five were named by distinct terms) PMP *laŋit

na-áŋotIlokano(WMP) stinking, ill-smelling PWMP *haŋut

na-ʔapgisKalinga(WMP) sting pain (McFarland 1977) PMP *hapejis

na-ásiIlokano(WMP) charitable, compassionate PMP *qasiq

na-asínIsneg(WMP) salted, salty PAN *qasiN

na-ataIlokano(WMP) green, unripe, immature; unseasoned, raw, undry; not cooked thoroughly (rice) PAN *qataq

na-ateDampelas(WMP) die; dead PWMP *na-atay

na atoPapapana(OC) sun POC *qaco

na-ʔatolNamakir(OC) egg POC *qatoluR

naʔat udipKenyah(WMP) look for an omen PAN *qudip₁

naawChuukese(OC) child PEMP *natu

na-áxumIsneg(WMP) greedy, gluttonous PPH *águm

na-báawIlokano(WMP) lukewarm, cool; indifferent, uncaring PMP *bahaw

na-baɣoMotlav(OC) shark POC *bakewak

nabah-kenKaro Batak(WMP) convert a piece of land into a rice paddy PWMP *sabaq

na-bakésKankanaey(WMP) old woman, crone (past child-bearing) PPH *bakes₂

na-bali-n nituFordata(CMP) mourn for the dead, be in mourning PMP *baliw₃

nabanBalinese(WMP) catch and keep an animal that has strayed onto your land until it is redeemed by its owner PWMP *ma-naban

nabanKelabit(WMP) run away with, kidnap, elope PWMP *ma-naban

nabanLun Dayeh(WMP) to kidnap, abduct, take or carry away without the owner’s permission PMP *taban

na-banitYamdena(CMP) to remove, as the copra from the shell in drying, anything that sticks, the skin, etc. PAN *baNiC

na-bannádItawis(WMP) numb PPh *ban(e)héd

na-baŋlóIlokano(WMP) fragrant, aromatic PPH *ma-baŋ(e)luh

na-baŋsítIsneg(WMP) stinking, smelling of excrement PWMP *baŋsit

na-báogIlokano(WMP) spoiled and smelling due to lack of air and moisture (rice and seeds) PPH *báqug

nabasBalinese(WMP) to chop, cleave, hack (wood), chop til level PWMP *tabas

na-basáIlokano(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

na-basáIsneg(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

na-basáItawis(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

na-báttugItawis(WMP) satiated, full PAN *besuR

na-bayógIlokano(WMP) a tall and slender bamboo PPH *bayug

nabbukMapun(WMP) to punch or hit something or someone with the palm part of the fist instead of the knuckles; to tag someone PWMP *tebuk₁

na-bdeyIbaloy(WMP) tired PPh *belay

na-begbégIlokano(WMP) minced, hashed; ground, milled PWMP *begbeg

na-béliYamdena(CMP) engage in business, carry on commerce PMP *beli

na-beŋbéŋIlokano(WMP) thick, close-woven (boards, tissues, etc.) PWMP *beŋbeŋ

naː-béŋiKapampangan(WMP) last night PMP *beRŋi

na b-in-uat-naToba Batak(WMP) his wife PMP *buhat₃

n-abiySori(OC) sago palm POC *Rabia

na-b-lafarFordata(CMP) be hungry, suffer hunger pangs PMP *lapaR₁

nabokSubanon(WMP) wave at sea, breaker on shore PMP *nabek

na-b-rusukFordata(CMP) be thin, skinny PAN *Rusuk

na-bsógIlokano(WMP) satiated, sated; satisfied, convinced PWMP *busuR₃

na-btákKankanaey(WMP) cleft, split, cloven, cracked, open, gaping (of wood, soil, etc.) PMP *betak₂

nabuAlune(CMP) to fall, drop PMP *nabuq

nabuʔManobo (Kalamansig Cotabato)(WMP) to fall PMP *nabuq

nabúʔKapampangan(WMP) to fall PMP *nabuq

na-buYamdena(CMP) bear fruit PMP *buaq

na-buásPangasinan(WMP) tomorrow PPh *buás

n-abuhKelabit(WMP) was covered with ashes or dust PWMP *q<in>abu

na-bukg-anCebuano(WMP) choked on a fish bone PPH *bekeR-an

na-búlagIfugaw(WMP) blind PPh *bulág

na-búlagKankanaey(WMP) blind, extinct (applied to the eyes) PAN *bulaR₁

nabunKelabit(WMP) to heap up, pile up PMP *tabun₂

na-bunaKambera(CMP) to bloom, blossom PMP *buŋa

na-buŋá-anKankanaey(WMP) pregnant, with child (used only in tales) PMP *buŋa

na-búriʔIsneg(WMP) speckled (iguanas, etc.) PWMP *burik

na-buʔsítIsneg(WMP) pregnant PPh *buq(e)tis

na-butbút-anKankanaey(WMP) torn open, with a hole; rent open PPH *butbut₃

na-buth-anCebuano(WMP) having got blisters PMP *betu₃

na-buyóʔIsneg(WMP) stinking PPh *buyúk

na-buyókIlokano(WMP) stinking, ill-smelling PPh *buyúk

na-bwálHanunóo(WMP) it fell down (as of a tree in a storm) PPh *buál

na-bwayYamdena(CMP) change into a crocodile PCEMP *buqaya

na-čemMaxbaxo(OC) outrigger float POC *saman

na-cömAxamb(OC) outrigger float POC *saman

n-adaʔBelait(WMP) to sniff, smell PMP *hajek

na-daPwele(OC) blood POC *draRaq

na-dágusIsneg(WMP) immediately, at once, directly PPH *dágus₁

nadai be-lebihIban(WMP) there’s nothing over PWMP *lebiq

nadaŋKelabit(WMP) to heat PWMP *maŋ-daŋdaŋ

nadaŋLun Dayeh(WMP) warm something near a fire PWMP *maŋ-daŋdaŋ

na-dápugKankanaey(WMP) dusty; ashy PMP *dapuR₁

na-dareYamdena(CMP) to bleed PAN *daRaq

na-degʔásKankanaey(WMP) pounded white; pounded thoroughly PPH *deR(e)qas

nademKelabit(WMP) to sharpen PMP *tazem

na-deŋarYamdena(CMP) to have good hearing, able to hear well PMP *deŋeR

na-detdétKankanaey(WMP) thick; close-woven; compact; tight PAN *detdet

nadiBugotu(OC) flint POC *nadi

nadiCheke Holo(OC) rock which is smooth, sharp and clear in color, probably quartz, used to make adze blades POC *nadi

nadiMotu(OC) a stone POC *nadi

na-dirisYamdena(CMP) to bathe oneself, wash children; baptize PAN *diRus

*naduPAmb(CMP) long (of objects) PMP *anaduq

nadu-aMotu(OC) cook by boiling PMP *nasu

naʔem pedʰuhKelabit(WMP) idiotic, inconsiderate (lit. 'without gall') PAN *qapejux

na-et-ʔətIlokano(WMP) tight PMP *qetqet

na-fafaKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) carry on the back PMP *baba₁

na-falesKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) to answer PAN *bales₁

na-fanasYamdena(CMP) sick, feverish; warm up food PMP *panas₁

na-f-diriYamdena(CMP) to stand something up PAN *diRi

na-feggiIbanag(WMP) stinging pain PMP *hapejiq

na-f-kenaFordata(CMP) to correct; to tally, of a sum of money or a calculation PMP *kena₁

na-f-mbusuk tomwate ŋaranYamdena(CMP) vilify someone's name or reputation PMP *busuk

na-f-ŋareYamdena(CMP) give a name to PMP *i-pa-ŋajan

nafoLau(OC) surf, wave of sea POC *napok

nafoRaga(OC) wave POC *napok

na-f-rua-Fordata(CMP) be half full PMP *duha

na-f-saŋ-iYamdena(CMP) to bifurcate, fork into branches PMP *saŋa₁

na-funKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) to hit; to kill PMP *bunuq₂

na-futarKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) to twist, turn PMP *putaR

nagáʔBikol(WMP) wild duck PMP *ŋaRaq

nágaBikol(WMP) Narra tree: Pterocarpus indica PMP *naRah

nágaCebuano(WMP) large forest tree yielding a hard, red wood, highly prized for furniture-making: Pterocarpus indicus PMP *naRah

nágaHanunóo(WMP) Narra tree: Pterocarpus indica; the sap is used as a medicament for application to cold sores in the mouth PMP *naRah

na-ɣaLingarak(OC) tree; stick, wood POC *kayu

nágaTagalog(WMP) species of the narra-tree family PMP *naRah

naga buraMalay(WMP) fire-breathing or venon-breathing dragon PMP *buRah

na-ɣamalLingarak(OC) men’s house PMP *kamaliR

na-γamarMaxbaxo(OC) men’s house PMP *kamaliR

náganIlokano(WMP) name; term; appellation PMP *ŋajan

naganəRukai(Formosan) name PAN *ŋajan

nagán-enIlokano(WMP) to name, mention by name, designate PMP *ŋajan

naga-ŋaŋáRomblomanon(WMP) the mouth of a mollusk opens PMP *ŋaŋa₂

na-garáwIlokano(WMP) lively, restless, active, wild (animals); unruly; lewd; immodest PPH *garáw

na-gatélIlokano(WMP) itchy; sexually stimulated PMP *gatel

nagiArosi(OC) flint, obsidian POC *nadi

nagiToqabaqita(OC) chert, flint; in earlier times used to make cutters and adzes and to strike fire; also used to break canarium nuts (still used in this function) POC *nadi

na-gidgídBontok(WMP) an itchy rash; of animals, a bald or mangy patch; mange PPH *gidgíd

(nag)-k<in>āʔunRomblomanon(WMP) was eaten PAN *k<in>aen

nag-luhúdCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to slip and trip and fall to the knees PPH *luhúd

nag-nago-iMota(OC) good-looking POC *nago

nagoBugotu(OC) before, in front, first POC *nago

nagoGitua(OC) face; bow or stern of canoe POC *nago

nagoNggela(OC) face; prow of canoe; in front of; before, formerly POC *nago

nago-iBugotu(OC) to precede, go before POC *nago

nago-iMota(OC) face, front, cutting edge POC *nago

nago-mateMota(OC) of quiet countenance; abashed POC *nago

nago-maurMota(OC) of bold countenance POC *nago

nago-viNggela(OC) to be first on the road; to be first to capture or do something POC *nago

nag-saŋa-án ti dalanIlokano(WMP) intersection (of paths or roads) PMP *saŋa₁

nag-sípiŋIlokano(WMP) twinned; with two branching out; grown together PPH *sípiŋ

nag-taŋáIlokano(WMP) stupid, ignorant PMP *taŋa

nag-taŋáIlokano(WMP) stupid, ignorant PPH *taŋah

na-ɣuKilenge(OC) sword grass: Imperata cylindrica POC *guRun

naguYakan(WMP) to discharge watery, sticky liquid (said of sores) PWMP *sagu₂

nag-unégIlokano(WMP) contents PMP *qunej

na-gusgúsKankanaey(WMP) having itch PMP *gusgus

na-ɣutLingarak(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

nahKenyah (Long Wat)(WMP) there PAN *-na

nahaSelaru(CMP) to flow PMP *nabek

nahaSoboyo(CMP) brother (woman speaking) PMP *ñaRa

na halVao(OC) path, road POC *jalan

na-hamNamakir(OC) outrigger POC *saman

náhanItawis(WMP) name PMP *ŋajan

na hanuNggela(OC) the thing whose name I can't remember PMP *sanu

na-haséŋKapuas(WMP) breathe PWMP *qaseŋ

naha-tBuruese(CMP) brother (woman speaking) PMP *ñaRa

na-hataItbayaten(WMP) raw (of viand) PWMP *hataq

naheunSundanese(WMP) to set a trap PMP *taqen

nahiʔMa'anyan(WMP) cooked rice PWMP *in-asi

na hikuHawaiian(OC) the Big Dipper PAN *pitu₁

nahi-n ihi-nFordata(CMP) blade of a knife or other weapon PAN *isi₅

nahmwPohnpeian(OC) deep place within the barrier reef; lagoon POC *namo

nahoAraki(OC) face POC *nago

nahoArosi(OC) surf, waves on the beach POC *napok

nahoSa'a(OC) surf, wave POC *napok

naho daniAraki(OC) morning (‘face of the day’) POC *nago

naho hocoAraki(OC) front teeth, including canines and incisors POC *nago

nahuBimanese(CMP) I (older person speaking to younger one: coarse, or non-respect form) PMP *ni aku

-nahuUma(WMP) cook (in water) PMP *nasu

naiGedaged(OC) a skirt of fibers of mataen palm, etc., petticoat; the nai for small girls is only a narrow apron in front; older girls before marriage wear a nai with the back part narrower than the front; after marriage a nai with the back part wider is worn POC *nai

n-aiLetemboi(OC) tree POC *kayu

n-aiLeviamp(OC) tree POC *kayu

n-aiRano(OC) tree POC *kayu

-naiRukai (Budai)(Formosan) 1pl. excl. nominative and genitive PAN *n-ami

na-iTetun(CMP) M, MZ, FZ (Lebar 1972) PMP *iná-i

naiWetan(CMP) to cookj PMP *nasu

naiaDobuan(OC) sail PAN *layaR

naiaWedau(OC) ginger PMP *laqia

na-ianaPapapana(OC) fish PEMP *ikan

na-icaFijian(OC) time when POC *ican

naikGedaged(OC) cooking, boiling PAN *nasuk

na-ikEfate (South)(OC) fish PEMP *ikan

na-ikaNakanamanga(OC) fish PEMP *ikan

na-ikaPwele(OC) fish PEMP *ikan

na-íkutKankanaey(WMP) miser, niggard, pinch-penny; avaricious, miserly, stingy PPH *ikut₂

na-ʔiloSambal (Botolan)(WMP) unripe, raw PPh *hiláw

na-i-lugésIlokano(WMP) pressed down; trampled; oppressed; defeated PPH *luges

na-imAxamb(OC) house PAN *Rumaq

na-imRano(OC) house PAN *Rumaq

na-imbág ti buát-naIlokano(WMP) elegant, easy, graceful, fine, nice, pleasing PMP *buhat₂

na-ʔimpitGaddang(WMP) thin PAN *iŋ(e)pis

na-ioNakanamanga(OC) spear POC *io

na-i-penpénIlokano(WMP) piled up, stored PWMP *penpen₁

na-isiYamdena(CMP) fleshiness PAN *isi₅

na-itAtchin(OC) squid PMP *kuRita

na-itoFavorlang/Babuza(Formosan) seven PAN *pitu₁

na-iukYamdena(CMP) to squawk PMP *kiuk

na-ixAxamb(OC) fish PEMP *ikan

najemJavanese(WMP) to sharpen, hone PMP *tazem

nakLevei(OC) tall latex-yielding tree with large edible sweet green fruit PMP *ñatuq

nakLikum(OC) tall latex-yielding tree with large edible sweet green fruit PMP *ñatuq

na-(k)Rotinese(CMP) brother (woman speaking) PMP *ñaRa

nakTigak(OC) I POC *naku

nakaLi'o(CMP) steal PMP *nakaw

nakaNgadha(CMP) steal; secret, clandestine, illicit, illegal PMP *nakaw

na-káfiItawis(WMP) weak PPH *kápuy

naka-gamutKadazan Dusun(WMP) has rooted, settled down PWMP *maka-Ramut

naka-káinIlokano(WMP) wearing a long skirt PWMP *kain

naka-kánapKankanaey(WMP) dark; obscure PPH *kanap₂

naka-ká-sukáTagalog(WMP) disgusting; offensive PPH *suka₂

naka-ladládTagalog(WMP) unfurled; unfolded PPH *ladlád

naka-ligpítTagalog(WMP) put away, kept in an orderly manner PPH *lig(e)pít

naka-lugmókTagalog(WMP) prostrate and helpless PPH *lug(e)múk

naka-lupasáyIlokano(WMP) exhausted and lying on the ground PPH *lupasáy

nákamIsneg(WMP) will, mind, intellect, sense, judgment, idea PPH *nákem

na-kamalNamakir(OC) men’s house PMP *kamaliR

na-kánItawis(WMP) eaten PAN *kaen

na-kánPangasinan(WMP) food PAN *kaen

naka-ŋáŋaIlokano(WMP) agape, unshut PMP *ŋaŋa₂

naka-ŋaŋáTagalog(WMP) open-mouthed; agape, gaping with mouth wide open in wonder or surprise PMP *ŋaŋa₂

naka-puluŋMandar(WMP) be crowded about, attacked in large numbers (by bees) PAN *puluŋ

na-kápuyIlokano(WMP) weak, fragile, slow PPH *kápuy

na-kápuyIsneg(WMP) weak, feeble, frail PPH *kápuy

na-karaNakanamanga(OC) nettle tree POC *karat₂

na kasuaNasarian(OC) rat POC *kasupe

naka-suksókTagalog(WMP) inserted in a scabbard PAN *suksuk

naka-suksókWaray-Waray(WMP) having inserted or put in between PAN *suksuk

(naka)-sumpíŋTagalog(WMP) carried on or behind the ear, as a pencil or a cigarette (in some areas) PWMP *sumpiŋ₂

naka-taŋáTagalog(WMP) open-mouthed; gaping with a somewhat stupid look PMP *taŋa

naka-taʔúnHanunóo(WMP) cocked PMP *taqen

na-kátiKankanaey(WMP) alike, resembling one another PPH *káti

na-kátiKankanaey(WMP) alike, resembling one another PPH *kátiq

naka-tiwaŋwáŋIlokano(WMP) wide open, exposed PPH *tiwaŋwáŋ

na-kauPwele(OC) stick; tree POC *kayu

na-kauNakanamanga(OC) tree POC *kayu

nakawKayan(WMP) to steal PWMP *ma-nakaw

*nakawPAmb(CMP) steal PMP *nakaw

nákawTagalog(WMP) stolen, pilfered; thing stolen or pilfered PMP *nakaw

nákemSambal (Botolan)(WMP) seat of the emotions PPH *nákem

nákemIbatan(WMP) keep someone in mind, remember PPH *nákem

nakemYami(WMP) intention, meaning PPH *nákem

nákemIlokano(WMP) mind; will, free will; intellect, sense, reasoning, good mental capacity PPH *nákem

nakemItbayaten(WMP) conscience, consciousness, faculty of memory, reason, thought, mind PPH *nákem

nakemPalawano(WMP) spirit; mind PPH *nákem

nak-en anakMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) sibling's child PWMP *kam-anak-en

nak-en laymeroMelanau (Matu)(WMP) nephew/niece PWMP *kam-anak-en

nakepBalinese(WMP) grab something with the flat hand (e.g. a fly); seize, arrest PAN *dakep

nakərKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) climb PWMP *taked₂

nakətKenyah (Long Wat)(WMP) climb PWMP *taked₂

na-killuBontok(WMP) to be crooked, as a line, path or branch; to speak in an indirect fashion; to have a speech impediment PMP *kiluq

na-killóIlokano(WMP) winding, meandering; twisted; crooked; distorted; broken (talk) PMP *kiluq

na-killóIsneg(WMP) tortuous, ebnt, curved, distorted, crooked PMP *kiluq

nakɨmCentral Tagbanwa(WMP) thought, state of mind PPH *nákem

na-kiŋkiŋKankanaey(WMP) limping, halt, hobbling; lame of one foot PWMP *kiŋkiŋ₂

na-kípotIlokano(WMP) tight fitting PMP *kiput

nakkonMapun(WMP) to press down on something PMP *teken

nakm-enYami(WMP) to want PPH *nákem

na-knáKankanaey(WMP) caught in a trap; fallen into a snare; entrapped; trapped; ensnared; caught; hit (applied to birds, etc., to spinning tops hit by the top of an opponent, etc.) PMP *kena₁

na-knaKankanaey(WMP) caught in a trap PMP *kena₁

nak-nakm-enYami(WMP) to think, remember PPH *nákem

nako'Āre'āre(OC) sticky, gluey POC *ñakot

nakoGilbertese(OC) to go, depart, go on, go away POC *lako

nákoKapampangan(WMP) steal PMP *nakaw

nakoMurik(WMP) steal PWMP *ma-nakaw

nakoRotinese(CMP) steal PMP *nakaw

nakodAbai Sembuak(WMP) to climb (a tree) PWMP *taked₂

nako-maiGilbertese(OC) Come here, come towards me! POC *mai

n-akonIda'an Begak(WMP) 1sg oblique PAN *aken

nako-nakoGilbertese(OC) a walk, stroll, displacement, voyage, movement POC *lako

na-k-ramasYamdena(CMP) scratch with the nails PAN *Rames

nak-rɔfuGhove(OC) ashes POC *rapuR

n-ákuʔCebuano(WMP) my; by me (agent/possessor form) PMP *ni aku

nakuPokau(OC) offspring PEMP *natu

nakuMasiwang(CMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

nakubKelabit(WMP) to patch, as torn clothing PMP *takub

nakubKelabit(WMP) to patch, as torn clothing PMP *ta(ŋ)kub

na-kulatYamdena(CMP) overgrown with moss PMP *kulat₂

na-kuŋkúŋCebuano(WMP) to be gnarled, as the fingers of an old man PMP *kuŋkuŋ₂

na-kurEfate (South)(OC) Morinda citrifolia POC *kurat

na-kuyaPaiwan(Formosan) bad, defective, dangerous (as a person) PAN *kuya₁

na-kuya-nPaiwan (Western)(Formosan) disability PAN *kuya₁

na kwalitaKwaio(OC) four or more days ago POC *waRisa

n-alDobel(CMP) take PAN *alaq₁

nala-Asilulu(CMP) name PMP *ŋajan

nalaHitu(CMP) name PMP *ŋajan

nalaKamarian(CMP) name PMP *ŋajan

nalaPaulohi(CMP) name PMP *ŋajan

nalaPaulohi(CMP) a tree: Pterocarpus indica PMP *naRah

nalaWahai(CMP) a tree: Pterocarpus indica PMP *naRah

nalaWedau(OC) sail PAN *layaR

n-alaʔLun Dayeh(WMP) missed (as a shot) PWMP *s<in>alaq

na-lábasIsneg(WMP) past PPH *labas

na-labásKankanaey(WMP) gone; gone away; passed; passed on PPH *labas

na-labnáwIlokano(WMP) thin (said of liquids, soups, etc.), watery PPH *lab(e)náw

na-laeNakanamanga(OC) sail PAN *layaR

na laho-nTonga(OC) testicles POC *lasoR

nalanKelabit(WMP) to walk PMP *zalan

nalanJavanese(WMP) on the way to/from PMP *zalan

na-lanLeviamp(OC) housefly POC *laŋo

nalanLun Dayeh(WMP) to walk, travel PMP *zalan

na-lanétIlokano(WMP) wilted, withered PPH *lanét

na-laŋMotlav(OC) housefly POC *laŋo

na-laŋNamakir(OC) wind PMP *laŋit

nalaŋLaha(CMP) name PMP *ŋajan

na-laŋiNakanamanga(OC) wind PMP *laŋit

na-laŋsíIsneg(WMP) the smell of fish, of blood, etc. PMP *laŋ(e)si

n-alapKelabit(WMP) was taken or gotten by PAN *in-alap

nalaqSeediq (Truku)(Formosan) pus PAN *naNaq

na-lasoNakanamanga(OC) testicles POC *lasoR

na-láwaIlokano(WMP) wide; loose; roomy; broad PWMP *lawaq₃

na-láwaIsneg(WMP) large, broad, wide (used in songs) PWMP *lawaq₃

na-láyaŋIlokano(WMP) high above the ground PWMP *layaŋ₁

na-layáŋIlokano(WMP) open, clear (space) PWMP *layaŋ₂

na-layláyIlokano(WMP) withered, faded PPH *layláy

na-layláyKankanaey(WMP) to hang out; to dangle; to swing loosely PPH *layláy

na-láyogIlokano(WMP) very tall; huge (said of vegetation only) PPH *láyug

naléKaro Batak(WMP) dry meat on a spit over the fire PWMP *salay

naleKwaio(OC) white ant (termite) POC *ane

nale-ʔaKwaio(OC) termite riddled, insect riddled POC *ane

nalesJavanese(WMP) having the texture of cooked taro (said of rice that is gummy from being cooked in too much water) PMP *tales

naliIban(WMP) twist into rope, prepare fibre for rope; continue the line, inherit bilik and share of property PWMP *ma-nalih

naliJavanese(WMP) tie for someone; tie something PWMP *ma-nalih

nali-anSundanese(WMP) to tie, bind PWMP *talih-an

na-libégIlokano(WMP) turbid, muddy; cloudy; dark PPH *liq(e)beR

na-lidémIlokano(WMP) dim, not bright, gloomy PWMP *lidem

na-líkawIlokano(WMP) crooked, curved, meandering, roundabout PAN *likaw

na-líkawKankanaey(WMP) tortuous; winding; bending in and out; sinuous; meandering PAN *likaw

na-línabIlokano(WMP) smeared, soiled PWMP *liñab

na-línakIlokano(WMP) calm; tranquil; still PPH *linak

n-alitNali(OC) the putty nut: Parinarium laurinum POC *qarita

na-litókKankanaey(WMP) to crack; to snap (as the finger joints) PPH *lituk₂

na-lnápIsneg(WMP) flooded PWMP *leñep

naloHawaiian(OC) the common housefly and other two-winged insects POC *laŋo

naloHawaiian(OC) lost, vanished, concealed, forgotten; to pass away, disappear POC *mwaloq

na-loMotlav(OC) sun POC *qalo₁

na-loraWetan(CMP) at sea, to the sea, from the sea; seaside PCEMP *laur

na-lpásIsneg(WMP) finished, ended, gone PWMP *lepas

n-alsámIsneg(WMP) sour, tart, acid PWMP *qalesem

n-álsamItawis(WMP) sour PWMP *qalesem

naluBiliau(OC) child PEMP *natu

naluHawaiian(OC) wave, surf; full of waves; to form waves; wavy, as wood grain POC *ŋalu

na-luaTolai(OC) outside PMP *luqaR

na-luaŋ-anIlokano(WMP) not full PPH *luaŋ₂

na-lúmotIlokano(WMP) full of moss, mossy PMP *lumut

nalu-naluHawaiian(OC) rough, of a sea with high waves POC *ŋalu

nalusYakan(WMP) immediately, right away, directly PWMP *tarus

na-lúsaIlokano(WMP) soft (said of rice) PPH *lusa₂

namGedaged(OC) dew, moisture (on grass, etc.) PAN *ñamuR

namGedaged(OC) to eat; used when speaking to small children POC *ñamu

namGedaged(OC) to taste; to eat (used when speaking to small children) PMP *ñamit

namGilbertese(OC) smacking of tongue, tasting; to smack lips, to taste, to suck PMP *ñamit

namIban(WMP) six PAN *enem

namLele(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

ṇaṃMarshallese(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namMarshallese (Western)(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

næmMaxbaxo(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namMerig(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namMota(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namPapitalai(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namVatrata(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namaBuruese(CMP) level stretch in a stream's course; cove, bay, harbor PMP *namaw

namaJavanese(WMP) to strike PAN *tama₁

n-amaSoboyo(CMP) father PAN *amax

nama burokMalay(WMP) ill-repute PAN *buRuk

nama busokMalay(WMP) vile reputation PMP *busuk

na-mag-maga-nIlokano(WMP) very dry, well seasoned (wood) PMP *maja

na-makaKisar(CMP) awake; wake up PMP *mata

na-ma-kuruKisar(CMP) to sleep PMP *ma-tuduR

na-maliRoma(CMP) to laugh PCEMP *malip

na-mamaKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) to chew PMP *mamaq

na-mara-Maxbaxo(OC) eye PMP *mata

na-maruaFilakara(OC) old POC *matuqa

namatKavalan(Formosan) iron; weapon PAN *Namat

na-matNasarian(OC) dry coconut PCEMP *matu

na-mataPwele(OC) eye PMP *mata

na-mata-ánIlokano(WMP) traditions, customs in which one is brought up PMP *mata

na-mateRotinese(CMP) kill PCEMP *matay₁

na-matuVovo(OC) right hand PMP *ma-taqu₂

na ma-vutsaPaiwan(Formosan) blind PAN *ma-buCa

namawCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) coral reef PMP *namaw

*nama(w)PAmb(CMP) bay, harbor PMP *namaw

na ma-wuŋaKambera(CMP) the first PMP *buŋas

na-maxáIsneg(WMP) dry, seasoned (timber) PMP *maja

na ma-zatjaPaiwan(Formosan) to be level PAN *dataR

namaʔKayan(WMP) the male act of sexual intercourse PMP *tama₂

nambakJavanese(WMP) to regulate the flow of; to tackle a problem;to overcome an obstacle PMP *tambak₂

nambakMapun(WMP) to make an orderly stack of rocks or earth PMP *tambak₂

nambakSundanese(WMP) to obstruct or divert (of water, with a dyke or dam) PMP *tambak₂

nambak-iKaro Batak(WMP) to dam up by building a dyke PMP *tambak₂

nambalJavanese(WMP) to have something patched; to patch for someone PMP *tambal₁

nambar-iKaro Batak(WMP) give medicine to someone, treat with medicine PMP *tambar

nambelBalinese(WMP) to patch, put a patch on PWMP *ma-nambel

nam-buñiNgaju Dayak(WMP) report confidentially, communicate to PMP *buñi

na-m-dirYamdena(CMP) stand, stand up PCEMP *adiRi

na-m-dirYamdena(CMP) to stand PMP *ma-diRi

nameYamdena(CMP) deep sea channel in the reef PMP *namaw

na meaMaskelynes(OC) tongue POC *maya

na-m̋elLeviamp(OC) men’s house PMP *kamaliR

na-metEfate (South)(OC) eye PMP *mata

namgWatut(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namiArosi(OC) to taste, lick PMP *ñamit

namiBimanese(CMP) 1pl excl., we PAN *n-ami

-namiMongondow(WMP) 1pl excl. agent and possessor PAN *n-ami

namiKurudu(SHWNG) 1pl. excl., we PAN *n-ami

namiLamboya(CMP) 1pl. excl., we PAN *n-ami

namiManggarai(CMP) we say PAN *n-ami

namiMuna(WMP) taste PMP *ñamit

namiNggela(OC) to taste PMP *ñamit

*namiPBUN(WMP) taste PMP *ñamit

namɨRukai (Maga)(Formosan) 1pl. excl. nominative and genitive PAN *n-ami

namiWolio(WMP) taste, feeling, mind, heart PMP *ñamit

nami-nami-luveNggela(OC) to water, of the mouth at the sight of food PMP *ñamit

nami-namit-õNias (Southern)(WMP) sweet PMP *ñamit

namis-iMuna(WMP) feeling, opinion PMP *ñamit

námitBikol(WMP) taste, flavor PMP *ñamit

nam-ku-kuruKisar(CMP) he is sleeping PAN *tuduR

na-m-lafarYamdena(CMP) be hungry PMP *lapaR₁

na-m-lufeYamdena(CMP) to forget PMP *lupa

námnamAklanon(WMP) delicious, flavorful PAN *ñamñam

namnám ~ linamnámTagalog(WMP) savor; taste PAN *ñamñam

namoAgutaynen(WMP) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namoAmis(Formosan) your, by you (agent/possessor form) PAN *n-amu

namoArosi(OC) a landlocked, shallow lagoon near the shore POC *namo

namoKaro Batak(WMP) deep place in a river, generally where it makes a bend and the water moves slowly (common in place names) PMP *namaw

namoKwaio(OC) lake, pool, deep place in river POC *namo

namoLau(OC) the lagoon inside a reef, near the reef (the deep) pools towards the shore POC *namo

namoʔMandar(WMP) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namoNiue(OC) lake, pond POC *namo

namoTongan(OC) lagoon POC *namo

namoWuvulu(OC) lagoon POC *namo

namogMaranao(WMP) dew PAN *ñamuR

namogSimalur(WMP) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namog-namogSimalur(WMP) a small, very unpleasant kind of fly PMP *ñamuk

namókBikol(WMP) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namókCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namokAgta (Dupaningan)(WMP) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namókIlokano(WMP) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namókMasbatenyo(WMP) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namokManggarai(CMP) kind of small mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namókPalawan Batak(WMP) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namokTabun(WMP) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namok-enIlokano(WMP) be bitten by many mosquitoes PPH *ñamuk-en

n-amonIda'an Begak(WMP) 1pl ex oblique PAN *amen

namo-nTetun(CMP) bay, harbor PMP *namaw

na moneHawu(CMP) B (w.s.) PMP *anak ma-Ruqanay, anak (la)laki

namotIlokano(WMP) a tree: Cynometra ramiflora L. (Madulid 2001) PMP *namut

na-motəLuang(CMP) to vomit PAN *um-utaq

namot-namotCebuano(WMP) Cynometra iripa, Fabaceae PMP *namut-namut

nampilIban(WMP) marry into a family PWMP *tampil

nampokIban(WMP) perform a vigil, go to a solitary place to meet with ancestors or other beings in dream or vision, and obtain their help; tops of hills are used but any isolated place, even a cemetery, may be used PWMP *tampuk₂

na-mtε-kMotlav(OC) my eye PMP *mata

namuAnuta(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namu'Āre'āre(OC) chew betelnut; chew, masticate POC *ñamu

namuBauro(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namuCentral Maewo(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namuFijian(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namuFutunan(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namuKaniet(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namuKwaio(OC) small flying insect (generic); sandfly, gnat PMP *ñamuk

namuLakona(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namuMaori(OC) Austrosimulium spp., sandfly PMP *ñamuk

namuNgadha(CMP) dew PAN *ñamuR

namuNiue(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namuNukuoro(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namuPwele(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namuRaga(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namuRarotongan(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namuRennellese(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namuSamoan(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namuSikaiana(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namuSobei(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namuTalur(CMP) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namuTongan(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namuTugun(CMP) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namuTuvaluan(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namuLuangiua(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namu-aTongan(OC) infested with mosquitoes PMP *ñamuk

namugMongondow(WMP) dripping dew PAN *ñamuR

námugHanunóo(WMP) dew (morning) PAN *ñamuR

namuhSangir(WMP) dew PAN *ñamuR

namukAbai Sembuak(WMP) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namukKelabit(WMP) sandfly PMP *ñamuk

namúkCebuano(WMP) mosquito; be bothered by mosquitoes PMP *ñamuk

namúkHanunóo(WMP) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namukKaro Batak(WMP) small red flying ants or gnats PMP *ñamuk

namukDumpas(WMP) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namu katipōMaori(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

namuk-ónBikol(WMP) get a mosquito bite PPH *ñamuk-en

namuk-ónMasbatenyo(WMP) be mosquito-swarmed, be swarmed by mosquitos PPH *ñamuk-en

namu-namuFijian(OC) chew and swallow (intr.) POC *ñamu

namu-namuMaori(OC) anything causing a blister or skin irritation PMP *ñamuk

namu-namuNusa Laut(CMP) kind of bean: Cynometra spp. PMP *namut-namut

namu-namuWolio(WMP) kind of tree and its edible fruit: Cynometra cauliflora PMP *namut-namut

namu-namu huanuBatu Merah(CMP) kind of bean: Cynometra spp. PMP *namut-namut

na-muru-Label(OC) back, behind POC *muru

namutCebuano(WMP) a tree: Cynometra ramiflora L. (Madulid 2001) PMP *namut

namu-taFijian(OC) chew and swallow (trans.) POC *ñamu

na-mutaRoma(CMP) to vomit PCEMP *mutaq

namut-eNuaulu(CMP) root PMP *Ramut₁

namut-namutCebuano(WMP) a tree: Cynometra iripa Kostel, Fabaceae PMP *namut-namut

namut-namutSubanen/Subanun(WMP) a tree: Cynometra ramiflora Linn., Fabaceae PMP *namut-namut

na-mwatMotlav(OC) snake POC *mwata

na-mwerAxamb(OC) snake POC *mwata

na-mwərMaxbaxo(OC) snake POC *mwata

nanArop(OC) water POC *ranum

nanKola(CMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

nanTakia(OC) pus PMP *nanaq

nanaAgutaynen(WMP) grandma (term of reference and address) PPH *nana₂

nánaʔAklanon(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nanaBare'e(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nanaʔKelabit(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nánaʔBikol(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nánaBikol(WMP) title for a mother, aunt, or godmother PPH *nana₂

nánaʔBinukid(WMP) pus; give off pus, have pus (in a sore, etc.) PMP *nanaq

nanaBoano₂(CMP) name PMP *ŋajan

nánaʔCebuano(WMP) pus; be filled with pus; give off pus PMP *nanaq

nánaCebuano(WMP) title for grandparents or women of an older generation, or for one’s elder sister PPH *nana₂

nanaEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) that, that one; there POC *nana₁

nanaFijian(OC) pus, matter; to fester, suppurate PMP *nanaq

nanaGapapaiwa(OC) pus PMP *nanaq

nánaʔHanunóo(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nanāHawaiian(OC) snarling PCEMP *ŋaŋaŋ

nanaʔIda'an Begak(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nánaIlokano(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nánaIlokano(WMP) mother; aunt PPH *nana₂

nánaIsneg(WMP) pus, matter PMP *nanaq

nanaItbayaten(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nanaʔKadazan Dusun(WMP) pus, matter (as in a wound or boil) PMP *nanaq

na- -naKambera(CMP) 3sg. pronoun; as a prefix na- signals the actor: na-laku 'he is going'; as a suffix -na marks a) possession: na ama-na 'his father', b) the agent in substantive constructions: mbàda laku-na-ka 'he has gone already', c) reference to past time: la nomu wula-na 'six months ago' PAN *ni-a

nanaʔKapampangan(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nanaKwaio(OC) pus, suppurate PMP *nanaq

nanaLau(OC) that, those POC *nana₁

nanaLau(OC) pus, matter PMP *nanaq

nānaLeti(CMP) name PMP *ŋajan

nanaLi'o(CMP) sap, latex PMP *nanaq

nanaMakassarese(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

na-naMaloh(WMP) and PMP *na₅

nanaManam(OC) pus PMP *nanaq

nánaʔMansaka(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nanaʔMapun(WMP) pus from an infection; to develop pus PMP *nanaq

nanaʔMaranao(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nánaʔMasbatenyo(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nanaMori Bawah(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nanaMota(OC) pus, matter PMP *nanaq

nanaʔMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nanaNggela(OC) pus in a sore PMP *nanaq

nanaNias(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nana-Nuaulu(CMP) name PMP *ŋajan

*nanaPMic(OC) pus PMP *nanaq

nanaSa'a(OC) to eat (used to children) PCEMP *ñañam

nanaʔSasak(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nanaSimalur(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nanaTae'(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nánaʔTagalog(WMP) pus, matter PMP *nanaq

nanaʔTausug(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nanaʔTiruray(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nanaToba Batak(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nanaTotoli(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nanaʔUma(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nánaʔWaray-Waray(WMP) pus; abscess PMP *nanaq

nanaWaropen(SHWNG) pus PMP *nanaq

nanaʔManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nanaWogeo(OC) pus PMP *nanaq

nanaWolio(WMP) pus, suppuration PMP *nanaq

nanaWuvulu(OC) pus PMP *nanaq

nanaʔYakan(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nanaArosi(OC) pus of a sore PMP *nanaq

nanaʔ-anMapun(WMP) having pus PWMP *nanaq-an

nanahBalinese(WMP) pus, matter PMP *nanaq

nanahIban(WMP) pus, matter PMP *nanaq

nanahJavanese(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nanahKaro Batak(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nanahMalay(WMP) matter, pus PMP *nanaq

nanahSundanese(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nanah-anSundanese(WMP) to suppurate, have or produce pus; pussy PWMP *nanaq-an

nanah-enJavanese(WMP) to have a pus-filled infection PWMP *nanaq-en

nanah-enKaro Batak(WMP) to suppurate, of a wound PWMP *nanaq-en

nanakAgutaynen(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nanakTboli(WMP) pus; to have a core, as a boil; to be full of pus; a pocket of pus PMP *nanaq

nanakaBali (Uneapa)(OC) pus PMP *nanaq

na-nakm-anIlokano(WMP) wise, using good judgement, prudent PPH *nákem

nana-laLau(OC) having pus, full of pus PMP *nanaq

nanamIda'an Begak(WMP) taste PAN *ñamñam

nánamIlokano(WMP) taste, flavor, savor PAN *ñamñam

nanamKadazan Dusun(WMP) taste; good taste PAN *ñamñam

nanamMentawai(WMP) tasty; to taste PAN *ñamñam

nanámPangasinan(WMP) to savor, taste appreciatively PAN *ñamñam

nanamSelaru(CMP) sweet, tasty PCEMP *ñañam

nanamTontemboan(WMP) taste; tasty, delicious PAN *ñamñam

nanamYamdena(CMP) taste, savor; sweetness; tasty, sweet PCEMP *ñañam

nanamMansaka(WMP) taste PAN *ñamñam

na-nama'Āre'āre(OC) strong, powerful, in a metaphysical sense; something extraordinary, effected by a spiritual power POC *mana₂

na-namaSa'a(OC) to be powerful, to exercise force … Ulawa speaks of ghosts as being na-nama ‘spiritually powerful’ POC *mana₂

nanam-anIlokano(WMP) tasty, appetizing PAN *ñamñam

na-nama-ŋaSa'a(OC) power, force POC *mana₂

nana matuaBalinese(WMP) father-in-law (WF, HF) PMP *ma-tuqah

nanam-enIlokano(WMP) to enjoy, relish (something) PAN *ñamñam

na-namuArosi(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

na-namuHaununu(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

na-namuLau(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

na-namuNggela(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

nananBasai(Formosan) name PAN *ŋajan

nana-nBipi(OC) pus PMP *nanaq

nana-nSeimat(OC) pus PMP *nanaq

nana-nNauna(OC) pus PMP *nanaq

na-na-namNamakir(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

nana-nanaMalagasy(WMP) a cry, a scream, a shout PMP *ŋaŋa₂

nanaŋLundu(WMP) see PAN *NeŋNeŋ

na-naoYami(WMP) to teach PPH *nau

nánaʔ-ónMasbatenyo(WMP) pus-stained PWMP *nanaq-en

na-napiNggela(OC) taste POC *ñabi

nanaqBunun(Formosan) pus (Li 2004) PAN *naNaq

*nanaqPBUN(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nan-asáŋPangasinan(WMP) gilled, having gills PMP *hasaŋ

nánawCebuano(WMP) to gaze over a wide area; scan an area to search for something PPH *nanaw

nanawMansaka(WMP) to look all around searching for something; to search carefully PPH *nanaw

nánawIlokano(WMP) to look at something submerged PPH *nanaw

na-naw-enItbayaten(WMP) to teach, to show how PPH *nau

na-nawoItbayaten(WMP) lesson, instruction (teaching) PPH *nau

na-naya-enItbayaten(WMP) watch and wait for PAN *naRa

nan-demdemIbaloy(WMP) cloudy, overcast PAN *demdem₂

nandes-inMalay (Jakarta)(WMP) to confirm, make clear PWMP *tandes

nandiNggela(OC) flint POC *nadi

nanəʔBintulu(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

nān-eNuaulu(CMP) sail PAN *layaR

naneaʔRejang(WMP) pus PMP *nanaq

na-neanErai(CMP) whose name is, named PMP *ŋajan

nanekKelabit(WMP) to boil water, cook PWMP *ma-nanek

nanekLun Dayeh(WMP) to boil something PWMP *ma-nanek

nanemKaro Batak(WMP) to plant PMP *tanem

nanəmKayan(WMP) to bury; to plant PMP *tanem

nanemLun Dayeh(WMP) to bury someone PWMP *ma-nanem

nanəmMurik(WMP) to bury PMP *tanem

nanəmKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) to bury; to become submerged PMP *tanem

nanemYakan(WMP) to plant something PMP *tanem

na-nema-nema-ŋaPaiwan(Formosan) everything, all sorts of things PAN *nema

nanem-kenKaro Batak(WMP) bury a corpse; plant a tree PMP *tanem

naniErai(CMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

naniSika(CMP) to swim, of people and animals; to drift, of objects PMP *naŋuy

naniTae'(WMP) panegyric, oration praising someone; choral song sung by participants in the la’pa’ festival (major offering feast) PWMP *ñañuy

naniTetun(CMP) to swim; to climb (of plants) PMP *naŋuy

naniTugun(CMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

naniLeti(CMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

na-niRano(OC) dry coconut PMP *niuR

naniRoma(CMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

na-niktíkTagalog(WMP) to spy; to find out or try to find out by careful observation PPH *tiktík₃

nani loūLamaholot(CMP) to shed tears PMP *ma-naŋis

nanitsiPiva(OC) sky PMP *laŋit

n-anitu, naʔituCheke Holo(OC) spirit, ancestral spirit, ghost, forest spirit; spiritual power; any unfamiliar, frightening presence PMP *qanitu

na-niuPwele(OC) coconut palm PMP *niuR

na-niuEfate (South)(OC) coconut PMP *niuR

na-níwāŋIsneg(WMP) lean, thin, meager, lank PMP *niwaŋ

na-níwaŋItawis(WMP) thin (of persons) PMP *niwaŋ

na-nizaAmblong(OC) when? PMP *ŋa-ijan

nan-kuPuyuma(Formosan) my, mine PAN *-ku

nanna (< nana-na)Leti(CMP) pus PMP *nanaq

ná-noAklanon(WMP) what (noun form only) PAN *na-nu

nanoGilbertese(OC) the interior, the inside; contents; soul, conscience, heart, will, desire, sentiment, opinion, conviction, disposition, inclination, etc. (many derivatives relating to character, feelings, etc.) POC *ralom

nano-aGilbertese(OC) to think about, keep in mind, be preoccupied with, be busy about POC *ralom

nano-aŋaGilbertese(OC) compassion, pity, sympathy; to sympathize POC *ralom

nanokPunan Tuvu'(WMP) to cook PMP *tanek

nanomAmis(Formosan) water PAN *daNum

nanomBasai(Formosan) water PAN *daNum

nano marakiGilbertese(OC) to regret, repent POC *masakit

nano-nanoGilbertese(OC) deep, abstract, sublime, unfathomable, hard to understand POC *ralom

nano-rauGilbertese(OC) peace, tranquillity of soul, peace of mind POC *ralom

nan-qaqaKavalan(Formosan) to be siblings (in case of two males or one male and one female) PAN *kaka₂

nan-razanKavalan(Formosan) same way of life PAN *zalan

nantabBisaya(WMP) cut grass PAN *CabCab

nan-takonAgutaynen(WMP) last year PMP *taqun

nant-eNuaulu(CMP) sky PMP *laŋit

nantuʔMongondow(WMP) kind of tree with hard wood: Palaquium obtusifolium PMP *ñatuq

nantu-ariToba Batak(WMP) yesterday PAN *waRi₁

nanuAsilulu(CMP) to swim and dive around in fairly shallow water PMP *naŋuy

na-nuAtayal(Formosan) why, anyhow, what, anything, to do what? PAN *na-nu

nanuHitu(CMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

na-nuKanakanabu(Formosan) where? (Ferrell 1969) PAN *na-nu

nanuMaori(OC) indistinct, inarticulate PMP *ñañuk

nanuSamoan(OC) mispronounce one’s own language PMP *ñañuk

na-nuSubanen/Subanun(WMP) when? PAN *na-nu

nanuKeapara(OC) water POC *ranum

nanumPuyuma(Formosan) water (ritual term). Only used by male practitioners, as bru is used by female shamans (cf.ənay ‘water’) PAN *daNum

nanu-nanuAsilulu(CMP) to swim for some time PMP *naŋuy

nanu-nanuMaori(OC) to stutter, talk unintelligibly; be uttered falteringly or imperfectly PMP *ñañuk

nanuyBasai(Formosan) to swim PAN *Naŋuy

nánuyCebuano(WMP) soft and sweet, melodious (as the melody of a flute) PWMP *ñañuy

na-ñilaʔKapuas(WMP) split PAN *silaq

nan-zusaKavalan(Formosan) two for each person PAN *duSa

naŋKei(CMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

naŋaBimanese(CMP) mouth of a river PCEMP *naŋa₃

naŋaMongondow(WMP) kind of very thick rattan PMP *naŋa₂

naŋaBuruese(CMP) mouth of a river PCEMP *naŋa₃

naŋaCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) species of rattan Calamus usitatus (leaves are used for roofing) PMP *naŋa₂

naŋaIban(WMP) mouth of a river PMP *binaŋa

naŋaMaranao(WMP) hard rattan PMP *naŋa₂

naŋaManggarai(CMP) estuary, coast, beach, anchorage PMP *naŋa₁

naŋaManggarai(CMP) kind of large rattan PMP *naŋa₂

naŋaNgadha(CMP) bay, marine estuary, harbor PMP *naŋa₁

naŋaUma(WMP) mouth of a river PMP *binaŋa

na-ŋaiAnejom(OC) canarium almond POC *kaŋaRi

na-ŋaiNakanamanga(OC) canarium almond POC *kaŋaRi

na-ŋa-ianDuke of York(OC) when? (past) POC *ana<ŋa>ican

naŋa-nBuruese(CMP) (esp. a river's) mouth PMP *naŋa₁

naŋanKavalan(Formosan) name PAN *ŋajan

na-ŋátoIlokano(WMP) high (in position, location, social standing) PPH *ŋatu

na-ŋa-vülLingarak(OC) ten PMP *sa-ŋa-puluq

naŋayKiput(WMP) to cry, to weep PMP *ma-naŋis

naŋayMiri(WMP) to cry, to weep PMP *ma-naŋis

naŋayNarum(WMP) to cry, to weep PMP *ma-naŋis

naŋeAdonara(CMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

naŋeBuginese(WMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

naŋeKenyah (Long Wat)(WMP) to cry, to weep PMP *ma-naŋis

naŋeLamaholot(CMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

naŋeKenyah (Long Dunin)(WMP) to cry, to weep PMP *ma-naŋis

naŋɛMa'anyan(WMP) mouth of a river} PMP *binaŋa

naŋeMa'anyan(WMP) river mouth PMP *naŋa₁

naŋehBerawan (Long Terawan)(WMP) to cry, to weep PMP *ma-naŋis

na-ŋel-ánPangasinan(WMP) was heard PMP *deŋeR

naŋguŋBalinese(WMP) carry something on a pole on the shoulders of two men PWMP *taŋguŋ

naŋguŋJavanese(WMP) carry over the shoulder on a shoulder pole so that the weight is balanced fore and aft PWMP *taŋguŋ

naŋiBimanese(CMP) to weep, cry PMP *ma-naŋis

naŋiBukat(WMP) to weep, cry PMP *ma-naŋis

naŋiDhao/Ndao(CMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

naŋiKédang(CMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

naŋiLamboya(CMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

naŋiTring(WMP) to cry PMP *ma-naŋis

naŋiTunjung(WMP) to cry PMP *ma-naŋis

naŋiKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) to weep, to cry PMP *ma-naŋis

naŋiWaiyewa(CMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

naŋi ~ naŋeHawu(CMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

naŋihKayan(WMP) to cry, to weep PMP *ma-naŋis

naŋihLahanan(WMP) to weep, cry PMP *ma-naŋis

naŋihMurik(WMP) to weep, to cry PMP *ma-naŋis

naŋihKomodo(CMP) to cry PMP *ma-naŋis

naŋihKayan (Long Atip)(WMP) to weep, cry PMP *taŋis

na-ŋínaBontok(WMP) to be expensive PPH *ŋina

na-ŋínaIlokano(WMP) expensive, costly, dear; precious PPH *ŋina

naŋi-naŋGilbertese(OC) with a few clouds, cloudy PMP *laŋit

naŋi-naŋiDampelas(WMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

naŋisBalinese(WMP) to cry, to weep PMP *ma-naŋis

naŋisIbaloy(WMP) weeping, crying PMP *ma-naŋis

naŋisSasak(WMP) to cry, to weep PMP *ma-naŋis

naŋisSundanese(WMP) to cry, to weep PMP *ma-naŋis

naŋisTaboyan(WMP) to cry PMP *ma-naŋis

naŋisYakan(WMP) to cry, weep PMP *ma-naŋis

na-ŋisa-Sesake(OC) name POC *ŋisa

na-ŋisaPwele(OC) name POC *ŋisa

naŋis-iJavanese(WMP) to weep over, mourn for (as someone who has died) PMP *taŋis-i

naŋis-iKaro Batak(WMP) weep for the dead, mourn the dead PMP *taŋis-i

naŋkəpSasak(WMP) to catch with a dropnet PMP *taŋkep

naŋketKankanaey(WMP) glutinous, sticky, limy, gluey PMP *ña(ŋ)ket

naŋkeupSundanese(WMP) encircle with ones arms (or by plants, with the roots), clasp PMP *ta(ŋ)kep₂

naŋkisBalinese(WMP) to ward off, parry (blows) PWMP *taŋkis

naŋkisJavanese(WMP) to ward off PWMP *taŋkis

naŋoBuruese(CMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

naŋɔDusun Deyah(WMP) mouth of a river PMP *binaŋa

naŋo-taŋoYami(WMP) to nod (as when listening to someone speak) PPH *taŋuq

naŋoyIbaloy(WMP) swimming PMP *naŋuy

naŋoyMoken(WMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

naŋóyCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

naŋoy-anIbaloy(WMP) place for swimming PMP *naŋuy

naŋoy-enIbaloy(WMP) to swim across something (as a river) PMP *naŋuy

na-ŋ-siweYamdena(CMP) ninth PMP *siwa

na-ŋ-téliYamdena(CMP) the third PAN *telu

naŋuBonerate(WMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

næŋuChamorro(WMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

naŋuKeo(CMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

naŋuLi'o(CMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

naŋuNgadha(CMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

naŋuPalu'e(CMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

*naŋuPAmb(CMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

naŋu-naŋuPopalia(WMP) to sport in the water PMP *naŋuy

naŋu tuaNgadha(CMP) to drink palm wine PMP *naŋuy

naŋuyIlongot (Kakiduge:n)(WMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

naŋuyTrobiawan(Formosan) to swim PAN *Naŋuy

naŋuyKavalan(Formosan) to swim PAN *Naŋuy

nao'Āre'āre(OC) widower POC *ñao

naoArosi(OC) a widow fasting for husband or widower fasting for wife; a widow, in modern translations of the Bible, copying Mota naro POC *ñao

naʔoArosi(OC) former period of time; to go before, to steer for; the front part of a thing, not of a man (rarely used) POC *nago

naoAtoni(CMP) to walk, go PMP *lakaw

naoEre(OC) widow(er) POC *ñao

naoEre(OC) widow(er) POC *ñaRo

naoGilbertese(OC) waves, billows, breakers POC *napok

naoKwaio(OC) widow, widower (also unwed mother); more generally, as a category, includes divorced persons and also unmarried person who is publicly known to have had a sexual affair POC *ñao

naʔoKwaio(OC) before, first, in front of (usually preceded by “i” directional particle) POC *nago

naoLau(OC) face; in front of; before; first POC *nago

naoNali(OC) widow(er) POC *ñao

naoNali(OC) widow(er) POC *ñaRo

naʔoSa'a(OC) front; before POC *nago

naʔoHawu(CMP) steal PMP *nakaw

na-ʔoTsou(Formosan) 1sg.; I’ PAN *aku

naoVaikenu(CMP) to go PMP *lakaw

nao ~ nao-naoSa'a(OC) widow(er) POC *ñao

naʔo-hiArosi(OC) to steer for POC *nago

naʔo-hia'Āre'āre(OC) before, preparatory to POC *nago

naʔo-kTetun(CMP) steal PMP *nakaw

nao-nGedaged(OC) face, countenance, visage, feature, appearance, aspect; front, forepart, first line; the outside of something, exterior POC *nago

na-ʔonNamakir(OC) sand POC *qone

naʔo-na'Āre'āre(OC) front POC *nago

naʔo-naArosi(OC) principal, chief; the genital organs of a man POC *nago

naʔo-na lora'Āre'āre(OC) the stem, bow of a canoe POC *nago

nao-naoLau(OC) former, earlier POC *nago

napBintulu(WMP) fish scale PMP *enap

napChuukese(OC) big, large, great, principal, main POC *lapat

napLevei(OC) widow(er) POC *ñaRo

napLou(OC) to taste POC *ñabi

napMaranao(WMP) scale PMP *enap

napMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) fish scale PMP *enap

n-ap̋Leviamp(OC) fire POC *api

ná-padpádTagalog(WMP) carried by the tide (said of persons or things from a shipwreck); cast adrift PPH *padpád

ná-paka-nipísTagalog(WMP) very thin; sheer; almost transparent PMP *ma-nipis

na-pákelGaddang(WMP) tired (McFarland 1977) PWMP *pagel

napak-iKaro Batak(WMP) follow the tracks of an animal in pursuing game PWMP *tapak₁

napa-lalákiIlokano(WMP) handy at men’s work (women) PWMP *la-laki

na-palóŋIlokano(WMP) wavy PPH *paluŋ₂

nap-anMurik(WMP) to winnow PMP *tahep-an

na-pánnuItawis(WMP) full PPH *na-penuq

na-pantak-anKadazan Dusun(WMP) to have a spot in the eye PWMP *pantek

napa-ŋáŋaIlokano(WMP) amazed, astonished, perplexed PMP *ŋaŋa₂

napas bər-kabutMalay(WMP) steamy breath PMP *kabut

na-pásoIsneg(WMP) hot PPH *pásuq

na-paspásIlokano(WMP) quick PPH *paspás₄

na-patPapora(Formosan) four PAN *Sepat

na-patayRungus Dusun(WMP) dead PMP *p-atay

na-pátuItawis(WMP) hot (of things) PPH *pásuq

na-pekkáIlokano(WMP) cracked; shattered; disjointed PWMP *pekaq

na-pəspəsBontok(WMP) to be squeezed out or used up, of rice beer PMP *pespes

na-pétItawis(WMP) hot, pungent, spicy PMP *paqit₂

na-pétIsneg(WMP) bitter PMP *paqit₂

napiBalinese(WMP) to winnow grain PMP *tapi

napiSundanese(WMP) to winnow with a ñiru (winnowing tray) shaken up and down PMP *tapi

na-piáIlokano(WMP) well, healthy PMP *pia₂

na-pilEfate (South)(OC) lightning POC *bila₂

na-pílayBontok(WMP) lame PPH *na-pílay

na-pilayTausug(WMP) was made lame PPH *na-pílay

na-pile-iTae'(WMP) chose, selected, picked out PWMP *na-piliq

na-píliIfugaw(WMP) what is (was) chosen; what is preferred (among the things that can be chosen) PWMP *na-piliq

na-piliIlokano(WMP) fastidious, finicky, very selective; choice, select, high quality PWMP *na-piliq

na-pīlíʔRomblomanon(WMP) happened to be chosen PWMP *na-piliq

na-píliʔTagalog(WMP) choice, select (as choice food) PWMP *na-piliq

na-pilít-anIlokano(WMP) to be forced PPH *pílit

napiŋManobo (Ilianen)(WMP) cheek PWMP *anapiŋ

na pito-Nakanamanga(OC) navel POC *bito

na-pituIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) seventy PAN *pitu₁

n-apiyNali(OC) sago palm POC *Rabia

na-piyāIsneg(WMP) good, agreeable; handsome (girls) PMP *pia₂

na-piyā-nIsneg(WMP) the best PMP *pia₂

na-pnóIlokano(WMP) filled, full PPH *na-penuq

n-apnoItbayaten(WMP) filled PPH *na-penuq

na-pnóPangasinan(WMP) full PPH *na-penuq

na-pnóIsneg(WMP) full, filled PPH *na-penuq

na-pnúʔHanunóo(WMP) already filled up PPH *na-penuq

na-pnuʔIbanag(WMP) filled, full PPH *na-penuq

n-apo-ʔTontemboan(WMP) deceased grandfather PPh *in-apu

napo-buaʔTae'(WMP) it was done by, it was brought about through, it happened because of, on account of, through the operation of PMP *buhat₂

na-púligBontok(WMP) to fall, to tumble down PPH *pulij

nappaMapun(WMP) to measure something by armspans PAN *depah

nap-rafuPoro(OC) ashes POC *rapuR

napsap-iKaro Batak(WMP) to cut short, of the hair; to scrape off, as the galuŋi (dykes or bunds) in a paddy field PWMP *ma-ñapsap

napuChamorro(WMP) wave, rough water, surf PMP *nabek

napuKaro Batak(WMP) to sweep PMP *sapu

na-púdawIlokano(WMP) light complexioned, white, whitish PPH *pudaw

n-apuhKelabit(WMP) to sweep PMP *sapu

napu-iKaro Batak(WMP) to sweep something, as a floor PMP *sapu

na-punuʔBinukid(WMP) filled PPH *na-penuq

na-pusg-anIlokano(WMP) sincere, ardent, passionate PMP *pusej

na-pwauNakanamanga(OC) head POC *pwau

narKola(CMP) long PMP *anaduq

narUjir(CMP) long PMP *anaduq

naraAgutaynen(WMP) Narra tree or wood; this is a forest tree whose wood is yellowish-red and is used for furniture (now protected) PMP *nara

náraBikol(WMP) a tree: Pterocarpus spp. PMP *nara

naraBimanese(CMP) tree from which the aŋsana wood comes (Pterocarpus indicus) PMP *nara

náraCebuano(WMP) a tree: Pterocarpus spp. PMP *nara

naraEnde(CMP) brother (woman speaking), all male cousins except the father’s sister’s son PMP *ñaRa

naraItbayaten(WMP) a tree: Pterocarpus indica Willd. PMP *nara

narãLamaholot(CMP) name PMP *ŋajan

naraLeti(CMP) a man’s sister, a woman’s brother PMP *ñaRa

naraMaranao(WMP) a tree: Pterocarpus indica PMP *nara

naraManggarai(CMP) a tree: Pterocarpus indicus PMP *naRah

naraManggarai(CMP) brother or male cousin (woman speaking) PMP *ñaRa

naraMotu(OC) a tree: Pterocarpus indicus PMP *naRah

naraNgadha(CMP) brother of a woman PMP *ñaRa

*naraPAmb(CMP) a tree: Pterocarpus indica PMP *nara

naraRembong(CMP) brother (used by his sister); expression used by a woman to her sweetheart or husband; expression used by a man to his father-in-law PMP *ñaRa

na-raEfate (South)(OC) blood POC *draRaq

náraTagalog(WMP) a tree: Pterocarpus spp. PMP *nara

naraTiruray(WMP) a tree: Pterocarpus indica PMP *naRah

naraWedau(OC) duck, shag PMP *ŋaRaq

naraʔLun Dayeh(WMP) cut down trees to make a farm, fell trees PWMP *ma-naRaq

na rabiaMotu(OC) sago palm POC *Rabia

na-rabutYamdena(CMP) pull out PMP *Rabut

n-arakTiruray(WMP) one being trained, an apprentice PWMP *in-aRak

naramMansaka(WMP) to domesticate; to tame; to train PAN *najam

naramTae'(WMP) tame PAN *najam

nara-(n)Erai(CMP) a man’s sister, a woman’s brother PMP *ñaRa

naranKisar(CMP) name PMP *ŋajan

na-ranNamakir(OC) fresh water POC *ranum

naran-Roma(CMP) name PMP *ŋajan

naranTetun(CMP) name PMP *ŋajan

naranGaloli(CMP) name PMP *ŋajan

na-ranPort Sandwich(OC) earth POC *tanoq

naranTetun (Dili)(CMP) name PMP *ŋajan

na-ranTongan(OC) fresh water POC *ranum

naran buatTetun(CMP) anyone PMP *ŋajan

naran idaTetun(CMP) whoever PMP *ŋajan

naraŋMakassarese(WMP) accustomed; tame, of animals PAN *najam

naraŋSangir(WMP) custom, habit PAN *najam

nare'Āre'āre(OC) white ants POC *ane

na-reMaxbaxo(OC) excrement POC *taqe₂

nariGilbertese(OC) leatherback: Scomberoides sancti-petri (Johannes 1981:167) POC *laji₂

nari-Sudest(OC) child PEMP *natu

na-rirNamakir(OC) earthquake POC *lidruR

na-ririLeti(CMP) he is standing PAN *diRi

na-rivo-Axamb(OC) tusk POC *lipon

naroMota(OC) widow(er) POC *ñaRo

narokIban(WMP) to grow buds, shed leaves (i.e. to bud afresh) PWMP *taruk

naro-nWampar(OC) child PEMP *natu

na-rœrMaxbaxo(OC) sugarcane POC *na topu

na-rœvAxamb(OC) sugarcane POC *na topu

narráIlokano(WMP) leguminous trees with yellow flowers and orbicular pods which yield a valuable timber for construction, etc.: Pterocarpus spp. PMP *naRah

naru-Araki(OC) child (of someone) PEMP *natu

næru-Axamb(OC) child PEMP *natu

naruBimanese(CMP) long (of objects) PMP *anaduq

naruGayō(WMP) long PMP *anaduq

naru-Maxbaxo(OC) child PEMP *natu

na-ruEfate (South)(OC) two POC *rua

naru-Watut(OC) child PEMP *natu

naruhKaro Batak(WMP) to guide, escort PWMP *ma-naRuq

naruh-anSundanese(WMP) to bet on something PWMP *ma-naRuq

naruh-iKaro Batak(WMP) bring something somewhere (as rice from the field to the village); to supply, fetch (as water) PWMP *ma-naRuq

naru-kTetun(CMP) long, lengthy; tall, lofty PMP *anaduq

narumIban(WMP) to dye with indigo PMP *taRum

na-rúnotIlokano(WMP) worn out, worn down, decayed; rotten PPH *rúnut

naruʔKelabit(WMP) to make, do; put, place PWMP *ma-naRuq

naruʔLun Dayeh(WMP) to make, to do PWMP *ma-naRuq

na-rvo-Axamb(OC) tooth POC *lipon

na-rvo-Maxbaxo(OC) tooth POC *lipon

nasHalia(OC) to cook PMP *nasu

nasSelau(OC) cook PMP *nasu

n-asaʔMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) be sharpened PMP *hasaq

na-sadap-anKadazan Dusun(WMP) to have been overtaken by the dark PMP *sedep₁

nasakBalinese(WMP) to ripen (fruit) PMP *tasak

na-sakítBontok(WMP) to be sick; sickness; illness PPH *na-sakit

na-sakítIlokano(WMP) sick, aching, hurt, sore PPH *na-sakit

na-sakit-anBinukid(WMP) was hurt by someone PPH *na-sakit

na-sakmálIlokano(WMP) snatched by a mouth; bitten (by dogs) PPH *sak(e)mál

na-samMotlav(OC) outrigger POC *saman

na-samaSesake(OC) outrigger POC *saman

na-samaVowa(OC) outrigger POC *saman

na-samékIlokano(WMP) dense (undergrowth) PWMP *samek

nasanNumfor(SHWNG) title; office PMP *ŋajan

nasanRon(SHWNG) name PMP *ŋajan

nasanoWaropen(SHWNG) name PMP *ŋajan

na-saŋYamdena(CMP) branching, having branches PMP *saŋa₁

na-saŋɁátIlokano(WMP) high, steep PPH *saŋ(e)qát

na-sapút-anIlokano(WMP) covered with cobwebs PPH *sapút

na-sa-saŋYamdena(CMP) having many branches or sprouts PMP *saŋa₁

na-satsátKankanaey(WMP) shredded; cut into pieces; cut into shreds; cut up; carved; torn; rent; lacerated; ripped up PAN *tastas

na-saʔaKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) to go by vehicle PMP *sakay₁

naseʔMadurese(WMP) cooked rice PWMP *in-asi

na-sədsə́dBontok(WMP) to be firm, of muscular limbs PPH *sedsed₂

na-serAxamb(OC) path, road POC *jalan

nas-i'Āre'āre(OC) chew, gnaw PCEMP *ŋaŋas

nasiBalinese(WMP) steamed cooked rice PWMP *in-asi

násiBikol(WMP) rice which is fermented to produce the rice wine called paŋási PWMP *nasi

n-asiKadazan Dusun(WMP) native beer made from rice PWMP *in-asi

nasiMalay(WMP) rice in two senses: (i) as cooked in some particular way; and (ii) as the staple food of the Malays PWMP *in-asi

nasiMalay(WMP) cooked rice PWMP *nasi

nasiOld Javanese(WMP) cooked rice PWMP *in-asi

nasiOld Javanese(WMP) cooked rice PWMP *nasi

nasiʔSasak(WMP) cooked rice PWMP *in-asi

na-sidaToba Batak(WMP) they, them PMP *si ida

nasi diŋinBalinese(WMP) cold cooked rice PMP *diŋin

nasi hadap-hadap-anMalay(WMP) a ceremonial dish of rice set before a bridal pair when they “sit in state” PMP *qadep

na-siítIlokano(WMP) spiny, full of fish bones PWMP *siqit

na-sikuYamdena(CMP) carry on the upper arm PAN *sikux

nasi ləmaŋMalay(WMP) rice so cooked PWMP *lemeŋ₂

n-ásinItawis(WMP) salty PAN *qasiN

n-asin-anItawis(WMP) salted PAN *qasiN

nasi raməsMalay (Jakarta)(WMP) rice mixed with vegetables PAN *Rames

nasi sa-kəpalMalay(WMP) clotted mass of rice grains POC *ke(m)pal

nasi se-bukuMalay(WMP) clot of boiled rice PWMP *sa-ŋa-buku

na-súgaBontok(WMP) have an injury caused by stepping on a sóga stick PMP *suja

n-assemIbanag(WMP) sour PWMP *qalesem

nassopMapun(WMP) to kiss someone on the lips PWMP *ma-ñepsep

nastasBalinese(WMP) cut loose, cut off, break in pieces PWMP *ma-nastas

nastasKaro Batak(WMP) pull apart a palm leaf roof, pull apart the stitches; cut a hole in the wall PWMP *ma-nastas

nasuBuginese(WMP) cooked PMP *nasu

nasuLeti(CMP) to cook PMP *nasu

nasuRotinese(CMP) boil in water, cook PMP *nasu

nasuTae'(WMP) cook, cooked PMP *nasu

nasuTetun(CMP) cooking of meat, vegetables, etc. PMP *nasu

nasuWolio(WMP) to cook, boil PMP *nasu

na-súkoŋIlokano(WMP) deep; concave (plates) PWMP *su(ŋ)kuŋ

na-sulYamdena(CMP) fish by torch light PMP *suluq

na-sulítIlokano(WMP) complicated, difficult, hard; lacking in persistency PWMP *sulit₁

na-sulítIsneg(WMP) hard, difficult; dear, expensive PWMP *sulit₁

na-sulítKankanaey(WMP) difficult; hard PWMP *sulit₁

n-asu n-asuJavanese(WMP) hunt with dogs PAN *asu₁

na-súŋitIlokano(WMP) disobedient; obstinate; unruly; rebellious PPH *suŋit₃

na-susLingarak(OC) female breast PAN *susu₁

na-süsü-Axamb(OC) female breast PAN *susu₁

na-susu-Maxbaxo(OC) female breast PAN *susu₁

na susu-Nakanamanga(OC) breasts PAN *susu₁

na-susuPapapana(OC) breast PAN *susu₁

na-susuPwele(OC) female breast PAN *susu₁

na-sutsút-anIlokano(WMP) grown thin (of a sick person) PMP *sutsut₁

natAhus(OC) tall latex-yielding tree with edible sweet green fruit PMP *ñatuq

natGedaged(OC) a tree, Illipe family, Sapotaceae; two kinds of these trees have edible fruit and large leaves; a third kind has small leaves and inedible fruit (used for building up the sides of a canoe) PMP *ñatuq

nat-Lametin(OC) child PEMP *natu

natMendak(OC) child PEMP *natu

natNali(OC) tall hardwood tree yielding good lumber and a small inedible fruit PMP *ñatuq

natSeimat(OC) tall latex-yielding tree with large edible sweet green fruit PMP *ñatuq

natTakia(OC) tall timber tree with edible fruit PMP *ñatuq

natTitan(OC) child PEMP *natu

natTolai(OC) child; the young of any animal; the suffix -una (natu-na ‘his/her child’) is applied only to persons,ina (nati-na ‘its calf, etc.’) to the lower animals PMP *nati

nataBugotu(OC) level ground, a plain; to be level PMP *natad

na-taLeviamp(OC) sea PMP *tasik

na-taMotlav(OC) excrement PMP *taqi

natabJavanese(WMP) to bump into, collide with PWMP *tabtab₁

na-tabáIlokano(WMP) fatty; greasy; fertile (soil) PWMP *tabeq

na-tabáŋIlokano(WMP) brackish, salty (water) PWMP *taq(e)baŋ

natadKelabit(WMP) open ground near the longhouse where children like to play spinning tops PMP *natad

nátadBikol(WMP) the front yard of a house PMP *natad

nátadCebuano(WMP) yard of a house or building; sphere of work or activity PMP *natad

natadIda'an Begak(WMP) yard PMP *natad

natadKadazan Dusun(WMP) courtyard, house compound PMP *natad

natadLun Dayeh(WMP) a field; a resting place made along a jungle trek; weed or clear grass before planting PMP *natad

nátadMasbatenyo(WMP) yard, courtyard, patio PMP *natad

natadTombonuwo(WMP) yard PMP *natad

natadLun Dayeh (Long Semado)(WMP) field PMP *natad

na-tadámIsneg(WMP) sharp, keen (knives, etc.) PMP *tazem

natad rumaʔLun Dayeh(WMP) the lawn or cleared area around a house PMP *natad

na taʔe-nTonga(OC) excrement POC *taqe₂

na-tággatItawis(WMP) hard, firm PMP *teRas

natahBalinese(WMP) the complex surrounded by a wall, within which are the buildings constituting the family home; also the yard among the buildings PMP *natad

na-takúpIlokano(WMP) patched; false, untrue, insincere, tricky PWMP *takup₁

na-talNamakir(OC) rope POC *tali₁

natalaDobuan(OC) large uninhabited space between two villages POC *natar

na-taláwIsneg(WMP) coward PAN *talaw

na-taleNakanamanga(OC) taro POC *talos

na-taliNakanamanga(OC) rope POC *tali₁

na-tanEfate (South)(OC) earth POC *tanoq

na-tanTonga(OC) earth POC *tanoq

nàtanaMoor(SHWNG) name PMP *ŋajan

na-tanoNakanamanga(OC) earth POC *tanoq

na-tánosIlokano(WMP) high and straight-limbed PPH *tánus

nataŋAgta (Dupaningan)(WMP) vegetable PMP *nateŋ

na-táŋadKankanaey(WMP) lazy; idle; slothful; sluggish PMP *taŋad

na-taŋŋá-nItawis(WMP) between PMP *teŋaq

na-táŋosIlokano(WMP) high-nosed PPH *táŋus

na-tápawIlokano(WMP) high, on top PPH *taq(e)paw

natarOld Javanese(WMP) grounds, yard (in front or around a building, house, temple, etc.); ground, surface of a piece of cloth on which the pattern is painted PMP *natad

natarRembong(CMP) village; yard around a house; field PMP *natad

natarTetun(CMP) rice paddy, a field (usually covered with water) PMP *natad

natarToba Batak(WMP) open, clear, visible PMP *natad

natarYamdena(CMP) dance and gathering place, village square PMP *natad

na-tarámItawis(WMP) sharp PMP *tazem

na tar-buaŋ di alamanToba Batak(WMP) rubbish that has been thrown out, chicken feathers, etc. in the village square PMP *buqaŋ

nataruKambera(CMP) front yard of a house, village square PMP *natad

na-tasEfate (South)(OC) sea PMP *tasik

na tasiNakanamanga(OC) sea PMP *tasik

na tasiSesake(OC) sea PMP *tasik

na-tasiPwele(OC) sea PMP *tasik

na tas loloSesake(OC) salt PMP *tasik

natatKei(CMP) yard; bald part PMP *natad

na-tauPwele(OC) year PMP *taqun

na-tauEfate (South)(OC) year PMP *taqun

n-atayAtta (Pamplona)(WMP) dead PMP *in-atay

n-atayGaddang(WMP) dead PMP *in-atay

n-atáyIlokano(WMP) dead, defunct, extinct, extinguished, indifferent, stopped PMP *in-atay

n-atáyIsneg(WMP) died, dead PMP *in-atay

n-atáyItawis(WMP) dead PMP *in-atay

na-tbágIlokano(WMP) collapsed, crumbled, caved in PPH *tebág

n-ateKelabit(WMP) was killed PMP *in-atay

n-atéIfugaw(WMP) he/she died PMP *in-atay

n-ateSoboyo(CMP) 2sg, 3sg, and 3pl form of mate 'die' PMP *in-atay

n-atədBintulu(WMP) be ordered PWMP *h<in>ateD

na-teggaʔIbanag(WMP) hard PMP *teRas

natekManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) sago, a starchy food prepared from the juice of the trunk of certain palms; the liquid is evaporated and an edible starch remains PWMP *natek

natekMaranao(WMP) starch from palm tree PWMP *natek

n-atenYami (Imorod)(WMP) ours PPH *n-aten

na-teŋAnejom(OC) a shrub or tree with medicinal uses: Ficus adenosperma POC *taŋa₃

nateŋIbaloy(WMP) vegetables (said to be from Ilokano) PMP *nateŋ

natéŋIlokano(WMP) vegetable PMP *nateŋ

nateŋItbayaten(WMP) gathered vegetables PMP *nateŋ

natə́ŋəKanakanabu(Formosan) vegetables PAN *NaCeŋ

nateutRejang(WMP) the village square, an open space in the center of the village PMP *natad

na-tə́yBontok(WMP) die; dead PWMP *na-atay

na-tə́yBontok(WMP) die; dead PMP *in-atay

n-atéyKankanaey(WMP) died, departed, deceased, expired, gone out PMP *in-atay

natʰaGhove(OC) eye PMP *mata

na-θeθAnejom(OC) female breast PAN *susu₁

n-atiSambal (Botolan)(WMP) dead PMP *in-atay

natiCebuano(WMP) young of a pasture animal: calf or kid PMP *nati

natiMaranao(WMP) calf PMP *nati

natiManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) young horse, carabao or cow PMP *nati

na-tia-ŋNamakir(OC) belly, abdomen PMP *tian

na-tikúBontok(WMP) to be curved, as a trail; to be crooked, as a water buffalo horn PWMP *tikuq₁

na-tikóKankanaey(WMP) curved; bent; crooked PWMP *tikuq₁

n-átinTagalog(WMP) our, ours (incl.); us (object of preposition) PPH *n-aten

nati-naTolai(OC) the young of animals PMP *nati

nati-naTolai(OC) young of any animal PEMP *natu

n-atipKenyah(WMP) lift with a pair of tongs; press between two surfaces PMP *qatip₂

na-t-liurYamdena(CMP) turn the back to someone PMP *ta-likud

nat-nateŋIbaloy(WMP) vegetables PMP *nateŋ

nátoʔAklanon(WMP) a tree with reddish fruit, Nauclea junghuhnii PMP *ñatuq

natóCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) egg yolk PMP *natuq

nátoCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) species of uncultivated tree (hunters lie in ambush near this tree to shoot pigs that come to eat its fallen fruit) PMP *ñatuq

nátoIlokano(WMP) bird ovary PMP *natuq

natoItbayaten(WMP) a tree with white flower and green edible fruit: Palaquium formosanum Hayata. The wood is used for making side walls of house and parts of boat PMP *ñatuq

natoMakassarese(WMP) tree with wood that isn’t strong (planks are made from it) PMP *ñatuq

nátoMalagasy(WMP) a tree whose bark supplies a red dye PMP *ñatuq

natoSangir(WMP) a tree with timber highly prized for the construction of boats PMP *ñatuq

natoTae'(WMP) tree with broad leaves; the wood is reddish and is valued as timber for construction PMP *ñatuq

natoYami(WMP) a tree used to obtain wood for canoe planks: Palaquium formosanum Hayata (Chen 1988:305, fn. 1) PMP *ñatuq

nátoʔBikol(WMP) tree producing an edible fruit and light-colored wood: Plagium [sic] PMP *ñatuq

na toβNamakir(OC) sugarcane POC *na topu

nató-inaMalagasy(WMP) to be dyed red with the above dye PMP *ñatuq

natokMurut (Timugon)(WMP) sago flour PWMP *natek

natokTombonuwo(WMP) sago PWMP *natek

na tolu-naNggela(OC) the third PEMP *tolu

n-átonAklanon(WMP) our; we (incl.) PPH *n-aten

n-atonMongondow(WMP) 1st plural incl. PWMP *aten₃

n-atonIda'an Begak(WMP) 1st plural accusative; us (incl.) PWMP *aten₃

n-atonIda'an Begak(WMP) 1pl in oblique (Jason Lobel p.c.) PPH *n-aten

natóŋBikol(WMP) taro leaves; taro PMP *nateŋ

na-toŋSye(OC) a shrub with edible figs: Ficus granatum POC *taŋa₃

na-torafKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) to belch PMP *teRab

na-torasToba Batak(WMP) elders PMP *ma-teRas

na-tovRano(OC) sugarcane POC *na topu

na-tuwadBontok(WMP) to be bottom up, of an upturned jar PWMP *tuad

na-tpʷa(-nean)Anejom(OC) spongy mass inside a coconut that has started to shoot POC *tabwa

na-tsamLeviamp(OC) outrigger POC *saman

natu-Amblong(OC) child PEMP *natu

natuArguni(SHWNG) small PEMP *natu

natu-Arop(OC) child PEMP *natu

natu-Baetora(OC) child PEMP *natu

natu-Cape Cumberland(OC) child PEMP *natu

natu-Gapapaiwa(OC) child PEMP *natu

natuKove(OC) child PEMP *natu

natuLusi(OC) child PEMP *natu

natu-Manam(OC) child (to the age of 15 years) PEMP *natu

natu-Marino(OC) child PEMP *natu

natuManggarai(CMP) a gutta percha tree with edible fruit and reddish timber that is used to make planks: Palaquium obovatum PMP *ñatuq

natu-Mono-Alu(OC) child PEMP *natu

natuMota(OC) a fruit tree PMP *ñatuq

natuMussau(OC) tall latex-yielding tree with large edible sweet green fruit (seeds black on the outside, but white on the inside) PMP *ñatuq

natu-Mussau(OC) child PEMP *natu

natu-Piamatsina(OC) child PEMP *natu

*natuPMic(OC) child; classifier for cherished possessions PEMP *natu

natuRoviana(OC) part of a female crab or turtle, the ovum PMP *natuq

natu-Sio(OC) child PEMP *natu

natuSobei(OC) child PEMP *natu

natu-Tawala(OC) child PEMP *natu

natu-Tigak(OC) child PEMP *natu

natuʔTiruray(WMP) egg yolk PMP *natuq

natuTubetube(OC) child PEMP *natu

natu-Ubir(OC) child PEMP *natu

natu-Vao(OC) child PEMP *natu

natu-Vowa(OC) child PEMP *natu

natu-Wogeo(OC) child PEMP *natu

natu-Atchin(OC) child PEMP *natu

natu-Gitua(OC) child, son/daughter PEMP *natu

nátuʔHanunóo(WMP) a large tree, Madhuca obovatifolia [Merr.]; the bark is boiled and the resulting decoction drunk by those who pass bloody feces PMP *ñatuq

natu-Lakona(OC) child PEMP *natu

natu-Mafea(OC) child PEMP *natu

natu-Malmariv(OC) child PEMP *natu

natu-Seimat(OC) child PEMP *natu

natu-Suau(OC) child PEMP *natu

natu-Uripiv(OC) child PEMP *natu

natuaTambotalo(OC) right hand PMP *ma-taqu₂

natu-aMotu(OC) to adopt a child PEMP *natu

na-tuaiAore(OC) old POC *tuaRi

na tua-tuaToba Batak(WMP) old; elders PMP *tuqah

natu-iMota(OC) a child, young of anything PEMP *natu

natúkCebuano(WMP) powdery starch of any sort that has been obtained by soaking the source in water and letting it settle PWMP *natek

natukMansaka(WMP) palm flour PWMP *natek

natukTboli(WMP) a kind of tree producing first class wood; its bark is used for chewing PMP *ñatuq

natu-kRotinese(CMP) ovary, roe, spawn PMP *natuq

na-tukúp-anKankanaey(WMP) patched PWMP *tuŋkup

na-tuláŋIlokano(WMP) bony PWMP *tuqelaŋ

na-tulāŋIsneg(WMP) obstructed by a bone (of the throat) PWMP *tuqelaŋ

natu-miManam(OC) to adopt (him/her) PEMP *natu

n-átunHiligaynon(WMP) our, ours (incl.) PPH *n-aten

n-atu-nVaikenu(CMP) hundred PMP *Ratus

natu-naBunama(OC) offspring PEMP *natu

natu-naEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) child PEMP *natu

natu-naMotu(OC) child; the young of animals PEMP *natu

natu-naTolai(OC) child (human) PEMP *natu

na tupuaNakanamanga(OC) spirit POC *tupuqa

natu-raManam(OC) to be childish PEMP *natu

n-auAmblong(OC) 1sg., I POC *ŋau₂

nauArosi(OC) a tree often used as the sacred tree of the Ho’asia (annual harvest sacrifice); the fruit is eaten PMP *ñatuq

nauBinukid(WMP) to teach, instruct (someone), to help (someone) to learn PPH *nau

nauHawaiian(OC) chew, munch, masticate; gnash the teeth; grinder, as of a sugar mill POC *ŋau₁

nauKeapara(OC) child PEMP *natu

nauKwaio(OC) I, me POC *naku

nauLau(OC) I, me POC *naku

nauMagori(OC) 1sg. POC *naku

nauMisima(OC) 1sg. POC *naku

nauNggela(OC) I, me; to seize POC *naku

nauNokuku(OC) 1sg., I POC *ŋau₂

nauNuaulu(CMP) long; deep PMP *anaduq

näuSa'a(OC) a fruit tree, teak PMP *ñatuq

n-auAnejom(OC) bamboo PMP *qauR

naʔuWuvulu(OC) tall latex-yielding tree with large edible sweet green fruit PMP *ñatuq

na-uaLingarak(OC) vein POC *uRat

nau ʔaniaKwaio(OC) claim title to POC *naku

naukKelabit(WMP) bubbling, starting to boil PAN *nasuk

nau-nauLau(OC) self-assertive, egotist; strong and violent, of a person POC *naku

nau ni touaLau(OC) childish PEMP *natu

na-urAxamb(OC) crayfish POC *quraŋ

na-urLingarak(OC) crayfish/shrimp POC *quraŋ

na-urRano(OC) crayfish POC *quraŋ

na-urasAnejom(OC) Morinda citrifolia POC *kurat

na-usAxamb(OC) rain POC *qusan

na-usMaxbaxo(OC) rain POC *qusan

na-usRano(OC) rain POC *qusan

na-usLingarak(OC) rain POC *qusan

nau sataLau(OC) to own POC *naku

na-utUripiv(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

na-utiNakanamanga(OC) penis POC *na qutin

na-utiPwele(OC) penis POC *na qutin

na-uviPapapana(OC) yam PMP *qubi

na-uyáwIlokano(WMP) despising, critical PPH *uyaw

na-vakNamakir(OC) Pandanius dubius POC *pakum

na-vakuNakanamanga(OC) pandanus sp. POC *pakum

-navalʸPaiwan(Formosan) right (-hand), on the right PAN *wanaN

na vanuaLonggu(OC) the people POC *panua

na-vara-ŋLetemboi(OC) hand POC *paRa₃

na-v̋atLeviamp(OC) stone POC *patu

na-vatuPapapana(OC) stone POC *patu

na-vilNamakir(OC) lightning POC *bila₂

na-vilaSesake(OC) lightning POC *bila₂

na-vilinItbayaten(WMP) left aside; what was left, leftover PWMP *bilin

na vonuNggela(OC) the best POC *ponuq

na-vosAxamb(OC) canoe paddle POC *pose

na-vosMaxbaxo(OC) paddle POC *pose

na-votbotItbayaten(WMP) hair, grass, etc. which was pulled off (e.g. cogon which was taken for roofing) PMP *butbut₂

na-vsoxAxamb(OC) meat POC *pisiko

na-vüčAxamb(OC) banana POC *pudi

na-vue-Axamb(OC) fruit POC *puaq

na-vülLingarak(OC) moon POC *pulan₃

na-vulRano(OC) moon POC *pulan₃

navunPunan Tuvu'(WMP) to shut, close PMP *tabun₂

na-vunsLingarak(OC) banana POC *pudi

na vuŋaSesake(OC) flower POC *puŋa₁

na-vürü-Axamb(OC) body hair, feather POC *pulu₃

na-vüsAxamb(OC) bow POC *pusuR

nawLakona(OC) wave POC *napok

nawaAsilulu(CMP) breath (archaic, in fixed phrases) PCEMP *ñawa

nawaBimanese(CMP) soul PCEMP *ñawa

nawaKaro Batak(WMP) life, soul (archaic) PMP *nihawa

nawaManggarai(CMP) soul PCEMP *ñawa

nawáPangasinan(WMP) have sufficient space, time, etc. PMP *nihawa

nawaRembong(CMP) breath; soul; conscience PCEMP *ñawa

nawaHawu(CMP) surf, wave of sea PMP *nabek

nawaTboli(WMP) breath; spirit; character; feelings PMP *nihawa

nawaWedau(OC) cobweb PMP *lawaq₂

na-waiLeviamp(OC) water PCEMP *waiR

na-wakLeviamp(OC) canoe POC *waga

nawaŋJavanese(WMP) to look at something transparent or translucent in a bright light (as in holding an egg up to a light to see if it is fresh) PWMP *tawaŋ

nawarLun Dayeh(WMP) to call someone, invite someone PWMP *tawaR₂

na wari-saArosi(OC) of old time POC *tuaRi

na waritaArosi(OC) of old time POC *waRisa

na waritaArosi(OC) long ago, some time ago POC *waRisa

na weniHawu(CMP) Z (m.s.) PMP *anak bahi, anak babahi, anak binahi

nawiŋJavanese(WMP) to protect, shield PWMP *tabiŋ

nawnáwCebuano(WMP) put something in a liquid and swish it around PAN *ñawñaw

nawnáwCebuano(WMP) put something in a liquid and swish it around (as clothes in soapy water) PPH *nawnáw

nawnáwIlokano(WMP) to dissolve; melt; to dilute in liquids PPH *nawnáw

nawnáwPangasinan(WMP) dissolve, diminish in volume, as sugar, salt, etc. when exposed to the atmosphere PPH *nawnáw

nawnaw-anIbaloy(WMP) to swish, move water around in a container (as basin, pot) to give it a cursory cleaning PPH *nawnáw

nawnaw-enIbaloy(WMP) to dissolve something --- esp. of something that requires little stirring (as starch into water, scrambling eggs) PPH *nawnáw

nawoSangir(WMP) to fall PMP *nabuq

nawoItbayaten(WMP) the act of studying PPH *nau

na-woaLeti(CMP) bear fruit PMP *buaq

nawonJavanese(WMP) bee-like, wasp-like PMP *tabuqan

nawon kemitJavanese(WMP) wasp-waisted PMP *tabuqan

nawuʔUma(WMP) to fall PMP *nabuq

na-wuku-wukuLeti(CMP) knobby, bumpy, covered with lumps, joints, etc. PMP *buku buku

na-wulMaxbaxo(OC) crayfish POC *quraŋ

nawunMapun(WMP) begin to develop leaves PWMP *maŋ-dahun

na-wuniLeti(CMP) he is hiding something PMP *buni₁

na-xaiAxamb(OC) tree POC *kayu

na-xaiAxamb(OC) tree POC *kayu

náxanIsneg(WMP) who?, what? (cp. ŋáxan 'name, appellation') PMP *ajan

na-xerAxamb(OC) squid PMP *kuRita

na-xətLeviamp(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

na-xurAxamb(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

nayKavalan(Formosan) that PAN *nay

nayLele(OC) traditional grass skirt POC *nai

nayBerawan (Long Jegan)(WMP) that PAN *-ni

nayLindrou(OC) woman’s dress POC *nai

nayLoniu(OC) short ornamented skirt POC *nai

nayMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) sand PAN *qenay

na-yMurik(WMP) M (addr.) PMP *iná-i

nayaKédang(CMP) name PMP *ŋajan

nayaKilivila(OC) sail PAN *layaR

nayahAyta Abellan(WMP) Narra tree: Pterocarpus indica PMP *naRah

na-yalLeviamp(OC) sun POC *qalo₁

nayatKaro Batak(WMP) cut into something PWMP *sayat

na-yatinYamdena(CMP) to sweat, perspire PMP *qatiŋ

nay-daemIbaloy(WMP) the area inside, esp. inside a house PMP *dalem

nayunIban(WMP) to swing, as one’s arms PWMP *tayun

nazaqThao(Formosan) pus PAN *naNaq

næʔWahau(WMP) earth, soil, land PMP *taneq

naʔ²⁴Tsat(WMP) child PMP *anak

na-ʔaratKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) to bite, nibble PMP *kaRat

naʔəy ~ nəʔəyMelanau Dalat (Kampung Teh)(WMP) abdomen, belly PMP *t<in>aqi

naʔiWaima'a(CMP) belly PMP *taqi

na-ʔinKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) to drink PMP *inum

na-ʔitKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) to see PAN *kita₂

na ʔiʔirKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) to rub, shave, shear, clean teeth PMP *kiDkiD

naʔu-Wuvulu(OC) child PEMP *natu


TOP      n/    na    nb    nc    nd    ne    nf    ng    nh    ni        ni    nj    nk    nl    nm    nn        no    np    nr    ns    nt    nu    nv    nw    ny    nz    


n-ba-taruYamdena(CMP) to wager, place a bet PMP *taRuq

n-bayarYamdena(CMP) to pay PMP *bayaD

n-besYamdena(CMP) to paddle PMP *beRsay

n-bitiFordata(CMP) to kick PMP *bintiq

n-bitikYamdena(CMP) fish with a pole, pull up a fishing pole; spring back, of a bent branch or spring PMP *bitik₁

n-bitikYamdena(CMP) jerking up of a fishhook, springing back of a branch PMP *bitik₁


TOP      n/    na    nb    nc    nd    ne    nf    ng    nh    ni        ni    nj    nk    nl    nm    nn        no    np    nr    ns    nt    nu    nv    nw    ny    nz    


ncoʔTunjung(WMP) far PMP *zauq

n-cuf-iBuli(SHWNG) s/he is peeling it PEMP *supi

n-cujuŋBuginese(WMP) to carry on the head PWMP *zuŋzuŋ


TOP      n/    na    nb    nc    nd    ne    nf    ng    nh    ni        ni    nj    nk    nl    nm    nn        no    np    nr    ns    nt    nu    nv    nw    ny    nz    


ndaKambera(CMP) particle of negation PMP *edaq

ndaMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) no, not PWMP *enda

ndaNggela(OC) 1pl. incl.; ours POC *da₂

n-daʔaBimanese(CMP) to bleed PAN *daRaq

n-daaFordata(CMP) go inland PAN *daya

ndaaMendak(OC) blood POC *draRaq

n-dadanYamdena(CMP) stay by a fire; warm oneself by a fire PMP *daŋdaŋ₁

n-dahuʔKomodo(CMP) afraid PAN *takut

n-dakep-iKaro Batak(WMP) embrace someone, hold in the arms PAN *dakep

ndakiKaro Batak(WMP) dirt on the teeth, tartar PMP *daki

ndakiNggela(OC) fasten, as a loincloth PMP *sa(ŋ)kit

ndakin-nKaro Batak(WMP) dirty, of the teeth PMP *daki

ndalaŋaBali (Uneapa)(OC) path, road POC *jalan

ndanMendak(OC) fresh water POC *ranum

ndanSie(OC) day POC *raqani

ndaniTalise(OC) day POC *raqani

ndanoBimanese(CMP) lake PAN *danaw

ndaŋaWolio(WMP) an of the hand (about 20 cm.) PMP *zaŋan₁

ndaŋi-ndaŋiLonggu(OC) day POC *draŋi

ndaŋ pigaToba Batak(WMP) not many, few PAN *pijax

ndapaWolio(WMP) fathom PAN *depah

nda-paʔat-iBare'e(WMP) chiseled, chiseled out PMP *paqet

n-dapdapKaro Batak(WMP) a tree with red blossoms, Erythrina variegata L. (Fam. Leguminosae) PMP *dapdap₁

ndara-Merig(OC) blood POC *draRaq

ndaraMerlav(OC) blood POC *draRaq

ndara-Vatrata(OC) blood POC *draRaq

ndasLeipon(OC) sea, saltwater PMP *tasik

nda taBimanese(CMP) we, us (incl.) PAN *ita₁

ndaʔuBimanese(CMP) needle; to sew PAN *zaRum

ndau humbaKambera(CMP) Sumbanese year, of six months PMP *taqun

ndau jawaKambera(CMP) non-Sumbanese year, of twelve months PMP *taqun

ndauŋuKambera(CMP) year, annual PMP *taqun

ndawuWolio(WMP) to fall (down), drop PWMP *dabuq

ndaxa-Raga(OC) blood POC *draRaq

ndéʔMamben(WMP) no, not PWMP *hediq

ndéʔPenudjaq(WMP) no, not PWMP *hediq

n-ḍeḍetJavanese(WMP) thick, full and dark (clouds); to tighten when jerked (as a fishline); to PAN *detdet

n-defYamdena(CMP) to fathom, measure by fathoms PAN *depah

nde-helSie(OC) three PEMP *tolu

n-dəkuŋJavanese(WMP) bowing in respect PMP *dekuŋ

n-dəkuŋSasak(WMP) to kneel PMP *dekuŋ

ndeliŋe-Ura(OC) ear POC *taliŋa

ndelisLeipon(OC) a shore tree: Terminalia catappa L. POC *talise₁

ndelŋo-Vatrata(OC) ear POC *taliŋa

n-deŋarYamdena(CMP) to hear, be obedient PMP *deŋeR

n-depa-iKaro Batak(WMP) measure something in fathoms PWMP *depa-i

ndepukManggarai(CMP) sound of wood breaking, cracking PMP *depuk

ndə-vatSie(OC) four PEMP *pat

ndiʔSubanun (Sindangan)(WMP) no, not PWMP *hediq

ndiaKambera(CMP) not PMP *dian

nd-iganKaro Batak(WMP) when? (future) PAN *ijan

nd-igan naiKaro Batak(WMP) when? (past) PAN *ijan

ndilapManggarai(CMP) lightning, thunderbolt; to lighten, flash PMP *dilap₁

n-dilatKaro Batak(WMP) to lick, give a lick to PWMP *dilat

n-dilatKaro Batak(WMP) to lick, give a lick PWMP *zilat

n-dilat-iKaro Batak(WMP) lick something off PWMP *dilat

n-dilat-iKaro Batak(WMP) to lick something off PWMP *zilat

n-diŋdiŋ-iKaro Batak(WMP) protect something or someone (fig.) PMP *diŋdiŋ₁

n-diriFordata(CMP) stand, stand up PCEMP *adiRi

n-diriFordata(CMP) to stand PAN *diRi

ndiriKambera(CMP) to leak, drip PMP *tiRis

ndohLeipon(OC) sugarcane POC *na topu

ndokoNggela(OC) choke, strangle POC *sokol

ndolaNggela(OC) mate, fellow; pair, one of a pair (right hand is ndola of left hand) POC *soRa

ndomoMbula(OC) forehead POC *damwa

ndoŋBelait(WMP) nose PWMP *e(ŋ)juŋ

ndrinaLeviamp(OC) ear POC *taliŋa

ndtawIda'an Begak(WMP) day PMP *qalejaw

nduaWolio(WMP) two PMP *duha

n-dua-iKaro Batak(WMP) work two together, as two women pounding rice in tandem in the same mortar PWMP *duha-i

nduhLele(OC) sugarcane POC *na topu

nduhPapitalai(OC) sugarcane POC *na topu

nduliNggela(OC) a sucker of banana PMP *suli₁

nduluNggela(OC) to go down; to set, of the sun PMP *tuRun₁

nduŋKenyah (Long Anap)(WMP) nose PWMP *e(ŋ)juŋ

nduruKambera(CMP) sound of thunder or of the hooves of galloping horses PMP *enduR

nduruNggela(OC) owl POC *druru

ndu-ruSie(OC) two POC *rua


TOP      n/    na    nb    nc    nd    ne    nf    ng    nh    ni        ni    nj    nk    nl    nm    nn        no    np    nr    ns    nt    nu    nv    nw    ny    nz    


-neJavanese(WMP) 3sg. possessor PAN *ni-a

-neJavanese(WMP) 3sg. possessive suffix (after stems that end in a vowel) PAN *ni-ia

-neLeti(CMP) 3sg. possessor PAN *ni-a

Lobu Lanas(WMP) genitive of personal names (plural) PAN *na₃

neRotinese(CMP) be still, keep quiet PMP *qeneŋ

neSika(CMP) sand, beach PAN *qenay

n-eTape(OC) tree POC *kayu

neTboli(WMP) and PMP *na₅

Vaikenu(CMP) six PAN *enem

neaMuna(WMP) name PMP *ŋajan

neanErai(CMP) name; named, be named PMP *ŋajan

neanTugun(CMP) name PMP *ŋajan

n-eaŋDampelas(WMP) tame PWMP *qayam₂

ne-aŋGilbertese(OC) spider shell: Lambis sp. PMP *Raŋa

nebMaranao(WMP) roam around; spread PMP *qeneb₂

nebasJavanese(WMP) to buy a fruit crop as a quantity lot while they are still on the tree PWMP *tebas₁

nebekSasak(WMP) cutting deeply (of an instrument) PWMP *maŋ-tebek

nebʰekKelabit(WMP) pierce, stab PWMP *maŋ-tebek

nəbʰəŋKelabit(WMP) to fell large trees, as in clearing ground for a swidden PWMP *ma-nebeŋ

nebihBalinese(WMP) break s.t. into pieces; the natural divisions of a betel nut; section, quarter, piece, slice PMP *tebiq

nɛðSakao(OC) dead POC *mate

ne-daatLun Dayeh(WMP) died, passed away, became bad PMP *zaqat

nedʰakKelabit(WMP) when constructing a levee in the paddy field, to slap the wet clay with a large paddle or club to make it more compact; prior to wrapping cooking rice in leaf packages, to pat, squeeze and press the rice into a compact massusing a small wooden padded called bugo PWMP *dakdak

neeMoronene(WMP) name PMP *ŋajan

nə-fuaKwamera(OC) beech vine with yellow trumpet-shaped flowers POC *puRe₂

ne-fuliŋLun Dayeh(WMP) had dust or foreign object in the eyes PWMP *puliŋ₂

nə-γaiMaxbaxo(OC) tree; stick POC *kayu

ne-γetAnejom(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

nə-gogəHiw(OC) Macaranga tanarius POC *koka

-nehKelabit(WMP) 3sg. agent and possessor PAN *ni-a

nəhKelabit(WMP) already PMP *na₄

nehan asuTetun(CMP) canine tooth PAN *asu₁

n-eiAtchin(OC) tree POC *kayu

ne-imAtchin(OC) house PAN *Rumaq

ne imeVao(OC) house PAN *Rumaq

neinTugun(CMP) six PAN *enem

nə-kLenakel(OC) tree POC *kayu

nəkənKelabit(WMP) to pole a boat in shallow water PMP *teken

nekenKayan(WMP) to pole a canoe PMP *teken

nekepBalinese(WMP) to cover, shut, close, cover with a hand PAN *tekep

nəkətKelabit(WMP) to stick something onto something else PMP *deket₁

nəkətLun Dayeh(WMP) to stick or paste something on (like a wall) PMP *deket₁

nekkaŋMadurese(WMP) walk with the legs wide apart PWMP *tekaŋ

nekkenYakan(WMP) to press or push down on something with the hand PMP *teken

neknekPalawano(WMP) small mangrove fly, gnat PMP *neknek

ne-koaAnejom(OC) blenny: Ecsenius sp. POC *kakawa₂

nektekBalinese(WMP) to chop into small pieces PWMP *ma-nektek

nə-kudəhLun Dayeh(WMP) what happened? PMP *kuja

ne-laŋLingarak(OC) cloud PMP *laŋit

nələ̃Lamaholot(CMP) to swallow PMP *telen

nelenKelabit(WMP) to swallow PMP *telen

nelenKaro Batak(WMP) to swallow something PMP *telen

nelenLun Dayeh(WMP) to swallow something PMP *telen

ne-liatIban(WMP) stretch oneself, stretch one’s arms and bend PWMP *liad

n-elipDrehet(OC) canarium almond POC *(q)alipa

ne-lisSye(OC) nit POC *lisa

neluJavanese(WMP) to form a group of three; to hold a ceremonial feast for a woman in the third month of pregnancy PWMP *ma-nelu

ne-lve-Sie(OC) tooth POC *lipon

nəmBerawan (Long Teru)(WMP) six PAN *enem

nəmMelanau Dalat (Kampung Teh)(WMP) six PAN *enem

nemJavanese(WMP) six PAN *enem

nemKayan(WMP) six PAN *enem

nəmLahanan(WMP) six PAN *enem

nemMaranao(WMP) six PAN *enem

nemMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) six PAN *enem

*nemPAmb(CMP) six PAN *enem

nəmPenan (Long Lamai)(WMP) six PAN *enem

nemSasak(WMP) six PAN *enem

nemSekar(CMP) six PAN *enem

nemSimalur(WMP) six PAN *enem

nemSolorese(CMP) six PAN *enem

nemTboli(WMP) six PAN *enem

nə-mænAxamb(OC) bird POC *manuk

ne-manLingarak(OC) bird POC *manuk

nə mænMaxbaxo(OC) bird POC *manuk

nema-ŋaPaiwan(Formosan) a thing PAN *nema

ne-mætuSesivi(OC) old POC *matuqa

ne-mbatLingarak(OC) head POC *batuk

nə-mbaxoAxamb(OC) shark POC *bakewak

ne-menMotlav(OC) bird POC *manuk

ne-menRano(OC) bird POC *manuk

ne-mndaLingarak(OC) eye PMP *mata

nemnémIlokano(WMP) dissimulate, dissemble, refrain from divulging one's thoughts, keep silent PAN *nemnem

nemnémKankanaey(WMP) intellect, intelligence, reason; thought, idea, mind; memory, imagination PAN *nemnem

nem-nemMaranao(WMP) only six; group of six PMP *enem enem

nə-mpaŋNorth Tanna(OC) hole POC *pwaŋa

nəmsaSelau(OC) bailer, to bail out a canoe POC *nimas

ne-mte-Rano(OC) eye PMP *mata

n<əm>uraMurik(WMP) to spit PAN *l<um>udaq

ne-mwatLingarak(OC) snake POC *mwata

ne-mʷetRano(OC) snake POC *mwata

nenErai(CMP) six PAN *enem

nenRembong(CMP) six PAN *enem

nénTetun (Dili)(CMP) six PAN *enem

nenaBatu Merah(CMP) six PAN *enem

nɛnaVaikenu(CMP) to hear PMP *deŋeR

nə-næmAxamb(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

ne-ndeliŋaLingarak(OC) ear POC *taliŋa

ne-ndre-Lingarak(OC) blood POC *draRaq

ne-nemJavanese(WMP) group or unit of six PMP *enem enem

ne-nemMotlav(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

nene-neneRotinese(CMP) to listen PMP *deŋeR

neneŋMaranao(WMP) see, discern with the eye PAN *NeŋNeŋ

n-eniUra(OC) to eat POC *kani

neniWetan(CMP) kind of tree (probably Morinda citrifolia); the fruits and decoction of the roots are used as a remedy against swollen tonsils; from the roots is also made paint (yellow, or when the wood has been mixed with lime, red) PCEMP *ñəñu

nɛnɔAtoni(CMP) day PMP *qalejaw

ne-nomPapora(Formosan) six PAN *enem

nentaŋIban(WMP) look at, look towards (Scott 1956) PWMP *teŋteŋ₂

nenuAsilulu(CMP) the Indian mulberry: Morinda citrifolia L. PCEMP *ñəñu

n-enuBoano₂(CMP) gall, gall bladder PAN *qapejux

nenuLeti(CMP) a tree: Morinda citrifolia PCEMP *ñəñu

nenu-kTetun(CMP) a tree (Morinda tinctoria) from which red dye is extracted PCEMP *ñəñu

nenu maʔasi aiAsilulu(CMP) kind of small tree, the roots of which yield soda PCEMP *ñəñu

nenunBalinese(WMP) to weave PAN *tenun

nenunIban(WMP) to weave PAN *tenun

nenunJavanese(WMP) to weave PAN *tenun

neŋMaranao(WMP) observe by sight; sight PAN *Neŋ

neŋMurik(WMP) face PAN *Neŋ

neŋW.Tarangan (Ngaibor)(CMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

neŋaʔYakan(WMP) to be halfway or mid-way between two points PMP *teŋaq

neŋis-anIbaloy(WMP) to cry over, about something PMP *taŋis-an

neŋneŋAmis(Formosan) to look, see PAN *NeŋNeŋ

neŋneŋBalinese(WMP) gaze, stare at PAN *NeŋNeŋ

neŋneŋCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to stare (of the staring of an infant at what is before it) PAN *NeŋNeŋ

neŋneŋPangasinan(WMP) look at, see PAN *NeŋNeŋ

neŋneŋ-enAmis(Formosan) look at someone or something PAN *NeŋNeŋ

n-epMotlav(OC) fire POC *api

nəpaJavanese(WMP) to measure in fathoms PAN *depah

nepak-an dadaSundanese(WMP) pound oneself on the chest PWMP *dahdah

nepapPunan Tuvu'(WMP) to slap PWMP *tepap

ne-piraʔ-anManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) a few days PAN *pijax

nəpoSangir(WMP) fish the color of coral stone (two types); these move very little and slowly, and have dorsal spines that cause violent pain to one who is pricked by them PMP *nepuq

nepputYakan(WMP) to shoot something with a blowgun PWMP *seput

nə-pwaŋLenakel(OC) hole POC *pwaŋa

*nə-pwaŋVPSVan(OC) hole POC *pwaŋa

néraMoor(SHWNG) coconut PMP *niuR

nə-ranAxamb(OC) earth POC *tanoq

nə ranMaxbaxo(OC) earth POC *tanoq

neran-ka taiʔIban(WMP) strain at stool PWMP *teRan

nə-raŋAxamb(OC) housefly POC *laŋo

ne-rasAxamb(OC) salt PMP *tasik

nə rasMaxbaxo(OC) sea PMP *tasik

nəríMendak(OC) tall latex-yielding tree with large edible sweet green fruit PMP *ñatuq

neruanMalay(WMP) bee or hornet, species unidentified PMP *qani-Ruan

nerusKaro Batak(WMP) bore through, go right through PWMP *terus

ne-salLingarak(OC) road POC *jalan

ne-saŋkapManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to be fitted or equipped with whatever one needs PPH *saŋkap

ne-silatMerlav(OC) nettle: Dendrocnide sp. POC *silatoŋ

ne-suRano(OC) female breast PAN *susu₁

ne-tanRerep(OC) earth POC *tanoq

ne-tanekLun Dayeh(WMP) boiled by mistake PMP *tanek

ne-te-Atchin(OC) feces PMP *taqi

neteSundanese(WMP) stand on something on the tips of one’s toes; also, stand or be supported with the point of the foot on the edge of something PMP *taytay

nete-neteNias(WMP) path, bridge PWMP *ma-naytay

netesJavanese(WMP) to hatch, as caterpillars from coccoons; to cut, snip, as string PWMP *testes

netesBalinese(WMP) graze, cut oneself, be wounded PWMP *testes

ne-tinNaman(OC) earth POC *tanoq

ne-toAnejom(OC) sugarcane POC *na topu

netu-Leipon(OC) child PEMP *natu

n-etukKayan(WMP) pound dry materials into powder PMP *etuk

ne-tumWala(OC) louse PCEMP *tuma

n-evVatrata(OC) fire POC *api

ne-vaLingarak(OC) stingray POC *paRi

ne-vanuLingarak(OC) house POC *panua

nə-værAxamb(OC) stone POC *patu

nə varMaxbaxo(OC) stone POC *patu

ne-vatRano(OC) stone POC *patu

ne-vatUra(OC) stone POC *patu

ne-vatLingarak(OC) stone POC *patu

neveŋKayan(WMP) to cut down trees PWMP *ma-nebeŋ

ne-vetMotlav(OC) stone POC *patu

ne-visAtchin(OC) bow POC *pusuR

ne-visRano(OC) bow POC *pusuR

nevoŋPunan Tuvu'(WMP) to fell trees PWMP *tebeŋ

nə-vra-Lingarak(OC) hand POC *paRa₃

-nəwBintulu(WMP) 2sg. possessor and agent of passive verb PWMP *nu₂

-nəwBintulu(WMP) 2sg. possessor and agent of passive verb PWMP *-nu

newMelanau Dalat(WMP) what? PAN *-nu

-nəwMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) 2sg. possessor, agent of passive verb, and object pronoun PWMP *-nu

ne-wosRano(OC) canoe paddle POC *pose

nə-xārətTape(OC) stinging nettle POC *karat₂

nə-xasuAxamb(OC) rat POC *kusupe

neyteyYakan(WMP) to walk (as on a tightrope or balance beam) PWMP *ma-naytay


TOP      n/    na    nb    nc    nd    ne    nf    ng    nh    ni        ni    nj    nk    nl    nm    nn        no    np    nr    ns    nt    nu    nv    nw    ny    nz    


n-faluFordata(CMP) hammer on, pound on PMP *palu

n-faluYamdena(CMP) to nail, to hammer PMP *palu

n-fanSawai(SHWNG) to go PMP *panaw₂

n-faŋa-tFordata(CMP) to measure by handspans PMP *paŋaq

n-fa-taruFordata(CMP) bring something to a specified place PMP *pa-taRuq

n-fa-turuYamdena(CMP) to point out, indicate, show; teach PAN *tuzuq₁

n-fa-vanuŋFordata(CMP) set upright, as a post PMP *baŋun₂

n-ferasFordata(CMP) wring out PAN *peRes

n-ferasYamdena(CMP) wring out PAN *peRes

n-fesYamdena(CMP) to break wind, to fart PCMP *pesu₂

n-foSawai(SHWNG) to wring out PAN *peRes


TOP      n/    na    nb    nc    nd    ne    nf    ng    nh    ni        ni    nj    nk    nl    nm    nn        no    np    nr    ns    nt    nu    nv    nw    ny    nz    


nga-budahSundanese(WMP) to foam, bubble, seethe up; foam at the mouth PMP *bujeq₂

nga-budah-keunSundanese(WMP) to foam, froth up PMP *bujeq₂

nga-buritKenyah(WMP) carve, write PMP *burit₂

nga-garisSundanese(WMP) brush or rub against someone or something PMP *garis

ng-uŋkatIban(WMP) (of illness) recur or relapse PWMP *uŋkat


TOP      n/    na    nb    nc    nd    ne    nf    ng    nh    ni        ni    nj    nk    nl    nm    nn        no    np    nr    ns    nt    nu    nv    nw    ny    nz    


nhahAhus(OC) conch shell trumpet POC *tapuRi

nhalAhus(OC) slitgong POC *drali

n-harətV'ënen Taut(OC) stinging nettle POC *karat₂

n-hauAnejom(OC) a flowering plant, Hibiscus tiliaceous POC *paRu


TOP      n/    na    nb    nc    nd    ne    nf    ng    nh    ni        ni    nj    nk    nl    nm    nn        no    np    nr    ns    nt    nu    nv    nw    ny    nz    


niAdonara(CMP) this PAN *-ni

niAdonara(CMP) this PAN *i-ni

niAklanon(WMP) singular associate marker for the name of a person or a pet, used in postpositive position [marks possession] PAN *ni

-n(i)Araki(OC) construct suffix, always followed by a noun phrase referring to possessor PAN *ni

ni'Āre'āre(OC) genitive particle: of, belonging to (rata-na ni hanua ‘clan name’, waisia ni hanua ‘land animals’) PAN *ni

niArosi(OC) of, belonging to; showing genitive relation PAN *ni

-niAsilulu(CMP) 3sg. human genitive pronoun for inalienable possession PAN *ni-a

niAtoni(CMP) pillar PCEMP *adiRi

niBikol(WMP) singular ni class marker occurring before names; by (as in ‘written by’) [marker of the agent of a non-actor voice verb] PAN *ni

niBisaya (Lotud)(WMP) marker of the genitive case of singular personal names PAN *ni

niBugotu(OC) genitive; used only in certain phrases (puku ni mana ‘source of power’, pau ni mane ‘an elder’) PAN *ni

niAmis (Central)(Formosan) genitive of singular personal names PAN *ni

niCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) attributive marker for singular personal nouns PAN *ni

niCebuano(WMP) genitive marker before names or titles [marker of possession and agency of a non-actor voice verb] PAN *ni

niCentral Tagbanwa(WMP) personal noun phrase marker, genitive case; marks the proper noun as a nonfocused participant in the clause; also marks possession PAN *ni

niDuke of York(OC) this PAN *-ni

niAgta (Dupaningan)(WMP) marker of (singular) personal names PAN *ni

niFijian(OC) preposition, sign of possession; used before common nouns and names of places, but before names of persons replaced by i or nei, and in some expressions not used at all PAN *ni

niGayō(WMP) genitive marker, marker of possession PAN *ni

niGilbertese(OC) coconut tree PMP *niuR

-n(i)Gilbertese(OC) of, in, by, for, with. in order to PAN *ni

niHanunóo(WMP) of, by [indicator of possession and agency of a non-actor voice verb] PAN *ni

niIbaloy(WMP) ni and its inflected forms (niya, nita, nima) and its specific form nonta are together the source set of articles; at the clause level, indicates that the part of the clause that is marked by the ni article is non-topic and non-location, or is a time phrase; in genitive (or qualifying) phrases marks part-whole relations (e.g. atep ni baley ‘roof of the house’) PAN *ni

niIlokano(WMP) singular of the personal article, used before names of people and intelligent animals (pets); possessive proper article PAN *ni

niIsneg(WMP) the genitive of the personal article, sometimes taking the form níyin in songs, or nim before a word that begins with b or p PAN *ni

niItbayaten(WMP) personal article PAN *ni

niKadazan (Papar)(WMP) marker of the genitive case of singular personal names PAN *ni

niKaro Batak(WMP) genitive marker, marker of possession PAN *ni

niKavalan(Formosan) personal genitive marker (all known examples are with singular referents) PAN *ni

niLabu(OC) coconut PMP *niuR

niLampung(WMP) possessive marker PAN *ni

niLau(OC) of, belonging to (fote ni fera ‘native paddle’ [paddle of home]; in order to, for; according to, in the matter of, with; forms adverbs PAN *ni

niMalagasy(WMP) article (ni andro ‘the weather’, ni dite ‘the tea’) PMP *na₁

niMansaka(WMP) substantive relational marker; personal, relative PAN *ni

niMapun(WMP) prefix with the emphatic set of pronouns to indicate possession (mine/yours/his/hers/ours/theirs), and to indicate non-focus beneficiary outside the core of the clause, i.e. to or for me/you/him/her/us/them; this can also mean from or with me/you/him/her/us/them PAN *ni

niMarshallese(OC) general term for all varieties of coconut trees and fruit PMP *niuR

niMasbatenyo(WMP) introduces the personal genitive noun phrase; also introduces the out-of-focus agent of a verbal action PAN *ni

niMbula(OC) coconut PMP *niuR

niMokilese(OC) coconut tree (six named varieties listed) PMP *niuR

niMolbog(WMP) marker of the genitive case of singular personal names PAN *ni

niNakanamanga(OC) genitive marker: of (e-lagi ni naati ‘top of banana’, na-aleati-a ni tuai ‘days of old, olden days’) PAN *ni

-(n)iNortheast Ambae(OC) construct suffix (gamali-ni Robert ‘Robert’s clubhouse’, leo-ni tama-ku ‘My father’s language’) PAN *ni

niNggela(OC) a preposition with many meanings, but the chief ones are: 1. belonging to, of (mane ni Nggela ‘a native of Nggela’); 2. to (ndutu ni mate ‘near (to) death’); 3. as (kambu ni vunagi ‘dwell as a king’); 4. for; in order to (mbutu ni tarai ‘come to teach’); 5. with; 6. on account of; 7. concerning, about; 8. with, by (instrumental); 9. it makes possessive pronouns: ninggua, nimua, nina, etc. PAN *ni

niPaiwan(Formosan) of, by, belonging to (with personal name) PAN *ni

niPazeh(Formosan) genitive marker, possessive marker (appears to be restricted to human referents) PAN *ni

*-niPMic(OC) of, pertaining to, often referred to as “the construct suffix” PAN *ni

niPuyuma(Formosan) genitive case marker for singular personal nouns PAN *ni

niRomblomanon(WMP) the action, state, possession of someone; a particular action is performed by a named person (ni is followed by a personal noun) PAN *ni

niSa'a(OC) genitive: of; expresses purpose; expresses condition PAN *ni

niSaisiyat(Formosan) genitive of singular personal nouns (marks possession, and agency of an undergoer voice verb) PAN *ni

niHawu(CMP) to dream PCEMP *nipi

niSoutheast Ambrym(OC) green coconut PMP *niuR

niSungai Beluran(WMP) marker of the genitive case of singular personal names PAN *ni

niTagalog(WMP) preposition used before a person’s name or names to connote possessive case; may also indicate the doer of a certain action [after a non-actor voice verb] PAN *ni

niTidung Bengawong(WMP) marker of the genitive case of singular personal names PAN *ni

niToba Batak(WMP) marker of the genitive; includes possession, part-to-whole relationships, and agency of a passive verb PAN *ni

niTongan(OC) this, these; now PAN *-ni

niTugun(CMP) tooth PAN *nipen

niUma(WMP) personal article PAN *ni

niUruava(OC) this PAN *-ni

niWaray-Waray(WMP) denotes possession, and is always followed by the name of the possessor PAN *ni

niWayan(OC) particle which connects two common nouns in a genitive construction; the first noun may related to the second noun in one of the following partially distinct senses: 1. purpose, use, function; for, of, 2. belonging to, 3. inherent part or attribute of, 4. originating from, belonging to a place, 5. consequence, result: for, of, as a consequence of, 6. connects a nominalized verb denoting an action or process with a noun which, in an equivalent verbal construction, would be the direct object of the verb PAN *ni

niYami(WMP) genitive marker for personal names and kinship terms PAN *ni

ni³³Tsat(WMP) this PAN *i-ni

-niaAngkola-Mandailing Batak(WMP) 3sg. possessor PAN *ni-a

ni-aʔAtayal(Formosan) 3sg. agent/possessor PAN *ni-a

niaAtayal(Formosan) his, hers; he, she PAN *ni-ia

-niaMongondow(WMP) 3sg. possessor PAN *ni-a

-niaMongondow(WMP) his, her, hers PAN *ni-ia

-niaEnggano(WMP) 3sg. possessor PAN *ni-a

ni-aSeediq (Truku)(Formosan) his, hers PAN *ni-a

-niaSimalur(WMP) 3sg. possessor PAN *ni-a

niaTetun(CMP) 3sg., he. she PAN *ni-ia

-niaVaikenu(CMP) 3sg. possessor PAN *ni-a

niaWetan(CMP) tooth PAN *ŋipen

ni ainafAtoni(CMP) maternal pillar PCEMP *adiRi

ni-alLingarak(OC) sun POC *qalo₁

niaʔ laianaMakassarese(WMP) (‘he sits in ginger’) = ‘He is of noble descent’ PMP *laqia

ni-amMbula(OC) 1pl. excl. nominative, we PAN *ami

nia maiNggela(OC) come with, bring POC *mai

nianeBoano₂(CMP) cave PMP *liaŋ

n-iapSinghi Land Dayak(WMP) count PMP *ihap

ni-aseŋ-anTontemboan(WMP) place where one has taken a break PWMP *qaseŋ

ni-asiŋ-aŋSangir(WMP) salted PAN *qasiN

ni-asuTontemboan(WMP) water that has been fetched PMP *asu₂

ni-asuTontemboan(WMP) water that has been fetched PMP *qasu₁

nia vuguNggela(OC) catch a cold or cough from; to cough POC *pukuR

niawaSangir(WMP) soul; life PMP *nihawa

nia-werat-niMoa(CMP) ballast PMP *beReqat

nia-wunuLeti(CMP) murderer PMP *bunuq₂

nibiRoro(OC) dream PCEMP *nipi

ni-biŋkuruMakassarese(WMP) dyed red with biŋkuru PWMP *biŋkudu

nibōŋAcehnese(WMP) palm sp.: Oncosperma filamentosum Bl. PMP *qanibuŋ

niboŋIban(WMP) tall prickly cluster palms, Oncosperma spp.: Oncosperma horridum Scheff. (bayas) growing inland; Oncosperma tigillarium (filamentosum) Blume (niboŋ proper) coastal, with leaves arched; niboŋ wood resists teredo and termites; yields posts, piles, ribs of leaf thatch, split flooring; spines make blowpipe darts; fruit can be used as betel (pinaŋ) and the 'cabbage' (upaʔ) is edible PMP *qanibuŋ

niboŋMalay(WMP) the well-known 'nibong' palm, Oncosperma filamentosa; the name is applied also to Orania macrocrandus (niboŋ ibul), and to another Oncosperma (niboŋ padi). The true niboŋ has a thorny trunk so that climbing it is synonymous with 'asking for trouble' PMP *qanibuŋ

niboŋ paniMalay(WMP) the hairy substance found in an ear of maize PMP *qanibuŋ

nibuŋKaro Batak(WMP) palm sp.; from its trunk laths are made that can be used instead of planks in making flooring, etc. PMP *qanibuŋ

nibuŋMiri(WMP) palms of the genus Oncosperma PMP *qanibuŋ

nibuŋRejang(WMP) tree sp. PMP *qanibuŋ

nibuŋSundanese(WMP) betel-nut palm: Areca spp. PMP *qanibuŋ

nichetItbayaten(WMP) sticky substance, wax of tree, including such trees as morni (rubber tree), valiti (Ficus, banyan), breadfruit (used for violin strings) PMP *niket

nicnicThao(Formosan) show an unhappy face PAN *ŋiCŋiC

ni-dumáPangasinan(WMP) abnormal PAN *duma

nie-n ate-nGedaged(OC) the sole of his foot PMP *qatay

nienuMoa(CMP) a tree: Morinda citrifolia PCEMP *ñəñu

nierWahai(CMP) coconut PMP *niuR

nifaFordata(CMP) snake PMP *nipay

nifaPaulohi(CMP) snake PMP *nipay

nifa-nMasiwang(CMP) tooth PAN *nipen

nifa-nMambai(CMP) tooth PAN *nipen

nifanSekar(CMP) tooth PAN *nipen

nifa nituPaulohi(CMP) centipede, millipede PMP *nipay

nifarTeluti(CMP) snake PMP *nipay

nifeMono-Alu(OC) snake POC *nipe

nifeYamdena(CMP) kind of large snake PMP *nipay

nifenChamorro(WMP) tooth PAN *nipen

nifiBimanese(CMP) dream PCEMP *nipi

nifiMuna(WMP) thin (as sarong cloth) PMP *nipis

ni-fini-finChuukese(OC) (be) a matter of choice; (be) a choosy person, fastidious, particular, fussy PMP *piliq piliq

nifisTiruray(WMP) thin, as paper PMP *nipis

nifoKwaio(OC) tooth POC *nipon

nifoMakatea(OC) tooth POC *nipon

nifoNiue(OC) tooth; tenon POC *nipon

nifoSamoan(OC) tooth POC *nipon

nifoTongan(OC) tooth POC *nipon

nifoTuvaluan(OC) tooth; tusk of a pig POC *nipon

nifoWatubela(CMP) tooth PAN *nipen

n-ifu-nVaikenu(CMP) thousand PMP *Ribu

nifu-n meseʔAtoni(CMP) one thousand PMP *Ribu

nigapChamorro(WMP) yesterday PWMP *niRab

nigitAdzera(OC) nest POC *ñikut

nigiuMota(OC) a nest of a bird or pig POC *ñikut

nígoBikol(WMP) winnowing basket PMP *niRu

nigoMaranao(WMP) winnowing basket PMP *niRu

nígoMasbatenyo(WMP) winnowing tray PMP *niRu

nígoWaray-Waray(WMP) winnower PMP *niRu

níguCebuano(WMP) rattan winnowing tray; make into a winnowing tray PMP *niRu

níguHanunóo(WMP) a flat, circular winnowing tray made of twilled bamboo strips PMP *niRu

niguPalawan Batak(WMP) winnowing basket PMP *niRu

niɣuManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) a winnowing basket; to winnow PMP *niRu

nigu-naMukawa(OC) nest, den, hole POC *ñikut

nihBerawan (Long Terawan)(WMP) that (sp) PAN *-ni

nihBisaya(WMP) that PAN *-ni

nihPohnpeian(OC) coconut palm, Cocos nucifera PMP *niuR

nihanBobot(CMP) tooth PAN *nipen

nihanKisar(CMP) tooth PAN *nipen

nihəLuang(CMP) tooth PAN *nipen

nihə-Roma(CMP) tooth PAN *nipen

nihiBunama(OC) dream PMP *h<in>ipi

nihiMotu(OC) dream PCEMP *nipi

ni-hinaTeluti(CMP) wife PCEMP *b<in>ai

nihi-nihNali(OC) dream PCEMP *nipi

nihisHelong(CMP) thin PMP *nipis

nihisHelong(CMP) thin (of materials) PMP *nipis

nihnPohnpeian(OC) a tree: Ficus tinctoria PMP *nunuk

nihoHawaiian(OC) tooth POC *nipon

nihoMaori(OC) tooth; thorn; edge of a tool or weapon POC *nipon

nihoMarau₂(OC) tooth POC *nipon

nihoMono-Alu(OC) tooth POC *nipon

nihoNukuoro(OC) tooth POC *nipon

nihoRennellese(OC) tooth POC *nipon

niho maŋooRennellese(OC) shark tooth razor (a shark tooth was lashed by hibiscus fiber to a twig, and one man shaved another with a rapid downward stroke) POC *nipon

nihu-nNuaulu(CMP) thousand PMP *Ribu

niiChuukese(OC) tooth POC *nipon

niiRotinese(CMP) thin, fine, sheer, small; often a predicate of cloth PMP *nipis

niʔiHawu(CMP) bat PMP *paniki

niiSeediq (Truku)(Formosan) here, now, this PAN *-ni

niimPuluwat(OC) canoe bailer POC *nimas

niimYapese(OC) bailer POC *nimas

niimaPiva(OC) five PAN *lima

niimiMbula(OC) get rid of something, remove water, bail out (water), scoop out (as in bailing out a canoe); take all of someone’s possessions, use up all of what someone has POC *nimas

niindo im buwuTontemboan(WMP) caught with a large fish trap PAN *bubu₂

ni-inomItbayaten(WMP) drank (as to direct object), was drunk PPh *in-inum

niiwYapese(OC) coconut tree and fruit PMP *niuR

ni-jhoAnejom(OC) tooth POC *lipon

nikTigak(OC) coconut tree and fruit PMP *niuR

nikanebuGilbertese(OC) large moth PAN *qali-

n-i-ka-nʔómIfugaw(WMP) sixth PMP *ika-enem

n-ika-pitúIfugaw(WMP) seventh PMP *ika-pitu

níkatIsneg(WMP) resin; a herbaceous vine that grows in forests: its sticky fruits are pounded for birdlime PMP *niket

n-ikawManobo (Sarangani)(WMP) 2sg., unfocused subject pronoun PMP *i-kahu

n-ikedKayan(WMP) to cough PWMP *ikej

n-ikerKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) to cough PWMP *ikej

niketCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) honey (archaic) PMP *ña(ŋ)ket

nikətCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) honey (archaic word) PMP *niket

níketKankanaey(WMP) resin PMP *niket

niketManggarai(CMP) mushy (of rice, etc.), thick (of liquids), viscous, sticky (as gruel) PMP *niket

niketYami(WMP) a plant: Ilex integra; its sap can be used to catch the takoyab bird PMP *niket

ni-key-kaliYami(WMP) dug up (as sweet potatoes) PMP *kali₂

nikiHitu(CMP) tooth PMP *ŋisi

nikiSeit(CMP) tooth PMP *ŋisi

nikiLi'o(CMP) bat PMP *paniki

nikiManggarai(CMP) kind of small flying fox PMP *paniki

nikiNgadha(CMP) flying fox PMP *paniki

nikiTetun(CMP) the generic term for bats PMP *paniki

nikiLaha(CMP) tooth PMP *ŋisi

nɨknɨkCentral Tagbanwa(WMP) gnat PMP *ñikñik

nikníkKapampangan(WMP) a tiny insect (gnat?) PMP *ñikñik

niknikTagalog(WMP) tiny blood-sucking insect PMP *ñikñik

nikníkTagalog(WMP) this term has different meanings for different localities: 1. a species of blood-sucking insect; 2. gnat; gnat, a small, two-winged insect or fly, 3. a species of fly with a painful bite, 4. horsefly PMP *ñikñik

n-ikoTasmate(OC) 2sg., you POC *iko

nikogSinghi Land Dayak(WMP) to bend PWMP *tikug

ni-kokLikum(OC) large grouper, with marks like a snake PMP *keRteŋ

nɨktɨkSundanese(WMP) hack off, chop off PWMP *ma-nektek

nikuNggela(OC) a bird’s nest; ant nest; lair of a pig, den of an animal POC *ñikut

nikuŋBerawan (Batu Belah)(WMP) palms of the genus Oncosperma PMP *qanibuŋ

nikweleAlune(CMP) coconut PMP *niuR

nilaBuruese(CMP) a tree, the "marong" or Ambon PMP *qanilaw

niláCebuano(WMP) of them, by them PWMP *ni ida

nilaKomodo(CMP) hardwood tree with black heartwood; Grewia (?) PMP *qanilaw

nilaManggarai(CMP) tree with thick trunk and small leaves, with wood that is useful for house-building; tree species: Grewia PMP *qanilaw

nilaRembong(CMP) tree species: Micropos and Grewia PMP *qanilaw

niláTagalog(WMP) their, theirs PWMP *ni ida

ni-lágaʔTagalog(WMP) boiled PMP *la(ŋ)gaq

n-ilapYami(WMP) cut pieces PPH *hilap₃

nilauMalay(WMP) a plant, Cupania pallidula PMP *qanilaw

nilau nasiMalay(WMP) a plant, Trichospermum javanicum PMP *qanilaw

nilau payaMalay(WMP) a plant, Commersonia echinata PMP *qanilaw

niloSika(CMP) to shine, of a lamp, the moon, etc. PMP *nilaw

niloToba Batak(WMP) shine, glitter PMP *nilaw

niluMalay(WMP) nerve-pain PMP *nilu

niluMoa(CMP) sour PAN *ŋilu

niluRembong(CMP) sour sensation (in teeth, bones) PMP *nilu

ni-lúgawCebuano(WMP) rice porridge PPH *l<in>ugaw

ni-ɭuɭun-anPuyuma(Formosan) a curly thing (as a pangolin rolled into a ball) PAN *luluN

nilunElat(CMP) nose PMP *ŋijuŋ

ni-luslus-anKavalan(Formosan) planed board PAN *RuSRuS

nimAs(SHWNG) to drink PMP *inum

nimAtoni(CMP) five PAN *lima

n-imToak(OC) house PAN *Rumaq

nimaAnuta(OC) five PAN *lima

nima'Āre'āre(OC) five PAN *lima

nimaBunama(OC) five PAN *lima

nima-Chuukese(OC) five PAN *lima

nimaDobuan(OC) five PAN *lima

nimaFijian(OC) to bale out a canoe POC *nimas

nima-Gilbertese(OC) five PAN *lima

nimaKwaio(OC) five PAN *lima

nimaMarau₂(OC) five PAN *lima

nimaNuaulu(CMP) five PAN *lima

nimaPapapana(OC) hand PAN *qalima

n-imaPazeh(Formosan) whose? PAN *ni-ima

nimaSaliba(OC) hand PAN *qalima

nimaSekar(CMP) five PAN *lima

nimaTongan(OC) five PAN *lima

nimaVaikenu(CMP) five PAN *lima

nimaWahai(CMP) five PAN *lima

nimaWayan(OC) be baled out, have water baled out POC *nimas


TOP      n/    na    nb    nc    nd    ne    nf    ng    nh    ni        ni    nj    nk    nl    nm    nn        no    np    nr    ns    nt    nu    nv    nw    ny    nz    

nȉmaSudest(OC) hand, arm PAN *qalima


TOP      n/    na    nb    nc    nd    ne    nf    ng    nh    ni        ni    nj    nk    nl    nm    nn        no    np    nr    ns    nt    nu    nv    nw    ny    nz    


nima-Tanga(OC) hand PAN *qalima

nima-Vao(OC) hand PAN *qalima

n-ima ~ ni-imaPaiwan(Formosan) whose? PAN *ni-ima

nima da siripGitua(OC) five PAN *lima

nima-fVaikenu(CMP) arm PAN *qalima

nima matauAnuta(OC) right hand PMP *ma-taqu₂

ni-manAtchin(OC) bird POC *manuk

nima-nMasiwang(CMP) hand PAN *qalima

nima-na'Āre'āre(OC) the fifth PAN *lima

nima-n ate-nGedaged(OC) the palm of his hand PMP *qatay

nima-nimaFijian(OC) a mode of fishing by bailing out the water from a hole and taking the fish in it POC *nimas

nima-nimaGitua(OC) starfish PMP *lima-lima

nima-nimaWayan(OC) to bale, keep bailing POC *nimas

nima-ŋo-fuluTongan(OC) fifty PMP *lima ŋa puluq

nima-tiWayan(OC) bail something out (object the boat or the water) POC *nimas

nima-weŋaʔ-oTontemboan(WMP) is torn, is ripped open -- also said of a woman who already is intimate with a man PMP *beŋat₁

nimbaJavanese(WMP) to draw water from a well PMP *timba

nimbaŋBalinese(WMP) to weigh; consider PWMP *ma-nimbaŋ

nimbaŋJavanese(WMP) to weigh; to consider alternatives, compare PWMP *ma-nimbaŋ

nimbaŋMapun(WMP) to weigh something PWMP *ma-nimbaŋ

ni-məcaʔəKanakanabu(Formosan) paddy leech PAN *qaNi-meCaq

nime-yPuluwat(OC) to bail water out of a canoe POC *nimas

ni-mi-avasYami(WMP) passed by PPH *labas

nɨmnɨmIlongot(WMP) to think (Rosaldo 1980) PAN *nemnem

ni monefAtoni(CMP) masculine pillar PCEMP *adiRi

nimpisDampelas(WMP) thin (object) PMP *nipis

nimpisBalaesang(WMP) thin (object) PMP *nipis

nimpisTontemboan(WMP) thin PMP *nipis

nimsin-iYami(WMP) eat off the bones, suck PPH *simsím

ni-mto-Sie(OC) eye PMP *mata

nimu (?)Kanakanabu(Formosan) 2pl. genitive, your PAN *n-amu

nimu gita wulaŋSika(CMP) to menstruate PMP *bulan₃

n-imwaKwamera(OC) house, building PAN *Rumaq

ni-mwetAtchin(OC) snake POC *mwata

ninW.Tarangan (Ngaibor)(CMP) tooth PMP *ŋisŋis₁

ninaBoano(WMP) calm (water) PMP *linaw

n-inaDobuan(OC) that PMP *i-na

n-inaGah(CMP) mother PCEMP *ina

n-inaLeti(CMP) lie down, sleep PAN *qinep

ninalAsilulu(CMP) echo PMP *aniŋal

ni-namAtchin(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

n-inapKapampangan(WMP) dream PAN *qinep

nin-báliwBontok(WMP) change, as one's habits or appearance PMP *baliw₂

niniEast Damar(CMP) mosquito PMP *ñikñik

niniFijian(OC) tremble, quake with fear or anger PCEMP *nini

niniGedaged(OC) swing, oscillate, shake, rock PCEMP *nini

niniItbayaten(WMP) sp. of plant (Marantaceae, Donax cannaeformis Schum.), a sp. of reed family PMP *niniq₁

niniLau(OC) sp. of shrub; stems used in thatching PMP *niniq₁

niniManggarai(CMP) kind of plant material used in basket-making: Donax canniformis PMP *niniq₁

niniGana(WMP) mosquito (Wallace 1962) PMP *ñikñik

niniMinyaifuin(SHWNG) mosquito PCEMP *ñiñik

niniNggela(OC) sp. of bush used in wristlets PMP *niniq₁

niniRapanui(OC) spin, roll PCEMP *nini

niniRarotongan(OC) vertigo, a sensation of giddiness, dizziness; giddy, dizzy, unsteady’ PCEMP *nini

niniʔRembong(CMP) a plant: Donax canniformis PMP *niniq₁

niniHawu(CMP) very small kind of midge PCEMP *ñiñik

niniHawu(CMP) very small kind of midge PMP *niniq₂

niniSeimat(OC) bee PCEMP *ñiñik

niniWaropen(SHWNG) midge, mosquito PCEMP *ñiñik

niniWaropen(SHWNG) mosquito PMP *niniq₂

niniYami(WMP) Donax cannaeformis (plant used to make karapal, or flat basket) (Kano and Segawa:386) PMP *niniq₁

niniHawu(CMP) very small kind of midge PMP *ñikñik

niniWaropen(SHWNG) mosquito PMP *ñikñik

ninihItbayaten(WMP) earthquake PMP *ninih

ni-nihLeipon(OC) dream PCEMP *nipi

nini-hoSa'a(OC) hornet PCEMP *ñiñik

ninikRotinese(CMP) mosquito PCEMP *ñiñik

ninikTetun(CMP) a small mosquito with a painful sting PMP *ñikñik

ninikYamdena(CMP) midge, mosquito PCEMP *ñiñik

ninikRotinese(CMP) mosquito PMP *ñikñik

ni-niluRotinese(CMP) sour, as a tamarind fruit PAN *ŋilu

*ninisoPGor(WMP) scour, rub clean (as a table top) PPH *nisnís

nini-sua'Āre'āre(OC) kind of bee PCEMP *ñiñik

ni-niwiNumbami(OC) dream PCEMP *nipi

ninoBuruese(CMP) cast a shadow; look down PMP *qaninu

nino-hBuruese(CMP) overshadow; gaze into PMP *qaninu

nintuʔRembong(CMP) kind of fern: Lygodium circinnatum PMP *nituq

ninuAlune(CMP) reflection PMP *qaninu

ninuBimanese(CMP) shadow; reflection PMP *qaninu

n-inuBoano₂(CMP) nose PMP *ijuŋ

n-inuDhao/Ndao(CMP) to drink PMP *inum

ninuKambera(CMP) shadow, shadow-image; reflection (as in water) PMP *qaninu

ní-nuKapampangan(WMP) who? PAN *-nu

n-inuManipa(CMP) to drink PMP *inum

ninuYamdena(CMP) shadow; reflection PMP *qaninu

ninu-nBuruese(CMP) shadow; reflection PMP *qaninu

niŋalAsilulu(CMP) echo PMP *niŋal

niŋkaŋBalinese(WMP) stand with the feet wide apart PWMP *tikaŋ

niŋkebBalinese(WMP) spill PWMP *tiŋkeb

niŋníŋTagalog(WMP) brilliance, sparkle PMP *niŋniŋ

niŋuKavalan(Formosan) shadow, reflection PAN *qaNiŋu

niʔoRarotongan(OC) tooth, teeth POC *nipon

nioʔRembong(CMP) the coconut palm, Cocos nucifera PMP *niuR

nioSaparua(CMP) tooth PAN *nipen

niógIlokano(WMP) coconut (tree or fruit): Cocos nucifera PMP *niuR

niogMaranao(WMP) coconut, Cocos nucifera L. PMP *niuR

niógPangasinan(WMP) coconut PMP *niuR

ni-omMbula(OC) 2pl. excl. nominative, you PMP *kamu₂

nípaʔAklanon(WMP) palm --- used for roofing or siding: Nipa fruticans PMP *nipaq

nipaBalaesang(WMP) a swamp palm: Nipa fruticans PMP *nipaq

nipaBare'e(WMP) the nipa palm, Nipa fruticans, very common in the coastal swamps of central Sulawesi; on the coast the leaves are used as roof thatch PMP *nipaq

nípaʔBikol(WMP) palm sp. possessing leaves used for roofing and walls, and from whose sap a wine and vinegar may be fermented: Nypa fruticans PMP *nipaq

nipaʔBinukid(WMP) creeping palm (the leaves of which are used extensively for thatching) PMP *nipaq

nipaʔMongondow(WMP) a swamp palm: Nipa fruticans PMP *nipaq

nípaIlokano(WMP) the nipa palm whose leaves are used for thatching; the alcoholic beverage distilled from this palm PMP *nipaq

nipaMakassarese(WMP) a swamp palm: Nipa fruticans, the leaves of which are used as roof thatch PMP *nipaq

nipaʔMapun(WMP) a kind of palm tree or its leaves that are used for roofing material PMP *nipaq

nipaʔMaranao(WMP) Nipa fruticans Thunb. – nipa palm PMP *nipaq

nipaNgadha(CMP) kind of large snake PMP *anipa

nipaNgadha(CMP) large snake PMP *nipay

nipaPendau(WMP) a swamp palm: Nipa fruticans PMP *nipaq

nipaTae'(WMP) the swamp palm, Nipa fruticans PMP *nipaq

nipaʔTausug(WMP) nipa palm: Nipa fruticans (used for roofing and walling) PMP *nipaq

nipaʔTunjung(WMP) snake PMP *anipa

nipaʔYakan(WMP) nipa palm; palm shingles: Nipa Fruticans. It makes good roofing material; the leaflets are cut off from the midrib and individually folded over a strip of bamboo in such a way that one end is a bit longer than the other. PMP *nipaq

nipaʔBoano(WMP) a swamp palm: Nipa fruticans PMP *nipaq

nipaaʔKiput(WMP) a swamp palm: Nipa fruticans PMP *nipaq

nipahIban(WMP) a palm: Nipa fruticans PMP *nipaq

nipahKaro Batak(WMP) kind of palm tree that yields roofing material and the wrapping for nipa cigarettes PMP *nipaq

nipahKenyah (Long Wat)(WMP) snake PMP *anipa

nipahMalay(WMP) thatch palm, Nipa fruticans PMP *nipaq

nipahNarum(WMP) snake PMP *anipa

nipahOld Javanese(WMP) a particular kind of palm tree (in swamps) PMP *nipaq

nipahJavanese(WMP) swamp palm tree PMP *nipaq

nipayMaranao(WMP) snake, serpent PMP *nipay

ni-pa-kedkedItbayaten(WMP) tied to something PPH *kedked

nipanNarum(WMP) tooth PAN *nipen

nipanBelait(WMP) tooth PAN *nipen

nipa-rKemak(CMP) tooth PAN *nipen

nipa tééNgadha(CMP) centipede, millipede PMP *nipay

nípayMaguindanao(WMP) snake PMP *nipay

*nipa(y)PSam(CMP) snake PMP *nipay

nipayWetan(CMP) snake PMP *nipay

nípaʔCebuano(WMP) palm of great commercial importance growing along tidal streams and in dense stands in brackish swamps; the leaves are used mainly for thatching, but also for bags, hats, and handicrafts; the sap is fermented into toddy and distilled into a stronger liquor called manyan: Nypa fruticans PMP *nipaq

nipeKaro Batak(WMP) snake PMP *nipay

nipeLamboya(CMP) snake PMP *nipay

nipənKujau(WMP) tooth PAN *nipen

nipənMinokok(WMP) tooth PAN *nipen

nipé sawaGayō(WMP) kind of snake, Python reticulatea PMP *sawa

nipé sawaKaro Batak(WMP) according to some the python; according to others a large black snake PMP *sawa

ni-petpetItbayaten(WMP) cut PPH *petpet₃

nipiKelabit(WMP) thin, of materials PMP *nipis

nipiBimanese(CMP) thin PMP *nipis

nipiMekeo (East)(OC) dream PCEMP *nipi

nipiMentawai(WMP) thin, fine PMP *nipis

nipiManggarai(CMP) dream PCEMP *nipi

nipiNgadha(CMP) thin PMP *nipis

nipiʔSangir(WMP) thin, flat, scarce, scanty PMP *nipis

nipiʔTae'(WMP) thin, flat PMP *nipis

nipiTalaud(WMP) thin PMP *nipis

nipiTifu(CMP) dream PCEMP *nipi

nipiʔBuginese(WMP) thin (as cloth) PMP *nipis

nipi féciNgadha(CMP) delicate, thin, fine, beautiful PMP *nipis

nipihKomodo(CMP) thin (of boards, membranes) PMP *nipis

nipɨnAborlan Tagbanwa(WMP) tooth PAN *nipen

nipɨnPalawan Batak(WMP) tooth PAN *nipen

nipinThao(Formosan) tooth PAN *nipen

*nipiQPBun(WMP) thin (objects) PMP *nipis

nipísAklanon(WMP) to become thin(ner), less thick PMP *nipis

nipisBoano(WMP) thin (object) PMP *nipis

nipísCebuano(WMP) thin, not thick (as the pages of a Bible); thin, scanty; become, make thin; do something on a scanty scale, thin something out (as hair) PMP *nipis

nipisGayō(WMP) thin (of materials) PMP *nipis

nipisMalay(WMP) thin; tenuous (skin of fruits, lips, paper) PMP *nipis

nipisMapun(WMP) thinness; slenderness (as of cloth, paper, human body) PMP *nipis

nipisMaranao(WMP) thinness PMP *nipis

nipisMolbog(WMP) thin PMP *nipis

nipisRembong(CMP) thin PMP *nipis

nipisSasak(WMP) thin PMP *nipis

nipísTagalog(WMP) thinness (as of a slice of cheese) PMP *nipis

nipisTausug(WMP) thinness, flimsiness, sleaziness PMP *nipis

nipisToba Batak(WMP) thin PMP *nipis

nipisTombulu(WMP) thin PMP *nipis

nipisTonsea(WMP) thin PMP *nipis

nipisTotoli(WMP) thin (object) PMP *nipis

nipisManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) of flat objects, thin PMP *nipis

nipísHanunóo(WMP) thinness, referring to PMP *nipis

nipisSamal(WMP) thin PMP *nipis

nipisSundanese(WMP) thinly, poorly; become scanty or trifling PMP *nipis

nipis-aBinukid(WMP) cut it thin! (as in slicing meat) PMP *nipis

nipis-akeSundanese(WMP) to make thinner PMP *nipis

nipis-ánTagalog(WMP) to make something thin PMP *ma-nipis

nipis-anTausug(WMP) to make (something) thinner, take away some thickness PMP *nipis

nípisiʔBantik(WMP) thin PMP *nipis

nipisiʔMakassarese(WMP) thin, of flat objects; light, in the sense of not being of a serious nature PMP *nipis

nipis-iMaranao(WMP) flatten; to make thin (as wood by whittling) PMP *nipis

nipis-únHiligaynon(WMP) to be thinner, to reduce in volume or thickness PMP *nipis

nipis-unMapun(WMP) to make something thin, make something thinner PMP *nipis

nipitAgutaynen(WMP) thin PMP *nipis

nipoMurut (Tagol)(WMP) python PMP *anipa

nipoAnuta(OC) tooth, teeth POC *nipon

niponIda'an Begak(WMP) tooth PAN *nipen

niponDumpas(WMP) tooth PAN *nipen

niponMolbog(WMP) tooth PAN *nipen

nippiBuginese(WMP) dream PMP *h<in>ipi

nipunBunun(Formosan) tooth PAN *nipen

nipunBunun (Isbukun)(Formosan) tooth PAN *nipen

nipu-nAdzera(OC) tooth; mouth POC *nipon

nipwisipwisChuukese(OC) butterfly PAN *qali-

niraItbayaten(WMP) for them PWMP *ni ida

niraOld Javanese(WMP) form in which the pronoun sira appears, when qualifying a noun (his, her; your) or the in-form of the passive verb (by him, by her; by you) PWMP *ni ida

n-ira-iKaro Batak(WMP) salt something PWMP *qasiRa-i

ni-raraŋ ~ r<in>araŋTontemboan(WMP) what is roasted (already taken from the fire) PWMP *d<in>aŋdaŋ

ni-ruLakona(OC) two POC *rua

ni-rumá-rumáPangasinan(WMP) unique PAN *duma

nisGaloli(CMP) tooth PMP *ŋisi

nisTugun(CMP) thin PMP *nipis

ni-saɣTape(OC) banana POC *saku₃

ni-selAtchin(OC) path, road POC *jalan

n-isepSasak(WMP) porous, absorbent (as blotting paper, etc.) PMP *qisep

nisi-fVaikenu(CMP) tooth PMP *ŋisi

nisikIban(WMP) to scale fish PMP *siksik₂

ni-sisMotlav(OC) female breast PAN *susu₁

nisnísCebuano(WMP) clean or smooth something by rubbing something back and forth over it (as in rubbing wood smooth before painting it) PPH *nisnís

nisnisMansaka(WMP) to brush, as the teeth, or a table top to clean it off PPH *nisnís

nisnísIlokano(WMP) a rag used to wipe dirty things (pots, etc.) PPH *nisnís

nisnísPangasinan(WMP) broom, brush PPH *nisnís

*nisnisPMin(WMP) to wipe, brush PPH *nisnís

nisnis-anIbaloy(WMP) to wipe something clean PPH *nisnis-an

nisnis-ánIlokano(WMP) to wipe with a rag PPH *nisnis-an

nisnis-anItbayaten(WMP) to wipe away, to remove by wiping; to mop, to wipe off PPH *nisnis-an

nisnis-enIbaloy(WMP) to wipe something off of something else (as water, dust from chair) PPH *nisnís

nisnis-iItbayaten(WMP) Wipe it! (imper.) PPH *nisnís

nisoWest Damar(CMP) fruit bat, flying fox PMP *paniki

nisuMarau₂(OC) to spit PEMP *kanisu

nisukSundanese(WMP) to stab, as with a kris PWMP *tisuk

nitKei(CMP) corpse, shade, shadow, spectre; dead person PMP *qanitu

n-itaMamanwa(WMP) 1st dual incl. genitive (Lobel 2012) PAN *n-ita

n-itaPazeh(Formosan) our, ours PAN *n-ita

n-itaSeediq(Formosan) our PAN *n-ita

nɨ-ta(a)Lenakel(OC) blood POC *draRaq

nita-sRotinese(CMP) tree with resinous fruit PAN *Niteq

ni-telLakona(OC) three PEMP *tolu

n-iθaAnejom(OC) name POC *isa₂

nitiʔLun Dayeh(WMP) to breastfeed an infant PMP *titiq

niṭikJavanese(WMP) to strike a light using flint and steel PMP *tiktik₁

niṭikJavanese(WMP) to strike a light using flint and steel PAN *tiktik₁

ni-tjenPaiwan(Formosan) ours (incl.) PAN *iten₃

nítoʔBikol(WMP) black fern PMP *nituq

nítoIlokano(WMP) fern used in basket and hat making: Lygodium flexuosum, Lygodium japonicum PMP *nituq

nítoʔTagalog(WMP) sp. of forest vine with strong fibers used for hatmaking, basketmaking, etc. PMP *nituq

ni-toliItbayaten(WMP) circumcised PPH *turiq

ni-tol(u)Mota(OC) three PEMP *tolu

nito-nSoboyo(CMP) sap, pith of trees and plants PAN *Niteq

nituBuruese(CMP) deceased, corpse; ghost PMP *qanitu

nituDobel(CMP) ghost PMP *qanitu

nituFordata(CMP) dead person; ghost, shade, spectre PMP *qanitu

nítuʔHanunóo(WMP) a climbing fern (Lygodium circinnatum Swartz); the twining, vinelike dark stems are used extensively in basketry overlay work PMP *nituq

nituKamarian(CMP) ghost, spirit PMP *qanitu

nituLeti(CMP) spirit, ghost, spectre PMP *qanitu

nituMono-Alu(OC) spirit of the dead PMP *qanitu

nituNgadha(CMP) tree sp. PMP *nituq

nituNgadha(CMP) tree sp.; earth spirit, earth personified and deified; nature spirit; all ancestors, all the deceased PMP *qanitu

nituPaulohi(CMP) spirit of the dead PMP *qanitu

nituRembong(CMP) nature spirit PMP *qanitu

nituRotinese(CMP) ancestral spirits; evil spirit; forest spirit PMP *qanitu

nitu-Sie(OC) child PEMP *natu

nituSika(CMP) spirit of the dead PMP *qanitu

nituYamdena(CMP) spirit, ghost, spectre PMP *qanitu

nitu-naMono-Alu(OC) spirit of the dead PMP *qanitu

ni-tunuSangir(WMP) be singed by someone PMP *t<in>unuh

nítuʔCebuano(WMP) scrambling ferns, the stems of which are used in weaving baskets, hats, boxes: Lygodium spp. PMP *nituq

niuAnuta(OC) coconut tree and fruit PMP *niuR

niuAore(OC) dry coconut PMP *niuR

niu'Āre'āre(OC) coconut tree and fruit PMP *niuR

niuArosi(OC) coconut tree and fruit PMP *niuR

niuBugotu(OC) coconut tree and fruit PMP *niuR

niuFijian(OC) the coconut tree, Cocos nucifera; at least eleven named varieties of fruit PMP *niuR

niuFutunan(OC) coconut tree, Cocos nucifera L. PMP *niuR

niuGedaged(OC) coconut tree and fruit PMP *niuR

niuGitua(OC) coconut PMP *niuR

niuHawaiian(OC) coconut tree, Cocos nucifera PMP *niuR

niuGabadi(OC) coconut PMP *niuR

niuKairiru(OC) coconut PMP *niuR

niuKapingamarangi(OC) coconut tree, Cocos nucifera PMP *niuR

niuKomodo(CMP) the coconut palm, Cocos nucifera PMP *niuR

niuKove(OC) coconut PMP *niuR

niuKwaio(OC) coconut palm and fruit; stones, symbolic of coconuts, placed ritually at living site as consecration to ancestors, to ensure permanence PMP *niuR

niuLau(OC) coconut tree and fruit PMP *niuR

niuLusi(OC) coconut PMP *niuR

niuManam(OC) coconut tree and fruit PMP *niuR

niuMotu(OC) coconut tree and mature fruit: Cocos nucifera PMP *niuR

niuMussau(OC) coconut tree PMP *niuR

niuNggela(OC) coconut palm; the nut PMP *niuR

niuNiue(OC) coconut palm (13 varieties listed); copra PMP *niuR

niuPendau(WMP) coconut PMP *niuR

niuRennellese(OC) the coconut tree, Cocos nucifera; libations of fresh water or water squeezed from a banana stalk … and poured ceremonially from a coconut shell with ritual formulas, so as to cure sickness or cleanse a garden of evil gods PMP *niuR

niuRotuman(OC) coconut, copra PMP *niuR

niuSa'a(OC) the coconut palm, Cocos nucifera, PMP *niuR

niuSamoan(OC) general name for palms, especially the coconut palm, many of the varieties and forms of which are known by name PMP *niuR

niuToqabaqita(OC) coconut tree and fruit PMP *niuR

niuTubetube(OC) coconut (mature ones) PMP *niuR

niuTuvaluan(OC) coconut tree, Cocos nucifera; mature coconut; copra PMP *niuR

niuWayan(OC) coconut tree and fruit PMP *niuR

niu ~ niulaMolima(OC) coconut PMP *niuR

niu daŋManam(OC) coconut water PMP *niuR

niu fuaTuvaluan(OC) fruitful coconut tree POC *puaq

niugIda'an Begak(WMP) coconut PMP *niuR

niugTotoli(WMP) coconut PMP *niuR

niu kafaTongan(OC) kind of coconut; the fruit is very long and is mostly husk --- the best kind for making sennit (kafa) PMP *niuR

niulaGah(CMP) coconut PMP *niuR

niu maaŋalaKapingamarangi(OC) coconut tree which bears edible husks PMP *niuR

niu māna'Āre'āre(OC) a coconut over which incantations are said, and the cream of which is used to wash the region of the eyes of a corpse PMP *niuR

ni-umas-anKavalan(Formosan) pickled meat or fish PAN *umaS

niu mataAnuta(OC) young coconut PMP *niuR

niu mataFutunan(OC) young coconut with very soft meat PMP *niuR

niu mataGitua(OC) coconut eye PMP *niuR

niu mataSamoan(OC) immature coconut (at the stage at which it can be drunk) PMP *niuR

niunMoken(WMP) coconut PMP *niuR

niu ni taoha'Āre'āre(OC) a palm, Nipa fruticans taoha = ‘canoe house; shrine on the beach’) PMP *niuR

niu-niuFijian(OC) Veitchia filifera PMP *niuR

niu-niuNiue(OC) a grove of coconuts PMP *niuR

niu-niu-laLau(OC) tasting of pork or coconut PMP *niuR

niuŋBerawan (Long Terawan)(WMP) palms of the genus Oncosperma PMP *qanibuŋ

niu piuSamoan(OC) the Samoan fan-palm: Styloma sp. POC *piRu

niurBasap(WMP) coconut PMP *niuR

niurIban(WMP) coconut palm: Cocos nucifera L. PMP *niuR

niu(r)Kowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) coconut PMP *niuR

niu rryanKairiru(OC) coconut milk (= water) POC *ranum

niur undaŋIban(WMP) head trophy (poetic; undaŋ = ‘visit and return’) PMP *niuR

niu taohaArosi(OC) a species of palm, Nipa fruticans PMP *niuR

niu tuzutiGedaged(OC) remove all the coconuts (this is done to all the coconut palms of a dead person when the time of mourning is at an end) PMP *niuR

niuwTombonuwo(WMP) coconut palm PMP *niuR

niuyMa'anyan(WMP) coconut PMP *niuR

niu yabiaFijian(OC) arrowroot palm PMP *niuR

nivaNggela(OC) a species of sago palm smaller than sao (the latter is not identified by Fox 1955) PMP *nipaq

ni-vaAtchin(OC) stingray POC *paRi

ni-vatAtchin(OC) stone POC *patu

ni-veAxamb(OC) stingray POC *paRi

ni-veMaxbaxo(OC) stingray POC *paRi

ni-vehLakona(OC) how many? POC *pica

niviMolima(OC) dream PCEMP *nipi

nivi-lemLakona(OC) five PAN *lima

ni-vitMotlav(OC) star POC *pituqun

ni-vüAxamb(OC) turtle POC *poñu

ni-vuluLingarak(OC) feather POC *pulu₃

niwAhus(OC) coconut palm PMP *niuR

niwLele(OC) coconut palm PMP *niuR

niwaŋAgutaynen(WMP) thinness PMP *niwaŋ

níwaŋAklanon(WMP) get thinner, become skinny, lose weight PMP *niwaŋ

niwaŋCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) skinny, thin (of animate objects) PMP *niwaŋ

níwaŋCebuano(WMP) thin, not stout PMP *niwaŋ

níwaŋHanunóo(WMP) thinness, referring to people PMP *niwaŋ

níwaŋHiligaynon(WMP) thinness PMP *niwaŋ

níwaŋItawis(WMP) thinness PMP *niwaŋ

niwaŋMansaka(WMP) become thin, as a pig PMP *niwaŋ

niwaŋMaranao(WMP) thinness PMP *niwaŋ

níwaŋMasbatenyo(WMP) thin (refers only to the thinness of an animate being) PMP *niwaŋ

niwaroWaropen(SHWNG) coconut PMP *niuR

niweBuruese(CMP) coconut PMP *niuR

niwelAsilulu(CMP) coconut, Cocos nucifera PMP *niuR

niweliBatu Merah(CMP) coconut PMP *niuR

*niwərPAmb(CMP) coconut PMP *niuR

niwilMorella(CMP) coconut PMP *niuR

niwoNumbami(OC) tooth POC *nipon

niwoTawala(OC) tooth POC *nipon

ni-wuk-aŋSangir(WMP) become drunk PMP *buhuk

-niyáBikol(WMP) 3sg. agent and possessor PAN *ni-a

-niyáHanunóo(WMP) 3sg. agent and possessor PAN *ni-a

ni-yáTagalog(WMP) 3sg. agent and possessor PAN *ni-a

niyáTagalog(WMP) his, her, hers, its PAN *ni-ia

niyawaYakan(WMP) soul, spirit, life principle (all living things --- humans, animals, plants --- are said to have niyawa; if a person is dead his niyawa has left; if sleeping his niyawalihan may wander about) PMP *nihawa

niyógAklanon(WMP) coconut tree and fruit PMP *niuR

niyógBikol(WMP) coconut palm and fruit PMP *niuR

niyógCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) coconut palm and its fruit PMP *niuR

niyógAgta (Dupaningan)(WMP) coconut PMP *niuR

niyogIbaloy(WMP) coconut tree and fruit PMP *niuR

niyógPalawan Batak(WMP) coconut, coconut tree PMP *niuR

niyógTagalog(WMP) coconut palm tree and fruit PMP *niuR

niyog-ánBikol(WMP) coconut plantation PMP *niuR

niyokChamorro(WMP) coconut tree and fruit: Cocos nucifera PMP *niuR

niyoyItbayaten(WMP) coconut tree, coconut fruit: Palmae Cocos nucifera Linn.; the oil is rubbed on the body of a baby after taking a bath to prevent cold and heat; rubbed on mosquito bites; meat of a naturally cracked coconut is grated, mixed with water and applied to the body of a spirit-possessed person PMP *niuR

niyúgHanunóo(WMP) coconut palm and fruit (Cocos nucifera Linn.); the roots are boiled and the resulting decoction is drunk for urinary disorders PMP *niuR

niyúgHiligaynon(WMP) coconut PMP *niuR

niyúgIfugaw(WMP) oconut palm, Cocos nucifera L.; coconut fruit; a coconut cup may be called niyúg, but exceptionally PMP *niuR

niyugMapun(WMP) coconut (six growth stages are terminologically recognized); coconut tree; coconut plantation; copra PMP *niuR

niyugTausug(WMP) Cocos nucifera, the coconut tree (not included semantically under generic kahuy); five growth stages of the coconut fruit are terminologically recognized PMP *niuR

niyúg-anHanunóo(WMP) coconut grove PMP *niuR

niyug-ánTagalog(WMP) coconut plantation PMP *niuR

niʔi-Vatrata(OC) child PEMP *natu

niʔiEast Damar(CMP) fruit bat, flying fox PMP *paniki


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nji ibuMurik(WMP) one thousand PMP *Ribu

n-j-ulu-iKaro Batak(WMP) bathe upstream from someone (considered improper) PMP *di qulu


TOP      n/    na    nb    nc    nd    ne    nf    ng    nh    ni        ni    nj    nk    nl    nm    nn        no    np    nr    ns    nt    nu    nv    nw    ny    nz    


n-kaitYamdena(CMP) to hook something, fish with a hook; to drag; turn a boat around by paddling PAN *kawit

n-kalYamdena(CMP) to dig, dig into; to hollow out trees PMP *kali₂

n-kal asakYamdena(CMP) make holes for the planting of tubers PMP *kali₂

n-karatYamdena(CMP) to bite PMP *kaRat

n-kariYamdena(CMP) scratch with the nails, scratch over a hard surface; draw a line PMP *garis

n-kenaFordata(CMP) to touch, to affect someone or something PMP *kena₁


TOP      n/    na    nb    nc    nd    ne    nf    ng    nh    ni        ni    nj    nk    nl    nm    nn        no    np    nr    ns    nt    nu    nv    nw    ny    nz    


n-laiVowa(OC) sail PAN *layaR

n-laŋanYamdena(CMP) place rollers under, as under a canoe PMP *laŋen₁

n-lueYamdena(CMP) spit out food, etc. PMP *luaq

n-lulunYamdena(CMP) to roll up PMP *lulun


TOP      n/    na    nb    nc    nd    ne    nf    ng    nh    ni        ni    nj    nk    nl    nm    nn        no    np    nr    ns    nt    nu    nv    nw    ny    nz    


n-maYamdena(CMP) to come PAN *um-ai

n-maiLuang(CMP) to come PAN *um-ai

n-malipYamdena(CMP) laugh, laugh at PCEMP *malip

n-mali-tFordata(CMP) laugh, laugh at PCEMP *malip

n-mamaFordata(CMP) to chew betel PMP *mamaq

n-masYamdena(CMP) to smoke PMP *ma-qasu

n-matLeviamp(OC) snake POC *mwata

n-matiLuang(CMP) to die; dead PAN *ma-aCay


TOP      n/    na    nb    nc    nd    ne    nf    ng    nh    ni        ni    nj    nk    nl    nm    nn        no    np    nr    ns    nt    nu    nv    nw    ny    nz    


n-naniLuang(CMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

n-naniEast Damar(CMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

n-nimasKavalan(Formosan) to clean out (water from a boat), dredge PAN *nimas


TOP      n/    na    nb    nc    nd    ne    nf    ng    nh    ni        ni    nj    nk    nl    nm    nn        no    np    nr    ns    nt    nu    nv    nw    ny    nz    

n-ŋeŋYamdena(CMP) hiss, of a snake PMP *ŋeŋ


TOP      n/    na    nb    nc    nd    ne    nf    ng    nh    ni        ni    nj    nk    nl    nm    nn        no    np    nr    ns    nt    nu    nv    nw    ny    nz    


-noBalangaw(WMP) 2sg. minimal postnominal possessor; your PWMP *nu₂

-noBalangaw(WMP) 2sg possessor and non-subject agent PWMP *-nu

noSambal (Botolan)(WMP) if PAN *nu₁

noErai(CMP) coconut tree and fruit PMP *niuR

noIlokano(WMP) if, when (in the future) PAN *nu₁

noIsneg(WMP) if PAN *nu₁

noKadazan Dusun(WMP) already, grammatical particle PMP *na₄

noKadazan (Kimanis)(WMP) genitive of personal names (plural) PAN *na₃

-noLabuk-Kinabatangan Kadazan(WMP) already, no longer, not anymore, now (particle with negatives) PMP *na₄

-noMuna(WMP) 3sg. possessor PAN *ni-a

Puluwat(OC) wave, to be many waves, as in a strong sea POC *napok

Puluwat(OC) wave; to be many waves, as in a strong sea POC *ñoro

noRotinese(CMP) coconut tree and fruit PMP *niuR

-noManobo (Sarangani)(WMP) 2sg possessor and non-subject agent PWMP *-nu

noTalur(CMP) coconut PMP *niuR

-noMurut (Timugon)(WMP) 3sg. agent and possessor PAN *ni-a

noYami(WMP) genitive case marker for common nouns PAN *nu₃

noYami(WMP) when, if PAN *nu₁

noaWetan(CMP) land, island, territory, region PMP *nusa₁

no-bondulMongondow(WMP) glutted, having eaten or drunk too much PMP *bendul

no-botMotlav(OC) navel POC *buto

no erErai(CMP) coconut water PMP *niuR

nofBuli(SHWNG) kind of poisonous fish PMP *nepuq

nofSawai(SHWNG) kind of fish PMP *nepuq

nofoNiue(OC) to sit; to dwell; to become established POC *nofo

nofoSamoan(OC) live, dwell; stay, remain; sit (down, up, straight, etc.); (of a woman or a couple), be married POC *nofo

nofoTongan(OC) to sit; to stay, live, dwell, reside (at or in or on) POC *nofo

nofo-aNiue(OC) a seat, chair POC *nofo

nõfuNias(WMP) kind of fish PMP *nepuq

nofuSamoan(OC) toadfishes of genera Scorpaenopsis and Synanceja, some of which have poisonous spines POC *nopuq

nofuWuvulu(OC) stonefish POC *nopuq

no-gogMotlav(OC) Macaranga tanarius POC *koka

no-ɣoitLingarak(OC) squid/octopus PMP *kuRita

no-ɣutSie(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

nòhAcehnese(WMP) squid, cuttlefish, octopus PMP *nues

nohBipi(OC) afraid POC *nopo-nopo

nohEre(OC) afraid POC *nopo-nopo

nohLikum(OC) stonefish, lionfish POC *nopuq

nohLikum(OC) afraid POC *nopo-nopo

nohLindrou(OC) afraid POC *nopo-nopo

nohLoniu(OC) lionfish POC *nopuq

nohSeimat(OC) stonefish POC *nopuq

nohaKove(OC) yesterday POC *noRap

nohoHawaiian(OC) seat, chair, stool, bench, saddle; to live, dwell; to be in session; to stay, tarry; to marry; possession of a medium by a spirit or god POC *nofo

nohoKapingamarangi(OC) to sit; to stay; to dwell POC *nofo

nohoMaori(OC) sit; stay, remain; settle, dwell, live; lie, be located POC *nofo

nohoMotu(OC) to dwell POC *nofo

nohoRennellese(OC) resting place, home, grave, residence, chair, pew; staying POC *nofo

nohoRotuman(OC) to sit; to dwell, live, reside, stay, remain, etc. POC *nofo

noho-aŋaMaori(OC) seat POC *nofo

noho-ayNali(OC) fear (n.) POC *nopo-nopo

noho-iaMaori(OC) be inhabited, frequented; be kept or celebrated POC *nofo

noho-noLoniu(OC) afraid POC *nopo-nopo

noho-nohoArosi(OC) to fear, be in awe of, be shy of, as tame pigs of wild or Melanesians of Englishmen POC *nopo-nopo

no-hosAnejom(OC) banana POC *pudi

nohuArosi(OC) fish with spiny ridge POC *nopuq

nohuHawaiian(OC) Scorpaeinidae, fish with poisonous spines POC *nopuq

nohuMotu(OC) stinging fish POC *nopuq

n-okLehalurup(OC) canoe POC *waga

nokaItbayaten(WMP) wound (infected one) PMP *nuka

nokaYami(WMP) boil, sore PMP *nuka

noko-Iaai(OC) child PEMP *natu

nokuTongan(OC) to bend one’s body, stoop, crouch POC *noku

noku(-mia)'Āre'āre(OC) to fold, crease, entwine POC *noku

no-kuoKadazan Dusun(WMP) what is the matter? what is wrong? PMP *kuja

n-olYamdena(CMP) move to and fro PCEMP *oliq, uliq

nolaNggela(OC) yesterday POC *noRap

nolaNggela(OC) yesterday POC *ñoRap

nolahaHalia(OC) yesterday POC *noRap

nomMosina(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

nomRano(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

-nômYabem(OC) to drink PMP *inum

nom ~ numWampar(OC) to drink PMP *inum

no maiWuvulu(OC) Come here! (= ‘you come’) POC *mai

no-matAmblong(OC) dead POC *mate

no mata-naRotinese(CMP) sprout of a coconut PMP *mata

noməTsou(Formosan) six PAN *enem

nomnomIfugaw(WMP) conveys the idea of thinking, of being mindful PAN *nemnem

nonGilbertese(OC) a tree: Morinda citrifolia; the fruit of this tree POC *ñoñu

nonNali(OC) tree with inedible fruit: Morinda citrifolia L. POC *ñoñu

n-onVatrata(OC) sand POC *qone

nona i vuni-vuniFijian(OC) his hiding place POC *puni-puni

nonaŋMaranao(WMP) a tree: Cordia dichotoma PMP *hanunaŋ

nonaŋMaranao(WMP) a tree: Cordia dichotoma PAN *qaNuNaŋ

no-naŋiMoronene(WMP) to swim PMP *naŋuy

nona vuni-vuniFijian(OC) his private parts POC *puni-puni

noniHawaiian(OC) the Indian mulberry (Morinda citrifolia), a small tree or shrub in the coffee family with pale yellow unpleasant-tasting fruits. Formerly Hawaiians obtained dye and medicine from the many parts of the tree POC *ñoñu

no nitukRotinese(CMP) sago palm PMP *niuR

nónnóPuluwat(OC) to be big with waves POC *ñoro

nonoArosi(OC) a fly POC *nonok

nonoArosi(OC) put the lips to, suck, as a sweet POC *ñoñop

nonoArosi(OC) to suck POC *ñoñop

nonoBimanese(CMP) drink, swallow PMP *ñepñep

nonoBimanese(CMP) to drink PCEMP *ñopñop

nónoʔSambal (Botolan)(WMP) female breast PAN *nunuh

nonoWest Damar(CMP) name PMP *ŋajan

nonoGitua(OC) a tree, Morinda citrifolia; bark used for red dye POC *ñoñu

nonoManam(OC) to eat (only of mangoes) (Böhm 1975), to suck (Blust n.d.) POC *ñoñop

nonoManam(OC) to suck mangoes POC *ñoñop

nonoNiue(OC) small beetle POC *nonok

nonoRarotongan(OC) a native tree: the Morinda citrifolia POC *ñoñu

nonoRennellese(OC) kind of small fly, as on rotten bananas POC *nonok

nonoTongan(OC) fruit fly POC *nonok

nonoWuvulu(OC) sandfly POC *nonok

nono äsiSa'a(OC) midge, sandfly POC *nonok

nono-eAsilulu(CMP) suck (Stresemann 1927:63) PMP *ñepñep

nono-eAsilulu(CMP) to suck PCEMP *ñopñop

no-nofoTongan(OC) to live together in one house or as one community; to live together as husband and wife POC *nofo

nono iasiArosi(OC) sandfly, midge POC *nonok

nonokMaranao(WMP) banyan tree: Ficus sp. PMP *nunuk

nonokItbayaten(WMP) a tree: Ficus tinctoria Forst.; goats eat it, and the wood is used to make boat parts, such as paddles PMP *nunuk

nónokaMalagasy(WMP) a tree, a decoction of the leaves of which is used as a remedy for diarrhea, and also to relieve the pains of childbirth: Ficus melleri Baker PMP *nunuk

no-nolaBalaesang(WMP) to fry PMP *saŋelaR

no-nolaSa'a(OC) yesterday POC *noRap

no-nolaSa'a(OC) yesterday POC *ñoRap

nonō (length unexplained)Hawaiian(OC) to snore, gurgle POC *ŋoŋok

nonomMota(OC) to think POC *nonom

nonoŋMalay(WMP) walk looking fixedly ahead, as a drunkard trying to walk straight PWMP *nuŋnuŋ

nonopoRoviana(OC) to suck POC *ñoñop

no-norMbula(OC) tidal wave; flood, storm surge POC *ñoro

no-noroTolai(OC) keep pouring forth, rushing, running, gushing, flowing quickly POC *ñoro

nonuAnuta(OC) a tree, of which there are two subvarieties; te nonu kuru (with larger fruit), and te nonu vao POC *ñoñu

nonuBimanese(CMP) a tree of which the root’s bark gives a red dye: Morinda spp. (Ismail, Azis, Yakub, Taufik H. and Usman (1985), where this word is said to correspond in meaning to Bahasa Indonesia mengkudu) PCEMP *ñəñu

nónu-Chuukese(OC) deep; under or below the surface; interior (in compounds only) POC *ralom

nonuFutunan(OC) a tree: Morinda citrifolia POC *ñoñu

nonuKapingamarangi(OC) the Indian mulberry: Morinda citrifolia L. POC *ñoñu

nonuMotu(OC) a tree: Morinda citrifolia POC *ñoñu

nonuNiue(OC) a shrub: Morinda citrifolia POC *ñoñu

nonuNukuoro(OC) the Indian mulberry: Morinda citrifolia L. POC *ñoñu

nonuSamoan(OC) shrub or small tree (Morinda spp.), POC *ñoñu

nonuTongan(OC) tree with fruit that looks somewhat like custard apples: Morinda citrifolia. Its leaves and fruit are used medicinally. POC *ñoñu

nonuTuvaluan(OC) shrub sp.: Morinda citrifolia; fruit of nonu POC *ñoñu

nonu fiʔa-fiʔaSamoan(OC) a tree (Eugenia sp.), the Malay apple POC *ñoñu

noŋgərIrarutu(SHWNG) to hear PMP *deŋeR

n-oŋgoUtupua/Tanimbili(OC) canoe POC *waga

noŋnóŋKankanaey(WMP) see; look at; behold; observe; view PWMP *nuŋnuŋ

noŋoTiruray(WMP) a rattan: Calamus sp. PMP *naŋa₂

noŋonoPiva(OC) to hear POC *roŋoR

noʔoAtoni(CMP) leaf PCEMP *daun

no oeRotinese(CMP) coconut water PMP *niuR

nóómwPuluwat(OC) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

nóótChuukese(OC) pus POC *loto₂

noowChuukese(OC) scorpion fish; spotten rockfish POC *nopuq

nopSori(OC) afraid POC *nopo-nopo

nopi (< *ñoñop-i)Tabar(OC) to suck POC *ñoñop

no-pihiʔKadazan Dusun(WMP) (has been) chosen, elected, selected PWMP *na-piliq

nopoAnuta(OC) to dwell; to sit; to be alive POC *nofo

nopuBare'e(WMP) kind of fish PMP *nepuq

nopuMuna(WMP) stonefish (fish with very poisonous spike on its back) PMP *nepuq

nopuWolio(WMP) fish with poisonous spines PMP *nepuq

no-pute wulaMuna(WMP) full moon PMP *putiq

norDobel(CMP) coconut PMP *niuR

norTugun(CMP) coconut PMP *niuR

noraMbula(OC) widow POC *ñaRo

noraWetan(CMP) coconut tree and fruit PMP *niuR

noroTolai(OC) to pour forth, rush, run, gush, flow quickly; rapid flow, rapid motion; torrent, jet POC *ñoro

noro-a'Āre'āre(OC) hear, hear tidings of, understand POC *roŋoR

noro-a keni'Āre'āre(OC) to inquire about a girl as a prospective bride for a man POC *roŋoR

noromTiruray(WMP) tame, gentle PAN *najam

no-ronLingarak(OC) leaf PEMP *raun

noronMadurese(WMP) to descend PMP *tuRun₁

noro-ŋaMbula(OC) widows POC *ñaRo

noru-Nali(OC) child PEMP *natu

noru-Lou(OC) child PEMP *natu

norwaSelau(OC) yesterday POC *noRap

norwaSelau(OC) yesterday POC *ñoRap

n-osVatrata(OC) smoke PMP *qasu₃

nosaMaranao(WMP) (< Malay?) island in Lake Lanao PMP *nusa₁

nosnosChamorro(WMP) squid, cuttlefish PMP *nues

nosyMalagasy(WMP) island PMP *nusa₁

notLou(OC) tall latex-yielding tree with good timber and large edible sweet green fruit PMP *ñatuq

nɔtNauna(OC) child PEMP *natu

no-takitMongondow(WMP) became sick PPH *na-sakit

no-taŋalMongondow(WMP) grip something with the teeth and drag it away PWMP *saŋal

notnótIlokano(WMP) to suck (one's thumb, etc.) PWMP *ñutñut

nótnótPangasinan(WMP) manner of chewing of small children or older persons without teeth PWMP *ñutñut

notrLenkau(OC) tall latex-yielding tree with large edible sweet green fruit PMP *ñatuq

notu-Nokuku(OC) child PEMP *natu

nouKilivila(OC) stonefish POC *nopuq

no-unLenakel(OC) fish poison POC *punat

no-urAtchin(OC) crayfish POC *quraŋ

no-usAtchin(OC) rain POC *qusan

no-utAtchin(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

novoWayan(OC) keep still, be motionless, stay without moving; keep quiet, be subdued, acquiescent, peaceful POC *nofo

novoc-iWayan(OC) stay fixed in a place, not move from a place POC *nofo

novo-novoWayan(OC) stay firmly in place, stick fast, as an anchor which can’t be moved POC *nofo

novuEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) fish with sting on the back POC *nopuq

novuFijian(OC) fish of an ashen color resembling a stone, and possessing a very rough, horny skin POC *nopuq

novuNggela(OC) fish sp.: Peptoscopus POC *nopuq

novuRoviana(OC) rockfish: Synanceja horrida, dreaded on account of its poisonous spikes POC *nopuq

nuwáŋBontok(WMP) water buffalo, carabao PMP *qanuaŋ

no-weyNali(OC) mango PCEMP *waiwai

nowuMolima(OC) poisonous fish POC *nopuq

*nowuPMic(OC) scorpion fish, stonefish POC *nopuq

n-oyu-ñSoboyo(CMP) gall, gall bladder PAN *qapejux

noʔoRarotongan(OC) to stay or stop moving, to cease from moving; sit down, remain, stop, settle, dwell, live or stay or remain at or upon, inhabit a place POC *nofo

noʔuSamoan(OC) (of body) be bent POC *noku


TOP      n/    na    nb    nc    nd    ne    nf    ng    nh    ni        ni    nj    nk    nl    nm    nn        no    np    nr    ns    nt    nu    nv    nw    ny    nz    


n-papanYamdena(CMP) stack on top on one another, of flat objects like boards PMP *papan


TOP      n/    na    nb    nc    nd    ne    nf    ng    nh    ni        ni    nj    nk    nl    nm    nn        no    np    nr    ns    nt    nu    nv    nw    ny    nz    


nraliŋaPiamatsina(OC) ear POC *taliŋa

n-ramasFordata(CMP) to knead, massage PAN *Rames

n-raranFordata(CMP) stay by a fire PMP *daŋdaŋ₁

n-raunMaxbaxo(OC) leaf PEMP *raun

n-reMaxbaxo(OC) blood POC *draRaq

n-refaFordata(CMP) to fathom, measure by fathoms PAN *depah

n-renarFordata(CMP) to hear PMP *deŋeR

nroŋ na-bonEfate (South)(OC) to smell POC *bou roŋoR


TOP      n/    na    nb    nc    nd    ne    nf    ng    nh    ni        ni    nj    nk    nl    nm    nn        no    np    nr    ns    nt    nu    nv    nw    ny    nz    


n-salYamdena(CMP) lose one’s way PMP *salaq₁

n-sesakYamdena(CMP) to stuff full (as a sack with copra) PAN *seksek₁

n-sikuFordata(CMP) carry on the upper arm PAN *sikux

n-sisirFordata(CMP) to comb the hair PMP *sisir

n-sisirYamdena(CMP) to comb the hair PMP *sisir

n-suluYamdena(CMP) illuminate with a torch PMP *suluq

n-surYamdena(CMP) to spoon up, to ladle up PMP *sudu

n-susuLeti(CMP) to suckle, suck at the breast PAN *susu₁

n-susuYamdena(CMP) suck at the breast, of an infant PAN *susu₁

n-susukYamdena(CMP) prick with a pointed instrument PAN *suksuk


TOP      n/    na    nb    nc    nd    ne    nf    ng    nh    ni        ni    nj    nk    nl    nm    nn        no    np    nr    ns    nt    nu    nv    nw    ny    nz    


ntaMinyaifuin(SHWNG) eye PMP *mata

ntaPohnpeian(OC) blood POC *draRaq

n-tabehKaro Batak(WMP) delicious, of taste; fat, of meat; strong, of tobacco PWMP *tabeq

n-tahAtchin(OC) salt PMP *tasik

ntalaManggarai(CMP) star PMP *talaq₁

ntamaTajio(WMP) to enter, go inside PMP *tama₂

n-tanAtchin(OC) earth POC *tanoq

n-tanamYamdena(CMP) dibbling for maize, rice, peanuts, beans, seeds PMP *tanem

n-taniBare'e(WMP) other, different PWMP *taniq

ntaraBimanese(CMP) star PMP *talaq₁

n-taruFordata(CMP) laying of eggs; to lay an egg PMP *taRuq

n-tasAtchin(OC) sea; salt PMP *tasik

n-tasAtchin(OC) sea PMP *tasik

n-télanYamdena(CMP) to swallow PMP *telen

ntesa-boŋiBare'e(WMP) by night PMP *beRŋi

n-tetakYamdena(CMP) cut through, chop through at right angles PAN *tektek₁

n-tetak ulu-nYamdena(CMP) cut off someone’s head PAN *tektek₁

ntomu mesi-Balaesang(WMP) to meet, come across PWMP *temu₂

ntuBuli(SHWNG) child; young PEMP *natu

ntuSawai(SHWNG) child PEMP *natu

ntuaLarike(CMP) old PMP *tuqah

n-tuə̯ʔWahau(WMP) to vomit PAN *utaq

n-tuluŋYamdena(CMP) to help PMP *tuluŋ

n-tunuLuang(CMP) to burn PMP *tunu

n-turYamdena(CMP) to string PMP *tuRa

n-turYamdena(CMP) drip, leak PAN *tuduq

n-tutFordata(CMP) nudge, bump against PAN *tutuh

n-tutuYamdena(CMP) push, knock with the whole body PAN *tutuh

n-tutunFordata(CMP) light a lamp, cigarette, etc. PMP *tutuŋ

n-tutunYamdena(CMP) to light with a flame PMP *tutuŋ

n-tuuŋPendau(WMP) descend, go down PMP *tuRun₁


TOP      n/    na    nb    nc    nd    ne    nf    ng    nh    ni        ni    nj    nk    nl    nm    nn        no    np    nr    ns    nt    nu    nv    nw    ny    nz    


nuMurut (Tagol)(WMP) genitive case marker for common nouns PAN *nu₃

nuAmis(Formosan) genitive case marker for common nouns PAN *nu₃

nuAmpibabo-Lauje(WMP) genitive case marker for common nouns PAN *nu₃

-nuManobo (Ata)(WMP) 2sg possessor and non-subject agent PWMP *-nu

nuAtta (Pamplona)(WMP) if PAN *nu₁

nuBare'e(WMP) genitive case marker for common nouns PAN *nu₃

nuBikol (Miraya dialects)(WMP) genitive of common nouns, + referential ~ + past PAN *nu₃

-nuBinukid(WMP) 2sg. non-topic pronoun; you, your PWMP *nu₂

-nuBinukid(WMP) 2sg possessor and non-subject agent PWMP *-nu

nuBisaya (Lotud)(WMP) genitive case marker for common nouns PAN *nu₃

-nuBonggi(WMP) 2sg possessor and non-subject agent PWMP *-nu

-nuSama (Central)(WMP) 2sg possessor and non-subject agent PWMP *-nu

nuGilbertese(OC) shade, shadow, shadow pictures, outline POC *qanunu

nuHanunóo(WMP) if; when, during, in (with forms denoting periods of time) PAN *nu₁

Hawaiian(OC) to cough; to roar, as wind; grunting, as of pigs; cooing, as of doves; patter, as of rain; groaning, deep sighing, moaning PMP *ŋuk

Hawaiian(OC) to cough; to roar, as wind; grunting, as of pigs; cooing, as of doves; patter, as of rain; groaning, deep sighing, moaning POC *ŋuRuR

nuIda'an Begak(WMP) what? PAN *-nu

nuIlongot(WMP) if PAN *nu₁

nuIlongot(WMP) genitive case marker for common nouns PAN *nu₃

nuIrarutu(SHWNG) island PMP *nusa₁

-nuItneg (Binongan)(WMP) 2sg possessor and non-subject agent PWMP *-nu

nuIvatan(WMP) genitive case marker for common nouns PAN *nu₃

-nuKalinga(WMP) 2sg possessor and non-subject agent PWMP *-nu

nuKaro Batak(WMP) marker of the genitive PAN *nu₃

nuLauje(WMP) genitive case marker for common nouns PAN *nu₃

nuLingkabau(WMP) genitive case marker for common nouns PAN *nu₃

nuLobu Lanas(WMP) genitive case marker for common nouns PAN *nu₃

-nuMakassarese(WMP) 2sg possessor PWMP *-nu

nuMalay(WMP) that there; yon (Kedah) PAN *-nu

-nuMapun(WMP) you; your (second person singular non-focus pronoun or possessive pronoun) PWMP *-nu

nuMentawai(WMP) you; your (as nominal postclitic) PWMP *nu₂

-nuMentawai(WMP) you; your PWMP *-nu

-nuMinokok(WMP) 2sg possessor and non-subject agent PWMP *-nu

nuNumfor(SHWNG) island, only used in compounds, as Nu-mfor, Nus Mapi, etc. PMP *nusa₁

nuPaiwan(Formosan) if, when (in future) PAN *nu₁

nuPazeh(Formosan) genitive marker (rare) PAN *nu₃

-nuRungus Dusun(WMP) 2sg possessor and non-subject agent PWMP *-nu

nuSerui-Laut(SHWNG) island PMP *nusa₁

nuSika(CMP) kind of polyp on the reef PMP *nus

nuSika(CMP) kind of polyp on the reef PMP *nues

nuSungai Kuamut(WMP) genitive case marker for common nouns PAN *nu₃

nuTatana(WMP) genitive case marker for common nouns PAN *nu₃

nuTingalan (West)(WMP) genitive case marker for common nouns PAN *nu₃

-nuTobilung Dusun(WMP) 2sg possessor and non-subject agent PWMP *-nu

nuToratán(WMP) genitive case marker for common nouns PAN *nu₃

-nuUma(WMP) 2sg possessor PWMP *-nu

nuWandamen(SHWNG) island PMP *nusa₁

nuWaropen(SHWNG) village, community PMP *banua

-nuManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) 2sg. non-topic pronoun PWMP *nu₂

-nuManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) 2sg possessor and non-subject agent PWMP *-nu

-nuYakan(WMP) you (second person singular ergative pronoun); your (second person singular possessive pronoun) PWMP *-nu

nuYogad(WMP) genitive case marker for common nouns PAN *nu₃

nu-, -nuKulawi(WMP) 2sg. pronoun PWMP *nu₂

ꞌnu³Mayá(SHWNG) coconut PMP *niuR

nuaAtoni(CMP) two PMP *duha

nuaLeti(CMP) wound PMP *nuka

nuaOnin(CMP) two PMP *duha

nuaPapapana(OC) two POC *rua

núaSekar(CMP) two PMP *duha

nuaSelaru(CMP) framboesia, yaws PMP *nuka

n-uaEfate (South)(OC) fruit POC *puaq

nuaVaikenu(CMP) two PMP *duha

nuaWolio(WMP) kind of small, wild buffalo: Anoa depressicornis PMP *qanuaŋ

nua-iWakasihu(CMP) wound PMP *nuka

nuanKaro Batak(WMP) to plant, of rice, cultivated plants, trees, etc. PWMP *suan

nuanKaro Batak(WMP) planting, of rice, cash crops, trees, etc. PMP *suqan

nuan busoŋ ñebut nama entuaIban(WMP) you blaspheme when you utter the name of your father-in-law or mother-in-law PWMP *busuŋ

nuáŋAtta (Pamplona)(WMP) carabao PMP *qanuaŋ

nuáŋIlokano(WMP) carabao, water buffalo PMP *qanuaŋ

nuāŋIsneg(WMP) carabao, water buffalo PMP *qanuaŋ

nuáŋKankanaey(WMP) carabao, water buffalo PMP *qanuaŋ

núaŋPazeh(Formosan) buffalo PAN *qaNuaŋ

nuaŋTae'(WMP) bush antelope, an antelope with short horns: Anoa depressicornis PMP *qanuaŋ

nuaŋKaro Batak(WMP) to pour PWMP *tuaŋ₁

n-uaŋkLingarak(OC) canoe POC *waga

n-uaŋkLingarak(OC) canoe POC *waga

nubaKenyah(WMP) to catch fish with tuba sap PWMP *ma-nuba

nubaBalinese(WMP) to stun fish with tuba PWMP *ma-nuba

nubehLun Dayeh(WMP) to poison fish PWMP *ma-nuba

nubihKiput(WMP) to stun fish by spreading pulverized Derris root in the river PWMP *ma-nuba

nubuKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) to grow (trans.) PMP *tubuq, tumbuq

nu-búkahSambal (Botolan)(WMP) tomorrow PAN *nu-

nucuApma(OC) child PEMP *natu

nudaWest Damar(CMP) island PMP *nusa₁

nudoKelabit(WMP) to set, put something in a place (as a pot on a table) PWMP *tujaw

nuduhBalinese(WMP) to command, set a task, give instructions PMP *tuzuq₂

nuduhJavanese(WMP) to show or point out something PWMP *ma-nuzuq

nuduhKaro Batak(WMP) to point at, point out, show PWMP *ma-nuzuq

nuduh-iKaro Batak(WMP) point someone out, above all in accusation PMP *tuzuq-i

nuelePaulohi(CMP) coconut palm, Cocos nucifera PMP *niuR

nueloTeluti(CMP) coconut PMP *niuR

núfiMalagasy(WMP) a dream PWMP *nupi

nufoʔChamorro(WMP) stonefish, scorpionfish (highly poisonout if dorsal spines penetrate the skin) PMP *nepuq

*nugaPAmb(CMP) scab PMP *nuka

nuganLahanan(WMP) to dibble PWMP *ma-nugal

nuhEast Damar(CMP) island PMP *nusa₁

nuhaKambera(CMP) land, island PMP *nusa₁

nuhaLamaholot(CMP) island PMP *nusa₁

nuha-ŋSika(CMP) island PMP *nusa₁

nuhoCheke Holo(OC) cuttlefish POC *nuso

nuhoWest Damar(CMP) coconut PMP *niuR

nuhoNggela(OC) generic for reef squids, Sepioteuthis spp. POC *nuso

nuiAtoni(CMP) bone PMP *duRi

nuiSula(CMP) coconut PMP *niuR

n-uitKelabit(WMP) brought by PWMP *in-uit

nukaBanggai(WMP) framboesia PWMP *nuka-en

nukaBanggai(WMP) framboesia PMP *nuka

núkaCebuano(WMP) sore, infection on the skin, not of great size PWMP *nuka-en

núkaCebuano(WMP) sore, infection on the skin, not of great size PMP *nuka

nukaTetun(CMP) ulcer, atrophic sore (difficult to heal, possibly due to poor nutrition) PMP *nuka

nu-kamakarwaSambal (Bolinaw)(WMP) day after tomorrow PAN *nu-

nuka-onBanggai(WMP) have framboesia PWMP *nuka-en

nuka-onBanggai(WMP) have framboesia PWMP *nuka-en

nukasLara Land Dayak(WMP) open PWMP *tukas

nuka-unCebuano(WMP) infested with sores PWMP *nuka-en

nuka-unCebuano(WMP) infested with sores PWMP *nuka-en

nukedLun Dayeh(WMP) to prop up something PAN *tuked

nu k-idanIda'an Begak(WMP) when? (future) PAN *ijan

nu kidanIda'an Begak(WMP) when (future)? PAN *-nu

nuknókBikol(WMP) gnat, fruit fly PMP *neknek

nuktukKaro Batak(WMP) to pound on something, knock on a door PWMP *ma-nuktuk

nukuHawaiian(OC) beak, snout, tip, end; spout, beaker of a pitcher; mouth or entrace, as of a harbor, river, or mountain pass; scolding, raving, ranting, grumbling PAN *ŋusuq

nukuLaha(CMP) mouth PAN *ŋusuq

nuku-kauHawaiian(OC) a variety of taro PAN *ŋusuq

nuku-manuHawaiian(OC) a variety of taro; the corm is pointed like a bird’s beak (Kauaʻi only) PAN *ŋusuq

nukupJavanese(WMP) to cover something with a quick movement PWMP *tuŋkup

nuku waiHawaiian(OC) stream mouth PAN *ŋusuq

nu-laasTingalan (West)(WMP) day after tomorrow PAN *nu-

nuladBalinese(WMP) to copy a model, make a copy of a writing; imitate PWMP *tulad

nuladJavanese(WMP) to follow an example PWMP *tulad

nula katikuKambera(CMP) wooden headrest; pillow PMP *qalunan

nulaŋBerawan (Long Teru)(WMP) rites of secondary treatment of the dead, consisting of the collection and reinterment of the bones (Metcalf 1982:20) PWMP *ma-nuqelaŋ

nulaŋKayan(WMP) to peel the mid-rib from a leaf PWMP *ma-nuqelaŋ

nulaŋKenyah(WMP) to collect the bones of the dead PWMP *ma-nuqelaŋ

nulaŋuKambera(CMP) prop, support PMP *qalunan

nulapIban(WMP) secretly plant a small patch and make an offering before the general planting PWMP *suleb

n-ulhoCheke Holo(OC) maggot PMP *qulej

nuliBugotu(OC) a fruit tree: Pisonia grandis PMP *añuliŋ

nuliNggela(OC) tree with yellowish leaves, used as spinach PMP *añuliŋ

nuliŋManggarai(CMP) a plant with fruit that grows in clusters and is used for glue: Pisonia umbellifera PMP *añuliŋ

nuliŋMapun(WMP) to play a flute PWMP *suliŋ

n-uluCheke Holo(OC) leader, leading person or thing, in the first position POC *qulu

nuluhKaro Batak(WMP) to burn PWMP *me-ñuluq

nuluŋKelabit(WMP) to help, assist PMP *tuluŋ

numBerawan (Long Terawan)(WMP) six PAN *enem

numChuukese(OC) be bailed, as a boat POC *nimas

-numWatut(OC) to drink PMP *inum

numaBunama(OC) to drink PMP *inum

numaNuaulu(CMP) house PAN *Rumaq

numaSaliba(OC) house PAN *Rumaq

numaSaliba(OC) to drink PMP *inum

numaSuau(OC) house PAN *Rumaq

numaTawala(OC) house PAN *Rumaq

numaThao(Formosan) what? why? PAN *nema

numaArop(OC) house PAN *Rumaq

numa hinemamaenaTawala(OC) marriage bond PAN *Rumaq

nu-maiMakatea(OC) to come POC *mai

nu-maiPiva(OC) to come POC *mai

nu-malasMurut (Kolod)(WMP) day after tomorrow PAN *nu-

nu-marúmBuhid(WMP) tomorrow PAN *nu-

numbukBalinese(WMP) hit something hard, hit with a beam of wood, batter with a ram PMP *tumbuk

numeTubetube(OC) house PAN *Rumaq

numiMaori(OC) to bend, fold POC *numi

numiSamoan(OC) to crumple POC *numi

numiTongan(OC) to tuck or pleat; to make a tuck or pleat in; a tuck or pleat POC *numi

numiTuvaluan(OC) tangled (of a line) POC *numi

*numiPPn(OC) to fold POC *numi

n<um>impisTontemboan(WMP) make something thin PMP *nipis

numi-numiNiue(OC) to crumple POC *numi

n<um>ipísTagalog(WMP) to become thin PMP *ma-nipis

n<um>ipisTausug(WMP) to become thin or thinner PMP *nipis

nummaFavorlang/Babuza(Formosan) what? PAN *nema

nummaFavorlang/Babuza(Formosan) what? PAN *nema

numo-numChuukese(OC) keep bailing POC *nimas

numpaʔ-anMapun(WMP) to put a curse on someone PWMP *sumpaq

numpukBalinese(WMP) to heap up, pile on each other; write the same consonant twice PWMP *tumpuk

n-umwAnejom(OC) earth oven PMP *qumun

nunLenkau(OC) banyan PMP *nunuk

n-unLeviamp(OC) sand POC *qone

nunNehan(OC) earthquake POC *nunu₁

nunPetats(OC) earthquake POC *nunu₁

n-unW.Tarangan (Ngaibor)(CMP) to drink PCEMP *unum

n-unaAsilulu(CMP) fish scale; sea turtle shell PCEMP *qunap₁

nunaŋMalay(WMP) tree with fruit producing sticky sap used as gum PAN *qaNuNaŋ

nunaŋManggarai(CMP) a tree: Cordia dichotoma PMP *hanunaŋ

nunaŋManggarai(CMP) a tree: Cordia dichotoma PAN *qaNuNaŋ

nunaŋManggarai(CMP) tree with fruit used for paste or glue: Cordia dichotoma PAN *quNuNaŋ

nunaŋMinangkabau(WMP) tree with fruit producing a sticky sap used as gum PMP *hanunaŋ

nunaŋMinangkabau(WMP) tree with fruit producing a sticky sap used as gum PAN *qaNuNaŋ

nunaŋMinangkabau(WMP) tree with fruit producing a sticky sap used as gum PAN *quNuNaŋ

nunaŋRembong(CMP) tree sp.: Cordia dichotoma and Cordia subcordata PAN *qaNuNaŋ

nunaŋSasak(WMP) tree sp. PAN *qaNuNaŋ

nunca ~ nucaManggarai(CMP) island PMP *nusa₁

nunjuʔMurik(WMP) to point, indicate PWMP *ma-nuzuq

nunókAklanon(WMP) tree -- believed to be bewitched or enchanted PMP *nunuk

nu-nsuabTingalan (West)(WMP) tomorrow PAN *nu-

nunsuŋ ~ pa-sunsuŋMapun(WMP) to go against the wind or current; to go upstream PWMP *suŋsuŋ₁

nuntukMurik(WMP) to peck PAN *tuktuk₁

nuntunBalinese(WMP) to lead, guide, induce to go PWMP *tuntun

nuntunJavanese(WMP) to lead, guide, instruct PWMP *tuntun

nunuAlune(CMP) banyan PMP *nunuk

nunu'Āre'āre(OC) quake; loose POC *nunu₁

nunuArosi(OC) an earthquake; to quake POC *nunu₁

nunuArosi(OC) bare, stripped of leaves; lose leaves, take off ornaments POC *nunu₂

nunuBalinese(WMP) roast on a fire, bake on glowing coals; cremate PMP *ma-nunuh

nunuBauro(OC) image, reflection; principle soul POC *qanunu

nunuChamorro(WMP) banyan tree; type of plant: Ficus prolixa PMP *nunuk

nunuEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) earthquake POC *nunu₁

nunuErai(CMP) banyan tree PMP *nunuk

nunuFijian(OC) fig tree sp. PMP *nunuk

nunuFutuna-Aniwa(OC) female breast POC *nunu₃

nunuGilbertese(OC) shadowed, shady POC *qanunu

nunuLeti(CMP) banyan PMP *nunuk

nunuLeviamp(OC) female breast POC *nunu₃

nunuManam(OC) to slough (snake) POC *nunu₂

nunuʔMurik(WMP) to roast over a fire, as meat PMP *ma-nunuh

nunuNggela(OC) shadow; reflection, shape; picture, photograph POC *qanunu

*nunuʔPAmb(CMP) Ficus benjamina L PMP *nunuk

nunuSa'a(OC) to quake, of ground; to be loose, unstable, of a post; earthquake POC *nunu₁

nunuʔSangir(WMP) kind of waringin or banyan PMP *nunuk

nunuSerui-Laut(SHWNG) to cook PMP *ma-nunuh

nunuTolai(OC) banyan PMP *nunuk

nunuTsou(Formosan) female breast (Ferrell 1969) PAN *nunuh

nunuʔUma(WMP) kind of waringin or banyan PMP *nunuk

nunuV'ënen Taut(OC) female breast POC *nunu₃

nunuWahai(CMP) banyan, fig tree PMP *nunuk

nunu-aGilbertese(OC) to shade POC *qanunu

nunu-fiaKwaio(OC) to shade (intransitive); overcast POC *qanunu

nunuhKelabit(WMP) to burn, to roast PMP *ma-nunuh

nunuhPazeh(Formosan) breast (of woman); milk PAN *nunuh

nunuhSeediq(Formosan) female breast (Ferrell 1969) PAN *nunuh

nunu i niuSa'a(OC) reflections of coconut leaves; a zigzag in tattoo; a canoe decoration POC *qanunu

nunukMongondow(WMP) kind of waringin or banyan PMP *nunuk

nunukMaloh(WMP) banyan PMP *nunuk

nunu(k)Rotinese(CMP) kind of waringin or banyan PMP *nunuk

nunukSundanese(WMP) name of a fruit tree; ghost in the form of a hunchbacked beldam PMP *nunuk

nunukTiruray(WMP) generic for the strangler fig: Ficus benjamina L. PMP *nunuk

nunukBasap(WMP) banyan tree PMP *nunuk

nunu(ku)Sa'a(OC) shadow of persons, reflection, likeness, carvings, soul, consciousness; a new set of gongs is said to be the nunu of the old set POC *qanunu

nunu-laoSa'a(OC) stinging nettle tree with large leaves used to cover a chief’s body exposed for burial POC *latoŋ

nūnū (length unexplained)Hawaiian(OC) moaning, groaning, cooing, grunting POC *ŋuŋuk

nu-numiDobuan(OC) fold a cloth, furl PMP *lumiq

nu-numiDobuan(OC) to fold a cloth POC *numi

nu-nunLoniu(OC) earthquake POC *nu-nunu

nunu-na'Āre'āre(OC) shadow of persons or things as cast by the sun; likeness, phantom, portrait, figure, carving; a man's very self POC *qanunu

nunu-naArosi(OC) image, shape, reflection, picture, carved post; it is also rarely used as auŋa, soul POC *qanunu

nunu-naKwaio(OC) shadow, image, picture; 'shade' of the dead; one element in two-part conception of "soul", which departs body at death, and after liminal period goes to aŋogWaʔu, the land of the shades POC *qanunu

nunu-(na)Lau(OC) shadow, shade; a likeness, photograph, picture, image POC *qanunu

nunu-naMono-Alu(OC) spirit (living) POC *qanunu

nunu-naSanta Ana(OC) spirit (living) POC *qanunu

nu-nunuSa'a(OC) to quake, of ground; to be loose, unstable, of a post; earthquake POC *nu-nunu

nu-nusaRoviana(OC) islands PMP *nusa₁

nu-nutaArosi(OC) an island at the mouth of a stream PMP *nusa₁

nunu-wEre(OC) earthquake POC *nunu₁

nuŋSinghi Land Dayak(WMP) nose PWMP *e(ŋ)juŋ

nu-ŋgumʷi-Lingarak(OC) chin POC *kumʷi

nu-ŋidaPaiwan(Formosan) when (future)? PAN *ka-₁

nuŋkupSundanese(WMP) hold the hand over something, as in covering the eyes of a dying person PWMP *tuŋkup

nuŋnuŋKaro Batak(WMP) make an examination, try to find out PWMP *nuŋnuŋ

nuŋtuŋ-ken (< tuŋtuŋ)Karo Batak(WMP) turn a bamboo container around and knock it on the floor to empty it completely PWMP *tuŋtuŋ₁

nuo m-fua-ñSoboyo(CMP) coconut PMP *buaq

nuósWaray-Waray(WMP) squid PMP *nues

n-upUra(OC) yam PMP *qubi

nupəyBintulu(WMP) a dream; to dream PWMP *nupi

nupiKenyah (Long Anap)(WMP) dream PWMP *nupi

nupiNgaju Dayak(WMP) a dream; to dream PWMP *nupi

nuqusBunun(Formosan) animal oil PAN *NuqeS

n-urLeviamp(OC) crayfish/shrimp POC *quraŋ

nuraLeti(CMP) coconut tree and fruit PMP *niuR

nura-kTetun(CMP) young, of trees, plants and fruits PMP *ŋuda

nureYamdena(CMP) coconut tree and fruit PMP *niuR

nure bunutYamdena(CMP) coconut with husk that is still green PMP *bunut₁

nuru'Āre'āre(OC) murmur, growl, mumble, groan POC *ŋuRuR

nuruJavanese(WMP) lull someone to sleep; sleep in or on; sleep in the same bed with PAN *tuduR

nuruEast Damar(CMP) coconut PMP *niuR

nuruKove(OC) nose PAN *ŋusuq

nurunKelabit(WMP) to lower, as a ladder from the longhouse gallery floor; swoop down to attack or grab something (as hawk or eagle); to swarm, of bees PMP *tuRun₁

nurunJavanese(WMP) to transmit to one’s descendants (as traits of personality or character); to procreate (offspring) PMP *tuRun₁

nurunKaro Batak(WMP) bury a corpse PMP *tuRun₁

nurunLun Dayeh(WMP) bring something down; descend from a place PMP *tuRun₁

nurunSasak(WMP) to descend; to finish PMP *tuRun₁

nu-ruŋawBisaya (Limbang)(WMP) to hear PMP *deŋeR

nuruɁMapun(WMP) to take or eat something with a spoon PWMP *suduq

nusBuli(SHWNG) island PMP *nusa₁

nusJavanese(WMP) squid, cuttlefish PMP *nues

nusMalay(WMP) generic name for cephalopods PMP *nus

nusMbula(OC) squid type (smaller-sized) POC *nuse

nusMalay (Kedah)(WMP) a generic name for cephalopods PMP *nues

nusRotinese(CMP) octopus, squid PMP *nus

nusRotinese(CMP) octopus, squid PMP *nues

nusSeimat(OC) small shelless squid POC *nuso

nusSeimat(OC) squid POC *nuse

nusaAlune(CMP) island, land PMP *nusa₁

nusaBalinese(WMP) island PMP *nusa₁

nusaBare'e(WMP) land, district PMP *nusa₁

nusaBatu Merah(CMP) island PMP *nusa₁

nusaEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) island PMP *nusa₁

nusaJavanese(WMP) island PMP *nusa₁

nusaKomodo(CMP) island PMP *nusa₁

nusaLeti(CMP) land, earth PMP *nusa₁

nusaMalay(WMP) island (only in island names, not in speaking of an island) PMP *nusa₁

nusaMapun(WMP) a small island, islet PMP *nusa₁

nusaMendak(OC) island PMP *nusa₁

nusaMorella(CMP) island PMP *nusa₁

nusaMussau(OC) small squid POC *nusa₂

nusaNgadha(CMP) land, island PMP *nusa₁

nūsaOld Javanese(WMP) island PMP *nusa₁

nusaRembong(CMP) island PMP *nusa₁

nusaRoviana(OC) island PMP *nusa₁

nusaSangir(WMP) island PMP *nusa₁

nusaSaparua(CMP) island PMP *nusa₁

nusaSundanese(WMP) island PMP *nusa₁

nusaTalur(CMP) island PMP *nusa₁

nusaTeluti(CMP) island PMP *nusa₁

nusaTetun(CMP) island PMP *nusa₁

nusaWaropen(SHWNG) island PMP *nusa₁

nušaMentawai(WMP) island PMP *nusa₁

nusa-kRotinese(CMP) island; state, domain; court-village, court PMP *nusa₁

nusak-a isi-n(a)Rotinese(CMP) the inhabitants of a country PAN *isi₅

nusa-(n)Erai(CMP) island PMP *nusa₁

nusantaraBalinese(WMP) from another island, foreign PMP *nusa₁

nūsāntaraOld Javanese(WMP) the other islands PMP *nusa₁

nusa-reSelaru(CMP) land, district; people PMP *nusa₁

nu-saróʔBikol (Naga)(WMP) day after tomorrow PAN *nu-

nu-sawniPaiwan(Formosan) in a little while, later today PAN *Sauni

n-usə-Lingarak(OC) penis POC *na qutin

nuseMotu(OC) a small octopus POC *nuse

nuseYamdena(CMP) district; population of a district; people PMP *nusa₁

nusiMakatea(OC) to spit POC *qanus-i

nusiMakatea(OC) to spit POC *qanusi

nu-si-ka-tjeluPaiwan(Formosan) day after tomorrow PAN *Sika-telu

nusu-Marau₂(OC) mouth PAN *ŋusuq

nusu-aManusela(CMP) ribs PAN *Rusuk

nu-suabMurut (Kolod)(WMP) tomorrow PAN *nu-

nu-suabMurut (Paluan)(WMP) tomorrow PAN *nu-

nusukBalinese(WMP) pierce with a point; bore the ears PMP *tusuk

nusunKaro Batak(WMP) gather one’s property together, pack up; put away, clear away PMP *susun

nusuŋBunun(Formosan) mortar PAN *Nusuŋ

nutaMengen(OC) island PMP *nusa₁

nutaMoor(SHWNG) island PMP *nusa₁

nutaToqabaqita(OC) spp. of cuttlefish and squid, relatively small in size POC *nusa₂

n-utaʔBukat(WMP) to vomit PAN *utaq

n-utaʔLahanan(WMP) to vomit PAN *utaq

nu-tiawPaiwan(Formosan) tomorrow PAN *ka-₁

nu-tiawPaiwan(Formosan) tomorrow (cp. ka-tiaw ‘yesterday’) PAN *nu-

nutnutAborlan Tagbanwa(WMP) suck weakly PWMP *ñutñut

nutnutKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) sucking without use of teeth (breast, finger, shellfish, but not sugarcane) PWMP *ñutñut

nuto'Āre'āre(OC) cuttlefish, squid POC *nuso

nutoArosi(OC) nuto POC *nuso

nutoAua(OC) small squid POC *nuso

nutoLau(OC) squid; smooth, as a squid POC *nuso

nutoSa'a(OC) squid POC *nuso

nutsutBalinese(WMP) to wipe clean PWMP *sutsut₂

nutuJavanese(WMP) to pound rice to remove the hulls PWMP *ma-nutu

nutuKaro Batak(WMP) to pound something, especially rice with the pestle PAN *tutuh

nutuPokau(OC) mouth PAN *ŋusuq

nutu-Mosina(OC) child PEMP *natu

nutudKelabit(WMP) to burn PWMP *tutuD

nutukLun Dayeh(WMP) to beat with a hammer PWMP *ma-nuktuk

nutuŋKaro Batak(WMP) to scorch or single something with fire, to burn PMP *tutuŋ

nutuŋKayan(WMP) to burn PMP *tutuŋ

nutuŋLun Dayeh(WMP) set a fire to burn farmland PMP *tutuŋ

nutuŋBasap(WMP) to burn PMP *tutuŋ

nutuŋ-nutuŋ-iKaro Batak(WMP) to burn a body, cremate PMP *tutuŋ

nutuzKavalan(Formosan) tie two strings together; to connect, join two things to prolong them (bamboo, thread, etc.) PAN *Nutud

nuukKelabit(WMP) to string something together, such as beads PWMP *ma-nusuk

nuumaPiva(OC) house PAN *Rumaq

nuumwChuukese(OC) seaweed, moss; sea algae, scum; coating (on teeth); lubricating fluid from sex organs; smear of food on face PMP *lumut

nuu-nunuKwaio(OC) earthquake POC *nunu₁

nuurBalantak(WMP) coconut PMP *niuR

nuu-saúniKanakanabu(Formosan) in a little while PAN *Sauni

nuvaʔKayan(WMP) to poison fish with plant poisons PWMP *ma-nuba

nu-vuvuNeve'ei(OC) bladder POC *pupu₃

nuwaSundanese(WMP) to treat with tuwa PWMP *ma-nuba

nuwáŋIfugaw(WMP) water-buffalo. Rarely used to work in the rice field terraces among the Ifugaw, but raised to offer a sacrifice for the ancestors (never offered to the gods and spirits who want pigs) PMP *qanuaŋ

nu-woiAxamb(OC) water PCEMP *waiR

nu-woŋAxamb(OC) canoe POC *waga

nu-wuMotlav(OC) fruit POC *puaq

nuyaKilivila(OC) coconut tree and fruit PMP *niuR

nuzaNias(WMP) island, place PMP *nusa₁

nuzushThao(Formosan) blood from the nose PAN *ŋuSuN


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n-vakEfate (South)(OC) Pandanius dubius POC *pakum

n-vanungFordata(CMP) to erect, set upright PMP *baŋun₂

n-vatSie(OC) stone POC *patu

n-viluFordata(CMP) wrap up PCMP *bilu₂

n-vilu nituFordata(CMP) show last respects to the dead PCMP *bilu₂

n-vivitFordata(CMP) let dangle from the hand PMP *bitbit₂


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n-waiAnejom(OC) fresh water PCEMP *waiR

nwaŋItawis(WMP) water buffalo, carabao PMP *qanuaŋ

nwáŋəRukai (Tona)(Formosan) cow PAN *qaNuaŋ


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-nyaOld Javanese(WMP) 3sg. possessor PAN *ni-a

nya-biagKalagan(WMP) full after eating PPh *biaR₂

nyamSinghi Land Dayak(WMP) borrow, lend PMP *hezam

nyoSudest(OC) stonefish POC *ñopuq

n-yopSa'ban(WMP) blow, blow on PWMP *maŋ-heyup

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