Updated: 8/6/2017
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Concordance of the Example Sentences

unified alphabetization

1. sun
2. copra harvesting period

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1.Bwe enaaj ewi wāween an waḷọk aḷ ke ebọṇ ḷam jako lañ,” Bojin eo eba.How is the sun supposed to come out in this terrible weather," the Boatswain said. P661 when the sun is totally obstructed by storm clouds and is invisibleboṇ
2.Aḷ ekar ḷolōñ de jān ioon ñōlThe sun came up through the swells of the ocean. P835ḷo-
3.Aḷ eo an irooj in.This is the copra harvesting period reserved for the traditional chiefs.aḷ
4.An wōn in aḷ kwōj kowaininiiki?Whose copra harvesting period is it you're working?aḷ
5.Ebōtōktōk aḷ.The sun is eclipsing (literally, bleeding)aḷ
6.Ebwe an kajoor aḷ ṇe rainiin.It's quite hot today.aḷ
7.Ej bōtōktōk allōñ ñe laḷ in ej pinej meramin aḷ jāne.An eclipse of the moon comes about when the earth blocks off the sunlight from it.bōtōktōk allōñ
8.Ej pojān [pojak in] ilil likin kōn an kar aḷ kōjejeHer back will be covered with blisters from exposure to sun.il
9.Ejemḷam aiboojoj an tulọk aḷ.What a beautiful sunset.jemḷam
10.Ejiṃwe aerro kar katu bwe ekar ṃakroro ḷọk im etulọk aḷ.Their forecast was correct and the wind was favorable until the sun went down. P970ṃakroro
11.Ekkā an ruo aḷ ilo juon iiō.Normally there are two copra harvesting periods in a year.aḷ
12.Eḷap tokjān aḷ.The sun is essential.aḷ
13.Enañin tak ke aḷ?Is the sun up yet?aḷ
14.Eruṃwij an kar tulọk aḷ jān ammān buñlik.The sun went down a while after we went through the pass. P494buñlik
15.Etulọk aḷ.The sun has set.tulọk
16.Ilo iien eo ekar ṃōj dọuk ḷọk aḷ im ṃōttan wōt jilu ne lōñ tak jān ioon dān.At that time the sun was setting and it only had about three more feet to go before it touched the water. P1021dedọdo
17.Iroñjake an kōnono tok im ḷak rōre to ḷọk ñan kapilōñ, ilo an aḷ jino jako ḷọk i buḷōn lọjet.Listening to what he said I looked over to the west and saw that the sun was starting to set in the middle of the ocean. P500roñjake
18.Jab kalimjek aḷ bwe kwonaaj pilo.Don't stare at the sun because it will blind you.aḷ
19.Kọto irūkin aḷ.East northeast trade.kọto
20.Kọto iūñin aḷ.North northeast trade.kọto
21.Kumi in aḷ kaṇe ruo rej kōketak doon kōn aḷ kaṇe aer.Those two singing groups are challenging each other with their music.ketak
22.Kumi in aḷ kaṇe ruo rej kōketak doon kōn aḷ kaṇe aer.Those two singing groups are challenging each other with their music.ketak
23.Kwōjeḷā ke bōk aḷ?Do you know how to use the sextant?bōk aḷ
24.Kwōn barōke mejān jān aḷ.Protect him from the sun.barōk

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