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Updated: 6/21/2020


Austronesian Comparative Dictionary


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baAgutaynen(WMP) flood PMP *bahaq₂

baBare'e(WMP) negative PMP *bak₂

baBare'e(WMP) perhaps (makes the following word indefinite) PMP *ba₁

ɓaʔBintulu(WMP) water PMP *bahaq₂

ɓaʔBintulu(WMP) mouth PMP *bahaq₁

baBintulu(WMP) two PMP *duha

baMongondow(WMP) exclamation of delight PMP *ba₂

baBugotu(OC) disjunctive conjunction, or POC *ba₁

baBuruese(CMP) only, just PCEMP *ba₁

baCebuano(WMP) in exclamations: how unbelievable that it is that way!; though PMP *ba₂

baCebuano(WMP) question marker used in questions with no interrogative PWMP *ba₅

baEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) but POC *ba₁

Fijian(OC) fish fence POC *baRa

baGilbertese(OC) because, so that, as, for POC *ba₁

baIban(WMP) at, in, on, with PMP *ba₃

baIban(WMP) under, below PMP *ba₄

baKaro Batak(WMP) at, on, upon, to, til PMP *ba₃

baKayan(WMP) mouth; window or door opening PMP *bahaq₁

baKei(CMP) go, go away, walk PCEMP *ba₆

baKei(CMP) go, go away, walk

baKomodo(CMP) swollen PAN *baReq

baLamaholot(CMP) to stream, flow PCEMP *baaq

baLamboya(CMP) mouth PMP *bahaq₁

baLi'o(CMP) large boil PAN *baReq

baMaranao(WMP) interrogative marker PWMP *ba₅

baMentawai(WMP) negative (vetative) PMP *bak₂

baMoken(WMP) what? PWMP *ba₅

baNgadha(CMP) smack, clap with the hand PMP *bak₁

baNgadha(CMP) cry out loudly, shriek PMP *ba₂

baNias(WMP) interjection PMP *ba₂

baNias(WMP) in, at, on, upon, through PMP *ba₃

baNumfor(SHWNG) no, not PMP *bak₂

baRotinese(CMP) lung (linked to the liver in formal dyadic language, or ritual parallelism; cf. Fox, J. 1993.) PAN *baRaq₁

baRotinese(CMP) lie crosswise, as a log across the road PAN *baRat₁

baRotinese(CMP) lie crosswise, as a log across the road PAN *barat₁

baRotinese(CMP) cry intended to frighten someone PMP *ba₂

baRoviana(OC) but, although, however, or POC *ba₁

baSelaru(CMP) walk, go, go away, go toward PCEMP *ba₆

baSelaru(CMP) walk, go, go away, go toward

baSika(CMP) to stream, flow PCEMP *baaq

baSori(OC) stone POC *patu

baSubanen/Subanun(WMP) interrogative particle PWMP *ba₅

baTagalog(WMP) interjection (short for abá) expressing disgust or surprise PMP *ba₂

baTagalog(WMP) interrogative particle PWMP *ba₅

baTetun(CMP) to, in, at, on; where the sense is "arriving" at, on, or to (contrasts with iha, where the sense is "being" at, on or to) PMP *ba₃

baTetun(CMP) go, proceed PCEMP *ba₆

baTetun(CMP) go, proceed

baTiruray(WMP) an emphatic particle, with the sense of 'really' PMP *ba₂

baToba Batak(WMP) and PMP *ba₁

baToba Batak(WMP) expressions of astonishment PMP *ba₂

Tolai(OC) or, because, whether; if; perhaps POC *ba₁

baTolai(OC) down POC *ba₄

baTolai(OC) (NG) tread, go POC *pa₃

baTolai(OC) tread, go

baUma(WMP) or, perhaps PMP *ba₁

ba, baraUma(WMP) or, perhaps PMP *baraŋ₁

baʔ, faʔSimalur(WMP) no, not PMP *bak₂

ba:bayKapampangan(WMP) women PAN *ba-bahi

baaArosi(OC) strike one upon another, as firewood in breaking it POC *bak

baaʔKelabit(WMP) wet; wet rice field, paddy field PMP *baseq

baaʔKenyah (Long Anap)(WMP) to swell; swollen PAN *baReq

*baʔaPRuk(Formosan) lung PAN *baRaq₁

baaTae'(WMP) bring PMP *baba₁

baaʔTae'(WMP) to pay PMP *bayaD

baa afuyAbai Sembuak(WMP) ember, glowing coal PMP *baRah

baagMongondow(WMP) old word for belt, girdle PMP *bahaR

baagCentral Tagbanwa(WMP) loincloth PMP *bahaR

baʔagMaranao(WMP) garment, apparel PMP *bahaR

baʔágPalawan Batak(WMP) loincloth, breechclout made from bark cloth PMP *bahaR

baʔahBanjarese(WMP) flood PMP *bahaq₂

báʔakAklanon(WMP) cut bamboo lengthwise PMP *baqak₁

baakBanggai(WMP) break off, broken off PMP *baqak₁

báʔakBikol(WMP) crevice, fissure, rift PMP *baqak₁

baakIbaloy(WMP) aged, old --- of cereals that are kept, preserved for more than a year; probably fig., of old people, esp. old maid, bachelor PPH *baqak₂

báakIfugaw(WMP) what is old, no longer new (not applied to clothes) PPH *baqak₂

baakSika(CMP) fall down, of branches; fall off PMP *baqak₁

baʔákTagalog(WMP) split, halved PMP *baqak₁

báakIlokano(WMP) old, very old; aged (rice, wine, grains, etc.) PPH *baqak₂

baʔa-k-ateBanggai(WMP) commit suicide PMP *atay

baák-enIlokano(WMP) to age (wine, rice, etc.) PPH *baqak₂

baʔanMaranao(WMP) sneeze PPH *bahén

ba-anakNgaju Dayak(WMP) have children PMP *maR-anak

baaniSio(OC) wing PMP *panid

baʔasManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) half a carcass; to split a carcass lengthwise PMP *baqas

baatMelanau Dalat (Kampung Teh)(WMP) heavy PMP *beReqat

baatKenyah (Long Ikang)(WMP) heavy PMP *beReqat

baatLahanan(WMP) heavy PMP *beReqat

baatMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) heavy PMP *beReqat

ba-atar-anBanjarese(WMP) convey an engagement gift PMP *hateD

baawIbaloy(WMP) be lessened, abated (as anger) PMP *bahaw

báawIlokano(WMP) left over, cold rice; tepidity, coolness PMP *bahaw

baawMansaka(WMP) food prepared for a trip PMP *bahaw

báawPangasinan(WMP) cooked rice PMP *bahaw

baawSambal (Tina)(WMP) leftover PMP *bahaw

baʔáyBontok(WMP) a hairy, leguminous vine, which yields fibers used for making twine; the vine itself is used for binding and tying: Pueraria javanica Benth. PMP *bahay

baáyCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) species of uncultivated, edible root plant PMP *bahay

baayCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) species of uncultivated, edible root plant PPH *baháy

baayIbaloy(WMP) kind of vine (pliant and tough, good for tying) PMP *bahay

baayIbaloy(WMP) a kind of vine --- pliant and tough, and so good for tying PPH *baháy

baáyIlokano(WMP) kind of shrub whose bark is used in net-making PMP *bahay

baáyKankanaey(WMP) a strong pilose vine; the inner part of its bark is used for strings PMP *bahay

baáyMansaka(WMP) cassava (an edible root that can be poisonous if not prepared properly) PMP *bahay

baáyIlokano(WMP) a kind of shrub whose bark is used in net making PPH *baháy

baayMansaka(WMP) cassava (an edible root that can be poisonous if not prepared properly) PPH *baháy

baay-anMansaka(WMP) tie-rope of fishing net PMP *bahay

baaʔMelanau Dalat (Kampung Teh)(WMP) abscess, boil PAN *baReq

báaʔIsneg(WMP) old tobacco leaves PPH *baqak₂

babKei(CMP) address to uncle or father PMP *baba₂

babPalauan(WMP) area or space above; top; surface PAN *babaw₃

babaAlune(CMP) above, on top PAN *babaw₃

babaArguni(SHWNG) break one thing on another, chip a stone PEMP *babak₁

babaArguni(SHWNG) break one thing on another, chip a stone PAN *bakbak₂

babaArosi(OC) break one thing on another, chip a stone POC *babak₃

babaArosi(OC) cheek, temples; side of a stream, etc. POC *babaR

babaArosi(OC) to break one thing on another, chip a stone POC *babak

babaBare'e(WMP) rivermouth PMP *baqbaq

babaBanggai(WMP) bring PMP *baba₁

babaBanggai(WMP) mouth PMP *baqbaq

babáʔBikol(WMP) short in height, squat, low PMP *babaq₁

babaBimanese(CMP) father PMP *baba₂

babaMongondow(WMP) carry on the back PMP *baba₁

babaBontok(WMP) the lowlands, particularly the Ilocos region PMP *babaq₁

bábaCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) humble, low in rank, cheap; low in intelligence PMP *babaq₁

bábaCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) carry a person "piggyback"; cloth sling used for carrying a baby PMP *baba₁

bábaCebuano(WMP) carry something on the back, not tied PMP *baba₁

babaDhao/Ndao(CMP) short PMP *babaq₁

babaEnde(CMP) father (Lebar 1972) PMP *baba₂

babaFijian(OC) strike, smite the head with open hand POC *babak₃

babaFijian(OC) large fish, like a snake, with a large mouth POC *babaŋ

babaFijian(OC) the side of a thing, the cheek bone; also, the side of a canoe POC *babaR

babaFijian(OC) strike, smite the head with open hand PEMP *babak₁

babaFordata(CMP) address of children to their father, of elders to male children, and to any male person with whom one wishes to speak confidentially PMP *baba₂

babaGilbertese(OC) a board, plank, used for diverse purposes; a wash board, surf board, etc. POC *baban

bábaʔHanunóo(WMP) lowness, shortness PMP *babaq₁

bábaHanunóo(WMP) carry (something) on the back, as in a pack PMP *baba₁

babáIlokano(WMP) below PMP *babaq₁

babáIsneg(WMP) low PMP *babaq₁

bábaʔIsneg(WMP) beat, hammer, smash, crush; pound the first rice of the new harvest PAN *bakbak₂

babáʔKapampangan(WMP) low place, underneath PMP *babaq₁

babaKapingamarangi(OC) level, stretcher; board on which women plait mats POC *baban

babaKaro Batak(WMP) bring something, bring along, carry PMP *baba₁

babaKavalan(Formosan) to carry on the back, a baby or sick person PAN *baba₁

babaKwaio(OC) side, cheek POC *babaR

babaLau(OC) long side board of canoe; the side POC *babaR

babaLau(OC) flat; a board; lower part of back; a wooden door POC *baban

babaLonwolwol(OC) used of a baby, to ride (on its mother's back), or of the mother to carry by slinging on the back (NG) POC *papa₁

babaMalagasy(WMP) father PMP *baba₂

babaʔMaloh(WMP) mouth PMP *baqbaq

babaManam(OC) flat; palm of the hand POC *baban

babaʔMaranao(WMP) lower, below, down PMP *babaq₁

babaʔMaranao(WMP) width, breadth PWMP *babaq₂

babaMolima(OC) lower plank on canoe side POC *babaR

babaMolima(OC) lower plank on canoe side; to put planks on canoe POC *baban

babaMono-Alu(OC) a small hole POC *babaŋ

babaNias(WMP) fish sp. PMP *baŋbaŋ₅

babaNukuoro(OC) level (not bumpy); any sort of flat base (esp. the board on which mats are plaited), the consolidated reef under water or sand; the back of a human; the shell of a turtle, crab, etc POC *baban

babaʔRejang(WMP) skin PMP *bakbak₁

ɓaɓaHawu(CMP) short (not tall) PMP *babaq₁

baʔbaSimalur(WMP) mouth, beak, opening PMP *baqbaq

babaSoboyo(CMP) beat (clothes) PAN *balbal₁

babaSudest(OC) carry on back POC *papa₁

babaTae'(WMP) breadth PWMP *babaq₂

babaTae'(WMP) opening of a basket, quiver, cooking pot PMP *baqbaq

baʔbaTae'(WMP) door PMP *baqbaq

bábaʔTagalog(WMP) lowness (physical); humbleness PMP *babaq₁

babáTagalog(WMP) carried on back or piggy-back (as Eskimos and Japanese carry their babies); coitus of quadrupeds PMP *baba₁

babaTawala(OC) under POC *papaq₃

baba-Tawala(OC) base, underneath, bottom POC *baban

babaWayan(OC) board, plank, or other flat, wide piece of wood POC *baban

ba-babaLau(OC) a board, flat object POC *baban

bábadAklanon(WMP) soak PPh *bábad

babadBalinese(WMP) to clear forest; clearing, a cleared space PWMP *bajbaj

bábadBikol(WMP) soak PPh *bábad

bábadBontok(WMP) soak PPh *bábad

bábadCebuano(WMP) soak PPh *bábad

bábadHanunóo(WMP) dip in liquid PPh *bábad

babadMaranao(WMP) multiply; descendant PWMP *babaD

babadOld Javanese(WMP) a clearing; to clear (a piece of forest) PWMP *bajbaj

bábadTagalog(WMP) staying to soak PPh *bábad

ba-báʔeTagalog(WMP) woman, lady; female; mistress, paramour PAN *ba-bahi

baba-fAtoni(CMP) MB, FZH (Lebar 1972) PMP *baba₂

babahKaro Batak(WMP) mouth, beak, opening PMP *baqbaq

babahOld Javanese(WMP) door, gate, entrance, opening, aperture PMP *baqbaq

babahSundanese(WMP) stinking breath PMP *baqbaq

babahSundanese(WMP) stinking breath PMP *baqbaq

baba haleKapingamarangi(OC) floor of a house POC *baban

ba-bāiIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) woman; female (person, monkey) PAN *ba-bahi

ba-báiBontok(WMP) woman; female; girl PAN *ba-bahi

ba-báiIfugaw(WMP) women PAN *ba-bahi

ba-báiIlokano(WMP) girl, woman; female; concubine, mistress PAN *ba-bahi

ba-báiKankanaey(WMP) woman; female; hen PAN *ba-bahi

ba-báiKapampangan(WMP) woman PAN *ba-bahi

ba-báʔiPalawan Batak(WMP) woman, female PAN *ba-bahi

ba-baiTausug(WMP) a woman, female (applies particularly to humans, but is sometimes used of animals or plants) PAN *ba-bahi

ba-bai-énIlokano(WMP) to court; treat badly; keep as one’s concubine PPh *ba-bahi-en

ba-baʔi-hinTagalog(WMP) take a woman as mistress PPh *ba-bahi-en

babakArosi(OC) break one thing on another, chip a stone PEMP *babak₁

babakBalinese(WMP) scrape, graze (the skin), blister (from walking or working); peel off (skin) PMP *bakbak₁

babakBanggai(WMP) beat a drum PAN *bakbak₂

babakIban(WMP) take off, pull down, undo, tear away, pull out, pull up by the roots PMP *bakbak₁

bábakItawis(WMP) that which peels off (skin, paint, etc.) PMP *bakbak₁

babakJavanese(WMP) skinned, bruised PMP *bakbak₁

babakKadazan Dusun(WMP) smash, crush, bread to pieces PAN *bakbak₂

babakMaranao(WMP) frog; hammer PAN *bakbak₂

babakMaranao(WMP) frog PPH *bakbak₃

babakMentawai(WMP) excavation, hole, den PMP *baŋbaŋ₃

babakOld Javanese(WMP) split open, laying bare, raw (wound), torn off PMP *bakbak₁

babakSasak(WMP) bark of a tree; scraped, flayed (skin) PMP *bakbak₁

babakSundanese(WMP) raw; open or abraded skin (as on the back of a horse, from harness-wear) PMP *bakbak₁

baʔbakTae'(WMP) spread the wings PAN *bakbak₂

ba-bakagTarakan(WMP) root PMP *wakaR

babak-anBalinese(WMP) bark of a tree PWMP *bakbak-an

babak-anJavanese(WMP) piece of skin, shaving, peeling PWMP *bakbak-an

bà-bakátIsneg(WMP) old woman PPH *bakes₂

babalBanjarese(WMP) stupid PWMP *balbal₂

babalIban(WMP) ignorant, thoughtless, slow-witted, forgetful, absent-minded PWMP *balbal₂

babalMalay(WMP) dull-witted PWMP *balbal₂

babalMaranao(WMP) dullard, blockhead; stupid PWMP *balbal₂

babalManggarai(CMP) whip; to whip PAN *balbal₁

babalMinangkabau(WMP) dull-witted PWMP *balbal₂

babalYamdena(CMP) hit, beat; something with which one hits, beats PAN *balbal₁

ba-balaCheke Holo(OC) crossbeam, pole running cross-wise in house roof construction POC *baRa baRa

baba-laLau(OC) flatness POC *baban

ba-bálaʔTagalog(WMP) portent, as of storm; warning notice PMP *baraq

baʔbalaʔMakassarese(WMP) stick used to beat; whip PAN *balbal₁

babanSekar(CMP) hit PAN *balbal₁

baba-naLau(OC) long side board of canoe POC *baban

babaŋSika(CMP) loud (noise) PAN *baŋbaŋ₆

ba-baŋisNgaju Dayak(WMP) gloomy, bad-tempered, angry PMP *beŋis₁

babarJavanese(WMP) proliferate; unfold, open out; be born; produce, put out; give birth PWMP *babaD

babarMalay(WMP) expansion, opening out (of booming out a sail, spreading road-metal over the roadway, a shoal of fish dispersing over a large space, etc.) PMP *barbar

babarOld Javanese(WMP) parted, scattered, rent asunder; to scatter, disperse PWMP *baRbaR

babarOld Javanese(WMP) spread out, unfold, open (tr.), unfold, open (intr.) PMP *barbar

babarRembong(CMP) expansion, spreading out (as a carpet, or a net to dry) PMP *barbar

babarSundanese(WMP) give birth PWMP *babaD

ba-baraNgaju Dayak(WMP) pig pen PMP *bara₁

ba-baraNias(WMP) lie across PAN *barat₁

baʔbaraʔMakassarese(WMP) unroll something that is rolled up (as a sail); come loose, of something that was previously stuck on; no longer taut (of an anchor rope) PWMP *bajbaj

baʔbaraʔMakassarese(WMP) unfurl, as a sail PMP *barbar

ba-bare, ba-bara-nSekar(CMP) the outermost point of the shoulder PMP *qabaRa₁

ba-bariWayan(OC) nibble, gnaw POC *bari

baba-riaArosi(OC) chipped POC *babak

babásIlokano(WMP) to miss -- the mark one shoots at, the harbor on account of contrary winds, the habits of a different rank in society, etc. PWMP *babas

babasMalay(WMP) blown quite out of one's course, not merely deflected PWMP *babas

babasMaranao(WMP) remove the top (as in unroofing a house) PWMP *basbas₃

babasMalay (Brunei)(WMP) slit open PWMP *basbas₃

babasNgaju Dayak(WMP) pruned rice plants (they are pruned when they grow too rapidly or when they are damaged by vermin) PWMP *basbas₃

ba-basag-ínTagalog(WMP) fragile; easily broken, as glassware PPH *basag

baʔbasaʔMakassarese(WMP) sprinkle with water PWMP *basbas₄

babatBahasa Indonesia(WMP) tripe PWMP *babat

babatJavanese(WMP) paunch (of a ruminant) PWMP *babat

babatMaranao(WMP) belly PWMP *babat

babatSundanese(WMP) paunch (of a ruminant) PWMP *babat

ba-bataŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) like a tree trunk, so suitably: the main part PMP *bataŋ

ba-bataŋSundanese(WMP) corpse of person or animal PMP *bataŋ

ba-batuNgaju Dayak(WMP) stony, hard, as fruits PWMP *ba-batu

babawAbaknon(WMP) shoal PWMP *babaw₂

babawAtayal(Formosan) surface; on top of, above; later, get ahead, cross over PAN *babaw₃

bábawBikol(WMP) shallow, superficial PWMP *babaw₂

bábawBikol(WMP) place something over or put something on top PAN *babaw₃

babáwCebuano(WMP) place up somewhere PAN *babaw₃

babáwCebuano(WMP) place up somewhere PAN *i babaw

bábawHanunóo(WMP) surface, top, uppermost surface; mountains, as opposed to lowlands; in the mountains; source, referring to a river; upstream PAN *babaw₃

babawKavalan(Formosan) upper surface, upper part, top PAN *babaw₃

babawMaranao(WMP) shallow PWMP *babaw₂

babawPazeh(Formosan) above, up, on PAN *babaw₃

babawSaisiyat(Formosan) above, overhead PAN *babaw₃

babawSamal(WMP) rat PWMP *babaw₁

bábawTagalog(WMP) shallowness, lack of depth PWMP *babaw₂

ba-báwiIlokano(WMP) remorse, regret PPH *báwiq

ba-báyIsneg(WMP) woman, girl; female PAN *ba-bahi

ba-báyItawis(WMP) girl, woman; female PAN *ba-bahi

ba-bay-anPuyuma(Formosan) woman PAN *ba-bahi

ba-báyatKapampangan(WMP) get heavy PMP *beReqat

ba-báyeWaray-Waray(WMP) woman PAN *ba-bahi

ba-báyiAklanon(WMP) woman; female PAN *ba-bahi

ba-báyiCebuano(WMP) woman PAN *ba-bahi

ba-báyiHanunóo(WMP) woman, girl; female PAN *ba-bahi

ba-báyiHiligaynon(WMP) female, woman PAN *ba-bahi

ba-báyiMasbatenyo(WMP) female; girl, lady, woman (refers to the female sex of any animate being) PAN *ba-bahi

ba-báyi ~ ba-bahiBikol(WMP) girl, woman, lady; female PAN *ba-bahi

babáyi-ŋ agaw-ag bánaCebuano(WMP) a woman that is a husband-snatcher PAN *qaRaw

baʔbaʔAborlan Tagbanwa(WMP) mouth PMP *baqbaq

báʔbaʔAklanon(WMP) mouth PMP *baqbaq

babaʔBasap(WMP) mouth PMP *baqbaq

báʔbaʔCebuano(WMP) mouth; any mouth-like opening PMP *baqbaq

baʔbaʔMakassarese(WMP) click the lips to make a horse stand still PAN *bakbak₂

baʔbaʔMakassarese(WMP) wind around something, wrap up with closely spaced loops PMP *bejbej₂

baʔbaʔTae'(WMP) coiling, twisting around, as of a snake; wrap around, bind by wrapping PMP *bejbej₂

báʔbaʔ sa atáyCebuano(WMP) (lit. 'mouth in the liver') pit of the stomach PWMP *qulu ni qatay

babbaʔBuginese(WMP) whip PAN *balbal₁

babbaʔMadurese(WMP) bark of a tree PMP *bakbak₁

babbalKavalan(Formosan) hit with the fist PAN *balbal₁

ba-bbeyAgta (Dupaningan)(WMP) woman PAN *ba-bahi

babeYamdena(CMP) beneath, southern PMP *babaq₁

babehKelabit(WMP) carrying basket, back pack PMP *baba₁

babeiMa'anyan(WMP) woman PAN *ba-bahi

ba-beŋkoŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) bent (as the elbow, or a finger through arthritis) PMP *beŋkuŋ

babiAmpibabo-Lauje(WMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

babiAtta (Pamplona)(WMP) domesticated pig PAN *babuy₃

babiIban(WMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

babiJavanese(WMP) domesticated pig PAN *babuy₃

babiKaro Batak(WMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

babiMalay(WMP) hog, pig PAN *babuy₃

babiToba Batak(WMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

babiTotoli(WMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

babiYamdena(CMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

babi alasYamdena(CMP) wild pig PMP *babuy halas

babi-asuYamdena(CMP) quadrupeds PAN *asu₁

babibabiKaro Batak(WMP) sowbug PWMP *babuy babuy

babi-babiKaro Batak(WMP) kind of bird that gives notice of coming drought PWMP *babuy₁

babibabiToba Batak(WMP) kind of spider PWMP *babuy babuy

babi duyoŋMalay(WMP) dugong, sea-cow PMP *duyuŋ₂

babílPalauan(WMP) female PMP *ba-b<in>ahi

babi menoaIban(WMP) domestic pig PMP *babuy banua

babinWindesi(SHWNG) woman; female PMP *ba-b<in>ahi

ba-bintihNgaju Dayak(WMP) be close together, of the legs of people standing in a crowd, etc. PMP *bintiq

ba-biserNumfor(SHWNG) hunger PMP *bitil₁

bab (NG)Gedaged(OC) kind of coral, limestone POC *papo₃

baboBanggai(WMP) high-rising forest PAN *babaw₃

baboDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) shallow (as a river) PWMP *babaw₂

baboKadazan Dusun(WMP) carry on the back PMP *baba₁

báboKapampangan(WMP) up, upstairs, above PAN *babaw₃

baboTae'(WMP) topmost layer of rice that has been cooked; fontanel of a child PAN *babaw₃

baboToba Batak(WMP) to weed (a ricefield) PMP *babaw₄

babo-baboyMaranao(WMP) epilepsy PWMP *babuy₂

ba-boruMunggui(SHWNG) new PEMP *baqoRu

ba-boruWandamen(SHWNG) new PEMP *baqoRu

ba-boruWindesi(SHWNG) new PEMP *baqoRu

babowMongondow(WMP) shallow PWMP *babaw₂

báboyBikol(WMP) wild boar PAN *babuy₃

bábuyBontok(WMP) old male pig, boar PAN *babuy₃

baboyDali'(WMP) domesticated pig PAN *babuy₃

*baboyPRuk(Formosan) wild pig PAN *babuy₃

baboySaisiyat(Formosan) domesticated pig PAN *babuy₃

baboySeru(WMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

baboySambal (Tina)(WMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

baboy talonSubanen/Subanun(WMP) wild boar PMP *talun₁

bab' pnueYamdena(CMP) domesticated pig PMP *babuy banua

babuBunun(Formosan) domesticated pig PAN *babuy₃

babuHoanya(Formosan) pig PAN *babuy₃

babuKayeli(CMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

babuSinghi Land Dayak(WMP) mouse PWMP *babaw₁

ba-bukuBanggai(WMP) exert oneself, make an effort PMP *bukuh

ba-bulawNgaju Dayak(WMP) golden, decorated or edged with gold PAN *bulaw

ba-buŋaBanggai(WMP) to bloom PMP *buŋa

babuŋ-anNgaju Dayak(WMP) ridgepole of a house, ridge of the canopy on a boat PMP *bubuŋ-an

ba-burakNgaju Dayak(WMP) to beat, pound PWMP *bundak

babuyAborlan Tagbanwa(WMP) wild pig PAN *babuy₃

babuyBasap(WMP) boar PAN *babuy₃

babuyBanggai(WMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

bábuyCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) domesticated pig PAN *babuy₃

bábuyCebuano(WMP) pig, pork PAN *babuy₃

bábuyGaddang(WMP) domesticated pig PAN *babuy₃

bábuyIlokano(WMP) hog, pig PAN *babuy₃

bábuyIsneg(WMP) kind of bird PWMP *babuy₁

babuyKavalan(Formosan) domesticated pig PAN *babuy₃

babuyKiput(WMP) domesticated pig PAN *babuy₃

babuyLampung(WMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

babuyKenyah (Long Anap)(WMP) wild boar PAN *babuy₃

babuyMiri(WMP) domesticated pig PAN *babuy₃

babuyNarum(WMP) domesticated pig PAN *babuy₃

*babuyPAty(Formosan) pig PAN *babuy₃

babuySeediq(Formosan) domesticated pig PAN *babuy₃

babuyTiruray(WMP) domesticated pig PAN *babuy₃

babuyMelanau Dalat (Kampung Teh)(WMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

babuy-anCebuano(WMP) piggery PAN *babuy-an

babuy-anTagalog(WMP) piggery PAN *babuy-an

babuybabuyCebuano(WMP) kind of louse which hides in crannies and lives in damp places; woodlouse PWMP *babuy babuy

babuybábuyIlokano(WMP) pill bug PWMP *babuy babuy

bábuy i-halasCebuano(WMP) wild pig PMP *babuy halas

bábuy-ŋ i-hálasCebuano(WMP) wild pigs PMP *halas

bacaFijian(OC) worm; hence bait for fishing POC *bayan

bacaFijian(OC) worm; hence bait for fishing POC *bayan₃

bacaʔTonsawang(WMP) child, offspring PWMP *bataq

bacakMalay (Jakarta)(WMP) over-watered, of plants PWMP *bacak

bacaŋ-anTonsawang(WMP) body (of person) PWMP *bataŋ-an

bacokBalinese(WMP) stab, pierce PWMP *bacuk

bacokMalay(WMP) chop, cut up, cleave (Java) PWMP *bacuk

bacokSundanese(WMP) hack (with a knife, etc.) PWMP *bacuk

bacok, bacukJavanese(WMP) to hoe PWMP *bacuk

badPalauan(WMP) stone, rock, coral; crossbeams supporting floor of house; asleep PMP *batu

badaKelabit(WMP) sand PMP *badas

badaʔKelabit(WMP) advice PMP *bajaq₂

badaʔKenyah(WMP) tell, relate; complain PMP *bajaq₂

badaʔSasak(WMP) say, mention, report; advise PMP *bajaq₂

ba-dahaNgaju Dayak(WMP) to bleed PAN *daRaq

bádbadAklanon(WMP) unravel, take apart (as threads in a garment); to fray, get unravelled PWMP *bajbaj

badbadBalinese(WMP) disentangle, open, clear PWMP *bajbaj

badbádBikol(WMP) disentangle, loosen (as a knot, a rope); unwind, uncoil PWMP *bajbaj

badbadBontok(WMP) untangle, unwind PWMP *bajbaj

badbadCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) unravel, untwist (of rope which becomes unravelled at the end) PWMP *bajbaj

badbadCebuano(WMP) untie, get untied; liquidate a debt; solve a problem; translate PWMP *bajbaj

badbádCebuano(WMP) untie, get untied PWMP *bajbaj

badbádIfugaw(WMP) act of unwinding something (e.g. a string) PWMP *bajbaj

badbādIsneg(WMP) unbind, untie, to loose, to loosen PWMP *bajbaj

badbadd-ánIsneg(WMP) to bind, to tie, to bandage PPh *bejbej-en

badhaMadurese(WMP) be, have PMP *wada

badiIban(WMP) sudden attack of sickness PWMP *badi

badiʔMaranao(WMP) bolo, machete, knife PMP *badiq

badiNgadha(CMP) dagger, sword PMP *badiq

badiSubanen/Subanun(WMP) a nervous spell (Churchill 1913) PWMP *badi

badiʔ- badiʔUma(WMP) kind of dagger PMP *badiq

badiciIbatan(WMP) banyan tree: Ficus stipulosa PPh *balítiq

ba-dindiŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) covered; seek protection PMP *diŋdiŋ₁

badlísCebuano(WMP) draw a line PWMP *bad(e)ris

badoFavorlang/Babuza(Formosan) unmarried young man PAN *baqeRuh

baduMotu(OC) anger; to be angry POC *basu

baduŋPalawano(WMP) sword PPH *baduŋ

baduŋTboli(WMP) a bolo with a curved wide blade, used for work, cutting wood PPH *baduŋ

baduŋTiruray(WMP) an all-purpose bolo PPH *baduŋ

baʔeRennellese(OC) leg, foot; lower edge of a seine where stone weights are fastened; tire or wheel, as of a car or bicycle POC *waqe

baeábagAklanon(WMP) blocking, obstructing, put across, stretching over; thwart, hindrance, obstruction PPh *bala(R)báR

baeágonAklanon(WMP) vine (generic term) PWMP *balaRen

b<ae>ahóg-anAklanon(WMP) feeding trough for pigs PWMP *bahuR

baeánakAklanon(WMP) fish sp. PWMP *balanak

baeáŋaAklanon(WMP) loss of attention, distraction PWMP *balaŋa(q)

baeásAklanon(WMP) sand PMP *badas

baeas-ónAklanon(WMP) sandy, having sand (in) PMP *badas

baeátAklanon(WMP) edible green or black eel found at seashore PPh *balát

baeátikAklanon(WMP) booby trap, improvised trap, (to catch by surprise) PWMP *bala(n)tik

baeáyi(h)Aklanon(WMP) the relationship of the parents of each wedded couple; co-parents-in-law PPh *balaqih

báebaeAklanon(WMP) to whip, beat PAN *balbal₁

báeosAklanon(WMP) revenge, repayment; pay back (a favor), revenge (a crime), get even PAN *bales₁

baʔewMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) new PMP *baqeRu

baewaMisima(OC) shark (generic) POC *bakewak

bafaRotinese(CMP) mouth, beak, orifice, opening; word, to say (metaphorical) PMP *baqbaq

bafa-kRotinese(CMP) upper surface of a liquid PAN *babaw₃

bafiRotinese(CMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

bafuSimalur(WMP) domesticated pig PAN *babuy₃

bagItawis(WMP) loincloth PMP *bahaR

bágaʔAklanon(WMP) lung PAN *baRaq₁

bagáʔAklanon(WMP) swollen, swelled up PAN *baReq

bagaIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) tell; confess; request PMP *bajaq₂

bágaBikol(WMP) embers PMP *baRah

bagáʔBikol(WMP) lung PAN *baRaq₁

bagaMongondow(WMP) glowing charcoal, glowing fire of coals PMP *baRah

bagaʔMongondow(WMP) swell up; swollen up PAN *baReq

bágaCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) live coals PMP *baRah

bágaCebuano(WMP) embers; glow PMP *baRah

bágaʔCebuano(WMP) lung PAN *baRaq₁

bágaHanunóo(WMP) ember PMP *baRah

bágaʔHanunóo(WMP) lung PAN *baRaq₁

bagáʔHanunóo(WMP) a bump or swelling as a result of a blow PAN *baReq

bágaHiligaynon(WMP) ember PMP *baRah

bagáIfugaw(WMP) to ask; to tell PMP *bajaq₂

bagáIlokano(WMP) notice, announcement, bulletin PMP *bajaq₂

bagáʔKapampangan(WMP) lung PAN *baRaq₁

bagaLauje(WMP) lungs PAN *baRaq₁

bagaʔMaranao(WMP) lung PAN *baRaq₁

bagáPangasinan(WMP) tell, say, invite or ask by word of mouth PMP *bajaq₂

bagaRaga(OC) Ficus sp. POC *baka₂

bagaSubanen/Subanun(WMP) live coals PMP *baRah

bágaTagalog(WMP) glowing coal PMP *baRah

bágaʔTagalog(WMP) lung PAN *baRaq₁

bagáʔTagalog(WMP) abscess, tumor PAN *baReq

bagaʔTboli(WMP) lung PAN *baRaq₁

bagaTialo(WMP) lungs PAN *baRaq₁

bagaʔTiruray(WMP) lung PAN *baRaq₁

baɣaManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) ember, hot coal PMP *baRah

baɣaʔManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) lung PAN *baRaq₁

bagaYogad(WMP) lung PAN *baRaq₁

baga, oagaMaranao(WMP) ember, burning firewood, burn to red hotness PMP *baRah

baga-anKankanaey(WMP) ask for, claim the payment of a debt PMP *bajaq₂

baga-bagaToba Batak(WMP) promise; expect PMP *bajaq₂

baga dzogéNgadha(CMP) of large, powerful build PMP *bagal

bága(h)Aklanon(WMP) glowing ember; be aglow, smoulder PMP *baRah

bagahDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) say, announce something; introduce PMP *bajaq₂

bagahKaro Batak(WMP) offering to the spirits of the dead so they will desist from pestering one PMP *bajaq₂

*bagahPAty(Formosan) charcoal PAN *baRah

bagah bagahDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) promise PMP *bajaq₂

bagah-enDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) someone who may be summoned, like a servant PMP *bajaq₂

bagai-manaMalay(WMP) in what way, how? PWMP *bagay

bagakIban(WMP) lively, vivacious (as a woman, when guests are present) PWMP *bagak

bagakMinangkabau(WMP) bold, undaunted PWMP *bagak

bagalBalinese(WMP) too large, too coarse (basketry, carving) PMP *bagal

bagalMalay(WMP) too tall or stoutly built; overgrown; clumsy; beyond the regulation size for cockfighting PMP *bagal

bagalMaranao(WMP) dullard PMP *bagal

bágalTagalog(WMP) slowness to act PMP *bagal

bagal, bahalManggarai(CMP) obese, fat, big PMP *bagal

baganiManobo (Ata)(WMP) warrior (a man whose status was enhanced in accordance with the number of killings he could lay claim to) (Lebar 1975) PMP *baRani

baganiBagobo(WMP) brave men, warriors, a status of considerable prestige achieved by the taking of human life under culturally prescribed conditions (Lebar 1975) PMP *baRani

baganiMaranao(WMP) vim, vigor, anger PMP *baRani

baganiMandaya(WMP) headman (an office requiring evidence of personal valor, fortitude, physical strength and charisma; to become a bagani a man had to kill seven to nine men in battle) (Lebar 1975) PMP *baRani

bagani-aMaranao(WMP) strong, vigorous, powerful PMP *baRani

bagáni(h)Aklanon(WMP) hero, patriot PMP *baRani

baganíh-anAklanon(WMP) heroism, patriotism; heroes, patriots (collectively) PMP *baRani

bágʔaŋAklanon(WMP) molar tooth, molar teeth PMP *bageqaŋ

baʔgaŋBikol(WMP) molar PMP *bageqaŋ

bagaŋMongondow(WMP) molar tooth PMP *bageqaŋ

bagʔáŋCebuano(WMP) molars PMP *bageqaŋ

bagʔáŋHanunóo(WMP) any of the molars and bicuspids PMP *bageqaŋ

bagaŋIbanag(WMP) a plant: Amorphophallus campanulatus (Roxb.) (Madulid 2001) PWMP *bagaŋ

bágaŋKapampangan(WMP) molar tooth PMP *bageqaŋ

bagaŋMalay(WMP) a plant: Amorphophallus sp. PWMP *bagaŋ

bagaŋMandar(WMP) molar tooth PMP *bageqaŋ

bagaŋMaranao(WMP) molar tooth PMP *bageqaŋ

bagaŋSoboyo(CMP) molar tooth PMP *bageqaŋ

baɣaŋManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) molar tooth PMP *bageqaŋ

bagáŋ, bagʔáŋTagalog(WMP) molar tooth PMP *bageqaŋ

bagásBikol(WMP) husked or milled rice, referring to the uncooked rice one generally buys, and then later cooks PMP *beRas

bagasGana(WMP) husked rice PMP *beRas

bágatCebuano(WMP) to meet, especially on the sea; to barter products (from the notion that one goes to meet a fisherman and exchanges something for his fish) PPH *baRat

bagat-nanHiligaynon(WMP) south PMP *habaRat

baγavaVarisi(OC) a tree: Alstonia scholaris POC *sabakap

baγavaVaghua(OC) a tree: Alstonia scholaris POC *sabakap

bágayAklanon(WMP) suits, matches; complementary, becoming; to complement, be appropriate, match; tune a musical instrument PWMP *bagay

bágayAklanon(WMP) thing, case; the right thing PPH *bágay

bagayAyta Abellan(WMP) thing PPH *bágay

bágayBikol(WMP) fitting, proper, suitable (as clothes that match) PWMP *bagay

bágayBontok(WMP) suitable; fitting; right; becoming; well-matched PWMP *bagay

bágayCebuano(WMP) befitting, becoming; for instruments to be in tune; for voices to be blended; harmonize with, match; tune musical instruments; for words to rhyme PWMP *bagay

bágayHanunóo(WMP) suitable, fitting; responsive PWMP *bagay

bágayHanunóo(WMP) thing, item PPH *bágay

bágayIlokano(WMP) state of harmony; proper, fit, well-suited PWMP *bagay

bagayMalay(WMP) kind; variety; species; as, like PWMP *bagay

bagayMaranao(WMP) peer, equal PWMP *bagay

bágayMasbatenyo(WMP) suitable, appropriate; attuned, in tune PWMP *bagay

bágayMasbatenyo(WMP) thing; matter PPH *bágay

bāgayRomblomanon(WMP) something is appropriate or fit for a particular situation or use; someone tunes a musical instrument PWMP *bagay

bágayRomblomanon(WMP) a thing with which or to which something is done; a thing done, i.e. an act PPH *bágay

bagayAgutaynen(WMP) a thing, an object; things to do; things in general PPH *bágay

bágayHiligaynon(WMP) thing, idea, notion, effects PPH *bágay

bágayTagalog(WMP) appropriate; suitable; fit; applicable; becoming; apropos; fitting; nice; proper; qualified PWMP *bagay

bágayTagalog(WMP) object; thing; anything that can be seen or touched; matter; affair; article; item PPH *bágay

bagáy-anIlokano(WMP) to help in a project; accompany on a musical instrument; encourage PPH *bagáy-an

bagáy-anKapampangan(WMP) match something to something else PPH *bagáy-an

bagáy-anTagalog(WMP) to look becoming in a certain dress or situation; to act properly or in harmony with someone or some situation PPH *bagáy-an

bágay-bágayTagalog(WMP) circumstances; conditions; terms; particulars PPH *bágay-bágay

bágay saTagalog(WMP) with regard to; regarding; concerning; apropos of PPH *bágay

bágbagAklanon(WMP) to crash, come or fall down (as a plane that crashes) PPH *bagbág

bagbágBikol(WMP) shipwrecked PWMP *baRbaR

bagbagCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) overturn, come apart in rough sea (of a boat at sea) PWMP *baRbaR

bagbágIlokano(WMP) unravel, disentangle, disengage the threads of; to clear (of underbrush, etc.) PWMP *bajbaj

bagbagKankanaey(WMP) undo, unstitch, unsew; demolish PWMP *bajbaj

bagbágTagalog(WMP) broken up (soil, rock); shipwrecked PWMP *baRbaR

bagbágTagalog(WMP) broken up, as soil or rock; shipwrecked PPH *bagbág

bagbágBikol(WMP) shipwrecked PPH *bagbág

bagbagCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to overturn, to come apart in rough sea (of a boat at sea) PPH *bagbág

bagbagIbaloy(WMP) to dismantle, disassemble, demolish s.t. (as a house to be moved, a stone wall) PPH *bagbág

bagbágPangasinan(WMP) to destroy, ruin PPH *bagbág

bag-bagaIlokano(WMP) advice PMP *bajaq₂

bag-baga-ánIlokano(WMP) to advise, admonish PMP *bajaq₂

bagbag-enIbaloy(WMP) to dismantle, disassemble, demolish s.t. (as a house to be moved, a stone wall) PPH *bagbag-en

bagbag-enIlokano(WMP) unravel, disentangle, disentangle the threads of PWMP *bajbaj

bagbag-inTagalog(WMP) the place undermined or worn away by water PPH *bagbag-en

bag-baxóIsneg(WMP) young man, youth, handsome youth PMP *baqeRu

bageCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) swollen, inflamed (body part) PAN *baReq

bágeKapampangan(WMP) matching, compatible PWMP *bagay

bágeKapampangan(WMP) thing, object, affair PPH *bágay

bageKaro Batak(WMP) that is how it is; do or make it this way PWMP *bagay

bageWaropen(SHWNG) part, share PMP *baqagi

bage-bágeKapampangan(WMP) small things, details PPH *bágay-bágay

b-ag-eŋbeŋKankanaey(WMP) kind of instrument imitating the violin PAN *b<aR>eŋbeŋ

baggáʔIsneg(WMP) young hog, shoat PAN *beRek

baggātIsneg(WMP) rice (when pounded or unhusked); seed, kernel, fruit; tuber, rhizome, bulb, corn; substance, contents PMP *beRas

bággatItawis(WMP) husked rice, milled corn PMP *beRas

baggāt udānIsneg(WMP) hail (lit. substance of rain) PMP *beRas

baghákCebuano(WMP) kind of medium-sized grouper PWMP *bagahak

bagiIban(WMP) share, part; divide, distinguish; divide bilik property after a death and allot the shares equally to the survivors PMP *baqagi

bágiIlokano(WMP) share, portion, part, lot PMP *baqagi

bagiJavanese(WMP) part, portion, share PMP *baqagi

bagiKaro Batak(WMP) divide, split, share; portion PMP *baqagi

bagiMentawai(WMP) younger sibling PMP *huaji

bagiNgadha(CMP) part, share, portion; divide, allot PMP *baqagi

bagiNgaju Dayak(WMP) part, share, portion PMP *baqagi

bagiSasak(WMP) part, portion, share PMP *baqagi

ɓagiHawu(CMP) divide, allot PMP *baqagi

bagiSika(CMP) division of the inheritance PMP *baqagi

bagiSundanese(WMP) share, portion PMP *baqagi

baʔgiTae'(WMP) part, portion, share of the property of the (deceased) parents PMP *baqagi

bagiToba Batak(WMP) part, share, portion PMP *baqagi

bagi, bahiManggarai(CMP) divide, share out PMP *baqagi

bagi-anSasak(WMP) share; inheritance PMP *baqagi

bagiatIlokano(WMP) a ribbon worn around the calf to prevent cramp or rheumatism PPh *bagiat

*bagiǵaʔPAty(Formosan) reed of loom (Li 1981:287) PAN *baRija

bagióIlokano(WMP) typhoon PAN *baRiuS

bágioPangasinan(WMP) storm, bad weather PAN *baRiuS

bagkesManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) tie up something inanimate PMP *bakes₁

bagkuSupan(WMP) new PMP *baqeRu

bagnātIsneg(WMP) relapse. The recrudescence of disease after improvement PPh *beRnát

bagóAklanon(WMP) before, prior to PMP *baqeRu

bagóʔBikol(WMP) edema, dropsy PWMP *baguq

bágoBikol(WMP) before PMP *baqeRu

baʔgóBikol(WMP) before (in time); new PMP *baqeRu

bagóIlokano(WMP) strips of bark for tying (s.t.) into bundles PMP *baRu

bágoKankanaey(WMP) Hibiscus tiliaceus PMP *baRu

bagoʔMaranao(WMP) enlarged spleen PWMP *baguq

bagoMaranao(WMP) renew, reinforce, revise PMP *baqeRu

bagoMaranao(WMP) small tree: Hibiscus tiliaceus L. PMP *baRu

baʔgoPalawan Batak(WMP) new PMP *baqeRu

bágoTagalog(WMP) new, recent(ly) PMP *baqeRu

bago-bagoMaranao(WMP) most recently, newest PMP *baqeRu

bagoboIlokano(WMP) a tree: Diplodiscus paniculatus (Madulid 2001:2:105) PPH *baRubu

bágo(h)Aklanon(WMP) bago tree: Gnetum gnemon PWMP *baguh

bagʔó(h)Aklanon(WMP) new; recently PMP *baqeRu

bago ma-wotaBare'e(WMP) split ground PMP *betak

bagotIbaloy(WMP) to pluck something (as a hair) PPH *bagut

bagotIbatan(WMP) pull up or out (hair, teeth, plants, nails, etc.) PPH *bagut

bagótIlokano(WMP) to pull out; uproot PPH *bagut

bagot-anIbaloy(WMP) the pile of cards from which one draws in card games PPH *bagut

bagsákCebuano(WMP) fall heavily on the ground; fail in school PPH *bag(e)sák

bagsakMansaka(WMP) to drop, to fall PPH *bag(e)sák

bágsakAklanon(WMP) to crash, fall down PPH *bag(e)sák

bagsákIlokano(WMP) sudden fall of something heavy; drop with force PPH *bag(e)sák

bagsákTagalog(WMP) a sudden fall, drop or crash PPH *bag(e)sák

bagtásBikol(WMP) traverse; cut across in walking (as across a field) PMP *be(R)tas

bagtíʔCebuano(WMP) bone-dry (as wood, earth) PWMP *baRetiq

ba-gtíŋTagalog(WMP) taut PWMP *geteŋ

baguBisaya (Lotud)(WMP) new PMP *baqeRu

baguMongondow(WMP) a thin-stemmed, short tree from the bast of which cordage is made: Gnetum gnemon PWMP *baguh

baguMongondow(WMP) just now PMP *baqeRu

báguCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) before, earlier than, in advance PMP *baqeRu

báguCebuano(WMP) small wild tree the leaves of which are used as a vegetable: Gnetum gnemon PWMP *baguh

baguʔCebuano(WMP) disease characterized by general debility, swelling in the region of the stomach, and yellowish skin PWMP *baguq

bagʔúCebuano(WMP) new; modern; recently, just now PMP *baqeRu

bágʔuHanunóo(WMP) new; just, recently, freshly PMP *baqeRu

bagʔúHanunóo(WMP) before, earlier than PMP *baqeRu

baguKalagan(WMP) new PMP *baqeRu

bagúMaguindanao(WMP) new PMP *baqeRu

baguMakassarese(WMP) Gnetum gnemon; a tree which yields bast fiber used in making cordage PWMP *baguh

baguMalay(WMP) a shrub: Gnetum brunonianum PWMP *baguh

baguRennellese(OC) eight PAN *walu

baguSasak(WMP) a tree the fruits and cooked leaves of which are eaten: Gnetum gnemon PWMP *baguh

bagú, bagʔúHiligaynon(WMP) before; new PMP *baqeRu

b-ag-ukbukCebuano(WMP) kind of weevil that eats lumber and secretes round and very fine waste matter PMP *bukbuk₃

bāgunTausug(WMP) vine PWMP *balaRen

bagunbún-unCebuano(WMP) kind of grey and brown coloration of chicken feathers; cock having that color feathers PWMP *baRunbun

bágusCebuano(WMP) smooth a piece of wood or bamboo with a knife PWMP *baRus

bagútCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to pull something out which has its end stuck in something else (as a bolo from its sheath, a fencepost out of the ground, a tree) PPH *bag(e)qut

bagútCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to pull something out which has its end stuck into something else (as to remove a bolo from its sheath, to pull a fencepost out of the ground, to uproot a tree) PPH *bagut

bagyóBikol(WMP) typhoon, hurricane, gale, storm, tempest PAN *baRiuS

bágyoCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) typhoon PAN *baRiuS

bagyóTagalog(WMP) storm PAN *baRiuS

bágyo(h)Aklanon(WMP) hurricane, storm PAN *baRiuS

bagyúCebuano(WMP) typhoon PAN *baRiuS

bagyúHanunóo(WMP) strong wind, storm, typhoon PAN *baRiuS

bagʔútIlokano(WMP) to pull out, uproot (as a tooth) PPH *bag(e)qut

bagʔut-enIlokano(WMP) to pull out, uproot (as a tooth) PPH *bag(e)qut-en

ba(h)Aklanon(WMP) interjection, expressions of disbelief PMP *ba₂

bahKayan (Busang)(WMP) man’s loincloth, made of cotton or bark cloth PMP *bahaR

ba(h)Iban(WMP) exclamation to direct attention PMP *ba₂

bahKanowit(WMP) mouth PMP *bahaq₁

bahKayan(WMP) loincloth PMP *bahaR

bahMurik(WMP) loincloth PMP *bahaR

baháʔAklanon(WMP) flood; to overflow, flood PMP *bahaq₂

bahaArosi(OC) carry pick-a-back or in cloth on back (NG, OG) POC *papa₁

bahaBalinese(WMP) glowing coal, a coal fire PMP *baRah

bahaMelanau (Balingian)(WMP) hand, arm PMP *baRa₁

baháʔBikol(WMP) flood PMP *bahaq₂

bahaBukat(WMP) husked rice PMP *beRas

baháʔCebuano(WMP) flood; flow in a flood, flood over PMP *bahaq₂

baháʔHanunóo(WMP) flood PMP *bahaq₂

baháItawis(WMP) lung PAN *baRaq₁

bahaʔKayan(WMP) glowing fire embers PMP *baRah

bahaLamboya(CMP) to wash PMP *baseq

bahaMurik(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

bahaNgaju Dayak(WMP) abscess, boil, ulcer PAN *baReq

bahaNgaju Dayak(WMP) shoulder PMP *qabaRa₁

bahaʔManobo (Sarangani)(WMP) mouth PMP *bahaq₁

baháʔTagalog(WMP) flood PMP *bahaq₂

bahaWagawaga(OC) speak POC *papaq₂

bahaHelong(CMP) mouth PMP *baqbaq

bahágAklanon(WMP) G-string, breechcloth; underwear PMP *bahaR

bahágBikol(WMP) loincloth, G-string PMP *bahaR

bahagBinukid(WMP) trousers, pants, slacks PMP *bahaR

bahágCebuano(WMP) G-string; wear, make a G-string PMP *bahaR

bahágTagalog(WMP) G-string, loincloth with a part pulled between thighs PMP *bahaR

bahágWaray-Waray(WMP) a scanty piece of cloth worn around the waist; G-string PMP *bahaR

bahagManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) loincloth; wear a loincloth PMP *bahaR

bahág-bahágCebuano(WMP) harmless kind of long thin jellyfish, semitransparent, resembling a snake PMP *bahaR

bahagi, bagiMalay(WMP) to mete out; to apportion; to deal (cards) PMP *baqagi

bahagi-anMalay(WMP) a share PMP *baqagi

bahahBalinese(WMP) swollen and red, inflamed (of a wound) PAN *baReq

bahahKayan(WMP) husked rice PMP *beRas

bahahKayan (Long Atip)(WMP) husked rice PMP *beRas

bahahPazeh(Formosan) charcoal (expected **baxah) PAN *baRah

bahakMalay (W.Sumatra)(WMP) guffaw loudly PWMP *bahak

bahakAgta (Eastern)(WMP) piglet PAN *beRek

bahak-hákCebuano(WMP) laugh boisterously PWMP *bahak

bah alanKayan (Busang)(WMP) rainbow (lit. ‘loincloth path’) PMP *bahaR

bahaniSangir(WMP) brave, courageous, daring; wild (of animals) PMP *baRani

baharuMalay(WMP) new; fresh; now at last PMP *baqeRu

bahasBalinese(WMP) grain, i.e. rice; the uncooked seeds PMP *beRas

bahasManggarai(CMP) come apart, come undone PMP *bakas₂

bahatBalinese(WMP) heavy; loaded; difficult, burdensome; important PMP *beReqat

bahatNgaju Dayak(WMP) crossbeam PAN *baRat₁

bahatuŋKadazan Dusun(WMP) bean PWMP *balatuŋ

báhawAklanon(WMP) cold rice; cool off, get cool (said of food) PMP *bahaw

báhawBikol(WMP) cold, referring only to food once served hot PMP *bahaw

bahawBinukid(WMP) leftover food; lunch, food taken along with one; for food to cool off; fig., for one’s emotions or an emotional situation to cool down, be pacified PMP *bahaw

baháwCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to finish up something left over or not done (e.g. food or work) PMP *bahaw

báhawHanunóo(WMP) breakfast, the first meal of the day, usually eaten about 10 A.M. PMP *bahaw

bahawMasbatenyo(WMP) leftover food, leftover PMP *bahaw

báhawTagalog(WMP) left-over food, especially boiled or steamed rice PMP *bahaw

baháyCebuano(WMP) kind of forest tree, the tuberous roots of which are eaten in times of famine PMP *bahay

baháyCebuano(WMP) kind of forest tree, the tuberous roots of which are eaten in times of famine PPH *baháy

baháyHanunóo(WMP) tree species, family Leguminosae, probably Pueraria phaseoloides [Roxb.] Benth.) PMP *bahay

báhayTagalog(WMP) house PMP *balay

bahay-anCebuano(WMP) rope sewn to the edge of a net to make it stiff and as a place to attach floats; longline in longline fishing, to which several leaders with hooks are attached PMP *bahay

bahayuSundanese(WMP) recent(ly) PMP *baqeRu

bahaʔoAbaknon(WMP) new PMP *baqeRu

bahbahBalinese(WMP) shatter, scatter, fall to pieces; scattered, dispersed PWMP *baRbaR

baheʔPenan (Long Labid)(WMP) to swell; swollen PAN *baReq

baheNgaju Dayak(WMP) glowing coals PMP *baRah

bahewMelanau (Balingian)(WMP) new PMP *baqeRu

bahiBinukid(WMP) human female; woman, girl PMP *bahi

bahiBuruese(CMP) spoiled, tainted PCEMP *baRi

bahiSangir(WMP) to spoil, ferment (as grated coconut) PMP *baRiw

bahiManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) female person PMP *bahi

bāhigIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) a sterile man or woman; for someone to remove the testicles from an animal, especially a dog, cat, carabao, pig with a knife PWMP *basiR

bahigIfugaw(WMP) sterility, barrenness of human persons PWMP *basiR

bahínTagalog(WMP) a sneeze PPH *bahén

báhiʔAklanon(WMP) hard stick PPH *báhiq

báhiʔHanunóo(WMP) hard outer wood of a palm bole, that part of certain types of palm wood which is of greatest economic value as bow wood, for spear shafts, arrow points, etc. PPH *báhiq

báhiʔCebuano(WMP) the hard portion of a palm trunk; cane or club made of palm trunk PPH *báhiq

báhoʔAklanon(WMP) smell, odor, stench; to stink PMP *bahuq

báhoʔHiligaynon(WMP) smell, odor; stink; odorous, pungent, acrid smelling, stinking PMP *bahuq

báhoʔMasbatenyo(WMP) stench, stink; reek PMP *bahuq

báhoʔTagalog(WMP) a bad odor or smell, stench; stink; a very bad smell PMP *bahuq

bahoToba Batak(WMP) tree sp. PWMP *bakehaw

báhoʔWaray-Waray(WMP) odor, smell, scent PMP *bahuq

bahógAklanon(WMP) swill, slop, pig food; to feed pigs; pour soup on PWMP *bahuR

bahógMasbatenyo(WMP) refers to feed for domesticated animals PWMP *bahuR

bahógTagalog(WMP) broth mixed with some rice; food diluted with water or other liquid PWMP *bahuR

bāholIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) careless act; charge someone with a careless act PPH *básul

bahoqAtayal(Formosan) to wash (clothes) PAN *basuq

bahosaIbatan(WMP) eggplant: Solanum melongena PPH *basula

bahuBalinese(WMP) new; newly, just now PMP *baqeRu

báhuʔCebuano(WMP) odorous, ill-smelling (as a toilet); smell, odor (as of roast pig) PMP *bahuq

bahuItawis(WMP) new PMP *baqeRu

bahuKadazan Dusun(WMP) canopy over the dead PMP *baluq

bahuSangir(WMP) a tree: Hibiscus tiliaceus PMP *baRu

bahuSoboyo(CMP) a plant: Hibiscus tiliaceus PMP *baRu

bahuʔTausug(WMP) bad odor, stench, smell PMP *bahuq

bahuʔ, baxuʔSimalur(WMP) swelling under the sole of the foot (apparently tertiary Framboesia) PWMP *baguq

bahuaŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) bear PWMP *baRuaŋ

bahu bidaŋMalay(WMP) broad shoulders PWMP *bidaŋ

bahubuCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) species of uncultivated tree with fruit that is edible and good-tasting when boiled: Diplodiscus paniculatus PPH *baRubu

bahugBinukid(WMP) feed something to a domestic animal (as a pig) PWMP *bahuR

bahúgCebuano(WMP) put liquid or fat into the staple food PWMP *bahuR

bahugHanunóo(WMP) the process of mixing a liquid, such as soup, with cooked rice while eating PWMP *bahuR

bahúgHiligaynon(WMP) food for pigs PWMP *bahuR

bahugTausug(WMP) immerse cooked food in liquid, as cooked rice in soup, gravy, milk or water PWMP *bahuR

bahugManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) moisten one’s food with broth, soup or water PWMP *bahuR

bahúg-anMasbatenyo(WMP) feeding trough PWMP *bahuR

bahug-ánTagalog(WMP) container for left-over food PWMP *bahuR-an

bahug-anTausug(WMP) immerse cooked food in liquid PWMP *bahuR-an

bahughaSangir(WMP) small house built on a grave PWMP *baruga

bahul-bahulToba Batak(WMP) a large sack made of straw for storing rice PWMP *bakul-bakul

bahunCebuano(WMP) sneeze PPH *bahén

bahúnHiligaynon(WMP) a sneeze PPH *bahén

ba hunõ nihaNias(WMP) in the middle of a crowd of people PMP *qunej

bahuŋToba Batak(WMP) kind of shrub PAN *bakuŋ₁

bahuseʔSangir(WMP) to scrape (as when a child falls and scrapes his arm) PWMP *baRus

bahuyKayan(WMP) strong wind, storm PAN *baRiuS

baiAmbai(SHWNG) a plant: Falcataria Moluccana PCEMP *bail

baiAyta Abellan(WMP) bow PPH *báhiq

baiBasai(Formosan) grandmother PAN *baqi

báiBontok(WMP) female animal PMP *bahi

baiBuginese(WMP) female, of animals PMP *bahi

baiCentral Tagbanwa(WMP) grandmother PAN *baqi

báiIlokano(WMP) bow; bowlike device used for fluffing cotton PPH *báhiq

báiKankanaey(WMP) female; hen (not used for persons) PMP *bahi

baiKavalan(Formosan) grandmother/granddaughter (add.) PAN *baqi

báʔiMaranao(WMP) lady, queen, respectful term for woman PMP *bahi

baiMalay (Middle)(WMP) mother, mother animal PMP *bahi

baiMotu(OC) fish sp. POC *balai₁

baiMotu(OC) fish sp. POC *balaŋi

baiMotu(OC) fish sp. POC *bali₆

baiPalauan(WMP) village meeting-house; guest-house; community house PMP *balay

báiPangasinan(WMP) grandmother; woman of grandparent’s generation (add. or ref.) PAN *baqi

baiRapanui(OC) water PCEMP *waiR

baiRennellese(OC) water (usually fresh, although salt water found inland may be called bai, as may the lake in the center of Rennell Island); juice, sauce, liquid PCEMP *waiR

baiRennellese(OC) coconut-shell bottle PEMP *waip

baiSika(CMP) woman PCEMP *bai

baiTae'(WMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

baʔiTsou(Formosan) grandmother (Szakos 1993) PAN *baqi

bai, bai-nTetun(CMP) day PAN *waRi₁

baí ~ bai-énKankanaey(WMP) a henlike cock PMP *bahi

baí ~ báyiʔTagalog(WMP) royal lady; lady of the court; princess PMP *bahi

bai alaʔTae'(WMP) wild pig PMP *babuy halas

bai barras-anTae'(WMP) a pig with this type of skin affliction PWMP *beRas-en

bai-énIlokano(WMP) a homosexual man PMP *bahi

báilPalauan(WMP) clothing; wrapping material; to wrap (present, package) PMP *balun₅

bai loroTetun(CMP) summer, the dry season PAN *waRi₁

bai-manuGilbertese(OC) giant ray, manta ray (Polynesian loan) POC *paRi

baineMandar(WMP) wife; female, of animals (as a hen) PMP *ba-b<in>ahi

baineTae'(WMP) woman PMP *ba-b<in>ahi

baine katalaʔMakassarese(WMP) a lascivious woman PMP *gatel

baioMussau(OC) shark POC *bakewak

ba-isiBanjarese(WMP) have, exist PAN *isi₅

ba-isiBanjarese(WMP) have, possess; exist PWMP *maR-isi

baitMalay(WMP) good (variant of baik) PWMP *bait₁

baʔítTagalog(WMP) kindness; prudence; sense; a clear or sound state of mind; senses; mind PWMP *bait₁

baitToba Batak(WMP) good PWMP *bait₁

baiy-anMansaka(WMP) female monkey PMP *bahi

báiʔMansaka(WMP) kind of palm tree (inner part is soft, but outer part is hard) PPH *báhiq

baʔí-ʔPalawan Batak(WMP) female grandparents and their female siblings PAN *baqi

bajauIban(WMP) raid, ravage, ravish, make a foray (Richards 1981) PWMP *bazaw

bajauMalay(WMP) to strike up (= gasak 'striking hard; (colloquial) "going for", "clearing out", bolting; (vulgar) sexual intercourse') PWMP *bazaw

bajoLamaholot(CMP) to pound, pound rice PAN *bayu

baju buni-anMalay(WMP) banyan-shirt PWMP *buni₂

baju sikapMalay(WMP) coat indicating readiness for duty or that the wearer is on duty; a short coat, tight about the body and tight-sleeved; worn in Java it means that a man is decently dressed (and so available for work), and is not in sarong and singlet PWMP *sikep₂

baju tərapMalay(WMP) a coat of bark cloth PWMP *teRep

bakDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) sound of a large object falling on a wooden floor PMP *bak₁

bakKaro Batak(WMP) sound of clapping, of horses' hooves, etc. PMP *bak₁

bakMalay(WMP) sound of a smack PMP *bak₁

bakNgaju Dayak(WMP) splash! PMP *bak₁

bakTboli(WMP) mouth PMP *bahaq₁

bakTboli(WMP) bark of a dog PMP *bak₁

bakaBuginese(WMP) basket PWMP *bakaq-bakaq

bákaʔCebuano(WMP) walk with the legs apart PMP *bakaq

bákaCebuano(WMP) it doesn't matter, never mind if PMP *baka₁

bakaEnggano(WMP) raw, unripe PAN *ma-qetaq

bakaFijian(OC) the banyan tree: Ficus obliqua POC *baka₂

bakaIbaloy(WMP) perhaps, maybe PPH *bakáq

bakaIban(WMP) in spite of PMP *baka₁

bakáIlokano(WMP) be vague, inconsequent, contradictory PMP *baka₁

bakáIlokano(WMP) maybe, perhaps; might be PPH *bakáq

bakaʔKulawi(WMP) wounded (Esser 1964) PMP *bakaq

bakaMakassarese(WMP) oblong basket made of areca leaf sheath wrapped in woven rattan or bamboo peeling, used esp. as a carrying basket on horseback PWMP *bakaq-bakaq

bakaRennellese(OC) canoe; vehicle or receptacle of any kind (bicycle, airplane, automobile, truck, tractor, train, tramway); crew or passengers in a vehicle; log or tree to be made into a canoe POC *waga

bakaTae'(WMP) large carrying basket of woven bamboo with a strap, used mostly by women PWMP *bakaq-bakaq

bakaTolai(OC) perhaps (placed at the beginning of a sentence) PMP *baka₁

bakaWayan(OC) tree taxon applied to at least two figs: Ficus obliqua and F. prolixa (Moraceae), banyan fig POC *baka₂

baka-anaʔSoboyo(CMP) bear children, give birth PMP *anak

baka-bakaMandar(WMP) small wickerwork basket PWMP *bakaq-bakaq

bakadSimalur(WMP) wave, billow PWMP *bakat

baka-hitaʔSoboyo(CMP) mud PMP *pitak₁

bakakaNgaju Dayak(WMP) predatory fishing bird somewhat smaller than a dove, with green back, yellow breast, red feet and bill and a short tail PWMP *bakaka

bákalAyta Abellan(WMP) iron PPH *bákal

bákalCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) iron, metal; to spear a fish with a metal spear PPH *bákal

bakalIbaloy(WMP) fight, quarrel, squabble, confrontation PPH *bákal

bákalIlokano(WMP) fight; battle, war PPH *bákal

bakálKapampangan(WMP) packed lunch, food carried along when on a trip PWMP *bekel

bákalKapampangan(WMP) iron PPH *bákal

bakalPalawano(WMP) to stab, pierce with the point of a spear; throw downward or horizontally PPH *bákal

bakálPangasinan(WMP) war, battle PPH *bákal

bákalTagalog(WMP) iron PPH *bákal

bakál-enIlokano(WMP) to fight; throw a missile in war PPH *bákal

baka-m-aloŋSoboyo(CMP) shaded PMP *aluŋ

bakánAklanon(WMP) kind of tree PWMP *bakan

bakanMongondow(WMP) kind of tree, family Lauraceae PWMP *bakan

bákanBontok(WMP) a tall tree, felled especially for use as a kabowánan (‘moonlight’) log to provide fuel for the men’s ward house; the wood is also used for making vessels, and its sap is said to cause irritation of the skin: Litsea perrottetii (Blm.) F.-Vill. (Lauraceae) PWMP *bakan

bákanCebuano(WMP) kind of tree important for driving away the unglù (person who is possessed of a supernatural force which attacks from time to time causing him to change his form and go out, often to harm others, preying on their blood, livers, etc.): Litsea sp. PWMP *bakan

bákanHanunóo(WMP) a tree, family Lauraceae: Litsea sp. PWMP *bakan

bakanMansaka(WMP) kind of tree PWMP *bakan

bakanTae'(WMP) a timber tree, one variety with white wood and another with yellow: Litsea sp. PWMP *bakan

bakaŋAgutaynen(WMP) bowlegged; for one’s walk or stance to be slightly bowlegged PAN *bakaŋ₁

bakáŋAklanon(WMP) to walk with the knees apart, walk bowleggedly; bowlegged PAN *bakaŋ₁

bakaŋKelabit(WMP) wide apart, of the feet while standing PAN *bakaŋ₁

bákaŋIlokano(WMP) bandy-legged PAN *bakaŋ₁

bakaŋWaray-Waray(WMP) to make a wide step over something PAN *bakaŋ₁

bakaŋWaray-Waray(WMP) to take a wide step over something PAN *bakaŋ₁

bákaŋBikol(WMP) confused, disoriented PPH *bakaŋ₂

bakáŋCebuano(WMP) bowlegged; deprecatory term for the Japanese; become bowlegged; get tired out from looking for something PAN *bakaŋ₁

bakawMaranao(WMP) mangrove, Rhizophora sp. PWMP *bakehaw

bakaw-anMaranao(WMP) mangrove swamp PPH *ka-bakaw-an

ba-kapalKatingan(WMP) thick PWMP *kapal

bakárIlokano(WMP) k.o. large basket used for laundry PAN *bakaR

bakarKavalan(Formosan) a small rattan basket with two or four handles PAN *bakaR

bakar hatiMalay(WMP) (lit. 'burning liver') angry emotion PMP *X₂ + qatay

bákasAklanon(WMP) hurry up, hasten, quicken PMP *bakas₁

bákasBontok(WMP) tear, as cloth; break up; pull down; destroy, of anything that has been made PMP *bakas₂

bakásKapampangan(WMP) mark, sign, indication PMP *bekas₃

bakás-anKapampangan(WMP) mark something PWMP *bekas-an

bakátCebuano(WMP) kind of hamper, woven container about two feet high with a top PWMP *ba(ŋ)kat

bakatIban(WMP) choppy (of water), small waves made by wind and tide in shallow water PWMP *bakat

bakátIsneg(WMP) doe, of deer PPH *bakes₂

bakatJavanese(WMP) mighty, terrific, powerful PWMP *bakat

bakatMaranao(WMP) waves, windy weather, gusty wind PWMP *bakat

bakatMentawai(WMP) mangrove PMP *wakat

bakatMurut (Nabaay)(WMP) root PMP *wakat

bakatTetun(CMP) tree of the seashore PMP *wakat

bakat (< met.)Mentawai(WMP) trunk (of trees) PMP *bataŋ

bakauIban(WMP) true mangrove: Rhizophora spp. PWMP *bakehaw

bakauMalay(WMP) mangrove-covered swamp; mangrove tree, specifically of true mangroves (Rhizophorae) PWMP *bakehaw

bakawMansaka(WMP) kind of hardwood tree (grows along shore) PWMP *bakehaw

bakawTiruray(WMP) a mangrove tree found in virgin swamps, Rhizophora candellaria DC, Rhizophora mucronata Lam. PWMP *bakehaw

bakáw-anAklanon(WMP) tree that is good for firewood: Rhizophora mucronata PWMP *bakehaw

bakáw-anBikol(WMP) mangrove tree, having stilt-like roots and stems forming dense thickets along tidal shores: Rhizophora PWMP *bakehaw

bákaʔBikol(WMP) maybe, perchance, perhaps, possibly; might PPH *bakáq

bakaʔMapun(WMP) basket PWMP *bakaq-bakaq

bakáʔTagalog(WMP) perhaps; maybe; might PPH *bakáq

bakaʔYakan(WMP) a basket with a handle to carry it (esp. a small basket made of rattan or lygodium) PWMP *bakaq-bakaq

bakáʔRemontado(WMP) perhaps, maybe PPH *bakáq

bakaʔ-bakaʔTausug(WMP) a deep, wide-mouthed, oval-shaped basket made of rattan or similar material, with a string fastened on the sides and with a cover, usually carried on the back by a harvester PWMP *bakaq-bakaq

bákbakAklanon(WMP) take off the bark of a tree PMP *bakbak₁

bakbákBikol(WMP) a large scab, ready to fall off; to peel (as sunburned skin) PMP *bakbak₁

bakbakBontok(WMP) frog PAN *bakbak₂

bakbakCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) frog PAN *bakbak₂

bakbákCebuano(WMP) frog, toad (onom.) PAN *bakbak₂

bakbákHanunóo(WMP) chipping off, breaking off PMP *bakbak₁

bakbákHanunóo(WMP) chipping off, breaking off PAN *bakbak₂

bakbákIfugaw(WMP) wooden slab with a handle with which women beat the clothes they are washing; frog PAN *bakbak₂

bakbákIlokano(WMP) crustless, scabless PMP *bakbak₁

bakbákKankanaey(WMP) frog PAN *bakbak₂

bakbákKapampangan(WMP) scar, scab, peeling skin PMP *bakbak₁

bakbakKaro Batak(WMP) remove the rind (of fruits) PMP *bakbak₁

bakbákPangasinan(WMP) to whip PAN *bakbak₂

bakbakSaisiyat(Formosan) strike with a piece of bamboo PAN *bakbak₂

bakbákTagalog(WMP) detached, decorticated; remove the bark or thick skin (of something) PMP *bakbak₁

bakbakTiruray(WMP) a hammer; to hammer, pound PAN *bakbak₂

bakbakToba Batak(WMP) loosen, undo; detach, as the bark of a tree PMP *bakbak₁

bakbakManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) frog PAN *bakbak₂

bakbakYami(WMP) to hit PAN *bakbak₂

bakbakAyta Abellan(WMP) bark of a tree PMP *bakbak₁

bakbakBinukid(WMP) generic for frog or toad PPH *bakbak₃

bakbákBontok(WMP) frog PPH *bakbak₃

bakbakCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) frog PPH *bakbak₃

bakbakIbaloy(WMP) kind of frog --- large and dark-colored PPH *bakbak₃

bakbákIfugaw(WMP) a frog, general term PPH *bakbak₃

bakbákKankanaey(WMP) frog PPH *bakbak₃

bakbakManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) frog; figuratively, a talkative person PPH *bakbak₃

bakbak-anAyta Abellan(WMP) to remove bark PMP *bakbak₁

bakbak-ánBikol(WMP) peel something off PWMP *bakbak-an

bakbak-anJavanese(WMP) to beat the wings (of a chicken that is being killed) PAN *bakbak₂

bakbak-ánTagalog(WMP) remove the bark or thick skin of something PWMP *bakbak-an

bakbak-enKankanaey(WMP) to slap PAN *bakbak₂

bak-bakkánIsneg(WMP) another kind of, different PWMP *beken

bakeAyta Abellan(WMP) monkey PPH *bakés

bakeBare'e(WMP) corpse (said to be from Buginese) PWMP *baŋkay

bakeTajio(WMP) corpse PWMP *baŋkay

bakəhBintulu(WMP) large root, vine (used as a substitute for ñipa ‘snake’ when one is in the jungle, out of fear that use of the word ñipa will attract snakes) PMP *wakaR

bakənNumfor(SHWNG) pull up with brute force, as a stone without using tools PMP *bantun

bakəsCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) old woman (also used as a vocative in addressing old women) PPH *bakes₂

bakesIbaloy(WMP) monkey PPH *bakés

bākesIbatan(WMP) a female crab PPH *bakes₂

bakesPangasinan(WMP) monkey PPH *bakés

bakesManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) belt PMP *bakes₁

bakə́sKankanaey (Northern)(WMP) monkey (Reid 1971) PPH *bakés

bakə́sPalawan Batak(WMP) monkey PPH *bakés

bakháwCebuano(WMP) mangrove tree: Rhizophora spp. PWMP *bakehaw

bakháwHanunóo(WMP) type of mangrove tree: Rhizophora sp. PWMP *bakehaw

bákhawHiligaynon(WMP) mangrove PWMP *bakehaw

bakiSaisiyat(Formosan) grandfather PAN *baki₂

bakiSeediq(Formosan) grandfather PAN *baki₂

baki-aMotu(OC) to break, of bread, sago, etc. POC *baki₁

bakɨsKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) monkey PPH *bakés

bakɨtCentral Tagbanwa(WMP) monkey PPH *bakés

ba-kita-anBanggai(WMP) look at oneself in the mirror PAN *kita₂

bakkáIsneg(WMP) divide, cut into halves (heads or coconuts) PMP *bekaq

bakkáItawis(WMP) crack PMP *bekaq

bakkaMandar(WMP) split open, as an injured foot PMP *beka

bakkánIsneg(WMP) no, not PWMP *beken

bakkaraʔMakassarese(WMP) to open, unfurl something that is rolled up (mat, rolled leaf) PWMP *bekaj

bakkaraʔMakassarese(WMP) to open, unfurl, of something that is rolled up (mat, leaf that is rolled) PMP *be(ŋ)kaR

bakkasMandar(WMP) trace, track, footprint PMP *bekas₃

bakkátIsneg(WMP) an animal killed in a trap PAN *bekas₁

bakkat-ánIsneg(WMP) dismount a trap. These terms refer to the balét (bow trap or spear trap) and similar traps PAN *bekas₁

bakkawTausug(WMP) Rhizophora spp., mangrove PWMP *bakehaw

bakkeTae'(WMP) body of a person killed in battle PWMP *baŋkay

bakkeBuginese(WMP) corpse, as of a dog PWMP *baŋkay

bakkeMandar(WMP) corpse PWMP *baŋkay

bakke manukTae'(WMP) fighting cock killed in a cockfight PWMP *baŋkay

bakkuʔTae'(WMP) basket used to keep all sorts of things, including foods, pounded and cooked rice, etc. PWMP *bakul₁

bakkuTalaud(WMP) new PMP *baqeRu

bakkukTae'(WMP) curved, bent PMP *bekuk

bakládTagalog(WMP) fish corral PWMP *bakelad

baklágIlokano(WMP) whose bruises or contusions dissove, leaving a mark (Vanoverbergh 1956) PWMP *bakelag

baklar-ánTagalog(WMP) place where fish corrals are set PWMP *bakelad

baknísIlokano(WMP) to tear with the teeth PPH *bak(e)nis

bakoʔKenyah (Long Wat)(WMP) bend, curve PMP *ba(ŋ)kuq

bakoSasak(WMP) tree that yields a good timber PWMP *bakehaw

bakokoAgutaynen(WMP) a small land turtle PPH *baququ

bákolBikol(WMP) small basket, woven from bamboo, with four corners at the bottom and circular opening at the top PWMP *bakul₁

bákolTagalog(WMP) a round, shallow basket generally carried on the head of vendors selling fish, vegetables, etc. PWMP *bakul₁

bakoŋIban(WMP) plants of Amaryllis family growing on river banks, Crinum spp. (esp. Crinum asiaticum: also water lilies, Nymphaea spp., and probably Indian lotus, Nelumbium spp. PAN *bakuŋ₁

bákoŋIlokano(WMP) Crinum asiaticum L. A stout, amaryllidaceous plant with large, fragrant white flowers, much cultivated for ornamental purposes PAN *bakuŋ₁

bakoŋMalay(WMP) a bulbous plant grown for its big white ornamental flowers, Crinum asiaticum PAN *bakuŋ₁

bakoŋMaranao(WMP) Crinum asiaticum L., a plant with white flower, used to treat stomach ache PAN *bakuŋ₁

bakoŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) a water plant which grows on riverbanks and often right out into the river so that in stronger currents entire islands of them are flushed out. The stem is eaten; the long wide leaves are used as talusoŋ (torch material) PAN *bakuŋ₁

bakoŋSasak(WMP) Crinum asiaticum, a plant with large white blossoms the petals of which are used as a standard of comparison for beautiful fingers PAN *bakuŋ₁

bakoŋTagalog(WMP) spider lily, Crinum asiaticum L. PAN *bakuŋ₁

bakowMongondow(WMP) tree sp. PWMP *bakehaw

baktínBikol(WMP) pig (said in anger) PPH *baketin

baktínCebuano(WMP) piglet PPH *baketin

baktinHanunóo(WMP) suckling pig PPH *baketin

baktinMansaka(WMP) baby pig PPH *baketin

baktínWaray-Waray(WMP) hog, pig PPH *baketin

baktótBikol(WMP) carry on the back, carry piggyback PWMP *beketut

bakuʔBuginese(WMP) basket PWMP *bakul-bakul

bákuʔCebuano(WMP) stoop-shouldered; become hunched PMP *ba(ŋ)kuq

bakuKambera(CMP) bent, curved PMP *ba(ŋ)kuq

bakuʔMakassarese(WMP) basket PWMP *bakul₁

bakuʔMandar(WMP) basket PWMP *bakul₁

bakuMinangkabau(WMP) coagulation (of a liquid that has become viscous or solid) PMP *baku

bakuNgaju Dayak(WMP) congealed PMP *baku

baku-bakuʔMandar(WMP) small basket (can be closed and used as a place to store money or other valuables) PWMP *bakul-bakul

bakúkuCebuano(WMP) fish sp. PWMP *bakuku

bakukuŋMakassarese(WMP) large edible sea fish with a tough skin: Sparus hasta PWMP *bakukuŋ

bakulBalinese(WMP) a small basket PWMP *bakul₁

bakulKelabit(WMP) basket that is carried in the hand PWMP *bakul₁

bakulBintulu(WMP) basket PWMP *bakul₁

bakúlIlokano(WMP) twilled (bamboo strips in weaving) PWMP *bakul₁

bakulMalay(WMP) basket; loosely (in Bazaar Malay) any basket; specifically a large lidded basket of plaited bamboo wicker to be carried on the head, either oblong or cylindrical; if tight-meshed used for storing rice, and if openwork for storing fruit, etc. PWMP *bakul₁

bakulSundanese(WMP) a basket like a saʔid (large bamboo basket for holding fruit), but larger, and usually without wooden or bamboo feet PWMP *bakul₁

bakulTausug(WMP) a big basket with a cover PWMP *bakul₁

bakulTiruray(WMP) a small basket used by salt water fishermen to store their line and hook PWMP *bakul₁

*bakulPMin(WMP) basket PWMP *bakul₁

bakul-bakulKaro Batak(WMP) fence of stakes with bamboo plaitwork connected together, used at dykes and dams PWMP *bakul-bakul

bakunKenyah (Long Anap)(WMP) basket (generic) PWMP *bakul₁

bakunKayan (Long Atip)(WMP) basket with a handle PWMP *bakul₁

bakuŋBalinese(WMP) lily PAN *bakuŋ₁

bakuŋMongondow(WMP) kind of pandanus with fragrant leaves PMP *bakuŋ₂

bakuŋBuginese(WMP) kind of flowering plant PAN *bakuŋ₁

bákuŋCebuano(WMP) kind of ornamental bulb, the spider lily: Crinum asiaticum PAN *bakuŋ₁

bákuŋHanunóo(WMP) small upland plant with large white flowers and large round leaves PAN *bakuŋ₁

bakuŋJavanese(WMP) a certain flower PAN *bakuŋ₁

bakuŋMakassarese(WMP) kind of lily, Crinum asiaticum PAN *bakuŋ₁

bakuŋSundanese(WMP) kind of lily with large white blossoms PAN *bakuŋ₁

bakúsCebuano(WMP) belt; wear a belt, tie around the waist PMP *bakes₁

balAgutaynen(WMP) loincloth PMP *bahaR

balLonwolwol(OC) hibiscus POC *(bp)alu

balLonwolwol(OC) fight, be damaged, meet damage or trouble or even death POC *(bp)ala₂

balTanga(OC) pigeon POC *baluc

balYamdena(CMP) change oneself into PMP *baliw₂

balaBare'e(WMP) split, in pieces PWMP *balaq

bálaʔBinukid(WMP) to divine, discover something by means of divination PMP *bajaq₂

baláBontok(WMP) lung PAN *baRaq₁

balaGorontalo(WMP) fence PMP *bala₂

balaGorontalo(WMP) fence PMP *baRa₂

balaGorontalo(WMP) fence PMP *bara₁

bálaIfugaw(WMP) glowing fire without flames, red-hot fire PMP *baRah

baláIfugaw(WMP) ulceration, ulcer PAN *baReq

baláʔIsneg(WMP) easy to cleave (said of wood) PWMP *balaq

bálaʔKapampangan(WMP) responsibility; warning PMP *bajaq₂

balaBlaan (Koronadal)(WMP) shoulder next to the neck PMP *qabaRa₁

balaKwaio(OC) indiscriminately, unselectively, perhaps, maybe (but Keesing 1975 gives this as "Modern") POC *baraŋ₂

balaKwaio(OC) racks in house for drying wood, etc. POC *paRa, baRa

balaKwaio(OC) dried out, of wood or tobacco; racks in house for drying wood, etc. POC *(bp)ala₁

balaKwaio(OC) challenge, confront in hostility POC *(bp)ala₂

balaLau(OC) white from scars (face, body) POC *balaR₂

balaʔMaloh(WMP) cut, split PWMP *balaq

balaMandar(WMP) fenced enclosure for animals PMP *bala₂

balaʔMapun(WMP) calamity, disaster (believed to come from God, such as a plague, flood, earthquake) PMP *bajaq₂

balaʔMaranao(WMP) opponent; oppose PWMP *balaq

balaNgadha(CMP) stripe, streak, wale on skin PMP *balan

balaNgadha(CMP) stripe, streak, wale on skin PMP *balar

baláPangasinan(WMP) lung PAN *baRaq₁

bæLæSaisiyat(Formosan) lung PAN *baRaq₁

balaSimalur(WMP) lung; liver PAN *baRaq₁

balaTae'(WMP) work wood with an adze PWMP *bala₁

balaTae'(WMP) fence, enclosure PMP *bala₂

balaTagalog(WMP) whatever, whichever, whoever PMP *bala₃

bálaʔTagalog(WMP) threat PMP *baraq

balaTagalog(WMP) whatever, whichever, whoever PWMP *bara₃

bálaʔTagalog(WMP) threat PMP *bajaq₂

balaʔTausug(WMP) misfortune, affliction, plague PMP *bajaq₂

balaTboli(WMP) embers PMP *baRah

balaTboli(WMP) supporting poles for a house PMP *bara₂

bálaʔTboli(WMP) reply, respond PMP *bajaq₂

balaTiruray(WMP) to shape roughly, as wood, prior to smooth or detail finishing PWMP *bala₁

bala, falaSimalur(WMP) glowing coal; red PMP *baRah

balábagBontok(WMP) lie crosswise, as a person lying across the narrow part of a sleeping mat; be in a horizontal position, of something that should be vertical PPh *bala(R)báR

balábagCebuano(WMP) lie across a path; block someone's way, for a fetus to be in a transverse position PPh *bala(R)báR

balábagCebuano(WMP) lie across a path; block one’s way; piece of wood or metal which lies across something PWMP *balagbag

balábagIfugaw(WMP) horizontal position of a wooden stick, a cane, a shelf of canes, a spear including its shaft, etc. PPh *bala(R)báR

balábagIlokano(WMP) harpoon with a single barb; spear, cane, etc. PWMP *balabeg

balábagIsneg(WMP) a very long spear whose head is removable and has two barbs PWMP *balabeg

balabágKankanaey(WMP) to lay, etc. askew, obliquely, across, awry PPh *bala(R)báR

balabagMaranao(WMP) hindrance, encumbrance PPh *bala(R)báR

balabagMaranao(WMP) hindrance, encumbrance PWMP *balagbag

bala-balaMolima(OC) put crosswise POC *barabara₂

bala-balaMolima(OC) put crosswise POC *baRa baRa

bala-balaMussau(OC) fence POC *bala₄

bala-balaMussau(OC) fence POC *baRa

bala-balaMussau(OC) fence POC *bara₄

b-al-aʔbaʔMakassarese(WMP) a package, specifically a packet of sago wrapped in sago leaves PMP *bejbej₂

*bala(b)oPSS(WMP) rat, mouse PMP *balabaw

balabógIfugaw(WMP) kind of spear, the blade of which is provided with two barbs PWMP *balabeg

balabuTetun(CMP) see dimly PMP *balabuR

balabuTetun(CMP) to see dimly, to appear dimly or indistinctly PCMP *balabu

balabuhMiri(WMP) rat, mouse PMP *balabaw

baládBikol(WMP) be exposed to the sun; sunbathe, bask in the sun; dry in the sun, expose to the sun PWMP *belaj

baladawMaranao(WMP) ancient and primitive machete PWMP *baladaw

baladauNgaju Dayak(WMP) small double-edged dagger PWMP *baladaw

baladáwIsneg(WMP) a hatchet PWMP *baladaw

baladoBare'e(WMP) short, pointed, double-edged dagger PWMP *baladaw

baladuGorontalo(WMP) double-edged knife (used as personal weapon) PWMP *baladaw

baláeTagalog(WMP) a parent of one's son- or daughter-in-law PPh *balaqih

balafuSoboyo(CMP) dim vision (due to old age) PMP *balabuR

balafuSoboyo(CMP) dim vision (due to old age) PCMP *balabu

balagbágBikol(WMP) crosswise PPh *bala(R)báR

balagbágCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) be crosswise, as to carry something sideways on your back, for the wind to be against the side of a boat, or for game to stand sideways to the hunter PPh *bala(R)báR

balagbágHanunóo(WMP) parallel zigzag lines usually running across, i.e., horizontally, a decorated object PPh *bala(R)báR

balagbágTagalog(WMP) crossbeam; placed or lying crosswise PPh *bala(R)báR

balagenAgutaynen(WMP) vines that grow as weeds in a field or forest PWMP *balaRen

balagenBinukid(WMP) generic for rattan PWMP *balaRen

balagenMaranao(WMP) rattan PWMP *balaRen

balágonBikol(WMP) vine PWMP *balaRen

balagonSubanen/Subanun(WMP) vine PWMP *balaRen

balagonWaray-Waray(WMP) vine; twine PWMP *balaRen

balágunCebuano(WMP) vine; grow like a vine PWMP *balaRen

balahAyta Maganchi(WMP) sand PMP *badas

balahKomodo(CMP) to answer, repay PAN *bales₁

balahMalay(WMP) dispute, argue PWMP *balaq

balahMinangkabau(WMP) split, divide PWMP *balaq

balahPapora(Formosan) charcoal PAN *baRah

*balahanPMin(WMP) cucumber PWMP *balaRen

balahuKambera(CMP) retribution, retaliation; compensation; result PAN *bales₁

balaiGedaged(OC) a fish about two feet long, red color POC *balai₁

baláiKapampangan(WMP) father of a married child as he stands related to the father of his child's spouse PPh *balaqih

balaiKayeli(CMP) village meeting house PMP *balay

balaiMalay(WMP) public building, in contrast to a private house PMP *balay

balaʔiMaranao(WMP) in-laws; marriage vows PPh *balaqih

balaiMussau(OC) fish sp. POC *balai₁

balaiNgaju Dayak(WMP) large, open building, either entirely without walls or with 2-3 foot high walls. In Pulopetak these are built only when one holds a death feast. Further inland every village has its balai, where games are played, where community gatherings and the discussion of legal matters take place, and where visitors find lodging PMP *balay

balakMentawai(WMP) scar, cicatrix PMP *balaŋ₁

balakaŋAyta Abellan(WMP) hips PWMP *balakaŋ

balakáŋKapampangan(WMP) hips PWMP *balakaŋ

balakaŋMadurese(WMP) back PWMP *balakaŋ

balakáŋTagalog(WMP) hips PWMP *balakaŋ

balakaŋ, walakaŋOld Javanese(WMP) back PWMP *balakaŋ

b-alʸ-akbakPaiwan(Formosan) drumming sound, as of many stones falling or tumbling, horse's hooves, drumming on table with hands PAN *bakbak₂

balákiIlokano(WMP) kind of middle-sized white marine fish; it is provided with barbels and its meat is esteemed PWMP *balaki

balakiWolio(WMP) kind of edible fish, the tunny: Thynnus tunnina PWMP *balaki

balakílanTagalog(WMP) rafter; crossbeam or crosspiece of a house PPH *barakílan

balalanTolai(OC) crooked, aslant, as a tree; to sag POC *(bp)alalan

balalántiʔCebuano(WMP) small tree, the leaves of which have a medicinal use; the wood is of magical importance, esp. in sorcery PWMP *balalantiq

balaláŋCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) a bird: the sandpiper PPh *balalaŋ₂

balalaŋSangir(WMP) a bird: the snipe PPh *balalaŋ₂

balalatokMaranao(WMP) woodpecker PMP *balalatuk

balalátukCebuano(WMP) kind of woodpecker PMP *balalatuk

bala-luaSoboyo(CMP) space, area PMP *luas₁

ba-lamanFordata(CMP) deep; a depth PCEMP *laman

bala-m-oaSoboyo(CMP) yawn PCEMP *mawab

balanBalinese(WMP) weal raised by a blow with a thin stick or lash PMP *balan

balanMalay(WMP) wheal PMP *balan

balanaʔBuginese(WMP) mullet PWMP *balanak

balanaʔMadurese(WMP) mullet PWMP *balanak

balanaʔMakassarese(WMP) a sea fish, the mullet PWMP *balanak

balanaʔMandar(WMP) mullet PWMP *balanak

balanaʔSimalur(WMP) a river fish, family Mugilidae PWMP *balanak

balánakBikol(WMP) fish sp. found in rivers PWMP *balanak

balánakCebuano(WMP) generic for large mullets: Mugilidae PWMP *balanak

balánakHanunóo(WMP) medium-sized white fish PWMP *balanak

balánakIlokano(WMP) fish sp. PWMP *balanak

balanakMaranao(WMP) large mullet PWMP *balanak

balanakNgaju Dayak(WMP) a sea fish PWMP *balanak

balanakOld Javanese(WMP) a sea fish, the grey mullet PWMP *balanak

balanakSundanese(WMP) a fish that stays in river mouths PWMP *balanak

balaniBanggai(WMP) black magic PMP *baRani

balansíIsneg(WMP) common tree whose leaves are used for the wrappers of cigars and whose timber is used for the shafts of spears PWMP *balalantiq

balántiʔHanunóo(WMP) tree sp.: Kleinhovia hospita L. PWMP *balalantiq

balantiNgaju Dayak(WMP) rather thick tree with white bark and hard and durable timber PWMP *balalantiq

balantíkIlokano(WMP) flipping, flicking with the tip of a stick; being hit by a twig that crosses the path in a forest PWMP *bala(n)tik

balaŋBalinese(WMP) grasshopper, locust PWMP *balalaŋ₁

balaŋKelabit(WMP) tiger PWMP *balaŋ₃

balaŋMongondow(WMP) spotted, striped, multi-coloured, mottled PWMP *balaŋ₃

bálaŋBontok(WMP) take anything, not be particular PMP *baraŋ₁

balaŋBunun(Formosan) rib PAN *baRaŋ

balaŋDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) grasshopper PWMP *balalaŋ₁

bálaŋKankanaey(WMP) provided; it is to be seen if, we will see if, it is to be hoped that, we will hope that (used only in tales) PMP *baraŋ₁

bálaŋKapampangan(WMP) kind of insect said to be destructive to coconut trees PWMP *balalaŋ₁

balaŋMalay(WMP) banded (in coloring) PWMP *baleŋ₁

balaŋManggarai(CMP) scar, former wound PMP *balaŋ₁

balaŋSasak(WMP) grasshopper PWMP *balalaŋ₁

bálaŋTagalog(WMP) locust PWMP *balalaŋ₁

balaŋáʔKapampangan(WMP) clay pot, used to cook viands PAN *balaŋa

balaŋaMakassarese(WMP) earthen rice pot with small opening PAN *balaŋa

balaŋaNgaju Dayak(WMP) sacred jar PAN *balaŋa

balaŋáʔTagalog(WMP) wide-mouthed earthen cooking pot PAN *balaŋa

balaŋaToba Batak(WMP) iron pan PAN *balaŋa

balaŋaWolio(WMP) earthen cooking pot PAN *balaŋa

balaŋahSundanese(WMP) careless, inattentive PWMP *balaŋa(q)

baláŋayCebuano(WMP) barrio, the smallest unit of self-government; kind of large boat PWMP *baraŋay

baláŋayTagalog(WMP) community of families; local branch or lodge of a society or fraternity; boat with 12 to 16 rowers PWMP *baraŋay

b-alʸ-aŋbaŋPaiwan(Formosan) have sound as of rain falling on roof, or beating on tin can PAN *baŋbaŋ₆

balaŋiFijian(OC) a fish: Teuthis sp. POC *balaŋi

bala-ŋisŋisKapampangan(WMP) kind of bat which has protruding teeth PMP *ŋisŋis₁

balaŋ-kawitanBinukid(WMP) rooster, cock PPH *kawitan

b-al-aŋpaŋIsneg(WMP) onomatopoetic word for gong used in hudhúd chant PAN *baŋbaŋ₆

balaoMakassarese(WMP) rat, mouse PMP *balabaw

balaoMandar(WMP) rat, mouse PMP *balabaw

balaoTae'(WMP) rat, mouse PMP *balabaw

balaqSeediq (Truku)(Formosan) lung PAN *baRaq₁

balarMalay(WMP) unnatural or albino whiteness, esp. in a buffalo PMP *balaR₁

balarManggarai(CMP) long (of scratch or scar) PMP *balar

balarSasak(WMP) weal PMP *balar

balaráwCebuano(WMP) kind of dagger PWMP *baladaw

balaráwTagalog(WMP) dirk, dagger PWMP *baladaw

balásCebuano(WMP) sand; put sand somewhere; form sand-like particles PMP *badas

balásKapampangan(WMP) sand PMP *badas

balasMalay(WMP) requital, repayment; reply (e.g. to a letter) PAN *bales₁

balasPazeh(Formosan) male, of animals and fowls PAN *baNaS

balaʃSaisiyat(Formosan) male PAN *baNaS

balasSeediq(Formosan) male, masculine PAN *baNaS

balásTagalog(WMP) crystallized syrup; coarse granulated sugar PMP *badas

balasaʔMakassarese(WMP) what is reciprocated; revenge; answer (to a letter or request) PAN *bales₁

baLasokSaisiyat (Taai)(Formosan) woodpecker PAN *balalaCuk

balatAgutaynen(WMP) sea cucumber (generic); these are found in the tidal flats, are cylindrical in shape and express a white, sticky substance when squeezed; some are edible PPh *balát

bálatBikol(WMP) shellfish which breeds along the beaches PPh *balát

balátCebuano(WMP) sea cucumber PPh *balát

balátHanunóo(WMP) edible black squid, but not greatly valued as a source of food PPh *balát

balátIlokano(WMP) kind of blackish, edible worm, resembling a leech; it is found in brackish pools along the seashore PPh *balát

bálatIsneg(WMP) revenge, turn (opportunity in an alternating order) PAN *bales₁

bálatItawis(WMP) retaliation, revenge; retaliate PAN *bales₁

balatKavalan(Formosan) east wind PAN *SabaRat

balatYakan(WMP) sea cucumber, trepang (generic) PPh *balát

balatiʔSangir(WMP) spring-set spear trap for pigs PWMP *bala(n)tik

balátikCebuano(WMP) trap consisting of a trip rope which releases a spear PWMP *bala(n)tik

balátikHanunóo(WMP) horizontal spring spear pig trap, usually equipped with a long, tapering bamboo point PWMP *bala(n)tik

bala-tindakBanggai(WMP) perform a war dance PWMP *tinzak

balatokNgaju Dayak(WMP) woodpecker PMP *balalatuk

balátoŋBikol(WMP) long beans PWMP *balatuŋ

balátuŋBontok(WMP) kind of small, black bean: Vigna sp. PWMP *balatuŋ

balátoŋIfugaw(WMP) kind of bush producing small, black beans: Phaseolus radiatus L. PWMP *balatuŋ

balátoŋIlokano(WMP) green gram, mungo: Phaseolus radiatus PWMP *balatuŋ

balátoŋIsneg(WMP) the green gram or mungo: Phaseolus radiatus PWMP *balatuŋ

balátoŋKapampangan(WMP) mongo bean PWMP *balatuŋ

balatóŋPangasinan(WMP) mung beans PWMP *balatuŋ

balátoŋTagalog(WMP) mung or mongo bean, green gram bean: Phaseolus aureus Roxb. PWMP *balatuŋ

balatsukPaiwan(Formosan) Formosan barbet: Megalaema oorti muchalis PAN *balalaCuk

balatukToba Batak(WMP) ladder PWMP *balatuk

balátuŋCebuano(WMP) kind of string bean, reaching more than a foot and less than an inch around: Vigna sesquipedialis PWMP *balatuŋ

balátuŋHanunóo(WMP) mungo bean: Phaseolus aureus Roxb. PWMP *balatuŋ

balauMalay(WMP) name for trees yielding a particular class of timber used in wharf and bridge building: Shorea, Swintonia, and Parinarium spp. PWMP *balaw₂

baláwBikol(WMP) small shrimp PPh *balaw₁

baláwCebuano(WMP) a tree: light species of Dipterocarpus (source of timber and resin); resinous preparation used to caulk and waterproof a boat, obtained from the sap of the Dipterocarpus and Agathis philippinensis PWMP *balaw₂

baláwHanunóo(WMP) no, not; an emphatic negative similar to bukun, but not so strong, and less frequently used in conversation ... it is common in certain set phrases PPh *baláw

bálawIlokano(WMP) a tree: Dipterocarpus spp. PWMP *balaw₂

baláwKankanaey(WMP) contradict, gainsay PPh *baláw

balawauKatingan(WMP) rat PMP *balabaw

balaw-bálawIlokano(WMP) fresh-water shrimp or prawn, not much larger than the head of a pin PPh *balaw₁

b-al-awbáwCebuano(WMP) put something over something else; skim off the topmost portion of something PMP *bawbaw

b-al-awbáwTagalog(WMP) overfull PMP *bawbaw

balawoSangir(WMP) rat, mouse PMP *balabaw

baláyBikol(WMP) house, hut PMP *balay

baláyBuhid(WMP) house PMP *balay

baláyCebuano(WMP) house, home PMP *balay

baláyHanunóo(WMP) house, building; shell of a mollusk PMP *balay

baláyIlokano(WMP) house, dwelling, residence PMP *balay

bálayPalawan Batak(WMP) grandparent-in-law (sex undifferentiated) PPh *balaqih

baláyPalawan Batak(WMP) house, dwelling PMP *balay

*balayPSan(WMP) house PMP *balay

baláyRemontado(WMP) house PMP *balay

baláyaŋCebuano(WMP) large hardwood tree with short trunk and large branches PWMP *barayaŋ

baláyaŋHanunóo(WMP) a variety of plantain (Musa paradisiaca Linn.) similar to sabʔá except that the fruits are thicker PPh *baláyaŋ

baláyaŋIlokano(WMP) a variety of thick-skinned banana with numerous seeds, Musa sp. PPh *baláyaŋ

baláyaŋIsneg(WMP) a variety of thick-skinned, yellow, flattish banana, Musa sapientum L. PPh *baláyaŋ

baláyaŋKankanaey(WMP) a variety of much esteemed, thick-skinned, small yellow banana PPh *baláyaŋ

baláyiBikol(WMP) in-laws PPh *balaqih

baláyiHanunóo(WMP) the reciprocal relationship between parents of mates, as the relationship between a man's parents and the parents of his wife PPh *balaqih

balbálCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) spank, hit with a stick PAN *balbal₁

balbálIfugaw(WMP) kind of wooden slab with a handle with which women beat the clothes they are washing PAN *balbal₁

balbalKaro Batak(WMP) wooden beating stick with which the flower stalk of the areca palm is beaten so as to promote a flow of liquid from the plant; to beat PAN *balbal₁

balbalTiruray(WMP) a rigid instrument used to strike something; to strike with a balbal PAN *balbal₁

balbalToba Batak(WMP) a club, piece of wood, with which one beats something; knock, beat, hit PAN *balbal₁

bal-balaŋ-kawitanBinukid(WMP) cockerel, young rooster PPH *kawitan

bal-balóKankanaey(WMP) handsome; beautiful young man PMP *baqeRu

baléʔAcehnese(WMP) turned over or around PMP *balik₂

baleBalinese(WMP) a platform, raised on pillars, with a thatched roof and walls on one or two sides; most houses have more than one of these in the complex, and the life of the family is lived on them ... there are bales also in temples and in public places in buildings PMP *balay

baleMengen(OC) house POC *pale

baləNias(WMP) revenge PAN *bales₁

*balePMin(WMP) house PMP *balay

baleSasak(WMP) house PMP *balay

baled-anSasak(WMP) border, boundary PWMP *balej

balékMalay(WMP) reversal, going back; on the contrary; turn back PMP *balik₂

b-alʸ-ekbekPaiwan(Formosan) (onom.) make intermittent sound, as three-wheeled truck, or chatter of gunfire in war PAN *bekbek₂

baləŋBontok(WMP) to preserve corn kernels by salting them down in a jar PAN *baleŋ₂

baleŋDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) boundary between two rice fields PWMP *balej

baleŋKaro Batak(WMP) border, partition PWMP *balej

baleŋMaranao(WMP) scar, pockmark, defect PWMP *baleŋ₁

baleŋMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) streaked PWMP *baleŋ₁

baleŋ-anTiruray(WMP) pockmarked PWMP *baleŋ₁

bale paŋguŋBalinese(WMP) a high platform PWMP *paŋguŋ

balesBalinese(WMP) reward, recompense, desserts; to reward, repay, retaliate; respond, reply (to a letter) PAN *bales₁

báləsBontok(WMP) to revenge; to pay back PAN *bales₁

balésCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) the custom whereby a Negrito works for a lowland person for a few days, and then the lowland person works for the Negrito for the same number of days PAN *bales₁

bálesIlokano(WMP) take revenge; vengeance; reward, repay; make requital, remuneration PAN *bales₁

balesMaranao(WMP) tighten; complete an operation PMP *bales₂

balesManggarai(CMP) better PMP *bales₂

balésPangasinan(WMP) retribution, vengeance, price (of action, etc.) PAN *bales₁

balesSasak(WMP) answer; avenge PAN *bales₁

balesSundanese(WMP) retribution, retaliation; retaliate, avenge; to answer PAN *bales₁

balesTiruray(WMP) to finish in detail, to smooth finish, as of wood PMP *bales₂

balesManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) repay, reward; revenge PAN *bales₁

baləs ɗawBintulu(WMP) supernatural storm precipitated by mockery of animals (lit. ‘retaliate day’) PAN *bales₁

baletRejang(WMP) root PMP *waRej

baléteʔAklanon(WMP) balete tree: Ficus benjamina L. PPh *balítiq

balewMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) widow(er) PMP *balu₄

ba-leyLindrou(OC) sail PCEMP *pa-layaR

balhuCheke Holo(OC) pigeon (generic) POC *baluc

báliʔAklanon(WMP) get broken in two, get fractured (as an arm) PMP *baliq

balíAklanon(WMP) broken, fractured PMP *baliq

baliBare'e(WMP) reverse side, opposite part PMP *baliw₁

baliBare'e(WMP) repetition; different, changed PMP *baliw₂

báliBikol(WMP) join, become a member of ; affiliate with, associate with; engage in, partake of, participate in PPh *báli

balíBontok(WMP) evade, cheat, deceive PMP *bali₄

báliBontok(WMP) be included, as a child in a game PPh *báli

baliʔBuginese(WMP) fade, of colors PMP *balik₂

baliBuruese(CMP) change, form, become; be transformed, as by magic PMP *baliw₂

báliCebuano(WMP) be worth it; serves one right; worth, in the amount, quantity, duration of; amount taken in advance from wages PWMP *bali₂

báliCebuano(WMP) reversed, backwards; turn something over; for wind to change direction, switch party loyalty; be reversed, wrong side out, backwards PMP *bali₅

baliDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) easily repaid, of a debt; same, identical PWMP *bali₂

baliFijian(OC) fish sp. POC *bali₆

baliGedaged(OC) canine tooth of a dog POC *bati

baliGorontalo(WMP) opponent, adversary (as in a cockfight) PMP *baliw₁

báliHanunóo(WMP) good, fitting, suited PWMP *bali₂

balíIfugaw(WMP) deceit, fraud, lie PMP *bali₄

balíKankanaey(WMP) deceived, cheated, deluded, beguiled, taken in PMP *bali₄

baliKaro Batak(WMP) alike, equal, settled (of a debt) PMP *baliw₄

baliKaro Batak(WMP) equal, identical; as, like; repaid, of a debt PWMP *bali₂

baliKulisusu(WMP) enemy PMP *baliw₁

baliKwaio(OC) part, side POC *bali₇

baliKwaio(OC) part, side PCEMP *pali₁

baliLau(OC) part, side, portion, half; disunited, on the other side; each side in a game; two-edged, two-sided POC *bali₇

baliLau(OC) part, side, portion, half; each side in a game; two-edged, two-sided PCEMP *pali₁

baliLolak(WMP) to change PMP *baliw₂

baliʔMakassarese(WMP) turn oneself around PMP *balik₂

baliʔMandar(WMP) return; change into; go home PMP *balik₂

baliManggarai(CMP) friend; enemy; divided in halves; foreign, alien PCEMP *bali₈

baliNgadha(CMP) turn oneself around PMP *balik₂

baliNgadha(CMP) turn oneself around PMP *bali₅

baliNgaju Dayak(WMP) blood money for a murder PMP *baliw₄

baliNgaju Dayak(WMP) blood money, compensation for a murder PMP *beli

báliPangasinan(WMP) lie PMP *bali₄

*baliPMin(WMP) accompany, escort, lead PPh *báli

baliʔTae'(WMP) fade, of colors PMP *balik₂

baliTae'(WMP) companion, mate; partner, whenever two parties oppose each other, as in a cockfight; opponent; answer, oppose resist PMP *baliw₁

baliTae'(WMP) repay, retaliate PMP *baliw₄

báliʔTagalog(WMP) fracture, break along the length; fractured, broken PMP *baliq

baliTboli(WMP) spoiled, soured, rotten PMP *baRiw

balíSambal (Tina)(WMP) house PMP *balay

băliTolai(OC) repay, replace, compensate, refund; punish, revenge, settle POC *bali

baliʔUma(WMP) enemy; future part; repayment, retribution PMP *balik₂

baliWolio(WMP) side, direction, opponent, enemy; counting-word for things occurring in pairs (e.g. parts of the body); face, be opposite to PMP *baliw₁

baliWolio(WMP) change, lose color, discolor, fade PMP *baliw₂

bali, waliOld Javanese(WMP) come back, return; once more PMP *baliw₂

*bali₁PSS(WMP) side (friend, partner) PMP *baliw₁

*bali₁ + iPSS(WMP) stand beside, help PMP *baliw₁

*bali₂PSS(WMP) enemy (oppose) PMP *baliw₁

*bali₃PSS(WMP) answer (contradict, answer back) PMP *baliw₁

baliaBare'e(WMP) priest, priestess in shamanistic ceremonies PWMP *balian

baliaUma(WMP) shamanistic ceremony PWMP *balian

baliaWolio(WMP) spirit medium PWMP *balian

balianBalinese(WMP) shaman, healer (many named varieties) PWMP *balian

balianNgaju Dayak(WMP) all ceremonies in which the balian (shamaness and ritual prostitute) plays a role; the shamaness herself PWMP *balian

*balianPMin(WMP) (pagan) priest, shaman PWMP *balian

*balianPSan(WMP) shaman PWMP *balian

balianSubanen/Subanun(WMP) men and women who perform ceremonies in honor of the gods PWMP *balian

bali ʔana geni, bali ʔana waneLau(OC) bride's people, bridegroom's people POC *bali₇

balidaSundanese(WMP) kind of sea and river fish PWMP *balida

balidaTae'(WMP) weaver's lath (used to beat in the woof) PMP *balija

balidaWolio(WMP) sword-shaped stick for tightening weaving (part of loom) PMP *balija

balígaBontok(WMP) the shed stick used for tightening the woof when weaving with a back loom PMP *balija

balígaIfugaw(WMP) sword of an Ifugaw weaving apparatus PMP *balija

balígaIlokano(WMP) flat wooden bar inserted in the shed of the warp to facilitate insertion of the boloan (section of bamboo used to keep the threads in place PMP *balija

baligaToba Batak(WMP) weaver's sword PMP *balija

balihKelabit(WMP) lie, deceive PMP *bali₄

balihLun Dayeh(WMP) a lie PMP *bali₄

balikBalinese(WMP) be wrong way round, be reversed, (come) from the opposite side PMP *balik₂

balikBanggai(WMP) fade, of colors PMP *balik₂

balíkBikol(WMP) back to front, inside out (of shoes on the wrong feet, gloves on the wrong hands); return; revert PMP *balik₂

bálikCebuano(WMP) go, come back, come back to get something; return to a former state; have a relapse; (do) again; revive PMP *balik₂

balíkHanunóo(WMP) return, going back PMP *balik₂

balikIban(WMP) turn, turn to look at; turned speech in which syllables are said in reverse order PMP *balik₂

balíkIlokano(WMP) change, turn; move to and fro; retract, recant PMP *balik₂

balikJavanese(WMP) on the contrary; in reverse order; turn this way and that PMP *balik₂

balikKadazan Dusun(WMP) backside; turn oneself round, come back PMP *balik₂

balíkKapampangan(WMP) return something; return to somewhere PMP *balik₂

balikKaro Batak(WMP) inverted, backwards, in error PMP *balik₂

balikLamaholot(CMP) return PMP *balik₂

balikMaranao(WMP) repeat, return PMP *balik₂

balikManggarai(CMP) repay, take revenge PMP *balik₂

balikNgaju Dayak(WMP) change (clothes, words), turned around PMP *balik₂

balikOld Javanese(WMP) opposite, contrary; reverse PMP *balik₂

*balikPSan(WMP) return, go back PMP *balik₂

balikRembong(CMP) go home, turn round PMP *balik₂

bali(k)Rotinese(CMP) mix, blend, add something to something else

bali(k)Rotinese(CMP) to mix, blend, add something to something else PCMP *balik₁

balikSasak(WMP) turn around; resist; capsized (of a boat) PMP *balik₂

balikSelaru(CMP) invert, turn upside down PMP *balik₂

balikSundanese(WMP) turn around, go back home PMP *balik₂

balikTae'(WMP) turn around; change, alter PMP *balik₂

balíkTagalog(WMP) return, restoration; return something to someone, restore PMP *balik₂

balikYamdena(CMP) turn around or about PMP *balik₂

balikaMakassarese (Salayar)(WMP) shoulder PWMP *balikat

balikatMadurese(WMP) shoulder blade PWMP *balikat

balikatNgaju Dayak(WMP) the side of a thing; on the side, next to PWMP *balikat

balíkatTagalog(WMP) shoulder PWMP *balikat

balikatár-anCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) reversible (as of a jacket that can be worn inside-out) PPh *baliketád

balíkesKankanaey(WMP) one of the most ordinary kinds of woven belts, yellow and red PPh *balíkes

balikídCebuano(WMP) turn around, look back PPh *balikid

balíkidIlokano(WMP) reverse; turn over PPh *balikid

balíkidIsneg(WMP) turned over, reversed PPh *balikid

balíkidKankanaey(WMP) come to life again, be resuscitated, rise from the dead PPh *balikid

balíkisIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) relatively narrow imported belt of leather PPh *balíkis

balíkisCebuano(WMP) coil, put around something else (as a python coiling round a pig) PPh *balíkis

balíkohIfugaw(WMP) woman's belt PPh *balíkes

balikotadMongondow(WMP) roll over, turn PPh *baliketád

balik sumpahBalinese(WMP) a great festival of offereings to turn such a curse back on its layer PWMP *sumpaq

baliktádBikol(WMP) inverted, overturned, upside down; the opposite, reverse PPh *baliketád

baliktádBontok(WMP) turn inside out, as clothes; turn over, turn upside down PPh *baliketád

bali-kukunJavanese(WMP) a tree: Schoutenia ovata PMP *kukun

balíkusCebuano(WMP) coil, put around something else (as a python seizing a pig) PPh *balíkes

balikutkútCebuano(WMP) bunch, fold, curl up in an irregular way; cause something to do so PPh *balikutkút

balikutkútIlokano(WMP) bend, incline the body, stoop PPh *balikutkút

baliláʔAklanon(WMP) fish -- quite long, with plenty of spines PWMP *balidaq

balilaCebuano(WMP) wolf herring: Chirocentrus dorab PWMP *balida

baliláTagalog(WMP) hairtail fish: Trichiurus haumela PWMP *balida

balíliCebuano(WMP) general name for grasses that do not grow tall PMP *baliji

balíliCebuano(WMP) general name for grasses that do not grow tall PMP *balizi

baliliMandar(WMP) turn oneself around when lying or sleeping; rotate PWMP *baliliŋ

balíliTagalog(WMP) an aquatic grass: Panicum stagninum PMP *baliji

balíliTagalog(WMP) an aquatic grass: Panicum stagninum PMP *balizi

baliliWolio(WMP) turn around, turn over, roll over PWMP *baliliŋ

baliliŋMadurese(WMP) fall with a spiraling motion PWMP *baliliŋ

balilíŋTagalog(WMP) physiologically twisted (of the neck) PWMP *baliliŋ

balilítCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) species of edible marine triton shell, genus Cymatium PPh *balilit

balílitHanunóo(WMP) tiny edible fresh-water snail with a smooth, spiraled black shell PPh *balilit

balimbiŋSangir(WMP) a tree and its edible fruit: Averrhoa carambola PWMP *baliŋbiŋ

balimbíŋTagalog(WMP) a small tree whose edible fleshy fruit has five longitudinal angular lobes: Averrhoa carambola Linn. PWMP *baliŋbiŋ

bali-nFordata(CMP) veil oneself, as a woman does when her husband is dead PMP *baliw₃

bali-nYamdena(CMP) side, opposite side; half, one of a pair PCEMP *bali₈

balinóIlokano(WMP) water lily PPH *balinu

balintaŋToba Batak(WMP) crossbeam of a fence PWMP *bali(n)taŋ

balin-tatáoTagalog(WMP) pupil of the eye PMP *tau tau

balintiʔMaranao(WMP) banyan tree: Schefflera insularum Seem. Harms PPh *balítiq

balintoadMaranao(WMP) somersault PWMP *balin-tuaj

balintuwágBontok(WMP) fall on one's head; tumble end over end PWMP *balin-tuaj

balintuágIlokano(WMP) turn a somersault, tumble, revolve, rotate; turn upside down PWMP *balin-tuaj

balintúwadCebuano(WMP) fall headlong on the face; pick someone up by the feet and hold him upside down PWMP *balin-tuaj

balintuwádTagalog(WMP) bottom-up, upside down PWMP *balin-tuaj

balinuIbanag(WMP) star lotus, red and blue water lily: Nymphaea nouchali PPH *balinu

baliŋMongondow(WMP) temporarily forgotten or misunderstood PWMP *baliŋ₁

baliŋDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) bent, as a board PWMP *baliŋ₂

baliŋKaro Batak(WMP) bamboo scarecrow that turns like a windmill PWMP *baliŋ₂

baliŋMalay(WMP) revolution; circling round a central point PWMP *baliŋ₂

baliŋMaranao(WMP) tooth turned inward PWMP *baliŋ₂

báliŋTagalog(WMP) turn or inclination of the head PWMP *baliŋ₂

baliŋToba Batak(WMP) bent, warped; iron implement with which the teeth of a saw are bent (?) PWMP *baliŋ₂

baliŋ-baliŋAklanon(WMP) unsteady, aimless (said of a flying object without aim) PWMP *baliŋ baliŋ

baliŋ baliŋKaro Batak(WMP) bamboo scarecrow that turns like a windmill PWMP *baliŋ baliŋ

baliŋ-baliŋMalay(WMP) whirligig; missile hurled by being swung round the head, e.g. a stone attached to a string; bull-roarer PWMP *baliŋ baliŋ

baliŋ-baliŋSimalur(WMP) child's toy windmill PWMP *baliŋ baliŋ

baliŋ-baliŋTae'(WMP) spiral around while falling PWMP *baliŋ baliŋ

baliŋ-baliŋToba Batak(WMP) bamboo scarecrow that turns like a windmill PWMP *baliŋ baliŋ

baliŋbíŋBikol(WMP) starfruit: Averrhoa carambola PWMP *baliŋbiŋ

baliŋbíŋCebuano(WMP) a small cultivated tree with oblong fruit having longitudinal angular lobes: Averrhoa carambola PWMP *baliŋbiŋ

baliŋbiŋMadurese(WMP) a tree and its edible fruit: Averrhoa bilimbi PWMP *baliŋbiŋ

baliŋbiŋToba Batak(WMP) a sour fruit; kind of tamarind PWMP *baliŋbiŋ

ba-liŋkouTamuan(WMP) to turn PAN *likaw

baliokMentawai(WMP) axe; chop with an axe PWMP *baliuŋ

balioŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) native axe PWMP *baliuŋ

baliraMakassarese(WMP) weaver's sword PMP *balija

baliraSangir(WMP) weaver's lath (used to beat in the woof) PMP *balija

baliriSangir(WMP) kind of grass PMP *baliji

baliriSangir(WMP) kind of grass PMP *balizi

b-al-isbis-anTagalog(WMP) splash board, rain gutter PMP *bisbis

balísiIsneg(WMP) Ficus indica L. and similar species of Moraceous trees PPh *balítiq

balisósoKankanaey(WMP) kingfisher PPh *balisúsu

balisúsuHanunóo(WMP) medium-sized red-billed kingfisher PPh *balisúsu

balítaŋBikol(WMP) a tripod consisting of three stakes driven into the ground and serving as a holder for a pot (used for cooking when in the fields, on the trail, etc.) PWMP *bali(n)taŋ

balitáŋCebuano(WMP) whippletree of a plow; wood used in stripping abaca, fishing with a net that is pulled, etc.; piece of bone, vein or tendon supposed to lie across the vagina which obstructs the easy birth of a child PWMP *bali(n)taŋ

balítaŋIlokano(WMP) bamboo seat PWMP *bali(n)taŋ

balitāŋIsneg(WMP) framework in the shape of a hammock used for transporting tobacco leaves PWMP *bali(n)taŋ

balítiʔBikol(WMP) banyan (plays a prominent part in legends and mythology, calling forth associations of the dark and evil) PPh *balítiq

balítiIlokano(WMP) Ficus sp. Moraceous trees whose timber is used for building: F. indica L., F. stipulosa Miq., F. benjamina L., F. concinna Miq., etc. PPh *balítiq

balítiʔKapampangan(WMP) sp. of tree, said to be a favored place of spirits PPh *balítiq

balítiʔTagalog(WMP) type of fig tree PPh *balítiq

balitokAyta Abellan(WMP) gold (Ilokano loan?) PPH *balitúk

balitókPangasinan(WMP) gold PPH *balitúk

balitokIbaloy(WMP) gold; deity invoked in some rituals (he was traditionally held to be the owner of all gold; thus a mining venture is preceded by an appropriate ritual) PPH *balitúk

balitókIfugaw(WMP) it is often used in the sense of “gold”, though it properly means a gold ornament, either a necklace composed of several golden pieces, or a golden earring PPH *balitúk

balitókIlokano(WMP) gold PPH *balitúk

balitókKankanaey(WMP) gold PPH *balitúk

balitókTagalog(WMP) gold ore PPH *balitúk

balitok-anIlokano(WMP) kind of speckled marine fish PPH *balitúk

balitóʔIsneg(WMP) gold PPH *balitúk

balittuaʔTae'(WMP) turn upside down; head over heels, tumble over PWMP *balin-tuaj

balitukIfugaw (Keley-i)(WMP) the metal gold PPH *balitúk

baliuBare'e(WMP) adze (an imported tool) PWMP *baliuŋ

baliuŋBuginese(WMP) adze PWMP *baliuŋ

*baliuŋPSan(WMP) axe PWMP *baliuŋ

baliuŋSundanese(WMP) native axe or adze PWMP *baliuŋ

baliuŋToba Batak(WMP) adze PWMP *baliuŋ

balíwAklanon(WMP) bewitched PMP *baliw₂

baliwKelabit(WMP) punitive storm provoked by incest or mockery of animals in which the offender and his co-villagers are struck by lightning and turned to stone PMP *baliw₂

baliwMongondow(WMP) exchange, replace, renew, transform PMP *baliw₂

báliwCebuano(WMP) divine punishment, usually for incest, consisting of being struck by lightning and turned into stone; crazy PMP *baliw₂

báliwHanunóo(WMP) transformation, metamorphosis PMP *baliw₂

báliwIfugaw(WMP) act of turning oneself when walking, etc. and continue (walking, etc.) in the opposite direction; produce an action which will have an effect which is the contrary of what somebody else tries to produce (e.g. to defend the life of somebody who is attacked); opposite part (e.g. the lowlands are the balíw-on of the mountain area and vice versa PMP *baliw₁

báliwIlokano(WMP) opposite bank, shore PMP *baliw₁

baliwKavalan(Formosan) sell PAN *baliw

baliwMentawai(WMP) brother, sister PMP *baliw₁

baliwPuyuma(Formosan) small mushroom that grows in the fields; Puyuma say that it is delicious PAN *bajiw

baLiwSaisiyat (Taai)(Formosan) buy PAN *baliw

baliwSamal(WMP) wind PAN *baRiuS

baliwSangir(WMP) evil spirit that sometimes possesses persons PMP *baliw₂

balíwTagalog(WMP) crazy, demented PMP *baliw₂

balíw-anBontok(WMP) change, as one's habits or appearance PPh *baliw-an

balíw-anIlokano(WMP) set right, correct, mend PMP *baliw₄

balíw-anIlokano(WMP) repeat, reiterate, do, etc. again PPh *baliw-an

baliw-anLamaholot(CMP) make war, take revenge PMP *baliw₄

baliw-anMaranao(WMP) instead of, substitute PPh *baliw-an

baliw-anPangasinan(WMP) black clothing worn by a person in mourning; to wear such clothing PMP *baliw₃

baliw-anTiruray(WMP) a replacement; to replace PPh *baliw-an

baliwísTagalog(WMP) kind of wild duck PWMP *baliwis

baliwísTagalog(WMP) kind of wild duck PWMP *bariwis

baliwohwo(h)Ifugaw(WMP) sugar mill; an apparatus with two standing rollers for pressing out the juice of the sugarcane (to make the rollers revolve a man pushes a long pole fixed to one of the rollers, walking in a circle around the milling apparatus) PPH *baliweswes

balixi, falixiSimalur(WMP) grass (generic) PMP *baliji

baLizaSaisiyat (Taai)(Formosan) batten, reed (of a loom) PAN *baRija

baliʔIban(WMP) changing PMP *baliw₂

baLiɁSaisiyat (Taai)(Formosan) wind PAN *bali₃

balkésPangasinan(WMP) belt PMP *bakes₁

ballaMakassarese(WMP) splitting (in various words) PAN *belaq

ballaMandar(WMP) split (as a sarong that has caught on a nail in passing) PAN *belaq

ballaʔTae'(WMP) unroll, roll open (mats, bolts of material, rolls of paper, etc.) PMP *bekelaj

ballakTae'(WMP) to split, cut open slaughtered animals, the human body PMP *belak

ballak-ballakTae'(WMP) fish that has been cut open PMP *belak

ballaŋMakassarese(WMP) multi-colored, spotted, speckled; white, of the legs of a horse, the eyes of a fowl or a horse; kind of skin affliction, white with spots (as after having suffered a burn) PMP *belaŋ₂

ballaŋMandar(WMP) spotted (as the fur of a cat) PMP *belaŋ₂

ballaŋTae'(WMP) multicolored, spotted (of pigs that are speckled with white on the belly and sides) PMP *belaŋ₂

ballarMandar(WMP) unroll (a mat), spread out (to increase the surface area) PMP *bekelaj

ballar-an ampaʔTae'(WMP) the unrolling of a mat PWMP *bekelaj-en

ballasKlata(WMP) husked rice PMP *beRas

balle-balleMakassarese(WMP) to lie, be mendacious PMP *beliq₁

balliAbaknon(WMP) to buy, purchase PMP *beli

balliʔMakassarese(WMP) the cross-cutting bamboo laths which project above the roof PWMP *belit₁

balliMakassarese(WMP) (purchase) price PMP *beli

balli-aŋMakassarese(WMP) what can be bought, things that can be purchased; buy for, purchase for the benefit of (someone); purchase for a particular amount PWMP *beli-an

balló(h)Ifugaw(WMP) conveys the idea of vengeance; take revenge on somebody (with unexplained -ll-) PAN *bales₁

ballúIfugaw(WMP) newly ripe rice; young person married or not, who has the characteristics of not being old PMP *baqeRu

ballukTae'(WMP) bend; turning back of the fingers; bend the back of the hand inward PMP *beluk

balnáwBikol(WMP) to rinse, rinse off (as soap, dirt) PPh *bal(e)ñáw

balnáwCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) rinse off in fresh water (after having been in the ocean, to get the salt off one's body); rinse soap out of clothes, or off dishes PPh *bal(e)ñáw

balóBikol(WMP) widow(er) PMP *balu₄

balúBontok(WMP) new; unmarried man, youth PMP *baqeRu

balóKankanaey(WMP) young man; lad; youngster; youth; bachelor PMP *baqeRu

baloMaranao(WMP) widow(er) PMP *balu₄

baloʔMaranao(WMP) sound the death toll, beat gong for dead PMP *baluq

báloPangasinan(WMP) new PMP *baqeRu

báloTagalog(WMP) widow(er) PMP *balu₄

baloSambal (Tina)(WMP) widow(er) PMP *balu₄

baló, bal-balóIfugaw(WMP) young; young man not yet married PMP *baqeRu

balódBikol(WMP) ring dove PMP *baluj

báludBontok(WMP) prisoner PPH *balud

balodIbaloy(WMP) bonds, what is used to tie; prisoner PPH *balud

bálud-ənBontok(WMP) to bind; to tie up; to imprison PPH *balud-en

bálogIlokano(WMP) kind of wild pigeon, larger than the turtledove, but with the same plumage PMP *baluj

balogoMaranao(WMP) orange used for blackening teeth PWMP *baluRu

balokToba Batak(WMP) furrow which marks the border between two things; border PWMP *balej

balólaŋPangasinan(WMP) basket for chickens to nest in PPh *balúlaŋ

bálunBontok(WMP) food taken from the village to be used as a lunch PWMP *balun₂

bálonIlokano(WMP) provisions; a stock or store of needed materials when going on a journey PWMP *balun₂

bálonIsneg(WMP) provisions of uncooked rice (when going on a journey) PWMP *balun₂

balonoʔMaranao(WMP) tree with fruit like a mango: Mangifera jack PWMP *balunuq

baloŋBahasa Indonesia(WMP) shallow pond PWMP *baqeluŋ

balʔóŋCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) shallow well or hole (made in a riverbed to get clean water); to make a well PWMP *baqeluŋ

baloŋJavanese(WMP) low-lying land without drainage; marshy; pond (made for fish farming) PWMP *baqeluŋ

baloŋSundanese(WMP) pond (of medium size); swampy PWMP *baqeluŋ

báloŋTagalog(WMP) spring of fresh water; flow of liquid from some hidden source; to spring forth, flow PWMP *baqeluŋ

balósBikol(WMP) take revenge on, get even with, retaliate against PAN *bales₁

balosLampung(WMP) return something PAN *bales₁

balosToba Batak(WMP) repay something to someone, retaliate; answer (a letter) PAN *bales₁

balós-balósBikol(WMP) reciprocate PAN *bales₁

baLoshSaisiyat(Formosan) typhoon PAN *baRiuS

bálotTagalog(WMP) covering, wrapping PWMP *balut₂

balótTagalog(WMP) covered, wrapped PWMP *balut₂

bálotTagalog(WMP) covering, wrapping PWMP *barut

balotóIlokano(WMP) small dugout canoe without outriggers PPh *balútu

balotoMamanwa(WMP) canoe PPh *balútu

balotoMaranao(WMP) small boat PPh *balútu

baloyMaranao(WMP) make into, convert, mutate, enchantment by evil spirit PMP *baliw₂

baloyNgaju Dayak(WMP) repeat; talkative; restore PMP *baliw₂

baloyPonosakan(WMP) house PMP *balay

baLozSaisiyat (Taai)(Formosan) pigeon PAN *baRuj

baluBare'e(WMP) widow(er) who is still in mourning PMP *balu₄

bāluIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) that which a man or woman wears to indicate that his or her spouse has died; to put on clothing to indicate that one's spouse has died PMP *baliw₃

baluBunun(Formosan) wild dove PAN *baRuj

baluHelong(CMP) new PMP *baqeRu

baluʔMakassarese(WMP) roll up (mats, cloth) PWMP *balut₂

baluMakassarese(WMP) widow(er) PMP *balu₄

baluʔMakassarese(WMP) to sell PMP *baluk₂

baluMalay(WMP) widowed, i.e. left desolate by death. Cf. janda (widow or divorcée), a commoner word PMP *balu₄

baluMentawai(WMP) eight PAN *walu

baluManggarai(CMP) old maid PMP *balu₄

baluNias(WMP) clothing PMP *balun₅

baluRotinese(CMP) cover (as with a blanket), enshroud PCEMP *balun₃

baluSangir(WMP) rice pestle PMP *balu₂

baluʔTiruray(WMP) stick for beating gongs; strike a gong PMP *baluq

baluʔUma(WMP) merchandise PMP *baluk₂

baluʔManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) the slow beat of the death call, which is beaten on the aguŋ (gong) PMP *baluq

baluManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) widow(er) PMP *balu₄

baluWolio(WMP) shroud PMP *balun₅

balu-baluWolio(WMP) widow(er) PWMP *balu balu

baluʔ-baluʔMakassarese(WMP) merchandise PMP *baluk₂

balúdCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) pink-bellied imperial pigeon: Ducula poliocephala PMP *baluj

báludCebuano(WMP) cream-colored wild pigeon: Ducula bicolor PMP *baluj

báludHanunóo(WMP) small wild dove or pigeon (subfamily Duculinae) PMP *baluj

báludIfugaw(WMP) prisoner PPH *balud

báludIlokano(WMP) prisoner PPH *balud

baludLun Dayeh(WMP) green imperial pigeon: Ducula aenea (Comber 1971) PMP *baluj

baludSimalur(WMP) bundle PWMP *balut₂

balud-enIlokano(WMP) to imprison; confine; seize; tie, bind PPH *balud-en

bálugIfugaw(WMP) wild dove PMP *baluj

bálugIsneg(WMP) the wood pigeon PMP *baluj

balugúHanunóo(WMP) large reddish, woody, tendril-bearing vine: Entada scandens Benth.; the bark is used as soap PWMP *baluRu

bálukCebuano(WMP) layer of fluffy fibrous material that sticks to the lower end of the palm frond, used as a compress for open wounds or tinder; tinder consisting of this material and charred coconut husks PMP *baruk

balukManggarai(CMP) trade, sell, exchange PMP *baluk₂

balukOld Javanese(WMP) kind of sailing boat? PMP *baluk₁

*balukPSan(WMP) to sell PMP *baluk₂

balukRembong(CMP) trade, sell, exchange PMP *baluk₂

balukRotinese(CMP) one-or two-masted boat without outriggers PMP *baluk₁

balukSundanese(WMP) a woman who goes around the village selling sirih (for the betel chew), tobacco, etc. PMP *baluk₂

b-al-ukbúkCebuano(WMP) pound something into fine particles or powder PMP *bukbuk₃

baluk-onBanggai(WMP) sold PMP *baluk₂

balulaWolio(WMP) horny skin, leather, tendon PWMP *balulaŋ

balúlaŋHanunóo(WMP) large checker-woven carrying basket hastily made, usually from fresh buri (palm) leaves, for temporary storage or packing PPh *balúlaŋ

balúlaŋIlokano(WMP) large, open-worked basket with a flat, square, footless bottom and a round rim; it has no cover, and is used for holding tobacco leaves, fodder, etc. PPh *balúlaŋ

balúlaŋIsneg(WMP) very large basket with a round rim and a square foot, for transporting rice in the husk and other products PPh *balúlaŋ

balúlaŋItawis(WMP) corn basket PPh *balúlaŋ

balulaŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) thick hide (as that of a buffalo); callus (as on the hands) PWMP *balulaŋ

*balulaŋPMin(WMP) skin, hide (scar of wound; callus; thick hide of various animals) PWMP *balulaŋ

*balulaŋPSS(WMP) thick hide (as of buffalo); callus (as on the hands) PWMP *balulaŋ

balulaŋSimalur(WMP) corn, callus PWMP *balulaŋ

balulaŋTae'(WMP) skin of men and animals; shield PWMP *balulaŋ

balúlaŋTagalog(WMP) portable chicken coop made of bamboo splints or palm leaves PPh *balúlaŋ

balunMongondow(WMP) provisions for a journey; bundle of sago, kind of carrying basket filled with sago PWMP *balun₂

balu-nBuruese(CMP) to bandage, cover PCEMP *balun₃

bálunCebuano(WMP) food, money to take along on a trip PWMP *balun₂

bálunHanunóo(WMP) provisions and necessary articles, including betel, food, trade items, small coinage, etc. which are taken with a person when going away for a period of time PWMP *balun₂

balunIban(WMP) large rough bundle PMP *balun₅

balunKayan(WMP) cloth, clothing PMP *balun₅

balunKenyah(WMP) expenses; provisions on a journey PWMP *balun₂

balunMalay(WMP) rolling up PMP *balun₅

*balunPMin(WMP) provisions for a journey PWMP *balun₂

balunRejang(WMP) shroud PMP *balun₅

balunTae'(WMP) wrapping of a corpse PMP *balun₅

bálunYogad(WMP) provisions PWMP *balun₂

ba-lunekNgaju Dayak(WMP) fleshy, having plenty of flesh PWMP *lunek₁

balunuʔSangir(WMP) kind of mango tree and its fruit, which has a strong, pleasant odor PWMP *balunuq

balunugTausug(WMP) a tree: Buchanania arborescens (Bl.) Anacardiaceae (Madulid 2001) PMP *balunuR

balunusCebuano(WMP) forest liana, the bark of which is used as shampoo: Entada phaseolides PWMP *barunus

baluŋSangir(WMP) provisions for a journey PWMP *balun₂

baluŋ-iWolio(WMP) envelop in a shroud PMP *balun₅

bálusCebuano(WMP) do back to someone what he did to the agent; for something to be done one way and then the opposite way; for a brother and sister to marry people that are also brothers and sisters; avenge; return a favor, repay a moral obligation PAN *bales₁

balusLabel(OC) blue dove POC *baluc

balútCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) wrap something up in leaves, cloth or paper PWMP *balut₂

balutIban(WMP) wrapping; band, bandage, small bundle; wrap up, entangle PWMP *balut₂

bálutIlokano(WMP) to gather, to roll up (garments, mats, etc.) PWMP *balut₂

balutKaro Batak(WMP) wrap something PWMP *balut₂

balutMalay(WMP) bandaging, enwrapping PWMP *balut₂

balutMentawai(WMP) provisions, supplies, food PWMP *balun₂

balutNgaju Dayak(WMP) mixture; something with which one mixes something else; mixed PMP *balut₁

balútuCebuano(WMP) small boat with a dug-out bottom, plank or sawali (bamboo matting) sidings, and usually with outriggers PPh *balútu

balútuHanunóo(WMP) dugout, or small canoe PPh *balútu

baluyAcehnese(WMP) take revenge; restore or replace after a loss PMP *baliw₄

baluyBerawan (Long Terawan)(WMP) the friends or relatives of a slain man who take revenge on his slayer -- these are the baluy of the slayer PMP *baliw₂

baluyMongondow(WMP) oppose, answer back or contradict the village head PMP *baliw₁

baluyKayan(WMP) altered, changed; to repent PMP *baliw₂

baluyPangasinan(WMP) a tree: Pterospermum diversifolium (Madulid 2001) PMP *bayuR

baluySangir(WMP) change something PMP *baliw₂

baluyTonsawang(WMP) to transform, change (shape, etc.) PMP *baliw₂

baluyManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) turn into or be changed into something, as magic; in the terminology of marriage arrangements, to accomplish or to complete a successful negotiation PMP *baliw₂

baluʔMurut (Tagol)(WMP) eight PAN *walu

balyánHanunóo(WMP) shamanism PWMP *balian

balyán, balyán-aBikol(WMP) priestess (Bikol mythology) PWMP *balian

balyán-anHanunóo(WMP) shaman, medium, shaman doctor PWMP *balian

balyan m-anak-anBalinese(WMP) midwife PMP *maR-anak

balyóBikol(WMP) go across, go over to the other side PMP *baliw₁

ba-lyugMansaka(WMP) wear a necklace PAN *liqeR

bambánBikol(WMP) wild grass used in making baskets PWMP *banban

bambánBikol(WMP) wild grass species (used in making baskets) PWMP *benben₂

bambánHanunóo(WMP) species of grasslike plant: Donax cannaeformis PWMP *banban

bambánIsneg(WMP) Donax cannaeformis Rolfe PWMP *banban

bambanJavanese(WMP) kind of reed used to make mats PWMP *banban

bambanNgaju Dayak(WMP) plant whose bast fibers are used in binding and plaiting PWMP *banban

bambanTae'(WMP) low tree the bast fibers of which are used as binding material in house construction: Grewia laevigata PWMP *banban

bambánTagalog(WMP) inner follicle (of fruits); a plant: Donax cannaeformis PWMP *banban

bámbanaMalagasy(WMP) boundless space PWMP *baŋbaŋ₁

bambaŋAcehnese(WMP) red, yellow, jaundiced PWMP *baŋbaŋ₈

bambaŋBahasa Indonesia(WMP) flat and wide, spacious PWMP *baŋbaŋ₁

bambaŋMongondow(WMP) wide, broad (as tree branches) PWMP *baŋbaŋ₁

bambaŋIban(WMP) large, broad (as leaves) PWMP *baŋbaŋ₁

bambaŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) a saltwater fish that is about five feet long and very slender PMP *baŋbaŋ₅

bambaŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) something that is hewed out (wood from a tree; both the piece of wood that is removed and the notch in the tree are called bambaŋ) PWMP *baŋbaŋ₇

bambaŋTae'(WMP) collapse, fall down PWMP *baŋbaŋ₄

bambáŋTagalog(WMP) canal, ditch PMP *baŋbaŋ₃

bambaŋ, baŋbaŋAcehnese(WMP) butterfly PMP *baŋbaŋ₂

bambaŋ-anBanjarese(WMP) kind of marine fish PMP *baŋbaŋ₅

bambaŋanMalay(WMP) a snapper: Lutjanus spp. PWMP *bambaŋen

bambaŋaŋMakassarese(WMP) sea bass: Lutjanus erythropterus PWMP *bambaŋen

bambaŋinTagalog(WMP) flame-colored snapper fish: Lutjanus fulvus PWMP *bambaŋen

ba-miliBare'e(WMP) a fastidious person PAN *piliq

banLindrou(OC) dove with gray tail feathers POC *baluc

banNumfor(SHWNG) wash with water (body and objects, not clothes) PMP *bañaw

bānNumfor(SHWNG) wake up from sleeping; set something upright, as a mast or a house; lifting of the hand, as in saluting PMP *baŋun₂

bānTolai(OC) bait POC *baniŋ

-banKola(CMP) to walk PMP *panaw₂

banaBare'e(WMP) formerly the term for all colored cotton, through which all old-fashioned textiles that still are used in religious ceremonies are called bana PWMP *banaeŋ

banaBasap(WMP) husband PMP *banah

banaBintulu(WMP) husband PMP *banah

banaBuruese(CMP) fire PMP *banaqaR

banaCebuano(WMP) husband PMP *banah

banaGilbertese(OC) a sling; (kare)-bana hurl with sling and stone, pelt with stones PAN *panaq

banaKapuas(WMP) husband PMP *banah

banaNgadha(CMP) warm, hot (of fire, sun, fever, water); to warm up, heat up; fill with magical power PMP *panas₁

banaNias(WMP) yarn, twine PWMP *banaeŋ

*bana, *panaPAmb(CMP) hot PMP *panas₁

banáʔagAklanon(WMP) rays (of the rising sun); to be rising (said of sun), send off rays PMP *banaqaR

banáʔagBikol(WMP) beam of light; moonlight, firelight PMP *banaqaR

banáagCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) rays (of the rising sun) PMP *banaqaR

banáʔagCebuano(WMP) ray of light PMP *banaqaR

banáʔagHiligaynon(WMP) dawn, early morning, rays of the sun PMP *banaqaR

banáʔagTagalog(WMP) soft ray, glimmer PMP *banaqaR

banaaŋBanggai(WMP) thread, yarn PWMP *banaeŋ

banabaAgutaynen(WMP) kind of large tree; the leaves or bark are boiled and then the water is drunk when one has a kidney problem or urinary tract infection PPh *banabá

banabaAyta Abellan(WMP) kind of tree with fruit that cannot be eaten PPh *banabá

banabáBikol(WMP) timber-producing deciduous tree with light purple flowers PPh *banabá

banabáCebuano(WMP) medium-sized tree of the secondary forest, also planted for its lilac or pink flowers. The leaves are commonly used as a tea for stomach or kidney disorders: Lagerstroemia speciosa PPh *banabá

banabáHanunóo(WMP) large tree: Lagerstroemia speciosa Linn. PPh *banabá

banabaIbaloy(WMP) kind of tree --- a beverage is made from its leaves and used as a folk medicine for vascular problems; a red tea is also brewed from its wood PPh *banabá

banabáIlokano(WMP) Lagerstroemia speciosa (L.). Tree with large panicles of lilac-purple flowers, yielding a valuable timber PPh *banabá

banabáKapampangan(WMP) tree of fine quality (Bergaño 1860) PPh *banabá

banabaMaranao(WMP) medicinal tree PPh *banabá

banabáTagalog(WMP) deciduous tree cultivated for its beautiful flowers; its timber; the tannin from its fruit, leaves and bark: Lagerstroemia speciosa Linn. PPh *banabá

banabá(h)Aklanon(WMP) medicinal tree: Premna cumingiana Schaver PPh *banabá

bana-banaUjir(CMP) to walk PMP *panaw₂

banaeŋSangir(WMP) thread, yarn PWMP *banaeŋ

banagMongondow(WMP) kind of creeper, used as cordage PMP *banaR₁

banágCebuano(WMP) woody, spiked vine found in thickets, the tips and fruits of which are used medicinally: Smilax bracteata PMP *banaR₁

banágIlokano(WMP) Smilax bracteata Presl., a woody, liliaceous vine, armed with spines; its root is used in infusions to purify the blood PMP *banaR₁

banagMaranao(WMP) dawning, as the light is breaking for dawn PMP *banaqaR

banaguHanunóo(WMP) a tree: Thespesia populnea PMP *banaRu

bánakTagalog(WMP) adult large-scaled mullet fish, known as agwás when still spawning and taliloŋ when still immature: Mugil waigensis PWMP *balanak

banálBontok(WMP) kind of vine, commonly used for binding shoulder loads of firewood. Smilax bracteata Presl. PMP *banaR₁

banalBunun(Formosan) a plant: Smilax china PAN *baNaR

banalTboli(WMP) thorny plant, the sap of which is used as medicine for pimples PMP *banaR₁

banálPangasinan(WMP) tired PPH *banal

banánIsneg(WMP) to sneeze. When people set out on a journey and one of them sneezes, this person may go on, but all the others must turn back, lest they be drowned or wounded PWMP *baqeñan

banánIsneg(WMP) to sneeze. When people set out on a journey and one of them sneezes, this person may go on, but all the others must turn back, lest they be drowned or wounded PWMP *bañen

banaŋMaloh(WMP) thread PWMP *banaeŋ

banáŋarIlokano(WMP) banana variety PWMP *baraŋan₁

banapLindrou(OC) small dotted fish with needle nose POC *panapa

banarJavanese(WMP) open on all sides (for sun, light) PMP *banaqaR

banaRKavalan(Formosan) plant sp. (Li 1982: 491) PAN *baNaR

banarMalay(WMP) a climber, Smilax sp. PMP *banaR₁

banarSasak(WMP) a tuberous plant related to Dioscorea hirsuta: Smilax zeylanica PMP *banaR₁

banarTiruray(WMP) kind of vine, Smilax sp. PMP *banaR₁

banarTolai(OC) a tree: Thespesia populnea PMP *banaRu

banar babiMalay (Pahang)(WMP) Smilax helferi, the leaves of which are used for poulticing PMP *banaR₁

banasGaloli(CMP) warm PMP *ma-panas

banasiTagalog(WMP) a tree: Planchonella obovata PPH *banisah

bana sina-nBuruese(CMP) spark PAN *siNaR

bánatBikol(WMP) to hit PWMP *banat

bánatIlokano(WMP) lengthening -- by forging PWMP *bañat

banatMalay(WMP) to thrash, to drub PWMP *banat

bánatTagalog(WMP) a strike, sock, box, or stroke to hit something PWMP *banat

bánatTagalog(WMP) a pull to stretch PWMP *bañat

banátTagalog(WMP) taut, stretched PWMP *bañat

banauMalay(WMP) a plant name'; = banar (Smilax sp.) PMP *banaw

bánawAklanon(WMP) to wash (hands, feet) PMP *bañaw

bánawCebuano(WMP) for liquids to be spread over an area, spread liquids (as water over a floor) PMP *bañaw

banáwHanunóo(WMP) dipping of fingers in water PMP *bañaw

banawIsinay(WMP) lake (McFarland 1977) PAN *banaw

bánawKankanaey(WMP) to dip, soak, steep, drench, wet (as a kettle with adherent dirt) PMP *bañaw

banawKavalan(Formosan) lake, pond (flowing or stagnant) PAN *banaw

*banawPRuk(Formosan) wash, bathe PAN *bañaw

banawaŋPangasinan(WMP) canal, ditch, trench PWMP *banawaŋ

bánbanAklanon(WMP) herb used for roofing: Donax cannaeformis PWMP *banban

banbánIfugaw(WMP) the inner, soft fibers of rattan thongs PWMP *banban

banbánIlokano(WMP) strips of bamboo PWMP *banban

banbánKankanaey(WMP) scraped rattan; cleaned bamboo PWMP *banban

banbanKaro Batak(WMP) a plant from which strips are cut for use in beautiful plaitwork: Maranta dichotoma PWMP *banban

banbanTiruray(WMP) general term for arrowroot: Maranta arundinacea PWMP *banban

banban, b-al-anbanCebuano(WMP) a branching reed, the main stem of which is split and used in weaving and in sewing nipa shingles: Donax cannaeformis PWMP *banban

banban, balanbánCebuano(WMP) kind of halfbeak: Hemirhamphus sp. PPh *baranbán

banciJavanese(WMP) an effeminate man; an asexual person PWMP *baciR

bancirMalay(WMP) impotent PWMP *baciR

bancuBare'e(WMP) basket hastily woven of sago sheaths; it is placed in a wooden holder and used to transport sago and salt PWMP *basuŋ

bandaŋanTae'(WMP) goat hair fixed on a bamboo pole, used in feasts (as by the to maʔrandiŋ at the death feast) PMP *bandaŋan

banda wíliKambera(CMP) goods that make up the brideprice PMP *beli

bandoŋIban(WMP) large sailing vessel; matching pair, set PWMP *banduŋ

bandoŋMalay(WMP) twin; in duplicate; alike and linked. Of semi-detached houses with a common roof, two yolks in one egg-shell, etc. PWMP *banduŋ

ban-duaAcehnese(WMP) both PMP *duha

banduŋCebuano(WMP) large boat used to bring the net and fishermen out to the fishing grounds, consisting of a pair of smaller boats or a wide boat so made that a platform can be placed across it PWMP *banduŋ

baṇḍuŋOld Javanese(WMP) together, at the same time PWMP *banduŋ

banegMaranao(WMP) welt PPh *banéR

banehBelait(WMP) husband PMP *banah

banélPangasinan(WMP) to crush PPh *banéR

banhagAyta Abellan(WMP) nickname that is disliked by the person so called PPH *ban(e)sag

banhíʔBikol(WMP) rice seedling PWMP *benehiq

banhúdCebuano(WMP) numb from loss of circulation or anesthesia; become numb, for limbs to fall asleep PPh *ban(e)héd

baniArop(OC) wing POC *banic

baniBalinese(WMP) dare, to bold, venture PMP *baRani

baniBikol(WMP) a tree: Pongamia pinnata (L.) Merr., Fabaceae (Madulid 2001) PPH *bani₂

baniBwaidoga/Bwaidoka(OC) fishhook; fishing POC *baniŋ

baniGitua(OC) bait POC *baniŋ

baníIlokano(WMP) kind of tree with oblong pods whose leaves and bark are used to cure cough: Pongamia mitis PPH *bani₂

baniLampung(WMP) brave PMP *baRani

baniMailu(OC) food of animal or bird; bait POC *baniŋ

baniNumbami(OC) fish bait POC *baniŋ

ɓaniHawu(CMP) dare; courageous, brave PMP *baRani

baniTagalog(WMP) a tree: Pongamia pinnata (L.) Merr., Fabaceae (Madulid 2001) PPH *bani₂

bani, bani-baniMolima(OC) to fish with hook and line POC *baniŋ

baniakawIlokano(WMP) kind of tree yielding a poor timber PPh *baniákaw

bani-nGedaged(OC) wings of birds POC *banic

bani-nLindrou(OC) wing POC *banic

banisaIvatan(WMP) a tree: Planchonella obovata PPH *banisah

banitKayan (Busang)(WMP) excoriated, skinned PAN *baNiC

banitKayan(WMP) be scratched on the skin (as by thorns) PAN *baNiC

banitSika(CMP) to skin, flay PAN *baNiC

baniwKavalan(Formosan) mushroom (generic) PAN *bajiw

baniyákawIsneg(WMP) kind of tree PPh *baniákaw

banlátKapampangan(WMP) pig pen, cage PWMP *banelat

banlátTagalog(WMP) pig pen; fish corral in rivers PWMP *banelat

bánlawAklanon(WMP) rinse out (with water after soaping) PPh *bal(e)ñáw

banláwCebuano(WMP) rinse, clean with water PPh *bal(e)ñáw

banláwTagalog(WMP) first rinsing PPh *bal(e)ñáw

banlíkTagalog(WMP) slime or mud left by ebbing of water PWMP *banelik

bannádItawis(WMP) numbness PPh *ban(e)héd

bannaŋMakassarese(WMP) thread, yarn PWMP *banaeŋ

bannaŋMakassarese(WMP) thread PWMP *benaŋ

bannaŋMandar(WMP) thread (of cotton) PWMP *benaŋ

bannaŋTae'(WMP) thread, yarn PWMP *banaeŋ

bannaŋTae'(WMP) thread PWMP *benaŋ

bannaŋ laa-laaTae'(WMP) threads of a spiderweb PWMP *benaŋ

bannaŋ pondanTae'(WMP) thread from pineapple fibers PWMP *benaŋ

banneTae'(WMP) seed for planting PWMP *benehiq

bannógIsneg(WMP) kind of large bird; spirit who takes the shape of a large bird and, in his flight, carries away the victim he is going to kill PPh *banúR

bannugIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) a bird commonly called a Red-tailed hawk PPh *banúR

bannúgIfugaw(WMP) kind of bird of prey said to eat small snakes, and cannot fly as quickly as other birds of prey PPh *banúR

bannuwétIsneg(WMP) large fishhook, some two inches long, often baited with locusts PPh *banuít

banoNgadha(CMP) go, walk PMP *panaw₂

banoNias(WMP) wash the hands (before eating) PMP *bañaw

banoSika(CMP) go, walk PMP *panaw₂

banoTae'(WMP) wash, rinse off PMP *bañaw

bano, fanoSimalur(WMP) land, place, district PMP *banua

banoaMakassarese(WMP) sheath (for a knife) PMP *banua

banodMongondow(WMP) "sleeping", of foot or hand PPh *ban(e)héd

banógAklanon(WMP) bird of prey (hawk) PPh *banúR

banógBikol(WMP) bash, hit hard, strike PPh *banéR

banúgBontok(WMP) Asiatic sparrow hawk, Accipiter virgatus confusus PPh *banúR

banógKankanaey(WMP) kind of kite with gray and white plumage PPh *banúR

banogMaranao(WMP) vulture PPh *banúR

banoitMaranao(WMP) fishhook, hook PPh *banuít

banóyTagalog(WMP) eagle (the larger of the Philippine variety) PPh *banúR

banraŋanMakassarese(WMP) pike decorated with goat hair PMP *bandaŋan

bánsagAklanon(WMP) famous, popular, noted PPH *ban(e)sag

banságBikol(WMP) alias, nickname (usually associated with looks, occupation or some other characteristics of the person) PPH *ban(e)sag

banságTagalog(WMP) surname, family name; the name by which one is popularly known but which is different from one’s real name; to boast; famous PPH *ban(e)sag

bánsagKapampangan(WMP) alias, nickname; famous PPH *ban(e)sag

bansahDelang(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

bansuŋBanggai(WMP) large basket PWMP *basuŋ

bántaCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) threaten; intend, plan (as to kill someone) PWMP *bantaq

bantáʔCebuano(WMP) warn someone not to do something; plan to do harm to something PWMP *bantaq

bantaGorontalo(WMP) bundle, as of wheat or cement PWMP *bantal

bantaSubanen/Subanun(WMP) enemy (Churchill 1912) PWMP *bantaq

bantáʔTagalog(WMP) threat; suspicion, surmise PWMP *bantaq

bantaTausug(WMP) enemy, foe, adversary PWMP *bantaq

bantaʔ-anMaranao(WMP) story, tale, gossip PWMP *bantaq

bantadMaranao(WMP) Sorghum vulgare pers. -- barley-like plant PMP *batad

bántaeAklanon(WMP) to dam up PWMP *bantal

bantahMalay(WMP) altercation PWMP *bantaq

bantah-anSundanese(WMP) resistant, as an illness that does not respond to treatment; stubborn PWMP *bantaq

bantah-bentohMalay(WMP) brawls of all sorts PWMP *bantaq

bantalBalinese(WMP) pillow, cushion; kind of sweets wrapped in young coconut leaves PWMP *bantal

bantaḷMongondow(WMP) storage chest; bundle PWMP *bantal

bántalCebuano(WMP) bundle something (as dirty clothes) PWMP *bantal

bantalIban(WMP) cushion, pillow; bundle of cloth or clothes PWMP *bantal

bantalJavanese(WMP) pillow; pin-cushion PWMP *bantal

bantalMalay(WMP) cushion-support; cushion or pillow of European type; pillow-like object PWMP *bantal

bantalMaranao(WMP) bundle PWMP *bantal

bantalNgaju Dayak(WMP) pillow, cushion for the head (long and round) PWMP *bantal

bantalOld Javanese(WMP) cloth; a bundle of cloth (as a measure) PWMP *bantal

bantalSundanese(WMP) pillow PWMP *bantal

bantal ~ fantalSimalur(WMP) cushion, pillow PWMP *bantal

bantal-anJavanese(WMP) to use a pillow PWMP *bantal

bantal-bantalMalay(WMP) pillow-like stump of rainbow (regarded as ominous) PWMP *bantal

bantal dawaJavanese(WMP) Dutch wife (long pillow for snuggling) PWMP *bantal

bantaləʔSangir(WMP) storage chest, trunk PWMP *bantal

bantaŋMakassarese(WMP) stretched thread or cord PMP *benteŋ

bantasJavanese(WMP) lasting, durable, of tissue (Pigeaud 1938) PWMP *bantas

bantasMaranao(WMP) longevity, durability PWMP *bantas

banteŋIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) a flint lighter, consisting of a flint stone...a piece of steel against which the flint is struck, and tinder...which lights when a spark is created; for someone to strike a fire with a flint lighter PMP *bantiŋ

bantiŋMalay(WMP) dashing against (of threshing rice by beating the stalks against the side of a box, and so knocking off the grain; of striking together, as when waves meet with a splash in the sea) PMP *bantiŋ

bantiŋRembong(CMP) to dash down, fling against PMP *bantiŋ

bantiŋBalinese(WMP) strike, throw PMP *bantiŋ

bantiŋBuginese(WMP) to dash down, fling against PMP *bantiŋ

bantíŋIfugaw(WMP) a small iron (or steel) piece with which the Ifugaw strike a small piece of flint to produce sparks that hit some cotton and is easily enkindled by blowing over it; in the Hapaw area, matches, a box of matches, is called bantíŋ-an PMP *bantiŋ

bantiŋJavanese(WMP) to hit and throw down (as a boat being thrown against the rocks) PMP *bantiŋ

bantiŋ ~ wantiŋOld Javanese(WMP) to strike, give a violent blow to; dash to the ground PMP *bantiŋ

bántogAklanon(WMP) famous, noted, well-known; to announce PPH *bantug

bantogMansaka(WMP) to praise; to boast PPH *bantug

bantogMaranao(WMP) praise, flatter PPH *bantug

bantógMasbatenyo(WMP) famous, well-known, popular PPH *bantug

bantógTagalog(WMP) famous; very well-known; celebrated; distinguished; shining PPH *bantug

bantógWaray-Waray(WMP) well-known, popular, famous PPH *bantug

bantog-aʔMaranao(WMP) famous, renowned, famed PPH *bantug

bantog-áWaray-Waray(WMP) to spread over a news PPH *bantug

bantóg-anBikol(WMP) distinguished, famous, eminent, great, illustrious, notable, renowned, well-known; a celebrity PPH *bantug

bantog-anMansaka(WMP) renowned; famous PPH *bantug

bantog-ánWaray-Waray(WMP) well-known, popular PPH *bantug

bantog-enMaranao(WMP) legendary hero in Maranao epic poem of the Darangen PPH *bantug

bantúgHanunóo(WMP) known, famous PPH *bantug

bántugHiligaynon(WMP) renowned, famous, eminent, distinguished, noted PPH *bantug

bantugManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) fame; to spread one’s fame PPH *bantug

bantúgCebuano(WMP) famous, notorious PPH *bantug

bantugRomblomanon(WMP) someone is popular or well-known PPH *bantug

bantug-anBinukid(WMP) famous, renowned, well-known PPH *bantug

bantúg-anCebuano(WMP) famous, notorious PPH *bantug

bantug-ánMasbatenyo(WMP) famous PPH *bantug

bantugəʔSangir(WMP) grand, noble PPH *bantug

bantug-unHiligaynon(WMP) to be rumored, to be considered a hearsay; to become well-known PPH *bantug

bantunDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) fetch something in the entirety, take all PMP *bantun

bantunIban(WMP) pull out, pull up, pluck out, weed PMP *bantun

bantunMalay(WMP) plucking out, of pulling out a hair or a tooth or an arrow from awound, or of uprooting a tree PMP *bantun

bantunSundanese(WMP) the rope of a casting net PMP *bantun

bantuŋBuginese(WMP) climb upward, ascend PMP *bantun

banuaBare'e(WMP) house PMP *banua

banuaMaloh(WMP) country, land; commoner PMP *banua

banuaMandar(WMP) town; district, area PMP *banua

banuaNias(WMP) sky, heaven, thunder; village; homeland; fellow villager; serf PMP *banua

banuaSangir(WMP) land, district; people; state; sea; weather PMP *banua

banuaTae'(WMP) house, members of a household PMP *banua

banuaToba Batak(WMP) land, district, region PMP *banua

banua ginjaŋToba Batak(WMP) upper world, heaven PMP *banua

banua ka-busuŋ-anTae'(WMP) (lit. 'holy house') building that one must treat with respect, as the mosque at Palopo PWMP *busuŋ

banua mate-aWolio(WMP) a bereaved house PMP *m-atay-an

banuaŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) tree of the inner forest, often used in making rafts on account of its buoyant wood PWMP *banuaŋ

banuaŋTagalog(WMP) a tree: Octomeles sp. PWMP *banuaŋ

banua toŋa onToba Batak(WMP) middle world, Earth PMP *banua

banua toruToba Batak(WMP) underworld, world of the dead PMP *banua

banua touNias(WMP) underworld PMP *banua

banua tuaTae'(WMP) an old house; an old lineage house erected for the ancestors that remains a common possession of their descendants PMP *tuqah

banuáyKankanaey(WMP) kind of tree PWMP *banuay

bánugCebuano(WMP) for fruits to be bruised; bruise by pounding PPh *banéR

banúgCebuano(WMP) large hawk with chocolate-brown feathers and white-colored breast PPh *banúR

banúgHanunóo(WMP) serious external bruises resulting in internal hemorrhage PPh *banéR

banugManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) generic for hawks and eagles PPh *banúR

banuítPangasinan(WMP) fish with a rod; fishhook PPh *banuít

banunTaokas(Formosan) cypress tree PAN *baŋun₁

banurKavalan(Formosan) dove, pigeon PAN *baRuj

banu susuKomodo(CMP) milk (breast water) PAN *susu₁

banútanIfugaw(WMP) a tree the stem of which yields a very hard and reddish timber PPh *banútan

bánwaBuhid(WMP) sky PMP *banua

banwáCebuano(WMP) fatherland; town, village PMP *banua

banwáHiligaynon(WMP) town, community; a compactly settled area usually larger than a village but smaller than a city PMP *banua

banwáKapampangan(WMP) year; sky, heaven PMP *banua

banwáPangasinan(WMP) sun PMP *banua

banwá(h)Aklanon(WMP) town, country PMP *banua

banwítBikol(WMP) fish hook PPh *banuít

bánwitHanunóo(WMP) fishing tackle PPh *banuít

banyákawBontok(WMP) tall tree, the wood of which is used for making pestles and spear shafts: Dysoxylon sp. (Meliac.) PPh *baniákaw

bañatKayan(WMP) stretched; of elastic bodies, expanded PWMP *bañat

bañatKenyah(WMP) stretched; expanded PWMP *bañat

bañenNgaju Dayak(WMP) to sneeze. If one wishes to set out on a journey and someone in the house sneezes it is a bad sign; one must then postpone the journey PWMP *bañen

bañu tawaOld Javanese(WMP) fresh (tasteless) water PWMP *tabaR

baŋGitua(OC) bang! noise of stone exploding fire PMP *paŋ

baŋʔPalauan(WMP) to bite PWMP *baŋiq

baŋaHanunóo(WMP) tall palm (probably Orania decipiens Becc.) PWMP *baŋa₁

báŋaIlokano(WMP) a clay pot used for cooking PPH *baŋaq₂

baŋaMakassarese(WMP) kind of pandanus PWMP *baŋa₁

baŋaMaranao(WMP) palm tree PWMP *baŋa₁

baŋaTae'(WMP) a palm: Metroxylon elatum Mart. PWMP *baŋa₁

baŋaToba Batak(WMP) open, gaping PMP *baŋa₂

baŋaʔManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) carry something in the mouth PWMP *baŋaq₁

baŋaIbaloy(WMP) earthenware pot, jar (primarily associated with cooking non-staple food eaten with rice, but to some also used for rice, and for storing cold water PPH *baŋaq₂

baŋaIbatan(WMP) earthen cooking pot PPH *baŋaq₂

báŋaIsneg(WMP) vessel of earthenware, with a round PPH *baŋaq₂

baŋa(h)Aklanon(WMP) palm tree: Orania palindan PWMP *baŋa₁

baŋahNgaju Dayak(WMP) open (door, mouth) PWMP *baŋaq₁

baŋaʔ ŋka-wuluUma(WMP) coconut with the fibers still adhering to the shell PMP *bulu₁

baŋarIlokano(WMP) tree with rank-smelling flowers: Sterculia foetida PMP *baŋ(e)qeR₂

baŋarMalay(WMP) putrid, as stagnant water or decaying animal matter PMP *baŋ(e)qeR₂

baŋarMinangkabau(WMP) temporary dullness of hearing, e.g. after much diving or a stiff dose of quinine PWMP *beŋeR

baŋarMiri(WMP) smell of river mud at low tide, or of a swamp PMP *baŋ(e)qeR₂

baŋasKavalan(Formosan) a tree: Melia azedarach PAN *baŋaS

baŋaʃSaisiyat(Formosan) a tree: Melia azedarach PAN *baŋaS

baŋásəRukai (Tanan)(Formosan) a tree: Melia azedarach PAN *baŋaS

baŋauMalay(WMP) putrid PWMP *baŋ(e)haw

baŋawTagalog(WMP) botfly PAN *baŋaw

baŋáʔSambal (Botolan)(WMP) water jar PPH *baŋaq₂

baŋáʔTagalog(WMP) a native earthen jar with a narrow mouth for holding water (smaller than tapáyan) PPH *baŋaq₂

baŋaʔSubanun (Sindangan)(WMP) water jar PPH *baŋaq₂

baŋbanSundanese(WMP) kind of pliable reed from which hats and baskets are made PWMP *banban

baŋbaŋAklanon(WMP) fall down, cave in (such as sides of riverbank) PWMP *baŋbaŋ₄

baŋbaŋBalinese(WMP) hollow place, esp. in a road; pit, grave; den; dig a hole or pit in the ground PMP *baŋbaŋ₃

baŋbaŋBalinese(WMP) species of large sea fish PMP *baŋbaŋ₅

baŋbaŋBontok(WMP) to bury, as a dead animal or rubbish PMP *baŋbaŋ₃

baŋbaŋIbaloy(WMP) open space through a stone wall (as for a trail) PWMP *baŋbaŋ₄

baŋbaŋIfugaw(WMP) plant something that must grow in the earth, not in the mud PMP *baŋbaŋ₃

baŋbáŋIsneg(WMP) of close texture (cloth, basketwork) PWMP *beŋbeŋ

baŋbaŋMaranao(WMP) bruise PWMP *baŋbaŋ₈

baŋbaŋOld Javanese(WMP) red PWMP *baŋbaŋ₈

baŋbaŋSundanese(WMP) white, of the skin, with a somewhat dark reddish tint PWMP *baŋbaŋ₈

baŋbaŋTiruray(WMP) notch PWMP *baŋbaŋ₇

baŋbaŋToba Batak(WMP) wide, spacious PWMP *baŋbaŋ₁

baŋbaŋManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) a hole dug in the ground; to dig PMP *baŋbaŋ₃

baŋbaŋAgutaynen(WMP) to destroy something by making holes in it (as a wall destroyed by a dog making holes in it because he wanted to come into the kitchen) PWMP *baŋbaŋ₄

baŋbaŋMansaka(WMP) to enlarge a hole (as with a bolo or ax) PWMP *baŋbaŋ₄

baŋbaŋ-anIbaloy(WMP) to reduce the height of, or make a breach in, a stone wall by removing some of the stones PWMP *baŋbaŋ₄

baŋbáŋ-anIlokano(WMP) to hill, raise a heap of earth above the roots of a row of plants (usually by means of a plow) PWMP *baŋbaŋan

baŋbaŋ-enIbaloy(WMP) to make a stone wall topple down in one place (as when an animal passes over it) PWMP *baŋbaŋ₄

baŋ-báŋunBontok(WMP) small herb with aromatic leaves and stems: Ocimum sanctum L. PWMP *baŋun-baŋun

baŋeYamdena(CMP) cave, grotto, opening in rocks; vagina PMP *baŋa₂

baŋʔégIlokano(WMP) stench of rotten wood PMP *baŋ(e)qeR₂

*baŋəhPMin(WMP) smell bad PMP *baŋ(e)qeR₂

baŋerJavanese(WMP) stench, stinking PMP *baŋ(e)qeR₂

baŋerManggarai(CMP) musty, stale PMP *baŋ(e)qeR₂

baŋerSasak(WMP) stale smell, stench (of water) PMP *baŋ(e)qeR₂

baŋesBalinese(WMP) noisome, unpleasant in smell or taste PMP *baŋ(e)qes

baŋʔəsBontok(WMP) to have spoiled, as cooked rice, vegetables or cooked meat PMP *baŋ(e)qes

baŋesManggarai(CMP) beginning to smell badly, mawkish, foul (smell) PMP *baŋ(e)qes

baŋəʃSaisiyat(Formosan) animal skin PAN *baŋeS

baŋgákTagalog(WMP) foolish (said of young women) PWMP *bagak

baŋgalDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) large, of inanimate things PMP *bagal

baŋgalToba Batak(WMP) big, strong PMP *bagal

baŋgíBikol(WMP) evening, night PMP *beRŋi

bàŋguKambera(CMP) with bowed head; ashamed PMP *beŋkuq

bàŋguKambera(CMP) with bowed head; ashamed PMP *beŋkuŋ

baŋháwCebuano(WMP) having the sour smell which develops in cooking starches which are waterlogged, e.g. corn which has been ground without being fully dried, yams which got waterlogged in rain-soaked ground, etc. PWMP *baŋ(e)haw

baŋiCham(WMP) used of all agreeable sensations: good, tasty, redolant, etc. PMP *baŋehih

baŋʔíIlokano(WMP) to smell of toast PMP *baŋehih

baŋiJavanese(WMP) bait PMP *baŋi₁

baŋiʔMaranao(WMP) to bite PWMP *baŋiq

baŋíTagalog(WMP) broiling PMP *baŋi₂

baŋi-hBuruese(CMP) heat over a fire PMP *baŋi₂

baŋílAklanon(WMP) shim (something used to level off an unbalanced table or chair that is wobbling) PPH *baŋil

baŋilBinukid(WMP) to prop something up PPH *baŋil

báŋilCebuano(WMP) to put something beneath or next to something to prevent it from jiggling, rolling, sliding, etc. PPH *baŋil

baŋilManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) a chock to keep something from rolling; a block to raise something PPH *baŋil

baŋil-anAgutaynen(WMP) to wedge something under something to make it level or prevent it from wiggling PPH *baŋil

baŋísCebuano(WMP) fierce; cruel PWMP *baŋis

baŋisMinangkabau(WMP) cruel, hard PWMP *baŋis

baŋísTagalog(WMP) ferocity, wildness PMP *beŋis₁

báŋkaIlokano(WMP) a kind of large bilog (double outrigger canoe) without outriggers PMP *baŋkaq

báŋkaeAklanon(WMP) tree with reddish fruit: Nauclea junghuhnia PMP *baŋkal

baŋkálCebuano(WMP) tree sp.: Nauclea orientalis PMP *baŋkal

baŋkalIban(WMP) small trees, Nauclea sp. PMP *baŋkal

baŋkalMalay(WMP) name for certain trees: Nauclea spp. or Sarcocephalus spp. PMP *baŋkal

baŋkalManggarai(CMP) tree sp. PMP *baŋkal

baŋkalaʔMakassarese(WMP) a timber tree: Sarcocephalus undulatus (Cense (1979)); a tree: Nauclea orientalis (Mills (1975)) PMP *baŋkal

baŋkaŋMalay(WMP) expanding widely (as the arms of the new moon or a small arc of a very large circle); descriptive of the wide pincers of black forest scorpions (kala baŋkaŋ), of a crab with pincers far apart (kətam baŋkaŋ), and of buffalo horns that stand out almost straight (tandok baŋkaŋ) PAN *bakaŋ₁

baŋkawMaranao(WMP) spear or lance PWMP *baŋkaw

*baŋkaqPBun(WMP) boat PMP *baŋkaq

baŋkasaʔMakassarese(WMP) swift, agile, energetic PMP *bakas₁

báŋkatAklanon(WMP) woven basket (for small fishes) PWMP *ba(ŋ)kat

baŋkatIban(WMP) large basket PWMP *ba(ŋ)kat

baŋkatMaranao(WMP) to pack, to tie; band PWMP *kabat₁

baŋkauIban(WMP) pike, short round spike on a staff; baŋkau also applies to the long bayonets of the early 19th century fixed to ironwood staves for arming Fortmen (Richards (1981)) PWMP *baŋkaw

báŋkawAklanon(WMP) spear PWMP *baŋkaw

baŋkawBinukid(WMP) generic for a spear without barbs or hooks; to throw or thrust a spear at someone or something PWMP *baŋkaw

baŋkáwBontok(WMP) a kind of spear having a plain blade without barbs PWMP *baŋkaw

baŋkawMapun(WMP) mangrove tree; mangrove swamp PWMP *bakehaw

baŋkáyBikol(WMP) the body of a dead person, corpse PWMP *baŋkay

baŋkáyCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) corpse, dead body, body; to have a wake (the custom of everyone staying up all night in the house where the body is laid out) PWMP *baŋkay

báŋkayHiligaynon(WMP) corpse, dead body PWMP *baŋkay

baŋkayIbaloy(WMP) corpse (old word; sometimes used for the living body) PWMP *baŋkay

baŋkayIban(WMP) corpse, dead body of any animal; to call a person baŋkay in swearing is a gross insult PWMP *baŋkay

baŋkáyIlokano(WMP) corpse; body; box; framework; from of a cart PWMP *baŋkay

baŋkayKadazan Dusun(WMP) corpse, carcass, dead body, skeleton, cadaver PWMP *baŋkay

baŋkayMalay(WMP) carcass; dead body of animal; of human bodies, contemptuously PWMP *baŋkay

baŋkayMapun(WMP) corpse PWMP *baŋkay

báŋkayPangasinan(WMP) corpse PWMP *baŋkay

baŋkáyTagalog(WMP) corpse; remains; a dead body PWMP *baŋkay

baŋkayMurut (Timugon)(WMP) corpse PWMP *baŋkay

báŋkayAklanon(WMP) corpse, dead person PWMP *baŋkay

baŋkayBinukid(WMP) to place a corpse (of a person) in a small house or tree; to place the corpse (of an animal) on a high platform PWMP *baŋkay

baŋkáyCebuano(WMP) corpse (slang) PWMP *baŋkay

baŋkáyHanunóo(WMP) corpse PWMP *baŋkay

baŋkayTausug(WMP) a corpse, (dead human) body PWMP *baŋkay

baŋkayTombonuwo(WMP) corpse PWMP *baŋkay

baŋkay-anMurut (Timugon)(WMP) time before a corpse has been buried PWMP *baŋkay

baŋkay-baŋkay-anMapun(WMP) a time (usually three or seven days) of watching over the bed where a recently deceased person slept PWMP *baŋkay

baŋkaʔMongondow(WMP) boat (in priestly language) PMP *baŋkaq

báŋkaʔCebuano(WMP) a one-piece dugout between 5 to 15 meters, optionally with one or two masts and/or a motor, and/or outriggers PMP *baŋkaq

baŋkáʔTagalog(WMP) native boat or canoe, both small and large, with and without a sail PMP *baŋkaq

baŋkaʔTausug(WMP) a one-piece dugout canoe with or without outriggers PMP *baŋkaq

baŋkaʔ-ínTagalog(WMP) to make use of a small boat in crossing a river or lake, or for other purposes PMP *baŋkaq

baŋkaʔ-unTausug(WMP) to ride in a canoe, travel by canoe PMP *baŋkaq

baŋkéAcehnese(WMP) corpse, cadaver (of a non-Muslim or animal) PWMP *baŋkay

baŋkeGayō(WMP) corpse PWMP *baŋkay

baŋkeKaro Batak(WMP) corpse, carcass; carrion PWMP *baŋkay

*baŋkePSS(WMP) corpse PWMP *baŋkay

baŋkeSimalur(WMP) body (of a living person) PWMP *baŋkay

baŋkeSundanese(WMP) corpse PWMP *baŋkay

baŋkeToba Batak(WMP) corpse, carcass; carrion PWMP *baŋkay

baŋkeWolio(WMP) dead body (especially of animal, carcass, carrion PWMP *baŋkay

baŋkéKapampangan(WMP) corpse PWMP *baŋkay

baŋke ~ bə-baŋkeSasak(WMP) corpse PWMP *baŋkay

baŋkewManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) generic for any barbless spear PWMP *baŋkaw

baŋkilíŋAklanon(WMP) a tree: Cicca acida PWMP *baŋkiriŋ

baŋkilíŋCebuano(WMP) kind of small, deciduous, cultivated tree which has a rounded, light green fruit, fleshy and sour, used as a flavoring for vinegarized dishes or eaten pickled: Cicca acida PWMP *baŋkiriŋ

baŋkoWolio(WMP) mangrove tree: Rhizophora conjugata PWMP *bakehaw

baŋkoroAgutaynen(WMP) the “noni” fruit. It turns black when ripe. Some people boil it and then use the water for medicinal purposes. PWMP *baŋkudu

baŋkuduBalinese(WMP) a tree: Morinda spp. PWMP *baŋkudu

baŋkuduTausug(WMP) Morinda bracteata Roxb. (Madulid 2001) PWMP *baŋkudu

baŋkuduToba Batak(WMP) a tree the roots of which yield a reddish-brown substance used to dye cloth(ing) PWMP *baŋkudu

baŋkulís-anCebuano(WMP) kind of fish PWMP *baŋkulis

baŋkulisiʔMakassarese(WMP) scaleless, striped marine fish about half a meter long, with forked tail fin PWMP *baŋkulis

baŋkuŋMakassarese(WMP) curved wooden piece on the outer end of the outrigger of an outrigger canoe used to hold firm the bamboo staves which run parallel to the hull and give it balance PMP *beŋkuŋ

baŋkúroTagalog(WMP) Morinda citrifolia L. (Madulid 2001) PWMP *baŋkudu

baŋkúruCebuano(WMP) a tree: Morinda spp. PWMP *baŋkudu

baŋlóAgutaynen(WMP) fragrant smell of something; nice, good smell PPH *baŋ(e)lúh

baŋlóIlokano(WMP) fragrance PPH *baŋ(e)lúh

baŋlóIfugaw(WMP) mint; a very fragrant little herb; hence applied to whatever plant or flower has a good smell PPH *baŋ(e)lúh

báŋluHanunóo(WMP) fragrance, sweetness of smell PPH *baŋ(e)lúh

baŋŋágItawis(WMP) deaf PWMP *beŋeR

baŋŋíItawis(WMP) smell of roasted rice PMP *beŋi

baŋŋiMakassarese(WMP) night, evening PMP *beRŋi

baŋŋi-baŋŋiMakassarese(WMP) every night PMP *beRŋi beRŋi

baŋŋi-nnaMakassarese(WMP) it is night (in nominal constructions) PMP *beRŋi-na

baŋohAyta Abellan(WMP) fragrant, sweet smell PPH *baŋ(e)lúh

baŋònAcehnese(WMP) form, shape, figure, posture, build, figure PMP *baŋun₂

báŋonAklanon(WMP) get up (out of bed), arise PMP *baŋun₂

báŋonBikol(WMP) get up, arise, rise; get out of bed; name someone after PMP *baŋun₂

báŋunBontok(WMP) awaken; get up from a prone position PMP *baŋun₂

báŋonIsneg(WMP) an amaranthaceous herb with speckled leaves of different colors, planted for ornamental and magical purposes; shamans stick it in their headbands when going to attend a sick person; it is also planted next to the first seedling in a tobacco field PWMP *baŋun-baŋun

baŋonMansaka(WMP) get up from bed PMP *baŋun₂

baŋonMaranao(WMP) rise, get up; build PMP *baŋun₂

baŋónPangasinan(WMP) arise, wake, get up from bed PMP *baŋun₂

báŋonTagalog(WMP) rising from a lying position PMP *baŋun₂

baŋón-anIsneg(WMP) to raise, erect, set upright PWMP *baŋun-an

baŋon-anMaranao(WMP) community, town, village PWMP *baŋun-an

baŋun-ənBontok(WMP) be awakened PWMP *baŋun-en

baŋón-enIlokano(WMP) to raise, erect, build, construct, rear, set upright; to elevate, appoint, nominate; to found, to originate PWMP *baŋun-en

baŋón-onBikol(WMP) help someone up PWMP *baŋun-en

baŋon sa walayMaranao(WMP) married person; put up one house; family PMP *baŋun₂

baŋósIlokano(WMP) milkfish PPH *baŋús

baŋósBikol(WMP) milkfish PPH *baŋús

baŋósTagalog(WMP) milkfish PPH *baŋús

baŋrisKavalan(Formosan) tusk, fang PAN *baŋeliS

baŋsalIban(WMP) shed PWMP *baŋsal

baŋsálIlokano(WMP) annex to the kitchen consisting of an unroofed platform raised on posts --- used for storage, cleaning, etc. PWMP *baŋsal

baŋsalJavanese(WMP) hall, building PWMP *baŋsal

baŋsalMalay(WMP) temporary structure of wood or atap used as a booth, coolie-house, cooking shed, etc. PWMP *baŋsal

baŋsisKavalan(Formosan) fragrant PAN *baŋeSiS

baŋsítIlokano(WMP) stench of excrement, stale cooked rice, etc. PWMP *baŋsit

baŋsitMalay(WMP) having a vile smell PWMP *baŋsit

baŋʔugCebuano(WMP) foul smell of liquids that have stagnated, or of food that has spoiled PMP *baŋ(e)qeR₂

baŋunBalinese(WMP) rise, get up (from bed) PMP *baŋun₂

baŋunBanggai(WMP) rise, stand up PMP *baŋun₂

baŋunBinukid(WMP) get up (from a lying position); raise up, make (something lying down) erect PMP *baŋun₂

báŋunCebuano(WMP) get up from a lying position; make something lying erect; redeem one's honor; revive the name of a deceased relative by naming someone after him; put a boat on a small elevated platform or wedges when it is beached to prevent it from getting rotten or infested with shipworms PMP *baŋun₂

báŋunHanunóo(WMP) arising, getting up PMP *baŋun₂

báŋunHiligaynon(WMP) arise, get up from bed, get up from a lying position PMP *baŋun₂

baŋunIban(WMP) beat, thresh (? to revive) PMP *baŋun₂

baŋunKaro Batak(WMP) the existence of something, the appearance, the structure of something, the state of a matter PMP *baŋun₂

baŋunKavalan(Formosan) ironwood: Casuarina equisetifolia; swamp oak; Japanese cypress: Chamaecyparis obtusa PAN *baŋun₁

baŋunMalay(WMP) risen posture; usual build, bearing or shape; standing outline. In four senses: (i) to resume one's natural attitude after falling down, i.e. to rise, (ii) bearing or shape, (iii) things that stand up against the sky, whether turrets and battlements, or temporary structures such as scaffoldings or platforms for seats, or as an upstanding patch of rainbow, (iv) revival, restoration or resurrection PMP *baŋun₂

*baŋunPMin(WMP) beautiful, excellent; strong, vigorous PMP *baŋun₂

baŋunSasak(WMP) wake up, get up (from bed) PMP *baŋun₂

baŋunSundanese(WMP) appearance, form, external shape; body build, style, build PMP *baŋun₂

baŋunTae'(WMP) stand up, rise; place upright, erect something (as a house) PMP *baŋun₂

baŋunToba Batak(WMP) be bound PMP *baŋun₂

baŋun-anBahasa Indonesia(WMP) what is erected, what is constructed (house, building, bridge) PWMP *baŋun-an

baŋun-anJavanese(WMP) building, structure PWMP *baŋun-an

baŋun-anNgaju Dayak(WMP) what is erected; the construction, build (of a house) PWMP *baŋun-an

baŋun-anTae'(WMP) erect, stand something upright PWMP *baŋun-an

baŋun-an ni rohaaToba Batak(WMP) very dear friend' (lit. 'bound by affection') PWMP *baŋun-an

baŋun-baŋunBahasa Indonesia(WMP) form, shape, build PMP *baŋun₂

baŋun-enDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) a gift, usually consisting of a plot of land given by a father to his child when the latter marries PWMP *baŋun-en

baŋun-en ni atéDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) sweetheart PWMP *baŋun-en

baŋún-unCebuano(WMP) be revived, brought to life again (as the name of an ancestor bestowed on a descendant) PWMP *baŋun-en

baŋuŋSangir(WMP) stand up from a reclining position PMP *baŋun₂

baŋuŋ-aŋMakassarese(WMP) stand up with, lift up PWMP *baŋun-an

baŋuŋ-baŋuŋ-anMakassarese(WMP) temporary scaffolding used when building a house PWMP *baŋun-an

baŋusCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) milkfish: Chanos chanos PPH *baŋús

baoʔMansaka(WMP) smell; to smell PMP *bahuq

baoMansaka(WMP) turtle PPH *baququ

bawMaranao(WMP) odor, scent, smell PMP *bahu

baoMussau(OC) short POC *papaq₃

baoMussau(OC) carry pick-a-back (NG initial) POC *papa₁

baoNias(WMP) swollen PAN *baReq

baoRennellese(OC) forest, forest area; deeply forested POC *wao

baoToba Batak(WMP) wife’s brother’s wife, husband’s sister’s husband PWMP *bayaw

báogAklanon(WMP) to putrefy, rot (like old eggs) PPH *báqug

baógAklanon(WMP) putrid, ruined, spoiled, rotten; sterile (incapable of bearing children) PPH *báqug

baʔógBikol(WMP) barren, infertile, sterile, describing someone who is unable to produce offspring PPH *báqug

báugBontok(WMP) to have never married; one who has never married (as a woman who is always complaining) PPH *báqug

báogIlokano(WMP) seed that did not germinate due to lack of water PPH *báqug

baógIlokano(WMP) infertile (people) PPH *báqug

báogMansaka(WMP) rotten, decayed (as food or teeth); to decay PPH *báqug

báog ~ baógTagalog(WMP) sterile, barren, unproductive (as a woman who cannot bear children) PPH *báqug

bawg-anMaranao(WMP) trigger of trap PMP *bauR

baʔog-aʔMaranao(WMP) spring of animal trap PMP *baquR

baokSasak(WMP) beard PWMP *bauk

báonTagalog(WMP) supply of provisions in victuals or money, away from home PWMP *balun₂

baorIlokano(WMP) noose and switch (extensively used in automatic snares) PMP *baquR

baórIlokano(WMP) switch; noose and switch (extensively used in automatic snares) PMP *bauR

báorIlokano(WMP) to mix ordinary rice with díket (soft, sticky) rice PWMP *bahuR

baor-anIlokano(WMP) to mix ordinary rice with díket (soft, sticky) rice PWMP *bahuR-an

ba-otuBare'e(WMP) one who habitually farts PMP *qetut

baʔoʔKenyah (Long Anap)(WMP) odor, smell PMP *bahuq

baʔóʔoBikol(WMP) turtle found in rivers and lakes PPH *baququ

bapa ŋudaKaro Batak(WMP) father’s younger brother PMP *ŋuda

ba-patikNgaju Dayak(WMP) to tattoo, scratch figures into the skin PWMP *patik

bapa tuaKaro Batak(WMP) father’s older brother PMP *tuqah

ba-pindahNgaju Dayak(WMP) transfer, shift PWMP *pindaq

ba-putiʔBa'amang(WMP) white PMP *putiq

ba-putiNgaju Dayak(WMP) white PMP *putiq

baqAtayal(Formosan) can; know, understand; learn, teach PAN *bajaq₁

baqiKavalan(Formosan) grandfather (add.), grandson PAN *baki₂

baqluBunun(Formosan) new PAN *baqeRuh

barDobel(CMP) lung PAN *baRaq₁

bārKei(CMP) swell, swell up PAN *baReq

bārKei(CMP) be spoiled, of foods PCEMP *baRi

baraAcehnese(WMP) horizontal tie-beams in a house PMP *bara₂

baraArosi(OC) pale in color (as a yellowish coconut); pale from fear or illness, of men POC *balaR₂

baraArosi(OC) hedge; fence made of wood POC *bala₄

baraArosi(OC) hedge; fence made of wood POC *baRa

baraArosi(OC) hedge; fence made of wood POC *bara₄

baraBare'e(WMP) particle of indefiniteness; perhaps, sometimes; also disjunctive: or, evasive PMP *baraŋ₁

baraʔKelabit(WMP) swell, become swollen PAN *baReq

baraBasap(WMP) shoulder PMP *qabaRa₁

baraBukat(WMP) sand PMP *badas

baraCheke Holo(OC) fence, barrier POC *baRa

baraCheke Holo(OC) fence, barrier POC *bara₄

baraDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) red PMP *baRah

baraEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) place of refuge, fort POC *baRa

baraEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) place of refuge, fort POC *bara₄

baraFordata(CMP) swell, swell up PAN *baReq

baraGitua(OC) carry on shoulder POC *qapaRa₁

baraʔIda'an Begak(WMP) tell PMP *bajaq₂

báraIlokano(WMP) red-hot PMP *baRah

baráIlokano(WMP) lung PAN *baRaq₁

baraKaro Batak(WMP) shoulder PMP *qabaRa₁

baraKayan(WMP) tell, relate, say PMP *bajaq₂

baraLau(OC) shelf for firewood crosswise (lengthwise: gwegwela) POC *barat₁

baraLau(OC) fence; enclosure, hedge POC *bara₄

baraMakassarese(WMP) glowing coal PMP *baRah

baraMakassarese(WMP) fenced enclosure, animal pen PMP *baRa₂

baraMakassarese(WMP) fenced enclosure, animal pen PMP *bara₁

baraʔMakassarese(WMP) west wind, west monsoon PMP *habaRat

baraMalay(WMP) ember, live coals PMP *baRah

báraʔMansaka(WMP) warn of accident or misfortune PMP *bajaq₂

baraMentawai(WMP) exist, be present PMP *wada

baraManggarai(CMP) swollen (of face, body, etc.) PAN *baReq

baraMunggui(SHWNG) hand PMP *baRa₁

baraʔRembong(CMP) swollen PAN *baReq

baraRoviana(OC) fence or wall, a fenced pen POC *baRa

baraRoviana(OC) fence or wall, a fenced pen POC *bara₄

baraSasak(WMP) pen, stable PMP *baRa₂

baraSasak(WMP) pen, stable PMP *bara₁

baraʔSasak(WMP) swollen PAN *baReq

baraSika(CMP) to burn (of fire) PMP *baRah

baraSimalur(WMP) architrave of a house, the horizontal support beams on the front and back sides of the house PMP *bara₂

baraSundanese(WMP) hot ash, glowing coal or coals PMP *baRah

baraʔTae'(WMP) two long beams of the house PAN *baRat₁

baraʔTae'(WMP) big, terrific, violent, of rain and wind PMP *habaRat

baraTiruray(WMP) embers PMP *baRah

baraToba Batak(WMP) brown color of horses and clothing PMP *baRah

baraToba Batak(WMP) place under the house where domesticated animals are kept at night; pen, stable, corral PMP *baRa₂

baraToba Batak(WMP) place under the house where domesticated animals are kept at night; pen, stable, corral PMP *bara₁

baraTolai(OC) perhaps (always placed at the end of the sentence) POC *baraŋ₂

baraKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) announce, inform, tell PMP *bajaq₂

bara apiMalay(WMP) ember, live coal PMP *baRah hapuy

bara-baraArosi(OC) a fence around a grave POC *bala₄

bara-baraArosi(OC) a fence around a grave POC *baRa

bara-baraArosi(OC) a fence around a grave POC *bara₄

bara-baraDobuan(OC) across POC *barabara₂

bara-baraDobuan(OC) across POC *baRa baRa

barabaraIlokano(WMP) freestyle swimming PPH *bara-bara

bara-baraʔMaranao(WMP) to court disaster PMP *baraq

bara-baraNias(WMP) crossbeam PAN *barat₁

bara-baraNias(WMP) crossbeams PMP *barabara₁

bara-baraOld Javanese(WMP) all sorts of things PWMP *bara₃

barabasOld Javanese(WMP) streaming PWMP *barasbas

barabasaʔMakassarese(WMP) fall suddenly and in a great quantity fall down together in a large circle (of fruit, leaves, rain) PWMP *barasbas

bara-bokoRoviana(OC) pig fence POC *baRa

bara-bokoRoviana(OC) pig fence POC *bara₄

bara-bosuCheke Holo(OC) pigpen POC *baRa

bara-bosuCheke Holo(OC) pigpen POC *bara₄

baragunMansaka(WMP) vine PWMP *balaRen

barahCham(WMP) to swell PAN *baReq

barahIban(WMP) abscess PAN *baReq

barahMalay(WMP) abscess (different from bisul 'external boil') PAN *baReq

barakílanBikol(WMP) cross-beam PPH *barakílan

barakílanIlokano(WMP) horizontal rafter used in construction PPH *barakílan

barambánIlokano(WMP) marine fish resembling the sardine; it is about 8 inches long and very fat; its meat is esteemed, but it is full of spines PPh *baranbán

baránIlokano(WMP) kind of small, edible, gastropodous freshwater mollusk with a rough shell PMP *baran

bar-anakBanjarese(WMP) give birth PMP *maR-anak

bar-anak-anBanjarese(WMP) have a child PMP *maR-anak

baran-baran, be-baranMalay(WMP) a shell, sp. unident. PMP *baran

baraniBanggai(WMP) (Loan) brave, courageous, daring; war leader; dare to do something PMP *baRani

baraniMakassarese(WMP) brave, daring PMP *baRani

(ba)raniMaloh(WMP) brave, courageous PMP *baRani

baraniMandar(WMP) brave; to dare PMP *baRani

baraniTae'(WMP) brave, daring, courageous PMP *baRani

baraniToba Batak(WMP) bold, daring, courageous PMP *baRani

baraŋAcehnese(WMP) ordinary, everyday; gives a general sense to: whoever, whichever PMP *baraŋ₁

baraŋDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) or; some; whoever, whatever PMP *baraŋ₁

báraŋHanunóo(WMP) perhaps; expressing uncertainty or suspicion PMP *baraŋ₁

baraŋIban(WMP) any; about; whatever, however PMP *baraŋ₁

báraŋIsneg(WMP) a conjunction: if perhaps, haply, let us hope PMP *baraŋ₁

baraŋJavanese(WMP) ... or something ..., ... or anything ..., and things like that; whatever, anything PMP *baraŋ₁

baraŋKaro Batak(WMP) perhaps; as well as; also used verbally PMP *baraŋ₁

baraŋMakassarese(WMP) particle that indicates uncertainty or indefiniteness with regard to an action or a thing, thus: perhaps, possible; also the expression of a wish: hopefully PMP *baraŋ₁

baraŋManggarai(CMP) perhaps PMP *baraŋ₁

baraŋMalay (Jakarta)(WMP) approximately, more or less PMP *baraŋ₁

baraŋOld Javanese(WMP) anything which, whatever, just any(-body); just as it comes, just anyhow, indiscriminately, without further thought, without sufficient cause; at any time, continually PMP *baraŋ₁

baraŋRembong(CMP) suppose; perhaps; possible PMP *baraŋ₁

baraŋTae'(WMP) particle that gives the following word an indefinite sense; it is also used independently as a verb PMP *baraŋ₁

baraŋToba Batak(WMP) or; if; introduces indirect questions PMP *baraŋ₁

baraŋaBare'e(WMP) a small, aromatic citrus fruit the juice of which is used in food preparation and as a shampoo: Citrus acida PWMP *baraŋan₂

baraŋayMaranao(WMP) boat PWMP *baraŋay

baraŋanDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) turpentine fruit PWMP *baraŋan₂

baraŋanIsneg(WMP) one of the most esteemed varieties of bananas: Musa sapientum L. PWMP *baraŋan₁

baraŋanIsneg(WMP) one of the most esteemed varieties of bananas: Musa sapientum L. PWMP *baraŋen₁

baraŋanSasak(WMP) rat-weed PWMP *baraŋan₃

baraŋanToba Batak(WMP) tree with edible fruits PWMP *baraŋan₂

baraŋ apaMalay(WMP) whatever PMP *baraŋ₁

baraŋ apaTae'(WMP) all that belongs to a person, possessions PMP *baraŋ₁

baráŋayBikol(WMP) division of a municipality, hamlet; medium-size boat PWMP *baraŋay

baraŋáyIlokano(WMP) boat, ship PWMP *baraŋay

baraŋáyIsneg(WMP) canoe PWMP *baraŋay

baraŋáyItawis(WMP) canoe PWMP *baraŋay

baraŋ-baraŋ buaŋ-anJavanese(WMP) discarded articles PWMP *buaŋ-an

*baraŋəPRuk(Formosan) belly PAN *baRaŋ

baraŋeŋMakassarese(WMP) rat-weed, arsenic PWMP *baraŋen₂

baráŋgayAklanon(WMP) native boats -- of historical import, which brought the first Malaysian settlers; club, group, organization PPh *baraŋgay

baraŋgáyIlokano(WMP) section of a municipality or barrio PPh *baraŋgay

baraŋ-kaliIban(WMP) perhaps PMP *baraŋ₁

baraŋ-kaliMalay(WMP) perhaps PMP *baraŋ₁

baraŋ-kaniManggarai(CMP) belongings, possessions PMP *baraŋ₁

bara-rSekar(CMP) shoulder PMP *qabaRa₁

barásHanunóo(WMP) sand; beach, seashore PMP *badas

barasMaloh(WMP) hulled rice PMP *beRas

barasMaranao(WMP) sorrow, retribution PWMP *baras

barasNgaju Dayak(WMP) sand; sandy PMP *badas

barasSinghi Land Dayak(WMP) retribution PWMP *baras

barasTiruray(WMP) give some reward for past efforts, beyond any agreed compensation PWMP *baras

barasábasIlokano(WMP) sound of heavy rain, of a jet of water, etc. PWMP *barasbas

ba-rasamMaloh(WMP) cold (King 1976) PAN *ma-dajem

baratAcehnese(WMP) west, westerly PMP *habaRat

baratBanggai(WMP) heavy PMP *beReqat

báratBikol(WMP) bolt (as for a door) PAN *barat₁

baratMongondow(WMP) blossoming tree PPh *barat₂

baratDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) athwart or across (as a barrier) PAN *baRat₁

baratIban(WMP) west, western, westerly PMP *habaRat

baratIsneg(WMP) forest tree whose flowers are much frequented by bees PPh *barat₂

baratJavanese(WMP) strong wind occurring usually during the rainy season PMP *habaRat

baratKaro Batak(WMP) west, western PMP *habaRat

baratMalay(WMP) West; etym. associated with ribut, i.e. strong Westerly winds PMP *habaRat

baratNgaju Dayak(WMP) west; west wind; storm PMP *habaRat

baratOld Javanese(WMP) strong wind, storm; west PMP *habaRat

baratPaku(WMP) wind PMP *habaRat

*baratPMin(WMP) at an angle, slanting PAN *barat₁

baratPuyuma(Formosan) beam (in a house) PAN *baRat₁

baratTolai (Nodup)(OC) the piece of timber across the rafters of a house running parallel with the ridge and the wall plate POC *baRat, paRat

baratSasak(WMP) storm; to storm PMP *habaRat

baratSundanese(WMP) west PMP *habaRat

baratTiruray(WMP) the rainy season PMP *habaRat

baratToba Batak(WMP) transverse, oblique; across, athwart, at an angle (as defective eye alignment) PAN *baRat₁

baratToba Batak(WMP) west PMP *habaRat

baratYamdena(CMP) west, western, west monsoon; also used for 'year' PMP *habaRat

barat, waratKei(CMP) west, west monsoon, rainy season PMP *habaRat

barat-aWolio(WMP) binding for outrigger float PAN *barat₁

barat-anMongondow(WMP) crossbeam for an outrigger PAN *barat₁

barat-aŋMakassarese(WMP) bamboo outrigger connectors PAN *baRat₁

baRat bitiMentawai(WMP) calf of the leg PMP *bities

barat dayaMalay(WMP) southwest PAN *daya

ba-ratus-ratusSundanese(WMP) by the hundreds PMP *Ratus

barauNgadha(CMP) boat, sail boat PMP *paraqu

bárawCebuano(WMP) for fighting cocks to hit each other with their gaffs while in the air PWMP *bazaw

barawanRon(SHWNG) gold PAN *bulaw-an

barawanSerui-Laut(SHWNG) gold PAN *bulaw-an

barayTialo(WMP) to pay PMP *bayaD

baráyaŋIsneg(WMP) forest tree with entire, oval leaves; its white flowers are mixed with the juice of the sugarcane in brewing bási (rum) PWMP *barayaŋ

baráyaŋIsneg(WMP) forest tree with entire, oval leaves; its white flowers are mixed with the juice of the sugarcane in brewing bási (rum) PWMP *barayeŋ

barayaŋMakassarese(WMP) tree with partly upward- and partly downward-turning branches PWMP *barayaŋ

barayaŋMakassarese(WMP) tree with partly upward- and partly downward-tturning branches PWMP *barayeŋ

baráyuŋHanunóo(WMP) tree sp.; the roots are mixed with those of lágis (Ficus sp.) in brewing a decoction for allaying stomach pains PWMP *barayeŋ

bareʔMelanau (Sarikei)(WMP) to swell; swollen PAN *baReq

bareYamdena(CMP) the two crossbeams in a Tanimbarese house which project from the entrance, and are longer than the others PMP *bara₂

bareYamdena(CMP) swell, swell up PAN *baReq

bareYamdena(CMP) take, have, or carry on the shoulder PMP *qabaRa₁

bare, bara-nYamdena(CMP) glowing coal PMP *baRah

ɓare, ɓariHawu(CMP) change, repent, change one's mind PMP *baliw₂

barehKelabit(WMP) ember, glowing coal PMP *baRah

barehKaro Batak(WMP) abscess, swelling PAN *baReq

baréhMiri(WMP) hot ashes from a fire that has burned down PMP *baRah

barehBelait(WMP) shoulder PMP *qabaRa₁

barékMalay(WMP) veined; marbled; mottled (in tint or shade rather than color) PMP *barik

barekNumfor(SHWNG) west PMP *habaRat

barenNumfor(SHWNG) stir into food PEMP *balun₁

ba-rendemNgaju Dayak(WMP) to long, yearn for PAN *demdem₁

b-ar-eŋbeŋPaiwan(Formosan) make buzzing noise, as bee or automobile engine PAN *b<aR>eŋbeŋ

baretSasak(WMP) west PMP *habaRat

bareuhSundanese(WMP) swollen, inflamed, ulcerated; swelling, inflammation PAN *baReq

ba-reySori(OC) sail PCEMP *pa-layaR

bariArosi(OC) fish sp. POC *bali₆

bariʔBuginese(WMP) multicolored, as with black and white stripes PMP *barik

baríʔCebuano(WMP) kind of sickle PMP *badiq

bariFordata(CMP) spoiling of foodstuffs PCEMP *baRi

bàriKambera(CMP) sound of tearing PAN *beriq

bariKavalan(Formosan) wind PAN *bali₃

bariʔMadurese(WMP) yesterday; twilight, sundown PAN *waRi₁

bariʔMakassarese(WMP) grain (in wood), spots (of civet cat or panther), stripes (of tiger) PMP *barik

bariMakassarese(WMP) sour, musty, of prepared foods that have been left standing too long PMP *baRiw

bariʔMiri(WMP) lie, tell a lie PMP *bali₄

bariPazeh(Formosan) wind PAN *bali₃

bariSasak(WMP) old food that has begun to stink PMP *baRiw

ɓariHawu(CMP) turn over in one's sleep PMP *balik₂

ɓariHawu(CMP) broken, in pieces PMP *baliq

ɓariHawu(CMP) turn over in one's sleep PMP *bali₅

bariSundanese(WMP) old, stale, cold (of foods which have stood around a long time), become sour, tainted PMP *baRiw

bariToba Batak(WMP) foul-tasting, as rice; also the taste of something foul in the mouth PMP *baRiw

bariWayan(OC) nibble, gnaw something, bite small pieces off something POC *bari

bariFijian(OC) to nibble at a hard thing POC *bari

barikManggarai(CMP) striped, streaked PMP *barik

bariraMaranao(WMP) paddle for weaving PMP *balija

baririTae'(WMP) grass and weeds collected together to burn in firing pots PMP *baliji

baririTae'(WMP) grass and weeds collected together to burn in firing pots PMP *balizi

barisMalay(WMP) straight line PWMP *bad(e)ris

báritIlokano(WMP) a variety of short sugarcane; a red variety of rattan PPH *barit

bariwKelabit(WMP) strong wind, storm wind PAN *baRiuS

bariw-iPazeh(Formosan) buy it! PAN *baliw

bariwisNgaju Dayak(WMP) wild duck (tame duck is itik) PWMP *bariwis

barkésanIlokano(WMP) an inflammatory disease of the skin, often originating at the waist; to tie into one bundle PMP *bakes₁

barōAcehnese(WMP) new; just, just now; first PMP *baqeRu

baróIlokano(WMP) new, fresh, modern, novel, recent; virgin (soil); unmarried man, bachelor, youth PMP *baqeRu

baroNgaju Dayak(WMP) middle-sized tree with very broad leaves; the bast fiber is used to make sewing material PMP *baRu

baroToba Batak(WMP) abscess, swelling PAN *baReq

baro, varoMalagasy(WMP) a shrub or small tree from which a fiber used for string is obtained PMP *baRu

baroboMansaka(WMP) kind of tree with fruit that is good to eat PPH *baRubu

baro buniToba Batak(WMP) amoebic dysentery (lit. ‘hidden abscess’) PMP *buni₁

baròëAcehnese(WMP) yesterday PMP *baqeRu

barohDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) abscess, swelling PAN *baReq

barokYami(WMP) a tree: Zanthoxylum integrifolium Merrill. A cotton-like fiber obtained from the root is used to caulk boats, and as tinder in starting fires (Kano and Segawa 1956) PMP *baruk

bároyIlokano(WMP) kind of tree with white flowers: PMP *bayuR

barraʔTae'(WMP) husked rice PMP *beRas

barrasMandar(WMP) husked rice PMP *beRas

barras-anTae'(WMP) have small white pimples on the skin which resemble grains of husked rice PWMP *beRas-en

barriFavorlang/Babuza(Formosan) wind PAN *bali₃

baruAmblau(CMP) stone PMP *batu

baruBasap(WMP) new PMP *baqeRu

baruIban(WMP) new, modern; anew, again; just (now) PMP *baqeRu

baruJavanese(WMP) the aforesaid; just now [Ngoko speech level] PMP *baqeRu

baruKaro Batak(WMP) new; just, just now PMP *baqeRu

baruMakassarese(WMP) a tree: Hibiscus tiliaceus PMP *baRu

baruMalay(WMP) a sea-shore tree (Hibiscus tiliaceus) of which the bast yields a useful fibre PMP *baRu

baruMandar(WMP) new; fresh PMP *baqeRu

baruNias(WMP) jacket, coat, clothing PWMP *barut

baruSasak(WMP) new PMP *baqeRu

baruʔSasak(WMP) recently, just past PMP *baqeRu

baruSundanese(WMP) new, fresh (Malay loan) PMP *baqeRu

baʔruTae'(WMP) new PMP *baqeRu

baruToba Batak(WMP) new PMP *baqeRu

baruaŋBuginese(WMP) bear PWMP *baRuaŋ

barugaMakassarese(WMP) bamboo shed on piles for festive gatherings PWMP *baruga

*barugaPMin(WMP) stone house-shaped tomb PWMP *baruga

barugaWolio(WMP) meeting-hall, assembly-hall, council-room PWMP *baruga

barúkHanunóo(WMP) tinder made from bamboo shavings PMP *baruk

barukSelaru(CMP) fungus that grows on the sugar palm PMP *baruk

barukTae'(WMP) small gray fungus on the lower end of the leaf spine of the sugar palm, used in starting a fire; tinder PMP *baruk

b-ar-ukkuʔTae'(WMP) bend sharply upward, of the horns of a buffalo PMP *buŋkuk

barumbuWolio(WMP) cock with green and yellow feathers PWMP *baRunbun

barumbunTae'(WMP) cock with mottled brown and grey feathers PWMP *baRunbun

barumbuŋMakassarese(WMP) dappled gray, esp. of horses and cocks PWMP *baRunbun

barumpuŋBuginese(WMP) color of chicken feathers PWMP *baRunbun

baruŋJavanese(WMP) in time with (of gamelan beat) PWMP *banduŋ

ba-ruŋguSoboyo(CMP) rumble of thunder PMP *ru(ŋ)guŋ

barusSasak(WMP) scraped (of the skin) PWMP *baRus

baru-tBuruese(CMP) a fibre that grows on the trunk of the tuat tree, used for kindling and caulking PMP *baruk

bárutCebuano(WMP) the inedible pulp of the jackfruit which surrounds the edible flesh PWMP *badut

bárutIlokano(WMP) wire PWMP *barut

barutMalay(WMP) bandaging, long wrapper or bandage PWMP *barut

baruyIbanag(WMP) Pterospermum niveum Vid., Sterculiaceae PMP *bayuR

baruyMiri(WMP) wind PAN *baRiuS

barwaŋ, baroŋOld Javanese(WMP) the Malayan honey bear: Ursus malayanus PWMP *baRuaŋ

basPalauan(WMP) embers; burned pieces of wood PMP *baRah

basSeru(WMP) husked rice PMP *beRas

basáʔBikol(WMP) wet, damp, soggy PMP *baseq

basáBontok(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

basáʔCebuano(WMP) wet; watery, soft; wash something; cook, using more water than usual; bathe with something on PMP *baseq

basáʔHiligaynon(WMP) wet, soaked PMP *baseq

basaʔIda'an Begak(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

basáItawis(WMP) wetness PMP *baseq

basáKankanaey(WMP) continually humid; always watery (of soil) PMP *baseq

basaʔKenyah(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

basaKomodo(CMP) wet PMP *baseq

basaMakassarese(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

basaʔMansaka(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

basaʔMaranao(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

basaʔMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

basaNgadha(CMP) damp, wet; dampen, smear with PMP *baseq

basáPangasinan(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

basaʔRembong(CMP) wet PMP *baseq

basaRennellese(OC) far, deep ocean POC *sawaŋ₂

basaʔSasak(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

basáʔTagalog(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

basaKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

basaʔ-anMaranao(WMP) bathing suit, swim trunks PWMP *baseq-an

basáʔ-básaʔBikol(WMP) soaking wet, sodden PWMP *ma-base-baseq

basaðBunun (Isbukun)(Formosan) a hairy vine: Pueraria hirsuta PAN *baSay

basaʔ-enIlokano(WMP) to wet, drench PWMP *basaq-en

básagAklanon(WMP) to break PPH *basag

baságAklanon(WMP) broken PPH *basag

básagCebuano(WMP) for something not thick to split or shatter; to split or shatter something; for the voice to crack; cracked, shattered PPH *basag

básagHanunóo(WMP) breaking, as of a stick PPH *basag

basagMaranao(WMP) to crack, break PPH *basag

*basagPAty(Formosan) millet PAN *baCaR

básagTagalog(WMP) a crack in glassware, chinaware, earthenware and the like PPH *basag

baságTagalog(WMP) cracked, broken (as a cup) PPH *basag

basahAcehnese(WMP) wet, damp PMP *baseq

basahGayō(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

basahIban(WMP) wet, moist, damp PMP *baseq

basahJavanese(WMP) of bodies, decomposed PMP *baseq

basahMalay(WMP) wet; saturated PMP *baseq

basahOld Javanese(WMP) wet; decomposed, rotting PMP *baseq

basah-anMalay(WMP) cloth worn when bathing PWMP *baseq-an

basah-anOld Javanese(WMP) lower garment; originally the piece of cloth that is not removed when bathing PWMP *baseq-an

basah kuyupMalay(WMP) sopping wet PWMP *kuyup

basákCebuano(WMP) field of wet-cultivated rice PWMP *bacak

basakMaranao(WMP) rice paddy; swamp or marsh PWMP *bacak

basakTboli(WMP) puddle on table or floor where liquid has been spilt; rice paddy; irrigated rice PWMP *bacak

basakTiruray(WMP) land made into rice paddies PWMP *bacak

basakManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) mud PWMP *bacak

basakYakan(WMP) rice paddy; wet rice field PWMP *bacak

basak-anMaranao(WMP) land suitable for wet rice (flooded or wet) PWMP *bacak

basak-anPalawano(WMP) irrigated rice field PWMP *bacak

basak-anYakan(WMP) a collection of wet rice fields PWMP *bacak

basalBinukid(WMP) to beat, bang on something to produce noise (as when the moon gets dark, because they think that a large snake has swallowed the moon) PPH *basal

basalCebuano(WMP) to bang on something to produce noise (as during an eclipse) PPH *basal

básalHanunóo(WMP) playing, i.e. beating, with reference to gong or gongs PPH *basal

basalMansaka(WMP) to beat a drum PPH *basal

basalMaranao(WMP) to beat a gong; knock someone on the head PPH *basal

basalPalawano(WMP) playing of the gongs, session of gong playing PPH *basal

basaLSaisiyat (Taai)(Formosan) small variety of millet PAN *baCaR

basalTboli(WMP) clearness, pleasantness, as the sound of a gong, bell or anvil PPH *basal

basalManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to beat a rhythm, as on a brass gong, drum, or other percussion instrument PPH *basal

ba-salaNgaju Dayak(WMP) guilty, be at fault PMP *salaq₁

ba-salul-anBanggai(WMP) water conduit, water pipe of bamboo PWMP *saluR

basál-unHanunóo(WMP) be beaten, with reference to gongs PPH *basal

basánKapampangan(WMP) rag, mop PWMP *baseq-an

ba-sandaŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) have in the hand (as a sword) PWMP *sandaŋ

basaʔ-onBikol(WMP) to wet, dampen, drench, baste PWMP *basaq-en

basáʔ-unHiligaynon(WMP) to wet, soak with liquid PWMP *basaq-en

basawKavalan(Formosan) fever went down, abated; to become cold PAN *baSaw

basayAtayal (Mayrinax)(Formosan) type of vine PAN *baSay

basayKavalan(Formosan) type of vine PAN *baSay

basbásAklanon(WMP) chip off, trim off PWMP *basbas₃

basbásBikol(WMP) whip PAN *basbas₁

básbásBikol(WMP) to whip (beat, hit) PAN *basbas₁

basbásBikol(WMP) a rite performed by the balyána in which the body of the dead is washed with the water-softened leaves of the lukbán (pomelo) as part of a ritual purification; to exorcise someone PWMP *basbas₄

basbásBikol(WMP) clear a path, usually through tall grass PWMP *basbas₃

basbasBinukid(WMP) trim down a piece of wood by chipping off pieces PWMP *basbas₃

basbasCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) bless, pray over someone (either with your hands on him, or waving your hands over him, or sprinkling him with water and incense) PWMP *basbas₄

basbásCebuano(WMP) chop off nodes, lumps, etc. in wood or bamboo; husk corn PWMP *basbas₃

basbásHanunóo(WMP) cutting, trimming, as of branches or limbs of a tree PWMP *basbas₃

básbasHiligaynon(WMP) of plants and trees, to cut, to trim PWMP *basbas₃

basbásIlokano(WMP) footpath, alley PWMP *basbas₃

basbasKaro Batak(WMP) hit, strike with a bundle of palm leaf fibres to drive out ghosts PAN *basbas₁

basbasKaro Batak(WMP) sprinkle with holy water PWMP *basbas₄

basbasMansaka(WMP) to trim wood, trim a tree PWMP *basbas₃

basbasMaranao(WMP) smash, beat, whip PAN *basbas₁

basbásTagalog(WMP) blessing, benediction; absolution PWMP *basbas₄

basbasToba Batak(WMP) pull out the roots in clearing ground PWMP *basbas₃

basbasManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) plane off or shave off with a knife or bolo PWMP *basbas₃

basbas-anIlokano(WMP) unroof for repairs; create a path PWMP *basbas₃

basbas-ənBontok(WMP) to unravel; to take apart, of basket weaving; to undo PPH *basbas₅

basəʔBintulu(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

baseDali'(WMP) crocodile PMP *buqaya

baseHelong(CMP) to wash PMP *baseq

baseMandar(WMP) wet; to wash PMP *baseq

baseʔMapun(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

basehBalinese(WMP) wash, rinse; wet, damp PMP *baseq

baseh-inBalinese(WMP) be washed by someone PWMP *basaq-en

baseuhSundanese(WMP) damp, wet; fresh, of meat or grain PMP *baseq

básiBikol(WMP) juice from the sugarcane (recorded in the 18th century) PPH *bási

básiBontok(WMP) sugarcane wine PPH *bási

básiCebuano(WMP) rice wine; wine made from sugarcane PPH *bási

básiIlokano(WMP) sugarcane wine that is boiled with the bark of the Java plum (lungboy) for coloring and then fermented in earthen jars with yeast PPH *bási

básiIsneg(WMP) an alcoholic beverage obtained from the juice of the sugarcane, a kind of rum PPH *bási

basíPangasinan(WMP) liquor made from fermented sugarcane PPH *bási

basigIbaloy(WMP) a sterile person, i.e. one who has had no children after several years of marriage PWMP *basiR

básigTagalog(WMP) caponed, castrated PWMP *baciR

básigTagalog(WMP) caponed, castrated PWMP *basiR

ba-sikapNgaju Dayak(WMP) dextrous, skilled, nimble PWMP *sikap₂

basinMinangkabau(WMP) sneezing PWMP *buresin

basiŋBasai(Formosan) to sneeze PAN *baqeSiŋ

basiŋ-anAgutaynen(WMP) to reach out and grab someone’s calf PPH *batiŋ

basirMalay(WMP) hermaphrodite; impotent PWMP *basiR

ba-sisihNgaju Dayak(WMP) go to the side, make way for PWMP *sisiq₁

basoTotoli(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

basógBikol(WMP) full, replete; describing someone who is unable to eat any more PAN *besuR

basóg-básogBikol(WMP) very full PAN *besuR

basog-ónBikol(WMP) fill oneself up PWMP *besuR-en

basohBekatan(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

basohLampung(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

basohMalay(WMP) cleaning with water, washing PAN *basuq

basokMaranao(WMP) farm or till the soil PWMP *bacuk

básolBikol(WMP) blame, censure, reprove; blame someone for PPh *bes(e)qel

básolBikol(WMP) blame, censure, reprove; blame someone PPH *básul

basolIbaloy(WMP) wrong-doing, fault, sin, guilt PPH *básul

básolIlokano(WMP) sin, fault, mistake, error PPH *básul

básolIsneg(WMP) sin, fault, delict PPH *básul

basolMansaka(WMP) to blame PPH *básul

basolaIsneg(WMP) an herb with spiny leaves and fruits: its crushed leaves mixed with lime cure the buní (ringworm) PPH *basula

basoŋBuginese(WMP) storage container made of sago leaves and used to carry the starch of this palm PWMP *basuŋ

basoŋIban(WMP) small basket PWMP *basuŋ

basoŋMalay(WMP) cylindrical wrapper of leaf (for sago) PWMP *basuŋ

basoŋMaranao(WMP) bin to store grain PWMP *basuŋ

basseʔYakan(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

bassikTae'(WMP) fly out, be sent flying away, splash out, shooting away of small things; leak out, of a secret PMP *becik

bassiŋKavalan(Formosan) to sneeze PAN *baqeSiŋ

bassítIsneg(WMP) calf of the leg PAN *beties

bassoroʔMakassarese(WMP) full from having eaten enough, satiated PAN *besuR

bassuMandar(WMP) full from having eaten enough, satiated PAN *besuR

bassuTae'(WMP) bear fruit; fruiting, of rice and similar crops; satiated PAN *besuR

basuKwaio(OC) warn, warned POC *basu

basuToba Batak(WMP) wash PAN *basuq

basuhGayō(WMP) wash (hands, feet, etc.) PAN *basuq

basuhKaro Batak(WMP) wash rice (in the language of shamans) PAN *basuq

basukManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) till the soil PWMP *bacuk

basulaIbanag(WMP) hairy eggplant: Solanum ferox Linn. PPH *basula

basu-laaKwaio(OC) warning POC *basu

ba-sumpitBanggai(WMP) go hunting with a blowgun PMP *sumpit

basuŋKayan (Busang)(WMP) tube, pipe PWMP *basuŋ

basuŋMakassarese(WMP) funnel-shaped basket made from the midribs of sago fronds, and used to carry sago PWMP *basuŋ

basuŋTombonuwo(WMP) a round back basket made of sago bark PWMP *basuŋ

basuŋManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) slender vat made of bark for storing rice PWMP *basuŋ

ba-susupBanggai(WMP) to smoke (tobacco) PAN *supsup

batAndra(OC) stone POC *patu

batAvava(OC) head POC *batuk

bātMapun(WMP) sea cucumber PPh *balát

batPonam(OC) stone POC *patu

bātTausug(WMP) large sea cucumber, trepang PPh *balát

batUbir(OC) four PCEMP *pat-i

bátaʔAklanon(WMP) childish, young, youthful, immature PWMP *bataq

bataʔKelabit(WMP) green/blue PWMP *bataq

bátaʔBinukid(WMP) child, offspring PWMP *bataq

bataʔMongondow(WMP) young, of animals and plants; good-looking, esp. of the appearance of youths PWMP *bataq

bataʔMongondow(WMP) washing of clothes PMP *baseq

bátaʔHiligaynon(WMP) child (usually below the age of ten) PWMP *bataq

bataMansaka(WMP) older male child (early teenage) PWMP *bataq

bataʔMaranao(WMP) child, baby PWMP *bataq

bátaʔMasbatenyo(WMP) child, offspring PWMP *bataq

bataSangir(WMP) child PWMP *bataq

bátaʔTagalog(WMP) child, young PWMP *bataq

bataʔTonsea(WMP) young of tree, person PWMP *bataq

bataʔManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) child PWMP *bataq

bataWolio(WMP) fallen tree trunk; sp. of big banana PMP *bataŋ

batádCebuano(WMP) sorghum, kind of coarse grass used for forage: Andropogon sorghum PMP *batad

bátadHanunóo(WMP) sorghum, a coarse annual grass, cultivated as a cereal (Andropogon sorghum Linn. Brot.) PMP *batad

bátakCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) strained, pulled tight (as string) PWMP *batak

batakIban(WMP) pull, drag, haul; withdraw PWMP *batak

batakKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) pull up (e.g. anchor) PWMP *batak

batakNgaju Dayak(WMP) pulled back, dragged PWMP *batak

bátakTagalog(WMP) pull towards oneself; the thing pulled PWMP *batak

batalAgutaynen(WMP) a kind of round grain which can be mixed with rice (it is good for making bibingka cakes, and is also fed to chickens) PAN *baCaR

ba-tanomBanggai(WMP) dig oneself in PMP *tanem

batá-n-onMasbatenyo(WMP) young, youthful PWMP *bataq

bátaŋAgta (Eastern)(WMP) kind of very hard, rather large bracket fungus, in the shape of an ear. It grows on trees and is not edible. PMP *bataŋ

bataŋAgutaynen(WMP) driftwood PMP *bataŋ

bataŋAyta Abellan(WMP) a seasoned log, fallen tree in the stream PMP *bataŋ

bataŋKelabit(WMP) log, tree trunk PMP *bataŋ

bātaŋIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) sulphur mushroom (poisonous; inedible); for a decaying tree to grow sulphur mushrooms PMP *bataŋ

bataŋBanggai(WMP) trunk, stalk, stem PMP *bataŋ

bataŋBidayuh (Bukar-Sadong)(WMP) a stretch of longhouse; tree trunk; a block or row of houses PMP *bataŋ

bataŋBintulu(WMP) log PMP *bataŋ

bataŋBinukid(WMP) log, fallen tree PMP *bataŋ

batáŋBinukid(WMP) kind of citrus tree or fruit; lemon, lime PMP *bataŋ

bataŋBonggi(WMP) log, tree trunk PMP *bataŋ

bataŋMongondow(WMP) fallen tree, log PMP *bataŋ

bátaŋBontok(WMP) small to medium-sized shrub: Blumea PMP *bataŋ

bátaŋCebuano(WMP) log PMP *bataŋ

bataŋDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) tree trunk; casket, container for corpse PMP *bataŋ

bataŋGayō(WMP) tree trunk PMP *bataŋ

bátaŋHanunóo(WMP) log of wood PMP *bataŋ

bataŋIban(WMP) principal member or part (as of river); tree, tree trunk, log, stem; numeral coefficient for rigid things, as posts, cigarettes, spears, trees PMP *bataŋ

bataŋIda'an Begak(WMP) tree trunk PMP *bataŋ

batáŋIsneg(WMP) a net for catching deer and wild boars PPH *batéŋ

bátaŋKankanaey(WMP) pine tree; tree PMP *bataŋ

bataŋKaro Batak(WMP) tree trunk; classifier for long objects PMP *bataŋ

bataŋKenyah(WMP) log PMP *bataŋ

bataŋLun Dayeh(WMP) log, tree trunk PMP *bataŋ

bataŋMaloh(WMP) river PMP *bataŋ

bataŋMaloh(WMP) stomach PWMP *beteŋ₂

bataŋMalay(WMP) stem; tree trunk; handle; shaft; long cylindrical part of anything; numeral coefficient for long cylindrical objects such as trees, logs, spars, spears, etc. PMP *bataŋ

bataŋMandar(WMP) trunk of a tree; self PMP *bataŋ

bataŋMansaka(WMP) log PMP *bataŋ

bátaŋMansaka(WMP) branch PMP *bataŋ

bataŋMapun(WMP) trunk of a tree; log, stalk of a plant; long bar of laundry soap PMP *bataŋ

bataŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) trunk, tree; river; origin; the most important or main part of something PMP *bataŋ

batáŋPalawan Batak(WMP) log PMP *bataŋ

bataŋPendau(WMP) fallen log; corpse PMP *bataŋ

*bataŋPSan(WMP) log, fallen tree PMP *bataŋ

bataŋRejang(WMP) river PMP *bataŋ

bataŋSasak(WMP) body; corpse; bə-bataŋ tree trunk PMP *bataŋ

bataŋSimalur(WMP) tree trunk PMP *bataŋ

bataŋTae'(WMP) trunk, log; bar; stalk, stem; fungus on decaying wood that glows in the dark; main point, most important thing in the death ritual (= sacrificial offering of a carabao); corpse, victim (in battle, in encounters with wild animals, of fast-flowing rivers that drown people) PMP *bataŋ

bataŋTausug(WMP) trunk of a tree, log, stalk of a plant PMP *bataŋ

bataŋTboli(WMP) kind of pig trap made from string, wood and small, sharpened bamboo stakes placed in a small, fenced, planted area. PPH *batéŋ

bataŋToba Batak(WMP) stem, trunk, stalk; coffin; numeral coefficient for cylindrical referents PMP *bataŋ

bataŋTombonuwo(WMP) classifier for long cylindrical objects PMP *bataŋ

bataŋKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) log PMP *bataŋ

bataŋManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) fallen tree, log PMP *bataŋ

bataŋYakan(WMP) trunk of a tree, stalk of flower, rice, etc. PMP *bataŋ

bataŋ aekToba Batak(WMP) river, riverbed PMP *bataŋ

bataŋ-anBikol(WMP) transverse beams tied to the posts of a house serving as a base for the floor PWMP *bataŋ-an

bataŋ-anMongondow(WMP) shape, figure, model; oneself; outward; color PWMP *bataŋ-an

bataŋ-anCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) floor girders of a house PWMP *bataŋ-an

bataŋ-ánHanunóo(WMP) either of two principal floor (tie) beams, usually of bamboo PWMP *bataŋ-an

batáŋ-anIlokano(WMP) sawhorse; wood used to place objects on over the floor; one of the four horizontal beams of the granary PWMP *bataŋ-an

batáŋ-ānIsneg(WMP) any of the four beams that connect the posts of a granary PWMP *bataŋ-an

bataŋ-anMalay(WMP) bar at river mouth; boom-barrier across stream PWMP *bataŋ-an

bataŋ-anMaranao(WMP) place to perch; base for plow PWMP *bataŋ-an

bataŋ-anPendau(WMP) body PWMP *bataŋ-an

bataŋ-ánTagalog(WMP) outrigger of boat PWMP *bataŋ-an

bataŋ-anTausug(WMP) crosspiece fastened across a canoe to support and balance the outriggers PWMP *bataŋ-an

bataŋ-anTiruray(WMP) crossbar attaching outriggers to a canoe PWMP *bataŋ-an

bataŋ-anYakan(WMP) warp (in weaving) PWMP *bataŋ-an

bataŋ-an katigMapun(WMP) crosspiece fastened across a canoe or small boat to which the outriggers are connected PWMP *bataŋ-an

bataŋ banoa, bataŋ banuaMakassarese(WMP) title of the heads of certain districts (archaic and poetic) PMP *banua

bataŋ bitisiʔMakassarese(WMP) thick part of the calf PMP *bities

bataŋ bobanToba Batak(WMP) heavy burden one must bear, as want, need, bodily defect, illness, curse PMP *bataŋ

bataŋ danumNgaju Dayak(WMP) stream, larger river PMP *bataŋ

bataŋ diriKaro Batak(WMP) self, oneself PMP *bataŋ

bataŋ-eŋSangir(WMP) self, oneself PWMP *bataŋ-an

bataŋ hariMalay(WMP) midday; main course of river PMP *bataŋ

bataŋ hidoŋMalay(WMP) ridge of nose PWMP *bataŋ qijuŋ

bataŋ-iDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) irrigation canal for paddy field PMP *bataŋ

bataŋ-iTae'(WMP) in person PMP *bataŋ

bataŋ icuŋLun Dayeh(WMP) dorsum of the nose PWMP *bataŋ qijuŋ

bataŋ kaleTae'(WMP) body, in contrast with the soul PMP *bataŋ

bataŋ katirMalay(WMP) outrigger attachment to a catamaran PMP *katiR

bataŋ kayuKaro Batak(WMP) tree, tree trunk PMP *kahiw

bataŋ laéDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) river (laé = water, river) PMP *bataŋ

bataŋoGorontalo(WMP) tree trunk PMP *bataŋ

bataŋ pelekoʔTae'(WMP) handle of a tool PMP *bataŋ

bataŋ pinaŋSimalur(WMP) a weaving model or design PMP *bataŋ

bataŋ ponsotMapun(WMP) umbilical cord PMP *pusej

bataŋ rabukTae'(WMP) corpse PMP *bataŋ

bataŋ rabukTae'(WMP) skeleton of a corpse PMP *Rabuk

bataŋ taliŋaSimalur(WMP) a rotting log covered with bracket fungi or mushrooms PMP *bataŋ

batarTetun(CMP) maize PMP *batad

bataraʔMakassarese(WMP) millet sp. PMP *batad

batar fosTetun(CMP) dehusked maize PMP *beRas

batar fuli-nTetun(CMP) a cob of maize PMP *buliR

batar fuukTetun(CMP) beard of maize cob PCEMP *buek

ba-tarohNgaju Dayak(WMP) to bet, place a wager on something in gambling PMP *taRuq

batasIban(WMP) raised path or bund (as in a paddy field) PWMP *bates

batasMalay(WMP) boundary; limit; boundary dyke to a ricefield; rice-plot as shut in by these dykes PWMP *bates

batawDali'(WMP) stone PMP *batu

batawKiput(WMP) stone PMP *batu

bátaʔ ka-lúha ŋa líŋkitCebuano(WMP) Siamese twins PWMP *liŋkit

bátbatAklanon(WMP) pound out metal PWMP *batbat

batbátBikol(WMP) iron, wrought iron PWMP *batbat

batbatDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) hit with something hard PWMP *batbat

batbátIlokano(WMP) strike, whip, beat the shoulder PWMP *batbat

bat-bátaŋBontok(WMP) small to medium-sized shrub: Blumea PMP *bataŋ

bat- bátaŋKankanaey(WMP) branch, bough (of a tree still alive) PMP *bataŋ

bateʔMakassarese(WMP) be given designs in the batik manner PMP *batek

batəKenyah (Òma Lóngh)(WMP) stone PMP *batu

bateSika(CMP) multi-colored PMP *batek

bateʔTae'(WMP) be given designs in the batik manner PMP *batek

baʔteTae'(WMP) bake, roast without oil, as in the popping of corn or the roasting of coffee beans PWMP *beRtiq

bateaRejang(WMP) pillow, cushion PWMP *bantal

batea guliŋRejang(WMP) bolster, Dutch wife PWMP *bantal

bateəAcehnese(WMP) stone, rock, boulder; net sinkers PMP *batu

batehMinangkabau(WMP) parched rice PWMP *beRtiq

batekAyta Abellan(WMP) design on a piece of clothing PMP *batek

bátəkBontok(WMP) any tattoo other than a man's chest tattoo, especially a woman's arm tattoo PMP *batek

bátəkBontok(WMP) any tattoo other than a man’s chest tattoo, especially a woman’s arm tattoo PMP *batek

batekIbaloy(WMP) tattoo --- esp. of the ancient practice of tattooing women’s arms PMP *batek

batékIlokano(WMP) tattoo, tattooing; white spot (on tobacco leaves) PMP *batek

bátekKankanaey(WMP) tattooing (mostly on the forearm of women) PMP *batek

batekMalay(WMP) batik cloth PWMP *batik₁

batékPalawan Batak(WMP) carved designs on wooden handles of tools; design on bark cloth PMP *batek

batékPangasinan(WMP) spackling and dappling, of colors; spot; color of paper, fabric, etc., dye PMP *batek

bateŋBulungan(WMP) trunk PMP *bataŋ

bateŋIbaloy(WMP) seine, large fishing net held at both ends and suspended vertically in the water; fish are snared when they try to swim through (used at dams) PPH *batéŋ

batéŋIlokano(WMP) kind of net used in hunting; scoop net for fishing PPH *batéŋ

bateowBelait(WMP) stone PMP *batu

batesBalinese(WMP) border, boundary, limit PWMP *bates

batesSasak(WMP) border, limit PWMP *bates

bates-inBalinese(WMP) be limited PWMP *bates

ba-tetekNgaju Dayak(WMP) cut off, chopped into pieces PAN *tektek₁

batəwBintulu(WMP) stone PMP *batu

batəwMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) stone PMP *batu

batewTiruray(WMP) stone; testicle PMP *batu

batew asaʔMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) whetstone PMP *hasaq

batiBukat(WMP) leg PWMP *baties

batiFijian(OC) tooth POC *bati

batiNgadha(CMP) beat, thrash, hack off, as brush in clearing a field; eat bare, as a buffalo eating all the grass in a meadow PMP *bantiŋ

batiWayan(OC) tooth (of person, animal, etc.); tusk (of pig) POC *bati

batíʔisAklanon(WMP) calf, lower leg PWMP *baties

batíʔisCebuano(WMP) leg, especially the lower leg PWMP *baties

batíʔisHiligaynon(WMP) leg, shin PWMP *baties

baṭikBalinese(WMP) batik cloth PWMP *batik₁

baṭikJavanese(WMP) fabric that is dyed successively with different colors, each dyeing preceded by applying wax patternings to those portions that are not to receive that color PWMP *batik₁

batíkKapampangan(WMP) skin blemish PMP *betik₂

batíkKapampangan(WMP) skin blemish PWMP *batik₁

batikNgaju Dayak(WMP) batik cloth PWMP *batik₁

baṭikSasak(WMP) batik cloth PWMP *batik₁

baʔtikTae'(WMP) flicking movement of the tongue in speaking; resilient rebound of an object that has been bent down (under tension) when it is released PWMP *bala(n)tik

batikTae'(WMP) grasshopper PMP *batik₂

batíkTagalog(WMP) spot, stain, blemish PWMP *batik₁

ba-tilaluBanggai(WMP) play a bamboo flute PMP *tulali

ba-timpaŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) lame PMP *timpaŋ

bati ni savuFijian(OC) precipice with a waterfall POC *sabu

batíŋTagalog(WMP) trap made of rope or wire to catch animals by the legs PPH *batiŋ

batiŋ-ínTagalog(WMP) to set a leg-trap for animals PPH *batiŋ

batiŋtiŋAgutaynen(WMP) a musical triangle or wind chimes PPH *batiŋtiŋ

batiŋtiŋIbaloy(WMP) the ringing of a bell PPH *batiŋtiŋ

batiŋtiŋ-enIbaloy(WMP) to ring a bell PPH *batiŋtiŋ

ba-tirohNgaju Dayak(WMP) to sleep PMP *tiduR

batisAbai Sembuak(WMP) calf of the leg PWMP *baties

batisMurut (Tagol)(WMP) calf of the leg PWMP *baties

batisBalinese(WMP) foot, leg PWMP *baties

batisOld Javanese(WMP) leg PWMP *baties

batisTatana(WMP) calf of the leg PAN *beties

batóAklanon(WMP) stone PMP *batu

batóBikol(WMP) weight used in determining the weight and value of gold PMP *batu

batóBikol(WMP) kidney PMP *batu₂

batúBontok(WMP) stone, rock PMP *batu

batóBuhid(WMP) stone PAN *batu₃

batoFavorlang/Babuza(Formosan) stone PAN *batux

batóIlokano(WMP) stone, rock, pebble PMP *batu

batóIlokano(WMP) kidney PMP *batu₂

batoInati(WMP) stone PMP *batu

batóIsneg(WMP) stone, pebble PMP *batu

batóKankanaey(WMP) stone PMP *batu

batoʔKayan(WMP) rock, stone PMP *batu

batoMansaka(WMP) stone PMP *batu

batóMasbatenyo(WMP) stone, rock PMP *batu

batóPalawan Batak(WMP) rock, stone, flint, pebble PMP *batu

batóPangasinan(WMP) stone PMP *batu

batoSaisiyat(Formosan) stone PAN *batux

batoManobo (Sarangani)(WMP) rock, stone PMP *batu

batóTagalog(WMP) stone, rock; gem, jewel PMP *batu

batóTagalog(WMP) kidney PMP *batu₂

batóSambal (Tina)(WMP) stone PMP *batu

bato-anMaranao(WMP) tough to cook; sterile PWMP *batu-an

bató-batóIlokano(WMP) weight, lead, clock plumbob PMP *batu-batu

bato-batoMaranao(WMP) hump PMP *batu-batu

bató-báto(h)Aklanon(WMP) kidney PMP *batu₂

batoəʔKiput(WMP) neck PWMP *batuk₂

bátugBontok(WMP) beside, adjacent to; one’s partner in dancing PPH *batuR₂

batug-ənBontok(WMP) to be beside something; adjacent to PPH *batuR₂

bátokAklanon(WMP) nape of neck PWMP *batuk₂

batókBikol(WMP) to bark PMP *batuk₁

batokIban(WMP) cough PMP *batuk₁

bátokIfugaw(WMP) tattoo PMP *batek

batokKenyah(WMP) neck, throat PWMP *batuk₂

batokMalay(WMP) cough; generic for diseases of which coughing is a distinct feature PMP *batuk₁

batokMalay(WMP) husk and shell of coconut PMP *batuk₃

batokMaranao(WMP) cough PMP *batuk₁

batokRembong(CMP) cough PMP *batuk₁

bátokTagalog(WMP) nape of the neck PWMP *batuk₂

batók-batók-onBikol(WMP) describing a dog that is always barking PWMP *batuk batuk

ba-toluSoboyo(CMP) lay an egg PMP *qateluR

ba-toluGeser(CMP) thick PCEMP *təlu

ba-toluWatubela(CMP) thick PCEMP *təlu

batónMansaka(WMP) to pull up (as a string on which something is hung) PMP *bantun

batonMansaka(WMP) to pull up (as a string to which something is attached) PPH *batun

baton-aʔMaranao(WMP) drydock, boathouse PMP *bantun

bato no machaFavorlang/Babuza(Formosan) pupil of fish’s eye PAN *batux

batosToba Batak(WMP) border, boundary PWMP *bates

batowLahanan(WMP) stone PMP *batu

batoyIbatan(WMP) a line, row of something, esp. rocks; be lined up PPH *batuR₂

batoʔBelait(WMP) neck PWMP *batuk₂

battaMakassarese(WMP) cut off a piece or pieces of something, hack off (as by setting a knife or chisel against something and striking it, or through the use of areca nut shears) PMP *beta₂

báttakItawis(WMP) puncture PMP *betak

battaŋMakassarese(WMP) belly, abdomen PWMP *beteŋ₂

battaŋMandar(WMP) pregnant (of humans) PWMP *beteŋ₂

battáʔIsneg(WMP) a band for tying reaped rice into bundles; a small bundle of rice; a small bracelet consisting of a string of beads PPh *beték

battiʔMakassarese(WMP) speckle, freckle PMP *betik₂

battisMandar(WMP) calf of the leg PAN *beties

battóIsneg(WMP) a blister caused by friction PMP *betu₃

battoŋMapun(WMP) stomach, belly (of a person, animal or boat) PWMP *beteŋ₂

battuKavalan(Formosan) throw a stone PAN *batu₃

battuMakassarese(WMP) come, arrive (as rain, an asthma attack); something not belonging in a place and so arriving fortuitously PMP *betu

battúgIsneg(WMP) satiety, riches; the prominent part of the abdomen after eating one's fill; a spirit who always eats his fill, consuming everything, or at least a large amount PAN *besuR

battux-ánIsneg(WMP) to satiate, to sate PWMP *besuR-en

batu-Amblong(OC) head POC *batuk

batuIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) rock PMP *batu

batuBanggai(WMP) stone PMP *batu

batuBinukid(WMP) stone, rock, pebble, precious stone PMP *batu

batuBinukid(WMP) throw a stone at someone or something PAN *batu₃

batuBonggi(WMP) stone PMP *batu

batuMongondow(WMP) stone PMP *batu

batuBukat(WMP) stone PMP *batu

batuBunun (Takbanuad)(Formosan) stone PAN *batux

batúCebuano(WMP) rock, stone, pebble; precious stone; kidney stone PMP *batu

batúHanunóo(WMP) stone, rock PMP *batu

batúHanunóo(WMP) kidneys PMP *batu₂

batúHiligaynon(WMP) rock, stone, pebble PMP *batu

batuIban(WMP) stone, rock, ore, stone-hard, made of stone, talisman, charms used by shamans for protection, for invisibility, or for clear sight when seeking errant souls in the afterworld PMP *batu

batuIda'an Begak(WMP) stone PMP *batu

batúIfugaw(WMP) stone, boulder, pebble PMP *batu

batúItawis(WMP) stone PMP *batu

batúKalinga (Guinaang)(WMP) stone PMP *batu

batúKapampangan(WMP) stone, rock PMP *batu

batuKaro Batak(WMP) stone, rock; weights on a casting net, teeth (fig.) PMP *batu

batuLampung(WMP) rock PMP *batu

batuKenyah (Long Anap)(WMP) stone PMP *batu

batuMakassarese(WMP) stone, rock; gemstone; weight; net weights; fetus in first month of pregnancy; wages paid for the performance of sacred duties; numeral classifier used in counting houses, ships, fruits, clothing, coins, etc. PMP *batu

batuMalay(WMP) stone, rock, boulder, pebble, gem, milestone, mile; anchor; net stones; numeral classifier for teeth PMP *batu

batuMandar(WMP) stone PMP *batu

batuMapun(WMP) stone, rock, pebble PMP *batu

batuNgaju Dayak(WMP) stone, counterweight on scale; sinker on fishline PMP *batu

batuMurut (Paluan)(WMP) stone PMP *batu

batuPazeh(Formosan) stone PAN *batux

batuPendau(WMP) stone PMP *batu

*batuPMin(WMP) stone PMP *batu

batu-Ponam(OC) head POC *batuk

batuSangir(WMP) stone PMP *batu

batuSundanese(WMP) stone PMP *batu

batuTae'(WMP) stone, stony PMP *batu

batuTausug(WMP) stone, rock, pebble PMP *batu

batuMurut (Timugon)(WMP) stone PMP *batu

batuToba Batak(WMP) stone, weight, seed of fruit PMP *batu

batuManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) stone; list or count with reference to the use of stones in counting PMP *batu

batuWolio(WMP) stone, kernel, pip PMP *batu

batuYakan(WMP) stone, rock PMP *batu

batúMalaweg(WMP) stone PMP *batu

batuHoanya(Formosan) stone PAN *batux

batu-Vao(OC) head POC *batuk

batu ~ fatuSimalur(WMP) stone, coral PMP *batu

batu ~ watuBuginese(WMP) fruit, grain, seed; stone PMP *batu

batu-anMongondow(WMP) throw stones; counterweight on a scale PWMP *batu-an

batu-anMapun(WMP) set aside a coconut or stone for every hundred coconuts PWMP *batu-an

batu-anToba Batak(WMP) weight on a scale PWMP *batu-an

batu-anKapampangan(WMP) stone someone PWMP *batu-en

batu ansahIban(WMP) whetstone PWMP *batu hasaq

batu-aŋSangir(WMP) net weights (formerly stones and shells); anchor PWMP *batu-an

batu apiIban(WMP) flintstone PMP *batu hapuy

batu apiMalay(WMP) flint for striking a light PMP *batu hapuy

batu apiMalay(WMP) flintstone PMP *batu

batu apiNgaju Dayak(WMP) flintstone PMP *batu hapuy

batu araŋMalay(WMP) charcoal PMP *batu

batu asaʔMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) whetstone PWMP *batu hasaq

batu asahMalay(WMP) whetstone PWMP *batu hasaq

batu asahNgaju Dayak(WMP) whetstone PWMP *batu hasaq

batu asah-anSundanese(WMP) whetstone PMP *hasaq-an

(batu) asa-nSimalur(WMP) whetstone PMP *hasaq-an

batu-bátoMasbatenyo(WMP) anchor, sinker PMP *batu-batu

batu-batuIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) stony PMP *batu-batu

batu-bátuCebuano(WMP) anchor, sinker on a fishing line PMP *batu-batu

batu-batuKaro Batak(WMP) large wooden blocks used to warm up a woman in childbed PMP *batu-batu

batu-batuMandar(WMP) gravel PMP *batu-batu

batu-batuMapun(WMP) core of a boil, clot of blood PMP *batu-batu

batu-batuMapun(WMP) core of a boil; clot of blood PMP *batu

batu-batuNgaju Dayak(WMP) as a stone, hard PMP *batu-batu

batu-batuToba Batak(WMP) (German: Hoden) PMP *batu-batu

batu-batu-anMalay(WMP) calculi, gravel in urine PMP *batu-batu

batu boganiMongondow(WMP) magnet PMP *batu

batu dasiŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) counterweight on a scale PMP *batu

batu-enBinukid(WMP) full of stones or rocks PWMP *batu-en

batu-enIlokano(WMP) to stone PWMP *batu-en

batugMongondow(WMP) plait, weave PMP *batuR₁

batugMurut (Highland)(WMP) weave a mat PMP *batuR₁

bátugIlokano(WMP) row, line; file; part opposite or in front of; across, opposite PPH *batuR₂

bátugIsneg(WMP) in front of, equivalent to PPH *batuR₂

batuhKelabit(WMP) stone PMP *batu

batuhBekatan(WMP) stone PMP *batu

batuhBunun (Takituduh)(Formosan) stone (Tsuchida 1976:134) PAN *batux

batuhBunun (Takituduh)(Formosan) stone PAN *batux

batuhLun Dayeh(WMP) stone, pebble, rock, boulder, gastric stone PMP *batu

batu-hánMasbatenyo(WMP) stony place PWMP *batu-an

batu-hanYakan(WMP) stony, stone-covered PWMP *batu-an

batuh-onToba Batak(WMP) suffer from a cough PMP *batuk₁

batu-hunTausug(WMP) to stone something PWMP *batu-en

batu jalaNgaju Dayak(WMP) lead chain under a fishnet PMP *batu

batukBintulu(WMP) neck PWMP *batuk₂

bátukCebuano(WMP) small area different in color or texture from the background PMP *batek

batukManobo (Ilianen)(WMP) cough PMP *batuk₁

baṭukJavanese(WMP) forehead PMP *batuk₃

batukKaro Batak(WMP) cough PMP *batuk₁

batukKlata(WMP) cough PMP *batuk₁

batukKenyah (Long Anap)(WMP) neck PWMP *batuk₂

batukNarum(WMP) neck PWMP *batuk₂

batukToba Batak(WMP) cough PMP *batuk₁

batuk-anTagalog(WMP) hit or strike someone on the nape of the neck PWMP *batuk₂

batu karaŋMakassarese(WMP) coral rock PMP *karaŋ

batu karaŋMalay(WMP) coral rock PMP *karaŋ

batuk-batukKaro Batak(WMP) unwell; also a euphemism for a serious sickness such as cholera PWMP *batuk batuk

batuk-batukToba Batak(WMP) always coughing PWMP *batuk batuk

batu kiñaŋIban(WMP) translucent stone, crystal PWMP *kiñaŋ

batu kulatIban(WMP) noxious talisman PMP *kulat₂

batu lantoWolio(WMP) pumice PMP *batu

batu lasuPazeh(Formosan) testicle PAN *batux

batu mar-anakToba Batak(WMP) a talisman consisting of two little stones, one larger and the other smaller, thought to have the power to bless a couple with children PMP *batu

ba-tumpahNgaju Dayak(WMP) produce in quantities; tumble out, spill PWMP *tumpaq

batunBinukid(WMP) to lift, raise, pull (something) up or out of somewhere (as a carabao out of a pit) PMP *bantun

batunBinukid(WMP) to lift, raise, pull (something) up or out of (somewhere) PPH *batun

batunMongondow(WMP) yield of the harvest; harvest time PMP *bantun

batunTboli(WMP) to be transported from earth to heaven (mythology) PPH *batun

batunTiruray(WMP) to raise; to put something into a house PMP *bantun

batunTiruray(WMP) to raise; to put something into a house PPH *batun

batunManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to lift up; to ascend PMP *bantun

batunManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to lift up; to ascend PPH *batun

batu-naRoviana(OC) head POC *batuk

ba-tunaŋ-anGayō(WMP) pledged to be married PWMP *tunaŋ

batu-na tawuWolio(WMP) testicle PMP *batu

batu-n bahaNgaju Dayak(WMP) hardening of abscess PMP *batu

batu-n butuhBalinese(WMP) testicles PMP *batu

batu-neSangir(WMP) pit of a fruit PMP *batu

batun-enPalawano(WMP) to lift PPH *batun

batu ni dasiŋToba Batak(WMP) counterweight on a scale PMP *batu

batu ni jalaToba Batak(WMP) net sinkers PMP *batu

batu ni laŋitToba Batak(WMP) hail, hailstone PMP *batu

batu ni manukToba Batak(WMP) egg PMP *batu

*batu-nuxPAty(Formosan) stone PAN *batux

batúŋCebuano(WMP) net used for trapping animals by placing it across the path or dropping it over the animal; trap animals with a net (as with a wild pig) PPH *batéŋ

batu-onBanggai(WMP) stony, full of stones (as soil) PWMP *batu-en

batu papaWolio(WMP) slate PMP *batu

batu papaWolio(WMP) writing slate PMP *papan

batu papanTae'(WMP) broad, flat stone that looks like a plank or wall PWMP *batu papan

batu papanTae'(WMP) housepost support PMP *batu

batu papanYakan(WMP) big rock with flat surface (level with ground) PWMP *batu papan

batu pasiʔTae'(WMP) sandstone PWMP *pasiR

batu pataruPazeh(Formosan) chicken egg PAN *batux

batu pepanMapun(WMP) a flat rock PWMP *batu papan

batu sipatSundanese(WMP) plummet PWMP *sipat

batu tedoŋTae'(WMP) stone shaped like a small buffalo that was prized as an amulet used to ensure that the buffalo would thrive PMP *batu

batu timbaŋ-anMalay(WMP) weights used with a balance PWMP *timbaŋ-an

batu tuoMandar(WMP) very hard stone, river stone PMP *batu

batu-unCebuano(WMP) full of rocks, stones; pimply-faced PWMP *batu-en

batu waaWolio(WMP) flint PMP *batu

batuʔBunun (Isbukun)(Formosan) stone PAN *batux

bauGayō(WMP) odor, as of burnt rice PMP *bahu

baúKapampangan(WMP) a smell, odor PMP *bahu

bauKaro Batak(WMP) stench; odor; for agreeable odors this is contracted to bo: ntabeh bo-na ‘It smells delicious!’ PMP *bahu

bauLahanan(WMP) new PMP *baqeRu

bauLamboya(CMP) rotten; smell PMP *bahu

bauMalay(WMP) scent; odor (whether pleasant or the reverse) PMP *bahu

bauMentawai(WMP) new; fresh (eggs) PMP *baqeRu

bauMiri(WMP) smell, odor (as of a flower) PMP *bahu

baʔuKenyah (Òma Lóngh)(WMP) smell PMP *bahu

báuPalauan(WMP) smell, odor, scent PMP *bahu

baʔuSebop(WMP) smell, odor PMP *bahu

bauTae'(WMP) odor, smell PMP *bahu

bauToba Batak(WMP) odor, stench; stinking PMP *bahu

bau-anKapampangan(WMP) smell something PWMP *bahu-an

bauaŋMurut (Paluan)(WMP) bear PWMP *baRuaŋ

bau-bau-anToba Batak(WMP) perfume, fragrance PWMP *bahu-an

bau busokMalay(WMP) stench PMP *busuk

baúgCebuano(WMP) for eggs to be addled or old; for a house to be no good; sterile, incapable of producing offspring PPH *báqug

báugCebuano(WMP) be constipated PPH *báqug

báʔugHanunóo(WMP) rotten egg PPH *báqug

baʔúgHanunóo(WMP) sterile woman; tree which does not bear fruit PPH *báqug

báugIfugaw(WMP) decay of teeth PPH *báqug

baugCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) barren, incapable of producing offspring (of a woman) PPH *báqug

baug jaratBisaya(WMP) wooden trigger of a noose trap PMP *baquR

baukMalay(WMP) hair along the line of the jawbone, feathers under beak PWMP *bauk

bauk-anTagalog(WMP) bewhiskered rooster (Laktaw 1914) PWMP *bauk

baurBahasa Indonesia(WMP) to mix PWMP *bahuR

baʔurKelabit(WMP) fishing pole; trip stick in a noose trap PMP *baquR

baurMalay(WMP) curving rod; curve PMP *bauR

baurManggarai(CMP) spring-set trap for animals PMP *bauR

baur-anBahasa Indonesia(WMP) mixture (of foods, vegetables, etc.) PWMP *bahuR-an

ba-utaŋSimalur(WMP) be in debt PMP *qutaŋ

bauuBinukid(WMP) turtle, tortoise PPH *baququ

bauyBintulu(WMP) wind PAN *baRiuS

bauyLahanan(WMP) wind PAN *baRiuS

bauyTialo(WMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

baʔuʔKenyah (Long Dunin)(WMP) odor, smell PMP *bahuq

bauʔBasap(WMP) smell, odor PMP *bahuq

bavaBukat(WMP) mouth PMP *baqbaq

bavaBukat(WMP) mouth PMP *baqbaq

bavaFijian(OC) washstrake or upper planks of canoe POC *baban

bavaʔManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) short PMP *babaq₁

bavaManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) carry on the back PMP *baba₁

bavadManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) of plants, animals or humans, to reproduce one's kind PWMP *babaD

bavanghKenyah (Òma Lóngh)(WMP) pond, swamp PWMP *bawaŋ₁

bavaŋKadazan Dusun(WMP) river PWMP *bawaŋ₁

bavaŋRungus Dusun(WMP) river PWMP *bawaŋ₁

ba-váyiIbanag(WMP) female PAN *ba-bahi

bavuyKayan(WMP) wild pig PAN *babuy₃

bavuyKejaman(WMP) wild boar PAN *babuy₃

bavuyLahanan(WMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

bavuyManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

bavuyKayan (Long Atip)(WMP) wild boar PAN *babuy₃

bavuy levuLahanan(WMP) domesticated pig PMP *babuy lebu

bawAgutaynen(WMP) breakfast, morning snack PAN *baSaw

bawaBare'e(WMP) together, in one troupe, herd or flock PMP *baban

bawaMalay(WMP) conveyance in one's own custody or possession; to bring with one PMP *baba₁

bawaMaranao(WMP) carry, as on the back PMP *baba₁

bawaNias(WMP) troupe, herd, swarm PMP *baban

bawaSaisiyat(Formosan) lump PAN *Ribawa

bawaSangir(WMP) beneath PMP *babaq₁

bawaSangir(WMP) carry (without reference to the manner in which it is done) PMP *baba₁

bawaWolio(WMP) carry (esp. on the shoulder), bring; bring along; burden, load PMP *baba₁

bawa-bawaWolio(WMP) pregnant PMP *baba₁

bawabawa mateWolio(WMP) pregnant (because an unborn child is not yet alive) PMP *m-atay

ba-waehəʔSangir(WMP) payment, price PMP *bayaD

bawahMalay(WMP) position under or below, nether side PMP *babaq₁

bawahNgaju Dayak(WMP) be subjugated, be under someone's command PMP *babaq₁

ba-waliraSangir(WMP) kind of fish PWMP *balida

ba-waluSangir(WMP) rice pestle PAN *bayu

bawa mariMalay(WMP) to bring PAN *um-aRi

bawa-na binaŋa-yaMakassarese(WMP) mouth of a river, estuary PMP *binaŋa

bawaŋKelabit(WMP) village, place, country PWMP *bawaŋ₁

bawaŋIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) the width of the horizontal surface of a terrace, as of a pondfield or house terrace PPH *bawaŋ₂

bawaŋMongondow(WMP) spaciousness of view PWMP *bawaŋ₁

bawaŋKayan (Busang)(WMP) swamp, pond, lake PWMP *bawaŋ₁

bawaŋKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) river PWMP *bawaŋ₁

bawaŋKenyah (Lebu’ Kulit)(WMP) lake, swamp, rice paddy PWMP *bawaŋ₁

bawaŋKenyah (Long Anap)(WMP) lake PWMP *bawaŋ₁

bawaŋLun Dayeh(WMP) locality, village, state, place, city or country (Ganang, Crain and Pearson-Rounds 2006) PWMP *bawaŋ₁

báwaŋMansaka(WMP) have many missing teeth PWMP *bawaŋ₁

bawaŋSubanen/Subanun(WMP) a place (Churchill 1913) PWMP *bawaŋ₁

bawaŋKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) pond, small body of standing water PWMP *bawaŋ₁

bawaŋ-anAgutaynen(WMP) a place where the water runs downhill PPH *bawaŋ₂

báwasHanunóo(WMP) decrease, subtraction PPH *bawas

bawasMansaka(WMP) to keep part of; to remove part of (as a payment for something done) PPH *bawas

bawásCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to reduce (as to lower the price of something for sale, or to reduce someone’s salary) PPH *bawas

báwasKapampangan(WMP) deduction, what is missing, what has been subtracted PPH *bawas

bawásPangasinan(WMP) to reduce PPH *bawas

báwasTagalog(WMP) discount; reduction PPH *bawas

bawás-anTagalog(WMP) to reduce; to decrease; to make less PPH *bawas

bawawNgaju Dayak(WMP) weeding, pulling up grass (in garden, ricefield) PMP *babaw₄

bawbáwCebuano(WMP) place the gaff higher on a fighting cock so as to give the opponent an advantage PMP *bawbaw

baweLawangan(WMP) woman PAN *ba-bahi

baweCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to take back something you gave to someone PPH *báwiq

bawerTiruray(WMP) the tension spring of a snare-type trap PMP *baquR

bawerTiruray(WMP) the tension spring of a snare-type trap PPH *baweR

bawiAbaknon(WMP) wild pig PAN *babuy₃

bawiBalaesang(WMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

bawiBalinese(WMP) pig, boar PAN *babuy₃

báwiBontok(WMP) to be sorry; disconsolate PPH *báwiq

bawiNgaju Dayak(WMP) female, feminine; wife PAN *ba-bahi

bawiMurut (Paluan)(WMP) pig (domesticated) PAN *babuy₃

bawiSangir(WMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

bawiSasak(WMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

bawiTaboyan(WMP) wild pig PAN *babuy₃

bawiBekatan(WMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

báwiPangasinan(WMP) to recover what one has lost, given, etc. PPH *báwiq

ba-wiaheʔSangir(WMP) live bait PWMP *bihaR

bawí-anTagalog(WMP) to be dispossessed; to be deprived of possession PPH *báwiq

bawi bnuaTamuan(WMP) domesticated pig PMP *babuy banua

bawí-enIlokano(WMP) to redeem, regain losses, win back PPH *bawiq-en

bawikTboli(WMP) to come back to life; to revive PPH *báwiq

bawik-enAgutaynen(WMP) to help someone stand up after falling over; to return something to an upright position; PPH *bawiq-en

bawi ma-susuSangir(WMP) mother pig PAN *susu₁

bawineSangir(WMP) woman; female; sister PMP *ba-b<in>ahi

bawineWolio(WMP) woman; female (of people, animals, and plants) PMP *ba-b<in>ahi

bawine-na dalaWolio(WMP) prostitute (‘woman of the street’) PMP *zalan

báwiʔBinukid(WMP) to redeem, buy back something; to recover, get or take back something lent or given PPH *báwiq

báwiʔHanunóo(WMP) retrieval, retraction, getting something back PPH *báwiq

báwiʔAklanon(WMP) to reclaim, repossess, take back, salvage PPH *báwiq

báwiʔCebuano(WMP) to take back something lent or given; to recoup one’s losses, recover one’s investment; to get back on course PPH *báwiq

báwiʔTagalog(WMP) recovery; retraction PPH *báwiq

bawoMakassarese(WMP) shallow, shallow place PWMP *babaw₂

bawõNias(WMP) shallow PWMP *babaw₂

bawõNias(WMP) highland, plateau; upper surface; on, upon PAN *babaw₃

bawoSangir(WMP) shallow, as where the sea floor is elevated PWMP *babaw₂

bawoSika(CMP) up, above PAN *babaw₃

bawoWolio(WMP) top, upper side PAN *babaw₃

bawogAklanon(WMP) bamboo spring in a booby trap PPH *baweR

bawoiNgaju Dayak(WMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

bawoi lewuNgaju Dayak(WMP) domesticated pig PMP *babuy lebu

bawuMapun(WMP) a smell, odor (either good or bad) PMP *bahu

bawuWolio(WMP) pig, hog PAN *babuy₃

ba-wuaSangir(WMP) tassel PMP *buaq

bawu-anMapun(WMP) having a bad smell, smelly PWMP *bahu-an

báwugHanunóo(WMP) spring pole in spring snares or balátik-like ground traps PMP *bauR

ba-wuḷaŋSangir(WMP) curved artificial spur attached to the leg of a fighting cock PWMP *bulaŋ

ba-wuḷur-aŋ, ba-wuḷud-aŋSangir(WMP) hilly, mountainous, mountainous area PPh *bulud-an

bawuyLawangan(WMP) wild pig PAN *babuy₃

baxáIsneg(WMP) lung PAN *baRaq₁

baxaPazeh(Formosan) lung PAN *baRaq₁

baxákatIsneg(WMP) belt, girdle, sash (worn around the waist by women to keep the tapis in place) PMP *bakes₁

baxatPazeh(Formosan) cucumber PAN *baRat₂

baxóIsneg(WMP) new, fresh PMP *baqeRu

baxudPazeh (Kahabu)(Formosan) pigeon PAN *baRuj

baxutPazeh(Formosan) rock dove: Columba livia PAN *baRuj

bayBintulu(WMP) rattan PAN *quay

bayMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) loincloth PMP *bahaR

bay, vayMalagasy(WMP) wound, hurt, boil PAN *baReq

bayaAgutaynen(WMP) to intentionally leave, desert or abandon someone or something, such as a husband leaving his family PPH *bayáq

bayaAyta Maganchi(WMP) lungs PAN *baRaq₁

bayaAyta Maganchi(WMP) to swell PAN *baReq

bayaAyta Abellan(WMP) lungs PAN *baRaq₁

bayaBare'e(WMP) shallow indentation or other division of a terrain; groove between the two halves of the back, breasts, buttocks PWMP *balaq

bayaMelanau Dalat (Kampung Teh)(WMP) crocodile PMP *buqaya

bayaIbaloy(WMP) to leave something alone, not disturb it, not cause it trouble PPH *bayáq

bayaIban(WMP) crocodile: Crocodilus porosus (in estuaries), Crocodilus siamensis (in freshwater swamps); manifestation of a water deity PMP *buqaya

bayaJavanese(WMP) crocodile; dangerous, difficult PMP *buqaya

báyaKapampangan(WMP) ember PMP *baRah

bayaMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) crocodile PMP *buqaya

bayaʔMurik(WMP) crocodile PMP *buqaya

bayaTabun(WMP) crocodile PMP *buqaya

bayaSambal (Tina)(WMP) ember PMP *baRah

bayaAyta Maganchi(WMP) ember PMP *baRah

báyadAklanon(WMP) payment; pay PMP *bayaD

bāyadIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) the payment for something such as non-inherited goods, debt, fine, with money or barter goods PMP *bayaD

báyadBikol(WMP) fee, gratuity, payment, rate, toll, wage PMP *bayaD

bayadBinukid(WMP) fee, charge; amount which serves as payment; to pay for (something) PMP *bayaD

báyadBontok(WMP) payment; to pay PMP *bayaD

báyadCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) payment for service rendered; far on a vehicle or boat; to pay PMP *bayaD

báyadCebuano(WMP) pay for something; fee, charge; amount which serves as payment PMP *bayaD

báyadHanunóo(WMP) payment PMP *bayaD

báyadHiligaynon(WMP) payment PMP *bayaD

báyadIfugaw(WMP) payment, act of paying PMP *bayaD

báyadIlokano(WMP) cost, price, payment; tone in speaking; fare PMP *bayaD

báyadIsneg(WMP) price PMP *bayaD

báyadKankanaey(WMP) fine, penalty; forfeit PMP *bayaD

báyadKapampangan(WMP) payment PMP *bayaD

bayadMansaka(WMP) to pay, as a debt PMP *bayaD

bayadMapun(WMP) payment PMP *bayaD

bayadMaranao(WMP) pay; payment; debt PMP *bayaD

báyadMasbatenyo(WMP) payment PMP *bayaD

báyadTagalog(WMP) payment, compensation PMP *bayaD

bayádTagalog(WMP) paid, settled (of accounts) PMP *bayaD

bayadTausug(WMP) a payment PMP *bayaD

bayadTboli(WMP) payment PMP *bayaD

bayadTiruray(WMP) a payment; a debt; to pay PMP *bayaD

bayadManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) a payment; to pay PMP *bayaD

bayád-anBikol(WMP) to pay PMP *bayaD

bayád-anIlokano(WMP) to pay PMP *bayaD

báyad-ānIsneg(WMP) to pay PMP *bayaD

bayad-anMapun(WMP) pay for something PMP *bayaD

bayád-anMasbatenyo(WMP) pay to someone PMP *bayaD

bayad-anTausug(WMP) to pay (a debt of money, gratitude, etc.) PMP *bayaD

bayád-enKankanaey(WMP) to fine PMP *bayaD

bayád-unHiligaynon(WMP) to pay, settle an account; spend PMP *bayaD

bayahAyta Abellan(WMP) live coal PMP *baRah

bayahSasak(WMP) to pay PMP *bayaD

bayahSundanese(WMP) lung PAN *baRaq₁

bayah-aŋSasak(WMP) pay for someone else PMP *bayaD

bayakIban(WMP) monitor lizard, Varanus spp., esp. V. salvator PWMP *bayawak

bayániKapampangan(WMP) valiant, brave, strong PMP *baRani

bayániTagalog(WMP) (probably an early Kapampangan loan) hero; cooperation PMP *baRani

bayanih-ánTagalog(WMP) mutual aid PMP *baRani

báyaŋ-báyaŋCebuano(WMP) kind of small round-shaped marine fish PPH *báyaŋ-báyaŋ

báyaŋ-báyaŋIlokano(WMP) kind of marine fish with a flattened body PPH *báyaŋ-báyaŋ

bayaŋ bayaŋKaro Batak(WMP) a sourish vegetable similar to purslane PWMP *bayaŋ

bayaŋ bayaŋTagalog(WMP) an edible plant: Amaranthus spinosus PWMP *bayaŋ

bayarBalinese(WMP) release from a debt, pay a debt PMP *bayaD

bayarDampelas(WMP) to pay PMP *bayaD

bayarJavanese(WMP) pay, salary, wages PMP *bayaD

bayarMalay(WMP) payment; fulfilling an obligation or paying a debt PMP *bayaD

bayarNgaju Dayak(WMP) payment PMP *bayaD

báyarPangasinan(WMP) to pay PMP *bayaD

bayarPendau(WMP) to pay PMP *bayaD

bayarSundanese(WMP) payment PMP *bayaD

bayar-ánPangasinan(WMP) payment PMP *bayaD

bayatIbatan(WMP) someone goes to meet someone; two people (may) meet together PPH *baRat

báyatKapampangan(WMP) weight PMP *beReqat

bayawSambal (Botolan)(WMP) brother-in-law (sometimes used only between males) PWMP *bayaw

bayáwCebuano(WMP) brother-in-law, sister-in-law PWMP *bayaw

bayáwHiligaynon(WMP) brother-in-law, sister-in-law PWMP *bayaw

bayawIbaloy(WMP) brother-in-law, sister-in-law PWMP *bayaw

bayawKalagan(WMP) brother-in-law (m.s.) PWMP *bayaw

bayawKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) brother-in-law (m.s.) PWMP *bayaw

bayáwPangasinan(WMP) brother-in-law PWMP *bayaw

bayáwTagalog(WMP) brother-in-law PWMP *bayaw

bayáwakHanunóo(WMP) monitor or large lizard (Varanus salvator Laurenti), commonly mislabeled 'iguana' PWMP *bayawak

bayáwakIlokano(WMP) scorpion PWMP *bayawak

bayawakSundanese(WMP) kind of giant salamander, iguana PWMP *bayawak

bayáwakTagalog(WMP) monitor lizard, iguana PWMP *bayawak

bayayBantuqanon(WMP) house PMP *balay

báyaʔMansaka(WMP) to allow; to tolerate; to leave alone; to let someone do by himself PPH *bayáq

bayáʔSambal (Tina)(WMP) lung PAN *baRaq₁

bayáʔAklanon(WMP) to ignore PPH *bayáq

báyaʔTagalog(WMP) to allow or tolerate a situation; to let someone alone; to leave undisturbed; dereliction; neglect of duty PPH *bayáq

báybayAklanon(WMP) beach, seashore; bank (of a river) PPh *baybáy

baybáyBikol(WMP) sand PPh *baybáy

baybayBontok(WMP) sea, any large body of water PPh *baybáy

baybayCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) sand, beach, seashore PPh *baybáy

báybayHanunóo(WMP) coast, littoral PPh *baybáy

baybáyIlokano(WMP) sea (the part next to the shore); beach, shore, strand PPh *baybáy

baybáyIsneg(WMP) sea, ocean PPh *baybáy

baybáyKankanaey(WMP) sea, ocean PPh *baybáy

báybayPalawan Batak(WMP) shore, ocean side PPh *baybáy

baybáyPangasinan(WMP) sea, seaside PPh *baybáy

baybáyTagalog(WMP) border, edge, shore PPh *baybáy

baybáyAgutaynen(WMP) seashore; beach PPh *baybáy

baybay-onBikol(WMP) beach, coast, seashore, shore PPh *baybáy

bayehKelabit(WMP) crocodile PMP *buqaya

bayeuëAcehnese(WMP) pay, satisfy (in monetary terms) PMP *bayaD

bayewMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) old, as a dry coconut or and unmarried girl past her prime PMP *baRiw

báyiCebuano(WMP) female animal or plant; have or make into a mistress PMP *bahi

báyiHanunóo(WMP) femininity, quality of being female PMP *bahi

baynátTagalog(WMP) relapse PPh *beRnát

bayóAklanon(WMP) to box, hit, pound, pummel PAN *bayu

bayoAyta Abellan(WMP) to pound; to mill PAN *bayu

bayóMasbatenyo(WMP) pestle; refers to the item used for pounding/grinding something in a mortar, usually herbs, garlic or grain PAN *bayu

bayóTagalog(WMP) pounding; pounded, crushed by pounding PAN *bayu

bayó-enKankanaey(WMP) to pound rice (this word-base is exceptionally used in the sense of “pestle” PAN *bayu

bayo-énPangasinan(WMP) to pound PAN *bayu

bayogIbaloy(WMP) a variety of bamboo --- tough, small bore; it is desirable commercially for many things PPH *bayug

bayógIlokano(WMP) bamboo used for flooring; rattan strip used for tying PPH *bayug

bayohLampung(WMP) swollen PAN *baReq

bayoŋMalay(WMP) bag of mengkuang (pandanus leaves) for carrying raw sago (Brunei) PWMP *bayuquŋ

bayouAlas(WMP) brother-in-law (woman speaking), sister-in-law (man speaking) PWMP *bayaw

bayoyIbatan(WMP) kind of tree with bark that can be stripped and used for straps of an alat basket or for tying rice bundles PMP *bayuR

ba-yríSambal (Botolan)(WMP) here PMP *i-di

bayr-un-unCebuano(WMP) amount to be paid off PMP *bayaD

baysánTagalog(WMP) a parent of the spouse of one's offspring; the relation between parents of a married couple PWMP *baisan

baysan-anTagalog(WMP) betrothal party held by parents of bride and groom PWMP *baisan-an

ba-ytiSambal (Botolan)(WMP) this PAN *i-ti

bayúHanunóo(WMP) pounding in a mortar, especially of grain such as rice, for husking purposes PAN *bayu

báyuIfugaw(WMP) to pound rice (this word-base is exceptionally used in the sense of “pestle”) PAN *bayu

báyuKapampangan(WMP) new, newly, before PMP *baqeRu

bayuKenyah (Long Anap)(WMP) wind PAN *baRiuS

báyuMaguindanao(WMP) to pound, beat PAN *bayu

bayú, báyuCebuano(WMP) beat to a pulp or powder PAN *bayu

bayu-enIlokano(WMP) to mill rice; crush, bruise PAN *bayu

bayugMongondow(WMP) kind of small areca palm PMP *bayuR

bayúgHanunóo(WMP) a tree: Pterospermum diversifolium PMP *bayuR

bayúgIfugaw(WMP) an unarmed climbing bamboo with thick walls; it is chiefly used for flooring and binding purposes PPH *bayug

bayúgItawis(WMP) bamboo species having thick stems PPH *bayug

bayugTboli(WMP) k.o. small bamboo used for tying and building houses PPH *bayug

bayugManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) a tall bamboo of recent introduction in western Bukidnon: Dendrocalamus merrillianus PPH *bayug

bayúgIsneg(WMP) k.o. unarmed pendulous bamboo; strips of this bamboo are used for binding purposes PPH *bayug

bayug rebukTiruray(WMP) k.o. bamboo: Dendrocalamus merrillianus (Elm.) Elm. PPH *bayug

bayukMongondow(WMP) tinder, fungus PMP *baruk

bayúoŋAklanon(WMP) buri bag (usually for one cavan) PWMP *bayuquŋ

bayurMalay(WMP) a tree growing to a height of about 80 feet and yielding a durable timber: Pterospermum spp. PMP *bayuR

bayusFavorlang/Babuza(Formosan) storm PAN *baRiuS

bayúʔuŋHiligaynon(WMP) bag made of woven palm leaves PWMP *bayuquŋ

bäyuxSiraya (Gravius)(Formosan) foul weather PAN *baRiuS

bayuyaBare'e(WMP) subcutaneous fat of pigs PWMP *balulaŋ

báyw-on taAklanon(WMP) I’ll box you PAN *bayu

bayʔPalawan Batak(WMP) hunting bow PPH *báhiq

bayʔáIlokano(WMP) to permit, allow, let; cease, stop; leave alone; neglect PPH *bayáq

bazaBintulu(WMP) crocodile PMP *buqaya

baza-Pazeh(Formosan) know, understand PAN *bajaq₁

bazawMamanwa(WMP) brother-in-law (m.s.) PWMP *bayaw

bazi (< bayi)Mamanwa(WMP) grandmother PAN *baqi

bazuPazeh(Formosan) to wash (clothes) PAN *basuq

baʔLahanan(WMP) mouth PMP *baqbaq

baʔatAdonara(CMP) heavy PMP *beReqat

baʔbakAgutaynen(WMP) to split something by tearing or peeling it apart; to forcefully split or rip something apart, usually with a downward tearing action PMP *bakbak₁

baʔewaArosi(OC) a shark; the shark was sacred; men had familiar sharks which killed their enemies, and a man and shark sometimes exchanged souls POC *bakewak

báʔiPalawan Batak(WMP) type of wood used to make hunting bow PPH *báhiq

baʔoʔPenan (Long Lamai)(WMP) odor PMP *bahuq

báʔyuRemontado(WMP) new PMP *baqeRu


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bbəhSa'ban(WMP) a plant with roots that are pounded and mixed with river water to immobilize fish: Derris elliptica PAN *tubah

bbuTaba(SHWNG) grandparent/grandchild PAN *bubu₆

bbulaWoleaian(OC) to burn, light up POC *bula₁

bbuwaWoleaian(OC) betel nut (originally brought from Yap) POC *buaq


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beAlune(CMP) say, tell PCMP *bei

beDusner(SHWNG) to give PEMP *boRe

bə_ŋiSimalur(WMP) night PMP *beRŋi

bə_ŋi-fə_ŋi-iSimalur(WMP) night by night, nightly PMP *beRŋi beRŋi

beaAua(OC) fruit bat, flying fox POC *bweka

beaWuvulu(OC) fruit bat, flying fox POC *bweka

bəábPalauan(WMP) rodent; rat, mouse PMP *balabaw

beaŋ-beaŋ turToba Batak(WMP) plant used as a vegetable PWMP *bayaŋ

beasSundanese(WMP) husked rice PMP *beRas

bəʔásəRukai(Formosan) husked rice (Tona) PAN *beRas

béawaʔ, féawaʔSimalur(WMP) monitor lizard: Varanus neculosus PWMP *bayawak

bebNehan(OC) butterfly POC *bebe

bebaʔMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) mouth PMP *beqbeq

bebaSeru(WMP) mouth PMP *baqbaq

bebaʔTapuh(WMP) mouth PMP *beqbeq

bebadMaranao(WMP) unroll, unfurl, uncoil PWMP *bajbaj

be-bayMaranao(WMP) female: woman, girl; sister PAN *ba-bahi

bebakJavanese(WMP) peel the skin or husk from (as the first step in processing rice, coffee) PWMP *bebak₁

bebakOld Javanese(WMP) scratched, grazed, abrased PWMP *bebak₁

bebalIban(WMP) obstruction, dam PMP *belbel₁

bebalMalay(WMP) dull; doltish; stupid; surly; cross-grained PMP *be