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example sentences


1.  A delak a soal a okulengeseu er ngii el ngomlii a sersel.My mom wants me to help her weed her garden/farm.
2.  A delak me a reta er ngak a tirke el chad el orrenges a tekingel a Dios e oltirakl.My mother and brothers are those who hear the word of God and obey it.
3.  A delak mea tonari er kemam a mlora sers, aleko temo meruul a billum.Our neighbor and my mom went to the farm, they will be making grated cassava.
4.  Ng delak el mechas a rengul er a teng er ngak.It's my mother who is astonished at my grades.
5.  Ng ulemekeroul a bung a delak er a sersel.My mother was growing flowers in her garden.
6.  A delak me ngak a mo er a Oreor.My mother and I are going to Koror.
7.  A delak a ngar er a uum.My mother is in the kitchen.
8.  A delak a mesengaked.My mother is slim.
9.  A delak a mo okisak.My mother will wake me up.
10. Ak dilu era delak el kmo a kmo milil era tebetab.I told my mom that I'm going to the park.
11. A delak a mlo era ukeruul era tutau. Akmlo olekerd er ngii.My mom went for a check up this morning. I went to drop her off.
12. A delak a milsa ta era bekerkard el techel a til.My mom gave him some Palauan money for his wallet.
13. A delak a ululsisechakl er ngak el mengaus a llel a such el mo ulkou.My mom tried to teach me how to weave hats from pandanus leaves.
14. A delak a mlo mesubch a brrak.My mom went to get some elephant ears taro.
15. A delak a diak el sal soal akuu otobai.My mom doesnt really want me to have a motorcycle.

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