Updated: 1/6/2017
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Type of fish, skip jack. fiif

Type of fish, large skip jack. m'uul

Type of fish, skip jack. ngolngolëy

Type of fish, skip jack. ngool


Jail, prison. kaalbuus

To put in jail. kaalbuus naag

Rat trap; jail. tafich

To trap or ensnare; to jail. tafichiy


The island Jaluit in the Marshalls. Seeluus


To get jammed, stuck, clamped in. maqachthal

Crushed, jammed against. muquuquy

To clamp; cause to get jammed in. qachthiliy


The month of January. Jeenwaerii

The month of January. maathaqëg


The country of Japan, in stories. Maerwael

Japan and the Orient. Meerwael

Japan. Saapaan


Small Japanese pot. haangngoo

Japanese ornamental gate or archway. moong


Back corner of inside of jaw. tamaleqgur

His jaw. yadoodaan

His jaw. yidoodaan

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Envious, resentful, jealous. buuch-aen'

Envious, resentful, jealous. qaaw-aen'

To be jealous of. taliyeag

To be jealous of. taliyeag naag

Jealous. taliyëg

To be jealous of. taliyëg naag


Type of jellyfish, namely Portuguese-Man-of-War. biibiy

Stinging coelenterates, jellyfish, man-of-war. garik

Type of jellyfish. gayoon


To pull out hard or jerk out repeatedly. böqbuqöy

To jerk or pull something, like grass, from its place with force. buk'uliy

To pull out hard, jerk out something. buqöy

To jerk off or pull off with force. buup'uy

To jerk, pull in one fast motion. faakl'uy

To jerk, pull in one fast motion. faakuy

To jerk, pull hard. maboq

To pull, to jerk. saböqbuqöy


Transportation, means of getting somewhere; translation, of language; mediator, Jesus; way. maqab

Transportation, means of getting somewhere; translation, of language; mediator, Jesus; way. maqaf

Redeemer; Jesus Christ. Taabiyuul


Flotsom and jetsum. duwor

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Jinx (slang). wuw

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Tools, for a particular job. doonguu

Place, position, as in a job; taboo place; used as a classifier, a hole for taro or yam; spoor, mark, track, trail. liiw

To work; job, activity. maruweel

To do work, do a job, to work something. maruweliy


To tie, to join, to fit together. m'aag

To join two things together. pethuy

To add to, to join two things, to match up, to mix in. puthuy

To fit, to place, to join something to something. qayaliy

To connect, join, continue, as lines. quluuliy


Stuck to, joined to, connected to. peeth

Be connected to, joined together in series. peethpeeth


Rope joining boom and gaff. foor

Joining, a tying; a wedding, marriage. m'aag


To sprain a joint; to suffer a hairline fracture of a bone. miim

Joint, continuation. qulqul

Corner, joint, curve. tam'ing

A joint, place where two things peeth, like in a house construction. tapeeth


Pain in joints of body. maag


Type of crab with joited tail that looks like a scorpion. ngureq


To joke, play; a game, joke, playing. gosgoos

To make fun of, fool, joke with. gosgoos naag


Journey, trip. chuur

What one gets back from a journey. chuurean

News about a journey. gorong

Food as provisions for a journey. paaw

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Hypercritical, judgmental. maqogthaar


Pottery, earthenware, clay pots; jug. rumeaq


To juggle; things used for juggling. maechyoech

To juggle. samachoel

To juggle; things used for juggling. tiiloey'


To juggle; things used for juggling. maechyoech

To juggle; things used for juggling. tiiloey'


The color brown; food with little juice. but'buut'

Juice. lagow

Its juice. lagowean

Juice, of betel nut or coconut. lingir

Betel nut juice or spittle. quchuth

Juice. raang

Water, juice. raen

Betel nut that is red inside and full of juice. thilchogoy

Juice squeezed out of something. wachag


Dry, not juicy, of crabs. daay

Type of coconut with juicy, chewable husk. qalqath


The month of July. Juulaay

The month of July. Tafgiif


To spring up, as grass after a fire; jump up, as people in a panic. muguw

To jump. qog

To offer; to jump. qog naag

To jump up and down. qogqog

To jump up and down. tiitiimaqog


Jumprope; to play jumprope. naawaa


The month of June. Juun

The month of June. Wageagëy


Forest, jungle, bush, wood, valley. lawaay


To tie up something shaky for temporary use, to jury rig. qathlëy

To jury rig. saasaalapiy


Just covered by tide, or anything. chap

Suddenly to get up and go, as if one had just remembered something one had to do; to leave in a hurry; to ^split^; to thrash like a wild animal. chigar

To be just right, of betel nut; to become red, of langad, gaal', or other plant material, medicine, or flower which have fallen and become red. malaal'

Bottle cap, or just cap in general. män'

Just turning yellow, as fruit. marmang

The first-fruits of a betel nut or coconut tree that has just bloomed for the first time. qathalaab

To pass one's trade or vocation to one's successor just before death. thuum'

Woman who has just had a baby. yoob


Piece of land which juts into water. taban ea m'uuth

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