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Yapese Language Texts

Yap Department of Education

School texts produced by the Yap Dept. of Education 1976-84

Appx. 250 Yapese DoE texts produced by a variety of teachers working in the Yap Department of Education during those years, and which I have edited into a standardised orthography (never officially adopted).

Thilenius Expedition

Texts collected by Dr. Wilhelm Müller on
Dr. Georg Thilenius's 1908-10 Hamburg Southsea Expedition

The two volumes of the report on Yap written by Wilhelm Müller, Ergebnisse der Südsee-Expedition 1908-1910, herausgegeben von Prof. Dr. G. Thilenius – II. Ethnographie: B. Mikronesien – published by L. Friedrichsen & Co., Hamburg, 1918. (Graciously photocopied and bound for my use by the University of Auckland library when I was employed as a lecturer in linguistics in 1973-5.) The second volume of this work comprises over 800 large (approximately A4-size) pages.

The Texts

1. Qaaw ngea Liib
Coconut fibre rope and retting pits
htm / pdf
2. Beayat
Historical account (Yap DOE 1976-84)
htm / pdf
3. Buuneeney Ngea K’aaw
A Yapese Fable (Yap DOE 1976-84)
htm / pdf
4. Reeb ea Yaat ko Maabgol
Story of a Married Couple (Yap DOE 1976-84)
htm / pdf
5. Thaaboeg
Thaaboeg (Yap DOE 1976-84)
htm / pdf
6. Chepin Yuu Waqab
Chepin Yuu Waqab (Yap DOE 1982)
htm / pdf
7. Tangin Koqnguuy nu Qadbuweq
The story of Koqnguuy of Qadbuweq
8. Tangin Siribcheegil
The Story of Siribcheegil

(Additional texts will be added and accessible here as developed...
Please check back for progress... JTJ)

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