Updated: 2/9/2019
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Concordance of the Example Sentences

unified alphabetization


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( 9 )

1.A bwe eṇta kwōj inepata ke ñe etal im apañ tok, jejujen kōjerbal kōṃadṃōdin aelōñ kein.”But what are you worried about; if we go and something is wrong, then we’ll fix it in the traditional ways.” P289apañ
2.Ak jab meḷọkḷọk naan eo an rūtto ro, ekadu tōllọk in a eaetok peḷọk in’ ñe koṃ ḷokan kanne wa ṇe kōn jọkpej, ej kab naaj kauwōtataḷọk wōt.”But don’t forget the old saying staying within the realm of possibilities is short, but being adrift like this is long’; when you guys fill the boat with scrap, it will be more dangerous.” P99kauwōtata
3.Mmmm, a ejejjet wōt utōn in kọpe,” Bojin eo eba.Mmmm, this is how coffee ought to taste,” the Boatswain said. P284utō-
4.O, a baj mālkwōj wōt men kein,” Bojin eo eba.Oh, those things are really strong,” the Boatswain said. P1050mālkwōj
5.O, a ta kākaṇe!” Bojin eo eraññōḷọk im jitōñ ḷọk ioon lọjet.Hey, what are those!” the Boatswain was almost overcome with excitement as he pointed at the ocean. P996raññōḷọk
6.Ojjej a iọkwe kōj ke rōbōk ān in āneed,” ḷeḷḷap eo eba.Well, too bad for us when they take this island,” the old woman said. P201āne
7.Ooo, a bar iọkwe koṃro,” ḷōḷḷap eo eba.Oh, and goodbye to you two,” the old man said. P217iọkwe
8.Ooo, a jab bar illu,” ḷōḷḷap eo eba, bwe kiiō wōt kōjro moot ḷọk jān ān in im jero ban bar rọọl tok.”Oh, don’t get angry again,” the old man said, because pretty soon we will leave this island and we won’t come back.” P200jab bar
9.Kōjro ilān kōbaatiiñtok ilo K&K (name of a store at Majuro) im kōjeblọki.Let's go shopping for partings at K&K and cut them up.jeblọk

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