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Yapese Language Texts

Yap Department of Education

School texts produced by the Yap Dept. of Education 1976-84

Appx. 250 Yapese DoE texts produced by a variety of teachers working in the Yap Department of Education during those years, and which I have edited into a standardised orthography (never officially adopted).

Thilenius Expedition

Texts collected by Dr. Wilhelm Müller on
Dr. Georg Thilenius's 1908-10 Hamburg Southsea Expedition

The two volumes of the report on Yap written by Wilhelm Müller, Ergebnisse der Südsee-Expedition 1908-1910, herausgegeben von Prof. Dr. G. Thilenius – II. Ethnographie: B. Mikronesien – published by L. Friedrichsen & Co., Hamburg, 1918. (Graciously photocopied and bound for my use by the University of Auckland library when I was employed as a lecturer in linguistics in 1973-5.) The second volume of this work comprises over 800 large (approximately A4-size) pages.

The Texts

1. Qaaw ngea Liib Coconut fibre rope and retting pits html pdf
2. Beayat Historical account (Yap DOE 1976-84) html pdf
3. Buuneeney Ngea K’aaw A Yapese Fable (Yap DOE 1976-84) html pdf
4. Reeb ea Yaat ko Maabgol Story of a Married Couple (Yap DOE 1976-84) html pdf
5. Thaaboeg Thaaboeg (Yap DOE 1976-84) html pdf

(Additional texts will be added and accessible here as developed...
Please check back for progress... JTJ)

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