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Pohnpeian-English (alpha)

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kauwehdi   vt. to double-cross one member of a married couple, as a consequence of participation in an extra-marital affair, to cheat on one's spouse.

kawehla   vt. to break, to destroy, to injure, to ruin.

kawehwe₁   vt. to explain, to translate or interpret, to teach.

kawehwe₂   1. meing. vi. to burp, to belch. 2. meing. n. burp, belch. 1. Mwohnsapw kawehwe mwurin urakipil. Mwohnsapw burps after he takes a drink of water. cf. kirer.

kaweid, also kaweidih.   1. vt. to lead₁ or guide; to set an example for; to advise; to give directions. 2. n. directions, as on a label; advice. 1. I kak kaweidirail. I can advise them. 2. Wadek kaweid me mi ni koruko. Read the directions on the package. cf. [meing] kepindewe, kepindewehlap₁.

kaweidsuwed   adj. ill-advised. kaweidsuwedih, vt.

kaweidsuwedih   vt. to give bad advice. kaweidsuwed, adj.

kaweikek   adj. poignant.

kawenehdi, also kaunehdi.   vt. to lay someone or something down; to change something from a vertical to a horizontal position;.

ke₁   subj. pron. you. cf. [meing] re, komw.

ke₂   vt. to bite. keikei, vi. cf. [meing] irese.

ked   vi. to be cut open, for the purpose of removing the contents. kading₂, vt.

kedda   n. Japanese clogs. [Jap. geta]

kedei   n. palm spp., Ponapea ledermanniana or Ponapea hosinoi.

kedekede   sent. adv. time passed... Kedekede oh rahn ehu... Time passed and one day....

kedeng   vi. to be made taut, to be stretched. kadang, vt.

kedengida   vi. to be pressed, to be ironed.

kedengdeng   vi. neut. to make taut, to stretch. kadang, vt.

kedepwidepw   1. vi. to sing a song written in memory of a deceased person or a person who has permanently left Pohnpe to celebrate the person's legacy; song of sorrow, sweet memories, homesickness, or longing for a high-ranking person who will not be returning (from the dead or from abroad); also composed for groups that were exiled from Pohnpei in the past (because they thought they would never return) and today, for individuals who die or leave Pohnpei for a long time. 2. n. a song of this nature. 3. adj. mournful, saddening.

keder   1. meing. n. dispatch or message; errand, task, commission. 2. meing. vi. to be dispatched, to be messaged; to be on an errand, to be tasked or commissioned. 1. Sapwellimahr keder lelehng ohlo. Your message reached that man. 2. Ohlo keder pwe ih me iang pato pahnkupwur. The man was sent on an errand because he was among those who were having an audience with Mwohnsapw (or the Nahnken). cf. ilek₁.

kedermour   vi. to die suddenly, without warning.

kederpahpa   vi. to behave aggressively, to display aggression. Ohlo sakaulahr oh kedekederpahpaseli. The man is so intoxicated that he is behaving aggressively.

kederpohnpeh   n. interview. I pahn wia ehu kederpohnpeh. I will conduct an interview.

kederpohnpehih   vt. to interview; to examine someone's ability. I pahn kederpohnpehih ohlo. I will interview the man.

kederwahwa   meing. n. conch shell, conch shell trumpet. cf. sewi, sowi.

kederwun   vi. neut. to scale₁ or pluck. kederwuna, vt.

kederwuna   vt. to scale₁ or pluck. kederwun, vi.

kedeul, also pohn kedeul.   vi. to be naked.

kedeulangih, also kedeulenge.   meing. vt. to examine, to diagnose, to make a choice, to judge, to guess. Mwohnsapw pahn kedeulangih mehnia koasoandi me pahn doadoahk. Mwohnsapw will make a choice as to which procedure will be used. kedeuleng, vi. cf. kasawih.

kedeuleng   1. meing. n. judgement, prediction, examination. 2. meing. vi. to be examined, to be diagnosed, to bejudged, to be figured out, to be guessed. 1. Koasoandien doadoahk kan pahn kedeuleng mwohn doadoahk ieu ah pahn tepida. Work procedures will be examined before any of them will start. 1. Mieier sapwellim kedeuleng. He already has his judgement. 2. Sapwellim kedeuleng wiawidahr. Mwohnsapw's judgement has already been made. 2. Mwohnsapwoko pahn kedeuleng rehn toahkte rahn wet. Mwohnsapwoko will be diagnosed my a doctor today. kedeulangih, kedeulenge, vt. cf. keseu₁.

kedeumen   1. vi. to exchange insults and innuendoes, between two adult males. 2. n. insult, innuendo.

kedeurlik   1. meing. n. last wish before death. 2. meing. vi. to make a last wish. 1. Mwohnsapw ketkidahr sapwellimahr kedeurlik. Mwohnsapw has already made his last wish. cf. kemwurumwur.

kediked   vi. neut. to tickle. kading₁, vt.

kedilahs   n. sword, cutlass, bayonet. [Eng.]

kedimpak, also kadimpak.   vt. to investigate, to inquire.

kedin wini, also kedwini.   n. female herbal healer.

kedindalewe   n. a person that is passing by; the response given by a passer-by.

Kedindel   n. title of the wife of a Saudel.

kedingiding   n. part of a feasthouse, the poles at the edge of the thatch under the eave.

Kedinikapw   n. title of the wife of a Kuloap.

kedipa   vt. to accuse, to tell on someone, to snitch. kadip, vi.

Kedipwan   n. title of the wife of a Soupwan.

kedirepw   1. adj. busy; bothersome, meddlesome. 2. n. busybody. 1. Kohlahsang met pwe ke me kedirepw. Go away because you are bothersome. kedirepwe, vt.

kedeu   n. yam plant, for which a single tuber is trained to grow to six and one-half to thirteen feet in length.

keduwara   slang. vt. to glare at, to look at.

kedwerer   vi. to fish for werer, a sp. of sea cucumber.

kedwini, also kedin wini.   n. female herbal healer.

kehd   vi. to have smoke in one's eyes.

kehdied   meing. vi. to wait, to check on something and then return to another activity. Re ketin kehdied pwe laid ieu pahn pasodo! Wait because a fishing party is due to arrive! kehdiede, vt. cf. uhran.

kehdiede   meing. vt. to wait for, to check on something and then return to another activity. Re kehdiede Isohko pwe Isohko me laid. Wait for Isohko because Isohko is the one who went fishing. kehdied, vi. cf. uhran.

kehi   n. large yam tied to a pole, requiring two men to carry it; the name of the pole the yam is tied to.

kehid   n. plant sp., useful in starting fires.

kehieng   vt. to be allergic to, to easily contract, as an illness.

kehimwidi   vi. to become very ill, incapacitated, or bed-ridden.

kehkla   adj. to give out from exhaustion; to become numb.

kehke   n. (3sg. kehkeh) stem of a fruit.

kehkehlik   1. n. vow, pledge; oral will₁, last testament; final statement or wish made by one who is dying. 2. vi. to make a final statement or wish by one who is dying. cf. [meing] pilerehre.

kehkei   n. any frightening thing or person, used with children.

kehl₁   n. strength, power, health, life. Sohte ahi kehl pohmwail. I have no power over you.

kehl₂   n. enclosure, pen₁, fence, wall, as of a fort; an encircling fish net.

kehl₃   1. adj. very hot, of objects. 2. n. heat.

kehlail   1. adj. strong, powerful, healthy. 2. adv. forcefully, strongly. cf. [meing] dedeila, iasenei.

kehlailda   vi. to recover from an illness. Liho kehlailda mwurin ah ale winien Pohnpei. The lady recovered from her illness after taking local medicine.

kehlek   n. hibiscus (keleu) used to tie a basket (kiam) together.

kehlik   vi. type of net fishing done by placing the net where the waves are breaking.

kehp mwuterek   n. a yam cultivar.

kehmah   n. tree sp., Terminalia carolinensis.

kehmei   1. n. the first feast of the breadfruit season; eleven baked maikol are arranged in a basket and presented to the Nahnmwarki who takes four ritual bites of a fruit; eight fruits are presented to other chiefs; this feast marks the opening of the breadfruit season. 2. vi. to have this feast. cf. [meing] pwatemei.

kehmmarepe   n. a wild yam variety, a variety kehpineir.

kehmmarepehn kempuwetik   n. a wild yam variety, a variety of kehpineir.

kehmmwas, also kehmpuwetik.   n. a wild yam varety, with fibrous roots, a variety of kehpineir.

kehmmwot   n. a yam cultivar, bearing seeds.

kehmmwot en pohnpei   n. a yam cultivar.

kehmpekehi   n. a yam cultivar.

kehmpuwalap   n. a yam cultivar, a variety of kehpineir with a short and bulky tuber.

kehmpuwetik, also kehmmwot.   n. a wild yam variety, with fibrous roots, a variety of kehpineir, now cultivated by some.

kehmpwedawel   n. a yam cultivar.

kehmwakar   adj. easily slighted.

kehmwomw   1. n. a type of net fishing, done by first setting a net and then chasing fish into the net with a canoe. 2. vi. to net fish in this manner.

kehn₁   adv. easily. E kehn lingeringer. He is easily angered.

kehn₂   vt. to feel, to experience.

kehn nek, also kehnek.   adj. prone to premature ejaculation.

kehnaramas   adj. of a place, attracting many people.

kehnaudek, also kahnaudek.   n. oppression. Dene nan mwein Saudeleur, aramas mihla pahn kehnaudek. It is said that during the reign of the Saudeleurs, people were subjected to oppression.

kehndake   n. ladder, steps, stairs.

kehndawih   vt. to place a pole or a line to serve as a kehndou. kehndou, vi.

kehndou   1. n. a line or pole placed between a yam planting and the branches of a tree in order to direct the growth of the yam vine upward; the second growth stage of yam, when it begin to climb the kehndou, March through May. 2. vi. to employ a line or pole as a kehndou. kehndawih, vt.

kehndou pwehl   vi. to be in opposition with a family member.

kehnek, also kehn nek.   adj. prone to premature ejaculation.

kehnekuh   n. the first kava stone located to the right as you enter a feasthouse.

kehng, also mweimwei₂.   n. fish spp., goldman's sweetlips, Plectorhynchus goldmani, harlequin sweetlips, Plectorhynchus chaetodontoides, giant sweetlips, Plectorhinchus obscurus, oriental sweetlips, Plectorhinchus orentalis, spotted sweetlips, Plectorhinchus picus.

kehngid   n. mango, a generic term for any of a number of varieties or cultivars, Mangifera indica; wild mango and Mangifera minor.

kehngid en meinuwe   n. a mango cultivar.

kehngid en pohnpei, also inen mwoakoate.   n. a mango cultivar, said to be indigenous to Pohnpei.

kehngid en sallong   n. a mango cultivar.

kehngid pweinaper   n. a mango cultivar, tasting and smelling like pineapple.

kehngitik   vi. to go out for fresh air, to find a location in order to enjoy the breeze. cf. [meing] pohnieng, pohres.

kehnlangiso, also kalangiso.   meing. n. the name of the first beam as you enter a feasthouse. Pekinleng kin seliepida ni kehnlangiso. The pekinleng is usually tied to the kehnlangiso. cf. lohlo.

kehnmant   n. see kehnmand.

kehnpap   n. tree sp., Syzygium carolinense, branches used for poles in house building.

kehnpwil, also nikenpiri.   n. tree sp., Garcinia ponapensis; medicine made from this tree is used for stopping menstrual bleeding or dysentery; also good firewood.

kehnpwud   archaic. n. empty half of coconut shell; a cup made from a coconut shell that is used for serving kava. cf. [meing] kohwaileng.

kehnsar   1. vi. to perform the final dance in a traditional dance performance. 2. n. the name of this dance.

kehnsenge   meing. vt. to wait for. Komw pahn kak kehnsenge tohn sahiet? Will you be able to wait for the members of this voyage? cf. awih.

kehnti   n. the two central outrigger supports of a canoe that go from the hull to the outrigger.

kehntik   adj. easily awakened.

kehnwasa   adj. easily awakened; conscious.

kehoaroahr   n. plant sp., with a pink flower, Derris trifoliata, used as a fish bait.

kehohla, also kehnohla.   adj. easily broken .

kehp   n. a generic term for yams, Dioscorea alalta, Dioscorea esculanta, Dioscorea nummularia, Dioscorea bulbifera, Dioscorea hispida, Dioscorea pentaphylla, and possibly Dioscorea flabellifolia.

kehp akitik   n. a yam cultivar.

kehp arar   n. a yam cultivar.

kehp depwen   n. a yam with a single tuber.

kehpin and   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpin awai sohkatepe   n. a yam cultivar, from Hawai'i, Dioscorea hispida.

kehpin dehpehk   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpindol   n. a general class of white yam cultivars.

kehpin dolen pohnpei   n. a white yam cultivar.

kehpin dolen waii   n. a class of yam cultivars. see kehpindol.

kehpin dolen waii ohreirei   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpin dolen waii pwetepwet   n. a yam cultivar, having white flesh.

kehpin dolen waii weitahta   n. a yam cultivar, having red flesh.

kehpin iap pwetepwet   n. a yam cultivar, having white flesh and fine meat, from Yap.

kehpin iap weitahta   n. a yam cultivar, from Yap.

kehpin kipar   n. a yam cultivar, from Kipar, fruit-bearing.

kehpin kipar en rapwaul   n. a yam cultivar, said to have come from Rabaul.

kehpin kipar weitahta   n. a yam cultivar, having red flesh.

kehpin loangtakai   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpin lohd   n. a yam cultivar, from Lohd.

kehpin lupwu   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpin mehlel   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpin mweli   n. a yam cultivar, sweet-smelling.

kehpin mweli pwohmwahu weitahta   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpin namwu eremia   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpin namwu kepeu   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpin namwu kepsu   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpin namwu pwetepwet   n. a yam cultivar, having sweet-smelling, white flesh.

kehpin namwu weitahta   n. a yam cultivar, having sweet-smelling, red flesh.

kehpin nan peilam   n. a yam cultivar, from Peilam.

kehpin nihpwung   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpin ou   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpin pahsed   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpin palau pwetepwet   n. a yam cultivar, from Palau, having white flesh.

kehpin palau weitahta   n. a yam cultivar, from Belau, having red flesh.

kehpin pehleng   n. a yam cultivar, from Pehleng.

kehpin penieu pwetepwet   n. a yam cultivar, from Penieu.

kehpin penieu weitahta   n. a yam cultivar, from Penieu.

kehpin pwair   n. a yam cultivar, having a sweet flavor.

kehpin pwanuadu, also kiped.   n. a yam cultivar, believed to have come from Vanuatu.

kehpin pweisaper   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpin rohda   n. a yam cultivar, from Rota.

kehpin sapahn   n. a yam cultivar, from Japan.

kehpin sapwehrek   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpin seini   n. a yam cultivar, from China.

kehpin seipahn   n. a yam cultivar, from Saipan.

kehpin sounet   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpin souwiso   n. a yam cultivar, from Souwiso.

kehpin tomwara   n. a yam cultivar, from Tomwara.

kehpin tomwara pwohmwahu   n. a yam cultivar from Tomwara, with a sweet smell.

kehpin wou   n. a yam cultivar.

kehperet   n. a yam cultivar.

kehp kos   n. a yam cultivar.

kehp lapwed   n. a yam cultivar.

kehp meir kelik mwotomwot   n. a yam cultivar, slow in maturing.

kehp meir kelik pwetepwet   n. a yam cultivar, slow in maturing, having white flesh.

kehp meir kelik weitahta   n. a yam cultivar, slow in maturing, having red flesh.

kehp mwotelel   n. a yam cultivar.

kehp mwoten namwanamw   n. a yam cultivar.

kehp mwoten pahsed   n. a yam cultivar.

kehmmwuterek en enipein   n. a yam cultivar from Enipein.

kehp pahini   n. a yam cultivar.

kehmpalahi, also palahi, ohdek₂.   n. sp. of wild yam, Dioscorea bulbifera, sometimes called bitter yam, common yam, or air potato; referred to as uhn palahi when in the ground.

kehp palai en meitipw   n. a yam cultivar.

kehp pwediwel pwetepwet   n. a yam cultivar.

kehp pwediwel weitahta   n. a yam cultivar.

kehp pwengkin, also masaloal.   n. a yam cultivar.

kehp pwet   n. a yam cultivar.

kehp pwetepwet   n. white yam, one of the two major categories of yams recognized by Pohnpeians. see kehp toantoal.

kehp pwetepwet en takaieu   n. a yam cultivar.

kehp pwohmwahu pwetepwet   n. a yam cultivar.

kehp pwohmwahu weitahta   n. a yam cultivar.

kehp sahle   n. a yam cultivar.

kehp send   n. a yam cultivar.

kehp silik   n. a yam cultivar, having red flesh.

kehp tang nan weli   n. a son who behaves like his father; a chip off the old block.

kehp tipaker   n. a yam cultivar, cigar-shaped.

kehp toantoal   n. black yam, one of the two major categories of yams recognized by Pohnpeians. see kehp pwetepwet.

kehp tuhke, also menioak, dapiohka.   n. cassava, manioc, tapioca; Manihot esculanta, primarily used as food and to make starch.

Kehpara   n. an island off the southwest coast of Pohnpei through whose reef channel Isokelekel first entered Pohnpeian waters.

kehpei   n. tree sp.; very light driftwood; cork.

kehpenei en sapahn   n. a yam cultivar, believed to have come from Saipan.

kehpenei inarongemahl   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpenei inosipehd   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpenei inousohdi   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpenei kesu   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpenei kopou   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpineir   n. a number of yams that grow semiwild, without cultivation, and without restrictions on when they can be harvested and eaten; Dioscorea nummularia.

kehpineir ahmarepe   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpineir ahmarepen kehmpuwetik   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpineir ahmarepen kehmpwuwalap   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpineir en wai   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpineir kehmmwas   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpineir kehpuwalap   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpineir kumwuten kidi   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpineir mpo   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpit   meing. n. knife, machete. cf. naip.

kehpsel   n. a yam cultivar, having fibrous flesh.

kehpuwetik   n. a yam cultivar, having no particular season.

kehpuwetik en kehmpuwalap   n. a yam cultivar.

kehpwallal   n. a variety of yam, having no particular season.

kehpwel   n. growth stage of a yam.

kehr   vi. to call, as in to call someone a bad name; to badmouth.

kehrdipaur   adj. engaging in the pot calling the kettle black kind of name-calling, given to criticizing others for a fault of one's own.

kehrourou   n. a feasthouse having three center posts with pits for kava stones on the main platform.

kehs₁   n. hook.

kehs₂   n. case. [Eng.]

kehsapahl   n. plant sp., Caesalpinia bonduc, commonly known as gray nicker, nicker bean, or knicker nut.

kehse   vt. to hook.

kehsek   vi. to mate, said of animals. kehsekih, vt.

kehsekih   vt. to mate with, said of animals. kehsek, vi.

kehtik   n. net fishing, done by a single individual.

keii   1. vi. neut. to be anointed; to be applied coconut oil on the skin, as medicine. 2. n. coconut oil, lotion, ointment. keiie, vt.

kei-   vi. to move. Ohlo keido limwahi. That man moved near me. kai-, vt.

keid, also weid₂.   vi. to walk in a specific direction.

keidad   n. an edible bivalve, Gafrarium pectinatum.

keidek   1. meing. vt. to inquire, to ask, to check, to question (used only for the Nahnken). 2. meing. n. inquiry, question. 1. Isohko ketin keidek rehi iren Wasahi. Isohko asked me about Wasahi's state of health. cf. idek.

keidekidi   meing. vi. to fall down. Mwohnsapw keidekidi ni kehndakeho. Mwohnsapw fell down the stairs. cf. pwupwidi.

keidialidi   meing. vi. to stop and rest during an overland journey. Soukise keidialidi Paies. Soukise stopped and rested in Paies.

keidihd   vi. to drink kava at a second location; to pause while pounding kava so that it may be turned over for further pounding.

keidimah   adj. critical, insensitive, tactless.

keidisol, also kaidisol.   1. n. the last feast of the yam season, usually occuring in April or June, in which uncooked clusters of kehp toantoal are used as tribute. 2. vi. to end the yam season; to have this feast.

keidloaloh   1. meing. vi. to miss a person or a place, to be homesick, to yearn for a loved one far away or deceased, to pine₁ for home. 2. meing. n. homesickness. 1. Mwohnsapw keidloaloh ansou wet pwe Likend saikinte sapahldo. Mwohnsapw is homesick because Likend has not returned yet. 2. Keidloaloh wia sounei ieu nan kupwur. Homesickness is an emotional illness. cf. loaleid, loaloid.

keidpwongidi, also keidpwong.   meing. vi. to stay overnight, to go to bed, to bed down. Mwohnsapw keidpwongidi Lenger. Mwohnsapw stayed overnight on Lenger. cf. pweidi.

keidu   n. central post of a feasthouse.

keidupwus   adj. hairy, of the navel.

keielek   1. meing. vi. to move, as in one's own body movement. 2. meing. n. motion, movement; action, affairs, behavior. 1. Re sohte keielek. He is not moving. cf. mwekid.

keielekda   vi. to be started as process or procedure, of a court hearing; to be convened, of a meeting. Sapwellim karongorong en mwoalen kopwung pahn keielekda kuloak eisek lakapw. Your court hearing will start at ten o'clock tomorrow.

keieng   vt. to be affiliated with, to associate with, to be related to. Komw keieng ohlo? Are you affiliated with that man?

keik   n. cake. [Eng.]

keika   dem. mod. see keikat.

keikei   vi. to bite. ke₂, vt.

keikeipene   vi. to be bitten. Sohn keikeipene. John was bitten.

keil   n. tree sp., Commersonia bartramia.

keilahn aio   n. long ago, a vague temporal designation of the time when the first humans were present on the island. Wahr oapwoat seisang sekeren wai keilahn aio. A canoe traveled from a foreign shore long ago.

keile   n3s. edge.

keilepeh   meing. vt. to stop. Mwohnsapw pahn keilepeh doadaohk en rahnwet. Mwohnsapw will stop today's work. cf. katukih, katuke.

keimw   n. (3sg. keimwi) corner, angle; sub-subclan, within a keinek.

keimwin sou   n. lineage, descendants of sisters.

keimwin neh   n3s. heel. cf. [meing] tienpwel₁, timwenpwel.

keimwin peh   n3s. elbow, the outer curve of something.

keimwinwar   n. (3sg. keimwinwere) either end of a canoe.

keimwisak   vt. to finish; to accomplish something. keimwisek, vi.

keimwisek   vi. to be finished; to be accomplished. keimwisak, vt.

keimwoale   vi. to be oiled, to be shiny with oil.

keimwpahieu   1. n. rectangle. 2. vi. to be rectangular.

keimwsiluh   1. n. triangle. 2. vi. to be triangular.

keinahki   vt. to blame.

keinamwe, also keinemwe.   1. meing. vt. to inquire, to ask, to check, to question, (used only for the Nahnmwarki). 2. n. inquiry, question. 1. Mwohnsapw keinamwe duwen ohlo. Mwohnsapw asked about that man. cf. idek, kalelapak.

keinapwih   vt. to prohibit. keinepwi, vi.

keinek   n. a subclan.

keinemwe, also keinamwe.   1. meing. vt. to inquire, to ask, to check, to question (used only by the Nahnmwarki). 2. meing. n. inquiry, question. cf. idek, kalelapak.

keinepwi   vi. to be prohibited. keinapwih, vt.

keingihng   1. adj. tilted, listing. 2. vi. to tilt to one side.

keinihn   meing. vi. to be intoxicated, to be drunk. Mwohnsapw keinihn ansou wet. Mwohnsapw is intoxicated now. cf. sakau, sakaula.

keinimek   adj. uninformed.

keinuhnu   meing. n. nose. cf. tumwe.

keipwekidi   meing. vi. to sit down. Isohko keipwekidi mpen Nahnkeniei. Isohko sat down next to Nahnkeniei. cf. mwohndi.

keipwel   n. cable, as for cable TV. [Eng.]

keipweni   meing. interj. an expression commonly used when making a speech in the presence of important people, asking forgiveness for one's unworthiness; an acknowledgment that the Nahnmwarki is a representative of the Enihlap and merits great honor. Keipwini pohn erekisohn Isipahu. Let the Great Spirit descend upon his highness Isipahu.

keirek₁   adj. dense, tightly woven or packed; effective, in communcation.

keirida   vi. to be nurtured, to be raised, of children; to be provided with guidance; to be developed or adopted, of habits or ideas. kairada, vt.

keiru   vi. to stay temporarily.

keisar   n. (3sg. keisere) pancreas.

keisek   num. tenth.

keisuh   num. seventh.

keitiek, also kaitiek.   vt. to cause another to hang his/her head in shame or embarrasment; to degrade someone, to put someone down. I keitiek lahpo. I put that guy down.

keiwetik   n. a dryland taro (sawa₁) cultivar.

keke   1. vt. to reach, to attain. 2. n. reed, cane (the plant). 1. I sohte keke. I can't reach it.

kekel   1. adj. hard, not soft. 2. vi. to have an erection. 3. n. erection.

kekeluwak   adj. hard, not soft; tough, as of meat.

kekeluwakala   vi. to be hardened.

kekihr₁   1. n. a type of taut line fishing, done off the bottom. 2. vi. to taut line fish off the bottom.

kekihr₂, also kekihrnamwoale.   meing. vt. to swallow. Re kak ketin kekihr? Can you swallow it? kekihrnamwoal, vi. cf. kadalle.

kekuhrek   meing. vi. to blink. Isohko kekuhrek dod. Isohko blinks frequently. cf. marep.

kekuhrekpene   meing. vi. to close₁ one's eyes. Re kekuhrekpene mahs? Can you close your eyes? cf. meirpene.

kel   vi. to be enclosed, to be penned up, to be fenced in, to be walled off, to be encircled. kele, vt.

kelapapiso, also kehlapapiso.   n. the wooden railing that encloses the seating area of the Nahnmwarki in a traditional feasthouse, not found in a less traditional ones.

kele   vt. to enclose, to pen₁ up, to fence, to wall off, to encircle. Re kele neirail pwihngko. They penned up their pigs. kel, vi.

kelehpw   vi. to be alone. E kelehpw. He was alone. cf. [meing] kalapwuk, kautohr.

kelek   n. a large basket made from a palm frond.

kelekel   n. orchid sp. Pseuderia micronesica, used medicinally.

kelekel mwahn   n. orchid sp., wild, with wide leaves.

kelekel pein   n. orchid sp., wild, with small leaves.

kelemwur   vi. to be watered; to be cooled with water. kalamwur, vt.

kelen mahn   n. cage.

Kelepwel   n. an islet in Nan Madol where Saudeleur kept Isokelekel and his people.

kelepwiki   1. vi. to genuflect. 2. n. genuflection.

keleu, also kolou.   n. hibiscus sp., Hibiscus tiliaceus, the inner bark of which is used as a bast in the preparation of kava; also used to make canoe paddles, knife handles, and canoe outriggers.

keleun and   n. hibiscus sp., Kleinhovia hospita, used for making outriggers.

keleun wai   n. hibiscus sp., China rose, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis.

keleun wengsakau, also keleun wiesakau.   n. hibiscus bast used in the preparation of kava.

keleun wiesakau   n. the inner bark of Hibiscus tiliaceus which is used as a bast in the preparation of kava. cf. [meing] koht, kotelel.

keleunieng   1. n. a chief's responsiveness to the needs of the people. 2. vi. to be responsive to the needs of the people.

keleunleng   n. hibiscus sp.

keliali   1. meing. vi. to vomit. 2. meing. n. vomit. 1. Re keliali pwohng mwurin koanoat sakau. He vomited last night after drinking kava. 2. Kamwakelehsang kelialien. Clean up the vomit by you. cf. mmwus.

kaliete   meing. vt. to scratch, as when itching. Mwohnsapwoko kaliete kepehiso. Mwohnsapwoko scratched his thigh. kaliat, vi. cf. karupwude.

kelikahsih   vt. to rock a baby in a hammock or swing; to sway one's arms while walking; to push something hanging from a rope. Liho kelikahsih serio. The woman rocked the baby.

kelikemwe   vt. to disbelieve.

kelikilikidi   vi. to be prohibited.

kelimau   num. fifth.

kelimwed, also kalimwed.   n. bird sp., island swiftlet, Aerodramus vanikorensis.

kelingeringer   adj. irritating, disturbing, agitating.

kelipa₂   meing. vt. to joke with, to tease. Mwohnsapwoko kelipa pwutako. Mwohnsapwoko teased the boy. kelipilip₂, vi. cf. kamwane, kemwene.

kelipa₁   vt. to exile. Mehn Sehmen ko kelipahla mehn Sokehs Palau. The Germans exiled the people of Sokehs to Palau.

kelipak   n. bird sp., Carolines swiftlet, Callacalin inquieta.

kelipilip₁   n. a place of exile.

kelipilipala   vi. to be exiled to.

kelisahk   vi. to be tossed sidearmed, to be caused to swing. E kak kelisahk pwe e me marahra. It can be tossed sidearmed, because it's light. kelisahkih, vt.

kelisahkih   vt. to toss out with a sidearm motion, to swing someone on a swing. kelisahk, vi.

keliseian en mei, also kanaitik.   n. a method of making breadfruit trees bear₁ fruit earlier, done by making four cuts about the length of a hand lengthwise on the stem, approximately 1.5 feet above the ground.

keluhla   vt. to experience regret for doing something that turns out to be wrong; to repent.

kemenda, also kamanda.   vt. to tame.

keme   vt. to spank or beat. kamakam, vi.

kemed   n. sp. of sea cucumber.

kemedipwe, also kamadipwe.   vt. to have a feast in honor of someone of high esteem. kamadipw, vi. cf. [meing] kasaune.

kemehla   vt. to kill, to execute; to turn off, as a light or engine. kamala, kamakamala, vi.

kemehnkouruhr   adj. funny, amusing, boisterous.

kemei   n. shellfish sp., Garfrarium tumidum, eaten when available.

kemeik   n. fish sp., humphead parrotfish, a variety of Bolbometopon muricatus, normally found within the lagoon and near reefs.

kemeimeiso   1. meing. vi. to pluck gray hair or whiskers. 2. meing. n. the activity of plucking gray hair or whiskers. 1. Mwohnsapw pahn kemeimeiso. Mwohnsapw will pluck whiskers. 2. Kemeimeiso pahn wiawi lakapw. Whiskers plucking will take place tomorrow. cf. uspwetepwet.

kemenseng₁   1. meing. vi. to eat breakfast. 2. meing. n. breakfast. 1. Mwohnsapw saikinte kemenseng. Mwohnsapw has not yet eaten breakfast. 2. Saikinte kemenseng kaonopada. Breakfast has not yet been prepared. cf. deied, mwengehn menseng.

kemenseng₂   n. a kava planting; area where kava is planted.

kemeu   n. Cynometra bijuga, wood use for adze handles.

kemisik   n. fresh water eel.

kemmadada, also kiemmadada.   vi. to put on dry clothing. kemmade, vt. cf. [meing] kangalangalada.

kemmade   vt. to provide dry clothing to someone who is wet. Kitail kemmede irail pwe re wisekesekala. Let us provide them with dry clothes because they got wet. kemmadada, kiemmadada, vi. cf. [meing] kangalangale, kengelengele.

kempak   adj. shallow as a consequence of being flat-bottomed, as a canoe.

kempenial   n. bush sp., Psychotria hombroniana.

kempoake, also kompoake.   adj. emotionally moving, pitiful, saddening.

kemweit   n. entertainment; serenade. cf. [meing] kamahlahl₁.

kemwekid   1. vi. neut. to be made to move or shake. 2. n. a motion, as in a legislative proceeding, action. kamwakid, vt.

kemwene, also kamwane.   vt. to joke with, to tease. kamwan, vi. cf. [meing] kelipa₂.

kemwetimwet   vi. to make a polite but empty gesture.

kemwurumwur   1. n. last wish before death. 2. vi. to make a last wish. cf. [meing] kedeurlik.

kendenkemwe   vt. to distrust, to disbelieve.

kendip₁   vi. to spit. cf. [meing] linohdi, lik₃.

kendip₂   n. fish sp.

kendo   1. vi. to estimate. 2. n. estimate, estimation. [Jap. kendō]

kene   poss. cl. a possessive classifier for edibles. E sohte kang kene dohnaso. He didn't eat his doughnut. cf. [meing] koanoat, sahk₁.

kenehnlo   adj. ungrateful, insensitive, insincere. Ohl kenenloh mwo pwe, ma e anahne mehkot, ah e tehkuhk; a ma soh, ah e kin sirangkau. The man is ungrateful because, if he needs something, he is nice; if not, then he is snobbish.

kenei sakau   1. vi. to eat after drinking kava. 2. n. meal after kava. cf. [meing] pailoal.

keneinei   adj. cherished, well cared for. kanai, vt.

keneitik   vi. to assist a woman at childbirth. kanaitik, vt.

Kenen   n. the Protestant mission established in Mesenieng in 1865. [Eng. Canaan]

-kenen   aff. suffix used to form singular emphatic pointing and demonstrative pronouns. iet here, by me, ietkenen here by me!; met this one, by me, metkenen this one, by me!

-kenenkan   aff. suffix used to form plural emphatic pointing and demonstrative pronouns.

kener   adj. sensitive to pain; ticklish.

keng   adj. sharp, of an edge or point.

kengelengele, also kangalangale.   meing. vt. to provide dry clothing to someone who is wet. Ke nek kengelengele Mwohnsapw. You have been designated to provide dry clothing to Mwohnsapw. kangalangal, vi. cf. kemmade.

kengir   n. belt.

kengk   n. coconut, containing no nut.

kengkang   n. porch; covered stoop of a Japanese style house. [Jap. genkan : entryway]

kengkeng   adj. having a peak, pointed. Dohlo kengkengda. The mountain has a peak.

keniken   adj. favorite, favored.

kens   1. n. yaws, a tropical disease that first affects the skin and later the bones. 2. vi. to be infected; to ulcerate.

kensa   vi. to examine, to have a physical examination. [Jap. kensa]

kent   n. (3sg. kenti) urine. cf. [meing] mwasod, mwosod.

kep₁   vi. to consume something, especially medicine, before kava.

kep₂   n. cup. [Eng.]

kepe-   vt. to carry in a bundle. Liho kepehla arail tuwi. That woman carried their bundle of firewood.

kepeh   polite. n3s. thigh.

kepehiso   meing. n3s. thigh, lap. Pwutako mwohd pohn kepehiso. The boy sat on his lap. cf. dahng .

kepeia   vt. to consider fortunate.

kepeiahda   vt. to make one rich. Mwangas me kepeiahda ohlo. Copra is what made that man rich.

kepeik   vi. to carry on one's shoulder. kapaik, vt.

kepeira   1. vi. to put out runners in all directions, of a yam vine. 2. n. the third growth stage of a yam.

kepel   vi. to be kneaded, as of dough. kapal, vt.

kepelipel   adj. taboo.

kepelsalehd, also kepinsalehd.   1. humiliative. n. sickness, disease, illness. 2. humiliative. adj. sick, diseased, ill.

kepelsalehdala   vi. to die.

kepennok   n. broom or duster made from the inner ribs of palm fronds, for use in residental quarters. cf. [meing] souwel ihmw.

keper   adj. dangerous.

keperepere   n3s. descendant, offspring, typically of animals.

kepeukuhk   meing. n. sennit. cf. kisin pwehl.

kepidak   vt. to pass around, to pass indirectly; to get around, as a problem. kepidek, vi.

kepidau   n. large pass in the outer reef and the area inside the reef adjacent to the pass; harbor.

kepidek   vi. to be passed around, to be passed indirectly; to be gotten around, as a problem. kepidak, vt.

Kepihleng   n. an ancient name for a once independent area of central Kitti that had its capital at Sapwtakai.

kepihleng   n. southern sky, southern horizon.

kepikipik   n. creation; environment, nature, resource.

kepikirot   vi. to be in the dark without a source of light.

kepiloal₁   1. vi. to take medicine or magic for protection or to instill certain qualities in the one taking it. 2. n. the medicine or magic employed for this purpose.

kepiloal₂   adj. deep, of the hull of a canoe.

Kepin   n. a section (kousapw) in Sokehs.

Kepin Awak   n. a section (kousapw) in U.

kepindewehlap₂   meing. vi. to drink kava immediately after a Nahnmwarki, to drink kava after it has been served to others, to eat leftovers. I kepindewehlap. I drank immediately after him. kepindewehlape, vt. cf. kapih₂.

kepin en sohp   n. a ship captain. I men tuhweng kepin en sohpet. I wish to see the captain of this ship. [Eng.]

kepin kasang   meing. n. (3sg. kepin keseng) throat. Re kepin kasang medek. He has sore throat. cf. kepinwer, kepinwor.

kepinkoanoat   n. gift of food, a title, or land from the Nahnmwarki, conveying acknowledgement, and often symbolizing respect, goodwill, and obligation.

kepin pwalek   n. the ground area between an uhmw and the main post at the entrance of a feasthouse.

kepin tihn peh   n3s. shoulder joint.

kepina   n. governor, district administrator. [Eng.]

kepinan   1. vi. full of pus, pussy. 2. n. a pus filled infection.

kepindau pilen   meing. adj. attractive, attracting plentiful resources, such as food and other contributions to a feast, attracting admiration or honor. Sohpeidi me kepindau pilen. Royalty attracts plentiful resources.

kepindewe   meing. vt. to lead₁ or guide; to set an example for; to advise; to give directions. Mwohnsapw kepindeweikit, Mwohnsapw advised us. cf. kaweid.

kepindewehlap₁   meing. n. directions, as on labels; advice. Kitail udahn pahn idawehn kepindewehlap. We must follow his advice. cf. kaweid.

kepinga   vt. to praise.

Kepinkep   n. a section (kousapw) in Sokehs.

kepinnamw loal   meing. adj. discreet, unpredictable, said of the Sohpeidi. Sohpeidi men uhdahn pahn kepinnamw loal. A member of the royalty is supposed to be discreet. cf. lamrir.

Kepinne   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw and Kitti.

kepinpaiki   n3s. lower part of the back of the head.

kepinpil   n. estuary, mouth of a river.

kepinsalehd   humiliative. n. to be intoxicated from drinking kava.

kepinsalehdala, also kepelsalehdala.     vi. to die.

kepinsinoangi   n. original branch of kava used for planting.

kepinwar   1. n. provisions taken on a trip; gift taken on a trip; good deeds, used biblically; advice taken to heart, fish acquired from another canoe in a exchange of fish. 2. vi. to be given provision to take on a trip; to be given advice to take to heart. kepinwere, vt.

kepinwer, also kepinwor.   n. (3sg. kepinwere) throat. cf. [meing] kepin kasang.

kepinwere   vt. to give fish to the occupant(s) of another fishing canoe, to give a gift to a departng party. kepinwar, vi.

kepinwereuh   adj. constantly munching on food.

kepir   1. n. male standing dance, employing carved ornamental paddles;. 2. vi. to be turned or twisted, to dance the paddle dance. kapir, vt.

kepirmeliek   1. vi. to run the hurdles. 2. n. the hurdles.

kepir pohn wahr   1. n. a paddle dance performed on a canoe. 2. vi. to perform this dance.

Kepira   n. a section (kousapw) in Sokehs.

kepirek   vi. to turn one's head in contempt.

Kepirohi   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

kepised   vi. to be infected by salt water.

kepit₁   vi. neut. to pry out; to relax a wire or stick under tension. kapit₂, vt.

kepit₂   1. adj. said of one who likes to tease or make fun of others. 2. n. joke. 3. vi. to joke with, to tease. kapitih, vt.

kepitkihda   vt. to joke about.

kepit₃, also kapit₁.   meing. n. (3sg. kepitie) voice. Wereila ahi sohte rong kepitien ohlo. It has been a while since I heard his voice. cf. ngihl.

kepitwini   1. n. poison or black magic applied to a wound. 2. vi. to apply poison or black magic to a wound. kepitwinie, vt.

kepitwinie   vt. see kepitwini.

kepsakau   1. vi. to eat before kava. 2. n. the meal before kava.

keptakai   adj. very stubborn.

kepwe   n. thing, possession; internal organs or guts of larger mammals; genitals.

kepwehn doadoahk   n. tool.

kepwehpwe   adj. rich, wealthy, having many possessions.

kepweikang   vt. to criticize, to speak sharply to, to insult. Itarehr amwail kepweikangih ohlo. That's enough of your criticizing that man. kepweikeng, adj.

kepweikeng   1. adj. skillful in attacking others, critical. 2. n. criticism. kepweikang, vt.

kepwenek   1. n. a four day feast prior to a war. 2. vi. to have this feast. 1. Kepwenek iei kamadipw me kin wiawi lao sapwala rahn pahieu ah pei ahpw wiawi. Kepwenek is a feast conducted until it is concluded on the fourth day, and then the fighting starts.

kepwil, also pwekil.   n. (3sg. kepwili) corner of the mouth.

kepwilipwet   adj. scarred at the corner of the mouth by yaws.

ker₁   vi. to run, as of water; to shed₁; to flow or trickle. kakere, vt.

ker₂   n. (3sg. kari, keri) a derogatory term for face.

kerada, also karada₁.   vi. to board, to step up onto, to climb aboard; of fish, to spawn on the reef.

keradadak en oloiso   n. the entrance to the left wing of a feasthouse.

keradak en serihso   n. the entrance to the right wing of a feasthouse; the use of the outrigger side of a canoe by ipwin pohn warawar.

keradakeiso   n. a seating area located at the front of the main platform of a feasthouse, where the steps are located.

keredi   vi. to alight or step down; to flow or drop, as of a liquid.

kereilik   meing. n. the two doors in the rear of a feasthouse, used by the Nahnmwarki and Nahnken. Mwohnsapw ketlong nan kereilik. Mwohnsapw entered through the rear door. cf. wenihmw en lempahntamw.

kereiso   meing. n. bathing place in a stream. Isohko loakipil nan kereiso. Isohko bathed in the bathing place in the stream. cf. lehnpilen duhdu.

kereker   1. n. gutter; bamboo or pipe used to channel a flow of water. 2. vi. to flow, of water; to move in great numbers, of people.

kerekerepeileng engin moamoar uh   idiom By the grace of the Soupeidi, the commoners will take part in the process of kava and food consumption and distribution.

kerempw   n. obstacle, obstruction, interference.

kerempwa   vt. to interfere with, to meddle with, to obstruct, to delay.

keremwel   1. meing. adj. happy, joyful. 2. n. happiness, joy. 1. Mwohnsapwoko keremwel rahn wet. Mwohnsapwoko is happy today. cf. peren₁.

keremweliso   1. meing. adj. happy, joyful. 2. meing. n. happiness, joy. 1. Sapwellim keremweliso sansal ni sihleng. His joy is reflected on his face. cf. peren₁.

keren   adj. near, close₂. karanih, vt.

kerenieng   adv. almost, nearly.

kereng   1. vi. to be dried by heat, as of copra or tobacco. 2. n. tobacco. karang, vt.

kerengireng   adj. peppery, spicy, hot.

kereniol   1. meing. adj. warm, hot, feverish. 2. meing. n. high fever. 1. Re ketin kereniol. He is feverish. cf. karakar₁.

Kerenis   n. the Pohnpeian name for Kapingamarangi, a Polynesian-outlier atoll located within Pohnpei State. [Eng. Greenwich]

kerenleng   meing. n. notice, announcement. Se alehdi sapwellim kerenleng rahn wet. We received his announcement today. cf. pakair.

kerep   vi. to creep; to crawl on all fours. karapih, vt.

kerepwel₁   meing. adj. perishable, not long lasting. Koanaot leu kan koaros me kerepwel. All the cooked food for Mwohnsapw is perishable. kerepwele, kerepwelih, vt. cf. sohr.

kerepwella   vi. to vanish, to disappear. Sapwellim souneio kerepwella mwurin wihk ehu. His ailment vanished in a week.

kerepwel₂   meing. vi. to kneel down. Mwohnsapw kerepwel nan tehnpas sarawio. Mwohnsapw knelt in the church. cf. kelepwukihdi.

kerepwelih, also kerepwele.   meing. vt. to cause to vanish, to cause to disappear; to nullify. Mwohnsapw kerepwelih mwaren ohlo. Mwohnsapw nullified the man's title. kerepwel₁, vi. cf. kasohre.

kereu₂   slang. vi. to run; to flee; to swim, of fish.

kerihri   vi. to be snapped off. karihs, vt.

kerihripeseng   vi. to be broken, as a bone.

keriker₁   n. fish sp., highfin rudder fish, Kyphosus cinerascens; a generic term for kertakai (large keriker) and kerilel (small keriker); normally found in the lagoon and on patch reefs and the barrier reef.

keriker₂   vi. to comb one's hair. kar₁, vt.

kerikun   vulgar. adj. blind.

kerilel   n. a small keriker₁, a fish sp.

kerir   1. n. secret sweetheart. 2. vi. to have an affair.

kerirleng   meing. vi. to hide₁. Mwohnsapw pahn kerirlang ma re patohdo. Mwohnsapw will hide if they come. cf. rukla, rokla.

kerirrir   1. meing. n. cloth, anything made of cloth, material, clothes, clothing. 2. vi. to be worn of clothing. 1. Sapwellim kerirrir kan pahn peleng. His clothes will be hung out to dry. 2. Mwoahl pahn kerirrir ni kamadipwo. A grass skirt will be worn at the feast. cf. likou.

kerismei   n. during keidisol, the last feast of the yam season, a breadfruit branch bearing a tiny immature fruit is placed upon the uhmw in which the yams are being baked, symbolizing the cycle of seasons; not commonly done in present times.

kerkala   slang. adj. pretentious, proud, boastful.

kerlikamw   adj. to be a character.

kersuwed   adj. ugly.

kertakai   n. a large keriker₁, a fish sp.

keruwa   vt. to hurry, to rush. karuwaru, adj.

kese, also kesehdi.   vt. to throw down, to drop; to defeat in a competion. kos₁, vi. cf. [meing] likinpwele, likinpwelih.

kesehdi   vi. to throw down, to drop.

kesehla   vt. to throw away, to get rid of, to discard; to divorce; to abandon; to disregard.

keseirahk, also keseirek.   vi. to laugh in a boisterous manner.

kesempwal   1. adj. important, valuable. 2. n. (3sg. kesempwale) importance, value. 1. Sahpw kesempwalsang mwohni. Land is more important than money.

keseng   1. vi. to play music. 2. n. anything capable of producing music, a musical instrument, radio, tape recorder, etc.

keseng pepeuk   n. harmonica.

keseng tiati   n. organ, the musical instrument.

kesengenpil   n. tributary of a stream.

kesepweke   slang. vt. to throw down, to drop; to defeat in a competion. cf. [meing] likinpwelih.

kesepwekehla   vt. to throw away, to get rid of, to discard; to divorce; to abandon; to disregard.

kesepwil   1. vi. to change status; to graduate. 2. n. promotion; demotion; graduation. 1. Ohlo kesepwilda. That man was promoted. kasapwil, vt.

kesepwilidi   vi. to descend, to be demoted.

keserenial   n. an accidental sexual encounter.

keserenialki   vt. to take advantage of a girl sexually. Pwutako keserenialki serepeino. The boy took advantage of the girl.

keses   archaic. adj. boastful, given to bragging; cruel, belligerent.

keseu₁   1. vi. to be examined, to be diagnosed, to bejudged, to be figured out, to be guessed. 2. n3s. judgement, prediction, examination. kasawih, vt. cf. [meing] kadirlap, kedeuleng.

kesihker, also kasihker.   archaic. vi. to stand up. Dahme re kesihkerkihda? Why did they stand up?

kesihnen   vi. to be standing, to be erect. kesihnene, kesihnenih, vt. cf. [meing] keuhleng, kehleng.

kesihnenda   vi. to stand up.

kesihnenih   vt. see kesihnene.

kesihpwong   vi. to remain awake all night, as at a wake; to eat dinner at night.

kesik   1. vi. to shoot. 2. n. gun, as a rifle or speargun. kasikih, vt.

kesik lapalap   n. cannon.

kesik misihn   n. machine gun, automatic weapon. [misihn <Eng. machine]

kesik mwotomwot   n. handgun.

kesik pirerrer   n. machine gun, automatic weapon, gatling gun.

kesik pos   n. any weapon employing gun powder.

kesikdol   1. n. a magic spell that causes the instant death of one's enemy in the form of fireball. 2. vi. to perform this magic. kesikdole, vt.

kesikdole   vt. to cast a deadly magic spell using a fireball. Dene kawaho, mie me kak kesikdolehte aramas oh kemehla. It is said that in the past, one could cast a deadly magic spell on someone and kill him. kesikdol, vi.

kesikped   n. speargun.

kesileng   1. adj. disdainful, snobbish, said of one who always finds other people disgusting or unattractive. 2. n. disdain, scorn, contempt. kesilangih, vt.

kesiluh   num. third.

kesingketieu   n. bow₃, of a bow and arrow.

kesingkomi   n. slingshot. [komi <Jap. gomu < Ger. Gummi]

kesou   vi. to move, to be relocated. Se kesou. We moved. kasau, vt.

kesoulikilik   adj. untrustworthy.

kessap   n. ketchup. [Eng.]

kesso   1. vi. to run or swim the final lap₂ in a race. 2. n. the final lap in a race. [Jap. kesshō]

ket   meing. vi. a high language verbal root of motion. Mwohnsapw ket ni doadoahko? Was Mwohnsapw present at the function? Komw pahn ketla ia? Where are you going? Dahme Mwohnsapwoko ketiki? What did Mwohnsapwoko take with him? Mwohnsapoko ketin ngirala. Mwohnsapwoko was exhausted. cf. alu, koh-, mi, ape-.

ketida, also ketda.     vi. to leave, to depart.

ketido   vi. to come. Mwohnsapw pahn ketido lakapw. Mwohnsapw will come tomorrow.

ketikihda   vt. to carry, to take (something). Mwohnsapwoko ketkihda doaroapweho. Mwohnsapwoko took the paper.

ketikihdi   vt. to put (something) down.

ketin   vi. to deign, to vouchsafe. Mwohnsapw ketin mwahngih. Mwohnsapw understood condescendingly. Mwohnsapw ketin ninlimehda arail tomwo. Mwohnsapw accepted their atonement condescendingly.

ketda, also ketida.   meing. vi. to leave, to depart. cf. mwesel.

ketdi, also ketidi.   meing. vi. to sit down. Mwohnsapwoko ketdi nan Mwoalehlap. Mwohnsapwoko sat in the prescribed seating area of the nahs. cf. mwohndi.

ketel   n. kettle. [Eng.]

ketemen   1. n. anniversary, anniversary function; memory. 2. vi. to hold an anniversary celebration or function. 1. Rahn wet ketemen en melahn Soulik. Today is the anniversary of the death of Soulik. kataman, vt. cf. [meing] edinleng.

ketemenpe   n3s. memorial, recollection, souvenir.

ketempa   meing. vt. to calm someone; to long for someone to return. Isohko ketempa Mwohnsapw. Isohko calmed Mwohnsapw. Mwohnsapw ketin ketempa sapahdohn Likend. Mwohnsapw longs for the return of Likend. cf. kamalailai.

keteu, also koatou.   1. vi. to rain. 2. n. rain.

ketewe, also kedewe.   vt. to fool, to tease, to kid, to joke with, to trick, to deceive. Ke sohte pahn oh keteweiehdi? Would you not fool me ultimately?

keti   interj. How about that!; Wow!; may be used either approvingly or disapprovingly.

ketia₁   vt. to reveal verbally. ketihti₁, vi.

ketia₂   1. n. boat pole. 2. vi. to pole a boat or canoe.

ketia₃   meing. n. kava pounding stone. cf. moahl₁.

ketieni, also katieni.   n. a spirit (eni) sickness, causing one to speak incoherently, use obscenities, and have bad dreams.

ketieu₁   n. spear, harpoon.

ketieu₂, also ketieunleng.   n. tree sp., Ixora casei.

ketihna   vt. to revitalize, to nourish; to augment, as a point in an argument. ketihnain, vi.

ketihnain   1. vi. to revitalize, to nourish; to augment, as a point in an argument. 2. n. food, nourishment. ketihna, vt.

ketihnepe   n3s. food, nourishment.

ketihtihki   vt. to declare, either verbally or in writing; to state, to say. Pwuksarawi me ketihtihki. The Bible declares it.

ketihwo   adj. mischievious, naughty, difficult, frustrating, troubled.

ketiket₁   adj. numb; asleep, as when one's leg falls asleep.

ketiket₂   adj. insistent, persistent.

ketiki   meing. vt. to transport by hand; to consume food or drink. Mwohnsapw ketiki sapwellim pwuhk. Mwohnsapw brought along his book. Isohko ketiki sahk lihlio. Isohko ate his lihli. cf. wa-.

ketikila   vi. to be taken in, as clothing. katikala, vt.

keting, also kating.   n. payment or reward; food provided in return for labor; food provided for a hunting or fishing trip.

keting en inou wahr   1. n. second feast for a new canoe, when it is lashed together. 2. vi. to have this feast.

keting en taht   1. n. third feast of a new feasthouse. 2. vi. to have this feast.

keting en wahr   1. n. first feast for a new canoe. 2. vi. to have this feast.

ketingen doadoahk, also keting.   1. n. feast of reciprocity. 2. vi. to have this feast. 1. Ketingen doadoahk kin wiawiheng aramas me sewese wiahda doadoahk ieu. A feast of reciprocity is made for people who contributed their labor to a major work activity. 2. Re ketingen doadoahk ansou me doadoahko wiewiawio. They had the reciprocity feast while the work was going on.

ketipin   n. sun.

ketipinipin   adj. tingly, as when the circulation is shut off in one's leg.

ketipwehl   1. adj. bratty. 2. n. brat.

ketitik   n. sp. of small ant.

ketitoal   n. sp. of small black ant.

ketiuk   n. upright sticks that are inserted into an outrigger to secure it.

ketiweita   n. sp. of small red ant.

ketkeikamedek   n. sp. of small red ant, known for its bite.

ketselewi   1. meing. adj. eccentric, erratic. 2. meing. vi. to be wandering around aimlessly. 1. Mwohnsapw me ketin ketselewi. Mwohnsapw is eccentric. 2. Mwohnsapw ketselewi rahn wet. Mwohnsapw is wandering around today. cf. saruwaru.

kettap, also kessap.   n. ketchup. [Eng.]

keulap   meing. n. (3sg. keulapahr) forearm; measurement of a forearm's length, used when constructing a canoe. cf. tipwengen peh.

keuhleng, also kehleng.   meing. vi. to be standing, to be erect. Mwohnsapw sohte kouhleng nindoken sapwellim poahngok. Mwohnsapw was not standing while he was speaking. keuhlenge, vt. cf. kesihnen.

keumarepada   meing. vt. to raise a cover of some type to take cover from the rain. Mwohnsapw keumarepada ampero. Mwohnsapw raised the umbrella to take cover from the rain. cf. upada.

kourdienwol   1. n. a feast to appease two rival adult males or villages. 2. vi. to have this feast. kourdienwole, vt.

keus   archaic. interr. Who goes there?

keusahninsed   1. n. an alert call given for the purpose of identifying the occupants of a canoe. 2. vi. to call out "who goes there" to a canoe. 1. Keusahninsed kin wiawiheng wahr ansou me re pesereid ni pwongen rot. An alert call is usually made when canoes cross paths in the dark of night. keusahninsedih, vt.

keusahninsedih   vt. see keusahninsed.

keusih   vt. to call out "who goes there".

keuwed   1. meing. vi. to whistle. 2. meing. n. (3sg. keuwed) whistle. 1. Mwohnsapw sohte mwahngih keuwed. Mwohnsapw does not know how to whistle. 2. Sohte me kak rong keuwed sang wasa doh. No one can hear his whistle from a distance. cf. kuwai.

keuwi   slang. vt. to chase someone, with the intent of fighting.

kewelik, also kowelik.   n. bird sp., Pacific reef heron, Egretta sacra.

keweneu   num. sixth.

kewerwer   n. an ultimatum issued by a Nahnmwarki.

-ki   verb. suff. instrumental suffix; with active verbs it permits the expression of an instrument; with adjectives of emotion it means 'about', with other adjectives it means 'to consider'; also used in 'why' questions, see dahme. inou lash, inouki lash with (something); nsensuwed sad, nsensuwediki sad about; dehde clear, dehdehki to consider clear.

kiahweliwel   adj. appearing physically out of shape or unfit; flexible, springy, disjointed, limping, used to describe a manner of walking.

kiai   n. a strut supporting the outrigger of a canoe.

kiam   n. a food basket made from a palm frond. cf. [meing] nahnuku, pwahd.

kiam pwek   1. n. the process of seeking a new chiefly protector when fleeing an oppressive ruler. 2. vi. to seek a new chiefly protector.

kiamoroh   n. basket, suspended from a pole and carried by two or more people.

kiarameru   n. caramel candy. [Jap. kyarameru < Eng.]

kiarawa   meing. adj. sour. Koanoat lihlio kiarawa. His pounded breadfruit is sour. cf. karer.

kiassi   1. n. catcher, in baseball. 2. vi. to be a catcher. [Jap. kyacchā < Eng. catcher]

kiauk   n. deformation, disfigurement, disability, as in a disability from stroke.

kid   num. one thousand.

kid-   vi. to litter, to make untidy. E kidala likin ihmwo. He littered outside that house. kide₁, vt.

kidseli   vi. to litter.

kida   n. guitar. [Eng.]

kidahwe   vt. to scold, to reprimand.

kidalap   adj. many. Aramas kidalap ese ohlo. Many people know that man.

kide₁   vt. to litter, to make untidy. kid-, vi.

kide₂   n. fern sp., Microsorum scolopendria.

kideidei   adj. fishy, greasy; filthy.

kiderensara   adj. disrespectful.

kideu   n. fern sp., Microsorum scolopendria often used for garlands.

kidi   n. dog, Canis familiaris.

kidienleng   n. a large sp. of caterpillar.

kidienmall   n. fern spp., Selaginella kanehirae or Lycopodiella cernua.

kidienwet   adj. incorrigible.

kidikid   1. vi. neut. to wrap. 2. n. wrapper, cover. kidim, vt.

kidikidpene   vi. to be wrapped up. Kene mwengeho kidikidpeneier. His food is already wrapped up.

kidilipes   Biblical. n. wolf.

kidim   vt. to wrap. kidikid, vi.

kidimpene   vt. to wrap something up.

kidipe, also kidie.   n3s. cover, wrapper.

kidseli   vi. to litter.

kie₁   poss. cl. a possessive classifier for things to sleep on. cf. [meing] moatoare.

kie₂   n. gear. [Eng.]

kied   vt. to scramble, to put out of order.

kiedala   vt. to eject.

kiedpeseng   vt. to spread out objects.

kiedek, also kielek.   vi. to burst forth, of something built up, as emotions or flood waters; to collapse, of a pile of objects.

kieil   n. sp. of large brown lizard; any large lizard, alligator, or crocodile.

kieilen moar   n. an adult male who does not know how to fish.

kielek, also kiedek.   vi. to burst forth, of something built up, as emotions or flood waters; to collapse, of a pile of objects.

kielekidi   vi. to be depressed; to have a nervous breakdown. I kielekidi mwurimw. I was depressed after you left.

kiemmadada, also kemmadada.   vi. to put on dry clothing. kemmade, vt. cf. [meing] kangalangalada.

kienkoaleileng   n. female healer.

kienwounken   n. the name of the post located to the right of the central post (salidi en enihlap) at the back edge of the main platform.

kiepw   n. lily spp., Crinum asiaticum, Hymenocallis littoralis, or Zephyranthes rosea.

kiepw lihli   n. lily cultivar.

kiewek   n. mutation, a hybrid plant, a variety or cultivar of a plant species.

kiewek en dehpehk   n. a yam cultivar, having white flesh and a pinkish inner skin.

kiewek en kehngid en pohnpei   n. a mango cultivar.

kiewek en kehpin kipar   n. a yam cultivar.

kiewek en kehpin namwu pwetepwet   n. a yam cultivar.

kiewek en kehpin namwu weitahta   n. a yam cultivar.

kiewek en koakonehp   n. a yam cultivar.

kiewek en mahnd   n. a yam cultivar.

kiewek en pasahn pwehk   n. a yam cultivar.

kiewek en sallong   n. a mango cultivar.

kiewek en tamworohi, also kunukunda.   n. a yam cultivar.

Kih   meing. n. August. Kih iei sounpwong en Oahkos. Kih is the month of August. cf. Oakos, Ahkos.

kih₁   n. name of the letter k, the eighth letter of the Pohnpeian alphabet, used to represent the phoneme /k/, a voiceless velar stop.

kih₂, also ihki.   n. fish sp., milkfish, Chanos chanos.

kih₃   n. tree sp., known for its hard wood, commonly found on the low islands.

kih₄   n. key. [Eng.]

kih₅   archaic. n. shell adze, made from the shell of the giant clam.

kih-   vt. to give or hand something to someone. Ohlo kiheng nah mwohni. That man gave him his money. Kihdo mahs ehu masis. Please hand me a box of matches. kiheng hand/give to kihdo hang/give me/us. cf. [meing] limeh-.

kihdi   vt. to put (something) down.

kihpeseng   vt. to spread something.

kihd   n. garbage, waste, debris.

kihkiheng   vi. to assume, to surmise, to believe. Re kihkiheng me re pwung. They assumed that they were correct. Kiheng ah pwais. Give him his assignment.

kihk   n. (3sg. kiki) nail, as a finger or toenail.

kihkieng   vt. to assume; to make a show of doing something.

kihl₁   n. (3sg. kili) skin, bark₁, hide₂, any outer covering; any skin disease or rash, including chicken pox; dandruff. cf. [meing] ihrekiso.

kihl₂   n. keel. [Eng.]

kihlenuwo   1. vi. to perform some action or to say something that is interpreted as an omen of death. 2. n. omen of death.

kihng₁   n. rooster. [Eng.]

kihng₂   n. king, in cards. [Eng.]

kihou   1. n. old work clothes; rag. 2. vi. to wear old work clothes. 1. Ohlo lopwor ah kihou. That man washed his work clothes. 2. Ohlo kihou. That man wears old work clothes.

rausis kihou   n. old work pants.   vi. to wear old work pants. Ah rausis kihowo pwelipwel. His old work pants are dirty. E rausis kihouda pwe e pahn mwet. He put on his old work pants because he is going to clear some land.

kihpeseng   vt. to spread something.

kihr₁   adj. nonbuoyant;.

kihr₂, also kihren eiwel.   n. fish sp., red snapper, Lutjanus bohar.

kihren eiwel, also kihr₂.   n. fish sp., red snapper, Lutjanus bohar.

kihrsal   n. fish sp., scribbled snapper, a variety of Lutjanus rivulatus.

kihs₁   n. octopus, Octopus acellatus.

kihs₂   n3s. a share of food in the food distribution process at a kamadipw. Kihs depe kumwail kaunopada? How many shares of food for distribution have you prepared?

kiht   ind. pron. we, exclusive.

kik₁   n. (3sg. kiki) newly sprouted root₂; hanging root, as of a banyan tree.

kik₂   vi. to kick. [Eng.] kikim, vt.

kik suwed   adj. said of a plant that leaches all nutrients from the soil.

kikansu   n. machine gun. [Jap. kikanjū]

kikim   vt. to kick. [Eng. kick him] kik₂, vi.

kikin neh   n3s. toenail. cf. [meing] pweipweipwel.

kikin peh   n3s. fingernail. cf. [meing] pweileng.

kikmosul   n. snail (Gastropoda), limpet (Turbo agryrostomus).

kil   1. n. yam disease, causing a dark, charcoal-like rot directly under the tuber's skin that increases with storage. 2. vi. to have this disease.

kilahpwahda   1. archaic. n. incest committed by a commoner. 2. adj. incestuous. 1. Kilahpwahda en kisin aramas. The revelation of misbehavior is due to the commoners. 1. kilahpwahda en kisin aramas the revelation of incest by commoners.

kilahs   n. glass, drinking glass, glasses, goggles, mirror. [Eng.]

kilahs en du   n. diving or fishing goggles.

kilahs en wadawad   n. reading glasses. I anahne kilahs en wadawad. I need reading glasses.

kilahs toantoal   n. sunglasses, dark glasses.

kilahsen irongin   n. mirror.

kilahsohpwa   n. see kilahsoupwa.

kilamp   n. clamp, vise. [Eng.]

kilang   vt. to see, discern, look at, observe, examine. cf. [meing] idawarih, mahsanih, sahkih, saneke₂.

kilekilengsuwed, also kilikilengsuwed.   1. adj. incestuous. 2. n. incest. cf. [meing] kilahsoupwa, kilahsohpwa, mahlon, nanlengile.

kilel   1. vi. neut. to photograph. 2. n. sign, mark, picture, image, warning; camera, movie, motion picture. kilele, vt.

kilel en peidek   n. question mark.

kilel mwekid   n. movie, motion picture.

kilele   vt. to photograph. kilel, vi.

kilelehdi   vt. to mark; to recognize; to take note of; to register.

kiles   vi. to disdain.

kilikil₂   n. fish sp., a kind of parrotfish.

kilimenip en ariarsin   n. a yam cultivar.

kilimenip en inarongemahl   n. a yam cultivar.

kilimenip en inousohdi   n. a yam cultivar.

kilimenip en kehpin dehpehk   n. a yam cultivar.

kilimenip en kehpin kipar pwetepwet   n. a yam cultivar.

kilimenip en kehpin kipar weitahta   n. a yam cultivar.

kilimenip en kehpin lupwu   n. a yam cultivar.

kilimenip en kehpin marau   n. a yam cultivar.

kilimenip en kehpin mweli   n. a yam cultivar.

kilimenip en kehpin namwu pwetepwet   n. a yam cultivar.

kilimenip en kehpin namwu weitahta   n. a yam cultivar.

kilimenip en kehpin nan peilam   n. a yam cultivar.

kilimenip en kehpin nihpwung   n. a yam cultivar.

kilimenip en kehpin pwanuadu   n. a yam cultivar.

kilimenip en kehp meir kelik   n. a yam cultivar.

kilimenip en kehp mwuterek, also sandolihna.   n. a yam cultivar.

kilimenip en kehp petiwel pwetepwet   n. a yam cultivar.

kilimenip en kehp weitahta   n. a yam cultivar.

kilimenip en kehpenei kopou   n. a yam cultivar.

kilimenip en kiewek en mahnd   n. a yam cultivar.

kilimenip en kiewek en pasahn pwehk   n. a yam cultivar.

kilimenip en koakonehp pwetepwet   n. a yam cultivar.

kilimenip en koakonehp weitahta   n. a yam cultivar.

kilimenip en lukenaisais   n. a yam cultivar.

kilimenip en ounsouna   n. a yam cultivar.

kilimenip en pasahn pwehk   n. a yam cultivar.

kilimenip en pohnpei   n. a yam cultivar.

kilin kidi   n. impetigo, a skin disease with blister or boil-like eruptions.

kilin kihs   n. a disease of taro, causing discoloration of the plant.

kilin kou   n. leather. [kou <Eng. cow]

kilin kutuwa   n. a type of fungal skin disease that results in round, rough, and very itchy rashes.

kilin moange   n3s. scalp.

kilin waii   1. n. a skin disease, Ginia impricata, causing continuous peeling. 2. vi. to have this disease.

kilinau   n. (3sg. kilinewe) lip.

Kilipet   n. Kiribati, the Gilbert Islands.

kilipwet   n. a skin condition of children, characterized by thick white spots that can spread, believed to be caused by spells cast by a person who is jealous of the child.

kilisou   vi. to be naked, to be nude.

kilit   1. meing. n. an itchy rash. 2. meing. adj. itchy. 3. meing. vi. to itch. 1. Pelikiso kilit. His back has an itchy rash. 2. Pelikiso me kilit. His back is itchy. cf. pwudong.

kilitepw, also kilitopw.   1. n. smallpox, chicken pox. 2. vi. to have smallpox or chicken pox.

kilitopw   n. see kilitepw.

kilmosul   adj. of yams, having a thick skin; of people, thick-skinned in the figurative sense.

kilsarawi, also inen kilsarawi.   1. n. shingles, Herpes zoster, a disease of the skin, characterized by small blisters, causing great pain; usually occurs on the trunk of the body; it is believed that if the blisters totally encircle the body, the person will die. 2. vi. to have this disease.

kiluh   n. glue. [Eng.]

kimsih, also kimtih.   n. kimchee. [Jap. kimuchi < Kor.]

kimtih   n. see kimsih.

kin₁   aspect marker used to signal habitual aspect. E me kin sangkenei. He is an habitual early riser. I kin pirada kuloak isuh. I (habitually) get up at seven o'clock.

kinaka, also inaka.   n. native, used derogatorily. [Eng.< Haw. kanaka]

Kinakapw   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

kinehda   vt. to make up a lie₁, to start a rumor.

kingko   n. safe, cash box. [Jap. kinko]

kinih   vt. to pinch. kinikin, vi.

kinikin   1. vi. neut. to pinch. 2. n. a pinch of something, such as a pinch of salt. kinih, vt.

kiniwed   n. bird sp., crimson crowned fruit dove, Ptilinopus porphyraceus.

kensipakudang   n. atomic bomb, nuclear weapon. [Jap. genshibakudan]

kinte   vi. to provide bedding for someone.

kioak   n. fish sp., rabbitfish, normally found in mangrove swamps.

kioakomwot   n. fish sp.

kioaroahr   vi. to collapse with a crashing noise; to rumble, as of one's stomach.

kiol en pohnwol   n. fish sp., narrow curve-banded grouper, Epinephelus morrhua.

kipada   meing. vi. to get up, to get out of bed. Re kipada oh ketieilahsang nan tehnpas. He got up and walked out of the house. cf. pwourda.

kipar   n. pandanus sp., Pandanus tectorius; used for thatch, mats, hats, etc.

Kipar   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti and Sokehs.

kiparamat   1. meing. vi. to laugh. 2. meing. n. laugh, laughter. 1. Mwohnsapwoko ketin kiparamat. Mwohnsapwko laughed. 2. Elingen kiparamat ieu mwo. That is the sound of his laughter. kiparamatki, vt. cf. kouruhr.

kiparenwel   n. pandanus sp., Pandanus tolotomensis.

kipe   vt. to spread everywhere, to surround, to enclose. Lehk kipe sahpw koaros. Famine spread over the land.

kiped, also kehpin pwanuadu.   n. a yam cultivar.

kipedi   meing. vi. to lie₂ down. Re ketlongala pwe ren kipedi. He went inside to lie down. cf. wendi.

kiperek   meing. vi. to turn oneself, to change position while lying down. Re saikente kiperek. He has not yet turned himself. cf. wekidek.

kirahka   n. candy, cookie, cracker. [Jap. kurakkā < Eng. cracker]

kirakahu   adj. worn low on one's hips, as of trousers.

kiraukilang   adj. said of one who always havests his best crops, especially yams and kava, for personal consumption.

kirawih   vt. to economize on; to use wisely. Kitail anahne kirawih atail wahn sahpw akan. We need to economize the resources of our land.

kirehdi   vi. to peel off; to pull down an eyelid, a lip, or the foreskin of the penis.

kireisi eid   1. vi. to play crazy eight. 2. n. the card game, crazy eight.

kirek   n. smegma.

kirekinwel   n. tree spp., Syzyguim stelechanthum and Discocalyx ponapensis.

kirer   1. vi. to burp, to belch. 2. n. burp, belch. cf. [meing] kawehwe₂.

kiresek   n. penis of an adult, with the foreskin retracted. cf. [meing] kurupdoloina.

kiried   adj. murky, as of muddy water or a cloudy sky.

kirihm, also kudud, uht rais.   n. a banana cultivar, eaten both raw and cooked.

kirihs   n. grease, fat. [Eng.]

kirikei   n. a stake made from the noni (weipwul) tree, used to pry kava stems from the stump during ritual activities.

kirikir   n. (3sg. kirikiri) stem; handle.

kirimwot₁   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meiniwe type).

kirimwot₂   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

kiripw   vi. to be single, to be unmarried.

kiris   vi. to slip, to slide.

Kirisimas   n. Christmas. [Eng.]

kirou   n. the organizer of traditional events and activities related to the kousapw, the counterpart to the Nahnken at the kousapw level.

kirou rohi, also utin kerenis.   n. a banana cultivar, eaten both raw and cooked, from Kapingamarangi.

Kiroulikihak   n. a title.

Kiroun   n. a title.

Kiroun Aip₁   n. a title, derived from Kiroun Aip₂, now a title given to someone who sings and entertains at a kamadipw.

Kiroun Aip₂   archaic. n. a title, keeper of the drum, drummer.

Kiroun en Dolehtik   n. a title.

Kiroun en Lehdau   n. the ruler of Lehdau, an area of land in central Madolenihmw, now a high title in Madolenihmw.

kis₁   num. cl. used in counting small pieces or fragments of things. kisin kehp riakis two small pieces of yam.

kis₂   1. vi. to kiss. 2. n. a kiss. 1. Ira kis. They kissed. [Eng.]

kisa   n. train₂. [Jap. kisha]

kisakol, also kisekol.   adj. said of one who is selective about what food to offer others; greedy with food.

kiseh   poss. cl. a possessive classifier used for relatives, parts of, additions to.

kisekol, also kisakol.   adj. said of one who is selective about what food to offer others; greedy with food.

kisepeseng₁   n. hairbrush.

kisepeseng₂   vi. to be portioned out. Re kisepeseng mwenge kau. They portioned out the food.

kisepil   adj. said of one who unfairly favors his relatives or friends when distributing food.

kisetikmei, also pisetikmei.   n. bush sp., Melastoma malabathricum, var. mariannum.

kisikis   n. fraction.

kisekise   vt. to share food with; to give a gift, present, prize or offering to. kisakis, vi. cf. [meing] iloakiloake.

kisim   vi. to sic an animal.

kisin ering, also ering₂.   meing. n. tooth. Toahkte usasang kisin ering en Soukisehnleng. The dentist extracted Soukisehnleng's tooth. cf. ngih₂.

kisin ida   n. a strip peeled off the stem of an ivory nut palm, used to sew on thatch.

kisin ihr   n. any grater, other than a coconut grater.

kisin leh   n. oil, perfume; pond; deep pocket of water in the reef.

kisin likou   n. letter, correspondence; a piece of cloth.

kisin metehn popouk   n. police whistle. [mete <Eng. metal]

kisin uht   slang. n. prostitute. Kisin uht kin kohla pohn sohp pwehn wiesent. A prostitute goes to the ship to make money.

kisingai   adj. crazy, mad, mentally retarded. [Jap. kichigai]

kisiniei   n. (3sg. kisinieih) fire. Lapalahn kisiniei ieu mwo. That was a big fire. see ai₁.

kisinieng   n. air, atmosphere, breeze, wind₁.

kisinioang, also oangitik.   n. turmeric sp., Curcuma longa, the roots of which are used for a red dye used in tatooing and for medicine; used as ingredient in Japanese curry.

kisinipil   1. meing. vi. to bathe. 2. meing. n. bath, water for bathing. 1. Isohko pahn kisinipil. Isohko will take a bath. 2. Onopada kisinipil. Get the water for bathing ready. cf. duhdu.

kisinnin   n. child affianced by a parental arrangement.

kisin pwehl   n. sennit. cf. [meing] kepeukuhk.

kisinpwil   n. chewing gum.

kisinsel   n. string.

-kit   obj. pron. us, exclusive.

kita   subj. pr., ind. pr. we, dual.

-kita   obj. pron. us, dual.

kitail   subj. pr., ind. pr. we, plural.

-kitail   obj. pron. us, plural.

Kitamw   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

kite   n. plant sp., Neisosperma oppositifolia.

kitei   1. adj. moldy. 2. n. mold.

kitel   n. fish sp., small, found in fresh water.

kitentel   adj. smooth or slippery, as of silk.

Kiti, also Kitti.   n. name of a municipality in Pohnpei, officially spelled Kitti.

kitik₁   n. rat, mouse. see kisetik.

kitik₂   n. fish sp., bignose unicornfish, Naso vlamingii.

Kitti, also Kiti.   n. name of a municipality in Pohnpei; officially spelled Kitti in accord with an archaic spelling system in which the letter t was used to represent the phoneme now spelled d and the letters tt were used to represent the phoneme now spelled t.

kiuhri   n. cucumber. [Jap. kyūri]

ko, also oko.   dem. mod. those, away from you and me.

koade   vt. to assist someone by carrying part of his load.

koadelik   n. goods and resources supplied by non-relatives.

koadelikihada   vt. to support by supplying goods and resources. Kitail koadelikihada Nahnpei, pwe sohte ah peneinei. Let us support Nahnpei with goods and resources, for he has no relatives.

koadi   n. a shot of hard liquor. En ihs kisin koadi me mi nan kepet? Whose shot is in this cup?

koadia   vt. to fill with a liquid; to pour in. Koadiahda mahs pwoatol en pihl kan. Please fill the water bottles. koadiadi, vi.

koadiadi   vi. to be filled with a liquid. koadia, vt.

koadoadoahke, also koadoadoahkih.   vt. to hire.

koadoahke   vt. to work on.

koadoahkehdi   vt. to cultivate, to plant mixed crops.

koadoangoul, also kadangoul.   num. ten. see ehd₁.

koadoaroapwehih   meing. vt. to read; to count. Mwohnsapw ketin koadoaroapwe kosonned kapwo. Mwohnsapw read the copy of the new law. koadoaroapwe, vi. cf. wadek₁.

koadoi-   vt. to help out, to rescue. Kitail pahn koadoiirailda. We will help them out.

koadoke   n3s. top, peak, summit, ridge.

koadokehla   vt. to bring to completion. koadokodokala, vi.

koadokodokala   vi. to be brought to completion. koadokehla, vt.

koahiek   adj. competent, capable, well-versed; able to take care of one's self; large or spacious, of inanimate objects.

koahiekla   vi. to become competent, to become capable, to become well-versed.

koahkoa   vt. to sweep; to shave. koakoahk, vi.

koahl₁   n. grass skirt, commonly made of coconut or pandanus fibers, now commonly worn by men at feasts.

koahl₂   vt. to call, to make a telephone call. [Eng.] koahlih, vt.

koahlih, also koahl₂.   vt. to call someone on the phone. [koahl <Eng.] koahl₂, vi.

koahloal   1. n. underwear, undergarments; liner for a dress. 2. vi. to wear underwear or undergarments.

koahnek   vi. to stir or sigh in one's sleep. cf. [meing] rerinmwoalu.

kehnseng   meing. vi. to be waiting. Komw kehnseng! Wait! Mwohnsapwoko ketin kehnseng pwe miehte me pahn patohdo. Mwohnsapwoko is waiting because there is still more to come. kehnsenge, vt. cf. owiou.

koahpi   n. coffee. [Eng.]

koahr   n. a barbed piece of wood, used as a tool for tying thatch to beams in making a roof; crochet needle.

koahre₁   n. tree sp., Manilkara hoshinoi, known for its strong wood.

koahre₂   vt. to scrape together with the hands; to wipe a kava cup; to wipe the anus.

koaik   vi. neut. to bear away, to turn away from the wind when sailing, to turn the canoe in the direction opposite the outrigger.

koail   n. fish sp., a mature sweetlips porgy, Plectorhynchus celebicus.

koait   adj. crowded, lacking space.

koakoahk   vi. see koahkoa.

koakonehp en denian   n. a yam cultivar.

koakon   n. small box; joint, fitting; knuckle; a small plot of land, a house lot; inning, in baseball.

koakon medek, also kakon medek.   n. arthritic joint pain, commonly associated with lower than normal temperatures.

koakondakong   1. n. addition, appendix, supplement. 2. vi. to supplement. 1. Ainpwoat pahn wia koakondakong ohng atail uhmwo. Our prepared food will be an addition to our assigned uhmw. koakondakonge, vt.

koakondakonge   vt. to create an addition or appendix, to supplement with. I pahn koakondakonge imweio. I will build an addition to my home. koakondakong, vi.

koakone   vt. to join; to fit. koakonokon, vi.

koakonehp   n. a yam cultivar.

koakonehp en Iap   n. a yam cultivar.

koakonehp pwetepwet   n. a yam cultivar.

koakonehp weitahta   n. a yam cultivar.

koakonepwel   n. the second day of a funeral, the family day. cf. rahn en peneinei.

koakonokon   vi. neut. to join; to fit. koakone, vt.

koakorot   vi. to crow, of a rooster.

koakos   adj. stern, of parents or spouses; self-centered, causing others difficulty because of the desire to have everything one's way. koakose, vt.

koakose   vt. to be stern with. koakos, adj.

koal   vi. to wear a grass skirt. koale₂, vt.

koale₁, also ngkoale.   vt. to make sennit. I pahn koale ei kisin pwehl. I'm going to make my sennit. ngkoal, vi.

koalepwel   vi. to make sennit (rope made of coconut fiber). cf. [meing] dakihd.

koaloalepwel   n. name of the second taro leaf that is used to cover the ground surrounding the kava stone from which the Nahnmwarki is served.

koalupwulupw   vi. neut. to scrape the surface of something. kalupwur, vt.

koamoadoaloan, also kamoadolan.   vt. to await an event.

koamoatoar   vi. to be oiled or lubricated. koamoatoare, vt.

koamoatoare, also kamoatoare.   vt. to oil or lubricate. koamoatoar, vi.

koamwoamw   vi. to be destructive, to be wasteful.

kamwoamwasang   vi. to exhaust a supply of something.

koamwosod   1. meing. vi. to urinate. 2. meing. n. urine. 1. Mwohnsapw ketlahn koamwosod nan mwoalen loakipilo. Mwohnsapw went to urinate in toilet area. 2. Mie anahnepen keseun koamwosod. There is a need for a test of your urine. cf. pipihs, kainen pihl.

koandieng   vi. to breastfeed while lying down.

koangoangehki, also koangngoangehki.   vt. to talk someone into doing something; to persuade.

koanoa   vt. to catch up with; to be on time for an event.

koanoat   1. meing. poss. cl. a possessive classifier used for edibles with all title holders of koanoat rank. 2. vi. to eat. 3. n. (3sg. koanoat) food for the Nahnmwarki and koanoat title holders. 1. Luhk kisakiskihla koanoat sakawo. Luhk gave away his kava (root). 2. Mwohnsapw saikinte koanoat . Mwohnsapw has not eaten. 3. Patohwanla koanoat pohn tehpelo. Take his food to the table. koanoat, koanoate, vt. cf. kene, mwenge, .

koanoate   meing. vt. to eat. Sahu koanoate werer. Sahu ate the inner content of the sea cucumber. koanoat, vi. cf. kang.

koansop   n. an ornamentally wrapped ball of sennit.

koapwoaremen   meing. vi. to be quiet. Kitail koaros kopwoaremen. Let us all be quiet. cf. nennenla.

koapwoarment   n. government. [Eng.]

koapwoaroapwoar   n. trust, confidence, faith, hope. cf. [meing] kamahdied.

koapwoawar   vi. to fetch a log for a canoe, the act of which is accompanied by a feast. Mehn Palikir ko pahn koapwoawar Nieiselet. The people from Palikir will fetch a log for a canoe on Wednesday.

koapwuroaloat   archaic. vi. to have something stuck between the hull and the outrigger of a canoe.

koaramahd   n. bush sp., Coleus scutellarioides.

Koaroahmw   n. a title.

koaroapoad   1. n. the person who holds the end of a net and is the first to set it. 2. vi. to serve in this capacity.

koarong   meing. n. (3sg. koaronge) ear. Mwohnsapwoko pahn keseun karong. Mwohnsapwoko will undergo an ear examination. cf. saleng.

koaronge, also karonge.   1. meing. vt. to hear, to listen. 2. meing. n. ear. 1. Isohko sohte koaronge mwahu dahme Soulik sakarkihda. Isohko did not hear well what Soulik was saying. cf. rong, saleng.

koarongodoh   meing. adj. deaf. Isohko me karongodoh. Isohko is deaf. cf. salengopon.

koarongorong   1. vi. to conduct a public hearing; to exchange public insults or innuendoes. 2. n. a public hearing.

koaros   num. all. Pillap koaros lapakehda. All the rivers flooded.

koaruhsie   num. every, all. Ohl koaruhsie pokonpene Kolonia. All the men gathered in Kolonia.

koasiemen   n. a yam cultivar.

koasoai   1. vi. to speak, to talk, to converse, to discuss. 2. n. talk, conversation, discussion, rumor, story, adage, parable. koasoaia, vt. cf. [meing] mahsen.

koasoaia   vt. to say, to mention, to state. koasoai, vi. cf. [meing] mahsanih, poahngokih, idawarih.

koasoakoahiek   adj. inappropriate, awkward because of unfamiliarity, difficult to learn.

koasoamw   1. vi. to welcome; to lead₁ one's aim when shooting birds. 2. n. a welcoming event or activity. kasamwoh, vt.

koasoamwoasoamw   vi. to make a sincere request for assistance; to pay one’s respects to high-titled people in the opening remarks of a speech.

koasoandi   1. vi. to be organized, to be structured; to be settled, to be decided, to be agreed upon. 2. n. organization, structure, rule, plan, procedure, agreement; judgement, pronouncement, decision. koasoane, vt.

koasoandi en nting   n. orthography, spelling system.

koasoane   vt. to organize, to structure; to settle, to decide, to agree on. koasoandi, vi.

koasoanehdi sohso   vi. to probate an estate.

koasoarsuwed   meing. adj. disgraceful. Atail pohnkahke me koasoarsuwed. Our laziness is disgraceful. koasoarsuwedih, vt. cf. kahdsuwed.

koasoarsuwedih   meing. vt. to give a negative impression or image of, to defame, to speak negatively of. Atail mwekid suwed kan koasoarsuwedihkitailla. Our bad behavior has given a negative impression of us. koasoarsuwed, adj. cf. kahdsuwedih.

koasok   vi. to pile up. koasoke, vt.

koasoke   vt. to lay in a pile. E koasokehda nah pwuhk ko. He laid his books in a pile. koasok, vi.

koasokoasok   n. pile of objects, stone wall. I pahn doadoahngki koasokoasok en takaio. I will use that pile of rocks.

koasepen uhmw   n. the large stones that are placed around the edge of the uhmw to prevent hot steam from escaping. cf. [meing] koasepwel.

koasepwel, also koasepen uhmw.   n. the weight on the uhmw cover or the large stones that are placed around the edge of the uhmw to prevent hot steam from escaping. Koasepwel kin kohsang mwohn rihp eh pahn kemwekid. The weight on the uhmw cover is normally removed before the uhmw cover (the rihp) is removed.

koasuk   vt. to weigh down, to anchor something in place by placing an object on top of it; to kill.

koato   adj. durable, having the ability to survive either time or circumstance.

koatoa   n. mangrove sp. Sonneratia alba.

koatoahnien   vi. to visibly show one's displeasure at a request.

koatoan   n. patience, tolerance. Nantiheng ahniki koatoan. Try to have patience.

koatoane   vt. to suppress, as a cry of pain, a cough, laughter, or a bowel movement; to tolerate, to endure.

koatop, also kotop₁.   n. Pohnpei mountain palm, Clinostigma ponapense.

koatou, also keteu.   1. vi. to rain. 2. n. rain.

koatun   n. cotton, Gossypium barbadense; kapok tree, Ceiba pentandra. [Eng.]

kautohr   meing. vi. to be alone. Mwohnsapwoko ketin kautohr ansou me re ketin souneida. Mwohnsapwoko was alone when he got sick. cf. kelehpw.

koautoke, also kautoke.   meing. vt. to drink. Mwohnsapw sohte koautoke kilahs en waino. Mwohnsapw did not drink the glass of wine. cf. nim.

kohd₁   n. (3sg. kode) animal's horn.

kodeleng   meing. n. (3sg. kodelenge) breast. cf. dihdi.

kodering   1. vi. to husk coconuts with a stick. 2. n. the name of the husking process.

kodie   n3s. the final cup of kava, marking the end of the kava ritual, either as a consequence of the Nahnmwarki's departure or because the kava is stale, in which case fresh kava is brought and the ritual begins anew; end, last one. cf. [meing] luh₂.

kodokenmei, also kadokenmei.   meing. n. top of the head. cf. moahng₁.

kodokod   vi. neut. to husk with a stick; to gore; to engage in sexual intercourse in a female superior position. kodom, vt.

kodom   vt. to husk a coconut; to gore, to engage in sexual intercourse in a female superior position. kodokod, vi.

kodon, also kudun.   n. giant.

kodoudou, also kadoudou.   vi. to trace one's ancestry, to recall past history. kadaur₁, vt.

kodoukeinek, also kadoukeinek.   vi. to trace one's ancestry according to clan.

kodouluhl   adv. extremely. E pwangada kodouluhl. He got extremely tired. Kalahngan douluhl! Thank you very, very much!

kodourur   n. small wood shavings for starting a fire, dry wood for the uhmw.

koduhpwel   1. vi. to be covered up. 2. n. veil. koduhpwal, vt. cf. [meing] koamoaropidi.

koduhsou   1. meing. vi. to eat dinner (the evening meal), to eat supper. 2. meing. n. dinner, supper. 1. Isohko saikinte koduhsou, ahpw e pahn ketdahr. Isohko has not yet had dinner, but he is leaving. cf. mwengehn soutik.

koh, also kowe.   ind. pron. you.

koh-   vi. to come or go. Irail kohla Kitti aio. They went to Kitti yesterday. E pahn kohdo lakapw. He will come tomorrow. cf. [meing] ket.

kohkang   vi. to exchange. [Jap. kōkan]

kohke   vt. to grate on a coconut grater. koikoi₂, vi.

kohko₁   n. fish sp., dolphin fish, mahimahi, Coryphaena hippurus.

kohkohlahte   adv. forever.

kohkore   n. a cultivar of rahmwanger (kava).

kohl sisel   n. cold chisel. [Eng.]

kohlaliki   n. last squeezing of kava.

kohmw   n. comb, for the hair. [Eng.] cf. [meing] dokomwel.

kohmwowe   vt. to be first in line or in order; to start an activity. I pahn kohmwowe atail doadoahk. I'll start our work.

kohn   n. corn₂, Zea mays. [Eng.]

Kohna, also Kauna.   n. said to be one of the four types of non- or subhuman beings that inhabited Pohnpei in the past.

kohntutuk   vi. to squat.

kohp   vt. to prophesy, to speak under God's influence.

kohpek   1. meing. vi. to cough. 2. meing. n. a cough. 1. I rong elingen sawpwellim kohpek. I heard the sound of Mwohnsapw's cough. cf. kopokop.

kohpwa₁   n. box, chest, coffin, casket; inning, in baseball.

kohpwa₂   n. fish sp., cube trunkfish, Ostracion cubicus.

kohre   n. a variety of rahmedel (a kava cultivar).

kohri   n. shave ice, snow cone. [Jap. kōri : ice]

kohs   n. navigational course. [Eng.]

kohselewi   vi. to roam. E kohselewi. He roams.

Koht   n. God. [Eng.]

koht, also kotelel.   meing. n. the inner bark of Hibiscus tiliaceus which is used as a bast in the preparation of kava. cf. keleun wiesakau .

kohwa₁   n. trusteeship; lease.

kohwa₂   vi. to have a chronic illness. Ohlo kohwa. That man has a chronic illness.

koiasi   n. fertilizer. [Jap. koyashi]

koid   n. sp. of sea cucumber.

koikoi₁   vi. to be shaved, of the head.

koikoi₂   vi. neut. to grate on a coconut grater. kohke, vt.

koikoi₃   n. bird sp., Pohnpei flycatcher, Myiagra pluto.

kokou₁   vi. to be constructed, to be made, to be built; to be created, to be erected . kau₁, vt. cf. [meing] kourek.

kokoup   vi. neut. to peel, as a banana. kaup, vt.

kokus   vi. to be sprayed; to be drained. kakus, vt.

kol   vt. to hold.

koledi   vt. to learn, to learn about; to catch up with; to grab, to hold.

kolera   n. cholera. [Eng.]

koll, also kull.   n. cockroach.

Kolonia   n. the major town on Pohnpei, site of the capital of Pohnpei State.

Kolorahdo   n. Colorado. [Eng.]

kolou, also keleu.   n. hibiscus sp., Hibiscus tiliaceus, the inner bark of which is used as a bast in the preparation of kava; also used to make canoe paddles, knife handles, and canoe outriggers.

koluhla   1. vi. to repent, to experience regret for doing something that turns out to be wrong. 2. n. repentance. 1. Mwein ohlo koluhla. Maybe the man repented. 2. Ke mwahuen ahneki koluhla. You better have repentance. koluhkihla, vt.

koluhs, also kaluhs.   adj. wasteful. [luhs <Eng. lose] kaluhsih, vt.

kolukol   vi. to hold a cup during the preparation of kava.

koluwar   vi. to remain aboard a boat or canoe while others are diving for fish.

kom   vt. to pull a net. I pahn komada uhko. I'll pull up the net.

komi, also kumi.   n. rubber, plastic. [Jap. gomu < Ger. Gummi]

komis   n. shellfish sp., Turbo argyrostomus.

kommoal   vi. to rest. kommoale, vt. cf. [meing] nanmwoal₁.

kommoaldi   vi. to be rested after the day's activities.

kommoaldihsang   vi. to cease the day's activity; to retire.

kommoale, also kakommoale.   vt. to make one rest. kommoal, vi. cf. [meing] rahnmwoale.

kommwad   adj. brave, courageous, fierce. cf. [meing] idamah.

komou   n. tree sp.

kompani   n. company, friend; fish sp., rabbitfish, Siganus vulpinus, so-called because it always travels in pairs. [Eng.]

kompiuder, also kampiuder.   n. computer. [Eng.]

kompoakapah, also kompoakepah.   n3s. dear friend, close buddy.

kompoake, also kempoake.   adj. emotionally moving, pitiful, saddening.

kompwal   vt. to cover an uhmw with leaves; of a hen, to sit on eggs just prior to their hatching. kompwel, vi.

kompwel   vi. neut. to cover an uhmw with leaves; of a hen, to sit on eggs just prior to their hatching. kompwal, vt.

kompwul, also kampwul.   n. a source of light₁, such as a lamp, etc.

komw   meing. subj. pron. you. Komw pahn ketla ia? Where are you going? cf. ke₁.

koamoaropidi   meing. vi. to be covered up. Re ketin koamoaropidi. He is covered up. cf. koduhpwel.

komwi   meing. ind. pron. you. Mie me pahn iang komwi? Is there any body going with you? cf. kowe.

komwkomw   meing. n3s. whiskers. cf. alis.

komwonlaid   n. the first feasthouse built by Isokelekel at the beginning of the Nahnmwarki era.

kona   n. powder of any kind, tooth powder, toothpaste. [Jap. kona]

Konediket   n. Connecticut. [Eng.]

konehng   adj. appropriate, proper.

kongkiri   vi. to pour concrete. [Jap. konkurīto < Eng.] kongkirih, vt.

kongkirineil   n. concrete nail. [kongkiri <Jap. konkurīto : neil< Eng. nail]

konok   n. vine sp., Piper ponapense, used for a variety of medicinal purposes.

Konopwel   n. the name of one of the male crew members on the second of the seven settlement voyages to the island of Pohnpei.

konpene   vi. to fit, to go together well.

kons   adj. dull, blunt.

konsonan   n. consonant. [Eng.]

kontirak   1. n. contract. 2. vi. to make a contract. [Eng.]

konuhr   vi. to wrinkle up one's nose.

kopatau, also kapatau.   n. phlegm.

kopil   n. clam sp., Pitar spp.; term applies to all smooth, burrowing clams.

kopokop   1. vi. to cough. 2. n. cough. cf. [meing] sirarahi, kohpek.

kopou, also kepeu.   adj. cold, cool, chilly.

kopwenadi   n3s. breast, as of a chicken.

kopwopwoud   1. n. wedding, marriage. 2. vi. to wed, to marry, to have a wedding. 1. Kopwopwoud ehu wiawi Wone rahn wet. A wedding is taking place in Wone today. 2. Ira kopwopwoud nan ihmw sarawi. They were married in the church. 3. Kitail pahn wia ara kopwopwoud ni soutiket. We will have their wedding feast this evening. kopwopwoudih, vt.

kopwopwoudih   vt. to marry. Padre pahn kopwopwoudihira. The priest will marry them. kopwopwoud, vt.

kopwou   n. basket, purse, handbag. cf. [meing] ohdou, palang₂.

kopwoun mwenge   n. a basket, as for food. cf. [meing] dohdo.

kopwukopw₁   adj. weak, soft, easily broken, fragile.

kopwukopw₂   n. gristle, cartilage.

kopwukopwunadi   n3s. solar plexus.

kopwung   1. vi. to go to trial. 2. n. trial.

kopwung en dihp   legal. n. criminal case.

kopwung en pwuhng   legal. n. civil case.

kopwungloal   humiliative. adj. considerate. Wahnpoarono me kopwungloal. The preacher is considerate. cf. kadek lamalam.

kopwuringen   n. a treatment given to a baby that is said to have lost its soul after a traumatic experience, characterized by incessant crying and a refusal to suckle.

korehd   vt. to scrape, as the meat out of a coconut. koroiroi, vi.

korila   n. gorilla. [Eng.]

korinta   1. n. blood blister; reddening of the white of the eye. 2. vi. to have a blood blister; to have reddening of the white of the eye.

koro   n. grounder, in baseball. [Jap. goro]

koroikot   vi. a command from the director of a kamadipw to bring hibiscus bast for the kava.

koroipali   1. n. a dish made of unripe bananas that are cut in half, after which some of the inner portion is scraped out, mixed with coconut cream, put back in, and then boiled or baked. 2. vi. to prepare such dish.

koroiroi   vi. neut. to be scraped, as the meat out of a coconut. korehd, vt.

koronihda   n. cornet, trumpet, bugle. [Spa. corneta]

koropwung   n. a small waterfall.

koruk   n. parcel, package, bag.

kos₁   vi. to throw; to drop. kese, vt.

kos₂   adj. bent; humped.

kospene   vi. to be folded up.

kosdang   vi. to put in reverse, of a vehicle. [Jap. gosutan : go astern] kosdangih, vt.

kosdangih   vt. see kosdang.

kose   vi. to assume; to claim. Ieremen kitail pein kose dah atail pwukoah; kitail idekda. Let us not just assume what our responsibility is; let us ask.

kosetipw   vi. to foretell the future; to locate lost objects through the use of magic. kosetipwih, vt.

kosetipwih   vt. to foretell the future about. kosetipw, vi.

kosolong   n. cove, inlet.

kosonned   n. law.

kosou   vi. to be transferred, to be moved; to be postponed. kasau, vt.

kostakai   vi. to engage in the act of stoning someone or something. Lahp oko kostakaipene. Those two guys threw stones at each other.

koswai   1. vi. to pitch₁ a slow ball, in baseball. 2. n. slow ball.

kot₁   adj. in good condition, young looking; slow in maturing; stuck.

kotala   vi. to go to relieve oneself. cf. [meing] pidekila.

kote₁   vt. to cross to the other side; to cut down; to cut a girl's hair straight across at the bottom.

kotekehp   1. n. first feast of the yam season, usually from August to September, in which the whole cooked tubers of kehp pwetepwet along with the freshly cut vines are presented, opens the season when people are allowed to eat whole yam tubers. 2. vi. to have this feast. 1. Kotekehp wia nohpwei ieu. Kotekehp is a feast. 2. Atail kousapwet pahn kotekehp ni tepin Septempe. Our section will have its yam feast at the beginning of September.

kotelel, also koht.   meing. n. the inner bark of Hibiscus tiliaceus which is used as a bast in the preparation of kava. cf. keleun wiesakau .

koten wini   1. n. a party or gift given to a sounwini the fourth day of taking medicine. 2. vi. to prepare this party or give this gift.

kotepe   n. the fibrous cloth-like material from the cococut palm used for extracting milk from grated coconut.

kotokot   1. meing. vi. to be given a haircut. 2. meing. n. haircut. 1. Re pahn ketin kotokot rahnwet. He will be given a haircut today. 2. Sapwellim kotokoten me nei. Your haircut is nice. cf. seisei₂.

kotop₁, also koatop.   n. Pohnpei mountain palm, Clinostigma ponapense.

kotuhwahu   adj. belligerent, easily angered, pugnacious, resentful, bitter.

kou   n. cow, Bos taurus. [Eng.]

koudiahl   1. vi. to be spectacular. 2. Biblical. n. revelation.

koul   1. vi. to sing. 2. n. song, hymn. cf. [meing] kounied, melikahka.

koul sarawi   1. n. Christian hymn. 2. vi. to sing a Christian hymn.

koulangpeseng   meing. vi. to open one's eyes. Re ketin koulangpeseng. Open your eyes please. cf. pehdpeseng.

koulin aip, also ngisin pikipik.   n. a song with crisp rhythmic pulses, simulating the sounds of an aip drum; a song sung to the accompaniment of an aip drum, traditionally sung at a kava ceremony during an informal visit by a Nahnmwarki to a family home.

koulin aluhmwur   n. a song sung on the occasion of aluhmwur.

koulin aramas kedepwidepw   n. a song about individuals, typically telling stories about the lives of high-ranking people, or about clan progenitors, mythical or real.

koulin darak   n. a funeral song, sung on the fourth day of a funeral, after burial.

koulin kahlek   n. a dance song.

koulin kapailok   n. a song of ridicule, generally sung by individuals or groups, by winners to losers.

koulin kaping   n. a song of praise, in the church.

koulin kawa   n. a song of ancient times.

koulin kemweit seri   n. lullaby, a song to comfort a child.

koulin kepir, also ngisin kepir.   1. n. a song to accompany a kepir dance. 2. vi. to sing this song.

koulin kerir   n. a love song; formerly referred to emotion-laden secret songs sung between two partners.

koulin koasoamw   n. a song of welcome.

koulin komwurumwur   n. a song of farewell.

koulin lehp   n. a song to accompany a lehp dance. [lehp <Eng. left]

koulin limpoak   n. a love song.

koulin loaloid   n. a song of longing.

koulin mahs   n. a song of long ago, sung without instruments.

koulin mahwin   n. a battle song.

koulin mengiloal, also koulin mwengiloal.   n. a love song, sung only to oneself, never to others.

koulin pikipik, also koulin aip, ngisin aip.   1. archaic. n. a song with a pulsing rhythmic delivery. 2. vi. to sing a song of this nature.

koulin poadoapoad   n. a song about history.

koulin sakau   n. a song sung when drinking kava or alcohol.

koulin sampah₁   n. a worldly song; a general name for songs about contemporary events and social problems.

koulin sampah₂   1. n. a love song. 2. vi. to sing a love song.

koulin santi sukuhl   n. a Sunday school song; a children's song sung in Protestant churches. [santi sukuhl <Eng. Sunday school]

koulin seiloak   n. a song about royal journeys.

koulin sensuh   n. a game song, sung during group competitive sports events; introduced during the Japanese period. [sensuh <Jap. senshu]

koulin seri   n. a children's song, comparable to American camp and school songs.

koulin undohkai   n. a song used to cheer on althletes during an athletic competition or meet. [undohkai <Jap. undōkai]

koulin wehn   n. a song to accompany a wehn dance.

koumoal   meing. vi. to be staring. Re mwomwen koumoal. He seems to be staring. koumoale, vt.

koumoale   meing. vt. to stare at. Re mwomwen koumoale liho. He seems to be staring at the woman. koumoal, vi. cf. kakil.

koumoalehdi   vt. to stare at incessantly.

koamoarop   meing. n. umbrella, cover. Mie sapwellim koamoarop? Does he have an umbrella? cf. amper.

koamoarope   meing. vt. to cover someone up. Likend pahn koamoarope kahlap. Likend will cover him up. koamoaropidi, vi. cf. koduhpwal.

kounied   1. meing. vi. to sing. 2. n. song, hymn. 1. Re pahn ketin kounied? Are you going to sing? 2. Re kupwurki kouniedo. Do you like that song? cf. koul.

kounsop, also kounsup.   vi. to be frowning, unsmiling.

koupahleng   n. a feasthouse having five center posts.

koupe   vi. to vote by a show of hands.

koupuhp, also likoupuhp.   vi. to be covered up.

koupwin   meing. n. restriction, prohibition, ban. Sohte koupwin ong kamadipw. There are no restrictions on having a feast. cf. inepw.

koupwindi   vt. to forbid, to prohibit, to impose a ban upon something taboo or illegal. Mwohnsapwoko koupwindi weikep ansou wet. Mwohnsapwoko prohibited the harvesting of yams at this time.

kopwung sapahl   legal. n. appellate hearing.

kourahpw   1. vi. neut. to cook fish with coconut milk and turmeric. 2. n. coconut meat with turmeric, a traditional body ornament. kourahpwih, vt.

kourahpwih   vt. to cook fish with coconut milk and tumeric. kourahpw, vi.

kourapwarapw   n. a competition between two villages or individuals involving agricultural products.

kouruhr   1. vi. to laugh. 2. n. laugh, laughter. kouruhrki, vt. cf. [meing] kiparamat, tahleng, rahnei, seirek.

kousapw   n. a section or local chiefdom consisting of a number of private homesteads, smaller than a wehi₂.

Kousapw U, also Kousapw Tamworohi.   n. a section (kousapw) in U.

kouseni   1. vi. to exorcise. 2. n. exorcism.

kousoan   1. vi. to reside. 2. n. residence.

kousoarensapw   1. n. a reciprocal feast. 2. vi. to make a reciprocal feast. 1. I pahn kohla iang kousoarensapwo. I will join the reciprocal feast. 2. Kitail pahn kousoarensapw de soh? Are we going to make a reciprocal feast or not?

kout, also kuht.   n. goat, Capra hircus. [Eng.]

koutuht   n. a meeting of two Nahnmwarkis.

kouwahlap   adj. extensive, large.

kouwarak   vt. to copulate with. kouwerek, vi.

kouwerek   1. vi. to be copulating. 2. n. copulation. kouwarak, vt.

kowarak, also kowaraki.   vt. to copulate with, to have sexual intercourse with. kowerek, vi.

kowaraki   vt. see kowarak.

kowe, also koh.   ind. pron. you. cf. [meing] ihr, komwi.

kowel, also kouwel.   n. bud of the coconut flower.

kowelik, also kewelik.   n. bird sp., Pacific reef heron, Egretta sacra.

kowerek   vi. to copulate, to have sexual intercourse. kowarak, kowaraki, vt.

kowet   1. meing. vi. to shout in a falsetto voice, either when carrying kava or to challenge another to a fight. 2. n. falsetto shout. 1. Mwohnsapw ketin kowet nansapw. Mwohnsapw shouted in falsetto voice when he was on his farm. 2. Kowet wia likwer ieu. A falsetto shout is a way of calling. cf. se₁, kadekedek.

kowih   slang. vt. to chase.

kreidid   n. credit. [Eng.]

kreidid iuhnion   n. credit union. [Eng.]

kreidid kard   n. credit card. [Eng.]

kriminal   n. criminal. [Eng.]

kromosohm   n. chromosome. [Eng.]

kuwahpa   n. strawberry guava, Psidium cattleianum and Psidium guajava, the leaves of which are boiled to make a tea which is effective in the treatment of diarrhea. [Eng.]

kuair   n. choir. [Eng.]

Kuam   n. Guam. [Eng.]

kudud, also kudud en palau, uht rais, kirihm.   n. a banana cultivar, eaten both raw and cooked.

kudud en palau, also kudud, uht rais, kirihm.   n. a banana cultivar, from Palau.

kuhl   vi. to suck on, as a cigarette or sugar cane.

kuhleid   n. Kool-Aid, any similar drink. [Eng.]

kuhpene   vi. to close₁ one's mouth. cf. [meing] kuhreiso.

kuhs   n. goose. [Eng.]

kuht, also kout.   n. goat, Capra hircus. [Eng.]

kuk   vi. to cook. [Eng.] kukih, vt.

Kuk Ailan   n. The Cook Islands. [Eng.]

kukih   vt. to cook something. [kuk <Eng. cook] kuk, vi.

kukusuh   n. air gun. [Jap. kūkijū]

kul   vi. neut. to grab, to seize. kulih, vt.

kulih   vt. to grab, to seize, to plunder. E men iang kulih nei kehp. He wants to seize my yams. kul, vi.

kull, also koll.   n. cockroach.

kuloak   n. time, clock, watch, hour. [Eng.]

Kuloap   n. a title.

kuloapis, also klopis.   n. club, a suit in playing cards. [Eng.]

kulu   n. bird spp., any of a number of species of migratory shore birds, including the Pacific golden plover, Pluvialis fulva, the greater yellow legs, Tringa melanolevca, and possibly the sanderling, Crocethia alba.

kuluhkous   n. glucose. [Eng.]

kulup   n. the accumulation of dried leaves from a previous uhmw. cf. [meing] soupirleng.

kumi, also komi.   n. rubber, plastic. [Ger. Gummi]

kumiai   1. n. a group of people who take turns working on one another's land. 2. vi. to participate in such a group. [Jap. kumiai]

kumw   vi. neut. to disturb or alert by making a pounding noise. kumwur, vt.

kumwa   subj. pr., ind. pr. you, dual.

-kumwa   obj. pron. you, dual.

kumwail   subj. pr., ind. pr. you, plural.

-kumwail   obj. pron. you, plural.

kumwisekala   vi. to fall.

kumwukumw₁   n. a thudding noise.

kumwukumw₂   n. peak, crest, small hill.

kumwur   vt. to disturb or alert by making a pounding noise. kumw, vi.

kumwus   1. vi. to joke, to tease. 2. n. joke. kumwusih, vt. cf. kamwan, kepit₂.

kumwuskihda   vt. to joke about. Isohko kumwuskihda en pwutako meingo. Isohko joked about the boy's use of meing.

kumwusek   vi. to be detonated or exploded.

kumwuskihda   meing. vt. to joke about. Isohko kumwuskihda en pwutako meingo. Isohko joked about the boy's use of meing. cf. kepitkihda.

kumwut   n. (3sg. kumwuti) fist. cf. [meing] pwekeleng.

kumwut en kidi   n. a variety of the yam kehpineir, shaped like a dog's paw.

kumwut en peh   n3s. wrist.

kumwutik   vi. to sneer.

kun   vi. to be extinguished; to be turned off, of lights and motors.

kundihna, also kaimana.   n. a banana cultivar, mostly eaten raw.

kunukunda, also kiewek en tamworohi.   n. a yam cultivar.

kunut   n. a fleshy growth on the upper part of the beak of a female pigeon; abnormal fleshy growth or tumor on the surface of the skin; the sighting bead on a rifle.

kupwel   vt. to bend, of something rigid. kupwelek, adj.

kupwelek   adj. bent, of something rigid. kupwel, vt.

kupwu, also kopwou.   n. basket, purse, handbag. cf. [meing] likohmes.

kupwud, also kopwud.   n. (3sg. kupwude) new leaf.

kupwuneik, also elies, soulik en mesihsou.   n. a yam cultivar.

kupwur₁   meing. n. (3sg. kupwure) will₁, feelings, wish, intention, decision, desire, heart; belly, guts, stomach. Iei kupwuren Mwohnsapw me sansalehr. It is Mwohnsapw's intention that has been expressed. cf. nsen, kapehd.

kupwur₂   n. bird spp., any of a number of species of boobies, including the masked booby, Sula dactylatra personata, the red footed booby, Sulasula rubripres, and the brown booby, Sula levcogasten platus.

kupwurehla   meing. vt. to forgive; to bless. Komw kupwurehla ohlo, pwe e sapwungala. Forgive the man, for he made a mistake. cf. mahkehng.

kupwurehda   meing. vi. to decide, to determine. Mwohnsapwoko kupwurehda me ieremenehr kamadipw wiawi. Mwohnsapwoko decided that the feast will no longer take place. cf. lemehda.

kupwurehieng   meing. vi. to think, to feel, to assume, to suspect. Isohko kupwurehieng me ih me koaros pwungki. Isohko thinks that is what everyone prefers. cf. lemehieng.

kupwurekeng   meing. adj. intelligent, smart, clever, shrewd, sharp. Isohko me kupwurekeng. Isohko is smart. cf. loalekeng.

kupwuriso   meing. n. belly, stomach, chest, bosom. cf. kapehd, mwarmware.

Kupwuriso   n. third highest mountain on Pohnpei, located in U.

kupwurki   meing. vt. to agree, to like, to prefer. Isohko kupwurki dahme Soumas en Kousapw koasoanehdier. Isohko agrees with what the section chief has already decided upon. cf. mwahuki.

kupwurohki   meing. vt. to take care of; to be concerned about, to worry about, to care for, to be interested in. Isohko me pahn kupwurohki soahng pwukan. Isohko will be concerned about those kind of things. cf. nsenohki.

kupwuropwon   meing. adj. stupid, silly, idiotic, simple, ignorant, dumb. Mie sohpeidi me kupwuropwong. There are some noblemen who are stupid. cf. pweipwei₁.

kur   vi. to move one's hips in the manner characteristic of sexual intercourse. kurih, vt.

kurando   n. baseball field. [Jap. gurando < Eng. ground]

kureiong   n. crayon. [Jap. kureyon < Eng.]

kurih   vt. to move one's hips against another's in the manner characteristic of sexual intercourse. kur, vi.

Kuro   n. a common name for a black dog. [Jap. kuro : black]

kuroamw   1. n. chum, bait thrown around a canoe to attract fish. 2. vi. to chum, to throw bait around a canoe to attract fish.

kurop   n. baseball glove. [Jap. gurōbu < Eng.]

kurodong   n. croton, Codiaeum variegatum. [Eng.]

kuru kiniti, also meikole, meikolemwot, meipa, meiwid.   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

kuruma   n. cart. [Jap. kuruma]

kurupw   n. immature coconut before reaching the growth stage called uhpw.

kus   vi. to gush; to climax or ejaculate.

kuskar   n. a red hot stone from the uhmw used to sterilize a pounding stone to be employed in the preparation of lihli for the Nahnmwarki.

kutian   n. accordion. [Eng.]

kutoahr   n. bird sp., Micronesian kingfisher, Halcyon cinnamomina.

kutoareileng dapwaiso, also kutoarenleng.   n. eaves of heaven, horizon; the place beyond the horizon.

kutohr   1. n. egg; a small yam that can be carried by hand. 2. vi. to lay an egg.

kutohr en limwedi   adj. young and beautiful, as of a girl in her prime; lovely.

kutohr en mese   n3s. eyeball.

kuwa   n. hoe. [Jap. kuwa]

kuwai   1. vi. to whistle. 2. n. whistle. cf. [meing] keuwed, nimpar, suwaimwot.

kuwet   n. a dryland taro (sawa₁) cultivar.

kuwihn   n. queen. Kuwihn Elizabeth en England mwehi reirei. Queen Elizabeth of England has had a long reign. [Eng.]

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