Updated: 8/6/2017
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Reverse Concordance of Example Sentences

unified alphabetization


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1.Kōnke kajin Ṃajeḷ ear jab pād ilo peba ṃae iien eo ear itok ri-pālle, ej jab kanooj lōñ armej rej mour wōt kiiō rejeḷā inọñ ko an ri-Ṃajeḷ.Because the Marshallese language wasn’t put into writing until Westerners came, not many people living today know the legends of the Marshallese people. [S13]inọñ
2.Ḷaddik eṇ ej juon iaan ri-ju ro rejeḷā juThat boy is one of those who is very good at walking on his hands.ju
3.Ḷeeṇ ej juon iaan ri-kaaṃtō ro rejeḷā kaaṃtōThat man is one of the good carpenters.kaaṃtō
4.Ñe juon armej ej mej ilo aelōñ in Ṃajeḷ, men in ej juon iien kwelọk tok an ro nukun, ro jeran, im aolep ro rejeḷā kajjienWhen someone dies in the Marshalls, this is a time for the coming together of their family, friends, and everyone who knew them. [S14]kijjie-
5.Rejeḷā jibwi ritto raṇ.The old couple know how to take care of their grandchildren.jibwi
6.Rejeḷā ke ri-kaaddeboulul armej kōrā eṇ.They are aware of the fact that that woman causes people to get giddy.addeboulul
7.Team ko rejeḷā tata raṇ rej kajiāik er.The best teams are arranged to compete each other.jiāe

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