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ʻū₁   to grunt, groan, moan, sigh, hum, coo, mourn, grieve, complain...
PCP *kuu

  • to grunt, groan, moan, sigh, hum, coo,
  • mourn, grieve, complain;
  • grief, sorrow;
  • an exclamation of delight or assent; to exclaim thus;
  • to grunt ‘yes, yes!’ (saying that you are listening)
ʻū     var. spelling of ʻuwā, to shout, cry out, yell, sound loud, shout, racket...
ʻūē₁     to cry, weep, lament, mourn; a cry, lamentation, weeping. cf. auē, haʻuhaʻu uwē.
ʻūuī₁     var. spelling of ʻuwī₁, to squeak, squeal; to gnash, as teeth; such sounds...
ʻūō     to bellow, roar, shout loudly, howl. see kūō, leo uwō.
ʻūʻū₁     redup. of ʻū₁, to grunt, groan, moan, sigh, hum, coo, mourn, grieve, complain...; to stutter, stammer.
ʻūuwā     to shout, cry out, yell, sound loud, shout, racket. see , noise.
ʻū     var. spelling of , cry, weep...
ʻūuwī₁     to squeak, squeal; to gnash, as teeth; such sounds. cf. .
ʻū     var. spelling of , bellow, roar...


uku₁   pay, payment, wages, fee, fare, toll, commission, reward, recompense, compensation, remittance, tuition, prize, fine, tax, installment, tribute; to pay, remunerate, compensate, repay, revenge.
PPn *utu, compensation, payment, return

hoʻouku     to make someone pay; to levy a tax, fine, assess, charge see uku₁, pay, payment, wages, fee, fare, toll, commission, reward, recompense, compensation, remittance, tuition, prize, fine, tax...
kula uku     private school. lit., paying school.
kuleana uku pohō     liability, i.e. a legal responsibility or obligation. lit., responsibility (to) pay damages.
mahele uku     installment payment (EH)
naʻu e uku     my treat (EH)
pilouku     Pilo and uku, pay. Aohe pilouku, nothing wrong in the pay, any reward is acceptable; I will take anything for pay which you will give.
uku     pay, payment, wages, fee, fare, toll, commission, reward, recompense, compensation, remittance, tuition, prize, fine, tax, installment, tribute; to pay, remunerate, compensate, repay, revenge. Many types of uku are listed below.
uku ʻākena     see uku ʻēkena, commission, i.e. a fee paid to an agent...
uku egena     var. spelling of uku ʻēkena, agent's fee...
uku ʻēkena     agent's fee, commission.
uku hala     penalty for wrongdoing; to pay for wrong done, as damages. Sugar cane, as halāliʻi, used in ceremonies for the remission of sins might be so called.
uku hana     wages, salary, pay for work; to pay wages.
uku hapa     installment payment; to pay in part.
uku hoʻēmi     cheap or reduced price, discount.
uku hoʻomau     pension, alimony. lit., permanent pay.
uku hoʻomau mahope o ka ʻoki male ʻana     alimony (EH)
uku hoʻopaʻa     premium, as insurance; down payment, deposit. lit., payment [to] solidify.
uku hoʻopaʻi     reparations. lit., pay (as) punishment. cf. uku pānaʻi.
uku hoʻopaʻi     fine, forfeit.
uku hoʻopaneʻe     interest, usury; to pay interest.
ukui     A reward. see uku.
uku i ke kuke     to pay duty (EH)
uku i nā kuke     to pay customs (EH)
uku ʻinikua     insurance premium.
uku kaʻa     carfare, transportation charge.
uku kākoʻo     subsidy, monetary aid, grant-in-aid.
uku kaulele     interest on principal, premium, extra or overtime pay. lit., payment added on.
uku keu     extra pay, bonus, left-over pay.
uku kīpē     bribe, to bribe.
uku komikina     commission (pay) (EH)
uku komo     entrance fee.
uku komokina     commission (pay).
uku kuala     interest payment (EH)
uku kūʻike     cash payment.
uku kula     school tuition.
uku kūmau     customary or usual fees; dues, taxes.
uku kuwala     interest payment, bounty.
uku lawelawe     tip, gratuity, service charge. lit., service pay.
uku leka     postage, postage stamp.
uku leka     postage. lit., letter fee.
uku leta     var. spelling of uku leka, postage...
uku liʻiliʻi     installment payment, small payment.
uku makahiki     annual payment or salary, annuity.
uku ma ka mahina     monthly pay (EH)
uku ma ka makahiki     annual salary (EH)
uku makana     tip; gift payment, bonus.
uku male     dowry; marriage fee, as to the minister. lit., marriage payment.
uku male a ka wahine     dowry (EH)
uku manawa     installment payment; to pay on time.
uku mare     var. spelling of uku male, dowry...
uku moku     steamship fare.
uku ola lā     per diem, i.e. a daily allowance for living expenses while traveling in connection with oneʻs work. lit., pay (for) means of support (for the) day. also ola lā.
ukupaʻa     same as ukupau.
uku pākalikali     installment payments (EH)
uku pānaʻi     refund, redemption, ransom, reward; to redeem, refund.
uku paneʻe     same as uku hoʻopaneʻe, interest, usury...
ukupau     piece labor, pay by the job rather than according to time, as on sugar plantations; used in pidgin for any work that everyone should pitch in gladly to finish; contract labor. lit., finished pay.
uku pohō     damages; to pay damages.

To pardon; a nana no e leleuli lelewai mai i ko kakou hewa, 'tis his to wash away our sins.

uli₁   any dark color, including the deep blue of the sea, the ordinary green of vegetation, and the dark of black clouds
PPn *ʻuli, black, dark in colour

aouli     firmament, sky, blue vault of heaven.
ʻāuli     dark.
ʻeleuli     grayish black.
ʻeleuli     a rare type of dark-gray or perfumed tapa. (FS 18–9)
uli     blackish, swarthy, dark.
uli     bruise.
  • small fish with formerly transparent body beginning to darken;
  • embryo of human or animal.
uliuli₁     redup. of hāuli₁, blackish, swarthy, dark...
hoʻouli     to darken, to make blue, green, etc.; to make the skin black and blue; to bruise see uli₁, any dark color, including the deep blue of the sea, the ordinary green of vegetation, and the dark of black clouds; the black-and-blue of a bruise...
ʻina uli     black ʻina, perhaps young of Echinometra oblonga, or one of several other sea urchins.
kāhiwa uli     var. spelling of kāhiwa, dark pupil...
kalaniuli     The blue sky; the upper visible heavens. see kapapalani.
kala uli     a variety of kala, a fish.
uli     blue jay. usu. manu kēuli. [comb. Eng. + uli.]
konouli     same as konoʻele (darkness, as of a forest; said also of the inside of thighs thought to be darkened by the chafing of the malo; somewhat darker than konouli...), but perhaps less dark.
kope paʻi mua uliuli     blueline, i.e. a final proof made on photosensitive paper, in offset printing. lit., blue proof. also paʻi mua uliuli.
kuauli     verdant countryside. lit., green back.
kūkaeuli     ink squirted by octopus to discolor water. fig., prostitute, as in whalers' days, so called because of their alleged cleverness at escaping from precarious situations. lit., black excreta.
kūpouli     befuddled, stupefied, mentally clouded, dazed, carried away with emotion, stricken. cf. pouli, dark; darkness, dark night. fig., ignorance...
laʻa uli     sacred or doomed darkness, ignorance, gloom, the unknown, misfortune. cf. laʻa kea, lāʻau aliʻi.
Laeuliuli     Cape Verde. lit., green cape.
uli     dark, overcast, shady; darkness. lit., dark sun.
uli     a variety of ulua, a fish. lit., dark fin.
lauoho uliuli     one with dark hair, brunette; dark hair.
leho pouli     a very dark-brown cowry (Cypraea mauritiana).
Leleuli     name of a gusty, wintry wind.
lele uli     to dispel darkness; to purify or cleanse, as in a religious ceremony.
leleuuli     To cleanse; to purify.
lepo uli     ashes of certain woods mixed with water, as for medicine. lit., dark earth.
lileiuli     to cleanse, as of sin. rare. 
maka uli     black eye, as from a bruise.
moana uli     dark blue sea (EH)
moauli     short for moana uli, dark blue sea.
palauli     dark, as the skin, clouds.
Paliuli     a legendary land of plenty and joy, said to be on Hawaiʻi, where chiefs' children were raised; now a place name on several islands. lit., green cliff. see chant, pulelo and saying, glory.
uli     dark, as sea or skin; gloom, darkness.
pouli     dark; darkness, dark night. fig., ignorance.
pouli     eclipse.
pouli hapa     partial eclipse (EH)
uliuli     redup. of pouli₁; murky, gloomy.
uliuli     dark; to paint or stain dark.
  • any dark color, including the deep blue of the sea, the ordinary green of vegetation, and the dark of black clouds;
  • the black-and-blue of a bruise.
  Some song composers avoid this word because connotations of evil or misfortune are associated with darkness and because Uli is a goddess of sorcery (see Uli₂).
also uliuli.


ʻume₁   to draw, pull, attract, entice; attractive, alluring; attraction.
Pn(EP) *kume, pull, haul

alaʻume     to draw, pull, attract, as a magnet.
  • opposition, oppose.
  • struggle, to struggle,
  • contention, strife;
  cf. pāʻumeʻume₂
also ʻāʻuʻume.
ʻāʻuʻume     same as ʻāʻumeʻume, opposition, struggle, contention... (For. 5:553)
ʻau ʻume     drawer handle (preceded by ke). cf. pōheo ʻume.
hiaʻume     to have an affinity for (something). [comb. hia- (to be disposed to) + ʻume.]
houpo ʻume pau     strong pulsation in solar plexis, heart attack.
kai ʻume lua     spring tide. lit., sea (affected by) doubled gravity. see kai maumau.
loko ʻume iki     shore fishpond with lanes leading in and/or out of the pond, used for trapping fish and probably only on Molokaʻi. lit., small pond drawing in. Summers-1964:12–19, 24
meaʻume     see ʻume₂, a sexual game for commoners...
mīkini hoʻopau ʻumekaumaha     antigravity machine. lit., machine (that) cancels gravity. see ʻumekaumaha.
pahi ʻume     drawknife.
pahu ʻume     drawer, bureau, buffet.
pahu ʻume o ka lumi ʻaina     sideboard (EH)
ʻumeʻume₁     tug-of-war game; to play such a game, in land or sea. also hukihuki.
ʻumeʻume₂     contentious, quarreling, contending, fighting. cf. ʻāʻumeʻume.
ʻumelauoho     capillarity. [comb. pē- + dic., sp. var.] cf. ohowele.
piko ʻumekaumaha     center of gravity. see ʻumekaumaha.
pila pāʻumeʻume     var. of pila ʻume ʻume, accordion...
pilaʻumeʻume     accordion. lit., tugging fiddle.
pōheo ʻume     drawer knob. cf. ʻau ʻume.
  • to draw, pull,
  • attract, attraction (Mele 1.4) .
  • entice;
  • attractive, alluring;
ʻume     a sexual game for commoners, the counterpart of kilu, the chiefs' game. (Malo 214-15: ch 41). It was called ʻume, to draw, because players of opposite sex were drawn to one another. to pair off in the game.
ʻume     fermata in music, hold, pause; to lengthen, as a sound.
ʻume ʻia     attracted (EH)
ʻumekaumaha     gravity. lit., weight attraction.
ʻumeke poi     poi bowl (EH)
ʻume launa     the attraction that draws two solids and makes them one.
ʻume lauoho     the attraction that draws liquids up through narrow tubes, capillary action; siphon. lit., hair attraction.
ʻume mageneti     var. spelling of ʻume mākēneki, the attraction or pull of a magnet...
ʻume mākēneki     the attraction or pull of a magnet.
ʻumena     an attraction, pulling. see ʻume₁, draw, pull...
ʻumeʻume     redup. of ʻume₁, draw, pull..., ʻume₂, sexual game..., ʻume₃, fermata in music...
ʻūpa ʻume     nippers.
wai ʻumelauoho     capillary water.

ʻūmiʻi   clamp, clip, clasp, staple, clutch, buckle, vise, trap...

kahi ʻūmiʻi lauoho     folding hairclip with teeth. Niʻihau.
kui ʻūmiʻi     metal binder, as in a notebook.
kui ʻūmiʻi pepa     staple, for paper. Niʻihau. see mea ʻūmiʻi pepa, stapler, for paper..., mea wehe ʻūmiʻi, staple remover...
makaaniani ʻūmiʻi     pince-nez (EH)
mea hoʻopaʻa ʻūmiʻi     stapler (EH)
mea ʻūmiʻi pepa     stapler, for paper. Niʻihau. see kui ʻūmiʻi pepa, mea wehe ʻūmiʻi.
mea wehe ʻūmiʻi     staple remover. Niʻihau. cf. kui ʻūmiʻi pepa, mea ʻūmiʻi pepa.
papa ʻūmiʻi     clipboard, as in a computer program.
pihi ʻūmiʻi     snap, fastener (preceded by ke). also ʻūmiʻi.
puke kuiʻūmiʻi     saddle staple-bound book. lit., staple fastener book.
ʻūmiʻi     sharp body pain, pang, or cramp, as in the side. see ʻūmiʻi₁, clamp...
ʻūmiʻi     clamp, clip, clasp, staple, clutch, buckle, vise, trap; to pinch, clip, clasp, clamp, squeeze also ʻumiki.
ʻūmiʻi ʻana i ka wāwae     foot-binding (EH)
ʻūmiʻi ʻilikuapo     belt buckle. also ʻūmiʻi.
ʻūmiʻi ʻiole     rattrap, mousetrap.
ʻūmiʻi kaula     capo, as used on a fretted instrument to raise the pitch of all strings. lit., string clamp.
ʻūmiʻi kuapo     belt buckle.
ʻūmiʻi kukui haole     nutcracker.
ʻūmiʻilau     planthopper (Oliarus tamehameha). [comb. ʻūmiʻi + lau.] cf. ʻumiʻikō.
ʻūmiʻilau ʻakoko     longhead euphorb planthopper (Dictyophorodelphax mirabilis). lit., ʻakoko (genus Euphorbia) shrub planthopper.
ʻūmiʻi lauoho     hair clasp.
ʻūmiʻinalo     Venus flytrap. [comb. ʻūmiʻi + nalo.]
ʻūmiʻi paʻa     clasp (firmly), interlocked (EH)
ʻūmiʻi pepa     paper clip, clamp, staple.
ʻūpā ʻūmiʻi     pliers.

ʻū₁    uku₁    uli₁    ʻume₁    ʻūmiʻi    

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