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Pohnpeian-English (alpha)

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Lepen Parem   n. the section chief of the island of Parem.

Lepen Ririn   n. a title, in the Nahnken line.

Lepen Sokehs   n. a relatively low ranking title from Sokehs; in 1890 the holder of this title tried unsuccessfully to mediate the dispute between the Spanish colonial administration and the people of Madolenihmw.

Lepensed   n. a honorary title.

lepinsedo   n. a condition or structure in the ocean such that makes it difficult to traverse, such as that caused by the fringing reef in southern Madolenihmw.

lepeu   1. adj. self-conscious. 2. n. conscience.

lepewih   vt. to be conscious of one's self. Lepewihuk. Be conscious of who you are.

lepi-   rel. n. section, piece, side.

lepin   vi. to be approximately half full, of a container of liquid.

lepin kahs   n. saying, proverb. see kahs₅.

lepin keidu   n. a post, such as a fence post.

lepin koasoai, also pwuloin koasoai.   n. phrase.

lepin likou   n. material, cloth.

lepin lokaia   n. word; expression; archaic word or expression. cf. [meing] lepin mahsen.

lepin lokaiahn pous   n. conjunctive adverb.

lepin mahsen   meing. n. word; expression, saying; archaic word or expression. Mie lepin mahsen lep ketihtihki, "Dehr kerwa pein karatamah." There is an expression that means, "Don't be too anxious about what is inevitably going to happen". cf. lepin lokaia, pwuloin koasoai.

lepinpil   n. pool₁, pond, puddle.

lepin rausis   1. n. short pants, shorts. 2. vi. to wear short pants or shorts.

lepin seht   1. n. blouse. 2. vi. to wear a blouse.

lepin sepwil₂   meing. n. permission to speak, asked of the Nahnmwarki. I peki ahi tungoal elep lepin sepwil en mwohn ei pah doula. I request permission to speak before I proceed. I pahn saunkihda ai kisiniei lepin sepwilo. I will start my fire with that splinter of wood.

lepin tuhke   n. log, stick; short sticks (approximately 5-6 inches in length) used in the dokia dance.

lepinpok   n. a club for killing large fish.

lepinsaipali   n. war spear.

lepinsed   n. ocean, sea, as the Pacific Ocean, or the Philippine Sea.

Leprohi   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw, Kitti, and Nett.

les₁   vi. to deserve ill fortune or punishment, to have it coming. Ke les. You had it coming.

lesila   vi. to receive one's comeuppance.

les₂   vi. to be split, of a husked coconut; to be rung, of a bell. leser, vt.

lesen   n. lesson. [Eng.]

leser   vt. to split a husked coconut; to ring₂ a bell. les₂, vi.

lesienleng   meing. n3s. sweat from the brow. Mwohnsapw limerere lesienleng. Mwohnsapw wiped the sweat from his brow. cf. pwudowenmas.

lesihpwong   1. vi. to eat a late night snack, usually of a woman who is breastfeeding a child. 2. n. such a late night snack.

lesikihla   vi. to be shamed, to be humbled.

lesila   vi. to receive one's comeuppance.

let   vi. neut. to flick. leteng, vt.

letek, also letok.   n. grass sp, a kind of cane grass.

letelet   vi. to knock or rap. leteng, vt.

leteng   vt. to flick; to knock with the finger tip; to knock or rap. let, letelet, vi.

letepwel   n. fish sp. convict tang, Acanthurus triostequs, normally found on the barrier reef.

leter   n. letter, of the alphabet. [Eng.]

leu   vi. to be cooked.

lewair, also luwair.   1. n. a flash flood from the mountains. 2. vi. to flash flood.

Lewetik   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti, Sokehs, and Nett.

li-₁   verb. pref. prefix meaning 'given to'. pirap steal, lipirap given to stealing.

li-₂   archaic. prefix feminine marker. lidu female servant ladu male servant.

liahmw, also ahmw₂, omwinwel.   n. a tiny flying insect, commonly found in the forest.

liahn   adj. outgoing, friendly, knowing no stranger, usually said of children and pets.

Liahnensokole   n. the turtle mother whose sacrifice by her sons symbolized the dominance of the Saudeleurs over the island.

liaid   vi. to pick lice from one's own head. liaide, vt.

liaide   vt. see liaid.

liakotohrohr   adj. unsociable, acting alone, selfish; discriminatory. Aramas liakotohrohr men sohte kin men patehng mehtei kan. An unsociable person normally does not associate with others.

lialaud   n. elderly female.

liap   1. meing. vi. to lie₁. 2. meing. adj. untruthful. 3. meing. n. lie₁. 1. Isohko sohte kin liap. Isohko does not lie. 2. Kitail pahn idawehn liap? Are we going to follow his lie? cf. likamw.

liapiap   n. noose for snaring rats.

liapwahpw   vi. to place a wrap or cover over oneself so that the front of the torso is covered.

Liarkatau   n. a clan.

liaudan   adj. capacious, able to hold a lot.

lida   n. fish sp., a kind of parrotfish.

Lidakihka   n. the octopus that led Sapwikini to the reef upon which he and his party later built Pohnpei.

lidangalangal   1. n. illness of a pig after giving birth. 2. vi. of a pig, to have this illness.

lidapedep   adj. grimy, sticky, the feeling one has when one needs to bathe.

lidep   n. fertile female of any species.

lider₁   1. n. food or drink employed as a chaser after drinking kava. 2. vi. to take a chaser after drinking kava.

lider₂   vi. to be intentionally bothersome. lidere, vt.

lidere   vt. to intentionally bother; to interfere with; to intervene. lider₂, vi. cf. [meing] liketerapwanga, andere.

liderewes, also liderwas.   adj. meddlesome, pesky, said of someone who butts into the affairs of others.

liderihleng   n. the water in the bottom of a canoe.

lidik   n. sea urchin.

lidip   1. n. an animal trap. 2. vi. to trap. lidipih, vt.

lidipih   vt. to trap. lidip, vi.

lidoar   vi. to be anxious, eager, restless. E lidoar. He is anxious. kalidoarih, vt.

lidoi   n. fish sp., a small parrotfish, possibly another name for mahu pwul.

lidoin mahu   n. fish sp., blue-barred parrotfish, Scarus ghobban.

lidokia   n. the female dance master of the dance called dokia, done by a group of women.

lidokodok pwise   n. fish sp., a kind of needle fish, Hemiramphidae (halfbeaks), normally found on fringing reefs, in the lagoon, and on patch reefs.

lidu   1. n. female servant, either politically or domestically. 2. vi. to serve as a slave, of a woman. liduwih, vt.

liduwih   vt. to serve as a slave, of a woman. lidu, vi.

liedepwen   n. childless woman.

liedipan   Biblical. n. prostitute.

lielehle   archaic. n. good woman.

liemeir   n. grass sp.

lien nan imwalap   n. housewife. Lih akan kin wiahla lien nan imwalap mwurin pwopwoud. Women normally become housewives after marriage.

lienei   n. the favorite female child of a Nahnmwarki or Nahnken.

liengimat   1. n. lymphatic filariasis, elephantiasis; enlarged testicles. 2. vi. to have this disease.

lienkuweteleng   n. a dryland taro (sawa₁) cultivar.

lienpileng   n. grains of sand present in the bottom of a canoe.

lienseisop   n. woman who awaits or goes aboard visiting ships for sexual purposes. Lienseisop kan kin pereniki kasamwohdo olen pohn sohp kan. Women who await or go aboard visiting ships for sexual purposes like to welcome the ship's crew.

liep   1. n. cord, looped around one's ankles and used for climbing trees. 2. vi. to loop such a cord around one's ankles. liepih, vt.

liepe   meing. vt. to lie₁ to; to trick; to tease. Mwohnsapw liepeie. Mwohnsapw lied to me. cf. pitih.

liepih, also liapih.   vt. to loop a cord around one's ankles for climbing trees, to climb with a cord around one's ankles. liep, vi.

lieraran, also lihraran.   n. nymphomaniac, prostitute.

lierkik   adj. active, lively, uneasy; restless, with reference to a child.

lierkepinwer   adj. talkative.

lierpwater   n. fish spp., Chaetodontidae, butterfly fishes, normally found in the lagoon and on fringing, patch, and barrier reefs.

liesengeu   n. woman desiring sexual intercourse; prostitute.

liet₁   adj. full of milk, of the breasts.

Liet₂   n. said to be one of four types of non- or subhuman beings that inhabited Pohnpei in the past, believed to have been ugly, lazy cannibals.

lih₁   n. name of the letter l, the ninth letter of the Pohnpeian alphabet, used to represent the phoneme /l/, a dental lateral.

lih₂   n. woman, lady; female of any species.

lih₃   n. boom sheet, sail rope.

lih kadek   n. nun.

lihk   archaic. n. (3sg. liki) surface of something; facial expression, observable sign.

lihli   1. n. pounded food, especially breadfruit, but also taro, yams, and bananas; third feast of the breadfruit season in which loaves of lihli are presented in a special basked lined with banana leaves; afterward people are allowed to eat lihli and can begin to make mahr. 2. vi. neut. to pound₁ food. 3. vi. to have a feast for the making of lihli.

lihli karer   n. fermented pounded food.

lihlihn sohpeidi   meing. n. stepson, a male who becomes a son by marriage. Oaronmwar wia sapwellim lihlihn sohpeidi. Oaronmwar is his stepson.

lihlihn uht, also uht sukusuk.   n. a dish made by boiling peeled or unpeeled bananas (typically utin Ruk or inahsio), after which they are mashed and mixed with coconut milk.

lihm, also mehn limalim.   n. bailer.

lihmw   n. sponge; moss , lichen.

lihp   1. n. leave, as in annual leave. 2. vi. to go on leave with pay. 1. I pahn doadoahngki lihp lakapw. I will use my leave tomorrow. 2. I pahn lihp nan wihk kohkohdoh. I will go on leave next week. [Eng.]

lihpw₁   n. (3sg. lipwe) trace or track.

lihpw₂   n. large hole in the ground, pit.

liht   n. jellyfish.

lik₁   num. one billion.

lik₂   meing. vi. to be full after eating; to be satisfied; of animals, to come out of heat; to stop bearing fruit, as of a coconut tree. Mwohnsapwoko koanoat oh likehr. Mwohnsapwoko already ate and is full. cf. med.

likahde   vt. to caress.

likahs   1. n. swing, hammock, seesaw. 2. vi. to swing.

Likamadau   n. the woman Isokelekel slept with on the island of And for the purpose of gathering intelligence before he went to Pohnpei to overthrow the Saudeleurs.

likamisik   1. adj. horrible in appearance, awful. 2. n. anything peculiarly sacred. likamisikih, vt.

likamisikih   vt. to horrify. likamisik, adj.

likamw   1. vi. to lie₁. 2. adj. untruthful. 3. n. lie₁. cf. [meing] liap.

likamwada   vi. to be made a liar of; to be humiliated; to feign.

likamwala   vt. to seem to have the attributes of.

likamwete   sent. adv. apparently, it seems that. Likamwete e kohdo aio. Apparently he came yesterday.

likamwohd   n. bride.

likan   n. spider sp.

likangkang mesuwed   adj. said of someone who desires and performs oral sex.

likangkangenihmat   1. adj. incestuous. 2. n. incest.

likarahs   n. rock crab.

likarak, also lingkarak.   n. (3sg. likereke) louse, flea.

Likarepwel   n. the wife of Konopwel, a member of the second of the seven settlement voyages to Pohnpei.

likaut, also soker.   n. joker, in cards.

likawih   vt. to wear. likou, vi.

likawihada   vt. to dress oneself; to wear a grass skirt; to put on clothing. likouda, vi. cf. [meing] mwoalehda.

likedepw   n. female freshwater shrimp, Metapencus moyebi, collected in streams for food; this word is now more commonly used for both male and female freshwater shrimp.

likediked   adj. given to tickling others.

likedipwahpwa   n. bird sp., blue-faced parrotfinch, Erythrura trichroa; some speakers reverse the meanings of likedipwahpwa and likedipwuhpwu. see likedipwuhpwu.

likedipwuhpwu   n. bird sp. Hunstein's mannikin, Lonchura punctulata. see likedipwahpwa.

likehdou   n. Ipomoea mauritiana ; the leaves of this plant are sometimes crushed and rubbed on yam tubers that are to be planted to ward off disease and to counteract magic.

likehke   meing. adj. reliable, conscientious; just₂, upright. Mwohnsapw me likehke. Mwohnsapw is conscientious. cf. lelepek.

likehmw   n. vine sp., Ipomoea digitata.

likeikei   adj. fierce; given to biting others when get angry. Kidio likeikei. The dog is fierce.

likeikiris, also likekiris.   adj. slippery, slick.

likeilap   meing. adj. old, aged. Mwohnsapw sohte kak ketseli pwe me likeilap. Mwohnsapw can not go around because he is old. cf. mah.

likekehu, also likehkehu.   adj. always standing.

likekiris, also likeikiris.   adj. slippery, slick.

likekringring   meing. n. toothpick. Ke ese wiahda lekeringiring? Do you know how to make a toothpick for Mwohnsapw? cf. mehn eringi.

likelikad   vi. to sigh.

likendinkep   n. stingray.

Likendlap   n. title of the wife of an Isohlap.

likepip   vi. to flap, as a bird flaps its wings.

likepisir   n. bird sp., Pohnpei fantail, Rhipidura kubaryi.

likerwaite   adj. deformed, of the eyelids.

likesekeseu   adj. critical, of people.

likesiang   n. male freshwater shrimp, Metapencus moyebi, collected in streams for food.

likesileng   adj. disgusting, unattractive.

liketerapwanga   meing. vt. to intentionally bother; to interfere with; to intervene. E sohte konehng Mwonsapwoko ren liketerapwanga nanpwung pwopwoudo. It is not appropriate for Mwohnapwoko to interfere with that married couple. cf. lidere.

liki   prep. n. outside (him, her, or it).

likid₁   n. shellfish sp.

likid₂   vt. to accompany and assist.

likidal   n. hibiscus sp.

likidar   adj. scavenger-like. likidere, vt.

likidek   adj. irreconcilably or deeply hurt, of one's feelings.

likidere   vt. to scavenge, of people. likidar, adj.

likidmeliehla   meing. vt. to forsake, to abandon. E apwalehng Mwohnsapw ren likidmeliehla sapwellim aramas. It is difficult for Mwohnsapw to forsake his own people. cf. pohnsehsehla.

Likie   n. a section (kousapw) in Sokehs.

likih   vt. to trust. likilik, adj. cf. [meing] likilepe.

likilap   adj. overly trustful. likilepe, vt.

likilepe   vt. to overly trust. likilap, vi.

likilik   1. adj. trustworthy. 2. n. trust; trusteeship. likih, vt.

likimwei, also mweilik.   vi. to throw or punch forcefully.

Likin Piken Iap, also Piken Iap.   archaic. n. an old name for Sokehs.

Likinikel   n. an area of Kolonia adjacent to the Spanish wall.

likinioar   meing. n. (3sg. likininioar) cheek. Likinioar pwukapwukla mwurin laid en aioh. Your cheeks turned red after yesterday's fishing. cf. likinsap.

Likinlamalam   n. the name given to Palikir by the Saudeleurs, literally 'outside of the proper ways'.

likinleng   meing. n. back of the head. Mie mpwos ieu likinleng. There is a boil on the back of his neck. cf. likinpaiki.

likinmwoal   meing. n. (3sg. likinmwoale) cheek. cf. sepe₁.

likinpaiki   n3s. back of the head. cf. [meing] likinleng.

likinpwelih, also likinpwele.   meing. vt. to throw down, to drop; to defeat in a competion. Mwohnsapw likinpwelih edin kihdo. Mwohnsapw dropped the trash bag. cf. kese.

likinpwelihala   vt. to throw away, to get rid of, to discard; to divorce; to abandon; to disregard. Isohko likinpwelihala edin kihdo. Isohko threw away the trash bag. Mwohnsapw likinpwelihala en Soulik ah tungoal pwunodo. Mwohnsapw disregarded Soulik's concern.

likinsap   n. (3sg. likinsepe) cheek. cf. [meing] likinioar.

likinsekiri   meing. n. back of human body; the area located at one's back. Likend el likinsekirin Mwohnsapw. Likend messages Mwohnsapw's back. Me kasohwow aramas emen en uh likinsekirin mwohnsapw ni sohte kahrepe. It is disrespectful for anyone to be standing at the back of Mwohnsapw without any reason. cf. pohnsewe.

likirikirir   adj. disdainful.

likisang   vt. to abstain, from anything, to refrain from.

likupwerada   meing. vi. to get up, to get out of bed. Re ahpwtehn likupwerada sang nan pitenlos. He just got up from the sleeping mat. cf. pwourda.

likohmes   n. a type of basket from Kosrae.

likoht, also tehiap.   n. bird sp., short eared owl, Asio flammeus ponapensis.

likokounsop   adj. stern-faced, unsmiling.

likokouruhr   adj. happy-looking, smiling.

likommwei   n. fish sp., snapper, Lutjanus fulviflamma, normally found on a fringing reef.

likond, also poahsoan.   archaic. n. a conditon of women, causing stomach pain; the abdomen is hot to the touch and tender, but not swollen, patient is feverish and urinates frequently (also called poahsoan, but likond is favored by older people).

likopirei   n. bird sp., long tailed cuckoo, Eudynamis taitensis.

likoserek   1. n. slip knot. 2. vi. to tie a slip knot.

likosetik   adj. having a highly suspicious mind. Liho me likosetik. The woman has a highly suspicious mind.

likotkotuhwahu   adj. short-tempered, self-conscious.

likou   1. n. cloth, anything made of cloth, material, clothes, clothing. 2. vi. to wear clothing. [Eng. calico?] likawih, vt. cf. [meing] kerirrir, mwoahl₂.

likouda   vi. to dress oneself.

likou iaht   n. yard goods. [iaht <Eng. yard]

likouda   vi. to dress oneself. likawihada, vt.

likouli   1. n. dress. 2. vi. to wear a dress.

likoumeimei   1. n. lava-lava, made of the bark of the breadfruit tree. 2. vi. to wear a lava-lava.

likoun mihsa   n. vestment. [mihsa <Spa. misa]

likoun padre   n. cassock. [padre <Spa. padre]

likoun papah   n. the cassock and surplice worn by altar boys.

likoun sarawi   n. Sunday clothing, one's best clothing.

likoun sounpei   n. military uniform.

likoun toahkte   n. laboratory coat. [Eng. toahkte : doctor]

likoupuhp, also koupuhp.   vi. to be covered up. Ihs me likoupuhpo. Who is that who is covered up?

likoutei   1. n. lava-lava, a wrap-around skirt. 2. vi. to wear a lava-lava or wrap-around skirt.

liksansalamwahu   adj. hypocritical, deceptive, treacherous, acting as a wolf in sheep's clothing.

lil   vi. to lower a sail.

lilikoio   n. Portuguese man-of-war, the jellyfish.

lim   vt. to fold. limilim, vi.

limpene   vt. to fold up.

limadip   num. five. see dip.

limodun   num. five. see dun.

limaile, also maile.   n. ghost that causes dizziness and vertigo.

limak   vt. to bail. limalim, vi.

limakap   num. five. see kap.

limakis   num. five. see kis₁.

limalim   vi. to bail. limak, vt.

limanokonok, also limanukunuk.   adj. absent-minded, forgetful.

limara   num. five. see ra.

limarepeileng   meing. n. pupil and iris of the eye. cf. toantoalennanmas.

limarewenleng   meing. n. drinking water. Koadiahdi limarewenleng nan kilahsen. Pour the drinking water in the glass. cf. pilen nimpil.

limasawairek   meing. n. container for carrying water, water container made of a leaf of sepwikin. Kahpw idipada limasawairek. Please fill the container. cf. ngke.

limasawairok   1. meing. vi. to wink. 2. meing. n. the act of winking. 1. Isohko limasawairok, ahpw sohte patohwan. Isohko winked, but no one noticed. limasawairoke, limasawairokih, vt. cf. men₄.

limasawairokih, also limasawairoke.   meing. vt. to wink at. Mwohnsapw limasawairokih liho nan Joy Restaurant. Mwohnsapw winked at the woman in the Joy Restaurant. limasawairok, vi. cf. manih.

limotumw   num. five. see tumw₁.

limau   num. five. see -u.

lime, also limeiso, limahr.   meing. n3s. arm, hand. cf. peh.

limeh-   meing. vt. to hand something to someone. Sahngoro limehdo tala rieisek. Sahngoro handed me twenty dollars. limehieng hand to lemehdo hand me/us. cf. kih-.

limedek   adj. old; awkward; peculiar; outgoing, forward, of women.

limedramin   slang. adj. forward, uninhibited, outgoing.

limehda   vt. to pick up, to carry, to take along.

limehk   num. fifty. see ehk₁.

limeidihd   adj. oppressive.

limeirpwong, also limemeirpwong.   n. giant sensitive plant, Mimosa diplotricha, used as a charm, and Phyllanthus amarus, used medicinally.

limeisek   num. fifty. see eisek.

limeiso, also lime, limahr.   meing. n3s. arm, hand. cf. peh.

limek   adj. bent, smashed, mashed, dented.

limemeirpwong, also limeirpwong.   n. giant sensitive plant, Mimosa diplotricha, used as a charm, and Phyllanthus amarus, used medicinally.

limengimeng   1. n. tuberculosis. 2. vi. to have tuberculosis.

limengoul, also limongoul.   num. fifty. see ngoul.

limenimeninseri   n. sp. of lizard, dark blue with light blue stripes, Perocheirus.

limerei   vi. neut. to wrap kava in a bast with a minimal number of twists.

limerer   1. meing. vi. to sponge off, to wipe dry. 2. meing. n. the act of wiping. 1. Lesienleng pahn limerer. The sweat from the brow will be sponged off. limerere, vt. cf. limwilimw₁.

limerere   meing. vt. to sponge off; to wipe dry. Mwohnsapw limerere pohn tehpelo. Mwohnsapw wiped the table. limerer, vi. cf. limwih.

limes   n. the term used for the four kava stems that are pried from the stump of the Enihlap, the largest kava plant in a kava ceremony.

limeseileng   n. the name of the fourth and final kava stem pried off from the Enihlap (the largest kava stump in a feast) during the kava ritual.

limesekedil   n. the female head of a clan.

limesel   num. five. see sel₂.

limesileng   n. the name of the third kava stem pried off from the Enihlap (the largest kava stump in a feast) during the kava ritual.

limesrahra   n. the name of the second kava stem pried off from the Enihlap (the largest kava stump in a feast) during the kava ritual.

limesrihri   n. the name of the first kava stem pried off from the Enihlap (the largest kava stump in a feast) during the kava ritual.

limete   num. five. see te.

limetleng   meing. n. a stopper for a hole in a drinking coconut used by high titled people. cf. pinepen uhpw.

limewel   num. five. see wel₂.

limiel, also limehl.   num. five. see el₂.

limilim   vi. to be folded. lim, vt.

limosop   num. five. see sop₂.

limesou   num. five. see sou₄.

limmen   num. five. see men₃.

limmwer   n. fish sp., a small ah₁.

limmwot   vi. neut. to wrap kava in a bast with many twists.

limmwut   num. five. see mwut₂.

limoumw   num. five. see umw₂.

limpa   num. five. see pa₃.

limpar₂   n. fern spp., Huperzia phlegmaria, Huperzia phyllantha, or Lycopodiella cernua.

limpak   num. five. see pak₁.

limpali   num. five. see pali₁.

limpar₁   num. five. see par₂.

limpit   num. five. see pit₂.

limpoak   1. n. love, affection, romance, devotion. 2. adj. loving, romantic, generous, affectionate, devoted. 3. vi. to be in love, to be romantic. 2. Lahpo limpoak. That guy is affectionate. cf. [meing] nantehlap, nintehleng, ninsehlap.

limpoar   num. five. see poar₁.

limpwel   n. sp. of small crab.

limpwo   n. limbo. [Eng.]

limpwoat   num. five. see pwoat.

limpwong   num. five. see pwong.

limpwuloi   num. five. see pwuloi.

limwadong   n. sea anemone sp.

limwah   prep. n. next to (him, her, or it).

limwahdek   vi. to crawl on one's belly.

limwahnsaleng   n. salt water eel, commonly found in muddy areas.

limwakarakar   adj. sensitive, temperamental.

limwakatantar   n. millipede.

limwaramwar   adj. given to showering gifts upon a loved one.

limwasahsa   adj. voyeuristic.

limwahdake   meing. vt. to mop, to sponge off, to wipe off; to give someone a sponge bath. Re pahn pein limwahdake aluweluwahr ko. He will wipe off his own feet. limwahdak, vi. cf. ahlimwe, ahlimwih, dahlimwe, dahlimwih.

limwehdi₁   n. bird sp., Carolinian reed-warbler, Acrocephalus syrinx.

limwehdi₂   n. larva, as of a caterpillar.

Limwehtu   n. one of the nine women who traveled with Sapwikini on the voyage that led to the creation and settlement of Pohnpei (left behind to populate the island); the ancestral goddess of the Dipwinmen clan.

limweilamalam   n. a yam cultivar.

limwengemwenge, also limwengehnge.   adj. said of a male who is careless about what he eats; desiring and performing oral sex.

limwenpwudo   n. handkerchief.

limwer   n. acute jawed mullet, Neomyxus leuciscus, normally found on the fringing reef.

limwereniak   n. echo.

limweseili   adj. said of a male who always serves women, often carrying a negative connotation. Ohl me limweseili epwehniki mi wasa me lih tohto. A man who always serves women is commonly found where there are many women.

limwesou   archaic. adj. obnoxious, disgusting, irritating; lusty.

limwih   vt. to sponge off, to wipe dry. limwilimw₁, vi. cf. [meing] limerere.

limwilimw₁   1. vi. neut. to sponge off; to wipe dry. 2. n. the act of wiping. limwih, vt. cf. [meing] limerer.

limwilimw₂, also limwilimwin.   adj. mossy. Paipo me limwilimw. The boulder is mossy.

limwilimwin, also limwilimw₂.   adj. mossy. Paipo me limwilimwin. The rock is mossy.

limwoahr, also lamwer.   n. gecko.

limwoahren leng   n. a species of gecko that dwells in trees.

limwoahren pat   n. a species of gecko that dwells in houses (smaller in size than limwoahren leng).

limwoahren senses   n. a species of small gecko that dwells under rocks in rocky areas.

limwoahren tap   n. a species of large gecko that dwells at the base of large trees and on the ground.

limwoaluhlu   meing. n. bathing sponge. cf. limwen duhdu.

Limwohdeleng, also Limwohndeleng.   n. the ancestral goddess of the Dipwilap clan; a ghost, said to take on various female forms, that dwells in the Kolonia area and Nett.

Limwohndeleng, also Limwohdeleng.   n. the ancestral goddess of the Dipwilap clan; a ghost, said to take on various female forms, that dwells in the Kolonia area and Nett.

limemwodol   num. five. see mwodol.

linenek   adj. always willing to engage in sexual intercourse, of a woman.

lingada   vi. to appear on the horizon, of land.

lingaling₁   adj. bright, clear, shiny.

lingan   adj. beautiful, shiny.

linge   n3s. beam of light.

lingelingel   adj. given to biting.

lingeringer   1. n. anger. 2. adj. angry. cf. [meing] ahng₁, engieng.

lingkerekenwel   n. plant spp., Fimbristylis littoralis or Hypolytrum nemorum.

lingkiri   n. oyster.

lingkorot   n. shellfish sp., black in color.

linohdih   meing. vi. to spy on. cf. lipahroke.

lioakoahk   adj. hotheaded, troublesome; defective, said of a mechanical object that fails to work.

lioal   n. lightning, electricity.

lioaroahrpwohtik   n. small green insect with a powerful odor.

lioasoahs   adj. pretentious; desirous to get something impossible to attain, utopian.

liohdi   n. widow.

lioli   n. fish sp., trigger fish, a variety of Rhinecanthus aculeatus; possibly the name of a number of fishes belonging to the Balistidae family of trigger fishes, normally found in the lagoon and on patch reefs and the barrier reef.

Lioramanipwel   n. one of the nine women who traveled with Sapwikini on the voyage of exploration that led to the creation of Pohnpei.

Liou Ririn   n. title of the wife of an Ou Ririn.

Lioundol   n. title of the wife of an Oundol.

Liounpei   n. title of the wife of an Oun Pohnpei.

liourehre, also lieurehre.   1. vi. to have a nightmare; to mutter indistinctly during sleep; to be delirious. 2. n. nightmare; muttering; delirium. cf. [meing] nderak.

lip   vi. to leave a usual living area; to leave in haste because of displeasure; to migrate.

lipada   vi. to escape, to be relocated. Irail lipadahsang Sokehs. They escaped from Sokehs.

Lipahdakdau   n. the woman Isokelekel used as a consort and adviser shortly after he arrived on Pohnpei.

lipahdopwonla   vi. to die while pregnant, also resulting in the death of the fetus.

lipahkiek   adj. always secretive.

lipahned   1. vi. to gossip; to criticize. 2. n. gossip; criticism. lipahnede, vt. cf. [meing] kauduhd, pilenpahnmweli.

lipahnede, also lipahnedih.   vt. to gossip about, to talk secretly about. lipahned, vi. cf. [meing] pilenpahnmwelih.

Lipahnmei   n. the Katau consort of Nahnsapwe, the mother of Isokelekel.

lipahrekerek   1. meing. n. heartburn, acid reflux. 2. meing. vi. to have heartburn, to experience acid reflux. cf. sohiahia.

lipahrok₁, also lipoahrok.   n. bird sp., Audobon's shearwater, also called dusky-backed shearwater, Puffinus lherminieri dichrous.

lipahrok₂   vi. to spy. lipahroke, vt.

lipahroke   vt. to spy on. cf. [meing] linohdih.

lipahrourou, also lipahreureu.   n. butterfly.

lipaiere   meing. n. a stopper for the hole in a drinking coconut used by high titled people. cf. pinepen uhpw.

lipaule   n. a fish sp. that lives at the mouth of streams.

lipeiahk, also peiahk.   adj. oval.

lipekekil   adj. looking in a begging manner. lipekekilih, vt.

lipengipeng   vi. to sigh in one's sleep.

liper₁   n. fish sp., halibut.

liper₂   adj. skinny; sick, weak.

lipes   adj. ferocious, fierce, menacing.

lipet   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

lipilipil   adj. choosy.

lipirap   adj. thievish, given to stealing.

Lipitahn   n. a clan, customarily the clan of the Nahnken of Kitti, known to have come from the Marshall Islands.

lipoahrok, also lipahrok₁.   n. bird sp., Audobon's shearwater, also called dusky-backed shearwater, Puffinus lherminieri dichrous.

lipopohn   adj. vain.

Lipopohnwel   n. a ghost, of the jungle; said to be one of four types of non- or subhuman beings that inhabited Pohnpei in the past.

lipwalipw   1. n. discernable trace or mark; consequence, impact. 2. adj. discernable, consequential.

lipwan   adj. having an effect, effective, efficient.

lipwanapwan   vi. neut. to suspend from one shoulder or both with a strap or rope, as a bag, purse, or knapsack. lipwene, vt.

lipwarkid   n. the tip of the outrigger (either end).

lipwei   n. clam sp., antique ark, Anadara antiquata scapha, popular food item.

lipweipwein lehk   adj. stingy.

lipwene   vt. to suspend from one shoulder or both with a strap or rope, as a bag, purse, or knapsack.

lipwesepwes   adj. frequently engaging in sexual intercourse.

lipwongmas   vi. to faint.

lipwusingar   adj. unpleasant, always in a bad mood; harsh acting.

lirau   n. reed sp. Phragmites karka similar to bamboo, used for weaving and for making nose flutes.

liroaridi   1. 2. meing. vi. to be bashful, to be embarrassed, to be ashamed.

lirohro   adj. protective, mother-hen-like.

lirop   n. mat, used to sleep or sit on. cf. [meing] moatoar₂, pereklap.

lisaimwer   adj. loosely attached; limp₂ looking, of people.

lisalamwahu   meing. adj. healthy looking, having a healthy complexion, having an appearance of being friendly. Isohko me lisalamwahu. Isohko is healthy looking. cf. poh mwahu.

lisalselewi   meing. adj. erratic; hypocritical, two-faced. Mwohnsapw me lisaleselewi. Mwohnsapw is erratic. cf. koweikohdo.

lisap   n. a small fish sp.

lisapahlkid   n. vegetation in the form of debris that is caught on the front of the canoe or the outrigger, or both.

lisapei   n. the female dance master for the dance called sapei.

Lisaramanipwel   n. one of the nine women who traveled with Sapwikini on the voyage that led to the colonization of Pohnpei.

lisarapat   n. fish sp.

liseian   1. n. pregnancy. 2. adj. pregnant. cf. [meing] ahpalap.

liseianda   vi. to become pregnant.   n. pregnancy.

liseirkopw, also lisairkopw.   adj. always crying, said of a child that easily cries when upset.

liseiseipahini, also liteiteipahini.   n. sp. of green lizard.

liseliping   adj. chaotic.

Lisermwudok   n. a subclan of the Dipwinmen clan.

lisoapwoar   n. sp. of crab.

lisoarop   1. n. hat. 2. vi. to wear a hat. cf. [meing] ohpweisou.

lisoi, also lusoi.   vi. to doze off, to nod when falling asleep.

lisongapwo   1. n. paralysis. 2. vi. to be paralyzed.

lisop   n. sp. of sea cucumber, tiger tail sea cucumber, Holothuria hilla, commonly found under rocks on reef flats.

lisosipil   adj. said of one who consistently puts too much water in kava or lihli.

lisouduhdu   n. sp. of crab.

Lisoumokiap   n. the woman who, with her sister Lisoumokoleng, came to Pohnpei from Katau Peidi on the sixth settlement voyage.

Lisoumokoleng   n. a woman, who with her sister Lisoumokiap, cane to Pohnpei from Katau Peidi on the sixth settlement voyage, said to have brought a number of varieties of banana plants and yam seedlings.

litak   n. fish sp., mudskipper.

litapwih   vt. to paint. litepw, vi.

liteh   vi. to bear fruit, as of a breadfruit tree. Mahio saikingte liteh. That breadfruit tree has not borne fruit yet. Rah wo litehn riau. That branch has two fruits. see wa.

litehlapalap   adj. wide and flat.

litehmwahu   meing. n. a stone placed in front of an entrance to a house, used to wipe one's feet on. cf. takain wudeh.

Litehriete   n. the second matrilineage of the Dipwinpahnmei's ruling subclan, which wrested the title of Nahnmwarki from the senior matrilineage in 1836.

Litehsilite   n. the third-ranking lineage of the Isohn Enimwahn ,the Dipwinpahnmei's ruling subclan.

litehwih   vt. to encircle, to surround.

liteiteipahini, also liseiseipahini.   n. sp. of green lizard.

litepw, also litopw.   1. n. paint; initial effects of kava or alcohol. 2. vi. to paint; to feel the initial effects of kava or alcohol. litapwih, vt.

litepwitepw   meing. vi. to be picked, of lice from one's hair; to be groomed. Isohko ketin litepwitepw. Isohko is being groomed. litepwitepwe, vt. cf. mpek.

litikitik   adj. temperamental; stingy.

litinsapw   vi. to lose interest in life after losing one's land or after one's property is ruined.

litok   n. hen.

litokmwanger   n. reed sp., a variety of ahlek with reddish spots on the stem.

liwadawad marer   n. grass sp., Centella asiatica.

liwair   n. a small sp. of bat₁, believed to accompany ghosts.

liwaisisik   vi. to hop on one foot.

lo   vi. to be caught.

loahk   n. lock. [Eng.]

loahng₁   n. fly₁.

loahng₂   n. (3sg. loange) canoe roller, logs used to roll a canoe out of the water on to the shore.

loahngnous   n. long nose pliers. [Eng.]

loak   vi. to be locked. [Eng.] loakehdi, vt.

loakehdi   vt. to lock. [loak <Eng. lock] loak, vi.

loakewel   1. meing. vi. to defecate; to use restroom. 2. meing. n. the act of defecation. cf. pek, kainen mwenge.

loakipil   1. meing. vi. to bathe. 2. meing. n. bath. 1. Mwohnsapw pahn loakipil. Mwohnsapw will take a bath. 2. Loakipil en menseng wiawiher. Morning bath has already been done. cf. duhdu.

loakiso   1. meing. vi. to bathe. 2. meing. n. bath, water for bathing. cf. duhdu.

loal   adj. deep.

loalamwahu   adj. good-hearted.

loale   prep. n. inside (him, her, or it).

loalehdi   meing. vt. to remember, to recall. cf. tamataman.

loalehla   meing. vt. to become fond of someone; to fall in love with. cf. poakepoakehla, mwahukihda.

loalehng, also loalohng.   vt. to be devoted, reliable, persevering.

loaleid, also loaloid.   1. vi. to miss a person or a place, to be homesick, to yearn for a loved one far away or deceased, to pine₁ for home. 2. n. homesickness. cf. [meing] iremwell, keidloaloh, lihtensapw.

loalekeng   adj. intelligent, smart, clever, shrewd, sharp. cf. [meing] uwenrahn, kupwurekeng.

loalen parisi   adj. two-faced, hypocritical, pharisaical. [parisi <Eng. Pharisee]

loalepwei   archaic. adj. stupid, silly, idiotic, simple, dumb.

loallap   1. adj. daring, reckless, bold, adventurous. 2. n. thief, murderer, rascal.

loalloale   1. vi. to be thinking about; to be infatuated. 2. meing. vt. to love. 1. Mwohnsapw lakahda me re loalloale liho. Mwohnsapw revealed that he is infatuated with that woman.

loalmasarang, also loalmasarar, masarang, masarar.   adj. indecisive when confronted with a number of appealing choices.

loalmoakoamoak   adj. shy, sheepish; kind; good natured.

loaloapwoat   1. adj. faithful, persevering, single-minded, diligent; loyal. 2. n. faithfulness, perseverance, single-mindedness, loyalty. cf. [meing] peirek.

loaloapwoatieng   vt. to be devoted to.

loaloh   adj. heartsick, of a man who has lost his wife.

loalohng, also loalehng.   vt. to be devoted, reliable, persevering.

loaloid, also loaleid.   1. vi. to miss a person or a place, to be homesick, to yearn for a loved one far away or deceased, to pine₁ for home. 2. n. homesickness. cf. [meing] iremwell, keidloaloh, lihtensapw.

loalopwon   adj. stupid, silly, idiotic, simple, dumb.

loaltehtik, also loaltik.   adj. pessimistic.

loang   vi. to be passed in the traditional manner of respect; to be placed across another thing. loange, vt.

loangalap   n. wasp; a sp. of fly₁ that makes its nest in dry wood, such as dried hibiscus; any sp. of fly larger than the common house fly.

loangalap en suke   n. honeybee. Loangalap en suke mi nanwel en Pohnpei. Honey bees live in the forests of Pohnpei.

loange   vt. to pass in the traditional manner of respect; to place one thing across another thing. loang, vi.

loangen pwise   n. a bluish colored fly₁.

loangen suke   n. honeybee. [suke <Eng.]

loangenmeiso   meing. n. toothpick. cf. mehn eringi.

loangkoait   vi. in U, to serve the Nahnmwarki or Nahnken by carrying kava directly from the pounding stone.

loangmeiso   meing. n. toothpick. cf. mehn eringi.

loangoaloang   adj. full of flies.

loangoapahpa   vi. to place one's leg over a sleeping partner.

loangon   n. sea cucumber, Sticopus japonicus, found on lagoon slopes, eaten, a favored food in Asia.

Loangtakai   n. a place in Madolenihmw where Kitti warriors led by Isosauri defeated a force from Madolenihmw in the eighteenth century.

loh₁, also lahu.   n. (3sg. lewe) tongue. cf. [meing] eseulap, dinapw.

loh₂   vi. to have something stuck in one's throat. cf. [meing] sokoloal.

loh₃   n. seat, in a canoe. cf. [meing] pohnkoiohlap.

Lohd   n. harbor in Madolenihmw.

Lohd Pah   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

Lohd Powe   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

lohdi   vi. to be conquered, captured, overcome.

lohk   vi. to spread news. lohki, vt.

lohki   vt. to spread news about. lohk, vi. see lohk.

lohkinned   vi. to issue a call for food, done by a Nahnmwarki prior to a feast.

lohlo   n. crossbeam in a house; the name of the first beam as you enter a feasthouse. cf. [meing] kehnlangiso.

lohmwei   1. n. a disease of infants, attributed to the mother's becoming pregnant while a child is still nursing. 2. vi. to have this disease.

lohng, also longenmwet.   n. termite, termite nest.

lohnwar   n. seat, in a canoe.

lohpehdi   meing. vi. to dive into deep water. Mwohnsapw pahn kak lohpehdi nan Lehnmesi? Can Mwohnsapw dive into Lehnmesi? cf. dikoumoangidi.

lohpwelipwel   vi. to make a good catch with a net.

lohpwu   n. cross, crucifix; floor beam; a carrying pole with a cross pole attached; a kava plant large enough that it requires being carried on such a carrying pole. cf. [meing] rohlap.

lohpwuala, also lohpwuhla.   vi. to be crucified. cf. [meing] karohlap.

lohpwuhla   vi. see lohpwuala.

lohs   n. mat, used to sleep or sit on. cf. [meing] moatoar₂, pereklap.

Lohsapw   n. the former name of Nanpahlap, a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

lohteng   adj. mute, dumb, stuttering.

lohtik   n. (3sg. lohtiki) uvula.

loi   vi. to collide. loir, vt.

loi-   vi. to arrive at a specific location, to appear on the scene.

loipehs   vi. to tap ashes from a cigar, cigarette, or pipe.

loir   vt. to strike together. loi, vi.

loitik   1. meing. vi. to whisper. 2. meing. n. whisper. 1. Mwohnsapw loitik pwe aramas en dehr iang rong. Mwohnsapw wishpered so no one else could hear him. 2. Sohte me iang rong sapwellim loitiko. No one else heard his wishper. loitikih, vt. cf. mwengin, mwenginingin.

lok   vi. to suffer, physically or mentally; to be tired; to give up.

lokala   vi. to be sated, to have had it with something or someone.

lokaia   vi. to speak, to talk. cf. [meing] mahsen, poahngok.

lokaia mengei   n. the common form of Pohnpeian; common language. Kitail lokaia mengei pwe en sansal. Let us speak the common language in order to make ourselves clear.

lokaia suwed   adj. foulmouthed.

lokaia tohto   adj. argumentative.

lokaiahn aramas   n. language of the people, the level of common language.

lokaiahn wahu   n. honorific language, respect language.

lokaiahn wai   1. vi. to speak English. 2. n. English.

lokala   vi. to be sated, to have had it with something or someone.

lakalok, also lokalok.   adj. restless; uncomfortable, causing minor discomfort, distressed.

lokolok   n. suffering.

lokulok, also lukuluk.   1. vi. to have a serious case of asthma; to breathe in an agitated manner. 2. adj. asthmatic. 3. n. a serious case of asthma; agitated breathing.

lol   n. fish sp., ehu, red snapper, Etelis carbunculus.

lol imwin pwadaik toantoal   n. fish sp., rusty jobfish, Aphareus rutilans.

lol maswalek   n. fish sp., longtail red snapper, onaga, Etelis coruscans.

lolok   vi. to frown.

lolong   n. stone tomb or burial chamber.

lommw, also lemmw.   adj. afraid of ghosts.

lomwod   slang. vi. to eat voraciously.

lomwolomw   adj. damp.

-long   verb. suff. inwards, into. alu walk, aluhlong walk into.

longenmwet, also lohng.   n. termite.

lop   vi. to be cut crosswise. lopuk, vt.

lopidi   n. district, precinct; section; cut in a hill or mountain made for a road.

lopitik₁   vi. to chop into small pieces. lopitikih, vt.

lopitikih   vt. to chop something into small pieces. lopitik₁

lopuk   vt. to cut crosswise. lop, vi.

lopw₁   num. one hundred thousand.

lopw₂   vi. to clap. lopwor, vt.

lopwolopw   vi. to wash clothing, to do laundry, literally the action of pounding clothing. lopwor, vt.

lopwon   1. n. any soft object which is made into a ball; a ball of kava root fibers set aside during the first pounding; one of the cups of kava in the kava ceremony. 2. vi. to be made into a ball. lopwonih, vt.

lopwor   vt. to wash clothing, to launder; to clap; to applaud. lopw₂, lopwolopw, vi.

losalap   n. wide mat, commonly used for sleeping; a ceremonial mat. cf. [meing] pereklap.

losenpwong   1. vi. to sleep on a matter, to think about a matter overnight; to let an issue ride until the next day. 2. n. the act of sleeping on a matter. 2. Kitail lus pohn ire apwal kan ong mehn loasenpwong. Let's skip the tough issues and sleep on them. losenpwongih, vt. cf. [meing] mwoaluhluhnpwong.

losenpwongih   vt. to sleep on a matter, to think about a matter overnight, to let an issue ride until the next day. Kitail losenpwongih oh pwurehng koasoaia. Let us sleep on it and discuss it again. losenpwong, vi. cf. [meing] mwoaluhluhnpwongih.

losolos   adj. lush, as of foliage; thick, as a coat of hair.

lou   adj. cool, cooled off.

loulou   1. meing. vi. to pray. 2. n. prayer. 1. Mwohnsapwoko pahn loulou. Mwohnsapwoko will pray (or) say a prayer. 2. Sapwellim loulou pahn mwotomwot. His prayer will be brief. cf. kapakap₁.

ludenen   n. lieutenant. [Eng.]

luh₁   vi. to be incomplete, as a consequence of some part being removed.

luh₂   meing. n. the final cup of kava, marking the end of the kava ritual, either as a consequence of the Nahnmwarki's departure or because the kava is stale, in which case fresh kava is brought and the ritual begins anew. cf. kodie.

Luhennos   n. a title.

luhk   n. invitation.

Luhk   n. a minor Pohnpeian deity; a title.

Luhk Nahnsapwe   n. the thunder god.

Luhk Pohnpei   n. a title.

luhke   meing. n3s. thumb or big toe. cf. sendilepe.

Luhken Kesik   n. the Nahnmwarki of Madolenihmw who was deposed in 1836.

Luhken Kideu   n. the Nahnmwarki of Madolenihmw who, as Wasahi, deposed the then reigning Nahnmwarki, Luhken Kesik, in 1836. Luhken Kideu ruled ruled until 1854.

Luhken Lengsir   n. an honorific death title for Nahnku, the Nahnken of Kitti, who ruled from 1843 to 1864.

Luhken Mwei U   n. the Nahnmwarki of Madolenihmw, who ruled from 1854 to 1855.

Luhken Sakau   n. the Nahnken of Kitti who immediately preceded Nahnku, the father of Henry Nahnpei.

Luhkenleng   n. the diety who gave kava to Pohnpei.

luhl   interj. an exclamation, said to drive away sharks.

luhmwuhmw   1. meing. vi. to be sick. 2. adj. sickly. 3. n. sickness, disease, illness. cf. soumwahu.

luhmwuhmwla   vi. to be intoxicated, to be drunk; to have an incurable ailment.

luhpes   n. louver. [Eng.]

luhr   n. carpenter prawn, Palaemon serrifer.

luhs   vi. to lose. [Eng.]

luhte   n. a yam cultivar.

luhwe   n3s. leftover food, remains, remnant; change, as of money; the one remaining. cf. [meing] luhweiso.

luhwehdi   vi. to be leftover.

luhweiso   meing. n. leftover food. cf. luhwe.

Luihsiana   n. Louisiana. [Eng.]

luk   vi. to be invited; to be towed; to troll for fish. luke, vt.

luke   vt. to invite; to tow. luk, vi.

lukehdingiding   meing. vi. to walk in the rain. cf. dilin keteu.

lukenaisais   n. a yam cultivar.

lukenaisais mwotomwot   n. a yam cultivar.

lukepe   n3s. invitation; the waist; in the middle.

lukiamwas, also lukuwal, lukielel, opohp, soulik en lukuwal.   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

lukielel, also lukuwal, lukiamwas, opohp, soulik en lukuwal.   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

Lukoap   n. an autonomous area in southern Kitti prior to the unification of the chiefdom by Soukisehnleng.

lukom   vi. to wrap around, to encircle.

Lukop   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw; also the name of an autonomous area in Kitti in the past.

lukope   n3s. middle, either in a spatial or temporal sense; waist or trunk of the body, trunk of a tree.

lukopenpwong   n. midnight, middle of the night.

lukouk   n. small hand net for fishing.

lukuluk, also lokolok.   1. vi. to have a serious case of asthma; to breathe in an agitated manner. 2. adj. asthmatic. 3. n. serious case of asthma; agitated breathing.

lukupoaridi   vi. to lean forward; to bow.

lukuwal, also lukiamwas, lukielel, opohp, soulik en lukuwal.   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

lul   1. vi. to flame. 2. n. flame.

lulda, also mpwulda.     adj. ablaze.

lupwoar   1. n. the act of scolding or deprecating. 2. adj. deprecative. lupwoare, vt. cf. [meing] nahnioaralap.

lupwoare   vt. to scold, to deprecate. lupwoar, vi. cf. [meing] nahnioarelepe, angiangih.

lupwoluwo   n. a large octopus-like creature, said to live in the mouth of rivers, possibly mythical.

lus   vi. to jump. lusuk, vt.

lusida   vi. to jump up; to be surprised.

lusiam   1. vi. to commit suicide by hanging oneself. 2. n. suicide by hanging.

lusida   vi. to jump up; to be surprised.

lusuk   vt. to jump; to catch a ride with. lus, vi.

lusulus   1. adj. contagious; wandering, of speech. 2. n. high fever that includes seizures, sometimes deadly if not treated.

lususuhr   adj. soft, easy to sink in, as a swampy place.

luwahreureu   meing. vi. to visit; to take a walk; to go on a picnic. cf. mwemweit.

luwaikehk, also lauwikehk.   vi. to call by shouting, to call out.

luwair, also luwaie.   1. n. a flash flood from the mountains. 2. vi. to flash flood.

luwak   vi. to be jealous, to be envious. cf. [meing] urahdied.

luwakada   vi. to openly display jealousy.

luwakedi   vi. to hide one's jealousy.

luwakahk, also luwakehk.   adj. jealous, usually with reference to one's spouse. cf. [meing] urahdied.

luwakedi   vi. to hide one's jealousy.

luwaken eni   n. an illness caused by the ghost of a dead relative.

luwehs   n. tree sp., Mammea odoratat, having a sticky sap.

luwet   1. adj. weak, feeble, sickly. 2. n. a sick person.

luwetakahu   adj. said of someone who is weak in lifting or carrying something.

luwou   n. bracelet. cf. [meing] wairen kederlap.

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