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ra    re    ri    ro    roa    ru    

ra   num. cl. used in counting branches. rahn tuhke limara five tree branches.

rah   n3s. branch; tentacle, as of an octopus.

rahn sakau   n. stem of a kava plant.

Raipwinloko   n. a Saudeleur remembered as a cannibal.

rais   n. rice, Oryza sativa. [Eng.]

rais pirain   n. fried rice. [rais pirain <Eng. rice frying]

rais dol uht   1. n. a dish made by cooking rice with ripe bananas, mashing the mixture, and then adding coconut cream. 2. vi. to cook this dish. 1. Mehn Pohnpei iouki rais dol uht. Pohnpeians like the dish of rice with mashed ripe bananas. 2. Liho pahn rais dol uht. That lady will cook rice with mashed ripe bananas.

raisok   n. any ground food wrapped in leaves and cooked in an uhmw. I men kang raisok en mahr. I want to eat wrapped mahr.

raido   n. right field, in baseball. [Jap. raito < Eng.]

rahu   n. reed sp., Phragmites karka; a minor rafter to which pieces of thatch are attached, also woven into panelling for walls in a traditional house.

rauk, also sauk.   vi. to fall down, of standing objects.

raun₁   vi. to make the rounds. [Eng. rounds]

raun₂   vi. to walk or drive around; to wander about. [Eng. around]

rausis   1. n. trousers, pants. 2. vi. to wear trousers. [Eng. trousers] rausisih, vt.

rausis en kapwat   1. n. dress pants. 2. vi. to wear dress pants.

rausis mwotomwot   1. n. short pants, shorts. 2. vi. to wear short pants or shorts.

rausis preisis   1. n. bib overalls. 2. vi. to wear bib overalls. [Eng.]

rausis reirei   1. n. long pants. 2. vi. to wear long plants.

rausisih   vt. to wear (trousers or pants). He rausisih rausis pwetepwet. He's wearing a white pair of pants. [rausis <Eng. trousers] rausis, vi.

rak   vi. to rack, as in pool. [Eng.]

rahk₁   n. the main breadfruit season, a season of plenty, from April to August. cf. [meing] pwukemenleng.

rahk₂   n. the small stakes attached to the outrigger and the two central supports of a canoe.

rakih   vt. to scratch with the fingernails; to claw. rekirek, vi.

rakied   n. an area covered with gravel, pebbles, or crushed coral, as in Pohrakied, an area of Kolonia.

rakudai   vi. to flunk, to fail. [Jap. rakudai]

Rahlik   n. the name of the western chain of the Marshall Islands.

ramen   n. Chinese-style noodle soup. [Jap. rāmen]

rahmedel, also sakau rahmedel.   n. Piper methysticum, one of the two cultivars of kava grown on Pohnpei, distinguished by having smooth, light colored stems.

ramin   adj. smudged, faultily washed.

rahmwanger, also sakau rahmwanger.   n. Piper methysticum, one of the two cultivars of kava grown on Pohnpei, distinguished by having a series of purplish or blackish spots on the stem.

rahn   n. day.

Rahn en Mwei Mwahu   n. Liberation Day.

Rahn en Santi   n. Sunday. [santi <Eng.]

Rahn en Sapwad   n. Sunday, Sabbath. [sapwad <Eng.]

Rahn Kaonop   n. Saturday.

rahn koapwoarment   n. branch of the government. [koapwoarment <Eng.]

rahn kuloak   n. hands of a clock or watch. [kuloak <Eng.]

Rahn Mwahl   n. weekday.

rahn sakau   n. stem of a kava plant.

Rahn Sarawi   n. Sunday.

Rahn Sarawi Lapalap   n. Catholic holy day.

rahnei   1. meing. vi. to laugh. 2. meing. n. laugh, laughter. 1. Mwohnsapw rahrahnei. %Mwohnsapw| is laughting. cf. kouruhr.

rahneiki   meing. vt. to laugh at.

rahnenserdi   n. the first day of a funeral (after sohpai₁, the day when the death occurred); also the burial day and the day when the family prepares the funeral feast of mwurilik. cf. [meing] tienpwel₂.

rahnmwahu   1. vi. to greet. 2. n. greeting. rahnmwahwih, vt. cf. [meing] depwekinieng.

rahnmwahwih   vt. to greet, to send a greeting. rahnmwahu, vi. cf. [meing] depwekinienge.

rahnmwoalehdi   meing. vi. to rest from the day's activity. cf. kommoaldi.

rahnmwoaledihsang   vt. to cease from the day's activity.

ranning   1. n. undershirt. 2. vi. to wear an undershirt. [Jap. ranningu < Eng. running (shirt)]

ransi   n. a motor launch. [Jap. ranchi < Eng. launch]

randana, also landana.   n. lantana, Lantana camara. [Jap. rantana < Eng.]

rahnwet   n. today.

rap   n. a salt water eel, commonly found on the barrier reef. [Mok.]

rahp   n. raft, barge. [Eng.]

rahp komi   n. rubber raft, life raft.

rapahki   vt. to search for, to look for, to hunt for. repen₁, vi. cf. [meing] pahnlenge, pahnlangih.

rapit   n. rabbit. [Eng.]

rappa   n. bugle. [Jap. rappa]

rapwa, also rapwe.   n. rubber tree. [Eng.]

rapwe   n. see rapwa.

rar₁   1. vi. to make a cracking, crunching, or static-like noise. 2. n. a noise of this kind.

rar₂   num. one million.

rar₃   vi. neut. to skin or peel. rere, vt.

rahr   n. finger coral.

rara   n. pandanus sp.

rarahni   n. crown of thorns starfish, Acanthaster planci, covered with long spines, destroys the coral of coral reefs.

raradahn sahpw   n. earthquake.

rareiso, also irareiso.   1. meing. n. cane, crutch, staff, walking stick. 2. meing. vi. to walk with a cane, crutch, staff, walking stick. cf. sokon.

rarkapwudong   n. fire coral.

ras₁   vi. to be equal; to be the same as.

ras₂   adj. of the tide or of bodies of fresh water, to reach a low point where much of the bottom is exposed.

ras₃   vi. to be placed down, of a number of dead animals or fish that are to be used for food. resehdi, vt.

rahs   n. place of the uhmw; small stones used for making an uhmw.

rasaras   1. n. saw. 2. vi. neut. to saw.

Rahdak   n. the name of the eastern chain of the Marshall Islands.

rawahn, also duhrien.   n. tree sp., false durian, Pangium edule, edible fruit.

re   1. subj. pron. they, plural. 2. meing. subj. pron. you. cf. ke₁.

reh₁   prep. n. location of (him, her, or it).

reh₂   n. Centosteca lappacea.

rei   vi. to be stained; to be dyed. reid, vt.

reirei₁   1. adj. long, tall;. 2. n. the name of the letter h, the seventh letter of the alphabet, used to represent vowel length; also called eis₁.

reirei₂   adj. runny, of colors in materials; pale, of the face as after a sudden shock; blue, of the face as when cold; puckered up, of the mouth as after eating unripe bananas.

reise   n. razor; razor blade. [Eng.]

reisuwan   adj. tall.

reid   vt. to stain; to dye. rei, vi.

reidi   vi. to rhythmically pound₁ a kava stone at the beginning of the kava ceremony.

regensohr   archaic. n. disbelief.

rehu   n. beam or rafter of a roof.

reulap   n. rafter.

reuleng   meing. vi. to go around, to run a lap₂. Mwohnsapw pahn reuleng nan kousapw aka. Mwohnsapw will go around to the sections. reulenge cf. pidek.

reulenge   meing. vt. to go around something. reuleng, vi. cf. pidakih.

rek   adj. abundant, plentiful.

rekeileng   meing. vi. to lean; to recline, of animate beings. Isipahu rekerekeileng. Isipahu is reclining. rekeilenge, vt. cf. idengek.

rekeilenge   meing. vi. to lean against. Soukisehnleng rekeilenge weren nansapwo. Soukisehnleng leaned against the car. rekeileng, vt. cf. idengengki.

rekeleng   meing. n. finger. Rekeleng kan pwelipwella. Your fingers got dirty. cf. sendin peh.

rekenleng, also rekinleng.   n. the main breadfruit season, a season of plenty, from April to August. cf. [meing] pwukemenleng.

rekenpwel, also rekinpwel.   n. yam season. cf. [meing] pwukemenpwel.

rekepwel   meing. n. toe. cf. sendin neh.

rekeseipwel   meing. adj. unpopular; unattractive. cf. sapakaris.

rekeseidak   meing. adj. popular, beloved, favored. cf. masamas.

rehki   1. n. rake. 2. vi. to rake. [Eng.] rehkih, vt.

rehkih   vt. to rake. I pahn rehkih tehn tuhke. I will rake the leaves. [rehki <Eng.] rehki, vi.

rekile   adj. long-legged; of a tree, having a long trunk.

rekinleng, also rekenleng.   n. the main breadfruit season, a season of plenty, from April to August. cf. [meing] pwukemenleng.

rekinpwel, also rekenpwel.   n. yam season. cf. [meing] pwukemenpwel.

rekipwel   vi. to clear land by pulling up grass or weeds, to bare the earth.

rekirek   vi. neut. to scratch with the fingernails; to claw. rakih, vt.

rekidak   1. n. the first food distributed at a gathering, given to the highest titled person present; the severed right limbs of all the pigs from an uhmw, saved in food baskets (kiam), and hung up for the Nahnmwarki on the front crossbeam of the nahs (now not commonly done). 2. vi. to sever the right limbs of all the pigs from an uhmw, saved in food baskets (kiam), and hung up for the Nahnmwarki on the front crossbeam of the nahs (now not commonly done). rekidakih, vt. cf. [meing] pweisek.

rekidakih   vt. see rekidak.

rekidi   vi. to bend down to pick something up.

rekohdo   archaic. n. record, a sound recording. [Jap. rekōdo < Eng.]

rehl   n. rail₂, for a train. [Eng.]

rehmaikol   n. grass spp., Cyrtococcum accrescens or Oplismenus hirtellus.

remek   n. tree sp., Cynometra ramiflora or Scaevola taccada.

remekensapw   n. the sighting of land from a ship or a voyaging canoe.

remoud, also rimohd.   n. remote, as for a television. [Eng.]

rehmwusleng   n. the designated name of limesrihri, the first stem pried off of the enihlap (largest kava).

rempwidi   vi. to calm down after a time of confrontation.

rehn sehmen   n. grass sp.

rens   n. wrench. [Eng.]

rensed   n. salt water.

rensuh   vi. to practice for an athletic event, to warm up for an athletic event. [Jap. renshū]

rehnta   n. grass spp., Andropogon glaber or Paspalum cartilagineum.

rehnwaii   n. grass sp. Paspalum conjugatum.

reng   vi. to be dried, as of copra or tobacco.

rengen mwell   1. meing. n. nasal mucus. 2. meing. vi. to have runny nose. cf. toai.

renged   adj. dark, of colors.

rengede   slang. vt. to scold.

rengireng   vi. to warm oneself by a fire. cf. [meing] mweluhpei, karakaramwahu.

rengk   1. vi. to slide, of rocks. 2. n. rock slide.

rehpadil   n. grass sp., paddle grass, Ischaemum chordatum.

repen₁   vi. neut. to search. rapahki, vt.

repen₂   n. ribbon, lace. [Eng.]

Repena   n. the Madolenihmw warrior who received the title Soulik en Sapwawas as a reward for assassinating the Spanish commander, Colonel Isidro Gitierres y Soto near Ohwa in 1890.

repenpwung   legal. n. lawsuit; complaint.

repenpwung sapahl   1. legal. vt. to appeal. 2. legal. n. an appeal.

repwen malek   n. plant sp., cockscomb, Celosia argentea.

repwirepw   1. adj. mixed, of bananas and any other food. 2. n. any dish flavored with bananas.

repwidi   1. vi. to flinch, to fear. 2. n. drop off, edge of a precipice. 1. Ke dehr repwidihsang lahpo. Don't be afraid of that guy.

rer   1. vi. to tremble or shake; to be on edge, of the teeth. 2. adj. shaky. 1. rerrer en sahpw earthquake.

rehr, also keleu, kolou.   n. another name for the hibiscus bark used for squeezing kava juice.

rere   vt. to skin or peel; to band₁ a tree to kill it. rar₃, vi.

rerei   1. vi. to run a relay race. 2. n. the name of this race. [Jap. rirē < Eng.]

rehrehnkatau   n. the designated name for the limesrahra, the second stem pried off from the enihlap (the largest kava in a feast) during the kava ritual.

rehrehnkedu   n. the designated name for the limesepwel, the third stem pried off from the enihlap (the largest kava in a feast) during the kava ritual.

rerenmwel   meing. n. a greeting conveyed in absentia through a third party.

rerehd wasa   vi. to bawl, to cry loudly.

rehrehdi   interj. Get ready!, a call used in traditional dances to alert the dancers that it is time to dance. [Eng. ready?]

rehretini   n. the designated name for the limesrihri, the first stem pried off from the enihlap (the largest kava in a feast) during the kava ritual.

rerinmwoalu   meing. vi. to stir or sigh in one's sleep. cf. koahnek.

rerinpehiso   meing. n. pillow. cf. uluhl.

rerinpwaiso, also ririnpwaiso.   meing. n. a speech given by the Nahnmwarki after an apology is made. Nahnken pahn kapwil rerinpwaiso. The Nahnken is going to give a speech on behalf of the Nahnmwarki. cf. kapahrek₁.

rese   vt. to saw. rasaras, vi.

reseulap, also roasoulap.   meing. adj. kind, merciful; generous. cf. kadek₁.

resen Nahnken   n. a feast that takes place following the funeral of a Nahnken.

resen Nahnmwarki   n. feast for promotion to Nahnmwarki or for the funeral of the Nahnmwarki.

resenlangih   meing. vt. to rub noses, the tradtional form of a kiss. resenleng, vi.

resenleng   meing. vi. the act of rub‌bing noses, the tradtional form of a kiss. resenlangih, vt. cf. mpoake.

reseres en kopwoar   n. jigsaw.

reseres en lop   n. crosscut saw.

reseres en mete   n. hacksaw.

reseres en peh   n. hand saw.

reseres en pwal   n. ripping saw.

reseres en Sapahn   n. Japanese style saw, which cuts on the draw.

reseres en wai   n. American style saw, which cuts on the push.

reseresen uduk, also rasaras en uduk.   n. meat saw.

resehdi   vt. to lay down food to be distributed, as at a kamadipw or a funeral. ras₃, vi.

resires   n. shoal.

rehsopw   n. plant sp., Commelina diffusa.

rehdang   vi. of a female, to use a dry cloth to wipe her sex organs, done when she is unable to bathe the lower part of her body.

redio   n. radio. [Eng.]

rehdil, also rehdil rasaras.   n. fern spp., Asplenium polyodon, Nephrolepis biserrata, Nephrolepis cordifolia, or Nephrolepis exaltata.

rehtakai   n. grass spp., crow-foot grass, Chrysopogon aciculatus or Eleusine indica.

rewenseutoal   n. a way of carrying heavy objects by getting a group of people under it and picking it up.

rih   n. name of the letter r, the sixteenth letter of the Pohnpeian alphabet, used to represent the phoneme /r/, an alveolar trill.

riahi   num. two. see ih₃.

riau   num. two; name of the final rhythm used when pounding kava, in Kitti, Sokehs, and Nett. see -u.

riahk   n. the sound dance paddles make when struck together or against a beam during a dance performance.

riaka   num. two. see ka₂.

riahka   n. small two-wheeled cart, pulled or pushed by hand. [Jap. riyakā < Eng. rear+car]

riakap   num. two. see kap.

riakis   num. two. see kis₁.

riahla   1. vi. to be cursed, resulting in illness or misfortune. 2. n. curse, spiritual retribution.

riapa   num. two. see pa₃.

riapak   num. two. see pak₁.

riapali   num. two. see pali₁.

riapar   num. two. see par₂.

riapit   num. two. see pit₂.

riapwidik   num. two. see pwidik.

riara   num. two. see ra.

riarar   num. two million.

riasapw   num. two hundred million.

riadip   num. two. see dip.

rie   poss. cl. a possessive classifier used for siblings or any person called sibling in the Crow kinship terminology.

rieisek   num. twenty. see eisek.

riehk   num. twenty. see ehk₁.

riekid   num. two thousand.

riehl   num. two. see el₂.

rielep   num. two. see lep.

rielik   num. two billion.

riemen   num. two. see men₃.

riemwodol   num. two. see mwodol.

rienen   num. twenty thousand.

riengoul, also riongoul.   num. twenty. see ngoul.

riepei   num. two. see pei₅.

riepwiki   num. two hundred.

riesel   num. two. see sel₂.

riesou   num. two. see sou₄.

riedep   num. twenty million.

riete   num. two. see te.

riewel   num. two. see wel₂.

rioumw   num. two. see umw₂.

riolopw   num. two hundred thousand.

riomwut   num. two. see mwut₂.

riongoul, also riengoul.   num. twenty. see ngoul.

riopwong   num. two. see pwong.

riopwuloi   num. two. see pwuloi.

riosop   num. two. see sop₂.

riodun   num. two. see dun.

riotumw   num. two. see tumw₁.

rioapoar   num. two. see poar₁.

rioapwoat   num. two. see pwoat.

rik   vt. to gather, of objects on the ground or of people.

rimohd, also remoud.   n. remote, as for a television. [Eng.]

rimpio, also kanahria.   1. n. gonorrhea. 2. vi. to have gonorrhea. [Jap. rinbyō]

rinso   n. powdered soap; formerly used as a generic term for any brand of powdered soap; sompehs is now more commonly used. [Eng. Rinso]

rihng   n. ring₁, as for the finger. [Eng.]

rihp   n. used banana leaves or breadfruit leaves from an uhmw. cf. [meing] souripeleng.

ripe   vt. to move, of covers, lids, tops, louvers, etc., generally of flat items that are parallel to the ground.

rihpe   1. n. a kind of magic used during a fight to render one's opponent powerless. 2. vi. to employ this kind of magic. rihpehih, vt.

rihpehih   vt. see rihpe.

rihpw   n. fungus, fungus infection, rash.

ripwitik   n. heat rash, any minor rash.

ripwaripw   adj. hasty, rash, careless.

ripwada   vi. to leave hastily. ripwahda, vt.

ripwilap   n. fungus infection.

ripwiripw₁   adj. covered by a fungus infection, perhaps so-called because of its resemblance to the fish.

ripwitik   n. heat rash, any minor rash.

rir   adj. difficult to locate or understand; hidden, concealed; vague, not obvious. ririh, vt.

rihr   n. line of debris such as seaweed, twigs, leaves, etc. floating in the ocean.

riri   n3s. any of the minor appendages (as the antenna or legs) of shrimp, crabs, lobsters, etc.

ririh   vt. to hide₁ behind, to conceal. rir, adj.

ririnmas   n. (3sg. ririnmese) eyelash. cf. [meing] nihnihrek, ririnderihleng.

ririnmen   n. flock of birds located over a school of fish.

ririnmwomw   n. school₁ of fish.

ririnpwaiso, also rerinpwaiso.   meing. n. a speech given by the Nahnmwarki after an apology is made. cf. kapahrek₁.

ririnderihleng   meing. n. eyelash. cf. ririnmas.

rirlengla   meing. vi. to die. cf. mehla.

rirrirtik   n. dense forest area, where many small trees are growing closely together.

rirtuwenwelih   vi. neut. to follow someone traveling on a trail or a forest path for the purpose of finding out what the person is up to.

rihs   vt. to break a long object by hand.

risiht   n. receipt. [Eng.]

rit-   vi. to be opened or closed, of anything hinged or attached, as a door, window, etc. Wenihmwo ritidi. The door is closed. riting, vt.

riting   vt. to open or close₁ anything hinged or attached, as a door or window. rit-, vi.

ro   vi. to be carried on a litter between forward and rear carriers. rowe, vt.

roh   n. carrying litter that requires two or more people to carry it; the size of a yam is designated by how many men it takes to carry it; e.g. rohn riemen 'two man yam', rohn pahmen 'four man yam', etc. cf. [meing] rohpapiso.

roi   adj. of a place, unsuitable for planting because of being shaded by larger plants.

Rohi   n. a section (kousapw) in U and Kitti.

Rohi Pah   n. formerly the name of a section (kousapw) in U; now called Diadi.

Rohi Powe   n. formerly the name of a section (kousapw) in U.

Roie   n. a section (kousapw) in Sokehs, formerly called Deh.

roik   vi. to cringe.

rou   n. (3sg. rowi) blame, stigma. Kaidehn ohlo me kawehla ahpw ih me ale rowi. That man did not break it, but he's the one who got the blame.

Roud Ailen   n. Rhode Island. [Eng.]

roudplok, also rohdplok.   1. n. a roadblock. 2. vi. to set up roadblock, to block the road. 1. Polis ko wiahda roudplok ni elen kohla Sokehso. The police set up a roadblock on the road to Sokehs. 2. Polis ko roudplokih elen kohla Sokehso. The police blocked the road to Sokehs. 2. Re roudplok. They blocked the road. [Eng.] roudplokih, vt.

rok, also ruk.   vi. to hide₁, to take shelter. cf. [meing] merir₂.

rohk   vt. to gather up, to catch with the hands.

rokumw   n. sp. of small land crab.

rokupadda   1. vi. to play the game, fly-take-a-bat. 2. n. the name of this game. [padda <Jap. battā]

rokla, also rukla.   vi. to hide₁. cf. [meing] kerirleng.

rokpahs   n. thurible, incense holder. [Ger. Rauchfass]

rohlak   n. rowlock, oarlock. [Eng.]

rohlikedepw   vi. to fish for shrimp.

rommwidi   vi. to appear withdrawn; to calm down.

Rohmw, also Rom.   n. Rome.

Rohnkitti   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti.

rong   vt. to hear, to listen. cf. [meing] aipenlenge, aipenlangih, aipenpwonge, aipenpwongih, elielpaidoke, karonge, koaronge, kapaidoke.

rongada   vt. to hear information that is possibly unreliable.

rohng   n. news.

rongamwahu   n. good news; good reputation; gospel (Biblical). Rongamwahu en Wehin Koht Good News about the Kingdom of God.

rongapar   n. gossip, rumor. cf. kauduhd.

rongada   vt. to hear information that is possibly unreliable.

rongen sohpeidi   n. the widow of a Nahnmwarki, a royal widow.

rongkapw   n. current news, recent information.

rongwasa   adj. having a keen sense of hearing.

rop   vi. neut. of Micronesian canoes, to change direction by repositioning the sail.

rohpapiso   meing. n. carrying litter that requires two or more people to carry made for carrying the Nahnmwarki or Nahnken. cf. roh.

rohpe   n. a container for carrying things, such as a food basket.

ropwe   n3s. rooster's comb.

ropwen malek   n. plant sp., cockscomb, Celosia argentea.

rohro   n. the act of protecting (something or someone).

rohroh-   vi. to be on its way; bedtime stories are normally concluded in this way. Ahi soaipwoat rohrohwei. My story is on its way to you.

rorok   adj. contrary to one's expectations.

rohrohki   archaic. vt. to be protective of. Ken rohrohki irepensapw. Be protective of your land boundaries.

rorong   slang. vi. to sleep, of children.

rohrohpwel   n. a commoner, one destined to serve.

ros   vi. to be consumed or used up.

rohs, also wahn rohs.   n. flower, any flowering plant; rose. [Eng.]

rohsapal   n. the name of a portion of a kava plant. When a large kava plant is split up so that it can be carried to a kamadipw, it is divided into three parts with the branches still intact. The first to be severed is called nahnie, the second nahnpe, and the third rohsapal.

rosario₁   1. n. rosary. 2. vi. to say the rosary. [Spa. rosario]

rosario₂   n. Chloris barbata.

roson   adj. healthy, of human beings.

rohsopwou   vi. to fish for the sp. of fish called sopwou.

rosotakai   1. n. a game, involving teams in a game of catch. 2. vi. to play this game.

rohdplok, also roudplok.   1. n. roadblock. 2. vi. to set up roadblock; to block the road. [Eng.] rohdplokih, vt.

rot   vi. to be in the dark, to be ignorant.

rotala   vi. to become dark; to act irrationally; to have defective vision.

roht   n. darkness.

rotala   vi. to become dark; to act irrationally; to have defective vision.

rotama   n. a dish made of grated Cyrtosperma mixed with bananas and sweetened.

rotapwahk   adj. pitch-black; in the dark, as of one who doesn't know something.

rotensowas   1. n. a kind of magic that enables the user to go unnoticed, as if invisible. 2. vi. to employ this kind of magic.

rowe   vt. to carry something on a litter between forward and rear carriers. ro, vi.

roake   vt. to take in handfuls; to make a fist.

roakoaroak   n. handful. I kiheng roakoaroak en rakied ehu nan kepo. I put a handful of gravel in the cup.

roam   n. rum. [Eng.]

roang   adj. burned, crisp, of something overcooked.

roangoaroang en sohr   adj. indifferent.

roangoaroangsou   vi. to be in the sun.

roangoaroangsoula   vi. to get sunburned.

roapwoahnge   vt. to hold against one's chest; to embrace someone or something, as a mother cradling her child. Liho roapwoahnge nah serio. The woman embraced her child.

roapwoaroapw   1. n. something carried by both hands against the chest. 2. vi. to carry by holding against the chest. 1. E kolokol roapwoaroapw en likou ehu. He is holding a load of clothes. 2. Serio roapwoaroapw rehn ohlo. The child is being held by the man.

roahs   n. whale.

roasailap   meing. vi. to sit. Mwohnsapw roasailap pohn tahto. Mwohnsapw sat on the floor. cf. mwohd.

Ruk   n. Chuuk, formerly known as Truk.

ruk, also rok.   vi. to hide; to take shelter. cf. [meing] merir₂.

rukihdi   vt. to ambush; to catch in the act.

rukih   vt. to peep; to observe from a hidden position.

rukihdi   vt. to ambush; to catch in the act.

rukoa   vt. to chew, to masticate; to crush. rukoaruk, vi.

rukoaruk   1. vi. neut. to chew; to crush. 2. adj. chewable, as of a soft bone, crispy, as of potato chips. rukoa, vt.

rukla, also rokla.   vi. to hide₁. cf. [meing] kerirleng.

ruksaku   n. backpack, pack, rucksack. [Jap. ryukkusakku < Eng.]

ruhl   n. ruler, for measuring. [Eng.]

rupwurupw, also ripwiripw₂.   n. fish sp., brown-marbled grouper, Epinephelus fuscoguttatus.

ruhdo   n. coarsely grated tapioca.

ruwahdek, also urahdek.   1. vi. to be pulled, to be dragged. 2. adj. not quite cooked, of food items that are tested for being cooked by inserting a fine stick. ruwahdeki, vt.

ruwahdekih, also urahdekih.   vt. to pull, to drag. ruwahdek, vi.

ruwek   vi. to be sprained, to be turned, of the ankle.

ruwes   vi. to command, to order. ruwese, vt.

ruwese   vt. see ruwes.

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