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example sentences


1.  A Droteo a dimlak lemei.Droteo didn't come.
2.  A Droteo a dimlak longang me a ka lullim a merael.Droteo neither ate nor drank and just left.
3.  Ng kmal mle meringel a daob meng dimlak a cheldemam.We didnt catch anything as the waves were really strong.
4.  A lemlak a ududel a Droteo, e ng dimlak lebo er a Guam.If Droteo hadn't had the money, (then) he wouldn't have gone to Guam.
5.  A Toki a kmal sekkak el mengetmokl er a blil el kirel a party, e dimlak a chad el mong.Toki made a special effort to fix up her place for a party, but not a single person came.
6.  Aike el mlokoad er a tebelik el charm a dimlak kulab el eko omeskau.Those that were killed by wild animals, I didn't take them to you.
7.  Ak millebedebek el kmo a Toki a me er a klas, e ng di dimlak lemei.I was thinking or expecting that Toki would come to class, but she didn't come.
8.  Ak mle smecher me ng dimlak kbo er a skuul.I was sick, so I didn't go to school.
9.  Ak mlo omes er a Droteo e dimlak lemei, me ak okor e mo remei.I went to meet Droteo, but he didn't come, so I went home instead.
10.  E ng mla er ngii a chebuul el chad el kiliei er ngii el beluu el kmal mle mellomes a rengul me ng mle sebechel el osebelii a beluu, e ng di dimlak a llotkii ngii el chebuul el chad.And there was a poor man who lived in that village whose heart was so light that it was his ability to make the town survive, but there wasn't anyone who thought about him.
11.  Ng dimlak a kall.There wasn't any food.
12.  Ng dimlak a ngara el kulekoi.I didn't have anything to say.
13.  Ng dimlak a techellek el omes er a resechelim.I didn't have any opportunity to get together with your friends.
14.  Ng dimlak kbo er a party e le a bechik a mle smecher.I didn't go to the party because my wife was sick.
15.  Ng dimlak kkingatsku el ua se ng mla mesodel a bilek.I didn't notice that my clothes were torn.
16.  Ng dimlak ldurenguk.I didn't mean to.
17.  Ng mla er ngii a dilubech el tekoi er a blik, me ng dimlak lsebechek el mei.Something happened at home, so I couldn't come.
18.  Ng mla er ngii a rebebil el chad el dimlak leklikiid e le te rirtechii a bedengel a ulekoad chad.There were some people who were ritually unclean because they had touched a corpse.
19. Kamluut el mo klou a ngerem eng dimlak rengesau.Can you speak a bit louder, i didnt hear you?
20. Ak mlo milil era kesus ngak mar sechelik. Dimlak kibemrei mer chelechal tutau.My friends and I went out last night. We didnt get home until this morning.
21. Dimlak kudengei el kmo kede kmal mekedidai a rengud.I didnt really realize that we are so darn stubborn.
22. Ngmlo telkib el ngesonges a ududek meng dimlak kucherar a chemelek el dekool.My budget was low I couldn't buy cigarettes.
23. Mlarngii a teluchel el mlai era bitara did. Dimlak a metemall el chad.There was a crash by the bridge. Nobody got hurt.
24. A rechad el miluches aikal hong a dimlak a ungil losischeklir meng betok a chelebireklel.People who wrote these books didnt have enough experience or teachings so there are some mistakes.

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