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Updated: 11/23/2019


Austronesian Comparative Dictionary


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u,    u~            ua    ub    uᵐ    ub    uc    ud    ue    uf    ug    uh    ui    uj    uk    ul    um    un        uo    up    uq    ur    us    ut    uu    uv    uw    ux    uy    uz        uz        

uAmbai(SHWNG) 3sg., he, she PAN *ia₁

ū'Āre'āre(OC) louse, flea PMP *kutu₁

uArosi(OC) to stand POC *tuqur

uAua(OC) housepost POC *tuRu₂

-ʔuIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) 1sg genitive pronoun (marks possessor and non-focus agent or actor of the action of a verb) PAN *-ku

uMongondow(WMP) cry, shout, exclamation PMP *qu₁

uBwaidoga/Bwaidoka(OC) thou (2sg. conjunctive pronoun) PEMP *u₂

-uFilakara(OC) 1sg possessive suffix: my POC *-gu

ūFutunan(OC) nurse a baby PAN *susu₁

uGedaged(OC) verbal prefix indicating that the actor is 2sg. PEMP *u₂

-uGilbertese(OC) 1sg possessive suffix: my POC *-gu

uGitua(OC) you (sg.), thou PEMP *u₂

ūHawaiian(OC) breast, teat, udder PAN *susu₁

ūHawaiian(OC) moist; to drip, drizzle; impregnated, as with salt POC *suRuq₁

ʔūHawaiian(OC) to grunt, groan, moan, sigh, mourn, grieve, complain; sorrow; an exclamation of delight or assent; to exclaim thus POC *guRuŋ

-uKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) 1sg postnominal possessive pronoun PAN *-ku

uKambera(CMP) yes -- expression of confirmation or agreement PMP *qu₁

uKaro Batak(WMP) genitive marker PWMP *u₁

uKei(CMP) howling of dogs PMP *qu₁

uKurudu(SHWNG) louse PMP *kutu₁

uKosraean(OC) fish trap POC *pupu₂

uLabu(OC) rain POC *qusan

ʔūLau(OC) louse, flea PMP *kutu₁

uLoniu(OC) dugong POC *ruyuŋ₂

úMakassarese(WMP) exclamation of astonishment PMP *qu₁

uManam(OC) large basket trap for fish (made of willow withes) POC *pupu₂

uManam(OC) generic for nets; big fish creel (of willow) POC *pukot

ūMaori(OC) interjection representing an inarticulate sound POC *uRuŋ

ūMaori(OC) an inarticulate sound PMP *uu

ūMaori(OC) breast of a female, udder, teat PAN *susu₁

uManggarai(CMP) interjection used to call or shout at someone; interjection used to chase off animals, etc. PMP *qu₁

uNumfor(SHWNG) 2sg. subject marker on verbs PEMP *u₂

-uPapuma(SHWNG) 1sg possessive suffix: my PAN *-ku

uPapuma(SHWNG) breast PAN *susu₁

ūRarotongan(OC) noisy expulsion of wind, fart PMP *uu

uRarotongan(OC) mammary gland, breast, udder; milk PAN *susu₁

ʔūRotuman(OC) bang loudly, of a gun, a nut falling on the roof, etc.’. PMP *kuŋ

ūSamoan(OC) make a hollow sound, such as is made by waves, hornets, pigeons, engines, etc. POC *uRuŋ

ūSamoan(OC) make a hollow sound, such as is made by waves, hornets, pigeons, engines, etc. PMP *uu

uSangir(WMP) 2sg. possessive pronoun PMP *huʔu

uSangir(WMP) genitive particle PWMP *u₁

-ʔuSimalur(WMP) 1sg suffixed possessive pronoun after consonant-final bases) PAN *-ku

uSori(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

uTae'(WMP) exclamation, used as an answer when one is called PMP *qu₁

ūTausug(WMP) head PMP *qulu

-uTboli(WMP) I, me, my, mine PAN *-ku

uTolai(OC) thou, you, thee, 2sg. nominative and accusative PEMP *u₂

ūTongan(OC) be sheltered, esp. from wind or rain; sheltered (as a sheltered harbor) POC *ruruŋ

ūTongan(OC) make a big (but soft) bumping noise, to thud POC *uRuŋ

ūTongan(OC) be sheltered (esp. from wind or rain) POC *uruŋ

-ʔuTsou(Formosan) 1sg genitive PAN *-ku

ūTuvaluan(OC) breast PAN *susu₁

uWoleaian(OC) fish trap POC *pupu₂

uWolio(WMP) 2sg. and 2pl. actor prefix to verbs PMP *huʔu

-uWuvulu(OC) 1sg possessive suffix; my POC *-gu

u, ua-reSelaru(CMP) rattan PAN *quay


TOP      u,    u~            ua    ub    uᵐ    ub    uc    ud    ue    uf    ug    uh    ui    uj    uk    ul    um    un        uo    up    uq    ur    us    ut    uu    uv    uw    ux    uy    uz        uz        


-u ~ -oŋguBanggai(WMP) 1sg possessive pronoun after consonants other than ŋ construction ko-X-ŋgu): my PMP *ni-ku


TOP      u,    u~            ua    ub    uᵐ    ub    uc    ud    ue    uf    ug    uh    ui    uj    uk    ul    um    un        uo    up    uq    ur    us    ut    uu    uv    uw    ux    uy    uz        uz        

u¹¹ tai¹¹Tsat(WMP) banana PAN *punti₁


TOP      u,    u~            ua    ub    uᵐ    ub    uc    ud    ue    uf    ug    uh    ui    uj    uk    ul    um    un        uo    up    uq    ur    us    ut    uu    uv    uw    ux    uy    uz        uz        

ꞌu³mMayá(SHWNG) house PAN *Rumaq

ꞌu³tMayá(SHWNG) louse PMP *kutu₁


TOP      u,    u~            ua    ub    uᵐ    ub    uc    ud    ue    uf    ug    uh    ui    uj    uk    ul    um    un        uo    up    uq    ur    us    ut    uu    uv    uw    ux    uy    uz        uz        


uaAnuta(OC) neck POC *Ruqa

uaArosi(OC) grandfather, grandchild PMP *uaʔ

ʔuaArosi(OC) how, of what sort, why? PMP *kua₁

uaArosi(OC) grandfather, grandchild PMP *ua₂

uaArosi(OC) grandfather, grandchild PMP *uaq

uaBalinese(WMP) uncle, aunt PMP *uaʔ

uaBalinese(WMP) uncle, aunt PMP *ua₂

uaBare'e(WMP) gray hair PMP *quban

uaBare'e(WMP) grandfather, grandmother PMP *uaʔ

uaBare'e(WMP) muscle; tendon; sinew; vein, vessel PMP *uRat

uaBare'e(WMP) grandfather, grandmother PMP *ua₂

uaBimanese(CMP) FeB, FeZ, MeB, MeZ PMP *uaʔ

uaBimanese(CMP) FeB, FeZ, MeB, MeZ PMP *ua₂

uaBuginese(WMP) fruit PMP *buaq

uaBuruese(CMP) rattan PAN *quay

uaBuruese(CMP) aunt PMP *uaʔ

uaBuruese(CMP) aunt PMP *ua₂

uaMelanau Dalat(WMP) FB, MB (add.) PMP *uaʔ

uaMelanau Dalat(WMP) FB, MB (add.) PMP *ua₂

uaErai(CMP) rattan PAN *quay

uaFijian(OC) vein; muscle POC *uRat

uaFijian(OC) the tide, a wave POC *Ruap

uaFordata(CMP) rattan PAN *quay

ʔuaFutunan(OC) neck POC *Ruqa

uaGedaged(OC) interjection: see! behold! aha! PAN *ua₁

uaGilbertese(OC) fruit; product, result, gain, profit POC *puaq

uaGilbertese(OC) two, in compound words; two when counting in pairs, by two’s POC *rua

uaHawaiian(OC) rain; to rain; rainy POC *qusan

uaKambera(CMP) sound of retching when vomiting PMP *uak₂

uaKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) rattan PAN *quay

ʔuaLau(OC) how? PMP *kua₁

uaʔMakassarese(WMP) father; uncle, aunt PMP *uaʔ

uaMalay(WMP) elder (in certain local terms of relationship) PMP *uaʔ

uaMalay(WMP) elder (in certain local terms of relationship) PMP *ua₂

uaMaori(OC) rain; to rain POC *qusan

uaMaori(OC) sinew; vein, artery POC *uRat

uaMaori(OC) backbone; neck, back of the neck; thick twisted or plaited hem on the collar of a cloak POC *Ruqa

uaManggarai(CMP) father (much used by Moslems, hence probably a loan) PMP *uaʔ

uaManggarai(CMP) father (much used by Moslems, hence probably a loan) PMP *ua₂

uaMortlockese(OC) general counting classifier; also for round things POC *puaq

uaNgadha(CMP) rattan; whip; cane PAN *quay

uaNiue(OC) two, second, double POC *rua

uaNiue(OC) the neck POC *Ruqa

uaNuaulu(CMP) two PMP *duha

uaOld Javanese(WMP) uncle, aunt (older than father or mother; also used to address an older person who is not a relative) PMP *uaʔ

uaOld Javanese(WMP) uncle, aunt (older than father or mother, also used to address an older person who is not a relative) PMP *ua₂

uaPaiwan(Formosan) exclamation of pain or surprise PAN *ua₁

*uaPAmb(CMP) aunt PMP *uaʔ

*uaPAmb(CMP) aunt PMP *ua₂

Pangasinan(WMP) to eject from the mouth; poke out one’s tongue PMP *luaq

*uaPMic(OC) general counting classifier; also for round things POC *puaq

uaPuyuma(Formosan) go PAN *uSa

ʔuaRennellese(OC) rain; to rain POC *qusan

uaRennellese(OC) artery; pulse POC *uRat

uʔaRennellese(OC) neck, throat POC *Ruqa

uaRotinese(CMP) vein; tendon; sinew; muscle; metaphorically also: fate, destiny, lot PMP *uRat

uaSamoan(OC) rain POC *qusan

uaSamoan(OC) neck POC *Ruqa

uaʔSasak(WMP) FeB, FeZ, MeB, MeZ PMP *uaʔ

uaSika(CMP) work PAN *kuSa

uaSikaiana(OC) rain POC *qusan

uaSikaiana(OC) two POC *rua

uaSikaiana(OC) neck POC *Ruqa

uaSundanese(WMP) FeB, FeZ, MeB, MeZ PMP *uaʔ

uaSundanese(WMP) elder sibling of a parent: FeB, FeZ, MeB, MeZ PMP *ua₂

uaʔTae'(WMP) sound of belching, sound of one about to vomit PMP *uak₂

uaTalur(CMP) rattan PAN *quay

uaToba Batak(WMP) exclamation PAN *ua₁

uaTolai(OC) interjection expressing mild surprise PAN *ua₁

uaTolai(OC) to root about, as a pig; to open an oven and prod the food PMP *sual

uaTolai(OC) a small spike put in a path for an enemy to tread upon POC *suca

uaTongan(OC) two POC *rua

uʔaTongan(OC) honorific or regal for kia, neck, or monga, throat POC *Ruqa

uaTugun(CMP) rattan PAN *quay

uaUbir(OC) fruit POC *puaq

uaʔUma(WMP) root PMP *uRat

ua-Uruava(OC) rain POC *qusan

uaWaiyewa(CMP) fruit PMP *buaq

uaWayan(OC) wave; tide; high tide; to flow, come in (of the tide); wash over or cover something (of waves) POC *Ruap

uaWolio(WMP) gray hair PMP *quban

uaWolio(WMP) vein; tendon; muscle; nerve PMP *uRat

uaa niGilbertese(OC) fruit of coconut PMP *niuR

uabBalinese(WMP) yawn, gape PMP *huab₂

uabKelabit(WMP) a yawn PMP *huab₂

uabMongondow(WMP) gape, yawn PMP *huab₂

uábKankanaey(WMP) yawn PMP *huab₂

ua-boŋGilbertese(OC) stay til night, stay late POC *boŋi

ua-cuɬuRukai (Budai)(Formosan) to roast right on the fire PAN *CuNuh

ua-dámPalauan(WMP) old man (term of reference for older male in-law) PMP *t-amax

ua-dámPalauan(WMP) old man (term of reference for older male in-law) PMP *ua₂

uaeBare'e(WMP) gape, yawn PMP *huyeʔab

uae, ueSimalur(WMP) rattan PAN *quay

ua-fatunBuruese(CMP) whip, lash; whip made of rattan rod PAN *quay

ua-frihiTsou(Formosan) the last PAN *biliN

ʔua ghaeghaeRennellese(OC) sunshower; rain while the sun is shining POC *qusan

ʔua hatuRennellese(OC) hail; to hail POC *qusan patu₂

ʔuáiKanakanabu(Formosan) rattan PAN *quay

uaiMori(WMP) younger sibling PMP *huaji

uæiNgaju Dayak(WMP) rattan PAN *quay

*ua-iPMic(OC) carry, ride, transport, take, bring POC *puat₂

*uaiPSan(WMP) mango PMP *wai

ua-iTigak(OC) fruit POC *puaq

ua-inaMaori(OC) be rained upon POC *qusan

ʔua-inaRennellese(OC) be rained on, be wet or soaked in the rain POC *qusan

uaʔ i-newMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) what? PAN *i-nu

uaʔi tuakTetun(CMP) late or slow growth, of children PMP *tuqah

uakBahasa Indonesia(WMP) retching; physical nausea PMP *uak₂

uakMongondow(WMP) a cry, shriek, shout PMP *uak₁

uakManggarai(CMP) shout from afar, call with a loud voice PMP *kuak

uakManggarai(CMP) shout from a distance, call loudly PMP *uak₁

uakNgaju Dayak(WMP) sound of a gibbon's call PMP *uak₁

uakTondano(WMP) bird with large body and beak: hornbill PMP *uak₁

uaʔ kane-enMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) special food, one's favorite food PAN *-en

uaʔ ka-nənMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) any special food, as one’s favorite food PAN *kaen-en

u-a-ki-kirimiSaaroa(Formosan) seek PAN *kiRim

uak-uakMalay(WMP) the cry of the gibbon PMP *uak₁

ualuMussau(OC) eight PAN *walu

*ualuPMin(WMP) eight PAN *walu

uanGah(CMP) rain PAN *quzaN

uanNuaulu(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

uanTonsawang(WMP) gray hair PMP *quban

uanUjir(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

ua-naWuvulu(OC) neck POC *Ruqa

uani, waniTae'(WMP) kind of bee which nests in trees or rock grottoes PMP *wani

ua ni niuFijian(OC) raised rib on coconut-shell POC *uRat

u-a-nuTontemboan(WMP) a demonstrative word, connected with something that has not yet been named, but which presently shall be named, a certain someone, also used to indicate possession PMP *a-nu

úaŋAklanon(WMP) to howl, cry, screech (about) PAN *quaŋ₂

uaŋKelabit(WMP) howling of a dog PAN *quaŋ₂

uaŋBoano(WMP) howling of a dog PAN *quaŋ₂

uaŋMongondow(WMP) bark, howl of a dog PAN *quaŋ₂

úaŋHiligaynon(WMP) howl loudly, yelp like a helpless dog PAN *quaŋ₂

uaŋKenyah(WMP) empty PWMP *uhaŋ

uaŋMakassarese(WMP) gray hair PMP *quban

uaŋMandar(WMP) to cry PAN *quaŋ₂

uaŋManggarai(CMP) to low, to moo PAN *quaŋ₂

*uaŋPMin(WMP) howl, yelp (of dog) PAN *quaŋ₂

uaŋSoboyo(CMP) to call PAN *quaŋ₂

uaŋTontemboan(WMP) barking, howling of dogs PAN *quaŋ₂

uaŋŋ-aŋMakassarese(WMP) turning gray, of the hair PWMP *quban-en

uaŋwaŋMalay(WMP) hollow; gap; chasm PAN *quaŋ₁

uáolPalauan(WMP) bait PAN *paen

uapMalay(WMP) yawn PMP *huab₂

uapSasak(WMP) yawn, gape PMP *huab₂

uapToba Batak(WMP) steam, vapor; odor PWMP *huab₁

uarBanjarese(WMP) kind of plant the bark of which is used to tan skins or to steep clothes PMP *huaR

uarKelabit(WMP) kind of vine PMP *huaR

uarManggarai(CMP) kind of rattan which grows to a length of ten to twenty meters PMP *huaR

uarSasak(WMP) kind of creeper; when it is young it is used to make food hangers, and when it is old it is used to make walking sticks PMP *huaR

uariTambotalo(OC) root PEMP *wakaR-i

uar-puarDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) kind of plant that is woven into rope PMP *huaR

uar-uarKaro Batak(WMP) plant sp. PMP *huaR

uasBuli(SHWNG) wash oneself, wash the face, dishes, pans, etc. PEMP *uRas

úasKankanaey(WMP) wash, clean, cleanse, rinse PMP *huRas

*uaseyPMin(WMP) iron PWMP *wasay

uas-usaRotuman(OC) be wet, rainy POC *qusan qusan

uatMurut (Tagol)(WMP) vein PMP *uRat

uatBalinese(WMP) sinew; muscle; vein PMP *uRat

uatBintulu(WMP) vein, blood vessel PMP *uRat

uátKankanaey(WMP) vein, artery; nerve, sinew, tendon PMP *uRat

uatKenyah(WMP) blood vessel; nerve; sinew; fibre; muscle PMP *uRat

uatMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) vein; tendon PMP *uRat

uatMurik(WMP) vein, tendon PMP *uRat

uatSalako(WMP) caterpillar, maggot PMP *qulej

uatTetun(CMP) vein, artery; nerve; tendon PMP *uRat

*uat-aPMic(OC) a load (esp. of fruit); crop POC *puat-an₁

ua teaSamoan(OC) sunshower ( = "white rain") POC *qusan

uatiPetapa Taje(WMP) vein PMP *uRat

uat limaDampelas(WMP) lines in the palm of the hand PMP *uRat i lima

uat limaSasak(WMP) lines in the palm of the hand PMP *uRat i lima

uatsPaiwan(Formosan) vein, blood vessel; sinew PAN *huRaC

uʔáuʔPalauan(WMP) crotch PWMP *apaqpaq

uáuʔPalauan(WMP) tree in periwinkle family: Ochrosia oppositifolia PMP *pauq

ua-uaHawaiian(OC) tough, sinewy, glutinous, viscid; not easily broken, as cord PMP *uRat uRat

ua-uaRarotongan(OC) sinews; tendons; muscles; ligaments; rubber PMP *uRat uRat

ua-uaSamoan(OC) thews and sinews; vein, artery; pulse PMP *uRat uRat

ua-uaSuau(OC) fruit POC *puaq

ua-uaTuvaluan(OC) artery, vein; sinew; tendon PMP *uRat uRat

ua-uaWayan(OC) waves POC *Ruap

ua-uaŋMandar(WMP) howling, as of a dog PAN *quaŋ₂

ua whatuMaori(OC) hail POC *qusan patu₁

uayKelabit(WMP) traditional Kelabit axe for cutting wood PWMP *wasay

uayMelanau Dalat (Kampung Teh)(WMP) rattan PAN *quay

uayKalagan(WMP) rattan PAN *quay

uayMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) rattan PAN *quay

ʔuayPazeh(Formosan) rattan PAN *quay

uayTrobiawan(Formosan) rattan PAN *quay

uayaTigak(OC) crocodile POC *puqaya

ʔuaʔPalawan Batak(WMP) elder sibling PMP *uaq

uaʔSasak(WMP) parents’ elder sibling: FeB, FeZ, MeB, MeZ PMP *uaq


TOP      u,    u~            ua    ub    uᵐ    ub    uc    ud    ue    uf    ug    uh    ui    uj    uk    ul    um    un        uo    up    uq    ur    us    ut    uu    uv    uw    ux    uy    uz        uz        


ubaBuruese(CMP) upper part PMP *umbaw

úbaCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) naked; to get undressed PPH *úba

ʔúbaHanunóo(WMP) naked; specifically, stripped from the waist down PPH *úba

ubaLolak(WMP) gray hair PMP *quban

úbadIfugaw(WMP) loosen, detach, unleash something; open a knot PPh *hubád

ubādIsneg(WMP) untie, unbind, let loose PPh *hubád

úbadKankanaey(WMP) unravel, untwist, untwine, disentangle, separate, unfold, open, untie, unfurl, unbind, loosen PPh *hubád

*ubadPMin(WMP) untie, unravel PPh *hubád

ubad-ānIsneg(WMP) untied PPh *hubád-en

ubád-enKankanaey(WMP) be unravelled PPh *hubád-en

ubád-onIfugaw(WMP) be loosened PPh *hubád-en

úbakBikol(WMP) tree bark PWMP *ubak

úbakCebuano(WMP) trunk of a banana or abaca tree; separate layers of the banana trunk PWMP *ubak

ubákKankanaey(WMP) sheath of the banana leaf PWMP *ubak

úbakTagalog(WMP) bark of tree PWMP *ubak

ubalSundanese(WMP) tie pieces of banana stalk or other buoyant material to a sunken object in order to make it float to the surface PWMP *ubal

ubal-ubalSasak(WMP) float of a fishing-line PWMP *ubal

úbanAklanon(WMP) gray hair PMP *quban

ubanBalinese(WMP) grey hair; have grey hair PMP *quban

úbanBikol(WMP) white or gray hairs PMP *quban

ubanMongondow(WMP) gray hair PMP *quban

úbanCebuano(WMP) gray hair PMP *quban

ʔúbanHanunóo(WMP) gray hair PMP *quban

ʔubánHanunóo(WMP) tumpline or shoulder strap used in carrying heavy packs PMP *heban

ubanIban(WMP) grey or white hair PMP *quban

úbanIfugaw(WMP) gray hair PMP *quban

úbanIlokano(WMP) gray, hoary; gray-haired PMP *quban

ubānIsneg(WMP) gray-haired PMP *quban

úbanItawis(WMP) gray hair PMP *quban

úbanKankanaey(WMP) gray, applied to hair PMP *quban

ubanKaro Batak(WMP) gray head hair PMP *quban

ubanKavalan(Formosan) gray hair PAN *qubaN

ubanKayan(WMP) grey hair PMP *quban

ubanKenyah(WMP) hair gone grey PMP *quban

ubanMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) gray, of hair; gray hair PMP *quban

ubanSasak(WMP) gray hair, have gray hair PMP *quban

ubanTae'(WMP) gray hair PMP *quban

úbanTagalog(WMP) gray hair PMP *quban

ubanTausug(WMP) gray hair on an older person PMP *quban

ubanToba Batak(WMP) gray hair PMP *quban

uban-anTae'(WMP) gray, of hair PWMP *quban-en

ubanEDondo(WMP) white hair (head, not body) PMP *quban

uban-enKaro Batak(WMP) have gray hair PWMP *quban-en

uban-inTagalog(WMP) to have gray hair PWMP *quban-en

ubán-onAklanon(WMP) gray-haired, having gray hair PWMP *quban-en

uban-onBikol(WMP) describing someone with a lot of white or gray hair; to turn gray (of the hair) PWMP *quban-en

uban-onToba Batak(WMP) have gray hair PWMP *quban-en

ubán-unCebuano(WMP) having grey hairs PWMP *quban-en

úbatIsneg(WMP) buttocks, seat, gluteal region; anus; bottom (of a basket, etc.) PMP *ubet

úbatItawis(WMP) anus, buttocks PMP *ubet

ubat kebalIban(WMP) charm or spell to confer invulnerability PWMP *kebel

ubayDali'(WMP) yam PMP *qubi

ubekKayan(WMP) soft immature rice grain, prepared by early reaping, then drying over fire, and then pounding PWMP *ubek

ubekTboli(WMP) rice husks PWMP *ubek

ubeŋKayan(WMP) fish trap fixed in a dam wall PMP *ubeŋ

ubeŋManggarai(CMP) to cork, to plug or stop up PMP *ubeŋ

ubétCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) female genitalia PMP *ubet

úbetIlokano(WMP) buttocks, rump, bottom (of men, animals, jars, etc.) PMP *ubet

úbetKankanaey(WMP) extremity of the rectum PMP *ubet

ubetSika(CMP) backside, posterior PMP *ubet


TOP      u,    u~            ua    ub    uᵐ    ub    uc    ud    ue    uf    ug    uh    ui    uj    uk    ul    um    un        uo    up    uq    ur    us    ut    uu    uv    uw    ux    uy    uz        uz        


u-ᵐbeuUra(OC) shark POC *bakewak


TOP      u,    u~            ua    ub    uᵐ    ub    uc    ud    ue    uf    ug    uh    ui    uj    uk    ul    um    un        uo    up    uq    ur    us    ut    uu    uv    uw    ux    uy    uz        uz        


ubəyMelanau Dalat (Kampung Teh)(WMP) yam PMP *qubi

ubeyMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) kind of tuber PMP *qubi

úbiAklanon(WMP) purple yam: Dioscorea alata PMP *qubi

ubiBalinese(WMP) a species of potato PMP *qubi

úbiBikol(WMP) purple yam: Dioscorea alata PMP *qubi

ubiBoano(WMP) sweet potato PMP *qubi

ubiMongondow(WMP) tuber, yam PMP *qubi

ubíCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) a species of the tuber Dioscorea alata PMP *qubi

úbiCebuano(WMP) widely grown yam of variable color and size, used mainly as an ingredient in sweet dishes: Dioscorea alata PMP *qubi

ʔúbiHanunóo(WMP) greater yam: Dioscorea alata Linn. PMP *qubi

ubiIban(WMP) tuber, tuberous plants including aroids, yams and sweet potato PMP *qubi

úbiIlokano(WMP) an edible yam whose meat is purple: Dioscorea alata Linn. PMP *qubi

úbiIsneg(WMP) the yam: Dioscorea alata Linn. PMP *qubi

úbiItawis(WMP) sweet potato sp. PMP *qubi

úbiKankanaey(WMP) yam, Indian potato, Dioscorea sp. PMP *qubi

ubiKenyah(WMP) sweet potato PMP *qubi

ubiLolak(WMP) yam PMP *qubi

ubiMalay(WMP) yam; tuber; generic for many plants, notably (i) Dioscorea alata, (ii) tapioca or manioc, (iii) the sweet potato, (iv) the common potato, Solanum tuberosum, etc. PMP *qubi

ubíPangasinan(WMP) yam PMP *qubi

ubiSasak(WMP) kind of edible tuber PMP *qubi

úbiTagalog(WMP) species of yam, a root-crop, with flesh of violet color PMP *qubi

ʔubiTiruray(WMP) general term for sweet potato, Ipomoea batatas Linn. PMP *qubi

ubiToba Batak(WMP) wild yam eaten only in time of famine PMP *qubi

úbiYogad(WMP) yam PMP *qubi

ubihKelabit(WMP) tuber PMP *qubi

ubih-anCebuano(WMP) yam patch PMP *qubi

ubih kayuhKelabit(WMP) tapioca, cassava PWMP *qubi kahiw

ubih siaʔKelabit(WMP) sweet potato PMP *qubi

ubi kayuMalay(WMP) tapioca, manioc PWMP *qubi kahiw

ubi kayuTotoli(WMP) cassava PWMP *qubi kahiw

ubi koyuTboli(WMP) cassava PWMP *qubi kahiw

u-biliWoleaian(OC) white shell, cowry POC *buliq₁

ubisiRukai (Maga)(Formosan) pubic hair PAN *qubiS

ubi-tBuruese(CMP) wild yam PMP *qubi

ubɨtKallahan (Kayapa)(WMP) buttocks PMP *ubet

úbodAklanon(WMP) the inner white part of the trunk of banana, nipa or coconut palms; core, pith PMP *qubuj

ubódBikol(WMP) the soft core of palm plants; pith PMP *qubuj

úbodTagalog(WMP) shoot of plants, palms, etc., as in ubod ng niyog shoot of coconut tree; core, the very center; the innermost or utter depths PMP *qubuj

úbogIlokano(WMP) unspread leaf of a palm; pith, heart of coconut palm PMP *qubuj

u-boli-anMongondow(WMP) discharge a debt, make a partial repayment PMP *beli

ubónKankanaey(WMP) assemble, gather together, congregate, meet, collect PMP *hubun₂

ū-boŋiLau(OC) early morning POC *boŋi

úbosBikol(WMP) consumed, exhausted, finished PMP *qubus

úbosBikol(WMP) consumed, exhausted, finished PPH *ubus

ubósTagalog(WMP) all eaten, consumed or used up; all disposed of PMP *qubus

úbosTagalog(WMP) act of using up or consuming by eating, drinking, spending, etc. PPH *ubus

ubuArosi(OC) to swell; a swelling, large boil POC *tubu₁

ubuFordata(CMP) grandparent/grandchild PMP *umpu

ubuKwaio(OC) swell, swelling, swollen POC *tubu₁

ubuNgadha(CMP) ridge, roof PMP *ubuŋ

*ubuPAmb(CMP) ancestor PMP *umpu

ubuSoboyo(CMP) end, point (as of a knife), tip, top (as of a coconut tree) PMP *ubuŋ

ubudKelabit(WMP) soft edible pith of plants, esp. sago; palm cabbage PMP *qubuj

ubúdCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) upper stalk (of the soft pulp in the upper part of several species of palms, which is edible) PMP *qubuj

úbudCebuano(WMP) the tender heart of the trunk of palms, bananas, bamboos, rattans; bamboo shoots PMP *qubuj

ʔúbudHanunóo(WMP) palm cabbage, the edible terminal bulb of most palms PMP *qubuj

úbudIsneg(WMP) young shoot of the fishtail palm, etc. PMP *qubuj

ubudTausug(WMP) leaf-bud or heart of palm trees, used as a vegetable PMP *qubuj

ubuhAyta Maganchi(WMP) to use up, finish something PPH *ubus

ubunAlas(WMP) fontanel PWMP *ubun (ubun)

ubu-nKei(CMP) grandparent/grandchild PMP *umpu

ubun-ajiIban(WMP) fontanelle, esp. of infant PMP *hubun₁

ubun-ubunMalay(WMP) crown of the head, fontanel PWMP *hubun hubun

ubun-ubunMalay(WMP) fontanel PWMP *ubun (ubun)

ubuŋMakassarese(WMP) fontanel, crown of the head PMP *hubun₁

ubuŋMakassarese(WMP) fontanel, crown PWMP *ubun (ubun)

ubuŋSika(CMP) summit, top of trees, mountains and fingers PMP *ubuŋ

ubuŋTausug(WMP) ridgepole PMP *ubuŋ

ubúsCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) finish, consume, be consumed PMP *qubus

ubusCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to finish, to consume, be consumed; after PPH *ubus

úbusCebuano(WMP) be all consumed PMP *qubus

úbusCebuano(WMP) be all consumed (as something eaten) PAN *ijan

ubusTausug(WMP) finished, completed, done PMP *qubus

ubutKenyah(WMP) heart of a plant, tender part of a plant PMP *qubuj

ubu--ubuArosi(OC) thick POC *tubu₁

ubu-ubu-ʔaKwaio(OC) thick POC *tubu₁


TOP      u,    u~            ua    ub    uᵐ    ub    uc    ud    ue    uf    ug    uh    ui    uj    uk    ul    um    un        uo    up    uq    ur    us    ut    uu    uv    uw    ux    uy    uz        uz        


ucaFijian(OC) rain POC *qusan

ʔucánəKanakanabu(Formosan) rain PAN *quzaN

ucekManggarai(CMP) push through a crowd PMP *u(n)sek

uchanChamorro(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

uciLaAua(OC) lightning POC *qusila

ucuFijian(OC) cape, mountain peak PMP *quzuŋ

ucu-Fijian(OC) nose POC *ucuŋ

ucukManggarai(CMP) hide, enter crouching PMP *usuk


TOP      u,    u~            ua    ub    uᵐ    ub    uc    ud    ue    uf    ug    uh    ui    uj    uk    ul    um    un        uo    up    uq    ur    us    ut    uu    uv    uw    ux    uy    uz        uz        


udGedaged(OC) any kind of weed PMP *qutan

ūdTausug(WMP) worm, grub, maggot PMP *qulej

udaBalinese(WMP) young, fresh

udaKapingamarangi(OC) toward land; toward center of the land, inland PMP *qutan

udaKapingamarangi(OC) to transport (cargo) POC *ucan

udaMalay(WMP) young (in certain expressions only)

udaMotu(OC) thick bush; forest PMP *qutan

udaNukuoro(OC) to board (a ship or canoe) POC *ucan

udaRotinese(CMP) rain; to rain PMP *quzan

udaToba Batak(WMP) father's younger brother

udaUma(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

uda-iaMotu(OC) to place in box, canoe, etc. POC *ucan

ʔudaƚPazeh(Formosan) rain PAN *quzaN

uda lèdokRotinese(CMP) sunshower ( = rain + sun) PMP *quzan

ʔudámHanunóo(WMP) borrowing; lending PWMP *huzam

ʔudámHanunóo(WMP) borrowing, lending PMP *hezam

udanAlas(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

udanKelabit(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

udanBanggai(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

udánIfugaw(WMP) rain in general PMP *quzan

udānIsneg(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

udánKalinga (Guinaang)(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

udánKankanaey(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

udanKaro Batak(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

udanKayan(WMP) cargo on a boat PMP *Rujan

udanKayan(WMP) cargo on a boat PMP *ujan

*udanPAmb(CMP) crustacean, shrimp PAN *qudaŋ

udanTetun(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

udanToba Batak(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

udanYamdena(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

udan deresJavanese(WMP) hard rain PMP *deRes

udan-onBanggai(WMP) get caught in the rain PAN *quzan-en

udan we-weJavanese(WMP) rain while the sun is shining PAN *waRi₁

udaŋBalinese(WMP) shrimp (esp. in rivers) PAN *qudaŋ

udaŋKelabit(WMP) freshwater shrimp PAN *qudaŋ

udáŋCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii PAN *qudaŋ

udáŋIfugaw(WMP) shrimps living in rivers PAN *qudaŋ

udáŋIlokano(WMP) the general name for lobster and crawfish or crayfish PAN *qudaŋ

udáŋKankanaey(WMP) prawn, shrimp, crawfish, crayfish PAN *qudaŋ

udaŋToba Batak(WMP) shrimp PAN *qudaŋ

udaŋ, undaŋIban(WMP) generic for prawn, shrimp, tailed crustacean (distinct from crab) PAN *qudaŋ

uḍaŋ, uraŋJavanese(WMP) shrimp PAN *qudaŋ

udaŋ, uraŋSasak(WMP) shrimp, crayfish, lobster PAN *qudaŋ

uda-udaMotu(OC) load, of pots in lagatoi (cited only in the English index sub 'load') POC *ucan

uda-udaMotu(OC) load pots into lagatoi [traditional sailing canoe used on trading voyages] PMP *lujan

u-dawilPuyuma(Formosan) Go away! PAN *Sa-

udékCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) go upstream, to travel going upriver PWMP *udahik

udékMalay(WMP) upstream PWMP *udahik

udekManggarai(CMP) drive in, as a piling or stake PMP *uzeg

ʔúdəlPalauan(WMP) grass, grassy PMP *qutan

ɁuðəlPalauan(WMP) jobfish: Aprion virescens PMP *qutun

udEnCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) rain; to rain PMP *quzan

udeʔTonsea(WMP) snake PMP *qulej

udʰihKelabit(WMP) rudder; stern of a boat; rear PMP *udehi

udhuNgadha(CMP) small field hut; cover over, cover with a towel, etc. PMP *uduŋ

udiArosi(OC) annoy, disturb PMP *usik

udiDobuan(OC) banana POC *pudi

udiIban(WMP) after, later; follow after PMP *udehi

údiIlokano(WMP) last, latest, rear, hindmost PMP *udehi

údiIsneg(WMP) last, hindmost PMP *udehi

udiMalay(WMP) posterior; hindward; subsequent PMP *udehi

udiManam(OC) banana POC *pudi

udiHawu(CMP) penis PMP *qutin

udiHawu(CMP) that part of a knife blade which is in the haft; the binding of haft and blade PMP *utiŋ

udiTae'(WMP) test, examine PWMP *uzi

udiWetan(CMP) banana PAN *punti₁

udí, udí-diIfugaw(WMP) last, the last PMP *udehi

udi-ānIsneg(WMP) youngest brother or sister PWMP *udehi-an

udí-diKankanaey(WMP) hind leg PMP *udehi

udi-dí-anIfugaw(WMP) the youngest of the family PWMP *udehi-an

uḍikJavanese(WMP) upstream part of a river PWMP *udahik

udikKayan(WMP) upriver PWMP *udahik

uḍikOld Javanese(WMP) upstream PWMP *udahik

u-dilaRukai (Mantauran)(Formosan) to lick PAN *dilaq₁

udin-enCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) get rained on PAN *quzan-en

udipBidayuh (Bukar-Sadong)(WMP) alive, living; fresh (as plants, milk) PAN *qudip₁

udipIlokano(WMP) mend, patch (mats, baskets, etc.) PAN *qudip₁

udipKenyah(WMP) life; germinate, grow PAN *qudip₁

udipMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) life PAN *qudip₁

udíp-enIlokano(WMP) to mend, patch (mats, baskets, etc.) PPH *udip

udi suli-diManam(OC) banana cuttings PMP *suli₁

udjuŋ poʔonYakan(WMP) the reason, cause for something PMP *puqun

udoʔKelabit(WMP) ghost; carved wooden figure kept to ward off misfortune or disease; ghost (Amster 1995) PMP *uduq₂

udoʔKayan(WMP) an image, formerly an idol (now used for a doll); a wooden mask used in entertainment; formerly used in pagan ceremonies PMP *uduq₂

udoʔKenyah (Lebu’ Kulit)(WMP) mask, mask dance (Soriente 2006) PMP *uduq₂

udoʔKenyah (Lepu Tau)(WMP) a carving; a patron (Galvin 1967) PMP *uduq₂

udoNukuoro(OC) soft wood around the center of a tree trunk POC *quto

udoSimalur(WMP) father's sister's husband

udógBikol(WMP) back (of humans, animals, fish) PWMP *edeg

udok ayamIban(WMP) pet dog PWMP *qayam₂

údoŋBikol(WMP) a hunter's shelter or hut PMP *uduŋ

udo-udoBare'e(WMP) covered with clouds, cloudy (sky) PAN *qudem

údtoAklanon(WMP) about directly overhead (in the sky) PPh *ugtu

udtóBikol(WMP) noon, noontime, mid-day PPh *ugtu

udtóTagalog(WMP) noon, noontime, midday PPh *ugtu

udtúCebuano(WMP) twelve o'clock, for the sun to be overhead; for the moon or something else to be in the heavens at the noon position PPh *ugtu

ʔudtúHanunóo(WMP) mid-point of a vizualized celestial arch; more specifically, noon PPh *ugtu

udtuManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) action (of the earth's rotation) upon celestial bodies which causes them to rise to the zenith PPh *ugtu

udtu-anBinukid(WMP) zenith, the point in the sky which is directly overhead PPh *ugtu

udtúh-anCebuano(WMP) zenith PPh *ugtu

ʔudtuh-anHanunóo(WMP) noontime PPh *ugtu

uduBare'e(WMP) leaves that are smoked PWMP *qudud

uduDhao/Ndao(CMP) louse PMP *kutu₁

uduIlongot(WMP) medicine PMP *uduq₂

uduKapingamarangi(OC) soak up, draw water POC *qutub

uduKapingamarangi(OC) fish sp.: snapper (Aprion virescens) PMP *qutud

uduKenyah(WMP) grass, weeds PAN *udu

uduMotu(OC) rub a stick to make fire PMP *usuq

udu-Motu(OC) mouth; nose; beak POC *ucuŋ

uduMotu(OC) mouth; nose; beak PAN *ŋusuq

uduNgadha(CMP) to coo PMP *uduq₁

*udu-PAmb(CMP) point, tip PMP *quzuŋ

*uduPSir(Formosan) weed, grass PAN *udu

uduHawu(CMP) louse PMP *kutu₁

uduTae'(WMP) an exclamation of grief PMP *uduq₁

uduTonsea(WMP) head PMP *qulu

udu-aMotu(OC) carry a child astraddle on the neck PMP *qusuŋ

udu-aMotu(OC) rub a stick to make fire POC *usuq-a

uduahMinangkabau(WMP) incantation; kind of basket with cooked rice, sugar and grated coconut, set in the field during rice-planting to guard against calamity PMP *uduq₂

ududJavanese(WMP) something to smoke; to smoke PWMP *qudud

ududLun Dayeh(WMP) a comb PWMP *sujud

ududSundanese(WMP) to smoke PWMP *qudud

udud-anOld Javanese(WMP) smoking materials PWMP *qudud

uduəŋMelanau Dalat (Kampung Teh)(WMP) nose PAN *ujuŋ

uduhKelabit(WMP) grass (generic) PAN *udu

uḍuhOld Javanese(WMP) an exclamation (oh! ah!) PMP *uduq₁

udukPohnpeian(OC) meat, flesh, muscle POC *pijiko

udu kibiMotu(OC) narrow-mouthed; of a water pot with narrow mouth; of a small mouth due to a sore POC *kibit

uduŋKelabit(WMP) top, end PMP *quzuŋ

uduŋLun Dayeh(WMP) at the end, tip, or top PMP *quzuŋ

uduŋMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) nose PAN *ujuŋ

uduŋ kayuhKelabit(WMP) top of a tree PMP *quzuŋ

uduŋ kayuhLun Dayeh(WMP) top of a tree PMP *quzuŋ

udurKelabit(WMP) standing PMP *qunzur

udutNgaju Dayak(WMP) smoke cigarettes PWMP *qudud

udutSasak(WMP) smoking PWMP *qudud

udza, uzaNgadha(CMP) rain; to rain PMP *quzan


TOP      u,    u~            ua    ub    uᵐ    ub    uc    ud    ue    uf    ug    uh    ui    uj    uk    ul    um    un        uo    up    uq    ur    us    ut    uu    uv    uw    ux    uy    uz        uz        


ueKelabit(WMP) rattan PAN *quay

ʔueDobuan(OC) rattan POC *que

ueKei(CMP) rattan, Calamus sp. PAN *quay

ueKomodo(CMP) rattan PAN *quay

ueMuna(WMP) blood vein, vessel; tendon PMP *uRat

Ngadha(CMP) grunting of large pigs PMP *huy

ueRotinese(CMP) rattan; whip (usually made of rattan) PAN *quay

ueSa'a(OC) rattan cane POC *que

ʔueSa'a(OC) how? why? of course PMP *kua₁

ueSangir(WMP) rattan PAN *quay

ueTae'(WMP) rattan PAN *quay

ʔueTsou(Formosan) rattan PAN *quay

ueWawonii(WMP) rattan PAN *quay

ueYamdena(CMP) rattan PAN *quay

ueánAklanon(WMP) rain; rain water; to rain PMP *quzan

ueáŋAklanon(WMP) river shrimp PAN *qudaŋ

ue arruʔTae'(WMP) rattan that has already been scraped PWMP *aRud

ueátAklanon(WMP) scab, scar; miscolored skin (left by a wound); to heal, form a scar (said of a wound) PWMP *ulat

úeh-anAklanon(WMP) the head, top (of bed) PMP *qulu-an

ueiKayan(WMP) rattan cane PAN *quay

uekeManipa(CMP) net PMP *puket₁

uʔəl-elPalauan(WMP) beginning, start, origin; ancestors PMP *puqun

uʔemMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) to soak PWMP *huqem

ue mata-nTetun(CMP) a spring (of water) PMP *mata nu wahiR

ue mata-n musanTetun(CMP) a lid, cover, or cap PMP *mata

uenaMussau(OC) casting net POC *kupwena

ue naŋaSangir(WMP) rattan sp. PMP *naŋa₂

ue-n-auTunjung(WMP) sun (‘eye of the day’) PAN *mata nu qalejaw

uəŋKenyah (Long Anap)(WMP) horn of an animal PAN *uReŋ

úeodAklanon(WMP) stomach worm(s) PMP *qulej

úeo(h)Aklanon(WMP) head PMP *qulu

ueónAklanon(WMP) lie down, rest one's head on a pillow PMP *qulun₂

ueótAklanon(WMP) interval, space, unit of space PMP *qelet

uetaLaha(CMP) fishnet PMP *puket₁

uetaMussau(OC) vein, vessel; tendon POC *uRat

uéyKankanaey(WMP) rattan PAN *quay


TOP      u,    u~            ua    ub    uᵐ    ub    uc    ud    ue    uf    ug    uh    ui    uj    uk    ul    um    un        uo    up    uq    ur    us    ut    uu    uv    uw    ux    uy    uz        uz        


ufBuli(SHWNG) the young tip of a plant shoot PEMP *upe

ufBuli(SHWNG) to blow (person or wind) PCEMP *upi

ufIrarutu(SHWNG) to blow PCEMP *upi

ufKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) wild roots PMP *qubi

ufKosraean(OC) young coconut POC *ubu

ufNumfor(SHWNG) to blow PCEMP *upi

ufNumfor(SHWNG) round, yellow germination in a coconut PEMP *upu

ufaBimanese(CMP) loan, salary PMP *upaq

ufaBugotu(OC) be grey headed PMP *quban

ufaCheke Holo(OC) greying (hair), have grey hair, become grey PMP *quban

ufaRotuman(OC) (from the sea) land; (from the coast) the interior, part further from the coast PMP *qutan

ʔufaRotuman(OC) hen (of domestic fowls only) PMP *qupa

ʔufahTiruray(WMP) a wild hen, Gallus gallus (Linn.) PMP *qupa

ʔufakTiruray(WMP) split lengthwise by driving a blade along the grain PWMP *hupak

ufalaMekeo (East)(OC) crocodile POC *puqaya

ufanSimalur(WMP) white head hair PMP *quban

ufan-enSimalur(WMP) to get white or gray hair PWMP *quban-en

ufátBuhid(WMP) four PMP *epat

ʔufawTiruray(WMP) bald head PPH *upaw

ufeBugotu(OC) taro tops for planting PEMP *upe

ufiBimanese(CMP) to blow PCEMP *upi

ufiKwaio(OC) old generic term for yam, now in disuse PMP *qubi

uf-iKwaio(OC) fill with water POC *qutup-i

ufiKwaio(OC) play panpipes PCEMP *upi

uf-iLau(OC) fill a vessel, dip and fill; get water in a vessel POC *qutup-i

ufiLau(OC) blow with the mouth; blow a conch or panpipes PCEMP *upi

ufiNortheast Ambae(OC) to blow PCEMP *upi

ufiNiue(OC) general name for the yam: Dioscorea alata PMP *qubi

ufiRotinese(CMP) various types of yams PMP *qubi

ufiSamoan(OC) general name for yams, used especially of the common yam (Dioscorea sp.) PMP *qubi

ʔufiTongan(OC) the yam: Dioscorea alata PMP *qubi

uf-iaKwaio(OC) fill with water POC *qutup-ia

ufi-aKwaio(OC) blow on (e.g. a flute); to sniff, of a dog POC *upi-a

uf-iaLau(OC) fill a vessel, dip and fill; get water in a vessel POC *qutup-ia

ufoAbai Sembuak(WMP) hen PMP *qupa

ufuRotuman(OC) pull apart, pull in two, sever (lit. and fig.), esp to break (string, rope, net, etc.) or to divorce PMP *utus₁

ʔufuRotuman(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

ufukTboli(WMP) to flap (as wings), clap PWMP *upuk

úfutItawis(WMP) to exhaust, consume PMP *qubus


TOP      u,    u~            ua    ub    uᵐ    ub    uc    ud    ue    uf    ug    uh    ui    uj    uk    ul    um    un        uo    up    uq    ur    us    ut    uu    uv    uw    ux    uy    uz        uz        


ugaKapingamarangi(OC) fishing line POC *uka₂

ugaNias(WMP) how much, how many? PMP *kuja

ʔugaRennellese(OC) lobster, crayfish POC *quraŋ

ugáʔTagalog(WMP) act of shaking (a tree, house or some structure) PWMP *ugaq

*ʔugacPAty(Formosan) vein, sinew PAN *huRaC

ugahOld Javanese(WMP) shaking; to shake PWMP *ugaq

ugáliʔAklanon(WMP) custom, tradition; habit PWMP *ugaliq

ugáliʔBikol(WMP) character, manner, personality, temperament; characteristic, idiosyncrasy, trait; custom, habit, tradition PWMP *ugaliq

ugáliCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) habit, custom, tradition, way, manners, inclination, style, mode, character, behavior PWMP *ugaliq

ʔugáliʔHanunóo(WMP) custom; superstition PWMP *ugaliq

ugáliIlokano(WMP) custom, habit, character, nature, temperament, disposition PWMP *ugaliq

ugáliʔKapampangan(WMP) character, habits, custom, demeanor PWMP *ugaliq

ugáliʔTagalog(WMP) personal conduct or behavior; habit; custom; tradition PWMP *ugaliq

ugámAklanon(WMP) coating or deposit on the tongue when one is sick, resulting in bad-tasting food or drink PMP *guham

ugámCebuano(WMP) whitish substance coating the tongue and upper palate; to get ugám PMP *guham

ugámMasbatenyo(WMP) white coating of the tongue PMP *guham

ugamTausug(WMP) simple stomatitis (characterized by the formation of tiny ulcers on the mucosa of the mouth) PMP *guham

ugam-unTausug(WMP) to be or beome afflicted with stomatitis PWMP *guam-en

úgaŋIfugaw(WMP) debt; Iloko, Tagalog, etc. word sometimes used by the Ifugaw instead of gawat PMP *qutaŋ

ugariToba Batak(WMP) custom, manner, way (expected **/ugali/) PWMP *ugaliq

ʔúgasHanunóo(WMP) washing of hands, utensils, etc., but not of face, body or clothes PMP *huRas

úgasIlokano(WMP) a shrub whose leaves are used for scouring purposes PMP *huRas

ugasLauje(WMP) to wash (dishes, spoons, etc.) PMP *huRas

ugás-anIlokano(WMP) wash, scour, clean, rinse, to do (the dishes) PWMP *huRas-an

ugátAklanon(WMP) blood vein; tendon PMP *uRat

ugátBikol(WMP) artery, vein; nerve PMP *uRat

ugatMongondow(WMP) muscle; tendon; sinew PMP *uRat

ugátCebuano(WMP) vein, blood vessel; for the veins to come out from exertion or anger PMP *uRat

ʔugátHanunóo(WMP) strand, as of thread PMP *uRat

ugatLolak(WMP) vein PMP *uRat

ugátTagalog(WMP) root; artery; vein; origin PMP *uRat

ugatTausug(WMP) vein, nerve, artery, tendon PMP *uRat

uɣatManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) vein, of blood PMP *uRat

ugat limaBoano(WMP) lines in the palm of the hand PMP *uRat i lima

ugat-úgatCebuano(WMP) leaves having lots of veins; for leaves to be veined PMP *uRat uRat

ʔugat-úgatHanunóo(WMP) small surface veins PMP *uRat uRat

ugát-unCebuano(WMP) full of prominent veins PWMP *uRat-en

ugeRennellese(OC) penis POC *ule₁

ugésCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) wash, rinse off (a part of the body, or kitchen utensils, but not clothes) PMP *huRas

ugetUmiray Dumaget(WMP) vein PMP *uRat

ugʰeŋKelabit(WMP) spinning without wobbling, as a top PWMP *ugəŋ

ugíŋCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) charcoal, dead coals; to spread charcoal powder on something (as the face) PAN *qujiŋ

ugiŋIlokano(WMP) charcoal; soot PAN *qujiŋ

úgiŋItawis(WMP) charcoal PAN *qujiŋ

ugísBikol(WMP) tree sp. possessing a white bark; albino PPh *quRis

ugísBikol(WMP) albino PPH *uRis

ugísCebuano (dialectal)(WMP) having completely white feathers; fair of complexion PPH *uRis

ugísCebuano(WMP) having completely white feathers; people belonging to the white race; albino PPh *quRis

ʔúgisHanunóo(WMP) a species of tree PPh *quRis

ugisTausug(WMP) an albino person PPh *quRis

uɣisManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) albino, of animals only PPh *quRis

ugis-ónBikol(WMP) to be totally white PPH *uRis

ug(o)Woleaian(OC) fish net; to go net-fishing POC *pukot

ugókTagalog(WMP) rumbling sound (from the stomach or the bowels) PMP *e(ŋ)guk

ugómBikol(WMP) suck on something (as a lollipop); carry something in the mouth PWMP *uRem

ugoŋChamorro(WMP) moan, groan, lament, mourn, utter in lamentation PMP *heReŋ

ugoŋChamorro(WMP) moan, groan, lament, mourn, utter in lamentation PWMP *quRuŋ

ugóŋTagalog(WMP) roaring sound, hum, resonance PWMP *quRuŋ

ugotChamorro(WMP) massage (with the feet), usually by walking on the body PMP *quRut

ugsáIlokano(WMP) deer; venison PWMP *uRsa

ugsáKankanaey(WMP) deer PWMP *uRsa

ugtáIsneg(WMP) the deer PWMP *uRsa

ugtoAklanon(WMP) at the zenith, directly overhead; half moon (waxing or waning) PPh *ugtu

úgtuHiligaynon(WMP) noon PPh *ugtu

ugtúKapampangan(WMP) noon PPh *ugtu

ugtuTausug(WMP) noontime, mid-day, whe the sun is at its zenith PPh *ugtu

ʔuguRennellese(OC) head, hair of the head, head person POC *qulu

ugu, ukuArosi(OC) bowstring POC *quku

ʔuguaRennellese(OC) generic name for some crevalles (or trevalles), e.g. plumed trevally, mirrorfish, Alectis indica (Rüppell) POC *qulua

uguguWuvulu(OC) thunder POC *kururu₁

úgumCebuano(WMP) hold or keep something inside the mouth; enclose something within it as if enclosed in the mouth PMP *eŋgem

úgumCebuano(WMP) hold or keep something inside the mouth PWMP *uRem

uguŋBerawan (Long Terawan)(WMP) horn of an animal PAN *uReŋ

úguŋCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) loud roar, hum, resonance (of an airplane, wind, sea, etc.); to hum, to roar PMP *huRuŋ

úguŋCebuano(WMP) spin a top; be steady and without a wobble PWMP *ugəŋ

ʔuguŋ-aRennellese(OC) wooden headrest; pillow (it was taboo to sit on either headrest or pillow even in 1972) POC *quluŋ-an

uɣupManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to help; aid in physical labor PWMP *uRup

ugutMansaka(WMP) to tighten PMP *heRet


TOP      u,    u~            ua    ub    uᵐ    ub    uc    ud    ue    uf    ug    uh    ui    uj    uk    ul    um    un        uo    up    uq    ur    us    ut    uu    uv    uw    ux    uy    uz        uz        


uhLeipon(OC) kind of red yam with hard flesh PMP *qubi

uhSeimat(OC) lobster POC *quraŋ

uh, uhi-reSelaru(CMP) kind of tuber PMP *qubi

uhaArosi(OC) a species of creeper POC *tupa₂

úhaʔBikol(WMP) to cry (infants) PWMP *uhaq

uhaBugotu(OC) rain; to rain POC *qusan

uhaʔChamorro(WMP) pry open PMP *qukaq

uhaʔChamorro(WMP) pry open PMP *qu(ŋ)kaq

ʔuháʔHanunóo(WMP) cry of a newborn baby PWMP *uhaq

uhaKayan(WMP) the crying of an infant PWMP *uhaq

uhaNggela(OC) rain; to rain POC *qusan

uhaNiue(OC) rain POC *qusan

uháPangasinan(WMP) cry of newborn baby PWMP *uhaq

uhaʔSangir(WMP) blood vein, vessel; muscle PMP *uRat

uhaSoboyo(CMP) vein, vessel; muscle PMP *uRat

uháʔTagalog(WMP) cry of the new-born infant PWMP *uhaq

ʔuhaTongan(OC) rain; to rain; rainy, wet POC *qusan

uhaUlawa(OC) a strong ground creeper used in tying; used in the incantations as a metaphor for magical power POC *tupa₂

uhamKayan(WMP) a yawn PMP *huab₂

ūh-anTausug(WMP) tip, top or front part of something; chief of a group PMP *qulu-an

uhan-iNggela(OC) to rain on PMP *quzan-i

uhanoWest Damar(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

uháŋCebuano(WMP) space between two things which are supposed to be touching or fitting each other PWMP *uhaŋ

uhaŋChamorro(WMP) shrimp PAN *qudaŋ

uhár-inaMalagasy(WMP) to be measured, to be compared PWMP *sukat-en

uhaseʔSangir(WMP) wash off, wash (body parts, dishes, but not clothes) PMP *huRas

uhatBuruese(CMP) sinew; blood vessel PMP *uRat

uhatKayan(WMP) arteries or veins; sinews; nerve fibres; the spine; nylon fishing line PMP *uRat

uhatNgaju Dayak(WMP) root; vein; sinew; tendon PMP *uRat

ʔuha teaTongan(OC) sunshower ( = "white rain") POC *qusan

úhatraMalagasy(WMP) measure, comparison; a parable, a proverb PWMP *sukat

uha tuliNiue(OC) hail, hailstorm ( = "congealed/frozen rain") POC *qusan

uhauKadazan Dusun(WMP) become mad PAN *ulaw

uháulIfugaw(WMP) downstream; to move or walk in the direction of the flow of a stream PPH *usauR

uhauʔ tautNarum(WMP) knee PMP *qulu tuhud₁

úhawAklanon(WMP) be thirsty PMP *quhaw

uháwCebuano(WMP) thirsty PMP *quhaw

úhawTagalog(WMP) thirst PMP *quhaw

uháwTagalog(WMP) thirsty PMP *quhaw

uhawTausug(WMP) thirsty PMP *quhaw

úhayAklanon(WMP) stalk (of rice) PPh *quhay

uhayCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to wait PMP *huRay

uháyCebuano(WMP) seed-bearing panicle (e.g. as of rice, but not corn); harvest something by just taking the whole panicle PPh *quhay

úhayTagalog(WMP) stem of grain, stalk of rice PPh *quhay

uhaʔKelai(WMP) ember, burning coal PMP *baRah

uheMotu(OC) the end of the yam which is kept for planting; any seed for planting PEMP *upe

uheSa'a(OC) a strong ground creeper used in tying, with bitter juice; scraped and used to poison fish POC *tupa₂

uhemKayan(WMP) to suck in the mouth (as candy) PWMP *uRem

uhiArosi(OC) a yam (the prickly variety is called hana) PMP *qubi

uhiArosi(OC) to blow, breathe on PCEMP *upi

uhiErai(CMP) tuber, tuberous plant PMP *qubi

uhiHawaiian(OC) the yam, Dioscorea alata PMP *qubi

uhiKadazan Dusun(WMP) go home PMP *uliq₁

uhiNiue(OC) purple POC *quciŋ

ʔuhiRennellese(OC) the yam, usually Dioscorea alata Linn. PMP *qubi

uhiSa'a(OC) the yam, sixty-one varieties named at Sa'a PMP *qubi

uhiSa'a(OC) blow with the mouth upon an object, breathe upon PCEMP *upi

uhiSeimat(OC) blow on the fire POC *upi-a

ʔuhiTongan(OC) black POC *quciŋ

ūhi-a'Āre'āre(OC) blow, breathe from the mouth POC *upi-a

úhilIfugaw(WMP) act of those who defend their habitat and pursue (or try to pursue) those who attack PAN *qusiR

ʔuhilaTongan(OC) lightning; electricity POC *qusila

uhi-onKadazan Dusun(WMP) go home, return home PWMP *uliq-en

uhirToba Batak(WMP) cut or carve out figures or ornaments PMP *ukir

uhiseʔSangir(WMP) white PPh *quRis

uhisəʔSangir(WMP) white PPH *uRis

uhmwPohnpeian(OC) a traditional Ponapean oven made of loose stones which are heated and placed around the food to be baked PMP *qumun

uhoMaori(OC) heart of a tree, pith POC *uso

uhoNiue(OC) core, center POC *uso

uhoTongan(OC) pith (lit. or fig.); central thick root of kava plant; core or core-like center (of plantain, pineapple, apple, etc., but not of breadfruit) POC *uso

uhoTuvaluan(OC) pith of tree POC *uso

úhodTagalog(WMP) caterpillar, grub PMP *qulej

ùhònTinputz(OC) rain POC *qusan

úhoŋAklanon(WMP) mushroom PMP *quhuŋ

ʔuho-ʔuhaTongan(OC) rain off and on, be wet, rainy POC *qusan qusan

uh-palMokilese(OC) side with POC *bali₇

uhpwPohnpeian(OC) drinking coconut POC *ubu

uhrPohnpeian(OC) lobster POC *quraŋ

uhsPohnpeian(OC) float, as for a fishing net POC *uton

uhuLuang(CMP) female breast PAN *susu₁

uhuHawu(CMP) heart PMP *pusuq₁

uhuSoboyo(CMP) grandchild PMP *umpu

uhuTuvaluan(OC) push POC *usu

uhubSimalungun Batak(WMP) cover with a blanket PWMP *ukub

uhuh-iTongan(OC) pull out, draw out, e.g. a sword from its sheath, or a tooth POC *unus-i

úhuŋCebuano(WMP) kind of white mushroom PMP *quhuŋ

uhúŋ-anCebuano(WMP) place where mushrooms grow readily PMP *quhuŋ

uhusKadazan Dusun(WMP) to glide down PWMP *hurus

uhusKadazan Dusun(WMP) glide down PWMP *ulus

uhutBalinese(WMP) massage (muscles); rub with pressure PMP *quRut

uhút, úhutCebuano(WMP) straw of rice or other grain-bearing grasses PPh *quhut


TOP      u,    u~            ua    ub    uᵐ    ub    uc    ud    ue    uf    ug    uh    ui    uj    uk    ul    um    un        uo    up    uq    ur    us    ut    uu    uv    uw    ux    uy    uz        uz        


uiBare'e(WMP) cry commonly given in answer when one is called from a distance PMP *huy

uiErai(CMP) vagina PAN *puki

uiKamarian(CMP) vagina PAN *puki

uiNgadha(CMP) call to a friend; to set dogs against, as in hunting wild pigs PMP *huy

uiNggela(OC) exclamation of surprise POC *ui

uiNiue(OC) call, invite POC *ui

uiRarotongan(OC) yam (generic) PMP *qubi

uiSamoan(OC) go along; tread upon, gain admittance to; go by way of, follow a road to POC *suRi₂

uʔiHawu(CMP) vagina PAN *puki

uiSoutheast Ambrym(OC) maggot PMP *qulej

uiSoutheast Ambrym(OC) lobster POC *quraŋ

uiTae'(WMP) tuber, yam PMP *qubi

uiTongan(OC) call, call out, call out to POC *ui

uiWaropen(SHWNG) banana PAN *punti₁

uiWetan(CMP) milk; female breast; to suckle PAN *susu₁

uiʔaWuvulu(OC) octopus PMP *kuRita

u-ihKelabit(WMP) 1sg. nominative and accusative pronoun: I, me PAN *aku

uíiPalauan(WMP) jackfish, Gnathodon sp. PMP *pilu

uikMongondow(WMP) go upriver PWMP *udahik

u-íkiRukai (Maga)(Formosan) thresh by scraping with the soles of one's feet PAN *iRik

u-íkiRukai (Maga)(Formosan) thresh by scraping with the soles of one's feet PAN *qiRik

uilaHawaiian(OC) lightning, electricity; electric POC *qusila

uilaSamoan(OC) lightning POC *qusila

uinKola(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

uiŋMongondow(WMP) charcoal; tree from which charcoal is made PAN *qujiŋ

ʔuip-anPalawan Batak(WMP) to blow, as a fire (Reid 1971) PMP *heyup-an

uiraMaori(OC) gleam, flash; lightning POC *qusila

uiraRarotongan(OC) lightning POC *qusila

ʔúisPalauan(WMP) worm, maggot PMP *qulej

uitKelabit(WMP) way of bringing PWMP *uit₂

uitKaro Batak(WMP) stir, move a little PWMP *uit₁

uītPaamese(OC) octopus PMP *kuRita

uitSasak(WMP) move something PWMP *uit₁

uitSoutheast Ambrym(OC) octopus, squid PMP *kuRita

uitaMussau(OC) octopus PMP *kuRita

u-ituYami(WMP) that PAN *i-Cu


TOP      u,    u~            ua    ub    uᵐ    ub    uc    ud    ue    uf    ug    uh    ui    uj    uk    ul    um    un        uo    up    uq    ur    us    ut    uu    uv    uw    ux    uy    uz        uz        


ujaBare'e(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

ujaPetapa Taje(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

ujakIban(WMP) drive in, plant, stick upright PMP *uzeg

uja ka-rinti-rintiBare'e(WMP) drizzle PMP *quzan

ujamKayan(WMP) borrow; a loan PWMP *huzam

uja mbamba eoBare'e(WMP) sunshower ( = "rain which bears false witness to the sun") PMP *quzan

uja mbatuBare'e(WMP) very heavy rain PMP *quzan batu₂

ujanBalinese(WMP) rain, shower PMP *quzan

ujanBintulu(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

ujanIban(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

ujanKenyah(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

ujanLahanan(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

ujanMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

ujanSasak(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

ujan batuBalinese(WMP) hail PMP *quzan batu₂

ujan batuIban(WMP) hail PMP *quzan batu₂

ujaŋAmpibabo-Lauje(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

uja-ujanNgaju Dayak(WMP) like rain, in torrents PMP *quzan quzan

ujiBalinese(WMP) test, inspect, examine PWMP *uzi

ujiIban(WMP) test, try, attempt PWMP *uzi

ujiJavanese(WMP) test, examination PWMP *uzi

ujiKaro Batak(WMP) test, try PWMP *uzi

ujiMakassarese(WMP) test, examine PWMP *uzi

ujiMalay(WMP) testing; trying with a touchstone PWMP *uzi

ujiMandar(WMP) test, try PWMP *uzi

ujiSimalur(WMP) test, try PWMP *uzi

ujiSundanese(WMP) testing of metals PWMP *uzi

ujiToba Batak(WMP) test, try, attempt; test oneself in combat, endure an ordeal PWMP *uzi

ujoŋIban(WMP) end, tip, point PMP *quzuŋ

uj-peiMokilese(OC) float for a net POC *uton

ujuBare'e(WMP) bunch, bundle PWMP *uyun₁

ujuHawu(CMP) cape of land PMP *quzuŋ

ujuWolio(WMP) tongue of land PMP *quzuŋ

ujuhBerawan (Long Terawan)(WMP) freshwater crab PMP *qayuyu

ujuŋBuginese(WMP) bundle, as of firewood PWMP *uyun₁

ujuŋJavanese(WMP) peninsula; tip of a pointed weapon PMP *quzuŋ

ujuŋKaro Batak(WMP) extremity, top of something (opposed to bena 'base of a tree, beginning of something) PMP *quzuŋ

ujuŋKayan(WMP) upon, on; on the top; the termination of, the end of PMP *quzuŋ

ujuŋMakassarese(WMP) point, as of a mountain peak, needle, dagger, tongue; cape of land PMP *quzuŋ

ujuŋSasak(WMP) cape of land PMP *quzuŋ

ujuŋSimalungun Batak(WMP) cape of land; end PMP *quzuŋ

ujuŋToba Batak(WMP) end; exit PMP *quzuŋ

ujuŋ u toŋuDondo(WMP) tip of the nose PMP *quzuŋ

ujurBalinese(WMP) stretched out, rectilinear PMP *qunzur

ujurJavanese(WMP) lengthwise dimension PMP *qunzur

ujurOld Javanese(WMP) lengthwise; directly ahead PMP *qunzur

ujurSundanese(WMP) lengthwise PMP *qunzur


TOP      u,    u~            ua    ub    uᵐ    ub    uc    ud    ue    uf    ug    uh    ui    uj    uk    ul    um    un        uo    up    uq    ur    us    ut    uu    uv    uw    ux    uy    uz        uz        


ukGedaged(OC) name of the sound made when afflicted with asthma or whooping cough PMP *ukuk

ukMokilese(OC) round net POC *pukot

ukNumfor(SHWNG) louse PMP *kutu₁

ukNumfor(SHWNG) louse PMP *kutu₁

ukRon(SHWNG) louse PMP *kutu₁

ukTolai(OC) to bore through, bore into POC *suka₃

ukaAnuta(OC) thin line or cord POC *uka₂

ukaAua(OC) shrimp, lobster POC *quraŋ

ukaBunun(Formosan) don’t have, without PAN *uka₁

ukaHawaiian(OC) inland, upland, towards the mountain; shore, uplands; shoreward (if at sea) PMP *qutan

ukaMa'anyan(WMP) to open (Ray 1913) PMP *u(ŋ)kaq

ukaManggarai(CMP) lever up; to open, as an animal trap; search for small acquatic animals by lifting stones PAN *hukaq

ukaManggarai(CMP) lever up; to open, as an animal trap; search for small acquatic animals by lifting stones PMP *qukaq

ukaManggarai(CMP) lever up, prise up; open PMP *qu(ŋ)kaq

ukaManggarai(CMP) pry up, open PMP *u(ŋ)kaq

ukaMota(OC) draw the bow POC *uka₂

u kaPaiwan(Formosan) if ... were to PAN *ka₂

ukaRennellese(OC) cord, line, rope POC *uka₂

ukaRotuman(OC) thick, strong string, cord, esp. thick fishing-line POC *uka₂

ukaSeediq(Formosan) not exist PAN *uka₁

ukaSimbo(OC) to fall POC *puka

ukaThao(Formosan) negative existential: not have, not exist; so as not to PAN *uka₁

ukaTongan(OC) bowstring (obsolescent) POC *uka₂

ukaʔTontemboan(WMP) open, be open PAN *hukaq

ukaʔTontemboan(WMP) open, be open PMP *qukaq

ukaTuvaluan(OC) fishing line POC *uka₂

ukaUruava(OC) to fall POC *puka

ukabKadazan Dusun(WMP) to open (of boxes), to uncover PWMP *hu(ŋ)kab

ukabKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) become detached from PWMP *hu(ŋ)kab

ukabTausug(WMP) to be open or about to open PWMP *hu(ŋ)kab

ukab-onKadazan Dusun(WMP) was opened by PWMP *hukab-en

ukádCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to untie (as a betel nut bag) PPH *hukad

ukád-əlPalauan(WMP) caught, trapped in a net PWMP *puket-en

uka-gMota(OC) let fly, release an arrow POC *uka₂

úka(h)Ifugaw(WMP) to unloose, to remove what is covering something PWMP *hukas

ukahKayan(WMP) loosen a knot PWMP *hukas

ukálCebuano(WMP) to peel off, detach something from a surface to which it is firmly attached; to take out or away from something, as if detached PPH *ekal

ukamBerawan (Long Terawan)(WMP) egg that is ready to hatch PWMP *hu(ŋ)kab

uka-naHawaiian(OC) baggage, luggage, freight, cargo, supplies POC *ucan

ukaŋBanjarese(WMP) to bite (with the mouth wide) PWMP *u(ŋ)kaŋ

ukaŋIban(WMP) slow loris: Nycticebus coucang borneanus Lyon PWMP *ukaŋ

úkaŋTagalog(WMP) slow movements peculiar to the aged and the infirm PWMP *ukaŋ

ukaŋ ukaŋSichule(WMP) to squat and thereby spread the legs PWMP *u(ŋ)kaŋ

ukapCentral Tagbanwa(WMP) vegetable or fruit peel PPH *ukap

ukap-anCentral Tagbanwa(WMP) to peel something PPH *ukap

úkasIlokano(WMP) loosen, untie, unbind, unfasten, undo, disentangle, untwine PWMP *hukas

úkasIsneg(WMP) loose, loosened, free from taboo (of objects, formerly tabooed, that may be used again by living beings) PWMP *hukas

ukasKadazan Dusun(WMP) drive away the soul of a dead person on the seventh day after his death PWMP *hukas

ukasKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) remove a cover PWMP *hukas

ukás-enIlokano(WMP) be loosened, untied, unbound PWMP *hukas-en

ukas-onBikol(WMP) be removed or taken off, of clothes PWMP *hukas-en

ukas-onKadazan Dusun(WMP) be driven away, of the soul of a dead person on the seventh day after his death PWMP *hukas-en

ukáyIlokano(WMP) loosening the earth or seedbeds (obsolete) PWMP *hukay

ukayMiri(WMP) to dig PWMP *hukay

ukeToba Batak(WMP) disinter, dig or scrape out of the earth PWMP *hukay

ukebJavanese(WMP) cover something tightly PMP *Ruŋkeb

ukeiNgaju Dayak(WMP) what is unpacked, opened PWMP *hukay

ukiBanggai(WMP) female pudendum; young girl PWMP *uki

ukiBimanese(CMP) to carve PMP *ukir

ukiGilbertese(OC) fingernail, toenail, claw PMP *kukuh

úkiIlokano(WMP) vagina; cave at the base of two adjoining hills PWMP *uki

úkiItawis(WMP) vagina PWMP *uki

ukiʔTae'(WMP) engrave, draw, write PMP *ukir

ukí-lPalauan(WMP) her vagina PAN *puki

ukilSimalur(WMP) to carve out PMP *ukir

uki-nKenyah (Long Wat)(WMP) vulva, vagina PWMP *uki

ukinnamIlokano(WMP) common profane phrase from [uki ni inam] ‘your mother’s vagina!’ PWMP *uki

ukirBalinese(WMP) carve, engrave, decorate with carving (wood, stone or metal) PMP *ukir

ukirIban(WMP) carve, engrave; hence: draw designs, write; design or pattern carved or drawn PMP *ukir

ukirJavanese(WMP) carved design PMP *ukir

ukirKaro Batak(WMP) carve figures and designs in wood PMP *ukir

ukirMalay(WMP) graving; wood-carving; incising fine designs on the surface of wood or metal PMP *ukir

ukirMandar(WMP) write PMP *ukir

ukirManggarai(CMP) carve, make designs (on cloth, wood, stone, etc.) PMP *ukir

ukirNgaju Dayak(WMP) carving, carved figures (on wood) PMP *ukir

ukirOld Javanese(WMP) carve, chisel (out), sculpture, provide (adorn) with carvings (sculptures, reliefs) PMP *ukir

ukirSasak(WMP) carve wood PMP *ukir

ukirManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to carve out a bas-relief design on something PMP *ukir

ukir-anBalinese(WMP) carved work; carving-tool PWMP *ukir-an

ukir-anMalay(WMP) carving, what has been made by carving PWMP *ukir-an

ukir-anMandar(WMP) writing PWMP *ukir-an

ukir-anSasak(WMP) wood carving PWMP *ukir-an

ukiriʔMakassarese(WMP) writing; write, engrave, put figures on (as a gravestone) PMP *ukir

úkitCebuano (dialectal)(WMP) peel off something with the front teeth (as watermelon seeds) or take little things off or apart with the fingers PPH *úkit

ukkáŋIlokano(WMP) to open (a razor, pocketknife, calipers, the legs, etc.) PWMP *u(ŋ)kaŋ

ukkilTausug(WMP) native sculpture, carving PMP *ukir

uk nàfNumfor(SHWNG) dog louse, flea PMP *kutu₁

ukóʔTagalog(WMP) with head bowed low in decrepitude PWMP *ukuq

ukoy baliʔIban(WMP) chameleon PMP *baliw₂

ukuʔMurut (Tagol)(WMP) dog PWMP *u(ŋ)kuq

ukuʔKelabit(WMP) dog PWMP *u(ŋ)kuq

ukuFijian(OC) shaft of an arrow POC *quku

ukuHawaiian(OC) a deep-sea snapper (Aprion spp.) PMP *qutud

ʔukuHawaiian(OC) louse, flea PMP *kutu₁

ukuHawaiian(OC) a deep-sea snapper: Aprion spp. PMP *qutun

ukuKisar(CMP) louse PMP *kutu₁

ukuPokau(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

ukuRejang(WMP) 1sg. nominative pronoun: I PAN *aku

ʔukuRennellese(OC) to shoot, as an arrow, to spear POC *quku

úkubCebuano(WMP) cling or hold firmly to; for two convex things to fit together at their brims PWMP *ukub

ukupIban(WMP) guard the ends of line of deer nets PMP *ukup

ukupManggarai(CMP) to brood, sit on eggs; guard eggs before they begin to hatch PMP *ukup

ukupTondano(WMP) cover with a blanket, etc. PMP *ukup

ukutBalinese(WMP) hang over (ears of rice), walk bent over with age; be bent PMP *quŋkut


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ulAhus(OC) lobster POC *quraŋ

ulSeimat(OC) breadfruit PMP *kuluR

ulTakia(OC) breadfruit PMP *kuluR

ulTitan(OC) maggot PMP *qulej

ulTolai(OC) head, hair, top, apex, crown POC *qulu

ulaAdonara(CMP) snake PMP *hulaR

ulaAmblau(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

ulaBugotu(OC) tendon; sinew; vein POC *uRat

ulaErai(CMP) poisonous snake PMP *hulaR

ulaHawaiian(OC) Hawaiian lobster: Panulirus japonicus POC *quraŋ

ulaHelong(CMP) snake PMP *hulaR

ulaJavanese(WMP) snake PMP *hulaR

ulaKapingamarangi(OC) tufted spiny lobster: Panulirus penicillatus POC *quraŋ

ulaʔKayan(WMP) orphan PWMP *ulila

ulaKédang(CMP) moon PMP *bulan₃

ulaKenyah(WMP) slave PWMP *ulila

ulaKlata(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

ulaKwaio(OC) prawn POC *quraŋ

ulaKwaio(OC) blood vessel, vein POC *uRat

ula-Kwaio(OC) distant classificatory kinsman, esp. where generationality cannot be established POC *tuRa-

ulaʔLamaholot(CMP) snake PMP *hulaR

ulaNggela(OC) vein POC *uRat

ulāOld Javanese(WMP) snake PMP *hulaR

ulaRoglai (Northern)(WMP) snake PMP *hulaR

ulaSamoan(OC) name given to several crustaceans (including lobsters and prawns) POC *quraŋ

ulaʔTae'(WMP) snake PMP *hulaR

ulaʔTontemboan(WMP) snake PMP *hulaR

ulaTontemboan(WMP) orphan, a child that has lost one of its parents PWMP *ulila

ulaKis(OC) rain POC *qusan

úladKapampangan(WMP) worm PMP *qulej

uladBlaan (Koronadal)(WMP) snake PMP *qulej

uladBilaan (Sarangani)(WMP) snake PMP *qulej

ulafuKwaio(OC) giant grouper (Epinephelus spp.) PMP *kuRapu

ʔulafuToqabaqita(OC) grouper spp.: Brown-spot grouper: Epinephelus chlorostigma; Brown-stripe grouper: Epinephelus morrhus; Blue-tailed grouper: Epinephelus microdon; Giant grouper: Epinephelus mangiscuttis PMP *kuRapu

ʔulafuLau(OC) species of large fish, up to six feet long, brown or blue spots, grouper PMP *kuRapu

ulagMongondow(WMP) snake PMP *hulaR

ulágCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) snake PMP *hulaR

ulagLauje(WMP) snake PMP *hulaR

ulagETialo(WMP) snake PMP *hulaR

úla(h)Ifugaw(WMP) wash one's hand or face, not applicable to the act of taking a bath PMP *huRas

ulahKomodo(CMP) rat snake: Elaphe subradiata PMP *hulaR

*ulahPMin(WMP) snake PMP *hulaR

ulahPonosakan(WMP) snake PMP *hulaR

ulah, ularSasak(WMP) snake PMP *hulaR

ulaheʔSangir(WMP) kind of snake, the egg-thief PMP *hulaR

ula-iAmblau(CMP) shrimp PAN *qudaŋ

ulaitDali'(WMP) skin PMP *kulit

ulakBalinese(WMP) wind, wind up (yarn) PWMP *ulak

úlakTagalog(WMP) reel, spool PWMP *ulak

ulak-anBalinese(WMP) reel, spool (of thread, yarn) PWMP *ulak-an

ulak-anMalay (Java)(WMP) a wooden revolving spindle used in weaving PWMP *ulak-an

ulak-anSasak(WMP) part of the loom PWMP *ulak-an

ulak-anTausug(WMP) shuttle, as in weaving PWMP *ulak-an

ula-kauNggela(OC) tendon POC *uRat

úlalIfugaw(WMP) small brownish snake which is not dangerous. It lives among the rice fields, behind or between the stones of retaining walls PMP *hulaR

ulalTboli(WMP) general term for snake PMP *hulaR

ulamBalinese(WMP) flesh, meat, fish PWMP *qulam

úlamBikol(WMP) young shoots or leaves of particular plants eaten with the main course of the meal PWMP *qulam

ulamIban(WMP) food eaten raw, esp. spiced salad of vegetables and fruit; cattle fodder; eat raw; graze; eat anything cooked or raw without rice, take a snack PWMP *qulam

úlamKapampangan(WMP) viand, vegetable or protein food eaten with rice (side dish) PWMP *qulam

ulamKaro Batak(WMP) leaves steamed over the cooking rice and eaten directly PWMP *qulam

ulamOld Javanese(WMP) fish; flesh; meat; fish and meat PWMP *qulam

ulamSasak(WMP) delicacy made of young sticky rice, roasted in a pan with sugar, coconut, etc. PWMP *qulam

úlamTagalog(WMP) what is eaten together with kánin: 'boiled rice', in the form of meat, fish or vegetables; viand; flesh, meat PWMP *qulam

ulam aguŋSasak(WMP) a certain fish? PWMP *qulam

ulam-anBanjarese(WMP) food which refreshes or cleans the mouth PWMP *qulam-an

ulam-anBikol(WMP) eat something with the main course PWMP *qulam-an

ulam-ulamKaro Batak(WMP) a very common weed often used as pig fodder PWMP *qulam

ulanBuli(SHWNG) rain PMP *quzan

ulanBuli(SHWNG) pot, pan PAN *kuden

ulánCebuano(WMP) rain; rainwater PMP *quzan

ulanDumpas(WMP) moon PMP *bulan₃

ulanGimán(SHWNG) rain PMP *quzan

ulánHiligaynon(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

ulanHitu(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

úlanMaguindanao(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

ulánTagalog(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

ulanTigak(OC) moon POC *pulan₃

ulanVaikenu(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

ulanWahai(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

ulanHelong(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

ulanaMussau(OC) moon POC *pulan₃

ulanaNumbami(OC) oxeye herring: Megalops cyprinoides POC *pu-pulan

ulan besiBuli(SHWNG) iron pan PAN *kuden

ulaneAlune(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

ulaneBoano₂(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

ulan mamauleBuli(SHWNG) rain at mid-day with sunshine (this type of heat is believed to be extremely dangerous to children) PMP *quzan

ulan rakrakBuli(SHWNG) earthenware pot PAN *kuden

ulan-úlanCebuano(WMP) drizzle, to drizzle PMP *quzan quzan

ulaŋAyta Maganchi(WMP) shrimp PAN *qudaŋ

uláŋBikol(WMP) barrier, barricade, bar PMP *qelaŋ

ulaŋBuli(SHWNG) shrimp PAN *qudaŋ

uláŋCebuano(WMP) freshwater shrimp PAN *qudaŋ

uláŋCebuano(WMP) separate, keep apart PMP *qelaŋ

uláŋCebuano(WMP) for dogs to howl; the action of howling PWMP *qeraŋ

uláŋCebuano(WMP) for dogs to howl PMP *quŋal

uláŋHiligaynon(WMP) lobster, freshwater shrimp PAN *qudaŋ

ulaŋIban(WMP) repeat; (of paths) well-trodden, much used PAN *ulaŋ

ulaŋMalay(WMP) repetition; keep doing PAN *ulaŋ

ulaŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) to repeat, reiterate PAN *ulaŋ

ulaŋSeediq (Truku)(Formosan) to repeat; periodic, habitual PAN *ulaŋ

uláŋTagalog(WMP) lobster PAN *qudaŋ

ulaŋTausug(WMP) yell PMP *quŋal

ulaŋTontemboan(WMP) shrimp, lobster PAN *qudaŋ

ulaŋaMussau(OC) shrimp, lobster POC *quraŋ

ulaŋuKambera(CMP) repeat PAN *ulaŋ

ulaŋ-uláŋCebuano(WMP) fishing lure in the shape of a shrimp PAN *qudaŋ

uláolIlokano(WMP) hurt, wounded, injured PPH *ulaqul

ularFordata(CMP) caterpillar PMP *qulej

ularIban(WMP) snake PMP *hulaR

ularKédang(CMP) snake PMP *hulaR

ularMalay(WMP) snake; serpent; generic for Ophidia and also for dragons (ular naga) PMP *hulaR

ularMandar(WMP) snake PMP *hulaR

ularManggarai(CMP) rat snake: Ptyas korros PMP *hulaR

ularRembong(CMP) generic for non-venomous snakes PMP *hulaR

ularSika(CMP) snake PMP *hulaR

ularSimalur(WMP) snake PMP *hulaR

ularTetun(CMP) worm, caterpillar, larva PMP *qulej

ularaʔMakassarese(WMP) snake PMP *hulaR

ularaʔ sawaMakassarese(WMP) python PMP *sawa

ular daunIban(WMP) whip snakes, Dryophis spp. PMP *dahun

ular isiʔRembong(CMP) rat snake PMP *hulaR

ular kapak daunMalay(WMP) green viper: Lachesis gramineus PMP *dahun

ular naga bura, ular muraMalay(WMP) a venomous spitting snake, specifically the viper Angkistrodon rhodostoma, but used loosely of the spitting cobra and the ular bakau (Lachesis purpureomaculatus) PMP *buRah

ular nipahMalay(WMP) a snake frequenting nipah swamp; sp. unident. PMP *nipaq

ular sawaʔIban(WMP) generic for python spp. PMP *sawa

ularuKambera(CMP) snake PMP *hulaR

ulasKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) sweat PPH *hulas

úlasKapampangan(WMP) blanket PMP *qules₂

úlasKapampangan(WMP) blanket PPH *ules

ʔuɭasPuyuma(Formosan) dewdrop (in ritual the pair is muti-ʔuɭas, muti-auɭas ‘transformed into dew, transformed in the world of the dead) PAN *qulas

ulasaDobuan(OC) to spit, as in sorcery POC *puRas

ulas-anMalay(WMP) pillow-cover, skin of slice of fruit PMP *qules₂

ulā sawaOld Javanese(WMP) python PMP *sawa

ulas-iMalay(WMP) enclose in a wrapper PMP *qules₂

ula siwPazeh(Formosan) You first! PAN *(q)uNah

ulatIban(WMP) caterpillar, grub, maggot, worm PMP *qulej

ulátIfugaw(WMP) artery, vein, sinew PMP *uRat

ulátIsneg(WMP) blanket PMP *qules₂

úlatItawis(WMP) blanket PMP *qules₂

úlatItawis(WMP) blanket PPH *ules

ulatKalagan(WMP) scar PWMP *ulat

ulatKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) scar PWMP *ulat

ulatKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) small root; vein PMP *uRat

ulatKayan(WMP) the scar of a wound in a person, or the scar on a tree) PWMP *ulat

ulatSeediq(Formosan) muscle, nerve, vein, artery PAN *huRaC

ulatTboli(WMP) vein of body PMP *uRat

ulatKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) scar PWMP *ulat

ulát, úlatCebuano(WMP) scar; form a scar PWMP *ulat

ulat ber-buluMalay(WMP) hairy caterpillar PMP *qulej bulu-an

ulauIban(WMP) unable to see clearly, dazed PAN *ulaw

ula-ulaMussau(OC) effervesce, bubble up POC *puraq puraq

ula-ulaUlawa(OC) sinew; tendon PMP *uRat uRat

ulaʔ-ularaʔMakassarese(WMP) kind of child's toy that looks like a snake PMP *hulaR

ula-ulariSudest(OC) worm POC *sulati

ula-ulasMisima(OC) whale (generic) POC *puRa-puRas

ulau manokIban(WMP) night-blindness, nyctalopia PAN *ulaw

ul-a-vara-naTolai(OC) shoulder; clavicle POC *qapaRa₁

úlawIfugaw(WMP) dizziness PAN *ulaw

úlawIlokano(WMP) feel dizzy, giddy, vertiginous, faint, inclined to swoon PAN *ulaw

úlawIsneg(WMP) feel dizzy, faint, inclined to vomit; be surfeited, disgusted by excess PAN *ulaw

úlawKankanaey(WMP) dizzy, giddy, vertiginous PAN *ulaw

ulawPaiwan(Formosan) countless; a boundless number PAN *ulaw

úlawTagalog(WMP) disturbed movement of upset stomach or intestines due to dizziness (seasickness or the like) or to unfavorable climate PAN *ulaw

ula welaŋOld Javanese(WMP) a particular kind of snake PMP *belaŋ₂

ulayIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) for someone to calmly tolerate something; for someone or something to do something slowly, gently with something PMP *huRay

ʔúlayHanunóo(WMP) general term for snake (loan) PMP *hulaR

ulayMalay (Jakarta)(WMP) to stir up, e.g. rice in a saucepan PMP *ulay₂

ulʸayPaiwan(Formosan) something broken off inside something else (as thorn in flesh) PAN *uNay

úlayTagalog(WMP) intestinal worm, tapeworm PWMP *ulay₁

uláy ~ uléIfugaw(WMP) slowness in moving, walking, laziness; meekness, gentleness, mildness of character PMP *huRay

ulayanBinukid(WMP) a tree: Lithocarpus spp. (Madulid 2001) PPH *ulayan

ulayanCebuano(WMP) a tree: Bischofia javanica Bl. (Madulid 2001) PPH *ulayan

uláyanIsneg(WMP) a forest tree whose white flowers are much frequented by bees; its bark is used in the brewing of sugarcane rum PPH *ulayan

ulayanTagalog(WMP) a tree: Lithocarpus spp. (Madulid 2001) PPH *ulayan

ulaʔAtta (Pamplona)(WMP) blanket PPH *ules

uleAsilulu(CMP) pot PAN *kuden

uléBanggai(WMP) return, go back PMP *uliq₁

uleBungku(WMP) snake PAN *SulaR

uleBuruese(CMP) worm PMP *qulej

uleHawaiian(OC) penis; tenon for a mortise: pointed end of a post which enters the crotch of a rafter POC *ule₁

uleLauje(WMP) caterpillar PMP *qulej

uléMakassarese(WMP) to and fro, roll round and round on the ground PMP *uliq₁

uleMori Atas(WMP) snake PMP *hulaR

uleMoronene(WMP) snake PMP *hulaR

uléNgadha(CMP) maggot, worm, caterpillar PMP *qulej

uleNggela(OC) to stir, stir up; stir in, as powder into a liquid POC *ule₂

ulePadoe(WMP) snake PAN *SulaR

*ulĕPAmb(CMP) worm PMP *qulej

ule-Sa'a(OC) brother, sister, cousins of all sorts POC *tuRa-

uleSamoan(OC) (not in decent use) penis POC *ule₁

uḷeSangir(WMP) that which one receives; that which one earns PWMP *uliq₂

uléʔSasak(WMP) go home, return home PMP *uliq₁

ʔuleSika(CMP) worm, caterpillar PMP *qulej

uleSoboyo(CMP) caterpillar PMP *qulej

ʔuléʔTiruray(WMP) return home PMP *uliq₁

uleTongan(OC) penis POC *ule₁

uleUma(WMP) snake, worm, caterpillar PMP *qulej

uleWawonii(WMP) snake PMP *hulaR

uleYamdena(CMP) worm, earthworm, maggot PMP *qulej

ulé-aŋSasak(WMP) bring home, take home; return (a borrowed object) PWMP *uliq-an

uledBalinese(WMP) worm, grub, caterpillar PMP *qulej

uledKelabit(WMP) maggot, caterpillar PMP *qulej

ulədBintulu(WMP) maggot, caterpillar PMP *qulej

ulədMelanau Dalat (Kampung Teh)(WMP) maggot PMP *qulej

uledKayan(WMP) caterpillar, grub PMP *qulej

uledMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) maggot, caterpillar PMP *qulej

ʔuɭədPuyuma(Formosan) red worm; wood worm; spermatozoon PAN *qulej

ulədTontemboan(WMP) snake (Makelai dialect Sneddon 1978) PMP *qulej

uledManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) snake; insect PMP *qulej

uləd anayBintulu(WMP) termite PMP *qulej

uled rekenKelabit(WMP) kind of worm that curls up into a tight coil PAN *reken

uled-uledBalinese(WMP) worms, caterpillars PMP *qulej qulej

úlegIlokano(WMP) serpent, snake PMP *qulej

ulehuSa'a(OC) a fish, Oligorus gigas; six varieties of ulehu are named; the ulehu is caught with a bait of ‘a‘awa, walking fish; name appears in proverbs describing greediness (‘to eat like the ulehu’) PMP *kuRapu

ule-kRotinese(CMP) worm, caterpillar in general; intestinal worms, maggots PMP *qulej

ulékTboli(WMP) return; repetition; regrowth PMP *uliq₁

ule ka-bulu-sRotinese(CMP) hairy caterpillar PMP *qulej bulu-an

uləko-ádPalauan(WMP) dead, extinguished, paralyzed PMP *m-atay

ule laleAsilulu(CMP) clay cooking pot PAN *kuden

ule litiAsilulu(CMP) wok, esp. of brass PAN *kuden

ulemOld Javanese(WMP) shining (only) palely, dim, wan, languishing, faded PMP *hulem

ulenBoano₂(CMP) pot PAN *kuden

ulənKayan (Long Atip)(WMP) maggot, caterpillar PMP *qulej

uleneAlune(CMP) earthenware cooking pot PAN *kuden

uleŋBuginese(WMP) moon PMP *bulan₃

u-leŋUra(OC) housefly POC *laŋo

ulerJavanese(WMP) caterpillar PMP *qulej

ulerOld Javanese(WMP) caterpillar, grub, maggot (also worm?) PMP *qulej

ulerTontemboan(WMP) caterpillar, worm, maggot PMP *qulej

ulerKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) maggot, caterpillar PMP *qulej

uler-enJavanese(WMP) have worms PMP *qulej-en

uler kambaŋJavanese(WMP) leech PMP *qulej

uler kèkètJavanese(WMP) measuring worm, inchworm PMP *qulej

uler-ulerSolorese(CMP) maggot, caterpillar PMP *qulej

ulesBalinese(WMP) wrapper, cushion-cover, mattress-cover, glove, skin (animal); outward appearance, color PMP *qules₂

ulésCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) blanket; cover up with a blanket PMP *qules₂

uləsCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) blanket; to cover up with a blanket PPH *ules

ulésIlokano(WMP) blanket, sheet, coverlet; bedclothes PMP *qules₂

ulesJavanese(WMP) protective cloth; winding sheet PMP *qules₂

ulesNgaju Dayak(WMP) twisting, twining; twisted, twined PMP *pules

ulesTondano(WMP) use a blanket PMP *qules₂

ule saaBalaesang(WMP) snake PMP *sawa

ulətBukat(WMP) worm PMP *qulej

uletPaku(WMP) caterpillar PMP *qulej

uletSasak(WMP) caterpillar, maggot PMP *qulej

ulet-anSasak(WMP) having maggots (rotten) PMP *qulej-an

ule-uleSa'a(OC) sinew; tendon PMP *uRat uRat

uləwBintulu(WMP) head; handle (of a bush knife) PMP *qulu

uləwMelanau Dalat (Kampung Teh)(WMP) head PMP *qulu

uləwKejaman(WMP) head PMP *qulu

uləwKenyah (Long Ikang)(WMP) head PMP *qulu

ulewMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) head PMP *qulu

ulewRejang(WMP) head; upland, headstream; handle, as of a dagger PMP *qulu

ʔulewTiruray(WMP) the head PMP *qulu

ulháIfugaw(WMP) deer, stag PWMP *uRsa

ulhí, ulahíCebuano(WMP) last in a group to do something; late PMP *udehi

ulhoCheke Holo(OC) become infested with maggots PMP *qulej

ulhzaThao(Formosan) snow, ice, frost PAN *SuReNa

úliʔAklanon(WMP) return, bring/give (something) back PMP *uliq₁

ulíʔAklanon(WMP) go home, return (to one's place, country) PMP *uliq₁

uliBare'e(WMP) correct a mistake, restore to a previous condition PMP *uliq₁

uliBare'e(WMP) get, obtain, take possession of PWMP *uliq₂

ulíʔBikol(WMP) return home; return something, give something back; be reconciled; change, the balance of money returned; rebate; be reversed in its flow (water in a stream, food after eating); regurgitate PMP *uliq₁

uliBimanese(CMP) pry up with a bar PCMP *uli

uliʔMongondow(WMP) repair, mend; return something to its original condition; quenching of thirst, hunger PMP *uliq₁

uliʔMongondow(WMP) obtain, acquire, gain, get; put in order PWMP *uliq₂

úliʔCebuano(WMP) return something to someone PMP *uliq₁

uliFijian(OC) stir up dry things into a liquid PMP *quli

ʔúliʔHanunóo(WMP) again, i.e., repetition; going home, returning (to a certain place) PMP *uliq₁

uliHitu(CMP) skin PMP *kulit

ūliIsneg(WMP) return, go or come back PMP *uliq₁

ulíItawis(WMP) again; repetition PMP *uliq₁

uliJavanese(WMP) mix, blend; pinch between thumb and finger PMP *quli

uliʔKapampangan(WMP) go home PMP *uliq₁

uliKapingamarangi(OC) gold-banded fusilier: Caesio coerulaureus POC *sulik

uliKayan(WMP) return home; return an article to the owner; divorce a wife or husband PMP *uliq₁

uliʔKenyah(WMP) return home PMP *uliq₁

uliKwaio(OC) the Polynesian plum: Spondias dulcis PCEMP *quRi

uliLau(OC) fruit-bearing tree PCEMP *quRi

uliʔMandar(WMP) skin PMP *kulit

uliMasiwang(CMP) return, go back PCEMP *oliq, uliq

uliMurik(WMP) go home PMP *uliq₁

uliNgadha(CMP) rudder of a boat PMP *qulin

uliNgaju Dayak(WMP) what is mixed or stirred together PMP *quli

uliNukuoro(OC) fish sp. (several species) POC *sulik

uliNumbami(OC) hair, feathers, fur POC *pulu₃

uliRotinese(CMP) rudder of a boat; steer with a rudder PMP *qulin

uliRotuman(OC) to steer PMP *qulin

ʔuliRotuman(OC) skin, peel, bark, crust; leather; rubber tire POC *kulit

uliSa'a(OC) rub, massage PMP *quli

uliSa'a(OC) a tree, the vi-apple, Spondias dulcis PCEMP *quRi

uliSamoan(OC) steer; drive a car PMP *qulin

uliHawu(CMP) rudder of a boat PMP *qulin

uli-Seimat(OC) skin; hide; bark of a tree POC *kulit

uliSika(CMP) rudder of a boat PMP *qulin

ulíʔTagalog(WMP) again, once more PMP *uliq₁

ʔuliTongan(OC) to steer PMP *qulin

uliʔManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) return to the place of origin or to one's original state; to cure PMP *uliq₁

uliWetan(CMP) torch; to practice reef-fishing by torchlight PMP *suluq

uliWolio(WMP) rudder PMP *qulin

uliʔ-ánBikol(WMP) senile PWMP *uliq-an

uliʔ-ánCebuano(WMP) be home from time to time PWMP *uliq-an

ʔuliʔ-ánHanunóo(WMP) home, dwelling; room PWMP *uliq-an

uli-ánTagalog(WMP) eccentric (at dotage) PWMP *uliq-an

ulidMongondow(WMP) laying down of small children and the sick PMP *hulij

ʔúlidHanunóo(WMP) beside, at the side of, near; the state of being or lying side-by-side PMP *hulij

ulideʔSangir(WMP) worm, maggot, caterpillar PMP *qulej

úligIfugaw(WMP) to hush a baby to sleep; to sink, fall into sleep PMP *hulij

úligKankanaey(WMP) to lull to sleep, to rock PMP *hulij

uligSimalungun Batak(WMP) embrace while sleeping PMP *hulij

uli-giWolio(WMP) steer (a boat), drive (a car) PMP *qulin

ulihBalinese(WMP) return, coming back, homecoming; through, because of PMP *uliq₁

ulihKelabit(WMP) sprout, shoot, bud PMP *suli₁

uli-hBuruese(CMP) pry, prise up, roll PCMP *uli

ulihIban(WMP) by, because of; get, catch, obtain PWMP *uliq₂

ulihJavanese(WMP) act of returning home or to one's place of origin; to return (a borrowed item) PMP *uliq₁

ulihKaro Batak(WMP) what one receives PWMP *uliq₂

ulihNgaju Dayak(WMP) profit, benefit, what is acquired, earned or received; property PWMP *uliq₂

ulihOld Javanese(WMP) that which one obtains, attains or achieves; result, product, consequence, effect, fruit, achievement; prey, victim PWMP *uliq₂

ulíhi(h)Aklanon(WMP) be late, tardy; behind; later on PMP *udehi

ulih-ulihKaro Batak(WMP) every time, whenever, repeatedly; to and fro; off and on PMP *uliq uliq

ulih-ulihOld Javanese(WMP) that which one brings back (home), esp. for those left behind PMP *uliq uliq

ulikErai(CMP) skin; hide; bark PMP *kulit

ulikKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) return home; return to normal PMP *uliq₁

ulikKisar(CMP) skin PMP *kulit

ulikTugun(CMP) skin PMP *kulit

uli kenepKayan(WMP) to repent PMP *uliq₁

ʔulílaHanunóo(WMP) orphan, i.e. only if the father is dead and the mother still living PWMP *ulila

ulílaIlokano(WMP) orphan PWMP *ulila

ulílaTagalog(WMP) orphan PWMP *ulila

uli-li-naMono-Alu(OC) skin; bark of a tree POC *kulit

ulimaʔSakizaya(Formosan) hand PAN *qalima

úlinBikol(WMP) stern of a boat PMP *qulin

ulinBintulu(WMP) rudder of a boat PMP *qulin

uli-nBobot(CMP) head PCEMP *qulu

ulinMongondow(WMP) rudder or paddle with which a boat is steered PMP *qulin

ulínCebuano(WMP) stern, rear end of a ship; steer a boat from the stern PMP *qulin

ulɨnBlaan (Koronadal)(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

uli-nMasiwang(CMP) hair PCEMP *qulu

ulinMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) rudder of a boat PMP *qulin

uli-naWuvulu(OC) tree bark POC *kulit

úliŋAklanon(WMP) charcoal; make charcoal out of PAN *qujiŋ

úliŋCebuano(WMP) charcoal; make charcoal, become charcoal PAN *qujiŋ

uliŋIban(WMP) rudder, helm PMP *quliŋ

uliŋKambera(CMP) rudder; steer with a rudder PMP *qulin

uliŋKambera(CMP) rudder; steer with a rudder PMP *quliŋ

uliŋSangir(WMP) rudder PMP *qulin

uliŋSangir(WMP) rudder PMP *quliŋ

uliŋSoboyo(CMP) stern of a boat; steer a boat PMP *qulin

uliŋSoboyo(CMP) stern of a boat; steer a boat PMP *quliŋ

úliŋTagalog(WMP) charcoal; dirt PAN *qujiŋ

ulíŋ-onAklanon(WMP) any wood or substance to be made into charcoal PPh *qujiŋ-en

ulíŋ-unCebuano(WMP) things suitable to be made into charcoal; kind of tree of the secondary forest PPh *qujiŋ-en

ulipanMongondow(WMP) centipede PMP *qalu-hipan

uliponMurut (Timugon)(WMP) slave PWMP *qudipen

ulípunCebuano(WMP) slave PWMP *qudipen

ulípunHiligaynon(WMP) poor man, servant PWMP *qudipen

ulir, urirNgaju Dayak(WMP) lie next to a child in sleep PMP *hulij

uli-seŋaSamoan(OC) a fish (Caesio species) POC *sulik

ulɨs-ɨnManobo (Tigwa)(WMP) blanket PPH *ules

ulitAyta Maganchi(WMP) repeat PWMP *ulit

ulítBikol(WMP) repeat something, do something again, redo PWMP *ulit

ulitDampelas(WMP) repeat PWMP *ulit

úlitIlokano(WMP) repeat, reiterate PWMP *ulit

úlitKapampangan(WMP) repeat PWMP *ulit

ulit-Roma(CMP) skin PMP *kulit

ulitSika(CMP) skin; bark PMP *kulit

úlitTagalog(WMP) repetition, renewal of action PWMP *ulit

ulitTotoli(WMP) repeat PWMP *ulit

ulitáwuCebuano(WMP) bachelor, unmarried man; young man old enough to be married PPh *ulitáu

uli tia-nSeimat(OC) belly, abdomen (uli = ‘skin’) PMP *tian

ulitö́Casiguran Dumagat(WMP) young unmarried man, bachelor, lad; to reach the age of puberty (of a boy) PPh *ulitáu

ulíʔ-ulíʔTagalog(WMP) next time (when the next opportunity comes round again) PMP *uliq uliq

uliʔ-UnRungus Dusun(WMP) home PWMP *uliq-en

uliʔ-un-únCebuano(WMP) something that is to be returned PWMP *uliq-en

uliʔKalagan(WMP) to return home PMP *uliq₁

uliʔManobo (Tigwa)(WMP) to return home PMP *uliq₁

ʔullPalauan(WMP) rain; rainy season PMP *quzan

ulliʔTae'(WMP) worm, maggot, caterpillar PMP *qulej

ulliWetan(CMP) rudder PMP *qulin

ulliʔ bulu-aŋMandar(WMP) hairy caterpillar PMP *qulej bulu-an

ulliy-ānIsneg(WMP) be wandering about after having lost one's way PWMP *uliq-an

ulluKlata(WMP) head PMP *qulu

uln-anKapampangan(WMP) pillow, cushion PMP *qulun-an

uloBugotu(OC) maggot PMP *qulej

ulóCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) head; knife handle PMP *qulu

uloʔChamorro(WMP) worm, germ, bacteria, caterpillar, maggot PMP *qulej

uloFijian(OC) worm, maggot PMP *qulej

uloKove(OC) cooking pot PAN *kuden

uloLusi(OC) pottery vessel PAN *kuden

uloMota(OC) maggot PMP *qulej

uloNias(WMP) snake PMP *hulaR

uloPopalia(WMP) earthworm PMP *qulej

uloSamoan(OC) pot, pan PAN *kuden

úloTagalog(WMP) head; principal part; top, tip of anything; front part PMP *qulu

uloWolio(WMP) snake PMP *qulej

ulo, ulo-uloSa'a(OC) wrap up, make a parcel of PMP *qules₂

ulo-aBugotu(OC) maggoty PMP *qulej-an

úlobTagalog(WMP) flame that reaches up high PWMP *urub

úlodBikol(WMP) worm, maggot PMP *qulej

ulodMongondow(WMP) caterpillar, worm PMP *qulej

ulód-onBikol(WMP) be infested with worms PMP *qulej-en

úlogIfugaw(WMP) any kind of snake PMP *qulej

úlogIlokano(WMP) descend, go down, climb down; leave, come down, come out (leaving a house) PMP *huluR

ulóg-ulógBikol(WMP) to scorn, disdain; take someone's name in vain PWMP *ulug

úlo(h)Ifugaw(WMP) any kind of blanket PMP *qules₂

ulohKayan(WMP) cause an object to descend a slope, with or without control by a rope; lower a person down PMP *huluR

ulohBerawan (Long Teru)(WMP) head PMP *qulu

ulokToba Batak(WMP) snake PMP *qulej

ulok saToba Batak(WMP) python PMP *sawa

ulo lemBerawan (Long Terawan)(WMP) knee PMP *qulu tuhud₂

ulo-mura-yNali(OC) vomitus PCEMP *mutaq

ulo-mutNali(OC) to vomit PCEMP *mutaq

ulónBikol(WMP) rest the head on a pillow or similar object PMP *qulun₂

ulonniWest Damar(CMP) moon PMP *bulan₃

úloŋKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) shade, shadow PMP *uduŋ

uloroʔMakassarese(WMP) let drop or slip down, as with a pulley; pay out (rope) PMP *huluR

ulosToba Batak(WMP) woven Batak clothing; cloth worn on upper or lower body PMP *qules₂

ulos-aMota(OC) maggoty, full of maggots PMP *qulej-an

ulos-iSa'a(OC) wrap up (trans.) PMP *qules₂

ulosoRoviana(OC) maggot PMP *qulej

ulo-uloFijian(OC) maggot (diminutive) PMP *qulej qulej

ulo-uloMotu(OC) maggot PMP *qulej qulej

ulo-uloWolio(WMP) caterpillar, maggot, grub PMP *qulej qulej

ulo-ulo-aFijian(OC) wormy, maggoty PMP *qulej-an

uloyBanggai(WMP) worm, earthworm, maggot, caterpillar PMP *qulej

uloy-onBanggai(WMP) have worms PMP *qulej-en

u-l-pakToba Batak(WMP) beat, hit, chop PWMP *upak₂

ult-ánBikol(WMP) the distance between two things PWMP *qelet-an

ultiLeti(CMP) skin, hide, bark PMP *kulit

ultiWetan(CMP) skin PMP *kulit

ultsoWest Damar(CMP) skin PMP *kulit

uluAua(OC) breadfruit PMP *kuluR

uluBalinese(WMP) head; top, chief; leader; upstream, uphill, above PMP *qulu

uluBanggai(WMP) head PMP *qulu

uluBimanese(CMP) earlier, before PCEMP *qulu

uluMongondow(WMP) head; beginning, origin; the most prominent or highest point PMP *qulu

uluBugotu(OC) head, top end POC *qulu

uluBuli(SHWNG) beginning, origin PCEMP *qulu

úluCebuano(WMP) head PMP *qulu

uluChamorro(WMP) head PMP *qulu

uluCheke Holo(OC) at the head of, in front of, before POC *qulu

uluEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) above, overhead; over POC *qulu

uluErai(CMP) breadfruit (tree) PMP *kuluR

uluFijian(OC) head, top POC *qulu

uluFordata(CMP) in front; front part of something PCEMP *qulu

ʔúluHanunóo(WMP) head, as of a person or animal PMP *qulu

ʔuluHawaiian(OC) the breadfruit (Artocarpus incisa); it is grown for its edible fruit, and sometimes for ornament PMP *kuluR

uluHoanya(Formosan) head PAN *quluh

uluIban(WMP) hilt, handle (as of sword, paddle, knife); upper part of river basin, headwaters PMP *qulu

úluIfugaw(WMP) head PMP *qulu

úluItawis(WMP) head PMP *qulu

uluJavanese(WMP) head; leader PMP *qulu

uluKambera(CMP) haft, handle (as of a knife, axe, etc.) PCEMP *qulu

uluKapingamarangi(OC) to enter; to dress PMP *surup₁

uluKaro Batak(WMP) origin, beginning; upper course; first; head (in combination forms) PMP *qulu

uluKeo(CMP) head PCEMP *qulu

uluKwaio(OC) to wade POC *tuRu₁

uluLau(OC) to wade POC *tuRu₁

uluLeti(CMP) in front, first PCEMP *qulu

úluMaguindanao(WMP) head PMP *qulu

uluMakassarese(WMP) head; upper course of a river PMP *qulu

uluMalaweg(WMP) head PMP *qulu

uluMaloh(WMP) head; top PMP *qulu

ʔuluManam(OC) breadfruit (Blust n.d. (1975)) PMP *kuluR

uluMandar(WMP) head PMP *qulu

uluManggarai(CMP) head; upper end; handle, hilt; headwaters of a river PCEMP *qulu

uluMussau(OC) breadfruit PMP *kuluR

uluNgadha(CMP) person, human being; counting word for children PMP *qulun₁

uluNgadha(CMP) head; leader, chief, lord; beginning, source PCEMP *qulu

uluNggela(OC) head, except of a chief; hair, in compounds; eastern end, upper end POC *qulu

uluNiue(OC) head, hair, bow of a ship POC *qulu

uluNukuoro(OC) topmost part POC *qulu

uluNukuoro(OC) enter, join (a group), get in; wounded (by something which has pierced) PMP *surup₁

uluPonosakan(WMP) head PMP *qulu

uluPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) beads PAN *quNuq

uluRiung(CMP) head PCEMP *qulu

uluRotinese(CMP) head hair PCEMP *qulu

ʔuluRotuman(OC) breadfruit (many varieties) PMP *kuluR

uluRungus Dusun(WMP) head, handle (as of axe) PMP *qulu

uluSa'a(OC) to wade POC *tuRu₁

uluSamoan(OC) head; hair POC *qulu

uluSamoan(OC) go into, enter; of a team, contest or competition, to enter (i.e. pay an entrance deposit) PMP *surup₁

ʔuluSamoan(OC) the breadfruit (Artocarpus spp.), cultivated almost everywhere, esp. in and near villages (a large number of its varieties and forms are distinguished by name) PMP *kuluR

uḷuSangir(WMP) interior country; higher, further upstream PMP *qulu

uluSasak(WMP) head PMP *qulu

ʔuluSika(CMP) go forward; the first PCEMP *qulu

uluSimalur(WMP) head; chief; upper part; hilt, handle PMP *qulu

uluSimalur(WMP) ten PAN *puluq₁

uluSoboyo(CMP) head hair PCEMP *qulu

uluTae'(WMP) head; beginning; upper part PMP *qulu

uluʔTae'(WMP) lower something PMP *huluR

uluToba Batak(WMP) head; chief PMP *qulu

ʔuluTongan(OC) head (lit. or fig.), upper end POC *qulu

uluTontemboan(WMP) flow together, as the waters of a river in its lower course PWMP *uluR

uluToqabaqita(OC) cross a stream, river POC *tuRu₁

uluToqabaqita(OC) three PEMP *tolu

uluUma(WMP) first PMP *qulu

uluUma(WMP) pay out (rope), lower PMP *huluR

uluWawonii(WMP) head PMP *qulu

uluManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) head of the body; source of a river or stream PMP *qulu

uluWolio(WMP) cape of land; bring someone, lead PMP *qulu

uluWuvulu(OC) breadfruit PMP *kuluR

uluYamdena(CMP) leader, commander, chief PCEMP *qulu

uluYogad(WMP) head PMP *qulu

ulu-Kola(CMP) head PCEMP *qulu

uluMori Atas(WMP) head PMP *qulu

ulúaGedaged(OC) white marine fish about eight inches long POC *qulua

ulu-aMakassarese(WMP) first-born, eldest, of children PMP *qulu

uluaNiue(OC) fish sp. POC *qulua

*ulu-aPGor(WMP) upper part, head part PMP *qulu-an

uluaSamoan(OC) name given to two species of fish of genus Caranx when about three feet long, and considered to be a present fit for a chief POC *qulua

ʔuluaTongan(OC) very large fish: a full-sized lupo (trevally) POC *qulua

ulu aiʔIban(WMP) upper part of river basin, headwaters PMP *qulu ni wahiR

ulu-akiNiue(OC) first-born POC *qulu

ulu-aŋMakassarese(WMP) go before, lead the way PMP *qulu-an

ulu ateMakassarese(WMP) abdominal region PWMP *qulu ni qatay

ulu boLevei(OC) headwaters of a river POC *qulu

úludCebuano(WMP) worm; be infested with worms PMP *qulej

ulud-úludCebuano(WMP) decayed teeth PMP *qulej qulej

uluf-iLau(OC) to wade to POC *tuRu₁

uluf-iaSamoan(OC) be entered, as a house PMP *surup₁

úlugIsneg(WMP) go or climb down, descend (a tree, ladder, etc.; not a mountain) PMP *huluR

ulug-úlugCebuano(WMP) flatter someone to make him feel good or to get something out of him PWMP *ulug

uluhKelabit(WMP) head PMP *qulu

úlu(h)Ifugaw(WMP) slide, glide out, slip PWMP *ulus

ulúh-anCebuano(WMP) something at the top, at the head; head of a bed, title of a song, etc. PMP *qulu-an

uluheʔSangir(WMP) let down, lower (objects by rope), pay out (fish line); sometimes also: launch a boat PMP *huluR

ul-uhlPohnpeian(OC) pillow; small hill; use a pillow POC *quluŋ-an

ulu-iMota(OC) hair, feathers POC *qulu

ulu-kRotinese(CMP) in front, earlier, formerly PCEMP *qulu

ulu-kTetun(CMP) formerly, before, in times past PCEMP *qulu

u<l>úkədPalauan(WMP) caught, trapped in a net PWMP *p<in>uket

ululBanggai(WMP) fish with line let out from the hand PMP *huluR

ulúlIfugaw(WMP) to unbuckle, unfasten, detach (as a belt or girdle) PPH *hulhul₂

ulu laakauTuvaluan(OC) head of a tree POC *qulu

uɭuɭaŋeRukai (Mantauran)(Formosan) tree with sticky fruits: Cordia myxa PAN *quNuNaŋ

ʔulhulhaŋeSaaroa(Formosan) tree with sticky fruits: Cordia myxa PAN *quNuNaŋ

uɭuɭaŋə (<?Rukai (Mantauran)(Formosan) Cordia myxa, plant with small sticky fruits PAN *qaNuNaŋ

ulu-limaNiue(OC) hand POC *qulu

ul-ulosoRoviana(OC) maggots, when in numbers PMP *qulej qulej

ululuEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) high PAN *qulu qulu

ululu-naRoviana(OC) high, lofty PAN *qulu qulu

ul-uluŋSeimat(OC) rest the head POC *quluŋ-an

ul-uluŋTitan(OC) pillow POC *quluŋ-an

ulu-matuaSamoan(OC) first-born, eldest child POC *qulu

ulunBintulu(WMP) person, human being PMP *qulun₁

ulunMongondow(WMP) lay the head down PMP *qulun₂

ulúnCebuano(WMP) lay one's head on something PMP *qulun₂

ulu-nFordata(CMP) head; classifier for boats PCEMP *qulu

ulunIban(WMP) serf, slave PMP *qulun₁

ulunJavanese(WMP) me, my; servant, retainer PMP *qulun₁

ulunMaloh(WMP) slave PMP *qulun₁

ulunMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) slave, servant PMP *qulun₁

ulUnRungus Dusun(WMP) man, person PMP *qulun₁

ulu-nTetun(CMP) head (of anything); upper part; a position of leadership, a leader PCEMP *qulu

ulunTontemboan(WMP) lay the head on a cushion PMP *qulun₂

ulunManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) rest one's head PMP *qulun₂

ulu-nYamdena(CMP) head, head hair PCEMP *qulu

ulunaHawaiian(OC) pillow, cushion, formerly made of pandanus POC *quluŋ-an

ulún-anBikol(WMP) pillow, headrest PMP *qulun-an

ulun-anMongondow(WMP) what one lays the head upon: pillow PMP *qulun-an

ulún-anCebuano(WMP) pillow PMP *qulun-an

ulún-anHiligaynon(WMP) pillow PMP *qulun-an

ulu-naoLau(OC) first-born, elder, senior POC *qulu

ulu-n fatu(-k)Tetun(CMP) skull, bones of the head PMP *batuk₃

ulu ni susuToba Batak(WMP) nipple of the breast PWMP *qulu ni susu

ulu ni vanuaFijian(OC) mountain POC *qulu ni panua

ulu-n tosTetun(CMP) rough, coarse, rude, stupid (‘hard head’) PMP *teRas

uluŋPohnpeian(OC) use a pillow (trans.) POC *quluŋ-an

uluŋ-aBugotu(OC) a pillow; to pillow the head POC *quluŋ-an

uluŋ-aMota(OC) pillow POC *quluŋ-an

uluŋ-aNggela(OC) rest one's head on; a headrest of wood, pillow (modern) POC *quluŋ-an

uluŋ-aNiue(OC) pillow, headrest POC *quluŋ-an

uluŋ-aNukuoro(OC) pillow; lie with one's head on a pillow POC *quluŋ-an

ulu-ŋaRotuman(OC) top, summit -- of anything high (tree, house, hill, etc.) POC *qulu

uluŋ-aTuvaluan(OC) pillow POC *quluŋ-an

uluŋ-aUlawa(OC) to pillow, to serve as a pillow POC *quluŋ-an

uluŋ-eSa'a(OC) to pillow, to serve as a pillow POC *quluŋ-an

ulu-oneSa'a(OC) the sandy tract immediately above the beach POC *qulu

ʔuƚuqAmis(Formosan) beads PAN *quNuq

ʔuɬuqAmis(Formosan) beads (Tsuchida 1976) PAN *uNuq

úlurDobel(CMP) breadfruit PMP *kuluR

ulurIban(WMP) let down, pay out (rope), launch (a boat), cast (fishing line) PMP *huluR

ulurManggarai(CMP) to lower, let oneself down, lower by rope; descend PMP *huluR

ulu-salagaManam(OC) big variety of betel vine (salaga ‘be long’) POC *puqulu

ulútCebuano(WMP) have a boundary in between PMP *qelet

ʔúlutHanunóo(WMP) level, layer, floor, story, including the space or interval between such levels PMP *qelet

ulu taŋaFijian(OC) head or upper part of a river POC *qulu

ul-utuAmbai(SHWNG) louse PMP *kutu₁

ulut-úlutCebuano(WMP) place between two things PWMP *qelet qelet

ʔulu-ʔúluHanunóo(WMP) slung from a tumpline, i.e., a strap passing over the forward part of the head PAN *qulu qulu

ulu-uluSimalur(WMP) upper part, upper end, head end PAN *qulu qulu

ulu-ulu-naLau(OC) topmost branch of a tree PAN *qulu qulu

ulu waku-nKisar(CMP) head PMP *batuk₃

ulúw-anIfugaw(WMP) the rod at the head of a weaving loom which holds up the threads of the warp PMP *qulu-an

ulu watuRembong(CMP) stubborn PMP *qulu ni batu

ulu ʔalepMa'anyan(WMP) knee PAN *qaleb

ʔulu ʔi ʔufiTongan(OC) yam-top POC *qulu


TOP      u,    u~            ua    ub    uᵐ    ub    uc    ud    ue    uf    ug    uh    ui    uj    uk    ul    um    un        uo    up    uq    ur    us    ut    uu    uv    uw    ux    uy    uz        uz        


-um-Aklanon(WMP) verbal infix used on command or conditioned forms PMP *<um>

umAndra(OC) house PAN *Rumaq

-um-Chamorro(WMP) "Almost any noun can be converted to a verb-like word -- a word that can function as a predicate -- by adding the verbalizing infix -um-." Contrasts with man-, used with plural subjects. (Topping, Ogo, and Dungca 1975:226). PMP *<um>

umGedaged(OC) garden, field, plantation, cultivated land PMP *quma

umGimán(SHWNG) house PAN *Rumaq

-um-Hanunóo(WMP) active verb infix, generally intransitive, and often with a future meaning (e.g. l-um-aŋúy 'to swim; will swim', t-um-índas 'to kick; will kick') PMP *<um>

-um-Hiligaynon(WMP) verbal affix designating completed action PMP *<um>

-um-Ifugaw(WMP) verbal infix used with intransitive bases, and to mark inchoatives or futures PMP *<um>

-um-Ilokano(WMP) active 'casual' verbal infix PMP *<um>

-um-Kadazan Dusun(WMP) verbal infix used with intransitive bases and to form inchoatives PMP *<um>

-um-Kanakanabu(Formosan) marker of actor focus PAN *<um>

umKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) garden, plot PMP *quma

umKosraean(OC) earth oven; cooked food (for a wedding) PMP *qumun

umLakona(OC) oven PMP *qumun

umLoniu(OC) house PAN *Rumaq

umLou(OC) house PAN *Rumaq

-um-Makassarese(WMP) unproductive infix found in verbs that designate a certain state or movement PMP *<um>

umMerig(OC) earth oven PMP *qumun

umMinyaifuin(SHWNG) house PAN *Rumaq

umMosina(OC) earth oven PMP *qumun

umMota(OC) the native oven PMP *qumun

-um-Old Javanese(WMP) verbal infix used primarily in intransitive bases, including those that refer to natural conditions (e.g. kilat 'lightning', k-um-ilat 'flashing'; guruh 'thunder', g-um-uruh 'thundering, roaring') PMP *<um>

ʔumPalauan(WMP) type of snail; hermit crab PAN *qumaŋ

ʔumPalauan(WMP) long-shouted unicorn fish: Naso unicornis PMP *qumi

ʔumPalauan(WMP) hole in the ground for baking PMP *qumun

ʔumPalauan(WMP) long-snouted unicorn fish: Naso unicornis PMP *qumay

umPonam(OC) house PAN *Rumaq

*-um-PSS(WMP) verbal infix which "parallels //maN// to a considerable extent: as an "infinitive" or "participial" marker, or to mark transitive verbs with indefinite or implicit objects. In all of these the focus seems to be less on the agent than on the action itself, and in this respect it is noteworthy that /um/, unlike /maN/ can co-occur with clearly intransitive verbs (at least in the Sa'dan group) like 'sit', 'go' and 'walk'." (Mills 1975:1:145ff). PMP *<um>

-um-Saaroa(Formosan) marker of actor focus PAN *<um>

umSawai(SHWNG) house PAN *Rumaq

umSeimat(OC) earth oven PMP *qumun

umTaba(SHWNG) house PAN *Rumaq

-um-Tagalog(WMP) verbal infix "used to express simple, single or general acts. (a) simple or single performance: bumása, to read; sumúlat, to write. (b) general acts, like the functions of nature and the natural acts of the human body: umulán, to rain; bumagyó, to storm; umáraw, (the sun) to shine; or tumiŋín, to look; sumakít, to become painful; tumakbó, to run; lumákad, to walk, to go." (Panganiban 1966). "verbs like bumagyó, formed with bases that designate natural conditions (cf. bagyó 'storm'), occur in topicless sentences ... Many of the bases that occur in intransitive -um- verbs also occur as the bases of ma- adjectives and the verbs, which may be called -um- VERBS OF 'BECOMING,' denote the acquisition of the quality expressed by the adjective." (Schachter and Otanes 1972:310). PMP *<um>

-um-Murut (Timugon)(WMP) intransitive, subject focus, future temporal PMP *<um>

-um-Toba Batak(WMP) verbal infix which "when it occurs intransitively, is both active and passive in meaning. When it is active it represents, often in contrast to the verb ... (with pa-), an action that does not result from the will of the thing carrying it out." The passive meaning occurs in constructions relating to: 1. the performing or satisfying of a natural need (eating, drinking, sleeping, urinating), 2. a movement that makes a marked impression on any of the sense organs, 3. a higher degree of some quality (g-um-abe 'be richer', um-balga 'be larger', etc.). Transitive verbs with the infix -um- "are simply variants of those with the prefix maŋ-, and they are used more in the elaborate poda language, in stories, laws, and aphorisms in verse form (uppama), than in daily life." (van der Tuuk 1971:117ff). PMP *<um>

um,Marshallese(OC) native oven, earth oven; bake, roast PMP *qumun

umaAnakalangu(CMP) house PAN *Rumaq

umaBalinese(WMP) field, arable land PMP *quma

umáBikol(WMP) lowland rice field; farm, field PMP *quma

umaBimanese(CMP) father (address by someone of the same group) PMP *ema₁

umaʔBintulu(WMP) house PAN *Rumaq

umáCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) swidden, kainging, field, farm, plantation, homestead (after it has been cleared, and has crops growing on it) PMP *quma

umáCebuano(WMP) piece of land on which crops or animals are raised; cultivate or till a piece of land PMP *quma

umaGilbertese(OC) any kind of dwelling, anything with roof; house, dwelling, hut, shelter, cabin, roof, tent, umbrella PAN *Rumaq

umaIaai(OC) house PAN *Rumaq

umáIfugaw(WMP) a tract of land cleared for cultivation; conveys the meaning of habal 'swidden', but is seldom used among the Ifugaw PMP *quma

umáIlokano(WMP) clearing, tract of land cleared for cultivation PMP *quma

umáIsneg(WMP) clear a patch of ground, preparing it for a rice field PMP *quma

umáItawis(WMP) clearing PMP *quma

umaKambera(CMP) house PAN *Rumaq

umáKankanaey(WMP) field; patch; plot; piece of ground planted with camotes, beans, etc. PMP *quma

umaKapampangan(WMP) to kiss PPH *umah

umaKayan(WMP) a longhouse, a single house, any building; a Kayan clan PAN *Rumaq

umaKenyah(WMP) rice field, swidden PMP *quma

umaʔKenyah(WMP) house (= longhouse) PAN *Rumaq

umaMaloh(WMP) swidden PMP *quma

umaManam(OC) garden PMP *quma

umaMandar(WMP) garden, cultivated field PMP *quma

umaMasiwang(CMP) house PAN *Rumaq

umaMendak(OC) garden PMP *quma

umaMentawai(WMP) large house, common house PAN *Rumaq

umaManggarai(CMP) garden, cultivated field; clear away underbrush before felling large trees in making a new swidden PMP *quma

ʔumaMolima(OC) planted garden PMP *quma

umaMotu(OC) garden; an enclosed cultivated plot PMP *quma

umaMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) cultivated field PMP *quma

umaNgadha(CMP) field PMP *quma

umaNggela(OC) clear away the bushes in making a garden PMP *quma

umaNumbami(OC) garden PMP *quma

*umaʔPMin(WMP) sheath; to sheathe PAN *Rumaq

umaRotinese(CMP) house, home PAN *Rumaq

umaRoviana(OC) make a garden PMP *quma

umaSasak(WMP) rice field PMP *quma

umaSika(CMP) garden, field PMP *quma

umaSula(CMP) house PAN *Rumaq

umaTae'(WMP) wet rice field, rice paddy PMP *quma

umaTausug(WMP) cultivated field or farm, rice field PMP *quma

umaTeluti(CMP) house PAN *Rumaq

umaTetun(CMP) house, dwelling place, lair (of animals), coccoon (of insects) PAN *Rumaq

umaTetun (Dili)(CMP) house PAN *Rumaq

umaTigak(OC) garden PMP *quma

umaToba Batak(WMP) field PMP *quma

umaTolai(OC) plantation, field PMP *quma

umaTontemboan(WMP) swidden, dry rice field PMP *quma

umaKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) house PAN *Rumaq

uma-a'Āre'āre(OC) clear the undergrowth when commencing a new garden PMP *quma

um-á-alaKanakanabu(Formosan) to take PAN *um-alaq

um-á-alaKanakanabu(Formosan) to take PAN *um-ala

um-a-alaSaaroa(Formosan) to take PAN *um-ala

um-a-ánakCebuano(WMP) about to give birth PWMP *um-anak

um-a-aracəSaaroa(Formosan) to bite PAN *k<um>aRaC

umaʔ avewKenyah (Long Wat)(WMP) kitchen PMP *qabu

um-abótTagalog(WMP) to attain; to arrive at; to reach PPH *q<um>-ábut

uma bui-kRotinese(CMP) the rear of a house PMP *buRit₁

um-ábutIlokano(WMP) to reach; be sufficient (until next harvest season, etc.; to be able to catch up with PPH *q<um>-ábut

um-abʔábIlokano(WMP) to drink while kneeling (from a faucet); to drink from the palms of the hands; to drink without a cup PPH *habhab

um-abʔábIlokano(WMP) to drink while kneeling (from a faucet); to drink from the palms of the hands; to drink without a cup PPH *qabqab

um-adaníIlokano(WMP) near PMP *adani

um-a-daniIlokano(WMP) to approach in time; come soon PPH *daní

um-addíIsneg(WMP) to refuse, not to like PWMP *hediq

um-adúIlokano(WMP) to augment, increase PMP *hadu

um-ágaTagalog(WMP) morning PPH *ága

um-agáh-inTagalog(WMP) to be overtaken by morning PPH *ága

umá(h)Aklanon(WMP) parm; plantation; field(s) PMP *quma

umahGayō(WMP) house PAN *Rumaq

umahOld Javanese(WMP) house, home, abode PAN *Rumaq

umah-umah-enGayō(WMP) playhouse for children PAN *Rumaq

uma-iIban(WMP) rice field, 'farm' for rice and other annual crops PMP *quma

u-maiNakanamanga(OC) to come POC *mai

um-a-iríkiKanakanabu(Formosan) thresh by scraping with the soles of one's feet PAN *iRik

uma-isiRotinese(CMP) members of a household; the servants, taken as a whole; point of an arrow; point, sharp part of a lance PAN *isi₅

umalBuli(SHWNG) blockhead, stupid person PMP *umel

úmalIsneg(WMP) dumb, mute PMP *umel

um-álaIfugaw(WMP) get, take PAN *um-alaq

um-álaIlokano(WMP) resemble in looks, take after PAN *um-ala

um-alaŋOld Javanese(WMP) to lie athwart, across PWMP *qalaŋ

um-ala-oWawonii(WMP) to take (Mead 1998:425) PAN *um-ala

um-alapOld Javanese(WMP) take, fetch, carry off, steal, seize, win PWMP *um-alap

um-algóIfugaw(WMP) to shine, of the sun PAN *q<um>ajaw

um-āliIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) to come towards the speaker or hearer PAN *um-aRi

um-áliIfugaw(WMP) he (she) comes, he (she) will come PAN *um-aRi

um-áliKankanaey(WMP) come, come along, arrive PAN *um-aRi

um-ali-a-valəəSaaroa(Formosan) to answer PAN *bales₁

um-álisIlokano(WMP) to move, shift; change residence PPH *qalís

um-ámoIsneg(WMP) to become tame, etc. PPH *h<um>aq(e)muq

um-ampilOld Javanese(WMP) unite, join with PMP *hampil

um-ampírIlokano(WMP) stay, come, etc. close to something PWMP *hampir

umánAklanon(WMP) next time; repetition; repeat, do again, do over PAN *quman

umanMongondow(WMP) speak, tell; command; inform PAN *quman

umanBuruese(CMP) a hermit crab, possibly Pagurus pollicarus PAN *qumaŋ

umanErai(CMP) snail, slug PAN *qumaŋ

umanErai(CMP) snail, slug PMP *kumaŋ

ʔumánHanunóo(WMP) again; exchange, change PAN *quman

ʔumánHanunóo(WMP) again PMP *uman

úmanIfugaw(WMP) tell, relate, narrate something that happened PAN *quman

umanKavalan(Formosan) again; do again; change PAN *quman

umanKavalan(Formosan) again, once more; to repeat PAN *umaN

umanMalay(WMP) "keep harping on one string" PMP *uman

um-anTaokas(Formosan) to eat PAN *k<um>aen

ʔumanTiruray(WMP) add to one's amount of something PAN *quman

ʔumanTiruray(WMP) add to one's amount of something PMP *uman

umanToba Batak(WMP) imitate, copy, repeat PAN *quman

umanTrobiawan(Formosan) again PAN *umaN

umanManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) repeat something PAN *quman

umanManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) repeat something PMP *uman

uma-nKapampangan(WMP) to kiss PPH *umah-an

um-anákIfugaw(WMP) give birth to a child PWMP *um-anak

um-anákTagalog(WMP) give birth PWMP *um-anak

um-anak akenOld Javanese(WMP) give birth to PWMP *um-anak

uman tyaŋé limaŋ anun i rakaBalinese(WMP) the field of me (is) five (times) that of I Raka PMP *a-nu

um-ānudIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) one who floats something downstream PWMP *q<um>añud

uman-umanMalay(WMP) long-winded; a bore; a nagger PWMP *quman-quman

uman-umanMalay(WMP) long-winded, a bore PMP *uman

-um-anupIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) that with which one hunts, i.e., a dog PAN *q<um>aNup

úmaŋAklanon(WMP) hermit crab PAN *qumaŋ

umáŋBikol(WMP) hermit crab PAN *qumaŋ

úmaŋBikol(WMP) hand-me-downs, used clothes PAN *qumaŋ

umaŋMongondow(WMP) hermit crab PAN *qumaŋ

úmaŋCebuano(WMP) hermit crab; use, wear something belonging to someone else PAN *qumaŋ

umaŋChamorro(WMP) hermit crab -- land (Paguridae) PAN *qumaŋ

umaŋIban(WMP) dependent on others, orphaned; hence generally poverty-stricken PAN *qumaŋ

úmaŋIlokano(WMP) hermit crab; also said of a person who continually changes his residence PAN *qumaŋ

umaŋKavalan(Formosan) kind of hairy hermit crab PAN *qumaŋ

umaŋSimalur(WMP) land crab PAN *qumaŋ

ʔuma-ŋaRennellese(OC) garden, as for yams or taro PMP *quma

u-ma-ŋanOld Javanese(WMP) to eat, swallow, devour PMP *ma-ŋaen

um-aŋaŋKadazan Dusun(WMP) to growl, to snarl PAN *q<um>aŋqaŋ

um-áŋayIlokano(WMP) to be near (in time) PAN *aŋay

umaŋETialo(WMP) land snail, slug PAN *qumaŋ

um-aŋkásCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to mount a horse or carabao PPH *aŋkás

úmaŋ sus-anCebuano(WMP) hermit crab in a shell having a barnacle, used as a medicine for mothers with a swelling breast PAN *susu₁

umaŋ-umaŋMalay(WMP) hermit crab; figuratively for men in borrowed plumes and for spongers PMP *qumaŋ qumaŋ

u-maŋunOld Javanese(WMP) rise, stand up PWMP *maŋ-baŋun

uma padayMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) rice field PMP *quma

um-āpalIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) for someone to chase someone, something with the intention of catching or driving him or it away; to chase a thief, a pig PPH *hápaR

um-aplahIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) that with which one sandpapers, i.e., a leaf of an aplah tree PWMP *q<um>a(m)pelas

um-apoyCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) start a fire PMP *h<um>apuy

um-apuyIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) that with which something is burned, i.e. a fire PMP *h<um>apuy

umaqPaiwan(Formosan) house; (Western Paiwan) grave PAN *Rumaq

umasKavalan(Formosan) to preserve (meat) PAN *umaS

um-aseŋSimalur(WMP) breathe PWMP *qaseŋ

um-aseŋ-aseŋSimalur(WMP) breath violently, pant, puff, gasp PWMP *qaseŋ

um-asokMapun(WMP) to enter; go inside (a place); to allow or have someone enter PMP *hasek₁

um-asúdIsneg(WMP) join another person in pounding rice, as the second of two PPh *qasúd

úmatCebuano (dialectal)(WMP) to go over a series of events or genealogies to recall them PPH *umat

umataBugotu(OC) snake POC *mwata

u-mataHaku(OC) eye PMP *mata

umataLengo(OC) snake POC *qumata

umataNggela(OC) snake POC *mwata

umataBugotu(OC) snake POC *qumata

um-atábIlokano(WMP) to rise, to flow PPh *atáb

u mata-nKédang(CMP) a boil (matan is the ring around it from which the pus emerges) PMP *mata nu bisul

um-aterOld Javanese(WMP) accompany, escort, take someone somewhere; bring, carry PMP *h<um>ateD

um-au-aúIlokano(WMP) grumble, murmur PWMP *qau

uma-umaSaaroa(Formosan) farm PAN *qumah

ʔum-áwatHanunóo(WMP) to help PWMP *awat

um-ayIlokano(WMP) to come PAN *um-ai

umayKalagan(WMP) unhusked rice PMP *hemay

um-áyatIlokano(WMP) quarrelsome, bellicose PWMP *ayat

um-áyonIlokano(WMP) to favor; suit; agree; fit, conform PPH *áyun

umaʔTonsawang(WMP) house PAN *Rumaq

ʔ-um-á-ʔaciKanakanabu(Formosan) dam up a side stream to catch fish PAN *qaCi

ʔ-um-a-ʔanúpuKanakanabu(Formosan) to hunt PAN *q<um>aNup

ʔ-um-a-ʔuci-ʔucípiKanakanabu(Formosan) alive (of animals) PAN *qudip₁

umbaBare'e(WMP) rise to the surface of water, appear on the surface PWMP *ubal

umbaWolio(WMP) swell (of sea) PWMP *humbak

umbah-umbahToba Batak(WMP) the piston which is moved up and down in the bamboo tube of a traditional bellows PWMP *humbak-humbak

umbakBalinese(WMP) wave, surf PWMP *humbak

umbakIban(WMP) wave PWMP *humbak

umbakOld Javanese(WMP) wave PWMP *humbak

umbakSasak(WMP) wave, billow PWMP *humbak

umbakToba Batak(WMP) wave PWMP *humbak

umbak-umbakDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) bellows, instrument for fanning the fire PWMP *umbak umbak

um-ballukTae'(WMP) dance while bending the fingers PMP *beluk

umba na-kuaTae'(WMP) how? what sort of? PMP *kua₁

umbaŋMakassarese(WMP) lift up, raise by placing something underneath, as a pregnant woman stretched out over cushions; boat raised by wooden floats for repair at a wharf PWMP *umbaŋ

umbaŋMalay(WMP) make a trip (of a ship), travel over the sea PWMP *umbaŋ

umbaŋOld Javanese(WMP) to float PWMP *umbaŋ

umbaŋToba Batak(WMP) float on the water, drift PWMP *umbaŋ

um-básIlokano(WMP) subside, abate, decrease (rivers, brooks, etc.) PPh *h<um>ebás

umbáwBikol(WMP) filled to the brim PMP *umbaw

umbáwCebuano(WMP) overlook, tower over; look down from a height over the edge of something PMP *umbaw

umbewManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) grow taller than someone PMP *umbaw

umbiBalinese(WMP) tuber, root, tuberous vegetable PMP *qubi

umbi-umbi-anBalinese(WMP) yam PMP *qubi

umboʔRejang(WMP) wave PWMP *humbak

umboŋKenyah(WMP) apex PMP *ubuŋ

umbuBimanese(CMP) heap or pile up PMP *hubun₂

umbuKambera(CMP) Sir, lord, title of address for a man of high origin; grandfather PMP *umpu

umbuNias(WMP) spring, well, fountain PWMP *umbul

um-buhar hutaToba Batak(WMP) plunder an enemy village and take the inhabitants captive PMP *buŋkaR

umbulBalinese(WMP) fountain, spring; bubble up, well up (water) PWMP *umbul

umbulOld Javanese(WMP) arise, come up, well up PWMP *umbul

umbuŋManggarai(CMP) to heap, pile up (grass, etc.) PMP *hubun₂

umbutIban(WMP) palm cabbage PMP *qubuj

umbutMalay(WMP) edible pith, e.g. of the sago palm; palm-cabbage PMP *qubuj

umbutMalay(WMP) pull out gently; raise the line slightly in fishing PMP *ubut

umeArosi(OC) fish sp. PMP *qumay

umeKwaio(OC) scrawled file fish (Alutera sp.) PMP *qumay

umeMota(OC) large fish with a lump on the forehead PMP *qumay

umeRarotongan(OC) fish sp.: leather-jacket PMP *qumay

ʔumeRennellese(OC) kind of large fish, similar to punongi, perhaps a unicorn fish or parrot fish PMP *qumay

umeSamoan(OC) name given to mature fishes of the genus Naso when about one foot long and over PMP *qumay

ʔumeTongan(OC) kind of leather-jacket (fish) PMP *qumay

umɛVaikenu(CMP) house PAN *Rumaq

umeKwamera(OC) kind of fish PMP *qumay

ʔume kanuRennellese(OC) a unicorn fish PMP *qumay

úmelIlokano(WMP) dumb, mute PMP *umel

um-enuh-iOld Javanese(WMP) to fill, make complete PWMP *p<um>enuq

(u)m-eŋeŋOld Javanese(WMP) causing a state of drowsiness or dazedness (of buzzing bees, etc.); deafening (of trumpets) PWMP *eŋeŋ

umiKambera(CMP) marine fish with horn on the head, unicorn fish: Siganus javus PMP *qumi

umi-Mafea(OC) beard PMP *kumis

umíTagalog(WMP) speechless due to shyness or embarrassment, shame, fear, etc. PMP *umel

um-idelCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to disobey, to refuse to obey or comply with an order PPH *idal

um-ihbúIfugaw(WMP) to urinate PAN *sibu

ʔum-íhiʔHanunóo(WMP) urinate; always done in a squatting position by men as well as women PMP *ihiq

um-iketOld Javanese(WMP) to bind, tie, bind together PWMP *h<um>iket

um-ilaŋ, w-in-ilaŋOld Javanese(WMP) to count PAN *bilaŋ₁

um-iliIfugaw(WMP) to visit, enter a village not one's own PMP *hili

um-iliIlokano(WMP) to live, reside in a town; inhabitants, citizens, residents PMP *hili

um-íliwIlokano(WMP) to visit a person who is missed PPh *íliw

um-inómCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) take a drink (of water or liquor) PMP *um-inum

ʔum-inúmHanunóo(WMP) to drink PMP *um-inum

um-inúmIfugaw(WMP) to drink PMP *um-inum

um-inúmIlokano(WMP) to drink (water) PMP *um-inum

um-inúmIsneg(WMP) to drink PMP *um-inum

um-inúmKankanaey(WMP) to drink; to tipple PMP *um-inum

(u)m-inumOld Javanese(WMP) to drink PMP *um-inum

um-inumYogad(WMP) to drink PMP *um-inum

um-ipisOld Javanese(WMP) to pound, crush PMP *pipis₂

um-isbóIlokano(WMP) to urinate PAN *sibu

um-isuh-iOld Javanese(WMP) to wash PMP *hisuq

um-iút, iut-ónIfugaw(WMP) have sexual intercourse PAN *qiut

um-neŋKankanaey(WMP) quiet, still, tranquil; to stop, cease PWMP *q<um>eneŋ

umoKove(OC) garden PMP *quma

úmoeAklanon(WMP) press with one's palm, squeeze into small balls PPh *qemel

umohSeru(WMP) swidden PMP *quma

um-onáIlokano(WMP) first, foremost; sooner PMP *um-unah

um-onsomKadazan Dusun(WMP) to become sour PWMP *esem

um-ósokIlokano(WMP) pass under something stooping or crouching; insert, etc. from below PMP *usuk

um-otiBare'e(WMP) to ebb PMP *qeti₁

um-otuBare'e(WMP) to break wind PAN *q<um>etut

umpakBoano(WMP) skin (of a person) PWMP *upak₁

umpanBoano(WMP) bait PMP *qumpan

umpanBoano(WMP) bait PWMP *umpan

umpanDampelas(WMP) bait PMP *qumpan

umpanIban(WMP) bait PMP *qumpan

umpanMalay(WMP) bait PMP *qumpan

umpanMalay(WMP) bait PWMP *umpan

umpanSasak(WMP) food, fodder PMP *qumpan

umpanTausug(WMP) bait for animals or fish PMP *qumpan

umpan (h)alirMalay(WMP) floating bait attached to a tali (h)alir, or loose floating line for catching crocodiles PMP *qaliR

umpan-kanMalay(WMP) use as bait, to bait PMP *qumpan

umpan-kanMalay(WMP) to use as bait, to bait PWMP *umpan

umpan-umpanSasak(WMP) bait PMP *qumpan

umpaŋMaloh(WMP) dam; barrage PMP *umpaŋ

umpaŋMaloh(WMP) dam; barrage PWMP *umpeŋ

umpaŋManggarai(CMP) bait PMP *qumpan

umpaŋManggarai(CMP) caulk, patch, plug PMP *umpaŋ

umpásCebuano(WMP) fall away, crumble down (as an embankment after heavy rain) PWMP *empas

umpeŋJavanese(WMP) narrow water channel PWMP *umpeŋ

um-pésIlokano(WMP) reduce, subside, unswell (abscesses, etc.) PPh *qepés

umpidSichule(WMP) blowpipe PMP *sumpit

umpísTagalog(WMP) deflated (said of balloons or air-filled sacs) PWMP *umpis

um-podom-iToba Batak(WMP) to lie on something PWMP *pezem

umpókTagalog(WMP) small group of persons, usually engaged in conversation PWMP *umpuk

umpú-ʔCebuano(WMP) grandparent or grandparent's sibling or cousin of the same generation; term of address for a relation of the grandparent's generation PMP *empu-q

umpu-ʔCebuano(WMP) grandparent or a grandparent's sibling or cousin of the same generation; term of address for a relation of the grandparent's generation PMP *umpu

umpuKomodo(CMP) grandfather/grandchild (reciprocal); forefather PMP *umpu

umpuManggarai(CMP) grandmother PMP *umpu

umpukJavanese(WMP) (to heap) in a pile PWMP *umpuk

umpukKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) to pile up PWMP *umpuk

umpukMalay(WMP) heap, mound, pile PWMP *umpuk

umpuk-anJavanese(WMP) (to heap) in a pile PWMP *umpuk-an

umpúk-anKapampangan(WMP) a talking group PWMP *umpuk-an

umpúk-anTagalog(WMP) small group of persons, usually engaged in conversation PWMP *umpuk-an

umpunSasak(WMP) smoke PMP *upun₁

ūmu'Āre'āre(OC) stone oven PMP *qumun

umuArosi(OC) round earth oven with loose stones on top PMP *qumun

umuCentral Maewo(OC) oven PMP *qumun

umuHawaiian(OC) oven, furnace; a heap of rocks placed in the sea for small fish such as the manini to hide in PMP *qumun

umuKwaio(OC) stone, oven stones; altar stones on which sacrificial pigs are cooked (not commonly used for secular oven due to sacred connotations) PMP *qumun

umuLau(OC) native oven (hill word) PMP *qumun

umuMaori(OC) earth oven PMP *qumun

umuMarino(OC) oven PMP *qumun

umuNggela(OC) a circular fireplace of stones PMP *qumun

umuNiue(OC) the Polynesian stone oven; food cooked in a Polynesian oven PMP *qumun

umuNukuoro(OC) earth oven PMP *qumun

ʔumuRennellese(OC) ground oven, food cooked in the oven or saucepan PMP *qumun

umuSa'a(OC) cooking oven in house, used only on great occasions; a large ring with upright stones PMP *qumun

umuSamoan(OC) stone oven, consisting of a shallow cavity lined with stones on which a fire is lit and cleared away before the food is laid on the hot stones PMP *qumun

ʔumuTongan(OC) native oven or fire-hole; food cooked in a native oven PMP *qumun

u-mu-boliMongondow(WMP) free oneself from debt, pay everything back at once PMP *beli

ʔum-udamHanunóo(WMP) borrow PWMP *h<um>uzam

um-udánIfugaw(WMP) it will rain PMP *q<um>uzan

umúgCebuano(WMP) damp, moist (as clothing, or coffee which has been exposed to moisture before boiling) PWMP *emeg

um-úhilIfugaw(WMP) defend one's habitat and pursue (or try to pursue) those who attack PWMP *um-usiR

umu-iKairiru(OC) cook in an earth oven POC *qumun-i

umuiMotu(OC) 2pl., you all PCEMP *kamiu

umu-kBuruese(CMP) stuff the mouth (as with food) PAN *qumuR

umu-kBuruese(CMP) stuff the mouth (as with food) PAN *umuR

úmulCebuano(WMP) roll something into a ball (as meat into meatballs); mold into other shapes PPh *qemel

umulSeediq (Truku)(Formosan) suck and hold in the mouth PAN *umuR

um-ulánTagalog(WMP) to rain PMP *q<um>uzan

ʔum-ulíʔHanunóo(WMP) live, dwell (in a certain place) PMP *um-uliq

um-úlogIlokano(WMP) descend, go down, climb down; come out (leaving a house) PWMP *h<um>uluR

um-úlugIsneg(WMP) go or climb down, descend (tree, ladder, etc.; not a mountain). Also: leave a house, come down or out PWMP *h<um>uluR

úmʔumAklanon(WMP) suck on, dissolve in the mouth without swallowing, as is done to medicine or candy PAN *qemqem

umʔúmCebuano(WMP) put something partly or wholly into the mouth or between the lips PAN *qemqem

um-umGilbertese(OC) cook in ground oven PMP *qumun

ʔum-umánHanunóo(WMP) do again, repeat, redo PWMP *q<um>uman

um-úmanIfugaw(WMP) tell, relate, narrate PWMP *q<um>uman

um-umun-aGilbertese(OC) put to cook in ground oven on hot stones POC *qumun-a

umunFordata(CMP) pit in the ground in which tubers are baked PMP *qumun

umunKei(CMP) pit in which stones are heated to glowing and covered with leaves, then food, then more leaves, then glowing stones, and finally the whole covered over with sand to seal in the heat and allow the food to stew until tender PMP *qumun

umunPanayati(OC) oven PMP *qumun

um-unaMongondow(WMP) proceed, go forward; go first PMP *um-unah

umun-aGilbertese(OC) put something to cook in ground oven on hot stones PMP *qumun

umun-aGilbertese(OC) put to cook in ground oven on hot stones POC *qumun-a

umun-aGabadi(OC) oven; to roast POC *qumun-a

umun-iKaniet(OC) cook in an earth oven POC *qumun-i

umúŋCebuano(WMP) pile up harvested rice together with the stalks PWMP *emuŋ

um-uŋkaŋ-uŋkaŋSimalur(WMP) squat with the legs spread wide PWMP *u(ŋ)kaŋ

um-uŋkutMongondow(WMP) be hunched over PMP *quŋkut

umurSika(CMP) have the mouth full PAN *qumuR

umurSika(CMP) have the mouth full PAN *umuR

ʔum-uránHanunóo(WMP) rain, will rain PMP *q<um>uzan

um-usáorIlokano(WMP) to sail upstream; to ascend a hill along the riverbank PPH *usauR

um-usīOld Javanese(WMP) go to, go in the direction of, take refuge with, try to reach or obtain, strive after, attack, assail, pursue PWMP *um-usiR

ʔum-úsigHanunóo(WMP) run after (someone) PWMP *um-usiR

um-útaIfugaw(WMP) he/she will vomit PAN *um-utaq

um-utaSimalur(WMP) to vomit PAN *um-utaq

ʔum-utútHanunóo(WMP) to break wind PAN *q<um>etut

ʔum-utútHanunóo(WMP) break wind PWMP *q<um>utut

um-uwíʔTagalog(WMP) go home PMP *um-uliq

umwMokilese(OC) to bake PMP *qumun

umwMokilese(OC) house PAN *Rumaq

umwPohnpeian(OC) to bake in an uhmw (intr.) PMP *qumun

umwWoleaian(OC) underground oven, earth oven; to cook in an earth oven PMP *qumun

umwaArosi(OC) to weed a garden PMP *quma

umwaGitua(OC) garden PMP *quma

umwaMota(OC) clear away growth from a garden, the first stage in preparation PMP *quma

um-watOld Javanese(WMP) to bear, carry, bring, convey, contain PMP *buhat₃

umweLakona(OC) house PAN *Rumaq

umʷe-n wɨ-lawLoniu(OC) spiderweb PMP *lawaq₂

umwpwulMokilese(OC) flaming POC *bula₁

umwunPohnpeian(OC) bake in an uhmw (trans.) POC *qumun-i

umʷwujMokilese(OC) to vomit PCEMP *mutaq

um-yánIlokano(WMP) pass the night, lodge PWMP *um-ian


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-unAtayal(Formosan) 2nd passive indicative PAN *-en

-unBunun(Formosan) goal focus PAN *-en

-unCebuano(WMP) direct passive verb affix, future; suffix added to adjectives and nouns to form adjectives which mean 'of [such and such] a kind'; e.g. Palit-un ku aŋ bábuy I will buy the pig; Yagpis-un siyag láwas He has a thinnish body; balukbuk kind of weevil that bore in grains, like corn, balukbuk-un become infested with this type of weevil PAN *-en

unErai(CMP) tree PMP *puqun

-unHanunóo(WMP) marker of direct passive, and polite imperative PAN *-en

unLindrou(OC) to drink PCEMP *unum

unLoniu(OC) maggot PMP *qulej

unManam(OC) beat; punish; kill POC *punuq-i

unMendak(OC) sea turtle POC *poñu

unMota(OC) to drink PCEMP *unum

unSeimat(OC) to drink PCEMP *unum

unTigak(OC) sea turtle POC *poñu

unTitan(OC) to drink PCEMP *unum

únaAklanon(WMP) first; go first, go ahead, precede PMP *unah

unaAnuta(OC) turtle shell POC *qunap₂

unaArosi(OC) scales of fish POC *qunap₂

únaBikol(WMP) first PMP *unah

unaMongondow(WMP) go before, go in front PMP *unah

únaCebuano(WMP) ahead, earlier; the one that is first in position PMP *unah

unaDuke of York(OC) efface, wipe out; disappear, go out of sight PMP *punas

ʔúnaHanunóo(WMP) first, i.e. before something or someone else PMP *unah

unáIfugaw(WMP) be first, foremost; go ahead; do something first; accomplish something before anybody else PMP *unah

unaKapampangan(WMP) first, go first, be first PMP *unah

unaKapingamarangi(OC) scale (of fish, turtle) POC *qunap₂

unaʔKayan(WMP) go ahead, go first; start first; formerly, before PMP *huna

unaʔKayan(WMP) go ahead, go first; start first; formerly, before PMP *unah

unaLi'o(CMP) ichthyosis PCEMP *qunap₁

unaMotu(OC) fish scale POC *qunap₂

unaNiue(OC) tortoise-shell; a comb made of tortoise-shell POC *qunap₂

ʔunaRennellese(OC) outer shell, as of turtle, formerly used for fishhooks, earrings and nose rings POC *qunap₂

unaRotuman(OC) scale (of fish), shell (of turtle) POC *qunap₂

unaSamoan(OC) scale (of fish), scale of hawk's-bill turtle; tortoise-shell POC *qunap₂

unaʔTae'(WMP) pith of plants and young trees PMP *qunej

únaTagalog(WMP) first, prior; earliest PMP *unah

únaTagalog(WMP) first; foremost; coming before all others; earliest PAN *(q)uNah

unaTausug(WMP) go ahead or before PMP *unah

unaTuvaluan(OC) leathery turtle (which has shell of overlapping plates); the shell of this species POC *qunap₂

unaWuvulu(OC) fish scale POC *qunap₂

unabSimalur(WMP) fish scale PMP *quhenap

unab-anIlokano(WMP) to shake after soaking (maguey fibers) PPH *unab

unacKosraean(OC) feather, hair, scale, fur POC *qunap₂

unafBuli(SHWNG) to scale fish PCEMP *qunap₁

unafTboli(WMP) scale of fish PMP *quhenap

unaf-iTuvaluan(OC) fish scales POC *qunap-i

unaf-iaKwaio(OC) to scale a fish POC *qunap-ia

unágIsneg(WMP) inside PMP *qunej

unágItawis(WMP) inside PMP *qunej

unah-anTausug(WMP) front; forward PPh *unah-an

unah-iArosi(OC) remove shell from turtle, scale a fish POC *qunap-i

unah-iHawaiian(OC) scales of a fish; scaly; to scale POC *qunap-i

unah-iKapingamarangi(OC) to scrape POC *qunap-i

unah-iMaori(OC) scales of fish, etc. POC *qunap-i

ʔunah-iRennellese(OC) scales of fish; to scale a fish POC *qunap-i

unah-iaArosi(OC) scaled POC *qunap-ia

unah-iaMotu(OC) to scale a fish POC *qunap-ia

unaiChamorro(WMP) sand PAN *qenay

una-iPaulohi(CMP) refuse of, scrapings of PCEMP *qunap₁

un-anBerawan (Long Terawan)(WMP) pillow PMP *qulun-an

ʔún-ʔanHanunóo(WMP) first, i.e., before others PPh *unah-an

un-anIlongot(WMP) pillow PMP *qulun-an

ún-anTagalog(WMP) pillow PMP *qulun-an

una-naArosi(OC) shell of turtle POC *qunap₂

u na-ŋa-ianDuke of York(OC) when? (future) POC *ana<ŋa>ican

unapMongondow(WMP) fish scale PMP *quhenap

unapLauje(WMP) fish scale PMP *quhenap

*unaqPAmb(CMP) scales of fish PCEMP *qunap₁

unarTetun(CMP) pith of plants (Mathijsen 1906) PMP *qunej

únatAklanon(WMP) stretch, straighten out; unbend, unkink PPh *uñat

unátBikol(WMP) stretch something; straighten something out PPh *uñat

únatTagalog(WMP) straighten, smooth out, stretch out (something) PPh *uñat

unat-ínTagalog(WMP) straightened, stretched out PPh *uñat-en

unat-ónBikol(WMP) stretched, straightened out PPh *uñat-en

una-unaArosi(OC) scales, tortoise shell platess PMP *qunap qunap

una-únaCebuano(WMP) do something ahead of others when it is not proper or usual PPh *unah-unah

ʔuna-ʔunáHanunóo(WMP) going on ahead PPh *unah-unah

una-una-na'Āre'āre(OC) fish scales PMP *qunap qunap

una-una-naKwaio(OC) scales of fish PMP *qunap qunap

unawKalagan(WMP) wash the hands PWMP *huñaw

*unawPSan(WMP) dip, plunge in water; melt PWMP *huñaw

unáyCebuano(WMP) a deeply embedded sliver or foreign body PMP *unay

unaʔKayan(WMP) go ahead, go first; start first; formerly, before PAN *(q)uNah

uncoʔUma(WMP) insert, put on clothes PMP *u(n)sek

undákCebuano(WMP) jounce in riding; stamp the feet, walk with heavy footfalls PWMP *enzak

undákCebuano(WMP) jounce in riding; stamp the feet, walk with heavy footfalls PWMP *qundak

undakMalay(WMP) labor heavily (of a ship); to make no headway PWMP *qundak

undak-undakSasak(WMP) runged ladder PWMP *undak-undak

und-án-unCebuano(WMP) fleshy, muscular; pithy, full of substance or meaning PPh *qunej-en

undáŋCebuano(WMP) stop doing something, come to a stop (eating, plowing, menstruation) PWMP *endaŋ

undáŋ-undáŋCebuano(WMP) intermittent, on and off PWMP *endaŋ endaŋ

undiNumbami(OC) banana POC *pudi

undiTae'(WMP) follow from behind; after, later PMP *udehi

undoŋ-undoŋMinangkabau(WMP) screen or veil thrown over the head as a protection against rain PMP *uduŋ

undótTagalog(WMP) act of falling back suddenly in surprise or fear PWMP *unzet

unduMendak(OC) banana POC *pudi

undu-Yamdena(CMP) summit, extremity, peak PMP *quzuŋ

undudBinukid(WMP) to go, move backwards; to back something up; to move something back PWMP *unduD

undulKadazan Dusun(WMP) go backwards, retreat, retire, recoil, recede PWMP *undur

unduŋ-unduŋToba Batak(WMP) primitive hut, built as overnight lodging in transit, or for lepers PMP *uduŋ

undurBalinese(WMP) retreat, yield PWMP *undur

undurJavanese(WMP) backward motion, withdrawal PWMP *undur

undurMalay(WMP) retirement; retreat; falling back PWMP *undur

undurOld Javanese(WMP) retiring, retreating PWMP *undur

undurSimalungun Batak(WMP) ebb, retreat PWMP *undur

undurManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) shove a stick of wood further into the fire PMP *qunzur

undurManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) shove a stick of wood farther into the fire PWMP *unzur

undurMalay(WMP) retirement, retreat; falling back PWMP *unduD

unduruʔMakassarese(WMP) slacken, decrease, as anger; not remaining by, given up PWMP *undur

uneBare'e(WMP) pith, seed, heart or core of something PMP *qunej

unéNgadha(CMP) pith of wood or plants PMP *qunej

uneRotinese(CMP) scale of a fish or a snake; scales on the feet of a chicken PCEMP *qunep

uneSika(CMP) inside, within PMP *qunej

unéahNarum(WMP) ancient times PMP *unah

unedKelabit(WMP) middle PMP *qunej

unefNumfor(SHWNG) fish scale PCEMP *qunep

unef-iaKwaio(OC) to scale a fish PCEMP *qunep

unégCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) soft inner core (of certain species of trees and plants); core of a pineapple PMP *qunej

unégIlokano(WMP) enter, go in, come in, penetrate, pierce PMP *qunej

unéhNarum(WMP) ancient times PMP *huna

unéhNarum(WMP) ancient times PAN *(q)uNah

uneh-aʔaSa'a(OC) scales of fish or snake PCEMP *qunep

uneh-iRotuman(OC) to scale (fish) PCEMP *qunep

uneh-iSa'a(OC) to scale a fish POC *qunap-i

u-nə'məKanakanabu(Formosan) six PAN *enem

une-nBuruese(CMP) pith; middle PMP *qunej

unerManggarai(CMP) palm pith; marrow PMP *qunej

unerTondano(WMP) center, middle, core PMP *qunej

unerTontemboan(WMP) middle, between, in the middle PMP *qunej

une une iʔaKwaio(OC) fish scales PCEMP *qunep

ungManam(OC) to fight, quarrel POC *punuq₃

ʔúniHanunóo(WMP) general term for sounds produced vocally by any and all species of fauna, as of the chirping of birds PMP *huni

úniIlokano(WMP) sound, voice, noise, cry (of animals), song (of birds) PMP *huni

úniIsneg(WMP) sound, noise, voice, speech, cry (of animals), song (of birds) PMP *huni

uniJavanese(WMP) sound, noise, what someone says PMP *huni

uniNuaulu(CMP) thorn PMP *duRi

uniNumbami(OC) dead POC *punuq₃

uniOld Javanese(WMP) sound, voice; contents of a letter ("what it says") PMP *huni

úniPangasinan(WMP) bird song; to sing (birds only) PMP *huni

uniRungus Dusun(WMP) tone, sound, note PMP *huni

uniSasak(WMP) sound, noise PMP *huni

uniTboli(WMP) noise PMP *huni

uni, uñiBalinese(WMP) sound, make a sound PMP *huni

unideʔSangir(WMP) pith, heart, core; the pith of plants PMP *qunej

unihKelabit(WMP) sound PMP *huni

uni-nWahai(CMP) skin PMP *kulit

uni-naTorau(OC) skin POC *kulit

uni-uni-aKwaio(OC) make a big ruckus, noise in play (esp. used derisively) POC *uni

unjanBalinese(WMP) increase, add to; rise, as a price (Panitia 1978) PWMP *unzan

unjatMinangkabau(WMP) to start; to spring up with a start PWMP *unzet

unjurIban(WMP) stretch out, lay lengthwise (as one's legs, a snake in the path, etc.) PMP *qunzur

unjurMalay(WMP) to thrust out, as one stretches out a leg PWMP *unzur

unjuruʔMakassarese(WMP) stretched out straight; outstretched corpse PMP *qunzur

únl-anAklanon(WMP) pillow, cushion PMP *qulun-an

un-lha-nuzush-anThao(Formosan) have a nosebleed PAN *ŋuSuN

unnátIlokano(WMP) stretch, strain, make tense, draw tight, extend, straighten out, lay out at full length; draw out, distend PPh *huñat

unnátIlokano(WMP) stretch, strain, make tense, draw tight, extend, straighten out, lay out at full length; draw out, distend PPh *uñat

unnát-enIlokano(WMP) stretched PPh *uñat-en

unoBuginese(WMP) kill PMP *bunuq₂

unódAklanon(WMP) meat, flesh, muscle PMP *qunej

unogSimalur(WMP) pith, marrow, kernel, core PMP *qunej

unohnKosraean(OC) to pluck, scale PMP *qunap qunap

unokToba Batak(WMP) the pith of trees and plants; the kernel of nuts PMP *qunej

unok ni iponToba Batak(WMP) the pulp of a tooth PMP *qunej

unóŋCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to be a long time in doing something or at a place PPH *unuŋ

únosAklanon(WMP) be in motion; blow (wind), flow (water) PMP *qunus

únosBikol(WMP) tornado, whirlwind PMP *qunus

únosIlokano(WMP) remuneration, share PPH *húnus

unósTagalog(WMP) very strong wind with strong rain PMP *qunus

unós-anIlokano(WMP) to give a share to someone who helped in harvesting rice, etc. PPH *húnus

unós-onBikol(WMP) be struck by a tornado or whirlwind PMP *qunus

untagMongondow(WMP) Go downstream! PPH *usauR

untaiMalay(WMP) hanging down loosely; dangling PWMP *untay₁

untakIban(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

unt-anIlokano(WMP) scold, berate, upbraid, chide PAN *quSeŋeC

un-taraw-inThao(Formosan) be caught in a downpour PAN *salaw

untas-iBare'e(WMP) burst open so that the contents spill out PWMP *qutas

úntayAklanon(WMP) to stretch, straighten out, extend PWMP *quntay₁

untáyTagalog(WMP) twisted (as is done to a rope) PWMP *quntay₂

unteMakassarese(WMP) twist or turn around (as someone's neck), make a rope by twining strands together PWMP *quntay₂

unteToba Batak(WMP) citrus fruit: lemon, orange PMP *untay₂

unteWolio(WMP) make rope by twisting together fibers; skein (of yarn) PWMP *quntay₂

untekNgaju Dayak(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

untek tulaŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) marrow PMP *hutek

unti baraŋeŋMakassarese(WMP) banana sp. PWMP *baraŋen₁

untóBikol(WMP) the upper front teeth PMP *quntu

untoKulisusu(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

untólBikol(WMP) bounce, rebound PWMP *untul

untuBalinese(WMP) tooth, tusk PMP *quntu

untuBare'e(WMP) the highest point or extremity of something; the beginning of a river PWMP *utuŋ

untúCebuano(WMP) one of the four top front teeth PMP *quntu

úntuManobo (Dibabawon)(WMP) incisors PMP *quntu

untuJavanese(WMP) tooth PMP *quntu

untuManggarai(CMP) that part of the lip of a wild boar which is turned upward by its tusks; (Central MGG) gums PMP *quntu

untuSasak(WMP) tooth PMP *quntu

uṇṭukBalinese(WMP) make a deep bow, hang the head PWMP *hutuk

untúlCebuano(WMP) bounce, cause something to do so; rebound PWMP *entul

untúlCebuano(WMP) bounce, cause something to do so; rebound, fail to register or to take a firm hold on PWMP *untul

untulToba Batak(WMP) rebound, bounce back PWMP *untul

untuŋMongondow(WMP) carry on the neck, as a child PMP *qusuŋ

untutSimalungun Batak(WMP) fart PMP *qutut

untutToba Batak(WMP) flatus, fart PMP *qutut

ūnu'Āre'āre(OC) torch made from dry coconut leaf; go fishing at night with this torch PMP *tunu

unuArosi(OC) raise cicatrices on the body with a burning brand PMP *tunu

unuArosi(OC) take out of POC *unus

unuCentral Maewo(OC) to drink PCEMP *unum

ʔunuDobuan(OC) breadfruit PMP *kuluR

unuFijian (dialectal)(OC) to drink PCEMP *unum

ʔúnuʔHanunóo(WMP) necklace beads, in a general sense; specifically, small opaque glass seed beads, preferably red or white, much used for personal adornment of both sexes, small business transactions, payment of fines, shaman's fees, etc. PAN *quNuq

unuKambera(CMP) interior, pith PMP *qunej

unuKove(OC) breadfruit PMP *kuluR

unuKove(OC) to drink PCEMP *unum

unuKwaio(OC) native torch; to light, illuminate; divine a thief using a magical torch, unu-a cook vegetables (or edible insects) by steaming in a leaf-plugged bamboo tube on an open fire PMP *tunu

ūnuLau(OC) a torch of dried coconut leaves tied together PMP *tunu

unuMaori(OC) pull off, put off, doff; draw out, pull out, withdraw POC *unus

unuMaori(OC) drink PCEMP *unum

unuNiue(OC) to shed (as a shell); to peel, to bark (as a shrub) POC *uñus

unuNiue(OC) move along, draw near, move over PMP *qunus

unuNukuoro(OC) drink PCEMP *unum

ʔu-nuPalawan Batak(WMP) what? PAN *-nu

unuPaulohi(CMP) to drink PCEMP *unum

unuPom(SHWNG) to drink PCEMP *unum

unuRennellese(OC) to shed, as snake skin POC *uñus

unuRennellese(OC) take off, remove, pull out, peel POC *unus

unuTongan(OC) to slough, shed its skin (as snakes do), or its shell (as crabs, etc. do); skin or shell which has been shed, slough POC *uñus

ʔunuTongan(OC) move over or along; approach or draw near PMP *qunus

unuTongan(OC) pull out, draw out POC *unus

unuWuvulu(OC) cook, roast PMP *tunu

unúdCebuano(WMP) flesh; content, integral part within something PMP *qunej

unug-ánCebuano(WMP) place where wild animals or birds habitually stay or go; make a place into a lair PMP *qenuR-an₂

u-nuhTausug(WMP) what? PAN *-nu

ʔunuhTiruray(WMP) take off one's clothing PMP *hunus

unuh-iHawaiian(OC) take out, withdraw, as money from a bank, or a drawer from a desk; unsheath; take off, as a ring; translate, interpret POC *unus-i

unu-iAnuta(OC) pull out POC *unus-i

unu-iSaliba(OC) to kill POC *punuq₃

únumBuhid(WMP) six PAN *enem

unúmCebuano(WMP) six PAN *enem

ʔúnumHanunóo(WMP) six PAN *enem

unumKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) stationary cloud on horizon PWMP *kunem

unumWindesi(SHWNG) to drink PCEMP *unum

unum-iaAua(OC) cook it! roast it! (imper.) PMP *qumun

unum-iaMaori(OC) drink (trans.) PCEMP *unum

unum-iaNukuoro(OC) drink (trans.) PCEMP *unum

unu-m-iaWuvulu(OC) cook it!, roast it! PMP *tunu

unum-iaWuvulu(OC) cook it! roast it! (imper.) PMP *qumun

unu(n)Munggui(SHWNG) to drink PCEMP *unum

un-unafBuli(SHWNG) scales of a fish PCEMP *qunap₁

ʔunúnaŋəKanakanabu(Formosan) a tree: Cordia sp. PAN *qaNuNaŋ

ʔunúnaŋeKanakanabu(Formosan) tree with sticky fruits: Cordia myxa PAN *quNuNaŋ

unuŋBinukid(WMP) to stick with someone loyally; to take along, include a loved one in death PPH *unuŋ

únuŋCebuano(WMP) stick to someone loyally, through thick and thin PPH *unuŋ

unuŋKavalan(Formosan) nose PAN *ujuŋ

unuŋSerui-Laut(SHWNG) to drink PCEMP *unum

unuŋWoi(SHWNG) to drink PCEMP *unum

unu(ŋ)Ansus(SHWNG) to drink PCEMP *unum

unuŋPapuma(SHWNG) to drink PCEMP *unum

unúsCebuano(WMP) squall, sudden burst of heavy wind PMP *qunus

unusJavanese(WMP) draw a weapon from its sheath PMP *hunus

unusKadazan Dusun(WMP) to die out, finish, end PWMP *hunus

unusOld Javanese(WMP) to draw, take out, extract PMP *hunus

unusSasak(WMP) drawing something from a sheath PMP *hunus

unus-iArosi(OC) take body out of shirt, i.e. take off shirt; fall out of POC *unus-i

unus-iNukuoro(OC) pull out (e.g. a sword from its scabbard) POC *unus-i

unusuRoviana(OC) pull out, as a tooth, a nail, a post POC *unus

unu-unSeimat(OC) drinking POC *unum-unum

unu-unu-aPaulohi(CMP) drink, beverage PMP *inum-inum-an

unu-vMota(OC) sink in, be absorbed, of a fluid PCEMP *unum

ʔunu-ʔunuMolima(OC) head PAN *qulu qulu

ʔunu-ʔunuTongan(OC) move over or along; approach or draw near PMP *qunus qunus

ʔunu-ʔunu-naMolima(OC) upper part of head; forehead; source of a river PAN *qulu qulu

uny-an uny-an, une-n une-nOld Javanese(WMP) musical instruments PWMP *huni huni

uñatKapampangan(WMP) stretch; yawn PPh *huñat

uñatKapampangan(WMP) stretch; yawn PPh *uñat

uñiMaloh(WMP) sound, noise PMP *huni

uñuBugotu(OC) cast skin of snake POC *uñus


TOP      u,    u~            ua    ub    uᵐ    ub    uc    ud    ue    uf    ug    uh    ui    uj    uk    ul    um    un        uo    up    uq    ur    us    ut    uu    uv    uw    ux    uy    uz        uz        

Manggarai(CMP) various species of edible mushrooms PMP *quhuŋ

uŋáʔAklanon(WMP) child; son/daughter; give birth (humans) PWMP *uŋaq

uŋáʔCebuano(WMP) lowing, mooing sound of cows and buffalos PWMP *eŋaq

uŋaDondo(WMP) child PWMP *uŋaq

uŋaFijian(OC) the hermit crab: Cancer dubius POC *qumwaŋ

úŋaIfugaw(WMP) child; boy or girl PWMP *uŋaq

uŋaLauje(WMP) child PWMP *uŋaq

uŋaNiue(OC) the coconut crab POC *qumwaŋ

ʔuŋaRennellese(OC) hermit crab: Coenobita olivieri POC *qumwaŋ

uŋaSamoan(OC) name given to hermit crabs in general POC *qumwaŋ

uŋaTialo(WMP) child PWMP *uŋaq

ʔuŋaTongan(OC) large hermit crab POC *qumwaŋ

ʔuŋāTongan(OC) (imitative of the sound) to whine or cry in a plaintive way PMP *quŋal

uŋáeAklanon(WMP) cry out, scream PMP *quŋal

uŋahMalay(WMP) to be shaking loose (as a tooth, or insecure stake) PWMP *uteŋaq

uŋálHiligaynon(WMP) drawl, howl PMP *quŋal

uŋál, úŋalCebuano(WMP) make a loud bellowing cry PMP *quŋal

(u)ŋa-lagaAmpibabo-Lauje(WMP) virgin, young girl PWMP *da-daRa

ʔuŋana waawakiToqabaqita(OC) internal shell of a cuttlefish; cuttlebone POC *mwamwaki

uŋapBanjarese(WMP) open (of the mouth) PMP *uŋap

uŋapMalay(WMP) gasping for breath, as a dying fish PMP *uŋap

uŋapManggarai(CMP) yawn; to yawn PMP *uŋap

uŋapOld Javanese(WMP) with wide-open mouth PMP *uŋap

uŋa-uŋaNiue(OC) a sea-dwelling hermit crab PMP *qumaŋ qumaŋ

uŋayPuyuma(Formosan) the monkey-friend (the monkey killed at the annual festival maŋayaw is called uŋay. Everyday term is ɭuʈung); cf. Kaʈipul dialect uŋay ‘monkey’ PAN *uŋay

uŋétIlokano(WMP) get angry, irate, incensed PAN *quSeŋeC

uŋétIlokano(WMP) angry, irate, incensed PWMP *uŋet

uŋetKayan(WMP) anger, wrath, bad temper PAN *quSeŋeC

uŋetKayan(WMP) anger, wrath, bad temper PWMP *uŋet

uŋítIlokano(WMP) avenge oneself on (an innocent person) PWMP *uŋit

uŋitSimalungun Batak(WMP) grumble, complain PWMP *uŋit

uŋit-uŋit-enKaro Batak(WMP) naughty, mischievous, fond of teasing, unable to keep one's hands off someone else (said of children) PWMP *uŋit

uŋkaʔMongondow(WMP) come loose, as a fingernail or a frond from a palm tree PAN *hukaq

uŋkaʔMongondow(WMP) come loose, as a fingernail or a frond from a palm tree PMP *qukaq

uŋkaʔMongondow(WMP) come loose, as a fingernail or a frond from a palm tree PMP *u(ŋ)kaq

ʔuŋkaʔTiruray(WMP) open something PAN *hukaq

ʔuŋkaʔTiruray(WMP) open something PMP *qukaq

ʔuŋkaʔTiruray(WMP) open something PMP *qu(ŋ)kaq

ʔuŋkaʔTiruray(WMP) to open PMP *u(ŋ)kaq

uŋkabBalinese(WMP) to open, lift the lid of a box, untie a bandage PWMP *hu(ŋ)kab

uŋkabJavanese(WMP) gaping open PWMP *hu(ŋ)kab

uŋkabOld Javanese(WMP) (the act of) opening PWMP *hu(ŋ)kab

uŋkabSangir(WMP) take everything out (in searching for something) PWMP *hu(ŋ)kab

uŋkabSimalungun Batak(WMP) to open PWMP *hu(ŋ)kab

uŋkab-inBalinese(WMP) be opened PWMP *hukab-en

uŋkaiMalay(WMP) to unloose; to take off clothes; to take to pieces PWMP *hukay

uŋkaŋ-uŋkaŋJavanese(WMP) sit with the feet dangling PWMP *u(ŋ)kaŋ

uŋkapBanjarese(WMP) to open PWMP *hu(ŋ)kab

uŋkapToba Batak(WMP) open, to open PWMP *hu(ŋ)kab

uŋkátBikol(WMP) recall, bring up or bring to mind the subject of something bad (such as a shameful or terrifying experience); reopen an old topic better forgotten PWMP *uŋkat

uŋkátCebuano(WMP) revive, bring back to one's consciousness something which has long been forgotten PWMP *uŋkat

uŋkatIban(WMP) repetition PWMP *uŋkat

uŋkatJavanese(WMP) dwell on disagreeable past experiences PWMP *uŋkat

uŋkátTagalog(WMP) act of recalling or bring up again PWMP *uŋkat

uŋkat uŋkatIban(WMP) repeatedly; reiterate PWMP *uŋkat

uŋkebJavanese(WMP) cook or store foods in covered containers PMP *Ruŋkeb

uŋkilJavanese(WMP) to pry (out, up, open) PWMP *quŋkil

uŋkilMalay(WMP) levering up slightly PWMP *quŋkil

uŋkilSasak(WMP) pry something up with a crowbar PWMP *quŋkil

uŋkilSundanese(WMP) pry up PWMP *quŋkil

uŋkirJavanese(WMP) deny, disavow; refuse to acknowledge something PWMP *uŋkir

uŋ-kita isin-naTae'(WMP) have prophetic foresight, see into the future (lit. ‘see its teeth’) PAN *kita₂

uŋkuʔMongondow(WMP) dog PWMP *u(ŋ)kuq

uŋkub-iBare'e(WMP) cover of a pot or pan, made of coconut shell or earthware PWMP *ukub

uŋkuhBalinese(WMP) walk in a bent posture PWMP *hukuq

uŋkuhBalinese(WMP) walk in a bent posture, walk bowed down PWMP *ukuq

uŋkutMongondow(WMP) hump, humpbacked PMP *quŋkut

uŋkutMalay(WMP) bowed with age PMP *quŋkut

uŋoTsou(Formosan) mushroom (generic) PAN *quSuŋ

úŋolTagalog(WMP) grumble, growl PPh *úŋur

úŋorIlokano(WMP) moan with closed mouth (when hurt or dying); sound of swollen streams, rough breakers, etc. PMP *huRuŋ

úŋorIlokano(WMP) to moan with closed mouth (when hurt or dying); also: the sound of swollen streams, rought breakers, etc. PPh *úŋur

uŋósBikol(WMP) the snout or nose of animals PWMP *uŋus

uŋósTagalog(WMP) upper lip; proboscis PWMP *uŋus

uŋótKalinga (Guinaang)(WMP) strong anger PWMP *uŋet

uŋótTagalog(WMP) mumbling PWMP *uŋut

úŋotIlokano(WMP) scoop, made of a coconut shell PPH *húŋut

ʔuŋuRukai (Mantauran)(Formosan) type of mushroom PAN *quSuŋ

úŋulIfugaw(WMP) roaring noise produced by the strong current of a river PMP *huRuŋ

uŋús-uŋúsCebuano(WMP) sniffle, whine PPh *eŋes

uŋús-uŋúsCebuano(WMP) sniffle, whine PPh *eŋus

uŋutBanjarese(WMP) meditate on PWMP *uŋut

uŋut-uŋutBanjarese(WMP) wrapped up in one's thoughts PWMP *uŋut

uŋut-uŋutToba Batak(WMP) grumbling, grouching PWMP *uŋut


TOP      u,    u~            ua    ub    uᵐ    ub    uc    ud    ue    uf    ug    uh    ui    uj    uk    ul    um    un        uo    up    uq    ur    us    ut    uu    uv    uw    ux    uy    uz        uz        


uoGilbertese(OC) two POC *rua

uoLau(OC) the float for a net POC *uton

uoMori Atas(WMP) female breast PAN *susu₁

uoNias(WMP) blood vein, vessel PMP *uRat

uoNiue(OC) crayfish POC *quraŋ

ʔuoTongan(OC) lobster POC *quraŋ

uʔosChamorro(WMP) peel with teeth, tear off with teeth when eating such things as sugarcane, green coconut PMP *ququs

uo-taGilbertese(OC) carry in arms, rock, lull to sleep POC *puat₂

uo-uaGilbertese(OC) two (things) POC *rua

uo-uaTongan(OC) sinew; tendon; muscle or ligament PMP *uRat uRat

uou(na)Mussau(OC) giant black rock cod PMP *kuRapu

uoyMongondow(WMP) kind of rattan PAN *quay


TOP      u,    u~            ua    ub    uᵐ    ub    uc    ud    ue    uf    ug    uh    ui    uj    uk    ul    um    un        uo    up    uq    ur    us    ut    uu    uv    uw    ux    uy    uz        uz        


upAvava(OC) (person) blow, blow on PCEMP *upi

upBuli(SHWNG) kind of tuber PMP *qubi

-upNaman(OC) to blow PCEMP *upi

upSeimat(OC) coconut POC *ubu

upTolai(OC) yam PMP *qubi

upáAklanon(WMP) rice husk PWMP *qepah

upaːʔAtta (Pamplona)(WMP) bark of tree PWMP *upak₁

upaBimanese(CMP) four PMP *epat

upaMongondow(WMP) young hen that still has no chicks PMP *qupa

úpaCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) pay, payment for work; wages, salary; to pay wages PMP *upaq

ʔupáHanunóo(WMP) rice husks, chaff PWMP *qepah

ʔúpaHanunóo(WMP) hen, egg-laying chicken PMP *qupa

upáHiligaynon(WMP) bran, chaff PWMP *qepah

úpaIlokano(WMP) hen PMP *qupa

úpaIlokano(WMP) work by the day, for daily wages PMP *upaq

úpaIsneg(WMP) hen PMP *qupa

úpaItawis(WMP) rent, wage PMP *upaq

upaKadazan Dusun(WMP) to bribe PMP *upaq

úpaKankanaey(WMP) pullet; young hen PMP *qupa

úpaKapampangan(WMP) fare, rent, compensation PMP *upaq

upaLolak(WMP) hen PMP *qupa

upaNgadha(CMP) wages, payment; reward PMP *upaq

upaPetapa Taje(WMP) bait PWMP *umpan

upaʔSasak(WMP) salary, wages; to rent PMP *upaq

upaSimalur(WMP) wages, payment PMP *upaq

upaToba Batak(WMP) wages, payment PMP *upaq

upaManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) hen, female fowl PMP *qupa

upá-anIlokano(WMP) to rent, to hold under a lease; to hire PWMP *upaq-an

upaʔ-anKadazan Dusun(WMP) be bribed by PWMP *upaq-an

upahBalinese(WMP) wages, pay, hire PMP *upaq

upahIban(WMP) reward, prize, wage (esp. for piecework) PMP *upaq

upahMalay(WMP) payment for services rendered; tip; wage; salary PMP *upaq

upáhMamanwa(WMP) rice husk, chaff PWMP *qepah

upahOld Javanese(WMP) pay PMP *upaq

upah-anOld Javanese(WMP) pay, reward PWMP *upaq-an

upah-angBalinese(WMP) be paid for for someone PWMP *upaq-an

upahuKambera(CMP) poison, venom of a snake PMP *upas₁

upah-upah-anBalinese(WMP) hireling, one who is paid PWMP *upaq-an

úpakAklanon(WMP) skin, peeling (of fruits, vegetables); rind; to peel, take off (the skin or peeling) PWMP *upak₁

upakBidayuh (Bukar-Sadong)(WMP) an outer skin (as of human being, animal, plant, etc.); sheath; rind; bark PWMP *upak₁

úpakBikol(WMP) the bark of a particular tree used to put the finishing touches on boats; also used as a container for baking bread and referring as well to the bread baked in this way PWMP *upak₁

upakBikol(WMP) applaud for, clap for; hit or strike someone PWMP *upak₂

upákCebuano(WMP) break or cut off a piece for someone PWMP *epak

úpakCebuano(WMP) bark of trees; peel off, get peeled off PWMP *upak₁

úpakHiligaynon(WMP) peeling, skin of fruits PWMP *upak₁

upákIfugaw(WMP) dry leaf of a betel nut tree; usually it hangs down along the stem of the tree PWMP *upak₁

upakKallahan (Kayapa)(WMP) bark of tree PWMP *upak₁

upakLawangan(WMP) skin PWMP *upak₁

upakNgaju Dayak(WMP) bark, rind; bast (of trees) that is stripped off PWMP *upak₁

upakTaboyan(WMP) skin PWMP *upak₁

úpakTagalog(WMP) husk, bark (of trees); sheathing (of banana plant) PWMP *upak₁

upalAsilulu(CMP) sago palm midribs or petiole, esp. when dried PMP *kumbal

upanKelabit(WMP) bait; chicken feed PMP *qumpan

upanBintulu(WMP) bait PMP *qumpan

upanMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) bait PMP *qumpan

upanRejang(WMP) bait, food, fodder PMP *qumpan

upaŋBalaesang(WMP) bait PWMP *umpan

upasBalinese(WMP) poison (snake, etc.) PMP *upas₁

úpasBikol(WMP) abaca plant PPH *upas₂

úpasCebuano(WMP) banana leaf stalk PPH *upas₂

ʔúpasHanunóo(WMP) sheathing of banana, plantain and/or similar plants PPH *upas₂

upasIban(WMP) poisonous latex of IPOH tree: Antiaria sp. PMP *upas₁

upasJavanese(WMP) poison, poisonous PMP *upas₁

upasMalay(WMP) poison, esp. dart-poison or blood-poison PMP *upas₁

upasManggarai(CMP) poisonous PMP *upas₁

upasOld Javanese(WMP) (vegetable) poison; also figuratively of love, etc. PMP *upas₁

upasManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) the heart of a banana stalk, which is eaten as a vegetable PPH *upas₂

upaseʔSangir(WMP) a sickness causing splitting headaches PMP *upas₁

upatMongondow(WMP) damp banana fiber PPH *upas₂

upátCebuano(WMP) four PMP *epat

ʔúpatHanunóo(WMP) four, a cardinal number PMP *epat

upatKalagan(WMP) four PMP *epat

upá-úpaBikol(WMP) bird sp. the size of a hen PMP *qupa

úpawAklanon(WMP) to fall out (said of hair); to be flat broke PPH *upaw

úpawTagalog(WMP) baldness PPH *upaw

upáwTagalog(WMP) bald PPH *upaw

upawTausug(WMP) bald on the crown of the head; bald pate PPH *upaw

upáwBikol(WMP) bald; shaved to baldness PPH *upaw

upéʔSasak(WMP) leathery sheath at the base of the leaf-stalk of the areca palm PMP *hupiq

upeaʔRejang(WMP) remuneration, wages, fee PMP *upaq

upéhKayan(WMP) empty ears or husks of padi grain PWMP *umpis

upéhMalay(WMP) spathe; sheath of spadix of the unexpanded fruit of certain palms, esp. of the areca-nut palm. These spathes supply broad, thin wrappers from which temporary buckets are made PMP *hupiq

upewManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) bald; to be bald PPH *upaw

upiAnuta(OC) yam (generic) PMP *qubi

upiBare'e(WMP) press, clip, pinch, squeeze, carry under the arm PWMP *upit

upiʔTontemboan(WMP) tear off, pull off (as fruit or branches from a tree, the meat of a chicken or pig from the body) PWMP *upik

upiʔUma(WMP) carry under the arm PWMP *upit

upiaʔRejang(WMP) base of the areca leaf used for wrapping rice, and as a cover for dishes of cooked food PMP *hupiq

upihBalinese(WMP) the calyx of a banana-flower; the sheath surrounding the spring of leaves of the palm (used as a container) PMP *hupiq

upi-hBuruese(CMP) to blow PCEMP *upi

upihIban(WMP) spathe of palm blossom (mayang), esp. areca (pinang), yielding tough waterproof material for e.g. bailers PMP *hupiq

upihOld Javanese(WMP) spathe, sheath of the spadix of the unexpanded fruit of certain palms (used to make leathery water-proof wrappers) PMP *hupiq

upihSimalungun Batak(WMP) frond of areca palm PMP *hupiq

upihSundanese(WMP) flower-sheath of the areca palm PMP *hupiq

upikToba Batak(WMP) broken off PWMP *upik

u-piliRukai (Mantauran)(Formosan) to choose PAN *piliq

upisBidayuh (Bukar-Sadong)(WMP) the husk at the lower end of a palm branch PWMP *upis

upisManobo (Ilianen)(WMP) husk of rice PWMP *upis

upitKelabit(WMP) bamboo tweezers PWMP *supit

upitKelabit(WMP) tweezers PWMP *upit

upitBoano(WMP) carry under the arm PWMP *upit

upitIlongot (Kakiduge:n)(WMP) bark of tree; skin; shell; outer surface of fruits, etc. PWMP *upis

upitTotoli(WMP) carry under the arm PWMP *upit

u-pituKavalan(Formosan) seven (objects) PAN *pitu₁

u-pitu-btinKavalan(Formosan) seventy PAN *pitu₁

upoWakasihu(CMP) grandchild PMP *umpu

upoh-upokToba Batak(WMP) splinter, fragment PWMP *upek

upókIfugaw(WMP) chaff of rice ears, husks of winnowed rice grain PWMP *upek

upokToba Batak(WMP) broken to pieces PWMP *upek

úponKankanaey(WMP) together PMP *upun₁

upóŋAklanon(WMP) gather stalks of rice and bundle them together during the harvest PAN *qupuŋ

úpoŋBikol(WMP) a handful of rice stalks; rice stalks bundled by the handful PAN *qupuŋ

upoŋIban(WMP) bunch of fruit PAN *qupuŋ

upósAklanon(WMP) consumed, used up; cigarette butt PMP *upus

uposChamorro(WMP) pass, go beyond PMP *qubus

upósTagalog(WMP) consumed down to the butt (as candles, cigarettes, cigars, or the like); down to the bottom; butt or stub (of candle, cigar, cigarette or the like) PMP *upus

uppaŋMandar(WMP) bait PMP *qumpan

u-príiRukai (Maga)(Formosan) to choose PAN *piliq

upuAlune(CMP) grandparent/grandchild PMP *umpu

upuAua(OC) young coconut POC *ubu

upuBauro(OC) a boil POC *tubu₁

upuBuruese(CMP) grandparent/grandchild; ancestor, lord PMP *umpu

upuNgadha(CMP) kin group, lineage PMP *umpu

upuRotinese(CMP) grandchild PMP *umpu

upuʔTae'(WMP) at an end, used up, finished PMP *upus

upuWuvulu(OC) mature coconut with meat POC *ubu

upú(h)Ifugaw(WMP) empty; consume all the things that are available, or have been gathered PMP *upus

upuhPunan Tuvu'(WMP) youngest (last) child; finally, at last PMP *upus

upukMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) to wash clothes (by pounding) PWMP *upuk

upu-nErai(CMP) lord, master; spiritual chief and representative of a class of beings or things in Nature PMP *umpu

upunYamdena(CMP) hang in the air, of smoke in an enclosed area PMP *upun₁

upun hahataErai(CMP) grandmother PMP *umpu

upun mamaneErai(CMP) grandfather PMP *umpu

upúŋCebuano(WMP) bunch of stems or stalks, enough to grasp in the two hands PAN *qupuŋ

ʔupúŋHanunóo(WMP) harvesting rice with the aid of a knife or bolo PAN *qupuŋ

upuŋManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) hold someone's legs and feet together; hold several things together in the hand PAN *qupuŋ

upúsCebuano(WMP) something long used up until only a stub is left; wear something down PMP *upus

upúsKankanaey(WMP) up; spent; consumed; empty; finished PMP *upus

uputMongondow(WMP) end, termination, conclusion; to complete PMP *upus

upwMokilese(OC) unripe coconut, younger than pen (drinking coconut) POC *ubu


TOP      u,    u~            ua    ub    uᵐ    ub    uc    ud    ue    uf    ug    uh    ui    uj    uk    ul    um    un        uo    up    uq    ur    us    ut    uu    uv    uw    ux    uy    uz        uz        


uqalʸayPaiwan(Formosan) male PAN *RuqaNay


TOP      u,    u~            ua    ub    uᵐ    ub    uc    ud    ue    uf    ug    uh    ui    uj    uk    ul    um    un        uo    up    uq    ur    us    ut    uu    uv    uw    ux    uy    uz        uz        


urKédang(CMP) bow PMP *busuR₂

urKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) handle PCEMP *qulu

urMosina(OC) crayfish POC *quraŋ

urMota(OC) Spondias dulcis PCEMP *quRi

urNumfor(SHWNG) breadfruit tree and fruit, Artocarpus communis; the fruit is prepared for eating in various ways; the young leaves are eaten as vegetables, and the trunk is hollowed out as a canoe hull PMP *kuluR

urNumfor(SHWNG) breadfruit PMP *kuluR

urTigak(OC) banana POC *pudi

urUjir(CMP) grass PAN *udu

uraAdonara(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

uraAmblong(OC) crayfish POC *quraŋ

uraAore(OC) crayfish POC *quraŋ

ura'Āre'āre(OC) shrimp, crayfish, prawn POC *quraŋ

ura'Āre'āre(OC) a shrub, the roots of which are used to make red dye POC *gurat

uraArosi(OC) a small prawn POC *quraŋ

uraBare'e(WMP) shrimp PAN *qudaŋ

uraBimanese(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

uraBugotu(OC) crawfish POC *quraŋ

uraFijian(OC) prawn, crayfish POC *quraŋ

uraKambera(CMP) lines in the palm of the hand; lot, fate, destiny PMP *uRat

uraʔKomodo(CMP) vein, artery; sinew PMP *uRat

uraLamboya(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

uraLau(OC) crayfish POC *quraŋ

uraLi'o(CMP) vein, vessel PMP *uRat

uraMafea(OC) crayfish POC *quraŋ

uraʔMakassarese(WMP) muscle; tendon, sinew; lines in the hand; fiber; blood vein PMP *uRat

uraMalmariv(OC) crayfish POC *quraŋ

uraManam(OC) rain POC *qusan

uraʔMandar(WMP) vein, vessel; tendon PMP *uRat

uraMaori(OC) Grimothea gregaria, whale-feed: a minute crustacean POC *quraŋ

uraMarino(OC) crayfish POC *quraŋ

uraMota(OC) crawfish POC *quraŋ

uraMotu(OC) crayfish POC *quraŋ

uraNgadha(CMP) vein; sinew; tendon; fiber; veins in leaves PMP *uRat

uraNggela(OC) crayfish; to leap, as a crayfish POC *quraŋ

uraPiamatsina(OC) crayfish POC *quraŋ

uraPwele(OC) crayfish POC *quraŋ

uraRotuman(OC) lobster, crayfish POC *quraŋ

uraSa'a(OC) crayfish, prawn POC *quraŋ

uraTae'(WMP) young

uraʔTae'(WMP) muscle; tendon; sinew; vein; nerve of a leaf, grain of wood PMP *uRat

uraWaropen(SHWNG) red color PMP *pulaq

uraWaropen(SHWNG) red color PMP *pula₁

ura:tTanga(OC) species of tall tree (one type grows in the bush and another on the beach); the root gives a strong red dye POC *kurat

urácəKanakanabu(Formosan) blood vessel PAN *huRaC

ʔurahTiruray(WMP) wash something PMP *huRas

urahikManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to go in the direction of upstream PWMP *udahik

ʔurahuArosi(OC) a species of fish, Oligorus gigas, famous in tales PMP *kuRapu

urahu'Āre'āre(OC) a fish (taboo for women and children) PMP *kuRapu

uraiʔBuginese(WMP) west PWMP *udahik

uraiIban(WMP) unfold, burst into bloom PWMP *quray

urai masIban(WMP) gold dust PWMP *quray

urakErai(CMP) tendon; sinew PMP *uRat

uráliʔTagalog(WMP) deceptive incitement, intrigue PWMP *udaliq

uraʔ limaKomodo(CMP) lines in the palm of the hand PMP *uRat i lima

ura limaNgadha(CMP) lines in the palm of the hand PMP *uRat i lima

uramBidayuh (Bukar-Sadong)(WMP) a relish, vegetable condiment PWMP *qulam

uranAyta Maganchi(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

uranBasai(Formosan) rain PAN *quzaN

uránBikol(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

uranBuruese(CMP) shrimp, prawn, lobster PAN *qudaŋ

ʔuránHanunóo(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

úranItawis(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

uránKapampangan(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

uranPaku(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

uranSolorese(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

uranSupan(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

uranTae'(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

uranTontemboan(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

uránRemontado(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

uran im batuTontemboan(WMP) hailstorm PMP *quzan batu₂

uranoWaropen(SHWNG) cooking pot PAN *kuden

uran-onBikol(WMP) be rained on PAN *quzan-en

uraŋAnakalangu(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

uraŋErai(CMP) shrimp PAN *qudaŋ

ʔuráŋHanunóo(WMP) a common type of shrimp; also a general term for various types of shrimp PAN *qudaŋ

uraŋKédang(CMP) shrimp, lobster PAN *qudaŋ

uraŋKomodo(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

uraŋKayan (Long Atip)(WMP) shrimp PAN *qudaŋ

uraŋMandar(WMP) shrimp PAN *qudaŋ

uraŋMandar(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

uraŋSangir(WMP) shrimp PAN *qudaŋ

uraŋSimalur(WMP) crayfish PAN *qudaŋ

uraŋTae'(WMP) shrimp PAN *qudaŋ

uraŋuKambera(CMP) rain; to rain PMP *quzan

uraʔ palaʔTae'(WMP) lines in the palm of the hand PMP *uRat i lima

ura-pau'Āre'āre(OC) lobster POC *quraŋ

urarMaloh(WMP) snake PMP *hulaR

ʔurarTiruray(WMP) snake PMP *hulaR

ura-reSelaru(CMP) cooking pot PAN *kuden

ura-ruaAnsus(SHWNG) vein PMP *uRat

ura-ruaPom(SHWNG) vein PMP *uRat

urasKaro Batak(WMP) purification (of weapons, etc.) with lemon juice PMP *huRas

uRasKavalan(Formosan) dew PAN *qulas

-uRasPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) wash one's hands or feet PAN *SuRas

urasToba Batak(WMP) purify someone by sprinkling with citric acid and flowers PMP *huRas

uratArta(WMP) vein PMP *uRat

uratKelabit(WMP) vein, vessel; tendon PMP *uRat

uratKelabit(WMP) wound PWMP *suRat

uratFordata(CMP) vein; sinew; tendon; muscle PMP *uRat

uratIban(WMP) sinew; vein; root PMP *uRat

urátIlokano(WMP) vein; artery; nerve; sinew; tendon; penis (of quadrupeds); fiber; vein, streak (of wood); nerve, vein (of a leaf, etc.) PMP *uRat

uratKei(CMP) vein; tendon; sinew; muscle PMP *uRat

uratKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) vein; tendon PMP *uRat

uratLun Dayeh(WMP) a cut, a wound PWMP *suRat

uratMaloh(WMP) root; vein PMP *uRat

uratMalay(WMP) nerve; vein; sinew; gland; strand (of rope); numeral coefficient for rattans and tenuous rope-like objects PMP *uRat

uratMentawai(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

uRaTPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) blood vessel, vein PAN *huRaC

uratRembong(CMP) vein, vessel PMP *uRat

uratSasak(WMP) nerve; sinew; tendon; vein, artery; grain (of wood, marble) PMP *uRat

uratSelaru(CMP) tendon; sinew; muscle; vein PMP *uRat

ʔuratTiruray(WMP) blood vessel PMP *uRat

uratToba Batak(WMP) root; blood vein; nerve PMP *uRat

uratTolai(OC) coconut-fibre; gristle; ligament; sinew; tendon; tough, of flesh POC *uRat

uratYamdena(CMP) vein; sinew; muscle PMP *uRat

urataBali (Uneapa)(OC) vein POC *uRat

urat darahMalay(WMP) artery PWMP *uRat i daRaq

urat ketiŋMalay(WMP) Achille's tendon PMP *uRat

uratuKambera(CMP) lines in the palm of the hand; read the palm to foretell one's future PMP *uRat

ura-uFijian(OC) lobster: Panulirus spp. POC *quraŋ

ura-ura'Āre'āre(OC) bone marrow; vein PMP *uRat uRat

ura-uraArosi(OC) very small crayfish or prawns as they come from the sea POC *quraŋ

ura-uraNggela(OC) shrimp, prawn in river POC *quraŋ

ura-uras-iSudest(OC) whale POC *puRa-puRas

uray, ureOld Javanese(WMP) hanging loose; spread out, open; let down, loosen (hair), loosen from their string (beads), spread, unfold PWMP *quray

uray-enIlokano(WMP) to wait for, await PMP *huRay

uraʔRoglai (Northern)(WMP) vein, vessel PMP *uRat

ureWakasihu(CMP) banana PAN *punti₁

ureAnuta(OC) penis POC *ule₁

ureBare'e(WMP) go upstream, follow the river in an upstream direction PWMP *udahik

ureLarike(CMP) banana PAN *punti₁

ureMaori(OC) membrum virile; man, male; courage POC *ule₁

ureRarotongan(OC) membrum virile; used figuratively to denote a man or a male POC *ule₁

ureTae'(WMP) loosen, undo, untie; disentangle thread or yarn that will be used in weaving PWMP *quray

uReHPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) tears PAN *luSeq

urekNumfor(SHWNG) vein, vessel PMP *uRat

uremBalinese(WMP) unclear, misty, cloudy (sky), half-dark, twilight PAN *qudem

urenKamarian(CMP) earthenware cooking pot PAN *kuden

urenNumfor(SHWNG) earthenware cooking pot; clay used to make pots PAN *kuden

ureuəŋ dapuAcehnese(WMP) descendants of slaves PMP *dapuR₁

urəwBintulu(WMP) grass, weeds PAN *udu

uriAlune(CMP) banana PAN *punti₁

uri-Amblong(OC) skin POC *kulit

uri'Āre'āre(OC) a fruit tree; its fruit PCEMP *quRi

uriArosi(OC) a tree: Spondias dulcis PCEMP *quRi

uriBalinese(WMP) back; come after, be behind, walk behind PMP *udehi

uriKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) late, behind time PMP *udehi

uriLikum(OC) dolphin POC *kuriap

uriMotu(OC) a tree PCEMP *quRi

uriMussau(OC) banana POC *pudi

uriNauna(OC) dolphin POC *kuriap

uriNgadha(CMP) stroke, line; boundary; draw a line, scratch; be full of rents or tears PMP *qurit

uriRarotongan(OC) turn round or turn about; to translate, as one language into another PCEMP *oliq, uliq

uriRarotongan(OC) a young shoot, or sprout or tuber; seed of any kind PMP *suli₁

uriSimalur(WMP) backside, back; afterwards, later PMP *udehi

uriSori(OC) skin; bark of a tree POC *kulit

uri-Mafea(OC) skin POC *kulit

uri-Uruava(OC) skin POC *kulit

uri buli-niAlune(CMP) a stalk of bananas PMP *buliR

urikNgaju Dayak(WMP) travel upstream PWMP *udahik

uri-kuruRarotongan(OC) a young shooting up (branch) breadfruit tree, that generally grows from the spreading roots of the breadfruit tree PMP *suli₁

úriŋBikol(WMP) charcoal (usually referring to charcoal made from coconut shell) PAN *qujiŋ

uriŋBuginese(WMP) cooking pot PWMP *kurin

uriŋBuginese(WMP) cooking pot PMP *kudin

ʔúriŋHanunóo(WMP) charcoal PAN *qujiŋ

uriŋMakassarese(WMP) cooking pot PWMP *kurin

uriŋMakassarese(WMP) cooking pot PMP *kudin

uriŋManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) charcoal PAN *qujiŋ

uriŋ bassiMakassarese(WMP) iron cooking pot PMP *kudin

uriŋ buttaMakassarese(WMP) earthenware cooking pot PMP *kudin

uriŋ-kuriŋBuginese(WMP) small cooking pot PMP *kudin

uríŋ-onBikol(WMP) make charcoal from PPh *qujiŋ-en

uripBintulu(WMP) life PAN *qudip₁

uripJavanese(WMP) life; to live, be alive; soul, spirit, inner life PAN *qudip₁

uripKayan(WMP) life; during the lifetime of PAN *qudip₁

uripSasak(WMP) living, alive PAN *qudip₁

uripKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) life PAN *qudip₁

ʔuripenPalawan Batak(WMP) slave PWMP *qudipen

uripenManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) slave; to enslave someone PWMP *qudipen

uríponBikol(WMP) slave PWMP *qudipen

ʔurípunHanunóo(WMP) servant, slave PWMP *qudipen

uripUnRungus Dusun(WMP) slave PWMP *qudipen

uritKelabit(WMP) line, dash, writing PWMP *curit

uritKelabit(WMP) line, dash, writing PMP *qurit

urítIlokano(WMP) line, stroke, dash (in wood, etc.); stripe, streak (in cloth) PMP *qurit

urítIlokano(WMP) line, stripe, streak PPH *urit

uritKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) skin PMP *kulit

uritManggarai(CMP) draw a line, make an incision (on fruit, tree, etc.) PMP *qurit

uritTakia(OC) octopus PMP *kuRita

uritaGabadi(OC) octopus PMP *kuRita

uritaKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) octopus PMP *kuRita

uritaMotu(OC) cuttlefish, octopus PMP *kuRita

uritaTolai(OC) octopus, cuttlefish PMP *kuRita

urit-ánIlokano(WMP) striped, marked, streaked PPH *urit

uri tanaNgadha(CMP) lines drawn on the ground PMP *qurit

urit-i-lNusa Laut(CMP) his/her skin PMP *kulit

uriyEre(OC) dolphin POC *kuriap

urlaPuyuma(Formosan) snow PAN *SuReNa

uRlaPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) snow PAN *SuReNa

urɯəŋ mɯ-kulatAcehnese(WMP) preparer of poison PWMP *ma-kulat

uroArosi(OC) worm, maggot PMP *qulej

uroʔKayan(WMP) grass, weeds; general term for jungle; vegetables (generic) PAN *udu

uroMotu(OC) earthenware pot PAN *kuden

uroNumfor(SHWNG) caterpillar, seaworm PMP *qulej

uroSangir(WMP) charm, spell (against thieves of fruit in plantations) PMP *uduq₂

urohBerawan (Long Terawan)(WMP) grass PAN *udu

uroŋLahanan(WMP) nose PAN *ujuŋ

urowLahanan(WMP) grass PAN *udu

uroɁ saɁitKayan(WMP) sedge grass, a grass growing in swampy ground with sharp edges PAN *saqit

urraKodi(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

urruŋMandar(WMP) crowd in around someone PMP *quruŋ

urruŋTae'(WMP) buzzing of bees, growling of an angry dog PMP *huRuŋ

ursaToba Batak(WMP) deer PWMP *uRsa

urtaLeti(CMP) vein; sinew; muscle; the fibers of a lontar palm PMP *uRat

uruAmblau(CMP) louse PMP *kutu₁

uruAnuta(OC) head POC *qulu

uru'Āre'āre(OC) cloud, heaven, sky, top POC *qulu

uru'Āre'āre(OC) to wade POC *tuRu₁

uruArosi(OC) to wade POC *tuRu₁

uruArosi(OC) to go down; the west; the horizon; to pass on a tale or news, hand down historical events PMP *tuRun₁

uruBare'e(WMP) taboo sign or charm used to protect fruit trees, temporary shelters, etc. from thieves PMP *uduq₂

uruBimanese(CMP) head; hilt, as of a sword PCEMP *qulu

uruBimanese(CMP) collection, group PMP *quruŋ

uruBukat(WMP) grass PAN *udu

urúItawis(WMP) medicine PMP *uduq₂

uruKambera(CMP) nose PAN *ujuŋ

uruʔKapuas(WMP) grass PAN *udu

uRuKavalan(Formosan) head PAN *quluh

uruKédang(CMP) sword grass: Imperata cylindrica PAN *udu

uruʔMakassarese(WMP) to massage, as a sprain, or as a midwife does PMP *quRut

uruMaori(OC) head, in the singular; chief; top, upper end; point, of a weapon, etc.; hair of the head, in the plural POC *qulu

uruMaori(OC) enter; to possess, as a familiar spirit; associate oneself with; participate in, become accessory to an action; reach a place, arrive PMP *surup₁

uruMotu(OC) deep groaning; stertorous breathing, as when near death POC *uRuŋ

uruNgadha(CMP) descendants, family, family community; in a collectivity, collectively PMP *quruŋ

uruNgadha(CMP) evil spirit PMP *uduq₂

uruNias(WMP) idol, kept for protection PMP *uduq₂

uruRarotongan(OC) to enter into, to penetrate, to form part of, to pass into, to indwell, to abide or dwell in; to regain, as a person recovering from an illness; to clamber or climb among, as a person among the fronds of a coconut tree; to enter, to come or go into; to possess, as a familiar spirit; to participate in; to arrive at or reach a place PMP *surup₁

uruRungus Dusun(WMP) medicine PMP *uduq₂

uruSaparua(CMP) head PCEMP *qulu

uruHawu(CMP) earlier; handle (of a knife) PCEMP *qulu

uruʔTae'(WMP) rub or massage with the hands PMP *quRut

uru-Tolai(OC) bone; midrib of a leaf; rib of a boat; skeleton POC *suRi₁

uruʔTontemboan(WMP) charm, spell concealed on a fruit tree to prevent the theft of fruit PMP *uduq₂

uruʔKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) grass PAN *udu

uruYamdena(CMP) weeds PAN *udu

uru, uru-uruSa'a(OC) gather up in the hand, collect PMP *quruŋ

uru ~ uroSiraya (Gravius)(Formosan) weed, grass PAN *udu

uruaRarotongan(OC) fish sp. POC *qulua

urubJavanese(WMP) flash, flare, flame PWMP *urub

urubOld Javanese(WMP) to burn; flare, flame, blaze, glow PWMP *urub

urudPazeh (Kahabu)(Formosan) pillar, post PAN *qelud

uruəŋKejaman(WMP) nose PAN *ujuŋ

uruh-aʔiArosi(OC) wade with, wade and carry POC *tuRu₁

uru-kaMorella(CMP) head PCEMP *qulu

urumThao(Formosan) cloud PAN *Sulem

urunBuruese(CMP) a forest booth or shelter PMP *uduŋ

uruŋBekatan(WMP) nose PAN *ujuŋ

uruŋBintulu(WMP) nose PAN *ujuŋ

uruŋBukat(WMP) nose PAN *ujuŋ

uruŋKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) nose PAN *ujuŋ

uruŋKayan(WMP) nose PAN *ujuŋ

uruŋMandar(WMP) unite, gather, collect PMP *quruŋ

uruŋPaku(WMP) nose PAN *ujuŋ

ʔuruŋPalawan Batak(WMP) nose PAN *ujuŋ

uruŋSeediq(Formosan) horn (Ferrell 1969:136) PAN *uReŋ

uruŋToba Batak(WMP) collection, gathering; a thicket or grove surrounded by grasslands PMP *quruŋ

uruŋTolai(OC) make a loud noise or a rough sound; to roar; murmur, rumble POC *uRuŋ

uruŋ-aMaori(OC) pillow POC *quluŋ-an

uruŋ-anMongondow(WMP) collection of bunches of fruit PMP *quruŋ

urupDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) to help, support PWMP *uRup

urupToba Batak(WMP) to help; help or assistance PWMP *uRup

urupTolai(OC) kind of large fish POC *surup₂

ururKelabit(WMP) act of lowering something PMP *huluR

ur-úrayIlokano(WMP) hopeless, useless; empty; idle PMP *huRay

u-ruruRoviana(OC) light breeze causing ripples on water POC *ruru₂

urutIban(WMP) rub, stroke, massage PMP *quRut

urutManggarai(CMP) to massage PMP *quRut

urutPazeh(Formosan) pillar PAN *qelud

urutSasak(WMP) massage PMP *quRut

urút-enIlokano(WMP) to pull the hair of someone while delousing; pull grass without uprooting; pull out weeds PPH *húRut

urutuDhao/Ndao(CMP) knee PMP *qulu tuhud₁

ur-u-ult-anBikol(WMP) alternating, staggered PWMP *qelet-an


TOP      u,    u~            ua    ub    uᵐ    ub    uc    ud    ue    uf    ug    uh    ui    uj    uk    ul    um    un        uo    up    uq    ur    us    ut    uu    uv    uw    ux    uy    uz        uz        


usApma(OC) rain POC *qusan

usIlokano(WMP) chew sugarcane PMP *ququs

usMota(OC) a bow POC *pusuR

usMota(OC) to chew sugarcane PMP *ququs

usNauna(OC) to load, as cargo in a boat POC *Rucan

usNumfor(SHWNG) pufferfish (both spiny and spineless types) PMP *utik

usSoutheast Ambrym(OC) rain POC *qusan

usSelaru(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

usSelaru(CMP) breadfruit tree PMP *kuluR

usEfate (South)(OC) rain POC *qusan

usToak(OC) rain POC *qusan

usaAore(OC) rain POC *qusan

usaAraki(OC) rain POC *qusan

usaAtayal(Formosan) go PAN *uSa

usaBantuqanon(WMP) one PAN *esa

usáBikol(WMP) deer PWMP *uRsa

usaBungku(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

usáCebuano(WMP) one PAN *esa

usáCebuano(WMP) doe PWMP *uRsa

usaFavorlang/Babuza(Formosan) go, leave PAN *uSa

usaFijian(OC) carry a cargo by boat POC *ucan

ʔusáHanunóo(WMP) one (cardinal number) PAN *esa

usaHoanya(Formosan) go, leave PAN *uSa

usáKapampangan(WMP) deer PWMP *uRsa

usaLametin(OC) rain POC *qusan

usaMalmariv(OC) rain POC *qusan

usaMoronene(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

usaNokuku(OC) rain POC *qusan

usaPazeh(Formosan) go! PAN *uSa

usaPiamatsina(OC) rain POC *qusan

usaPwele(OC) rain POC *qusan

usaRotuman(OC) rain POC *qusan

usaSeediq(Formosan) go PAN *uSa

usaSelaru(CMP) navel PMP *pusej

usáTagalog(WMP) deer, stag PWMP *uRsa

usaMafea(OC) rain POC *qusan

ʔusáəSaaroa(Formosan) gray hair PAN *qudaS

usae̯ʔGaai(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

usa-g-iRotuman(OC) (of roof or house) to let the rain in; (of weather) to be wet, to rain PMP *quzan-i

usá(h)Aklanon(WMP) deer PWMP *uRsa

usa ka gatósWaray-Waray(WMP) one hundred PMP *Ratus

ʔusá ka gátusHanunóo(WMP) one hundred PMP *Ratus

usalhəSaaroa(Formosan) rain PAN *quzaN

usanBalantak(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

usanErai(CMP) rain; rainy season PMP *quzan

usanGaloli(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

usanKayan(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

usanTalur(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

usanTigak(OC) rain heavily POC *qusan

usanUbir(OC) rain POC *qusan

ʔusanaMolima(OC) rain; to rain POC *qusan

usanaNumbami(OC) rain POC *qusan

usan batoʔKayan(WMP) hail PMP *quzan batu₂

usaŋManggarai(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

usá-ŋaCebuano(WMP) the other one of two or more PAN *isa-ŋa

usaŋ buaManggarai(CMP) to hail PMP *quzan buaq

usaŋ melaManggarai(CMP) sunshower ( = "hot rain") PMP *quzan

usa-reSelaru(CMP) to rain PMP *quzan

ʔusásəKanakanabu(Formosan) gray hair PAN *qudaS

úsatIlokano(WMP) open a road, clear a path (in the jungle) PWMP *qutas

u-sataNusa Laut(CMP) to lift, raise PMP *sakay₄

usaugBinukid(WMP) to go downriver,downstream; to go with the current (in a body of water) PPH *usauR

usa ulaPazeh(Formosan) Go first! PAN *(q)uNah

ʔusa-ʔusáHanunóo(WMP) only one, one only PMP *esa esa

usay-enIlokano(WMP) to settle differences by talking PPH *usay

usæʔKelai(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

useSeit(CMP) navel PMP *pusej

useLaha(CMP) navel PMP *pusej

useMori Atas(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

usePadoe(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

useSoboyo(CMP) great grandfather (FFF) PCMP *usi

useʔLong Gelat Modang(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

ushaThao(Formosan) go PAN *uSa

usiArosi(OC) to worry, annoy PMP *usik

usiBuli(SHWNG) rib PAN *Rusuk

usi-Dobuan(OC) penis POC *na qutin

usiKilivila(OC) banana POC *pudi

usiKomodo(CMP) great grandchild (CCC) PCMP *usi

ʔusi-Molima(OC) penis POC *na qutin

usiMoor(SHWNG) penis PMP *qutin

usi-Motu(OC) penis POC *na qutin

usīOld Javanese(WMP) go to, go in the direction of, take refuge with, try to reach or obtain, strive after, attack, assail, pursue PAN *qusiR

usi-Raga(OC) penis POC *na qutin

usiRotinese(CMP) chase, pursue (as when setting dogs after a deer) PAN *qusiR

u-síaKanakanabu(Formosan) nine PAN *u-Siwa

u-siaSaaroa(Formosan) nine PAN *u-Siwa

ʔúsigHanunóo(WMP) running after, pursuit of, overtaking (someone) PAN *qusiR

úsigIlokano(WMP) investigate, scrutinize, study, probe, search PAN *qusiR

úsigIsneg(WMP) to pursue (a fleeing enemy, etc.) PAN *qusiR

úsigTagalog(WMP) persecution; assiduous inquiry; who one is after PAN *qusiR

*usigoPGor(WMP) pursue, chase away PAN *qusiR

usikBalinese(WMP) annoy, vex PMP *usik

usikMalay(WMP) disturbance PMP *usik

úsilKankanaey(WMP) pursue unremittingly; hunt incessantly; chase unceasingly PAN *qusiR

usilSeimat(OC) lightning POC *qusila

úsinIsneg(WMP) the penis, sometimes called angusin/ in songs PMP *qutin

úsinItawis(WMP) penis PMP *qutin

usiŋBuginese(WMP) charcoal PAN *qujiŋ

usiŋKalinga (Guinaang)(WMP) charcoal PPH *usiŋ

usiŋTboli(WMP) dirt, charcoal PPH *usiŋ

usirMalay(WMP) pursue, press after; hunt PAN *qusiR

usirSasak(WMP) chase away, banish PAN *qusiR

usirSundanese(WMP) drive away, chase off PAN *qusiR

usirToba Batak(WMP) remove, drive off or away PAN *qusiR

usiriʔMakassarese(WMP) hunt, chase, pursue PAN *qusiR

u-sisKaulong(OC) grasshopper POC *sisi(rR)

u-siwaKavalan(Formosan) nine (things) PAN *u-Siwa

usnutGimán(SHWNG) nose PMP *suŋut₂

usoBuginese(WMP) blossom of the banana tree (red and heart-shaped; Mills 1975:808) PMP *pusuq₁

usoFijian(OC) thrust a stick into, pierce POC *usok

usoRennellese(OC) heart, seat of affections, soul; inside, center, middle, interior POC *uso

usoSamoan(OC) pith POC *uso

usokAklanon(WMP) pole (of a fence), fencepole PMP *usuk

usókAklanon(WMP) pole (of a fence) PMP *u(n)sek

usókAklanon(WMP) pole of a fence, fencepole PMP *esek₂

usokBanggai(WMP) enter, go in PMP *u(n)sek

usokLahanan(WMP) chest PAN *Rusuk

usokNgaju Dayak(WMP) chest, the upper side of the body PAN *Rusuk

usoŋMalay(WMP) carrying as a litter is carried, i.e. suspended from a pole with a bearer at each end PMP *qusuŋ

úsoŋTagalog(WMP) carrying of a load by two or more persons at the same time PMP *qusuŋ

usoŋ-anMalay(WMP) hammock-litter PWMP *usuŋ-an

uso-uso-anaMussau(OC) white POC *puso₁

ʔu-spatKavalan(Formosan) four PAN *Sepat

usrKosraean(OC) banana POC *pudi

ussoWest Damar(CMP) banana PAN *punti₁

usu'Āre'āre(OC) push, shove POC *qusur

usu'Āre'āre(OC) rub, grate, wipe PMP *usuq

usuArosi(OC) stretch out, as a branch POC *qusur

usuArosi(OC) to point out, as a path or place; to draw, paint, write POC *tusuq

usuCentral Maewo(OC) bow and arrow POC *pusuR

usuDhao/Ndao(CMP) heart PMP *pusuq₁

usuFijian(OC) thread through, as a rope through a hole PMP *usuk

usuHoanya(Formosan) louse PAN *kuCux

usuKwaio(OC) to push POC *qusur

usuLau(OC) to push POC *qusur

usuLau(OC) rub, wipe, rub off PMP *usuq

usu-Mele-Fila(OC) nose POC *ucuŋ

usuMentawai(WMP) rib PAN *Rusuk

*usuPAmb(CMP) enter PMP *usuk

usuPeterara(OC) bow POC *pusuR

usuPohnpeian(OC) star POC *pituqun

usuRennellese(OC) to push, as a canoe into water POC *usu

usuSa'a(OC) push, shove, launch a boat POC *qusur

usuSa'a(OC) rub, daub, wipe, grate PMP *usuq

usuSa'a(OC) push, shove; launch a boat POC *usu

usuSa'a(OC) to point, to accuse; the first finger POC *tusuq

usuSelaru(CMP) head PCEMP *qulu

usuSiraya (Utrecht ms.)(Formosan) weed PAN *udu

usu-aLau(OC) rub, wipe, rub off POC *usuq-a

usuəkMelanau Dalat (Kampung Teh)(WMP) chest PAN *Rusuk

usuhSeimat(OC) rat POC *kusupe

usu-iSa'a(OC) to point at, to accuse POC *tusuq

usu-iSamoan(OC) (of spear, etc.) stick, thrust PMP *usuk

usukBintulu(WMP) chest (anat.) PAN *Rusuk

usukBoano(WMP) rib PAN *Rusuk

úsukCebuano(WMP) drive stakes into the ground; put stakes around PMP *usuk

úsukCebuano(WMP) drive stakes into the ground PMP *u(n)sek

usukJavanese(WMP) vertical beam(s) on the lower part of a traditional-style roof; ribs, rib bones PAN *Rusuk

usukKayan(WMP) chest, breast PAN *Rusuk

usukKayan (Long Atip)(WMP) rib PAN *Rusuk

usukMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) chest (anat.) PAN *Rusuk

usukOld Javanese(WMP) rafter PAN *Rusuk

usukKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) chest (anat.) PAN *Rusuk

úsukCebuano(WMP) drive stakes into the ground PMP *esek₂

usúk-anCebuano(WMP) put (drive) stakes around something PWMP *usuk-an

usulaGah(CMP) bow PMP *busuR₂

usuliLau(OC) to follow along, beside POC *usuri

usuli-aLau(OC) to copy; to take after, resemble POC *usuri

u-suluMussau(OC) coconut leaf torch PMP *suluq

u-suma-anəSaaroa(Formosan) other PAN *duma

úsuŋCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) carry on a pole (of two people carrying something slung on a pole between them) PMP *qusuŋ

úsuŋCebuano(WMP) help someone lift and carry something on his head or shoulders PMP *qusuŋ

usuŋJavanese(WMP) transport (something heavy) jointly PMP *qusuŋ

usuŋKayan(WMP) beak of a bird PWMP *uŋus

usuŋOld Javanese(WMP) carry or transport jointly (a heavy object) PMP *qusuŋ

usuŋRejang(WMP) carry or bear on the shoulders PMP *qusuŋ

usuŋSimalungun Batak(WMP) carry on the shoulder PMP *qusuŋ

usuŋTausug(WMP) carry someone in a litter or by interlacing the hands to form a seat PMP *qusuŋ

usuŋToba Batak(WMP) to carry PMP *qusuŋ

usuŋKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) upper lip; beak of a bird PWMP *uŋus

usuŋ-anOld Javanese(WMP) palanquin, stretcher PWMP *usuŋ-an

usuŋ-ánTagalog(WMP) cooperative undertaking PWMP *usuŋ-an

usurMota(OC) to pass on, relate POC *usuri

usuriArosi(OC) hand on a tale; transplant; to copy POC *usuri

usur-iaBauro(OC) handed on, passed on (as a tale) POC *usuri

usuri-a'Āre'āre(OC) to follow, copy, imitate POC *usuri

ʔu-susuSaaroa(Formosan) female breast PAN *susu₁

usu-usuSa'a(OC) to point, to accuse PMP *tuzu-tuzuq


TOP      u,    u~            ua    ub    uᵐ    ub    uc    ud    ue    uf    ug    uh    ui    uj    uk    ul    um    un        uo    up    uq    ur    us    ut    uu    uv    uw    ux    uy    uz        uz        


utAore(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

utBiliau(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

utBuli(SHWNG) head louse PMP *kutu₁

utIrarutu(SHWNG) louse PMP *kutu₁

utKei(CMP) fish sp. PMP *qutud

utKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) penis PMP *qutin

utKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) louse PMP *kutu₁

utLametin(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

utLou(OC) fetch water, bail out POC *qutub

-utMbula(OC) cut with an axe PMP *utus₁

utMinyaifuin(SHWNG) louse PMP *kutu₁

utMisool (Coast)(SHWNG) louse PMP *kutu₁

utMota(OC) to cut or break across PMP *utus₁

utSoutheast Ambrym(OC) place, area, land, shore, island, homeland; weather PMP *qutan

utSoutheast Ambrym(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

utSelaru(CMP) chaff PCMP *uta

utSelaru(CMP) louse PMP *kutu₁

utTakia(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

utToak(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

utTolai(OC) fish sp. PMP *qutud

utTolai(OC) louse (utu in compounds) PMP *kutu₁

utTolai(OC) kind of fish PMP *qutun

utUbir(OC) greater yam POC *kuta

ūt ~ uti-Pohnpeian(OC) banana (many varieties) POC *pudi

utaAnuta(OC) supplies or cargo lying in the hold of a boat or canoe POC *ucan

uta'Āre'āre(OC) to rain POC *qusan

utaArosi(OC) rain POC *qusan

utaArta(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

utaʔKelabit(WMP) vomit PAN *utaq

utaʔBintulu(WMP) vomit PAN *utaq

utaFutunan(OC) cargo (as on a boat) POC *ucan

utaGapapaiwa(OC) yam type POC *kuta

útaIfugaw(WMP) what is vomited; act of vomiting PAN *utaq

útaIlokano(WMP) vomit; spew violently PAN *utaq

utáItawis(WMP) vomit PAN *utaq

utaKaidipang(WMP) vegetables in general PMP *qutan

utaKambera(CMP) chaff PCMP *uta

útaKankanaey(WMP) vomit, throw up PAN *utaq

utaKayan(WMP) vomit PAN *utaq

utaKwaio(OC) rain POC *qusan

utaLau(OC) rain; to rain POC *qusan

utaLi'o(CMP) vegetables PMP *qutan

utaMaori(OC) the land, as opposed to the sea or the water; the inland, the interior, as opposed to the coast PMP *qutan

utaMaori(OC) put persons or goods on board a canoe, etc. POC *ucan

utaMota(OC) the bush, forest, unoccupied land; the inland country PMP *qutan

utaʔMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) vomit PAN *utaq

utaNgadha(CMP) underbrush, scrub, low-growing plants; vegetables PMP *qutan

utaNgaju Dayak(WMP) what is vomited up: vomitus PAN *utaq

utaNiue(OC) the shore, as opposed to the sea PMP *qutan

utaNiue(OC) to load (as a canoe or truck); a load POC *ucan

utaRarotongan(OC) inland, as opposed to tai, seaward; the interior part of a country PMP *qutan

utaRarotongan(OC) to convey; to carry, as from one place to another; to load, to burden; to load up, as a canoe POC *ucan

ʔutaRennellese(OC) ashore; seashore PMP *qutan

utaRennellese(OC) to put aboard a canoe or ship, to go or have aboard; to bear nuts, as a coconut; to assume a role POC *ucan

utaSamoan(OC) ashore; on the side towards the land (opp. to i tai, on the side towards the sea) PMP *qutan

utaSamoan(OC) load, cargo POC *ucan

utaʔSasak(WMP) vomit PAN *utaq

ʔutaSika(CMP) wild, unkempt PMP *qutan

utaʔSimalur(WMP) brain; bone marrow PMP *hutek

utaSimalur(WMP) vomit PAN *utaq

ʔutaTongan(OC) land (not sea); interior or inland (not coast) PMP *qutan

utaTongan(OC) to carry or convey by boat or vehicle or on horseback; carrying or conveying in this manner, or goods (or load) so carried POC *ucan

utaTuvaluan(OC) a canoe load POC *ucan

utaʔManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) vomit; to vomit PAN *utaq

ʔuta-aLau(OC) how? in what way? of what sort? POC *kuca

uta-fanuaSamoan(OC) inland areas of an island PMP *qutan

utahAlas(WMP) vomit PAN *utaq

utahBalinese(WMP) vomit PAN *utaq

utahJavanese(WMP) spill out PAN *utaq

utahOld Javanese(WMP) spit out, vomit up PAN *utaq

-utaHPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) vomit (from the stomach) PAN *utaq

utahSimalungun Batak(WMP) vomit PAN *utaq

utahSundanese(WMP) vomit; to vomit PAN *utaq

utah-anJavanese(WMP) vomitus PAN *utaq-an

utaH-anPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) vomit (imperative) PAN *utaq-an

utah-utah-anSundanese(WMP) vomit continuously PAN *utaq-an

utákAklanon(WMP) a blunted knife (used for weeding) PPh *eták

utakBanjarese(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

ʔutákHanunóo(WMP) large bush knife, machete, bolo; an implement owned by every Hanuno'o and used constantly for cutting, hacking, chopping, etc. PPh *eták

útakItawis(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

útakKapampangan(WMP) brains; marrow PMP *hutek

utakMentawai(WMP) debt PMP *qutaŋ

uta-kRotinese(CMP) all sorts of vegetables PMP *qutan

utákRemontado(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

utakTae'(WMP) brain; marrow PMP *hutek

uta mai'Āre'āre(OC) rain is coming POC *mai

útanAklanon(WMP) vegetables PMP *qutan

utanBoano(WMP) vegetables PMP *qutan

utanBuli(SHWNG) ask PMP *kutaña

utanBuli(SHWNG) to ask PMP *utaña

utanBunun(Formosan) taro PAN *utan

utanBuruese(CMP) vegetable, food plant PMP *qutan

útanCebuano(WMP) vegetables; cook vegetables PMP *qutan

utanErai(CMP) pea, bean PMP *qutan

utanIban(WMP) forest; of the forest, wild PMP *qutan

utanLamaholot(CMP) bean, pea PMP *qutan

útanMaguindanao(WMP) grass PMP *qutan

*utanPAmb(CMP) vegetables PMP *qutan

utanTae'(WMP) vegetables, greens PMP *qutan

utanTausug(WMP) taro when the leaves are not yet open (eaten as a vegetable) PAN *utan

utanaBuginese(WMP) ask, inquire about PMP *kutaña

utanaMussau(OC) garden PMP *qutan

utan anniLeti(CMP) rainy season PMP *quzan

utaneAlune(CMP) wild vegetables PMP *qutan

utanEDondo(WMP) vegetables PMP *qutan

utanePaulohi(CMP) pea, bean PMP *qutan

után-unCebuano(WMP) uncooked vegetables PMP *qutan

utañaLauje(WMP) ask PMP *kutaña

utañaLauje(WMP) to ask PMP *utaña

utañaTialo(WMP) to ask PMP *utaña

útaŋAklanon(WMP) debt; owe to, be indebted to PMP *qutaŋ

utaŋBalinese(WMP) debt PMP *qutaŋ

utaŋKelabit(WMP) debt PMP *qutaŋ

útaŋBikol(WMP) debt, loan PMP *qutaŋ

utaŋMongondow(WMP) debt; fine PMP *qutaŋ

utáŋCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) debt, account, indebtedness, liability PMP *qutaŋ

útaŋCebuano(WMP) debt PMP *qutaŋ

ʔútaŋHanunóo(WMP) debt PMP *qutaŋ

utaŋIban(WMP) debt; be in debt, borrow PMP *qutaŋ

útaŋIlokano(WMP) debt, liability, loan PMP *qutaŋ

útaŋIsneg(WMP) debt, loan PMP *qutaŋ

utaŋJavanese(WMP) debt; credit; in debt PMP *qutaŋ

útaŋKankanaey(WMP) to lend; a loan, to borrow PMP *qutaŋ

útaŋKapampangan(WMP) debt PMP *qutaŋ

utaŋKayan(WMP) debt PMP *qutaŋ

utaŋKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) debt PMP *qutaŋ

utaŋRungus Dusun(WMP) debt PMP *qutaŋ

utaŋSangir(WMP) debt PMP *qutaŋ

utaŋSasak(WMP) debt PMP *qutaŋ

utaŋSika(CMP) papaya tree (not the fruit); also generic for vegetables PMP *qutan

utaŋSimalur(WMP) debt, debts PMP *qutaŋ

utaŋTae'(WMP) debt PMP *qutaŋ

útaŋTagalog(WMP) debt, account; indebtedness; loan PMP *qutaŋ

utaŋTausug(WMP) debt PMP *qutaŋ

utaŋToba Batak(WMP) debt; owe a debt PMP *qutaŋ

utaŋManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) a debt; go into debt for something PMP *qutaŋ

utaŋYamdena(CMP) debt PMP *qutaŋ

uta-ŋaMaori(OC) burden, freight POC *ucan

utáŋ-anBikol(WMP) be in debt to; owe money to; ask for a loan from PWMP *qutaŋ-an

utáŋ-anCebuano(WMP) one who owes one something PWMP *qutaŋ-an

utáŋ-anIlokano(WMP) to borrow (money) PWMP *qutaŋ-an

utaŋ-anJavanese(WMP) a loan PWMP *qutaŋ-an

utáŋ-anKankanaey(WMP) borrow, receive as a loan PWMP *qutaŋ-an

utaŋ dahaNgaju Dayak(WMP) blood payment PAN *daRaq

uta-ŋ-iLau(OC) to rain on, wet with rain PMP *quzan-i

utaŋ-inBalinese(WMP) be in debt to someone PWMP *qutaŋ-en

utaŋ-inSasak(WMP) borrow from someone PWMP *qutaŋ-en

utáŋ-onBikol(WMP) be in debt for PWMP *qutaŋ-en

utaŋ-onMongondow(WMP) be fined PWMP *qutaŋ-en

utaŋ-onKadazan Dusun(WMP) be borrowed PWMP *qutaŋ-en

utaŋuKambera(CMP) forest, woods PMP *qutan

utaŋ-ún-unCebuano(WMP) goods for sale on crdit PWMP *qutaŋ-en

utaŋ-útaŋCebuano(WMP) incur many small debts PWMP *qutaŋ qutaŋ

utaŋ-utaŋ-anJavanese(WMP) borrow from each other; indebted to each other PWMP *qutaŋ-an

utaʔ-õNias(WMP) vomit up PAN *utaq-en

utá-onIfugaw(WMP) be vomited up PAN *utaq-en

uta oraArosi(OC) sunshower ( = "rain posssessed by a foul ghost") POC *qusan

uta parapara'Āre'āre(OC) sunshower ( = "white rain") POC *qusan

utaqSeediq(Formosan) vomit PAN *utaq

útasAgta (Eastern)(WMP) to continue PPH *útas

utásAklanon(WMP) slash, cut off (with a blade) PWMP *etas

utásAklanon(WMP) slash, cut off (with a blade) PWMP *qutas

utásBikol(WMP) detach, remove; kill PWMP *qutas

utásCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) finish, complete, terminate PWMP *qutas

útasCebuano(WMP) to do something always or constantly; keep doing s.t. PPH *útas

utasIban(WMP) division, lot or parcel of land; divide land with a boundary PWMP *qutas

utásTagalog(WMP) completely terminated; dead; completely crazy (about something) PWMP *qutas

utasTausug(WMP) cut something apart, sever something PWMP *qutas

utasManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) of falling a tree or cutting a log in two, to chop through it PWMP *qutas

utasaʔMakassarese(WMP) strand, as of silk; piece of a fishnet PWMP *qutas

uta-ʔutaNias(WMP) what is vomited PAN *utaq

uta-utaRarotongan(OC) conveying, carrying, loading up POC *ucan

uta-utaToba Batak(WMP) what is thrown up, what is vomited PAN *utaq

uta-uta-ŋiaRarotongan(OC) to overburden over-much; to be heavily weighed down, to be followed by different events in succession, etc. POC *ucan

uteWakasihu(CMP) penis PMP *qutin

uteʔKomodo(CMP) brain PMP *hutek

uteLarike(CMP) penis PMP *qutin

utéNgadha(CMP) tree sp., kind of orange PMP *untay₂

*ute-PAmb(CMP) pith, marrow, brain PMP *hutek

utekBalinese(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

utekKelabit(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

utekKelabit(WMP) brain PMP *qutek

utékCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

útekIlokano(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

utekJavanese(WMP) brain; brains, intelligence PMP *hutek

útekKankanaey(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

utəkKejaman(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

utekManggarai(CMP) brain; marrow PMP *hutek

utekManggarai(CMP) brain; marrow PMP *qutek

utekMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) brain; marrow PMP *hutek

utəkMurik(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

utekOld Javanese(WMP) brains PMP *hutek

utekTboli(WMP) brain; bone marrow PMP *hutek

ʔutekTiruray(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

utekManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

utekYogad(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

ʔutek bukalTiruray(WMP) marrow PMP *hutek

ute piiSa'a(OC) heavy rain POC *qusan

uthoWest Damar(CMP) louse PMP *kutu₁

utiAmpibabo-Lauje(WMP) penis PMP *qutin

uti-Fijian(OC) penis POC *na qutin

utiKaidipang(WMP) penis PMP *qutin

utiKédang(CMP) penis PMP *qutin

uti-Kove(OC) penis PMP *qutin

utiLaha(CMP) penis PMP *qutin

utiLi'o(CMP) penis PMP *qutin

uti-Loniu(OC) penis POC *na qutin

uti-Manam(OC) penis POC *na qutin

uti-Mono-Alu(OC) penis POC *na qutin

ut-iNumbami(OC) pluck, pull out, dig out POC *puput-i

*uti-PAmb(CMP) penis PMP *qutin

utiRotinese(CMP) penis PMP *qutin

uti-Seimat(OC) penis POC *na qutin

uti-Tigak(OC) penis POC *na qutin

utíkCebuano(WMP) porcupine fish: Diodon spp. PMP *utik

utɨkSundanese(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

utikSundanese(WMP) kind of marine fish PMP *utik

útinCebuano(WMP) penis PMP *qutin

uti-nGedaged(OC) penis; handle; point POC *na qutin

ʔútinHanunóo(WMP) penis PMP *qutin

útinIfugaw(WMP) penis PMP *qutin

utinKayan(WMP) penis; the sting in the tail of a bee or wasp; a tenon on a beam made to fit into a mortise PMP *qutin

utinSekar(CMP) penis PMP *qutin

utinTetun(CMP) penis PMP *qutin

uti-nYamdena(CMP) penis PMP *qutin

utín-anCebuano(WMP) having a penis PMP *qutin

ʔutíniKanakanabu(Formosan) penis PAN *qutiN

uti-n te manGilbertese(OC) animal lice PMP *kutu₁

utiŋManggarai(CMP) handle or hilt of a knife, etc. PMP *utiŋ

utiŋRembong(CMP) hilt, as of a sword PMP *utiŋ

ʔuti(ŋ)Sika(CMP) penis PMP *qutin

utiŋTontemboan(WMP) tang of a knife PMP *utiŋ

utjaqPaiwan(Formosan) vomit PAN *utaq

utl-án-anCebuano(WMP) boundary PWMP *qelet-an

utnaLeti(CMP) debt; in debt PMP *qutaŋ

utnaLeti(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

utnəLuang(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

útŋaʔCebuano(WMP) come off, let go of something firmly attached to something else (as a leech letting go) PWMP *uteŋaq

uto-Arop(OC) head POC *qutok

utoArosi(OC) pithy core of breadfruit POC *uso

utóʔBikol(WMP) term used when calling small children PWMP *utuq

utoFijian(OC) heart; pith of a tree POC *quto

utoGitua(OC) pith, center of tree (particularly sago) POC *quto

utoLau(OC) core of fruit POC *uso

utoMota(OC) to come above the surface in water POC *uton

utoMotu(OC) float of a fishing-net POC *uton

utoRarotongan(OC) coconut that has germinated; kernel or white spongy substance found inside a spongy coconut POC *quto

ʔutoRennellese(OC) sponge, as of coconut, ivory nut POC *quto

utoSa'a(OC) pith POC *uso

utoSamoan(OC) float (in a fish-net); bait (tied to a float, esp. in shark-hunting) POC *uton

ʔutoTongan(OC) (of a coconut) beginning to sprout; soft kernel or "apple" of a sprouting nut; brain POC *quto

utoTongan(OC) floaters of fish-net POC *uton

utoʔUma(WMP) boy! (used in calling) PWMP *utuq

utógAklanon(WMP) erection of penis; to erect, be sexually excited (penis) PAN *qeCuR

utógAklanon(WMP) erection (of penis); to erect, become sexually excited (penis) PPh *qutuR

útogAklanon(WMP) be/get sexually excited PPh *qutuR

ʔutohTiruray(WMP) to pick, to harvest PWMP *qutas

utoh-utokToba Batak(WMP) brain; bone marrow PMP *hutek

uto-iMota(OC) pith, the inner part, if hard, within the bark POC *quto

utokAbai Sembuak(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

útokAklanon(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

utokMurut (Tagol)(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

utokBalantak(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

utokBekatan(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

utokBisaya (Lotud)(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

utokBisaya (Lotud)(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

utokBoano(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

utokBukat(WMP) head PMP *hutek

útokIfugaw(WMP) brains PMP *hutek

utokMurut (Paluan)(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

utoːkRungus Dusun(WMP) smart, intelligent PMP *hutek

utokSeru(WMP) head PMP *hutek

utokTatana(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

utokTingalan (West)(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

útok it bulináwAklanon(WMP) dull, stupid, brainless PPh *bulínaw

u-tolTakia(OC) three PEMP *tolu

utonGitua(OC) fish net float POC *uton

uto-naKwaio(OC) center of breadfruit POC *uso

uton-iTongan(OC) provide a net with floaters POC *uton

utóŋBikol(WMP) nipple PWMP *utuŋ

utóŋTagalog(WMP) teat (of breast); nipple (of milk bottle) PWMP *utuŋ

ʔutoŋTiruray(WMP) a debt; to owe, buy on credit PMP *qutaŋ

útosTagalog(WMP) command; order; mandate; edict; ordinance; law PWMP *utus₂

utótAklanon(WMP) flatulence; let some gas PMP *qetut

utótAklanon(WMP) flatulence, bad air, fart PMP *qutut

utótTagalog(WMP) flatus PMP *qetut

utótTagalog(WMP) wind from the anus, flatulence PMP *qutut

utoʔPendau(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

ʔuto ʔuguRennellese(OC) brains ( = "head sponge") POC *quto

utsuTrobiawan(Formosan) head PAN *quluh

uttaGaddang(WMP) doe, female deer PWMP *uRsa

úttaItawis(WMP) deer PWMP *uRsa

úttogAgta (Eastern)(WMP) sexually aroused (male) PPh *qutuR

uttógIlokano(WMP) lust; sexual desire PPh *qutuR

uttoyKlata(WMP) liver PMP *qatay

utuAmblong(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

utuAnsus(SHWNG) louse PMP *kutu₁

utuArta(WMP) louse PMP *kutu₁

ūtuIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) a louse or flea, a generic term for parasitic insects infecting warm-blooded animals and humans; a head louse, infesting the hair of humans PMP *kutu₁

utuBatu Merah(CMP) louse PMP *kutu₁

utuMongondow(WMP) zenith, point in the heavens directly overhead PPh *ugtu

utuBuginese(WMP) louse PMP *kutu₁

utuEast Damar(CMP) louse PMP *kutu₁

ʔutuDobel(CMP) louse PMP *kutu₁

ʔutuDobuan(OC) flea PMP *kutu₁

utuGaloli(CMP) louse PMP *kutu₁

utuGitua(OC) flood POC *qutub

utuHitu(CMP) louse PMP *kutu₁

utuKambera(CMP) row, string; to string beads PCMP *utuR

-utu-Kilivila(OC) to cut (sticks) PMP *utus₁

utuLamboya(CMP) louse PMP *kutu₁

utuLeti(CMP) louse PMP *kutu₁

utuLuang(CMP) louse PMP *kutu₁

utuMafea(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

utuMalmariv(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

ʔutuManam(OC) louse (Blust n.d. (1975)) PMP *kutu₁

utuMaori(OC) dip up water, etc. POC *qutub

utuMarau₁(SHWNG) louse PMP *kutu₁

ʔutuMolima(OC) louse, flea PMP *kutu₁

ūtuMono-Alu(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

utuMota(OC) large long fish with very sharp teeth and small scales: a sphyraenid, baracouta PMP *qutud

utuMotu(OC) flood POC *qutub

utuMotu(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

utuMunggui(SHWNG) louse PMP *kutu₁

utuLakalai(OC) to cut, as with a knife, cut off PMP *utus₁

utuNiue(OC) barracuda: Sphyraena spp., grey jobfish: Aprion virescens PMP *qutun

utuPapuma(SHWNG) louse PMP *kutu₁

utuPom(SHWNG) louse PMP *kutu₁

ʔutuRennellese(OC) fill with liquid, draw POC *qutub

ʔutuRennellese(OC) large fish with a long body, probably green Job fish, Aprion virescens (Valenciennes) PMP *qutud

ɁutuRennellese(OC) a large fish with a long body, probably green jobfish: Aprion virescens PMP *qutun

utuRotinese(CMP) louse PMP *kutu₁

utuSamoan(OC) (of containers) fill; (of contents) put into, pour into POC *qutub

ʔutuSamoan(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

utuSamoan(OC) a fish: Aprion virescens PMP *qutun

utuSaparua(CMP) louse PMP *kutu₁

utuSika(CMP) head louse PMP *kutu₁

utuSimalur(WMP) (head) louse PMP *kutu₁

utuTalaud(WMP) head louse PMP *kutu₁

utuTalur(CMP) louse PMP *kutu₁

utuTeluti(CMP) louse PMP *kutu₁

utuTetun(CMP) louse PMP *kutu₁

ʔutuTongan(OC) get or draw (water or other liquid); pour liquid into (bottle, jug, etc.) POC *qutub

utuʔTontemboan(WMP) name for boys PWMP *utuq

utuTugun(CMP) louse PMP *kutu₁

utuTuvaluan(OC) fill vessel with liquid; fill with water (of a canoe) POC *qutub

utuUruava(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

utuWandamen(SHWNG) louse PMP *kutu₁

utuWoi(SHWNG) louse PMP *kutu₁

utu-aMotu(OC) to draw water POC *qutub

utu-aMotu(OC) cut off, sever PMP *utus₁

ʔutu-aSamoan(OC) (of hair), be infested with lice, lousy PMP *kutu₁

utu-a daeMotu(OC) to rise, as a flood POC *qutub

utu-anMongondow(WMP) the uppermost atmosphere PPh *ugtu

utudeʔSangir(WMP) kind of deep-sea fish caught by line PMP *qutud

ʔutuf-iTongan(OC) fill with liquid, pour liquid into POC *qutup-i

utuf-iaSamoan(OC) be filled with POC *qutup-ia

ʔutuf-iaTongan(OC) be filled with, be poured into POC *qutup-ia

ʔutu-fitiSamoan(OC) flea (jumping lice) PMP *kutu₁

utúgCebuano(WMP) for a penis to be erect; the erected penis PAN *qeCuR

utúgCebuano(WMP) for a penis to be erect; the erected penis; tauten or erect, like the penis PPh *qutuR

utuhKayan(WMP) a billet of wood cut from a log PMP *utus₁

ʔutuhTiruray(WMP) to go on top of something PPh *ugtu

utuh-iBugotu(OC) sever, cut off, cut in two, finish building a house PMP *utus₁

utuh-iNggela(OC) break, be severed, of a rope PMP *utus₁

utuh-iSeimat(OC) submerge a container to fill it POC *qutup-ia

utuh-iaMaori(OC) be filled with POC *qutup-ia

útukCebuano(WMP) brain; intelligence, mental ability PMP *hutek

útukCebuano(WMP) brain; intelligence, mental ability PMP *qutek

ʔútukHanunóo(WMP) brain(s) PMP *hutek

utukKalagan(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

utukKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

utukTausug(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

utulMisima(OC) green jobfish: Aprion virescens PMP *qutun

u-tulTolai(OC) three PEMP *tolu

u-túluKanakanabu(Formosan) three PAN *telu

u-tuluSaaroa(Formosan) three PAN *telu

utunTigak(OC) species of small tree that grows on the beach POC *putun₁

utu-(n)Erai(CMP) louse PMP *kutu₁

utu-n asuSimalur(WMP) canine flea PMP *kutu₁

ʔútuŋHanunóo(WMP) protuberance, nipple PWMP *utuŋ

utuŋMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) end, tip PWMP *utuŋ

utupBuli(SHWNG) hold a bottle or bamboo tube under water to fill it PEMP *qutub

uturFordata(CMP) fish sp., the red neck PMP *qutud

uturSelaru(CMP) row, string of something; to string PCMP *utuR

u-turuKavalan(Formosan) three (things) PAN *telu

utusBalinese(WMP) send (a person) PWMP *utus₂

utúsCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) order, command; command someone to do some menial task PWMP *utus₂

utusMalay(WMP) sending on a mission or embassy PWMP *utus₂

utusOld Javanese(WMP) order, command PWMP *utus₂

utusSundanese(WMP) send someone PWMP *utus₂

utus-anMalay(WMP) representative PWMP *utus₂

utus-anToba Batak(WMP) representative PWMP *utus₂

ututBidayuh (Bukar-Sadong)(WMP) fart PMP *qutut

utútCebuano(WMP) fart, gas released from the stomach PMP *qetut

utútCebuano(WMP) fart, gas released from the stomach PMP *qutut

ʔutútHanunóo(WMP) flatus, wind PMP *qetut

ʔutútHanunóo(WMP) flatus, wind, breaking wind PMP *qutut

utútIfugaw(WMP) expel wind PMP *qutut

utútKankanaey(WMP) break wind; wind or flatulence from the bowels PMP *qutut

utut-eEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) flatus ventris, wind from the bowels PMP *qutut

útut-inTagalog(WMP) one prone to expel wind from the anus frequently PMP *qetut

utu-utuBugotu(OC) clip, crop, cut short PMP *utus₁

utu-utuNggela(OC) break, be severed, of a rope; pull and break, as a string PMP *utus₁

utuvuEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) to draw, of water POC *qutub

utuvuRoviana(OC) to draw water POC *qutub


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uuAnuta(OC) breast; nipple PAN *susu₁

uuArosi(OC) species of freshwater fish PMP *qutud

uuArosi(OC) real, true