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pa₁   conj. adv. since (contrary to expectations); suddenly. I pa esingekin maiauda, pwe solahr moromor. I have since breathed a sigh of relief, for there is no more conflict. I memeir pwong, ah I pa pirikihda ngilen nahnsapwe. I was sleeping last night, and suddenly I was awakened by the sound of thunder. Mwein e sohte nda, pwe i pa sehse. Maybe he didn't say, since (contrary to your expectations) I don't know. Se mwomwohd a mwangaso pa pwupwidi. We were sitting and suddenly the ripe coconut fell.

pa₂   vt. to weave. peipei₂, vi.

pa₃   num. cl. used in counting fronds. pahn nih riapa two coconut palm fronds.

pa₄   adj. looking good, elegant; appropriate. E pahieng ah likou kapwo. He looks good in his new clothes.

pah₁   prep. n. below, under (him, her, or it), lower; when used in place names, pah is west of powe.

pah₂   n3s. leaf or frond of any large leaved plant, such as taro or a palm. Pahn oahs depe ke pelehdi? How many ivory nut palm fronds did you cut down?

pah₃   vt. to serve, to help.

pah₄   n. (3sg. pahie) a charm, considered the property of a particular clan, which might take the form of an incantation, a mixture of herbs, etc., the use of which is to protect one from others as well as to make the user attractive to others. Pahien ohlo lipwan. The man's charm is effective. Mie pahien pwihn en kahleko. The dancers have magical power.

pahehl, also pahiel.   num. four. see el₂.

pai₁   vi. to weigh down with stones; of an uhmw, to cover the contents with hot stones. Paidi ahmw uhmen. Weigh down the cover of your uhmw. cf. [meing] pailenge.

pai₂   meing. n3s. head. cf. moahng₁.

pai₃   n. pie. [Eng.]

pahi₁   n. coral.

pahi₂   n. sling, for throwing a slingstone.

pahi₃   n. a charm, considered the property of a particular clan, which might take the form of an incantation, a mixture of herbs, etc., the use of which is to protect one from others as well as to make the user attractive to others.

pahi₄   n. the stones used in an uhmw.

paiahn   vi. to be accustomed or used to one another; to be acquainted.

pahieu   num. four. see -u.

pahiel, also pahehl.   num. four. see el₂.

paiente, also paiete.   sent. adv. luckily, fortunately. Paiente ke iangie pwe, ma ngehite, e sohte pahn nekla. Luckily you were with me because, if I were alone, it would not be finished. Paiente ke kanengamah. Fortunately you are patient.

pahieng   vi. to be elegant, to look good in one's clothing.

Paies   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti and Sokehs.

paiete   sent. adv. see paiente.

paii   1. adj. fortunate; wealthy; happy. 2. n. fortune, wealth, affluence; happiness, grace. cf. [meing] isar.

paiiamwahu   1. adj. fortunate, healthy, happy. 2. n. luck, good fortune. cf. [meing] iaslenglap, iaslenglap.

paiiamwahuda   adj. fortunate, healthy, happy.

paiieki   vt. to benefit from, to be blessed with. cf. [meing] iaseneiki.

paiisuwed   1. adj. unlucky. 2. n. ill-fortune, mishap.

paio   n. a superstitious practice. Mwomwohdiso uhong atail kin wia paio kan. The Church is opposed to our superstitious practices.

paiohla   vi. to swoon, to lose consciousness from being overjoyed. E paiohkihla ah nohkin peren daulihala. She lost consciousness from being overjoyed.

paiolihn   n. violin. [Eng.]

paiker   vi. of a liquid, to be channeled into a container with a trough, gutter, spout, etc. paikere, vt.

paikere   vt. see paiker.

paiking   1. n. infection. 2. vi. to be infected. [Jap. baikin]

pailoal   1. meing. vi. to eat after drinking kava. 2. n. meal after kava. 1. Mwohnsapw sohte pailoal pwohng. Mwohnsapw did not eat after drinking kava last night. cf. kenei sakau.

pain   vt. to strongly urge, to incite.

pahina   n. outer barrier reef. see nanpahina.

pahini   n. coconut palm frond. cf. [meing] pahleng.

pahini pokon   n. fish sp., humphead wrasse, a variety of Cheilinus undulates.

paip₁   n. large boulder of basalt; an open area where the top soil is not deep enough to support tall vegetation due to an underlying massive basalt base.

paip₂   n. pipe, as a water pipe. [Eng.]

paip₃   n. a pipe (for smoking). [Eng.] cf. [meing] sedru.

paipalap   n. a large boulder.

Paipel   n. Bible. [Eng.]

paipene, also pai₁.   vt. to weigh down with stones; of an uhmw, to cover the contents with hot stones. Kitail paipene uhmwen. Let us place hot stones over the contents of the uhmw. cf. [meing] pailenge.

paipwur   vi. to serve food cooked in uhmw without having cleared the hot stones off the top of the uhmw.

pairuk₁, also dairuk.   vi. to bend forward from the waist; to walk in a stooped position; to bow₁.

pairuk₂   n. a kind of adze.

pahisek   num. forty. see eisek.

paid   n. and who else?, an interrogative noun. Kowe paid kohdo? You and who else came? Koh paid? You and who else?

paidi   vt. to make a small uhmw.

paiwed   n. fern spp., Marattia mertensiana or Angiopteris evecta.

pahumw   num. four. see umw₂.

paun₂   1. n. pound₂, weight. 2. vi. to weigh. [Eng.] paune, vt.

paune   vt. to weigh. [paun <Eng.]

paunehte, also paunehiengete.     vt. to approximate a time or a weight as closely as possible, to zero in. Papaunehte kuloak siluh a ke kohdo. Approximate three o'clock, and then come. Paunehte wen mwenge me pahn itar kumwail. Estimate the amount of food that will be sufficient for you.

paunehiengete, also paunehte.   vt. to approximate a time or a weight as closely as possible, to zero in. Papaunehte kuloak siluh, a ke kohdo. When you think it's three o'clock, then come. Paunehiengete iten kenen me silimen. Come as close as you can to an appropriate amount of food for three people. Paunehte wen mwenge me pahn itar kumwail. Estimate the amount of food that will be sufficient for you. [paun <Eng. pound]

paunehte, also paunehiengete.   vt. to approximate a time or a weight as closely as possible, to zero in. Papaunehte kuloak siluh a ke kohdo. Approximate three o'clock, and then come. Paunehte wen mwenge me pahn itar kumwail. Estimate the amount of food that will be sufficient for you. [paun <Eng. pound]

paur   vi. to defecate.

paud₁   vt. to lash (something together) with hibiscus bark for carrying it.

paud₂   slang. vt. to say.

pahudaud   vi. to be given information.

paute   n. powder of any kind;. [Eng.]

pauwehs   n. plant sp., a flowering plant.

pak₁   1. n. occurrence, time. 2. num. cl. used in counting occurrences or times. 2. pak riapak two times 2. pak riapak two times.

pak₂   1. vi. to be smashed, as of a fallen ripe fruit. 2. adj. flat, of something normally rounded.

pahk₁   vt. to lift up something hinged or moveable on one side, as a page, lid, or hanging cloth. E pahk ikin tein amwiseho. He lifted the lower end of the mosquito net.

pahk₃   vi., vt. to back up, to go in reverse. E pahkte sidohsaho loisang tuhkeho. He backed up the car and crashed into a tree. [Eng. back]

paka   vt. to move aside the stones used for an uhmw in the act of cleaning it.

pahka   num. four. see ka₂.

pakair   1. n. notice, announcement. 2. vi. to notify, to announce. cf. [meing] kerenleng.

pakalong   adj. abnormal, deformed, odd.

pahkap   num. four. see kap.

pakahr   vi. to be lead₁ or guided, to be escorted. kahre, vt.

pakaraun   1. vi. to make an accusation. 2. n. accusation.

pakas   n. fish sp., yellowfin surgeonfish, Acanthurus xanthopterus.

pakasahnpene   vi. of two canoes, to meet each other on the leeward sides of the canoes.

pakasar   vi. to be sent away, to be cast out. Re pahn pakasar. They will be sent away. kasare, vt.

pakasarala   vi. to be exiled. Mehn Sokehs ko pakasarala. The people of Sokehs were exiled. see kasare.

pakad   vt. to defecate on something. pek, vi.

pakadanah   interj. Alas, you are a fool! [Jap. Baka da nā!]

pakadei   vt. see pakadeik.

pakadeik, also pakadei.   vi. to be questioned, to be interrogated. kadeik, vt.

pakatei   vi. to fish by driving fish under the rocks on the reef.

Pakein, also Pakihn.   n. a small atoll lying off the northwest coast of Pohnpei that is a section (kousapw) of Sokehs.

pakehng   vi. to be attached.

paker   1. vi. to punch. 2. n. punch, boxing. pakere, vt.

pakere   vt. to punch. paker, vi.

pakehro   interj. You fool! [Jap. Bakayarō!]

paki₁   n3s. the replantable part of a plant, the crown of a taro corm; butt, as of a cigarette.

paki₂   n. remainder of kava after the squeezing of the kava is initiated.

Pakihn, also Pakein.   n. a small atoll lying off the northwest coast of Pohnpei that is a section (kousapw) of Sokehs.

pahkis   num. four. see kis₁.

pakid   vt. to look for lice. mpek, vi.

pahkid   num. four thousand.

pako, also poake, poako.   n. a generic term for shark.

pahkoh   n. backhoe. [Eng.]

pako lohpwu   n. fish sp., hammerhead shark.

pakolong, also poakolong.   n. cripple, a disabled person; disability.

pakudang, also pokdang.   n. bomb, shell; a dish made of grated tapioca to which ripe bananas (daiwang) and coconut cream are added, so called because of the flatulence it causes. [Jap. bakudan]

pakking   1. n. fine₂, punishment. 2. vi. to be fined, to be punished. [Jap. bakkin]

pal   vi. neut. to hack with a knife. pele, vt.

pala   sent. adv. as if. Pala kowe kelepw pwangada. As if you alone got tired. Pala kowe me ese. As if you are the one who knows.

palahi, also kehmpalahi, ohdek₂.   n. sp. of wild yam, Dioscorea bulbifera, sometimes called bitter yam, common yam, or air potato; referred to as uhn palahi when in the ground.

palaiau   n. fish sp., small fresh water fish, Carassius auratus.

palahirot   n. a variety of wild yam.

palahiweita   n. neighbor.

palakahs   1. vi. to reminisce while wailing, at a funeral. 2. n. a reminiscence made while wailing.

palan   adj. mature. E inenen palanda. He has become more mature.

palans   n. scale₂, for measuring weight. [Eng. balance]

palang₁   vt. to dry, to expose objects to the sun in order to dry them. peleng, vi.

palang₂   meing. n. basket, purse, handbag. cf. kopwou.

palangk   n. porch, veranda, lanai.

Pahlap   n. a section (kousapw) in U.

palapal   n. fish sp., gold-spotted rabbitfish, Siganus punctatus.

palas   n. ballast. [Eng.]

palawar   vi. to shape the hull of a canoe. I men esehla palawar. I want to learn how to shape the hull of a canoe.

pahle   n3s. base of the stem of a palm.

palek   1. meing. vi. to climb. 2. adj. skillful at tree climbing. 1. Mwohnsapw palek rahn wet. Mwohnsapw climbed today. paleke, vt. cf. dou₂.

paleke   meing. vt. to climb a tree for the purpose of getting something. Mwohnsapw paleke nih reireio rahn wet. Mwohnsapw climbed the tall coconut tree today. palek, vi. cf. daur₂.

pahleng   meing. n. coconut palm frond. cf. pahini.

pahlep   num. four. see lep.

palepwohl   1. n. volleyball. 2. vi. to play volleyball. [Eng.]

palesek   adj. skillful in climbing trees.

pali₁   1. n. part, side; division, section; day after tomorrow. 2. num. cl. used in counting body extremities and sections. 2. peh riepali two hands, pelien mete limpali five sheets of tin roofing.

pali₂   n. navigational skill; navigator.

palih₁   vt. to peck, of birds; to nibble the bait, of fish. pel₁, vi.

palih₂   vt. to tattoo. pelipel, vi.

Paliais   n. a section (kousapw) in Nett.

paliais   archaic. n. south.

palieir   n. south.

palien lamalam, also pelien lamalam.   n. religious denomination.

Paliepailong   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti.

paliepeng   n. north.

paliesed   n. a group of people who provide fish or marine resources to a traditional feast. Nehk lakohnen ong paliesed. Distribute the food pile to the paliesed.

paliet   n. life on earth as opposed to the afterlife, literally this-side.

pahlik   num. four billion.

palikapi   n. west.

palikasa   n. the side of the canoe opposite the outrigger.

palikir   vt. to carry someone on one's back. Ohlo palikirada nah pwutako. That man carried his son on his back. pelikilik, vi. cf. peliklepe.

Palikir   n. a region in Sokehs that maintained its independence during the reign of the Saudeleurs.

palikoahiek   n3s. right side.

palilaud   n. the larger part, the majority.

palimaun   n. (3sg. palimauni) right side.

palimeing   n. (3sg. palimeingi) left side.

palimese   n. east.

palimoron   n. majority.

palingehn   n. (3sg. palingeni) soul, the spiritual side of a being. Paliwere mihmihte rehtail, ah palingeni samwalahr. His body is still with us, but his soul is gone.

palipah   n. lower side, leeward side; sometimes used to refer to the location of the southern atolls in Pohnpei State.

palisoakoahiek   n3s. left-side.

palihdam   n. outrigger side of a canoe.

paliwar   n. (3sg. palinwere) body, of a person. cf. [meing] kahlap, erekiso.

paliwaramwahu   1. n. a well-built body. 2. adj. well-built.

pahlopw   num. four hundred thousand.

palodou   n. pole, used to train yam vines.

paltuhke   1. vi. to chop down a tree. 2. n. the act of chopping down a tree.

pahm   n. public land set aside as a temporary settlement area.

pahmen   num. four. see men₃.

pahmol   n. calm and overcast, use in decribing weather.

pampei   n. security guard. [Jap. banpei]

pahmwei, also pahnmwei.   n. stick for picking up hot stones, pinchers; pliers.

pahmwodol   num. four. see mwodol.

pahmwut   num. four. see mwut₂.

pan   n. pan. [Eng.]

pahn₁   aspect marker used to mark irrealis aspect, commonly translated will₂ or would. Ke pahn mwesel iahd? When will you leave?

pahn₂   n. bait, lure.

pahn₅   n. van (the vehicle). [Eng.]

pahn apere, also pahn apara.   meing. n3s. armpit. cf. pahn peh.

pahn isou   meing. n. (3sg. pahn isouihr) sole of the foot. cf. pahn neh.

Pahn Uhn And   n. an islet in And atoll.

pahn kasahnwar   adj. secret.

pahn neh   n. sole of the foot. cf. [meing] pahnepwel, pahn isou.

pahn pak   n. (number of) times. I kirisdi pahn pak siluh. I slipped and fell down three times.

pahn peh   n3s. armpit. cf. [meing] pahnpwoal₁, pahn apara.

pahn sepwikin, also tehn sepwikin.   n. leaf of taro sp., wild taro, also called giant taro or elephant ear taro, Alocasia macrorrhizos; considered to be a famine food, now rarely eaten; the large leaves are used to cover an uhmw and can serve as an umbrella; plant used as a medicine in treating large wounds; some believe that if it is growing on a piece of land, the land will be good for growing crops of all types.

pahn wadet   vi. coming, with reference to time or an event. I pahn koamoaldihsang doadoahk nan sounpwong pahn wadet. I will be retiring in the coming month.

Pahnais   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti.

pahnangi   n3s. downwind, lower.

pahnadi, also pahnedi.   n3s. chest, the area immediately in front of one. cf. [meing] mwareiso.

panawih   vt. to advise. peneu, vi.

pahnen   num. fourty thousand.

pahnedi, also pahnadi.   n3s. chest, bosom; the area immediately in front of one.

pahnediwo, also pahnedsuwed.   1. vi. to be nauseous; to have indigestion. 2. n. nausea; indigestion.

pahnedsuwed, also pahnediwo.   1. vi. to be nauseous; to have indigestion. 2. n. nausea; indigestion.

pahniak   n. seaward edge of a mangrove swamp.

pahnioasamwahu   1. archaic. adj. happy, contented, enjoying the good life, comfortable. 2. n. happiness.

pankeik   n. pancake. [Eng.]

pahnkertoal   adj. habitually indulging in sex.

Pahnkedira   n. the legendary residence of the paramount chief or the Saudeleur in Nan Madol.

pahnkiohlap, also pahnkoiohlap.   1. meing. n. fresh banana, breadfruit, or taro leaves used to cover an uhmw. 2. vi. of an uhmw, to be covered with fresh leaves. pahnkiohlepe, vt. cf. ngkoak.

pahnkiohlepe, also pahnkoiohlepe.   meing. vt. to cover an uhmw with fresh leaves. pahnkiohlap, vi. cf. ngkoake.

pahnkioal   n. afternoon, the time interval between souwas and soutik.

pahnkoiohlap, also pahnkiohlap.   1. meing. n. fresh banana, breadfruit, or taro leaves used to cover an uhmw. 2. meing. vi. of an uhmw, to be covered with fresh leaves. pahnkoiohlepe, vt. cf. ngkoak.

pahnkoiohlepe, also pahnkiohlepe.   meing. vt. to cover an uhmw with fresh leaves. pahnkoiohlap, vi. cf. ngkoake.

pahnkopwul   meing. n. night. cf. pwohng.

pahnkupwur   1. meing. n. chest, the area immediately in front of the Nahnmwarki or Nahnken. 2. meing. vi. to be in the presence of, to have an audience with the Nahnmwarki or Nahnken. cf. pahnadi.

pahnlahng   n. space, atmosphere.

pahnlangih, also pahnlenge.   meing. vt. to search for, to look for, to hunt for. cf. rapahki.

pahnlenge   vt. see pahnlangih.

pahnmwatang   vi. to show remorse by assuming the responsibility of caring for a member of a rival family who was wounded in a family feud. pahnmwetenge, vt.

pahnmwei, also pahmwei.   meing. n. sticks for picking up hot stone; pinchers; pliers. cf. tihpw₁.

pahnmwetenge   vt. to show remorse by assuming the responsibility of caring for a member of a rival family who was wounded in a family feud. Pwutako pahnmwetenge peineineio. That young man provided help to the family. pahnmwatang, vi.

pannukas   vi. to shoot a marble into the wrong hole in the game anaire, resulting in the loss of one's turn. [Jap. ban nukasu : to lose one's turn]

pahnpwel   meing. n. (3sg. pahnpwelihr) sole of the foot. cf. pahn neh.

pahnpwoal₁   meing. n. (3sg. pahnpwoalahr) armpit. cf. pahn peh.

pahnpwoal₂   n. a traditional lesser priest.

pansahi   1. n. victory; a game, similar to steal-the-flag. 2. vi. to play this game. [Jap. banzai]

pahnsou   n. morning and noon, the time interval between kapwarsou and mwurin souwas.

pandangko   1. n. Pohnpeian dance form that was incorporated into the lehp; a traditionally-evolved dance originally introduced from the Philippines by the Spanish and Filipino residents on Pohnpei in the nineteenth century. 2. vi. to dance the pandangko. [Tag. fandango]

pando   1. n. bunt, in baseball. 2. vi. to bunt. [Jap. bando : bunt< Eng.] pandoih

pandoih   vt. to bunt. pando, vi.

pahnta₁   n. a taro cultivar.

pahnta₂   n. kava or sugar cane used in the ceremony of asking for a girl's hand in marriage.

pang   vi. to be tilted, crooked, cock-eyed.

pahng₁   vt. to enumerate.

pahng₂   vi. to be distributed, to be spread around.

pangala   vt. to betray; to reveal a secret; to give away, without motivation or compensation. pengipengla, vi.

pangapang   1. vi. to lie₂ crosswise; to be slanting; to be inclined. 2. n. incline, steep slope.

pangin, also panginda.   vt. to wake (someone) up. mpeng, vi. cf. kaupeh.

panginda, also pangin.   vt. to wake (someone) up. cf. [meing] likaupehda.

pangid   vt. to blow one's nose. pengidek, vi.

pahngoul   num. forty. see ngoul.

pangk₁   n. bench. [Spa. banco]

pangk₂   n. bank (the institution). [Eng.]

pangku   vi. to have a flat tire. [Jap. panku < Eng. puncture]

pap   vi. to swim, of people, non-marine animals, and turtles, but not of fish. pepe₁, vt.

papah   1. vi. to assist, to serve. 2. n. service.

pahpa₁   n. father; any person one's father would call brother.

pahpa₂   num. four. see pa₃.

pahpa kahlap   n. grandfather, sometimes one's spouse's grandfather.

pahpa sarawi   n. pope.

pahpak   num. four. see pak₁.

pahpali   num. four. see pali₁.

pahpar   num. four. see par₂.

pahpei₁   n. place where the uhmw is located.

pahpit   num. four. see pit₂.

pahpoahl   n. foul ball, in baseball. [Eng.]

pahpoar   num. four. see poar₁.

Papua Nukini   n. Papua New Guinea. [Eng.]

pahpwele   meing. vt. to cover an uhmw with fresh leaves. pahpwel, vi. cf. ngkoake.

pahpwiki   num. four hundred.

pahpwidik   num. four. see pwidik.

pahpwong   num. four. see pwong.

pahpwoat   num. four. see pwoat.

pahpwuloi   num. four. see pwuloi.

par₁   vt. to cut, trim, or sharpen with any large cutting tool. periper, vi.

par₂   num. cl. used in counting flat things. pelien mete silipar three sheets of tin roofing.

par₃   adj. aerodynamically unsound, not suitable for throwing.

par₄   adj. abnormal sounding, as of the voice or an instrument.

par₅   1. vi. to be fecund; to spread from one area to another. 2. adj. prolific, sprouting abundantly, commonly of coconuts or breadfruit, but can be used for any sprouting plant.

par₇   slang. vi. to be intoxicated. Lahpen par. That guy is intoxicated.

pahr₁   n. year. see sounpar.

pahr₂, also parepein.   n. tree sp., Erythrina variegata, noted for its light soft wood; used medicinally and for making canoes.

pahr₃   n. sprouting coconut palm; coconut cotelydon, the spongy center of a sprouting coconut, also known as a coconut apple.

pahr₄   n. bar, tavern. [Eng.]

pahra   num. four. see ra.

parakapw   n. new year. Parakapw mwahu! Happy New Year!

parakus   n. fish sp.

parakrap   n. paragraph. [Eng.]

parap   n. outrigger platform.

parapar en lik   n. fish sp., white-spotted surgeonfish, Acanturus guttatus.

parapwe   n. spell, incantation.

pahrar   num. four million.

pahras   n. small stones that are set on the ground between the two logs that support the structure of an uhmw.

parasaid   1. n. parasite, one who lives at the expense of others without making any useful contribution. 2. vi. to be a parasite. [Eng.] parasaidih, vt.

parasaidih   vt. to be in a parasitical relationship with. [parasaid <Eng.] parasaid, vi.

paradais   n. paradise. [Eng.]

paradak, also paradok.   meing. vi. to turn one's head, to turn around; to do an about face. cf. pirekek.

paradok   vi. see paradak.

pahrek   adj. equal, even, flush, parallel, in unison.

parem   n. nipa palm, Nypa fruticans, used for thatching a roof.

Paremkep   n. a section (kousapw) in Nett.

Parempei   n. an island located northeast of Kolonia that is a section (kousapw) in Nett.

Parentu   n. the husband of Limwehtu, who accompanied Sapwikini on his voyage of exploration.

parepwiki   n. century.

pahrehre   meing. n. (3sg. pahrehreh) jaw. cf. tihnahu pah, dilinau pah.

pahres   meing. n. lower lip. cf. kilinau pah.

paret   n. bird sp., brown noddy tern, Anous stolidus.

paretenieng   adj. physically weak from hunger.

parikang   n. hair clipper. [Jap. barikan]

pariki   1. vi. to go fast₁. 2. n. the power and/or speed produced by an engine or a person; horsepower. 2. Pariki depe noumw misihnen? How many horsepower does your outboard motor have? [Jap. bariki]

Parisehr   n. see Parisi.

Parisi, also Parisehr.   n. Pharisee, one who is two-faced, hypocritical, or pharisaical. [Eng.]

pahro₁   n. pomade (the name of a brand of pomade).

pahro₂   vt. to borrow. [Eng.]

pahrourou   n. a feasthouse having three center posts without pits for kava stones on the main platform.

parohl   1. n. parole, probation. 2. vi. to be on parole or probation. [Eng.] parohlih, vt.

parohlih   vt. to parole, to place on probation. [parohl <Eng.] parohl, vi.

pahrotorot, also pahtantal.   n. a dryland taro (sawa₁) cultivar.

pahru   n. crowbar, bar. [Jap. bāru < Eng.]

pas₁   vi. to arrive by sea; to return from fishing.

pas₂   1. adj. sticky. 2. vi. to be tagged, as in the game of wiehni. kapasa, vt.

pas₃, also peis.   1. vi. to sing bass. 2. n. one who sings bass. [Eng.] peisih, vt.

pas₄   1. vi., vt. to visit. 2. n. visitation.

pahs₁   1. n. (3sg. pese) nest. 2. n. litter, requiring four or more men to be carried, used for carrying large yams, pigs, kava, etc.; a large yam or kava plant that is carried on such a litter.

pahs₂   1. vi. to pass in a card game, to pass a test, to pass something from one person to another. 2. slang. vt. to have sexual intercourse with. 1. Pahsdo mahs. Please pass it here. 2. E pahsehr liho. He had sexual intercourse with that woman. [Eng. pass]

pasakapw   vi. to visit a place for the first time.

pahsan   vt. to wait on; to depend on.

pasahnpene   vi. to be mutually unaquainted.

pasapas   n. series of long objects placed together side by side; platform; copra drying platform; platform on which dormant yam tubers are stored; shelf.

pasapeng   1. vi. to respond, to answer. 2. n. response, answer. cf. [meing] inginleng.

pahsapw   num. four hundred million.

pasaroi   meing. vi. to visit a Sohpeidi who is ill, done by another Sohpeidi.

pahsel   num. four. see sel₂.

Pahsed   n. underworld, below the ocean; the name of the first Heaven of traditional Pohnpeian religion.

pasete   n. fish sp.

pahsinse   n. passenger. [Eng.]

Pasipik   n. Pacific ocean. [Eng.]

pahsou   num. four. see sou₄.

pahsop   num. four. see sop₂.

Pahsohpa   n. Passover, Lent, Easter. [Eng. Passover]

pahsore   meing. n3s. chin. cf. kaikai.

pahsu₁   n. clam sp., giant clam, Hippopus hippopus; slang for vagina.

pasung   n. offering to a spirit.

pasked   1. n. basketball. 2. vi. to play basketball. [Eng. basket]

passai   vi. to cut grass. [Jap.]

pahsdo   n. first base, in baseball. [Jap. fāsuto < Eng.]

pasdohng   vi. to visit a church for the purpose of praying, used by Catholics. [Spa.]

pasdohra   n. a dryland taro (sawa₁) cultivar.

pad   adj. dented.

pahd₁   n. dent, depression; puddle; dimples.

pahd₂   vt. to push with one's foot.

pahd kalewenmei   vi. to work extra hard. Kitail pahd kalewenmein sahpwet. Let us work extra hard on this land.

pahda   vi. to spread leaves for preserved breadfruit, to line the pit; to spread leaves upon which food is to be placed.

padahk   1. vi. to preach, to give a sermon; to teach. 2. n. lesson, teaching, doctrine, sermon. padahkih, vt.

padahngki   vt. to learn, to study. Se padahngki nan perehn sukuhl. We learned it in the classroom.

pahdak   meing. n. cook house that contains an uhmw. cf. wonuhmw.

padahk en lamalam   n. Christian teachings.

padahkih   vt. to teach, to instruct. padahk, vi.

padali, also pedeli.   1. vi. the sibling or cousin of the same clan, of the opposite sex, by whom one would swear. 2. interj. I swear!

padalpedeli   n. taboo relationship.

padahngki   vt. to learn, to study. Se padahngki nan perehn sukuhl. We learned it in the classroom.

pahdep   num. forty million.

padi, also pedi.   n3s. eyebrow. cf. [meing] dekehnering.

padik   vt. to squeeze or press, to push, as a switch. ped, vi.

padil   n. paddle. cf. [meing] sohsohleng.

pahdil   n. dried palm frond.

padil en kepir   n. carved ornamental dance paddle used when dancing the kepir.

pahdip   num. four. see dip.

pahdire   n. Catholic priest. [Spa. padre]

padiri   n. battery. [Eng.]

padok, also poadok.   vt. to plant. poad, vi.

padokala vt. to coincide exactly.

padokada, also poadokada.     vt. to establish; to give a historic account₂ of.

pahdun   num. four. see dun.

padre, also pahdre.   n. priest. [Spa.]

pahdre   n. see padre.

padrino   n. godfather. [Spa.]

padda   n. baseball bat₂. [Jap. batto < Eng.]

pat₁   vi. to be together.

pat₂   adj. scarred.

pahtakai   n. a cultivar of Hibiscus tiliaceus, used for making ropes and paddles, terminal buds used for medicine, prized for its dense wood.

pahtantal, also pahrotorot.   n. a dryland taro (sawa₁) cultivar.

patapat   1. adj. flat, of a surface. 2. n. a plain, coastal plain, level ground.

pate   vi. to have a hole that results in a leak, as in a canoe, roof, tire tube, or any container.

pahte   num. four. see te.

patehla   vi. to lose one's composure; to have a bedsore.

patehn neh   n3s. foot; hoof.

patehn nehn kewelik, also patehn kewelik.   n. orchid sp., Taeniophyllum marianense.

patehn nehwar   adj. having 'canoe feet', said of the inhabitants of offshore islands because their only means of travel is by canoe or boat.

paterek   adj. close₂ together, side by side.

pato   humiliative. vi. to speak, to be present. Sohte me kak pato ansoun nohpwein wie koanoat. No one should speak during the ritual of the kava ceremony. cf. lokaia.

pato-   humiliative. vi. a verb stem of motion. patohla go there, patohdo come here, patopene come together.

pahtou₁   1. adj. sorrowful, sad, grieving, mourning. 2. n. sorrow, sadness, grief. cf. [meing] eimwelu, eimwoalu.

pahtou₂   n. plant sp., Allamanda cathartica, said to have been introduced by the Germans.

patohda   humiliative. vi. to leave, to stand up.

patohdi   humiliative. vi. to sit down. cf. mwohndi.

patohwan-   humiliative. vt. to hand something to someone, to place something on another thing. patohwandi to place something down patohwanda to take something.

patohwanda   meing. vt. to take; to accept. cf. alehda.

patukul   slang. adj. very bad.

pahtumw   num. four. see tumw₁.

patpene   vi. to mix, to mingle.

pawel   n. vowel. [Eng.]

pahwel   num. four. see wel₂.

pawel peidaid   n. an inserted vowel. [pawel <Eng.]

pawel poad   n. a base vowel. [pawel <Eng.]

pawehs, also kapwunior.   n. a herbaceous ornamental, Gomphrena globosa.

-pe   aff. derivational suffix used to form directly possessed nouns from verbs; -pe is the third person singular form. Kumwail me soahlepen sampah. You are the earth's salt (the salt of the earth). akamai argue, akamaipe argument concerning him/her/it.

peh   n3s. arm, hand; foreleg, as of a dog. cf. [meing] limeiso, limahr.

pei₁   vi. to float.

peipeseng   vi. to float apart; to melt.

pei₂   vi. to be full, of a cup of kava.

pei₃   vi. to be covered with hot stones, of the contents of an uhmw. cf. [meing] peileng.

pei₄   vi. to be anchored or tied up, of a boat; to be parked, of a car.

peieng   vt. to be alongside of; to be dedicated to.

pei-   vi. to weave. Lih malaulau me kak peilos. There are only a few women who can do mat weaving.

pehi₁   n. a big seed, as in a mango.

pehi₂   n. altar; any ancient structure of stones; a pile.

Pehi en Namweiias, also Pein Namweiias.   n. an altar located in Nan Madol that is the burial site of both Isokelekel and Liahnensokole.

pei kosukloal   n. a fight intended to inflict severe injuries. Pei kosukloal me ohlo wia. It was a fight to inflict injury that the man did.

peiai   vi. to exchange the lead, as in racing; to be tied, of a score in a game.

Peiai   n. the place in Madolenihmw where the fighting turned in favor of the Saudeleur rulers during their battle with Isokelekel.

peiahk, also lipeiahk.   adj. oval.

peian₁   vt. to move alongside or next to.

peian₂   n. handkerchief.

peiei-   rel. n. seaward. Re soueila peieio. They have moved seaward. E mi peieio. It's seaward.

peiek   vi. to be slid, usually of light objects. peieki, vt.

peieki   vt. to slide, usually of light objects. peiek, vi.

peien   conj. adv. happen to. Ma ke peien kohdo, ah ke serehdo nei ehu pwuken nting. If you happen to come, bring along my notebook. Ma e peien kohdo, ke kak pakairiki. If he happens to come, you can announce it.

peien katau   meing. n. the name of third of the four food baskets (kiam) containing food from the uhmw prepared for the Nahnmwarki, usually placed directly in front of him. Peien katau kin inenlahng pahn kupwur en Nahnmwarki. The pien katau is usually placed directly in front of the Nahnmwarki. see pwuden uhmw.

peien wenik   meing. n. the name of the fourth of the four food baskets (kiam) containg food from the uhmw prepared for the Nahnken. usually placed directly in front of him. Peien wenik kin pwilidi pahn kupwuren Iso Nahnken. The peien wenik is usually placed in front of Iso Nahnken.

peieng   vt. to be alongside of; to be dedicated to.

peii   1. vi. to fight. 2. n. a fight.

peik₁   adj. skillful, of a diver able to go deep or hold his breath for a long period of time.

peik₂   adj. obedient, respectful, willing. Ngehn me peik, ah paliwar me luwet. The spirit is willing; however, the body is weak.

peik₃   adj. tilted, leaning. Tuhkehn loalo ekis peik. The utility pole tilted a little. Nih peik me apwalen dou. A leaning coconut tree is difficult to climb.

Peikapw   n. an islet within Nan Madol where the Saudeleur's magical pool of water was located.

peikasal   1. adj. hesitant, indecisive, waivering, doubtful. 2. n. hesitation, indecision, doubt.

peiken   n. bacon. [Eng. bacon]

peikes   archaic. n. war, turmoil. mwein peikes time of war.

peikesemwei, also mwein peikes.   n. a period of war or instability.

peikini   n. large basket carried by four or more people; a litter of wood with coconut leaves laid over it, used to carry large amounts of food.

peikinleng, also pekinleng.   n. the name of one of four food baskets (kiam) prepared for the Nahnmwarki. usually hung from the left side of the cross beam in the front of the nahs .

peikid   n. apology; excuse.

peikopw   n. fish sp., black-spot sergeant, Abedefdus sordidus.

Peil   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti.

peila   vi. to be adrift or lost at sea.

peilah   n. two days after tomorrow.

peilahndakanaio   n. two days before yesterday.

peileng   meing. vi. to be covered with hot stones, of the contents of an uhmw. Umwun koanoat en peilengdi. The earth oven is covered with hot stones. cf. pei₃.

peilenge, also pailenge, peilengih.   meing. vt. to weigh down with stones; of an uhmw, to cover the contents with hot stones.

peilengih   vt. see peilenge.

peilirop   vi. to do mat weaving.

peilong-   rel. n. inland. E mi peilongo. It's inland.

peimwoarosleng   meing. n. the name of the second of the four food basket (kiam) prepared for the Nahnken during a feast, usually hung from the right side of the cross beam at the front of the nahs. Peimwoarosleng kin langada pali maun en kehnlangiso. The peimwoarosleng is usually hung from the right side of the cross beam at the front of the nahs.

pein₁   sent. adv. on one's own; self. Ohlo pein diarada ah sapwung. That man found his mistake on his own.

pein₂   archaic. n. woman; female of any species;.

pein₃   n. vein, the vessel that carries blood to the heart. [Eng.]

pein malek   n. cockfight.

Pein Namweiias, also Pehi en Namweiias.   n. an altar located in Nan Madol that is the burial site of both Isokelekel and Liahnensokole.

Pein Pak   n. an altar built in honor of the trust between Isokelekel and the people of And.

peinakapw   1. n. young woman. 2. adj. young, of females.

peinar   n. pestle, for pounding breadfruit.

peinek   vi. to move. Kumwail peinekla mwowe. You (pl.) move forward.

pehinen   adj. accurate, in shooting or throwing.

peined   1. n. cursing, foul language. 2. vi. to curse, to use foul language.

Peiniap   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

peinikid   n. pile of debris, dump.

peinkarong   n. a stone ramp built to access a traditional house, structured so that, when people walk on it, it makes a noise and alerts the occupants that someone is approaching.

peip   1. n. pavement. 2. vi. to be paved or blacktopped, of a road. 1. Peipo medendel. The pavement is smooth. 2. Ahlo pahn peip. The road will be paved. [peip <Eng. pave] peipih, vt.

peipei₁   n. small black sp. of sea urchin.

peipei₂   vi. neut. to weave. pa₂, vt.

peipei₃   meing. n. head. cf. moahng₁.

peipei aramas   n. fern spp., Histiopteris incisa or Macrothelypteris torresiana.

peipei eni   n. fern spp., Asplenium pellucidum, Pteris tripartita, or Diplazium ponapense.

peipeinohla, also peipeinnekla.   vi. to strive onward.

peipeinnekla , also peipeinohla.   vi. to strive onward.

peipeseng   vi. to float apart; to melt.

peipih   vt. to pave or blacktop, as a road. PTA pahn peipih elen Sokehso. The PTA (Pohnpei Transportation Authority) will pave the Sokehs road. [peip <Eng.]

peipwelihdi   vt. to cover an uhmw with leaves.

peipwuhr   vi. to prematurely take food from an uhmw, before it is ready.

peirahni   n. cornerstone.

peirar   n. pounder used in the preparation of lihli, traditionally made of coral, but now commonly made of wood. cf. [meing] ineskatau.

peirek   1. meing. adj. faithful, persevering, single-minded, diligent; loyal. 2. meing. n. faithfulness, perseverance, single-mindedness, loyalty. cf. loaloapwoat.

peirekieng   meing. vt. to be devoted to. cf. loaloapwoatieng.

peirekseli   vi. to be spread around, of news.

peirin   adj. extremely envious or jealous.

Peirot   n. the magical pool₁ of water used by the Saudeleur to observe all events taking place on the island and to foresee the future.

peiruhru   n. clay, hardpan.

peisarawi   n. holy altar.

peisenge   n3s. surplus, excess, remainder.

peisih   vt. to sing bass. I pahn peisih koulet. I'll sing bass in this song. [Eng.] pas₃, peis, vi.

peisin   n. basin. [Eng.]

peisipal   vi. to alternate, to exchange, as a position or load.

peisihr   1. vi. to play an ancient traditional reed throwing game. 2. n. the name of this game.

peid   vt. to drop something.

peidaid   1. vi. neut. to transport in a vehicle. 2. n. transportation. idan, vt.

peidak   n. upland, land to the east; windward, upwind.

peidale   n. fifth day of the holy week in the traditional calendar; the twenty fifth day of the month.

peide   n. a curse, a foul word.

peidei   n. payday. [Eng.]

peidek   1. vi. to ask forcefully, with the expectation of an answer. 2. n. question.

peidek en wenek   vi. to ask a frank question that might cause another to be embarrassed, as when directly asking someone his/her name, title, clan, or place of origin.   n. a question of this nature.

peidepe   n3s. transportation.

peidedi   vt. to throw (something) down.

peidi₁   vi. to arrive, by means of transportation.

peidi₂   rel. n. leeward, downwind, westward. E mi peidio. It's downwind.

Peidie   n. a section (kousapw) in Sokehs.

peidihsang   vi. to be lower than, to be younger or smaller than.

peidihdo   Biblical. vi. to come down; to float down. Ngihlo ieu peidihdo sang nanleng. A voice came down from the heavens.

peidlakid   adj. careless with physical possessions, likely to lose or misplace belongings.

peitehl   n. large flat basalt pounding stone employed in the preparation of kava or pounded foods, chosen for its sonorous qualities.

peiwar   1. n. the first fish caught, designated to be offered to a Nahnmwarki. 2. vi. to offer the first fish caught to a Nahnmwarki.

peu   archaic. n. an old name for the traditional drum called an aip.

pehu   n. (3sg. pewi) empty shell, as of a coconut, a crab, etc.

peuk   vt. to blow forcefully with the mouth, to blow a conch shell. pepeuk, vi.

peukili, also poukili.   vi. to seduce a woman; to have intercourse with a woman.

peukpe   vi. to whistle through one's fingers.

peukda   vi. to ascend; to be carried or taken up.

peunmoang   slang. adj. empty-headed.

peundal₁   n. coconut shell.

peundal₂   meing. n. (3sg. peundele) knee cap, knee. cf. pwuki₁.

peupeulap, also poupoulap₁.   adj. too familiar; overly friendly; impolite.

peupit₁, also poupit₁.   n. the stage of development of a coconut before it turns brown.

peupit₂   archaic. n. coconut shell.

peupoar, also uhpoar.   1. vi. to take sides. 2. adj. prejudiced, biased.

peus, also pous.   1. vi. to be connected, to be fastened together; to be passed on, of verbal information. 2. n. connection. peuse, vt.

peudakih   vt. to anchor. peudek, vi.

peudek   1. n. anchor; rope used for tying boats or canoes. 2. vi. to be anchored, to be tied . peudakih, vt.

peudiahl   vi. to watch, to behold, to observe, to contemplate. udiahl, vt.

pek   vi. to defecate. pakad, vt.

pehk   num. forty. see ehk₁.

pekehi   1. n. polygamy; any wife besides the principal wife. 2. vi. to commit polygamy.

pekehilek, also dunenilek.   adj. given to sending others on repeated errands.

pekeiras   vi. to prepare the ground for an uhmw.

pekekil   vi. to stare at one another. kakil, vt.

pekekilenli   n. said of one who is fond of looking at women.

pekekilenwol   n. said of one who is fond of looking at men.

pekehr   vi. to call each other names, to label each other.

pehker   1. vi. to be called, to be summoned. 2. n. call, summons. 1. Aramas tohto paekerpene ni nesen kousapwo. A lot of people were called together at the section feasthouse.

pekeriei   vt. to insist upon. E pekeriei ohlo en daurdi nime uhpw. She insisted upon having the man pick a coconut for her.

pekerda   vi. to be hurt.

pekeder   vi. to be sent; to be let go, to be released. kadar, vt.

peketeu   n. deception, deceit.

peki   vt. to request, to ask for, to beg to, to petition to. pekipek, vi.

pehkiek   1. vi. to be summoned; to be called to the presence of a Nahnmwarki. 2. n. subpoena, summons.

Pekilap   n. the name of one of the legendary persons who arrived on the third of the seven settlement voyages to Pohnpei.

pekimahk   1. vi. to apologize, to ask for forgiveness; to surrender. 2. n. the act of apologizing or surrendering, or seeking forgiveness. cf. [meing] sakar misik, sekeren misik, sekenpwoud.

pekinleng, also peikinleng.   meing. n. the first of the four food baskets (kiam) containing food taken from the uhmw, usually hung on the left side of the crossbeam in the front of the nahs. Pekinleng kin langada ni pali meing kehnlangisoh. The pekinleng is usually hung from the left side of the kehlangiso. Mahi de kehp me kin wia kanengen pekinleng. Either breadfruit or yam is used for the content of the pekinleng.

pekinpwel   n. overused, unproductive soil.

pekinta   1. n. dysentery. 2. vi. to have dysentery.

pekipek   1. vi. to request, to ask a favor, to beg, to petition. 2. n. requisition, petition. peki, vt.

pekid   n. bucket, barrel. [Eng.]

Pekitik   n. the name of one of the legendary persons who arrived on the third of the seven settlement voyages to Pohnpei.

pekiwar   vi. to request a girl's hand in marriage; to request the use of a canoe.

pekous   n. an oral eviction notice. Pekous wiawihongirail. An eviction notice was issued to them.

pekousda   vi. to be cast out, to be evicted, to be expelled, to be ejected. Re pekousda sang nan ihmwo. They were evicted from the house.

pel₁   vi. to peck, of birds; to nibble the bait, of fish. palih₁, vt.

pel₂   n. a taboo among clan members and siblings prohibiting sexual relationships among them.

pel₃   vi. to steer a canoe with a paddle. peliki, vt.

pel₄   vi. to place a cup under the hibiscus bast during the process of preparing kava.

pehl₁   vi. neut. to reheat, to warm over, as food. pehle, vt.

pehl₂   n. bell. [Eng.]

Pelakapw   n. the islet in Nan Madol where Isokelekel constructed a new style of nahs following his installation as the first Nahnmwarki of Madolenihmw.

pele   vt. to hack with a knife. pal, vi.

pehle   vt. to reheat, to warm over, as food. pehl₁, vi.

peleu₁   n. fish sp., a small pakas.

pelekenna   n. oyster.

pelen koadu   n. the principal kava stone in a nahs from which the Nahnmwarki is served. In U and Kitti, it is located in the right front area of the nahs. In Madolenihmw, Nett, and Sokehs, it is located in the left front area.

pelen wahu   n. the kava stone in a nahs from which the Nahnken is served, located on the opposite side of the Pelen Koadu. In U and Kitti, it is located in the left front area of the nahs. In Madolenihmw, Nett, and Sokehs, it is located in the right front area.

peleng   1. vi. to be dried in the sun. 2. n. rack for hanging yams. palang₁, vt.

Pehleng   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti.

peleng ketipin   vi. to be in the sun.

pelepel en sikaliwi   n. a notch cut into a coconut tree, used as a step for climbing.

peliali   vi. to match₁ in competition; to be a member of a matched pair; to be on opposing sides. pelian, vt.

pelian   vt. to compete with. peliali, vi.

pelianda   vt. to resist.

pelie   n3s. member of a matched pair; peer; counterpart, opponent.

pelien kadip   legal. n. the prosecution.

pelien kopwung   n. the judiciary.

pelien lamalam, also palien lamalam.   n. religious denomination.

pelien mete   n. tin roofing. [mete <Eng.]

pelien pwoson   n. religious denomination.

pelien repenpwung   n. plaintiff.

pelien serek   n. canvas.

pelien serihso, also elen serihso.   n. the princely traditional titles in the Nahnken line.

pelien sohpeidi, also pelien oloiso.   n. the order of the ranks of the royal titles in the Nahnmwarki line.

pelien dinapw   n. board; piece of wood.

peliendal   n. a position as a section chief's counterpart.

pelik   n. the shell of the clam sp. called lipwei; coconut grater.

peliki   vt. to steer a canoe with a paddle. pel₃, vi.

pelikie   meing. n3s. upper part of the back. cf. pohnsewe.

pelikilik   1. vi. neut. to be carried on one's back. 2. n. two in a row; alternative title. 2. Pelikilik en Nahnmwarki en U Sahngoro. The alternative title of the Nahnmwarki of U is Sahngoro. palikir, vt.

pelikipe   vi. to hold one's hands behind one's back. cf. [meing] peliklim.

pelikiso₁   meing. n. back. cf. tihnsau.

peliklap   1. meing. vi. to be carried on someone's back . 2. n3s. upper back of the body. 1. Ipwin pohn werwero peliklap. His child was carried on his back. 2. E suk peliklapahr. He hit his upper back. peliklepe, vt. cf. pohn sewe.

peliklepe   meing. vt. to carry someone on one's back. cf. palikir.

peliklim   meing. vi. to hold one's hands behind one's back. cf. pelikpe.

pelikpe   vi. to hold one's hands behind one's back. cf. [meing] peliklim.

pelikwou   n. the area on the main platform of a feasthouse where the Nahnmwarki sits, and all those to his right.

pelin sou   n. a taboo relationship between clan members prohibiting any sexual interaction. cf. [meing] koupwung.

pelinli   adj. womanly (It is womanly in Pohnpei not to show any sign of weakness, under any circumstances.). Limwei pelinli, pwe e wia en lih mehlel pwukoah. Limwei is womanly, for she is carrying out a mature woman's responsibilities.

pelinwol   adj. manly (It is manly in Pohnpei not to show any sign of weakness, under any circumstances.). Sohn pelinwol, pwe e sohte masakada ohl wisik naipo. Sohn is manly, for he was not afraid of the man with the machete.

pelipel   1. vi. neut. to tattoo. 2. n. tattoo. palih₂, vt.

pelipelien   vi. to go around in a group.

peluhs   n. bird sp., Caroline Islands ground dove, Galliclumba kubaryi.

pehm   vi. to perceive; to feel, think, or sense.

pehmada   vi. to realize, to become aware.

pehmitik   adj. easily awakened, early rising .

Pehn   meing. n. March₂. Pehn iei sounpwong en Mahs. Pehn is the month of March. cf. Mahs.

pehn₁   meing. n. drinking coconut. cf. uhpw.

pehn₂   n. pen₂, for writing. [Eng.]

pehn ihmw   n. wing of a building.

pehn pihr   n. wing of a bird.

-pene   verb. suff. together, toward each other; with adjectives naming qualities it is used with a reciprocal meaning or to indicate 'totality'; with adjectives of size, it signals a decrease in size. pihr fly, pihrpene fly together; mwahu good, mwahupene good to each other; mat ripe, matpene all ripe; tihti skinny, tihtipene get skinnier.

peneinei   1. n. family, relative. 2. vi. to be related.

peneinei laud   1. n. extended family. 2. vi. to be part of an extended family.

peneinei tikitik   1. n. immediate family. 2. vi. to be part of an immediate family.

peneu   1. n. advice. 2. vi. to be advised. panawih, vt.

peniaida   n. plywood. [Jap. beniya ita < Eng. veneer + Jap. ita 'plank']

pehnmwomw   n. fin of a fish.

pens, also pihns.   n. bean (the vegetable). [Eng.]

pensi   n. needle nose pliers. [Jap. penchi < Eng. pinchers]

Pensilpeinia   n. Pennsylvania. [Eng.]

peng-   vi. to lean. Uhto pengila pohn ihmwo. That banana tree is leaning over that house.

pengepenge   n3s. side.

pengipeng   adj. slanting.

pengipengla   vi. to be betrayed; to be given away, without motivation or compensation. pangala, vt.

pengidek   vi. to blow one's nose. pangid, vt.

pehngidpene   vi. to negotiate; to entreat.

pengohsi   n. attorney, lawyer, defender. [Jap. bengoshi]

pengsapw   1. legal. vi. to convey land; to quit a claim. 2. n. a land conveyance. 1. Kasiano pengsapw ong rie liho. Kasiano conveyed land to his sister. 2. Re tuhkipene pengsapw. They are meeting about a land conveyance.

pepe₁   vt. to swim to, of people, non-marine animals, and turtles, but not fish. pap, vi.

pehpe   n. flower of the breadfruit tree.

pepeuk   vi. to be blown on, with air expelled from the mouth. peuk, vt.

pepen kairu   vi. to swim using the breast stroke. [kairu <Jap. kaeru-ashi : frog kick kaeru-oyogi : breast stroke]

pepen lamwer   vi. to dog paddle.

peper   n. black pepper, Piper nigurum. [Eng.]

pepehd   vi. to be awake. Irail pepehd lel nimenseng. They were awake until morning. cf. [meing] koulang, tetensik.

pehpoahrok   n. a large ray.

pepdais   1. vi. to be baptized. 2. n. baptism. [Eng.] pepdaisih, vt.

pepdaisih   vt. [pepdais <Eng.] see pepdais.

Pepweri   n. February. [Eng.] cf. [meing] Mwakereker.

per   adj. cautious, hesitant, fearful.

pehr   n. bear₃. [Eng.]

pere   1. vi. to be covered, to screened from view. 2. n. room, cover, protection. pereh₂, vt.

pereh₁   n. the two leaves of a sepwikin plant tied to the center post (keidu) in the front of the main platform of a nahs.

pereh₂   vt. to cover; to screen from view. Liho pereh nah serio. The woman covered her child. pere, vi.

pereh₃   n. one who serves the Nahnmwarki or Nahnken.

pereunsapw   n. land without crops as a consequence of its not being fertile.

pereunsapwada   vi. to become a pereunsapw.

perek   vi. neut. to unroll, to lay out or spread out, as a sleeping mat. pereki, vt.

pereklap   meing. n. mat for the Nahnmwarki or Nahnken, used to sleep on or for a cover. cf. lohs, lirop.

perekpwel   1. meing. n. fresh banana, breadfruit, or taro leaves used to cover an uhmw. 2. meing. vi. of an uhmw, to be covered with fresh leaves. perekpwele, vt. cf. ngkoak.

perekpwele   meing. vt. to cover an uhmw with fresh leaves. perekpwel, vi. cf. ngkoake.

peren₁   1. adj. happy, joyful. 2. n. happiness, joy. cf. [meing] kupwur keremwel.

peren₂   n. citrus plant or fruit.

peren kainen   n. bathroom.

peren kotala   n. bathroom.

peren mahi, also perenmei.   n. shoot from the roots of the breadfruit tree, used to vegetatively propogate it.

perehn mwoluhlu   1. meing. vi. to soliloquize. 2. meing. n. soliloquy. cf. mwengloal.

peren pohnpei   n. a variety of pahr₂.

peren tikitik   n. hibiscus sp.

peren wai   n. a variety of pahr₂.

perenleng   n. coconut, one that becomes lodged in a tree and remains there sufficiently long to sprout, used as pereh₁ for Soulik en And and Pwoud Lepen Palikir.

perehre, also pere.   n. cover, protection, both physical and magical. Ma mie ahmw perehre, ah ke sohte pahn perki mehkot. If you have perehre, you don't have to worry about anything.

pehri   n. bamboo, Bambusa vulgaris.

pehrier   1. adj. active. 2. vi. to move actively. 1. Oho me pehrier. That man is active. 2. E pehrierseli. He is actively moving around.

periki   vt. to be cautious. I periki waseli kesik. I am cautious when carrying a gun around.

perip engpali   n. intransitive verb. [perip <Eng.]

perip engpokon   n. transitive verb. [perip <Eng.]

periper   vi. neut. to cut, trim, or sharpen with any large cutting tool. par₁, vt.

perihri   vi. boastful. Ohl riemeno epwehniki perihri. Those two men have the habit of pushing and shoving each other.

pehris   n. fish sp.

permasepeng   1. n. quadrangle, square. 2. vi. to be quadrangular, to be square.

Permond   n. Vermont. [Eng.]

persent, also piresent.   n. percentage, percent. [Eng.]

pehrdi   vi. to lose. [Spa. pérdida]

Pehs   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti.

pehs₁   n. ashes.

pehs₃   n. land boundary. [Eng. base]

pehsas   1. n. thief. 2. vi. to be a thief.

pehse   vi. to be acquainted with one another.

pesel   1. n. dislocation. 2. vi. to be dislocated, of a joint.

pesen likan   n. spider web, cobweb.

pesenkoahte   n. sound made by the rubbing of crossed branches.

-peseng   verb. suff. apart, away from each other; with adjectives of size, it signals an increase in size. sei paddle, seipeseng paddle away from each other; lapala large, lapalapeseng get larger.

pesereid, also pisereid.   vi. to pass by one another; to be lined up in parallal rows.

peserek   vi. to be yanked, to be snatched, to be jerked. sereki, vt.

pehsehs   1. adj. gray, grayish; dust covered. 2. n. gray.

pehsinpwel   n. the seating area in front of the saledenleng, the second front central post in a feasthouse.

pesoik   n. veto, an athoritative disapproval. En kepina posoik ong kamwomwadahn kosonnedo kahrehda koamwoarong. The governor's veto over the proposed legislation caused controversy.

pesnes, also pisnis.   1. n. business. 2. vi. to do business. [Eng.]

ped   vi. to be squeezed or pressed, to be pushed, as a switch. padik, vt.

pehd₁   vi. to struggle. pehd mour the struggle for life.

pehdsang   vi. to be taken away from by force.

pehd₂   vi. to be open, of the eyes. E memeir ahpw pwoaren mesehka pehd. He is asleep, but his eyes are open.

pedala   vi. to have sexual intercourse for the first time, of a female; to be deflowered.

pedeli, also padali.   1. n. the sibling or cousin of the same clan, of the opposite sex, by whom one would swear. 2. interj. I swear!

peden liamwahu   n. dimple.

peden soupwur   meing. n. delay. Peden soupwur sohpeidi. Delay is synonymous with royalty.

peden were   n3s. the area between the collarbone and the neck.

pedenpaip   n. cave.

pedenpil   n. puddle.

pehdenpwong   vi. to stay up late; to hold a wake.

pedengel   vi. to be fighting. Ira pedengelda. They are fighting.

pedeped   adj. shallow.

pedehde   n. sweet potato, potato, Ipomea batatas. [Eng.]

pedehde salad   n. potato salad. [Eng.]

pedi, also padi.   n3s. eyebrow.

pediang, also pedieng.   vi. to paddle or pole against the wind.

pedieng   vi. see pediang.

pedilenkepir   n. dance paddle.

pedihleng   n. the priestly titles that corresponds to the four highest secular titles.

pedilik₁   n. canoe part, the vertical sheer strake that ordinarily extends above the central portion of the leeward gunwale.

pedilik₂   n. fish sp., a kind of parrotfish.

pedilin, also pidilin.   vi. to pull each other's hair, as in a fight. Ira pedilin. They (two) were pulling each other's hair.

pedilukop   vi. to stand with one's hands on one's hips, to stand with one's arms akimbo.

pediped   n. fish sp.

pedihsou   n. the male head of a clan.

pedidi   vi. to strike a final, loud stroke on a kava stone to signal that the pounding has been completed.

pedohi, also pidohi.   vi. to exit.

pedolong, also pidolong.   vi. to enter.

Pedlem, also Pedliem.   n. Bethlehem. [Eng.]

pedlepen nahna, also pwelengen nahna.   n. mountain ridge.

pehdmour   vi. to take by force, in a greedy manner.

pehdpeseng   vi. to open one's eyes. Na song pehdpeseng? Can you try to open your eyes? cf. [meing] koulangpeseng.

pehdsang   vi. to be taken away from by force.

pehdsel   1. vi. to play tug-of-war. 2. n. the name of this game.

pehdseri   n. abortion.

pet   vi. to bid; to bet. [Eng.]

peht   n. bed. [Eng.]

pehtakai   n. hibiscus sp.

petehk   vi. to be checked, to be scrutinized, to be reviewed, to be watched. Solahr peteikie. There is no satisfactory explanation left. tehk₁, vt.

pehtok   n. amputee, one or both arms missing.

petohng   meing. n. amarried couple. cf. pwopwoud.

pehwehwe   n. manta ray.

pih   n. name of the letter p, the fourteenth letter of the Pohnpeian alphabet, used to represent the phoneme /p/, a voiceless bilabial stop.

piah   vt. to flavor with coconut milk. piahia, vi.

piahia   1. vi. neut. to flavor with coconut milk. 2. n. food flavored with coconut milk. piah, vt.

pie   n3s. vagina. cf. [meing] nanmweitik, tehpahu.

pihe, also pihru.   n. beer. [Eng.]

piengelingel, also piamat.   interj. smelly, of female genitalia, an insult to females.

piewalek   insult. interj. You have a large vaginal hole!, an insult directed to women.

pioing   n. hospital. [Jap. byōin]

piokiok   adj. ugly; matted looking, as wet feathers.

pik₁   vi. to be changed from one nature to another. E piksang aramas piklahng ngehn. He was changed from a human into a spirit.

pihk   n. sand.

pihkahkis   n. pickaxe. [Eng.]

pikapik₁   adj. sandy.

pikapik₂   adj. pretty, good-looking, handsome.

pikapik₃   adj. extremely white, of yams or flour.

Piken Iap, also Likin Piken Iap.   n. an old name for Sokehs.

pikila   vi. to be transformed by supernatural power.

pikinik   1. n. picnic. 2. vi. to go on a picnic. [Eng.]

pikipas   vi. to have nothing left.

pikipik   vi. neut. to pat; to slap affectionately; to drum, to play a drum. pikir, vt.

pikir   vt. to pat; to slap affectionately; to drum, to play a drum. pikipik, vi.

pikos   adj. curly.

pikmasaht   vi. to catch the kind of mangrove crab called masaht.

pikser   n. picture, snapshot. [Eng.]

pil₁   adv. also. Liho pil neksang University of Hawai'i. That woman also graduated from the University of Hawai'i.

pil₂   vt. to choose, to pick out, to select. pilipil, vi.

pihl   n. water, liquid.

pilaier, also pilaia.   n. pliers. [Eng.]

pilaik   n. flag. [Eng.]

pilaiwihl   n. a flywheel. [Eng.]

pilaiwud   n. plywood. [Eng. plywood]

pilak, also pilaksehk.   1. n. blackjack, the name of the card game. 2. vi. to play this game. [Eng. black]

pilakahi   1. n. black eye; punch. 2. vt. to punch in the eye. [Eng.]

pilaksehk, also pilak.   1. n. blackjack, the name of the card game. 2. vi. to play this game. [Eng. blackjack]

pilampwoia   n. tree sp., acacia, Acacia confusa, and flamboyant, Bauhinia monandra. [Eng.]

pilampwoia weitahta   n. flame tree, flamboyant, Delonix regia.

pilahn   1. n. plan. 2. vi. to plan. [Eng.] pilahne, vt.

pilahne   vt. [pilahn <Eng.] see pilahn.

pilangkes   n. blanket; African violet, a flowering plant belonging to the Gesneriaceae family. [Eng.]

pilapil   adj. mushy.

pilasdik   n. plastic. [Eng.]

pilada   vt. to choose.

pilat₁   archaic. n. record, a sound recording. [Ger. Platte]

pilat₂   1. n. flat tire. 2. vi. to be intoxicated to the point of being immobile. [Eng. flat]

pilawa   n. bread. [Eng.]

pilawa amas   n. flour. [pilawa <Eng.]

pilawa sarawi   n. host, the bread of the Eucharist. [pilawa <Eng.]

pile₁, also pilede.   vt. to pick fruit with a pole.

pile₂   n3s. a beverage to accompany food at a gathering. Atail ainpwoato sohte pile. Our food has no accompanying beverage.

pile₃   archaic. vi. to say, to talk, to discuss. Re kahn pilepilen pwohng. They were having a series of nightly discussions. pilerehre last wish. see pilerehre.

pilei   1. vi. to play cards. 2. n. playing cards. [Eng.]

pilein   1. n. plane₁, the carpenter's tool. 2. vi. to plane₁. [Eng.] pileinih, vt.

pilein mwengki   1. n. a card game. 2. vi. to play this game.

pilein mwohni   vi. to gamble. [Eng.]

pileinih   vt. to plane₁ with the carpenter's tool. [pilein <Eng.] pilein, vi.

pileit   n. plate. [Eng.]

pilehu   adj. again; once more.

pilemour   n. the arrival of human assistance.

pilen emwiemw   n. water in a container for washing hands. cf. [meing] sikamwer.

pilen ewe   n3s. saliva. cf. [meing] pilen dawas, pilen douwas.

pilen kus   n. sperm.

pilen liki   n. foreign thoughts; foreign values.

pilen lipwei   n. postpartum vaginal discharge.

pilen nimpil   n. drinking water. cf. [meing] limarerenleng.

pilen pwed   n. water used in the preparation of kava.

pilen dawas, also pilen douwas.   meing. n. (3sg. pilen dawese, pilen dewese) saliva. cf. pilen ewe.

pilen duhdu   n. bathing water.

pilenmas   n. (3sg. pilenmese) tears. cf. [meing] tenihrlap.

pilenpahnmweli   1. meing. n. gossip about the Nahnmwarki or the Nahnken. 2. meing. vi. to gossip. 2. Ma sohpeidi pilen pahnmweli, sohte aramas kin ese. If the royalty gossips, no commoners should know it. cf. lipahned, lipahnede.

pilenpahnmwelih   meing. vt. to gossip about, to talk secretly about. Aramas pilen pahnmwelih Mwohnsapw. People gossip about Mwohnsapw. cf. lipahnede.

pilepil   1. archaic. vi. to to speak, to talk, to converse, to discuss, to give a speech, of the Nahnken. 2. archaic. n. talk, conversation, discussion, rumor, story, adage, parable. 1. Re pilepel. They are having a discussion. 2. Re pilepilenpwong. He is having nightly discussion 1. pilepilenpwong nightly discussion.

pilepilenpwong   1. n. tale, story, beadtime story. 2. vi. to tell a tale or bedtime story. cf. soaii.

pilerehre   1. meing. vi. to make a final statement or wish, by one who is dying. 2. n. an oral will₁, a final statement or injunction made by a dying Nahnmwarki. cf. kehkehlik.

piled   n. pole for picking breadfruit, typically made of keleu or ketieu₂, less often of bamboo. cf. [meing] pwounleng.

pilede, also pile₁.   vt. to pick fruit with a pole.

piledek   adj. of a man, effeminate; of a woman, masculine; of a peaceful nature.

piletik   n. a stream.

pilik   n. the individual charged with preparation of the Saudeleur's food; the individual charged with distributing food at a feast.

pilim   n. photographic film. [Eng.]

piling   vt. to break apart, of food; to divide.

pilingek   vi. to limp₁.

pilipil   1. vi. to choose, to pick out, to select. 2. n. election, selection, choice. pil₂, vt.

pilipilda   vi. to be chosen.

pilipilenpwong   archaic. vi. to whisper.

pilipilda   vi. to be chosen.

Pilipihn   n. Philippines. [Eng.]

pilihs   n. wallet, purse, valise. [Eng. valise]

pilisimen   n. policeman. [Eng.]

pilismahsda, also pwolismahsda.   archaic. n. policeman. [Eng. police master]

pilitik₁   vi. to be broken or divided into small pieces with the hands, as of breadfruit. pilitikih, vt.

pilitik₂   n. stream.

pilitikih   vt. to break or divide into small pieces with the hands, as of breadfruit. pilitik₁, vi.

pihlohlo   1. n. a traditional baked pudding dish, made of grated giant swamp taro, unripe bananas, or cassava, to which ripe mashed bananas and coconut cream are added, after which it is baked. 2. vi. to make pihlohlo.

piloak   n. pulley, block, of a block and tackle. [Eng.]

piluwih   vt. to dye (something) blue. [pilu- <Eng. blue]

pill, also pil₃.   n. bill, a statement of charges. [Eng.]

pillap   n. river.

pilloak   vi. neut. to twist off breadfruit with a pole and let it fall to the ground. pilloake, vt.

pilloake   vt. see pilloak.

pimpap   adj. humble, low.

pimpip   vi. to speak incessantly.

pimpong   1. n. ping-pong. 2. vi. to play ping-pong. [Jap. pinpon < Eng.]

pin   vt. to wrap around.

pihn   n. pin, tack, bobbypin, safety pin. [Eng.]

pina   vt. to patch; to block; to seal₁ a bottle or end of a tube. pinapin, vi.

pinapin   1. vi. to be patched; to be blocked; to be sealed. 2. n. stopper. pina, vt.

pihnas   n. peanut. [Eng.]

pihnas pwete   n. peanut butter.

pinepe   n3s. stopper. cf. [meing] limetleng.

pinepen isek, also pweinen isek.   n. traditionally a stopper for a water container, now also a lid or a cap. cf. [meing] ihrpweilap.

pinepen uhpw   n. a stopper for the hole made in a drinking coconut used by high-titled people. cf. [meing] lipaiere, limetleng.

pinepene, also pinpene.   vt. to wrap around; to twist together. pinipinpene, vi.

pinike   n. vinegar. [Eng.]

pinipin   adj. closely twisted or curled, kinky, tangled; cursive, as in cursive writing.

pinipinpene   vi. of strand, to be twisted; to be entangled; to writhe with hate or pain. pinepene, pinpene, vt.

piniwer   vi. to choke on food. cf. [meing] dauloang.

pinpene, also pinepene.   vt. to wrap around; to twist together. pinipinpene, vi.

pihns, also pens.   n. bean (the vegetable). [Eng.]

pinsel   n. pencil. [Eng.]

pindi   vi. to be stranded in shallow water.

pintat   vi. to convulse.

ping   adj. confused, disordered, messy.

pingin likou   n. remnant of cloth; rug, carpet.

pingiping₁   n. disturbance, confusion, disorder, mess; conflict.

pingko   1. n. bingo. 2. vi. to play bingo. [Eng.]

pip₁   vi. to be worn around the waist, of a weapon. pipih, vt.

pip₂   vi. to move the mouth; to flutter, to stutter.

pihp   1. vi. to beep or honk a horn. 2. n. horn of an automobile. [Eng.] pihpih, vt.

pipih   vt. to wear around the waist, of a weapon. pip₁, vi.

pihpi   n. vagina. cf. [meing] nanmweitik, tehpahu.

pihpih   vt. to beep or honk a horn. pihp, vi.

pipihs   1. vi. to urinate. 2. n. urine. pihs₁, vt. cf. [meing] koamwosod.

pir₁   vi. to turn, to spin, to twist. pirer, vt.

pir₂   vi. to flash, as of lightning.

pihr   vi. to fly₂.

pihrda   vi. to become suddenly excited, to fly₂ off the handle, to show jealousy openly.

pirain   1. vi. neut. to fry. 2. n. frying pan, skillet. [Eng. frying] piraine, vt.

piraine   vt. see pirain.

piraipang   n. frying pan, skillet. [Jap. furaipan < Eng.]

pirap   vi. to steal. pirapa, vt.

pirapa   vt. see pirap.

pirapir   1. vi. neut. to tie; to wear a belt. 2. n. belt; knot. pire, vt.

pirahs   n. brass. [Eng.]

pire   vt. to tie. pirapir, vi.

pirek   adj. crooked, off target, inaccurate.

pirekek   vi. to turn one's head, to turn around; to do an about face. cf. [meing] paradak, paradok.

pirenisoulap   meing. n3s. calf, of the leg. cf. wedin neh.

pirenpwel   n. small tract of land.

pirepe   n3s. binding, wrapper.

pirepira   n. propeller. [Jap. puropera < Eng.]

pirer   vt. to turn, to spin, to twist. pir₁, vi.

pirerrer   1. vi. to be turned, as screw or nut. 2. n. manipulation.

piresent, also persent.   n. percentage, percent. [Eng.]

pirien   1. n. sibling; brotherhood. 2. vi. to be siblings; to establish a close friendship.

piried   n. period, the punctuation mark. [Eng.]

pirihp   n. briefs, men's underwear. [Eng. brief]

piris   n. bridge. [Eng.]

pirida   vi. to wake up. cf. [meing] ohpalawasa, ohpada.

piroski   n. a cloth, used as a wrapper to carry objects. [Jap. furoshiki]

piroas   1. n. brush. 2. vi. to brush one's teeth. [Eng. brush] piroasih, vt.

piroasen widengi   n. a toothbrush. [piroas <Eng.]

piroasih   vt. to brush, as to brush one's teeth. [piroas <Eng.] piroas, vi.

pihru, also pihe.   n. beer. [Jap. bīru < Dutch.]

piruwek   vi. to be rolled over, of inanimate objects; to swing or turn.

Pirsinia   n. Virginia. [Eng.]

Pirsinia Palikapi, also Wes Pirsinia.   n. West Virginia. [Eng.]

pihrda   vi. to become suddenly excited, to fly₂ off the handle, to show jealousy openly.

pirwaka   vt. to collect the contents of an uhmw, said of one who contributed nothing to it. Ohlen pirwaka uhmwo. That man collected the food from the uhmw (but contributed nothing to it).

pis   n. pitch₂, tar, blacktop, as for a road. [Eng.]

pihs₁   vt. to urinate on. pipihs, vi.

pihs₂   n. a piece. [Eng.]

pisalap   adj. coarse; big, as of a portion of something.

pisek   adj. free, idle; unconcerned, untroubled. cf. [meing] mwelehlap.

piseksang   vt. to refrain from.   inter It's none of your business! Never mind!

pisel   vi. to slip off, to lose one's grip when climbing; to be discharged, of a weapon; to miss one's chance.

pisella   vi. to happen to. Ma i pisella iang, I pahn nsenamwahu. If I happen to participate, I'll be happy.

piselpeseng   vi. to be dislocated, of a joint; to come apart, of things joined together.

piser-   vi. to come or go in a hurry, often in response to a leader's demands or an emergency. Lahpo piserala Kolonia. That guy hurried to Kolonia.

pisereid, also pesereid.   vi. to pass by one another; to be lined up in parallal rows.

piserwar   vi. to appear in person; to ascend, body and soul.

pisetik   adj. fine₁, not coarse.

pisetikmei, also kisetikmei.   n. bush sp., Melastoma malabathricum, var. mariannum.

pisiken   vi. to push each other. siken, vt.

pisilei   vi. to guard; to maintain a vigil. sile₁, vt.

pisin   n. pidgin, as pidgin English. [Eng.]

pisirop   1. n. a game, hide-and-seek. 2. vi. to play this game.

pisider   n. visitor. [Eng.]

pisop   n. bishop. [Eng.]

pisnis, also pesnes.   1. n. business. 2. vi. to do business. [Eng.]

pispohra   1. n. jacks. 2. vi. to play jacks.

pissa₁   1. n. pitcher, in baseball. 2. vi. to be a pitcher. [Jap. picchā < Eng.]

pissa₂   n. pizza. [Eng.]

pisdong   n. piston, of an engine. [Jap. pisuton < Eng.]

pisdor   n. pistol, revolver. [Jap. pisutoru < Eng.]

pid₁   vt. to wrap around; to roll a cigarette.

pid₂   vt. to pertain to; to concern.

pidakih   vt. to go around something. pidek, vi. cf. [meing] reulenge.

pidakihpene   vt. to surround.

pidek   vi. to go around, to run a lap₂. pidakih, vt. cf. [meing] reuleng.

Pideken Rongamwahu   n. an annual religious activity performed by the United Church of Christ to celebrate the arrival of Christianity on Pohnpei; members visit designated churches every day during a weeklong crusade, until the crusade arrives at Kolonia for the finale. Pideken Rongamwahu wie katamanpen pwarodohn rongamwahu ong Pohnpei. Pideken Rongamwahu is a commemoration of the arrival of Christianity in Pohnpei.

pidekila   meing. vi. to go to relieve oneself. cf. kotala.

pidekilik   n. fish sp.

pideklik   vi. to go by way of going outside the barrier reef; to travel in a roundabout way.

pidio   n. video. [Eng.]

pidilin, also pedilin.   vi. to pull each other's hair, as in a fight.

pidipweipwei   adj. excessively fond. Ah mwahuki liho me pidipweipwei. His fondness for the woman is excessive.

pidir   n. a place having dense vegetation, jungle.

pidirin   adj. densely vegetated, overgrown with vegetation.

pidiriniak   n. impenetrable area of a mangrove swamp.

pidohi, also pedohi.   vi. to exit.

pidolong, also pedolong.   vi. to enter.

pit₁   vi. to spring back.

pit₂   num. cl. used in counting strips or strands. piten peilirop riepit two strips of pandanus for weaving mats, pitenwel isipit seven strands of hair.

pit-   vi. to escape. Pwutako pitsang nan imweteng. The young man escaped from prison. Pwihko pitsang nan kehlo. That pig escaped from its pen.

piht₁   n. cheat, lie₁.

piht₂   n. leaf of a pandanus tree.

piht₃   n. foot, measurement. [Eng. feet]

piht₄   vi. to conduct music. [Eng. beat] pihtih, vt.

pitakatak   1. adj. pasty, mashed. 2. n. any mashed or pasty mass₁.

pitenlos   n. sleeping mat; a strip of a woven mat. Pitenlos pwetepwet kohsang ni piht mour. The white strips of a sleeping mat come from green pandanus leaves.

pitenmoang   n. (3sg. pitenmoange) hair, of the head. cf. [meing] ieuieunleng, pwilipeipei, pitenpwaipwai, pitentepwitepw.

pitenpeipei   1. n. pandanus leaf made ready for weaving. 2. meing. n. strand of hair. cf. pitenwel.

pitenpwaipwai   meing. n3s. hair, of the head. cf. pitenmoang.

pitentepwitepw   meing. n. (3sg. pitentepwitepwihr) hair, of the head. cf. pitenmoang.

pitenwel   n. (3sg. pitenwali) strand of hair. cf. [meing] pitenpeipei, uliunleng.

pitih   vt. to lie₁ to; to trick; to tease. cf. [meing] liepe.

pihtih   vt. to conduct a musical event. piht₃, vi.

pitikan   adj. fast₁, in bodily movement.

pitikek, also pitirek.   vi. to flap, of a fish; to move rapidly.

pitikihda   vi. to be itchy from something.

pitiniau   adj. lying, untruthful; talkative.

pitipit   adj. fast₁, in the ability to perform actions.

pitirek, also pitikek.   vi. to flap, of a fish; to move rapidly.

poh   n. (3sg. poh) color.

poh loaloh   adj. having a troubled appearance. E sansal en ohlo ah poh loalohda. It was obvious that he has a troubled appearance.

poh mwahu   adj. healthy looking, having a healthy complexion, having an appearance of being friendly. cf. [meing] lisalamwahu.

poh suwed   adj. sickly looking, having a troubled appear appearance.

poisin   n. poison. [Eng.]

pou   adj. feeling cold, cool, chilly. cf. [meing] pwoiken tehniep.

pouda   vi. to become cold.

poula   vi. to spoil, of cooked food.

poulaul   adj. amusing, funny, pleasant, joyful.

poulang   1. meing. n. flirtation, sexual overture. 2. meing. vi. to flirt, to make a sexual overture. cf. pwengipweng.

poulangih   meing. vt. to make a sexual overture to, to flirt with. cf. pwangih.

poupit₁, also peupit₁.   n. the stage of development of a coconut before it turns brown.

poupoulap₁, also peupeulap.   adj. too familiar; overly friendly; impolite.

poupoulap₂, also akihna, utin Ruk.   n. a banana cultivar, mostly eaten cooked, from Chuuk.

poupoar, also peupoar.   1. vi. to take sides. 2. adj. prejudiced, biased.

pous, also peus.   1. vi. to be connected, to be fastened together; to be passed on, of verbal information. 2. n. connection. pouse, vt.

pouse   vt. to connect, to fasten together; to pass on verbal information. pous, vi.

pouda   vi. to become cold.

poudakih   vt. to anchor, to dock, of a canoe or any vehicle. poudek, vi.

poudek   vi. to be anchored, to be docked. poudakih, vt.

pohk   n. whip, a beating.

pohkahki, also kahki.   adj. khaki, tan. [kahki <Eng.]

pokaraun   1. vi. to play a dirty trick. 2. n. a dirty trick. [Eng. f..k around] pokaraunih, vt.

pokaraunih   vt. see pokaraun.

pokous   vi. to be ejected, to be banished. kaus, vt.

pohkomwokomw   adj. grinning, without opening the mouth.

pokon   1. vi. to be assembled together in a crowd. 2. n. crowd, meeting.

pohl   adj. delighted, overjoyed; proud.

pohlaul   n. delight, enjoyment; pride.

pohlaulki   vt. to be delighted at or for, to enjoy; to be proud of.

pohlemei, also pohnlemei.   adj. arrogant; mean looking; insolent.

polis   n. police, policeman. [Eng. police]

polo   n. crowd, fleet, school₁ of fish.

polongolong, also poaloangoaloang.   vi. to be piled up, to be heaped up.

pohmaras   n. a pleasant color.

pohmarungurung   adj. dull colored.

pon   adj. stuffed up, clogged; virginal (derogatory); uncircumcised. ponehla, vt.

Pohn Awak   n. a section (kousapw) in U.

pohn isou   meing. n3s. the top of the foot. cf. pohn patehn neh.

Pohn U   n. a section (kousapw) in U.

pohn kepehmwahu   adj. skillful in making sennit.

pohn kedeul, also kedeul.   vi. to be naked. Kisin pwutako pohn kedeul. That little boy is naked.

pohn ntahn mwell, also ntahn mwell.   1. n. purple, violet (the colors). 2. adj. purple, violet.

pohn patehn neh   n3s. the top of the foot. cf. [meing] pohn isou.

pohn pwehl   1. adj. brown. 2. n. brown.

pohn pwereh   n3s. the pubic region. cf. [meing] pohn pwereiso.

pohn pwereiso   meing. n3s. the pubic region. cf. pohn pwereh.

pohn sehtik   adj. to be suspicious of being the subject of rumors.

pohn sowe, also pohn sewe, pohn tihn sewe.   n3s. back.

Pohn Tehnmei   n. a place in Madolenihmw where excellent kava stones can be obtained.

pohn tihn sowe, also pohn sewe, pohn sowe.   n3s. back.

Pohnauleng   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

pohnangi   n3s. above, upper, upwind, windward side; older sibling relationship.

pone   n. tree sp., Thespesia populnea.

ponehla   vt. to impede a passage, to clog up, to put a cork in. pon, adj.

pohnese   vt. to give notice to. cf. [meing] pohnlangih.

pohniong   vi. see pohnieng.

pohnihr   meing. n. back of the neck. cf. pohnwar.

pohnihrpene   vi. to share a border, boundary, or limit; to be equidistant from one another. Kita pohnihrpene. We share a border.

pohnislap   meing. n. (3sg. pohnislepe) seat of authority, headquarters, capital, of a place. cf. pesen kaun.

ponok   n. copulation of animals that lasts for a long time, characteristic of dogs and turtles.

pohnkahke   adj. lazy.

pohnkares   n. casing of a bullet.

pohnkoiohlap   1. meing. n. seat, in a canoe. 2. vi. to eat with the Nahnmwarki or Nahnken. cf. loh₃.

pohnkodoul   slang. vi. to be naked, to be nude.

pohnlangih   meing. vt. to give notice to. Mwohnsapw pohnlangih ohlo. Mwohnsapw gave notice to the man. cf. pohnese.

pohnlangile   meing. adj. boastful, pompous. cf. kala₁.

pohnlemei, also pohlemei.   adj. arrogant, insolent; mean looking.

pohnli   adj. effeminate, woman-like.

pohnlik   n. area on the beach or along the reef where the waves break.

pohnmwahso   adj. proud, with a negative connotation; insolent, arrogant;.

Pohnpateleng   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

pohnpe   adj. successful in growing things, having a green thumb; successful in seeking a spouse.

Pohnpei   n. Pohnpei, the name of the island.

Pohnpeiuh   archaic. n. Pohnpei, including the neighboring islands; the whole of Pohnpei.

pohnpwe   n3s. pubis.

Pohnrakied, also Pohrakied.   n. an area in Kolonia.

pohnsekir   n. (3sg. pohnsakiri) upper back.

pohnsehse   vt. to ignore. cf. [meing] likinlangih.

pohnsehsehla   vt. to forsake, to abandon. cf. [meing] likidmeliehla.

pohnsehtik, also pohsehtik.   1. adj. self-conscious. 2. vi. to be self-conscious. 1. Ohl pohnsehtiko me nennen. That self-conscious man is quiet. 2. Pwutako pohnsehtikda, ih eri kohkohla. The young man became self-conscious, so he left.

pohnsewe   n3s. the upper part of the back. cf. [meing] pelikie.

pohnsewehla   vt. see pohnsowehla.

pohnsowehla, also pohnsewehla.   vt. to ignore. Ohlo pohnsowehla arail pekipeko. The man ignored their request.

pohndal, also peundal₁.   n. coconut shell.

pohndelenpwuk   n. (3sg. pohndelenpwukie) knee cap.

pohndewehlap   1. meing. adj. kind, generous, considerate. 2. meing. n. kindness, generosity. cf. sapan.

Pohndien   n. a section (kousapw) in Nett.

pohndihpw, also pohntehndipw.   1. adj. green. 2. n. green.

pohntehndipw   1. adj. green. 2. n. green. see pohndihpw.

pohnwar   n. (3sg. pohnwere) back of the neck. cf. [meing] pohnihr.

pohnwol   adj. man in name only.

pohngiong   n. breeze.

popoki   vi. to be whipped, to be beaten, to be spanked. poakih, vt.

popohl   n. peace, tranquility; joy. cf. [meing] nihkes.

popohn   adj. aloof, indifferent.

popohnliamwahu   adj. behaving like a refined woman. Serepeino me popohnliamwahu. That girl is behaving like a refined woman.

popohnwangingih   vt. to entice, to tempt; to lure, to seduce.

popohnwol   adj. pretending to be manly.

popohr   1. vi. to be slapped. 2. n. slap. 1. Meseho popohr. His face was slapped. 2. Popohr uk kak kawehla mese. A violent slap can cause injury to a face. pohr, vt.

pohr   vt. to slap someone. popohr, vi. cf. [meing] enginlime.

Pohrakied, also Pohnrakied.   n. an area in Kolonia.

pohrehre   meing. n. upper part of the mouth. cf. aupowe.

pohres   meing. vi. to go out for fresh air, to find a location in order to enjoy the breeze. cf. kehngitik.

pohris   meing. n. upper lip. cf. kilinau powe.

porongorong   n. hearsay conveyed by a third party to two possible adversaries, likely to end in a physical confontation.

poros, also poros en merer.   n. fish sp., tripletail wrasse, Cheilinus trilobatus.

poros en merer   n. see poros.

pos₁   vi. to be hammered. pasur, posur, poasur, vt.

pos₂   1. vi. to explode. 2. n. yam disease in which the inside of the tuber cracks and a charcoal-like rot appears in the hollow areas; while such tubers are inedible, they are highly prized as planting material.

posada   vi. to start, of an engine.

pohsehtik, also pohnsehtik.   1. adj. self-conscious. 2. vi. to be self-conscious.

posoke   1. n. story₁, of a building. 2. vi. to be stacked.

posokehda   vi. to be piled up.

posur, also pasur, poasur.   vt. to hammer. pos₁, pospos, vi.

pospos   vi. to hammer. pasur, poasur, vt.

pohtou, also pahtou₁.   adj. disappointed, sorrowful, gloomy, downcast.

powe   prep. n. above, upon, upper, on (him, her, or it); when used in place names, powe is east of pah₁.

powehdi, also kalowehdi.   vt. to conquer; to overcome, to overwhelm.

powi   n3s. empty casing, as of a coconut, cartridge, or shell.

poak   1. vi. to be in love; to be in a close₂ relationship. 2. adj. affectionate, loving. 1. Lahpo oh liho poakpene. That guy and that woman are in love. 2. Ira inenen poakpene. They are very affectionate with each other. poakepoake, vt.

poakehng   vt. to love, be in love with. Nei pwutako poakehng serepeino. My son loves that girl. Ira poakpene. They love each other.

poakaoilok   vi. to hate each other, of two people.

poake, also pako, poako.   n. a generic term for shark, used in U.

poakeilok   vi. to tease, to mock. Ohlo kalapw poakeilok. The man often teases.

poakehla   vt. to pity.

poakelahmwur   n. regret. Ieremen wia mehkot me pahn kahrehda pokehlahmwur. Do not do anything that will cause regret.

poakehng   vt. to love, be in love with. Nei pwutako poakehng serepeino. My son loves that girl. Ira poakpene. They love each other.

poakepoak   n. love; affection.

poakepoake   vt. to love, to cherish, to have an emotional attachment to, to sympathize with. Ohlo poakepoake liho. The man loves the woman. poak, vi.

poakepoakehda   vt. to miss someone. I poakepoakehda nei pwutako. I miss my son.

poakepoakehla   vt. to become fond of someone; to fall in love with.

poakepoakehda   vt. to miss someone. I poakepoakehda nei pwutako. I miss my son.

poakih, also woakih.   vt. to whip, to beat, to spank. pok, vi.

poakolong, also pakolong.   n. cripple, a disabled person; disability.

poakoarada   vi. to be overcome by misfortune due to the malicious wishes of another.

poakoadoi   vi. to help each other. E konehng kitail en poakoadoi. It is appropriate for us to help each other.

poakuhku   vi. to be silent and motionless.

poakune   vi. to hoe, to make a row with a hoe. [une <Jap. furrow]

poakso   n. grass sp., napier grass, Pennisetum purpureum. [Jap. bokusō : hay, grass for feed]

poaloangoaloang, also polongolong.   vi. to be piled up, to be heaped up. Mwahmw akau poalpoaloangoaloang. The fish are being piled up.

poanreising   1. n. fund raising. 2. vi. to engage in fund raising. [Eng.]

poans   n. shoot, of a plant.

poahng   n. a platform built on the side of a canoe as an extension of the board that covers the central part of the hull.

poahngok   1. meing. vi. to speak, to talk, to converse, to give a speech, of the Nahnmwarki. 2. meing. n. speech, talk, conversation, talk, of the Nahnmwarki. 1. Mwohnsapw sohte poahngok ni kamadipw. Mwohnsapw did not give a speech at the feast. 2. Poahngok en Mwohnsapw me sansal. Mwohnsapw's speech is clear. poahngokih, vt. cf. kapahrek₁, lokaia.

poahngokih   meing. vi. to speak to, to talk to, to converse with, to give a speech to, of the Nahnmwarki. poahngok, vi. cf. nda, koasoaia.

poangot   n. a rough area in the ocean caused by converging currents.

poar₁   num. cl. used in counting long, thin pieces or strips of something. poaren dinapw rioapoar two boards, poaren karangahp silipoar three strips of tuna.

poar₂   vi. to be captured, to be seized. Sounkamaramaso poaridi aio. The killer was captured yesterday.

poahr   vi. to wipe, after defecation.

poare   vt. to cut or slice into smaller pieces. Poarepeseng kisin pwihk kan pwe me nohn pisalap. Slice the pork portions into smaller pieces because they are too big.

poareni   n. nightmare; bad dream.

poarendiar   1. n. an unanticipated feast that makes use of readily available resources. 2. vi. to make a feast of this nature.

poaridi₁   vi. to be caught, of something animate; to be arrested. poarok, vt.

poaridi₂   vi. to bow₁ or sit as a respect gesture.

poarok   vt. to catch something animate; to arrest. poaridi₁, vi.

poaromour   n. prisoner, prisoner of war.

poaron   1. n. dispatch or message; errand, task, commission. 2. vi. to be dispatched, to be messaged; to be on an errand, to be tasked or commissioned. poarone, vt. cf. ilek₁.

poarone   meing. vt. to send on an errand, to send to deliver a message. poaron, vi. cf. ilakih.

poarongorong   1. adj. said of one who engages in the reciprocal exchange of information; said of one who eavesdrops on others. 2. n. shared information.

poaropwe   vi. to seek answers from somone who can tell the future.

poahs   n. a dance platform used for performing the traditonal Pohnpeian dance called iripoas; foundation; pile; heap.

Poasoile   n. a piece of land on Temwen Island in Madolenihmw where the Nahnmwarki system of government is said to have been initiated.

poahsoan, also likond.   n. (3sg. poahsoane) foundation, purpose; home; uterus; a condition of women, causing stomach pain; the abdomen is hot to the touch and tender, but not swollen, patient is feverish and urinates frequently.

Poahsoan en Kosonned en Weipokon en Pohnpei   n. the Pohnpeian constitution.

poasur, also pasur.   vt. to hammer. pos₁, pospos, vi.

poad   vi. to be planted. poadok, vt.

poahd   n. individual planting, of any plant.

poaden   adv. always, incessantly. Padre poaden kapakap. The priest is always praying. E poaden kapakap. He's incessantly praying.

poadedi   1. adj. devout. 2. vi. to be devoted (to something).

poadok   vt. to plant. poad, vi.

poadokada, also padokada.     vt. to establish; to give a historic account₂ of.

poadope   n3s. history, chronicle.

poadorada   vt. to dig out. E poadorada takaio sang nanpwel. He dug the stone out of the ground.

poadoahk   vi. to fight each other. doahke, vt.

poadoandoar   vi. to separate a fight. doare, vt.

poadoapoad   1. n. history, sacred story, the practice of history. 2. vi. to tell the history of something, to tell a sacred story, typically one dealing with the creation and founding of Pohnpei.

poadoar   1. vi. to wrestle. 2. n. wrestling.

poadoar en Sapahn   1. n. sumo wrestling. 2. vi. to wrestle in this style.

poadoarepe₁   n3s. protector, protection.

poadoarepe₂   1. vi. to arm wrestle. 2. n. arm wrestling.

poatoapoat   adj. everlasting, constant, permanent.

pu   adj. bent, crooked, curved.

puele   n3s. curve, bend. Salihieng sahlen ni puelen rahn. Tie the rope at the bend of the branch.

puldoser, also pundoser.   n. a bulldozer. [Eng.]

plaias   n. pliers. [Eng.]

plakpwoht   n. blackboard. [Eng.]

Plorihda   n. Florida. [Eng.]

praiped   adj. private. [Eng. private]

preik₁   vi. in pool, to break, i.e. to shoot first. [Eng.]

preik₂   1. n. brake, as on an automobile. 2. vi. neut. to brake. [Eng.]

preisihl   n. a banana cultivar, eaten both raw and cooked, highly prized for medicinal purposes. [Eng. Brazil]

preisis₁   1. n. suspenders. 2. vi. to wear suspenders. [Eng. braces]

preisis₂   n. brace, bracket. [Eng.]

prediked   n. predicate of a sentence. [Eng.]

prind   vi. to print. I men prind. I want to print. [Eng.] prindih, vt.

prinder   n. printer (the machine). [Eng. printer]

prindih   vt. to print something. Ihs me pahn prindih nei doaropwe? Who will print my paper? [prind <Eng.] prind, vi.

pringihnas, also ekpland, nasupi, wahntuhke toantoal.   n. eggplant, Solanum melongena. [Spa. berenjena]

prokiram   n. program, as for a meeting; radio or television program. [Eng.]

pronaun   n. pronoun. [Eng.]

pronaun rengen   n. emphatic pronoun.

pronaun sohrenge   n. non-emphatic pronoun.

Prohs   n. Protestant. [Eng.]

proahdkahs   vi., vt. to broadcast.

proahdkahs sdeisin   n. broadcast station. [Eng.]

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