Updated: 1/6/2017
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Someone who nags, always asking for the same thing over and over. feekchilig


Finger nail, toe nail. k'uyung

To nail; to take copra from shell with a pointed object. richibiy

His finger nail, his toe nail. t'iyung


Crowbar. A piece of steel or iron with a hook in one end and a forked spade tip to pull nails with, and a flattened other end for prying. baeruu


To hide and see somebody naked. yoobaay


A man's name. Baapiiluung

A woman's name. Baarwaar

A man's name. Baaweeg

Man's name. Baayiluuy

A man's name. Baaynaag

Man's name. Bacharthog

A man's name. Banood

Woman's name. Baqamliiw

A man's name. Baqëg

Man's name. Bayaed

Man's name. Beaneamaang

Woman's name. Beegoew

Woman's name. Beeguruw

Woman's name. Beemitaeg

Man's name. Beetamaag

Name of one of the two women from Sipin who came to Yap and introduced new ideas. Beqemgoeg

Woman's name. Beqemtuw

Name of an island off Meqeruur. Biy

Man's name. Boomataam

Man's name. Buchunfeal'

Man's name. Buchuun

A feminine name. Bugulmeed

A masculine name. Bugulroew

A feminine name. Buthung

Feminine name. Buuth

Feminine name. Buw

Masculine name. Charean

Masculine name. Chayam

Masculine name. Cheew

Feminine name. Chigiy

A feminine name. Chiipiin

Masculine name. Chiyeg

Masculine name. Choemeed

Masculine name. Choemyeed

Masculine name. Choochol

Masculine name. Choon

Masculine name. Chooqaay

Masculine name. Chöq

Masculine name. Chowaay

Masculine name. Chugean

Feminine name. Chugeeg

Masculine name. Chugpin

Masculine name. Chugraed

Feminine name. Churwaq

Feminine name. Chuuleaq

Feminine name. Chuutinaeg

Feminine name. Chuuy

Feminine name. Daadaguweeg

Masculine name. Daafaan

Masculine name. Daapoey

Masculine name. Daatamaag

Feminine name. Daatinaeg

Masculine name. Dabaaw

Masculine name. Dabchur

Masculine name. Dabchurean

Feminine name. Daelëy'aag

Name of a district or municipality of Yap. Dalipeebinaew

Masculine name. Dawëy

Masculine name. Deefaan

Masculine name. Deefeeg

Masculine name. Dibaay

Feminine name. Digow

Name of a channel in Ponape. Doweasanap'

Masculine name. Dugchur

Feminine name. Duguwean

Feminine name. Duguweem

Feminine name. Duuy

Masculine name. Faal

Masculine name. Faamaaw

Masculine name. Faas

Masculine name. Faaw

Name of a place in Dugor, in Weeloey. Faay

Masculine name. Faaymaaw

Masculine name. Faayong

Masculine name. Fadabyaed

Feminine name. Fadleaq

Masculine name. Fadmuqun

Feminine name. Fadoeliy

Feminine name. Fadreeb

Feminine name. Fagäl

Masculine name. Fagälchugraed

Masculine name. Fagäldeefeeg

Feminine name. Fagällippiin

Feminine name. Fagälluchuq

Feminine name. Fagältinaan

Feminine name. Fagältinaeg

Masculine name. Fal'aag

Masculine name. Fal'aagorong

Feminine name. Fal'aagruw

Masculine name. Falaal'aay

Feminine name. Fal'aamatiin

Masculine name. Fal'aan

Masculine name. Fal'aaroog

Masculine name. Fal'aawaaw

Masculine name. Fal'aawalaag

Masculine name. Fal'aawaqath

Masculine name. Fal'aawuyoech

Masculine name. Fal'anruw

Feminine name. Fal'appiin

Feminine name. Fal'eetinaeg

Masculine name. Falmaar

Masculine name. Fal'meed

Masculine name. Falmog

Masculine name. Fal'ngaak'

Feminine name. Fal'roog

Masculine name. Fal'thiin

Masculine name. Fanaafaal

Feminine name. Fanaapiin

Masculine name. Fanaayaam'

Masculine name. Fanaethiin

Feminine name. Fanagubpiin

Feminine name. Faneareang

Name of a district or municipality of Yap. Fanif

Feminine name. Fanpiin

Feminine name. Faqën

Feminine name. Fathaan

Masculine name. Fathgaqag

Masculine name. Fattuun

A name, either masculine or feminine. Feal'

Masculine name. Feel

Masculine name. Fiding

Masculine name. Figinfeal'

Masculine name. Figir

Masculine name. Figiraeg

Masculine name. Figirmaed

Masculine name. Fil'eefiney

Feminine name. Fill'iyaag

Masculine name. Fill'iyoon

Masculine name. Fil'meed

Masculine name. Finigimeed

Masculine name. Finiyaen'

Feminine name. Finpiin

Masculine name. Fintamaag

Feminine name. Fintiirow

Feminine name. Fintinaeg

Masculine name. Fithing

His name. fithingaan

Masculine name. Fithingaan

Masculine name. Fithingmeew

Masculine name. Fithingrow

Masculine name. Foeraem

Masculine name. Foeruw

Masculine name. Foeryeey

Masculine name. Foeryeng

Masculine name. Foonëg

Feminine name. Fugoeg

Masculine name. Funug

Feminine name. Funugduuy

Masculine name. Funwoq

Masculine name. Gaanong

Masculine name. Gaaroog

Name of a certain harbor or passage in Yap. Gabaech

Feminine name. Gabal

Feminine name. Gabyaen'

Masculine name. Gadaed

Masculine name. Gafaerig

Name of a district or municipality of Yap. Gagil

Feminine name. Gäldigow

Masculine name. Galiiluung

Feminine name. Gamaabruw

Masculine name. Gamaagaag

Masculine name. Gamaeruw

Feminine name. Gamen

Masculine name. Gamow

Masculine name. Ganaang

Masculine name. Ganangyaen'

Name of a certain bridge in Colonia. Ganiir

Feminine name. Ganngoomeed

Both a feminine and masculine name. Gapëy

Feminine name. Gapthey

Masculine name. Gaqan

Masculine name. Gaqmeed

Masculine name. Gaqmeew

Masculine name. Gaqngin

Masculine name. Garamfael

Masculine name. Garangmaaw

Masculine name. Garbeaq

Masculine name. Garongfeal'

Masculine name. Garongfich

Masculine name. Garongsaay

Masculine name. Gasag

Masculine name. Geap

Masculine name. Geechig

Feminine name. Gguleaq

Masculine name. Gibaay

Masculine name. Gibiig

Masculine name. Gidibmaaq

Masculine name name. Giimean

Masculine name. Gilbinaew

Masculine name. Gilchibeeg

Name of a legendary character or god, the inventor of painting. Gildubuung

Feminine name. Giley

Masculine name. Gilfigir

Name of a village, the capital of Fanif municipality. Gilfith

Masculine name. Gilganaqngin

Feminine name. Giligruw

Masculine name. Giliilung

Feminine name. Giliin

Feminine name. Gilippiin

Name of a district or municipality of Yap. Gilmaan'

Masculine name. Gilmaar

Masculine name. Gilmataam

Feminine name. Gilmitiin

Feminine name. Gilpiin

Feminine name. Gilqochean

Masculine name. Gil'röw

Masculine name. Giltamaag

Masculine name. Giltamaam

Masculine name. Giltamaan

Masculine name. Giltamangin

Masculine name. Giltharngan

Feminine name. Giltinaeg

Masculine name. Giltoengin

Masculine name. Giltuug

Masculine name. Gilyin'uug

Masculine name. Gimeed

Feminine name. Gimiidiqiy

Masculine name. Gimnaang

Feminine name. Gipthey

Feminine name. Giriimaed

Masculine name. Gisoeg

Name of a village in Ruul. Gitaem

Name of a certain place in Yap. Giy

Feminine name. Goedgow

Feminine name. Goegneeg

Feminine name. Goelbeaq

Feminine name. Goelför

Masculine name. Goelibuw

Feminine name. Goerfich

Feminine name. Goew

Feminine name. Goeweeth

Masculine name. Goomaaq

Feminine name. Goomleaq

Feminine name. Goomtiin

Masculine name. Gootamaan

Masculine name. Goqbaqaed

Masculine name. Goqbaqëg

Masculine name. Goqgadow

Feminine name. Goqliqan

Masculine name. Goqmataam

Feminine name. Göqöt

Feminine name. Göqötinaeg

Masculine name. Göqtuug

Masculine name. Gorong

Masculine name. Gubung

Feminine name. Guchoel

Masculine name. Guluwgiig

Feminine name. Gumatiin

Feminine name. Gupeer

Masculine name. Gurtamaag

Feminine name. Guruungin

Feminine name. Guruwaag

Feminine name. Guruwaan

Feminine name. Guruwaqën

Masculine name. Gusug

Masculine name. Gutrom

Masculine name. Kaamoey

Masculine name. Kaanraed

Feminine name. Kabeetiin

Feminine name. Kabeetinaeg

Feminine name. Kaetinaeg

Feminine name. Kamatiin

Name of a district or municipality of Yap. Kanifaay

Masculine name. Keen

Masculine name. Keenfaal

Masculine name. Keengin

Masculine name. Keenigiim

Masculine name. Keenmeed

Masculine name. Kognaang

Masculine name. Kognangeeg

Masculine name. Koolgaed

Masculine name. Kubiney

Feminine name. Kugufaakaay

Masculine name. Kugufas

Feminine name. Kugutinaey

Feminine name. Kuguum'

Masculine name. Kuguy

Masculine name. Laangur

Feminine name. Langadean

Feminine name. Laqabbaay

Feminine name. Laqan

Feminine name. Laqasthaan

Feminine name. Laqbalath

Feminine name. Laqbarug

Feminine name. Laqfaal

Feminine name. Laqfanuw

Feminine name. Laqfeal'

Feminine name. Laqgaam

Feminine name. Laqgael

Feminine name. Laqkean

Feminine name. Laqmaag

Feminine name. Laqmaang

Feminine name. Laqmaar

Feminine name. Laqmaed

Feminine name. Laqmagaer

Feminine name. Laqmean

Feminine name. Laqrow

Feminine name. Laqtamaan

Feminine name. Laqtamoel

Feminine name. Laqtaran

Feminine name. Laqwaay

Feminine name. Laqyow

Feminine name. Lay'aan

Feminine name. Leaq

Masculine name. Leebinaew

Feminine name. Leqbuchuun

Feminine name. Leqerbaay

Feminine name. Leqerngoof

Feminine name. Leqfineg

Feminine name. Leqgabaey

Feminine name. Leqgiraeng

Feminine name. Leqguroey

Feminine name. Leqguwor

Feminine name. Leqguyaed

Feminine name. Leqlukaan

Feminine name. Leqmaqut

Feminine name. Leqmatuw

Feminine name. Leqmeed

Feminine name. Leqmeew

Feminine name. Leqmirey

Feminine name. Leqmitey

Feminine name. Leqngin

Feminine name. Leqruw

Feminine name. Leqruwaan

Feminine name. Leqthiin

Feminine name. Leqthiing

Feminine name. Leqthiip

Feminine name. Leqtuun

Feminine name. Leqwes

Feminine name. Leqyuud

Feminine name. Leqyuw

Masculine name, Feminine name. Libuwaen'

Woman's name, given to a girl child temprorarily until a permanent name is decided on. Ligaaw

Masculine name. Ligmaaw

Feminine name. Ligow

Masculine name. Liimeed

Feminine name. Liimow

Masculine name. Liimur

Masculine name. Liiraed

Feminine name. Lileaq

Feminine name. Limiteg

Feminine name. Limngër

Feminine name. Lipiy

Feminine name. Liqag

Masculine name. Liyoeg

Masculine name. Liyoon

Masculine name. Loew

Masculine name. Loqchaath

Feminine name. Loqfaneak

Masculine name. Lubuumaed

Masculine name. Lubuumow

Masculine name. Lubuw

Masculine name. Lubuwaag

Masculine name. Lubuwaan

Feminine name. Luchuq

Feminine name. Luchuqën

Masculine name. Lugun

Masculine name. Lukaag

Masculine name. Lukaan

Masculine name. Lukbayaed

Masculine name. Luktuun

Masculine name. Lunguun

Feminine name. Luqag

Masculine name. Luug

Name of a certaain ghost or demon. Luulmaaw

Feminine name. Maafeal'

Masculine name. Maaffeal'

Masculine name. Maafraaf

Masculine name. Maafthiin

Name of a constellation. Maal'

Masculine name. Maanmaaw

Name of a district or municipality of Yap; the island north of Yap Island proper. Maap'

Masculine name. Maar

Feminine name. Maaroom

Masculine name. Maatamaag

Masculine name. Madaag

Feminine name. Madruw

Masculine name. Maenpig

Feminine name. Maerfeal'

Feminine name. Maergoew

Feminine name. Maerleaq

Masculine name. Maertaem

Feminine name. Maerunguun

Feminine name. Maetiidoew

Feminine name. Maetinaan

Feminine name. Maetinaeg

Masculine name. Magamaay

Masculine name. Mangaagool

Masculine name. Mangar

Masculine name. Mangeafeal'

Feminine name. Mangër

Masculine name. Mangtamaag

Feminine name. Mangtinaeg

Feminine name. Mannaq

Feminine name. Maqut

Feminine name. Maran

Feminine name. Maranguweeg

Feminine name. Märeegow

Feminine name. Marëg

Masculine name. Märnifean

Masculine name. Mataam

Masculine name. Mathow

Name of a place in Okau. Mayangar

Name of the passage or channel between Rumung and Fanif. M'iil

Feminine name. Miit

Feminine name. Mingeepiin

Masculine name. Mirey

Feminine name. Mitaeg

Feminine name. Mitmaed

Feminine name. Mitmeed

Feminine name. Mitraed

Feminine name. Mitröw

Masculine name. Moechuq

Masculine name. Moqmataam

Masculine name. Moqon

Masculine name. Moqonfeal'

Masculine name. Moqoqarow

Masculine name. Mow

Masculine name. Mulaalap

Masculine name. Mungwaqath

Feminine name. Muqut

Masculine name. Nabeetaam

Feminine name. Nabeetinaeg

Feminine name. Nabeeyaen'

Feminine name. Nabuw

Feminine name. Namar

Masculine name. Namnëg

Feminine name. Nas

Name. ngachal

Masculine name. Ngadean

Masculine name. Ngalean

Name. nguchol

Feminine name. Nguruun

Feminine name. Ngutuw

Masculine name. Nifiig

Masculine name. Noef

Masculine name. Pagäl

Masculine name. Paqam

Masculine name. Paqtamaag

Feminine name. Peeth

Masculine name. Piig

Feminine name. Piimog

Feminine name. Piin

Feminine name. Piinfean

Feminine name. Piing

Feminine name. Pilay'aan

Masculine name. Piniy

Feminine name. Pinnifean

Masculine name. Pitamaag

Feminine name. Pitiin

Feminine name. Pitinaeg

Feminine name. Pitineeg

Masculine name. Pituug

Feminine name. Piy

Feminine name. Piyoon

Name for calling dogs. poech

Masculine name. Poeng

Guard; common name for dogs. poos

Masculine name. Pugraam

Masculine name. Pugraem

Feminine name. Pugthiin

Feminine name. Puguruw

Feminine name. Puguruwaag

Masculine and feminine name. Puluw

Masculine name. Puluwog

Masculine name. Pungöd

Name for calling dogs. puuchii

Name of the place where the Coast Guard station is. Qaabaay

Feminine name. Qadgil

Feminine name. Qadgileeg

Masculine name. Qagun

Masculine name, the person who first brought Qanugumaang money to Yap. Qanugumaang

Masculine name. Qaraen'uug

Masculine name. Qathmagil

Masculine name. Qayin

Masculine name. Qear

Masculine name. Qeen

Masculine name. Qeetuun

Feminine name. Qilyaaw

Feminine name. Qoechean

Feminine name. Qoecheeg

Masculine name. Qoes

Two persons with the same name. qoeseey

Masculine name. Quluch

Masculine name. Qungiin

Masculine name. Quntamaan

Masculine name. Quntuun

Masculine name. Quruun

Masculine name. Raboofal'aan

Masculine name. Raboomaen

Masculine name. Raeg

Masculine name. Ragmaen

Masculine name. Ral'od

Masculine name. Ramngean

Feminine name. Rangag

Masculine name. Ranganbaay

Feminine name. Reang

Masculine name. Rebeelukaan

Masculine name. Reboefal'aan

Masculine name. Reeb

Feminine name. Ribdiqiy

Feminine name. Ribeelay'aan

Masculine name. Rifeal'

Feminine name. Riipiin

Masculine name. Rikbaay

Masculine name. Rikiin

Masculine name. Rikmow

Masculine name. Rim'iiyoeg

Masculine name. Rogon

Masculine name. Rogonyin'uug

Masculine name. Roosmar

Masculine name. Rraan

Masculine name. Rrig

Masculine name. Ruboothiin

Feminine name. Rum'oey

Name of a district of municipality of Yap, the island north of Maap'. Rumung

Feminine name. Rungumeed

Feminine name. Rungumeew

Feminine name. Runguraed

Feminine name. Runguun

Name of a district of municipality of Yap. Ruul

Masculine name. Ruultaam

Feminine name. Ruumatiin

Masculine name. Ruunfaal

Feminine name. Ruunpiin

Masculine name. Ruutamaag

Feminine name. Ruutiin

Feminine name. Ruutinaan

Feminine name. Ruutinaeg

Masculine name. Ruw

Masculine name. Ruwaamaaw'

Feminine name. Ruwaamatiin

Masculine name. Ruwaan

Masculine name. Ruwaayngëg

Masculine name. Ruweebinaew

Masculine name. Ruweechöq

Feminine name. Ruweematiin

Masculine name. Ruweepoeng

Masculine name. Ruweequruun

Feminine name. Ruweerunguun

Masculine name. Ruwol

Masculine name. Ruwot

Masculine name. Saamar

Masculine name. Saay

Masculine name. Sarow

Masculine name. Saweeyoeg

Masculine name. Seeläp

Masculine name. Seeliilog

Masculine name. Sipig

Masculine name. Siyow

Feminine name. Soef

Masculine name. Soepluw

Masculine name. Soer

Masculine name. Soereg

Masculine name. Sogon

Masculine name. Soog

Masculine name, given to a boy child temporarily until a permanent name is decided on. Soogaaw

Masculine name. Suulog

Masculine name. Suumeed

Masculine name. Suweeyoeg

Masculine name. Taamow

Masculine name. Tabugul

Masculine name. Tafanaag

Masculine name. Talëy

Masculine name. Tamaag

Masculine name. Tamaan

Masculine name. Tamaggafael

Masculine name. Tamaggaqan

Masculine name. Tamagqiraen

Masculine name. Tamagyow

Masculine name. Tamangidaed

Masculine name. Tamangig

Masculine name. Tamangimeed

Masculine name. Tamangimeew

Masculine name. Tamangin

Masculine name. Tamangirow

Masculine name. Tamguyaed

Name of a district or municipality of Yap. Tamil

Feminine name. Tanam

The origin of a personal name. tanaq

Feminine name. Taqabbug

Masculine name. Tarëg

Masculine name. Tarëy

Masculine name. Thael

Masculine name. Tharngan

Masculine name. Thigithean

Feminine name. Thigmow

Feminine name. Thiimaed

Masculine name. Thiinfeal'

Masculine name. Thiinfean

Masculine name. Thiing

Masculine name. Thinoebaay

Masculine name. Thinoem

Masculine name. Thinoon

Feminine name. Thiyean

Masculine name. Thiyër

Masculine name. Tigiil'

Feminine name. Tiirow

Feminine name. Tinaan

Feminine name. Tinaeg

Feminine name. Tinagoofeal'

Feminine name. Tinagyow

Feminine name. Tinamaed

Feminine name. Tinangig

Feminine name. Tinangimeed

Feminine name. Tinangimow

Feminine name. Tinangin

Feminine name. Tinangiraed

Feminine name. Tinangirow

Feminine name. Tinanguruwaag

Feminine name. Tineerow

Feminine name. Tinraed

Masculine name. Tithiin

Masculine name. Tithngin

Masculine name. Tithngirow

Feminine name. Toedngeeg

Feminine name. Tooy

Masculine name. Tuguruw

To compose songs; exchange lies; to give a name to something. tunguy

Feminine name. Tunug

Feminine name. Turugeeg

Feminine name. Turugeem

Masculine name. Tuug

Masculine name. Tuumeed

Masculine name. Tuun

Masculine name. Tuutuw

Masculine name. Tuwun

Masculine name. Tuwuth

Masculine name. Waag

Masculine name. Waeriy

Masculine name. Wagthuuth

Masculine name. Walaag

Masculine name. Walbuw

Masculine name. Waqath

Masculine name. Waqathaag

Masculine name. Waqathaan

Feminine name. Waqtin

Masculine name. Waqyaag

Masculine name. Waqyaan

Name of a district or municipality of Yap. Weeloey

Feminine name. Wees

Woman's name. Wureeng

Feminine name. Wureeng

Feminine name. Wurpiig

Masculine name. Wuyoech

Masculine name. Yaatamaan

Masculine name. Yaed

Feminine name. Yaen'

Feminine name. Yagät

Masculine name. Yagtamaag

Feminine name. Yagtinaeg

Masculine name. Yalbuw

Masculine name. Yalus

Masculine name. Yalwon

Masculine name. Yangael

Feminine name. Yarmat

Masculine name. Yaroor

Masculine name. Yaroormaed

Masculine name. Yifith

Masculine name. Yifitheg

Masculine name. Yigiin

Masculine name. Yiluuy

Feminine name. Yin'tuwug

Masculine name. Yin'ugyaed

Masculine name. Yin'uug

Feminine name. Yirtiin

Feminine name. Yirwer

Masculine name. Yoegaqmow

Masculine name. Yoeruw

Masculine name. Yoew

Masculine name. Yoonbaay

Feminine name. Yugufeal'

Feminine name; the woman from Sipin. Yugum'aed

Masculine name. Yugummaang

Feminine name. Yuguwaen'

Masculine name. Yuluuy

Feminine name. Yulweeg

Masculine name. Yungug

Masculine name. Yuud

Masculine name. Yuug

Masculine name. Yuul'

Masculine name. Yuuruw

Masculine name. Yuw

Masculine name. Yuwun


Type of jellyfish, namely Portuguese-Man-of-War. biibiy


Masculine and feminine names. Yaloon


Namesakes. qooseey


Back, base or nape of his neck. bileel'ugun


To say, quote; to do like this; then in narration; become like this. gaqar


Narrow, consticted, crowded. wiqinqin

Narrow, constricted, crowded. wuqinqin


Land, country, nation. naam


To be pierced, have a hole - not naturally, but as damage. chabol


Its work, function, nature. gasgason


Very naughty or disobedient. baalbaalyaang

Disobedient or naughty, as of a badly-behaved child. A dizzy feeling or feeling faint or drunk. baalyaang

To make crazy, disobedient, naughty, dizzy. baalyaang naag

Playful, not serious, impudent, naughty. waeleew

Playful, not serious, impudent, naughty. waelöw


Nauseating. sönsönögor


To feel nauseous. sönögor


Chambered nautilus shell. m'oor ea qayuuy


Belly-button, navel. matoethaan

His navel, belly button. miit i thaan

His navel, belly button. thaan


Correct, matching, true, straight, accurate; its price, value, cost, pay, counterpart, opposite; navigator, navigation. paluw


Correct, matching, true, straight, accurate; its price, value, cost, pay, counterpart, opposite; navigator, navigation. paluw

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Near, by, beside, close to, next to. charean

Near, close. chuguur

Close, near. chuuchuguur

To make closer; to near. chuuchuguur naag

There near you; then. qer

There near you; then. qër

An island in stories said to have sunk near Rumung. Siipin

Near, situated near by. taeruq

Near it, close-to it, by it. toqbean

There (near you). wur

Like that (near you). yoodoor


Neat, stacked evenly, as with ends lined up. qubing


To stack neatly or evenly, as with ends lined up. qubung

To stack neatly or evenly, as with ends lined up. qubunguy


To be repulsed by food due to satiation, especially pig fat, then not necessarily due to satiation. därdaer

A small house, usually for cooking, but not necessarily. taqang


Necessity for something. maamaqën


Back, base or nape of his neck. bileel'ugun

Thing worn by a man (only piiluung) around neck, which looks like a grass skirt, made from gaal. ligow

Back of the neck. ngoreq

Back of the neck; neck bones. ngureq u l'ugun

Neck; dirt pile made by a crab at his hole. nguroeq


Beads, necklace churwaq

Beads, necklace. churwoq

Necklace money made from shell or whale tooth ivory. gaaw

Type of skin ailment; type of necklace. girmow

Classifier for lei, necklace, etc. kiy

Coconut leaf necklace. lubuw

Necklace worn by woman between puberty and menopause. marfaaq

Necklace worn by woman between puberty and menopause. marfaaw'

Highest type of necklace money. qanugumaang

Type of shell necklace. thaawëy


Nectar. qathib


Defecation; feeling of the need to defecate. maduun

Urination; feeling of the need to urinate. mafiiq


Keep something until it is needed. chaqar


Shot, injection, hypodermic needle. chiyuusaa

Shot, injection, hypodermic needle. chuusaa

Shot, injection, hypodermic needle. chuuysaa

Needle, especially phonographic. haerii

Needle, bolt for door of a house. machëy

Sewing needle. raasam

Needle for sewing thatch. thuuk

To string, to thread, as a needle. yuuy'


Hound needlefish. buuqaath

Type of fish, needlefish. buuy

Type of fish, halfbeak needlefish. nguchuth

Type of fish, needlefish. suup


Cramp, numbness; feeling of pins and needles. gaamiig


Non-future negative. daa

Future negative. daab


To shake the head negatively, as in disagreement. chingching


People neglected by their relatives. gasëy


Vein, nerve, tendon. nguchey


A landing net. cheew

Weight, sinker on a net. faay

Float, as on net. gapees

To make a net. gufit

Type of flat, two-handled net. k'eef

To braid, plait; to tie together, string together, as a grass skirt; to weave, to tie a net. l'aeng

Sea, ocean, salt water; mermaid, sea nymph; to launch a canoe for the first time, to use a net or raft in the water for the first time. madaay

To weave (tie) net. manafat

Push net; to beat someone by pushing him to the ground. mangaagow

Scoop net. mataalap

Kind of fishing net. matalap

His vehicle, canoe, boat; its net pole. m'oor

To weave a net. nifit

To weave, as net. nifitiy

Net; municipality. nuug

Type of ball game, similar to volleyball but without a net. pangith

Bottom of net, i.e. length from top to bottom. pogon

Inside of net, in the middle where the fish gather. quboch

Glass net float. quuy

Type of fishing net. sereg

Throw net. talaadaa

Kind of fishing net. talap

To make the inside of a net smaller by bringing in the sides. thuuliy

Raise a ruckus in the water to chase fish into a net; type of fishing. tuultuul

To fish by encircling a school of fish with a net; a large school of sharks. yaraaw

Bamboo net spacer. yir


Balsa wood, which floats in from South America. The wood is used for corks for bottles, floats for nets, etc.; any soft light wood like this. badbaad

Type of mangrove tree used as dye for fishing nets. yangach


Imperishable food, everlasting food, magical food given by Yalfath which never runs out. ngirngir


New; clean. beqech

Name of one of the two women from Sipin who came to Yap and introduced new ideas. Beqemgoeg

To bury a new corpse inside the grave that's already been used to bury another corpse before. bigbigiy ea yaam'

Cresent moon after new moon seen in the west. bungol

To dedicate, as a new house. guyuwoliy

Savage, cannibal, New Guinea; type of yam. moeroes

Taro leaf stem; new leaves of banana tree. qochqoch

Darkness, dark of the moon, new moon. rumug

Somewhat new or clean. sabeebeqech


Nurse for new-born infant, or child, or someone whose business is peqetaliiw. yariif


News about a journey. gorong

To be filled or diffused with something; be plentiful, copious; be spread around, as news. koth

To be filled or diffused with something; be plentiful, copious; be spread around, as news. kotheag

News, story, tale, about, concerning. marungaqag


Near, by, beside, close to, next to. charean

Leftover food on next day. gumith

Next, second. magid

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Island of Ngulu. Nguluw

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To bite repeatedly, as fish at bait, to nibble. k'adk'aad


Nice, cute (child talk). tiintiin

Toy; nice (child's talk). tiitiy


To cut a piece of wood so that another piece will fit nicely into it. boeboey


Nickel, five cent coin. koobreq ni laal


To roam about, as in the night; to rummage in stuff looking for something. daaraaw

To roam about, as in the night; to rummage in stuff looking for something. daraaraaw

Last night, eve of today. foowngaen

To put food in a pot the night before cooking to prepare it beforehand. lagar

To put food in pot the night before cooking to prepare it beforehand. lagariy

Night. neap'

To stay up for a particular purpose; to keep a night vigil. qodabeag

To go out on a boat at night to escape from mosquitoes. taneeng

Results of it's being night. waqamngin ea neap'


A nightclub, club. kalaab


Nightfall. maqaaw ea lumar


The first two days (or nights) after the full moon when moon is seen in the east right on the horizon. bachaaw


Place in Nimar, in Weloy. Gamaygul

A place between Keng and Nimar. Taburey


Nine. meereeb


Nipa palm; nipa palm thatch. qaying

Nipa palm; nipa palm thatch. qayung

Nipa palm; nipa thatch. qeang


Nipple. miit ea thuuth


Fly's egg; nit. fael'

Louse egg, nit. thiil

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Noble, holy in sense of pure; exalted. quruun


To be drunk; to nod the head as if sleepy; to stick fast into something, like wood, mud, etc. ching

To be sleepy; to nod the head; to drowse; to doze. chingching

To nod in ascenting. gachim naag

To nod many time as a sign of accenting gachimchim

To nod. gachum

To nod the head in affirmation. guchim

To nod the head, as in consenting. guchum


Swollen lymph nodes. wachëq


Its sound, its noise. lingaan

A friction between two branches that makes a noise. waqyiy

To suckle, as a coconut, or the hand to make a noise. wut'yum

To suckle, as a coconut, or the hand to make a noise. wut'yumiy


Misbehaving, esp. noisily. galyangar


Noisy, boisterous, like a drunk. mayangar


There is none; there is nothing. daeriy


The non-fibrous part left from coconut husk after qaaw is removed. buluth

The non-fibrous part of coconut husk from which qaaw fibers have been removed. limach


Non-future negative. daa


Non-present progressive. qu


Noodles. qudoong


Corner, nook. tabugbug


Late afternoon from about noon to midnight. baleayaal'

Noon. misiiq

Noon. misiiw'


Noose. qupoel


To slide downhill (of something which is normally immoveable, like a house). kiireq


North. leelqöch

North; the month of October. leelquch

Name of a district or municipality of Yap; the island north of Yap Island proper. Maap'

Northern Yap island proper, the district including north Ruul, Weloy, Fanif, and Dalipebinaew. Marbaaq

Name of a district of municipality of Yap, the island north of Maap'. Rumung


Northern Yap island proper, the district including north Ruul, Weloy, Fanif, and Dalipebinaew. Marbaaq

Northern Yap excluding Yap island proper, the district including Gagil, Tamil, Map', and Rumung. Marfach


Bridge of nose. changaan p'eethunguy

To regurgitate through the nose like a baby. dumuuq

Bridge of the nose, root of the nose. malik' i p'eethnguun

His nose. p'eethunguun


Noseless as a result of disease; harelip; sod of death. luug


How is...? what if...? why not? ba diqiy

To weigh something, to find out how much it weighs. To lighten something, make it not so heavy. A euphemism for relieving one's bowels. baaqudeeg

Coconut leaf which is not yet open. buuth

To be pierced, have a hole - not naturally, but as damage. chabol

No, not. daangaay

Not yet. daawor

Dry, not juicy, of crabs. daay

To be not. daethii

There is not any. daqan riy

To be repulsed by food due to satiation, especially pig fat, then not necessarily due to satiation. därdaer

Battery (flashlight battery, not car battery). deenchii

To imply or to mean although not outright. faan naag

Hillside, slope, savannah; cultivated country with trees, not lawaay. falaang

Brave, courageous, not afraid of anything; a target not easily hit. faluuq

To smell, sniff, kiss the hand (not with lips). faraay

Its bark, skin (but not of an animal or human). fitiyuruq

The part of a dance at the beginning where the ^caller^ recites the first few lines while the dancers do not dance but only clap. gaas

The part of a dance at the beginning where the ^caller^ recites the first few lines while the dancers do not dance but only clap. gaesig

To slide past on buttocks not using feet or hands. gaethig

Not so. gaethii

To slide past on buttocks not using feet or hands. gaethir

Thin (in thickness, not width). gilgith

To pick up something with care not to touch it by wrapping one's fingers. golongeag

Not tight, loose. laalawur

Not tight, loose. laaloer

To look sickly from not eating for a long time. maar

Engage in secret politics, or not only politics. makaath

Villages in laen ea nguuy not visible from the sea. maraprap

Milk (of animals, not humans). meelik

To fry; to make a sizzling sound; to simmer, of a pot not yet boiled. mismis

Weak, not strong. moqwaer

To push with the sole of the foot, not to kick, but to reject someone. ney

To swim about as if trying not to get drown. noengnoeng

To remind so as to not forget something. noopaqëy

To wash sloppily and not being properly cleaned. qatbariiriy

To strike at with the hand but not hit; to fly at, as a blackbird at a cat. tameermeer

A small house, usually for cooking, but not necessarily. taqang

Playful, not serious, impudent, naughty. waeleew

Playful, not serious, impudent, naughty. waelöw

Not ripe yet, green (of fruit). yachaq

Unsteady, not fixed. yooyoowol


Make a notch in a piece of wood for another piece to fit. böqbuqiy


There is none; there is nothing. daeriy


To be different, to difer; to pass, cross; (as possessed noun) relation, boundary, distance, between; what one has to say about oneself, one's welfare. thiil


Is, be, the attributive predicator, occurring with both adjectives ("Ba gaaq ea bi ney") and nouns ("Ba naqun ea bi ney"). A, an, the indefinite article. It may be used specifically, as "Ka gu guy ba baabiy", in which a specific pig is in mind, generically, as "Gu ba qadaag ba baabiy", or definitively, as in "Bi ney ea ba baabiy" (answering "Maang ea bi ney?"). ba


Ghost of a woman who died in childbirth or because of childbirth, said to return to nourish her child. bulungwol


The month of November. Noofeember

The month of November. Wuloew


Now. chiiney

Wet only from rain falling on you now. meyguq

An island in Palau, now known as Koror. Ragilitheew

To stop every now and then. sataltal


These days, nowadays. gäl u fean ney

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The island of Nukuoro. Nuguwor


Plural (subject number marker). gaed

Two (subject number marker). gow

Number, numeral. naambaa


Cramp, numbness; feeling of pins and needles. gaamiig


Number, numeral. naambaa


To nurse a baby. faamcheew

Nurse. kaangngoof

Nurse for new-born infant, or child, or someone whose business is peqetaliiw. yariif


To raise or nurture, as children, animal. chugöliy

To raise or nurture, as children or animal. chugul


Strong, of betel nut. baleal

Betel nut sheaths sewn together used for sunshade or umbrella. bilchigiy

Betel nut that has a mediciny taste. buufalaay

Coconut embryo. To sprout, as a coconut or betel nut. buul

Betel nut tree and its fruit. buw

Type of betel nut tree. buwag

Type of betel nut tree. buwog

Nguun without the betel nut. dagaq

Partially ripe, of betel nut. däldael

Betel nut sheaths sewn together to use as an umbrella. filchagiy

Hard, mature coconut or betel nut. gaagael

Hard, mature coconut or betel nut. gaageäl

Type of plant; pepper leaf for chewing betel nut; piper betel. gabuuy

Betel nut sheath used for sitting on. gilchabiy

Two betel nut sheaths sewn together for rain cover. gilchibuw

Green betel nut leaf. gilebwoq

To chew betel nut; a chew of betel nut. langad

To use a betel nut. langadiy

Green betel nut leaf. leebuwoq

Juice, of betel nut or coconut. lingir

Immature coconut, or betel nut, in which growth is stunted. l'iy

Young, soft coconut shell; soft meat in top of betel nut. liyem

Black colored, of teeth from chewing betel nut. machëy

Betel nut lime container. magad

To be just right, of betel nut; to become red, of langad, gaal', or other plant material, medicine, or flower which have fallen and become red. malaal'

Bitter, of betel nut. marat

Ripe coconut, old coconut, copra; ripe or old, of coconut or betel nut; ripe coconut meat. mareaw

Very tiny betel nut. miit i galip

Nut (for bolt). naattoo

Betel nut sheath used for seat. pachanguw

To lower, as a sail; to unhang; to pick betel nut; to dodge a spear. pilig

The first-fruits of a betel nut or coconut tree that has just bloomed for the first time. qathalaab

To eat the first-fruits (qathalaab) of a betel nut or coconut tree. qathalabiy

Strong, of betel nut. qël wochëqën

Betel nut blossom bud sheath. qool

Betel nut juice or spittle. quchuth

Betel nut that is full inside. rutrut

Type of basket for carrying betel nut. sawëy

Betel nut that is red inside and full of juice. thilchogoy

Betel nut sheaths sewn together, as for rain cover. thilwuch

Pestle, betel nut pounder. tuguw

Betel nut leaf base sheath. wathir

Wrinkled, from age, of betel nut. woew

Wrinkled, from age, of betel nut. woewwoew

To coil around, as of a vine around something, to embrace; to be wrinkled from age, of betel nut. yabachbach

Strong, of betel nut. yuubaleal

Betel nut with a hard husk. yuumalaang

Type of sweet betel nut. yuuqaad

Betel nut with soft husk. yuuqochqoch

Bitter, of betel nut. yyoey


Nutritious. yoobuung


Classifier for betel nuts and certain fruits, also for lines. bael'

Bunch, of coconuts or betel nuts. nguun

Bunch from which coconut palm nuts grow; generation (of ages); four copra strung together for mitmiit. wanguuy

Classifier for betel nuts and certain fruits, also for lines, strings, etc. yael'

Type of coconut tree with yellow nuts. yuugubwol

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Nylon fishing line. tiingnguus


Sea, ocean, salt water; mermaid, sea nymph; to launch a canoe for the first time, to use a net or raft in the water for the first time. madaay

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