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da    de    di    do    doa    du    

da   interr. what. Pwuhk da? What book?

-da   verb. suff. upwards; used with adjectives with an inchoative meaning; with verbs of cooking, detaching, wearing, and acquisition it signals the action has been carried through to its logical conclusion; with verbs of perception or thinking it indicates the thing being perceived or thought of has suddenly come into one's consciousness; with some verbs naming bodily activities it is used to indicate that an action was performed accidentally. dou climb, douda climb upwards; katik bitter, katikada get bitter; kukih cook (it), kukihda cook (it) up; taman remember, tamanda suddenly remember; kang eat, kangada accidentally eat.

dah   interr. what. Kowe me wahdo apeho? Dah? Are you the one who brought that thing? What?

daia   n. tire. [Eng.]

daiasu   n. ship, usually one made of steel. [Jap. ?]

daiker   n. tiger. [Eng.]

daikong   n. radish. [Jap. daikon]

daiksang, also deiksang.   n. carpenter, carpentry. [Jap. daikusan]

daiksangih   vt. to build, of a carpenter. E daiksangih imwen kuko. He built the cook house. [daiksang <Jap.]

dail   1. n. tile. 2. vi. to lay tile. [Eng.] dailih, vt.

dailih   vt. [dail <Eng.] see dail.

dainamaid   1. n. dynamite. 2. vi. to dynamite. [Eng.] dainamaidih, vt.

dainamaidih   vt. to dynamite something. [dainamaid <Eng.] dainamaid, vi.

daip   1. n. typewriter. 2. vi. neut. to type₁. [Eng.] daipih, vt.

daipih   vt. [daip <Eng.] see daip.

daipraida   n. typewriter. [Jap. taipuraitā < Eng.]

dairuk, also pairuk₁.   1. vi. to bend forward from the waist; to walk in a stooped position; to bow. 2. n. bend position.

daidowa   n. war, particularly the second world war; dispute; very old. [Jap. daitōa]

daiwang   n. a banana cultivar, mostly eaten raw; considered to be the best banana for pihlohlo; used in making medicines.

dau, also daula.   adj. overtired, as of a muscle.

dahu   1. n. channel, canal, a passage in a reef. 2. polite. n. (3sg. dewe) anus, vagina.

dahu en esingek, also dewenesingek.   n. trachea, windpipe.

dahu en kent, also dewen kent.   n. urethra.

dahu en seri, also dewen seri.   n. vagina.

Dauk   n. the third ranking title in the Nahnmwarki line.

Daukatau   n. one of the principal Pohnpeian dieties identified by some as Luhk Nahnsapwe, the thunder god, said to be the father of Isokelekel.

Daukir   n. the Sounkawad warrior who injured the conqueror of Nan Madol, Isokelekel, in a battle.

daul   n. towel. [Eng.]

daulap   n. main channel.

daulen awai   n. beach towel with a Hawaiian design.

daulih   vt. to pass by, to go beyond; after, with reference to telling time. douluhl, vi.

daunkainen, also dewen kainen.   n. anus.

daur₁   vt. to weave a net. dou₁, vi.

daur₂   vt. to climb; to follow laws, regulations, etc. He daur amwa inowo. He follows your promise. dou₂, vi. cf. [meing] paleke.

dauredi   vt. to collect, as in the process of climbing to gather fruits or nuts. I dauredi kenetail mahi. I collected breadfruit for our consumption.

daurlih   vi. to give a farewell feast.

daurlik, also kadaurlik.   meing. n. a farewell feast. cf. kamadipw en kemwurumwur.

dauwaiso   meing. n. anus.

dauwas, also douwas, deuwas.   meing. n. (3sg. dewese) mouth. cf. ahu.

dak, also dakada.   vi. to rise, of the sun and the moon: to shine, to light up, to illuminate; to appear on the surface of water. daker, vt.

dakada, also dak.     vi. to rise; to shine; to illuminate. Ketipino dakadahr. The sun is already shining.

daka, also dakadopi.   vi. to high jump. [Jap. taka]

dakapahr   meing. n3s. cane.

dakapwar, also dak.   vi. to appear on the surface, as when a school of fish surfaces.

dakasingai   n. trochus shell. [Jap. ?]

dakada, also dak.   vi. to rise; to shine; to illuminate. Ketipino dakadahr. The sun is already shining.

dakadak   meing. vi. to drink. cf. nim.

dakadak dipenihd   n. feast given separately to the Nahnmwarki and Nahnken as sennit is prepared.

dakadakiso, also dakeiso.   meing. n. a stone placed in front of an entrance to a house, used to wipe one's feet on.

dakadopi, also daka.   1. vi. to high jump. 2. n. high jump. [Jap. takatobi]

dake₁   vt. to ride in or on a vehicle.

dake₂   meing. vt. to drink.

dahkei   interr. what things?, plural. Dahkei mwo? What are those?

dakeiso, also dakadakiso.   meing. n. a stone placed in front of an entrance to a house, used to wipe one's feet on.

dakepe   n3s. vehicle. Sohte dakepe. He has no vehicle.

daker, also dakerada.   vt. to shine on or in, to light up, to illuminate. Lingen ketipino daker nan meseiet. The sun's rays are shining on my face. dak, vi.

dahkihla   vt. to watch intently. dahla, vi.

dakisis, also daksis.   n. tax. [Eng.]

dakihd   meing. vi. to make sennit (coconut fiber rope). cf. koalepwel.

dako   n. kite. [Jap. tako]

Dakohda Palieir, also Saud Dakohda.   n. South Dakota. [Eng.]

Dakohda Paliepeng, also Nohd Dakohda.   n. North Dakota. [Eng.]

dahkot   interr. what thing?, singular. Dahkot men? What is that?

dakuwang   n. pickled radish. [Jap. takuwan]

dakpwoalleng   1. meing. n. embrace, hug. 2. meing. vi. to embrace, to hug. 1. Dakpwoalleng kasalehda limpoak. The act of embracing shows affection. 2. Ira dakpwoalleng. They are embracing each other. dakpwoallenge

dakpwoallenge   meing. vt. to embrace or hug. Mwohnsapw dakpwoallenge Likend. Mwohnsapw embraced Likend. cf. pwoalehdi.

daks, also daksis.   n. tax. [Eng.]

daksi   n. taxi; slang for prostitute. [Eng.]

daksis, also dakisis.   n. tax. [Eng.]

ukada   adj. steep, uphill.

ukedi   adj. steep, downhill.

dahl   n. coconut cup, dish, plate.

dahl sarawi   n. chalice, employed in the Catholic mass.

dahla   vi. to watch intently; to be spellbound, to be stupified. dahkihla, vt.

daliere   n. fish sp., a kind of frog fish.

dahlimw   vi. neut. to mop, to sponge off, to wipe; to take a sponge bath. dahlimwih, dahlimwe, vt. cf. [meing] limerer, ahlimw.

dahlimwih   vt. see dahlimwe.

dalok   n. food made from the meat of a sprouting coconut.

dalloal   adj. capable of taking a deep drink of kava.

daldod   adj. said of one who drinks kava out of turn, one cup after another.

dahm   n. (3sg. deme) outrigger of a canoe.

dama   n. lightbulb, bullet, pool₁ ball. [Jap. tama]

damango   n. egg; zero, as a score. [Jap. tamago]

damasang   archaic. vi. to sever one's ties, to disassociate. I damasang sawi. I am disassociating from my clansmen.

damaski   1. n. the game of pool₁. 2. vi. to play pool₁. [Jap. tamatuki]

dahme   1. interr. what. 2. interr. used in combination with the suffix -ki to mean why. 1. Dahme ke wia aio? What did you do yesterday? 2. Dahme ke kohkihdo? Why did you come here?

dameni   vi. to call interference in the marble game anaire. [Jap. ?]

dampangkot   archaic. vi. a command to wipe the hibiscus bast well because of debris in the kava cup.

damtrak, also doamtrak.   n. dump truck. [Eng.]

dahmwar   meing. vi. to give a title.

damwer   vt. to caress, to rub, to pat affectionately; to pat the back end of a canoe on the outrigger side, a ceremonial action done after the construction of the canoe is completed and before it is launched to insure it will be a good canoe as part of the worship of Nahnolosomw. demwidemw, vi.

damwir   archaic. n. outrigger side of a canoe.

dampwo   n. rice paddy. [Jap. tanbo]

dampwulo   n. of a ship, the hold₁ or the area below decks. [Eng. down below]

dana   n. shelf. [Jap. tana]

dane   n. seedling; small garden. [Jap. tane]

Danepei, also Denipei.   n. a piece of land on Sokehs Island where the hostilities of July 1887 between the Spaniards and Pohnpeians first broke out.

dahng   n. (3sg. denge) thigh. see tepindang.

dangaudek   adj. sluggish, lazy.

dangahnga   adj. lazy, to a great degree; lethargic.

dangapaur   adj. lazy to an extreme degree, wishing only to eat, sleep, and defecate.

dahnge   interr. what, implying enumeration. Dahnge me ke pahn wahdo? What are you going to bring?

dangepel   adj. lame, crippled.

dangerei   adj. long-legged.

dangihr   slang. vt. to beat someone.

dangkaido   n. searchlight. [Jap. ?]

dangku, also dangk.   n. tank. [Jap. tanku < Eng.]

dap   1. vi. to have the foreskin of the penis retracted. 2. adj. retractable foreskin.

dap-   vi. to be pulled apart, to be pulled off. Koakono dampeseng. That box was pulled apart. dapeng, vt.

dapadap   vi. to catch, as a ball; to play catch; to play jacks; to juggle. daper, vt.

dapenwehr   n. Tupperware product, generic for any plastic container like Tupperware. [Eng.]

dapeng   vt. to pull apart, to pull off. dap-, vi.

daper   vt. to catch, as a ball. dapadap, vi.

daperedi   vt. to catch on, to learn; to tune in, as a radio station.

dapi   1. n. tabi shoes. 2. vi. to wear tabi shoes. [Jap. tabi]

dapiohka, also kehp tuhke, menioak.   n. tapioca, cassava, manioc; Manihot esculanta, primarily used as food and to make starch. [Eng.]

dapohnkehp, also dapuhnkehp.   vi. to pinch off the newly sprouted vines from a yam to delay the growth of new vines from a plant that has been left in the ground for a second year.

dahpw, also depw.   n. tub. [Eng.]

dapwahiso   n. platform of a canoe.

dapwan, also depwen.   adj. unhindered or unburdened by children or things.

dapwehiak   n. to be in a state of mourning.

dapwehieke   meing. vt. to mourn for.

dapwindi   meing. vt. to catch up. Mwohnsapw dapwindi pwihn me tiengo. Mwohnsapw caught up with the group that started earlier. cf. koanoahdi.

dahpwohlin   n. tarpaulin. [Eng.]

dar₁   vt. to strike, of a fish. der, vi.

dar₂   vt. to pick leaves or flowers. dender, vi.

dahr   1. vi. to roll; of fish, to school during spawning season. 2. adj. quick, in motion.

darai   n. washtub, basin. [Jap. tarai]

darak   n. the fourth day of a funeral, when attempts are made to cheer up the immediate family by dancing, joking, etc.

dararan   1. n. (3sg. darere, derere) sleep (in the eyes), crust, any dried layer of a bodily secretion; dried food. 2. adj. crusty.

dariek, also deriek.   archaic. n. (3sg. darieke) penis.

darop   n. fish sp., yellow eyed surgeonfish, also called mwomwtoantoal; fish sp., resembling a snapper (medi), but larger.

darude   adj. suitable, appropriate, fitting.

darki   vt. to command. E darki tohn kousapw en kihda sakau. He commanded the people of the section to provide kava.

dahrkipene   vt. to bring together, to assemble. E dahrkipene aramas ekei. He assembled some people.

darpwong   1. n. mensturation. 2. vi. to menstruate.

dahda   archaic. n. omen, warning.

dadimai   1. vi. neut. to finish roofing a house, accompanied by a feast. 2. n. the name of the feast. [Jap. tatemae]

daduwe, also dahduwe.   interr. how, in what manner, possibly from dahkot duwe.

dahduwe   interr. see daduwe.

dawasi   n. Japanese brush. [Jap. tawashi]

dawaspeseng   meing. vi. to open one's mouth to speak. dewesepeseng, vt. cf. sarapeseng.

dawado   meing. vi. to rinse one's mouth, to gargle. cf. mwukmwuk.

Dawen Neu, also Dewen Neu.   n. a stream that forms the southern boundary of Mesenieng in Nett.

dawih   vt. to inspect, examine, check; to review, to edit. dou₃, vi.

de₁   conj. or. Ke pahn doadoahk de ke pahn meir? Are you going to work or are you going to sleep?

de₂   conj. adv. lest, when used in combination with pwe₁. Kanaieng pwe ke de pwupwidi. Be careful lest you fall.

deh, also dehr.   neg. not, used to negate commands. Ke deh alu mwohn aramas. Don't walk in front of people.

Deh   n. an earlier name for the Roie section (kousapw) in Sokehs.

dei   adj. far, far along, unsurpassed.

deiad   1. vi. neut. to embroider. 2. n. embroidery. deiadih, vt.

deiadih   vt. see deiade.

deied   1. vi. to eat breakfast. 2. n. breakfast. 1. Se deiedier. We already ate breakfast. 2. Mie amwail deied? Do you have food for breakfast?

deikapwur   1. n. a type of embroidery. 2. vi. to do this type of embroidery.

deikenepeng, also deikenipeng.   n. fish sp., castor-oil fish, Ruvettus pretiosus.

deikenipeng   n. see deikenepeng.

deikilelenwad   1. n. a type of embroidery, using x-stitches. 2. vi. to do this type of embroidery.

deikoaroahi   n. a variety of wet land taro (mwahng₁).

deiksang, also daiksang.   n. carpenter, carpentry. [Jap. daikusan]

deimenuh, also menindeiuh.   1. n. director of a feast. 2. vi. to serve as director of a feast.

deingihng   meing. vi. to look out of the corner of one's eye. deingihnge, deingihngih, vt. cf. ikinteng.

deingihngih   vt. see deingihngih.

deip   1. n. tape, as a video tape, duct tape, etc.; tape recorder. 2. vi. to tape together; to record with a tape recorder. [Eng.] deipih, vt.

deipih   vt. to record something with a tape recorder; to tape together, as with duct tape. [deip <Eng.] deip, vi.

deipin   1. vi. neut. to patch or to be patched. 2. n. a patch. 1. Likoulio pahn deipin. The dress will be patched. 2. Deipino sohte sansal wasa doh. The patch is not visible at a distance. deipina, vt.

deipina   vt. to patch, to repair a leak. E deipina rausis me teio. She patched the torn pants. Ohlo deipina wahr pateho. The man repaired the leaky canoe. deipin, vi.

deipruhl   n. tape measure. [Eng. tape rule]

deipw   n. pandanus sp., Pandanus pulposus, used for making baskets, hats, and sails, the fruit of which is edible.

deipwek   vi. to concentrate on moving forward. Deipwekla mwowe. Concentrate on moving forward.

deipwel   vi. to move earth, as in the preparation of a house foundation.

deipwukuro, also depwukuro.   1. n. glove. 2. vi. to wear gloves. [Jap. tebukuro]

deisakau   vi. to direct a kava ceremony.

deidei   1. vi. neut. to sew, to stitch; to dig; to root₁, as a pig. 2. n. stitch; needlework. dehk, vt.

deidein pwulak sou   n. unity or solidarity among clansmen.

deitimw   vi. neut. to put a ring₁ in an animal's nose. deitimwih, vt.

deitimwih   vt. see deitimw.

dehu   n. (3sg. dewe) rank or station; area or location; place for a sexual liaison.

deuk   vt. to fill a container, as a food basket (a kiam or kopwou). deudeuk, vi.

deunkahs, also dewen kahs.   n. gasoline container. [kahs <Eng. gas]

deunkendip, also dewen kendip.   n. spittoon.

deunpwuhk, also dewen pwuhk.   n. bookshelf, bookcase.

deunsidohsa, also dewen sidohsa.   n. parking lot, carport, garage.

deupik   vi. to gather sand.

deurar   vi. to gather coral.

dek₁   n. bank of a taro patch.

dek₂   n. deck, of a ship. [Eng.]

dehk   vt. to sew; to dig; to root₁, as a pig. deidei, vi.

deke   n. coral or reef island; islet; atoll.

dehkek   adj. loyal.

dekehnering   meing. n. (3sg. dekehneringi) eyebrow.

dekilahr   n. fish spp., billfish; sailfish, marlin, Isitiophoridae spp., swordfish, Xiphiidae gladius, Indo-Pacific blue marlin, Makaira mazara, possibly the same species as the Atlantic blue marlin, Makaira nigricans.

dekking   n. concrete reinforcing bar. [Jap. tekkin]

Deksas, also Teksas.   n. Texas. [Eng.]

del   vi. to move in great numbers, to swarm.

Delawehr   n. Delaware. [Eng.]

Deleur   n. name of a kousapw or section in Madolenihmw, once the name of the entire island of Pohnpei.

deleurek   n. bush sp., Jussiaea erecta or Jussiaea linifolia.

delen sakau   n. a cup made from a coconut shell that is used for serving kava.

delepwohn   n. telephone. [Eng.]

delepwohnla   vi. to telephone. I pahn delepwohnla rehn lahpo. I'll telephone that guy.

delin pahle   n. the offspring of sisters who live in the same community.

delingek, also elingek.   vi. neut. to carry something involving repeated trips, as numerous bags of copra.

dehm   vt. to feel around for when unable to see an object, to grope around for, to probe for. I dehm masiso nanroto. I felt around for the matches in the dark.

demokrasi   n. democracy. [Eng. ]

demma   n. small boat, usually one carried aboard a ship. [Jap. ?]

demwilimwil   adj. smooth, sleek.

demwidemw   vi. neut. to caress, to rub, to pat affectionately; to pat the back end of a canoe on the outrigger side, a ceremonial action done after the construction of the canoe is completed and before it is launched to insure it will be a good canoe as part of the worship of Nahnolosomw. damwer, vt.

demwodo   1. vi. to be a construction assistant. 2. n. a construction assistant. 1. Ke demwodo? Are you a construction assistant? 2. Sohn me demwodo men. John is a construction assistant. [Jap. ? temoto]

dempwa   interj. I warned you!

dempwo₁   n. dragonfly. [Jap. tonbo]

dempwo₂   n. radio transmission, telegram.

dempwo-   vi. to send a radio transmission or telegram. I pahn dempwohla rehn lahpo. I'll send a telegram to that guy.

dempwura   n. any food rolled in a batter and fried. [Jap. tenpura]

dene   1. vt. to say, to report. 2. sent. adv. it is said that, used to introduce reported speech. 2. Dene Kepina pahn kohdo lakapw. It is said that the Governor will come tomorrow.

Denesih   n. Tennesse. [Eng.]

densi   n. battery. [Jap. denchi]

densinpasura   n. telephone pole. [Jap. denshinbashira]

denso   n. ceiling. [Jap. tenjō]

dendenmwosi   n. giant African snail Achatina fulica. [Jap. dendenmushi]

dender   1. vi. neut. to pick, as leaves or flowers. 2. n. prostitute. dar₂, vt.

deng₁   adj. taut; stiff; tensed up, as of a muscle.

deng₂   n. grade; score. [Jap. ten]

deng₃   n. name of one of the holes in the marble game anaire. [Jap. ?]

dengideng   adj. stiff; straight; also used to describe eyes with an epicanthic fold.

dengo   n. bug.

dengk   n. tank, for containing liquids. [Eng.]

dengken kahs   n. gas tank. [dengk kahs <Eng. tank gas]

dengki   n. electricity, electric light, flashlight. [Jap. denki]

dengng, also dingng.   vi. to ring, of one's ears; to whistle through the air, as a bullet.

dengwa   n. telephone. [Jap. denwa]

dep   num. ten million.

dehpa   neg. not ever, used to negate commands. Menlau ke dehpa kohkohla. Please don't ever go there.

depala   vi. to be too much, excessive, more than enough. E depala. It's too much.

depe   interr. how many; how much. Aramas depe ke tuhweng? How many people did you meet?

Depe   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

Dehpehk Pah   n. a section (kousapw) in U.

Dehpehk Powe   n. a section (kousapw) in U.

depekipek   adj. daring; forward, bold; disdainful.

depelek   adj. tomboyish.

depehne   interr. an interrogative noun meaning what relationship to (him, her, or it), used for family, body parts, and places. Depehnen imwen Souliko? Where is it in relation to Soulik's house? Dehpenei? Where is it in relation to me?

deppang   n. large sheet of iron used as a concrete trough. [Jap. teppan]

depw, also dahpw.   n. tub. [Eng.]

depwala   slang. vi. to drown.

depwe   slang. vt. to bathe, to wash, to push someone under water. depwedepw, vi.

depweila   1. vi. to do something by chance; to commit a faux pas. 2. n. a chance occurrence.

depwek   n. cloud.

depwekinieng   1. meing. vi. to greet. 2. n. greeting.

depwen, also dapwan.   adj. unhindered or unburdened by children or things.

depwedepw   slang. vi. neut. to wash one's face and head; to bathe. depwe, vt.

depwukuro, also deipwukuro.   1. n. glove. 2. vi. to wear gloves. [Jap. tebukuro]

der   vi. to strike, of a fish. dar₁, vt.

dehr, also deh.   neg. not, used to negate commands. Ke dehr alu mwohn aramas. Don't walk in front of people.

dereklap   1. meing. n. a loincloth. 2. vi. to wear a loincloth.

derekdori   n. telephone directory. [Eng.]

dereht   n. thread. [Eng.]

deriek, also dariek.   archaic. n. (3sg. derieke) penis.

deriek en katau   n. the name of the act of suicide committed by Isokelekel when he took his own life.

deriuhdang   n. hand grenade. [Jap. teryūdan]

derinmwoarong   adj. said of one who takes advantage of others when they are distracted.

derir₁   meing. vi. to sleep. cf. meir.

deriwang   vi. to limp.

dermadau   adj. good at surviving at sea.

derpwel   meing. vi. to reach down. Isipahu derpwel pwe mie mehko re mahsanihada nanpwelo. Isipahu reached down because he saw some things on the ground. derpwelih, vt. cf. eng-.

derpwelih   meing. vt. to reach down for. Mwohnsapw derpwelih likou ieu nanpwelo. His highness reached down for a piece of cloth on the ground. derpwel, vi. cf. eng-.

derpwungedi   vi. to be cut, of foliage. derpwungiedi, vt.

derpwungiedi   vt. to cut foliage. derpwungedi, vi.

derwang   vi. to limp.

derwel   adj. good at surviving in the wild.

derwesu   n. a dryland taro (sawa₁) cultivar.

des   1. n. test, examination. 2. vi. to take a test or examination. [Eng.]

desk   n. desk. [Eng.]

dedal   n. thimble.

dehde   adj. clear, evident, obvious; well known.

dedekdihp   n. detective. [Eng.]

dedell   vi. to slide or glide noiselessly and smoothly.

dewen kainen, also daunkainen.   n. anus.

dewen kahs, also deunkahs.   n. gasoline container. [kahs <Eng. gas]

dewen kendip, also deunkendip.   n. spittoon.

dewen kent, also dahu en kent.   n. urethra.

Dewen Neu, also Dawen Neu.   n. a stream that forms the southern boundary of Mesenieng in Nett.

dewen pwuhk, also deunpwuhk.   n. bookshelf, bookcase.

dewen seri, also dahu en seri.   n. vagina.

dewen sidohsa, also deunsidohsa.   n. parking lot, carport, garage.

dewesepeseng   meing. vt. to open one's mouth to speak. dawaspeseng, vi.

dehwi   1. adj. definitely. 2. interj. Right on! 1. I pwang dehwi. I am definitely tired.

-di   verb. suff. downwards; used with verbs of confining or securing to indicate the action has been carried through to its logical conclusion. pwupw fall, pwupwidi fall down; salih tie (it), salihdi tie (it) down.

dih₁   n. name of the letter d, the eighteenth letter of the Pohnpeian alphabet, used to represent the phoneme /t/, a voiceless dental stop.

dih₂   n. stick used for spreading stones in an uhmw. cf. [meing] pwouleng.

dih₃   n. generation, age group; litter, of animals; crop. Kiht ehu dih. We are the same age.

dih₄   n. tea. [Eng.]

diapahd   vt. to kick or shove with the bottom of the foot.

diar   vt. to find. dierek, vi.

diarada   vt. to find or discover from one or more sources. Ohlo diarada me liho neitiken kiripw. The man discovered that the woman was a single mom.

Diadi   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw, Kitti, and Nett.

die   vt. to poke; to push or pull with a stick or the feet; to stir with an implement. diedihdi, vi.

dierek   vi. to be found out, to be discovered. E dierekda ihs me wahsang koanoat kehpo. It was found out who took the yam for the %Nahnmwarki|. diar, vt.

dierensapw   archaic. n. small piece of land, tiny island. Irail kilangada dierensapw nan madau. They saw a tiny island in the ocean.

diehdi   vt. of fruit, to pull down or pick by means of a pole or stick. I pahn diehdi mahi karakarak ko. I will pull down the low han‌ging breadfruit. diedihdi

dik   vi. to skip across a surface, as a stone skipping across water. dikih, vt.

dikahk   vi. to cackle, of a hen; used idiomatically to describe women's talk.

dikeimwidi   vi. to fall headfirst.

dikek   1. n. needle; first shoot of a newly planted cutting. 2. vi. to sprout, to send forth the first shoots, said of a cutting.

dikeriker   adj. healthy looking, said of plants.

dikedik en eni   n. ancient Pohnpeian rituals, of a mystical nature; in a Western religious context, black magic.

dikedik en Sehdan   n. the work of Satan.

dikih   vt. to skip towards. dik, vi.

dikou, also dikoudi.   1. vi. to bend forward, of people; to somersault. 2. adj. tilted.

dikoumoang   1. vi. to dive headfirst. 2. n. the position assumed to dive headfirst.

dikseneri, also diksineri.   n. dictionary. [Eng.]

diksineri, also dikseneri.   n. dictionary. [Eng.]

dil   vi. neut. to penetrate, go through, or pass into.

dihl₁   n. dried coconut palm frond; torch made of a dried coconut palm frond.

dihl₂   n. nit, the egg of a louse.

dihl₃   vi. neut. to deal cards; to shuffle cards. [Eng.] dihlih, vt.

dihlih   vt. [dihl <Eng.] see dihl₃.

dilin₁   vt. to pull hair, as in a fight. pidilin, vi.

dilin elimoang   1. n. a type of fishing for crabs, done in the mangrove swamps. 2. vi. to fish for crab in the mangrove swamps.

dilin rahk, also dilin₂.   n. the last of four minor breadfruit seasons (late March to early April); trees with mature fruit at this time tend to indicate where the major harvest locations will be. Also indicates the time of ripening for the main rahk₁ season.

dilip   vt. to mend a thatch roof; during the preparation of kava, to work water into the fibers by fluffing them; to. dilipek, vi.

dilipada   vt. to store objects between cross pieces of thatch.

dilipe   n. hanger or hook on which to hang something.

dilipek   vi. to be patched, of a thatch roof; to be shuffled, of cards; to be placed behind one's ear, of flowers. dilip, vt.

dilihd   vt. to delete, to obliterate, to efface;. Mie mehkot ke dilihd? Did you delete something? [Eng.] dilihdih, vt.

dilihdih, also dilihdihala.   vt. to delete, to obliterate, to efface something. I pahn dilihdihala. I will delete it. [dilihd <Eng.] dilihd, vi.

dillap   vi. to be fluffed or shuffled, of kava fibers before adding water. dillepe, vt.

dillip   vt. to shuffle or fluff kava fibers before adding water. dillap, vi.

dimper   n. in ships, a timber (a wooden rib). [Eng.]

dimwamwahi   n. spark.

dihn   n. large can, as for gasoline. [Eng.]

dinak   n. one section of a thatch roof, from the eave to the peak one armspan in width.

dinapw   1. n. board; the board in a canoe that covers the central part of the hull. 2. meing. n. tongue.

dinlahwe   n. a dryland taro (sawa₁) cultivar.

dindir   1. vi. to be barbed. 2. n. barb, as of a hook. dindirih, vt.

dindirih   vt. to make a barb on something, as a hook. dindir, vi.

ding   vi. to drip or leak.

dihng   n. ti plant, Cordyline fruticosa, also Costus speciosus.

dingai   vi. to giggle.

dinginpei   vi. to just begin to rise, said of the tide following a low tide. Uho dingidinginpeier. The tide is already beginning to rise.

dingiding   n. drop. dingiding en keteu rain drops.

dingiding en kepeirek   n. kava that flows from the upper side of the fist of the one preparing it.

dingng, also dengng.   n. to ring, of one's ears; to whistle through the air, as a bullet.

dingngang   adj. hard working in feast activities, energetic.

dip   1. n. grain, of wood; chip or slice, as of breadfruit or taro. 2. num. cl. used in counting chips, slices, or shavings. 2. dipen mei riadip two slices of breadfruit, dipen pilein pahdip four shavings from a plane.

dihp   1. n. (3sg. dipe) sin, wrong doing. 2. vi. to sin, to commit adultery.

Dipakuwa   n. a clan, from Sapwuahfik, originally from Kiribati.

dipaniki   vt. to be responsible for immoral behavior; to be guilty. dipada, vi.

dipada   vi. to be guilty. dipaniki, vt.

dipe   vt. to slice, as breadfruit or taro.

dipekelekel, also dipwekelekel.   vi. to stumble, to stub one's toe.

dipen keleu   1. n. hibiscus bast used for straining kava; one of the cups of kava in the kava ceremony. 2. vi. a command during the preparation of kava for the men handling the keleu to take their turn to drink, now more generally used for all of the men preparing the kava.

dipen rasaras   n. sawdust.

dipen tuhke   n. chip of wood.

dipen wahn pwuro   n. original sin.

dipenihd   n. husk of a mature coconut; fiber of a green coconut, used for making sennit.

diper   n. (3sg. dipere) small fragment of something.

dipere   n3s. chip, flake, fragment.

diperen mete   n. small fragment of metal, rust.

diperen rasaras   n. sawdust.

dipeteu   adj. said of one who dislikes to get up in the morning.

dihpi   n. tuberculosis, TB. [Eng.]

dihpih   n. television, TV. [Eng.]

dipikelekel   vi. to stub one's toe. E dipikelekel. He stubbed his toe.

dipuk   vi. to repay, to give back in recompense or reply.

diplohma   n. diploma. [Eng.]

dipw   n. exogamous, matrilineal clan.

dihpw   n. weed, grass.

dipwahki   vt. see dipwahk.

dipwekelekel, also dipekelekel.   vi. to stumble, to stub one's toe.

Dipwilap   n. a clan; the clan of the Saudeleurs and customarily the clan of the Nahnken of Sokehs.

Dipwinluhk   n. a clan.

dipwinmall, also limwedilinmall, mwedilinmall.   n. fern sp., Dicranopteris linearis false staghorn fern, traditionally placed in the home and inserted in thatch to prevent roach infestation; also used to make mwaramwars.

Dipwinmen   n. a clan; the clan of the Nahnmwarki of Kitti.

Dipwinmen Pwetepwet   n. name of a subclan of Dipwinmen.

Dipwinmen Toantoal   n. name of a subclan of Dipwinmen.

Dipwinpahnmei   n. a clan; the clan of the Nahnmwarki of Madolenihmw and customarily the clan of the Nahnken of U.

Dipwinpehpe   n. a clan.

Dipwinpwehk   n. the bat clan, now extinct.

Dipwinwai   n. a clan.

Dipwinwehi   n. the turtle clan, now extinct.

dipwisawih   n3s. ingredient, part, component.

dipwisou   n. thing, material, physical object of any kind. Se kin kesempwaliki dipwisoun nan sahpw sang dipwisoun nan ihmw. We value things of the land more than household goods.

dipwisou mweir   n. non-permanent crops, like yams as opposed to breadfruit; crops with a relatively short life-span as opposed, for example, to those that come from trees.

dipwidipw   adj. weedy, grassy.

dipwoapw   n. a tree sp.; false kamani, also called tropical almond or Indian almond, Terminalia catappa, the fruit of which contains an edible seed tasting like an almond, valued for its wood, useful as a source of lumber.

dipwoahsid   1. n. deposit. 2. vt. to deposit. [Eng.]

dipwtekatek   n. any thistle-like grass.

dir   adj. overcrowded, filled; plentiful.

diraht   n. barbed wire. [Ger. Stacheldraht]

direkihla   vt. to be filled with something.

diremw   n. trump, in cards; the name of a card game. [Eng.]

direpw   adj. nosey, bothersome.

diring   adj. full; replete. Ke dehr mahs kamwenge pwihken, pwe e diring. Do not feed the pig yet, for she is full.

diromkang, also dirom.   n. drum, as a 55 gallon oil drum. [Jap. doramukan < Eng. drum can]

diroap   n. drop pitch, in baseball. [Jap. doroppu < Eng.]

dirlap   meing. n. judgement. Sapwellim dirlap sansaladahr. His judgement has already been made clear. dirlepe, vt.

dirlepe, also dirlape.   meing. vt. to judge, to pass judgement on something. dirlap, vi.

diseipwel   vi. to be disabled, as a disabled computer program. E diseipwel. It was disabled. [Eng. disable] diseipwelihala, vt.

diseipwelihala   vt. to disable something, as a computer program. Mie me disepwelihala. Someone disabled it. [diseipwel <Eng.] diseipwel, vi.

dihsek   n. (3sg. dihseki) storage area in the front of a feasthouse, where the porch roof extends inside.

dihsel   n. diesel. [Eng.]

disidal   adj. digital. [Eng.]

did   1. vi. neut. to build a wall. 2. n. wall, of a building. didih, vt.

dihd, also did.   n. wall, of a building.

diden pohnsewen lempahntamw   n. the back wall of the seating area on the main platform of a nahs.

didih   vt. see did.

dihdi   1. n3s. breast; baby bottle. 2. vi. to suckle, to nurse.

didihk   vi. to hiss, to squeak.

didimwerek   1. n. phosphorescence; mushroom, a bioluminescent fungus, Filoboletus manipularis or Mycena chlorophos; a fish sp. that is luminous. 2. vi. to sparkle; to be phosphorescent.

diwi   n. fountain, spring, of water.

-do   verb. suff. here, toward the speaker. pei float, peido float here.

doh   1. adj. distant, far off. 2. n. (3sg. dohwe) distance. dohwan, vt.

Dois   n. Germany. [Ger.]

doismango   n. tree sp., the fruit of which resembles a mango.

dou₁   vi. to be woven, of a net. daur₁, vt.

dou₂   vi. to climb. daur₂, vt. cf. [meing] palek.

doula   vi. to proceed on. E doula oh nda.... He proceeded on and said... E doula oh nda.... He proceeded on and said ....

dou₃   vi. neut. to inspect, examine, or check; to patrol. dawih, vt.

douiak   1. n. a type of spearfishing, done in the mangrove swamp. 2. vi. to spearfish in this manner.

doula   vi. to proceed on. E doula oh nda.... He proceeded on and said... E doula oh nda.... He proceeded on and said ....

douleng   n. a third tier of lines for training yam vines, fastened higher than the first two.

doulik   1. n. surveillance, investigation. 2. vi. to conduct a surveillance or investigation.

doulong   n. stick of hibiscus wood, used to store kava cups.

douluhl   1. vi. to pass by, to go beyond. 2. adv. thoroughly, completely, surpassingly, very. 2. E ese douluhl. He knows it thoroughly. 2. Kalahngan douluhl. Thank you very much. daulih, vt.

doumwowe   vt. to add a second tier of lines for training yam vines, added higher than the first. I pahn doumwowe nei kehpen pahn mahio. I will add a second tier of lines to my yam plant beneath the breadfruit tree.

dous   n. toast. [Eng. toast]

doudid   vi. to walk while supporting one's self by leaning against a wall, as of an infant when beginning to walk.

douwas, also dauwas.   meing. n. (3sg. douwese) mouth. Douwasen ohlo kensda. His mouth is ulcerated. cf. ahu.

dok   1. vi. to be skewered, to be given an injection. 2. n. an injection. doakoa, vt.

dokedi, also dokidi.     vi. to be stabbed, to be speared, to be pierced. Pwutako dokedi pwohng. That boy was stabbed last night.

dokange   n. sp. of large green lizard. [Jap. tokage]

dokapahini   1. n. feast in which ripe breadfruit are employed. 2. vi. to prepare this feast.

dokawar   n. the pair of outrigger supports of a canoe that run from the two ends of the hull to the central supports.

doke₂   vt. to concern, to be intended for.

dokentei   1. n. ring, ornament, fastened to the prepuce or an earlobe. 2. vi. to pierce the prepuce or an earlobe. dokenteih, vt.

dokedi, also dokidi.   vi. to be stabbed, to be speared, to be pierced. Pwutako dokedi pwohng. That boy was stabbed last night.

dokia   1. n. a dance, done by females in a sitting position employing sticks that are tapped together rhythmically. 2. vi. to do this dance.

dokomei   1. n. a method of artificially ripening breadfruit by twisting off the stem and placing a piece of rotten ohd stem or salt water in the resulting hole and allowing it to age for at least one day. 2. vi. to prepare breadfruit in this manner.

dokomwel   meing. n. a comb. cf. kohmw.

dokomwomw   1. n. a type of spearfishing done from above the surface of the water. 2. vi. to spearfish in this manner.

dokoahs   vi. to weave thatch.

doklaud   1. vi. to feed intravenously. 2. n. intravenous feeding.

dokpene   vi. to be connected, to be linked.

dol₁   vi. to be mix, to add ingredients; to make yeast (ihs₂) for drinking. Kahsen dol? Is the gas mixed? doaloa, vt.

dol₂, also dul.   vi. to be severed. dolung, vt.

dohl   n. small mountain, hill.

Dolakapw   n. a section (kousapw) in Nett.

Dolen Merewi   n. a mountain in Madolenihmw where Nahnmwarki Pol took refuge during the 1890 war with the Spaniards.

Dolopwail   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

Dolosowi Pah   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

Dolosowi Powe   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

dolung, also dulung.   vt. to pick, to pluck, to remove from the stalk, to reap. dol₂, vi.

domahdo   n. tomato, Solanum lycopersicum var. lycopersicum; ketchup. [Eng.]

dohming   n. native, used derogatorily. [Jap. tōmin : 島民 islander, native]

dompiki   n. travois. [Jap. ?]

dompwakan   vi. to make a pretense of bathing by splashing a small amount of water on the body.

dompwuri   n. bowl. [Jap. donburi]

dohnas   n. doughnut. [Eng.]

doneisin   n. contribution, donation. [Eng.]

doneid   vt. to contribute, to donate. [Eng.]

dondol   vi. neut. to pick, to remove from the stalk. dolung, vt.

dohng   n. tree sp.; Campnosperma brevipetiolata, the wood of which is commonly used for flooring and in canoe construction.

dongodong   adj. rebellious. Lahpo dongdong. That guy is rebellious.

dongodongki   vt. to abhor.

dongki   n. donkey. [Eng.]

dopas   adj. fast, speedy. [Jap. tobasu]

dopasko   n. tabasco sauce. [Eng.]

dopuk   vt. to reciprocate. Ieremen kitail dopuk arail wiewia suwed. Let us not reciprocate their bad deed.

dopwolong   vi. to wash one's hair.

dohr   n. belt made of banana fiber, worn above a grass skirt; cloth made from breadfruit bark.

dohranai   vi. unacceptable, not well liked, only with reference to people. [Jap. tōranai]

doro   n. the axle plus the wheels of a narrow gauge train, now sometimes used as a barbell. [Jap. doro]

dorok   vi. to cluck, of a hen; to grumble.

doropwus   n. any small, round, hard candy that comes in rolls, as Lifesavers. [Jap. doroppusu < Eng. drops]

dororo   n. grated, raw yam.

dorung   vt. to weave cloth.

dorno   1. n. Japanese marble game. 2. vi. to play this game. [Jap.]

dod   adj. close together; without any intervals, frequent. Uht kau nohn dod. Those banana trees are too close together.

dohdai   n. lighthouse. [Jap. tōdai]

dohwan   vt. to be far from. doh, adj.

doahk   n. occupation, task, employment, responsibility, deed.

doahke   vt. to touch or feel; to fight. poadoahk, vi.

doahken sahpw   n. agriculture.

doakoa   vt. to stab, to spear, to skewer, to give an injection, to innoculate. dok, vi.

doakoadok   adj. bristly.

doaloa   vt. to mix, to add ingredients. dol₁, vi.

doar   adj. serious, severe, worse, of an ill person.

doare   vt. to save from harm; to separate fighters; to steal or seize food at a feast. poadoandoar, vi.

doarop   n. fish sp., striped bristetooth, Ctenochaetus striatus, normally found in the fringing reef, lagoon and patch reefs, and barrier reef.

doaropwe, also doaroapwe.   1. n. paper, cardboard; something made of paper, as a ticket, diploma, certificate, etc. 2. vi. to read. doaroapweih, vt.

doaropwehn poahr   n. toilet paper.

Doaroapoap   n. a section (kousapw) in Nett.

doaroapwe, also doaropwe.   1. n. paper, cardboard; something made of paper, as a ticket, diploma, certificate, etc. 2. vi. to read. doaroapweih, vt.

doaroapwehn rohng   n. newspaper.

doadoahk   1. vi. to work. 2. n. work, activity, function, affair.

doadoahkala   vi. to be expended, consumed or used up; to get to work. Dipwisoun doadoahk ko koaros doadoahkala. All the construction supplies were used up. Kumwail doadoahkala. You all get to work.

du   vi. to go underwater; to dive. duhp₁, vt.

duk   vi. to be influenced, to give in, with a negative connotation. Serepeino dukieng pwutako. That girl was influenced by that boy. Mehnda ke duk? Why did you give in?

dukieng   vt. to permit, to allow; to give in, to submit.

duhkihla   vt. to be burdened with the support of. Soulik duhkihla ah peneinei. Soulik is burdened with the support of his family.

dukol   adj. partially ripened, of breadfruit.

dukuru   n. a banana cultivar, mostly eaten cooked.

duhla   vi. to be drowned, to be submerged.

duhlep   vi. of a female, to wash the sex organs when unable to bathe.

dulung, also dolung.   vt. to pick, to pluck, to remove from the stalk, to reap. Irail dulung wahn pweinaper kan. They picked the pineapples. dul, vi.

dumpe   n3s. compensation.

duhmw, also duwoumw.   num. nine. see umw₂.

dumwadumw   adj. hyperactive, of children.

dun   num. cl. used in counting bundles of things tied together. dunen mei riadun two bundles of breadfruit.

dune, also dunepene.   vt. to tie or attach together one after another, as breadfruit or flowers, to tie together a bundle of things.

dunenilek   adj. given to sending others on repeated errands.

dundun₁   n. penis, diminutive form.

dundun₂   n. a bunch, of anything.

duhp₁   vt. to dive for objects on the floor of the ocean or the bed of a stream. du, vi.

duhp₂   vt. to bathe. duhdu, vi.

duhpaipohr   n. two by four (lumber). [Eng.]

duhpaisikis   n. two by six (lumber). [Eng.]

Dupahlu   n. Tuvalu.

duhpek   1. adj. starved. 2. n. starvation.

dupuk, also dipuk.   vt. to repay, to give back in recompense or reply.

duhr   vi. of a sound, to reverberate; to cause a ringing in one's ears; to make one's skin crawl.

duhrien   n. tree sp., false durian, Pangium edule, edible fruit. [Mal.]

durudara   n. fish sp., surgeonfish, Acanthurus aliala.

duhse   1. n. a type of net fishing, done by blocking off a pocket in the coral. 2. vi. to fish in this manner.

duhdu   1. vi. to bathe. 2. n. bath. duhp₂, vt. cf. [meing] kisinipil.

duhdu en kewelik   vi. to make a pretense of bathing by splashing a small amount of water on the body, in the manner in which the kewelik bird bathes.

duwau   num. nine. see -u.

duwaka   num. nine. see ka₂.

duwakap   num. nine. see kap.

duwakis   num. nine. see kis₁.

duwal   vi. to squeeze through, to pass through in spite of an obstacle.

duwapa   num. nine. see pa₃.

duwapak   num. nine. see pak₁.

duwapali   num. nine. see pali₁.

duwapar   num. nine. see par₂.

duwapit   num. nine. see pit₂.

duwar   vi. to stare, to be with one's eyes wide open.

duwarpeseng   vi. to open one's eyes. Duwarpeseng. Open your eyes.

duwara   num. nine. see ra.

duwarawar   adj. wide-eyed, staring.

duwarpeseng   vi. to open one's eyes. Duwarpeseng. Open your eyes.

duwadip   num. nine. see dip.

duwe   n3s. condition, nature, manner; used in combination with ni to mean according to. Ia duwen omw kohdo? How did you come? Koaros pahn doadoahk niduwen me koasoandi. Everyone will work according to the plan.

duweisek   num. ninety. see eisek.

duwehk   num. ninety. see ehk₁.

duwehl   num. nine. see el₂.

duwehla   vt. to become the same as.

duwelep   num. nine. see lep.

duwemen   num. nine. see men₃.

duwemwodol   num. nine. see mwodol.

duwengoul, also duwongoul.   num. nine, when counting yam or big fish; thousand, when counting coconuts. see ngoul.

duwepenehte   vi. to be the same. duwehte, vt.

duwesel   num. nine. see sel₂.

duwesou   num. nine. see sou₄.

duwete   num. nine. see te.

duwehte   vt. to be the same as, to be identical to. duwepenehte, vi.

duwewel   num. nine. see wel₂.

duwoumw, also duhmw.   num. nine. see umw₂.

duwomwut   num. nine. see mwut₂.

duwopwong   num. nine. see pwong.

duwopwuloi   num. nine. see pwuloi.

duwosop   num. nine. see sop₂.

duwodun   num. nine. see dun.

duwotumw   num. nine. see tumw₁.

duwoapoar   num. nine. see poar₁.

duwoapwoat   num. nine. see pwoat.

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