Updated: 8/6/2017
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Concordance of the Example Sentences

unified alphabetization


see: āne islet; island; land; directional, enclitic, islandward or shoreward

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( 20 )

1.Eaelik ḷọk ṃaḷoon ānin jān āneṇ.This lagoon has more ocean currents flowing out than in that lagoon.aelik
2.Ebok ajaje iarin āneṇ.The lagoon side of the islet has a lots of coarse sand.bok ajaj
3.Ebuñ wa in jān āneṇ.The canoe won't make the island (on this tack).buñ
4.Ej jeb ioon āneṇ.He reached the island.jeb
5.Ejablur iarin āneṇ.The lagoon side of that islet is sheltered.jablur
6.Eḷap an eakeake āneṇ.That islet has lots of ghosts.eakeak
7.Eḷap an iui āneṇ.There are lots of sprouted coconuts on this islet.iu
8.Eḷap an jejeplejlej (ejjeplejlej) armej in āneṇ.Lots of people on that islet have contracted an STD.jeplej
9.Eto wōt aerro kōtaan wāto kōn āneṇ.Their feud over the island is a protracted one.kōtaan wāto
10.Iar etal iene ke ej pāāt ñan āneṇ.I walked to that small islet during low tide.etal iene
11.Jej aikuj jeje im jibadekḷọk āneṇ.We need to sail into the wind and try to reach that islet.jeje
12.Jej ilān eded i āneṇ.We are going to scrounge for food on that island.eded
13.Jej jeek āneṇ.We are sailing into the wind to that islet.jeje
14.Ñe jebar diak juon alen enaaj allọk āneṇ.One more tacking and the island will be within range.allọk
15.Rej ba edake āneṇ.They say there's lots of ducks on that island.dak
16.Ta eṇ ej jatōltōl tok ilo āneṇWhat is that shining from the islet?jatōltōl
17.Tiṃa eo eṇ ej kaiokḷọk āneṇ.The ship is going directly toward the island.kaiok
18.Wa eṇ ej jibadekḷọk āneṇ.The ship is going to the island.jibadek
19.Wa eo eṇ ej pād jabōn āneṇ.The canoe is at the end of the island.jabōn
20.Wōn enaaj ṇakijed ṇa āneṇ ñe jenaaj kowainini?Who'll feed us when we go make copra on that islet?ṇakijen

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