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name of the letter o.  ọo

oaf  wūdkabbe

oak  uuk

oakum, compost.  kōṇ

oar  jebwe
oarlock.  piin
use an oarlock.  piinin

oath  kalliṃur

oatmeal  wōtmiiḷ

obdurate  bōt, kijñeñe, kipiliia

obedience  pokake
wilful disobedience.  aplep

disobedient (see jilikiie (jilikiyyẹy)).  jilikiia
disobedient (see kipiliie (kipiliyyẹy)).  kipiliia
obedient (see jilikiia (jilikiyyah)).  jilikiie
obedient (see kipiliia (kipiliyyah)).  kipiliie

overweight, obese.  tebu

obey  pokake
disobey.  kōjelbabō, kōtrāe
obey readily and cheerfully.  jilikiie
slow to obey.  jilikiia

object  men
objection.  kein juṃae
objectionable.  kōmmatōr
objective.  mejānkajjik

obligated.  aikuj, kalliṃur

oblige  kipel

obliterate  jjeor

oblivious  meḷọkḷọk, mmālele

obnoxious  kōmatōrtōr

obscene  ttoon

obscure  aelọk, ttino
obscured.  ṇojak, tilekek
obscured, cloudy.  tab

observe  jjāāl, kōjjaad, lale, waat
observe from a distance.  jedjed

forecast weather by observing clouds.  kōbbaal
observing stars.  jedjed iju

become an obsession.  jiktok
obsessed.  lokjak, pālo
obsession.  ikdeelel

obsolescent  ṃor

obsolete  ṃor

obstacle  kinọwea-

obstinate  bōt, kipiliia

obstruct  pinej
obstructed.  boṇ, jeddaṃ

obtain  bōk
cheat, obtain surreptitiously.  liktak

. + willd. var. Obtusifolia (R. br.) fletcher.  kaar

obvious  alikkar, jjedmatmat, tooj
obviously.  ejjab aelọk

occasion  alen, iien

occult  ttabōn

occupation  jerbal

occupied  ṃad, pālo, poub

occupy  bōk
occupy a lot of space.  koobob

occur  waḷọk
occur one after another, consecutively, bumper-to-bumper.  kij-ḷokwan-doon
occur to.  eñak
occurrence.  buñ

ocean  lọjet, lọmeto, meto
depths of the ocean.  ikjet
ocean swell.  ñōl
passage into lagoon from ocean.  to
surface of the ocean.  aejet

ocean side  
anchorage on ocean side of islet where one waits for more favorable winds.  metto
fishing method with a canoe and line on the ocean side.  liklọk
go or come towards the ocean side of an island.  wanlik
go to the ocean side.  kālik
go to the ocean side on the southern end of an island.  kālikrōk
ocean side of.  lik, liki
ocean side of an island.  jablik
to drag or tow from lagoon side to ocean side.  lelik
to drag or tow from ocean side to lagoon side.  lear

a plant, Ochrosia oppositifolia (Lam.) k. schum. (Apocynaceae).  kōjbar

a plant, Ocimum sanctum L. (labiatae). A cult. Mint.  katriiñ

stars in Octans.  Lo-raan-ṃwāṃwā-ko

October  Oktoba

octopus  kweet
a fish, devilfish, giant octopus.  kouj
a food, octopus smothered in grated coconut.  penkwe
fishing method, using weight with hook, octopus for bait, and dragging it on sandy bottom.  kōjọliṃ
octopus tentacles.  ko-in-kweet
to poke into a hole persistently at something, usually an octopus.  lekōn

odd  bwe, kūḷaṃwe

odious  wōjaan-kōmatōrtōr

odor  bwii-, nām
bad odor.  bwiin-nana, bwiin-puwaḷ
body odor, disagreeable.  bbūḷapḷap
foul odor stench.  bwiin-puwaḷ
make odorous.  kōnāmnām
smell, body odor, disagreeable.  ajjiḷapḷap

of  in

off  jān
be off course.  buñ
come off of.  to
euphemistic reference to any of a variety of activities, mostly off-color.  mettorkaṇ
off beat.  kūḷaṃwe
off key, voice.  bōna
take off of fire.  ato

off and on  pād o

offal  kwōpej
guts, intestines, bowels, offal, innards.  ṃajñal

offend  tipñōl
offended.  llu, lotaan, matōrtōr

offensive  kōmatōrtōr, kōmmatōr

offer  aje, jake, le-
a gathering of people to celebrate the onset of breadfruit season in summer by making offerings to Jebro, the god of breadfruit.  ṃaṃa
church offering.  jabawōt
offer sacrifice.  katok
offerings.  menin aje
to offer formally.  tilmaak

office  wōpij

officer  wōpija
officer of high rank.  kapen

offshoot  ajāllik

offshore  tarkijet

incapable of bearing offspring, of women only.  orañe, war
offspring of.  nāji-

often  kut, lōñ alen, makijkij, mmakijkij
not often.  jọkkutkut
very often.  kkā

ogle  kōmmāidik

exclamation: "Oh my!".  edded
Interjection: "Oh. Oh my. Darn it." (exclamation of mild surprise or disappointment).  o

oil  weiḷ
coconut cloth used to squeeze and extract oil from grated coconut.  jouneak
coconut oil.  pinneep
container of oil or water for use with royal whetstone.  ṇop
diesel oil.  tijeḷ
dry hair, not oily.  kuraañañ
hair smoothed with oil.  medọḷ
oil belonging to.  kapitō-
oil found under the shell of a turtle.  ao
oil oneself.  kkapit
oily.  maḷḷipen
oily hair.  medọḷ
press oil out of grated copra.  joniak
rub with oil as medical treatment.  pitpit
scrub self with coconut husk or oil.  bokwārijet

ointment  kkapit
ointment of leaves and oil.  kūṃur

okay  ekwe

old  rūtto
get old and dilapidated due to continuous soaking in sea water.  luwajet
old chicken.  jenḷap
old man.  ḷaḷḷap
old man, term of respect.  aḷap
old woman.  obajañ
old, of things.  ṃor
olden times.  ennāp
old-fashioned.  ṃaṇtin etto

olden times.  etto

omen  bwijerro, kakōḷḷe, ttabōn

trochus, a shell, Trochidae, Omphalius pfeifferi or Tristichotrochus haliarchus. a shell, Pleurotomariidae.  likōppejdat

on  ewe, i, ioo-
get on.  uwe
off and on.  pād o

once  juon alen, juon iien

Nudibranchs, Onchidium sp.  pedobar

one  juon
come one at a time.  iaḷ aidik
go one at a time.  iaḷ aidik
one another.  doon
one hundred pairs, fish or copra.  jikut
one thousand.  tọujin
someone.  juon

onion  anien

only  wōt
only, indicating relative unimportance of activity.  bajjek

onrush  ibeb

onset  ibeb

onslaught  ibeb

onward  ṃaan

ooze  tọọr

oozy  kkōr

a fish, opelu, Cecapterus sp.  kauwe

open  erḷọk, peḷḷọk
eyes wide open.  kabūrōrō
hold open and up.  kōjjāl
open a bag or basket.  kōjjād
open a crack.  ḷañ
open air.  nabōj
open eyes under water.  tumej
open the mouth.  waḷañi
open-handed.  ṃṃool
spread legs wide open.  bōḷñak

opening of any container, hole, doorway, or cave, etc..  māj, meja-
openings in a house causing drafts.  ajerwawa
possessive classifier, eyes, lids, openings, eyeglasses, masks, or goggles.  meja-
small opening.  tuwa
the opening between islets.  mej, mejje

operate  bukwabok, jerbal, kōṃṃan, ṃadṃōd
operate an engine.  leinjin

sea cucumber, Holothuroidea, Opheodesoma.  jāibo

dark spot in the Milky Way beside theta in Ophiuchus.  Dāp-eo
gamma in Ophiuchus.  Bake-eo
stars in Ophiuchus.  Debwāāl-eo, Ṃade-eo-an-Tūṃur

opinion  ḷōmṇak
have an opinion.  baab

opium  wōpieṃ

a plant, Oplismenus compositus (L.) beauv.  wūjooj-in-Ep

opportune  ṃṃan

opportunity  iien ṃṃan
lie in wait to grab an opportunity.  kōppao
miss an opportunity.  waakḷọk

oppose  deṃak, juṃae, pāpjel ṃae

oppressed.  orā
oppression.  jjiped

mirage, optical illusion, illusion.  jāmilur

optimism  kijenmej

optimistic  kije

option  kkāālel

opulent  ṃweiie

or  ak

oral  kōnono

orange colored.  kio
orange, the fruit.  oran

orange spot tang  
a fish, orange spot tang, Acanthurus olivaceus.  ael

orate  wājepdik

oration  kwaḷọk naan

orchestra  paan

ordeal  etalju

order  laajrak
disorder.  pok
in good order.  meḷak
not in order.  ppeerir
orderliness.  koṇ
orderly.  koṇ
out of order, of machines.  wōla
put in order.  kkar, kwadikdik
well-ordered.  meḷeḷe

order  wōtar

word used to form phrases and ordinal numbers.  kein

ordinance  kien

ordination  kapitōn būriij

organ of giant clam.  lām
organ, musical.  ọkwōn

organization  doulul
head of a governmental organization.  koṃja

organize  kkar
well-organized.  koṇ

orgasm  diṃōṃ

cave, orifice, pit.  rọñ

origin  jjino
original sin.  jerọwiwiin jolōt
originate.  jebar, jjino

Bellatrix in Orion. Legend says Ḷāātbweinbar has a basket (Jāli) which he carries to Ḷōkañebar, who eats contents, thereby nourishing his bright face. the bearer however does not partake, hence his pale face.  Ḷāātbwiinbar
Betelgeuse in Orion.  Ḷōkañebar
delta, epsilon, zeta, sigma Orionis. Legend says its rising brings powerful storms such as the typhoon of June 30, 1905..  Jeljel
lambda, phi 1, phi 2 Orionis.  Jāli
stars in Orion.  Kouj

ornament, trimmings.  inōknōk
ornaments.  kūṃaḷṃaḷ

ornery  ṃṃaḷkaro

orphan  atajinemjen

oscillate  rọọl

osculate  mejenma

osteopathy  pitpit

a fish, boxfish, Ostracion cubicus.  būḷ
a fish, boxfish, Ostracion sebae.  pel
a fish, trunkfish, Ostracion tuberculatus.  pel

ostracize  kalia

other  bar jet, juon
a few others.  jet
each other.  doon
otherwise.  āinjuon

others  bar jet

"ouch!".  ekōḷōk, ūō
interjection: "ouch!".  
interjection: "ouch!" (pain or sexual pleasure).  ōttōt

ought to  
ought to have.  kar

ounce  aunij

our, dual inclusive.  arro
our, exclusive.  am
our, inclusive.  ad
ours.  ad, am, arro

oust  kōkālọk

out  jako
broke, out of money.  jar
come out of water.  ato
current flowing out.  aelik
get out.  diwōj
go out a passage.  ṃwelik
go out, of a light.  kkun
out of commission.  jorrāān
out of joint.  ir
out of order.  jorrāān
out of order, of machines.  wōla
out of reach.  jabjab
out of sight.  penjak
outside.  āliki-
put out a fire.  kkun
put someone out of a competition.  kupi

outboard motor.  injin ḷọk
with outboard engine.  ḷoon

outburst of laughter.  dekakḷọk

outcast  rinana

outcome  waḷọk

outdated  ṃor

outdo  ḷe

outdoors  meḷaaj

outer clothes.  anilik

outfit  koṃbani, kōbwebwei-

outlandish  kōjak

outlaw  rinana

outline  annañ

outnumber  lōñ

outrageous  kōmmatōr

outrigger  kubaak
a game, racing toy outrigger canoes.  kariwutut
canoe part, line from top of mast to outrigger spar (jojo (jewjew)).  tokubaak
canoe part, outrigger platform.  ere, kōṃñūr
canoe part, outrigger spar.  jojo
canoe part, ties between spar and outrigger.  jojo
dimension of a canoe between hull and outrigger.  kōṃñūr
large outrigger canoe, for sailing.  tipñōl
outrigger goes underwater.  timaruk
outrigger sinks because too much weight is placed on it.  tōmrok
sail downwind with the sail on the south and the outrigger on the north.  tōmeañ
sail with outrigger out of water.  ām
sail with the outrigger on the south.  tōmrak
the outrigger side of a canoe.  retam
to bring up outrigger and hold it at 45 degrees while sailing.  kakkiāmem

outside  lik, liki, nabōj

outsmart, swindle.  Etao

outwit  Etao

long and oval.  uwaitoktok

ovation  kabbokbok

oven  obwin
a food, breadfruit baked in earth oven.  kōpjar
a food, diluted starch baked in coconut spathe in earth oven.  kōlọwutaktak
bake, usually in earth oven.  uṃuṃ
cover an earth oven with stones.  ertak
cover up an earth oven with leaves and dirt.  kobal
earth oven.  uṃ
native oven.  uṃ
small oven or stove.  paaj
stick used to spread hot stones for earth oven.  tokrak
uncover an earth oven, usually when food therein is cooked.  jukok

over  ioo-, lōñ, ḷọk
kneel or bend over.  kapijpij
overflow.  llutōk
overhead.  lōñ
repeat over and over.  ālijinmen

bib-overalls.  būrijōōt

overanxious  ṃṃaelep
to lust, overanxious.  ṃōṃ

overbearing  kōbbọọjọj

overcast  kōdọ

overcoat  kabba, kopā

overcome  ibeb, anjọ
be overcome.  raññaḷọk
catch up with, overcome, overwhelm.  iabuñ

overcooked.  tuḷaar

be overcrowded, of boats or vehicles (see kaddoujuj).  douj

be overdecorated.  to jān enōka-

overeat on fruitful land.  jjāāk

spoiled from overexposure to air and sun.  ṃōṇakṇak

overflow  budeñ, ibeb, jieb-
overflow, water.  booḷtōñtōñ
overflowing.  lutōkḷọk

overhang  maḷtu

overhaul  an, āe
test drive a new or overhauled vehicle.  likbad
test sail a new or overhauled vessel.  likbad

windward overlay of sail.  

overripe breadfruit.  meimed
overripe spoiled breadfruit.  māḷọk
overripe, of breadfruit with seeds.  meimed
overripe, of breadfruit without seeds.  mejbak
very ripe, overripe, of breadfruit only.  mmed

overrun  ibeb

oversee  oṇaak, peet

overshoot  ḷe

oversleep  mājurlep

overstep authority.  bōkjab
overstep onẹs responsibilities.  weḷọk

overthrow  jeepepḷọk

overtime  obataim
work overtime.  ailparo

overturn  okjak, ukok

overweight, obese.  tebu

catch up with, overcome, overwhelm.  iabuñ
overwhelmed (usually with negative emotion).  lañṃwijidjid

overworked.  parōk

Ovula costellatum.  libbukwe

. a shell, Ovulidae.  libbukwe

owe  likjab, ṃuri

a bird, short-eared owl, Asio flammeus.  lijeṃao
a bird, short-eared owl, Asio flammeus.  ṃao

own  peek
own much land.  amḷap
own much land or real estate.  amṇak
own up.  kwaḷọk ṃool

oxygen  akjijen

oyster  di, eọr
small clam, oyster, a shell, Arcidae, Scapharca inequivalvis or Anadara pilulu.  kūkōr

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