Updated: 1/6/2017
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ve    vi    vo    vt    


Vacation, break (in work); a stop; to stop. matal

Rest, vacation, holiday. tooffaan

Vacation, holiday, rest. yaasmiq


Vagina. baabaay

Vagina. dangiy

Vagina. puqpuuq

Vagina. taataay

A small house for boats and canoe; slang for vagina. toem'


Forest, jungle, bush, wood, valley. lawaay


Type of valuable stone money. raay


Correct, matching, true, straight, accurate; its price, value, cost, pay, counterpart, opposite; navigator, navigation. paluw


Lavalava or waistband made in Ulithi; worn by Yapese men as a waistband and by Outer Island women as a wrap-around skirt, and also used in the Outer Islands for burying the dead; woven from banana stem fiber, and also from cotton thread. The common kinds are black and white, but they are also made with various colors and patterns. baagiy

In wrestling, to do various kinds of hip tosses, or trip someone by holding. piichar


Varnish. niis

TOP      ve    vi    vo    vt    



Green (of fruit); fresh, of vegetables. galunglung

Raw vegetables or other food. k'aak'aling

Vegetables, food plants. wäldug

Green vegetables. yaasaay


To brew, as medicine; rot as vegetation in a swamp. buroew


His vehicle, canoe, boat; its net pole. m'oor


Vein, nerve, tendon. nguchey


The morning star, the evening star; Venus. Fasiiraen

The morning star, the evening star; Venus. Fisiiraen


Veranda, porch. baraandaa


Porch or verandah kaang


Vertical beam in house for house. thiig


Type of bird that lives in taro patches. Type of bird that lives in swampy areas, like taro patches. It is smaller than a gap'luw (small blackbird), and has a very complex song. when only one is singing, you would think it was three or four. baal'

Very naughty or disobedient. baalbaalyaang

Tiny, very little. ganit'niit'

To peel hibiscus fiber very close to the branch; to separate the bark from the proper layer of fiber. liqkeen

Very early morning; dawn. madaadabiy

Very early morning, before dawn. madabiy

Type of coconut tree with very yellow coconuts. meqchurwoq

To tie very tightly; to tighten. michigiy

Very tiny betel nut. miit i galip

Its very top crown, of a tree. qachalbean

Kidney; gizzard, crop (of bird), craw; very young coconut; type of salt water mollusc. qachibaay

Very. ri

Very thin and smooth. simireerey


Container, vessel, husk, empty shell, empty body. dagur

TOP      ve    vi    vo    vt    



To shake or vibrate somewhat. sadaadaaq

To shake or vibrate somewhat. sadaqdaaq


To stay up for a particular purpose; to keep a night vigil. qodabeag


Village in Ruul; it is also the main village in Ruul. Balaabaat'

A village in Fanif municipality. Baloochaang

A village in Ruul. Baqänmaqut

Village in Maap' Beechyal

Village in Ruul. Beenik

Village in Gagil. Binaew

Village; as opposed to sea. binaew

A village in Tamil. Bugol

A village in Rumung. Bulwol

Village in Fanif. Bunuknuk

Village in Maap'. Choqol

Village in Tamil. Daabach

Village in Ruul. Dachngar

A village in Gagil. Darchaq

Village in Ruul. Dariikaan

Village in Tamil. Deechumur

Village in Tamil. Deqemchuuy

Village in Tamil. Dilaeg

Village in Ruul. Dinaey

Village in Maap'. Dingiin

Village in Weeloey. Dugor

Village in Ruul. Dulukaan

Village, capital of Rumung. Faal

Village in Ruul. Fanqaliiliy

Village in Kanifaay. Faraq

Tiilap's village located close to K'abul. Fatlunguun

Village in Dalipeebinaew. Feeduqör

Village in Ruul. Firigqaaw

Village in Gilmaan'. Gachlaaw

A village, the capital of Gagil. Gachpar

Village in Kanifaay. Gael'

Village in Weeloey. Gaetmoqon

Village in Dalipeebinaew. Gaqanpaan

Village in Rumung. Gaqnaqun

Village in Tamil. Gärgey

Village. gayog

Name of a village, the capital of Fanif municipality. Gilfith

Name of a village in Ruul. Gitaem

Village in Gagil. Goqchol

Village, the capital of Gilman'. Guroor

Village in Fanif. Guruung

Village in Weeloey. Kadaay

A village, the capital of Dalipeebinaew. Kanif

Village in Weeloey Keeng

Village in Gagil. Laey

Village in Ruul. Laey

Village in Gagil. Leang

Village in Gagil. Leebinaew

Village in Ruul. Luweech

Village in Weeloey. Maabuuq

Village in Gagil. Maakiy

Village in Maap'. Maaloon

A village in Tamil; a village in Weeloey. Maaq

Village in Ruul. Madargil

A village in Tamil. Madlaay'

Village in Ruul. Madraggil

Village in Gilmaan'. Maetiibuw

Village in Dalipeebinaew. Magaaf

Village in Gilman'. Magachgil

A village in Weeloey. Makal

Dancing place, public open place in village, village square. malaal

Village in Kanifay Mal'aay

Village in Fanif. Malawaay

Village in Maap'. Malawaay

Village in Gagil. Maloeloew

Village which is on the shore with no mangrove and be seen from the sea. manguuy

A village in Fanif. M'areeniiw

Village in Gilmaan'. Maruqruq

A village in Gagil. Mayuub

A village in Gagil. Meay

A village in Rumung. Meechqöl

Village in Ruul. Meer

A village in Tamil. Meqruur

Village in Maap'. Micheew

Village in Weeloey. Min'eef

Village in Gilmaan'. Miteebinaew

Village in Gagil. Muloeloew

Village in Weeloey municipality. Mulroq

Village in Weloy. Mulröq

Village in Gilman'. Murruq

A village in Gagil. Muyuub

A village, the capital of Kanifay. N'eef

Village in Kanifay. Neel

Village in Rull. Ngariy

Village in Ruul. Ngolog

Village in Ruul. Ngoof

Village in Maap'. Niluul

Village in Weloy. Nimaar

Village in Maap'. Numdul

Village in Weeloey. Numnung

Village in Maap'. Palaaw

Channel entrance at Qatliiw village. P'earmach

Village public house. p'eebaay

Village in Tamil. Qaaf

Village in Weeloey. Qadubweq

Village in Weeloey. Qaloog

Village in Maap'. Qamin

Village in Maap'. Qaminmaap'

Village in Gagil. Qamun

Village in Gilmaan'. Qanooth

Village in Dalipeebinaew. Qaringeel

Land, as opposed to sea, landward, country, as opposed to in the village. qarow

Village in Fanif. Qätliiw

Village in Fanif. Qätliw

Village in Fanif. Qayrëch

Village in Rumung. Qeeng

A village, the capital of Weeloey. Qokaaw

Village in Gagil. Quul

Village in Fanif. Raeng

Village in Gagil. Riikeen

Village in Rumung. Riy

Village in Fanif. Rumuuq

Village in Fanif. Ruun'uw

Village in Gagil. Ruuq

Village in Kanifay. Taafniith

Village in Ruul. Taalguw

Village in Fanif. Tabeelaeng

Village in Ruul. Tabnifiy

Village in Fanif. Tafgiif

Village in Dalipeebinaew. Tageegiin

Village in Maap'. Talangith

Village in Gilmaan'. Tawoewaay

A village, the capital of Tamil. Teab

Village in Gagil. T'eenfaar

Village in Gilmaan'. Thabeeth

A village in Tamil. Thool

Village in Maap'. Toeruw

Village in Ruul. Tooraaq

Village in Maap'. Waalooy

Village in Maap'. Wachoelaeb

A village, the capital of Maap'. Wanead

Village in Gagil. Wanyaan

Village in Maap'. Wareaf

A village in Rumung. Weenfaraq

A village in Ruul. Worwoq

Village in Ruul. Wugeem

Village in Fanif. Wuluuq

Village in Dalipeebinaew. Yabach

A village in Ruul. Yinuuf

Village in Ruul. Yunuuf

Village in Fanif. Yyin


Villages in laen ea nguuy not visible from the sea. maraprap

Land-enclosed villages. marmaal


Type of vine. buuk

Type of woody shrub or tree; type of wild crawling vine. gabaech

Type of vine, morning glory. giliy

Type of vine. gumoey

Spine, backbone, midrib of a leaf, main stem of a vine. keenil'

Spine, backbone, midrib of a leaf, main stem of a vine. keenyil'

Type of vine, cucumber. kuyuurii

Type of vine. laak'udalip

Type of vine, like morning glory. laay

Type of vine. nguyuq

Type of climbing vine. qamrook

Type of wild thorny vine. rachlooy'

Type of climbing vine, ash pumpkin. thalruus

Type of climbing vine, ash pumpkin. tharruus

Type of vine. thiithiimiit ea nimeen

Type of vine. tuutuumaetiis

Type of crawling vine. waasfang

Type of wild crawling vine, like morning glory. walëy

Yam in general, those with vine stem. warduq

Type of vine. woewaay

Type of vine. woeweey

To coil around, as of a vine around something, to embrace; to be wrinkled from age, of betel nut. yabachbach

Type of crawling vine like morning glory. yalëy

Type of vine. yoey

Type of poisonous vine; poisonous. yuub


To coil or wrap itself around a pole, said of vines, yams, beans, etc. choediy

A pole in a garden for vines to climb. waangrëch


The money paid as a fine for a violation, such as a traffic fine. To fine someone for a violation. baakkiing

Land marker; enemy; violation of law. tathiil


To chase violently away. suruy


The color blue, blue-green, purple, violet. yarraq


Virgin, destemious. faal


Share of something that you get by virtue of owning something like land, fishing grounds, etc.; or by virtue of your position from the land. wolbuw


Villages in laen ea nguuy not visible from the sea. maraprap

To appear, become visible. m'uug

To be showing or visible, as at the surface of water. puupuw


Greet; visit relatives. fangiich

Greet; visit relatives. fangiichiy

TOP      ve    vi    vo    vt    



Thing; person (slang, voc.). n'ean


To pass one's trade or vocation to one's successor just before death. thuum'


Voice, speech. laam

His voice. lunguun

High-pitched, of voice. mat'ingt'ing


Unguarded, open, as of a space in a volleyball game. loq

Type of ball game, similar to volleyball but without a net. pangith


To vomit, throw up. suul l'ugun

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