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ma   conj. if. Ma ke pahn laid, ah ke ndahdo pwe i pahn iang. If you are going fishing, let me know so that I join in.

mah   adj. old, aged; ripe.

mai₁   n. stone or coral fish trap.

mai₂   adj. skillful. [Jap. umai]

mahi   n. the generic name for breadfruit; a major food source that is also used for building canoes, carvings, medicine, and glue; the inner-bark was once used to make women's clothing. Artocarpus altilis and Artocarpus mariannensis, the latter also identified as meipa or meikole.

maiai   adj. unlucky, unfortunate; energetically, powerfully.

maiauda, also maiouda.   vi. to be relieved, to be free from encumbrances, to be free from worry.

maikol   n. overripe breadfruit; breadfruit that has been ripened for three days and two nights by the dokomei method.

maing   n. sir, madam.

maingih, also meingih.   vt. to speak to another using respect forms of speech. meing₁, vi.

maoakani   n. mahogany. [Eng.]

mahu   n. fish spp., any bluish parrotfish.

mahuenmoar   n. fish sp., a kind of parrotfish.

mahulik   n. see maulik.

maun   1. vi. to be right-handed. 2. n. right side.

maud   n. fish sp., bridled grouper, Epinephelus septemfasciatus.

maudel   vi. to yawn.

mahk₁   1. adj. reserved, shy, containing one's feelings for fear of self-embarrassment or embarrassing others, constrained in one's action by a social situation, formal in one's relations with others; modest. 2. n. deference.

mahk₂   n. mark, insignia, sign. [Eng.]

mahkada   vi. to stop, of rain.

mahkenwol   vi. extreme form of mahk₁.

mahkehngie   interj. Excuse me!, Forgive me!

makiaki   vi. to sob.

makinet   n. magnet. [Eng.]

makirehl   n. canned mackerel. [Eng.]

mahkoneidi   vi. to cease, resulting in a return to normalcy.

makoroni   n. macaroni. [Eng.]

makunai   adj. stupid, incapable of learning, unskillful. [Jap. umakunai]

mahl   1. adj. excessively bright. 2. n. temporary blindness induced by excessive light. cf. [meing] mwoluhpei.

malau   adj. far apart.

malaulau   adj. few.

mahlahl   1. adj. slow, of speech; of waves, separated by long intervals. 2. n. calmness.

malamal   adj. slow, referring to long intervals between some repetitious activity. Ohlo lokaia malamal. That man speaks slowly.

malangalang   adj. discomforted, by filth or something unpleasant looking; prissy.

malahsis   n. molasses, a molasses-like syrup made from the sap of the coconut palm. [Eng.]

malahd   n. a variety of rahmedel (a kava cultivar).

malekelek   n. fish sp., slingsaw wrasse, Epibulus insidiator.

malekenwel   n. bird sp.,chicken, Gallus domesticus.

mahlenih   vt. [mahlen <Ger.] see mahlen.

mahlengda   meing. vi. to look up. cf. sarada₁.

maledek   adj. roomy; free, at ease in doing something; fluent; effortless.

mahliel   n. an eye condition caused by exposure to glare, resulting in sensitivity to light.

mahliok   adj. calm and overcast, with no rain, used in describing the weather.

malimalih   meing. vt. to blow with air expelled from the mouth.

malipe   meing. vt. to call. malipilip, vi.

mall   n. open grasslands, savannah, natural clearing in the forest, a grassy, unfertile area; an area with little topsoil.

mamahd   vt. to maximize the volume of one's voice. Serepeino mamahd ah wer. That girl screamed as loud as she could.

mame   n. beans. [Jap. mame]

mamenoki   n. tree sp. [Jap. mamenoki : bean tree]

man   vi. to take hold, to stick; to be effective. Ahden manla rehn aramas. That name took hold among the people.

mahn   n. animal, insect.

manaida   n. chopping board. [Jap. manaita]

manaman   1. adj. power rooted in spiritual or magical sources, magical, mysterious, spiritual; official; sovereign, authority. 2. n. magic, mysterious or spiritual power; miracle; authority; sovereignty. 3. vi. to hold legal title to land.

manih   vt. to wink at. men₄, vi. cf. [meing] limasawairokih.

mahnien   adj. calm, cool, not easily disturbed; drowsy, of a person.

manokehla, also mankonehla.   vt. to forget. manokonokala, vi.

manokonokala   vi. to be forgotten. manokehla, mankonehla, vt.

mankonehla, also manokehla.   vt. to forget. manokonokala, vi.

mannaka   n. name of one of the holes in the marble game anaire. [Jap. mannaka]

mansu   n. a kind of dumpling stuffed with red bean jam. [Jap. manjū]

mand   adj. tame; domesticated.

Mand   n. a section (kousapw) and a valley in Madolenihmw.

manda   n. next day. see soangada.

mandaken aio   n. day before yesterday.

mandolihn   n. mandolin. [Eng.]

manterihn, also manterihng.   n. mandarin orange Citrus sinensis, tangerine Citrus tangerina. [Eng.]

mangarangar   vi. to be sickened by too much greasy food.

mangat   n. a group of banana cultivars, mostly eaten raw.

mangat en alohkapw   n. a banana cultivar, mostly eaten cooked.

mangil   n. (3sg. mangile) handle of a tool.

mangk   n. the position of the body assumed when ready for sexual intercourse, especially of women.

mangnga   1. n. cartoon, comic strip; character, clown. 2. vi. to be a character, to be a clown; to be foppish. [Jap. manga]

map   n. map. [Eng.]

mahr₁   n. preserved breadfruit; meiniwe cultivars are preferred for this purpose.

mahr₂   n. fish sp., masked rabbitfish, Siganus puellus.

marain   1. adj. bright, either with reference to light or intelligence; civilized, enlightened. 2. n. light; civilization.

Marahu   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti.

maram   n. moon; moonlight.

maram mat   n. full moon.

maram pwul   n. new moon, tenth night of the lunar cycle.

marapat   n. fish sp.

marahra   adj. fast, swift, of a moving object; light₁, in weight.

marasau   n. tree sp., Aglaia mariannensis, used medicinally and for firewood.

marasaras   adj. empty-headed, ignorant, lacking knowledge, uncultured, having no understanding of Pohnpeian culture (tiahk).

maradahn   n. old preserved breadfruit.

mahrek   n. fern spp., Cyclosorus heterocarpus or Cyclosorus maemonensis.

mahrekenleng   n. fern sp., Nephrolepis acutifolia.

marekeng   adj. dry, of the hair or skin.

marekileng   meing. n. in a feasthouse, the area where the Nahnmwarki sits.

marep₁   vi. to blink. cf. [meing] kekuhrek.

marep₂   n. fish sp., goatfish, Upeneus arge.

marer   vi. to hiccough.

maresed   n. preserved breadfruit, prepared by soaking whole peeled fruit in the ocean for two days, after which they are placed whole in the pit.

marop   vi. to be smashed, to be pulverized, to be broken; of plants, to wilt.

marosong   1. n. a marathon. 2. vi. to run a marathon. [Jap. marason < Eng.]

maru   1. n. marijuana. 2. vi. to smoke marijuana. [Eng.]

marungurung   adj. faded.

mahrdi   vi. of leaves, to turn or begin to dry.

mahs₂   n. (3sg. mese) face. cf. [meing] sihleng.

mahs₄   n. first. I pahn kohla Pohnpei mahs. I will go to Pohnpei first.

Mahs₅   n. March, the month of the year. [Eng.] cf. [meing] Pehn.

masak   vt. to be afraid of, to fear.

masal   vi. to blossom, to bloom; to fray, as of ropes.

masamas   adj. beloved, favored. cf. [meing] rekeseidak.

masamwahu   adj. good-looking, pretty, handsome.

mahsanih   meing. vt. to say, to see. cf. [meing] poahngokih.

masapang   adj. cross-eyed.

mahsahs   adj. cleared, as of vegetation.

mahsen   1. meing. vi. to speak. 2. n. language, speech.

masepwehk   adj. afraid, frightened, cowardly, bashful.

masinoki   n. ironwood. [Jap. matsunoki : pine tree]

masis   n. match₁. [Eng.]

masokod   n. fish sp., big-eye breamr, Monotaxis grandoculus.

masomwomw   n. cataract, opacity of the crystalline lens of the eye.

masuku   n. mask. [Jap. masuku < Eng.]

masukun   adj. blind.

maskala   adj. pretentious, proud, boastful.

masliki   n3s. outer side, outer surface.

masloale   n3s. inner side, inner surface.

maspali   adj. one-eyed, squint eyed.

massuwed   adj. ugly; sad-looking.

masduwarawar   adj. large-eyed.

mad₁   n. fringing reef flat; large coral head.

mad₂, also madekeng.   vi. to be dry.

mada   n. forked stick part of a slingshot. [Jap. mata]

madau₁   n. ocean, beyond the reef.

madau₂   n. thought.

madamadau   1. vi. to think. 2. n. thought. medewe, vt. cf. [meing] mohliol, mwuserehre.

madap   adj. uneven, of an edge.

madekeng   adj. very dry.

madep   n. sp. of sea cucumber.

madepei   n. floating reef flat, an isolated reef.

mahdire   n. nun. [Spa. madre : mother]

madires   n. mattress. [Eng.]

madol   n. space between things, time between events, interval, interstice.

Madolenihmw   n. name of a municipality in Pohnpei.

maht   n. pimple, acne.

matamat₁   adj. pliable, resilient.

matamat₂   n. plant spp., Eleocharis ochrostachys, Rhynchospora rugosa subsp. lavarum, and Schoenus achaetus.

matenei   adj. ripe, ready to eat, of fruit.

materek   adj. supple, limber; easily persuaded; lucky.

mahwin₁   1. vi. to be at war. 2. n. war, battle.

mahwin en pohn wahr   n. sea battle, involving canoes.

me₁, also met₁.   dem. pr. this one, by me; here; now.

me₃   stative marker used to emphasize the factuality of a state named by an adjective. E me kehlail. He is strong (no doubt about it).

meh₁   n. thing.

meh₂   vi. to bleat, of a goat.

Mei₁   n. May, the month of the year. [Eng.] cf. [meing] Epeng.

mei₂   1. adj. blue. 2. n. blue.

meiais   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meiniwe type).

meiapaup   n. a breadfruit cultivar.

meiarepe   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meiniwe type).

meiuhpw   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meiniwe type); although meiuhpw fruits early, it cannot be used for tribute or other customary practices because it is not an aboriginal cultivar.

meikalak   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meiniwe type); opens the rahk₁ (breadfruit) season.

meikimwer   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

meikidi   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meiniwe type).

meikole, also meikolemwot, meipa, kuru kiniti, meiwid.   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

meikuwet   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meiniwe type).

meimah   n. mature breadfruit, ready to be picked.

meimei   n. a clothlike material made from the bark of breadfruit.

meimwed   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

meiniwe   n. one of two traditional categories of breadfruit cultivars, characterized as being smooth-skinned, typically somewhat spherical in shape, and early fruiting, preferred for mahr₁; also the name of a specific breadfruit cultivar. see meinsahrek.

meinpohnle   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

meinpohnsakar   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

meinpwahr   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

meinpwuht en Sokehs   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

meinsahrek   n. one of two traditional categories of breadfruit cultivars, characterized as being rough-skinned, somewhat elongated in shape, and late fruiting. see meiniwe.

meing₁   1. n. high language, respect forms of speech. 2. vi. to speak using respect forms of speech. maingih, meingih, vt.

meingih   vt. see meing₁.

meingtoal   vi. to be left-handed.

meipa, also meikole, meikolemwot, kuru kiniti, meiwid.   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

meipwiliet   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meiniwe type).

meipwuhleng   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meiniwe type).

meir   vi. to sleep.

Meiros   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

meirkelik   adj. deep in sleep.

meisaip   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meiniwe type).

meise   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

meisei   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meiniwe type).

meid   adv. truly. Ke meid roson! Aren't you truly lucky!

meitehid   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meiniwe type).

Meitik   n. a section (kousapw) in Nett.

meitoal   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

meiweke, also meikeke, meiwoke.   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

mek   1. adj. dented. 2. n. dent.

mehkan, also metakan.   dem. pr. these, by me.

mehkei   pron. something, anything (plural).

mehkot, also okoteme.   pron. something, anything, thing (singular). Mehkotet pahn kohieng nan uhmw. This thing will be put in an earth oven.

mehla   1. vi. to die; to stop, of a mechanical object. 2. n. wake, funeral. 3. n. death; remains, as of a dead body.

meleilei   1. adj. peaceful, easygoing, unenthusiastic, slow moving, passive, lethargic. 2. n. peace.

mehlel   1. adj. true, honest. 2. sent. adv. truly, honestly.

melengileng   adj. shiny, glistening, polished.

meliek   vi. to move rapidly.

meliehla   meing. vt. to forget.

melimel   1. n. windstorm, typhoon. 2. vi. to be struck by a windstorm or typhoon.

mehme₁   n. wart.

mehme₂   1. vi. to eat, said only of infants. 2. n. premasticated food for infants.

men₁   vt. to want. I men kilang kasdo. I want to see a movie.

men₂   1. dem. pr. that one, by you; there, by you. 2. interj. That's it!, from Ih men.

men₃   num. cl. used in counting animate beings. pwihk limmen five pigs.

men₄   vi. to wink, to twinkle. manih, vt. cf. [meing] limasawairok.

mehn₁   n. one of, thing of.

mehn₂   vi. to kiss, to rub noses.

men akan   dem. pr. those, by you.

mehn akinen   n. target.

mehn adahd   n. file, sharpening stone, razor strop.

mehn eringi   n. toothpick. cf. [meing] likekringring, loangmeiso.

mehn ersaleng   n. a pick used for the ear, as a Q-tip.

mehn ohpen   n. bottle opener. [Eng. open]

mehn owannange   n. shot, the metal ball used in the game of shot put. [Jap. hōgannage]

mehn kapas   n. glue.

mehn kataman, also mehn ketemen.   n. souvenir, reminder.

mehn kawa   n. people of olden times.

mehn kisetik   1. n. a mild form of measles. 2. vi. to have a mild form of the measles, possibly German measles.

mehn kodu   n. dye.

mehn koadi   n. funnel.

mehn loipehs   n. ash tray.

mehn madau   1. vi. to be seasick. 2. n. seasickness.

mehn mwadong   n. toy.

mehn namwanamw   n. low islander; any islander, Micronesian or Polynesian, of non-Pohnpeian origin.

mehn pahn kadip   legal. n. defendant, in a criminal case.

mehn pahn repenpwung   legal. n. defendant, in a civil case.

mehn peidaid   n. vehicle, of any kind.

mehn poahr   n. toilet paper.

mehn pwuropwur   n. drill, brace.

mehn rar   n. flat piece of wood used to pry off the charred skin of roasted breadfruit.

mehn roh   n. stretcher.

mehn rokumw   1. n. nosebleed, occurring spontaneously. 2. vi. to have a spontaneous nosebleed.

mehn sahk   1. n. migraine headache, sinus headache. 2. vi. to have a migraine or sinus headache.

mehn sahmwa   interj. thank you, used only with younger people.

mehn seipinsel   n. pencil sharpener. [pinsel <Eng.]

mehn sohng   n. ruler, tape measure.

mehn suhs   n. Jew.

mehn doadoahk   n. tool; gift or contribution to a party.

mehn tang   1. n. diarrhea. 2. vi. to have diarrhea.

mehn windeng   n. steering wheel. [windeng <Jap. ?]

menemen en pahsu   n. pearl.

mehnia   interr. which. Mehnia likou me ke mwahuki? Which material do you like?

menioak, also dapiohka, kehp tuhke.   n. manioc, cassava, tapioca; Manihot esculanta, primarily used as food and to make starch. [Eng.]

menihke   n. any non-swimming marine organism, i.e. shells, starfish, sea cucumbers, etc.; sex organs of a female.

menin kahlipw, also menin kahnlipw.   n. dragonfly.

menin lohsapw   n. sand flea.

menin douioas   n. insect sp., walking stick.

meninrahn   n. centipede.

menipinip   adj. thin, of flat objects such as paper.

menipinipi   n3s. sideburn.

menuwa   n. man-of-war, an armed naval vessel; warship, battleship. [Eng.]

mehnkumwo   vi. to be hungry for fish.

menlau   interj. thanks, informal.

menmwenge   vi. to be hungry.

mennei   n. the favorite male child of a Nahnmwarki or Nahnken.

mennim   vi. to be thirsty.

menpihr   n. bird.

menseiren, also mehnseiran.   1. adj. reluctant. 2. vi. to comply, to do something against one's will.

menseng, also nimenseng.   n. morning.

mensiek, also mansiek.   n. grasshopper.

mehnda   1. interr. why, to what purpose. 2. interj. Never mind! 1. Mehnda ke sohte iang? Why didn't you go along?

mentikitik   n. early morning, the time interval beween pwahpwa rahn and nimenseng.

meng   adj. withered, dry, dead, of vegetation.

mengei   adj. easy.

menger   n. fish sp., flying fish.

mengiloal   1. vi. to talk to oneself; to carry on an internal dialogue, as when formulating an important goal. 2. n. internal dialogue.

menginpeh   n3s. result of one's work; writing, handwriting, signature.

mengihtik   n. detail, specifications; information.

mengk   vi. to exhibit the effects of being intoxicated by kava, characteristically having drooping eyelids and a generally lethargic appearance and easily blinded by excess of light.

mepel, also lepel.   n. level, a carpenter's tool. [Eng.]

mer   adj. rusty, corroded.

merein paker   n. boxing ring.

merepwinsed   n. mangrove sp., Heritiera littoralis.

merer   n. fish sp., humphead wrasse, Cheilinus undulates.

Merewi   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

merimer   adj. almost ripe, as of bananas and mangoes; light, of a color.

mering   adj. old, of inanimate objects.

Mesaia   n. Messiah. [Eng.]

mesarawi   1. n. black magic. 2. polite. n. genitals.

mese   n3s. face; facade; upper part of yam, taro, pineapple, etc.; edge of a reef. see mahs₂. cf. [meing] sihlangi.

mesehl   1. n. a kind of magic, employed to romantically attract another; a love potion or charm. 2. vi. to employ magic to romantically attract another. mesehlih, vt.

ilek-   vi. to send a dispatch or message. E ilekilahng ah pwoudo. He sent a message to his wife.

mesehlih   vt. see mesehl.

mesen mwenge   adj. gluttonous.

mesenedi   n3s. see mesenadi.

mesenih   n. first-born child.

Mesenieng   n. an earlier name of the Kolonia town area; of religious significance to Pohnpeians who consider it a sacred place; claimed as a section (kousapw) by Nett, although Kolonia town is a separate political entity.

mesenlam   n. boundary between the shallow and deep part of a lagoon.

mesenmwomw   n. wart, corn₁.

mesenpek   n. head of a yam.

mesendid   n. a large upright in the framing of the walls of a building.

mesiha   archaic. n. fire.

mesiek   vi. to move swiftly up and down.

Mesihsou   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

med   vi. to be full, after eating.

medakahn   1. adj. talkative, outgoing. 2. vi. to talk, to converse.

medahlia   n. medal, usually a Catholic religious medal. [Spa. medalla]

mede   n. ripe breadfruit.

medek   vi. to hurt, to be painful, to ache.

medel₁   adv. exactly. Re lelodo kuloak eisek riau medel. They arrived here at exactly twelve o'clock. kuloak siluh medel exactly three o'clock.

medendel   adj. smooth and flat.

medehde   n. at a feast, leaves upon which food to be distributed to high ranking individuals is placed; coconut fronds are used for the presentation of pork and fish, banana leaves are used for other kinds of cooked food. cf. [meing] medehdak.

medewe   vt. to think. madamadau, vi.

medi   n. fish sp., emperor, Lethrinus lentjan.

met₁, also me₁.   dem. pr. this one, by me; here; now.

met₂   vi. to smack the lips, to suck food into the mouth with a smacking sound. metik, mitik, vt.

met akan, also mehkan.   dem. pr. these, by me.

mete   n. metal, nail, badge, spear for a speargun. [Eng. metal]

metel   n. medal, non-religious. [Eng.]

metik, also mitik.   vt. to suck (food) into the mouth with a smacking sound; to kiss. met₁, vi.

Metipw   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw and U.

mehwo   adj. voracious.

mi   vi. to exist, a locative verb. Pwuhko mi pohn tehpelo. That book is on the table.

mih   n. name of the letter m, the tenth letter of the Pohnpeian alphabet, used to represent the phoneme /m/, a bilabial nasal.

mie   vi. to exist, an existential verb. Mie aramas nan ihmwo. There is someone in that house.

mihk   vt. to suck, to absorb.

milik   n. milk. [Eng.]

milikkang   n. milk can. [Jap. mirukukan < Eng.]

milikpil   n. evaporated milk. [milik <Eng. milk]

milikten   n. condensed milk. [milik <Eng. milk]

min   adj. neat, clean.

mihn   adj. mean, miserly. [Eng.]

minimin   1. adj. cooperative. 2. n. union, association, any cooperative venture; cooperation.

minit   n. minute; minutes, as of a meeting. [Eng.]

mihsa   n. mass₁. [Spa. misa]

misiohn   n. see mision.

misin   n. Protestant mission. [Eng.]

misihn   n. machine, engine, outboard motor. [Eng.]

misihn en lioal   n. generator.

misihn en lopwolopw   n. washer, washing machine.

misihn en rasaras   n. chainsaw.

misihn tiati   n. treadle operated sewing machine.

miso   n. bean paste. [Jap. miso]

mihding, also mihting.   1. n. meeting. 2. vi. to meet. [Eng.]

middo   n. catcher's mitt. [Jap. mitto < Eng.]

mitik, also metik.   vt. to suck (food) into the mouth with a smacking sound, to kiss.

mihting, also mihding.   1. n. meeting. 2. vi. to meet. [Eng.]

molomol   adj. of plants, to be a deep healthy green; of the skin, sleek.

mohn ohla   n. scar.

mohn pakudang   n. bomb crater.

mohngiong   n. (3sg. mohngiongi) heart.

mohngiong mwakelekel   adj. free from sin; charitable.

mohr   n. small kava plant, one remaining after the larger plants have been removed.

moromor   n. war, battle, dispute.

moron   adj. large, in quantity.

mohs   n. field, open area.

mosul   adj. thick; heavy, of rain.

mohdi   vi. to heal.

mowe   n3s. scar, trace, ruins.

moahk   n. fish sp.

moakoan   n. curdled coconut milk.

moahl₁   n. kava pounding stone. cf. [meing] ketia₃.

moahl₂   1. vi. to pass by; to be caught sight of; to visit. 2. n. (3sg. moahle) appearance, at a place.

moamoar   vi. to snore.

moahng₁   n. (3sg. moange) head.

moahng₂   adj. ill intentioned.

moangamad   adj. bald.

moangen kateng   n. belt buckle.

moangepwet   adj. gray headed; flowering, of mango trees.

moangkoikoi   vi. to shave one's head.

moangmedek   1. vi. to have a headache. 2. n. headache.

moangtakai   n. fish sp., a growth stage of ah₁.

moaralap   meing. vi. to yawn.

moarungurung   adj. dull or old-looking, of inanimate objects.

moahd   n. (3sg. moahde) echo; barely discernable sound from a distant source.

moatoar₁   adj. oily, greasy.

moatoar₂   meing. n. (3sg. moatoare) mat; sleeping place, sheet, as for bedding.

moatoare   meing. poss. cl. a possessive classifier used in honorific speech in place of the common language classifier kie. cf. kie₁.

mmwus   1. vi. to vomit. 2. n. vomit. cf. [meing] suhsuhda.

mpahi   adj. submissive, modest, self-effacing.

mpe   prep. n. next to (him or her), with animate relationships.

mpei   adj. buoyant.

mpek   vi. to look for lice. pakid, vt. cf. [meing] litepwitepw.

mpehn   n. two large logs at the base of the fire for an uhmw.

mpeng   1. vi. to be awakened. 2. n. awakening; warning; counsel. pangin, vt.

mpereng   vi. to burn brightly, of a source of light having a flame, as a lamp.

mpoake   1. vi. to kiss, to rub noses. 2. n. kiss, nose rub.

mpw-   Note: Words beginning with mpw- (pronounced /mwpw/) are listed at the end of the mw section of this dictionary.

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