updated: 3/23/2019

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ʻŌlelo Noʻeau - Concordance


1. s. A very small fish; a shrimp; a crab.
2. n. general name for shrimp. For some persons, ʻōpae were ʻaumakua.


176ʻAʻohe loea i ka wai ʻōpae.It is no feat to catch shrimps in a freshet.
 [You don’t need experience to do that job. Shrimps were often taken in great numbers by means of wicker platforms placed across mountain streams. In time of freshets they would be swept onto these platforms and gathered.]
178ʻAʻohe lolena i ka wai ʻōpae.There must he no slackness when one gathers shrimp in time of a freshet.
 [Let there be no slackers when there is work to be done. Lazy people don’t get anywhere.]
867He ʻōpae, he panau.A shrimp that moves with a flip of its tail.
 [Said of one who gads about. He is compared to a shrimp who with one flip of its tail is over here, and with another flip is over there.]
965He waʻa auaneʻi ka ipu e pau ai nā pipi me nā ʻōpae.A gourd container is not a canoe to take all of the oysters and shrimps.
 [The container is not too large and cannot deplete the supply. A reply to one who views with suspicion another’s food container, or who balks at sharing what he has.]
984Hihia ka ʻōpae ma ka ʻumiʻumi.The shrimp is entangled by the feelers.
 [Like a shrimp whose feelers are entangled by some weeds trailing in the water, so is a person who is caught in an affair he cannot get out of.]
1056Honokōhau ʻōpae lele.Honokōhau’s leaping shrimp.
 [An epithet for the kauā of Honokōhau, Maui.]
1082Hoʻokahi no ʻōpae, ʻula ka paʻakai.One shrimp can redden the salt.
 [Said of a poor fare of food due to a bad crop. A single shrimp and some salt will do for the time being, as long as the shrimp flavors and colors the salt.]
1215I Kōkī o Wailau, i ke alapiʻi a ka ʻōpae.At Kōkī at Wailau is the stairway of the shrimp.
 [Refers to Wailau, Molokaʻi, where the fishing god ʻAiʻai hid all the shrimps at a ledge called Kōkl because he was annoyed at the people there for neglecting to preserve the fish spawn. He later revealed the hiding place to a youth he especially liked.]
1710Ke ʻīnana la me he ʻōpae ʻoehaʻa.Active like freshwater shrimp.
 [Said of scattered warriors who climb rocks and hillsides to escape death.]

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