Updated: 2/9/2019
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Concordance of the Example Sentences

unified alphabetization

walk slowly; sneak

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( 7 )

1.Ekwe ij ja ajādik tok ṃōk ñan wa eṇ im eọroñ ennaan,” ḷōḷḷap eo eba.Ok, for now I’m going to wander over to that boat and find out what’s going on,” the old man said. P133ajādik
2.Ekwe kōṃro ej ja ajādik tok ñan ippān,” Jema eba.Okay, the two of us are going to wander over to him,” Father said. P205ja
3.Kōjro ajādik bwe eboñ.”Let’s go, it’s getting late.” P161ajādik
4.Im jidik wōt an wa eo jino jaaḷ im ḷak anlọk, eletlet wūjḷā eo im wa eo ejino ajādik.The boat slowly turned to the north and when it was finally on course the sail filled with wind and we started to advance slowly. P851anlọk
5.Kōjeañ ajādik.Let's be on our way.ajādik
6.Kōjro ajādik. ...Kwōn ja ṃōñā ṃoktaLet's get going. ... Why don't you eat first.ja
7.Kwōn ajādik ḷọk bwe ren jab lo eok.Walk away slowly so they don't notice you.ajādik

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