updated: 3/23/2019

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ʻŌlelo Noʻeau - Concordance


1. adv. Au, time, and anei, now, hero, &c. It refers to an indefinite future time, but not far off; hereafter; by and by; soon; used only after verbs. E ua auanei, ke opiopi mai nei ke ao, it will rain soon, the clouds are folding up; e ino auanei, ke okupukupu mai la ka hao ino. NOTE.—After a word ending with a, it is often written uanei.
2. postposed temporal particle. soon, by-and-by, presently, shortly, just. cf. auaneʻi₂
3. postposed dubitative particle.
  • probably,
  • merely,
  • probably not,
  • possibly,
  • doubtful.


274E hamau o makani mai auaneʻi.Hush, lest the wind arise.
 [Hold your silence or trouble will come to us. When the people went to gather pearl oysters at Puʻuloa, they did so in silence, for they believed that if they spoke, a gust of wind would ripple the water and the oysters would vanish.]
281E hinu auaneʻi nā nuku, he pōmaikaʻi ko laila.Where the mouths are shiny [with fat food], prosperity is there.
 [The prosperous have the richest food to eat.]
347E mālama i ka mākua, o hoʻomakua auaneʻi i ka haʻi.Take care of [your] parents lest [the day come when] you will be caring for someone else’s.
 [Mākua includes all relatives of the parents’ generation, including their siblings and cousins.]
373E pili mai auaneʻi ia pupuka iaʻu!That homeliness will not attach itself to me!
 [Ugliness is not contagious. Said by a good-looking person in answer to, “I wonder why a handsome person like you should have such a homely mate.”]
377E puʻu auaneʻi ka lae i ka ua o Kawaupuʻu, i ka hoʻopaʻa a ka hōʻakamai.The forehead is likely to be lumped by the rain of Kawaupuu if one insists on being a smarty.
 [A warning not to get cocky or smart lest one be hurt. A play on puʻu (lump).]
677He kau auaneʻi i ka lae ʻaʻā.Watch out lest the canoe land on a rocky reef.
 [Watch out for trouble.]
831He naha ipu auaneʻi o paʻa i ka hupau humu.It isn’t a break in a gourd container that can he easily mended by sewing the parts together.
 [A broken relationship is not as easily mended as a broken gourd. Also, the breaking up of the family brought a stop to the support each gave the other.]
874He paʻakai auaneʻi ke kanaka o heheʻe.Man isn’t salt that melts.
 [Said to encourage someone to venture out into the rain.]
965He waʻa auaneʻi ka ipu e pau ai nā pipi me nā ʻōpae.A gourd container is not a canoe to take all of the oysters and shrimps.
 [The container is not too large and cannot deplete the supply. A reply to one who views with suspicion another’s food container, or who balks at sharing what he has.]
1229I lohe i ka ʻōlelo a hoʻokō, e ola auaneʻi a laupaʻi.One who hears good counsel and heeds [it] will live to see many descendants.
2052Mai hoʻomāuna i ka ʻai o huli mai auaneʻi o Hāloa e nānā.Do not be wasteful of food lest Hāloa turn around and stare [at you].
 [Do not be wasteful, especially of poi, because it would anger Hāloa, the taro god, who would someday let the waster go hungry.]
2057Mai kaena, o kō ʻole auaneʻi.Do not boast lest you fail to accomplish what you had boasted you could do.
2072Mai kīʻai a hālo wale i ko haʻi ʻīpuka o pā auaneʻi i ka leo.Do not peer or peep in the doorway of other people’s houses or you’ll be struck by the voice.
 [Mind your own business, or you’ll hear something that will hurt your feelings.]
2076Mai lele mua o pā auaneʻi.Do not leap first lest you be hurt.
 [Don’t be the first to start a fight.]
2081Mai ʻōlelo i ke kuapuʻu e kū pololei, o hina auaneʻi.Dont tell the hunchback to stand up straight lest he fall down.
 [Don’t go around correcting others.]
2103Make auaneʻi i ka moana a pae kupapaʻu i Lānaʻi.May probahly die at sea and his corpse wash ashore on Lānaʻi.
 [Refers to a person on a very hazardous venture.]
2757Pupuka auaneʻi, he inoa ʻala.Homely he may be, but his name is fragrant.
 [He bears an honorable name.]
2764Puʻu auaneʻi ka lae i ka ua o Kawaupuʻu.The forehead may he given a lump hy the rain of Kawaupuu.
 [One is likely to get into trouble.]

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