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Prose Selection
from Spoken Marshallese

Ṃōñā. - Food. [SM11]

Ej jab kanooj lōñ ṃōñā ilo aelōñ in Ṃajeḷ. Eḷap an lōñ ek, ak ej jab bwe mā im men ko jet. Raij im pilawā, jukwa, im ṃōñā ko jet ilo kāān rej itok jān Amedka, Aujterelia, kab Jepaan. Eḷap aer kaddeḷọñtok ṃweiuk im ṃōñā jān aer kaddiwōjḷọk waini.
There is really not a lot of food in the islands of the Marshalls. There are lots of fish, but not enough breadfruit and other foods. Rice and flour, sugar and other foods in cans come from America, Australia, and Japan. More goods and foods are imported than the copra that is exported.