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Austronesian Comparative Dictionary


Inabaknon (Marc Jacobson 1999 data)

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1. -a [-hava] xps polite request particle, imperative suffix.gl

Kon aminugad ako, <ex

If I say, <tr

[src: D:1.168; J]dq (id: DIC SADI01.DI, March 3, 1999, Sama Abaknon)

2. a₁ (+t+d1) fps first letter of Abaknon alphabet.gl

3. a₂ (+t+d1) fps an expression of surprise.gl

Amatilaw gihapon i Diyos, <<A! Ay i nagbuhat-mo ina'an?>>ex

The Lord ask again, <<Oh! What did you do a while ago?>>tr

[src: GEN 4:10; New]dq

4. a'a nps folk; mankind. human.gl

Matabbol saluka' nagbawa-na si a'a.ex

Lots of coconut is being carried by a person.tr

[src: D:2.152]dq

a'a > pagka'a'aoi nps dignity; reputation.gl

Mahalap pagka'a'a|r-na.ex

His dignity is good.tr

[src: C]dq

a'a > agpakang'a'aoi vps to be incarnated; to become a person.gl

Agpakang'a'a i Allingon ngan makihuwang pag'istar si kita kam.ex

The Word *became *a *person and desired to be together living with us.tr

[src: J,P:13]dq (it: tao)

5. abadaw [adawva] fps ouch (exclamation of pain).gl

Abadaw paddi.ex

Ouch its painful.tr

[src: WPC; New]dq (rs: abadoy, agi, agoy)

6. abadoy [adoyva] fps ouch (exclamation of pain).gl [src: WPC; New]dq (rs: abadaw, agi, agoy)

7. abak nps proper name of founding datu, or animistic god.gl

abak nps proper name of island.gl

Agbalik ako si Abak.ex

I'm returning to Abak.tr (rs: Capul)

abak > Abaknonoi nps name of people native to Abak.gl

Abaknon ba' kaw?ex

Are you an Abaknon?tr

[src: FG]dq (rs: Capule~no)

abak > Abaknonoi > inabaknonld nps name of language spoken on Abak.gl

Karuyag-ko ag'addal si Inabaknon.ex

I want to learn the Abaknon language.tr

[src: D:1.136]dq

abak > Abaknonoi > inabaknonld vps to speak Inabaknon.gl

Inabaknunin hamok ako.ex

Speak to me only in Inabaknon.tr

[src: J,P:1]dq (re: pahalling re: sumat)

8. abaka (+t+d1) nps hemp plants; abaca.gl

Agtanom abaka ari si Kawakay.ex

Abaka is planted in Kawakay.tr

[src: B:MI.9.6,J]dq

9. abalang nps kind of seaweed (brown with finger like leaves).gl

Mahalap nagkakan i abalang.ex

Abalang is good to eat.tr

[src: J]dq

10. abana nps privately known place or thing in which something is being get from time to time.gl

Ngan mga dadi'-dadi' pa kami' aniya' pirmi abana kami' bayawas.ex

When we were still children we always had a privately known guava plant.tr

[src: NM,WPC; New]dq

11. abaniko (+d1) (< Span: abanikods) nps handheld fan.gl

Makababayi i danda kon aniya' abaniku|r-na.ex

A woman is beautiful with a fan.tr

[src: MC]dq (rs: paya-paya)

12. abano (+t+d1) nps large tightly rolled cigar smoked by men.gl

abano (+t+d1) vps to smoke a cigar.gl

Ag'abano i maktong.ex

The old (man smokes) a cigar.tr

[src: FG,J]dq

13. abanti vps to move forward (specially while riding on a boat).gl

Durudagmitu-bi ag'abanti basi' tulos kita anakka.ex

Move forwards faster so that we will arrive immediately.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

14. abat₁ vps to sense; to have a feeling about.gl

Paka'abat|r-na si Unglo' nga titakka i duwangan...ex

When the Elf sensed that the two were coming...tr

[src: B:SI.5.10]dq

abat₁ nps physical sensation.gl

Mahalap i alabatan|r-na si tamburo' pagkapkap.ex

The hand's ability to feel is good.tr

[src: C]dq (ro: gasi co: wrong understanding ro: binati' rm: sappon co: cold rm: trangkaso co: flu ra: banhod)

abat₁ nps consciousness.gl

Basta gana' alabatan|r-na, ga'i akamangno i a'a.ex

A person is unaware when he is unconscious.tr (eg: Only used with negative existential |bgana'|r.)

abat₁ vps to feel, to touch somethinggl

Abaton daw bursa-moy nan kon aniya' isi-na.ex

Feel your pocket (to see) if it has something in it.tr

[src: J,P:1]dq (rs: kapkap)

abat₁ vps to suffer.gl (rs: antos)

abat₁ vps to perceive. to discern. to notice.gl

abat₁ vps to realize.gl

abat₁ vps to give hint.gl

abat₁ vps to insinuate.gl

abat₁ nps affection; emotion. instinct.gl

abat₁ > pa'abatoi nps intimation.gl

15. abat₂ > agpa'abatoi vps to make known what will happen; to give an omen.gl

Kon aniya' dalugdog agpa'abat nan nga ti'uran.ex

When there is thunder it gives an omen that it will rain.tr (ro: tigaman)

16. abay (+d1) adjps beside.gl

abay (+d1) > nagpa'abayoi vps to stand beside.gl

abay (+d1) > nagpa'abayoi nps wedding attendant; groomsmen; bridesmaid.gl [src: J,P:1]dq

abay (+d1) > abay-abayoi nps kind of parasite plant.gl [src: J]dq

17. abi-abi vps to believe.gl

Si mga a'a mag'abi-abi si iya...ex

The people who were believing in him...tr

[src: T.MS.3,J]dq

18. abilidad (+t+d1) nps ability; skill.gl

Aniya' a'a nga agrigaluhan-na si Espirito si abilidad pagpahalling si mga madunong allingon...ex

There is a person whom is given by the Espirito the ability to speak wise words...tr

[src: New]dq (rs: gahom)

19. abir fps an expression (to ask something to be shown). let's see.gl

Abir kon sada'ug-moy to kayo.ex

Let's see if you can carry this tree.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

20. abiso (< Span: avisods) vps to forewarn; to announce.gl (ro: pakatu'an)

abiso nps tax declaration (of real property only).gl [src: K]dq (it: ipaalam)

21. abod nps kind of edible seaweed (resembling a hair).gl

I abod agsob kina'anda'an si nabnaban.ex

Abod is usually found near a seashore.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

22. abong vps to waylay; to obstruct a person (on his way).gl

Gana' data-na si pagpara'abung-abong kon aniya saramok.ex

It's not good to waylay when there is trouble.tr

[src: NM; New]dq (or: abung-abong)

23. abri (+d1) (< Span: abrirds) vps to open; to uncover; to unclose.gl

Abrihin pwirtahan-nay nan!ex

Open that door (their's)!tr

[src: MJ]dq

abri (+d1) > uru'abrioi vps to ajar (open partly).gl

abri (+d1) > pangngangabrioi nps opener.gl

abri (+d1) > pangngangabrioi nps an opening; entry (into a structure or container).gl

Himu'in abri duwa dangaw i kadyaltahan-na...ex

Make an openning two hand spans in height...tr

[src: CN6.16]dq

abri (+d1) > pangngangabrioi vps to unlock.gl

abri (+d1) > abridoli (< Span: abiertods) [abyirtova] adjps open.gl [src: J,P:1]dq (it: bukas)

24. Abril (+t+d1) (< Span: Abrilds) nps April (the fourth month in year).gl [src: J]dq (re: bulan)

25. abrod (< Eng: abroadde) nps abroad.gl

abrod > ag'abrodoi vps to go abroad.gl

Awiray ag'abroad i dadi'-na lalla sanglit akaparuma' mga iya mahaya.ex

His son went abroad that's why they were able to have a big house.tr

abrod > ag'abrodoi vps to stowaway (figurative).gl [src: New]dq

26. abswilto adjps acquitted (of a law suit).gl

abswilto vps to dismiss a case (in court of justice). to absolve from a case.gl

Apriso iya mangno a'abswilto gihapon kay gana' may sala'-na.ex

He was put in prison then he was *acquitted again because he has no fault.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

27. abtik (+d1) [abtikdd1] adjps adroit.gl (rs: listo, ta'o ra: luya)

abtik (+d1) vps to get smart; to shape up.gl

*Pa'abtikon i kiwa-mo.ex

Move *smartly.tr

[src: C]dq (it: marunong, pantas)

28. abugado (+t+d1) nps a counsel (in judicial case).gl

...iya kas Mr. Ada, Abugado Manaog, +Abugado Ortego...ex

...they were Mr. Ada, Attorney Manaog, Attorney Ortego...tr

[src: D:TM.11.3,J]dq

29. abugho nps jealousy; envy.gl

abugho vps to be jealous; to be envious.gl [src: P:1]dq (it: panibugho, selos id1: panibugho)

30. abukado (+t+d1) nps avocado.gl [src: C]dq (re: prutas)

31. abukay (< Span: akcidods) nps kind of bird.gl [src: P:32]dq

32. abunda (+d1) adjps abundant; plenteous. copious.gl [src: P:1]dq

33. abuno (+d1) nps fertilizer.gl

abuno (+d1) nps reclamation area.gl [src: P:1]dq

34. aburido (+d1) adjps edgy; irritable; ill-humored; fussy; ill-mannered; irasible.gl [src: K]dq

35. abusar (< Span: abusards) [abusova] vps to abuse.gl

abusar nps abuse.gl

abusar > abusadoli adjps abusive.gl [src: K]dq

36. abuyon [uyonva] vps to conform; to be in harmony; to corroborate.gl

Ga'i angabuyon...ex

Did not agree...tr

[src: P]dq (ro: alagad)

abuyon nps agreement; concensus.gl

abuyon adjps in agreement with.gl

Uyon si karuyag-na si mga a'a i mandar-na.ex

His command is in agreement with what the poeple like.tr

[src: EA]dq

abuyon vps to agree.gl

Pero bisan yayto mga a'a, ga'i gihapon ag'uruyon si mga pinahallingan-na.ex

But even this people, did not agree with what he said.tr

[src: Mk. 14:59; New]dq

abuyon vps to accompany.gl

abuyon adjps windward.gl

Abuyon si bariyo.ex

It is windward.tr

[src: P:40]dq (it: umayon)

37. abyirto (+d1) [abridova] adjps open.gl

Kinahanglan abyirto i mga ruma'-bi para si mga istranghiro.ex

Your houses must be open for strangers.tr

[src: New]dq (ra: sirrado ro: bukas it: bukas id1: bukas)

38. adab adjps grows fast (of plants only); healthy (also of plants).gl

Ma'adab i tinanom kon tig'uranon.ex

A plant grows fast when it is rainy season.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

39. ad'ad vps to scalop; to slice.gl

Aruyag ako agpara'ad'ad si addot.ex

I wan't to slice addot.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

40. adal vps to study; to learn. to teach.gl

Aruyag ako ag'addal si Inabaknon.ex

I want to learn Inabaknon.tr

[src: D:1.135]dq

adal > ma'inadaloi adjps studious.gl [src: J,P:1]dq (it: aral id1: aram)

41. adaw see: abadawmr [src: NM]dq

42. adda adjps one.gl

Addangan lalla...ex

One man...tr

[src: P]dq (re: addahatos re: addatos)

adda > sa'uru'addaoi adjps piecemeal.gl

adda > sa'uru'addanganayoi adjps one by one. individually.gl

adda > pag'araddaoi nps oneness.gl

adda > pag'araddaoi nps solidarity.gl

adda > ag'aradda.oi vps to be concerted.gl

Ag'aradda kita kam si mga kanta-ta.ex

Let us be together in our songs.tr

[src: SNG 2:1; J]dq

adda > maki'addaoi vps to coordinate.gl

adda > maki'addaoi vps to concord; to concur.gl

adda > maki'addaoi vps to unite.gl

adda > agsa'adda-adda-naoi vps to scrutinize (with questions). to itemmize.gl

adda > sa'adda, sin addaoi adjps singly. once. one.gl [src: J,P:1]dq (it: isa)

adda > kon addali adv.ps (co: Sometimes. rs: danay)

43. addahatos [addatosva] adjps one hundred.gl

...addahatos ta'on.ex

...one hundred years.tr

[src: J]dq (it: isang daan)

44. addo' vps to get; pick up; to take. to gather.gl

addo' vps to snatch; to steal; to pilfer.gl

Addu'|r-na i manuk-manok ngan agbawa na.ex

He got the bird and carried it away.tr

[src: B:MI.1.24]dq

addo' > agturutangkawoi vps to filch (steal in small amount).gl

addo' > ma'addo'oi adjps light fingered; stealer.gl

addo' > ma'addo'oi vps to touch.gl [src: J,P:1]dq (it: kunin, mangupit)

addo' > ka'addo'oi nps partner in dancing.gl

Ngan patron i Miyora i ka'addu'|r-na si gubirnador pagsayaw aminudo.ex

Last fiesta the wife of the Mayor was the partner of the governor when he danced a special dance called aminudo.tr

[src: NM,WPC; New]dq (rs: padis it: kasayaw)

45. addot nps wild root crop.gl

Agkakan liwat mga iya lalag karakanon pariho si ba'ay, addot, badungay pati' balading.ex

They also eat wild food like wild root crop ba'ay, addot, badungay and balading.tr

[src: HI 1 15:0; New]dq

46. adgaw nps a medicinal tree.gl

Agamit liwat i dahun-na si adgaw.ex

Adgaw leaves could be used also.tr

[src: HB 2 4:2; New]dq

47. adik (< Eng: addictde) nps an addict (in drugs).gl

Tungod kay pirmi na hamok si Manila' i mga Abaknon aniya' naex

Because the Abaknon is usually in Manila there is altready a drug addict here on Capul.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

48. administrador (+d1) (< Span: administradords) nps administration.gl (rf: administrar)

administrador (+d1) nps administrator (one in charge). steward.gl

administrador (+d1) vps to administer.gl [src: C]dq (it: administrador, tagapamahal^a)

49. administrar (+t+d1) > pag'administraroi vps to administer; to manage.gl

Aghimo si Mayor Manaog sintro pag'administrar si bungto ngan sigi pa girra.ex

Mayor Manaog made a center to administer the town while the war continued.tr

[src: New]dq (ro: maniho ra: pata'an)

50. adoy see: abadoymr [src: WPC]dq

51. adris (< Eng: addressde) nps address (a place).gl

Masayon pagtuttot mga adris|r-na si balang addangan kon sallud-na hamok si Capul.ex

It is easy to locate the address of everyone if it is just inside Capul.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

52. adultiryo nps the legal charge (before a court of law regarding the act) of adultery.gl

adultiryo vps to file legal charges of adultery.gl

Agpa'adultiryu-na i alla-na kay ga'i na iya ka'antos pagkulaw nga la'in danda i katig'ub-na.ex

His spouse filed legal charges of adultery because she could no longer stand (suffer) watching that another woman was his sexual partner.tr

[src: C]dq (it: apid)

53. adurno (< Span: adornods) vps to decorate; adorn. to bedeck; to embelish.gl

adurno nps ornament.gl [src: K]dq

54. adyos (< Span: adiosds) fps goodbye.gl [src: K]dq (id1: adyos)

55. ag- xps verbal prefix.gl [src: J,P:1]dq

56. agad (+d1) > ag'alagadoi vps to serve; to work for.gl

agad (+d1) > ag'agad.oi vps to serve dowry.gl

Ngan amahanda si Bitong, ag'agad dahulo iya.ex

When Bitong arranged to marry, he first serve a dowry to his parents-in-law.tr

[src: B:MI.9.l5,J]dq

agad (+d1) > alagadoi vps to wait on.gl [src: J]dq

57. ag'ag > ag'aganoi nps sieve.gl

ag'ag > ag'aganoi vps to sift.gl [src: P:3]dq

58. agahid nps hand held net on loop with pole (used for small fish).gl [src: P:2]dq (re: dala re: pukut)

59. agak vps to take care; to rear.gl

I manok bisan ma'in siyu'-na basta pariho kahaya si siyu'-na agak|r-na.ex

A hen even it is not her offspring if it is of the same size of her's she take care of it.tr

[src: NM]dq

agak > mag'agakoi nps protege.gl [src: New]dq

60. agaw (+d1) vps to snatch; to grab. to scramble. to grasp. to seize suddenly.gl

agaw (+d1) vps to retake.gl

agaw (+d1) vps to unarm.gl

agaw (+d1) vps to despoil.gl

agaw (+d1) vps to ward off.gl [src: P:2]dq

61. agay'ay nps woodborer's dust.gl

Basta ma'in masarig kayo nag'agay'ay.ex

If a wood is not durable it produces woodborer's dust.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

62. agbon nps ashes.gl

Malabbat i agbon kon ruma' i masunog.ex

There are a lot of ashes when a house burns down.tr

[src: FG]dq

agbon adjps grey. ash.gl [src: J,P:2]dq (it: abo, kulay-abo ls: Ga'i katipunan agbon. co: They are always moving about (imp: shiftless, irresponsible; lit: (They) can't gather ashes).)

63. agda (+d1) vps to request companionship. to convince. to invite.gl

Ngan pannu'-na i pangngisihan-na si ba'o angagda iya agbalik.ex

When the turtle had filled his (basket), he requestedtr

[src: D:2.256,J]dq

64. aghat (+d1) vps to enliven; to abet; to embolden.gl

Paragdalom, aghaton kami' pagbuhat myintras uras pa.ex

Lord, encourage us to do (something) while there is still time.tr

aghat (+d1) vps to enthuse.gl [src: P:2]dq

65. agi (+d1) vps to pass by or through. distribute. to come across (something).gl

Basta aka'agi na.ex

As long as it has already passed by.tr

agi (+d1) nps path. way. passage. alley; aile.gl (rs: lalan)

agi (+d1) nps passerby.gl

agi (+d1) nps means; manner; process.gl

agi (+d1) nps experience.gl

agi (+d1) vps to undergo.gl

agi (+d1) adjps transitory; not lasting.gl

agi (+d1) adjps bygone. past; last; elapsed. through.gl

Pa'agi na i ka'udto.ex

The first quarter is past.tr (it: noon)

agi (+d1) fps ouch (exclamation of pain).gl [src: J,P:2; WPC]dq (rs: abadaw, abadoy, agoy)

66. agik'ik vps to rant (as mice does).gl

I kabalagtingan sige pangagik'ik kon mamingaw i kasangumon.ex

The rats rant when the night is calm.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

67. agila (+t+d1) nps eagle.gl [src: C]dq

68. agil'il vps to cry (of dog only).gl

Bali inagil'il|r-na si ido' kay nagdabal.ex

The dog cry severely because it was beaten.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

69. agin see: maginmr [src: J]dq

70. agirik > ag'agirikoi vps to squeal; to grunt (as of pigs).gl [src: New]dq (ro: utnga)

71. agiyak vps to squawk (as chickens do when caught by someone).gl

Ag'agiyak i manok ngan pakagumlo' sanglit satakkahan-ko i mannangkaw.ex

The chicken squawk when it was caught that's why I caught the thief.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

72. agiyat [agyatva] vps to challenge a fight (also a competition).gl

Pa'uru'agiyatay i tagalallahan pati' i tagadandanhan kon say urog gala-na.ex

The relatives of the bridegroom challenge to compete with the relatives of the bride as to who among them can give much money to the newly wed couple.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

73. agma vps to keep watch all night.gl

Ag'agma i mga manliliwat si kakarniruhan.ex

The shepherds of the flocks keep watching all night.tr

[src: SNG 4:7; J]dq

74. agnay (+t+d1) nps nickname.gl [src: K]dq

75. agon nps smoke food.gl

agon nps kiln.gl

agon > agunanoi vps to preserve by smoking.gl [src: P:2]dq (it: tapa, tapahin)

76. agos (+t) vps to flow (to the river).gl

agos (+t) nps current.gl [src: P:2]dq

77. agoy vps to cajole. to wheedle; to coax.gl (or: aguy-agoy re: langis-langis)

agoy nps bootlicker.gl

agoy fps ouch.gl [src: K]dq (re: paddi it: aray)

78. agrikultura nps agriculture (science of cultivating the land and raising of plants and animals for economic purpose).gl

Mahalap kay aniya' iskwilahan agrikultura ato si Capul sanglit aka'iskwila i mga pubri.ex

It is good that there is a school of agriculture here on Capul that's why the poor are able to go to school.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

79. agrisibo adjps bold; fearless; aggressive; courageous.gl

Tungod kay bali iya ka'agrisibo aka'anda' dayon iya trabaho.ex

Because he is very courageous he immediately found a job.tr

[src: NM]dq

agrisibo nps ardor; impetuosity.gl [src: New]dq

80. agsa > agpa'agsahanoi vps to be engaged in share tenancy.gl

Katapos agpa'agsahan|r-na i uma-na ngan palangngan iya.ex

Then he made his farm to be engaged in share tenancy and he went away.tr

[src: New]dq

agsa > mangngangagsaoi nps a tenant.gl [src: New]dq

81. agsob adjps frequently; always; often.gl

Agsob sala' i allingun-ko.ex

My words are often wrong.tr

[src: J,P:2]dq (it: palagi)

82. agta' (+d1) nps dwarf.gl [src: P:2]dq (re: sandapal it: duwinde)

83. agtutupa vps to be jumpy.gl

agtutupa adjps jumpy.gl

Bali pagtutupahan si kabayo nagsakayan-ko kay baha'o manso.ex

The horse I ride on is very jumpy because it is newly tamed.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

84. aguha [aguwava] nps large needle.gl

Agsob aguha nagpatahi' si sako.ex

Usually a large needle is used to sew a sack.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

85. aguho (+d1) nps pine tree.gl [src: C]dq

86. aguniyas (+d1) > ag'aguniyasoi (< Span: agoniads) [agunyasva] vps to toll the death bell.gl

aguniyas (+d1) > ag'aguniyasoi nps sound of the death bell. knell (sound of a bell rung at a death).gl [src: K]dq

87. agup'op nps mildew; moldgl

agup'op > agup'uponoi adjps moldy; mustygl [src: New]dq

88. agurok nps rumblings of stomach.gl

Kinapakalihan i inaguruk|r-na si battung-ko.ex

The rumblings of my stomach can be heard.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

89. agus'os nps torch made from dry palm branch.gl

Agpamaway to mga a'a agus'os,|r sirilya pati' mga armas.ex

These people brought [branch] torches,|r lamps, and weapons.tr

[src: JHN 18:3]dq

90. Agusto (+t+d1) (< Span: Agostods) nps August.gl

Agplano ako kunta' agruma' si Agusto.ex

I plan if possible to build a house on August.tr

[src: D:1.345,J]dq

91. agwanta (+d1) (< Span: aguantards) vps to withstand. to suffer; to bear (as to sustain without yeilding); to endure.gl

Kon agla'om kita si ga'i sakulawan-ta ag'agwanta|r-ta i pagpara'antahak.ex

If we hope for what we can not see we suffer to wait.tr

[src: K; WPC]dq (rs: antos rs: ilob rs: ti'os it: tiis id1: ilob id: DIC SADI02.DI, March 3, 1999, Sama Abaknon)

92. aha fps expression of surprise.gl

Aha! Tiya' may bali' kaw hamok.ex

Aha! You are just here.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

93. ahay fps exclamation of weariness (or frustration).gl [src: P:3]dq

94. ahinsya nps agency (as in job recruitment agency).gl

Siray, ahinsya magparabawa si taga Capul nga aruyag agtrabaho ari si Manila'.ex

Once, the one who usually brought a person from Capul to Manila was an agency.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

95. ahinti nps agent; salesman.gl

Ahinti si libro.ex

A book salesman.tr

[src: K]dq (it: ahente id1: ahente)

96. aka- xps a prefix.gl

aka- vps able to; evoke.gl

Aka|rlangngan na i dadi'-dadi'.ex

The child was able to walk.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

97. akasya (+t+d1) nps soft wood tree (used for carving).gl [src: C]dq (it: tangili)

98. akbay vps to put arm on another's shoulder.gl [src: P:3]dq (id1: takbay)

99. akkom vps to place a concave object with concave down.gl

akkom adjps concave side down. to tip over; to upset.gl

akkom vps to lie face down; to prone.gl

akkom adjps upside down (position of things or person).gl [src: P:3]dq (it: dumapa)

100. ako (+t+d1) pps me; i.gl

Agpasalamat ako pagdugok si iya.ex

I am thankful to come near him.tr

[src: J,P:3]dq

101. ako' > angako'oi vps to accept.gl

Yayto i adda tarapuran parahallingon nga angay si hul'os pag'ako'|r.ex

This is a trustworthy saying/message (imp: one of many) that is worthy of genuine/complete acceptance|r.tr

[src: 1TI 1:15]dq

ako' > angako'oi vps to assure. to promise.gl [src: P:3]dq (re: sa'ad it: tinanggap)

102. akop > akuponoi vps to scoop up with one or two hands.gl

akop > akuponoi nps handful.gl [src: P:3]dq

103. akos > aka'akosoi vps to accept.gl

Ari si katalahan agtutunggo i parasukot buhis, nga ga'i ngani' aka'akos paghangad.ex

There in the distance the tax collector stood that can not eventr

[src: LUK 18:13]dq (rs: ako' ra: diri')

akos > aka'akosoi vps to assure.gl [src: New]dq (it: kaya id1: kaya)

akos > aka'akosoi vps to accept; to admit.gl

akos > aka'akosoi vps to undertake (duties or work).gl

Ga'i sa'akus-na si danda i trabahu-na si lalla.ex

A woman can not undertake the work of a man.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

104. aksidinti (+t+d1) nps fortuitous.gl [src: K]dq

105. aksido (+t+d1) nps acid.gl

aksido (+t+d1) adjps acidic.gl [src: K]dq

106. aksiptar (+d1) > araksiptaronoi vps to accept.gl [src: New]dq (rs: ako' ro: akos ra: diri' it: tanggap id1: karawat)

107. aksyon nps action.gl

I aksyun|r-na i sahalapan-ko agkulaw.ex

His action is what i wanted to see.tr

[src: EA]dq

aksyon vps to act (movement).gl

Mahalap iya ag'aksyon si drama.ex

She acts very well in the drama.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

108. aktibo (+t+d1) adjps active.gl [src: New]dq (rs: listo ro: duruto ra: luya ra: hinay)

109. aktwal (< Eng: actualde) adjps actually.gl

Magtistigos panguntra si iya aktwal.ex

Those who testified actually were against him.tr

[src: T:AM.1.22,J]dq

110. akusar (+d1) vps to accuse. to file a complaint against someone.gl

akusar (+d1) > akusasyonld nps charge; suit.gl [src: C]dq (it: magparatang, mag-akusa, sakdal, usapin, habla)

111. akyot (< Eng: acutede) adjps acute (of disease difficult to cure).gl

Amatay i maburong kay akyot namay dina pagbawa si hospital.ex

The one who was sick died because his disease is already acute when he was brought to a hospital.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

112. ala (+t+d1) (< Span: alads) fps at time; o'clock.gl

Agpu'po' iya tikang alas syiti tubtob +alas dusi.ex

She washed clothes from seven o'clock to twelve o'clock.tr

[src: J]dq (op: alas re: panahon)

113. ala' vps to eliminate. to obviate. to bereave.gl

Ama'ala' ako awatong antallo.ex

I request somebody to get ten eggs.tr

[src: D:2.2]dq

ala' vps to procure; to obtain; to attain; to cop. to gain something.gl

Ag'ala'-mo i kwarta-ko.ex

You got my money.tr

[src: P]dq

ala' vps to withdraw (money from a bank).gl

ala' vps to abort; to be miscarried (of a baby).gl

ala' vps to elicit information.gl [src: J,P:4]dq (it: kuha, kunin)

114. alabastro nps alabaster; a kind of rock.gl

...i pangngisihan-na hinimo tikang si bato alabastro.ex

...its container was made from the alabaster stone/rock.tr

[src: MRK 14:3; New]dq

115. alagad > angalagadoi vps to obey.gl

Ngan pumwan-bi si Ginu'o i bug'os pag'alagad nga ga'i ag'alang.ex

And give your whole consent to the Lord without hesitation.tr

[src: New]dq (ro: abuyon)

116. alahas (+t+d1) nps jewelry.gl [src: C]dq

117. alamri nps wire; barbwire.gl [src: K]dq

118. alan adjps scratchy taste (causes allergy).gl [src: P:3]dq (ra: rasa)

119. alang (+d1) vps to hesitate.gl

alang (+d1) vps to vacillate. to falter.gl

alang (+d1) nps quandary state of doubt.gl (or: alang-alang)

alang (+d1) adjps dubious. incomplete.gl (rs: kulang ra: tama' it: para, alanganin)

alang (+d1) fps for the sake of. concerning.gl [src: P:4]dq

120. alap'ap nps skin disease.gl [src: P:4]dq (re: sibraw id1: ap-ap)

121. alarma vps to alarm.gl

Kon aniya' sunog ato si Abak ag'alarma pina'agi si pagpararapiki si bagtingan-na si singbahan.ex

When there is a house caught by fire here in Abak to alarm is to ring the bell of the church.tr

[src: NM]dq

alarma nps alarm.gl [src: New]dq

122. alas₁ nps ace in deck of cards.gl

Aniya' ampat alas sinan baraha.ex

There are four aces in that playing cards.tr

[src: EA; New]dq

123. alas₂ see: alamr [src: New]dq

124. alaw-alaw vps to waylay; to block a way; to impede a way (specially when chasing animals).gl

Akalappa i baktin, mangno nagpara'alaw-alawan, akasallod gihapon si tangkal.ex

The pig was able to run away, then it was waylaid and it was able to enter again in the pigpen.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

125. alayon (+d1) fps please (indicate emphasis and politeness); request.gl

Alayon pag'inabaknon utro.ex

Please say it in Inabaknon again.tr

[src: J]dq (it: pakiusap/paki)

126. albularyo (+t+d1) (< Span: albulariods) nps a quack doctor; untrained doctor; charlatan (herb doctor).gl [src: C]dq (rs: tambalan)

127. alburuto (+d1) (< Span: alborotods) vps to snarl.gl (rs: sina rs: burukinto ro: samok ra: purmal ra: lipay)

alburuto (+d1) > pag'alburutooi nps tantrum. anger.gl [src: K; WPC]dq

128. alid-agid > angalid-agidoi adjps resemble (in size or form); nearly similar.gl

Angalid-agid si barko i kahaya-na sinan sakayan.ex

The size of the boat is nearly similar to a ship.tr

[src: EA; New]dq

alid-agid > *Pa'alid-agid.oi vps to allude.gl

Sigi iya pa'alid-agid si kuntra-na.ex

He keeps on alluding his enemy.tr

[src: WPC; New]dq (rs: Pabati'-bati'.)

129. alimagmag vps to know.gl

alimagmag vps to get back to senses.gl

Panakka-na si duktor iya pa hamok paka'alimagmag-na si madismayo.ex

When the doctor arrived it was just the time when the unconscious person awoke.tr

[src: New]dq

130. alimbukad vps to bubble (as in boiling or as in air escaping from the bottom of water).gl

Kon alimbo kaw ag'alimbukad kaw pan dilalom.ex

If you are drowned you bubble into the bottom.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

131. alimhon nps chicken flea.gl

Basta aniya' pugaran si dilalum-na si ruma' takka i alimhun|r-na si pammaturihan.ex

If there is a hen's nest under the floor of a house, thetr

[src: NM; New]dq

132. alimpatakan (+d1) nps forehead.gl [src: P:4]dq (rs: ruwa it: noo id1: alintarakan)

133. alimpupuro (+d1) nps cowlick (small tuft of hair that does not lie flat).gl [src: P:4]dq (ro: irik it: bumbunan)

134. alimugmog vps to gurgle.gl [src: C]dq (rs: mu'og ro: mulmol ra: suppa' it: magmumog id1: mugmog)

135. alimwag adjps full of scentgl

Sanglit agalimwag i bug'os ruma'.ex

Therefore the whole house was full of the scent.tr

[src: JHN 12:3]dq (rs: alituto it: nangangamoy id1: amyon)

136. alingaso > ag'alingasooi vps to evaporate.gl

alingaso > nagpa'alingasuhanoi vps to reduce hotness.gl

alingaso > nagpa'alingasuhanoi nps evaporation.gl

Agkuyumbong tampi' ngan naghinggop i alingasu|r-na.ex

Wrap up with a blanket and inhale its evaporation.tr

[src: New]dq (ro: panas ra: tugnaw it: singaw)

137. alipudngan nps dizziness disease.gl

Makuri pagbangun-ko kay nag'alipudngan ako.ex

I had difficulty getting up from bed because I felt dizzy.tr

[src: NM; New]dq (rs: lura')

138. alipunga nps athletes foot (eruption on the foot specially in between toes).gl

Basta pirmi kaw hamok si mabuwahi' lugar nag'alipunga i kitid-mo.ex

If you are always in a watery place you will have athletestr

[src: NM; New]dq

139. alipuros nps whirlwind.gl [src: C]dq (rs: rambiyong ro: landos it: ipu-ipo id1: ipu-ipo)

140. alisngaw > ag'alisngawoi vps to evaporate.gl

alisngaw > inalisngawoi nps evaporation. steam. breeze; whiff; slight puff of air.gl [src: K]dq (it: singaw)

141. alituto vps to diffuse (as of an odor).gl

Ag'alituto i langsa-na si indangan.ex

The fishy smell of a fish called indangan diffuses.tr

[src: NM; New]dq (rs: alimwag)

142. alkampor nps camphor (white ball use to make a pile of clothes smell fragrance).gl

Bali sangngit si panapton basta nagpara'anna'an pirmiex

A clothing is very fragrant if a camphor is always put on it.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

143. alkansi (+d1) (< Span: alcanceds) adjps shortage; deficit.gl [src: K; WPC]dq (rs: lugi' rs: pirdisyon ro: huwigo ra: ganansya it: lugi id1: pirdi)

144. alkansiya nps money box.gl

Aghimo ako alkansiya pangnganna'an-ko kwarta.ex

I made a money box to put my money.tr

[src: EA; New]dq

145. alkitran nps tar; pitch.gl

Maliyat anra'at i yirro kon nagpinturahan alkitran.ex

A galvanize iron is not easily ruined if it is painted withtr

[src: NM; New]dq

146. alkuba (+d1) (< Span: alcobads) nps ceiling.gl [src: K]dq (rs: kisami ro: dingding ra: baklag it: kisami)

147. alkuhol (+t+d1) nps alcohol.gl

Nag'andam andang i rabing alkuhol pati' pulbo.ex

The rubbing alcohol and the powder is prepared beforehand.tr

[src: NM 3 1:0; New]dq

148. alla > magdangallahanoi nps couple; wife; husband; spouse.gl

Agtulihan-na kinakan i alla-na.ex

She brought some food for her spouse.tr

[src: B:SI.4.8]dq

alla > magdangallahanoi vps to wed.gl

alla > uru'allaoi nps concubine.gl (rs: kabit)

alla > makig'allaoi vps to copulate.gl

alla > allahanoi adjps married.gl [src: C]dq (rs: dadi'an ro: balo ra: burubata', dangkanda it: asawa, kasal, may asawa id1: inasaw-an)

149. allaw nps day after tomorrow.gl

Balang allaw, balang sangom tiya' pirmi iya si puhu'-ko.ex

Every day, every night he is always in me (lit: my body).tr

[src: SNG 3:11; J]dq

allaw adjps hot (sunny season). sunny.gl

Mahalap allaw.ex

The day is good.tr

[src: D:1.97a]dq

allaw adjps daily; everyday.gl

allaw nps anniversary.gl [src: J,P:4]dq (it: araw, kahapon id1: adlaw, kahapon)

150. allingon nps a talk; statement.gl

Ga'i ako ata'o paghilwas sito allingon.ex

I do not know how to pronounce this word.tr

[src: D:1.152]dq

allingon nps

Nga si mapundok allingon.ex

That is to say.tr

allingon adjps verbal.gl [src: J,P:4]dq (ro: lingon it: wika id1: pulong)

151. allo nps rice pestle.gl [src: P]dq (it: halo, pambayo id1: bayo)

152. allom vps to live; to be alive; to grow. to give birth; to born.gl

A'allom ako Mayo 18, 1914.ex

I was born May l8, l914.tr

[src: D:2.105]dq

allom > paka'allomoi nps livelihood.gl

Ay i pagpaka'allom mo?ex

What is your livelihood?tr

[src: D:1.17]dq

allom > kina'allomoi nps birth; natal day.gl

allom > magka'arallomoi nps survivor.gl

allom > magka'arallomoi vps to survive; to exist.gl

allom > ma'a'allumonoi adjps viable.gl [src: J,P:5]dq (ls: Ga'i ako +a'allom huwang si iya. co: We can't get along; be united. (Positive also used but less frequently.) it: manganak, buhay, kabuhayan id1: panginabuhi)

153. almanaki nps a calendar; almanac.gl

Ngan i arun-na si dadi' tikang si almanaki...ex

And the name of the child came from the calendar...tr

[src: New]dq (rs: kalindaryo it: kalendaryo id1: kalendaryo)

154. almuranas (+t+d1) (< Span: almoranasds) nps pile; hemorrhoid.gl [src: K]dq

155. alon (+t) nps wave; current. undulate.gl

alon (+t) adjps wavy.gl

Ma'alon i kalawot.ex

The sea is wavy.tr

[src: J,P:5]dq (id1: balod)

156. alop (+d1) nps stain; besmirch. a taint.gl

alop (+d1) vps to discolored. to blot. to stain; to smudge.gl [src: J,P:5]dq (it: mantsa)

157. alpabito nps alphabet.gl

Ngan ga'i pa ako siray akabasa si alpabito.ex

When I cound not read alphabet at that time.tr

[src: EA 1 3:0; New]dq

158. alpilir (+d1) (< Span: apilerds) nps brooch (ornamental pin).gl [src: C]dq (it: aspile)

159. alpirisiya (< Span: alpirsiads) nps convulsion.gl [src: K]dq

160. alpog nps dust.gl (ro: gapu-gapo)

alpog adjps dusty.gl [src: P:5]dq (it: alikabok id1: tapu-tapo)

161. alpor nps group of itinerant gamblers (using three coins).gl

Agkapirirdi i mga alpor.ex

The group of itinerant gamblers were defeated.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

162. alsa vps to lift; to raise; to heave.gl

Ag'alsa-na i bastun-na, ngan angatubang...ex

He lift his walking stick and face...tr

[src: B:MI.2.12]dq

alsa adjps upward.gl [src: J,P:5]dq (it: itaas, pataas id1: buhat)

163. altar (+t+d1) nps shelf in house (often used for a statue, mirror, lamp, etc.).gl

Karawat-ko i nagpahalad-na si altar|r-ko.ex

I will accept their offerings on my altar.tr

[src: New]dq

164. alto (+d1) (< Span: altods) vps to stop; to halt.gl [src: K]dq

165. alumating vps to hear.gl

Ga'i ngani' kami' ag'alumating si nagparapahalling-na.ex

We did not even hear what he was talking.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

166. aluminom (+t+d1) nps aluminum (metal).gl

I kasirula hinimo tikang si aluminom masarig.ex

A cooking pot made from an aluminum is durable.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

167. alupu'op nps fog.gl [src: P:5]dq

168. alusu'os adjps warm day (wind or weather).gl [src: K]dq (rs: aringasa it: aringasa)

169. alyas nps pseudonym.gl

Cobra i alyas|r-na si punu'-na si mga tulisan.ex

The pseudonym of the robbers' head is Cobra.tr

[src: EA; New]dq

170. amakan nps woven split bamboo.gl

Mahalap nagpabungbong si ruma' i amakan.ex

A woven split bamboo is nice for house walling.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

171. amat > nag'amatoi vps to talk in sleep; to sleep walk.gl

amat > nag'amatoi nps sleepwalker. nightmare.gl [src: P:5]dq

172. amay nps fathergl

Agbanhaw-na iya si Diyos Amay.ex

He was resurrected by God the Father.tr

[src: SNG 4:5; J]dq

173. amban > sa'ambananoi vps to leave; to forsake; to left; to abandon; to abdicate; to abjure; to desert; to neglect; to depart; to defect.gl

Kon ambanan|r-mo ako i kasakitan dimu'an...ex

If you will depart from me all the difficulties...tr

[src: J,P:5]dq (it: umalis)

174. ambit (+d1) vps to give.gl

Nagla'in i kina'iya-ko basi' a'ambit i gugma'-na.ex

My inner being was set apart so that his love will betr

[src: SNG 3:5; J]dq

ambit (+d1) vps to sell.gl [src: P:5]dq

175. ambot fps I don't know.gl

Ambot, bangin si Sabado.ex

I don't know, maybe on Saturday.tr

[src: J,P:5]dq (it: aywan)

176. ambulansya (+t+d1) nps ambulance.gl [src: C]dq

177. amen (+t+d1) fps amen (used after prayer); prayer ending.gl

Darayawon iya hasta si kahastahan! Amen.ex

May he be praised until the until (idiom for forever). Amen.tr

[src: ROM 11:36]dq

178. amigo (+t+d1) (< Span: amigods) nps a friend.gl

amigo (+t+d1) vps to befriend.gl [src: K]dq

179. amihan (+d1) nps north-east wind; trade wind.gl

Pina'agi si pagtiyup-na si adda makusog amihan.ex

Through the blowing of a strong north-east wind.tr

[src: EXO 14:21]dq (ra: habagat)

amihan (+d1) > amihananoi nps a place in the east; orient.gl

amihan (+d1) > pangamihanoi nps a season for planting rice.gl [src: New]dq

180. amilyarado nps land tax.gl

...ngan da'inan may i pagtikang si pagbayad si amilyarado ari si munisipyo.ex

...and thus the beginning of the payment of land tax in the municipal hall.tr

[src: HI 3 24:0]dq (rs: buhis)

amilyarado nps tax declaration of land.gl [src: New]dq (rs: abiso)

181. amin vps to confess; to accept a fault; to plea guilty.gl

Ag'amin na i akusado nga ungod iya i manmatay.ex

The accused has pleaded guilty of murder [indeed].tr

[src: WPC; New]dq

182. aming-aming vps to be in delirium.gl

Hingato nag'aming-aming i a'a kon malanga i kalintura-na.ex

Sometimes a person is in delirium when he has a high fever.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

183. aminudo (+d1) adjps retail.gl

aminudo (+d1) nps kind of native dance.gl [src: C]dq (it: tingi)

184. amirikana (+t+d1) nps american (any foreigner with white skin).gl

amirikana (+t+d1) > amerikano +t+d1ld nps male american.gl

amirikana (+t+d1) > amerikano +t+d1ld nps kind of coat.gl [src: K]dq

185. amma' nps godfather.gl [src: P:6]dq (ro: aya' it: ninong id1: amaon)

186. amo (+d1) nps manager; master; boss.gl

Iya i hadi'-ko, ma'istro ngan amu|r-ko.ex

He is my king, teacher and my boss.tr

[src: SNG 3:14; J; K]dq

187. amon nps diaper.gl

Agpakula ako si mga amun|r-na.ex

I am bleaching his diapers.tr

[src: J,P:6]dq (it: lampin id1: lampin)

188. among (+d1) vps to embroil in quarrel.gl

among (+d1) > agpa'amongoi vps to incriminate; to implicate.gl

among (+d1) > agpa'amongoi vps to include.gl [src: P:6]dq

189. amor prupyo (+d1) (< Span: amor propiods) nps self-esteem; self-worth; self-respect.gl [src: C]dq (it: amor)

190. amot (+d1) vps to contribute; to chip in.gl

amot (+d1) nps contribution.gl

amot (+d1) nps alms.gl [src: p.6]dq

191. ampalling see: lisu-lisomr nps scrotum including testesgl

Agkutkut-na si miyong i ampalling|r-ko.ex

The cat bites my scrotum.tr

[src: P:6]dq (it: bayag, itlog id1: bayag)

192. ampat adjps four; fourth.gl [src: J,P:6]dq (it: apat id1: upat)

193. ampin nps protection; diaper; cover.gl

Pagpalangkit-na adda rulyo alamri, gana' uru'ampinay.ex

When he carried on his shoulder one roll of barbwire he did no put any protection.tr

[src: B:MI.9.26]dq

ampin > ag'ampinoi vps to cover.gl

kay basi' ka'ampinan i katungayuran...ex

so that the important part can be covered...tr

[src: T:AM.1.40,J,P:6]dq

194. ampit vps to sit on lap. to snuggle.gl [src: P:6]dq (id1: sagmak)

195. amplipayr nps a sound system (with generator, big soundbox, round table and lights of its own usually used in outdoor affairs).gl

Agsob amplipayr naggamit kon niya' sarayaw ato si Capul.ex

Usually when there is a dance here in Capul a sound system is used.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

196. ampo nps grandchild.gl

Ga'i agsarit i ampu|r-ko si pinakangsa'i-na.ex

My grandchild did not ask permission from his stepmother.tr

[src: J]dq (it: apo)

197. ampo' vps to pray; to worship. to pay homage (to god only).gl

Agpangampo' mga iya si darayawon dadi'.ex

They worship the praise-worthy child.tr

[src: SNG 4:8; J]dq (it: sumamba id1: ampo)

ampo' vps to surrender.gl

ampo' vps to reconcile.gl

ampo' vps to interceed on another's behalf (in the face of pending evil)gl

Ampu'i|r-bi ako si Paragdalom...ex

Interceed on my behalf to the Lord...tr

[src: Acts 8:24; J,P:6]dq

198. amudto nps noon; mid-day.gl

Kon aniya' subra si amudto' nagsangla i kinakan bahaw.ex

If there are leftovers at noon it is fried.tr

[src: D:1.359]dq (it: tanghali)

amudto > paningudtooi nps dinner.gl [src: J,P:6]dq (it: pananghalian)

199. amyon nps stench.gl [src: K]dq

200. anahaw nps kind of palm leaf.gl

I bungbung-na anahaw.ex

The roofing is anahaw leaf.tr

[src: D:1.485,J]dq

201. anak > pinanganakoi nps godchild.gl (it: libay, inaanak)

anak > manganakoi nps sponsors (in Christian baptism). godparent.gl

anak > mangnganakoi nps female cattle (which had already an offspring).gl

anak > panganak-anakanoi nps woman's womb.gl [src: C]dq

anak > pati'anakoi nps spirit of a child who died without having baptized (superstition).gl [src: New]dq

202. anan fps of that, like that.gl

Aniya' ba' sakakan-ta anan?ex

Do we have something to eat later?tr

[src: D:1.96]dq

anan nps there.gl [src: J,P:7]dq (id1: niyan it: diyan it: mamaya)

203. anapog nps a limestone.gl

Pagpaputi' si bayhon aggamit liwat mga iya anapog.ex

For making their face white they also used limestone.tr

[src: New]dq (ro: bato)

204. anas (+d1) nps avalanche; landslide; erosion.gl

anas (+d1) adjps washout.gl [src: P:7]dq (ro: timpag)

205. anay (+d1) nps termite.gl

I anay parakutkut-na i ruma'.ex

The termite is biting the house.tr

[src: D:2.174; J]dq

206. anda' > ag'anda'oi vps to delve; to discover; to explore.gl

Ag'anda' kami' ruma' pangngistaran.ex

We look for a house to live in.tr

[src: D:1.12]dq

anda' > ag'anda'oi vps to search. to locate. to hunt.gl

anda' > mag'anda'oi nps finder.gl

anda' > mag'anda'oi nps quest.gl

anda' > inanda'anoi nps earnings.gl

anda' > inanda'anoi vps to earn.gl [src: J,P:7]dq (it: humanap, maghanap id1: hanap)

207. andam vps to prepare; to be ready.gl

Ag'andam|r(-ko) i ripurt-ko para si diriktor.ex

I'm preparing my report for the director.tr

[src: D:1.360a]dq

andam vps to warn. to forebode; to foreshadow.gl

andam nps precaution.gl

andam nps preparation; provision of food.gl

andam nps forethought; foresight.gl [src: J,P:7]dq (it: handa)

208. andamyo nps movable bridge; gangplank; gangway.gl

I mga motor ato si Abak agpanggamit andamyo basi' akapanahik i mga pasahiros.ex

The motorboats here on Abak use movable bridge so that the passengers can board on it.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

209. andana (+d1) adjps yarn.gl

andana (+d1) nps floors; stories (of a house or building).gl

Dos andanas i kahimu-na.ex

It is made of two stories.tr

[src: D:1.483, K]dq (op: andanas id: DIC SADI03.DI, March 3, 1999, Sama Abaknon)

210. andang adjps old.gl [src: P:7]dq (it: lum^a id1: luma)

211. andar (+d1) vps to operate.gl

andar (+d1) vps to set in motion.gl

Say magpa'andar si makina.ex

Who causes the engine to set in motion.tr

[src: P:7]dq

andar (+d1) vps to run a machine.gl [src: J]dq

212. andas nps float carried in procession.gl

Kon patron ato si Capul, i andas|r-na si San Ignacio de Loyola i nagprusisyunan.ex

During Capul town fiesta, the float of Saint Ignatius of Loyola is the one brought in a procession.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

213. andok > ag'andokoi vps to fetch water.gl

Ag'andok ako.ex

I fetch water.tr

[src: J,P:7]dq (it: igib id1: alog)

214. andoy > ag'andoyoi vps to yearn. to long for. (strong feeling than _ruyag|_; does not imply action taken to fulfill desire as in _hingyap|_)gl (rs: ruyag, hingyap)

andoy > ag'andoyoi nps strong desire; longinggl [src: K]dq (id1: pag-ungara, paghingyap)

215. anga'₁ nps nickname.gl

Mano Oya' i anga'|r-mo.ex

Your nickname is Mano Oya'.tr

[src: D:1.388]dq (it: palayaw id1: agnay)

216. anga'₂ vps to show affection; to caress.gl [src: J,P:9]dq (ro: gugma' ra: isog it: lambing)

217. angan-angan vps to wait. to temporize.gl (rs: antahak ro: tingkulo' ra: diritso)

angan-angan > mag'angan-anganoi nps person waiting for someone.gl

angan-angan > mag'angan-anganoi xps marking suffix on numerals.gl [src: P:9]dq (it: hintay id1: hulat)

218. angas adjps bald. bareheaded.gl [src: P:9]dq (ro: karis it: kalbo id1: kalbo)

219. angay adjps fit; apt; suit; good; appropriate; proper. conducive.gl (ro: halap)

angay vps to befit. to be appropriate. to be right. to be even with. to be pleasant. to be good to look at. becoming.gl

Ma'in angay si iya i badu-na.ex

Her clothes is not fit for her.tr

[src: FG]dq

angay vps to tuckle; to servile.gl

angay > pagpaki'angayoi vps to engage in good (relationship with somebody).gl

angay > maki'angay-angayonoi adjps sociable; affable. suitable; worthy.gl

angay > kangayanoi adjps good; tasty.gl

Kariman, kangayan kunta'.ex

Oh, it's wasted, it is suppose to be good.tr

[src: LL6]dq

angay > Ka'angayanoi adjps glory.gl [src: J,P:9]dq (it: bagay, mabuti id1: maupay)

angay > arangayoi nps unity.gl

Alukmay i panganahaw si pag'arangay-na si balang addangan.ex

The giant was convinced with the unity of everyone.tr

[src: MS 8 11; New]dq

220. anggana' nps poor; have notsgl [src: New]dq (rs: pubri)

221. anggulo nps angle (as in right angle).gl

I anggulu|r-na si iskina-na si ruma'-ko ma'in gayod iskwalado.ex

The angle of the corner of my house is not perfectly right angle.tr

[src: EA; New]dq

222. anghel (+d1) (< Span: angelds) nps angel (spiritual being who are servants of god).gl

Kanta-na si ka'anghelan, <>ex

Songs of the angels, <>tr

[src: SNG 2:5; J]dq

223. anghilito nps innocence.gl [src: K]dq (it: sanggol)

224. anghit (+d1) nps burnt smell.gl

Anghiton i katingpid-ko.ex

The person who sit beside me has under arm odor.tr

[src: P:9]dq (it: amoy kili-kili)

225. angkat vps to raise; to lift; to pick up.gl

angkat > mag'angkatoi nps person who lifts or raises something.gl [src: P:9]dq (rs: alsa ro: da'og, addo' it: buhat id1: buhat)

226. angkla (+t+d1) nps anchor.gl [src: C]dq

227. angkon vps to receive.gl

Ngan da'inan may si Kristo, ga'i aglugaringun-na pag'angkon i maka'angayan pwisto si pagkagilalabawi paraghalad.ex

And likewise with Kristo, he does not on his own claim the glory (lit: distinctively excellent position) of being a high priest (lit: vocational offerer).tr

[src: New]dq (rs: karawat ro: tawa')

228. angkot vps to carry; to transfer something to another place. to amass.gl

angkot nps things carried from one place to another.gl [src: P:9]dq (id1: hakot)

229. angol nps name of a fish in the sea.gl [src: P:9]dq

230. angot adjps term to describe an aged rooster.gl

Makudat i karni-na kay angot na.ex

It has a hard meat beacuse it is already aged.tr

[src: NM]dq

angot nps spinster (figuratively said of a woman who did not marry even at age 30 or above); old maid.gl [src: P:9]dq

231. angpot adjps offensive odor (of soiled and unwashed odor).gl

Bali angpot si mga tampi' kay maliyat akapu'pu'an.ex

The blanket has an offensive odor because it is not being washed a long time.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

232. angris adjps smell of burnt flesh or skin.gl [src: New]dq

233. angtod (+d1) adjps burnt odor.gl

angtod (+d1) nps odor (of something burnt).gl [src: C]dq (it: amoy sunog)

234. angundi' vps to reject.gl [src: J]dq

235. ani (+t+d1) vps to harvest rice.gl (ro: pangko')

ani (+t+d1) nps harvester; reaper.gl

ani (+t+d1) > pangnganihanoi nps stubble.gl [src: P:7]dq (it: mag-aani)

236. anibirsaryo nps anniversary (of any event).gl

Ato si Abak basta i kasiyam anibirsaryu|r-na si kina'allum-na si dadi' agsob kumbiti.ex

Here on Capul if it is the ninth anniversary of a child's birth there is usually a big party.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

237. anids vps to throw stone in one place so as to hide it (done in a game called |btatsi'|r where one hits the coin bets to let it out from a circle.gl

Agpa'anids|r-na i tarapan-na kay tirirahan.ex

He throw his tramp stone because someone is about to hit it.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

238. animal fps metaphorical expression attributing man to a beast (usually said by one who is angry to another).gl

Animal kaw! Ay kay agdabalon ako.ex

You beast! Why did you beat me.tr

[src: New]dq

239. aning'ing vps happened to hear, as of gossip to hear vaguely.gl

Kada addangan agpaka'aning'ing hi'unong si pagkamasinunurun-bi.ex

Everyone has heard of your being obedient.tr

[src: K; New]dq

240. anira' nps beeswax. honey.gl [src: P:7]dq (it: pulot-pukyutan id1: dugos putyukan)

241. anistisya nps anesthesia.gl

Antis si bisan ay upirasyuna nag'indyiksyunan dahulo kitaex

Before any operation is done we are injected first withtr

[src: NM; New]dq

242. anit (+d1) nps skin of animal; leather; hide.gl

anit (+d1) vps to flay (take skin off).gl

Ag'anit ako si baka.ex

I skinned the cow.tr

[src: J,P:7]dq (ro: panit)

243. aniya' fps there is/are (affirmative existential).gl

Kay aniya' pa langngan ko.ex

Because there is something I must attend to. (my walk)tr

[src: D:1.2]dq (rf: niya')

aniya' nps rich people.gl (rs: kwartahan, mayaman)

aniya' vps to have; to own.gl

Barato i gana' puluhan-na kuntra si niya'.ex

Those without handles are cheaper than those that have them.tr

[src: D:1.396]dq

aniya' adjps well-off.gl [src: J,P:7]dq (it: mayroon it: mayaman id1: mayaman, may-ada)

244. anna' vps to lay. to replace. to fill (make full).gl

Anna'in koma balang pagsurat-mo si mga arun-na si a'a.ex

Put a comma whenever you write a name of a person.tr

[src: P]dq

anna' > pangnganna'anoi nps place where something is kept.gl

I sako pangnganna'an lugit.ex

The sack (where) copra are placed.tr

[src: WPC; P]dq (rs: pangngisihan)

anna' > inanna'oi nps a thing.gl

anna' > inanna'oi nps a vessel.gl

anna' > inanna'oi nps an item.gl

anna' > inanna'oi nps belongings; possessions; estate.gl

anna' > inanna'oi adjps located; situated.gl [src: J,P:7]dq (it: lagay, lapag id1: butang)

245. anni adjps chilly weather.gl

Nag'annihan ako.ex

I feel coldtr

[src: D:1.534]dq (rs: tugnaw ro: kurugtol ra: panas)

anni nps coldness.gl [src: J,P:8]dq (it: ginaw id1: hagkot)

246. annom adjps six; sixth.gl [src: J,P:8]dq (it: anim id1: unom)

247. ano fps what do you call it.gl

ano pps so and so. something; anything; somebody.gl [src: P:8]dq (it: ano, kuwan id1: nano, kuan)

248. anod (+d1) vps to drift; to float; to flow; to waftgl

anod (+d1) nps driftwood.gl [src: P:9]dq (ro: ga'od it: tangay)

249. anok adjps well cooked (as of a rice in a kettle).gl

Ma'in mahalap nagkakan i kinakan kon ga'i nagpa'anukan pahalap.ex

Food is not delicious to eat if it is not well cooked.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

250. ansala nps nest (of birds only).gl

Akaparihoy to kahaya si kayo nga pwidi i sanga-na sa'ansala|rhan-na si mga manuk-manok.ex

It can be likened in size (lit: bigness) to a tree whose branches can be used for nesting places by the birds.tr

[src: MAT 13:32]dq

ansala > ag'ansalaoi vps to make nest (specific for birds).gl [src: New]dq (it: pugad id1: salag)

251. ansay nps hard black stone.gl

Pirmi aniya' tinambak bato ansay kay yayto i nagpabalituk-na si mga Abaknon kon awira' na i Moros.ex

There were always piles of hard black stones because this are used by the Abaknons when the Moros came.tr

[src: New]dq (rs: bantiles ro: bato)

252. anta' vps to eat raw.gl

Ag'anta' ako buwas.ex

I eat raw rice.tr

[src: P:8]dq (rs: kilaw ro: asay)

253. antahak vps to hover.gl

Aniya' nag'antahak|r-na.ex

He waited for somebody.tr

[src: P]dq

antahak nps abeyance.gl [src: P:8]dq (it: hintay id1: hulat)

254. antallo nps egg (of bird or reptile).gl

kapiyatan-na si antalloex

egg yolktr

[src: D:2.2]dq

antallo vps to lay eggs. to spawn (of fish only).gl

antallo adjps oblong.gl

antallo nps sperm.gl [src: J,P:8]dq (ar: euphemism it: itlog, biluhaba, pahaba, punlay)

255. antan vps to hold hand in hand; to grasp. to lead someone by the hand. to wield. to grip.gl

Ag'antan ba' kaw?ex

Are you holding?tr

[src: D:2.57]dq

antan vps to manage (a business).gl

antan vps to treat.gl

antan vps to operate a machine.gl

antan nps holder.gl

Tawa'-ko aniya' nan pangngantanan-na.ex

The one with handle is mine.tr

[src: D:2.253]dq

antan > mag'antanoi nps operator.gl [src: J,P:8]dq (it: hawak, akayin)

256. anti mortim nps invistigation made to a dying person (usually if cause by accident of any kind).gl

Grabi i pammunu'an si iya sanglit nag'ala'an anti +mortim.ex

His wounds from being stabbed is severe that's why he is beingtr

[src: NM; New]dq

257. antigo₁ adjps skillful; dexterious; conversant. clever; expert.gl

Antigo gayod iya si mga gawi' si singbahan.ex

He is an expert about the work in church.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

258. antigo₂ nps adept; bric-a-brac.gl

Bali kamahalan ina'anto i prisyu-na si antigo.ex

The prices for antique now is very high.tr

[src: New]dq

259. antina nps antenna (as on a radio).gl

Makusog i tandu-na si radyo kay nag'ana'an antina.ex

The sound of the radio is loud because there is an antenna attached to it.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

260. anting-anting nps fettish; magic power.gl

Buwanan-ta kaw anting-anting para ga'i na kaw...ex

I will give you an amulet so that you will not...tr

[src: J]dq (rs: gahom ro: ampin it: agimat)

261. antiparra nps eye glasses (for any use even underwater).gl

I mga paradaying ato si Abak aggamit antiparra mga hinimo hamok ato.ex

The fishermen here in Abak use eye glasses which are made only here.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

262. antis (+d1) (< Span: antesds) adjps ahead of.gl

Antis pahitan-mo i ugsing-na si ditangnga'...ex

Before you wipe the dirt of another...tr

[src: J,P:8]dq (it: bago, una, nauuna, bago)

263. antisipo (+t+d1) nps advance payment; partial payment.gl

antisipo (+t+d1) vps to pay partially in advance.gl [src: K]dq

264. antos (+d1) vps to bear; to withstand; to suffer.gl

antos (+d1) nps to endure; to abide.gl

I kasakitan dimu'an, antus|r-ko kay nagpumwan.ex

I shall bear the difficulties because it is given.tr

[src: B:SI.7.7]dq

antos (+d1) > ma'inantusonoi adjps persevere.gl [src: J,P:8]dq (oc: [cf sakit, which focuses on what is actually suffered, whereas antos focuses on the emotional response to what is felt, but near synonyms] ro: ilub it: tiis)

265. antot vps to break wind; to spout.gl [src: P:8]dq (ro: libang it: utot id1: utot)

266. anumaliya nps anomally.gl

Masamok i iliksyon kon aniya' anumaliya naggamit.ex

An election is chaotic if there is an anomally being done.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

267. anunsyo (+t+d1) (< Span: anunciods) vps to announce; to tell; to inform; to broadcast; to forecast.gl (rs: sumat ro: bagaw ra: lirong)

anunsyo (+t+d1) nps information; broadcast; announcement.gl [src: K]dq

268. anus-anos vps to be patient.gl

Pa'anus-anuson hamok kabidu'an-moy nan.ex

Be patient with your sorrows.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

269. anus'os adjps burnt rice (smell).gl


The rice which Maria cooked is burnt.tr

anus'os adjps peculiar smell (also of taste of a burnt food).gl

Ma'anus'os i bahu-na si kinakan kon atubod si dilalom.ex

Food has a peculiar smell when it is burnt at the bottom.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

270. anyil (< Span: a~nelds) nps laundry bluing; dye.gl

anyil vps to dye.gl [src: C]dq (it: tin^a id1: tina)

271. anyo (< Span: a~nods) nps year; twelve months.gl

Utsinta anyos na i pa'agi...ex

Eighty years that pass...tr

[src: J]dq (rs: taon ro: idad it: taon id1: tuig)

272. aparador (+d1) (< Span: aparadords) nps wardrobe; dresser.gl [src: C]dq (it: estante)

273. apari (+d1) nps hairy root crop.gl [src: C]dq

274. apartment nps apartment.gl

Bali kamahalan kon apartment i nagplitihan ari si syudad.ex

It is very expensive to rent an apartment in the city.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

275. apdo (+t+d1) nps gall bladder; bile.gl

apdo (+t+d1) adjps bitter.gl [src: C]dq (it: pantog, kamandag)

276. api nps fire.gl

Pa'itsa-ta kaw bali' si api basi' kaw asunog.ex

I will throw you instead to the fire so that you'll be burnt.tr

[src: B:SI.6.36]dq

api adjps hot.gl [src: J,P:10]dq (rs: panas ro: ragit ra: tugnaw it: apoy id1: kalayo)

277. apidabit nps an affidavit.gl

Agpirma apidabit i duwangan nga ga'i na aghipwat paghiran.ex

The two signed an affidavit that they must not quarrel again.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

278. apid-apid vps to get close to someone for purpose of beseeching.gl

Si Lito agpara'apid-apid si Lourdes kay sigi kakan punti.ex

Lito get close to Lourdes because she is eating banana.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

279. apiki adjps near; vicinity; approximate.gl (rs: tapit ra: tala)

apiki vps to approach.gl [src: P:10]dq (ro: dugok it: lapit id1: harani)

280. apiktar vps to affect.gl

Aka'apiktaran na dina i atay-na kay bali iya anginom mga binutilya.ex

His liver was already affected because he is fond of drinking hard liquor.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

281. apilo vps to conform; to agree.gl

apilo vps to be with someone.gl

apilo vps to defend.gl [src: New]dq (rs: apin, ugop ra: kuntra)

282. apilyido (+t+d1) (< Span: apeliedods) nps maiden name; surname; family name.gl [src: K]dq

283. apin vps to defend; to protect. to uphold.gl

apin nps defender; protector.gl

Kay niya mapuwirsa para'apin|r-na.ex

Because he has a strong protector.tr

[src: B:MI.2.26]dq

apin > ka'apinoi nps allies.gl (rs: ka'alyado)

apin > ka'apinoi vps to be partisan.gl [src: P:10]dq (it: tagapagtanggol)

284. apindiks nps appendicitis (disease).gl

Aniya' apindiks|r-na si tatay-na.ex

His father has an appendicitis.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

285. aplay vps to apply (as in a job).gl

Makuri pag'aplay trabaho kon ma'in pa kaw pasado si sibil sirbis.ex

It is difficult to apply for a job if you have not yet passed the civil service.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

286. aplikanti nps applicant.gl

Bali labbat aplikanti pagma'istra si Capul.ex

There are a lot of applicants for teachers on Capul.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

287. aplod adjps pithy taste (of banana when not fully ripe); astringent; ascerb.gl

Nagpa'inom binagnaw punti ma'aplod.ex

Give a drink made from soaked unripe banana.tr

[src: HB 1 1:5; New]dq

288. apo (+d1) nps white ashes of burnt sea shells.gl [src: P:10]dq (ro: apog)

289. apo' adjps submerged; immersed.gl

Apo' gayod i labasa ngan pagbuno' si iya.ex

The pointed bolo plunged entirely when he was stabbed.tr

[src: New]dq

290. apostol (+t+d1) nps apostle.gl

Adda ako rilihugun-na si Kristo Jesus nga ag'agda-na si Diyos bilang apostol,...ex

I am a servant of Kristo Jesus who was called into companionship by God as an apostle,...tr

[src: ROM 1:1; New]dq (op: apostoles)

291. aprita vps to hasten; to hurry; to force.gl

Gana' data-na pag'aprita si a'a pagpakakan si ga'i saruyagan-na kay sigurado asina.ex

It is not good to force a person to eat with a food he does not like because he will surely get angry.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

292. aprubar vps to approve.gl

Ag'aprubaran-na si kunsiho i pagpusil si mga lappa baktin.ex

The council approved the shooting of astray pigs.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

aprubar vps to agree; to conform.gl (rs: tugot ro: uho' ra: diri')

aprubar vps to prove. to substantiate.gl [src: K]dq (it: ayon id1: uyon)

293. apura (+t+d1) (< Span: aporards) vps to hurry. to haste.gl

apura (+t+d1) adjps hasty. rush. quickly.gl

Kay apurado may si pagbalik i Ba'o, agbalik mga iya.ex

Because the turtle is in a hurry to return, they return.tr

[src: J]dq (rs: listo, dagmit ro: hirit ra: hinay it: magmadali, mag-apura, nagmamadali)

294. apyan nps fruit of a tree called apyan.gl

apyan adjps narcotic.gl [src: K]dq

295. araba vps to moan (in pain); to grumble; to groan.gl

Malanga i kalintura-na sanglit sigi araba.ex

He has a high fever therefore he moans.tr

[src: New]dq

296. arab-arab adjps in flames; fiery burninggl [src: New]dq (rs: kayat)

297. arado (+d1) nps plow.gl

Arado i mahalap nag'gamit pag'bungkal si pitak.ex

Plow is a good tool to cultivate the ground.tr

[src: FG]dq

arado (+d1) vps to plow.gl

Agbulig iya agtanom, aghawan o ag'arado.ex

He help to plant; to clean the farm or to plow.tr

[src: C]dq (it: araro)

298. arak (+d1) nps wine (general term for wine).gl [src: P:10]dq

299. aram adjps innocent.gl

aram adjps novice; neophyte; rookie; greenhorn (person without experience).gl [src: NM]dq

aram vps to coax; to flatter.gl [src: P:10]dq (or: aram-aram)

300. aranghita (+d1) nps orange fruit, kind of citrus fruit.gl [src: C]dq (it: dalanghita it: suha)

301. arat adjps term to describe irritation of the eyes (like being wet with sea water). sting as in eyes.gl

arat vps to give off substance which irritates eyes like onions and soap. eye infection.gl [src: P:10]dq (ro: harathat)

302. arawang nps a pitfall (hidden pit to catch animals).gl

Aghimo kami' arawang kay bali ilaw i nagparadakop kami'.ex

We made a pitfall because what we are catching is very ellusive.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

303. ari fps there (far away).gl

Sanglit ari si Susan si Calbayog ngan Marso kay nagpanday i ruma'-na si Mano Lising.ex

So Susan was there in Calbayog last March because the house of Mano Lesing was repaired.tr

[src: J,P:10]dq (it: doon id1: didto)

304. ariglar (< Span: areglards) vps to fix. to arrange; to put in order.gl (rs: tuhay ro: hamis ra: samok)

ariglar > mag'ariglooi nps person who settle; mediator.gl [src: K]dq (ro: huwis id1: paraupay, upay it: tagaayos, ayos)

305. arikdik nps dandruff.gl [src: P:144]dq (ro: daki it: balakubak id1: kaspa)

306. arim-arim adjps wasted. (used in the negative with _ga'i_).gl

Ga'i nag'arim-ariman i kwarta-na.ex

His money has been *wasted.tr

[src: New]dq

307. arimungot adjps stuffy; dull; boring room.gl

Ma'arimungot nag'istaran i madiki' kwarto.ex

A small room is stuffy to live in.tr

[src: EA; New]dq

308. aringasa adjps stuffy. hot (weather); uncomfortable; unease. sultry.gl [src: P:10]dq (rs: panas ro: ragit ra: layahay it: init id1: paso)

309. aringit adjps irritable; bilious.gl [src: P:144]dq

310. arisga > angarisgaoi vps to dare.gl

Angarisga ako pagpada'iray si Manila bisan gana' kwarta-ko.ex

I dared to go to Manila even though I had no money.tr

[src: EA]dq

311. arisgado adjps interested; eager; zealous. courageous; daring; wholehearted; intrepid.gl

Arisgado iya sanglit aka'anda' dayon iya trabaho.ex

He is courageous therefore he immediately found a job.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

arisgado > ka'arisgadu-naoi nps (his) courage.gl [src: J]dq (it: nangahas)

312. aristar (+t+d1) vps to arrest (of an erring person).gl [src: New]dq (rs: dakop ro: priso ra: lappa ra: libri)

aristar (+t+d1) > nag'aristaroi nps person being arrested.gl [src: J]dq (id: DIC SADI04.DI, November 30, 1998, Sama Abaknon)

313. aristukrata adjps hypocrite; proud of ownself.gl

Baya' pa kay aniya' bali ka'aristukratahan.ex

Just because she is rich she is very proud of herself.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

314. aritmitik nps arithmetic (mathematical science).gl

Agsob mata'o i lalla si aritmitik.ex

Usually a man is bright in arithmetic.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

315. ariw (+d1) nps soot.gl

ariw (+d1) vps to put soot on something.gl [src: K]dq

316. ariwasa vps uncontrolled movements resulting from a seizure.gl

ariwasa vps restlessness; uneasinessgl

...agpalakoy nan dina kalu'oy para si sala'an imbis ag'ariwasa pagbulos.ex

...it instead beg for mercy for the sinner instead of being uneasy (for it wanted) to take revenge.tr

[src: HEB 12:24]dq

ariwasa vps death throes.gl [src: New]dq

317. ariya vps to pull.gl

Ariyahon i lira-na si motor.ex

Pull the rope of the motorboat.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

318. arka (+d1) nps an ark.gl

Yayto pannakayan arka i arun-na...ex

This boat is called an ark...tr

[src: New]dq (ro: sampan ro: sakayan)

319. arkitikto nps an architect.gl

Mahalap agdruwing i arkitikto.ex

An architect is a good artist.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

320. arko adjps curve (in shape).gl

arko nps an arch.gl

arko vps to curve.gl

Nagpa'arko i dulung-na si rambuhan.ex

The prow of a boat was made to curve.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

321. armas (+t+d1) (< Span: armasds) nps weapon.gl

Akasiyo si Butalo armas-na buros si mga Moros.ex

Butalo was able to snatch a weapon of the Moros.tr

[src: B:MI.6.19,J]dq

322. armi (+t+d1) (< Span: armyds) nps army (a kind of soldier who fought on land).gl [src: C]dq (it: hukbo)

323. armidol (+d1) (< Span: armedolds) nps starch.gl

armidol (+d1) vps to put starch on clothes.gl [src: C]dq (it: almirol)

324. arnibal nps diluted sugar; grated coconut with sugar.gl

Malabbat si mga karan'on ato si Abak nga asukar i arnibal|r-na.ex

Plenty of native cakes here on Abak has a diluted sugar.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

325. aro fps there. over there.gl

Amanahik ako aro si dyata'.ex

I will climb up there.tr

[src: B:MI.4.17]dq

aro fps after. by and by.gl [src: J]dq (ro: mangno, kahuman it: mamaya, diyan id1: niyan, dida)

326. aron nps name; proper name.gl

I gi'aruni|r-na Florintina pero i anga'-na Floring.ex

Her real name is Florintina but her nickname is Floring.tr

[src: D:1.389]dq

aron nps label.gl

aron nps denomination.gl

aron vps to call (person of any name).gl

aron > arun-aronoi vps to ascribe; to impute.gl

aron > arun-aronoi adjps nominal.gl [src: J,P:11]dq (it: pangalan, magpangalan, pangalanan id1: ngaran, pagngaran)

327. arop nps direction.gl

I arup|r-na pada'iray si pangpang.ex

His direction is to the cliff.tr

[src: B:SI.4.18]dq (ro: ari)

arop vps to face in particular direction.gl

Singnga kaw pa'arop?ex

Where are you going?tr

[src: D:1.109]dq

arop adjps front.gl

si arupan...ex

in his front...tr

[src: J,P:11]dq (it: patungo id1: pakadto)

328. arsubispo nps archbishop.gl [src: K]dq (rs: obispo ro: padi')

329. arti > ag'artioi vps to act (of a movie actor or actress).gl

Balang huwang si pasali, nagbuwanan katungdanan nga ata'o iya ag'arti si parti-na.ex

Every participant in a drama, is given privelege to learn or know how to act his part.tr

[src: HB 2 2:0]dq

arti > ag'artioi vps to be shy.gl

arti > artistaoi nps actor; actress.gl

arti > ma'artioi adjps show offgl [src: New]dq (rs: madayaw)

330. artikulo (+d1) fps articles.gl [src: C]dq (it: pantukoy)

331. artipisyal adjps artificial.gl

Pagkahalap burak, sanglit gasi-ko artipisyal prisko may bali'.ex

What a beatiful flower, therefore I thought it is artificial but it is fresh instead.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

332. artisyan (+t+d1) (< Eng: artesiande) nps artesian well.gl [src: C]dq (ro: bumba it: poso)

333. aruk'ok > agpa'aruk'okoi vps to steam treat (a person with fever or cold).gl

Kon makuri i paghingasong kay agsu'ot i sappun-ta agpa'aruk'ok kita pagpahaway si hiningasung-ta.ex

If we can hardly breath because of our colds let us betr

[src: HB 2 2:15; New]dq

334. arumod vps to moan (usually of pigs).gl [src: New]dq

335. arung-arong > ag'ararung-arongoi vps to be face to face (of three or more people)gl

I mga tinapuran si Barangay Singko ag'ararung-arong pagbaragaw si hawan-na si Kapitan.ex

The officers of Barangay Five sit face to face having session at the park of the Barangay Captain.tr

[src: New]dq (ro: libot ro: tipon it: pinaligiran)

336. arut-arot > ka'arut-arotoi vps to suffer in comparison (to another).gl

Ka'arut-arot na andang kita sinan a'a bali naynan idad.ex

We suffer in comparison with that person in age, he is already aged.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

337. aruyo vps to dash forward; to clash forward (as in fighting).gl

Pakakulaw-na si kuntra-na aruyu|r-na dayon.ex

When he saw his enemy he immediately dashed forward.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

338. asa vps to mind; to do that which is not proper. to make offense at a slight cause; to indulge in an interminable dispute over a matter of slight importance.gl

I lango a'a ma'in arasahan kon parayawit kay ga'i to sakatu'anan-na.ex

A drunk person is not proper to mind when he is talking for he did not know about it.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

339. asal vps to barbecue; to roast with slight heat (specially a whole or half body of a chicken).gl

Kon aggulis manok para si ka'alluman nag'asal i katunga' basi' kalunup-lunupan.ex

When a chicken is killed so as to cook it for a woman who had just delivered a child, half of it is roasted with slight heat so that is can be cooked with coconut milk.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

340. asang nps gills.gl

Kon aglimpya daying nag'ala' i asang-na.ex

When we clean fish we take out the gills.tr

[src: D:2.164]dq

asang adjps brave (idiom).gl [src: J]dq

asang > mahaya asang-naoi adjps proud (idiom).gl [src: WPC]dq

341. asay vps to eat viand only (even there is cooked rice).gl

Nagpata'anan ngani' i dadi'-dadi' kon agkakan sigi hamokex

When a child is not being guided when he eats he only eatstr

[src: NM; New]dq

342. asaynmint nps assignment.gl

Kinahanglan balang sangom panginanu-na si nana kon agparahimu-na si dadi' i asaynmint|r-na.ex

A mother must see to it whether her child kept on doing histr

[src: NM; New]dq

343. asbistos nps asbestos.gl

Ngan 1979 nagsalli'an asbistos i bungbung-na si singbahan.ex

In 1979 the roof of the church was changed into asbestos.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

344. asdang vps to approach person (as in applying a job).gl

Danay i lalla kinurihan pag'asdang si ugangan-na.ex

Sometimes a man has a difficulty to approach his in-law.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

345. asgad adjps salty. too much sweet. sour throat.gl

Ma'asgad i tallunan-ko kay sigi ako uk'ok.ex

I have a sour throat because I always cough.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

346. asikaso (+t+d1) > magpangasikasooi vps to take care; to take charge.gl

Ngan pakasalta-na si mga pasahiros, si Mayor Alfredo Castillo pati' si Judge Alfredo Manaog gayod i magpangasikaso si mga iya.ex

When the passengers disembarked, Mayor Alfredo Castillo and Judge Alfredo Manaog were the ones who took charge of them.tr

[src: HI 4 13:0]dq

asikaso (+t+d1) > magpangasikasooi vps to attend to; to entertain.gl

Ag'asikasu|r-ko gayod i mga bisita-ko ngan patron.ex

I really entertained my visitors last fiesta.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

asikaso (+t+d1) > magpangasikasooi vps to give attention.gl [src: New]dq

347. asin-asin nps thorny entwining bushes (often found along roadside).gl [src: New]dq

348. asinso vps to progress; to be successful in life.gl

Ag'asinso kita kon agtalinguha-ta gayod.ex

We would progress if we really strive.tr

[src: EA]dq

asinso > asinsadooi adjps progressive; successful.gl

I maduruto a'a asinsado may i kinabuhi'-na.ex

An industrious person has a progressive life also.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

349. asipog see: sipogmr

350. asiya nps salt.gl

asiya vps to make salty by salting.gl

asiya > inasiyahanoi nps salted fish (also salted meat of any kind).gl [src: J,P:11]dq (it: asin, magburo, buruhin id1: asin, mag-asin, asinan)

351. asok vps to put inside; to place.gl

Sanglit balang pa'asuk|r-na si kuya'...ex

Therefore whenever the moneky puts it...tr

[src: J]dq (rs: anna' it: lagay id1: sulod)

352. asol (< Span: azulds) adjps blue.gl [src: C]dq (it: asul, bughaw id1: asul)

353. asoy > asuyonoi vps to tell entirely. to narrate. to state. to express words.gl

Sanglit agrayhaka kam si mahaya kalipay nga ga'i a'asoy si mga allingon.ex

Therefore have a great joy that can not be expressed in words.tr

[src: New]dq

asoy > asuyonoi vps to testify.gl

asoy > mag'asoyoi nps affiant.gl [src: New]dq

354. aspirin (+t+d1) nps a small tablet (used to relieve pain and fever). aspirin.gl

Nagpatumar aspirin o paracetamol.ex

Let him take aspirin or paracetamol.tr

[src: HB 2; New]dq

355. asso' nps thatch (nipa leaves used for house roofs).gl [src: C]dq (ro: sadyap it: pawid id1: pawod)

356. asta (< Span: hastads) [hastava] cps and; and even; until.gl

Ngan pakatakod kami' asta ngan padulhog kami'...ex

When we go to the farm until we go to town...tr

[src: D:1.450]dq (ro: hasta)

asta adjps indefinite.gl [src: J]dq (it: at id1: ngan, uf, labot pa)

357. asugi nps black inflammable substance of a match; explosive powder.gl

Tulos anlamma' i la'uya kon nag'anna'an asugi|r-na si puspuro.ex

A stew meat would be cooked fastly when there is blacktr

[src: NM; New]dq

358. asukar (< Span: azucards) nps sugar.gl

Amalli ako un kilo puti' asukar.ex

I will buy one kilo of white sugar.tr

[src: J,P:11]dq (ro: mamamis ra: asiya it: asukal)

359. asumo nps future time. morrow.gl

Ag'uran asumo.ex

It will rain tomorrow.tr

[src: J,P:11]dq (ro: allaw ra: da'illaw it: bukas id1: buwas)

360. asunto nps case (in a judicial court). lawsuit.gl

asunto nps dispute (of any kind).gl

asunto nps hint (of a certain statement).gl [src: K]dq

361. asupri (+d1) nps sulphur; a brimstone.gl

Nagpasakot i asupri pati' lana.ex

Mix the sulphur and oil.tr

[src: HB 4 2:9; New]dq

362. asusasyon nps association; organization (especially of people but also countries)gl

I ditangnga' mga ma'istro agklasi si mga madiki' kwarto nga nagpatindug-na si asusasyun|r-na si mga mahanak pati' mga ma'istro.ex

The other teachers held class in small rooms that have been built by the parents and teachers association.tr

[src: HI 4 26:0; New]dq

363. asutiya (+t+d1) (< Span: azoteads) nps porch; veranda.gl

ari si asutiya...ex

there in the veranda...tr

[src: C]dq (rs: pwirta it: balkon id1: balkon)

364. asuwang (+t+d1) nps witch; ghoul.gl [src: P:12]dq (ro: a'a it: mangkukulam)

365. asyab (+d1) nps scythe; sickle (use for harvesting rice)..gl [src: C]dq (it: karit)

366. asyinda (+d1) (< Span: haciendads) nps real estate.gl

Mahaya i asyinda-na mga iya, kuntra si ditangnga'.ex

They have a big land than those of others.tr

[src: J]dq (rs: pitak ro: kayaman it: asyenda)

367. asyiti (+d1) nps edible oil; machine oil.gl [src: K]dq

368. ata' nps black fluid of cuttle fish (ejected when someone try to catch it).gl

ata' > angata'oi vps to eject black fluid (of cuttle fish).gl

Kon ari si kalawot, akasaphid ngani' kaw kulambutan sigurado angata' basi' ga'i kinakulawan.ex

If we are able to touch a cuttle fish in the sea, surely ittr

[src: NM; New]dq

369. atab adjps early; prompt; punctual.gl [src: P:12]dq (ro: tulus ro: kali' ra: atraso, liyat it: maaga id1: aga)

370. ataga vps to set apart things for future use (usually of food for someone to eat later).gl

Kon patron ag'ataga pirmi ako humba' para si kaliwasan kay iya na dina pakakakan-ko pahalap.ex

During fiesta day I always set apart pork because I can have only a good appetite to eat after the fiesta.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

371. atakar [atakiva] vps attack (as to advance).gl

atakar > atakild vps to be attacked in connection with illness. to assault; to fight against; to assail.gl

atakar > atakild nps attacker.gl [src: K]dq (rs: ato ro: da'og ra: lahi it: laban id1: ato)

372. ataki (+t+d1) vps to attack (enemy in harsh words or by force)gl

...ngan akagawas iya si pag'ataki|r-na si dragon.ex

...and he was able to go out when the dragon attacked.tr

[src: New]dq

ataki (+t+d1) vps to be attacked by disease.gl

Ataki si kapuso' i kinamatay-na.ex

He died of heart attack.tr

[src: WPC; New]dq

373. ataman (+d1) vps to adopt; commit to care of; to care for animals; to treat.gl

inataman-na si tata'-na...ex

cared by his father...tr

[src: D:1.232]dq

ataman (+d1) nps pet. adopted child.gl [src: J,P:12]dq

ataman (+d1) vps to treat. to upkeep; to nurture.gl

ataman (+d1) > mag'atmanoi nps caretaker. foresight.gl

ataman (+d1) > pag'atamanoi nps guardianship; tutelage.gl [src: K]dq

374. atas-atas nps white coating on tongue (specially of a child as a disease).gl

I dadi' nga aniya' atas-atas|r-na ga'i akakakan pahalap.ex

A child who has a white coating on his tongue cannot eat so good.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

375. atay (+t+d1) nps liver.gl (ro: baga')

atay (+t+d1) nps arch of foot.gl [src: P:12]dq (or: atay-atay)

atay (+t+d1) > takka si atay.li nps penetrates (as in cold weather)gl [src: New]dq

376. atindir vps to attend (a gathering).gl

atindir vps to pay attention (to what is heard or seen).gl

atindir vps to entertain (visitors or people).gl

atindir vps to manage. to take charge.gl

I allahan ga'i hamok ag'atindir si pamilya pero libri pagsirbi si Ginu'o pariho si gana' alla-na.ex

Those who are married do not only attend or pay attention to their families but free to serve God the same as the unmarried one.tr

[src: New]dq

377. atiya' eps there is; exist; to be here.gl

Angga'-ko na alimot kay atiya na i arun-na.ex

I can not forget it because his name is already here.tr

[src: D:1.390,J,P:185]dq (rf: tiya')

378. atlit nps athlete.gl

Malabbat si mga atlit ari si CAIS mapili' para si prubinsyal mit.ex

There are a lot of athletes in CAIS who were chosen for the provincial meet.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

379. ato₁ (+d1) > angatooi vps to defy. to contend.gl

Bali ra'at kon angato kaw si mahanak mo.ex

It is bad if you fight against your parent.tr

[src: FG]dq

ato₁ (+d1) > angatooi nps defiance; insubordination.gl [src: J,P:12]dq (it: laban)

380. ato₂ pps here; hither.gl

Ngan aniya' bagyo baha' ato si kita.ex

When there was typhoon there was flooding here.tr

[src: J,P:12]dq (it: dito)

381. atong ginu'o nps our Lord.gl

...kay sayod may kam si gana' paglangkas gugma'-na si atong +Ginu'o.ex

...because you know the unselfish love of our Lord.tr

[src: New]dq

382. atras (+d1) (< Span: atrasds) vps to withdraw; to move backward; to retreat.gl [src: K]dq (it: urong, balik)

383. atraso > a'atrasooi (< Span: atrasods) [atrasadova] adjps late. delay.gl

Atraso ako.ex

I am late.tr

[src: D:1.360]dq

atraso > a'atrasooi vps to tarry. to delay. to be tardy.gl [src: J]dq (rs: liyat ro: ulang ra: atab, tulos)

384. atsara (+d1) (< Span: acharads) nps pickle.gl [src: J]dq (it: mag-atsara)

385. atsoy vps to sneeze.gl [src: J,P:12]dq (it: bahin id1: bahing)

386. atubang (+d1) adjps in front of. across from.gl

atubang (+d1) nps facade.gl

atubang (+d1) vps to entertain.gl

atubang (+d1) > atubanganoi nps sexual organ (euphemism).gl

atubang (+d1) > atubanganoi nps anterior.gl [src: J]dq (it: ipahayag, ipabatid, ipaalam)

387. aturgar vps to take charge (as to commit one to one's care).gl [src: K]dq (rs: panginano ra: pata'an)

388. aw (+d1) fps by the way. oh (as expression of surprise or one committing mistake).gl

Aw oho' gad basta partihan-mo may ako.ex

Oh yes provided you will share me.tr

[src: B:SI.6.23,J]dq

389. awa' nps maliciously provoking jealousy.gl

Mara'at gayod kon aniya' awa'|r-na si a'a.ex

It is bad if you have envy.tr

[src: FG]dq

awa' vps to covet; to lust.gl [src: J,P:13]dq (ro: abugho, sindak it: inggit)

390. awak-awak vps to flow abundantly.gl

Bali pag'awak-awakan si buwahi'-na si Banyadiro.ex

The water in Banyadiro flow abundantly.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

391. awas (+d1) vps to leak.gl

Dakaw agpa'awason bir nan.ex

Do not let the beer overflow.tr

[src: P:12]dq (ro: sapwa)

392. awat adjps eventually. long (in reference to time).gl

Bali na awat pagtindog si singbahan.ex

The curch was built long time ago.tr

[src: J,P:12]dq (ro: kada'an, maktong rs: liyat it: tagal, malaot)

393. awatong adjps ten; tenth.gl

Sin'awatong kunta' mga iya agdadi' pero...ex

They bear child for about ten times but...tr

[src: J,P:13]dq (it: sampu id1: napulo)

394. away (+t+d1) vps to contest; fight face to face. to quarrel.gl

away (+t+d1) nps war.gl

away (+t+d1) > pag'awayanoi nps battlefield.gl [src: P:13]dq

395. awdit vps to audit.gl

Balang anakka i bulan si Enero nag'awdit i CAIS.ex

Every month of January CAIS is being audited.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

396. awdituryom nps large hall (either amphitheater, or a basketball court); auditorium.gl

I sarayaw anan sangom ari si awdituryom.ex

The dance this evening will be held in the auditorium.tr

[src: EA; New]dq

397. awil vps to make very important (of a thing).gl

Amatay i mag'awil si kinabuhi'-na pero a'allom lugod i mamatay tungod si ako.ex

Those who try to make his own life very important will die, but whoever died for my sake will live.tr

[src: New]dq

awil > a'awiloi vps to yearn for.gl

awil > a'awiloi vps to stay (in certain place). to remain (in certain place).gl

awil > a'awiloi vps to be attracted to.gl

awil > a'awiloi vps to gain.gl [src: New]dq

398. awto (+d1) (< Eng: autode) nps car. automobile (generic). cab.gl [src: C]dq (it: kotse)

399. awtumatik adjps automatic; self-moving.gl

Awtumatik i relu-na.ex

His watch is automatic.tr

[src: EA]dq

awtumatik nps a metal button for clothes (of two parts one a socket and the other with a ball to be inserted in a socket).gl

Siray ngan gana' pa huk'an'ay awtumatik i nagparagamit si bado'.ex

Before when there was no yet hook-and-I a metal button fortr

[src: NM; New]dq

400. ay fps ah, oh, (as expression of surprise or one committing mistake).gl

Lingun-na si kuya', <Ay ba' to tawa'-koy to?>ex

The monkey said, <What is this (which has happened to this) which is mine?>tr

[src: J,P:13]dq (it: ano, aba! ls: bisan ay)

ay nps whatsoever; used with |igana'|r to mean = none whatsoever.gl

401. -ay affixps used with |isi-|r and root reduplication to indicate reciprocal action, or with |igana'|r and root reduplication to indicate action was absolutely not done.gl

Abuta iya tallo allaw ngan gana' kakan-kakan+ay|r ni panginom bisan ay.ex

He was blind for three days and ®he¯ neither ate nor drank anything at all.tr

[src: ACT. 9:9]dq

402. aya' nps godmother; sponsor in baptism.gl [src: P:13]dq (ra: amma' it: ninang)

403. aya'ay adjps neither low nor high.gl

aya'ay vps to lull. to calm down (sea current).gl [src: K]dq

404. ayat (+d1) vps to challenge.gl

Say ba to babarawuna magpara pangayat to si ako?ex

Who is this crazy who challenge me?tr

[src: B:SI.3.34; J,P:13]dq

405. ayon > pag'ayonoi fps what shall I do.gl

Pag'ayun-ko may nan?ex

What will I do with it?tr

[src: P; P:13]dq

406. ayop vps to stay in somebody's house. to seek shelter in other person's house.gl

Sapakalihan-bi kon agpapa'i-na si Diyos pagtu'in si Jesus nga taga Nasaret pina'agi si pagpa'ayup|r-na si Espirito Santo...ex

You heard how God appointed Jesus who is from Nasaret by [means of his] causing the Espirito Santo to indwell him...tr

[src: ACT 10:38]dq (rs: istar ro: huwang)

ayop vps to seek protection.gl

ayop vps to ask advice.gl [src: New]dq

407. ayri nps air.gl

...si pama'agi-na si prinsipi si karat'an ato si ayri palibot si kita kam.ex

...the ways of the prince of evil here in the air surrounding us.tr

[src: New]dq (it: hangin id1: hangin)

408. ays (+d1) nps ice.gl

Mahalap may dina kay aniya' ays, sapatugnub-ko si +ays.ex

It is good because there was ice, so I was able to soak it in ice.tr

[src: J]dq (rs: yilo)

409. ayskrim nps ice cream.gl

Niya' na parahimo ayskrim ato si Abak.ex

There is already an ice cream maker here on Abak.tr

[src: NM; New]dq

410. ayuda (+d1) vps to aid; to help.gl [src: P:13]dq (rs: bulig it: tulong)

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