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Pohnpeian-English (alpha)

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ma    me    mi    mm    mo    mp    mw    

ma   conj. if. Ma ke pahn laid, ah ke ndahdo pwe i pahn iang. If you are going fishing, let me know so that I join in.

mad₁   n. fringing reef flat; large coral head.

mad₂, also madekeng.   vi. to be dry.

mada   n. forked stick part of a slingshot. [Jap. mata]

madamadau   1. vi. to think. 2. n. thought, the skill of thinking. medewe, vt. cf. [meing] moahliol, mwuserehre.

madap   adj. uneven, of an edge.

madau₁   n. ocean, beyond the reef.

madau₂   n. thought.

madekeng   adj. very dry.

madep   n. sp. of sea cucumber.

madepei, also soupei.   n. an isolated reef.

madeu   n. tree sp., Cinnamomum carolinense, the bark of which is used to make a tea, as well as for medicinal purposes.

madires   n. mattress. [Eng.]

madol   n. space between things, time between events, interval, interstice.

Madol Pah, also Madol Peidak.   n. the area of Nan Madol that served as a center of religious ceremony and also housed the residences of priests.

Madolenihmw   n. name of a municipality in Pohnpei.

mah   adj. old, aged; ripe. cf. [meing] likeilap.

mahdire   n. nun. [Spa. madre : mother]

mahi   n. the generic name for breadfruit; a major food source that is also used for building canoes, carvings, medicine, and glue; the inner-bark was once used to make women's clothing. Artocarpus altilis and Artocarpus mariannensis, the latter also identified as meipa or meikole.

mahil   n. of the tide, to be low early in the morning. Uhet mahil. The tide is low this morning.

mahk₁   1. adj. reserved, shy, containing one's feelings for fear of self-embarrassment or embarrassing others, constrained in one's action by a social situation, formal in one's relations with others; modest. 2. n. deference. cf. [meing] eile.

mahk₃   n. mark, insignia, sign. [Eng.]

mahkada   vi. to stop, of rain.

mahkehngie   interj. Excuse me!, Forgive me!

mahkensal   adj. silent on matters out of politeness.

mahkenwol   1. adj. exhibiting an extreme form of mahk₁. 2. n. an extreme form of mahk₁.

mahkoneidi   vi. to cease, resulting in a return to normalcy.

mahl   1. adj. to be blinded by harsh, dazzling light. 2. n. temporary blindness induced by excessive light. cf. [meing] mwoluhpei.

mahlahl   1. adj. slow, of speech; of waves, separated by long intervals. 2. n. calmness.

mahlen   1. vi. to draw or paint, as a picture. 2. n. painting, drawing. [Ger. malen] mahlenih, vt.

mahlengda   meing. vi. to look up. cf. sarada₁.

mahlenih   vt. [mahlen <Ger.] see mahlen.

mahliel   n. an eye condition caused by exposure to glare, resulting in sensitivity to light.

mahling   1. meing. vi. to wash one's face. 2. meing. n. the washing of one's face. mahlinge, mahlingih, vt. cf. epwinek.

mahlinge, also mahlingih.   meing. vt. to wash someone's face. Mwohnsapwoko mahlenge Likend. Mwohnsapwoko washed Likend's face. mahling, vi. cf. apwin₁.

mahliok   adj. calm and overcast, with no rain, used in describing the weather.

mahliokidi   vi. to become cloudy and dark.

Mahlipwur   n. a mythical sea creature hunted by Satokawai by order of the Saudeleur.

mahlon   1. meing. adj. incestuous. 2. meing. n. incest. 1. Mwohnsapw meno me mahlon. That Mwohnsapw was incestuous. 2. Mwohnsapw mahlonla. Mwohnsapw has become incestuous. cf. kilekilengsuwed.

mahn   n. animal, insect.

mahnien   adj. calm, cool, not easily disturbed; drowsy, of a person.

mahr₁   n. preserved breadfruit; meiniwe cultivars are preferred for this purpose.

mahr₂   n. fish sp., masked rabbitfish, Siganus puellus.

mahrdi   vi. of leaves, to turn or begin to dry.

mahrek   n. fern spp., Cyclosorus heterocarpus or Cyclosorus maemonensis.

Mahs   n. March₂. [Eng.] cf. [meing] Pehn.

mahs₁   n. in the past, a long time ago. Mahs mehn Pohnpei kin pelipel. In the past, Pohnpeians did tattooing. Mahs mahs mie ohl emen. Once upon a time there was a man. mahs mahs long ago, once upon a time.

mahs₂   n. (3sg. mese) face. cf. [meing] sihlang, nansihleng.

mahs₃   adv. please. Kihdo mahs. Give it to me, please.

mahs₄   n. first. I pahn kohla Pohnpei mahs. I will go to Pohnpei first.

mahsahs   adj. cleared, as of vegetation.

mahsen   1. meing. vi. to speak, to talk, to converse, to give a speech, of the Nahnken. 2. meing. n. language, talk, conversation, speech; dispatch. cf. lokaia, koasoai.

mahsies   meing. vi. to apply coconut oil to one's hair. cf. wisoar.

maht   n. pimple, acne.

mahu   n. fish spp., any bluish parrotfish.

mahuenmoar   n. fish sp., a kind of parrotfish.

mahulik   n. see maulik.

mahwin₁   1. vi. to be at war. 2. n. war, battle.

mahwin₂   vi. to be burned off, of the pin feathers of birds. mahwinih, vt.

mahwin en pohn wahr   n. sea battle, involving canoes.

mai₁   n. stone or coral fish trap.

mai₂   adj. skillful. [Jap. umai]

maiai   adj. unlucky, unfortunate; energetically, powerfully.

maiauda, also maiouda.   vi. to be relieved, to be free from encumbrances, to be free from worry.

maikol   n. overripe breadfruit; breadfruit that has been ripened for three days and two nights by the dokomei method.

maing   n. sir, madam. cf. [meing] eh₁.

maingih, also meingih.   vt. to speak to another using respect forms of speech. meing₁, vi.

maiouda   vi. see maiauda.

makahnik   n. a mechanic. [Eng.]

makiaki   vi. to sob.

makinet   n. magnet. [Eng.]

makirehl   n. canned mackerel. [Eng.]

makoroni   n. macaroni. [Eng.]

makunai   adj. stupid, incapable of learning, unskillful. [Jap. umakunai]

malahd   n. a variety of rahmedel (a kava cultivar).

malahsis   n. molasses, a molasses-like syrup made from the sap of the coconut palm. [Eng.]

malamal   adj. slow, referring to long intervals between some repetitious activity. Ohlo lokaia malamal. That man speaks slowly.

malawahn   meing. adj. speechless, quiet. Mwohnsapw me malamalawahn. Mwohnsapw is speechless. Mwohnsapw malamalawahn rahn pwukat. Mwohnsapw has been quiet these days. cf. sepeimwekid.

malangalang   adj. discomforted, by filth or something unpleasant looking; prissy.

malau   adj. far apart.

malaulau   adj. few.

malawahk   vi. to be quiet due to bewilderment. Ohlo malawahngkihla ah pwuriamwei. The man was shocked into silence.

maledek   adj. roomy; free, at ease in doing something; fluent; effortless.

Malehsia   n. Malaysia. [Eng.]

malek   n. bird sp., chicken, Gallus domesticus.

malekelek   n. fish sp., slingsaw wrasse, Epibulus insidiator.

maleken tiasang   n. a rooster that crows at unexpected times.

malekenwel   n. a wild chicken.

maliedi   meing. vi. to stoop down, to bow₁. cf. itiekidi.

malih   meing. n. to blow forcefully with the mouth. cf. peuk.

malipe   meing. vt. to call. malipilip, vi. cf. eker.

mall   n. open grasslands, savannah, natural clearing in the forest, a grassy, unfertile area; an area with little topsoil.

Mallen Kohpwahlele, also Kohpwahlelel.   archaic. n. a name given by the Saudeleur to what is now called Madolenihmw.

mamahd   vt. to maximize the volume of one's voice. Serepeino mamahd ah wer. That girl screamed as loud as she could.

mame   n. bean (the vegetable). [Jap. mame]

mamenoki   n. tree sp. [Jap. mamenoki : bean tree]

man   vi. to take hold, to stick; to be effective. Ahden manla rehn aramas. That name took hold among the people.

manaida   n. chopping board. [Jap. manaita]

manaman   1. adj. power rooted in spiritual or magical sources, magical, mysterious, spiritual; official; sovereign, authority. 2. n. magic, mysterious or spiritual power; miracle; authority; sovereignty. 3. vi. to hold legal title to land.

mand   adj. tame; domesticated.

Mand   n. a section (kousapw) and a valley in Madolenihmw.

manda, also soangada.   n. next day.

mandaken aio   n. day before yesterday.

mandolihn   n. mandolin. [Eng.]

mangarangar   vi. to be sickened by too much greasy food.

mangat   n. a group of banana cultivars, mostly eaten raw.

mangat en alohkapw   n. a banana cultivar, mostly eaten cooked.

mangil   n. (3sg. mangile) handle of a tool.

mangk   n. the position of the body assumed when ready for sexual intercourse, especially of women.

mangnga   1. n. cartoon, comic strip; character, clown. 2. vi. to be a character, to be a clown; to be foppish. [Jap. manga]

manguro   n. fish sp., dogtooth tuna, a variety of Gymnosarda unicolor. [Jap. maguro]

manih   vt. to wink at. men₄, vi. cf. [meing] limasawairokih, limasawairoke.

manioaroahr   1. meing. adj. lonesome, lonely. 2. meing. n. homesickness, lonesomeness, loneliness. 1. Mwohnsapw manioaroahr. Mwohnsapw is lonesome. 1. Mwohnsapw me manioaroahr. Mwohnsapw is lonesome. 2. Sapwellimen Mwohnsapw manioaroahr me lap. Mwohnsapw's homesickness is intense. cf. sangat.

mankonehla, also manokehla.   vt. to forget. manokonokala, vi.

mannaka   n. name of one of the holes in the marble game anaire. [Jap. mannaka]

manokehla, also mankonehla.   vt. to forget; to abandon. manokonokala, vi. cf. [meing] meliehla.

manokonokala   vi. to be forgotten. manokehla, mankonehla, vt.

mansu   n. a kind of dumpling stuffed with red bean jam. [Jap. manjū]

manterihn, also manterihng.   n. mandarin orange Citrus sinensis, tangerine Citrus tangerina. [Eng.]

manterihng   n. [Eng.] see manterihn.

maoakani   n. mahogany. [Eng.]

map   n. map. [Eng.]

maradahn   n. old preserved breadfruit.

marahda, also marahrahda.   vt. to lighten the weight (of something). Marahda lohsen pwe I pahn ale. Get off of the mat (lighten it) because I'm taking it.

marahra   adj. fast₁, swift, of a moving object; light₂, in weight.

marahrahda, also marahda.   vi. to lighten the weight (of something).

Marahu   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti.

marain   1. adj. bright, either with reference to light or intelligence; civilized, enlightened. 2. n. light₁; civilization.

maram   n. moon; moonlight.

maram mat, also mat₂.   n. sixteenth night of the month in the traditional, the night of the full moon in the lunar cycle. Maram mat iei keisek wenou en pwohng nan sounpwong. Maram mat is the sixteenth night of the month.

maram pwul   n. new moon, tenth night of the lunar cycle.

marapat   n. fish sp.

marasaras   adj. empty-headed, ignorant, lacking knowledge, uncultured, having no understanding of Pohnpeian culture (tiahk).

marasau   n. tree sp., Aglaia mariannensis, used medicinally and for firewood.

marekeiso   1. meing. n. coconut oil. 2. meing. vi. to anoint with coconut oil. cf. kei.

marekeng   adj. dry, of the hair or skin.

mahrekenleng   n. fern sp., Nephrolepis acutifolia.

Marekerek   n. a subclan of Dipwinwai, the ruling subclan of Palikir.

marekileng   meing. n. sacred place, altar, throne; sleeping place, sitting place. cf. mwoahl₁.

marep   vi. to blink. cf. [meing] kekuhrek.

marepw, also maropw.   n. fish sp., goatfish, normally found on a fringing reef.

marer   vi. to hiccough.

maresed   n. preserved breadfruit, prepared by soaking whole peeled fruit in the ocean for two days, after which they are placed whole in the pit.

mareu   meing. adj. thirsty. cf. men nimpil.

mariked   1. n. a market for selling food, primarily agricultural products. 2. vi. to prepare kava for sale at a kava bar. [Eng.]

marop   vi. to be smashed, to be pulverized, to be broken; of plants, to wilt.

maropw, also marepw.   n. fish sp., goatfish, normally found on a fringing reef.

marosong   1. n. a marathon. 2. vi. to run a marathon. [Jap. marason < Eng.]

maru   1. n. marijuana. 2. vi. to smoke marijuana. [Eng.]

marungurung   adj. faded.

masaht   n. small black mangrove crab, Metapograpsus oceanicus.

masak   vt. to be afraid of, to fear.

masal   vi. to blossom, to bloom; to fray, as of ropes.

masamas   adj. popular, beloved, favored. cf. [meing] rekeseidak.

masamwahu   adj. good-looking, pretty, handsome.

masapang   adj. cross-eyed.

masaro mwahn   n. the seating area in a feasthouse located between the two posts that are called rirkenloak.

masduwarawar   adj. large-eyed.

Masedu   meing. n. June. Masedu iei sounpwong en Suhn. Masedu is the month of June. cf. Suhn.

masepwehk   adj. afraid, frightened, cowardly, bashful.

masepwehkada   vi. to be horrified. Re masepwehkada. They are horrified.

masinoki   n. ironwood; a generic name for any kind of pine tree. [Jap. matsunoki : pine tree]

masis   n. match. [Eng.]

maskadek, also mesen kadek.   adj. having a kind face. Liho inenen maskadek. That lady has a very kind face.

maskala   adj. pretentious, proud, boastful.

maslemei   adj. mean looking. Ohlo maslemei. That man is mean looking.

masliki   n3s. outer side, outer surface.

masloale   n3s. inner side, inner surface.

masokod   n. fish sp., big-eye bream, Monotaxis grandoculus.

masomwomw   n. cataract, opacity of the crystalline lens of the eye.

maspali   adj. one-eyed, squint eyed.

Masasuhses   n. Massachusetts. [Eng.]

massuwed   adj. ugly; sad-looking.

masuku   n. mask. [Jap. masuku < Eng.]

masukun   adj. blind. cf. [meing] ediedperen.

masukunla   vi. to become blind.

mat₁   adj. of breadfruit, ripe, soft, and sweet when cooked; overripe, rotten, spoiled, decayed.

matala   Biblical. vi. to die.

matamat₁   adj. pliable, resilient.

matamat₂   n. plant spp., Eleocharis ochrostachys, Rhynchospora rugosa subsp. lavarum, and Schoenus achaetus.

matenei   adj. ripe, ready to eat, of fruit.

materek   adj. supple, limber; easily persuaded; lucky.

matoaloal   vi. to begin to ripen.

maud   n. fish sp., bridled grouper, Epinephelus septemfasciatus.

maudel   vi. to yawn. cf. [meing] moaralap.

mauk   slang. vi. to cry, to weep, to moan. cf. [meing] udamwer.

maun   n. right, as a location.

maus   n. computer mouse. [Eng.]

me₁, also met₁.   dem. pr. this one, by me; here; now.

me₃   stative marker used to emphasize the factuality of a state named by an adjective. E me kehlail. He is strong (no doubt about it).

medipikihdadiptoutou   n. a criminal.

me kadip   legal. n. accuser.

me repenpwung   legal. n. plaintiff. Me repenpwung tuhweng mehn pahn kadip. The plaintiff met the accused.

me repenpwung sapahl   n. an appellant.

med   vi. to be full, after eating. cf. [meing] lik₁, id₄, tip.

medahlia   n. medal, usually a Catholic religious medal. [Spa. medalla]

medakahn   1. adj. talkative, outgoing. 2. vi. to talk, to converse.

mede   n. ripe breadfruit.

medehdak   meing. n. at a feast, leaves upon which food to be distributed to high ranking individuals is placed; coconut fronds are used for the presentation of pork and fish, banana leaves are used for other kinds of cooked food. Kumwail patohwando medehdak. Bring in the medehdak. cf. inap.

medehde, also medehdak.   n. at a feast, leaves upon which food to be distributed to high ranking individuals is placed; coconut fronds are used for the presentation of pork and fish, banana leaves are used for other kinds of cooked food.

medehdehpwel   n. medehde that are placed directly on the ground. Kumwail wiahdi medehdehpwel. Prepare the medehdehpwel.

medek   vi. to hurt, to be painful, to ache.

medekpeseng   vt. to be dislocated or disjointed.

medel₁   adv. exactly. Re lelodo kuloak eisek riau medel. They arrived here at exactly twelve o'clock. kuloak siluh medel exactly three o'clock.

meden ngetik   n. a firm decision.

medendel   adj. smooth and flat.

medewe   vt. to think about. madamadau, vi. cf. [meing] moahliole.

medi   n. fish sp., emperor, Lethrinus lentjan.

modu   vi. to be soaked, to be dripping wet. Ah likou ko medu pwe e dilin keteu. His clothes are soaked because he walked in the rain. cf. [meing] mwoluhdingiding.

meh₁   n. thing.

meh₂   vi. to bleat, of a goat.

mehdek   vi. to laugh loudly; to moan. Liho mehdek pwe e peren. The woman laughed loudly for she was happy.

mehkan, also metakan.   dem. pr. these, by me.

mehkei   pron. something, anything (plural).

mehkoaros   pron. everything.

mehkot, also ekot, okoteme.   pron. thing, something, anything (singular). Mehkotet pahn kohieng nan uhmw. This thing will be put in an earth oven.

mehla   1. vi. to die; to stop, of a mechanical object. 2. n. death, wake, funeral. 3. n. death; remains, as of a dead body. cf. [meing] pwoula, rirlengla, kepelsalehdala, kepinsalehdala, sipalla.

mehlahn kepiripir   n. literally, a 'spinning death', a consequence of a poorly lived life; those who died this death went to Pohnpeian hell.

mehlahn Mesenieng   n. literally, 'death of Mesenieng,' a good death that results in resurrection and a new life for Pohnpeian souls.

mehlel   1. adj. true, honest, real. 2. sent. adv. truly, honestly, really.

mehme₁   n. wart.

mehme₂   1. vi. to eat, said only of infants. 2. n. premasticated food for infants.

mehmen   pron. whoever.

mehn₁   n. one of, thing of.

mehn₂   vi. to rub noses, the traditional form of a kiss.

mehn adahd   n. file₂, sharpening stone, razor strop.

mehn akinen   n. target.

mehn doadoahk   n. tool; gift or contribution to a party.

mehn eringi   n. toothpick. cf. [meing] likekringring, loangmeiso, loangenmeiso.

mehn ersaleng   n. a pick used for the ear, as a Q-tip.

mehn ilihl   n. steering wheel.

mehn kalohk   n. announcement, declaration, proclamation, executive order, all done in written form.

mehn kapas   n. glue.

mehn kasansal   n. example; exhibit.

mehn kataman, also mehn ketemen.   n. souvenir, reminder.

mehn kawa   n. people of olden times.

mehn ketemen, also mehn kataman.   n. souvenir, reminder. I pwainda mehn ketemen kei. I bought some souvenirs.

mehn kisetik   1. n. a mild form of measles. 2. vi. to have a mild form of the measles, possibly German measles.

mehn koadi   n. funnel.

mehn kodu   n. dye.

mehn liki   1. n. foreigner, a non-native person. 2. Biblical. n. Gentile.

mehn loipehs   n. ash tray.

mehn madau   1. vi. to be seasick. 2. n. seasickness.

mehn malahio   n. Indonesian, sometimes also used to mean Filipino. [malahio <Spa. Malayo]

mehn mpe   n3s. neighbor. I kesempwaliki mehn mpei kan. I value my neighbors.

mehn mwadong   n. toy.

mehn namwanamw   n. low islander; any islander, Micronesian or Polynesian, of non-Pohnpeian origin.

mehn ohpen   n. bottle opener. [ohpen <Eng. open]

mehn owannange   n. shot, the metal ball used in the game of shot put. [owannange <Jap. hōgannage]

mehn pahn kadip   legal. n. defendant, in a criminal case.

mehn pahn repenpwung   legal. n. plaintiff, in a criminal case.

mehn pahn repenpwung sapahl   legal. n. an appellee.

mehn peidaid   n. vehicle, of any kind.

mehn peleng   n. drying rack.

mehn poahr   n. toilet paper.

mehn pwuropwur   n. drill, brace.

mehn rar   n. flat piece of wood used to pry off the charred skin off of roasted breadfruit.

mehn roh   n. stretcher.

mehn rokumw   1. n. nosebleed, occurring spontaneously. 2. vi. to have a spontaneous nosebleed.

mehn sahk   1. n. migraine headache, sinus headache. 2. vi. to have a migraine or sinus headache.

mehn sahmwa   interj. thank you, used only with younger people.

mehn seipinsel   n. pencil sharpener. [pinsel <Eng.]

mehn sohng   n. ruler, tape measure.

mehn sohng karakar, also mehn songkarakar.   n. thermometer.

mehn suhs   n. Jew.

mehntang   1. n. diarrhea. 2. vi. to have diarrhea. cf. [meing] mehnpwurepwur.

mehn waii   n. foreigner; initially a general label for all those from large distant lands, now commonly used as a label for Caucasians, sometimes pejorative.

mehn windeng   n. steering wheel. [windeng <Jap. unten]

mehnda   1. interr. why, to what purpose. 2. interj. Never mind! 1. Mehnda ke sohte iang? Why didn't you go along?

mehnia   interr. which. Mehnia likou me ke mwahuki? Which material do you like?

mehnpwurepwur   1. meing. n. diarrhea. 2. vi. to have diarrhea. 1. I patohwando winien mehnpwurepwur. I brought medicine for your diarrhea. 2. Re menpwurepwur? Are you having diarrhea? cf. mehntang.

mehwo   adj. voracious.

Mei₁   n. May, the month of the year. [Eng.] cf. [meing] Epeng.

mei₂   1. adj. blue. 2. n. blue.

meiais   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meiniwe type).

meiapaup   n. a breadfruit cultivar.

meiarepe   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meiniwe type).

meid   adv. truly. Ke meid roson! Aren't you truly lucky!

meikalak   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meiniwe type); opens the rahk₁ (breadfruit) season.

meikanu   n. ripe breadfruit, before the stage called maikol; the first day of the ripening of breadfruit prepared by the dokomei method.

meikidi   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meiniwe type).

meikihmwer   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

meikole, also meikolemwot, meipa, kuru kiniti, meiwid.   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

meikuwet   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meiniwe type).

meimah   n. mature breadfruit, ready to be picked.

meimei   n. a clothlike material made from the bark of breadfruit.

meimwed   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

mein   n. occupant of a canoe. Wahro mein depe? How many occupants does the canoe have?

Mein   n. Maine. [Eng.]

meing₁   1. n. high language, respect forms of speech. 2. vi. to speak using respect forms of speech. maingih, meingih, vt.

meingih   vt. meing₁, vi.

meingtoal   vi. to be left-handed.

meiniwe   n. one of two traditional categories of breadfruit cultivars, characterized as being smooth-skinned, typically somewhat spherical in shape, and early fruiting, preferred for mahr₁; also the name of a specific breadfruit cultivar. see meinsahrek.

meinpohnle   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

meinpohnsakar   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

meinpwahr   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

meinpwuht en sokehs, also meipwuht en sokehs.   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

meinsahrek   n. one of two traditional categories of breadfruit cultivars, characterized as being rough-skinned, somewhat elongated in shape, and late fruiting. see meiniwe.

meipa, also meikole, meikolemwot, kuru kiniti, meiwid.   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

meipwiliet   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meiniwe type).

meipwuhleng   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meiniwe type).

meipwumpwupw   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

meir   vi. to sleep. vi. to sleep. cf. [meing] seimwoak, derir₁.

meirpene   vi. to close₁ one's eyes. Meirpene! Close your eyes!

meirkelik   adj. deep in sleep.

meiroang   1. n. sacrifice, offering, contribution. 2. vi. to sacrifice, to offer something as a contribution. 1. Se doadoahk sohte pweipwei pwe iei aht meiroang. We worked without pay because it was our sacrifice. 2. Se meiroang nan wihk teio pwe se sohte pweipwei. We made our contribution last week because we worked for free. 2. Se meiroang nan wihk teio pwe se sohte pweipwei. We made our contribution last week as we worked for free.

Meiros   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

meirpene   vi. to close₁ one's eyes. Meirpene! Close your eyes! cf. [meing] kekuhrekpene.

meisaip   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meiniwe type).

meise   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

meisei   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meiniwe type).

meitehid   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meiniwe type).

Meitik   n. a section (kousapw) in Nett.

meitoal   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

meiuhpw   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meiniwe type); although meiuhpw fruits early, it cannot be used for tribute or other customary practices because it is not an aboriginal cultivar.

meiweke, also meikeke, meiwoke.   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

mek   1. adj. dented. 2. n. dent.

Mekisko, also Meksiko.   n. Mexico. [Eng.]

Meksiko, also Mekisko.   n. Mexico. [Eng.]

meleilei   1. adj. peaceful, easygoing, unenthusiastic, slow moving, passive, lethargic. 2. n. peace.

meleileidi   vi. to be calmed down, to be or to become quiet.

melengileng   adj. shiny, glistening, polished.

meliehla   meing. vt. to forget; to abandon. cf. manokehla.

meliek   vi. to move rapidly.

melikahka   1. meing. vi. to sing. 2. meing. n. song. cf. koul.

melimel   1. n. windstorm, typhoon. 2. vi. to be struck by a windstorm or typhoon.

mem   adj. sweet. cf. [meing] nihn₂.

memiap   n. papaya, Carica papaya. [Eng. mummy apple]

memlangih, also memtikih.   meing. vt. to taste. cf. song, neme.

men₁   vt. to want. I men kilang kasdo. I want to see a movie.

men₂   1. dem. pr. that one, by you; there, by you. 2. interj. That's it!, from Ih men.

men₃   num. cl. used in counting animate beings. pwihk limmen five pigs.

men₄   vi. to wink, to twinkle. manih, vt. cf. [meing] limasawairok.

men akan   dem. pr. those, by you.

mehndahki   vt. to pay no attention to, to be unconcerned.

menemen en pahsu   n. pearl.

meng   adj. withered, dry, dead, of vegetation.

mengei   adj. easy.

menger   n. fish sp., flying fish.

mengihtik   n. detail, specifications; information.

mengiloal   1. vi. to talk to oneself; to carry on an internal dialogue, as when formulating an important goal. 2. n. internal dialogue.

menginpeh   n3s. result of one's work, handiwork; writing, handwriting, signature.

mengk   vi. to be squinting either from bright light or as result of intoxication from drinking kava.

mengkoal   vi. to be wilted.

menierierih   vt. to monitor someone or something discreetly.

menihke   n. any non-swimming marine organism, i.e. shells, starfish, sea cucumbers, etc.; sex organs of a female.

menimen   1. adj. overrun with animate beings, including people, flies, mosquitoes, dogs, cats, etc. 2. n. small insects. 1. Wasaht me menimen. This place is full of animals.

menin douioas   n. insect sp., walking stick.

menin kahllipw   see menin kahnlipw.

menin kairoir   n. one with a clear view of all the activities in a nahs as well as of the state affairs of a chiefdom.

menin kasohr   n. a conciliator; a reconciler; a judge (in conflict resolution). Menin kasohr sohpeidi. The sohpeidi are reconcilers.

menin kau   n. a commoner, trouble maker, literally a destructive animal; insect pest.

menin keder   n. messenger, envoy. Liho me menin keder. That woman is the messenger.

menin keidsihr   archaic. n. one who presides over an activity that involves conflict, such as a Nahnmwarki, judge, referee, etc.; originally, the referee for the game peisihr.

menin leuleu, also menin loulou.   archaic. n. a peacemaker; one who offers prayers to Enihlap.

menin lohsapw   n. sand flea.

menin loulou   n. see menin leuleu.

menin tiensapw   archaic. n. council to advise the Nahnmwarki on the use of community resources; a committee; a member of an assembly or committee.

menin wairihr   n. a bird (sioahk) that flies in through house openings, considered to be an omen that something unexpected is going to happen.

meninrahn   n. centipede.

menioak, also dapiohka, kehp tuhke.   n. manioc, cassava, tapioca; Manihot esculanta, primarily used as food and to make starch. [Eng.]

menipinip   adj. thin, of flat objects such as paper.

menipinipi   n3s. sideburn.

menkerep   n. any four-legged animal.

mehnkumwo   vi. to be hungry for fish.

menlau   interj. thanks, informal.

menmenperiki   n. fight, brawl, dispute.

menmwenge   vi. to be hungry. cf. [meing] pwongitik.

mennei   n. the favorite male child of a Nahnmwarki or Nahnken.

mennim   vi. to be thirsty.

menpihr   n. bird.

menpihr en pahnlahng   Biblical. n. bird sp., crow.

menpwukoaloak   archaic. n. end of the breadfruit season.

menpwukoadoak   archaic. n. beginning of the breadfruit season.

menrihri   n. commoner.

menseiren   1. adj. reluctant. 2. vi. to comply, to do something against one's will.

menseker   interj. used to excuse oneself prior to farting.

menseng, also nimenseng.   n. morning.

mensiek, also mansiek.   n. grasshopper.

mehnuwa   n. man-of-war, an armed naval vessel; warship, battleship. [Eng.]

mepel, also lepel.   n. level, a carpenter's tool. [Eng.]

mer   adj. rusty, corroded.

merei   n. place for wrestling or fighting; place where spirits sing, dance, and play together day and night. [Pol. marai]

merein paker   n. boxing ring.

merepwinsed   n. mangrove sp., Heritiera littoralis.

merer   n. fish sp., humphead wrasse, Cheilinus undulates.

Merewi   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

Merilan   n. Maryland. [Eng.]

merimer   adj. almost ripe, as of bananas and mangoes; light₁, of a color.

mering   adj. old, of inanimate objects.

merir₂   meing. vi. to hide₁; to take shelter. Mwohsapw merirsang tohn tehnpas. Mwohnsapw hid from the members of his household. cf. rok, ruk.

Mesaia   n. Messiah. [Eng.]

mesarawi   1. n. black magic. 2. polite. n. genitals.

mese   n3s. face; facade; upper part of yam, taro, pineapple, etc.; edge of a reef. see mahs₂. cf. [meing] sihlangi.

mesehl   1. n. a kind of magic, employed to romantically attract another; a love potion or charm. 2. vi. to employ magic to romantically attract another. mesehlih, vt.

mesehlih   vt. see mesehl.

mesen kadek, also maskadek.   adj. having a kind face.

mesen keinek, also mwahnensoar.   n. the male head of a clan.

mesen mwenge   adj. gluttonous.

mesen nting   n. letter, alphabet. Mesen nting en Pohnpei imwihkihla 'w'. The Pohnpeian alphabet ends with 'w'. E tepkihda mesen nting 'a'. It begins with the letter 'a'.

mesen rah   n. the stem of a kava plant, including the root, pried from the enihlap, the largest kava plant at a feast, used during the kava ritual; the edible part of a kava stem.

mesen uhpw   n. the top of a drinking coconut. cf. [meing] sipwuhrek.

mesendid   n. a large upright in the framing of the walls of a building.

mesenedi   n3s. see mesenadi.

Mesenieng   n. an earlier name of the Kolonia town area; of religious significance to Pohnpeians who consider it a sacred place; claimed as a section (kousapw) by Nett, although Kolonia town is a separate political entity.

mesenih   n. first-born child.

mesenlam   n. boundary between the shallow and deep part of a lagoon.

mesenmwomw   n. wart, corn₁.

mesenpek   n. head of a yam.

mesenpekpene   vi. the gathering of yams for the purpose of redistributing them among the people for planting.

Mesiha   n. the individual who brought fire to Pohnpei on the fifth settlement voyage.

mesiek   vi. to move swiftly up and down.

mesiha   archaic. n. fire.

Mesihsou   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

met₁, also me₁.   dem. pr. this one, by me; here; now.

met₂   vi. to smack the lips, to suck food into the mouth with a smacking sound. metik, mitik, vt.

met akan, also mehkan.   dem. pr. these, by me.

mete   n. metal, nail, badge, spear for a speargun. [Eng. metal]

meteitei   adj. slimy, viscous.

metel   n. medal, non-religious. [Eng.]

metik, also mitik.   vt. to suck (food) into the mouth with a smacking sound; to kiss. met₁, vi.

Metipw   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw and U.

mi   vi. to exist, an existential verb. Pwuhko mi pohn tehpelo. That book is on the table. cf. ket.

middo   n. catcher's mitt. [Jap. mitto < Eng.]

mie   vi. to exist, an existential verb. Mie aramas nan ihmwo. There is someone in that house.

mih   n. name of the letter m, the tenth letter of the Pohnpeian alphabet, used to represent the phoneme /m/, a bilabial nasal.

mihding, also mihting.   1. n. meeting. 2. vi. to meet. [Eng.]

mihk   vt. to suck, to absorb.

mihn   adj. mean, miserly. [Eng.]

mihsa   n. mass₂. [Spa. misa]

mihting, also mihding.   1. n. meeting. 2. vi. to meet. [Eng.]

milik   n. milk. [Eng.]

milikkang   n. milk can₂. [Jap. mirukukan < Eng.]

milikpil   n. evaporated milk. [milik <Eng. milk]

milikten   n. condensed milk. [milik <Eng. milk]

min   adj. neat, clean.

Minesohda   n. Minnesota. [Eng.]

minimin   1. adj. cooperative. 2. n. union, association, any cooperative venture; cooperation.

minit   n. minute₂; minutes, as of a meeting. [Eng.]

miohsi   n. last name, surname. [Jap. myōji]

misihn   n. machine, engine, outboard motor. [Eng.]

misihn en lioal   n. generator.

misihn en lopwolopw   n. washing machine.

misihn en rasaras   n. chainsaw.

misihn tiati   n. treadle operated sewing machine.

Misikan   n. Michigan. [Eng.]

misin   n. Protestant mission. [Eng.]

misiohn   n. see mision.

miso   n. bean paste. [Jap. miso]

Misisipi   n. Mississippi. [Eng.]

Misuhri   n. Missouri. [Eng.]

mitik, also metik.   vt. to suck (food) into the mouth with a smacking sound, to kiss.

mmwus   1. vi. to vomit. 2. n. vomit. cf. [meing] suhsuhda, keliali, eimwoal, kaluhlu.

mohdi   vi. to heal.

moahd   n. (3sg. moahde) echo; barely discernable sound from a distant source.

moahk   n. fish sp.

moahl₁   n. kava pounding stone. cf. [meing] ketia₃.

moahl₂   1. vi. to pass by; to be caught sight of; to visit. 2. n. (3sg. moahle) appearance, at a place.

moahlasang katau, also moahl₁.   n. the name of one of the kava pounding stones used for pounding kava on the stone that is dedicated to the Nahnmwarki.

moahleileng   n. the name of one of the four kava pounding stones.

moahleina   n. the name of one of the four kava pounding stones.

moahleini   n. the name of one of the four kava pounding stones.

moahleiso   n. the name of one of the four kava pounding stones.

moahloahl   adj. always on the go, always bumming around.

moahng₁   n. (3sg. moange) head. cf. [meing] kadokenmei, tahpw₂, pai₂, peipei₃.

moange   vt. to lead₁, to serve as the head of.

moahng₂   adj. ill-intentioned.

moahrokenleng   1. meing. n. rheum, sleep, the crust around the eyes formed during sleep; conjunctivitis, commonly called pink eye. 2. meing. vi. to have sleep in one's eyes. 1. Iet sapwellimahr kisin limwen limwdake mwoarokenleng. Here is your sponge for wiping off the sleep. cf. pwinan, pwunan.

moaken kehlail   archaic. n. infatuation.

moakoamoak   adj. beautiful, attractive, charming.

moakoamoak en iepw   adj. beautiful, attractive, charming, of a young woman. Liho moakoamoak en iepw. That woman is beautiful.

moakoan   n. curdled coconut milk.

Mwoalehlap   n. the prescribed seating area in a nahs where the Nahnmwarki sits; the area by the front central post known as salidi en enihlap; throne.

moamoar   1. vi. to snore. 2. n. the act of snoring. cf. [meing] ipihpensowi.

moangamad   adj. bald.

moangen kateng   n. belt buckle.

moangepwet   adj. gray headed; flowering, of mango trees.

moangkoikoi   vi. to shave one's head.

moangmedek   1. vi. to have a headache. 2. n. headache.

moangtakai   n. fish sp., a growth stage of ah₁.

moaralap   meing. vi. to yawn. Re ketin moaralap. He yawns. cf. maudel.

moaroap, also moaroapiso.   1. vi. to be covered by a sheet, as for bedding. 2. n. (3sg. moaroapahr) a sheet, as for bedding; cover, a leaf used as protection against the rain. cf. upuhp.

moaroape   meing. vt. to cover or shield oneself from the weather, to cover oneself with a sheet, etc. when in bed. Mwohnsapw moaroape tehi pwetepwet. Mwohnsapw is covered with a white sheet. cf. up.

moarungurung   adj. dull or old-looking, of inanimate objects.

moatoar₁   adj. oily, greasy.

moatoar₂   1. meing. n. mat, used to sleep or sit on. 2. n. (3sg. moatoarahr) a possessive classifier for mats. 2. Iet moatoarahr pereklapo. Here is your mat. cf. lirop, lohs.

moatoare   meing. poss. cl. a possessive classifier used in honorific speech in place of the common language classifier kie. cf. kie₁.

modem   n. computer modem. [Eng.]

moahliol   1. meing. vi. to think. 2. meing. n. thought, the skill of thinking. 1. Mwohnsapwoko sapweillimaniki ansou mwahu en moahliol. Mwohnsapwoko had a good time to think. cf. madamadau.

moahliole , also moahliolih.   meing. vt. to think about. Mwohnsapw moahliole sapwellimwar aramas akan. Mwohnsapw thinks about his subjects. Mwohnsapw kin moahliole me tungoaleniki kahpwal. Mwohnsapw often thinks about the people who are destitute. cf. medewe.

moahliolih, also moahliole.   vt. to think about. Mwohnsapw kin mohliolih me tungoaleniki kahpwal. Mwohnsapw often thinks about the people who are destitute.

mohn ohla   n. scar.

mohn pakudang   n. bomb crater.

mohngiong   n. (3sg. mohngiongi) heart.

mohngiong mwakelekel   adj. free from sin; charitable.

mohr   n. small kava plant, one remaining after the larger plants have been removed.

mohs   n. field, open area.

Mokil, also Mwoakilloa.   n. an atoll located east of Pohnpei, within Pohnpei State, reflecting an earlier spelling of the name of this atoll.

moale   vt. to catch something with a slip noose. moll, vi.

moall   1. vi. to catch with a slip noose. 2. n. slip noose. moale, vt.

molomol   adj. of plants, to be a deep healthy green; of the skin, sleek.

momour   vi. to be alive. Ahi pahpaho momourte. My father is still alive. cf. [meing] ieiias.

momourki   Biblical. vt. to live by; to subsist on. Mehmen me momourki mahsen en Koht pahn alehdi mour soutuk. Whoever lives by the word of God will attain everlasting life.

Mondahna   n. Montana. [Eng.]

moahr   n. (3sg. moare) flesh of any tuber, as of a yam, taro, or tapioca; core, kernel; gist. Mwahngo mor oangoahng. The taro has yellow flesh.

moromor   n. war, battle, dispute.

moron   adj. large, in quantity.

mosul   adj. thick; heavy, of rain.

mour   1. n. (3sg. mouri) life. 2. adj. raw; green, not yet dried, of wood; fresh. 3. vi. to live.

mourda   vi. to come back to life (as when regaining consciousness), to be resuscitated.

mouri   n3s. source of vitality; meaning; sense.

mourla   vi. of pregnant woman, to have a successful labor; to live forever.

mowe   n3s. scar, trace, ruins.

mpahi   adj. submissive, modest, self-effacing.

mparang   n. the edge of a site prepared for a traditional ground oven (uhmw), marked by two logs and a pile of stones that serve as a wall; the edge of the trodden path of a chicken trap.

mpe   prep. n. next to (him or her), with animate relationships.

mpehn   n. a pair of logs used as the main supports for the firewood structure of an uhmw. cf. [meing] nahnkeileng, soumasapwair.

mpei   adj. buoyant.

mpek   vi. to pick lice from one's hair; to groom. pakid, vt. cf. [meing] litepwitepw.

mpel en kehpin namwu   n. a yam cultivar.

mpeng   1. vi. to be awakened. 2. n. awakening; warning; counsel. pangin, vt.

mpereng   vi. to burn brightly, of a source of light having a flame, as a lamp.

mpoake   1. n. the act of rub‌bing noses, the traditional form of a kiss. 2. vi. to rub noses. cf. [meing] resenleng, sisinleng.

mpw-   Note: Words beginning with mpw- (pronounced /mwpw/) are listed at the end of the mw section of this dictionary.

mpwa   n. hermit crab.

mpwe   n. curve, bend.

mpwei   n. ball; stomach; sphere.

mpwein kent   n. bladder.

mpwein tenek   n. the spongy substance found in a sprouting coconut in its early stage of development.

mpwek   n. bud of a flower.

mpwekin ripwiripw   n. fish sp.

mpwel₁   n. blister, from sunburn.

mpwel₂   vi. of a traditional earth oven (uhmw), to be at the stage where the food has been placed in it and has been covered with leaves.

mpwel₃   n. a variety of palm.

mpwel₄   n. female pig before it is bred.

mpwel₅   n. sp. of crab.

mpwelehdi   vi. to unexpectedly converge upon a place, of a large number of people.

mpwer   n. twins; also used to refer to multiple births, e.g. mpwer silimen, triplets.

mpwer-   vi. to come or go in pairs. Ira mpwerlongodo nan wenihmwo. They came in the door together (as a pair).

mpweren wiasu   n. a twin of the opposite sex.

mpwet, also mpwut.   1. vi. to blister. 2. n. blister.

mpwi   1. adj. leaky, as of a roof. 2. n. drop.

mpwoampw   n. rise, low hill; heap; humpback.

mpwokos   adj. humpback.

mpwos   n. boil₁, swelling, infection.

mpwosada   vi. to swell; to rise, as of bread.

mpwul   1. n. (3sg. mpwule) flame. 2. vi. to burn with a flame, to blaze.

mpwulapwul   1. adj. pink. 2. n. pink.

mpwulda, also lulda.   adj. ablaze.

mpwun   n. barnacle.

mpwut, also mpwet.   1. vi. to blister. 2. b blister.

mwadang   1. vi. to go fast₁, to be quick, to hurry. 2. adj. fast₁, quick.

mwadangete   adv. quickly, suddenly. E mwadangete aluhla. He quickly walked there.

mwadik, also mwedik.   n. (3sg. mwedike) trickery, chicanery.

mwadong   1. vi. to play; to engage in recreation. 2. n. game, recreation, drama. mwadonge, vt. cf. [meing] tehnmwel.

mwadonge   vt. to play with. mwadong, vi. cf. [meing] tehnmwele.

mwah   n. the opposite sex sibling of one's spouse, the spouse of one's opposite sex sibling.

mwahi   n. color; pattern or design, as on cloth; stain, mark; freckle, mole, or any skin discoloration.

mwahiei   vi. to wail, at a funeral, to mourn. mwahieiki, vt.

mwahkohko   vi. of women, to sway the body and head while dancing.

mwahl   1. adj. common, useless, of no consequence. 2. adv. recklessly, carelessly.

mwahliel   1. n. (3sg. mwahlieli, mwahliali) brain; headache, dizziness. 2. adj. dizzy.

mwahmw   n. fish.

mwahn   archaic. n. man, male.

mwahnakapw   1. n. young man. 2. adj. young, of males.

mwahnensoar, also mesen keinek.   n. the male head of a clan.

mwahng₂   n. taro sp., giant swamp taro; Cyrtosperma merkusii; the generic name of a number of cultivars of this species; an important food staple that can be used when other foods are scare, thus contributing to food-security.

mwahng kieil   n. a giant swamp taro (mwahng₂) cultivar, with a stalk colored like the sp. of lizard kieil.

mwahng pwiliet   n. a giant swamp taro (mwahng₂) cultivar.

mwahng sewi   n. a giant swamp taro (mwahng₂) cultivar.

mwahng suwain   n. a giant swamp taro (mwahng₂) cultivar, with lacy-edged leaves.

mwahngeida   n. a giant swamp taro (mwahng₂) cultivar.

mwahngieng   adj. giddy, dizzy.

mwahngih   meing. vt. to know, to understand. cf. ese.

mwahngin kialap   n. a giant swamp taro (mwahng₂) cultivar.

mwahngin lamerer   n. a giant swamp taro (mwahng₂) cultivar.

mwahngin meir   n. a giant swamp taro (mwahng₂) cultivar from Meir.

mwahngin nah   n. a giant swamp taro (mwahng₂) cultivar.

mwahngin namwanamw   n. a giant swamp taro (mwahng₂) cultivar from the outer islands.

mwahngin ngetik   n. a giant swamp taro (mwahng₂) cultivar from Ngatik (Sapwuahfik).

mwahngin nukuwer   n. a giant swamp taro (mwahng₂) cultivar from Nukuoro.

mwahngin palau   n. a giant swamp taro (mwahng₂) cultivar from Palau.

mwahngin pehleng, also inen mwakot.   n. a giant swamp taro (mwahng₂) cultivar.

mwahngin pohnusamah   n. a giant swamp taro (mwahng₂) cultivar.

mwahngin seidip   n. a giant swamp taro (mwahng₂) cultivar.

mwahr, also mwar₁.   n. (3sg. mware) title, name.

mwahs   1. n. worm, bacteria, germ. 2. vi. to have worms.

Mwahsel   n. The Marshall Islands. [Eng.]

mwaht   n. clearing, field, plantation, garden, farm. see mwetiwel.

mwahtakai   adj. failing to observe the proper mwah relationship.

mwahu   adj. good. cf. [meing] nei₃.

mwahuda   vi. to clear, of the weather.

mwahuki   vt. to like or love, to consider good, to desire sexually; to agree, to like, to prefer.

mwahukihda   vt. to become fond of someone; to fall in love with. Pwutako mwahukihda serepeino. The boy fell in love with that girl.

mwahula   vi. to recover from an ailment, to get better.

mwail   n. mile. [Eng.]

mwakar   vi. to be disgusted, to be displeased, to be slighted. Liho mwakarada pahrail aio. That woman was disgusted with them yesterday.

mwakaren mwar, also mwekeren mwar.   vi. to be upset for not having been given the title one expected to receive.

mwakaren mwenge, also mwekeren mwenge.   vi. to be upset for not having been given a share of food at a kamadipw.

mwakelekel   adj. clean; innocent, honest, pure.

mwakereker   n. constellation, possibly Pleiades.

mwalaun   adj. devious, deceptive. mwalaunih, vt.

mwalaunih   vt. to deceive, to fool. mwalaun, adj.

mwalekuluk   archaic. adj. wrinkled, as the face of an old person.

mwamwahl   1. adj. not respected. 2. n. insignificance; irreverence.

mwamwairehr   vi. to blow gently, of the wind.

mwamwaitih   vt. to visit. I mwamwaitih Pakihn. I visited Pakihn. mwemweit, vi.

mwand   n. trace of movement either seen or heard, as made by someone sneaking around. Mie mwand limwahn wenihmwo. There was a trace of movement near the door.

Mwand Peidak   n. a section (kousapw) on Mwand, an island in U.

Mwand Peidi   n. a section (kousapw) on Mwand, an island in U.

Mwand   n. name of an island in U municipality.

mwangaingai   adj. bumpy, rough, not smooth.

mwangas   n. ripe coconut; copra; ripe betel nut.

mwanger en mwoanipil   n. fish sp.

mwanger en nanipil   n. fish sp., whitespotted grouper, Epinephelus coeruleopunctatus.

mwanger en nannamw   n. fish sp., camouflage grouper, Epinephelus polyphekadion.

mwanger ripwiripw   n. fish sp., malabar grouper, Epinephelus malabaricus.

mwangerenger   adj. spotted, splotched.

mwar₁, also mwahr.   n. (3sg. mware) title, name. cf. [meing] lengileng.

mwar₂   vi. to give a gift to show one's love for another. Ohlo kalapw mwar. He always gives a gift to show his love. Urohs lingano mwarala rehn liho. The nice skirt was given to the woman as a token of love.

mwarahntik-   vi. to break or shatter, especially of glass. Kilahso pwupwidihte mwarahntikpeseng. The glass fell and shattered. Dahlo pwupwidihte mwarahntikpeseng. The dish fell and shattered.

mwarak   vt. to fall on, as of rain on leaves.

mwaramwar   1. vi. to wear a garland, necklace, floral necklace, or lei. 2. n. garland, necklace, floral necklace, lei. mware₁, vt. cf. [meing] lengileng, wairenieu, nihn.

mwaramwer   n. small yam; anything that comes in a round form, as mwohni mwaramwer, meaning change in the form of coins.

mware₁   poss. cl. a possessive classifier for garlands, titles, or names.

mware₂   vt. to wear a garland, necklace, or lei. mwaramwar, vi. cf. ninih.

mwarehda   vt. to put on, of a head garland.

mwareiso   meing. n3s. chest. cf. mwarmware, pahnadi.

Mwarekehtik, also Mwarikihtik.   n. a title.

mwaren souleng   n. baptismal name.

Mwarikihtik, also Mwarekehtik.   n. a title.

mwarmware   n3s. chest. cf. [meing] mwareiso.

mwasahl   n. (3sg. mwasahle) intestine.

mwasahn   vt. to watch out for, to look out for, to observe, to spy on.

mwasakoil   n. maggot.

mwasaut   n. a sp. of eel that lives in mangrove swamps.

mwasdar   n. mustard. [Eng.]

Mwasen Pahdol, also Mwesen Pahdol.   n. the ancestral goddess of the Lasialap clan who provided the island with a variety of plant and animal life.

mwasenger   n. intestinal worm.

Mwasenleng, also Mwesenleng.   n. the sacred eel whose corpse gave rise to utiak, a number of banana cultivars.

mwasik   vi. to be burned, of anything.

mwaso, also mwesot.   n. an eel, commonly found in mangrove swamps.

mwasod, also mwosod.   1. adj. rotten, of wood. 2. meing. n. urine. cf. kent.

mwatal   n. pandanus spp., Freycinetla ponapensis or Pandanus cominsii, the latter of which is commonly used for making sleeping mats.

mwataliniak   n. pandanus sp., Humata banksii.

mwatang   n. a giant swamp taro (mwahng₂) cultivar.

mwate   vi. to move one's head up and down vertically.

mwatehda   vi. to convalesce, to recover; to raise one's head.

mwatih   vt. to clear an area; to cut or pull grass; to clean and prepare kava for pounding. mwet, vi.

mwaur   vt. to douche. mwoumwou, vi.

mwehdi   n. caterpillar.

mwehi   n. era, period of time, reign.

mwehk, also luwekindinloal.   n. tree sp., Glochidion ramiflorum, the terminal buds of which are used for increasing the appetite of young children.

mwehl₁   adj. red hot, of objects; angry, furious.

mwehl₂   n. ripe breadfruit wrapped in leaves and prepared in an uhmw; any starchy food cooked with coconut milk.

mwehmwe₁   n. yam that develops on the vine, not edible; small thing or object.

mwei₁   n. spot, stain.

mwei₂   vi. to be broken, of a string; to finish defecating. mweid₁, vt.

mweisang   vt. to be estranged from, to part from, to abstain from. E mweisang ah nohno ni ah pwelel. She has been estranged from her mother since infancy.

mweid₁   vt. to break, as a string. mwei₁, vi.

mweid₂   n. hollow, ravine.

mweidehng   vt. to allow, to permit. Ihs me mweidehng irail en laid nan santuari en mwahmwo? Who allowed them to fish in the fish sanctuary? mweimwei₁, vi.

mweidpeseng   vt. to grant a divorce; to cause a divorce.

mweilik, also likimwei.   vi. to throw or punch forcefully.

mweimwahu, also nihkesemwei.   n. a period of peace and tranquility.

mweimwei₁   1. vt. to be allowable, to be permissible. 2. n. permission. 1. E sohte mweimwei laid en wehi. It is not allowable to fish for turtle. 2. Re alehdi mweimwei. They were given permission.

mwein   sent. adv. maybe, perhaps, possibly. Mwein ohlo pahn mwahula. Maybe that man will get better.

Mwein Ansou   n. the present era, literally ‘time of now’.

Mwein Aramas, also Mwehi Keieu, Mwein Eni Kan, Mwein Kawa.   n. the first of the four historical eras into which Pohnpeian history is sometimes divided, the era of the common people.

Mwein Eni Kan, also Mwehi Keieu, Mwein Aramas, Mwein Kawa.   n. the first of the four historical eras into which Pohnpeian history is sometimes divided, the era of spiritual ancestors.

Mwein Kawa, also Mwehi Keieu, Mwein Aramas, Mwein Eni Kan.   n. the first of the four historical eras into which Pohnpeian history is sometimes divided, the era of building.

Mwein Kouwel   n. ancient, primitive, uncivilized times; before Mwein Marain.

Mwein Marain   n. the period of enlightenment, the period of Christianity.

Mwein Merika, also Mwein Amerika.   n. the American era.

Mwein Misioneri   n. the missionary period, also sometime identified as Mwein Marain. [Eng. misioneri]

Mwein Nahnmwarki, also Mwehi Kesiluh.   n. the third of the four historical eras into which Pohnpeian history is sometimes divided, the era of the Nahnmwarkis which begins with the fall of the Saudeleur.

mwein nihkes, also nihkesemwei.   n. a time of peace and tranquility.

mwein peikes, also peikesemwei.   n. a period of war or instability.

Mwein Saudeleur, also Mwehi Keriau.   n. the second of the four historical eras into which Pohnpeian history is sometimes divided, the era of the Saudeleur.

Mwein Sehmen   n. the German period.

Mwein Sipein   n. the Spanish period.

mweinlihamwahu   n. mole.

mweinlikou   n. remnants, small pieces of cloth.

mweinliroar   n. birthmark, any skin discoloration present from birth.

mweipwet   1. n. skin fungus causing white spots. 2. vi., vt. to have this disease. 1. Mie mweipwet pohn kilio There is a fungus on his skin. 2. E mweipwet kilio. He has a skin fungus.

mweir, also mwer₁.   adj. loose, as of a knot or lashing.

mweisuwari   n. the last of the bunch; the last breadfruit in a group of three fruits that grow from the same branch.

mweisuwed, also peikesemwei.   n. a period of war and instability.

mwek   n. hammock for children.

mweker   vi. to make an explosive or crackling noise.

mwekid   1. vi. to move, as in one's own body movement. 2. n. motion, movement; action, affairs. cf. [meing] keielek.

mwekidida   vi. to be stirred up, to be aroused.

mwekidikid   adj. unsteady, unstable; active, as in a hyperactive person.

mwekihkieng   meing. vi. to shiver, to shudder, to quiver. cf. mwusihrer.

mwekimwek   n. arrowroot, also called Polynesian arrowroot, Tacca leontopetaloides.

mwele   adj. calm, of the weather or the sea.

mwelehlap   meing. adj. free, idle; unconcerned, untroubled. cf. pisek.

mwelek, also mwilik.   n. a suspicion. Mie ahi mwelek. I have a suspicion.

mwelekih, also mwilikih.   vt. to suspect.

mweleng   n. area below the peak of a roof.

mwelengen sakau   n. kava dermopathy, flaking of the skin resulting from heavy consumption of kava.

mweli   n. rocky area.

mwelimwel   archaic. n. chignon, bun, a kind of hair-do worn by women in which the hair is tied in knots at the nape of the neck or lower; also worn by men in early times.

mwell   n. a sp. of Nudibranch.

mweluhpei   meing. vi. to warm oneself by a fire. cf. rengireng.

mwemmwan   vi. to bulge, of something covered, the shape of which is discernible.

mwemweit   vi. to visit; to take a walk; to go on a picnic. mwamwaitih, vt. cf. [meing] luwahreureu.

mwenei   vi. to jiggle up and down, as of the fat on a fat person.

mwenge   1. vi. to eat. 2. n. food. kang, vt. cf. [meing] sak₁, sahk₁, koanoat, tungoal.

mwengehn menseng   1. vi. to eat breakfast. 2. n. breakfast. cf. [meing] kapwarsou, kemenseng.

mwengehn soutik   1. vi. to eat dinner (the evening meal), to eat supper. 2. n. dinner, supper. cf. [meing] kasoutik, koduhsou.

mwenginingin, also mwengin.   vi. to whisper. mwenginih, vt. cf. [meing] loitik.

mwengintik   n. side platform of a nahs; house of prayer.

mwengki   1. n. monkey, ape. 2. adj. silly, given to monkeying around. [Eng.]

mwer₁, also mweir.   adj. loose, as of a knot or lashing.

mwer₂   vi. to have fallen in quantity, as of rain or fruit.

mwer₃   n. behavior, deception.

mwerehrehn uken madau   archaic. n. something which initially seemed insignificant but later becomes important.

mwerehrehnpwil   vi. to be mature, of breadfruit. Mahio mwerehrehnpwilier. The breadfruit is already mature.

mwerek   adj. slack, as of a rope; wrinkled.

mwerekirek   adj. wrinkled.

mwerkau   1. n. malice. 2. adj. malicious. 1. Liho esehda ah mwerkau. That lady discovered his malice. 2. E me mwerkau. He is malicious.

mwersuwed, also mworsuwed.   1. adj. dishonest, crooked, malicious, wicked;. 2. n. dishonesty, crookedness, maliciousness, bad behavior. mwersuwedih, vt.

mwersuwedih   vt. to cheat, to deceive. mwersuwed, mworsuwed, adj.

mweruwo   1. adj. deceptive, deceitful. 2. n. deceptiveness, deceitfulness. 1. Aramaso me mweruwo. The person is deceptive. 2. Ahmw mweruwo pahn kihienguhk kahpwal. Your deceptiveness will get you into trouble.

mweseisei   vi. see mwesei.

mwesel   vi. to leave, to depart. cf. [meing] ketda.

mwesen ntahkereker, also ntahkereker.   1. n. dysentery, with blood in the stool. 2. vi. to have dysentery.

mwesenloang   n. maggot.

mweseu   adj. lusty.

mwesot, also mwaso.   n. an eel, commonly found in mangrove swamps.

mwet   vi. neut. to clear an area; to cut or pull grass; to clean and prepare kava for pounding. mwatih, vt.

mwete   n. (3sg. mweteh) shade, shadow. cf. [meing] iollap.

mweteu   vi. to hang down.

mwetida   vi. to be in heat, to be ready for breeding, of female dogs and pigs.

mwetiwel, also mwetuwel.   1. n. clearing, garden, plantation, farm. 2. vi. to clear land, to garden, to farm. see mwaht.

mwetpwel   1. vi. to remove all ground cover, leaving only the soil. 2. n. bare ground. 1. Ah mwetwelin uhto mwetpwel. The ground cover in the banana patch has been removed. 2. Nan uht ko mwetpwel. There is bare ground around the bananas.

mwetpwur   adj. ill-prepared to honor a visitor with a feast.

mwidihlihk   n. (3sg. mwidihlihki) kidney.

mwih   n. name of the digraph mw, the eleventh letter of the Pohnpeian alphabet, used to represent the phoneme /mw/, a labialized and velarized bilabial nasal.

mwir, also mwur₂.   1. n. a kind of magic to delay an action. 2. vi. to perform this kind of magic. mwirih, vt.

mwirih, also mwurih.   vt. to cast a magic spell on, to do magic on. Ohlo mwirihirail. The man cast a spell on them. mwir, vi.

mwo   dem. pr. that one, away from you and me; there, away from you and me.

mwoahl₁   meing. n. (3sg. mwoale) sitting place, sacred place, altar, throne; sleeping place; clothes. cf. dehu.

mwoahl₂   meing. n. clothing. cf. likou.

Mwoakilloa, also Mokil.   n. an atoll located east of Pohnpei, within Pohnpei State.

Mwoakot   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti.

mwoalehda   meing. vt. to dress oneself; to wear a grass skirt; to put on clothing. cf. likawihada.

mwoalehdi   meing. vi. to sit, to occupy the place of authority in a nahs; to sit on a throne. cf. mwohdang.

mwoalehlap   meing. n. the platform upon which the Nahnmwarki and Nahnken sit in a nahs.

mwoalehle   1. vt. to be anointed; to be covered with oil;. 2. adj. shiny; oily.

mwoalen kopwung   n. courtroom, courthouse.

mwoalen kopwung lapalap   n. supreme court; high court.

mwoalen kopwungen wehi   n. local court; municipal court.

mwoalepeidi   meing. vi. to lie₂ down. cf. wendi.

mwoaloal   n. dent, depression.

mwoaloaldi   vi. to be dented; to squat down in the water.

mwoaltehmwahu   1. meing. n. footwear. 2. meing. vi. to wear footwear. 1. Sohte mwoaltehmwahu. There is no footwear for the high chief. 2. Re mwoaltehmwahu rahn wet. He is wearing footwear today. mwoaltehmwahuwih, vt. cf. suht, sohri.

mwoaltehmwahuwih   meing. vt. to wear footwear. Mwohnsapw mwoaltehmwahwi suht. Mwohnsapw is wearing shoes. mwoaltehmwahu, vi. cf. suhtih, sohrih.

mwoaltehnpwel   meing. n. a rag for wiping one's feet upon entering a house; a rug. cf. likoun irine.

mwoaluhluhn iollap   meing. n. to be in the state of holding a vigil for the death or for the death of a Nahnmwarki. cf. mwohdenpwong.

mwoaluhluhnpwong   meing. n. the act of sleeping on something, such as a problem. cf. loasenpwong.

mwoalus   n. cinder, ember, charcoal, coal of a fire.

mwoanipilih   vt. see mwoanipil.

mwoanok   vt. to peep at.

mwoaroang   1. vi. to be noisy. 2. n. crowd noise.

mwoaroangoaroang   adj. noisy.

mwoaroapw, also mworopw.   n. Tahitian chestnut, also called Polynesian chestnut, Inocarpus fagifer.

mwoaroidi   vi. to submerge oneself in deep water for the purpose of hiding; to calm down.

mwoarok en sakau   n. residue at the bottom of a cup of kava.

mwoarosala   vi. to lose one's will to succeed, to lose all hope.

mwoasoahngot, also mwasahngot.   1. adj. decayed, of wood; termite ridden. 2. vi. to rot, to decay, of wood; to be termite ridden, of wood. 3. n. (3sg. mwoasoahngote) rot, decay, termite ridden wood.

mwoasoangidi   vi. to be decayed to the point of disintigration, of wood.

mwoh   vi. to moo, of a cow.

mwohd   vi. to sit. mwohdang, vt. cf. [meing] roasailap.

mwohdang   vt. to sit, to attend, to occupy the place of authority in a nahs; to sit on a throne. mwohd, vi. cf. [meing] mwoalehdi.

mwohdenpwong   vi. to be in the state of holding a vigil for the death or for the death of a Nahnmwarki. cf. [meing] mwoaluhluhn iollap.

mwohdeteng   adj. durable in drinking kava, able to outlast all others.

mwohdipwisou   1. vi. to offer first fruits, of produce not traditionally important on Pohnpei, such as vegetables, taro, bananas, etc. 2. n. such a first fruits offering. 1. Se mwohdipwisou aio. We made our first fruits offering yesterday. 2. Mwohdipwisou me ke wia? Was it a first fruits offering that you did?

mwohkan   dem. pr. those, away from you and me.

mwohmw   n. (3sg. mwomwe) appearance, shape; kind, sort, type₁, nature. Ia mwomwen ohlo? What does that man look like? Ih mwomwen aht tiahk. It's the nature of our culture.

mwohn limpoak   slang. n. sweetheart, first love, either chronologically or in rank. Ei mwohn limpoak me suwanawan. My sweetheart is extremely attractive.

mwohn pahr   1. n. feast for the first turtle caught on a fishing trip. 2. vi. to perform this feast. 1. Mwohn pahr ieu met. This is a feast for the first turtle caught on the fishing trip.

mwohn wahr   n. bow₂ of a canoe.

mwohnawar   1. n. paddler who sits in the bow₂ of a canoe. 2. vi. to paddle from the bow of a canoe.

mwohndi   vi. to sit down. cf. [meing] ketdi, keipwekidi.

mwohni   n. money. [Eng.]

mwohniki   vt. to consider most important.

mwohnmei   n. the first breadfruit harvested, which are taken to a chief.

Mwohnsapw   meing. n. lord, chief of the highest order.

Mwohnsapwala   vi. to become a Nahnmwarki. Ohlo Mwohnsapwala. That man became a Nahnmwarki.

Mwohnsapwoko   meing. interj. your highness, when addressing a Nahnmwarki. Mwohnsapwoko, re ket nan mwadong sapahrek wet. Your highness, please accept our entertaining dance.

mwohso   1. n. appendicitis. 2. vi. to have appendicitis. [Jap. mōchō]

mwokuhku   vi. to talk quietly, to whisper.

mwokuhr   1. n. rotten fruit. 2. adj. rotten, of fruit.

mwolen kopwung lapalap   n. high court, supreme court.

mwoluhdingiding   meing. vi. to be soaked, to be dripping wet. cf. medu.

mwoluhlu, also mwoaluhlu.   1. meing. vi. to whisper. 2. meing. n. whisper. cf. mwenginingin, mwengin.

mwoluhpei   1. meing. vi. to be blinded by harsh, dazzling light. 2. meing. n. temporary blindness induced by excessive light. cf. mahl.

mwompwon, also mwomwalis.   n. fish sp., goatfish, a variety of Parupeneus cyclostomus.

mwomwadahn kosonned   n. bill, proposal, in legislative proceedings.

mwomwala   vi. to be exhausted, of a supply; to be extinct; to be annihilated.

mwomwalap   adj. impolite.

mwomwalis, also mwompwon.   n. fish sp., goatfish, a variety of Parupeneus cyclostomus.

mwomwawas   adj. impertinent, rude.

mwomwdahr   1. n. feast for the first catch of a spawning season. 2. vi. to offer this feast. 1. Mwomwdahr me wiawi ni tehnpas pwe mie me laid. It was a spawning season feast because someone caught a spawning fish. 2. Irail mwomwdahr. They are having a spawning season feast.

mwomwehda   vt. to pretend; to imitate; to intend.

mwomwitik   adj. shy; embarrassed, usually said of girls.

mwomwmei   n. fish sp., Pacific longnose parrotfish, Hipposcarus longiceps.

mwomwohd pohn takai mei   vi. to subsist well on an atoll.

mwomwohdiso   n. congregation, parish; a gathering in the presence of a Nahnmwarki.

mwomwohdmwahl   vi. to be idle.

mwomwpeleng   n. dried fish.

mwomwsang   vi. to be annihilated or destroyed.

mwongoungou, also mwengoungou.   adj. appetizing; attractive, attracting admiration or interest.

mwopw   1. vi. to be out of breath, to be unable to catch one's breath; to be shut off from a source of air. 2. n. asthma.

mwopwula   vi. to suffocate.

mworopw, also mwoaroapw.   n. Tahitian chestnut, also called Polynesian chestnut, Inocarpus fagifer.

mworopwinsed   n. tree sp., Heritiera littoralis.

mworourou   adj. fat, stout, obese.

mworsuwed, also mwersuwed.   1. adj. dishonest, crooked, malicious, wicked. 2. n. dishonesty, crookedness, maliciousness, bad behavior. mwersuwedih, vt.

mworuhru   meing. adj. gluttonous, given to eating too much. cf. engidek.

mwoarus   adj. depressed, lethargic, listless. Serepeino inenen mwoarus. That girl is really depressed.

mwoarusala   vi. to become depressed. Ohlo mwoarusala. That man became depressed.

mwosod, also mwasod.   1. adj. rotten, of wood. 2. meing. n. urine. cf. kent.

mwotkoloi   adj. very short.

mwotomwot   adj. short.

mwou   adj. bruised; abused.

mwoumwou   vi. to douche. mwaur, vt.

mwowe₁   prep. n. ahead of, in front of, before (him, her, or it).

mwowe₂   vt. to offer as a first fruit.

mwoweh   vt. to precede, to head, to lead; to prefix. Mwareho mwoweh edeho. His title precedes his name.

mwowihdi   vi. to be swamped, of canoes and boats.

Mwudok   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti.

mwuhmwu   1. n. muumuu, an ankle length dress. 2. vi. to wear a muumuu. [Eng.< Haw.]

mwuhn   n. fish sp., squirrelfish, Myripristis adustus.

mwuhr   n. later.

mwukumwuk   vi. to rinse one's mouth, to gargle. cf. [meing] dawado.

mwuledek   1. n. excessive amount. 2. adv. exceedingly, excessively.

mwulepene   vt. to twist or wind₂ together.

mwunseik   n. fish sp., rainbow runner, Elagatis bipinnulatus; normally found in lagoon and patch reefs, and barrier reef. [Mok. mwinjeik]

mwur₁   adv. a little; a bit, kind of. I mwur soumwahuda aio. I became a little sick yesterday.

mwur₂, also mwir.   1. n. a magic spell. 2. vi. to cast a magic spell. 1. E wia mwur. He cast a spell. mwurih, vt.

mwuri   prep. n. after, behind (him, her, or it).

mwurih, also mwirih.   vt. to cast a magic spell on, to do magic on. Ohlo mwurih liho. That man cast a spell on the woman. mwur₂, vi.

mwurilik, also mwirilik.   1. n. a death feast, given at the burial. 2. vi. to prepare this feast. mwurilikih, vt.

mwurinwar   1. n. paddler who sits in the stern of a canoe. 2. vi. to paddle from the stern of a canoe.

mwuroi   n. bird sp., Micronesian pigeon, Ducula oceanica; also used generically for any pigeon.

mwus   vi. to move as a group. Re pwonte mwusdo oh audehla sehr ko. They moved here as a group and filled the chairs. Koaros mwusieila. They all went out in a group. mwusir, vt.

mwusihrer   vi. to shiver, to shudder, to quiver. cf. [meing] mwekihkieng.

mwusikek   vi. to initiate movement of the whole body, as when one starts to rise, walk, run, etc.

mwusiko   n. marching band₂. [Jap.]

mwusing   1. n. pool₁ of money, the combined wagers of betters. 2. vi. to create a pool of money. [Jap. mushin]

mwusir   vt. to move as a group. E mwusir tohn kousapw en kasamwo mwohnsapw. He moved the villagers into a group to welcome Mwohnsapw. mwus, vi.

mwusumwus, also mwutumwut.   n. a swarm of animate beings, group. I kilangada mwusumwus en longalap. I saw a swarm of honeybees.

mwut₁   adj. pulverized, crushed, mashed.

mwut₂   num. cl. used in counting heaps or piles. mwutin dihpw pahmwut four piles of grass.

mwute   vt. to smash. E mwute pihruo. He smashed the beer bottle.

mwuterek   adj. soft; tender, as of meat.

mwutumwut, also mwusumwus.   n. a swarm of animate beings, group. mwutumwut en loahng swarm of flies mwutumwut en aramas group of people.

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