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Pohnpeian-English (alpha)

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oa    od    oh    oi    ok    ol    om    on    op    or    os    ot    ou    ow    

-o   dem. mod. that, away from you and me. pwihko that pig away from you and me.

oa   interj. I find it hard to believe!

oah₁   n. name of the digraph oa, the fifth letter of the Pohnpeian alphabet, used to represent the phoneme /ɔ/, a lower-mid back rounded vowel.

oah₂   meing. sent. adv. yes, used in response to a Nahnmwarki. cf. dah.

oahnda   vi. to turn on a switch, such as a light switch. [oahn <Eng. on]

oahng   1. n. turmeric (generic term). 2. n. (3sg. oange) yolk of an egg.

oahs₁   n. ivory nut palm, Metroxylon amicarum, the fronds of which are used for making thatch, also used in making traditional medicines; roof; thatch.

oahs₂   n. horse. [Eng.]

oaht₂   1. vi. neut. to order. 2. n. order, shipment. [Eng.] oahte, vt.

oahte   vt. to order. [Eng.] oaht₁, vi.

oail   n. oil. [Eng.]

Oaio   n. Ohio. [Eng.]

oaioa, also aiau, likatengensapw.   n. banyan tree, Ficus prolixa and Ficus virens; leaves, fruit, bark, and roots used in traditional medicines.

Oakos, also Ahkos.   n. August. [Eng.] cf. [meing] Kih.

Oakotope   n. October. [Eng.]

oale   vt. to wave, to signal, to beckon to. oaloahl, vi.

oaloahd   n. seagrass sp., turtle grass, Thalassia hemprichii, found in shallow water; used for making rope and as a medicine for healing large wounds; the large seeds of this plant are considered a delicacy.

oaloahdenpil   n. a fresh water plant similar in appearance to oaloahd, Blyxa aubertii.

oaloahl   vi. to wave, to signal, to beckon. oale, vt.

oaloahllap   meing. n3s. upper shin bone. Mehkot me sukidi oaloahllap. Something hit the upper shin bone. cf. uluhlen neh.

oangalap   n. turmeric cultivar, the roots of which are used for medicine, making yellow dye, and flavoring soup.

oangen pahnle, also oangen pele.   n. wild ginger, Zingiber zerumbet, used for flavoring food.

oangen pahsed   n. turmeric cultivar.

oangen palau   n. turmeric cultivar.

oangen pele, also oangen pahnle.   n. wild ginger, Zingiber zerumbet, used for flavoring food.

oangitik, also kisinioang.   n. turmeric sp., Curcuma longa, the roots of which are used for a red dye used in tatooing and for medicine; used as ingredient in Japanese curry.

oangoahng₁   1. adj. yellow. 2. n. yellow.

oapoar   num. one. see poar₁.

oapwoat   num. one. see pwoat.

oaralap   1. adj. general, summarized. 2. n. general idea; summary, highlights; contents, heading, title (of a book). oarelepe, vt.

oare   vt. to scrape together and pick up a pile of something, such as dirt, kava, etc. oaroahr₁, vi.

Oare   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti.

oarelepe   vt. to give the general idea of, to give a summary of. oaralap, adj.

oareman   n. a variety of topwuk, a tree sp.

oaresed   meing. vi. to paddle. Re sohte pahn oaresed. You will not be paddling. cf. sei₁.

oaritik   1. adj. detailed. 2. n. detail. oaritikih, vt.

oaritikih   vt. to give a detailed account of. oaritik, adj.

oaroahr₁   vi. neut. to scrape together and pick up a pile of something, such as dirt, kava, etc. oare, vt.

oaroahr₂   n. shore, coast, seaside, landing place for canoes or boats.

Oaron Maka   n. a title.

Oaron Pwutak   n. a title.

oarong, also arong.   n. fish spp., bluefin trevally, Caranx melampygus or giant trevally, Caranx ignobilis.

oarong en nanmadau   n. fish sp., jack₁.

oarongenpil   n. fish sp., jack₁, commonly found where fresh water enters the ocean.

oarong en pwong   n. fish sp., jack₁, a variety of Caranx sexfasciatus, normally found in the lagoon.

oarong maswalek   n. fish sp., bigeye trevally, a variety of Caranx sexfasciatus, normally found in the lagoon.

oarong seik   n. fish sp., greater amberjack, Seriola dumerili.

oarongtoal   n. fish sp., jack₁.

oasmete   n. tin roofing. [mete <Eng. metal]

oatalaud   slang. adj. big mouthed, boastful.

oatamat   adj. boastful, having bad breath.

oaht₁   slang. n. (3sg. oate) mouth.

oatekeng   slang. adj. sharp-tongued.

oaterei   adj. sharp-tongued; having a protruding, carp-like mouth.

oatilikamw   slang. adj. lying, untruthful.

oatmwaiahn   slang. adj. boastful, big-mouthed; having bad breath.

oatwalek   slang. adj. having a wide, large mouth; big mouthed, both literally and figuratively.

oden dawahk   n. a taro cultivar.

oden katau   n. a taro cultivar.

oden kepinne   n. a taro cultivar.

oden mwekil   n. a wild taro sp., considered to be poisonous.

odenei   n. a taro cultivar.

odepe   n. a taro cultivar.

odopai   n. scooter, motor scooter, motorcycle. [Jap. ōtobai < Eng. auto bicycle]

odun   num. one. see dun.

oh₁   n. name of the letter o, the fourth letter of the Pohnpeian alphabet, used to represent the phoneme /o/, a mid back rounded vowel.

oh₂   conj. and. Wein U oh Nett tikitiksang wein Madolenihmw. The municipalities of U and Nett are smaller than the municipality of Madolenihmw.

oh₃   n. (3sg. owe) sprout of a yam.

oh₄   interj. Oh!

oh tier   interj. Oh dear!, Oh my! [Eng.]

ohd, also oda, wehd, sepwikin.   n. taro sp., wild taro, also called giant taro or elephant ear taro, Alocasia macrorrhizos; considered to be a famine food, now rarely eaten; the large leaves are used to cover an uhmw and can serve as an umbrella; plant used as a medicine in treating large wounds; some believe that if it is growing on a piece of land, the land will be good for growing crops of all types.

ohdai   n. bandage, gauze. [Jap. ōdai]

ohdek₁   vi. to contribute everything available upon the death of a Nahnmwarki or Nahnken, to lay waste to the land upon such an occasion.

ohdek₂, also palahi, kehmpalahi.   archaic. n. sp. of wild yam, Dioscorea bulbifera, sometimes called bitter yam, common yam, or air potato.

ohdou   meing. n. basket, purse, handbag. Sapwellimen Likend ohdou ieu me pahn pweipweida nan sdohwa. It is Likend's purse that will be purchased at the shop. cf. kopwou.

oi   interj. an intejection signifying comprehension. cf. [meing] eh₅.

ohiendang   vi. to cheer, as in an athletic competition. [Jap. ōendan] ohiendangih, vt.

ohiendangih   vt. to cheer someone on, as in an athletic competition. I ohiendangih aht pwihno. I cheered on our team.

ohio   n. see oio.

ohl   n. man, male.

ohla   1. vi. to be broken, ruined, destroyed, spoiled, injured. 2. n. ruin, damage, wound, injury.

ohlet   vi. to halt, to stop; to hold, in a card game. [Eng. halt]

ohlsehl   n. wholesale store. [Eng.]

ohmw   n. home plate, in baseball. [Jap. hōmu < Eng.]

ohmwrang   1. n. home run. 2. vi. to hit a home run. [Jap. hōmuran < Eng.]

ohn kehp, also uhn kehp.   n. vine of a yam, used medicinally.

ohn pweirek   meing. n. string or rope for a water container (isek), used to carry the container or to tie it down to a canoe. cf. selin isek.

ohn sakau   adj. hung over from kava or alcohol.

ohnoapwoat   n. yam plant, often grown in competition with others, in which only one vine is allowed to grow.

ohnta   n. vine sp., a woody vine, Mucuna ponapeana.

ohntile   n3s. attached handle, as of a basket, suitcase, lamp, etc.

ohntipw   n. see ohntipw en sapwasapw.

ohpada, also ohpalawasa.   meing. vi. to wake up. Mwohnsapw pahn ohpada pwand. Mwohnsapw will wake up late. cf. pirida.

ohpalawasa, also ohpada.   meing. vi. to wake up. Mwohnsapwoko saikinte ohpalawasa. Mwohnsapwoko has not yet woken up. cf. pirida.

ohperdaim   n. overtime. [Eng.]

ohpis   n. office, government. [Eng.]

ohpweisou   1. meing. n. hat. 2. meing. vi. to wear a hat. 1. I pahn patohwen koledi sapwellim ohpweisou. I will hold your hat. cf. lisoarop.

ohpwet   n. a yam cultivar.

ohpwet en pohnpei   n. a yam cultivar.

ohpwet en salapwuk   n. a yam cultivar.

ohpwet en wai   n. a yam cultivar.

ohs₁   interj. Don't bother me! Please don't! Stay away!

ohs₂   n. hose. [Eng.]

oht   archaic. n. reef ledge, coral flat adjacent to deep water. I kesik ni ohto. I spearfished at the reef ledge.

ohtehl   n. hotel. [Eng.]

Ohwa   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

ok   vi. to start or to burn, of a fire; to burn, of a light; to be ignited; to be started, as of an engine; to be on, as a light.

okasi   n. candy. [Jap. okashi]

oke₁   vi. to burn, to make a fire glow.

okei   interj. okay. [Eng.]

Oklaohma   n. Oklahoma. [Eng.]

oko, also ko.   dem. mod. those, away from you and me.

okoi   interj. an interjection expressing surprise at something negative or unpleasant.

okoteme, also mehkot, ekot.   pron. thing, something, anything (singular). Wahdo okoteme. Bring something.

Olapahd   n. the trickster god of the Central Carolines.

olenei   archaic. n. good man.

Olepel   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti.

oliol   n. vine sp.

olip   Biblical. n. olive. [Eng.]

olohdi   n. widower.

Oloiso   meing. n. holders of the first twelve titles in the Nahnmwarki line. oloiso royal or noble man.

olopwoud   archaic. n. a post located in the center of the ground level of a feasthouse.

Olosihpa   n. name of one of the two brothers who arrived on the seventh voyage to Pohnpei and who designed and supervised the building of Nan Madol.

Olosohpa   n. name of one of the two brothers who arrived on the seventh voyage to Pohnpei and who designed and supervised the building of Nan Madol. He became the first leader of Pohnpei and founded the Saudeleur dynasty.

omled   n. omlet. [Eng.]

ommido   vi. to be out of bounds, in a game; to be disqualified. [Jap. omitto : throw (someone) out of a game< Eng. omit]

omp, also emp₂.   n. vine sp., Ipomoea littoralis, the leaves of which are used in medicine and for magic.

ompwu   vi. of a person, to be carried on another's back. [Jap. onbu] ompwuih, vt.

ompwuih   vt. to carry a person on one's back. [ompwu <Jap. onbu] ompwu, vi.

omw, also ahmw₂.   poss. cl. your, singular. see ah₁.

omwi   meing. poss. cl. your, yours, singular. cf. ahmw₁.

omwinwel, also ahmw₁, liahmw.   n. a tiny flying insect, commonly found in the forest.

one   vt. to mend, to repair, to renew, to reshape, used principally with native objects. onohn, vi.

onepek   n. peace, tranquility, good feelings.

ong   prep. to, toward, in relation to, for.

onohn   vi. to be mended or repaired, used principally with native objects. one, vt.

Ononmwoakot   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti.

onop   1. vi. to prepare; to study. 2. n. preparation; study.

onopen kakehlail   n. preparation for confirmation in the Catholic church.

onopen pepdais   n. preparation for baptism, in the Catholic church.

opohn   n. harpoon; metal spear tip. [Eng.]

opohp, also lukuwal, lukiamwas, lukielel, soulik en lukuwal.   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

opwong₁   num. one. see pwong.

opwong₂   n. carrying tray. [Jap. obon]

opwuloi   num. one. see pwuloi.

Orekon   n. Oregon. [Eng.]

orens   n. orange (the fruit) Citrus sinensis and bitter orange, Citrus aurantium. [Eng.]

orked   n. orchid (generic). [Eng.]

Oroluk, also Uruluk.   n. a sporadically inhabited atoll located within Pohnpei State.

os   vi. to sprout, to grow.

osada   1. n. the first growth stage of a yam, when the tuber sprouts appear and begin to grow, in December through April. 2. vi. to grow. 1. Osada kin wiawi mwohn kehndou. The first growth stage takes place before the yam vine is given a rope to grow on. 2. Kehpo osada. The yam grew.

osdia   n. host, the bread of the Eucharist. [Spa. hostia]

ose   n3s. new shoot or sprout of a tuber; spur of a rooster.

osen pahr   n. new shoot from a sprouting coconut.

osepwel   vi. to be newly sprouting, of yams. Kehpin pahn mahio osepwel. The yam under the breadfruit tree is sprouting.

osihre   n. locker, cabinet. [Jap. oshiire]

osime   n. diaper. [Jap. oshime]

osiroi   n. baby powder. [Jap. oshiroi]

osop   num. one. see sop₂.

otoht   adj. of food, appetizing due to the manner in which it is eaten by another.

otumw   num. one. see tumw.

ou   1. n. a type of net fishing done by setting a net at high tide across a place in the reef where fish exit a body of water (employed principally in Sokehs and Nett). 2. vi. to net fish in this manner.

Ou   n. a title.

Ou Ririn   n. a title, in the Nahnken line.

oudau   1. n. a type of net fishing, done by setting a net across a channel. 2. vi. to net fish in this manner.

oudek   n. punishment; destruction at the order of a chief.

oudmihl   n. oatmeal. [Eng.]

ouiak   1. n. a method of fishing which involves waiting in a mangrove swamp for fish to come in on a rising tide. 2. vi. to fish in this manner. 1. Ansou en ouiak ni ididohn uh. The time to do ouiak fishing is at a rising tide.

oukanehu   interj. Are you kidding?

oulaid   1. n. feast for returning fishermen. 2. vi. to have this feast.

oulaud, also aulaud.   adj. boastful, loud mouthed, boisterous, given to exaggeration. Ke me oulaud. You are loud-mouthed.

oumai   1. n. a type of fishing, done by constructing at low tide two or three v-shaped long walls, about two feet high, built of coral or stone; fish become trapped when they try to exit at low tide; a fish weir. 2. vi. to trap fish in this manner.

oumw   num. one. see umw₂.

oun, also aun.   num. six. see ehd₁.

oun enipoas   n. a yam cultivar.

Oun Pohnpei   n. a title, in the Nahnken line.

Oun Sapawas   n. a title.

Oundol   n. a title.

Oundol en Ririn   n. a title, in the Nahnmwarki line.

oundol en liwi   n. a yam cultivar.

oundol en nahpik   n. a yam cultivar.

ounsouna, also kiewek en koakonehp.   n. a yam cultivar.

ounwel   n. a yam cultivar.

ouraman   vi. to dream. E ouraman pwong He dreamed last night. Mie aramas me kak kawehwe ouraman. There are people who can interpret dreams. ouramanih, vi. cf. [meing] aliman.

ouras   vi. to be tied, in the game peisihr. Ira ouras. They are tied.

ouremei   vi. to use a kava stone for the first time.

ouse   n. net fishing, using a long net set across a sandy area or inlet on the barrier reef.

ouwang   vt. to carry on one's back. Lahpo ouwang serio. That guy carried the child on his back.

owannange   n. shot put (the name of the game). [Jap. hōgannage]

mehn owannange   n. shot, the metal ball used in the game of shot put.

owen mwenge, also ewen mwenge.   adj. always hungry, selfish with food.

owen wedei   adj. talkative.

owiou   vi. to be waiting. Re owioupene ni nahso. They are waiting at the feasthouse. awih, vt. cf. [meing] kehnseng.

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