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Austronesian Comparative Dictionary


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faAs(SHWNG) four PEMP *pat

fa-Buli(SHWNG) plural or collective prefix on verbs PMP *paRa₂

Buli(SHWNG) stingray PCEMP *paRi

fa-Buli(SHWNG) prefix used for the reciprocal form of a verb PEMP *paRi-

fa-Buli(SHWNG) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

faBuruese(CMP) go PCEMP *ba₆

fā-Lau(OC) causative prefix which also makes transitive verbs from intransitive verbs, adjectives and nouns (roŋo ‘to hear’ : fā-roŋo ‘to tell’; mamagu ‘fear’ : fā-mamagu ‘loathsome’; ŋū ‘to sing’ : fā-ŋū ‘teach to sing’) POC *paka-

faLonwolwol(OC) under, below, down, deep, far out at sea; North POC *papaq₃

faLonwolwol(OC) make a sudden and alarming noise, to startle, jerk, to shock, cause shock, etc. POC *pa₁

faMalagasy(WMP) for, but, therefore, because, that PAN *pa₁

faʔNarum(WMP) water PMP *bahaq₂

Niue(OC) stalk of a plant PMP *paqa₂

faNumfor(SHWNG) sheath of a palm blossom PMP *paqa₂

faRotinese(CMP) a stream; to flow, stream, flood PCEMP *baaq

Samoan(OC) hoarse, husky POC *paRak

Samoan(OC) fish (Megalops sp.) found in marshes and river mouths PMP *paya

Samoan(OC) four PEMP *pat

Samoan(OC) stalk, stem of taro, banana, and certain other plants PMP *paqa₂

faSawai(SHWNG) stingray PCEMP *paRi

faSerui-Laut(SHWNG) rice (in general) PAN *pajay

faSimalur(WMP) still, yet, then, because PMP *ba₁

Tongan(OC) (of a river) to overflow, be in flood POC *pāq

Tongan(OC) hoarse, of the voice POC *paRak

Tongan(OC) blister POC *paRaq₁

Tongan(OC) kind of pandanus which sends down shoots from the branches to the ground POC *padran

Tongan(OC) four PEMP *pat

faWuvulu(OC) four PEMP *pat

fa-, fai-Buli(SHWNG) prefix which indicates that the action concerns a plural subject; with nouns it also forms collectives (e.g. rama 'sister', fa-rama-u 'sisters') PEMP *paRi-

fa:-fPonam(OC) four PEMP *pat

fa:susTanga(OC) to nurse a baby, give the breast to PAN *pa-susu

fa:tTanga(OC) stone; piece of dead coral; generic for certain discs of clam shell which the Tanga make and use as tokens of value POC *patu

ꞌfa¹²nMayá(SHWNG) shoot with bow and arrow PAN *panaq

ꞌfa¹²sMayá(SHWNG) rice PAN *pajay

ꞌfa³Mayá(SHWNG) stingray PCEMP *paRi

faaAbai Sembuak(WMP) foot PAN *paqa₁

faaAmblau(CMP) four PMP *epat

*faaPMic(OC) (expected **/fafa/) under, underneath; the bottom POC *papaq₃

faaTanga(OC) pandanus POC *padran

faʔaTongan(OC) tear, rend POC *paqas

faa-Woleaian(OC) four PEMP *pat

faʔa-abu-aKwaio(OC) to taboo, forbid ritually, make sacred POC *paka-tabu

faʔa-afi-afiSamoan(OC) in the evening PAN *Rabi-Rabi

faʔa-alaSamoan(OC) express an opinion POC *jalan

fā-ābuLau(OC) consecrate POC *paka-tabu

faʔa-ese-aSamoan(OC) lonely, isolated PCEMP *kese

faafTanga(OC) lower part POC *papaq₃

faʔa-fanaSamoan(OC) rebake, warm up PMP *panas₁

faafineTuvaluan(OC) women POC *papine

faʔa-foaSamoan(OC) (of a boil) come up, form POC *posaq

faʔa-foeSamoan(OC) steer POC *pose

faʔa-futa-aKwaio(OC) bear, beget; make pregnant POC *pusa₁

faʔa-hiTongan(OC) side, half -- when the division is made lengthwise POC *paqas

faaiTuvaluan(OC) break an object, such as coconut, head, canoe POC *paqas

faʔa-ifoSamoan(OC) come down, descend POC *paka-sipo

faʔa-ʔite-ʔiteSamoan(OC) get, have a presentiment, premonition of something PAN *kita₂

fáálPuluwat(OC) to worship POC *pali₂

faʔa-laloSamoan(OC) to cook, roast (in a stone oven) POC *ralom

faʔa-laŋiSamoan(OC) address or refer to someone by his ceremonial title PMP *laŋit

faʔa-lataSamoan(OC) draw near (in order to get something); tame POC *lasa₁

faʔa-limaSamoan(OC) five times POC *paka-lima₂

faʔa-loŋoSamoan(OC) to hear; listen; pay attention; obey; feel POC *paka-roŋoR

faʔa-loŋo-ŋaSamoan(OC) feeling POC *paka-roŋoR

faʔa-luaSamoan(OC) twice POC *paka-rua

fa-ʔamaNias(WMP) call father PMP *pa(ka)-amax

faʔa-mae-aKwaio(OC) kill, extinguish POC *paka-mate-ia

faʔa-mā-fuli-fuliSamoan(OC) walk with a swaying, rolling or strutting gait (characteristic of some chiefs and affected by people who want to put on airs POC *buliŋ

faʔa-maʔiSamoan(OC) epidemic POC *masakit

faʔa-maʔi-maʔiSamoan(OC) feel unwell, be indisposed POC *masakit

faʔa-mālamalamaSamoan(OC) light up; explain, clarify POC *ma-ramaR

faʔa-maluSamoan(OC) put a cover on, shield against POC *paka-maluRu

faʔa-ma-maʔiSamoan(OC) be madly in love, yearn or pine for someone POC *masakit

faʔa-manifiSamoan(OC) grind, sharpen (as an axe); thinly PMP *ma-nipis

faʔa-mataSamoan(OC) look like, be likely that; think, have an opinion; sharpen PMP *mata

faʔa-mata-mataSamoan(OC) be half-cooked, not cooked properly; be simple, naive (people) POC *mataq

faʔa-mataʔuSamoan(OC) to frighten, threaten PMP *paka-takut

faʔa-mateSamoan(OC) kill (an animal); (of fire) put out POC *paka-mate

faʔa-mātua-taŋataSamoan(OC) (be) elderly POC *matuqa

faʔa-maʔu-aKwaio(OC) to frighten POC *matakut

faʔa-mooli-aKwaio(OC) revive, cure PMP *ma-qudip

fáánChuukese(OC) building, dwelling house, meeting house POC *pale

fáánChuukese(OC) Christian worship, divine service (general term) POC *pali₂

faa-nFordata(CMP) calf of the leg PAN *paqa₁

faanFordata(CMP) fish bait PAN *paen

*faanau (length unexpl.)PPn(OC) give birth, be born PMP *pañaRu

faʔa-nifoSamoan(OC) tooth of cogwheel, thread of a screw, tenon POC *nipon

faʔa-odo-aKwaio(OC) straighten out POC *kodos

faʔa-oli-aKwaio(OC) cause to return, send back; return something to a person PMP *paka-uliq

faʔa-onoSamoan(OC) six times POC *paka-onom

faʔa-oŋeSamoan(OC) be starved, famished POC *soŋe

faʔa-piʔo-piʔoSamoan(OC) walk with a limp POC *biko

faʔa-putuSamoan(OC) pile up, heap up POC *putu, butu

faarPuluwat(OC) pandanus, used for mats and thatch POC *padran

fáári-yápPuluwat(OC) kind of large but harmless ray fish POC *paRi

faʔa-salaSamoan(OC) punish, fine; condemn, sentence PMP *pa(ka)-salaq

faʔa-sala-ŋaSamoan(OC) punishment, sentence PMP *pa(ka)-salaq

faʔa-sina-fiaKwaio(OC) put out to dry in the sun PMP *sinaR

faʔa-siʔu-siʔuSamoan(OC) extremity, very end of POC *siku

fāʔ-asuSamoan(OC) to smoke (fish or meat); fumigate PMP *pa(ka)-qasu

faʔa-susuSamoan(OC) to suckle PAN *pa-susu

faʔa-susu-fiaKwaio(OC) to suckle, nurse PAN *pa-susu

faatGah(CMP) four PMP *epat

faatPuluwat(OC) eyebrow POC *paju

faʔa-talaKwaio(OC) magic to clear or ward off taboos, to clear the effects of a ritual prohibition PMP *pa(ka)-salaq

faʔa-tala i kwalaKwaio(OC) stir up blame, provoke a feud POC *jalan

faʔa-taliŋa tuliSamoan(OC) turn a deaf ear POC *tuli₁

faʔa-tama-aSamoan(OC) treat like a father PMP *pa(ka)-amax

faʔa-tapu-laʔaSamoan(OC) set a limit to POC *paka-tabu

faʔa-tilo-tiloSamoan(OC) having an ulterior motive, not disinterested POC *tiro-tiro

faʔa-toluSamoan(OC) three times POC *paka-tolu

faʔa-tuaiSamoan(OC) delay, hold up (the progress of something) POC *tuaRi

faʔa-tua-tuaiSamoan(OC) ask for time (to consider a problem or to arrive at a decision, etc.); play for time; delay POC *tuaRi

faʔa-tulu-tuluSamoan(OC) pour in drops POC *turuq

faʔa-valuSamoan(OC) eight times PMP *paka-walu

faayUlithian(OC) four PEMP *pat

fa-buaNias(WMP) play marbles; fasten a button PMP *buaq

fa-bunuNias(WMP) kill PMP *pa-bunuq

fa-bunu-saNias(WMP) murder; death blow PMP *bunuq₂

facaʔAmis(Formosan) wash clothes PAN *baseq

facfacAmis(Formosan) to hit, strike -- as a child or a water buffalo PAN *basbas₁

fadaRotinese(CMP) speak, say, name, mention, tell PMP *bajaq₂

fadalAmis(Formosan) thorny briar plant PAN *baNaR

fadeyLun Dayeh(WMP) rice, paddy PAN *pajay

fadiRotinese(CMP) younger sibling of the same sex PCEMP *waji

fa-diditraMalagasy(WMP) entanglement (used only of cord or thread) PAN *pa-litlit

fadyMalagasy(WMP) abstinence, fasting, prohibition; unlawfulness, incest; anything tabooed PAN *paliSi


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fǣt-iChuukese(OC) to kick (something) POC *paRas


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fafaAmis(Formosan) carry a baby tied on one's back; to ride piggy back PAN *baba₁

fafaDobel(CMP) ground PMP *babaq₁

fafaDobel(CMP) mouth PMP *baqbaq

fafaLau(OC) carry on shoulders, pick-a-back; carry a bag round the neck POC *papa₁

fafaMalagasy(WMP) sweeping, cleaning off PWMP *paspas₂

fafaMuna(WMP) kind of tree, the wood of which is light and durable, used for boat and house building PMP *pa(m)pa

fafaSamoan(OC) carry (child or other load) on one's back POC *papa₁

fafaTongan(OC) carry on the back; be carried, have a ride on someone's back POC *papa₁

fafaUjir(CMP) below PMP *babaq₁

fafaWuvulu(OC) carry a person on one's shoulders (legs astraddle the neck) POC *papa₁

faf-aHoti(CMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

fa-faʔetChamorro(WMP) a snapper: Lutjanus gibbus PWMP *paqit₁

fafagLun Dayeh(WMP) a clap, a slap PWMP *pagpag

fa-fahiAmis(Formosan) wife PAN *ba-bahi

fa-fahi-anAmis(Formosan) female; woman PAN *ba-bahi

fa-faiRotinese(CMP) morning PAN *waRi₁

fafakTiruray(WMP) a wing PAN *pakpak₁

fafak-anTiruray(WMP) a large saltwater fish PAN *pakpak₁

fa-faluDobel(CMP) a hammer PAN *palu-palu

fa-faluDobel(CMP) hammer PMP *palu

fa-faluSimalur(WMP) widow, spinster PWMP *balu balu

fa-faluYamdena(CMP) a stake that has been pounded into the ground PAN *palu-palu

fa-falunTetun(CMP) a cover or envelope PCEMP *balun₃

fafanBuli(SHWNG) plank PMP *papan

fafa-nBuruese(CMP) (something's) top part PAN *babaw₃

fafanTiruray(WMP) a sawed board, lumber; to make lumber or boards by hand PMP *papan

fáfanaMalagasy(WMP) a piece of board for writing on, a lesson-board, a blackboard PMP *papan

fā-faŋaLau(OC) to feed PMP *paŋan

fa-faŋaTuvaluan(OC) open; separate (as of a woman's legs) POC *paŋa₂

fā-faŋaLau(OC) to feed POC *paŋan

fa-faŋuNiue(OC) to awaken POC *paŋun

fa-faŋuSamoan(OC) wake someone up, arouse POC *paŋun

fa-faŋuTongan(OC) call out in order to awaken someone; to awaken, arouse from sleep; bell POC *paŋun

fa-faŋuTuvaluan(OC) wake (someone) POC *paŋun

fa-faŋu-inaSamoan(OC) be brought to mind, be recalled POC *paŋun

fa-fatiCheke Holo(OC) fourth POC *pati pati

fafawAmis(Formosan) headwaters, source of a river; leaders with higher rank PAN *babaw₃

fa-feruTugun(CMP) new PMP *baqeRu

fafiAtoni(CMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

fafiDobel(CMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

fafiKwaio(OC) cook in leaf oven; sacrifice a pig POC *papi

fafiLau(OC) put leaves on oven in cooking POC *papi

fafiTajio(WMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

fafiVaikenu(CMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

f-afiWuvulu(OC) afternoon, evening (from about 4:00 p.m. til sunset) POC *paka-Rapiqi

fa-fiʔaChamorro(WMP) how many? (of living things) PAN *pa-pija

fafieSamoan(OC) firewood POC *papian

fafineMakatea(OC) woman POC *papine

fafinePeterara(OC) woman POC *papine

fafineRaga(OC) woman POC *papine

fafineSamoan(OC) woman; female POC *papine

fafineTongan(OC) women (dual or plural) POC *papine

fafineTuvaluan(OC) woman; wife; female of an animal POC *papine

fa-finshiqThao(Formosan) seed used for planting PAN *bineSiq

fa-firaFordata(CMP) how often? PAN *pijax

fa-fituChamorro(WMP) seven (of living things) PAN *pa-pitu

fa-fituFordata(CMP) seven times PAN *pa-pitu

fafiy(a)Woleaian(OC) firewood POC *papian

fafoLau(OC) the top; on, above POC *papo₁

fafoSamoan(OC) outside, out of doors; overseas POC *papo₁

fafo-asiLau(OC) foothills (lit. ‘above the sea’) PMP *tasik

fafo-ʔileLau(OC) beyond the reef, outside POC *papo₁

fafo-na asiLau(OC) surface of the sea PMP *tasik

fa-fonuMono-Alu(OC) to fill POC *ponuq

fafo-ñSoboyo(CMP) upper surface, upper part; top sheet of the sail PAN *babaw₃

fafoyAmis(Formosan) pig; wild boar PAN *babuy₃

fafoy-anAmis(Formosan) pigpen PAN *babuy-an

fafuBuruese(CMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

fafuTifu(CMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

fa-fukaNias(WMP) catch birds with a net PWMP *pa-puket

fafuyThao(Formosan) domesticated pig PAN *babuy₃

fagaNias(WMP) roast (in the flames) PWMP *paŋgaŋ

faga-Watut(OC) leg, foot PAN *paqa₁

fag-aful-anTiruray(WMP) the lime container in a brass betel box PWMP *paR-qapuR-an

fag-ayamTiruray(WMP) care for a domesticated animal PWMP *qayam₂

fagérMiri(WMP) fence PMP *pager

fagewTiruray(WMP) an edible fern: Athyrium esculentum Copel PWMP *paku

faghaMuna(WMP) thigh PAN *paqa₁

faghaMuna(WMP) stalk of certain trees (coconut, areca) from which grow branches PMP *paqa₂

fagoʔChamorro(WMP) a tree: Ochrosia oppositifolia PMP *pauq

fahaBuruese(CMP) hand, arm PMP *baRa₁

faha-Chamorro(WMP) causative/multiplicative prefix with numeral bases PAN *pa-ka-

fahaEast Uvean(OC) Pandanus sp. POC *pwasa(rR)

faha-Malagasy(WMP) causative/multiplicative prefix with numeral bases PAN *pa-ka-

fahaSoboyo(CMP) hand, arm PMP *baRa₁

faha-dimyMalagasy(WMP) the fifth; five fathoms PMP *paka-lima₁

faha-dmaChamorro(WMP) five times PMP *paka-lima₁

faha-fadChamorro(WMP) four times PMP *paka-epat

faha-firiMalagasy(WMP) what number is it? PMP *paka-pija

faha-fitoMalagasy(WMP) the seventh; seven fathoms PMP *paka-pitu

faha-gwaChamorro(WMP) twice (Costenoble 1940:263; < faha-hugwa) PMP *paka-duha

fá-hanaMalagasy(WMP) nourishment, strength; ration; subsistence PAN *pa-kaen

fáhan-ténunaMalagasy(WMP) the weft in weaving PMP *pakan

faha-roaMalagasy(WMP) the second; two fathoms PMP *paka-duha

faha-siviMalagasy(WMP) the ninth; the ancestors; the spirits of the ancestors PMP *siwa

fahatBuruese(CMP) west monsoon PMP *habaRat

fahatTifu(CMP) west PMP *habaRat

faha-tahor-anaMalagasy(WMP) fear, dread PMP *paka-takut

faha-teloMalagasy(WMP) the third; three fathoms; an enemy PMP *paka-telu

faha-toChamorro(WMP) three times PMP *paka-telu

faha-uluChamorro(WMP) eight times PMP *paka-walu

faha-unumChamorro(WMP) six times PMP *paka-enem

faha-utiChamorro(WMP) seven times PMP *paka-pitu

faha-valoMalagasy(WMP) eighth PMP *paka-walu

fah-èfatraMalagasy(WMP) the fourth; four fathoms PMP *paka-epat

fah-éninaMalagasy(WMP) sixth PMP *paka-enem

fahiTetun(CMP) pig, swine PAN *babuy₃

fahi fulu-nTetun(CMP) pig bristles PMP *bulu ni babuy

fahõNias(WMP) chisel PMP *paqet

fahoTetun(CMP) to weed or harrow (rooting out the growth with the hands or a hoe) PMP *babaw₄

fa-hotuNias(WMP) to break wind PAN *pa-qetut

fahuBuruese(CMP) a tree: Hibiscus tiliaceus PMP *baRu

faiBimanese(CMP) stingray PCEMP *paRi

faʔiAmis (Central)(Formosan) grandmother PAN *baqi

faʔiChamorro(WMP) type of plant - Oryza sativa. rice --- when growing PAN *pajay

faiKwaio(OC) where PMP *pai₁

faiKwara'ae(OC) a plant: Falcataria Moluccana POC *pail

faiLau(OC) four PCEMP *pat-i

faiLi'o(CMP) female, woman PCEMP *bai

faiMalagasy(WMP) kind of fish with a rough skin; rough PMP *paRih

faiNgadha(CMP) woman; wife; female PCEMP *bai

faiNgadha(CMP) a tree: Albizia chinensis PCEMP *bail

faiPwele(OC) stingray POC *paRi

faiRotinese(CMP) day, in the sense of time in general PAN *waRi₁

faiRotuman(OC) cut or chop down (a tree or branch) POC *paRi₃

faiRotuman(OC) snare, trap; to ensnare, catch in a trap PMP *taRin

faiSamoan(OC) sting-ray, Dasyatis sp. POC *paRi

faiSamoan(OC) do, make POC *pait

faiEfate (South)(OC) stingray POC *paRi

faiTeluti(CMP) four PCEMP *pat-i

faiTongan(OC) skate or sting-ray POC *paRi

faiTongan(OC) do, attend to, carry out, carry on with, engage in, perform POC *pait

faiZabana(OC) a plant: Falcataria Moluccana POC *pail

faifil(e)Woleaian(OC) woman; sister POC *pai-p<in>ai

fai-fisBuli(SHWNG) how many times? PAN *pijax

fai-fitBuli(SHWNG) seven times PAN *pitu₁

fai hidaRotinese(CMP) when (future) PCMP *pijan

faʔijKenyah(WMP) bitter PMP *paqit₂

fai kiliTongan(OC) kind of skate or sting-ray with very hard, rough skin from which rasps are made POC *paRi

failManggarai (Mulu)(CMP) a tree: Albizia chinensis PCEMP *bail

fai-limBuli(SHWNG) five times; the fifth PAN *lima

fai-manuTongan(OC) kind of skate or sting-ray PMP *paRih manuk

fai-naRotinese(CMP) recently, the other day PAN *waRi₁

fa-ʔinuNias(WMP) let someone drink, give drink to, to water (animals) PMP *pa-inum

faitAbai Sembuak(WMP) bitter PMP *paqit₂

faʔitTiruray(WMP) the various barbs (Cyprinidae) spp. PWMP *paqit₁

faitraMalagasy(WMP) bitterness, as the taste of quinine PMP *paqit₂

fai-yaWoleaian(OC) file (a tool); rayfish (general term) POC *paRi

fakRon(SHWNG) four PEMP *pat

fa-kRotinese(CMP) seawind, west wind PMP *habaRat

faka-Lau(OC) causative prefix, rarely found POC *paka-

fakaMalagasy(WMP) a root PWMP *paŋkal

faka-Niue(OC) a very common prefix, usually causative, but with other meanings POC *paka-

faka-Tongan(OC) prefix denoting likeness, causation (causing or allowing to), supplying, having, etc. (mate ‘die; dead’ : faka-mate ‘causing death; deadly, poison, fatal’, taŋi ‘to cry’ : faka-taŋi ‘having a doleful sound, sounding like a lament; to appeal to someone after one’s request has been rejected by someone else’) POC *paka-

faka-Tuvaluan(OC) causative prefix with a range of meanings: 1. cause an action to occur or a state to result (ako ‘learn’ : faka-ako ‘teach’, moe ‘sleep’ : faka-moe ‘put to sleep’), 2. to act a role (maatua ‘mother’ : fakamaatua ‘parent’s sister’, paalaŋi ‘European’ faka-paalaŋi ‘act like a European’), cause to be like (fonu ‘turtle’ : faka-fonu ‘heap up food in the shape of a turtle’), 4. before statives to form transitive verbs (huki ‘pierce’ : ma-huki ‘pierced’, faka-ma-huki ‘pierce a nut for drinking’) POC *paka-

faka-afi-afiTuvaluan(OC) towards evening PAN *Rabi-Rabi

faka-aŋiNiue(OC) cause to blow (as wind) POC *paka-aŋin

faka faa-sifoKwaio(OC) ship returning plantation workers POC *paka-sipo

faka-fanaNiue(OC) to warm up, as food; to repeat oneself PMP *panas₁

faka-filiNiue(OC) a judge PAN *piliq

faka-foaTuvaluan(OC) a boil; be big (of waves) POC *posaq

faka-fonu-fonuNiue(OC) shy, reserved POC *poñu

faka-fua fuaNiue(OC) to shape or mould (as a loaf of bread); to estimate, weigh up, calculate POC *puat₂

faka-halaNiue(OC) fine, punishment, penalty; to condemn, convict, punish, sentence PMP *pa(ka)-salaq

faka-halaTongan(OC) to cause to err, to mislead, delude, cause to go wrong or make a mistake; causing to err, misleading, delusive PMP *pa(ka)-salaq

faka-halaTuvaluan(OC) to punish PMP *pa(ka)-salaq

faka-hala-halaTuvaluan(OC) be repeatedly disobedient; do things wrong to amuse others PMP *pa(ka)-salaq

faka-haoNiue(OC) preserve, keep safely POC *saRop

faka-haoTuvaluan(OC) set free; preserve from danger, save POC *saRop

faka-hifoTongan(OC) to put down, put off, unload (cargo or boat); to depose, dismiss, or expel, from office or membership POC *paka-sipo

faka-hikuNiue(OC) to make an end of, to destroy, to stop, to cause to cease; last POC *siku

faka-hoaNiue(OC) to be friendly with POC *soRa

faka-huhuNiue(OC) to suckle PAN *pa-susu

faka-ina-inaTuvaluan(OC) mocking action to taunt enemy POC *inap

fa-kakNumfor(SHWNG) to frighten PMP *pa-takut

faka-kiteTongan(OC) to loom ahead, to appear to be approaching (in time, not space) PAN *kita₂

faka-kite ~ faka-kiseNiue(OC) to make known, show PAN *kita₂

faka-lakaFutunan(OC) to pass over PMP *laŋkaq₁

faka-lalaTuvaluan(OC) boiled pulaka (swamp taro) mashed with lolo (coconut cream) PMP *daŋdaŋ₁

faka-la-laveTongan(OC) try to find out in an indirect way; to ‘put out feelers’ PMP *lawi₁

faka-lanuFutunan(OC) rinse off with fresh water POC *ranum

faka-lanuTuvaluan(OC) bathe in fresh water after a swim POC *ranum

faka-laŋo-aTongan(OC) to attract flies, encourage flies to come about POC *laŋo

faka-lapa-lapaNiue(OC) to flatten POC *lapar

faka-lataTuvaluan(OC) tame POC *lasa₁

faka-loŋoTuvaluan(OC) to obey; act of hearing POC *roŋoR

faka-luaNiue(OC) to dribble, vomit PMP *luaq

faka-lua-luaNiue(OC) to expel from the mouth in driblets PMP *luaq

faka-maalamalamaTuvaluan(OC) explain; translate POC *ma-ramaR

faka-ma-aŋi-aŋiNiue(OC) refresh oneself in the open air POC *paka-aŋin-aŋin

faka-malamaTuvaluan(OC) make clear (of glass or mirror); window POC *ma-ramaR

faka-ma-liŋiNiue(OC) to pour out PCEMP *liŋi

faka-ma-liŋiTuvaluan(OC) to spill PCEMP *liŋi

faka-maluNiue(OC) to overshadow; protect, shelter POC *paka-maluRu

faka-maluTuvaluan(OC) umbrella; make a shelter; offer gifts to another family to restore friendly relations POC *paka-maluRu

faka-malu-aŋaNiue(OC) a porch, a shelter POC *paka-maluRu

faka-ma-maluTuvaluan(OC) show respect POC *paka-maluRu

faka-manoŋiNiue(OC) to give flavor to, to sweeten POC *manoŋi

faka-maŋaNiue(OC) to open, of the mouth POC *paka-saŋa

faka-mataNiue(OC) to whet, to sharpen to a point; to have a certain facial expression, to look PMP *mata

faka-matakuTuvaluan(OC) dangerous PMP *paka-takut

faka-mataku-takuNiue(OC) to frighten PMP *paka-takut

faka-mateNiue(OC) hold the tongue, keep quiet POC *paka-mate

faka-mate-hoŋeNiue(OC) to starve to death POC *soŋe

faka-mau-laloTuvaluan(OC) humble; humility POC *ralom

faka-mouiNiue(OC) to save, deliver; to start (as an engine) PMP *ma-qudip

faka-mo-uiNiue(OC) to save, to deliver PMP *paka-qudip

fakamuliTuvaluan(OC) afterwards, later on POC *muri

faka-otiTuvaluan(OC) to finish POC *qoti

faka-papaNiue(OC) to stack neatly in layers (as banana cases) POC *baban

faka-puku-pukuTuvaluan(OC) large sweet dumpling POC *buku

faka-putuTuvaluan(OC) gather up fruit, shellfish, etc., put in bundles POC *putu, butu

faka-putu-putuTuvaluan(OC) assemble (of people) POC *putu, butu

fakarYamdena(CMP) fencing-in, as a planted tree; fencing with stakes for the defense of the village PMP *pager

fak-asuRotuman(OC) place in smoke PMP *pa(ka)-qasu

faka-tafeNiue(OC) to express (as oil from copra) POC *tape₁

faka-taŋiTongan(OC) having a doleful sound, sounding like a lament; to appeal to someone after one’s request has been rejected by someone else PMP *paka-taŋis

faka-taŋiTuvaluan(OC) to entreat PMP *paka-taŋis

faka-taŋi-hiTongan(OC) to cause to cry PMP *taŋis-i

faka-tapuNiue(OC) to make sacred POC *paka-tabu

faka-tataNiue(OC) draw near POC *tata₂

faka-tau-tauTuvaluan(OC) cause to hang; to hang POC *saur₁

faka-tau-tauTuvaluan(OC) cause to hang, hang something up POC *tau₂

faka-tokaTuvaluan(OC) to prepare POC *toka₃

faka-tonuNiue(OC) to put right, to correct; to place in position; to aim; to tell plainly POC *tonuq

faka-tuaiNiue(OC) slow, late (as work being done) POC *tuaRi

faka-tuaiTuvaluan(OC) to delay POC *tuaRi

faka-ʔuliTongan(OC) steer a boat, pilot a plane PMP *qulin

faka-utaFutunan(OC) to load cargo on a boat POC *ucan

fakecAmis(Formosan) put a belt on PAN *bakes₁

fakerNumfor(SHWNG) foundation of stones, wood, etc. PMP *pa(n)tar₂

fakfákBuhid(WMP) wing PAN *pakpak₁

fa-khaWatubela(CMP) to wed, marry PMP *pa-qasawa

fakiAmis(Formosan) grandfather (Ferrell 1969); uncle (the authoritiy figure in the home for giving instructions; Fey 1986) PAN *baki₂

fakmataChamorro(WMP) wake up, get up from sleep (imperative form) PWMP *paR-mata

fákmataChamorro(WMP) light sleeper PWMP *paR-mata

fakokNumfor(SHWNG) forked sticks that connect the outrigger float to the booms PEMP *patoto

fakoŋAmis(Formosan) name of an herb used on broken bones PAN *bakuŋ₁

fakuBimanese(CMP) kind of fern eaten as a vegetable PWMP *paku

fakunThao(Formosan) Crinum asiaticum L., fam. Amaryllidaceae, a shore plant which grows in sandy soil and reaches a height of slightly over one meter; it has lanceolate leaves and a small fruit, and is distinguished by its white lily-like blossoms with six slender elongated petals PAN *bakuŋ₁

falWoleaian(OC) men's house, clubhouse POC *pale

falaAmblau(CMP) rice PAN *pajay

falaʔAmis(Formosan) lung PAN *baRaq₁

falaGedaged(OC) ceiling, the covering of a room; sometimes only part of the room has a ceiling, and this serves as a platform POC *pala₁

falaLau(OC) a fishing stage, or platform for drying nuts POC *pala₁

fala-Malagasy(WMP) palm of hand, sole of foot PMP *palaj₁

falaMalagasy(WMP) vulva (Prov.) PWMP *palaq

falaMono-Alu(OC) shoulder POC *qapaRa₁

falaSamoan(OC) name given to a number of tree-like plants of the genus Pandanus; mat POC *padran

falaTeluti(CMP) rice PAN *pajay

falaCarolinian(OC) to chop, split, cut wood or other relatively large objects, with a machete, axe, or hand; to split coconuts to get at the juice POC *pwalaq

falafaMalagasy(WMP) midrib of the banana leaf, taro leaf PMP *palaqpaq

falaʔfaTiruray(WMP) general term for spice or condiments; to add all the necessary spices and condiments to a dish PWMP *palapaq

fa-laguChamorro(WMP) run (imper.), move swiftly, hasten, go rapidly; elope, escape, flee PMP *pa-laRiw

falahAmis (Kiwit)(Formosan) ember PAN *baRah

fa-laiBuli(SHWNG) sail; to sail, go on a trip PCEMP *pa-layaR

falalaSamoan(OC) lean (as a coconut tree leaning over the water) POC *(bp)alalan

falalaTongan(OC) lean on or against; rely, trust, confide POC *(bp)alalan

falasTiruray(WMP) color, form, appearance; a face PWMP *paras₂

falatAmis(Formosan) crossbeam in a house; horizontal, as opposed to vertical PAN *baRat₁

falatAmis(Formosan) crossbeam in a house; horizontal, as opposed to vertical PAN *barat₁

falataLau(OC) rabbitfish: Siganus sp. POC *palaja

fal-búDobel(CMP) widow PMP *balu₄

faleKwaio(OC) hut for childbirth (very taboo for men) POC *pale

faleSamoan(OC) house POC *pale

falə_(x)Simalur(WMP) swollen PAN *baReq

fale fonoFutunan(OC) assembly house POC *ponor

fale tapuNiue(OC) church POC *tabu

fal-faluFordata(CMP) time of general sago-pounding; beater for sago-pounding PAN *palu-palu

falhuzThao(Formosan) the cuckoo dove, fam. Columbidae PAN *baRuj

faliAmis(Formosan) wind PAN *bali₃

faliLau(OC) stingray POC *paRi

faliRotinese(CMP) return, go back PMP *balik₂

faliRotinese(CMP) help, stand beside PCEMP *bali₈

faliRotinese(CMP) return, go back PMP *bali₅

falīSamoan(OC) kind of grass (?Scirpodendron sp.) POC *palici

falīSamoan(OC) kind of grass (?Scirpodendron sp.) POC *palisi₂

faliTetun(CMP) again, another time; go back, return; to vomit PMP *balik₂

faliTetun (Dili)(CMP) again PMP *bali₅

faliʔTiruray(WMP) a wound

faliʔTiruray(WMP) a wound PWMP *paliq₂

faliWoleaian(OC) be restricted, stay away from impure things, keep away from eating certain foods POC *pali₂

faliaŋ ne ʔatuaRotuman(OC) toadstool of fungus, lit. "ghost's ear" POC *taliŋa

fali-hayaSoboyo(CMP) placenta PCEMP *bali₈

fali-kBuruese(CMP) fabricate or make up (a story) PMP *bali₄

falɨlBlaan (Koronadal)(WMP) palm of the hand PMP *palaj₁

fa-limaFordata(CMP) five times PAN *lima

fali-manuKwaio(OC) manta ray PMP *paRih manuk

faliŋTiruray(WMP) blinded in one eye because of wounds from fighting (refers to animals only) PPh *paq(e)liŋ

faliŋaRotuman(OC) pectoral fins POC *taliŋa

falisiKwaio(OC) grassy undergrowth (generic) POC *palici

falisiKwaio(OC) grassy undergrowth (generic) POC *palisi₂

fali-tuhaSoboyo(CMP) friend, companion PCEMP *bali₈

faliuwWoleaian(OC) land, island POC *panua

faliyosAmis(Formosan) typhoon; monsoon winds and rain PAN *baRiuS

faloAmis(Formosan) eight PAN *walu

faloKwaio(OC) drill a hole POC *paRo₁

falodAmis(Formosan) to bind; a bundle PAN *baluN

falodAmis(Formosan) to bind; a bundle PPH *balud

falo-faloKwaio(OC) a drill POC *paRo₁

faʔlohAmis(Formosan) new; renew PAN *baqeRuh

faluBuruese(CMP) widow PMP *balu₄

faluKwaio(OC) remove, pluck PMP *paRut

fāluLau(OC) new, fresh; recent PEMP *baqoRu

faluRotinese(CMP) mourn the dead; mourners at a funeral PMP *baluq

faluRotinese(CMP) orphan; widow(er) PMP *balu₄

faluRotinese(CMP) eight PAN *walu

faluSimalur(WMP) tree sp. PMP *balu₁

falu-faluWuvulu(OC) keep hammering, hammer on and on (James Hafford, p.c.) PAN *palu-palu

falu-iaWuvulu(OC) to hammer something, as a nail; a hammer (James Hafford, p.c.) PMP *palu

falu-kTetun(CMP) widowed, deprived PMP *balu₄

fa-lulonChamorro(WMP) wrap, infold, enwrap, roll up PMP *lulun

falu(n)Tetun(CMP) packet, parcel, bundle; wrap up, bag up; to shroud a corpse PCEMP *balun₃

falurTetun(CMP) variety of large grey pigeon PMP *baluj

fa-m-asiNias(WMP) take pleasure in something, be fond of PMP *ma-qasiq

fa-matBuli(SHWNG) kill PMP *pa(ka)-m-atay

fa-mataPaulohi(CMP) kill PMP *pa(ka)-m-atay

fa-mateMono-Alu(OC) kill POC *paka-mate

fa-matoMalagasy(WMP) a charm PMP *batu

fambaŋ-anSimalur(WMP) extend outward PWMP *baŋbaŋ₁

fampanaMalagasy(WMP) a precipice, an abyss PWMP *paŋpaŋ

fa-mudiYamdena(CMP) youngest child PCEMP *m-udi

fanBiga(SHWNG) to shoot PAN *panaq

fānBuli(SHWNG) depart; go, walk PMP *panaw₂

fanIrarutu(SHWNG) to go PMP *panaw₂

fānKei(CMP) bait PCEMP *paniŋ

fanKei(CMP) shoot with bow and arrow PAN *panaq

fānKei(CMP) bait PAN *paen

-fanMinyaifuin(SHWNG) to shoot PAN *panaq

-fanSobei(OC) to shoot PAN *panaq

-fanKola(CMP) to shoot PAN *panaq

fanaʔAmis(Formosan) generic term for knowledge, including understanding what is heard PAN *bajaq₁

fanaKwaio(OC) hunt; shoot at with bow and arrow PAN *panaq

fanaLau(OC) shoot with bow and arrow; fana-si shoot at PAN *panaq

fanaMalagasy(WMP) heat PMP *panas₁

fanaMono-Alu(OC) aim at with bow; fa-fana go to kill birds or fish with bow and arrow PAN *panaq

fanaNias(WMP) bow, weapon PAN *panaq

fanaNiue(OC) bow; gun; arrow PAN *panaq

fanaRotuman(OC) shoot with bow or gun PAN *panaq

fanaSamoan(OC) shoot; gun, rifle PAN *panaq

fanaʔTiruray(WMP) shoot an arrow with a bow PAN *panaq

fanaTongan(OC) shoot (e.g. birds); to dynamite (fish) PAN *panaq

fana (fanaa)Chuukese(OC) small needlefish POC *panapa

fana-fanakWatubela(CMP) arrow PAN *panaq

fanagawKola(CMP) to steal PMP *takaw₁

fanah-aMuna(WMP) warm, hot (of air, atmosphere, food) PMP *panas₁

fana-hiNiue(OC) apply a hot poultice PMP *panas-i

fana-hiMuna(WMP) to boil (water), warm up (cooked food), to heat PMP *panas-i

fananSimalur(WMP) to sneeze PWMP *baqeñan

fananSimalur(WMP) to sneeze PWMP *bañen

fànasBuli(SHWNG) warm, hot PMP *panas₁

fanasYamdena(CMP) heat; warmth PMP *panas₁

fana talaLau(OC) shoot and miss PMP *salaq₁

fanawAmis(Formosan) to wash articles of any kind (not cloth) PAN *bañaw

fanawAmis(Formosan) lake, pond PAN *banaw

fan-deven-anaMalagasy(WMP) funeral, funeral ceremonies (used more frequently than leven-ana) PAN *lebeŋ₁

fandranaMalagasy(WMP) shrubs, from the stems of which gutters for carrying water ... are made, hence an aqueduct. Two or three species are known by this name, from which a kind of potash is obtained. The leaves are used for thatching. Pandanus sp. PMP *paŋedan

faneKwaio(OC) climb, go up POC *panek

faneLau(OC) rise up in sky, of sun, moon, or cloud; high, as a hill; tall, of a tree or house; rise, swell, or ferment, as of bread or a pudding, or a boil POC *panek

faneYamdena(CMP) earthen dish of native manufacture PMP *panay

fane-fiaKwaio(OC) climb up on, of a mating animal POC *panek

faniAtoni(CMP) go home PMP *balik₂

faniRotinese(CMP) bee, honeybee; honey PMP *wani

faniWuvulu(OC) give fani-a 'give it!' POC *pani₁

fanihiChamorro(WMP) bat (mammal), fruit bat PMP *paniki

fanihyMalagasy(WMP) a bat, probably a species of Pteropus PMP *paniki

fanik balanWatubela(CMP) a bat PMP *paniki

fani-nKei(CMP) wing, fin PAN *paNij

faniwAmis(Formosan) mushrooms PAN *bajiw

fa-nndruMalagasy(WMP) the index finger, lit. the pointer PWMP *pa-nuzuq

fanõNias(WMP) go away, depart; go PMP *panaw₂

fanoNiue(OC) go (sg.) POC *pano

*fanoPMic(OC) go POC *pano

fanoSamoan(OC) (of time) be gone, past; perish POC *pano

fanoTuvaluan(OC) go (sg.) POC *pano

fano-fanoNiue(OC) to rub (as in washing clothes) POC *paño

fano-fanoTongan(OC) wash the hands POC *paño

fanolAmis(Formosan) Ashy wood pigeon PAN *baRuj

fantadBlaan (Koronadal)(WMP) shore PWMP *pantad

fantadTiruray(WMP) the ground, earth, land; patched with mud; hike along a beach PWMP *pantad

fantayTiruray(WMP) level PWMP *pantay

fántokaMalagasy(WMP) a nail, a brad, a spike PAN *pa(n)tuk₂

fanuVaikenu(CMP) eight PAN *walu

fanuaKwaio(OC) place, village, shrine-territory POC *panua

fanuaLau(OC) land, earth; weather POC *panua

fanuaMono-Alu(OC) fellow clansman POC *panua

fanuaSamoan(OC) land, field; afterbirth, placenta POC *panua

fanunTetun(CMP) to awaken (anyone asleep) PMP *baŋun₂

fanuzThao(Formosan) wake someone, rouse someone from sleep PAN *baŋuN

fanuʔAbai Sembuak(WMP) full PAN *peNuq

fañaguChamorro(WMP) bear (offspring), give birth PMP *pañaRu

faŋaFordata(CMP) handspan PAN *paŋa₁

faŋaFordata(CMP) a span PAN *paŋaq

faŋaKwaio(OC) food; eat POC *paŋan

faŋaKwaio(OC) food; eat PMP *paŋan

faŋaLau(OC) to eat, have a meal; a meal, food; to bite, nibble, of fish POC *paŋan

faŋaLau(OC) to eat, have a meal; a meal, food; to bite, nibble, of fish PMP *paŋan

faŋaSamoan(OC) bay POC *paŋa₂

faŋaSamoan(OC) bay POC *paŋa₃

faŋaTongan(OC) small or private beach POC *paŋa₂

faŋaToqabaqita(OC) to eat POC *paŋan

faŋaTuvaluan(OC) bay POC *paŋa₂

fa-ŋadiMalagasy(WMP) a spade PWMP *pa-ŋali

faŋa i anoToqabaqita(OC) eat food directly from the ground (rather than from a leaf, a plate, etc.) because of being in mourning POC *paŋan

faŋa-loaSamoan(OC) gulf POC *paŋa₃

faŋanNalik(OC) to eat POC *paŋan

faŋasAmis(Formosan) Chinaberry tree: Melia azedarach PAN *baŋaS

faŋa-tKei(CMP) handspan PAN *paŋa₁

faŋatTiruray(WMP) to preserve fish for several hours by partially boiling it with salt PWMP *paŋat

faŋawAmis(Formosan) bedbug; flying insect PAN *baŋaw

faŋeYamdena(CMP) span of the hand PAN *paŋa₁

faŋeYamdena(CMP) handspan, step PAN *paŋaq

faŋesAmis(Formosan) skin PAN *baŋeS

faŋ-etòr-anaMalagasy(WMP) a person who is in the habit of breaking wind downwards PWMP *paŋ-qetut-an

faŋiSimalur(WMP) odor, fragrance PMP *baŋehih


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fạŋiRotuman(OC) to cry aloud; to announce what is going to happen PMP *taŋis


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faŋiul-i-iWoleaian(OC) wake him up, awake him, arouse him POC *paŋun-ia

faŋsisAmis(Formosan) sweet PAN *baŋeSiS

faŋuBuruese(CMP) arise, wake up PMP *baŋun₂

fāŋu-aSamoan(OC) be awakened, awake POC *paŋun

faŋu-hBuruese(CMP) erect, raise; awaken PMP *baŋun₂

faoSamoan(OC) snatch, seize, grab; rob (of belongings, money, spouse) POC *paRo₂

faoSamoan(OC) small shore tree (Ochrosia sp.) POC *paoq (ʔ)

faoSamoan(OC) snatch, grab; rob POC *paqaRok

faoTongan(OC) tree with white flowers and coarse-husked oval fruit about 3" long: Ochrosia parviflora POC *paoq (ʔ)

faoTuvaluan(OC) tree sp.: Ochrosia oppositifolia POC *paoq (ʔ)

fa-õliNias(WMP) to marry (of a man) PMP *pa-beli

fa-ʔotoNias(WMP) cut with a sword PMP *etes₁

fapi-fisBuli(SHWNG) several, a few PAN *pijax

fa-punBuli(SHWNG) to kill (intr.) PMP *pa-bunuq

fa-pun-punBuli(SHWNG) kill each other; kill together, kill jointly PMP *pa-bunuq

faqƚuThao(Formosan) new PAN *baqeRuh

farIrarutu(SHWNG) carry on the shoulder PMP *qabaRa₁

fārKei(CMP) stingray; the constellation Scorpio PCEMP *paRi

farKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) stingray PCEMP *paRi

faraCheke Holo(OC) bamboo or wooden storage shelf, often located above a stone oven POC *paRa, baRa

faraDobel(CMP) west PMP *habaRat

fara-Elat(CMP) shoulder PMP *qabaRa₁

faraMalagasy(WMP) scraped, scratched, smoothed PWMP *paras₁

faraSerui-Laut(SHWNG) fence, palisade PMP *bala₂

faraSerui-Laut(SHWNG) fence, palisade PMP *baRa₂

faraSerui-Laut(SHWNG) fence, palisade PMP *bara₁

faraTugun(CMP) carry on the shoulder PMP *qabaRa₁

faraWoleaian(OC) copra sponge, copra meat PMP *para

faraSinaugoro(OC) brain; inner part of coconut PMP *para

fara-faraMalagasy(WMP) bedstead; stone shelves in native tombs on which corpses are laid PMP *paRa paRa

fararRon(SHWNG) to run PAN *laRiw

fara-taniMalagasy(WMP) the close of funeral ceremonies (fara = ‘last’) PMP *taŋis

fa-ratus isaaFordata(CMP) a hundred times PMP *Ratus

fára-waPuluwat(OC) lungs POC *paRaq₂

fareBimanese(CMP) rice plant, rice in the field PAN *pajay

fareSonsorol-Tobi(OC) boathouse; men's house POC *pale

fareyTiruray(WMP) a general term for rice, Oryza sativa Linn. PAN *pajay

fari-Cheke Holo(OC) reciprocal prefix; simultaneously, mutually (e.g. fari-gamu 'eat together') PEMP *paRi-

fariFordata(CMP) stingray; the constellation Scorpio PCEMP *paRi

fariNias(WMP) excavated conduit; embankment PWMP *parij

fariNias(WMP) excavated conduit; embankment PWMP *parik

fariThao(Formosan) wind PAN *bali₃

fariYamdena(CMP) kind of ray fish; the constellation Scorpio PCEMP *paRi

fariosAmis (Central)(Formosan) typhoon PAN *baRiuS

fariwThao(Formosan) buy PAN *baliw

far-i-yawaWoleaian(OC) lungs (/yawa/ = 'mouth') POC *paRaq₂

farŋəTsou(Formosan) rib PAN *baRaŋ

faroLau(OC) scraper for grating yams POC *paro

fā-rodoLau(OC) to darken POC *rodrom₁

fā-rodo māLau(OC) to blindfold POC *rodrom₁

fa-roŋoNias(WMP) to hear from all sides PWMP *pa-deŋeR

faruMele-Fila(OC) more, some POC *palu₆

fa-ruaFordata(CMP) twice, do something twice PCEMP *paka-dua

farv-aTsou(Formosan) new PAN *baqeRuh

fasIrarutu(SHWNG) rice PAN *pajay

fāsMisool (Coast)(SHWNG) rice PAN *pajay

fasNumfor(SHWNG) rice (in general) PAN *pajay

fasNumfor(SHWNG) rice PAN *pajay

fasRon(SHWNG) rice PAN *pajay

fasWandamen(SHWNG) rice (in general) PAN *pajay

fasaKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) cooked rice, husked rice PAN *pajay

fasaNias(WMP) stake, nail; to pound in a stake or nail PAN *pacek

fasaSamoan(OC) Pandanus tectorius POC *pwasa(rR)

fa-sālBuli(SHWNG) accuse, declare guilty; punish PMP *pa(ka)-salaq

fa-salaNias(WMP) be blemished, defective, erroneous; commit an error PMP *pa(ka)-salaq

fasaŋ-anTiruray(WMP) a set of five Tiruray tuned gongs PMP *pasaŋ₁

fa-sárNumfor(SHWNG) punish, condemn PMP *pa(ka)-salaq

fasawAmis(Formosan) cooled off PAN *baSaw

fa-sawYamdena(CMP) wedding; carrying out of a wedding PMP *pa-qasawa

faseTetun(CMP) to wash PMP *baseq

fasɛVaikenu(CMP) to wash PMP *baseq

faseYamdena(CMP) rice PAN *pajay

fasə-aSimalur(WMP) dampen, wash PMP *baseq

fasfasTiruray(WMP) to hurry something; quick, speedy PPH *paspás₄

fash(a)Woleaian(OC) pandanus, pineapple POC *padran

fasiLau(OC) to plant POC *pasi

fasiRaga(OC) four PCEMP *pat-i

fa-siʔuNias(WMP) knock something with the elbow PMP *pa-siku

*faSoPMic(OC) planted; to plant; a planted thing POC *pasok

fasuChamorro(WMP) cheek, face PAN *pasu₁

fa-susBuli(SHWNG) to nurse, give the breast to PAN *pa-susu

fatArguni(SHWNG) four PEMP *pat

fatBiga(SHWNG) four PEMP *pat

fātBonfia(CMP) four PMP *epat

fatBuli(SHWNG) four PEMP *pat

fatKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) four PEMP *pat

fatSekar(CMP) four PMP *epat

fatTboli(WMP) four PMP *epat

fatUjir(CMP) stone PMP *batu

fatWoleaian(OC) a plant POC *pasok

fatEfate (South)(OC) stone POC *patu

fat-aChamorro(WMP) four days PAN *pat-a

fataLau(OC) species of hardwood: Vitex cofassus POC *pasa(rR)

fataNiue(OC) shelf, stage, cage, upper story of a house, stretcher PMP *pataR₁

*fata-PAmb(CMP) tree trunk PMP *bataŋ

fataSamoan(OC) shelf, trestle PMP *pa(n)tar₂

fataSamoan(OC) shelf, as of bamboo; stretcher, litter PMP *pataR₁

fataTongan(OC) loft or wide rack (for sleeping on, or for keeping food or other things on); stretcher, litter PMP *pataR₁

fataTuvaluan(OC) shelf of thin sticks across house above head height for the storage of coconuts, etc. PMP *pataR₁

fat-aWatubela(CMP) four PAN *pat-a

fa-tabuCheke Holo(OC) to make taboo POC *paka-tabu

fatakMiri(WMP) star PWMP *pa(n)dek

fa-taliNias(WMP) twist around one another PWMP *pa-talih

fa-tambaNias(WMP) become equal, be even (of a number) PMP *tambak₂

fatanBuruese(CMP) body, as of an animal; trunk, as of a tree; numeral coefficient for counting cuscus possums PMP *bataŋ

fatanDobel(CMP) body PMP *bataŋ

fataŋSoboyo(CMP) trunk, as of coconut tree; stalk, as of rice plant PMP *bataŋ

fata ŋeŋeKwaio(OC) speak strongly, argumentative POC *ŋeŋe

fatarLun Dayeh(WMP) a plain or flat land PWMP *pataR₂

fatarYamdena(CMP) bamboo-slat bed PMP *pa(n)tar₂

f-atayhMiri(WMP) dead PMP *p-atay

fat(e)Yamdena(CMP) four PMP *epat

fate-fateYamdena(CMP) four by four, four at a time PMP *epat epat

fa-teluFordata(CMP) three times PMP *pa-telu

fat-fitu-nFordata(CMP) seven-by-seven, seven at a time PAN *pitu₁

fatiNiue(OC) to snap, break off; to break, of waves POC *pati

fatiSobei(OC) stone POC *patu

fätiSonsorol-Tobi(OC) eyebrow POC *paju

fátilPuluwat(OC) general name for grasses POC *palici

fátilPuluwat(OC) general name for grasses POC *palisi₂

fätirISonsorol-Tobi(OC) grass POC *palici

fätirISonsorol-Tobi(OC) grass POC *palisi₂

fati-tBuruese(CMP) grasshopper, cricket, locust PMP *batik₂

fat-oMuna(WMP) four (before classifiers, measure nouns, units of time) PWMP *pat-aŋ

fato-giWoleaian(OC) plant it, put it in place POC *pasok

fato-goWoleaian(OC) plant set aside for a particular purpose, usually for planting at a new taro patch or new garden POC *pasok

fatuAmblong(OC) stone POC *patu

fatuBuruese(CMP) rock, stone; whetstone PMP *batu

fatuDobel(CMP) stone PMP *batu

fatuKaniet(OC) stone POC *patu

fātuPileni(OC) stone POC *patu

fatuPopalia(WMP) stone PMP *batu

fatuPwele(OC) stone POC *patu

fatuSamoan(OC) make something up, assemble something with the hands POC *patuR

fatuTetun(CMP) stone, rock PMP *batu

fatuThao(Formosan) stone; testicle PAN *batux

fatuTsou(Formosan) stone PAN *batux

fatuTuvaluan(OC) stone; heart; seed POC *patu

fatuVaikenu(CMP) stone PMP *batu

*fatu, *fatufatuPMic(OC) to weave, plait POC *patuR

fatu fakamataTuvaluan(OC) whetstone POC *patu

fatu-hBuruese(CMP) to extract, as in pulling a person or bamboo staves out of the ground PMP *bantun

fatu-kTetun (Dili)(CMP) pebble PMP *batu

fatuk laliʔanTetun(CMP) the stones of the fireplace PMP *dalikan

fatu-nBuruese(CMP) numerical coefficient for betel nuts, fish, midun grubs, etc. PMP *batu

f-átyMalagasy(WMP) corpse; death PMP *p-atay

fauRotuman(OC) year; crop, harvest: of crops that are produced annually, such as oranges, yams, pineapples, and sometimes (Spondias dulcis) PMP *taqun

fauSamoan(OC) a tree (Hibiscus sp.) the bast fibres of which are used in a variety of ways; bast fibre obtained from fau and used widely as a tying and binding material, etc. POC *paRu

fauSobei(OC) to tie PCEMP *paqus₂

fauTetun(CMP) a tree with stringy bark for making strong rope: Hibiscus tiliaceus PMP *baRu

fauTongan(OC) a tree: giant hibiscus; fibre from the bark of the giant hibiscus POC *paRu

fauToqabaqita(OC) stone, rock; used in names of various corals; taro sp. POC *patu

*fau-fauPMic(OC) tie, bind, lash POC *paRu

faufuRotuman(OC) fish which inflates itself when caught: covered with spikes like a porcupine PMP *taRutuŋ

fa-uli(fa-uli)Nias(WMP) happen repeatedly PMP *pa-uliq

fa-uli-taNias(WMP) new moon PMP *pa-uliq

fa-ʔuluCheke Holo(OC) first, before others POC *qulu

fa-ʔutaKwara'ae(OC) how? POC *kuca

fa-utanBuli(SHWNG) ask about something PMP *kutaña

favaRotuman(OC) a tree: Pometia pinnata; fruit nearly globular with green rind, edible slightly sweet jelly-like flesh and a large stone PMP *tawan

fa-wukaNias(WMP) get ensnared or entangled PWMP *pa-puket

fa-wuxõNias(WMP) to foam, to froth PWMP *pa-bujeq

faxaWuvulu(OC) coconut pith; brain PMP *para

faxeNias(WMP) rice (in general as a plant, and in its cooked state) PAN *pajay

fayaChamorro(WMP) anchovy: Thrissina baelama (family Engraulidae) PMP *paya

fayaSoboyo(CMP) say PMP *bajaq₂

fayanYamdena(CMP) beachworm; bait PCEMP *payan

fa-yatf-oBuli(SHWNG) cover with thatch PMP *qatep

fayaʔTiruray(WMP) difficult, oppressive, taxing PWMP *payaq

fáyiPuluwat(OC) ray fish POC *paRi

fayuTiruray(WMP) in agreeement where different parties’ interests are concerned PWMP *payu

fayuŋTiruray(WMP) umbrella; to use an umbrella PWMP *payuŋ

fazaqThao(Formosan) remember; know; understand; think; have the opinion that PAN *bajaq₁

faʔaDali'(WMP) foot PAN *paqa₁

faɁa-Samoan(OC) multifunctional prefix indicating, among other things, causation; faɁa-sāmoa ‘do things in the Samoan way’ POC *paka-

faɁa-Toqabaqita(OC) usually derives causative verbs (mae ‘die; dead’ : faɁa-mae-a ‘administer anaesthetic to, put to sleep with anaesthetic’) POC *paka-

faʔaTongan(OC) lower portion of leaf stalk PMP *paqa₂

faʔa-afiafiSamoan(OC) in the evening POC *paka-Rapiqi

faʔa-fanuaSamoan(OC) map POC *panua

faʔa-ma-uluSamoan(OC) put on, get into (garment, etc.) PMP *surup₁

faʔaoTongan(OC) to seize and take by force; to confiscate POC *paqaRok

faɁa-soaSamoan(OC) procure, obtain (esp. a woman’s favor) for a friend, act as a go-between POC *soRa

faʔa-taŋa-naKwaio(OC) groin POC *paka-saŋa

faʔa-taʔaSamoan(OC) set loose, let loose POC *takas

faɁa-taɁeKwaio(OC) to recruit (of a plantation laborer) POC *sake

faʔetChamorro(WMP) salty PMP *paqit₂

faʔuKwaio(OC) pandanus (generic); pandanus umbrella POC *pakum

faʔuTongan(OC) to bind (the head); headband or turban PCEMP *paqus₂


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fɔt-manavaRotuman(OC) heart (in the physical sense only) POC *mañawa


TOP      fa        fa    fạ    fa        fe    ff    fi    fk    fl    fn        fo    fr    fs    ft    fu    fy        


Chuukese(OC) new PEMP *baqoRu

Niue(OC) which?, where?, when? (used as adjective and adverb) POC *pea

Puluwat(OC) young as plants; new PEMP *baqoRu

feRotinese(CMP) give, allow; make, originate; indicate for whom something is intended PMP *beRay

fe-Samoan(OC) prefix to word-bases, used either alone or in combination with a suffix...(a) when fe- is used without a suffix it may denote the plural...(b) when used in combination with a suffix...fe- may denote (i) the plural, (ii) a reciprocal process, (iii) an action or process carried out here and there, up and down, hither and thither, all around, quickly, etc. PEMP *paRi-

feTanga(OC) stingray POC *paRi

Tongan(OC) what place, which place; which thing, which one, which POC *pea

fe-Tongan(OC) the so-called reciprocal prefix... It may be: (a) actional, (b) habituative, (c) invigorative, (d) accelerative, (e) communal, indicating united or simultaneous action, (f) collaborative, (g) reciprocal, (h) competitive, (i) reciprocative, meaning hither and thither, or in (or to or from) various directions PEMP *paRi-

Vaikenu(CMP) to give PMP *beRay

fe-Woleaian(OC) reciprocal prefix, attached to ŋal 'to' and taŋ 'away from' PEMP *paRi-

ꞌfe³nMayá(SHWNG) sea turtle PMP *peñu

feʔaKwaio(OC) defecate POC *bekas₄

feaTuvaluan(OC) where? POC *pea

feʔat-aʔiKwaio(OC) defecate POC *bekas₄

fecolAmis(Formosan) full, satisfied from eating PAN *besuR

fe-daatLun Dayeh(WMP) accuse or blame one another; say bad things about one another PMP *zaqat

fedéʔTiruray(WMP) (of a wound) smarting; (of the stomach) feeling hunger pangs PMP *hapejiq

fə-dəkətLun Dayeh(WMP) stick together; stick or paste on PMP *pa-deket

fedewTiruray(WMP) bile; feelings, of an intellectual sort as contrasted with ʔena (visceral feelings) PAN *qapejux

fedfedAmis(Formosan) be bound with a lot of string wrapped around; ball of string with a hollow center PAN *bejbej₁

fe-diyohTiruray(WMP) to bathe PAN *diRus

fe-diyoh-onTiruray(WMP) bathing place, bathroom PAN *diRus

fedolAmis(Formosan) edema, have fluids retained in one's flesh causing swelling PAN *bedul

fee-aKwaio(OC) take, convey; take in marriage POC *pa-i

feefinChuukese(OC) woman; womanhood; female; left hand or side POC *pai-p<in>ai

feʔetBilaan (Sarangani)(WMP) bitter PMP *paqit₂

fefaAtoni(CMP) mouth PMP *beqbeq

fefaLonwolwol(OC) carry a baby (or child) slung on the back (OG) POC *papa₁

fefaUjir(CMP) mouth PMP *beqbeq

fɛfa-fVaikenu(CMP) mouth PMP *beqbeq

fefedLun Dayeh(WMP) the end, the tip of something; destiny PWMP *pedped₂

fefekLun Dayeh(WMP) a hammer; the driving or knocking of a nail into a wall or a long object into the ground PAN *pekpek₁

fe-fe-kRotinese(CMP) gift PMP *beRay

fefelLun Dayeh(WMP) putting something in the mouth by force PWMP *pelpel

fe-felukRotinese(CMP) noose trap used to catch birds; the noose is fastened to a curved piece of wood PMP *beluk

fefenLun Dayeh(WMP) a cover PWMP *penpen₂

fefieTongan(OC) firewood, fuel POC *papian

fefinKaniet(OC) woman; female POC *papine

fefineTongan(OC) woman, girl POC *papine

fe-fouSobei(OC) new PEMP *baqoRu

fefur-inLun Dayeh(WMP) will be splashed with powder or sand PWMP *purpur

fega-afiWoleaian(OC) previous evening, last night POC *paka-Rapiqi

feg-arurTiruray(WMP) to ride a raft PWMP *alud

feg-ebelTiruray(WMP) give off smoke PAN *qebel

feg-eraŋTiruray(WMP) a song of victory sung after a successful raid for blood revenge PWMP *qeraŋ

feg-ituŋTiruray(WMP) a thought, to think PWMP *qituŋ

feg-onokTiruray(WMP) lay an egg; bear fruit; deliver a baby PWMP *paR-anak

fehiTongan(OC) a tree: Intsia bijuga POC *pesi

fe-huhuTongan(OC) mother; honorific or regal for faʔē (lit. ‘mother of the breast’ POC *pe-

fehu-tBuruese(CMP) new PMP *baqeRu

feiSoboyo(CMP) do, make, work, carry out, execute, perform PCEMP *bait₂

fekaBuruese(CMP) pop, burst, spurt PMP *bekaq

feka-Muna(WMP) causative prefix with stative verbs PAN *pa-ka-

fekaTiruray(WMP) disconnect; get rid of PMP *peka

feketTiruray(WMP) a sap PMP *peket

fekikaTongan(OC) the Malay apple: Eugenia malaccensis, Myrtaceae; its bark is used medicinally POC *kapika

fe-kite-akiNiue(OC) to see each other PAN *kita₂

fəkotAmis(Formosan) bend one's body, as to hump over double (in praying, etc.) PAN *bekuC

fekuBuruese(CMP) snail PMP *bekul₂

fekuʔMiri(WMP) nape of the neck PWMP *pekuq₂

fekuʔTiruray(WMP) bend PMP *pekuq₁

felaRotinese(CMP) spread out, as growing plants PMP *bekelaj

felaSimalur(WMP) split PAN *belaq

felacAmis(Formosan) milled rice grain PAN *beRas

fela (felaa)Woleaian(OC) kind of needlefish POC *panapa

fe-lagey-lageyTiruray(WMP) (of men) dressed up in one’s best clothes and ornamentation PMP *laki₁

fe-lakaNiue(OC) to step over a person or thing (formerly considered an insult or desecration) POC *lakas

fe-lakaNiue(OC) to step over a person or thing (formerly considered an insult or desecration PMP *laŋkaq₁

felarTetun(CMP) unfold, open PMP *bekelaj

fela(s)Rotinese(CMP) machete, bush knife PCMP *belas

fele bobo-iLau(OC) to throng POC *boboŋ₂

feliDobel(CMP) price PMP *beli

feliSimalur(WMP) price, value PMP *beli

feli-nSimalur(WMP) price, cost of something PWMP *beli-en

felitTetun(CMP) tie up, fasten together by putting a tie around a bundle or parcel (bamboo, sticks, etc.) PMP *belit₂

felukTiruray(WMP) to bend something PMP *peluk

f<em>iliʔTiruray(WMP) to select, to choose PAN *p<um>iliq

fenChuukese(OC) engage in worship; be tabu, prohibited, sacred POC *pali₂

fεnLonwolwol(OC) shoot with bow and arrow PAN *panaq

fɛnSawai(SHWNG) turtle PMP *peñu

fe-nTetun(CMP) wife PCEMP *bai

fɛ-nVaikenu(CMP) wife PCEMP *bai

fenaLi'o(CMP) to sneeze PMP *beñan

fe-naWuvulu(OC) that PAN *-na

fe-nakawTiruray(WMP) steal PMP *pa-nakaw

fen-duaMuna(WMP) repeat PMP *duha

fenemSimalur(WMP) bundle, package PWMP *benem₁

feniYamdena(CMP) sea turtle PMP *peñu

fen-kéranYamdena(CMP) turtle with prized shell (probably Chelonia imbricata) PMP *peñu

fen-laiYamdena(CMP) turtle with worthless shell (probably Chelonia mydas) PMP *peñu

fennuFordata(CMP) turtle with worthless shell (probably Chelonia mydas) PMP *peñu

fenoMalagasy(WMP) full, complete PAN *peNuq

fenoʔTiruray(WMP) to be full PAN *peNuq

feno-inaMalagasy(WMP) to be filled or made complete PWMP *penuq-en

feno mantaMalagasy(WMP) brimful, wastefully running over (as a cooking pot in which too much rice has been placed to boil) PAN *peNuq

feŋaBuruese(CMP) fly (insect) PAN *beRŋaw

feŋa-hBuruese(CMP) tear apart, split apart PMP *beŋaq

feŋayawTiruray(WMP) invade, attack another tribe or country PWMP *pa-ŋayaw

feŋ-muaBuruese(CMP) large black fly PAN *beRŋaw

féŋú-féŋChuukese(OC) rouse someone from sleep, wake someone up POC *paŋun

féŋún-iChuukese(OC) rouse (someone), wake someone up POC *paŋun-ia

feoMuna(WMP) to squeeze, wring out (laundry), to milk (a cow) PAN *peRes

feoWoleaian(OC) new; cleaned PEMP *baqoRu

feo-tiMuna(WMP) squeeze something out into, expel a liquid into PAN *peRes

fe-piliMuna(WMP) choose carefully (esp. seeds, grains, etc.) PAN *piliq

ferKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) expensive PMP *beli

fe-rareyTiruray(WMP) run away, escape or flee PMP *pa-laRiw

fere-nawaTiruray(WMP) a hypostatized life force that causes life, hence breath PMP *nihawa

fere-nawa-nanTiruray(WMP) work that has been interrupted while the worker pauses for a short rest PMP *nihawa

fer ifoKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) price PMP *beli

feriyaʔTiruray(WMP) a vine, Trichosanthes quinquangulata A. Grey, Momordica charantia L. PWMP *pariaq

fərsəTsou(Formosan) husked rice PAN *beRas

ferusTiruray(WMP) getting loose from being held or tied PAN *perus

fesoAmis(Formosan) bloated; filled with air (stomach, bread, balloon); bladder PAN *beCu

fesuʔMiri(WMP) gall, gall bladder PWMP *qapejuq

fetaBuruese(CMP) sister (man speaking) PMP *betaw

fetaNgadha(CMP) crack, snap, break PMP *be(R)tas

fetaTifu(CMP) sister (man speaking) PMP *betaw

fe-tagadTiruray(WMP) Wait a minute! PPH *taRad

fetakAmis(Formosan) cracked; dry, as of soil PAN *betak

fe-tata-akiNiue(OC) adjacent POC *tata₂

fetauNiue(OC) a tree: Calophyllum inophyllum POC *pitaquR

fetauSamoan(OC) large coastal tree (Calophyllum sp. yielding good timber and nuts used for oil POC *pitaquR

fetaʔuTongan(OC) kind of tree which grows to a very large size, has hard reddish wood, and bears round fruit (inedible) about the size of golf balls: the Calophyllum POC *pitaquR

fetauTuvaluan(OC) tree sp.: Calophyllum inophyllum POC *pitaquR

fetenBuruese(CMP) foxtail millet: Panicum italicum PMP *beteŋ₁

fetikAmis(Formosan) wet fingers with wine and snap them to the gods; pluck the strings of a musical instrument PAN *betik₁

fetikTetun(CMP) to flick, flip with the finger, or any similar action; pulsate, flutter; pulse (of veins) PAN *betik₁

fetinChuukese(OC) general term for a class of plants including grasses, sedges and ferns POC *palici

fetinChuukese(OC) general term for a class of plants including grasses, sedges and ferns POC *palisi₂

fetoRotinese(CMP) sister, female cousin (man speaking) PMP *betaw

fetoTetun(CMP) woman; feminine (when joined to the names of persons and plants): oan feto daughter; ai dilo feto a female pawpaw (one which produces fruit); tasi feto the sea on the north coast which is generally much milder than the sea on the south coast, known as tasi mane PMP *betaw

fetoTetun (Dili)(CMP) woman PMP *betaw

feto-nTetun(CMP) sister, cousin PMP *betaw

fetood tumidLun Dayeh(WMP) literally “hooking each other with the heels,” making love or engaged in a sexual act PWMP *tumid

fetūNiue(OC) star POC *pituqun

fetūSamoan(OC) star POC *pituqun

fetū afi-afiNiue(OC) the Evening Star PAN *Rabi-Rabi

fetudSimalur(WMP) fart PWMP *bentut

fe-tukedLun Dayeh(WMP) a standing object with a tip that reaches the ceiling PAN *tuked

fetuʔuTongan(OC) star; daisy POC *pituqun

fetuuTuvaluan(OC) star; shine, of stars POC *pituqun

fe-ʔuléʔTiruray(WMP) return something PMP *pa-uliq

fe-ʔave-aʔiSamoan(OC) to carry, transport to and fro POC *kawe


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f-filiWoleaian(OC) to choose, pick up, decide, select PAN *piliq


TOP      fa        fa    fạ    fa        fe    ff    fi    fk    fl    fn        fo    fr    fs    ft    fu    fy        


fiAs(SHWNG) good PMP *pia₂

Lau(OC) to feel pain; to hurt PMP *pi(n)tik

fiTanga(OC) wild taro POC *piRaq₂

Tongan(OC) plait, twist or plait two or more threads together; a plait of hair, or pigtail; pigtail-like part of a plaited basket PMP *pirit

ꞌfi³Mayá(SHWNG) good PMP *pia₂

fíaBuhid(WMP) good PMP *pia₂

fiʔaChamorro(WMP) how many? PAN *pijax

fiaFilakara(OC) how many? POC *pica

fiaFutunan(OC) how much?, how many? POC *pica

fiaGimán(SHWNG) good PMP *pia₂

fiaRotinese(CMP) kind of tuberous water plant, yam; icon for a male person (Fox, J. 1993) PMP *biRaq₁

fiaRotuman(OC) to weave or make (a net or web) POC *tia

fiaSamoan(OC) particle preposed to the base, denoting a wish for, liking for or aspiration to (something) specified by the following word PMP *pian

fiaSamoan(OC) be how many?; be how much?; (obsolete) three (occurs in ceremonial titles) POC *pica

fiaSamoan(OC) particle preposed to the base, denoting a wish for, liking for or aspiration to (something) specified by the following word PMP *pia₃

fiaSobei(OC) good PMP *pia₂

fiaTeluti(CMP) good PMP *pia₂

fiaTetun(CMP) a variety of yam. It is edible, but care must be taken in cooking or it will irritate the mouth and tongue and cause swelling (a member of the Arum family) PMP *biRaq₁

fiaTuvaluan(OC) how many? POC *pica

fia-fuGedaged(OC) to bear fruit (abundantly, continuously, as a coconut tree) POC *puaq

fiakNumfor(SHWNG) four PEMP *pat

fi-alèm-anaMalagasy(WMP) the last meal at night; night time PMP *halem

fiaʔ mfuliSoboyo(CMP) a bunch, stalk of bananas PMP *buliR

fiaʔ pusu-ñSoboyo(CMP) heart-shaped inflorescence of the banana plant PMP *pusuq₁

fiasSimalur(WMP) growth rings in wood PWMP *biqas

fídiMalagasy(WMP) choice, preference, permission to choose PAN *piliq

fieTongan(OC) preposed or prefixed verb, to want, desire, wish or be willing PMP *pian

fieTongan(OC) preposed or prefixed verb, to want, desire, wish or be willing PMP *pia₃

fīfKosraean(OC) spray or sprinkle (water) POC *pipis₁

fifeyTiruray(WMP) cheek PMP *pihpih

fífiMalagasy(WMP) cheek PMP *pihpih

fifiMekeo (East)(OC) lip POC *pipiR

fifiNias(WMP) forehead PMP *pihpih

fifiBilaan (Sarangani)(WMP) cheek PMP *pihpih

fififiIduna(OC) Rufous-necked Stint: Calidris ruficollis POC *pwipipi

fi-filaLau(OC) a white scar POC *pilat₂

fi-filiNiue(OC) to choose, select PAN *piliq

fifi-nBuruese(CMP) lips, mouth PMP *bibiR

fifi-nTifu(CMP) lip PMP *bibiR

fifin ~ fifin-fuTanga(OC) woman, adult female POC *papine

fifineNiue(OC) woman; female POC *papine

fi-fisi i māKwaio(OC) eyelash POC *pisi ni mata

fihaBuruese(CMP) wild taro PMP *biRaq₁

fihaNiue(OC) how many?; (fig.) a few POC *pica

fihaTongan(OC) how many?, how much? POC *pica

fiha-fihaNiue(OC) very few, scarce POC *pica pica

fiha-ŋofuluTongan(OC) how many tens? POC *pica

fihfKosraean(OC) kind of fish, looks like trigger fish but bigger POC *bubu₇

fihiTongan(OC) tangled; fig., intricate, complicated POC *pisi₁

fíhitraMalagasy(WMP) a grasp, a catch, a grip, as is made by a person holding to something to prevent him from falling PMP *pikit

fíhitraMalagasy(WMP) a large stinging fly PWMP *piket₁

fiʔiRotinese(CMP) pinch with the fingertips or nails; hold firmly with the fingertips PCMP *biqit

fii-firiBugotu(OC) to twine POC *piri-piri

fiʔitTetun(CMP) lift by the fingers; take a pinch (as of tobacco); grasp (as a hawk grasps a chicken) PCMP *biqit

fikNumfor(SHWNG) seven PAN *pitu₁

fikNumfor(SHWNG) seven PAN *pitu₁

fikRon(SHWNG) seven PAN *pitu₁

fika-hBuruese(CMP) spring loose (as a possum trap) PMP *biŋkas

fiku-hBuruese(CMP) elbow; hide in the crook of the arm PMP *bikuq

fiku-hBuruese(CMP) elbow; hide in the crook of the arm PMP *biŋku

filTanga(OC) buy, pay for POC *pili

filaʔAmis(Formosan) leaf used to wrap betel nut for chewing; plant sp. PAN *biRaq₁

filaCheke Holo(OC) thunder clap from a nearby lightning bolt, making a loud, sharp bang POC *pilak₂

filaKwaio(OC) scar POC *pilat₂

filaNgwatua(OC) lightning POC *bila₂

filakBuruese(CMP) flash, as lightning PMP *bilak₁

fila-nBuruese(CMP) light-ray, flash PMP *bilak₁

fila-tBuruese(CMP) lightning PMP *bilak₁

filfilAmis(Formosan) lips PAN *biRbiR

filiFutunan(OC) to choose PAN *piliq

filiKwaio(OC) twist tobacco PMP *pirit

filiLau(OC) to choose, prefer PAN *piliq

filiMono-Alu(OC) a made rope PMP *pirit

filiNias(WMP) choose PAN *piliq

filiNiue(OC) to plait, to twist PMP *pirit

filiNiue(OC) to plait, to twist POC *pilit

*filiPMic(OC) choose PAN *piliq

fili-Puluwat(OC) to choose, select PAN *piliq

filiSamoan(OC) (of sennit, hair, etc.) plait, braid PMP *pirit

filiSamoan(OC) (of sennit, hair, etc.) to plait, braid POC *pilit

filɨBilaan (Sarangani)(WMP) how many? PAN *pijax

filiTongan(OC) to choose, pick out, cull, select, elect; to sort (as letters) PAN *piliq

filiTuvaluan(OC) to string (as flowers or shells on a necklace); braid PMP *pirit

filiTuvaluan(OC) choose PAN *piliq

filiSamoan(OC) pick out, select PAN *piliq

fili-aKwaio(OC) to atone, pay compensation for death POC *pili

fili-aKwaio(OC) reserve, pick out, choose PMP *piliq-an

fili-aLau(OC) chosen PMP *piliq-an

fili-aToqabaqita(OC) choose, select, prefer PMP *piliq-an

fili-anBuhid(WMP) to choose PMP *piliq-an

fili anaKwaio(OC) pick out for special sacredness, of an adalo (ancestral spirit) to a woman PAN *piliq

fili-filiFutunan(OC) to choose; choice, selection PMP *piliq piliq

fili-filiNiue(OC) a chain; to chain up, to handcuff POC *piri-piri

*fili-filiPMic(OC) choose PMP *piliq piliq

fili-filiSamoan(OC) chain POC *piri-piri

fili-filiNiue(OC) a chain POC *pilit

fili-filiSamoan(OC) choose PMP *piliq piliq

fili-filiTongan(OC) to choose (one or more) out of many, or to pick over; habitually picking and choosing, particular (in this sense), fastidious PMP *piliq piliq

fili-hBuruese(CMP) sell PMP *bili

fili-iWoleaian(OC) choose it, pick it up, select it PAN *piliq-i

filiʔ-iaKwaio(OC) tie up, fasten PMP *pirit

fili-nBuruese(CMP) price, payment PMP *bili

fili-ŋaSamoan(OC) action of plaiting, plaited work PMP *pirit

fili-ŋaTuvaluan(OC) election PAN *piliq

filis-iaKwaio(OC) braid together PMP *pirit

fili-s-iaLau(OC) chosen PAN *piliq

filoLau(OC) twist together, as strands, twist round POC *piro

filoNiue(OC) to twist (as a rope), to plain; string, thread, reel of cotton POC *piro

filoSamoan(OC) thread; cotton; reel of thread POC *piro

filoTuvaluan(OC) twist; twist fiber on thigh to make cord; a thread; mix, of liquids; mix with other people POC *piro

filo-aKwaio(OC) squeeze, wring POC *piro

filo-aKwaio(OC) squeeze, wring POC *piro-a

filo-faiLau(OC) discuss, talk a thing out thoroughly POC *piro

filos-i, filos-iaLau(OC) twisted round POC *piro

filos-iaKwaio(OC) twist, wring POC *piro

filuKwaio(OC) wild palm species used to make bows POC *piRu

filuKwaio(OC) tangled POC *pilul

filuLau(OC) umbrella palm; leaves sometimes dyed red for decorations; grasses dyed red, decorating canoes; leaf ornaments of warriors dyed red with kikiri POC *piRu

filuTetun(CMP) to wrap PCMP *bilu₂

filu-aʔiKwaio(OC) to braid, twist POC *pilul

filu-nTetun(CMP) packet, parcel, bundle; to pack PCMP *bilu₂

f<im>efelLun Dayeh(WMP) something used to force-feed a person PWMP *pelpel

f-in-aha-unumChamorro(WMP) sixth PMP *paka-enem

f<in>atayChamorro(WMP) death PWMP *p<in>atay

findaMuna(WMP) step, tread; tread, step on, trample on PWMP *pizak

finda-hiMuna(WMP) step on something, trample underfoot PWMP *pizak

fíndraMalagasy(WMP) change of place PWMP *pindaq

fineFutuna-Aniwa(OC) woman POC *pine

fineSoboyo(CMP) seed PMP *binehiq

fineSoboyo(CMP) woman; female PCEMP *b<in>ai

fine-motuʔaTongan(OC) elderly woman; married woman POC *pine

fine-muiTongan(OC) young woman POC *pine

fini-Chuukese(OC) choosing, selecting; electing, appointing PAN *piliq

finiTetun(CMP) seed (grain for sowing) PMP *binehiq

f<in>ídiMalagasy(WMP) was chosen PWMP *p<in>iliq

fini-yaChuukese(OC) choice, thing chosen by someone PMP *piliq-an

f-inom-anaMalagasy(WMP) drinking (in Imerina it only means to drink the taŋena ordeal) PWMP *pa-inum-en

finsaTiruray(WMP) a boil or abscess PWMP *pi(R)sa

finsa-nanTiruray(WMP) afflicted with boils PWMP *pi(R)sa

finshiqThao(Formosan) to sow, scatter seed in planting PAN *bineSiq

fíntanaMalagasy(WMP) a hook on a string PWMP *pintal

fioTongan(OC) to mix, mix together, mingle (as with other people in a crowd) POC *piro

fio-aTongan(OC) beginning to turn grey, of hair POC *piro-a

fio-fioTongan(OC) slightly, somewhat POC *piro-a

fioloLau(OC) hungry POC *pitolon

fiolo-aLau(OC) hunger, famine, scarcity of food POC *pitolon

firaKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) taro PMP *biRaq₁

firaŋAmis(Formosan) anger PAN *biraŋ

firiBimanese(CMP) harsh-tasting, acid, tart PMP *apeled

firiBugotu(OC) bind, lap with string PMP *pirit

firiCheke Holo(OC) snarl, tangle (as fish in fishing line) PMP *pirit

firiLau(OC) twist round, coil round; twist tobacco; tie up, tie up a door PMP *pirit

firiMalagasy(WMP) how many?, how often? PAN *pijax

firi-naMalagasy(WMP) to be divided into how many? PAN *pijax

fisBuli(SHWNG) how much?, how many? PAN *pijax

fisKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) how much?, how many? PAN *pijax

fisTanga(OC) canoe paddle, paddle stroke POC *pose

fisaʔTiruray(WMP) to break PWMP *pisaq

fisekTiruray(WMP) to have one eye permanently closed as a result of injury PWMP *picek

fisiSamoan(OC) peel skin with a knife (as in peeling an orange); shave off POC *pisik₂

fisiTongan(OC) strike with the fingernail as it is snapped from the end of the thumb, to fillip; game in which light sticks are flipped; spring or move suddenly POC *pintik

fis(i)Woleaian(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

*fisikoPMic(OC) meat, flesh POC *pijiko

*fiSikoPMic(OC) flesh POC *pisiko

fisiuRaga(OC) star POC *pituqin

fisɔBlaan (Koronadal)(WMP) a boil PWMP *pi(R)sa

fisoSamoan(OC) kind of cane-grass (Saccharum sp.?) with edible flower buds, and used for thatch POC *piso₁

fisoSamoan(OC) a large reed with stems that contain sugar: Erianthus maximus POC *pijo

fisuUlithian(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

fisulTetun(CMP) abscess, boil PMP *bisul

fisu-ñSoboyo(CMP) sore, ulcer, boil PMP *bisul

fisurKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) boil PMP *bisul

fisu-uwChuukese(OC) seven (general class or non-specific things) PAN *pitu₁

fitBuli(SHWNG) seven PAN *pitu₁

fitKei(CMP) seven PAN *pitu₁

fitMisool (Coast)(SHWNG) seven PAN *pitu₁

fitTanga(OC) kunai grass: Imperata cylindrica POC *pitu₂

fitaKwaio(OC) to split (trans.) POC *pisak₁

fitaKwaio(OC) how many?, how much? POC *pica

fitaLau(OC) how many? POC *pica

fitaToqabaqita(OC) how many?, how much? POC *pica

fita-Woleaian(OC) [indefinite] how many?; a few, some POC *pica

fita-Chuukese(OC) how many? (used with suffixed counting classifiers) POC *pica

fitakBilaan (Sarangani)(WMP) mud PMP *pitak₁

fitakBilaan (Sarangani)(WMP) mud PPh *pitek

fita-naToqabaqita(OC) ordinal form of fita: how many times? POC *pica

fite-Chuukese(OC) how many? (nonspecific or general class of things --- especially if the expected number is more than a few but less than hundreds) POC *pica

fitePuluwat(OC) how many? (more than ten) POC *pica

fite-fayPuluwat(OC) how many? (round objects) POC *pica

fite-rayPuluwat(OC) how many? (animate) POC *pica

fitewTiruray(WMP) seven PAN *pitu₁

fitew foloʔTiruray(WMP) seventy PAN *pitu₁

fit-fitBuli(SHWNG) seven each, seven by seven, seven at a time PAN *pitu pitu

fitfitTiruray(WMP) a bird: Monticola solitaria philippinensis (Linn.) PWMP *pitpit₁

fitiBuruese(CMP) flick with the finger; fish with a pole, jerk up a fishing pole PMP *bitik₁

fiti-Chuukese(OC) snarl, tangle, entwining POC *pisi₁

fitiMortlockese(OC) to wrap POC *pisi₁

fitiNiue(OC) flip over POC *pintik

fitiRotinese(CMP) to kick, give a kick; extend the leg sideways (of horses as well as people) PMP *bintiq

fitiRotinese(CMP) pull up with a jerk, as a fishing rod PMP *bitik₁

fitiRotuman(OC) spring or move suddenly, especially from a curved position to a straight one; (of a trap) to go off; (of flower) to open out POC *pintik

fitiSamoan(OC) flick (as in flicking a coconut with the fingernail to see if it is suitable for drinking); bounce; (of a spark) fly off; game of jackstraws which consists in flicking off a number of light rods one after the other POC *pintik

fitiTuvaluan(OC) a somersault; do a somersault POC *pintik

fitiWogeo(OC) lightning POC *pitik₂

fiti-fitiTuvaluan(OC) flap (of a caught fish); flick with finger repeatedly (as when testing coconut for maturity); roll over and over sideways (of a person) POC *pitik-pitik

fiti-fitiTuvaluan(OC) flick with finger repeatedly (as when testing coconut for maturity) POC *pidik

fitig(o)Woleaian(OC) meat, flesh POC *pijiko

fitig(o)Woleaian(OC) meat, flesh POC *pisiko

fiti-hBuruese(CMP) to pinch PCMP *bitil₂

fiti-iWoleaian(OC) tie it, bind it, tangle it, spiral it, wrap it POC *pisi₁

fitikPuluwat(OC) flesh of any kind, meat; flesh and blood, blood relative POC *pijiko

fiti-nBuruese(CMP) shin PMP *bities

fitisTetun(CMP) calf of the leg PMP *bities

fitoAmblau(CMP) seven PAN *pitu₁

fitóBuhid(WMP) seven PAN *pitu₁

fítoMalagasy(WMP) seven PAN *pitu₁

fito-Paamese(OC) navel POC *bito

fito-inaMalagasy(WMP) be divided into seven PWMP *pitu-en

fitokaAmis(Formosan) stomach, place where food is digested PAN *biCuka

fitolTanga(OC) to hunger; in a state of hunger; hungry POC *pitolon

fito-poloMalagasy(WMP) seventy PAN *pitu₁

fituChamorro(WMP) seven (used in serial counting) PAN *pitu₁

fituFutunan(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

fituMakatea(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

fituMuna(WMP) seven (prefixed to nouns) PAN *pitu₁

fituNias(WMP) seven PAN *pitu₁

fituNiue(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

*fituPMic(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

fituSamoan(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

fituTeluti(CMP) seven PAN *pitu₁

fituTongan(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

fituTuvaluan(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

fitu fuluMuna(WMP) seventy PAN *pitu₁

fituinGeser(CMP) star PAN *bituqen

fitukChuukese(OC) meat, flesh, muscle POC *pijiko

fitu mo-ghonoMuna(WMP) 700 PAN *pitu₁

fitunTetun(CMP) star PAN *bituqen

fitun loro teenTetun(CMP) evening star (Venus) PAN *bituqen

fitun rai naromaTetun(CMP) morning star (Venus) PAN *bituqen

fitun suarTetun(CMP) comet PAN *bituqen

fitu-ŋa-fuaTuvaluan(OC) seven (of coconuts and bonito) PAN *pitu₁

fitu-ŋo-fuluTongan(OC) seventy PMP *pitu ŋa puluq

fitu sefuluSamoan(OC) seventy PAN *pitu₁

*fituuPMic(OC) star POC *pituqun

fituʔa warasKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) intestines PMP *bituka

fiu'Āre'āre(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

fiuKwaio(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

fiuLau(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

fiʔuTetun(CMP) to bend, to fold, to double, fold back, turn over PMP *bikuq

fiʔuTetun(CMP) to bend, to fold, to double, fold back, turn over PMP *biŋku

fiuToqabaqita(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

fiu-na'Āre'āre(OC) seventh PAN *pitu₁

fiu-naLau(OC) seventh PAN *pitu₁

fiu-naToqabaqita(OC) seventh PAN *pitu₁

fiu-naKwaio(OC) seventh PAN *pitu₁

fius(iu)Woleaian(OC) star POC *pituqun

fiʔu suratTetun(CMP) fold back the corner of the page; to wrinkle, to twist up PMP *bikuq

fiʔu suratTetun(CMP) fold back the corner of the page; to wrinkle, to twist up PMP *biŋku

fi-voyMalagasy(WMP) a paddle PMP *beRsay

fixaWuvulu(OC) how many? POC *pica

fiyakTiruray(WMP) a chick PAN *piak

fizfizThao(Formosan) banana PAN *beNbeN


TOP      fa        fa    fạ    fa        fe    ff    fi    fk    fl    fn        fo    fr    fs    ft    fu    fy        


fkatThao(Formosan) action of going off, of a spring-set trap PAN *bekas₁

fkorəTsou(Formosan) a plant: Smilax china PAN *baNaR

fkuuTsou(Formosan) a star visible in the twelfth lunar month: the Dipper PAN *buNuq₁


TOP      fa        fa    fạ    fa        fe    ff    fi    fk    fl    fn        fo    fr    fs    ft    fu    fy        


flenNalik(OC) moon POC *pulan₃

flhushThao(Formosan) a plant with erect yellowing flowerets and dark green leaves that are used to cover the rice during the fermentation stage of wine-making : Rhus semialata Murr. var. roxburghiana DC PAN *beRuS


TOP      fa        fa    fạ    fa        fe    ff    fi    fk    fl    fn        fo    fr    fs    ft    fu    fy        


fniBuli(SHWNG) flying fox PMP *paniki

fnikGimán(SHWNG) flying fox PMP *paniki


TOP      fa        fa    fạ    fa        fe    ff    fi    fk    fl    fn        fo    fr    fs    ft    fu    fy        

fŋosəTsou(Formosan) a tree: Melia azedarach PAN *baŋaS

fŋúuTsou(Formosan) head PAN *buŋuh


TOP      fa        fa    fạ    fa        fe    ff    fi    fk    fl    fn        fo    fr    fs    ft    fu    fy        


foIrarutu(SHWNG) fruit PMP *buaq

fo-Muna(WMP) causative prefix for dynamic verbs PAN *pa-₂

foTetun(CMP) give, grant, deliver PMP *beRay

foWampar(OC) to swell POC *baRoq

ꞌfo¹²nMayá(SHWNG) full PAN *peNuq

foaBwaidoga/Bwaidoka(OC) testicles (Gibson) POC *puaq

foaSamoan(OC) break (rock or shell); hatch, of eggs POC *posaq

foaTongan(OC) to break (a cup, stone, rock, etc., not a stick); to cut (ripe coconut) in halves POC *posaq

foaTuvaluan(OC) break (a nut, head, canoe, etc.) POC *posaq

foʔa fa-maʔe-iaAua(OC) kill POC *paka-mate-ia

foa-ʔiTongan(OC) to break POC *posaq

fo baTetun(CMP) give to PMP *beRay

focolAmis(Formosan) quiver, sheath for arrows PAN *busuR₂

fodal-iaKwaio(OC) to slap POC *pwajaR

fodanKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) pandanus PMP *paŋedan

f-odyMalagasy(WMP) returned, sent back; withdraw from a bargain, retract PMP *pa-uliq

foePileni(OC) canoe paddle POC *pose

foeSamoan(OC) oar, paddle POC *pose

fofa-ñSoboyo(CMP) opening, mouth of bamboo, bowl, basket, etc. PMP *beqbeq

fofoAmis(Formosan) a fish trap for catching fish and crabs in rivers PAN *bubu₂

fofoAmis(Formosan) grandchild/grandparent PAN *bubu₆

fofoLau(OC) weed with a knife POC *papo₂

fo-foaTuvaluan(OC) to hatch (of eggs), break the hymen and hence be first to have intercourse with a virgin POC *posaq

fō-foa-ʔiTongan(OC) to hatch (of eggs or chicks) POC *posaq

fofóh-inaMalagasy(WMP) to be beaten PWMP *pukpuk-en

fófokaMalagasy(WMP) a blow PAN *pukpuk

fófotraMalagasy(WMP) the blowing of the bellows, etc. PMP *putput₂

fofuSula(CMP) bamboo basket trap for fish PAN *bubu₂

fogaKwaio(OC) cracked, split POC *pokaq

fogaLau(OC) split, rend, burst POC *pokaq

fogut-aʔiKwaio(OC) flex body in burial POC *pokut

fohaŋAmis(Formosan) large hole PAN *buhaŋ

foheTongan(OC) oar, paddle POC *pose

fohetAmis(Formosan) squirrel PAN *buhet

fohe ʔuliTongan(OC) steer-oar, rudder POC *pose

fohoTetun(CMP) mountain, hill, mountain range PMP *bawbaw

foho-nTetun(CMP) the upper part, the top part; upon, on top of PMP *bawbaw

fohuSoboyo(CMP) new PMP *baqeRu

fohuTongan(OC) hole or perforation (in a rock or large stone), used for tethering a boat or canoe POC *posu

fohuTongan(OC) hole or perforation (in a rock or large stone), used for tethering a boat or canoe POC *posuk

fohu-ʔiTongan(OC) to make a hole in rock or stone POC *posu

fohu-ʔiTongan(OC) to make a hole in rock or stone POC *posuk

foʔi niuTongan(OC) coconut fruit PMP *niuR

foitraMalagasy(WMP) the navel, the central part of a thing PMP *pusej

fokDali'(WMP) head hair PMP *buhek

fokesAmis (Central)(Formosan) head hair PAN *bukeS

fo-konaMuna(WMP) put on (clothes); fasten, attach (ornaments) PWMP *kena

foko-peon-iMuna(WMP) to extinguish, put out PAN *padeŋ

foks-eChamorro(WMP) to squeeze PAN *peRes

fokuSula(CMP) node in bamboo or sugarcane PCEMP *buku

fólTboli(WMP) thickness; thick, heavy, as cloth; difficult, having deep meaning, as riddles; abundant, as branches PPH *kepal

folaLau(OC) to spread POC *polac

folaLau(OC) split, break in two, tear in two POC *polaq

foladAmis(Formosan) moon, month; menstruation cycle PAN *bulaN

fo laiTetun(CMP) lend PMP *beRay

folanTetun(CMP) swallow or gulp (anything whole without chewing) PCEMP *belen

fol-aŋ-huluRotuman(OC) thirty POC *tolu-ŋa-puluq

folawAmis(Formosan) to fight; war against, causing the community to leave PAN *buRaw

folesAmis(Formosan) a tree: Chinese mahogany PAN *buleS

foles-inaMalagasy(WMP) to be spun PMP *pules

folfolAmis(Formosan) break into small pieces, to crumble PAN *bulbul

foliCheke Holo(OC) buy PEMP *poli

foliKwaio(OC) buy; sell; price PEMP *poli

fóliMalagasy(WMP) silk thread or yarn PMP *pules

foli-aLau(OC) buy, hire, pay wages POC *poli-a

foli-foliLau(OC) buy, hire, pay wages POC *poli poli

foli-nTetun(CMP) price, cost, value; objects for barter PMP *beli

foli-n hiraTetun(CMP) what cost? PAN *pijax

foli-sikwaKwaio(OC) contribute shell valuables toward a bounty PEMP *poli

foloʔAmis(Formosan) species of bamboo that makes very small poles PAN *buluq₂

foloKwaio(OC) across POC *polos₁

foloLau(OC) across; cross over (river, sea); cut across, sever POC *polos₁

foloMalagasy(WMP) ten PAN *puluq₁

foloNiue(OC) to swallow POC *polon

foloSamoan(OC) to swallow (as food) POC *polon

foloTongan(OC) to swallow; to take (pills or powders); to swallow without chewing or without sufficient chewing POC *polon

foloTuvaluan(OC) to swallow POC *polon

folodAmis(Formosan) do or go together PAN *buluN

folo-inaMalagasy(WMP) be divided into ten PWMP *puluq-en

folo-maŋaTuvaluan(OC) roof of the mouth POC *polon

fɔlɔnɔAs(SHWNG) to hear PWMP *pa-deŋeR

foluRotuman(OC) three PEMP *tolu

fo maiTetun(CMP) deliver to PMP *beRay

fonGedaged(OC) leatherback turtle, Dermochelys coriacea POC *poñu

fɔnSawai(SHWNG) skin disease PMP *panaw₁

fonoFutunan(OC) assemble for discussion; a council, assembly POC *ponor

fonoNiue(OC) a council, parliament, meeting; a prohibition placed on a plantation or a shellfishing area POC *ponor

fonoRotuman(OC) to place a taboo or prohibition on (land, nuts, sea) in order that the copra or fish so reserved may afterwards be used for a specific purpose POC *ponor

fonoTongan(OC) town or village meeting (officially convened) POC *ponor

fonoSamoan(OC) meeting; conference, rally, congress; have a conference, hold a meeting; (of a council) to meet; made sacred, prohibited POC *ponor

fonoTuvaluan(OC) a meeting; the body of people at a meeting POC *ponor

fōno-fonoSamoan(OC) meet (ceremonially or officially) POC *ponor

fono-ŋaTuvaluan(OC) a discussion POC *ponor

fonosAmis(Formosan) machete PAN *bunuS

fonuBimanese(CMP) green turtle, Chelonia mydas PMP *peñu

fonuFutunan(OC) sea turtle POC *poñu

fonuKwaio(OC) full POC *ponuq

fonuKwaio(OC) sea turtle POC *poñu

fonuLau(OC) sea turtle POC *poñu

fonuLelepa(OC) turtle POC *poñu

fonuMakatea(OC) sea turtle POC *poñu

fõnuNias(WMP) sea turtle PMP *peñu

fonuNiue(OC) sea turtle; (fig.) a quiet person, a person of few words POC *poñu

fonuNuaulu(CMP) new PMP *baqeRu

fonuPileni(OC) full POC *ponuq

fonuPwele(OC) sea turtle POC *poñu

fonuTongan(OC) full: of container or its contents, or of a notebook, etc. POC *ponuq

fonuTongan(OC) sea turtle; kind of beetle (very shiny), shaped like a turtle POC *poñu

fonuToqabaqita(OC) turtle, considered a kind of iqa (fish) POC *poñu

fonuTuvaluan(OC) sea turtle POC *poñu

fonuPileni(OC) turtle POC *poñu

fonuaTongan(OC) land, country, territory, place; people (of the land, etc.); afterbirth, placenta POC *panua

fonu koloaFutunan(OC) hawksbill turtle (koloa = ‘riches, durable goods, as mats or tapa cloth) POC *poñu

fonu koloaTongan(OC) hawksbill turtle (koloa = ‘goods, wealth, riches, possessions’) POC *poñu

fonu mamaŋiliKwaio(OC) full to the top POC *ponuq

fonu(na)Mono-Alu(OC) full POC *ponuq

foñKaniet(OC) the green turtle: Chelonia mydas POC *poñu

foñWogeo(OC) sea turtle POC *poñu

foŋKosraean(OC) night POC *boŋi

foŋoRotuman(OC) mangrove PMP *teŋeR

foŋohAmis(Formosan) head PAN *buŋuh

foŋotiChuukese(OC) blow one’s nose POC *paŋusi

fooMuna(WMP) mango PMP *pahuq₁

fooSula(CMP) body hair, feathers PCEMP *bulu₁

fooluKwaio(OC) young; new; renew; right away, at the same time; for the first time PEMP *baqoRu

foʔouTongan(OC) new, fresh; strange, unfamiliar PEMP *baqoRu

fo-ponoMuna(WMP) to fill up, cram PMP *pa-penuq

fo-ponoMuna(WMP) to fill up, cram PMP *pened₁

fosSobei(OC) oar, paddle POC *pose

fosTetun(CMP) uncooked dehusked rice PMP *beRas

fosaKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) oar, paddle PMP *beRsay

foseMono-Alu(OC) to paddle a canoe POC *pose

fótPuluwat(OC) to plant, insert, pick out, select; to be inserted, selected POC *pasok

fotaBugotu(OC) break, smash up; be broken POC *potak

fotaTetun(CMP) to split open PMP *betak

fota-fotaMalagasy(WMP) slaver, spittle. Generally used of such as is produced in anger or from eating ravenously PAN *puCaq

fotakTetun(CMP) be split, open PMP *betak

fotanTetun (Luka)(CMP) a variety of millet PMP *beteŋ₁

fotanTetun(CMP) a variety of millet PMP *betem

fótatraMalagasy(WMP) a large tree: Butonica apiculata PMP *putat

foteLau(OC) a paddle, to paddle; shoulder blade POC *pose

fotfotAmis(Formosan) to pull up, as weeds PAN *buCbuC

f-otiBlaan (Koronadal)(WMP) kill PMP *p-atay

fotiSoboyo(CMP) lower leg PCEMP *betis

foti ntukaSoboyo(CMP) calf of the leg PCEMP *betis

fótoChuukese(OC) planting POC *pasok

fotoSamoan(OC) sting (of stingray) POC *potok

fotoSamoan(OC) sting (of stingray) POC *potok

fotoSoboyo(CMP) sister (man speaking) PMP *betaw

fotoTongan(OC) sting (of stingray) POC *potok

fotoTongan(OC) sting (of stingray) POC *potok

foto nahaSoboyo(CMP) be siblings PMP *betaw

fótsiMalagasy(WMP) white; disregarded, vain, worthless, disparaging PMP *putiq

fotsíanaMalagasy(WMP) to be made white PWMP *putiq-an

fotsí-naMalagasy(WMP) to be made white PWMP *putiq-en

fotuSamoan(OC) appear (as a boat coming around a point); (of trees) blossom out, come into blossom POC *potu₁

fotuTongan(OC) emerge, come into view; appear (as fish in season), become manifest, stand out, or to be or become prominent POC *potu₁

fōtu-aʔiSamoan(OC) emerge, heave in sight (as a boat) POC *potu₁

fo-turuMuna(WMP) to subjugate, subdue PWMP *tuRut

fo-tusuMuna(WMP) to show something, indicate something PAN *pa-tuzuq

fouBiliau(OC) new PEMP *baqoRu

fouLau(OC) stone, rock POC *patu

fouPileni(OC) new PEMP *baqoRu

fōuSamoan(OC) new; fresh; renew; restore, repair PEMP *baqoRu

*fouPMic(OC) to feel cold POC *pout

fou-biaKwaio(OC) a growing deposit of limestone in running water POC *bia

fou-laLau(OC) stony; flint; limestone POC *patu

fou-lafuKwaio(OC) white powdery stone PAN *qapuR

fou-lafuKwaio(OC) white powdery stone POC *Rapuk

fou manu-manuLau(OC) pumice POC *mañur mañur

(fou) nagiLau(OC) flint POC *nadi

fo-uʔuWuvulu(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

fowakAmis(Formosan) to bubble, gurgle, motion of water PAN *buak

foyaSoboyo(CMP) crocodile PCEMP *buqaya

foʔaRotuman(OC) to place the foot down; to land, come ashore; (of birds) to alight, settle, roost; (of fish) to be stranded, left high and dry on the beach; (of canoe) to be beached POC *toka₂

fœʔereRotuman(OC) Fiji shrikebill: Clytorhynchus vitiensis POC *takere


TOP      fa        fa    fạ    fa        fe    ff    fi    fk    fl    fn        fo    fr    fs    ft    fu    fy        


fraIrarutu(SHWNG) hand PMP *baRa₁

franeCheke Holo(OC) be brave, bold, not timid or afraid POC *paRane

f-rārNumfor(SHWNG) run, run away, flee PMP *pa-laRiw

frəʔəTsou (Duhtu)(Formosan) domesticated pig PAN *beRek

froheTsou(Formosan) moon, month PAN *bulaN

f-rua-nFordata(CMP) middle PMP *duha


TOP      fa        fa    fạ    fa        fe    ff    fi    fk    fl    fn        fo    fr    fs    ft    fu    fy        


fsi-fsiTsou(Formosan) pubic hair PAN *qubiS

fsoiTsou(Formosan) a plant with a root like a sweet potato, formerly eaten by the Tsou (Szakos 1993) PAN *baSay

fsuTsou(Formosan) hunting bow PAN *busuR₂


TOP      fa        fa    fạ    fa        fe    ff    fi    fk    fl    fn        fo    fr    fs    ft    fu    fy        


ftunSelaru(CMP) star PAN *bituqen

fturiSelaru(CMP) triton shell PMP *tabuRi


TOP      fa        fa    fạ    fa        fe    ff    fi    fk    fl    fn        fo    fr    fs    ft    fu    fy        


fuBiliau(OC) cough POC *pukuR

fuGedaged(OC) betel, a climbing species of pepper (Piper betle); the leaves, fruit and roots are used in chewing betel nut. The green leaves are also rubbed and mixed with lime to heal wounds; to bloom and bear fruit, to fruit POC *puaq

fuGedaged(OC) blowing, storming, roaring, blustering, tempestuous (as wind) POC *puu

fuIrarutu(SHWNG) flower PMP *buŋa

fuKeo(CMP) feather PCEMP *bulu₁

fuKeo(CMP) head hair PCEMP *buek

Lau(OC) species of tree: Barringtonia asiatica POC *putun₁

Lau(OC) to cough, clear the throat POC *buu₄

Lau(OC) stock, root, origin PMP *puqun

fuLonwolwol(OC) roll, roll over, turn over POC *pui₂

fuMalagasy(WMP) the heart, physical and moral; the will, sentiment, desire; intention, disposition PMP *pusuq₁

fuNgadha(CMP) hair of the head; having hair, hairy PCEMP *buek

fuRotinese(CMP) puffed up, as the cheeks when blowing PCEMP *buu₁

fuRotinese(CMP) blow, whistle, fill with air PMP *qembus

Rotuman(OC) knee PCEMP *turu₁

Rotuman(OC) knee POC *tur

Tongan(OC) to clap the hands crosswise so as to make a hollow sound PMP *puk₂

fu:tuGaddang(WMP) heart PMP *pusuq₁

fuaBuruese(CMP) betel nut; element in names of various bananas PMP *buaq

fuaBwaidoga/Bwaidoka(OC) egg POC *puaq

fuaIduna(OC) crush POC *puaR

fuaKwaio(OC) carry a load (of vegetables, coconuts, water); bring food POC *puat₂

fuaLau(OC) to, for, to his advantage or disadvantage; to, towards; for the purpose of; in order to; to; that; with; by means of POC *puat₃

fūaLau(OC) to carry, as a haversack POC *puat₂

fua-Mafea(OC) fruit POC *puaq

fuʔaNgadha(CMP) kind of beetle, grub, larva in palm wine PMP *abuqaŋ

fuaNiue(OC) fruit, seed, berry, nut, egg; swelling, tumor; snail shell; to bear fruit, to swell POC *puaq

fuaNiue(OC) carry on the shoulder; weigh; to survey (of land) POC *puat₂

fuaNiue(OC) to carry on the shoulder POC *pua₂

fuaRotinese(CMP) lay on something, to load, have as a cargo or burden, carry PMP *buhat₃

fuʔaRotinese(CMP) dig up the earth around a plant PCEMP *buqal

fuaSamoan(OC) classifying particle used with numerals in reference to coconuts and breadfruit. It is suffixed to units from two to nine and prefixed to tens and hundreds; fruit, flower, bloom; egg; products, fruits POC *puaq

fuaSamoan(OC) just, only; without anything; to no purpose; heedlessly, wantonly; by chance; freely, without conditions or restrictions POC *pua₁

fuaSamoan(OC) measure; size; scales; to weigh; aim at; plan; survey; think out, devise POC *puat₂

fuaSula(CMP) fruit PMP *buaq

fuaTetun(CMP) do PMP *buhat₂

fuʔaTetun(CMP) pull out roots and dirt together PCEMP *buqal

fuaTongan(OC) fruit; fig. fruit (of work, etc.), result; egg; to bear (lit. or fig.); to have unlaid eggs inside it (e.g. of a killed hen) POC *puaq

fuaTongan(OC) get or gather from the sea (seaweed, jellyfish) POC *puat₁

fuaTongan(OC) to lift, to carry -- esp. on the shoulder (without a stick), or in the arms; fig. to undertake, be responsible for, or to bear the burden or weight of POC *puat₂

fuaTongan(OC) of limb, etc. (not person) be afflicted with elephantiasis POC *pwiRa

fuaTuvaluan(OC) egg; berry; fruit; bear fruit; prefixed to numerals one to nine indicates tenfold -- of all except humans, coconuts or bonito (e.g. fua lua 'twenty') POC *puaq

fua aliliNiue(OC) coarse-shelled univalve mollusc PMP *qaliliŋ

fua-bTetun (Dili)(CMP) fruit; heart PMP *buaq

fua fuaNiue(OC) swelling, tumor, bulge; natural curves on the body, as the forearm, the calf, on the cheek-bone POC *puaq puaq

fua-fua huiNiue(OC) the calf PMP *buaq ni bities

fua fua-ŋaSamoan(OC) plan; project; proportions, dimensions POC *puat₂

fua-geniKwaio(OC) marry, take a woman in marriage (fua-geni is used for a man, bai-wane is used for a woman) POC *puat₂

fua-iUjir(CMP) fruit PMP *buaq

fuaʔ i ikaTongan(OC) roe POC *puaq

fua-i-ʔupuSamoan(OC) sentence; remark; verse POC *puaq

fuaʔ i ʔufiTongan(OC) fruit-like excrescences borne above the ground by some kinds of yam plants (not edible, but sometimes used as seed) POC *puaq

fualaKwaio(OC) crocodile (considered to be an 'Are'are loanword) POC *puqaya

fua mauliTuvaluan(OC) testicle POC *puaq

fua mauliTuvaluan(OC) testicle (fua = egg, fruit) PMP *ma-qudip

fua-nBuruese(CMP) fruit; spleen; person; numeral coefficient for fruit; egg PMP *buaq

fua-nTetun(CMP) fruit (plants and trees); heart (of persons or living things) PMP *buaq

fua-nVaikenu(CMP) fruit PMP *buaq

fua-nTugun(CMP) fruit PMP *buaq

fua-naLau(OC) fruit, nut, seed for planting POC *puaq

fua-naMono-Alu(OC) nut, fruit POC *puaq

fua niuNiue(OC) the fruit of the coconut PMP *niuR

fua-ñSoboyo(CMP) fruit PMP *buaq

fua-ŋaKwaio(OC) carriers POC *puat₂

fua-ŋaNiue(OC) fruiting, harvest POC *puaq

fuarThao(Formosan) spring, source PAN *bual₁

fuaraAua(OC) crocodile POC *puqaya

fuar a sazumThao(Formosan) spring of water PAN *bual₁

fuasaLau(OC) crocodile POC *puqaya

fuasa ni ʔafuLau(OC) seahorse POC *puqaya

fuatKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) fishnet PMP *puket₁

fuat-aSamoan(OC) crop (from a tree) POC *puat-an₁

fua tapuTongan(OC) first fruits POC *puaq

fua-uʔuAua(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

fuaxaWuvulu(OC) crocodile (only in stories) POC *puqaya

fudGedaged(OC) banana (thirty four varieties distinguished by name) POC *pudi

fudTakia(OC) banana POC *pudi

fudeIrarutu(SHWNG) banana PAN *punti₁

fudeRotinese(CMP) sponge PCEMP *budeq

fudeRotinese(CMP) foam, froth, bubbles, scum PMP *bujeq₂

fudiLau(OC) banana (bou substituted in recent times because fudi occurred in name of a well-known woman) POC *pudi

fúdiSekar(CMP) banana PAN *punti₁

fudiToqabaqita(OC) (archaic) banana tree and fruit POC *pudi

fudiaGah(CMP) banana PAN *punti₁

fuʔeGedaged(OC) to open, uncover, lay (throw) open, turn (the leaves in a book) POC *puke

fueNiue(OC) a creeping vine: Merremia peltata POC *puRe₂

fuʔeSamoan(OC) put the contents of an oven into baskets; fill POC *puke

fueSamoan(OC) general name given to creepers and lianas POC *puRe₂

fueTongan(OC) creeper of various kinds POC *puRe₂

fuədLun Dayeh(WMP) navel, umbilical cord PMP *pusej

fues-iaTongan(OC) carry, bear the burden of (esp. figuratively) POC *puat₂

fufGedaged(OC) a wood borer, beetle, worm; the refuse (dust) of the wood borer POC *pupuk₂

fufKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) kind of fish trap PAN *bubu₂

fufuCheke Holo(OC) bamboo-borer; be worm-eaten POC *pupuk₂

fufuKwaio(OC) fall, drip, be loose or crumbling (of soil or a foothold) POC *pupus

fufuLau(OC) pick fruit POC *puput

fufuLau(OC) noise of someone coming or knocking POC *pupuk₁

fufuLau(OC) mason wasp POC *pupuk₂

fufuLau(OC) to swell, distend body, have a swollen stomach; sp. of fish swollen like a football POC *pupuŋ

fufuLau(OC) pluck fruit PMP *pupu₁

fufuLau(OC) pluck fruit PMP *puqpuq₁

fufuNiue(OC) strip off (leaves, bark, etc.) POC *puput

fufuRotuman(OC) to light, kindle; to burn (lime) PMP *tutuŋ

fu-fuTakia(OC) cough POC *pukuR

fu-fuaLau(OC) fruit POC *puaq puaq

fu-fuat-aCheke Holo(OC) stick or piece of bamboo, placed over the shoulder for carrying a netbag on one's back POC *puat-an₂

fu-fudeRotinese(CMP) to foam, to bubble PMP *bujeq₂

fu-fueRotinese(CMP) generic for beans, legumes PMP *buay₁

fufue deək mata-naRotinese(CMP) dibble holes for planting seeds PMP *mata

fu-fuɣoZabana(OC) morning POC *puko

fufu-hBuruese(CMP) to pour PMP *buqbuq

fu-fuiNiue(OC) to dip (in water) POC *puqi puqi

fu-fuiNiue(OC) to dip in water POC *puqi

fu-fuiSamoan(OC) put into water, steep POC *puqi puqi

fu-fuiSamoan(OC) to put into water, steep POC *puqi

fufukBuruese(CMP) decompose, disintegrate (as wood into particles) PMP *bukbuk₃

fufukLun Dayeh(WMP) a knock on the head PAN *pukpuk

fufukRotinese(CMP) rice worm, wood worm; mouldering PMP *bukbuk₃

fufuk-inLun Dayeh(WMP) will be knocked on the head PWMP *pukpuk-en

fufulLun Dayeh(WMP) cutting off a tree stump PWMP *pulpul₁

fu-fulaFutuna-Aniwa(OC) to swell, become swollen (as the foot) POC *pula₄

fufulaNiue(OC) to swell POC *pupula

fu-fulaNiue(OC) to swell POC *pula₄

fufulaTongan(OC) swell up, swell out, pout, blow out the cheeks POC *pupula

fu-fulaTongan(OC) to swell, swell up, swell out; to pout, or to blow out the cheeks POC *pula₄

fufu-loŋo-siaKwaio(OC) pay attention to a person who is talking POC *roŋoR

fufu-luKwaio(OC) landslide POC *pupus

fufuluKwaio(OC) weed, grass; to weed POC *buburu

fu-fuluNiue(OC) rinse, wash, wash out, make a clean sweep (as an epidemic disease that sweeps through a village) POC *pulu₂

fu-fuluSamoan(OC) to wash (body or object); to clean (as the teeth); (of enemy) mop up, eliminate POC *pulu₂

(fu)-fuluTongan(OC) wash or scrub; to clean (a blackboard) POC *pulu₂

fu-fuluTuvaluan(OC) to wash (hands, dishes, floor, etc., but not used of clothes) POC *pulu₂

fufulu i fanua fooluKwaio(OC) weed a new clearing POC *buburu

fu-funi-kRotinese(CMP) hiding place, in particular of someone who hunts at night PMP *buni₁

fufuŋaNiue(OC) the head (of chiefs) POC *pupuŋan

fufurLun Dayeh(WMP) powder, sand PWMP *purpur

fu-fureZabana(OC) beach creeper: Ipomoea pes-caprae POC *puRe₂

fufu-roŋoLau(OC) to listen; to hear; disciple POC *roŋoR

fufus-iLau(OC) pluck POC *puput-i

fufus-iLau(OC) to scatter, powder and scatter POC *pupus-i

fufus-iTongan(OC) to pull roughly or forcibly or too hard or without due care; overstretch POC *puput-i

fufutLun Dayeh(WMP) spitting out liquid from the mouth PWMP *puput-an

fufut-iMono-Alu(OC) to take out POC *puput-i

fufut-iSamoan(OC) play a fish (in reeling it in) POC *puput-i

fufuʔLun Dayeh(WMP) the cleaning or washing of something PWMP *puqpuq₂

fufuʔLun Dayeh(WMP) the debarking of a tree by beating the bark, for making walls of a house, or a barrel for storing rice PWMP *puqpuq₃

fugaWatut(OC) crocodile POC *puqaya

fugoʔChamorro(WMP) wring, squeeze PAN *peReq

fuɣoZabana(OC) tomorrow POC *puko

fugúItawis(WMP) island in river PPH *pujuq

fugu-Watut(OC) base of a tree PMP *puqun

fuhKosraean(OC) wart, mole POC *putiR

fuhKosraean(OC) coconut fiber, coconut husk POC *put₂

fuhaRotuman(OC) a creeper whose stems and leaves are used for stupefying fish ... Another kind of creeper, said to have been brought from New Guinea and known as fuah ne Niu Kini, is used for the same purpose with better results; another fish poison is made from the fruit of the hufu (Barringtonia) tree POC *tupa₂

fuhtKosraean(OC) navel POC *buto

fuhuNortheast Ambae(OC) bow and arrow POC *pusuR

fuhukTetun(CMP) weevil which eats grain; wormy, weevily PMP *bukbuk₃

fuhu-rTetun(CMP) fontanel PMP *bubu₄

fuiKwaio(OC) wash, rinse, pour PCEMP *buqi₂

fuiLau(OC) cluster, clump POC *pui₁

fuiNiue(OC) dip in water PMP *puRiq

fuiRotinese(CMP) pour water on, douse with water, extinguish a fire with water PCEMP *buqi₂

fuiRotinese(CMP) wash the hands PMP *buRiq

fuiRotuman(OC) single piece of Rotuman necklace or garland POC *tuRi₁

fuiSamoan(OC) to water; throw water on (as a fire) PCEMP *buqi₂

fuiSamoan(OC) to water, throw water on POC *puqi

fuiTetun(CMP) pour liquids, pour out, to empty, pour water upon, to water, to irrigate PCEMP *buqi₂

fui-aKwaio(OC) wash out, rinse out, pour out PCEMP *buqi₂

fui-aSamoan(OC) to water (as a garden) PCEMP *buqi₂

fuiaSamoan(OC) Samoan starling: Aplonis feadensis POC *pusiRa

fui-a ʔaniaKwaio(OC) sprinkle on PCEMP *buqi₂

fui-ʔakiRotuman(OC) to string together, make a necklace or garland POC *tuRi₁

fui-fuiNiue(OC) to wash, to water (as plants), to fill with liquid (as a sponge) POC *puqi puqi

fui-fuiNiue(OC) to wash, to water (as plants) PMP *puRiq

fui-fuiSamoan(OC) to dip (as a pen into ink) POC *puqi puqi

fui-fuiSamoan(OC) keep, stick together; cluster, bunch (as of fruit) POC *pui₁

fui-fuiNiue(OC) to wash, to water (as plants), to fill with liquid (as a sponge) POC *puqi

fui-fui-luaSamoan(OC) (of two people or things) go together, be paired POC *pui₁

fuʔi-fuʔiTongan(OC) throw or pour or sprinkle water on, to douse; fig. to quell (e.g. a disturbance or rebellion) POC *puqi puqi

fui modoTetun(CMP) irrigate or water vegetables PCEMP *buqi₂

fui-niuSamoan(OC) cluster of coconuts POC *pui₁

fuʔi tahiTongan(OC) douse with salt water PCEMP *buqi₂

fuʔi vaiTongan(OC) douse with fresh water PCEMP *buqi₂

fujutMiri(WMP) pick a fruit; pick up something from the ground PWMP *pu(n)zut

fukTanga(OC) thump (noise made by a falling body) POC *puk₁

fukaNias(WMP) a bird net PMP *puket₁

fuka-hBuruese(CMP) to open (a meeting, etc.) PMP *buka

fuka-iSoboyo(CMP) to open, open up PMP *buka

fukasTiruray(WMP) release animal from yoke PWMP *pukas₂

fukatWatubela(CMP) fishnet PMP *puket₁

fúkawItawis(WMP) hypnotized, confused PWMP *pukaw₂

fukeNiue(OC) to open, uncover (as an oven) POC *puke

fukeTongan(OC) to open up (a native oven) POC *puke

f-ukenNumfor(SHWNG) ask PMP *kutaña

fukiIbanag(WMP) vagina PAN *puki

fukiSanta Ana(OC) banana POC *pudi

fukishThao(Formosan) hair of the head PAN *bukeS

fuku laliSoboyo(CMP) ankle PMP *buku lali

fuku-nTetun(CMP) knot (of trees, ropes, etc.); knuckle, joint (of limbs) PCEMP *buku

fuku-neKosraean(OC) ankle POC *buku

fuku-ñSoboyo(CMP) node, joint, as in bamboo, rattan, etc. PCEMP *buku

fukwaDobel(CMP) heart PMP *buaq

fulTakia(OC) betel pepper: Piper betle POC *pu-pulu

fulTakia(OC) betel pepper: Piper betle POC *puqulu

fulaKwaio(OC) moon (mainly in compounds) POC *pulan₃

fulaLau(OC) a spring of water POC *buraq

fulaLau(OC) the moon (but only in naming a month) POC *pulan₃

fū-lāLau(OC) a cough, coughing POC *buu₄

fulaRotinese(CMP) white PMP *bulan₂

fulaRotinese(CMP) be, become white PMP *bulaR₂

fulaTongan(OC) to swell up as the result (so it was formerly believed) of breaking a tapu, esp. by eating food left over by a chief POC *pula₄

fula-ʔaloKwaio(OC) rainbow POC *pulan₃

fula-balaKwaio(OC) full moon, night when it is light from moonrise to dawn POC *pulan₃

fula-fulaKwaio(OC) spring of water POC *puraq puraq

fula-fulaRotinese(CMP) whitish PMP *bulaR₂

fula-kRotinese(CMP) white PMP *bulaR₂

fulanBuruese(CMP) moon, month PMP *bulan₃

fulanDobel(CMP) moon PMP *bulan₃

fulanTetun(CMP) moon, lunar month, the period between the new moons PMP *bulan₃

fulanTifu(CMP) moon PMP *bulan₃

fulanUjir(CMP) moon PMP *bulan₃

fulan-fulanBuruese(CMP) for months PMP *bulan-bulan₂

fuléŋMiri(WMP) to turn PMP *puliŋ₁

fulɨʔBlaan (Koronadal)(WMP) red PMP *pulaq

fuliNiue(OC) turn over, turn away POC *buliŋ

fuliRotinese(CMP) kind of shell; shells or bits of lead used as sinkers for a fishnet PMP *buliq₁

fuliRotuman(OC) to be deaf POC *tuli₁

fuliSamoan(OC) turn over, roll over (as a tree trunk) POC *buliŋ

fuliSamoan(OC) turn (over), roll (over) POC *puri

fuliSoboyo(CMP) bunch, cluster PMP *buliR

fuliTongan(OC) to turn round, etc. POC *buliŋ

fuliTongan(OC) to turn round, etc. POC *puri

fuliTuvaluan(OC) turn (something) over; reveal a hidden object; translate; change into POC *buliŋ

fuliYamdena(CMP) kind of shellfish PMP *buliq₁

fuli-aloSamoan(OC) turn upside down, bottom upwards POC *buliŋ

fulifisTiruray(WMP) cowlick PWMP *pulipis

fuli-hiTongan(OC) to turn round or (esp.) to turn over, or to overturn; change or vary; inverted, upside down POC *buliŋ

fuli-nTetun(CMP) head of grain, rice PMP *buliR

fuliŋLun Dayeh(WMP) dust or any foreign object in the eyes PWMP *puliŋ₂

fulis-iaSamoan(OC) be turned over, rolled over POC *buliŋ

fuli-siaSamoan(OC) be turned over, rolled over POC *puri

fuliʔTiruray(WMP) to recover from one’s investment, of whatever, a return at least equal to the original outlay PWMP *puliq

fuloLau(OC) sponge POC *puro₁

fulotChamorro(WMP) sensation or taste on tongue from eating unripe banana; tingling sensation from eating certain things PWMP *peled

fulotChamorro(WMP) sensation or taste on tongue from eating unripe banana, tingling sensation from eating certain things PWMP *pelet

fulu-Amblong(OC) hair POC *pulu₃

fuluʔChamorro(WMP) ten PAN *puluq₁

fuluDobel(CMP) body hair PCEMP *bulu₁

fuluKwaio(OC) blow POC *buRu₁

fuluLau(OC) to clean, wipe, rub off dirt, wash away earth (of rain) POC *pulu₂

fulu-Mafea(OC) hair POC *pulu₃

fuluNiue(OC) hair, feather POC *pulu₃

fuluSamoan(OC) feather; feather lure POC *pulu₃

fuluSamoan(OC) to wash, clean POC *pulu₂

fuluTongan(OC) hair on the privates POC *pulu₃

fuluTuvaluan(OC) feather, hair on arms, etc. POC *pulu₃

fuluTuvaluan(OC) to wash (of one dish, etc.) POC *pulu₂

fuluKwaio(OC) to blow POC *puRuk

fulu-bakaaKwaio(OC) blow out POC *buRu₁

fulu-fuluNiue(OC) hairy POC *pulu pulu

fulu-fuluSamoan(OC) fine short hair, down; fur POC *pulu pulu

fulu-fuluSamoan(OC) to wash face and hands (frequentative) POC *pulu₂

fulu-fuluTongan(OC) hair (esp. on the body), fur, feathers; having hair, fur or feathers (growing on it); (of timber) rough, undressed, unplaned POC *pulu pulu

fulu-fuluTuvaluan(OC) hair on head; fur POC *pulu pulu

fulu-fulu-aSamoan(OC) hairy POC *pulu pulu

fulu-fulu-aTongan(OC) hairy, furry, woolly or feathery POC *pulu pulu

fulu-fulu-aTuvaluan(OC) hairy POC *pulu pulu

fulu-fulu mataNiue(OC) eyelashes POC *pulu qi mata

fulu-fulu mataSamoan(OC) eyebrow POC *pulu qi mata

fulu-fulu mataTuvaluan(OC) eyebrow POC *pulu qi mata

fulu-fulu ʔi laumataTongan(OC) eyelashes POC *pulu qi mata

fulu-ʔiaKwaio(OC) blow on, inflate; blow something off, clean off by blowing on POC *buRu₁

fulu-kTetun(CMP) hairy, shaggy PCEMP *bulu₁

fulu mataSamoan(OC) eyelash POC *pulu qi mata

fulu-nBuruese(CMP) hair, feather, whisker PMP *bulu-n

fulu-nTetun(CMP) hair, the outer body covering PMP *bulu-n

fulu-nTugun(CMP) body hair PCEMP *bulu₁

fulu-ñSoboyo(CMP) body hair, feather PCEMP *bulu₁

fuluŋSoboyo(CMP) grass, weed PMP *buluŋ₂

fulu-ŋaSamoan(OC) washing, cleaning POC *pulu₂

fulutAbai Sembuak(WMP) sap PMP *pulut

funGedaged(OC) origin, beginning; derivation, source; foundation, base; originator, creator, author, composer; home; kind, species, sort; reason, meaning, cause; fact PMP *puqun

funItawis(WMP) base or trunk of tree PMP *puqun

funKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) banana PAN *punti₁

fun-Rotuman(OC) to cook (esp. by boiling) PMP *tunu

funTanga(OC) sea turtle, turtle shell POC *poñu

funTboli(WMP) (of land, fields, houses, possessions, bamboo, slaves) the owner PMP *puqun

funaRotuman(OC) freshwater eel (fuan ne rano); similar kind of saltwater eel (fuan ne sɔsi) PMP *tuna

funanTetun(CMP) flower, bloom PMP *buŋaŋ

funanVaikenu(CMP) moon PMP *bulan₃

funasChamorro(WMP) eradicate, erase, rub out, , wipe out, put an end to, clear (of sin) PMP *punas

funat-anIbanag(WMP) to wipe PMP *punas

fundiAbai Sembuak(WMP) banana PAN *punti₁

funeNias(WMP) kind of small dove PAN *punay

funen ~ bunenSimalur(WMP) keep secret, hide, conceal PWMP *buni-an

fune ni utBuli(SHWNG) dog louse, flea PMP *kutu₁

fun-iGedaged(OC) strike, beat, pound, thrash, knock, bash, bat, whack, whip; slay, slaughter, kill, murder; happen, befall; (cause to) spread far and wide; extinguish (as a torch); exert oneself; become tired, weary POC *punuq-i

funiLau(OC) to hide one's tracks POC *puni₂

funiMalagasy(WMP) a species of pigeon belonging to a genus peculiar to Madagascar Alectroenas madagascariensis PAN *punay

funiMono-Alu(OC) to hide (trans.) POC *puni₂

funiRotinese(CMP) conceal oneself, as behind a tree in order to shoot at game or at an enemy; more particularly, to go hunting at night; to hide (something) PMP *buni₁

funi maitsuMalagasy(WMP) a species of pigeon: Columba Polleni Schleg. (‘green pigeon’) PAN *punay

funuKwaio(OC) fight; cut POC *punuq₃

funuLau(OC) perish, come to nothing, destroy utterly, be destroyed; destruction, extinction; excessive, immense; excessively; complete, completed POC *punuq₃

funuNgadha(CMP) fruit fibers PMP *bunut₁

funu-Nuaulu(CMP) feather PMP *bulu₁

funuTetun(CMP) war PMP *bunuq₂

funuTetun (Dili)(CMP) war PMP *bunuq₂

funu-funuKwaio(OC) small bush knife POC *punuq₃

funu malunTetun(CMP) enemy, foe PMP *bunuq₂

funu-ŋaKwaio(OC) warfare POC *punuq₃

funushThao(Formosan) bush knife, machete; knife with a blade that is 25-30 cm. long and slightly curved at the tip. It is taken to the fields, on hunting trips, etc. PAN *bunuS

fuŋKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) bunch, cluster (of bananas, bamboo, etc.) PMP *puŋu

fuŋaNiue(OC) surface POC *pupuŋan

fuŋaNiue(OC) surface POC *puŋa-puŋa

fuŋaSamoan(OC) flower, blossom; be in bloom (of a flowering tree, etc.) POC *puŋa₁

fuŋaTongan(OC) top, upper surface; lap POC *pupuŋan

fuŋaTongan(OC) top, upper surface POC *puŋa-puŋa

fuŋa fataNiue(OC) shelf POC *pupuŋan

fuŋa huhuNiue(OC) the chest, above the breast POC *pupuŋan

fuŋa matapāTongan(OC) lintel POC *pupuŋan

fuŋanIbanag(WMP) pillow PPH *puŋan

fuŋánItawis(WMP) pillow PPH *puŋan

fuŋanYogad(WMP) pillow PPH *puŋan

fuŋan-iTongan(OC) top row of flowers on an ornamental girdle; specially tasty thing eaten last to top off with; what is better than all the others, the best of all;(in reference to bad things) what is worse than all the others, the worst of all; tip-top, first-rate, excellent POC *pupuŋan

fuŋa vakaTongan(OC) deck of a boat; (of a building) storey, floor; (of a wedding-cake, etc.) tier POC *pupuŋan

fuŋunYamdena(CMP) cluster of palm trees PMP *puŋun

fuoTongan(OC) (followed by a numeral) to bear so many fruit, or to lay so many eggs (hence numeral classifier for roundish objects); shape POC *puaq

fuo fuaTongan(OC) keep on bearing fruit POC *puaq puaq

fupaRotuman(OC) small land crab POC *tubaRa

fupuRotuman(OC) to grow, to increase; growth, increase; interest (on money lent, etc.); persons of the same or about the same age POC *tubuq, tupuq

fupuŋaRotuman(OC) crown of the head POC *tubuŋa

fup-ʔakiRotuman(OC) to cause to spring up or grow; to originate or create; to propose, move (a resolution) POC *tubuq, tupuq

-furKairiru(OC) to appear, arrive on the scene POC *pura

furKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) body hair, fur, feathers PCEMP *bulu₁

furLonwolwol(OC) to appear, come clear, come 'out' (as when a cloud covers the moon) POC *pura

furaCheke Holo(OC) flow or spring from the ground; spew, gush out (of water from a spring); suddenly proliferate or 'spring out' from the ground (phaja snakes) POC *buraq

fura-furaLau(OC) spring up, of water; to boil; to gargle; noise in the throat of a dying man POC *puraq puraq

fura-kTetun(CMP) savory, tasty, delicious, pleasant PCMP *bura₁

furanKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) moon PMP *bulan₃

furazThao(Formosan) moon, month PAN *bulaN

fur-furLonwolwol(OC) to appear, come clear, come ‘out’ (as when a cloud passes over the moon) POC *pura

fur-furuRotuman(OC) having nap or pile (of dog, etc.), shaggy POC *pulu₃

furoNgadha(CMP) boast, brag, talk a lot about oneself; shout from every side PAN *buRaw

furuNias(WMP) collection, gathering PMP *pudun

furuTetun(CMP) creeper with leaves similar to the betel pepper PMP *burun

furutTiruray(WMP) to pick up PWMP *pu(n)zut

fusTanga(OC) to shoot, as with a sling POC *pusuR

fusalSekar(CMP) navel PMP *pusej

fusarKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) navel PMP *pusej

fusedTiruray(WMP) an umbilical cord, the navel PMP *pusej

fūs-iLau(OC) pluck leaves, flowers, fruit; twitch off fruit with a pole POC *puput-i

fusiNias(WMP) white PMP *putiq

fus-iTongan(OC) pull or tug; pull or haul in; pull up or hoist (a flag); pull up or weigh (an anchor); pluck (a fowl, etc.); to stretch POC *puput-i

fusiTongan(OC) plantain or banana of any kind POC *pudi

fusi (< *puput-i)Tongan(OC) to pull or tug, to pull or haul in; to pluck (a fowl, etc.) PAN *putput₁

fus-i, fut-iNiue(OC) to draw up (as fish); to hoist (as a flag) POC *puput-i

fus-i-aNiue(OC) be drawn, be pulled POC *puput-i

fus-i-akiNiue(OC) entice POC *puput-i

fus-i ikaTongan(OC) pull in fish (on a line), or a haul of fish caught in this way POC *puput-i

fus-i maeaTongan(OC) tug-of-war: lit. to pull rope POC *puput-i

fusõNias(WMP) navel PMP *pusej

fuso-Mafea(OC) heart POC *puso₃

fusodAbai Sembuak(WMP) navel PMP *pusej

fusuTetun(CMP) an arched comb used for carding cotton PMP *busuR₂

fusuʔTiruray(WMP) a banana blossom; an ear of corn; (of a cornstalk) to produce an ear PMP *pusuq₁

fusuŋTiruray(WMP) heart PMP *pusuŋ₂

futIrarutu(SHWNG) white PMP *putiq

futMisool (Coast)(SHWNG) four PEMP *pat

futTanga(OC) fish poison derived from the seed of the Barringtonia asiatica POC *putun₁

futaKwaio(OC) be born, be related by kinship; appear, come out POC *pusa₁

futaLau(OC) be born, originate, create POC *pusa₁

futa-eSimalur(WMP) to blind, make blind PMP *buta₁

futa feraLau(OC) native place, home, one's country or island POC *pusa₁

fútagItawis(WMP) navel PMP *pusej

futaiʔMiri(WMP) white PMP *putiq

futa lāLau(OC) a generation POC *pusa₁

futa-laaKwaio(OC) kinship, kinship reckoning POC *pusa₁

futa-lanaKwaio(OC) kindred (category of a person's relatives) POC *pusa₁

futa leʔaKwaio(OC) closely related POC *pusa₁

futa-ŋaKwaio(OC) kinship, kin relationship, line of descent, kindred; category of places to which one is related POC *pusa₁

futa taiKwaio(OC) closely related by kinship POC *saqit

futeʔTiruray(WMP) white PMP *putiq

futiFutunan(OC) banana POC *pudi

futiMakatea(OC) banana POC *pudi

futiNiue(OC) banana, plantain (many named varieties) POC *pudi

fut-iSamoan(OC) (of weeds, hair, etc.) pull off; pluck (as a hen) POC *puput-i

futiTetun(CMP) warts PCEMP *butiR

futiTuvaluan(OC) banana POC *pudi

futi (< *puput-i)Samoan(OC) (of weeds, hair, etc.) pull off; pluck PAN *putput₁

fut-i-aSamoan(OC) be plucked POC *puput-i

fútitraMalagasy(WMP) reversement, turning about PWMP *puteR

futuIbanag(WMP) heart PMP *pusuq₁

fútuItawis(WMP) heart PMP *pusuq₁

futuNiue(OC) a tree: Barringtonia asiatica POC *putun₁

futuSamoan(OC) a tree (Barringtonia sp.), the large four-sided fruit of which are used as floats for fish-nets and for poisoning fish POC *putun₁

futuTongan(OC) a tree, Barringtonia. Its inedible fruit is almost pyramidal in shape, and is used for making fish-poison POC *putun₁

futúnYogad(WMP) lower abdomen PPH *pus(e)qun

fuʔuBimanese(CMP) tree; base, foundation; capital (in trade or business) PMP *puqun

fúúChuukese(OC) star POC *pituqun

fuʔuDobel(CMP) head hair PCEMP *buek

fuuNgadha(CMP) breathe heavily, pant PCEMP *buu₁

fúúPuluwat(OC) star, point of the compass, canoe course plotted by the stars POC *pituqun

fuʔu ʔakauTongan(OC) wood; made of wood, wooden POC *kayu

fuukTetun(CMP) hair of the head PCEMP *buek

fuʔunTiruray(WMP) ancestor; beginning; root or base PMP *puqun

fuʔu niuTongan(OC) coconut tree PMP *niuR

fuʔu nu usuʔ-Tajio(WMP) rib PAN *Rusuk

fuʔu ŋgahiBimanese(CMP) topic of conversation PMP *puqun

fúúsChuukese(OC) seven (used in serial counting or to name the number in the abstrace, but not used as a numerical adjective) PAN *pitu₁

fúúsPuluwat(OC) seven (sequential) PAN *pitu₁

fu xáeNgadha(CMP) tassel which hangs out of the corn head PCEMP *buek

fuyu-fiyuTiruray(WMP) a climbing perch PWMP *puyu-puyu

fuzuTsou(Formosan) wild pig PAN *babuy₃

fuʔaCheke Holo(OC) fruit or nut, the seed-bearing part of a plant POC *puaq

fuʔi-fuʔiTongan(OC) to throw or pour or sprinkle water on, or to douse POC *puqi

fuʔuKwaio(OC) cough; sputum POC *pukuR

fuʔu-naKwaio(OC) chest, breast POC *pukuR


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fyɨBlaan (Koronadal)(WMP) good PMP *pia₂


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fʔuhuTsou(Formosan) back (anat.) PAN *bukuN

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