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Pohnpeian-English (alpha)

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na    nd    ne    ng    ni    nn    no    ns    nt    nu    

-n₁, also en₁.   construct suffix of; This suffix is written together with the preceding word if that word is one syllable long or ends in a vowel; otherwise, it is written as the separate word en₁. olen Pohnpei man of Pohnpei.

-n₂   aff. derivational suffix, used to form adjectives from nouns, meaning 'having', 'full of', or 'characterized by'. dohl mountain, dolon mountainous; ilok wave, ilokin wavy.

na   interj. o.k., so, well₂, now.

nah   poss. cl. his, her, its; third person singular form of the dominant classifier. cf. [meing] sapwellime.

nahi₁   n. child, any person called child in the Crow kinship terminology.

nahi₂   n. the small stick attached to the end of a breadfruit picking pole, typically made of ketieu₂ or guava; the stick used in a fire trough for starting a fire.

nahk   n. storeroom, storage area.

nahken pohnsewe sek   n. checking account₂. Mie noumw nahken pohnsewe sek? Do you have a checking account? [sek <Eng. check]

nahken sent   n. savings account. Mie noumw nahken sent? Do you have a savings account? [sent <Eng. cent]

Nahlaimw   n. the second ranking title in the Nahnken line, formerly the highest priestly title.

Nahlapenlohd   n. a reef island off the southern coast of Madolenihmw, where forces from Kitti and Madolenihmw engaged in a major battle in 1850.

Nahleo   n. title of the wife of a Nahnawa.

Nahlepenien   n. son of Isokelekel, the first Nahnken of Madolenihmw and later the first Nahnmwarki of U.

nahliam   n. fish sp., barracuda.

Nahliam   n. a title that originated from the name of one of the female founding ancestors who came to Pohnpei on the sixth settlement voyage.

Nahlik Lapalap   n. a title, in the Nahnmwarki line.

nahlik lapalap   n. a yam cultivar.

nahlikiei   n. a yam cultivar.

Nahlikiei Lapalap   n. title of the wife of a Nahlik Lapalap.

Nahlikiroun Pohn Dake   n. title of the wife of a Kiroun Pohn Dake.

nahlipwuloiloi   n. a sp. of salt water eel with a slender body and black and white stripes, found in waters with a sandy bottom.

Nahlisahu Ririn   n. title of the wife of a Nahnsahu Ririn.

nahluhk   n. spider sp.

Nahluhk   n. a title.

Nahmadau   n. a title.

Nahmadau en Pehleng   n. a section chief of Pehleng who ruled the area as a soverign territory prior to the Kitti unification wars.

Nahmadoun Oare   n. a title.

nahmw, also nehnamw.   n. deep water area between the barrier reef and the fringing reef, lagoon.

nahn₁   1. n. buddy, honey, pal, used in addressing one's spouse, peers or children of the same sex. 2. interj. an attention getting exclamation, Hey!

nahn₂   n. pus.

nahn₃   interj. Behold! Nahn! Iei Ih sapwillimen Koht. Behold! He is the son of God.

nahn₄   sent. adv. actually. Se sohte pwek ohlo ni kamadipw, ahpw nahn e sohpeidi. We didn't call out his title at the feast, but he actually has a chiefly title. Nahn kowe me wia. Actually you are the one who did it.

Nahn Kirou   n. a title.

Nahn Kirou Ririn   n. a title.

Nahn Kiroun Pohn Dake   n. a title, in the Nahnmwarki line.

Nahn Pohnpei   n. a title, in the Nahnken line.

nahna   n. mountain.

Nahnado   n. title of the wife of a Noahs.

nahnapwoud   adj. affectionate. Liho me nahnahpwoud. That woman is affectionate.

nahnapwoudki   vt. to treasure, to cherish.

Nahnalek   n. title of the wife of a Nahnmwarki, in Nett, Kitti, and Sokehs.

Nahnapas   n. a title, in the Nahnken line, formerly of the second highest priest.

Nahnapasepei   n. title of the wife of a Nahnapas.

Nahnawa   n. a title, in the Nahnmwarki line.

Nahnawa Iso   n. a title.

Nahnesen   n. Isokelekel's chief lieutenant; an honorary title.

Nahniau   n. a title.

Nahnidipei Lapalap   n. title of the wife of a Nahnihd Lapalap.

nahnie   n. name of a portion of a kava plant. When a large kava plant is split up so that it can be carried to a kamadipw, it is divided into three parts with the branches still intact. The first to be severed is called nahnie, the second nahnpe, and the third rohsapal.

Nahniek   n. a clan.

Nahnihd Lapalap   n. a title, in the Nahnmwarki line.

nahnihrpene   n. an area of land near a boundary.

nahnioaralap   1. meing. n. the act of scolding or deprecating. 2. meing. adj. deprecative. nahnioarelepe, vt. cf. lupwoar.

nahnioarelepe   meing. vt. to scold, to deprecate. nahnioaralap, adj. cf. lupwoare.

Nahnisohnsapw   n. the principal deity of the Saudeleur; literally, the honored spirit of the land, embodied in an eel known as Nahn Samwohl.

nahnisohra   meing. n. perspiration, sweat. cf. pwudau, pwudo.

Nahnisopahu   n. the ancestral deity of the Dipwinwai clan.

Nahnkar   n. title of the wife of a Mwarekehtik.

Nahnkedin Idehd   n. title of the wife of a Nahmadaun Idehd.

Nahnkei   n. a title.

nahnkeileng   meing. n. a pair of logs used as the main supports for the firewood structure of an uhmw. cf. mpehn.

Nahnken   n. title of the highest chief in one of the two title lines; counselor; hereditary head of the primary ruling clan in the dual system of titles in each of the five districts of Pohnpei.

Nahnkeniei   n. title of the wife of a Nahnken.

Nahnku   n. a title, in the Nahnken line.

nahnku, also nahnuku.   meing. n. a food basket made from a palm frond. cf. kiam.

Nahnkuhpei   n. title of the wife of a Nahnku.

Nahnkulaimw, also Nahnkulai.   n. title of the wife of a Nahlaimw.

Nahmadaun Idehd   n. a title in the Nahnken line.

Nahnmadaun Pehleng   n. a title.

nahnmwal   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

Nahnmwarki   n. rank of the highest chief in one of the two title lines; king, hereditary head of the primary ruling clan in the dual system of titles in each of the five wehi₂ of Pohnpei.

nahnmwarkihla   vi. to become a Nahnmwarki. Ohlo nahnmwarkihla. That man became Nahnmwarki.

Nahnnep   n. title of the wife of a Wasahi.

Nahnolosomw   n. a major Pohnpeian deity with jurisdiction over the construction of dwellings and feasthouses. Soupal akan kin koudokieng Nahnolomw pwehn sewese arail doadoahk en kouihmw. The expert house builders worshipped Nahnolosom so that he would help them in their construction activities.

nahnpe   n. the name of a portion of a kava plant. When a large kava plant is split up so that it can be carried to a kamadipw, it is divided into three parts with the branches still intact. The first to be severed is called nahnie, the second nahnpe, and the third rohsapal.

Nahnpei   n. a title, in the Nahnmwarki line.

Nahnpei Ririn   n. a title.

nahnpwei   n. the name of the first of four taro leaves placed on the ground surrounding the kava stone that is used to prepare kava for the Nahnken. see pweikoar.

nahnpweidak   n. the name of the second of four taro leaves placed on the ground surrounding the kava stone that is used to prepare kava for the Nahnken. see pweikoar.

Nahnpweipei   n. title of the wife of a Nahnpei.

Nahnsahu Ririn   n. the third ranking title in the Nahnken line.

nahnsapwe   n. thunder, (from Nahnsapwe).

Nahnsaumw en Ririn   n. a title.

Nahnsaumw en Wehi   n. a title.

Nahnsehleng   n. a major Pohnpeian deity whose special domain is canoe building.

Nahnsou   n. a title.

Nahnsoused   n. a title.

Nahnsouwei   n. a title.

Nahnte   n. title of the wife of a Dauk.

Nahntu   n. a title.

Nahntuhpei   n. title of the wife of a Nahntu.

Nahnollap   n. a major Pohnpeian deity who governed the sea. Mehn Pohnpei kin pwungih Nahnollap, pwehki ih me manaman nan doadoahk en paliesed. Pohnpeians used to worship Nahnollap, for he holds the power over sea activities.

nahrei, also nahri.   n. reef, with many large stones and coral heads protruding above the surface of the water.

nahreider   n. narrator. [Eng. narrator]

nahri, also nahrei.   n. reef, with many large stones or coral heads protruding above the surface of the water.

nahs   n. feasthouse, community meeting house; a place for worship.

naik   1. n. a type of net fishing, employing a net attached to a curved stick. 2. vi. to fish in this manner. 1. Solahr me ese wiahda naikitik. No one knows how to do naikitik any more.

naikitik   n. net, a small naik. Solahr me ese wiahda naikitik. No one knows how to make a naikitik any more.

nain   adj. having many offspring, fertile. Liho me nain. That woman has many offspring.

nainai   n. title of a Nahnmwarki. Nainain Nahnmwarki en Kitti Soukise. The title of the Nahnmwarki of Kitti is Soukise.

nainiki   vt. to own, to have, used with nouns occurring with the classifier nah. Liho nainiki serepein men oh pwutak riemen. That woman has one daughter and two sons.

nainikihda   vt. to raise , to rear₁, to have children. Liho nainikihda serepein silimen. The woman raised three daughters.

naip   n. knife, machete. [Eng.] cf. [meing] kehpit.

naipokos   n. pocketknife. [Eng.]

nair, also neirail.   poss. cl. their, plural. see nah.

naisi   n. name of one of the holes in the marble game anaire. [Jap. ?]

nait   poss. cl. our, exclusive. see nah.

naitikihda   vt. to rear₁, to raise, of a child. Pwopwoudo naitikihda seri tohto. That couple raised many children.

naitikihdi   vt. to give birth. Serepeino naitikihdi seri mwahn men. That girl gave birth to a boy. neitik, vi.

nam   slang. vt. to eat, to taste, used derogatorily. neminem, vi.

namaiki   adj. impudent, conceited. [Jap. namaiki]

namanam   n. taste.

namari   n. lead₂ (the metal). [Jap. namari]

namenek   adj. bashful, embarrassed, ashamed. cf. [meing] liroaridi.

nampil   adj. bland, tasteless, watery.

namwanamw   archaic. n. atoll, low island. Mehn namwanamw kei men. Those people are from atolls.

namweirak, also namweirek.   1. meing. adj. happy, contented, enjoying the good life, comfortable. 2. n. tranquility. 1. Saikinte mwehi namweirak Sokehs. There has not yet been any tranquil period in Sokehs. 2. Wehi me sapwellimaniki sohpeidi mwahu kin sapwillimaniki namweirak. A chiefdom that has a good traditional chief experiences tranquility. cf. nsenamwahu.

namweirek, also namweirak.   1. meing. adj. happy, contented, enjoying the good life, comfortable. 2. meing. n. tranquility. cf. nsenamwahu.

nampwel   n. sea grass bed.

nan   prep. in. Kilelo mi nan kapango. The picture is in that suitcase.

nan imwalap   n. the domestic environment. Nan imwalap kin kasalehda mwahuen lien nan imwalap. The domestic environment indicates the quality of a housewife.

nan imwalap mwahu   n. good housewife.

nan imwalap suwed   n. poor housewife. Liho nan imwalap suwed. The woman has an unfavorable household.

nan kapehd mwakelekel   adj. pure in heart.

nan kapehd ohpampap, also ohpampap.   Biblical. adv. humble, unassuming, meek, down to earth.

nan kepinpil, also kepinpil.   n. estuary, mouth of a river. Irail seikan ni arail laid nan kepinpilo. They caught a lot of fish when they went fishing at the estuary.

Nan Koapwoaramen   n. a section (kousapw) in U.

Nan Madol   n. a group of ninety-two man-made islets off the coast of Madolenihmw that once served as a political and religious center during the reign of the Saudeleur.

nan suwan   n. clam shell used to grate coconut; scraper; a scoop made from pelikenna.

Nan Wouniap   n. a section (kousapw) in U.

nanedi   n3s. chest, bosom.

naniak   n. mangrove swamp.

naniepw   n. a cultivar of rahmwanger (kava).

Nanipil   n. a section (kousapw) in Nett; the name of a river in Nett.

nanisol   n. season of scarcity, when yams and breadfruit are not bearing.

nankapehd   n. guts, in the sense of fortitude or the seat of the emotions.

nankapi   n3s. bottom, lower part, referring to the inside of an object.

Nankawad   n. the homeland of the Sounkawad clan in the interior of Nett.

nankep   n. inlet.

Nankepin Sapwehrek   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

Nankepira   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

nanker pwetepwet   slang. adj. coward.

nankilmwahu   adj. complacent.

nankisiniei   n. hell.

nankoakonmedek   1. n. arthritis, rheumatism. 2. vi. to have arthritis or rheumatism.

Nankoapwoaremen   n. a section (kousapw) in U.

nanlehpwel, also lehpwel.   n. freshwater wetlands where taro can be grown.

nanmadau   n. open ocean, the ocean beyond the reef.

nanmadola-   prep. n. area between. nanmadolara area between them.

nanmall   n. low-lying grasslands, often covered with ferns and scattered shrubs and trees. see mall.

Nanmand   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti.

nanmas weitahta   adj. bloodshot, of the eyes.

nanmwoal₁   meing. vi. to rest. Mwohnsapw pahn nanmwoal nan moatoar. Mwohnsapw will rest on his mat. cf. kommoal.

nanmwoaldi   vi. see nanmwoalehdi. Mwohnsapw nanmwoaldier. Mwohnsapw lay down to rest.

nanmwoal₂   1. meing. vi. to fart. 2. meing. n3s. fart. 1. Mwohnsapw nanmwoal. Mwohnsapw farted. cf. sing.

nanmwoaldi   vi. Mwohnsapw nanmwoaldier. Mwohnsapw lay down to rest. see nanmwoalehdi.

nanmwoalehdi, also nanmwoaldi.   vi. to lie₂ down to rest. Mwohnsapw nanmwoalehdier. Mwohnsapw has already lain down to rest.

nannahna   n. an area of dwarf forests located at the top of some mountains. see nahna.

nanpahina   n. barrier reef. see pahina.

Nanpahlap   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw, formerly called Lohsapw; also a section (kousapw) in Kitti.

Nanpahniop   n. a section (kousapw) in Sokehs.

nanpahpei   n. the ground floor area in a nahs where the uhmw is located.

nanpar   n. trade wind season.

nanparas   n. pit, formerly the pit in the middle of the main platform of a nahs where a fire was kept burning from which the first of the uhmws was lit.

nanpidir   n. an impenetrable forest, consisting of secondary vegetation.

Nanpil   n. a river in Nett.

nanpwoaki   n. non-cultivated swamp area, difficult to move through, overgrown with a sp. of pandanus (Thoracostchyum pandanophyllum). see pwoaki.

nanpwung   prep. n. in a location between, in the middle. nanpwungara location between them.

nanras   n. ground level of a feasthouse.

nanrek   n. season of plenty, breadfruit season.

Nanriohk   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

nansapw   n. cultivated, settled, or arable land; the place where people reside and cultivate crops.

nansaun   n. the area in front of a feasthouse.

nansed   n. lagoon, ocean, sea.

Nansokasok   n. a section (kousapw) in Nett.

Nansokole   n. a section of Nett along the Nanpil river that was once a soverign territory,.

Nansowihso   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

Nantamwaroi   n. a section (kousapw) in Sokehs.

nantehlap   1. meing. n. love, affection, romance, devotion. 2. meing. adj. kind, loving, romantic, generous, affectionate, devoted. 3. meing. vi. to be in love, to be romantic.

nanti   adj. said of one who tries hard.

nantihnsewe   n3s. back.

nanwahu   n. valley, typically one that is difficult to reach in the nanwel.

nanwehwe   n3s. slit, crack, small opening, empty space, outer space, air space.

nanwel   n. primary forest, jungle, area overgrown with trees; uncultivated land; said to be the dwelling place of ghosts (eni). see wahl₁.

nanwerenge   prep. n. middle, center, or midst of (him, her, or it).

nappa   n. Chinese cabbage, Brassica chinensis. [Jap. nappa]

nasepwel   n. an informally built feasthouse.

natih   vt. to attempt to gain favor, to bribe.

natihada   vt. to buy.

naun   n. noun. [Eng.]

Nauru   n. Nauru.

nda   vt. to say, to mention, to state. cf. [meing] poahngokih, mahsanih, idawarih.

ndahieng, also ndahng. vt. to inform, to tell someone.

ndahng, also ndahieng.     vt. to inform, to tell someone.

ndahda   vi. to admit, to confess; to reveal.

ndand   adj. famous, celebrated, renown.

ndape   n. girt, a beam connecting the corner posts of the exterior frame of a building at the roof level.

ndapw   n. hibiscus bark used as a trellis for a yam vine.

nderak   1. meing. vi. to talk in one's sleep. 2. meing. n. nightmare; muttering; delirium. cf. liourehre.

ndil   1. vi. to torch fish. 2. n. a torch made of dried coconut palm fronds; a source of light; torch fishing.

ne   vi. to be divided, to be distributed. nehk, vt.

ned   vt. to sniff; to smell. cf. [meing] ingir.

neh   n3s. leg, legs, foot, feet. cf. [meing] aluhluwe, aluweluwe.

nehk   vt. to divide, to distribute. ne, vi.

nehn troahli   n. the two wheels and the axle of a Japanese narrow-gauge train₂. [troahli <Jap. tororī < Eng. trolley]

nehnamw, also nahmw.   n. deep place within the barrier reef, lagoon.

nehne   1. vi. to do division. 2. n. division, in arithmetic; distribution.

nehnepeseng   vi. to be distributed. Mwenge kan pahn nehnepeseng. The food will be distributed.

nehtok   n. a amputee, one or both legs missing.

nehu₁   n. fish sp., a kind of stonefish; scorpion fish.

nei₁   poss. cl. my. see nah.

nei₂   adj. neat, clean.

neidam   vi. to sail with the outrigger lifted from the water.

neimwel   1. meing. adj. greedy, acquisitive. 2. n. greed. neimwele, vt. cf. noahrok.

neimwele   meing. vt. to covet, to be greedy for. neimwel, adj. cf. noahroke.

nein mwenge   adj. gluttonous.

nein pasdohra   n. a dry land taro cultivar.

nein pwohpw   n. a wet land taro cultivar.

neinei   n. to have offspring. Liho neinei serepein. The woman has female offspring.

neineinioas   meing. n. the offspring of a chiefly clan. Neineinioas sohpeidi. The offspring of a chiefly clan is royalty. cf. seri sohpeidi.

neipi   vi. to go without underwear. [Eng. navy]

neira   poss. cl. their, dual. see nah.

neirail, also nair.   poss. cl. their, plural. see nah.

neita   poss. cl. our, dual. see nah.

neitail   poss. cl. our, plural. see nah.

neitik   vi. to give birth; to be a parent; to possess, to draw interest, of money. naitikihdi, vt.

neitik en Madolenihmw   n. a phrase referring to a number of incestuous acts on which the polity of the chiefdom of Madolenihmw was founded.

nek₁   vi. to be finished; to be depleted or out of; to climax or ejaculate. E nek ramen nan sdohwa. The store is out of ramen.

nekiero   adv. last, with reference to time or an event. Kosonned en pahren doadoahk en mwohni en sounparet kamanamanla nan pahr nekiero. The current fiscal year appropriation was passed last year.

nekla   vt. to be completed, of a task; to be exhausted, of supplies.

neksang   vt. to graduate from, to finish anything.

nek₂   conj. adv. could, alternatively. Ke nek iang laid pwe re pahn anahne aramas. You could join the fishing expedition because they will need people. Ke nek kohdo lakapw. You could alternatively come tomorrow.

nekid   vt. to store, to keep. Iawasa kita pahn nekid ata kepwe ka? Where will we store our stuff?

nekidala   vt. to save, keep, store, put away.

nekidedi   vt. to bury, to put in a safe place.

nekinek   1. vi. to store, to put away. 2. n. something put away in storage. 1. Ah kepwe ko nekinek nan sohkohu. His things are stored in that warehouse. 2. Mie ah nekinek nan ihmwet. He has something stored in this house. nekid, vt.

nekinekidi   Biblical. vi. to be buried.

nektait   n. necktie, tie. [Eng.]

neme   1. n3s. taste, flavor. 2. vt. to taste. cf. [meing] namtikih, memtikih, memlangih.

nemilo   vi. to French kiss; literally to eat the tongue.

neminem   1. slang. vi. to eat. 2. n. food. nam, vt.

nempe   n. numeral, number. [Eng.]

nemwe   meing. vt. to swallow. cf. kadanle.

nen   num. ten thousand.

nenek   1. vi. to commit adultery, to fornicate. 2. n. adultery, fornication. nenekih, vt.

nenekih   vt. see neneke.

nengi, also ningi.   n. green onion, Allium fistulosum. [Jap. negi]

nenne   vi. to sleep, of children.

nennen   adj. quiet, silent.

nennen en sarau kommwad   proverb The quiet of the barracuda is fierce. Ohlo nennen en sarau kommwad. That man is as quiet and fierce as a barracuda.

nennenla   vi. to be quiet.

Nepahda   n. Nevada. [Eng.]

Nepraska   n. Nebraska. [Eng.]

ner   adj. sensitive, susceptible to stimuli.

neris   n. nurse. [Eng.]

net   vi. to buy, sell, or trade, to shop.

Net   n. see Nett.

netin neminem   n. a apple polisher, one who flatters someone in a position of power.

Nett, also Net.   n. name of a municipality in Pohnpei; officially spelled Nett in accord with an archaic spelling system in which the letter t was used to represent the phoneme now spelled d and the letters tt were used to represent the phoneme now spelled t.

ngahp   n. fathom, the distance between outstretched arms, approximately six feet.

ngai   vi. to bay, of dogs when hunting.

ngalangal   1. adj. dry, of something that commonly has a moisture content, i.e., wood, one's throat, dirt, but not clothing or dishes; low, of the tide when the bottom is exposed. 2. meing. n. dry clothing one puts on, extra clothing taken on a trip. 2. Kaunopada ngalangal. Get some dry clothing (for the royalty). cf. kemmad.

ngalangalada   vi. to be dried up.

ngalangalidi   vi. to be low, of the tide.

ngalis   vt. to bite. ngelingel₁, vi. cf. [meing] irese.

ngampeseng   vi. to draw back both arms.

ngap   vi. to draw back one's arm. ngepe, vt.

ngampeseng   vi. to draw back both arms.

ngapada   vi. to draw back one's arm as if to strike a blow.

ngapseli   vi. to wave one's arms about, to use many arm and hand gestures while speaking.

ngar   vt. to watch, to look. Ngar elemw. Watch your step.

ngarahk   vi. to laugh heartily.

ngarangar   n. empty half of coconut shell; a cup made from a coconut shell that is used for serving kava. cf. [meing] kohwaileng.

ngarangar en pwed, also ngerengeren pwed.   n. coconut cup used for putting water on kava during its preparation.

ngat   vi. to choke, as a consequence of food lodging in the trachea.

ngatasang   vi. to be bored or tired of something repetitious; to be fed up with to the point of disgust, to be sick of. I ngatasang kang mwahmw. I am tired of eating fish.

Ngatik   n. an atoll located within Pohnpei State, called Sapwuahfik by its residents.

-nge   aff. enumerative suffix. ihs who, isinge who (plural).

ngeder   num. a great many, an uncountable number. Aramas ngeder iang doadoahk. A great many people participated in the work.

ngehi   ind. pron. I. Ngehi mehn Pohnpei. I am a Pohnpeian.

ngehn   n. (3sg. ngeni) soul, spirit, shadow.

Ngensarawi   n. Holy Ghost.

ngehn suwed, also ngensuwed.   n. evil spirit, demon. Ngehn suwed mi reh; ih me en soumwahuki. A demon lives in him; that is why he is sick.

ngeli   n. a giant swamp taro (mwahng₂) cultivar.

ngelingel₁   vi. to bite. ngalis, vt.

ngelingel₂, also ngilingil.   adj. stinking, foul-smelling.

ngengngersuwed   1. adj. incestuous. 2. n. incest.

Ngensarawi   Biblical. n. Holy Ghost.

ngensaut   n. demon. I sohte kamehlele ngensaut. I don't believe in demons.

ngensuwed, also ngehn suwed.   n. evil spirit, demon.

ngepe   vt. to measure with outstretched arms. ngap, vi.

nger-   slang. vi. to look. Ngerwei; ke dehr ngerseli. Look ahead; do not look around. Ngerido! Look at me!

nget   n. mild case of asthma.

ngiangi   adj. diligent or persevering because of enthusiasm.

ngiau   vi. to meow, the sound that a cat makes.

ngidar   vt. to clamp, to crush.

ngidingid   adj. adherent, cohesive, gummy, sticky; insistent; tense.

ngih₁   n. name of the digraph ng, the thirteenth letter of the Pohnpeian alphabet, used to represent the phoneme /ŋ/, a velar nasal.

ngih₂   n3s. tooth. cf. [meing] asang, ering₂, inadi, kisin ering.

ngih₃   n. tree sp., Pemphis acidula, noted for its strong, hard wood.

ngih medek   1. n. toothache. 2. vi. to have a toothache. 1. Ngih medek soumwahu sakanakan. A toothache is a bad ailment. 1. Ngih medek soumwahu sakanakan. A toothache is a bad ailment. 2. Ke ngih medek? Do you have a toothache? 2. Ke ngih medek? Do you have a toothache?

ngih pasapas   n. false teeth .

ngihl   n. (3sg. ngile) voice; tune; sound. cf. [meing] eling, kapit₁, kepit₃.

ngihlap   n. (3sg. ngihlepe) molar.

ngihnwer, also ngoatamah.   adj. overly talkative, protesting too much, all talk and no action.

ngihpit   adj. buck-toothed.

ngihpwar   n. tusk; large boar with tusks.

ngihs   n. chant, often one relating the oral history of Pohnpei.

ngihtehte   1. adj. strenuous, diligent. 2. vi. to grind one's teeth.

ngihtok, also ngihtuk.   adj. gap-toothed, having missing or broken teeth.

ngilamwahu   adj. beautiful sounding, with reference to achieving a desired vocal sound.

ngilawas   adj. grating or unpleasant, of the voice; employing an offensive tone of voice.

ngilekeng   adj. derisive.

ngilekir   adj. husky, hoarse, of the voice; also used to describe a change of voice, as in adolescents.

ngilen kawa, also ngilen mahs.   adj. sounds of long ago; off-key, unable to follow the melody in a song.

ngilen mahs, also ngilen kawa.   adj. sounds of long ago; off-key, unable to follow the melody in a song.

ngilepwet   adj. said of someone unable to correctly pronounce the Pohnpeian /r/ or /t/ sounds.

ngilpweipweiek   vi. to stutter.

ngilsuwed   adj. lacking a musical voice; grumpy.

nginger suwed   1. slang. n. incest. 2. slang. vi. to commit incest.

ngir, also ngirala.   meing. adj. tired, lazy. cf. pwang.

ngirala   vi. to become tired or lazy.

ngiringir   vi. to growl or snarl, to quarrel. ngiringirih, vt.

ngiringirih   vt. to growl or snarl at. ngiringir, vi.

ngirisek   1. vi. to reverberate, to resound. 2. n. reverberation. 1. Ngilen nahnsapweho ngirisekla ngkapwan. The sound of thunder reverberated a while ago.

ngis   vi. to chant; to be boisterous.

ngisin aip   n. a chant with a pulsing rhythmic delivery.

ngisin laid   n. a chant pertaining to fishing.

ngisin rowe   n. a chant used when carring a heavy load on a litter.

ngisin sakau   n. a chant about the origins of kava.

ngisin sansar, also koulin sansar.   n. a chant performed using the rhythm of the paddling of a canoe.

ngisin wisik   n. a chant for carrying a heavy load.

ngisin woake   n. a chant used when dragging a log to be used for a canoe hull.

ngisingisido   n. a yam cultivar.

ngkad   vt. to roof a building; to attach a piece of roofing material. ngked, vi.

ngkapwan, also ningkapwan.   n. a while ago. E kohdo ngkapwan. He came a while ago.

ngke   n. container for carrying water, water container made of a leaf of sepwikin. cf. [meing] limasawairek.

ngked   vi. to roof a building with thatch; to prepare a feast for the roofing of a building. Ihmwo ngked Rahn Kaunopo. The house was roofed on Saturday. or The house had its roofing feast on Saturday. ngkad, vt.

ngkel   adj. of breadfruit or bananas, still green but ready to eat.

ngken   vi. to start or to burn, of a fire; to glow, as of embers.

ngkenda   vi. of a fire, to be kindled.

ngko   archaic. n. (3sg. ngkowe) food, drink, provisions. Mie ngkomwail? Do you have your provisions?

ngkoak   1. n. fresh banana, breadfruit, or taro leaves used to cover an uhmw. 2. vi. of an uhmw, to be covered with fresh leaves. ngkoake, vt. cf. [meing] pahpwel, pahnkiohlap, pahnkoiohlap, perekpwel.

ngkoake   vt. to cover an uhmw with fresh leaves. ngkoak, vi. cf. [meing] pahpwele, pahnkiohlepe, pahnkoiohlepe, perekpwele.

ngkoal   vi. neut. to make sennit. ngkoale, koale, vt.

ngkoale   vt. see ngkoal.

ngkopw   n. sp. of small crab.

ngoang   adj. obligated.

ngoapwur   vt. to snap, of dogs or pigs.

ngoatamah   adj. overly talkative, protesting too much, all talk and no action.

ngohr   n. (3sg. ngore) accent, dialect, tune, tone.

ngolungol   n. (3sg. ngolungoli) lung.

ngong   vi. to bark₂. ngongih, vt.

ngongih   vt. to bark₂ at. ngong, vi.

ngopw   vi. to oink, to grunt, of a pig.

ngopwungopw   n. the oinking or grunting sound of a pig.

ngoul   num. ten; used to count multiples of ten when counting coconuts and breadfruit.

ngutoar   vi. to sniff, to draw in air sharply through the nose.

ni, also nin.   prep. at, to. E kohla ni sidohwaho. He went to the store.

ni rir   adv. secretly, privately. E utungada arail mwekido ni rir. He supported their action secretly.

Niahlek   n. the name of the piece of land within Mesenieng where the Spaniards built their colony.

Nialem   n. Friday.

Niare   n. Tuesday.

niaul, also aul.   n. slope.

Niehd   n. Monday.

Niepeng   n. Thursday.

nierehr   n. steep area, cliff. see erehr.

Niesil   n. Wednesday.

nih₁   n. name of the letter n, the twelfth letter of the Pohnpeian alphabet, used to represent the phoneme /n/, a dental nasal.

nih₂   n. coconut palm, Cocos nucifera, used for skirts, posts, oil, rope, spears, thatch, and for many other purposes.

nihd, also nehd.   vt. to slide into or out of. nihdek, vi.

nihdek   vi. to be slid into or out of. nihd, nehd, nihdakih, vt.

nihdwel, also wel₁.   vi. to molt a shell.

nihkarat   n. either of the two coconut palm cultivars called nihkarattoal or nihkaratweita.

nihkarattoal   n. a coconut palm cultivar, bearing large numbers of round, dark green nuts.

nihkaratweita   n. a coconut palm cultivar, bearing round, reddish-orange nuts.

nihkengk   n. a coconut palm cultivar.

nihkerehs   n. cigar. [Eng. Negrohead, formerly the name of a brand of tobacco]

nihkesemwei, also mwein nihkes.   n. a time of peace and tranquility.

nihkiro   n. negro, black. [Eng.]

nihl   n. nail, spike. [Eng.]

nihn₁   n. tree sp., strangler fig, Ficus tinctoria, used in making cloth; a belt worn by women made of the bark of the nihn tree.

nihn₂   meing. adj. sweet. cf. mem.

nihnihrek   meing. n. eyelash. cf. ririnmas.

nihrir   n. either of two coconut palm cultivars called nihrirtoal or nihrirweita.

nihrirtoal   n. a coconut palm cultivar, bearing large bunches of medium-sized dark green nuts.

nihrirweita   n. a coconut palm cultivar, bearing large bunches of medium-sized reddish-orange nuts.

nihtahta   n. fish sp.

nihtik   n. either of the two coconut palm cultivars called nihtiktoal or nihtikweita.

nihtiktoal   n. a coconut palm cultivar, bearing small dark green nuts.

nihtikweita   n. a coconut palm cultivar, bearing small reddish-orange nuts.

nihtoal   n. a coconut palm cultivar, bearing large, dark green nuts.

nihweita   n. a coconut palm cultivar, bearing large, reddish-orange nuts.

Nikaunop   n. Saturday.

-niki   aff. derivational suffix, used to form transitive verbs from nouns which may then be directly possessed, meaning 'to own' or 'to have'. sahpw land, sapweniki to own (of land).

nikparehre   n. a woman who sits by the deceased during a wake and wails with the mourners.

nillime, also ninlime.   meing. poss. cl. hand; land belonging to the Nahnmwarki; a possessive classifier employed in honorific speech in place of the common language classifier sapwe. cf. peh, sapwe.

nim   vi., vt. to drink. cf. [meing] sohk₁, koautoke, urak₃, dakadak, dakeh.

nime   poss. cl. a possessive classifier for drinkable things. Kihdo mahs nimei uhpwo. Please give me my drinking coconut.

nimpar   1. meing. vi. to whistle. 2. meing. n. whistle. cf. kuwai.

nin, also ni.   prep. at, to.

nindin   n. fuzz on the stalk of sugar cane.

nindin kili   n. goose bumps.

nindoken, also nindokon.   adv. while, at the time of. Nindoken sahpwo ah lapalapake, sohla me kak kohla mwo. While the land was flooding, no one was able to go there. nindoken ehu ansou once upon a time.

nindokon   n. Irail lelodo nindokon mentikitik. They arrived early in the morning. see nindoken.

ningi, also nengi.   n. green onion, Allium fistulosum. [Jap. negi]

ningkapwan, also ngkapwan.   n. a while ago.

ninih   meing. vt. to be crowned with, to wear as in wearing head garland. cf. mware₂.

ninlengda   meing. vi. to stand up. Mwohnsapw kin ninlengida oh poahngok nan kamadipw. Mwohnsapw usually stands up and speaks during a feast. cf. kesihnenda, uhda.

ninlimehda   meing. vt. to hold; to accept. Mwohnsapw ninlimehda arail tomwo. Mwohnsapw accepted their atonement.

nintapi   n. in the beginning. Nintapi re pwungki, ah met re sapwungki. In the beginning they agreed with it; however, now they don't agree with it.

nintehleng   1. meing. adj. love, affection, romance, devotion. 2. meing. adj. kind, loving, romantic, generous, affectionate, devoted. 3. meing. vi. to be in love, to be romantic.

Nintu   n. the area of Mesenieng where a sacred stone shrine was located; these stones were used by the Spaniards to build a wall around the colony, now known as the Spanish Wall.

niondo   n. bayonet. [Jap. nihontō : Japanese sword]

nireng   vi. to hit two marbles with one shot. [Jap. niren]

noahrok   1. adj. greedy, acquisitive. 2. n. greed. noahroke, vt. cf. [meing] neimwel.

noahroke   vt. to covet, to be greedy for. noahrok, adj. cf. [meing] neimwele, eimwele.

Noahs   n. a title, in the Nahnmwarki line.

nohd, also noht.   n. musical note. [Eng.]

Nohd Dakohda, also Dakohda Paliepeng.   n. North Dakota. [Eng.]

Nohd Karolaina, also Karolaina Paliepeng.   n. North Carolina. [Eng.]

nohk   n. main rib of the stem of a palm frond; any hard straw-like object.

nohken, also nohn.   adv. too, excessively.

nohlik   n. tsunami, tidal wave. Nohlik me lel Sapahn nan 2011 kemehla kidalapen aramas. The tsunami that hit Japan in 2011 killed many people.

Nohlik Lapalap   n. the great flood (in the Bible). Noha wiahda warihmwo mwohn Nohlik Lapalapo. Noah built the ark before the great flood.

nohn, also nohken.   adv. too, excessively. Ke dehr nohn doadoahk laud. Don't work too hard.

nohno   n. mother; any person one's mother or father would call sister. cf. [meing] limareureu.

nohno kahlap   n. grandmother, sometimes one's spouse's grandmother.

nohpwei   1. n. feast of tribute, first fruits offering; the first four cups of kava in the kava ceremony. 2. vi. to make a traditional feast of tribute, to make a first fruits offering.

nohpwein mahi   n. breadfruit tribute involving a series of offerings to the Nahnmwarki and to the Soumas en Kousapw. Nohpwein mahi kin tepida nan Ering. The breadfruit festivals usually begin in April. cf. kehmei, dokapahini, lihli, sakalap, umwun luhwenmei, songmar.

nok   adj. smoothed; creased, as of trousers.

nokodei   slang. adj. extremely skinny. Lahpo me nokodei. That guy is extremely skinny.

nokonok   n. vine sp.

nokonokon   adj. matted, of hair or feathers.

nompe   adj. alcoholic, always drunk. [Jap. nonbē]

nonno   1. vi. to snore. 2. n. the act of snoring. cf. [meing] ipihpensowi.

Nopempe   n. November. [Eng.] cf. [meing] Ihr₅.

noumw   poss. cl. your, singular. see nah. cf. [meing] sapwellim, sapwellimahr.

noumwa   poss. cl. your, dual. see nah.

noumwail   poss. cl. your, plural. see nah.

nsar   vi. to be trapped in a leg noose. nsere, vt.

nsehn   vt. to snare with a slip noose; to follow fish with a lighted torch.

nsen   n. (3sg. nsene) will₁, feelings, wish, intention, decision, desire, heart.

nsenamwahu   1. adj. happy, contented, enjoying the good life, comfortable. 2. n. happiness. cf. [meing] namweirak, udenmwel.

nsenoh   adj. concerned. nsenohki, vt.

nsenohki   vt. to take care of; to be concerned about, to worry about, to care for, to be interested in. Ke dehr nsenohki. Don't worry about it. nsenoh, adj. cf. [meing] kupwurohki.

nsensuwed   1. adj. sad, sorry, distressed. 2. n. sadness, sorrow, distress. cf. [meing] selikihr.

nsere   vt. to trap with a leg noose. nsar, vi.

nsoange   vt. to probe the earth to find yams.

nta   n. (3sg. ntah) blood. cf. [meing] inenmwell.

ntahpwilipwil   1. n. a condition that involves bleeding from the vagina, often an early symptom of cancer of the uterus. 2. vi. to have this disease.

nting   vi. to write; to tattoo. ntingih, vt.

nting en peneinei   n. census.

nting pinipin   1. vi. to write in cursive. 2. n. cursive writing.

nting sarawi   archaic. n. a sacred tattoo placed just above the knee on females.

ntingih   vt. to write; to tattoo. nting, vi.

ntingihdi   vt. to write something down, as in a notebook.

Nuh Amsir   n. New Hampshire. [Eng.]

Nuh Ioahk   n. New York. [Eng.]

nuh kaledohnia   n. a yam cultivar, from New Caledonia. [Eng.]

Nuh Kaledohnia   n. New Caledonia. [Eng.]

Nuh Meksiko, also Nuh Mekisko.   n. New Mexico. [Eng.]

Nuh Mekisko, also Nuh Meksiko.   n. New Mexico. [Eng.]

nuh pertin   n. a yam cultivar. [Eng. New Britain]

Nuh Sersi   n. New Jersey. [Eng.]

nuhd   n. squid, Sepidenthis lessoni.

nuhs   n. news. [Eng.]

nuhspehpa   n. newspaper. [Jap. nyūsupēpā < Eng.]

Nukuwer   n. Nukuoro, a Polynesian-outlier atoll located within Pohnpei State.

nur   1. vi. to contract; to flinch, to jerk away; to twitch. 2. adj. said of something that will shrink, as cloth.

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