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ta    te    ti    to    toa    tu    tr    

taia   n. Annona squamosa, edible fruit.

taiang   n. a wild taro (ohd) cultivar.

taimen   n. diamond; diamond, the suit in playing cards. [Eng.]

tau   vi. to fall in the water with a splashing sound.

taur   vt. to weigh down.

tautawi, also toutowi.   n3s. weight.

takai   n. stone, rock, flint of a cigarette lighter.

takaida   vi. to pile stones on firewood in the preparation of an uhmw.

Takaieniap   n. formerly the name of a section (kousapw) in U.

takaimei   n. coral head.

takain nansed   n. coral head.

takain sukusuk, also takain suksakau.   n. a stone used to pound kava roots; a kava stone.

takain suksakau   n. see takain sukusuk.

takain were   n3s. Adam's apple.

takain wudeh   n. a stone placed in front of an entrance to a house, used to wipe one's feet on. cf. [meing] litehmwahu.

takainwel   vi. to informally drink kava; to illicitly drink kava without inviting the Nahnmwarki.

takaipwet   n. coral head.

takaida   vi. to pile stones on firewood in the preparation of an uhmw.

takatek, also tekatek.   1. n. plant sp., a medicinal plant. 2. adj. thorny, spiny.

taked   n. pompadour, a roll in the hair in the front of the head.

tal   1. vi. to make a click-like sound; Tsk Tsk! 2. n. any click-like sound.

tala   n. dollar. [Eng.]

tahleng   1. meing. vi. to laugh. 2. meing. n. laugh, laughter. cf. kouruhr.

tahlengki   meing. vt. to laugh at. cf. kouruhrki.

tamataman   vt. to remember, to recall. cf. [meing] edinlenge, edinlangih, loalehdi, salikihr.

tahmw   n. (3sg. temwe) forehead. cf. [meing] isilap.

tamwais   n. fish sp., a mature humphead parrotfish (kemeik) Bolbometopon muricatus, normally found within the lagoon and near reefs.

tamwarok   n. fish sp., Acanthuridae (surgeonfishes). surgeonfish, Acanthurus gahhm; normally found on the barrier reef.

tamwatamw   vi. to lick. tamwe, vt.

tamwe   vt. to lick. tamwatamw, vt.

tahmwele   meing. n3s. ring finger, the finger nearest the baby finger. cf. senditahmwele.

tamwetamwe, also sendimesemese.   n3s. index finger.

tan, also ten₁.   adj. congealed, colloidal, thick, viscous.

tantal   adj. admirable, very popular, of a person.

tang   vi. to run; to flee; to swim, of fish. tenge, vt.

tangahki   vt. to operate a vehicle or a machine.

tangdowi   vi. to flee, to escape, to run away.

tahp   n. (3sg. tapi) root₂, stump, base of a tree; beginning.

tapiada, also tapihda.   vt. to begin, to start. tep₁, vi.

tapihda   vt. see tapiada.

tahpw₁   n. vine sp.; foliage of a vine of any species.

tahpw₂   meing. n. (3sg. tapwi) head. cf. moahng₁.

tapwur   vi. to roll, typically of heavy objects.

tahr₁   vt. to attack in a hit and run fashion, of sharks, barracuda, and the species of bird kutoahr.

tahr₂   vt. to trim, as in a haircut, to cut fronds from a coconut palm.

tat₁   vi. neut. to lay a floor. tete, vt.

tat₂   vi. to writhe, of a fish when poisoned; to jump around aimlessly after being poisoned by the method called uhpaup; to be in a state of intense disgust or anger; to be dizzy from inhaling tobacco smoke. tatki, vt.

taht   n. floor.

tahta   1. meing. vi. to be given a haircut. 2. n. a haircut. cf. seisei₂.

tatki   vt. to vehemently hate. tat₂, vi.

te   num. cl. used in counting leaves or sheets of paper. tehn tuhke riete two leaves, tehn doaropwe isite seven sheets of paper.

-te   sent. adv. just₁, only; still (when suffixed to reduplicated verbs). Ohlohte kangala rais koaros. Just that man ate up all the rice. E tangatangete. He's still running.

teh   n3s. leaf; sheet, page.

tei₁   num. other; functions like an ordinal numeral. ohl teio that other man; teikan others.

tei₂   vi. to be torn. tehr, vt.

tehi   n. mat, used as cover; sheet, as for bedding. cf. [meing] uhrelleng.

tehi mweinlikou   n. patchwork quilt.

tehiap, also likoht.   n. bird sp., short eared owl, Asio flammeus ponapensis.

teik   n. story₁, of a building.

teike   n. sheath knife, hunting knife, diving knife, dagger.

tein amwise   n. mosquito net.

teip   n. tape, braid, ribbon for sewing. [Eng.]

teipahini   archaic. vi. to converse.

teirek   adj. to be torn, to be worn out. tehr, vt.

teuk   vt. to scoop food. teuteu, vi.

teuteu   vi. neut. to scoop. Kumwail tepida teuteu pwe e pwandalahr. Start to scoop because it is already late.

tek   n. horizontal pleats in a dress.

tehk₁   vt. to keep an eye on, to check on, to keep track of. petehk, vi. cf. [meing] tehlangih.

tehk₂   n. duck₂, Aythra fuligula. [Eng.]

tekatek, also takatek.   1. n. plant sp., a medicinal plant. 2. adj. thorny, spiny.

teke₁   n3s. thorn.

teke₂, also tekih.   vt. to make horizontal pleats in a dress.

tekemwer   n. a taro cultivar.

tekenwel   n. vine sp., Antrophyum alatum.

tekehda   vt. to initiate, to start something.

teki   n. turkey. [Eng.]

tekih, also teke₂.   vt. to make horizontal pleats (in a dress).

tehkinwel   n. bird sp., shoveller, Spatula clypeata.

tekipwel   vi. to have an infection under a nail.

tekitek   n. vine sp., Hoya schneei.

Teksas, also Deksas.   n. Texas. [Eng.]

tel   vi. to be lucky, to be fortunate, of one normally unlucky or of no consequence; to be lucky at the expense of someone else's misfortune.

tehla   vt. to line or cover with leaves.

tehlangih   vt. to keep an eye on, to check on, to keep track of. tehleng, vi.

tehlap   1. adj. wide, broad. 2. n. green banana leaves.

tehlapalap   1. n. (3sg. tehlepelepen peh) the inner part of the hand. 2. meing. vi. to pass an object in the traditional form of respect. cf. nanpeh.

tehleng   vi. to be kept track of, to be checked on, to be kept under a watchful eye. tehlangih, vt.

temenek   vi. of children, to become suddenly homesick.

tempel   1. vi. to rhythmically pound₁ a kava stone. 2. n. a stage in the pounding of kava during which two rhythms are heard; a steady rhythm and an improvised pattern.

Temwen   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw; a large island off the coast of Madolenhimw where the Saudeleur built Nan Madol; the principal residence of the Nahnmwarki of Madolenihmw.

temwen ihmw   n. gable of a building.

temwetemwe   meing. n3s. the finger next to the forefinger. cf. senditemwetemwe.

temwetemwenmas   adj. generous in contributing material goods to feasts.

ten₁, also tan.   adj. congealed, colloidal, thick, viscous.

ten₂   n. ton. [Eng.]

tehn₁   adj. empty. cf. [meing] sedar.

tehn₂   n. ten, in cards. [Eng.]

tehn kiam   n. tribute.

tehn mwomwinsapw   n. a feasthouse having three center posts, located inland.

tehn sepwikin, also pahn sepwikin.   n. leaf of taro sp., wild taro, also called giant taro or elephant ear taro, Alocasia macrorrhizos; considered to be a famine food, now rarely eaten; the large leaves are used to cover an uhmw and can serve as an umbrella; plant used as a medicine in treating large wounds; some believe that if it is growing on a piece of land, the land will be good for growing crops of all types.

tenek   1. vi. to be hung up; to be weighed. 2. n. judgement. teneki, vt. cf. [meing] kedeuleng.

tenek kisinmei   1. n. a type of spearfishing done by baiting a line with a small breadfruit and then spearing the fish when they come to eat. 2. vi. to spearfish in this manner.

teneki   vt. to hang; to weigh; to examine, to diagnose, to make a choice, to guess. tenek, vi. cf. [meing] kedeulangih.

tener   1. n. tenor. 2. vi. to sing tenor. [Eng.]

tehnehd, also tehnied.   n. empty bag or sack.

tehnied   n. see tehnehd.

tehnioas   n. pinnate leaf of the ivory palm.

tenipei   n. fish sp., a sp. of shark.

tenihr   1. n. waterfall. 2. meing. vi. to cry, to weep, to moan. cf. seng, mauk.

tehnihr   n. fan. cf. [meing] irlapiso.

tenihrlap   meing. n. (3sg. tenihlapahr) tears. cf. pilenmas.

tehnkehl   n. stalk, of coconuts.

tehnkehs   n. a playing card; a deck of playing cards.

tehnlap   adj. bully.

tehnlik, also nenderek, tehnlik matamat.   1. n. fern sp., bird's nest fern, Asplenium nidus, used for decorating yams and kava; decoration, ornamental design or pattern. 2. vi. to be decorated (with anything). tehnlikih, vt.

tehnlikih   vt. to decorate. Ihs me kak tehnlikih nahso? Who is going to be able to decorate the feasthouse? tehnlik, vi.

tehnmei   n. breadfruit leaf.

tehnmwel   1. meing. vi. to play; to engage in recreation. 2. meing. n. game, recreation, drama. tehnmwele, vt. cf. mwadong.

tehnmwele   meing. vt. to play with. tehnmwel, vi. cf. mwadonge.

tehnpar   n. frond of a sprouting coconut.

tehnpas   meing. n. building, home, dwelling, feasthouse (nahs) or house of a chief. cf. ihmw.

tehnpas en kaudok   n. a temple, church, or place of worship.

tehnpas sarawi   meing. n. a temple, church, or a place of worship. cf. ihmw sarawi.

tehnpese   meing. poss. cl. a possessive classifier used in honorific speech in place of the common language classifier imwe. cf. imwe.

tehnpilei   n. a playing card.

tehnpit   n. pandanus leaf.

tehnseu   n. fish sp., snapper, Lutjanus kasmira.

tehndipw   n. leaf of grass.

tenter₁   n. cricket.

tehnwar   meing. n. canoe, vehicle, vessel belonging to the Nahnmwarki or Nahnken; spirit medium. cf. wahr.

tehnwere   meing. n. (3sg. tehnwere, tehnwarahr) a possessive classifier used for vehicles belonging to Nahnmwarki or Nahnken. cf. were₂.

tehnwed   n. leaf of wehd (Alocasia macrorrhizos), used as a cover from the rain.

teng   adj. tight.

tengala   vi. to get stuck.

tenge   vt. to run to. tang, vi.

tengen lehk, also tengin lehk.   adj. stingy.

tenger   vt. to contract or constrict the vagina during intercourse.

tengin lehk, also tengen lehk.   adj. stingy.

tep₁, also tepida.   vi. to begin, to start. tapihda, tapiada, vt.

tep₂   vi. to kick. tepek, vt.

tehp₁   n. a kick. cf. [meing] enginpwel.

tehp₂   n. fish sp., Caranx.

tehpahu   meing. n. vagina. cf. pihpi, pie.

tepek   vt. to kick. tep₂, vi. cf. [meing] enginpwelih, enginpwele.

tepel, also tepil.   n. devil. [Eng.]

tehpel   1. n. table; party. 2. vi. to give a party. [Eng.]

tehpel en awai n. buffet. vi. to have a buffet.

tehpel werek, also tehpel perek.     n. a sit down meal, one in which the food is arranged so that individuals may sit next to one another while eating.   vi. to participate in this kind of meal.

tehpel perek, also tehpel werek.   1. n. a sit down meal, one in which the food is arranged so that individuals may sit next to one another while eating. 2. vi. to participate in this kind of meal.

tehpel werek, also tehpel perek.   1. n. a sit down meal, one in which the food is arranged so that individuals may sit next to one another while eating. 2. vi. to participate in this kind of meal.

tepin kepehiso   meing. n3s. the upper part of thigh. cf. tepindang.

tepinkasang   meing. n. (3sg. tepinkesenge) neck. cf. tepinwer.

tepindang   n. (3sg. tepindenge) the upper part of the thigh. cf. tepin kepehiso.

tepinwer   n. (3sg. tepinwere) neck. cf. [meing] tepinkasang.

tepinwer medek   1. n. stiff neck. 2. vi. to have a stiff neck.

tepida, also tep₁.   vi. to begin, to start.

tepw   1. vi. to develop many branches, of a yam. 2. n. growth stage of a yam in which many branches have developed.

tepwasang   vi. to peel off, as of skin or paint.

tepwedi   1. vi. to have an abrasion or superficial wound. 2. n. an abrasion or superficial wound.

tehr   vt. to tear; to criticize. tei₂, teirek, vi.

tehrek   vi. to creak or squeak; to make a tearing or grating noise.

tehreng   n. dead leaf of a banana tree.

terihla   meing. vi. to be drowned, to be submerged, resulting in the loss of life. cf. duhla.

tesin   n. dozen. [Eng.]

tete   vt. to floor. tat₁, vi.

tehte₁   1. n. any substance with a fragrant odor that is added to coconut oil to give it a pleasant smell. 2. vi. to be added, of any substance with a fragrant odor. 1. Miehier tehtehn ahmw leho? Do you have a fragrant substance for your oil? 2. Ahmw lehn tehtehier de saik? Has your oil been mixed with a fragrant substance or not yet? tehteh, vt.

tehte₂   n. resource. Sohte atail tehte pwe kitail en wiahkihda kenen pwihk Pohnpei. We have no resources for producing pig feed on Pohnpei.

tehteh   vt. to add a substance with a fragrant odor to coconut oil to give it a pleasant smell. tehte₁, vi.

tehte kepikipik   adj. natural resource.

tetempala   meing. vi. to be quiet. cf. nennenla.

tehtehn likamwada   interj. an expression used when another attempts to cover up his embarrassment.

tehtehn mahwin   n. weapon.

tehtehn nan ihmw   n. furniture.

tehtehn paliesed   n. marine resource.

tehtehn palioamoar   n. land resource.

tehtehn peh   n3s. weapon, arms; an implement; anything that determines wealth on Pohnpei.

tetensik   meing. vi. to be awake. cf. pepehd.

tehtik, also tehtikitik.   adj. narrow.

tehtikitik   adj. see tehtik.

ti   vi. of a spirit, to possess or inhabit a human body.

tih₁   n. name of the letter t, the nineteenth letter of the Pohnpeian alphabet, used to represent the phoneme /t̻/, a voiceless lamino-alveolar stop.

tih₂   n3s. bone.

tiak₁   vt. to step on.

tiakidi   vt. to disturb or interrupt a serious activity, such as the drinking of kava. Ke dehr tiakidi aht sakau. Don't disturb our kava drinking.

tiak₂, also tiakada.   vt. to start a song.

tiakada   vt. to start a song.

tiahk   n. (3sg. tiahke, tieke) custom, manner, behavior, culture.

tiahk en sahpw   n. customs of the land, typically with reference to Pohnpeian customs and traditions.

tiahk mwahu   adj. well behaved.

tiahk pwelipwel   1. polite. n. masturbation, any sexual activity that is considered shameful. 2. vi. to masturbate, to engage in shameful sexual activity.

tiakahk suwed   adj. rough. Ahlo me tiakahk suwed. The road is rough.

tiakada   vt. to start a song.

tiahken waii   n. foreign customs or ways.

tiahken wahu   n. customs of honor and respect.

tiakidi   vt. to disturb or interrupt a serious activity, such as the drinking of kava. Ke dehr tiakidi aht sakau. Don't disturb our kava drinking.

tiahksuwed   adj. mischievious. tiahksuwedih, vt.

tiahksuwedih   vt. to harm. tiahksuwed, adj.

tiala   vi. to step forward; to pass over.

tihada, also tihda.   vi. to enter a body, as a spirit entering the body of a possessed person.

tiati₁   1. n. earring. 2. vi. to wear earrings. 1. Sohte en liho tiati. The woman has no earrings. 2. E tiati kisin kohl. She wears golden earrings. tie₁, vt.

tiati₂   1. adj. of or relating to the foot. 2. vi. to be stepped upon. 1. Misihn tiati malaulaula ansou wet. Pedal sawing machines are rare at this time.

tie₁   vt. to wear earrings; to hang from the ear. tiati₁, vi.

tie₂   poss. cl. a possessive classifier for earrings.

tie₃   n. deer, Cervu elaphus. [Eng.]

tieke   n3s. one's own ways.

tiekepe   meing. n. child of a chief, born and raised by the chief, but not a biological child. cf. neiepwel.

tiekopil   vi. to gather kopil, a sp. of clam found in the mangrove swamp, by feeling for them in the mud with one's feet.

tielangih, also tielenge.   meing. vt. to visit, to call on. cf. pwarek.

tieleng   meing. n. visitation. Mwohnsapw wia sapwellim tieleng. Mwohnsapw made his visitation. cf. pas₄.

tielenge , also tielangih.   meing. vt. to visit, to call on. Mwohnsapw tielenge luweto. Mwohnsapw visited the sick person. cf. pwarek.

tiemwur   vi. to arrive at someone's home just after he has departed for fishing or hunting, believed to bring bad luck. tiemwurih, vt.

tiemwurih   vt. see tiemwur.

tieniei   n. fire that is below the ground, as in a volcano.

tienleng   meing. n. a pole or stick for carrying a water container; the heavens above.

tienpwel₁   meing. n3s. heel. cf. keimwinneh.

tienpwel₂   meing. n. the first day of a funeral (after sohpai₁, the day when the death occurred); also the burial day and the day when the family prepares the funeral feast of mwurilik. cf. rahnenserdi.

tiensapw   n. assembly of men.

tieng   vi. to go first, to precede, to start early.

tiepene, also tihpene.   1. vi. to assemble, to meet, to convene, to confer. 2. n. meeting, convention, conference.

tiepoans   n. a kava plant, decorated with ornamental plants.

tiepwel   1. meing. n. feast given for a Nahnmwarki or Nahnken when he recovers from an illness. 2. vi. to prepare this feast.

tiher, also ohtier.   interj. Oh dear, oh my gosh! [Eng. dear]

tiesemwe   vt. to hinder, to obstruct, to impede.

tika   slang. adj. nonsensical, untruthful.

tikahp, also utinwel, utisel.   n. banana sp., Musa textilis, mostly eaten cooked.

tikapaur   adj. extremely untruthful; hypocritical, saying the opposite of what one believes to be true.

tikel   n. wrist or ankle bone.

tikel en neh   n3s. ankle bone.

tikele   n3s. ankle bone, wrist bone.

tikelekel   adj. knotty, protruding.

tikelekelada   vi. to protrude, to stick out. Kapehd en liho tikelekelada. That woman's stomach stuck out.

tikilehtik   meing. n3s. small or baby finger, the pinky. cf. senditik, senditikitik, sohkatepe.

tikida   vi. to grow up in a location or condition. I tikida semwehmwe. I grew up poor.

tikitik   adj. small, little, young.

tikpeieng   adj. said of one who regularly makes small contributions to feasts or parties (a positive virtue).

tihlap   n. a common man married to a high ranking woman, literally 'big bone'.

tile   vt. to carry or lift something that can be lightly suspended with one hand; to pick up with the thumb and the forefinger. tintil, vi.

tihle   1. n. sty, swelling of the rim of the eyelid. 2. vi. to have a sty.

tilekek   vi. to be hanging, to be suspended.

tilepe   n3s. handle.

tihlepe   n3s. spinal column.

Timoti   Biblical. n. Timothy (spelled Timoty in the Bible), two books in the Kadehde Kapw (New Testament), 1 Timoty and 2 Timoty. [Eng.]

timpeseng   vi. to be broken into pieces or parts.

tihmw   n. in the game peisihr, the area where the reeds are thrown against the ground.

timwen paipenleng, also tumwen paipenleng.   meing. n. year; age, of a Nahnmwarki. Timwen paipenleng depe? How old is the Nahnmwarki? cf. sounpar.

timwi   n3s. pointed end. Timwin ahken kodering en keng. The pointed end of the husking stick is sharp.

timwih   vt. to sneer, to sniff in a show of scorn.

timwir   n. plant sp., a medicinal plant.

timwou   vi. to snuffle or sniff, audibly and repeatedly.

tihn kahmam   n. food unworthy to be fed to guests.

tihn kopwou   n. (3sg. tihn kopwowi) rib.

tihn moange   n3s. skull.

tihn mwaremware   n3s. breastbone.

tihn peden were   n3s. collarbone.

tihnain   vi. to recover, to grow healthy after an illness.

tihnau   n. (3sg. tihnewe) jaw.

tihnahu pah   n. (3sg. tihnewe pah) lower jaw.

tihnleng   meing. adj. frustrated, tense, worrying. cf. tihwo.

tihnmwomw   n. a hard core-like abnormal growth sometimes found in breadfruit.

tihnsau   n. (3sg. tihnsewe) backbone, back, the dorsal part of the human body or the upper surface of animals.

tihnsauriau   n. a large pig or turtle.

tihnsautipw   n. humpback, as a consequence of a broken back.

tihndang   n. (3sg. tihndenge) thighbone, femure.

tintil   vi. to be carried or lifted, of something that can be lightly suspended with one hand. tile, vt. see tile.

tip   meing. vi. to be full, after eating. cf. med.

tipaker₁, also tapaker.   n. plant sp., tobacco, Nicotrina tabacum; any rough-cut tobacco. [Eng.]

tipaker₂   n. fish sp.

tipatip   adj. burning, of a pain.

tihpene, also tiepene.   1. vi. to assemble, to meet, to convene, to confer. 2. n. meeting, convention, conference. 1. Weliepe ko tihpene nan nesen Onohnleng. The representatives assembled at the Onohnleng feasthouse.

tiperek   n. breeze, light wind₁.

tipw₁   vi. to be broken, of any long object; to crackle; to be interrupted, of a song. tipwang, vt.

timpeseng   vi. to be broken into pieces or parts.

tipw₂   vi. to be cut with scissors or shears; to be picked up with a pair of sticks, of hot rocks from an uhmw. tipwa, vt.

tihpw₁   n. a pair of split hibiscus sticks used for lifting hot stones off an uhmw. cf. [meing] pwerus en uhmw, pahnmwei.

tihpw₂   n. bend or curve; bay or inlet.

tipwa   vt. to cut with scissors or shears; to pick up hot rocks from an uhmw with a pair of sticks. tipw₂, vi.

tipwahk, also dipwahk.   1. polite. vi. to eat. 2. polite. n. (3sg. tipwahke) food. tipwahkih, vt. cf. [meing] sahk₁, koanoat.

tipwakapi   meing. n. banana leaves used for holding any consumable for the Nahnmwarki or Nahnken. cf. ikin tehn uht.

tipwahkih, also dipwahkih.   polite. vt. see tipwahk.

tipwalapwal   adj. making a slapping or banging noise.

tipwang   vt. to break any long object. tipw₁, vi.

tipwatipw   1. adj. brittle, fragile. 2. n. a sugar cane cultivar.

Tipwen Kehpei   n. a section (kousapw) in U.

Tipwen Dongalap   n. a formerly independent section of Nett that predated the rule of the Saudeleur.

tipwennill   vi. to be extremely thirsty.

tipwensapwasapw   n. a yam tuber left in the ground for further growth.

tipwenge   vt. to hold in one's arms. E tipwengehda liho. He held the woman in his arms.

tipwengen peh   n3s. elbow, crook of the arm, forearm; measurement of an arm's length, used when constructing a canoe. cf. [meing] keulap.

tipwingi   vi. to undergo a tooth extraction.

tipwitipw   adj. crackling, sound of something breaking.

tir   adj. hourglass or funnel shaped; narrowing; thin waisted.

tihrereng   adj. skinny, bony; straining under the weight of something.

tiriepwong   n. eleventh night of the month in the traditional calendar, the second night after the first quarter in the lunar cycle. Tiriepwong iei pwohng keisek ehu nan ehu sounpwong. Tiriepwong is the eleventh night of the month.

Tihsempe   n. December. [Eng.] cf. [meing] Pohnwahu.

tihda, also tihada.   vi. to enter a body, as a spirit entering the body of a possessed person.

tiht   n. bird spp., name for three species of birds; Caroline Islands white-eye, Zosterops semperi; gray white-eye, Zosterops cinereus; long-billed white-eye, Rukia longirostra.

tihti   adj. thin, skinny; of fish, bony.

titin   n. tree sp., Heliotropium foertherianum.

tihwo   adj. frustrated, tense, worrying. cf. [meing] tihnleng.

tihwohla   vi. to become frustrated or troubled; to be worried.

toik   n. fish sp., damsel fish, Paraglyphidodon melas.

tou   n. contribution, donation.

touk   vt. to scoop out; to eat with a utensil. toutou₂, vi.

toukipene   vt. to have a mutual or common burden.

toukihda   vt. to contribute.

toulap   n. great work, work and services render to the Nahnmwarki or the chiefdome sometimes life-long service required by the Nahnmwarki of any Pohnpeian males, including labor and expressions of deference, etiquette, and obedience.

tourek   adj. heavy.

tourengid   adj. excessively heavy.

toutik   n. minor work, such as participation in wars, athletic events, and other competitive activities on behalf of the Nahnmwarki.

toutou₁   adj. heavy, weighty; sluggish; melancholy, sad. toutouki, vt.

toutouki   vt. to be unhappy or reluctant about something.

toutou₂   vi. neut. to scoop out; to eat with a spoon. touk, vt.

toutouki   vt. to be unhappy or reluctant about something. toutou₂

toutowi, also tautawi.   n3s. weight.

tok₁   vi. to be ended, terminated, or stopped; to be amputated.

tok₂   adj. old, of things; worn out.

tohk   n. stump of a tree; widow of a man with a ranking title; those with whom one has had sexual intercourse.

token laid   n. the first catch of a new net before the fish are offered to the Nahnmwarki.

token likou   n. rag.

token tuhke   n. stump of a tree.

tokenmoang   1. vi. to play tricks on people at a wake, done to cheer the family; a funeral custom involving smearing mud and ashes on the faces of mourners, or cutting their hair, done by the family of the deceased, typically after the burial; in the past, it sometimes also involved trying to sink the canoes of the mourners so they could not leave. 2. n. trick done at a wake.

tokedi   vi. to stop abruptly, to cease abruptly.

tokutok, also tukutuk.   1. n. leprosy, leper; a breadfruit disease. 2. vi. to have leprosy; of breadfruit, to have the disease called tokutok.

tokpaur   adj. old; dirty.

tohl   n. (3sg. tole) clitoris. cf. [meing] opwudenkod, .

tom   vi. to stomp, to make a thudding noise with the foot. tomur, vt.

tomur   vt. to stomp on. tom, vi.

tomw   vi. to seek reconciliation or forgiveness.

tohmw   n. a ceremony of conflict resolution, presided over by the Nahnmwarki; reconciliation, atonement.

Tomwara   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti, Nett, and Sokehs.

Tomwara Powe   n. a section (kousapw) in Sokehs.

Tomwoarolong, also Tomwara.   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti.

tohn₁   adj. crowded with people.

tohn₂   n. member of; inhabitant of; participant of; this word is typically written attached to the word it precedes.

tohnkapar   1. vi. to attend a feast or party without contributing provisions. 2. n. a person attending a feast or party without contributing provisions. tohnkepere, vt.

tohnkepere   vt. see tohnkapar.

tohnleng   n. angel.

tohnmetei   vi. to sacrifice for the good of others, to work without pay, to volunteer.

tohnmeteikihla   vt. to forgive and forget.   interj. Forget it!

tohnpadahk   n. disciple, one who spreads the preachings of Jesus (Biblical); participant in a learning session; intern. I wia tohnpadahk ong ei sounpadahk. I am an intern for my instructor.

tohnsampah   n. inhabitants of the earth. Kaidehn tohnsampah pwon me kasarawi Kirisimas. Not everyone in the world celebrates Christmas.

tohnsukuhl   n. student.

tohndipwinsou   n. children and stepchildren of a Nahnmwarki or Nahnken.

tohndoadoahk   Biblical. n. a worker or disciple. Sapwellimen Sises tohndoadoahk kan kin ieiiangseli. Jesus's disciples followed him all over.

tohnwiesakau   n. one who prepares kava.

topw   vi. to be blistered. Neho topwala. His/her foot blistered.

topwuk   n. tree sp., Premna gaudichaudii, commonly used when making fire by friction, also used medicinally and in the manufacture of the traditional drum (aip).

tohr₁   sent. adv. only, exclusively. Mehn U tohr me iang kamadipw. Only the people from U participated in the feast.

tohr₂   vt. to slide by pushing or pulling. tohrek, vi.

tohrek   vi. to be slid by pushing or pulling. tohr₂, vt.

tohrohr   vi. to be independent, to be different, to be excluded from the group, to be special.

tot   adj. overripe, of tuberous plants.

tohto   adj. many, much, numerous, plentiful.

totopai   n. bird sp., cicada bird, Edolisoma tenvirostre inseperatum.

tohtowe   n3s. total amount.

towe   n. inhabitant; population; inmate.

towehla   vt. to take up residence in.

towehda   vt. to become a member, inhabitant, or participant of.

towetowe   vi. to be a member.

toai   1. n. nasal mucus. 2. vi. to have a runny nose. cf. [meing] rengen mwell.

toahkoi   n. low cloud, one touching the mountains; fog.

toahkte   n. doctor. [Eng.]

toahl₁   n. doll. [Eng.]

toahl₂   n. coal.

toaloamoak   adj. attractive dark brown skin color.

toamwoarok   n. fish sp., black surgeonfish.

toantoal   adj. black.

toantoalennanmas   n3s. pupil and iris of the eye. cf. [meing] likamaropeleng, limarepeileng.

tu   vi. to meet. Irail tuhpene ni kamadipwo. They met at the feast.

tuhpene   vi. to meet; to make sexual contact; to cross paths.

tuhweng   vt. to meet someone; to make sexual contact; to confront someone.

tuh   n. upright breather roots of the mangrove tree.

tuhke   n. tree, plant, lumber, wood.

tuhke pahm   Biblical. n. palm tree. [pahm <Eng. palm]

tuhkehn kilin waii   n. candle bush, also called ringworm bush, Senna alata, used in the treatment of the disease called kilin waii.

tuhkehn kirismas   n. Christmas tree; Norfolk Island pine₂, Araucaria excelsa.

tuhkehn kopwopwoud   n. plant sp., which has bunches of flowers resembling a bouquet.

tuhkehn wieihmw   n. lumber.

tuki   n3s. stub, stump.

tukutuk, also tokutok.   1. n. leprosy, leper; a breadfruit disease. 2. vi. to have leprosy; of breadfruit, to have the disease called tukutuk.

tumw₁   num. cl. used in counting gusts of wind. tumwenieng riotumw two gusts of wind.

tumwe   n3s. nose. cf. [meing] keinuhnu, sisipwai.

tumwen paipenleng, also timwen paipenleng.   meing. n. year; age, of a Nahnmwarki. Mwohnsapw tumwen paipenleng depe? How old is Mwohnsapw? cf. sounpar.

tumwenieng   n. gust of wind₁.

tumwohki   vt. to consider smelly; to be sick of.

tumwpak   adj. flat nosed, pug-nosed.

tumpwoar   n. nasal sound; cleft palate.

tuhneinihr   meing. vt. to visit, to call on someone who is sick. cf. pwarek.

tuhnmall   n. a medicinal bush.

tuhnge   meing. vt. to visit royalty when they are sick in bed.

tungoal   1. vi. to consume, to eat or drink; to receive communion. 2. humiliative. n. communion; also used with ah₁ possessive pronouns as a humiliative marker. tungoale, vt.

tungoale   humiliative. vt. to consume, to eat or drink; to receive communion. tungoal, vi.

tuhpene   vi. to meet; to make sexual contact; to cross paths.

tuhpenehn pwopwoud   polite. n. sexual intercourse.

tupwal   vi. to make a slapping noise by slapping or striking two flat objects together.

tupweiklas   n. spyglass, telescope, binoculars. [Eng.]

tutuwi   n. bird sp., white-browed rail₁.

tuwel   vt. to shake, of one's head; to sway. tuwelek, vi.

tuwelek   vi. see tuwel.

tuhweng   vt. to meet someone; to make sexual contact; to confront someone.

tuwi   n. firewood.

troahli   n. narrow gauge train₂. [Jap. torōrī < Eng. trolley]