updated: 3/23/2019

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ʻŌlelo Noʻeau - Concordance


1. nvs. strongly odoriferous; a strong odor, whether pleasant or unpleasant.
2. s. An unpleasant odor; a bad smell.
3. adj. Unpleasant to the smell; bad smelling.
4. nvs. unlucky, unsuccessful, as in fishing or sex; bad luck. [But cf. iwi paoa under paoa₁.]
5. v. see pa and oa, destitute. To be empty; to be destitute; to return without obtaining the object sought; to return destitute, as one who catches nothing at fishing; ua paoa ka makou huakai, our company did not obtain what they went for.
6. Paoa wale hoi au—e—
7. Aole moewaa o ka po—e.
8. s. Destitution; having obtained nothing after making an effort.
9. adj. Destitute from not having obtained, not from having lost; ua hoikaika, ua imi, a paoa no.
10. vt. to have a taste or desire for (usually used with waha, mouth).
11. predawn
12. Name of a small kind of fish.


93ʻAkahi ka hoʻi ka paoa, ke kau nei ka mākole pua heʻo.Here is a sign of ill luck, for the red-eyed bright-hued one rests above.
 [Said when a rainbow appears before the path of one who was on a business journey. Such a rainbow is regarded the same as meeting a red-eyed person — a sign of bad luck. Better to turn about and go home.]
597He huakaʻi paoa, he pili i ka iwi.An unlucky journey in which the body was wagered.
727He lawaiʻa paoa.A luckless fisherman.
 [Said of one who is unlucky in fishing or in gaining the attention of a desired member of the opposite sex.]
1005Hilo, nahele paoa i ke ʻala.Hilo, where the forest is imbued with fragrance.
 [Hilo’s forest is fragrant with hala and lehua blossoms.]
1108Hoʻopau kaʻā, he lawaiʻa paoa; hoʻānuānu ʻili o ka hele maunu.An unlucky fisherman wastes time in wetting his line; he merely gets his skin cold in seeking bait.
 [Said of an unlucky person who, in spite of every effort, gets nothing.]
1177I kahi ʻē nō ke kumu mokihana, paoa ʻē nō ʻoneʻi i ke ʻala.Although the mokihana tree is at a distance, its fragrance reaches here.
 [Although a person is far away, the tales of his good deeds come to us.]
2403ʻO ka hana ia a ka lawaiʻa iwi paoa, iho nō ka makau, piʻi nō ka iʻa.That is the way of a fisherman with lucky bones — down goes his hook, up comes a fish.
 [Said of a lucky person. It was believed that certain people’s bones brought them luck in fishing. When they died their bones were sought for the making of fishhooks.]
2410ʻO ka ʻīlio i paoa ka waha i ka A dog whose mouth likes the taste of eggs will not stop taking them.
 [Said of one who cannot be cured of a bad habit.]
2598Paoa ka lawaiʻa i ka ʻōlelo ʻia o ka ʻawa.Unlucky is fishing when ʻawa is discussed.
 [ʻAwa (kava) also means “bitterness.”]

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