Updated: 12/23/2017
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Micronesian Comparative Dictionary


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32. Tagalog (1)

hunoscoconut leaf or frond that helps bind it to the tree (PMc: *unu)

33. Tobi (1) (Kubary 1989)

(tene)-oŋ‘turmeric’ (PMc: *aŋo)

34. Tokelau (1) (Bender et al. 1984)

whakawakaframe cover (PMc: *waxa₁)

35. Tongan (61) (Churchward 1959)

‘aho‘day’ (PMc: *a[sS]o)

‘ahu‘gallbladder’ (PMc: *asi)

‘aitell, inform (PMc: *kai₂)

aloŋo‘kind of shark with head like that of a stingray’ (PMc: *aroŋo)

aŋo‘a ginger [Curcuma longa] (PMc: *aŋo)

epa‘mats given to a bride’ (PCMc: *epaepa)

fahuchild of a manʻs sister (PMc: *fa[sS]ua)

fono‘give strict or solemn instruction, charge, command, direct, enjoin’ (PMc: *fanau)

fuato lift, carry on shoulder with a stick (PMc: *wua, wuawua, wua-ti, wua-ta)

fue-si-[a]carry, bear [a burden] (PMc: *wua, wuawua, wua-ti, wua-ta)

fuŋatop, upper surface, lap (PMc: *wuŋa)

haabad (PMc: *[sS]aa)

haa·‘interrogative suffix’ (PMc: *-Saa, mee-Saa)

ha’aha’acluttered up (PMc: *[sS]aa)

hikopick up, gather up (PMc: *[sS]iko)

hili, hili-faki‘put or lay or place on something’ (PMc: *[sS]ili, [sS]ili-fi)

kihistunted, dwarfed (PMc: *kisi)

kuikind of fish (PCMc: *kua)

lakalakato walk quickly, hurry on ahead (PMc: *lakalaka)

laka-sito pass, go beyond (PMc: *lakalaka)

Tongan (20 / 61)

lalakato walk, step along (PMc: *lakalaka)

laŋoprop up or support by placing something underneath (PMc: *laŋo₂)

likucliff-bound coast, at the back of an island (PMc: *liku)

liŋoliŋocricket (PMc: *liŋoliŋo)

loŋo‘a shark’ (PMc: *aroŋo)

loo‘ant’ (PCMc: *l[eo]ŋu)

loolooabsolutely dark, pitch dark (PMc: *roco)

ma’awaa kind of fish (PMc: *maawa)

mahu‘productive [of land and soil], have plenty of food’ (PMc: *masu)

mamao [? < *mamawa]to yawn (PMc: *mawa)

mamia kind of banana’ (PMc: *mami)

ma-toluthick [of board or paper] (PMc: *ma-tolu, ma-totolu, ma-tolutolu)

mei·‘breadfruit’ (PMc: *mai₁)

namosea near land (PMc: *namʷo)

ŋa-·‘prefix indicating having a variable, oscillating, or variegated condition’ (PMc: *mʷa-)

ŋafa·‘fathom’ (PMc: *ŋafa)

ŋalinibble, chew, gnaw (PMc: *ŋari, ŋari-ti)

ŋatasnake (PMc: *mʷata)

ŋolomake a rattling or rumbling noise when one breathes (PMc: *ŋoro, ŋoroŋoro, [sS]i-ŋoro)

ŋuugrunt (PMc: *ŋuu)

Tongan (40 / 61)

ŋuu, ŋuŋu‘bite with the teeth, munch, crunch (as bones), eat with a crunching or munching sound’ (PMc: *ŋaruŋaru or *ŋ[eo]ru, ŋ[eo]ruŋ[eo]ru)

ŋuuŋuuhum (PMc: *ŋuu)

pupuu·‘to sound (when blown, as a trumpet)’ (PMc: *pʷuu)

pupuuto sound as a conch shell when blown, to whistle (PMc: *wuku, wuuku)

quŋalarge hermit crab (PMc: *wumʷa)

sia, sia-’ito weave a net or spiderweb (PMc: *[sS]aa, [sS]aa-i-)

ta·‘1st plural inclusive possessive pronoun, of us, our’ (PMc: *-ca)

ta’aa fish (red, edible) (PMc: *taraa)

(ta)-’alo‘to wave, beckon’ (PMc: *alo, aloalo, alo-[fØ]i)

tanoplace of burial, cemetery (PMc: *tano)

tanuto bury or intern (something) (PMc: *tano)

tapakaularge coconut leaf suitable for use in making floor mats (PMc: *tapaka[wØ]u)

toki‘adze’ (PMc: *toki)

too(presumably a loan) (PMc: *towu)

tou-‘person who does something’ (PMc: *tawu-₁)

tuhufinger, to point (PMc: *tu[sS]u)

tuhu’ito point to (PMc: *tu[sS]u)

[tuo]-ŋa’ane‘brother of a woman’ (PMc: *mʷaane)

tu’uto hold up, stop (PMc: *tuu₂)

unuto slough, to shed skin, skin or shell that has been shed, slough (PMc: *unu)

Tongan (60 / 61)

uŋatake shelter, be sheltered (PMc: *umʷa, imʷa)

Trukese (1378) . see: Chuukese

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