updated: 3/23/2019

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ʻŌlelo Noʻeau - Concordance


1. vi. to move; to turn sideways, as contemptuously; to slouch along, gyrate along; to pull away, as in anger; motion of leisurely swaying (less common than oioi).
2. to remain, endure, survive, continue, go on, exist...; to keep doing, persevere, continue...
3. The name of a small tree.
4. To be sharp, as a knife, hatchet or spade. Hal. 45:5.
5. To sharpen; to set on edge, as the teeth. Ezek. 18:2. To sharpen, as a knife, on a steel or whetstone. see kepa. Oikepa, a sharp instrument.
6. The sharp edge or point of a weapon; hence,
7. Offensive or defensive weapons; arms.Luk. 11:22. The sharp points of broken glass bottles; ua maikai ka omole mawaho; aka, ina e naha ka omole, ua piha loa oloko i ka oi.
8. In music, a sharp.
9. Sharp; full of sharp points; sharp, as a knife; ka hoana oi, the sharp hone; ke apuapu oi, the sharp file.
10. Poor; thin in flesh, that is, having sharp features.
11. vs. acute, in math.
12. nvs. sharp, acute; sharpness; a sharp sign in music which raises the pitch of the following note a semitone.
13. v. To project out or over; to go beyond; exceed; generally with mamua. Ioan. 13:16.
14. To be more in any way; to be more excellent; to be greater naturally or morally; to be better. Puk. 1:9. To be excessive in some condition; as, ua oi paaloa, aole e hemo, it is very firmly fixed, it will not be moved.
15. To approach; to draw near to, as in speaking to one. Kin. 44:18.
16. Hoo. To go beyond a prescribed limit. Luk. 3:13. Opposed to hoemi. Kanl. 13:1. Ua hooi aku oe i ka lono, thou exceedest the report. 2 Oihl. 9:6.
17. s. Excess; superiority; greatness. Kanl. 7:7.
18. An uneven number; difference in numbers, as in substraction.
19. adj. First; most excellent; greater; the best.
20. nvs. best, superior, superb, main, prominent, exceeding; to exceed, excel; left-over, extra, remaining, above, odd.
21. adv. While; whilst; during some time when a thing was doing; e hele i ka malamalama, oi kau ke ea i ke kino; oi huli wale lakou ia ia, while they sought for him in vain; while yet.2 Sam. 3:35.
22. while, although...
23. To limp; to walk stiffly.


102Akua lehe ʻoi.Sharp-lipped goddess.
 [An epithet for Pele, who devoured even the rocks and trees.]
316E kanu i ka huli ʻoi hāʻule ka ua.Plant the taro stalks while there is rain.
 [Do your work when opportunity affords.]
328E lawe i ke aʻo a mālama, a e ʻoi mau ka naʻauao.He who takes his teachings and applies them increases his knowledge.
371E paneʻe ka waʻa ʻoi moe ka ʻale.Set the canoes moving while the billows are at rest.
 [Said by Holowae, a kahuna, to suggest that Kalaniʻōpuʻu retum to Hawaiʻi while there was peace. Later used to stir one to action.]
700He koholua ʻoi ke aliʻi.A sharp-pointed piercing implement is the chief.
 [A warning that one who tampers with a chief will be hurt.]
857He ʻoi wale aku nō ʻo Huaʻā.Great indeed was Huaʻā.
 [A sarcasm. Huaʻā was a chief of Puna on Hawaiʻi. When the chief of another district threatened to war against him, he hastily sent word to Kamehameha for protection. The latter ordered the war-minded chief to cease his threats.]
1484Ka moa i hānai ʻia i ka lā, ua ʻoi A cock fed in the sunlight is stronger than one fed in the shade.
 [If you want a strong son, raise him with plenty of sunlight.]
2117Mālama i ke kala ka iʻa hiʻu ʻoi.Watch out for the kala, the fish with a sharp tail.
 [A warning to beware of a person who is well equipped to defend himself. The kala, a surgeonfish, has a spike near the caudal fin which it uses in defense.]
2144Maui nō ka ʻoi.Maui excels.
 [From the song of this title by the Reverend Samuel Kapū.]
2386ʻOi hoʻi he hana hāʻawe o kaumaha.It isn’t work to carry this heavy burden on the back. It’s no trouble at all.
2388ʻOi kau ka lā, e hana i ola honua.While the sun yet shines do all you can.
 [While there is earthly life (ola honua), do all you can.]

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