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ei    eu    ek    el    em    en    ep    er    es    ed    et    ew    

e₁   subj. pron. he, she, it.

e₂, also eh₂, ah₂.   poss. cl. his, her, its; third person singular form of the general possessive classifier.

e₃   interj. what, in response to being called.

-e, also -et.   dem. mod. this, by me. pwihke this pig.

eh₁   n. name of the letter e, the second letter of the Pohnpeian alphabet, used to represent the phoneme /ɛ/, a lower-mid front vowel which occurs in both the Northern and Kitti dialects, as well as the phoneme /e/, a mid front vowel, found only in the Northern dialect.

eh₂, also ah₂, e₂.   poss. cl. his, her, its; third person singular form of the general possessive classifier.

eh₃   n3s. liver.

eh₄   interj. a particle used after names of people when calling them.

eh₅   interj. an interjection signifying comprehension.

eh₆   interj. a response used when answering a call in a feast, pronounced with exaggerated lengthening of the vowel.

ei₁, also ahi₂.   poss. cl. my. see ah₂.

ei₂   sent. adv. yes.

eieri, also eierima.   interj. an exclamation, used when one makes a mistake.

eierima, also eieri.   interj. an exclamation, an expression used when one realizes something has been forgotten. Eierima! I manokehla pwah. My god, I really forgot!

eikek   1. vi. to pout. 2. adj. temperamental, easily angered by small things.

eiker   n. acre. [Eng.]

eikou   interj. I dare you!

eile   meing. adj. shy. Re dehr ketin eile. Don't be shy. cf. mahk₁.

eilepe   1. n3s. midst, of an activity. 2. adj. middle.

eilepenpwong   n. middle of the night.

eimah   adj. uninhibited, bold, daring; shameless.

eimwol   meing. vi. to vomit. cf. mmwus.

Eimwos   Biblical. n. Amos, a book in the Kadehde Mering (Old Testament). [Eng.]

einiar   n. whirlwind, waterspout, tornado; gust of wind containing rain.

einiarih   meing-1. vt. to fan. einiar, vi. cf. irip.

einumpwul   vi. to be cooked over a flame.

einpwoat, also ainpwoat.   1. n. cooking pot, broiler, stew pan. 2. vi. to cook food in a pot; to prepare a small informal feast or party, to hold a potluck. 1. Ansou me aramas kohdo, kitail pahn einpwoat. When people come, we will have a potluck. [Eng. iron pot]

einger   adj. dedicated, industrious.

eipahi   1. adj. walking with swinging arms, walking freely with no worries. 2. vi. a command during the pounding of kava to keep the activity going, to not slow down.

eipisi   n. English alphabet. [Eng. ABC]

eir   archaic. n. south; all lands to the south of Pohnpei.

Eir   n. a section (kousapw) in Sokehs.

eirek   adj. flexible, can be expanded or contracted.

eirekpene   vi. to contract, to shrink; to gather, as when a string is pulled in a piece of cloth.

eirekpeseng   vi. to expand, to stretch, as of clothing; to sag, as a rope.

Eirike   n. a section (kousapw) in Nett.

eirileng   n. southern skies.

eis₁   n. name of the letter h, the seventh letter of the Pohnpeian alphabet, used to represent vowel length; also called reirei₁;.

eis₂   num. seven. see ehd₁.

eis₃   n. ace, in playing cards.

eisek   num. ten.

eisel   vi. to gather ioll vines to be used as training ropes for yam vines.

Eisia, also Esia.   n. Asia. [Eng.]

eidak   1. vi. to have a serious case of asthma in which one gasps for breath. 2. n. serious case of asthma in which a person gasps for breath.

eidik   vi. to throw an object so that it will skip, as a stone on the surface of the water. eidikih, vt.

eidikih   vt. to skip an object toward something. eidik, vi.

ehu   num. one; name of the final rhythm used when pounding kava, in Madolenihmw and U. Pohnpei sohte ehu. Pohnpei isn't one. see -u.

ehk₁   num. ten.

ehk₂   interj. ouch, an exclamation of pain.

ekei₁   num. some; several. Ekei uht kau tikitik. Some of those bananas are small.

ekei₂   interj. an interjection, often conveying a feeling of surprise or wonder, also used in a scolding or teasing manner.

ekehk   n. the triangle formed by the hull and spars of an outrigger canoe, through which a pole may be stuck into the ground to serve as an anchor.

eken kodering, also ahk en kodering.   stick for husking coconuts.

eker   vt. to call, to summon.

eki   n. fish sp., milkfish, Chanos chanos.

ekih-   vt. to hide or conceal. ekihla hide there, ekihsang hide from. ekiek, vi.

ekihla   vt. to hide; to put something in a safe place. E ekihla nah mwohnio. He put his money in a safe place.

ekihsang   vt. to hide from. E ekihsang ah pwoud nah mwohnio. He hid his money from his wife.

ekiek   vi. to be hidden, concealed, secret, occult. ekih-, vt.

ekihla   vt. to hide; to put something in a safe place. E ekihla nah mwohnio. He put his money in a safe place.

ekipir   n. eave of a building.

Ekipten, also Ihsip.   Biblical. n. Egypt. [Ger. Ägypten or possibly from English ‘Egyptian’]

ekis   1. num. one. 2. adv. a bit, a little, a piece of. 2. Sehtet ekis mwerekirek. This shirt is a bit wrinkled. see kis₁.

ekihsang   vt. to hide from. E ekihsang ah pwoud nah mwohnio. He hid his money from his wife.

ekke   interj. ouch, an exclamation of pain.

ekkek   interj. an exclamation used when one is surprised or hurt.

ekpland, also nasupi, pringihnas, wahntuhke toantoal.   n. eggplant, Solanum melongena. [Eng.]

Eksodus   Biblical. n. Exodus, a book in the Kadehde Mering (Old Testament). [Eng.]

ektahr   n. hectare, a unit of land measurement equal to 10,000 square meters (2.47 acres). [Eng.]

el₁   vt. to rub, to massage. eliel₁, vi.

el₂   num. cl. used in counting garlands. elin kapwat pahiel four garlands.

ehl₁   n. garland; string of flowers or beads.

ehl₂   num. one. see el₂.

ehl₃   n. hell. [Eng.]

ele₁   vt. to draw a line; to inscribe.

ele₂   sent. adv. perhaps, maybe, possibly. Ele e soumwahu. Perhaps he is sick.

elen mwahng, also elin mwahng.   1. n. the paternal clans of the grandparents of either one's mother or father. 2. vi. to be related in this way.

elen pillap   n. bed of a river.

elen wehi   n. public road, main road.

Elenieng, also Alenieng₁.   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

elenmwar   n. title line, in both the Nahnmwarki and Nahnken lines.

elenwel   1. n. part, in the hair. 2. vi. to part, of the hair.

elep   num. half, of objects divided horizontally or by their width; one;. see lep.

elep elep   num. fifty-fifty, half to each; opposite ends.

elepeider   n. elevator. [Eng.]

elehda   vt. to create a good or bad situation. Kopwong wet elehda apwal laud ehu. This court created a great problem.

eliel₁   1. vi. to rub, to massage. 2. n. massage. el₁, vt.

Elieliwi   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

elielpailonge   meing. vt. to glimpse at, to glance at. Mwohnsapw elielpailonge liho. Mwohnsapw glanced at the woman. elielpailong, vi. cf. kilang semwene.

elielpaidoke   meing-1. vt. to listen, to hear. Mwohnsapw elielpaidoke en ohlo sakarakaho. %Mwohnsapw| listened to that man's speech. cf. rong.

elies, also kupwuneik, soulik en mesihsou.   n. a yam cultivar.

eliman, also aliman.   1. meing. vi. to dream. 2. meing. n. dream; source of a revelation. elimene, vt.

elimant   adj. appearing close, but in reality far away.

elimene   meing. vt. to dream about. eliman, vi. cf. ouraman.

elimoang   n. mangrove crab, Scylla sirreda, prized as a delicacy.

elin kapwat   n. garland (mwaramwar), necklace, lei. cf. [meing] langihr.

elin katieu   n. the royal garland (mwaramwar) placed on the head of a Nahnmwarki at his coronation.

elin soupeidi   n. a type of garland (mwaramwar) made for the Nahnmwarki.

elin soupwur   n. a type of garland (mwaramwar) made for someone who is not expected to return.

elinpwur   n. garland (mwaramwar) of pwuhr, Fagraea berteriana.

elintek   n. crown of thorns, as worn by Jesus.

elinge   meing. n3s. voice, sound. cf. ngile.

elingek, also delingek.   vi. neut. to carry something requiring repeated trips, as numerous bags of copra. elingeki, vt.

elingeki   vt. to carry something requiring repeated trips, as numerous bags of copra. elingek, vi.

elipant   n. elephant. [Eng.]

elipip   n. whirlwind, whirlpool.

elisen pah   1. n. beard. 2. vi. to have a beard.

elisen powe   1. n. mustache. 2. vi. to have a mustache.

elisenket   n. bush sp., Orthosiphon stamineus.

elu   1. n. a feast of propitiation asking for forgiven for a serious offense, typically after someone becomes ill as a result of the offense. 2. vi. to prepare this feast.

eluwahk   n. walk, a journey on foot. Eluwahk reirei sapwasapw. It's a long walk through life. (A proverb typically used when you ask for something and another doesn't provide it.).

eluwahkih   vt. to walk towards; to confront.

eluwe   vt. to walk to; to swim slowly to, of fish. alu, vi.

eluwenpwong   1. vi. to go out at night for the purpose of a sexual liaison. 2. n. night walk, for the purpose of a sexual liaison. eluwenpwongih, vt.

eluwenpwongih, also aluwenpwongih.   vt. to meet someone of the opposite sex for the purpose of sexual liason. eluwenpwong, vi.

eluwentek   vi. to waddle. [tek <Eng. duck]

elter   n. elder in the Protestant church, a rank above souleng and below sounkohwa. [Eng.]

emen   num. one. see men₃.

emen emen   adj. one by one, each and every, individually.

emersensi   n. emergency. [Eng.]

Eminalau Lapalap   n. title of the wife of a Souwel Lapalap.

emp₁   n. coconut crab, Bingus latro, prized as a delicacy.

emp₂, also omp.   n. vine sp., Ipomoea littoralis, the leaves of which are used in medicine and for magic.

empehk   n. handbag, purse. [Eng.]

empelop   n. envelope. [Eng.]

emwi   n. bunch, of coconuts, mangoes, or anything that grows in bunches from a single stem.

emwiemw   vi. to wash one's hands. amwin, vt.

emwiemwidi   vi. to be picked, pulled, or cut down in entirety. amweredi, vt.

emwirek   adj. crumpled, wrinkled. amwer, vt.

emwodol   num. one. see mwodol.

emwut   num. one. see mwut₂.

empwoatol   1. n. a game in which one attempts to pick up a bottle with a nail tied to a line which is attached to a stick. 2. vi. to play this game. [pwoatol <Eng.]

en₁, also -n₁.   construct particle of.

en₂   modal to be to, should. Ohlo nda I en kohla. That man said I should go.

-en   dem. mod. that, by you. pwihken that pig by you.

eni   n. ghost, spirit, usually one considered to be malicious.

enihwos   n. clan deity; a ghost that came into existence with the creation of the land, not the ghost of a deceased person.

eni aramas   n. ghost that appears to be human and that lives among people, but that can transform itself into other life forms.

enihep   1. adj. mildewed. 2. n. mildew, stain caused by mildew.

Enihlap   n. God, supernatural being; in a traditional feast, the largest kava plant used for the main kava ceremony; the name of the center post at the back edge of the main platform.

Enimwahn   n. ancient name for a large area of land in northern Madolenihmw (literally male ghost).

enihn nan sousou   n. ghost of the dead.

enihn nan wehwe   n. sky spirits, one of four types of environmentally related spirits.

enihn nahniak   n. mangrove spirits, one of four types of environmentally related spirits.

enihn nansapw   n. land spirits, one of four types of environmentally related spirits.

enihn nansed   n. ocean spirits, one of four types of environmentally related spirits.

enihn pahn takai   n. ghost that is found on the land.

enihn pohn madau   n. a phrase used to refer to the occupants of the first Western ships to reach Pohnpei from Europe and America.

Enipein   n. formerly, a large section of land in southern Kitti, now divided into Enipein Pah and Enipein Powe.

Enipein Pah   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti.

Enipein Powe   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti.

Enipoas   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

enisoupedo   n. a dryland taro (sawa₁) cultivar.

enihwos   n. clan deity; a ghost that came into existence with the creation of the land, not the ghost of a deceased person.

enklidik   n. enclitic. [Eng.]

ehnta   n. fish sp.

eng   slang. vi. to go to sleep. Ke pahn eng ia? Where are you going to sleep.

engida   vi. to have sexual intercourse; to spend the night with someone of the opposite sex.

engidi   vi. to lie down, to bed down, to sleep.

eng-   vi. to reach. E engalahng uhpw kau. He reached for the coconuts. enge-, vt. cf. [meing] derleng, derpwelih.

ehng   sent. adv. yeah, an informal affirmative response.

-ehng, also -ieng.   verb. suff. to, toward, in relation to, for; This form of the suffix occurs after a verb root ending in a consonant. nehk to distribute, nehkehng to distribute to.

engamwahu, also ahngamwahu.   adj. providing favorable conditions, conducive to a good outcome.

enge   n3s. chela, the claw of a crab, lobster, shrimp, etc.

enge-   vt. to claw, to reach for. eng-, vi.

engeir   n. south wind, shifting wind, believed to bring bad weather.

engehng   general term for larger Carangidae (jacks), from approx. ten to thirty pounds.

engila   slang. vi. to die.

engimah, also engmah.   adj. windy with accompanying rough seas.

engin aramas   n. the scent of human beings, employed with reference to the planting of breadfruit trees in the proximity of human dwellings in the belief that the trees will bear more fruit.

engin ewe   n3s. breath; the power of one's speech.

engin ewen aramas   n. bad luck in the form of illness or misfortunte brought upon one as a consequence of being popular or famous. Ohlo soumwahukihla engin ewen aramas. The man became chronically ill because of being famous.

engin kehlap, also angin kehlap.   n. solidarity, collaborative effort; collaboration, cooperation, joined forces.

engin pihl   n. mist, as from a waterfall.

engin sarpereu   n. a strong wind that Pohnpei experiences once a year that cleans the barrier reef.

engin sihlangi, also engin sihleng.   meing. n3s. the breath of life (employed in the Bible in lieu of engin dewese). cf. engin ewe.

enginleng   meing. vi. to push while holding one's breath. Re kin enginleng ansoun loakewel. He holds his breath to push while defecating. . cf. sohnek.

enginli   adj. satiated, having had one's fill of sex with women (of a man).

enginpar   n. trade wind.

enginpwelih, also enginpwele.   meing. vt. to kick. cf. tepek.

enginwol, also anginwol.   adj. satiated, having had one’s fill of sex with men (said of a woman).

engipip   n. whirlwind.

engida   slang. vi. to have sexual intercourse; to spend the night with someone of the opposite sex.

engidek   slang. adj. gluttonous. cf. [meing] mworuhru.

engidi   slang. vi. to lie down, to bed down, to sleep.

engitik   adj. breezy, airy.

engk   n. landslide.

engkidi   vi. to slide or fall, of a pile of inanimate substances, as a landslide.

engmwahukihla   vt. to take advantage of, used in a negative sense.

engpokon   n. mangrove crab that has two claws.

engsuwed, also ahngsuwed.   1. adj. entailing unfavorable or unacceptable conditions, of a nature that it is difficult to accept. 2. n. scandal, bad example.

ep   vi. to be pulled, usually with a rope. apih, vt.

epida   vi. to be raised, as a flag or an anchor; to be hung up.

epeng   num. four; the fourth month of the year in the traditional Pohnpeian calendar. see ehd₁.

epeng en sakau, also sapwehn sakau.   meing. n. the fourth cup of kava during a kava ritual, marking the end of the intial phase of the ritual in Madolenihmw, U, and Sokehs. In Kitti and Nett, the fifth cup serves this function. cf. nohpwein sakau.

ehperem   n. a yam cultivar.

epetik   n. fish sp., a small shark mullet (ah₁).

epiep   1. vi. to fish with line. 2. n. line fishing.

epil   n. fish spp., Mullidae, any of a number of goatfishes, normally found on the barrier reef.

epini   1. vi. to jump rope; to engage in a tug-of-war. 2. n. a jump rope.

epid   vi. to be carried on one's side, to be carried under one's arm. apid, vt.

epida   vi. to be raised, as a flag or an anchor; to be hung up.

epidipe   vi. to cross one's arms. cf. [meing] epidlim.

epit   num. one. see pit₂.

epkarangahp   vi. to fish for yellow-fin tuna.

epkekihr   vi. to bottom-fish.

epkioak   vi. to fish for kioak, using a line.

Epreil   n. April. [Eng.] cf. [meing] Ering.

epsamwei   vi. to fish for emporer fish (samwei), using a line.

epsara   vi. to fish for sara using a line.

epweh   n3s. customary manner.

epwel₁   n. (3sg. epwele) inability to sleep, insomnia.

epweliki to be bothered by something, usually of a trivial nature, that interferes with one’s sleep.

epwel₂   n. fish sp.

epwel₃   n. care, caretaking. Omw epwel sohte itar. Your care isn't sufficient.

epwelseri   vi. to baby-sit.

epweliki   to be bothered by something, usually of a trivial nature, that interferes with one’s sleep.

epwiki   num. one hundred.

epwinek   1. vi. to wash one's face. 2. n. the washing of one's face. apwin₁, vt. cf. [meing] mahleng.

epwidik   num. a little bit of, a small piece of, a fragment of. Kihdo kenei epwidik mwahmwen. Give me my small piece of fish.

er   adj. thoroughly knowledgeable. cf. [meing] erpit.

-ehr, also -ier.   verb. suff. used to signal perfective aspect; This form of the suffix occurs after a verb root ending in a consonant. mwadong play, mwadongehr  have already played.

erala   vi. to be concluded, to be ended.

eralahr   interj. The end!

erein   prep. n. during the time, for a period of, while, until, so long as. E wadengki pwuhko erein awa riau. He read that book for a period of two hours. Nan erein mwail riau sang Pohnpei, sohte sohpen Sapahn kak laid. Within a distance of two miles from Pohnpei, no Japanese ship can fish. Erein omw pahn suhsuwed, I sohte pahn seweseiuk. So long as you are being bad, I won't help you.

erein mour   n. lifetime.

ereki   vt. to know thoroughly, to master.

erekiso   meing. n. body, of the Nahnmwarki.

eremen, also ieremen.   interj. Forget it! Better not! Never mind! Disregard it!

eretik   adj. knowledgeable about many things, knowledgeable about details.

eri   1. sent. adv. well, then, thus. 2. conj. adv. then, so. 3. interj. Enough!, Stop! 1. Eri, ohlet mehla. Well then, this man died. 2. I doadoahk lao nek oh ngehi eri kohla. I worked until finished and then I went there.

eria   interj. I warned you!

erier   vi. neut. to stir; to probe. arih, vt.

erimeddo   n. helmet. [Jap. herumetto < Eng.]

Ering   meing. n. April. Ering iei sounpwong en Apreil. Ering is the month of April. cf. Apreil, Epreil.

ering₁   n. ripe coconut, syn. with mwangas.

ering₂, also kisin ering.   meing. n. tooth.

eripit   adj. wise, knowledgeable.

erir   1. vi. to serve as a cup bearer in the drinking of kava. 2. n. (3sg. erire) cup bearer. aririh, vt.

eriripe, also ariripe.   n3s. one who attends or serves a dignitary during a feast or kava ceremony.

eruwahn   vi. to completely understand.

erkahnih   vt. to air condition something.

ehrkandihsin, also ehrkan.   1. n. air conditioner. 2. vi. to use an air conditioner. [Eng. air conditioner]

erpehs   vi. to spread the stones of an uhmw too thin, so that the embers at its center are disturbed.

erpit   1. meing. adj. authoritative. 2. meing. n. an expert; wisdom, knowledge. 1. Mwohnsapw me erpit nan kahng en mwahr akan. His higheness is an authority on the title system.

ehs₁   interj. an expression of much pain.

ehs₂, also eis₃.   n. ace, in cards. [Eng.]

ese   vt. to know, to understand. cf. [meing] patohwan, mwahngih.

esehla   vt. to learn, to find out through experience.

esehda   vt. to learn, to find out through sources of information.

Esekiel   Biblical. n. Ezekiel, a book in the Kadehde Mering (Old Testament). [Eng.]

esel   num. one. see sel₂.

ehsel   n. ass. [Ger. Esel]

esehla   vt. to learn, to find out through experience. cf. [meing] pwukepwilih, pwukehdi.

esehda   vt. to learn, to find out through sources of information.

Esia, also Eisia.   n. Asia.

esil   num. three. see ehd₁.

esingek   1. vi. to breathe. 2. n. breath. cf. [meing] esmweremwer, eirleng.

esingekida   vi. to inhale.

esingekidi   vi. to exhale, to breathe a sigh of relief.

esingekloal   vi. to take a deep breath, because of concern.

esou   num. one. see sou₄.

eskepeider, also ekskepeider.   n. excavator (heavy equipment). [Eng.]

eskorpion   n. scorpion. [Spa. escorpión]

esmweremwereda   meing. vi. to inhale. cf. esingekda.

Esra   Biblical. n. Ezra, a book in the Kadehde Mering (Old Testament). [Eng.]

esse   interj. ouch, an exclamation of pain.

esdasion   n. station of the cross. [Spa. estación]

Ester   Biblical. n. Esther, a book in the Kadehde Mering (Old Testament). [Eng.]

ed-   interr. an interrogative verb meaning 'to proceed by what means'. Re edala? How did they go there?

ehd₁   num. one; this numeral and others in this series are part of a general counting system used to enumerate things in the sense of counting them off; they never occur as part of larger grammatical constructions.

ehd₂   n. bag, sack.

ehd₃   vt. to strip off water, to strip the leaves off a vine; to clean out intestines, to remove something from a rope-like object.

ehd katik   n. gallbladder.

ede₁   n3s. gill.

ede₂   vt. to sharpen, to put an edge on something. adahd, vi.

edenpwel   n. title given to a someone after death, never to be used again.

edepe   num. some, several. I pahn wahdo edepe mwangas en. I'll bring some ripe coconuts.

edi₁   n3s. core, of a boil or pimple.

edi₂   n3s. bile, of the liver.

Edienleng   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

edied   adj. cloudy, blurred, fogged up, smoky; obscure, unclear.

ediedila   vi. to be defective, of one's vision; to flee, to remove oneself from the scene.

ediedin Nahnmwarki   n. an uhmw prepared in the presence of a Nahnmwarki.

ediedin soupeidi   n. an uhmw prepared in the presence of the soupeidi.

edila   vi. to have an experience for the first time; to have sexual intercourse for the first time (of a male), to lose one's virginity (of a male).

ehdin   num. first. ehdin ei kilang the first time of my seeing it.

edin kene   n. crop, of a chicken.

edin kent   n. bladder.

edin marer   n. fontanelle, the soft, boneless area in the skull of an infant that will later close with the growth of the skull bones.

edin mwenge   n. stomach.

edin nahn   n. abscess, gangrene, fatty tumor.

edin peren   meing. n. eye. cf. pwoaren mese.

ediniei   1. n. smoke. 2. meing. vi. to call. cf. [meing] likwer.

edinieng   n. swim bladder of a fish.

edinleng   meing. n. memory. cf. ketemen.

edinnoh, also adinnoh.   n. fumes, spray from the surf.

edip   num. one. see dip.

editoal   1. n. feast given upon the completion of the roof of a new feasthouse. 2. vi. to prepare this feast.

edrarrar   n. plastic grocery bag.

Ehdsdahr   n. Head Start, an educational program for preschool children. [Eng.]

-et, also -e.   dem. mod. this, by me. pwihket this pig.

ete   num. one. see te.

eten   n. this evening.

ehtik   n. spleen.

ewel₁   num. one. see wel₂.

ewel₂   num. eight. see ehd₁.

ewen mwenge, also owen mwenge.   adj. always hungry, selfish with food.

ewen neminem   adj. selfish with food, used in an extremely derogatory sense;.

ewen sawi   n. fish sp., giant coral trout, Plectropomus areolatus, or saddleback grouper, Plectropomus laevis.

ewenkel   n. gate, entryway.

ewetik   adj. abstemious, temperate in eating and drinking.

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