Updated: 2/9/2019
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Concordance of the Example Sentences

unified alphabetization

refuse; dislike to do

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( 9 )

1.Aeṃōḷoḷoū ṇa ijin ekōṃṃan abwin etalThe coolness I get at this spot makes me want to stay.aeṃōḷoḷo
2.Ear abwin bōk men eo kijen.He refused to take his food.abwin bōk
3.Ear abwin bōk ṃōñāHe rejected food.abwin bōk
4.Einwōt ij jab meḷeḷe ta eṇ ear kalōre bwe en kab abwin kōnonoI can't seem to understand what made him clam up.lōr
5.Ekar abwin ṇapitōn innem ear petpet kōn waini.He didnt want to give him a pillow so he used a coconut as one.ṇapitōn
6.Eḷmāmi ke kōmi kwōle ak kōmi abwin jerbalWhat's with you people, you're hungry and yet you don't want to work.eḷmān
7.Kōmij tōḷọk abwin kōnonoWe are equally unwilling to talk.tōḷọk
8.Likao jidikdik eo ear abwin al kōn an lōñ leddik ijo.The little lad refused to sing because there were lots of girls there.abwin
9.Rej tōḷọk abwin kōnonoThey were equally unwilling to talk.tōḷọk

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