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ngai   vi. to bay, of dogs when hunting.

ngalangal   1. adj. dry, of something that commonly has a moisture content, i.e., wood, one's throat, dirt, but not clothing or dishes; low, of the tide when the bottom is exposed. 2. meing. n. dry clothing to change into. 2. Kaunopada ngalangal. Get some dry clothing (for the royalty). cf. kemmad.

ngalangalada   vi. to be dried up.

ngalis   vt. to bite. ngelingel₁, vi. cf. [meing] irese.

ngampeseng   vi. to draw back both arms.

ngap   vi. to draw back one's arm. ngepe, vt.

ngampeseng   vi. to draw back both arms.

ngapada   vi. to draw back one's arm as if to strike a blow.

ngapseli   vi. to wave one's arms about, to use many arm and hand gestures while speaking.

ngahp   n. fathom, the distance between outstretched arms, approximately six feet.

ngapada   vi. to draw back one's arm as if to strike a blow.

ngapseli   vi. to wave one's arms about, to use many arm and hand gestures while speaking.

ngapwur   vt. to snap, to bite off sharply.

ngar   vt. to watch, to look. Ngar elemw. Watch your step.

ngarahk   vi. to laugh heartily.

ngarangar   n. empty half of coconut shell; a cup made from a coconut shell that is used for serving kava. cf. [meing] kohwaileng.

ngarangar en pwed, also ngerengeren pwed.   n. coconut cup used for putting water on kava during its preparation.

ngat   vi. to choke, as a consequence of food lodging in the trachea.

ngatasang   vi. to be bored or tired of something repetitious; to be fed up with to the point of disgust, to be sick of. I ngatasang kang mwahmw. I am tired of eating fish.

Ngatik   n. an atoll located within Pohnpei State, called Sapwuahfik by its residents.

-nge   aff. enumerative suffix. ihs who, isinge who (plural).

ngehi   ind. pron. I. Ngehi mehn Pohnpei. I am a Pohnpeian.

ngeli   n. a giant swamp taro (mwahng₂) cultivar.

ngelingel₁   vi. to bite. ngalis, vt.

ngelingel₂, also ngilingil.   adj. stinking, foul-smelling.

ngehn   n. (3sg. ngeni) soul, spirit, shadow.

Ngensarawi   n. Holy Ghost.

ngehn suwed, also ngensuwed.   n. evil spirit, demon. Ngehn suwed mi reh; ih me en soumwahuki. A demon lives in him; that is why he is sick.

ngensaut   n. demon. I sohte kamehlele ngensaut. I don't believe in demons.

Ngensarawi   Biblical. n. Holy Ghost.

ngensuwed, also ngehn suwed.   n. evil spirit, demon.

ngengngersuwed   1. adj. incestuous. 2. n. incest.

ngepe   vt. to measure with outstretched arms. ngap, vi.

nger-   slang. vi. to look. Ngerwei; ke dehr ngerseli. Look ahead; do not look around. Ngerido! Look at me!

ngeringer   vi. to scold (someone implied). Mwein e sohte pahn ngeringer. Maybe he will not scold (someone). ngeringere, ngeringerih, vt.

ngeringere, also ngeringerih.   vt. to scold. E ngeringere lahpo. He scolded that guy. ngeringer, vi.

ngeder   num. a great many, an uncountable number. Aramas ngeder iang doadoahk. A great many people participated in the work.

nget   n. mild case of asthma.

ngih₁   n. name of the digraph ng, the thirteenth letter of the Pohnpeian alphabet, used to represent the phoneme /ŋ/, a velar nasal.

ngih₂   n3s. tooth. cf. [meing] asang, ering₂, inadi, kisin ering.

ngih₃   n. tree sp., Pemphis acidula, noted for its strong, hard wood.

ngih medek   1. n. toothache. 2. vi. to have a toothache. 1. Ngih medek soumwahu sakanakan. A toothache is a bad ailment. 1. Ngih medek soumwahu sakanakan. A toothache is a bad ailment. 2. Ke ngih medek? Do you have a toothache? 2. Ke ngih medek? Do you have a toothache?

ngih pasapas   n. false teeth .

ngiau   vi. to meow, the sound that a cat makes.

ngiangi   adj. diligent or persevering because of enthusiasm.

ngihl   n. (3sg. ngile) voice; tune; sound. cf. [meing] kepit₃.

ngilamwahu   adj. beautiful sounding, with reference to achieving a desired vocal sound.

ngihlap   n. (3sg. ngihlepe) molar.

ngilawas   adj. grating or unpleasant, of the voice; employing an offensive tone of voice.

ngilekeng   adj. derisive.

ngilekir   adj. husky, hoarse, of the voice; also used to describe a change of voice, as in adolescents.

ngilen kawa, also ngilen mahs.   adj. sounds of long ago; off-key, unable to follow the melody in a song.

ngilen mahs, also ngilen kawa.   adj. sounds of long ago; off-key, unable to follow the melody in a song.

ngilenloale   n. conscience, internal voice.

ngilepwet   adj. said of someone unable to correctly pronounce the Pohnpeian /r/ or /t/ sounds.

ngilingil, also ngelingel₂.   adj. stinking, foul-smelling.

ngilpweipweiek   vi. to stutter.

ngilsuwed   adj. lacking a musical voice; grumpy.

ngihmat   n. a decayed tooth.

ngihnwer, also ngihnwor.   adj. overly talkative, protesting too much, all talk and no action.

ngihnwor   adj. see ngihnwer.

nginger suwed   1. slang. n. incest. 2. slang. vi. to commit incest.

ngihpit   adj. buck-toothed.

ngihpwar   n. tusk; large boar with tusks.

ngihpwoar   n. cavity, of a tooth.

ngir, also ngirala.   meing. vi. to be tired. cf. pwang.

ngirahkih   meing. vi. to approve of; to consider correct; to agree with. cf. pwungki.

ngirala   vi. see ngir.

ngiringir   vi. to growl or snarl, to quarrel. ngiringirih, vt.

ngiringirih   vt. to growl or snarl at. ngiringir, vi.

ngirisek   1. vi. to reverberate, to resound. 2. n. reverberation. 1. Ngilen nahnsapweho ngirisekla ngkapwan. The sound of thunder reverberated a while ago.

ngihroang   n. a decayed tooth.

ngis   vi. to chant; to be boisterous.

ngihs   n. chant, often one relating the oral history of Pohnpei.

ngisin aip   n. a chant with a pulsing rhythmic delivery.

ngisin laid   n. a chant pertaining to fishing.

ngisin rowe   n. a chant used when carring a heavy load on a litter.

ngisin sakau   n. a chant about the origins of kava.

ngisin sansar, also koulin sansar.   n. a chant performed using the rhythm of the paddling of a canoe.

ngisin wisik   n. a chant for carrying a heavy load.

ngisin woake   n. a chant used when dragging a log to be used for a canoe hull.

ngisingisido   n. a yam cultivar.

ngidar   vt. to clamp, to crush.

ngidingid   adj. adherent, cohesive, gummy, sticky; insistent; tense.

ngihtehte   1. adj. strenuous, diligent. 2. vi. to grind one's teeth.

ngihtok, also ngihtuk.   adj. gap-toothed, having missing or broken teeth.

ngoul   num. ten.

ngolungol   n. (3sg. ngolungoli) lung.

ngong   vi. to bark. ngongih, vt.

ngongih   vt. to bark at. ngong, vi.

ngopw   vi. to oink, to grunt, of a pig.

ngopwungopw   n. the oinking or grunting sound of a pig.

ngohr   n. (3sg. ngore) accent, dialect, tune, tone.

ngoang   adj. concerned, anxious, eager.

ngoapwur   vt. to snap, of dogs or pigs.

ngoatamah   adj. overly talkative, protesting too much, all talk and no action.

ngutoar   vi. to sniff, to draw in air sharply through the nose.

ngkapwan, also ningkapwan.   n. a while ago. E kohdo ngkapwan. He came a while ago.

ngkad   vt. to roof a building; to attach a piece of roofing material. ngked, vi.

ngkel   adj. of breadfruit or bananas, still green but ready to eat.

ngken   vi. to start or to burn, of a fire; to glow, as of embers.

ngkenda   vi. of a fire, to be kindled.

ngked   vi. to roof a building with thatch; to prepare a feast for the roofing of a building. Ihmwo ngked Rahn Kaunopo. The house was roofed on Saturday. or The house had its roofing feast on Saturday. ngkad, vt.

ngkopw   n. sp. of small crab.

ngkoak   1. n. fresh banana, breadfruit, or taro leaves used to cover an uhmw. 2. vi. of an uhmw, to be covered with fresh leaves. ngkoake, vt. cf. [meing] pahpwel, perekpwel, pahnkoiohlap.

ngkoake   vt. to cover an uhmw with fresh leaves. ngkoak, vi.

ngkoal   vi. neut. to make sennit. ngkoale, koale, vt.

ngkoale   vt. see ngkoal.

ngnge   archaic. sent. adv. yes.

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