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Austronesian Comparative Dictionary


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h- ~ he-Tboli(WMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂


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ha-Araki(OC) possessive classifier for food POC *kana-

'Āre'āre(OC) stage, shelf, small platform above the fireplace, used as a depository PMP *pa(n)tar₂

ha-Bikol(WMP) adjectival affix prefixed to adjectives denoting height, length, and depth PMP *ha-₁

ha-Bikol(WMP) affix prefixed to adjectives denoting height, length and depth PMP *ha-₂

ha-Cebuano(WMP) adjective forming affix added to adjective referring to degree. It has no meaning other than to give a formal flavor to the style: ha-taás 'tall', ha-láyuʔ 'far', ha-lapad 'broad' PMP *ha-₁

ha-Cebuano(WMP) affix added to adjectives referring to degree PMP *ha-₂

haEnggano(WMP) numeral ligature PMP *ŋa

haErai(CMP) loincloth PMP *bahaR

Hawaiian(OC) exclamation POC *pa₁

Hawaiian(OC) hoarse, hoarseness POC *paRak

Hawaiian(OC) four, fourth (commonly preceded by the numeral-marking prefixes, as ʔehā keiki, four children) PEMP *pat

Hawaiian(OC) stalk that supports the leaf and aro or sugarcane; layers in a banana stump PMP *paqa₂

ha-Kambera(CMP) prefix for measure words and numerals, used to express unity PAN *esa

haLabel(OC) in, at, on, during POC *pa₂

ha-Malagasy(WMP) formative added to adjectives to make them into abstract nouns: ha-tsara ‘goodness’ (cp. tsara ‘good’) PAN *ka-₅

haMotu(OC) interjection: warning, forbidding; look out! POC *pa₁

haMotu(OC) aux. verb meaning "to go and" POC *pa₃

haMotu(OC) auxiliary verb meaning ‘to go and’

haNiue(OC) singular indefinite article: a, an PAN *esa

haRotinese(CMP) four PMP *epat

haSoutheast Ambrym(OC) go, leave, depart POC *pa₃

ha-Taba(SHWNG) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

haTagalog(WMP) interrogative particle meaning: what is it? or what do you mean?; interrogative particle meaning: do you understand?; exclamatory interrogative particle with the element of surprise or reproach: is that so? PMP *ha₁

ha-Tetun(CMP) causative prefix (said to be a contraction of halo ‘do, make’, but his may be a historically secondary rationalization) PAN *pa-₂

ha-Tetun(CMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

ha-Toba Batak(WMP) the time at which, place whence, or even the particular way in which the content of the verb takes place: ha-pogos ‘suffering poverty, being poor’ (cp. pogos ‘poor’) PWMP *ka-₆

haTongan(OC) indefinite article: a, an, some, any PAN *esa

haVaikenu(CMP) four PMP *epat

haWatubela(CMP) one PAN *esa

haaArosi(OC) platform built on the edge of the reef for fishing PMP *pataR₁

haaBuruese(CMP) big PAN *Raya

haaKapingamarangi(OC) four PEMP *pat

haaRennellese(OC) four PEMP *pat

haaSaparua(CMP) four PMP *epat

haaTifu(CMP) big PAN *Raya

haʔa-abuArosi(OC) forbid POC *tabu

haʔa-abuArosi(OC) forbid POC *paka-tabu

haʔa-buriArosi(OC) to farewell, speed a parting guest POC *burit₃

haa-gataRennellese(OC) to tame POC *lasa₁

haʔa-haiArosi(OC) four times POC *paka-pat

haahineMotu(OC) women POC *papine

haahineNukuoro(OC) women POC *papine

haʔa-hiuSa'a(OC) seven times PMP *paka-pitu

haa-hogoRennellese(OC) to give to swallow; to force to swallow POC *polon

haʔa-horiArosi(OC) expose for sale PEMP *poli

haa-hutaArosi(OC) to bear, beget (of either parent) POC *pusa₁

haʔa-laŋiSa'a(OC) a house on piles PMP *laŋit

haʔa-limeSa'a(OC) five times POC *paka-lima₂

haʔa-mae-siArosi(OC) kill POC *paka-mate

haa maiArosi(OC) Give me POC *mai

haʔa-ma-mataArosi(OC) to make dry PMP *ma-maja

haʔa-ma-mata susuArosi(OC) the last born (lit’ ‘to make the breast dry up’) PMP *ma-maja

haʔa-manihiArosi(OC) to make thin PMP *ma-nipis

ha-ama-onToba Batak(WMP) paternity, fatherhood PWMP *ka-ama-en

haʔa-maru-aArosi(OC) to put in the shade, out of the sun POC *paka-maluRu

haa-mata ~ baa-mataRennellese(OC) to be partially cooked; raw POC *mataq

haʔa-mata-a'Āre'āre(OC) to dry fish or meat over the fire before the final cooking between hot stones PMP *ma-maja

haa-mimiRennellese(OC) to take to urinate, as a child PMP *mimi

ha- -anToba Batak(WMP) marker of the adversative passive; ha-udan-an ‘caught in the rain’ (cf. udan ‘rain’); ha-borŋin-an ‘to be overaken by nightfall’ (cf. borŋin ‘night’) PAN *ka- -an₁

ha- -anToba Batak(WMP) formative for nouns of location; ha-mate-an ‘place where one has died’ (cp. mate ‘die’) PAN *ka- -an₂

ha- -anToba Batak(WMP) formative for abstract nouns; ha-mate-an ‘death’ (cp. mate ‘die’) PAN *ka- -an₃

haʔaniChamorro(WMP) day PMP *daqani

haʔa-oruArosi(OC) three times POC *paka-tolu

haʔa-rimaArosi(OC) five times POC *paka-lima₂

haʔa-rohoArosi(OC) to let fly, loose POC *Ropok

haʔa-roŋoArosi(OC) to tell, give news, inform POC *paka-roŋoR

haʔa-ruaArosi(OC) twice POC *paka-rua

haʔa(-sia)Rennellese(OC) cracked POC *paqas

ha-asi-asiNgaju Dayak(WMP) often pitying, always pitying, etc. PMP *qasiq

haʔa-sihaArosi(OC) how often? POC *paka-pica

háát, heti-nPuluwat(OC) sea, ocean, tide; salt PMP *tasik

haʔa-ta-ŋa-rauArosi(OC) a hundred times PMP *sa-ŋa-Ratus

haʔa-tauArosi(OC) far off POC *sauq₁

haʔa tauSa'a(OC) to be far off, distant POC *sauq₁

ha-ʔatuUma(WMP) one hundred PMP *Ratus

haa-uNukuoro(OC) suckle at the breast PAN *pa-susu

haʔa-uriSa'a(OC) to save, make alive PMP *paka-qudip

haa-utaRennellese(OC) to take aboard or into a car; to yield well, as a harvest POC *ucan

hããwNarum(WMP) 2sg., you/thou PMP *kahu

habaʔ dilaʔTausug(WMP) talkative (lit. ‘long tongue’) PMP *dilaq₁

habagaNggela(OC) a tree: Alstonia scholaris POC *sabakap

habágatAklanon(WMP) south wind PMP *habaRat

habágatBikol(WMP) south wind PMP *habaRat

habágatCebuano(WMP) strong wind that hits Cebu from the southwest, common from June to September PMP *habaRat

habágatTagalog(WMP) west or southwest wind; monsoon PMP *habaRat

habagat-anCebuano(WMP) southwest PMP *habaRat

habánBikol(WMP) carry something cradled in cloth high on the back near the shoulders (as one might carry a small child) PMP *heban

habanToba Batak(WMP) a herd, as of cattle PWMP *kaban₁

hábaŋIfugaw(WMP) said of a person who arrives at the bank of a river and goes across; also said of a tributary of a large river that flows into it and thereby enlarges it PMP *sabaŋ₁

habáŋ-anIfugaw(WMP) place where a tributary flows into the main river PMP *sabaŋ₁

hábasCebuano(WMP) growth which develops in horses' mouths which causes hardship in eating PPh *hábas

habasIbatan(WMP) what is passed by (as by a person who is looking for something) PPH *labas

hábasTagalog(WMP) callosity in the mouth (of horses, etc.) PPh *hábas

habáwSambal (Tina)(WMP) juice; soup, broth PWMP *sa(m)baw

habéhAcehnese(WMP) finished, done, at an end PWMP *qabiq

habeiKayan(WMP) follow a leader in song; chorus PWMP *sa(m)bay

habekAyta Abellan(WMP) to crave or desire some kind of food; eagerness or desire to see someone PPH *sab(e)lék

ha-betauNgaju Dayak(WMP) have a sister PMP *betaw

habhábCebuano(WMP) for pigs to eat; for people to eat (derogatory) PPH *habhab

habhábTagalog(WMP) noisy manner of eating and gobbling up large chunks (as by dog or pig) PPH *habhab

habhábIfugaw(WMP) gluttonous manner of eating, i.e. eat with heaping spoonfuls or with a hand more than full PAN *sabsab

habhabManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) of a person, to eat as an animal eats, without the use of hands (used only in a derogatory or joking sense); of a pig, to eat in its characteristic manner PPH *habhab

hábiTagalog(WMP) texture of fabric, woven pattern on fabric PPH *habél

habiaDampelas(WMP) sago PMP *Rambia

habiaKola(CMP) sago PMP *Rambia

habídTagalog(WMP) entangling obstacle PWMP *habed

habídTagalog(WMP) entangling obstacle PPH *la(m)béj

habih-ánTagalog(WMP) loom PPh *habel-án

habih-ínTagalog(WMP) things to be woven, orders for weaving PWMP *habel-en

habɨlMamanwa(WMP) blanket PPH *habél

ha-bilaŋ-anToba Batak(WMP) countable PWMP *ka-bilaŋ-an

ha-bílinCebuano(WMP) be left behind (as a passenger when a boat leaves); be the amount remaining; for a girl to fail to get married PWMP *bilin

ha-bineiNgaju Dayak(WMP) female, feminine; wife PAN *b<in>ahi

habisMalay(WMP) done with; all used up; finished off PWMP *qabis

habis tumbasMalay(WMP) to the last drop; to the bitter end; to the uttermost. Stronger than habis (ended, exhausted) PWMP *tu(m)bas

habláy-anIfugaw(WMP) hanger, protruding peg (or anything that can serve as a hanger) PPH *sab(e)láy

habléIfugaw(WMP) the act of hanging something PPH *sab(e)láy

habl-ónBikol(WMP) be woven; woven cloth PWMP *habel-en

habl-únCebuano(WMP) blanket, sheet, or anything used as covering for sleeping; hand loom; cloth woven in a hand loom PWMP *habel-en

háboeAklanon(WMP) blanket, use a blanket PPH *habél

habóeAklanon(WMP) to weave PPH *habél

(h)abokMalay(WMP) powdery stuff; dust; chaff PMP *habuk

(h)abokMalay(WMP) powdery stuff; dust; chaff PWMP *qabug

(h)abokMalay(WMP) powdery stuff; dust; chaff; pollen; speck of dust; sawdust PMP *qabuk

habólBikol(WMP) the weave of cloth PPH *habél

haból-anBikol(WMP) loom PPh *habel-án

ha-bonar-anToba Batak(WMP) righteousness PWMP *ka-bener-an

háboŋTagalog(WMP) temporary shed or shelter made of leaves, grass, cloth or canvas; hovel; an open shed for sheltering cattle, etc. PPH *hábuŋ

habuDelang(WMP) ash PMP *qabu

hàbuKambera(CMP) immerse, plunge in; sound of plopping when something falls into the water PMP *sebuh

(h)abuMalay(WMP) ash; powder produced by combustion; "ash-colored", as a descriptive name for animals PMP *qabu

habu-habuToba Batak(WMP) tree which yields a kind of worthless cotton PMP *kabu-kabu

hábukCebuano(WMP) fertilize plants with compost PMP *habuk

ha-bukitNgaju Dayak(WMP) mountainous PAN *bukij

habúlCebuano(WMP) weave with a hand loom PPH *habél

hábulHanunóo(WMP) weaving of cloth PPH *habél

ha-buntilNgaju Dayak(WMP) have or use a travel bag PWMP *buntil

hābuŋIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) a plant bud, which develops into a flower PPH *sabuŋ₂

habuŋKayan(WMP) temporary protective covering; to cover PWMP *sambuŋ

ha-buriŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) have carbon or soot; sooty, blacken one another, to smudge or smear PWMP *budiŋ

ha-busuh-onToba Batak(WMP) rot, decomposition PMP *busuk

habutBalinese(WMP) pull out, pull up, raise anchor PMP *Rabut

habutToba Batak(WMP) fog, haze, mist; turbid; opaque, of a dim lamp, dirty window glass, or something obscure in the distance PMP *kabut

habúwagIfugaw(WMP) to disperse, scatter, throw things (of the same kind) in various directions toward several persons PPH *sabuag

hadaKapingamarangi(OC) platform on outrigger boom; wooden bed PMP *pataR₁

hādagIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) to lean something against an erect object, as to lean a load against a tree or house post so it stands on end PWMP *sandaR

hádagIfugaw(WMP) that against which a sitting or squatting person can bend his or her back; dorsal of a chair PWMP *sandaR

ha-dalómMasbatenyo(WMP) as a cough that is deep inside; deaf PMP *dalem

hadámBikol(WMP) borrow PMP *hezam

hadam-onBikol(WMP) to borrow PPh *hedam-en

ha-danumNgaju Dayak(WMP) full of water (as a field or boat); juicy (of fruits) PMP *danum

(h)adaŋMalay(WMP) blocking the way; lying in wait to intercept, as robbers waylaying travellers, or as an injured husband waiting for his wife’s seducer PWMP *qadaŋ

hadapMalay(WMP) position facing in two senses: (i) being in front, (ii) presenting oneself before, or waiting on, as a courtier attending his sultan’s receptions PMP *qadep

hadasOld Javanese(WMP) anise (Foeniculum vulgare) PWMP *hadas

ha-datu-onToba Batak(WMP) skill in the science of the datu which could sometimes be found in a radja’ (political leader; Vergouwen 1964:132) PMP *datu

h-adeBimanese(CMP) kill; extinguish (a fire) PAN *ka-aCay

hadeRotinese(CMP) rice plant, unhusked rice grain PAN *pajay

ha-depaBalinese(WMP) one fathom PAN *depah

hádiʔBinukid(WMP) no, not PWMP *hadiq

h-adiBuruese(CMP) that PMP *a-di

ha-dimi-anaMalagasy(WMP) five days PWMP *ka-lima-an

hadínoMalagasy(WMP) forgotten PWMP *kaliŋaw

hadinó-inaMalagasy(WMP) be forgotten, neglected PWMP *kaliŋaw

hadjeYakan(WMP) big (as a house) PAN *Raya

hado ~ hado-hadoMotu(OC) to plant POC *pasok

hadókBikol(WMP) a kiss PMP *hajek

hadók-anBikol(WMP) to kiss PPh *hajek-an

ha-dono-aMotu(OC) to swallow; to gulp POC *sonom

hadoraVitu(OC) cuscus, possum POC *kadoRa

ha-dpa-dpa-enItbayaten(WMP) to measure by fathoms PWMP *depa-en

hadpa (<adpah)Itbayaten(WMP) idea of stretched-arms length, or of fathom PAN *depah

haduDhao/Ndao(CMP) stone PMP *batu

haduKapingamarangi(OC) stone, rock POC *patu

haduNukuoro(OC) stone, rock; weathered coral POC *patu

ha-dua-nToba Batak(WMP) day after tomorrow (< ha-dua-an) PWMP *ka-duha-an

hadu-haduKapingamarangi(OC) rocky, lumpy; limestone strate below soil level PMP *batu-batu

hadu-hadu-aNukuoro(OC) stony, full of stones POC *patu

hadu hagageiŋaKapingamarangi(OC) boundary stone POC *patu

hadu madaNukuoro(OC) eyeball POC *patu

hadu manavaNukuoro(OC) heart POC *patu

hadu manawaKapingamarangi(OC) heart POC *patu

hadyMalagasy(WMP) ditch, trench, moat, fosse PAN *kali₁

haeTongan(OC) to tear, rend; to tear apart, pull apart; to tear off, strip off POC *saRe

hae ~ hae-haeHawaiian(OC) to tear to bits POC *saRe

hae ~ ha-haeMaori(OC) slit, lacerate, tear, cut; split POC *saRe

háeabAklanon(WMP) to graze, eat grass PPH *hárab₂

haenSoutheast Ambrym(OC) going, departure POC *pano

háeʔoAklanon(WMP) pestle, pounding stick PMP *qahelu

haeó(h)Aklanon(WMP) large lizard which eats chickens PWMP *haluh

haeókAklanon(WMP) to kiss PMP *hajek

ha-epatBinukid(WMP) four PMP *epat

haʔfeChamorro(WMP) brace, put on splint PMP *kaq(e)pi

hafeTongan(OC) to carry by means of a strap or rope, etc. across the shoulder (as one carries a haversack) POC *sape

ha-firi-anaMalagasy(WMP) how many days? PWMP *ka-pija

ha-fito-anaMalagasy(WMP) seven days PAN *ka-pitu-an

ha-foliTetun(CMP) to fix a price or value on anything to be purchased PMP *pa-beli

hafuTongan(OC) to trickle down, run down; dribble; small waterfall POC *sabu

hafu-hBuruese(CMP) to pluck, pull out PMP *Rabut

hagaʔChamorro(WMP) blood PAN *daRaq

hagaChamorro(WMP) daughter PMP *daRa₂

haga-Kapingamarangi(OC) causative prefix: cause to; cause to have; provide a; allow to; teach how to; install as (made ‘to die’ : haga-made ‘to kill’, daŋi ‘to cry’ : haga-daŋi ‘to make someone cry’ POC *paka-

haga-Nukuoro(OC) causative prefix, cause to be, become, have, know (made ‘dead’ : haga-made ‘do as hard or fast as possible’, daŋi ‘to cry’ : haga-daŋi ‘to play a musical instrument’) POC *paka-

hagaRennellese(OC) pandanus, of great value for thatch and mats POC *padran

hágabIfugaw(WMP) to scorch something; to become scorched PPH *sajab

hagagaRennellese(OC) slanting, leaning, bent; lean against POC *(bp)alalan

hagahafChamorro(WMP) rock crab: Crapsus tenuicrustatus Herbst PMP *kaRakap

haga-lue-iaNukuoro(OC) to vomit; vomitus PMP *luaq

haga-mmasaNukuoro(OC) to dry something PMP *ma-maja

haga-uuNukuoro(OC) suckle, nurse (feed milk) PAN *pa-susu

hágdanAklanon(WMP) stair(s), step(s) PMP *haRezan

hagdánBikol(WMP) stair, step PMP *haRezan

hagdánCebuano(WMP) stairs, ladder; ladder made of a bamboo pole with projections left at the nodes used as the footholds; something by which one climbs or improves; climb a ladder; make into, put a stair or ladder somewhere PMP *haRezan

hágdanHiligaynon(WMP) stairs, ladder PMP *haRezan

hagdánTagalog(WMP) stairs, ladder PMP *haRezan

hagdáŋ batóTagalog(WMP) stone steps, stone stairs PMP *haRezan na batu

hageCheke Holo(OC) to go or come up, move higher, rise, ascend, climb up; lift up POC *sake

hageNggela(OC) to embark, mount a horse, get into a car PMP *sakay₁

ha-gemelBalinese(WMP) a fistful PAN *gemel

hagiChamorro(WMP) a fish: Scomberoides santi-petri (family Carangidae), pompano or jack crevally PMP *daRi

hagk-án-anCebuano(WMP) go somewhere to kiss something as part of tradition PPh *hajek-an

hagkósBikol(WMP) belt; strap PPH *hag(e)kes

hagkúsHanunóo(WMP) a twilled rattan pocket belt worn by all adult men and women PPH *hag(e)kes

haʔgókBikol(WMP) take deep breaths, as one tired or ill with asthma; to gasp PMP *heqeguk

hágokTagalog(WMP) snore; sound of snoring PWMP *haguk

hagonChamorro(WMP) leaf, foliage, frond PMP *dahun

hagon fahaChamorro(WMP) filefish: Oxymonacanthus longirostris PMP *dahun

hágoŋAklanon(WMP) groan, moan (due to severe pain or sickness) PMP *haRuŋ

hagóŋAklanon(WMP) in death throes due to disease PMP *haRuŋ

hagpósTagalog(WMP) gentle rubbing with the hand PPh *hapRus

hagtíkCebuano(WMP) sharp clicking sound PWMP *hagetik

hagtúkCebuano(WMP) loud knocking sound PWMP *hagetuk

haguBauro(OC) pandanus POC *pakuŋ

haguChamorro(WMP) you, emphatic singular PMP *kahu

haguKallahan (Kayapa)(WMP) comb PMP *saRu₁

haguhiChamorro(WMP) sand crab PMP *kaRuki

hágukCebuano(WMP) snore PWMP *haguk

háguŋCebuano(WMP) continuous humming, high-pitched sound PMP *haRuŋ

hagúŋ-húŋBikol(WMP) to hum (something), to buzz PMP *haRuŋ

hagwetChamorro(WMP) hook; fishhook PAN *kawit

haha'Āre'āre(OC) carry one the back POC *papa₁

hahaAsilulu(CMP) summit, top PAN *babaw₃

hahaErai(CMP) carry (on head or back) PMP *baba₁

hahaLarike(CMP) peak, top of something PAN *babaw₃

hahaManipa(CMP) elder brother PMP *kaka₂

hahaNukuoro(OC) mouth odor POC *papaq₂

hahaPaulohi(CMP) upper side PAN *babaw₃

hahaPaulohi(CMP) carry on the back PMP *baba₁

hahaSa'a(OC) underneath; down, not used of points of the compass POC *papaq₃

hahaSa'a(OC) carry a person on one's back POC *papa₁

hah(a)Selaru(CMP) beneath PMP *babaq₁

hahaSelaru(CMP) on, upon PAN *babaw₃

hahaSelaru(CMP) mouth PMP *baqbaq

hahaTboli(WMP) thigh of person or animal; lap of a person PAN *paqa₁

hahaToba Batak(WMP) elder sibling of the same sex; older brother’s wife (man speaking), older sister’s husband (woman speaking) PMP *kaka₂

ha-haʔaRennellese(OC) a slice, cut off, sever, split; to crack, as a coconut POC *paqas

ha-haeTuvaluan(OC) to tear (including skin, as on thorn), scratch POC *saRe

ha-hakeTongan(OC) direction in which the sun rises, east POC *sake

haha-manaHuaulu(CMP) wife-givers PMP *anak ma-Ruqanay, anak (la)laki

haha-naArosi(OC) frond of a palm PMP *papaq₁

haha-naArosi(OC) frond of a palm, branch of a plant or tree that is not an ‘ai, as sago palm, coconut, cycad, screw palm PMP *paqpaq₂

ha-hanaHawaiian(OC) warm, hot (physical, and of strong emotion, as sorrow, love, fear) PCEMP *pa-panas

ha-hanasTetun(CMP) to heat PCEMP *pa-panas

hahaneKayeli(CMP) board PMP *papan

ha-haniGhari(OC) to eat POC *kani

hahá-ŋToba Batak(WMP) elder parallel sibling (vocative) PMP *kaka₂

ha-haŋitNgaju Dayak(WMP) smell of burnt rice, flesh, etc. PAN *qaŋeSit

haha-pinaHuaulu(CMP) wife-takers PMP *anak bahi, anak babahi, anak binahi

ha-hareBauro(OC) shed POC *pale

ha-haʔmo-anItbayaten(WMP) to frighten PPH *haq(e)muq

ha-heliErai(CMP) valuable, rich, with fruit-trees or other durable plants (of gardens) PMP *beli

ha-heñekNgaju Dayak(WMP) press down a little (as clothes in a chest) PMP *qeñek

ha-heru-nErai(CMP) new; not until, not before PMP *baqeRu

hahiArosi(OC) cook in a native oven; food cooked so POC *papi

hahiErai(CMP) pig; pork PAN *babuy₃

hahiSa'a(OC) cook in an oven with leaves and hot stones POC *papi

hahiSelaru(CMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

hæ-hilaLSaisiyat(Formosan) sun PAN *siNaR

hahineMotu(OC) woman; female POC *papine

hahineNukuoro(OC) woman POC *papine

hahinePetats(OC) head woman POC *papine

hahineRennellese(OC) woman; female; to be feminine POC *papine

ha-hitinAsilulu(CMP) gleeful leaps, joyful commotion; cloth used for lifting hot pans PMP *bintiŋ

ha-hituMotu(OC) seven (of persons); seven times PAN *pa-pitu

hahoArosi(OC) above, upon, over POC *papo₁

hahoArosi(OC) to weed POC *papo₂

hahoArosi(OC) encircling reef POC *papo₃

hahoLarike(CMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

hahoRennellese(OC) outside POC *papo₁

hahoRotuman(OC) coral reef POC *papo₃

hahoSa'a(OC) above, used with locative i (i haho-mu 'above you'); uplands; wash-boards on gunwale of an overseas canoe POC *papo₁

hahoSa'a(OC) the shore reef POC *papo₃

ha-holom-onToba Batak(WMP) be overcome by darkness (when travelling) PAN *kelem

ha-hona-anToba Batak(WMP) an encounter PAN *keNa

hahuBatu Merah(CMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

hahuPaulohi(CMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

ha-huAhus(OC) four PEMP *pat

hahuAsilulu(CMP) pig; a term of abuse PAN *babuy₃

hahuWahai(CMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

hahulSaparua(CMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

ha-husulAsilulu(CMP) bow and arrow; slingshot, speargun PMP *busuR₂

ha-husulAsilulu(CMP) arrow, dart PMP *busuR₂

ha-husul inaAsilulu(CMP) quiver PMP *busuR₂

hai'Āre'āre(OC) four PCEMP *pat-i

haiArosi(OC) where, what place, which? PMP *pai₁

haiArosi(OC) four PCEMP *pat-i

haiAtoni(CMP) 1pl excl., we, us PAN *k-ami

haiBugotu(OC) indefinite pronoun, anyone; who? PMP *sai

haʔiChamorro(WMP) forehead PMP *daqih

haiHaununu(OC) four PCEMP *pat-i

haiLabel(OC) to plait (as basket) POC *pai₂

haiMarau₂(OC) four PCEMP *pat-i

haiNiue(OC) to lash on, tie fast (as in tying two canoes or baskets together) POC *saqit

haiNiue(OC) interrogative pronoun, who?, whom? PMP *sai

haiPaamese(OC) to weave, make a fence POC *pai₂

haiPalu'e(CMP) who? PMP *sai

haiRennellese(OC) general for rays and skate-like fishes POC *paRi

haiRotinese(CMP) stingray PCEMP *paRi

haiRotuman(OC) stingray POC *paRi

hai-Rotuman(OC) prefix forming reciprocal verbs PEMP *paRi-

haiSa'a(OC) four PCEMP *pat-i

haiSika(CMP) who? PMP *sai

haiTakuu(OC) stingray POC *paRi

haiTonga(OC) interrogative pronoun, who?, whom? PMP *sai

haʔiTongan(OC) to bind (lit. or fig.); (of words) to bracket, put in brackets; binding; bond, that which binds, fetter, etc., or bracket (parenthesis) POC *saqit

haiVangunu(OC) tree POC *kayu

hai-haiSika(CMP) whoever PMP *sai sai

hai-haiNggela(OC) to patch an old garment POC *saqit

haʔi-haʔiTongan(OC) to bind round and round so as to make a number of bundles; to bandage POC *saqit

haiheneBauro(OC) woman POC *pai-p<in>ai

haihineArosi(OC) woman POC *pai-p<in>ai

hailToba Batak(WMP) fishing with hook and line PAN *kawil₁

haʔi lutanTetun(CMP) burning brand PMP *aluten

hai-manuKapingamarangi(OC) fish sp.: bar ray PMP *paRih manuk

ha-inoSaisiyat(Formosan) where? PAN *i-nu

haisBunun(Formosan) boundary PAN *qajiS

haʔitIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) the pain of a body part; of an affliction specifically located, as the pain of a boil, a headache, stomachache, a wound PMP *sakit

haitTboli(WMP) minnow, a certain freshwater fish PWMP *paqit₁

haitToba Batak(WMP) firmly hooked on something; bent like a hook PAN *kawit

hai-tama-naRennellese(OC) classificatory father in relation to his children; to be such POC *paRi-tama

hait-haitToba Batak(WMP) to hook in order to bring down fruits PWMP *kawit-kawit

ha-itikNgaju Dayak(WMP) raise ducks, keep ducks PWMP *itik₂

hai vavoMoronene(WMP) above PAN *babaw₃

hajaʔTunjung(WMP) big PAN *Raya

hajaŋToba Batak(WMP) field hut for overnight stays PMP *kazaŋ₂

hajoUma(WMP) leap up PWMP *sayaw

ha-johoNgaju Dayak(WMP) having broth, sap or milk PMP *zuRuq

hajuBimanese(CMP) wood PCEMP *kayu

hajuKomodo(CMP) wood; tree PCEMP *kayu

hajuManggarai(CMP) wood, tree, trunk, staff PCEMP *kayu

hakBipi(OC) to feed POC *paŋan

hakBipi(OC) to feed PMP *paŋan

hak-Tetun(CMP) causative prefix to verbs (also forms verbal nouns and adjectives) PAN *pa-ka-

haka'Āre'āre(OC) strange, foreign; ship POC *pakaq

hakaArosi(OC) a foreign ship; foreign; a white man POC *pakaq

hakaAyta Abellan(WMP) and PPH *saká

hakaBatu Merah(CMP) boat PMP *baŋkaq

hakaHawaiian(OC) shelf, perch, platform PMP *pa(n)tar₂

hakaHawaiian(OC) shelf, perch, platform; roost, as for chickens; fish spear rack; rack for suspending water gourds or other household objects; rack attached to booms of double canoe to hold spears; ladder PMP *pataR₁

hakaLarike(CMP) canoe PMP *baŋkaq

hakaNuaulu(CMP) canoe PMP *baŋkaq

hakaPaulohi(CMP) to open (intr.) PMP *bakas₂

haka-Rennellese(OC) causative prefix (meanings are usually causative or transitive, but sometimes similitude) POC *paka-

hakaTongan(OC) to stew or boil (food); to boil (clothes); to smelt (iron, etc.); to melt, render (fat); to brew beer; food put on to boil or stew; food which has been boiled or stewed POC *sakan

hakaAyta Abellan(WMP) to go up PPH *saka

hakaSa'a(OC) a ship; white people, foreign POC *pakaq

haka-agaRennellese(OC) take food on a trail, as to a ritual feast; the food so taken POC *jalan

haka-amaRennellese(OC) to have a float; to serve as a float POC *saman

haka-ʔatuRennellese(OC) be in a line or row, or in succession PCEMP *qatuR₂

haka-baguRennellese(OC) eighth, eight times; to do eight times; a month name, about August; to be such PMP *paka-walu

haka-ganuRennellese(OC) to fill with liquid POC *ranum

haka-gaŋiRennellese(OC) to put up a flat ceiling PMP *laŋit

haka-gimaRennellese(OC) to do five times; the third and 17th nights of the moon POC *paka-lima₂

haka-goŋoRennellese(OC) to hear, listen, obey, feel, taste POC *roŋoR

haka-guaRennellese(OC) to do twice; to cook over, or for a second time; to cut into two; dissection POC *paka-rua

haka-guguRennellese(OC) protect; seek shelter; blocked, closed, shut off POC *ruruŋ

haka-haaRennellese(OC) do four times; second and sixteenth nights of the month POC *paka-pat

haka-hanaRennellese(OC) recook or warm over PMP *panas₁

haka-hiaRennellese(OC) how many times?, what day of the lunar month?, how many thatch panels POC *paka-pica

haka-higi-higiRennellese(OC) wrap, lash, plait, as dolls for kuba (magic) POC *piri-piri

haka-hituRennellese(OC) to do seven times; the 5th and 19th nights of the moon; to be a month of the year, from June to July; this month PMP *paka-pitu

haka-huaRennellese(OC) to press into shape, as turmeric POC *puaq

haka-ihoRennellese(OC) to lower, drop; to request peace ceremonially, as by presenting a gift; to exorcise, as the forest deity Mata’u, from a newly cut canoe log POC *paka-sipo

haka-kaiRennellese(OC) to enlarge, as a hole in the ear POC *kani

haka-kiatoRennellese(OC) to attach booms POC *kiajo

haka-kiteRennellese(OC) to point out, show PAN *kita₂

haka-maguRennellese(OC) shelter, protector, protection, cover; to find shelter; to cover, as a canoe, to protect from the sun POC *paka-maluRu

haka-masaRennellese(OC) to dry, as tears, to empty PMP *maja

haka-masakiRennellese(OC) to cause sickness POC *masakit

haka-mataRennellese(OC) to look at, visualize PMP *mata

haka-matakuRennellese(OC) to frighten, scare; to be amazing, terrifying, dangerous, surprising PMP *paka-takut

haka-mateRennellese(OC) commit suicide or attempt to POC *paka-mate

ha-kanSundanese(WMP) to eat, eat up; food PAN *kaen

haka-nihoRennellese(OC) make a fringe; be fringed, as a mat; saw (tool); to saw POC *nipon

hákaŋIfugaw(WMP) crooked leg PMP *sakaŋ

hakáŋIfugaw(WMP) to stand astride on the ground PMP *sakaŋ

hakaŋKayan(WMP) widely open, as of legs PMP *sakaŋ

haka-ŋutuRennellese(OC) to eat a great deal, overeat PAN *ŋusuq

haka-onoRennellese(OC) do six times POC *paka-onom

haka-pigiRennellese(OC) to stay with or near; to put in with or alongside, add PMP *pilit₁

haka-putu-putuRennellese(OC) collect, assemble, gather together (as people) POC *putu, butu

haka ro-roho'Āre'āre(OC) airplane POC *Ropok

haka-sagaRennellese(OC) to complain, as of stinginess PMP *pa(ka)-salaq

haka-saŋaRennellese(OC) to stand or sit with legs spread (improper for women): to bend POC *saŋa₁

haka-saoRennellese(OC) protect, remove from danger, safeguard, save POC *saRop

haka-sikuRennellese(OC) to bring to an end; to add, as a final verse to a song POC *siku

haka-soaRennellese(OC) to place with, as part of an offering POC *soRa

haka-taŋiRennellese(OC) to complain; to feel bitter, peeved, or angry; to tease, torment; a type of chant or lament, formerly popular PMP *paka-taŋis

haka-tapuRennellese(OC) to make taboo; to dedicate, as a church POC *paka-tabu

haka-toguRennellese(OC) to do three times, third; 15th night of the moon; to be this night POC *paka-tolu

haka-tonuRennellese(OC) to approve, agree; to be clear, understandable; to conduct a temple ritual POC *tonuq

haka-tupuRennellese(OC) to make a sprout or life principle thrive POC *paka-tupuq

haka-tuʔuRennellese(OC) to raise, lift up, elevate POC *tuqur₁

ha-kawanNgaju Dayak(WMP) stay together in herds PWMP *kaban₁

hakayAyta Maganchi(WMP) to ride, get in or on PMP *sakay₁

hakayIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) for someone to ride on an animal, such as a horse or carabao PMP *sakay₁

hakayIvatan(WMP) man, male PWMP *laŋkay

hakeNiue(OC) directive particle, upwards, to the north or to the east POC *sake

hakeTongan(OC) up, upwards, along, past, etc.; go up, esp. from the sea to the land POC *sake

hakebAyta Abellan(WMP) cover or lid; cap or top of a bottle; to cover PWMP *sa(ŋ)keb

hakiʔUma(WMP) sickness, complaint PMP *sakit

hakiHawaiian(OC) to break, as a stick; broken POC *pati

hakiʔSangir(WMP) raft PMP *Rakit

ha-kikitBalinese(WMP) a little PMP *kikit

*hakiQPBun(WMP) pain, sickness PMP *sakit

hakitBalinese(WMP) yoke, pair (oxen); be paired PMP *Rakit

hakítIfugaw(WMP) pain, sickness; grief, sadness PMP *sakit

hakitNgaju Dayak(WMP) raft PMP *Rakit

hakit-hakit-anBalinese(WMP) be paired off, be married off PWMP *Rakit-an

hak-mimisTetun(CMP) to suck up, to imbibe PMP *mismis₂

hákotAklanon(WMP) get, gather, bundle up PMP *hakut

hákotBikol(WMP) to transport, usually by carrying PMP *hakut

hakotChamorro(WMP) snatch, grab PAN *dakuC

hakotItbayaten(WMP) idea of transporting PMP *hakut

hákotTagalog(WMP) load, loading (in quantity); act of carrying or loading away, or transporting away PMP *hakut

hákot-hákotAklanon(WMP) bee-like insect building nests of mud PWMP *hakut hakut

hakót-hakótBikol(WMP) species of wasp nesting in wood PWMP *hakut hakut

hakuHawaiian(OC) compose, put in order, arrange; weave, as a lei POC *patuR

hakuLuangiua(OC) stone POC *patu

hakuManipa(CMP) stone PMP *batu

hakuNiue(OC) swordfish PMP *saku-layaR

hakuʔSangir(WMP) bind tightly, tie together (as the opening of a basket) PMP *Rakut

hakuTongan(OC) kind of fish, a young hakulā PMP *saku-layaR

hakuTongan(OC) kind of fish, a young hakulā PMP *saku₂

hā-ku, hō-kuNiue(OC) 1sg possessive pronoun: my, mine POC *-gu

haku lāNiue(OC) true swordfish (compare haku piu 'sailfish') PMP *saku-layaR

hakulāTongan(OC) swordfish PMP *saku-layaR

hakúpCebuano(WMP) scoop up with one hand; clasp something with one hand; embrace, seize or hold something by encircling it with the arms PWMP *hakep

hákupHiligaynon(WMP) handful, fistful PWMP *hakep

hakúŕPuluwat(OC) back (anatomical) POC *takuRu

hakutAtayal(Formosan) carry, bring PAN *sakut

hakutBinukid(WMP) carry, ahul (something) in several trips PMP *hakut

hákutCebuano(WMP) carry or haul something in several trips PMP *hakut

hákutHiligaynon(WMP) carry to another place, bring in successive loads, transport PMP *hakut

hakutManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) haul a quantity of something which requires more than one trip PMP *hakut

hakut-an-anCebuano(WMP) place where something one hauls is obtained; place where things are hauled; something used in hauling things PMP *hakut

halApma(OC) path, road POC *jalan

halLabel(OC) a, some, somewhat POC *pala₂

halLonwolwol(OC) track, road; road for thinking about, the faculty of being able to forecast events POC *jalan

halLonwolwol(OC) to gush out, of liquids PMP *saliR

halSoutheast Ambrym(OC) center of coconut PMP *para

halaAsilulu(CMP) charcoal; ember PMP *baRah

halaAsilulu(CMP) shoulder PMP *qabaRa₁

h(a)laErai(CMP) what, something PMP *bala₃

halaHawaiian(OC) the pandanus, or screw pine: Pandanus odoratissimus POC *padran

halaHawaiian(OC) error, fault, mistake; sin PMP *salaq₁

halaHitu(CMP) shoulder PMP *qabaRa₁

halaKamarian(CMP) rice (in general) PAN *pajay

halaKambera(CMP) incorrect, mistaken; fault, mistake PMP *salaq₁

halaKapingamarangi(OC) wrong; crime; blame; guilt, fault PMP *salaq₁

halaKayeli(CMP) rice (in general) PAN *pajay

halaKisar(CMP) wrong, fault; sin, crime PMP *salaq₁

halaManusela(CMP) path PMP *zalan

halaMisima(OC) sweep POC *salap

halaNggela(OC) an echinus, sea-egg POC *salaŋ

halaNggela(OC) an echinus, sea-egg PEMP *sala

halaNiue(OC) path, track, way, mode, means, method, procedure POC *jalan

halaNiue(OC) sin, wrong; sinful; to sin PMP *salaq₁

halaHawu(CMP) mistake, error, fault PMP *salaq₁

halaTboli(WMP) suspended platform above the firetable, used to dry wood, corn, tobacco, etc. PAN *paRa₁

halaTongan(OC) path, road (lit. or fig.); gangway, stairway POC *jalan

halaTongan(OC) to err, to be wrong or erroneous, to make an error, go wrong, be at fault; to fail or be unsuccessful; to be without, to have none; to ‘miss out on’, not to get any of; to be missing, not there or not in existence PMP *salaq₁

halaTuvaluan(OC) worthy of punishment; wrong; be punished; punishment PMP *salaq₁

hálabCebuano(WMP) for a fish to strike at another fish that is hooked PPH *hárab₁

halabKeley-i(WMP) to roast young rice over a fire PPH *sajab

hala-fakiTongan(OC) take an indirect or roundabout route POC *jalan

halahKayan(WMP) a pig’s shelter; a bird’s nest; honeycomb; the placenta PMP *salaR

ha-lahi-anToba Batak(WMP) the season when the fruits are still young PWMP *ka-(la)laki-an

ha-laiTetun(CMP) flee, run away PMP *pa-laRiw

halaiTetun (Dili)(CMP) to run away, flee PMP *pa-laRiw

halakWatubela(CMP) wrong PMP *salaq₁

halakhákIfugaw(WMP) a kind of kingfisher with dark brown plumage, medium size; in hudhúd chant the word is used in the sense of a dark brown jar (not necessarily used for rice wine), which has a special cover resembling the crest of a kingfisher PWMP *salaksak

h-al-akhákTagalog(WMP) loud laughter PWMP *hakhak

halalSaparua(CMP) rice PAN *pajay

halalaKapampangan(WMP) to slant; oblique (angle) POC *(bp)alalan

halalaSa'a(OC) to helve an axe POC *paRara

hala (li) ma-tuaRotinese(CMP) a loud voice PMP *ma-tuqah

halamBanjarese(WMP) before, last night, yesterday PMP *halem

hala-mantekNgaju Dayak(WMP) small black leech that lives on trees PMP *qala-matek

hala ma-tuaRotinese(CMP) a deep sound PMP *ma-tuqah

halaŋBalinese(WMP) to thwart, prevent, hinder PWMP *qalaŋ

(h)alaŋOld Javanese(WMP) a weapon (“blocking-weapon”?) PWMP *qalaŋ

halaŋ-anBahasa Indonesia(WMP) the cause or reason that a plan cannot be executed PWMP *qalaŋ

halaŋ-anBalinese(WMP) obstacle, hindrance; across, athwart PWMP *qalaŋ

halaŋ-inBalinese(WMP) be prevented PWMP *qalaŋ

halaŋ pakanOld Javanese(WMP) a particular kind of cloth (?) PMP *pakan

ha-lapadCebuano(WMP) wide, broad PMP *ha-₂

ha-lápitMasbatenyo(WMP) near, close, in close proximity PWMP *lapit

*halaqPBun(WMP) fault, debt PMP *salaq₁

halasErai(CMP) repay, revenge PAN *bales₁

halasTboli(WMP) appearance PWMP *paras₂

halatAsilulu(CMP) west, west wind, west monsoon PMP *habaRat

halatKamarian(CMP) west PMP *habaRat

hala-tinaNggela(OC) main road, government road POC *jalan

(h)alauMalay(WMP) driving before one; "chivvying". Of beaters driving elephants into a trap, herdsmen driving cattle, etc. Also (in modern Malaya) to drive away PWMP *halaw

hala utaNiue(OC) by land POC *jalan

hala-utuNggela(OC) road, path POC *jalan

hala vakaNiue(OC) by canoe, by sea POC *jalan

haláwBikol(WMP) drive away (as annoying animals, people) PWMP *halaw

(h)alawLampung(WMP) hunt (game) PWMP *halaw

halawanAsilulu(CMP) gold, gold ornament PAN *bulaw-an

halawaʔNarum(WMP) spider PMP *ka-lawaq

halayTboli(WMP) Oryza sativa. Rice, unhusked, a staple food of the Philippines PAN *pajay

haláySambal (Tina)(WMP) nest PMP *salaR

halayAyta Maganchi(WMP) bird’s nest PMP *salaR

haleʔChamorro(WMP) root (of a plant); source, origin PMP *dalij

haleHawaiian(OC) house POC *pale

haleLuangiua(OC) house POC *pale

haleSa'a(OC) yam shed outside a garden; any shed POC *pale

halem-halemManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) of someone or something far away or in the darkness, to be silhouetted; to be only an indistinct shadow PMP *halem

hæLəŋSaisiyat (Taai)(Formosan) pine tree PAN *saleŋ

halhálCebuano(WMP) for animals to pant with their mouth open PPH *halhál

haliChamorro(WMP) to harvest root crop PMP *kali₂

haliManggarai(CMP) to dig up the ground PMP *kali₂

haliSa'a(OC) stingray POC *paRi

haliSa'a(OC) lop off branches POC *paRi₃

haliSimalur(WMP) stingray PMP *paRih

haliaMalay(WMP) ginger, Zingiber officinale; used as a drug and as a flavoring for curries PMP *laqia

hali-adaŋToba Batak(WMP) collarbone PAN *-wadaŋ

ha-liaŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) live in a hole or cavity PMP *liaŋ

haliaraPatpatar(OC) a vine: Merremia peltata POC *paliaRua

ha-liasNgaju Dayak(WMP) full of nits (of the hair) PMP *lisehaq, liseqah

halígiCebuano(WMP) post; pillar or strong member of an organization; head, mainstay on which a group rests; outstanding person in a specific field of endeavor; penis (humorous); use as a post PMP *hadiRi

halígiHiligaynon(WMP) post, pillar PMP *hadiRi

halígiTagalog(WMP) post, pillar PMP *hadiRi

halígi(h)Aklanon(WMP) column, post, mainstay, support (of house) PMP *hadiRi

hali-haliNggela(OC) to flow swiftly PMP *saliR

halihanChamorro(WMP) stone -- used for forming a fireplace for cooking; fireplace PMP *dalikan

halihanChamorro(WMP) stone used for forming a fireplace for cooking; fireplace PMP *dalikan

ha-lihunTetun(CMP) dam up PMP *limbun

halikErai(CMP) back, go back, return; again PMP *balik₂

halíkTagalog(WMP) to kiss PMP *hajek

halik-ánTagalog(WMP) kiss someone PPh *hajek-an

h-al-ikhíkTagalog(WMP) outburst of pent-up laughter (cp. h-al-akhak) PWMP *hikhik

hali-kukun, wali-kukunOld Javanese(WMP) a tree: Schoutenia (family of the Tiliaceae) PMP *kukun

halimatakBanjarese(WMP) leech PWMP *qali-matek

halimatakBanjarese(WMP) jungle leech PAN *qali-

halimbeŋAyta Abellan(WMP) to conceal, cover up; a cover PPH *salimbeŋ

hali-mismisAngkola-Mandailing Batak(WMP) have a sty on the eye PWMP *mismis₁

hali-mismis-onToba Batak(WMP) have a sty on the eye PWMP *mismis₁

ha-limunMalay(WMP) invisibility, with special reference to invisible elves PMP *limun

halimunSundanese(WMP) fog, mist PMP *limun

ha-limun-anToba Batak(WMP) a ghost that leads one astray; a magical substance that can make one invisible; magic hood PMP *limun

hálinAklanon(WMP) transfer, move to another place PMP *halin

halínCebuano(WMP) move away from a place permanently PMP *halin

hálinHanunóo(WMP) leaving, taking off, going PMP *halin

hálinHiligaynon(WMP) transfer to another place PMP *halin

halinManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) transfer, move from one place to another; to change, as one's appearance PMP *halin

halin-duwáIfugaw(WMP) doubt, be doubting PMP *duha

(ha)lintahMalay(WMP) leech, generic for slow leeches in contrast to springing leeches; fig. a bloodsucker, blackmailer, or usurer PWMP *qali-metaq

háliŋPuluwat(OC) ear, earlobe POC *taliŋa

haliŋToba Batak(WMP) turn around, of a blade PWMP *galiŋ

ha-liŋaKambera(CMP) leaning to one side (of a boat, pregnant woman, etc.) PMP *liŋak

háliŋá-n hoomáPuluwat(OC) tree fungus, mushroom POC *taliŋa

haliŋe-Ponam(OC) ear POC *taliŋa

halipanMalay(WMP) centipede PMP *qalu-hipan

hali-podom-anToba Batak(WMP) have a stiff neck from sleeping in an awkward position PWMP *pezem

(h)alirMalay(WMP) flow along (as water flows, or as perspiration PMP *qaliR

hælisSoutheast Ambrym(OC) to paddle, row POC *paluca

halisiUlawa(OC) grass; onion (late use) (Ivens 1929) POC *palici

halisiUlawa(OC) grass; onion (late use) (Ivens 1929) POC *palisi₂

Hali-vaŋbaŋPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) butterfly, moth PAN *baŋbaŋ₂

HalivaŋvaŋPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) butterfly PAN *qaNi-

haliwatOld Javanese(WMP) to pass, pass by, pass over, travel along PWMP *qaliwat

Hali-wazaŋ-anPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) clavicle, collarbone PAN *-wadaŋ

hallotMapun(WMP) tightness; tight PMP *heRet

halluSamal(WMP) pestle PMP *qahelu

haloSa'a(OC) wither POC *palo₂

haloSa'a(OC) bore into with circular motion, as feet into sand; twist a stick in making a hole; the flint point of a drill, haro mao POC *paRo₁

haloSimalur(WMP) hoarse PAN *paRaw

halo-aMotu(OC) to perfect, complete (of work badly done and returned to worker) POC *palos

halo-aMotu(OC) steer off the wind so that the sail may catch the wind better POC *palo₁

halo funuTetun(CMP) to wage war PMP *bunuq₂

halomChamorro(WMP) in, into, inside; enter PMP *dalem

hāloŋIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) pitch pine root of a pine tree, bolbol, heavily saturated with pine resin; a pitch-pine torch PAN *saleŋ

háloŋIfugaw(WMP) resin of pine trees; the word may be used in the sense of pine tree, though the exact term is bolból; splinter of a pine tree containing resin, used as a torch PAN *saleŋ

hālopIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) the activity of dam-fishing in a river PPH *sáRep

hálopIfugaw(WMP) the part of a river that has been drained so that it became a fishpond without much water in it PPH *sáRep

halotAyta Abellan(WMP) to have fever; epidemic, pestilence; plague; disease that spreads rapidly, causing many deaths PPH *sárut

halowanSaparua(CMP) gold PAN *bulaw-an

haloyotAyta Abellan(WMP) okra PPH *salúyut

halp-onIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) for someone to dam a river for fishing. A relatively deep place in a river is chosen; below the area arrow-grass canes (bilāu) are placed, held by stones as a screen (hābay), to allow water, but not fish, to pass. Above the area a dam (bātug) is constructed to stop the flow of water into the area, which is then scooped out. River fish, eels, crabs, and edible tadpoles are caught in the shallow water. PPH *sáRep

HalTuPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) owl PAN *qaNiCu

háʔluBikol(WMP) pounding stick for rice; pestle PMP *qahelu

halúCebuano(WMP) monitor lizard PWMP *haluh

haluErai(CMP) widow(er) PMP *balu₄

hálʔuHanunóo(WMP) wooden pestle for pounding rice, corn, etc. PMP *qahelu

hálʔuHiligaynon(WMP) mortar, pestle PMP *qahelu

haluKapampangan(WMP) plane, scrape POC *palus

haluNias(WMP) wooden pole for pounding rice PMP *qahelu

haluNiue(OC) scrape, peel, sharpen POC *palus

haluOld Javanese(WMP) probably a kind of club (with an iron point) PMP *qahelu

haluPaulohi(CMP) answer PMP *baliw₄

haluSa'a(OC) some POC *palu₆

haluSundanese(WMP) rice pestle PMP *qahelu

haluTuvaluan(OC) scrape; rub hand over face POC *palus

haluʔUma(WMP) stream PWMP *saluD

halu (< *baluy)Paulohi(CMP) answer PCEMP *bali₈

ha-lua-kTetun(CMP) to enlarge, to become open, to widen PMP *luqaR

haluanCebuano(WMP) snakehead, edible freshwater fish: Ophiocephalus spp. PWMP *haruqan

halúkCebuano(WMP) kiss, sniff, putting the nose next to the person kissed; to kiss PMP *hajek

halúkHiligaynon(WMP) kiss, peck on the cheek PMP *hajek

haluluLakalai(OC) shadow; reflection; photograph; occasionally spirit of a human being POC *qanunu

ha-lu-luaNgaju Dayak(WMP) spit out repeatedly PMP *luaq

halunBalinese(WMP) wave of the sea PMP *qalun

halunMalay(WMP) billows PMP *qalun

(h)alunOld Javanese(WMP) long rolling wave, swell of the sea PMP *qalun

ha-luntohNgaju Dayak(WMP) to cook (in water) PWMP *lutuq

HalupPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) hunting ground PAN *qanup

haluʔUma(WMP) brook, stream PWMP *saluR

Halv-anPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) door PAN *qaNeb-an

halɁób ~ halóbIfugaw(WMP) to get water with any container, not drinking water from the spring, but from any place where water flows or is available PPH *saR(e)qeb

hamChamorro(WMP) 1pl. excl., we, us PAN *k-ami

hamGaai(WMP) pangolin, scaly anteater PAN *qaRem

hamKelai(WMP) pangolin, scaly anteater PAN *qaRem

hamLong Gelat Modang(WMP) pangolin, scaly anteater PAN *qaRem

hamLonwolwol(OC) outrigger POC *saman

hamMei Lan Modang(WMP) pangolin, scaly anteater PAN *qaRem

hamSori(OC) lime spatula POC *d(r)amut

hamWahau(WMP) pangolin, scaly anteater PAN *qaRem

hamWoq Helaq Modang(WMP) pangolin, scaly anteater PAN *qaRem

hamaNiue(OC) outrigger of a canoe; (fig.) wife POC *saman

hamaRaga(OC) outrigger POC *saman

hama-Roro(OC) father PMP *t-amax

hamaHawu(CMP) same, similar PWMP *sama

hamaTongan(OC) outrigger POC *saman

hama ~ samaLamaholot(CMP) like, same as; as if PWMP *sama

hama-hamaSika(CMP) the same, with no difference PMP *sama-sama

hamákBikol(WMP) mat PWMP *hamak

(h)amakNgaju Dayak(WMP) mat (of rattan, reeds, etc.) PWMP *hamak

hamak-ánBikol(WMP) spread a mat on PWMP *hamak

hamaliPiamatsina(OC) men’s house PMP *kamaliR

ham̈aliAraki(OC) men’s clubhouse, where eminent men traditionally meet and take important decisions PMP *kamaliR

hamanNehan(OC) float, outrigger poles which balance the canoe POC *saman

hamatPonam(OC) person, human being PMP *tau-mata

ha-mataUma(WMP) one (in counting sharp weapons) PMP *mata

ha-mata-anToba Batak(WMP) single, individual PMP *mata

ha-mate-anToba Batak(WMP) place where one dies PWMP *ka-m-atay-an

hamayNarum(WMP) 1pl. excl., we, us PAN *k-ami

(h)ambaŋMalay(WMP) afloat in mid-air. Of a bird resting on its pinions; of the newly risen sun and moon as they leave the horizon PWMP *qabaŋ₂

hambarBanjarese(WMP) tasteless, insipid PMP *qambaR

hambarSundanese(WMP) tepid, lukewarm (water), tasteless, insipid (as vegetables or meat without salt); indifferent, sluggish PMP *qambaR

hamba-rua-nNgaju Dayak(WMP) soul, life-force, the body-animating spirit of humans and animals that after death lives on as liau (ghost) PMP *duha

hambatBahasa Indonesia(WMP) hold back, impede PWMP *habed

(h)ambatMalay(WMP) noose at the deck-end of a boat's stays PWMP *hambej

(h)ambatMalay(WMP) noose at the deck-end of a boat's stays PWMP *qa(m)bej

hambawaNias(WMP) fruit tree PWMP *qambawaŋ

hambawaŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) tree which bears a sour fruit resembling the mango PWMP *qambawaŋ

(h)ambawaŋOld Javanese(WMP) kind of mango PWMP *qambawaŋ

(h)ambeŋOld Javanese(WMP) halted, restrained, prevented PWMP *hambeŋ

(h)ambeŋOld Javanese(WMP) halted, restrained, prevented PWMP *qambeŋ

hambiæNgaju Dayak(WMP) sago palm PMP *Rambia

hambinCebuano(WMP) carry something by folding up the front part of one's skirt or shirt and putting it in the folds PWMP *hambin

hambōAcehnese(WMP) strew, sow, scatter PWMP *qambuR

(h)ambódBikol(WMP) to wrap, to band; bandage PWMP *hambej

hámbogAklanon(WMP) proud, swell-headed, boastful PPh *hambúg

hambógBikol(WMP) boastful, conceited PPh *hambúg

hambógTagalog(WMP) boastful, proud, vain PPh *hambúg

hambúgCebuano(WMP) big talk, most often not quite true; engage in big talk PPh *hambúg

hambugManobo (Dibabawon)(WMP) boasting, bluffing, pretending to be someone PPh *hambúg

hambunBalinese(WMP) cloud PMP *Rabun

hambun-anBalinese(WMP) a cloud of smoke; smoke PMP *Rabun

hambun-aŋBalinese(WMP) be lifted into the clouds PMP *Rabun

(h)amburMalay(WMP) letting drop here and there. Of seed being dropped on the ground (sowing with a round-arm motion is tabur) PWMP *qambuR

hame-hBuruese(CMP) press dry, squeeze all the moisture from, leaving a pulp PAN *Rames

hamiManggarai(CMP) 1pl. excl., we PAN *k-ami

HamiPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) north; year, age PAN *qamiS

hamiToba Batak(WMP) 1pl. excl., we, us PAN *k-ami

hamiMarovo(OC) 1pl. excl., we, us PAN *k-ami

hamísBikol(WMP) sweet PMP *hemis

hamis-anBunun(Formosan) year (Tsuchida 1976) PAN *qamiS-an

hamiuVitu(OC) 2pl. genitive, your PCEMP *kamiu

hamoʔSoboyo(CMP) rob PMP *hamuk

hamógTagalog(WMP) dew, moisture condensed from the air PMP *lamuR

hamóg (< earlier *lamog)Tagalog(WMP) dew PWMP *dahemuR

hámokTagalog(WMP) hand-to-hand fight PMP *hamuk

hampaAcehnese(WMP) to spread out; to be spread out, as a stone that from above appears stretched out and flat PMP *hampaR

hampaBanjarese(WMP) empty PMP *qapah

hampaMalay(WMP) empty; void of contents; null; fruitless PMP *qapah

(h)ampaNgaju Dayak(WMP) litter or refuse (dirt, grass, wood chips, etc.) PWMP *qepah

hámpakAklanon(WMP) to beat, belt, spank, slap PPh *hampak

hampákBikol(WMP) to lash, whip, flagellate PPh *hampak

hampákCebuano(WMP) strike, slam with force making a noisy impact PPh *hampak

hampákHanunóo(WMP) hit, strike; beating, whipping PPh *hampak

hámpakHiligaynon(WMP) beat, whip, whack PPh *hampak

hampalasBanjarese(WMP) a plant, Tetracera assa; the leaves are used as sandpaper PMP *qa(m)pelas

hámpaŋAklanon(WMP) to play (a game) PWMP *hampaŋ

hampaŋBanjarese(WMP) fish weir PMP *qempeŋ

hampáŋCebuano(WMP) have intercourse (euphemism) PWMP *hampaŋ

hampáŋCebuano(WMP) play PWMP *hampaŋ

hámpaŋHiligaynon(WMP) play, clown around, gamble PWMP *hampaŋ

hampaŋSundanese(WMP) light, not heavy; easy PWMP *hampaŋ

hampáŋ-anHiligaynon(WMP) toy PWMP *hampaŋ

hamparBanjarese(WMP) spread out a mat PMP *hampaR

(h)amparMalay(WMP) spreading out horizontally (of bedrock, outspread carpets, pitching tents, opening out mats, spreading wings) PMP *hampaR

hampaseʔSangir(WMP) rob, plunder PWMP *Rampas

hampe-aUma(WMP) bamboo pole over which mats are hung (in the house) PMP *sampay-an

hampelasNgaju Dayak(WMP) generic for trees and vines the dried leaves of which are very sharp and rough, and are so used by the Dayaks to sand or polish woodwork, knife handles, etc. PMP *qa(m)pelas

(h)ampelasSundanese(WMP) tree with leaves used to sandpaper or to polish PMP *qa(m)pelas

(h)amp(e)ruOld Javanese(WMP) gall PAN *qapejux

hamperuSundanese(WMP) gall PAN *qapejux

hampésManggarai(CMP) shrunken; empty stomach PMP *kampis

hampílCebuano(WMP) attach something to something solid, as a patch or sign; spread something on top of something else or between two objects as a protection; pile flat, flexible things one on top of the other PMP *hampil

hampilTagalog(WMP) approach, put near; place beside or against (Laktaw 1914) PWMP *hampir

hampilToba Batak(WMP) cartridge pouch PWMP *kampil

hampirMalay(WMP) proximity; nearly; close by PWMP *hampir

hampir-hampirMalay(WMP) almost PWMP *hampir

hampólTagalog(WMP) apex of the path of anything thrown upward; highest tip of a wave PWMP *hampul

hampopoAyta Abellan(WMP) to carry a child, person or other things in the arms PPH *sapúpu

ha-m-puluʔUma(WMP) ten PMP *sa-ŋa-puluq

hámtakAklanon(WMP) long bean: Vigna sesquipedalis PWMP *hametak

hamtákBikol(WMP) long bean species PWMP *hametak

hamuToba Batak(WMP) 2pl., you all PMP *kamu₂

hamukBanjarese(WMP) furious attack, charge PMP *hamuk

hámukCebuano(WMP) superhuman beings that harass people by frightening them. They usually assume the form of oversized animals if they show themselves, or may just indicate their presence without showing themselves. They may be found in any lonely place PMP *hamuk

hamyoChamorro(WMP) 2pl., you all PMP *kamu-yu

hanGimán(SHWNG) to walk PMP *panaw₂

hanIaai(OC) to eat; meal POC *kani

hanLabel(OC) go, go away; come POC *pana

hanSelaru(CMP) wash the hands PMP *bañaw

hanTaba(SHWNG) to go PMP *panaw₂

hanaArosi(OC) shoot PAN *panaq

hanaHalia(OC) to shoot PAN *panaq

hanaHawaiian(OC) bay, valley (only in place names) POC *paŋa₂

hanaHawaiian(OC) bay, valley (only in place-names) POC *paŋa₃

hanaKapingamarangi(OC) go POC *pana

hanaPetats(OC) to shoot an arrow PAN *panaq

hanaRennellese(OC) shoot, as arrow, spear gun, gun, rocket, slingshot PAN *panaq

hanaRotinese(CMP) warm, hot, of water and of anything that can be heated, as well as of the body; warmth; fig.: taboo (Jonker 1908); heat; hot, warm (in a physical and ritual sense); become hot, become ritually charged (Fox, J. 1993) PMP *panas₁

hanaSa'a(OC) shoot with a bow, shoot with a gun PAN *panaq

hanaʔSoboyo(CMP) ascend, climb; flood (of the sea) PMP *panahik

hanaTetun(CMP) to fire or shoot an arrow PAN *panaq

hana-gdúŋ, hina-gdúŋCebuano(WMP) small tree of thickets. A fluid which is blown out of the wood is used as a poultice for swellings. The leaves are mixed with water for bathing babies PMP *deRuŋ₂

hanagoBauro(OC) steal POC *panako

hana-hanaHawaiian(OC) hot, warm; vehement PCEMP *panas-panas

hana-hanaRotinese(CMP) somewhat warm PMP *panas₁

hana-hanaRotinese(CMP) somewhat warm PCEMP *panas-panas

ha-na-isaLabel(OC) how often? POC *pica

hanakTboli(WMP) arrow with small metal point PAN *panaq

(ha)-nanaTetun(CMP) to open PMP *ŋaŋa₂

ha-naŋoyNgaju Dayak(WMP) to swim PWMP *taŋuy

hanaʔoRotuman(OC) steal; cheat (at school); do surreptitiously; by stealth, without permission, surreptitiously POC *panako

hanasTetun(CMP) to warm or heat (as water) PMP *panas₁

hanawBanjarese(WMP) a palm: Arena spp. PMP *qanahaw

hanáwBikol(WMP) wash the hands or feet PMP *heñaw

hanawNgaju Dayak(WMP) palm sp.; its pith is boiled down to obtain a red sugar, and its bast used to make cordage PMP *qanahaw

han-daaDampelas(WMP) virgin, young girl PWMP *da-daRa

handa-lámayCebuano(WMP) small tree: Pipturus argenteus. The white part of its bark is scraped and placed over dislocated bones to prevent swelling; the leaves are applied to eczemas PMP *adamay

han-dalemNgaju Dayak(WMP) deep (water, river); hole in wood, wound; jealous PMP *dalem

handaŋToba Batak(WMP) fence; enclosure PWMP *kandaŋ

hàndiKambera(CMP) support, point of support, fulcrum PMP *sendiR

hándumHiligaynon(WMP) wish, desire, ambition PMP *handem

hane'Āre'āre(OC) climb, ascend, rise (of sun and moon); rise, ferment POC *panek

haneArosi(OC) climb (not a hill) a rope, tree, cliff, using hands POC *panek

haneSa'a(OC) climb trees in native fashion with a rope round the feet, ascending by alternate jumps of hands and feet POC *panek

hane-ʔiArosi(OC) climb POC *panek

haneia ūnu'Āre'āre(OC) ordeal, judgement by hot stones, trial by fire PMP *tunu

hane-kTetun(CMP) wooden plate PMP *panay

haʔ-nemItbayaten(WMP) six (of animals and humans) PAN *a-enem

hangkutBanjarese(WMP) to move (as house), transport PMP *hakut

haniAtoni(CMP) to dig PMP *kali₂

haniCape Cumberland(OC) to eat POC *kani

haniOld Javanese(WMP) rice in the field? PMP *qanih

-HaniPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) to harvest PAN *qaniS

haniRotinese(CMP) trough for feeding pigs; domestic animal, a cared-for animal (Fox, J. 1993) PCEMP *paniŋ

haniSeimat(OC) give POC *pani₁

haniTongan(OC) to remove all the leaves (from tree or plant); to cut the hair short POC *sani

haniVitu(OC) to eat; get infected PAN *kaen

hánifPuluwat(OC) anchovy POC *tañipa

hani-haniVitu(OC) get infected POC *kani-kani

hani-kRotinese(CMP) bait for fishing (Jonker 1908) PCEMP *paniŋ

hán-inaMalagasy(WMP) food, victuals, viands, nourishment; to be eaten, to be devoured, to be consumed PAN *kaen-en

hani-ŋaVitu(OC) food PAN *kaen

hani (OG)Motu(OC) wing of a bird POC *banic

hanituOld Javanese(WMP) evil powers? PMP *qanitu

hanituVitu(OC) evil spirit; local spirit (of rivers, mountains, big trees, caves) PMP *qanitu

hano'Āre'āre(OC) a skin disease, white spots without scales PMP *panaw₁

hanoArosi(OC) make a journey, set out; go POC *pano

hanoNukuoro(OC) go (sg.) POC *pano

hanoOld Javanese(WMP) the aren-palm (Arenga saccharifera) PMP *qanahaw

hanoRennellese(OC) go (sg.); depending on, according to; on and on; little by little; one by one POC *pano

hanoRotinese(CMP) spots of a lighter color on the skin PMP *panaw₁

hanoSa'a(OC) a skin disease, small white spots on the skin, but no scales PMP *panaw₁

hanomChamorro(WMP) water, liquid PMP *danum

hanonaŋItbayaten(WMP) Ficus tree, found in woodlands, and on slopes in grassland PMP *hanunaŋ

ha-nopoUma(WMP) one fathom PAN *depah

hanotIbatan(WMP) kind of tree used for posts; the thick inner fibrous bark of the hanot tree that can be stripped by just pulling it off the tree (used for straps of alat baskets, making rope, or for tying something, as rice bundles) PPH *lánut

hantaBanjarese(WMP) brackish, as water; unpleasant (of the taste of food) PWMP *qanta

hantaSundanese(WMP) insipid, tepid, brackish PWMP *qanta

hantádTagalog(WMP) exposed, in full view PWMP *hantaD

(h)antakMinangkabau(WMP) ramming down; tapping with the forepart of the foot, the heel remaining stationary PWMP *qantak

hantamMalay(WMP) slamming; slapping; bumping against. Of a man bumping his nose against a tree; (vulgar) of sexual intercourse, etc. PWMP *qantem

(h)antarMalay(WMP) conducting, escorting; bearing along; conveying; (Bazaar Malay) to send PMP *hateD

hantasBanjarese(WMP) shortcut; take a shortcut PWMP *qantas

hantatalúCebuano(WMP) kind of green caterpillar, esp. fond of caladium and taro plants, and also found on citrus, turning into a butterfly PWMP *hantatadu

hantelohBa'amang(WMP) egg PMP *qateluR

hanteluOld Javanese(WMP) egg PMP *qateluR

(h)anterMalay (Jakarta)(WMP) conducting, escorting PMP *hateD

hanter-anNgaju Dayak(WMP) lead, guide, deliver PMP *hateD-an

ha-ntíkBikol(WMP) large black ant which may sting when disturbed PMP *me(n)tik

hantíkRemontado(WMP) big red ant PMP *me(n)tik

hantimonNgaju Dayak(WMP) the ordinary cucumber PMP *qatimun

hantimunMinangkabau(WMP) cucumber PMP *qatimun

hantimunOld Javanese(WMP) cucumber PMP *qatimun

han-tisNgaju Dayak(WMP) to drip, leak through PMP *tiRis

hantuAcehnese(WMP) ghost, evil spirit PMP *qanitu

hantuDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) ghost, spirit PMP *qanitu

(h)antuKaro Batak(WMP) nature spirit, lord of stream and wood; mountain spirits, in a certain sense the "owners" of their dwelling places PMP *qanitu

hantuMalay(WMP) evil spirit; ghost. Generic for invisible spirits of evil that work in darkness or secrecy. They include: (1) demons of localities, (2) demons tied to special spots or tutelary spirits of freaks of nature, (3) demons behind natural phenomena, such as echoes, will o' the wisps, meteors, (4) invisible elves wandering about the earth, (5) evil spirits associated with definite diseases, (6) vengeful ghosts of the dead, e.g. of the murdered, (7) ghost-birds, harpies or vampires, (8) discarded divinities of older faiths, (9) the tiger-spirit attached to a sorcerer, (10) familiar spirits generally, (11) the magician's head as a familiar spirit, (12) familiar spirits of indefinite local character. Ghosts are credited by Malays with planting wild varieties of fruit; e.g. pisaŋ hantu would mean "wild banana". The word is therefore common in Malay botanical names. PMP *qanitu

hantuNgaju Dayak(WMP) corpse, carcass PMP *qanitu

hantuOld Javanese(WMP) to die, dead, extinguished; death PMP *qanitu

hantuSimalur(WMP) evil spirit, demon, ghost PMP *qanitu

hantuSundanese(WMP) a certain evil spirit PMP *qanitu

hantu bantas, hantu baranak, hantu barunoNgaju Dayak(WMP) various kinds of evil spirits PMP *qanitu

Hantu buruAcehnese(WMP) an evil spirit, the Spectre Huntsman PAN *buRaw

hantu-enNgaju Dayak(WMP) very frightening being which causes all kinds of sicknesses. It is a person who after his death becomes a hantuen PMP *qanitu

Hantu pem-buruMalay(WMP) Spectre Huntsman; name of a much-dreaded forest spirit whose dogs are the bee-eaters (bebérék) and who afflicts all who see him with some deadly disease PAN *buRaw

hantu pe-ñakitMalay(WMP) spirits of disease PMP *sakit

hantu rayaMalay(WMP) the greatest of the evil spirits of the forest PAN *Raya

hantu rimbaAcehnese(WMP) forest spirit PMP *qanitu

hanuAsilulu(CMP) wake up PMP *baŋun₂

hanuBugotu(OC) thing PMP *sanu

hanuCheke Holo(OC) word used to replace a taboo word or name PMP *sanu

hanuNggela(OC) indefinite pronoun. Replaces an unremembered name of a person or thing. Someone, so-and-so; do so and so, thus, in such a way PMP *sanu

hanuPaulohi(CMP) wake up, get up PMP *baŋun₂

hanua'Āre'āre(OC) land, as opposed to asi sea; district, place, country, island; the territory, area where a person lives, where his possessions are, such as food, bamboo, trees, pigs, water and graves is called his hanua POC *panua

hanuaLabel(OC) homestead, place where one lives POC *panua

hanuaMotu(OC) village, town POC *panua

hanuaRotuman(OC) land, country, place; native land or place, home. Special uses: (a) it (when referring to conditions of light and darkness), (b) people, as in kei tei hanue? 'Where are the people?' POC *panua

hanuaSa'a(OC) land, country, village, site of a village, place POC *panua

hanua, henuaArosi(OC) island, village (in compounds) POC *panua

hanua boiMotu(OC) night POC *panua

(hanua)-boiMotu(OC) night; til night POC *boŋi

hanua he poŋRotuman(OC) it is getting late (or night is coming on) POC *boŋi

hanu-ePaulohi(CMP) awaken someone PMP *baŋun₂

hanu-kAsilulu(CMP) awaken someone PMP *baŋun₂

ha-n-uluLuang(CMP) ten PMP *sa-ŋa-puluq

hanunuVitu(OC) picture, movie POC *qanunu

hanutIvatan(WMP) a plant: Hibiscus tiliaceous Linn. PPH *lánut

hanutKadazan Dusun(WMP) tough (of meat); thick, congeal, curdle PWMP *lañut

hany-anOld Javanese(WMP) rice ready for harvesting PWMP *qanih-an

hañiBalinese(WMP) the warp in the loom PAN *qaNi

hañiNgaju Dayak(WMP) courage, valor, daring PMP *baRani

hañinItbayaten(WMP) typhoon, storm, hurricane PMP *haŋin

hañòtAcehnese(WMP) float away, be carried away (by a current) PAN *qañud

hañutMalay(WMP) adrift, moving with the current; unattached PAN *qañud

hañutNgaju Dayak(WMP) be carried away (by water); deep (of sleep) PAN *qañud

(h)añutOld Javanese(WMP) throw something into the river (sea) to let it be carried away by the current (tide), especially of the ashes after cremation; to perform the funeral rites for; plunge something into, throw into, let something go down into, let something be carried away PAN *qañud

haŋLenkau(OC) to feed POC *paŋan

haŋManggarai(CMP) to eat, to swallow; eaten by, consumed by (as fire); food; cooked rice PAN *kaen

haŋPak(OC) to feed POC *paŋan

haŋPak(OC) day POC *draŋi

háŋPuluwat(OC) to cry, weep PMP *taŋis

haŋSori(OC) branch of a tree POC *raqan

haŋaBugotu(OC) to be open POC *saŋa₁

haŋaNggela(OC) a span, outstretched fingers PMP *zaŋan₁

haŋaRotuman(OC) to feed POC *paŋan

haŋaSoboyo(CMP) a large seashell PMP *Raŋa

haŋaTboli(WMP) branch of a tree; antlers PAN *paŋa₁

haŋaTongan(OC) span (about 9 inches) PMP *zaŋan₁

haŋaTongan(OC) span (about 9”); augmented span (about 12”), measured by spanning and then bending the hand over to the knuckles; to measure by spans POC *saŋa₁

haŋaNggela(OC) a span, outstretched fingers POC *saŋa₁

haŋadBinukid(WMP) to look up at something PPH *háŋad

haŋádCebuano(WMP) to look up, turn the head up; for something usually level to tilt upwards PPH *háŋad

haŋádHiligaynon(WMP) to look up to, to honor, to admire, raise one’s eyes to PPH *háŋad

ha-ŋahLoniu(OC) one fathom POC *ŋapa₁

ha-ŋahNali(OC) one fathom POC *ŋapa₁

ha-ŋa-huKambera(CMP) hundred PMP *ŋa

háŋakCebuano(WMP) pant, be out of breath from exertion PWMP *haŋak

ha-ŋa-latuNggela(OC) one hundred PMP *sa-ŋa-Ratus

haŋanNehan(OC) name POC *ŋacan

haŋaniArosi(OC) pet animal, adopted animal POC *paŋan-i

(h)aŋaŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) barking of a dog PAN *qaŋqaŋ

(h)aŋapMinangkabau(WMP) gasp PMP *qaŋab

(h)aŋapMinangkabau(WMP) gasp PMP *qaŋap

ha-ŋavaBugotu(OC) a fathom POC *ŋapa₁

haŋa-viNggela(OC) the crotch, front of thighs POC *saŋa₁

haŋa-viBugotu(OC) to open, as a door POC *saŋa₁

ha-ŋa-vuluBugotu(OC) ten PMP *ŋa

ha-ŋa-vuluNggela(OC) ten PMP *sa-ŋa-puluq

ha-ŋa-vuluNggela(OC) ten PMP *ŋa

haŋayAyta Abellan(WMP) to toast (as insects for food) PMP *saŋelaR

haŋétAcehnese(WMP) odor of perspiration PAN *qaŋeSit

haŋgaAyta Abellan(WMP) to be caught or hung on something when falling from a higher place PWMP *saŋgaq

haŋga-nHanunóo(WMP) even, even to, even including PWMP *haŋga

haŋgá-nTagalog(WMP) farthest limit or boundary PWMP *haŋga

haŋhaŋIbatan(WMP) two people (may) eat together, face to face PPH *laŋlaŋ

HaŋHaŋPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) barking of a dog PAN *qaŋqaŋ

haŋiOld Javanese(WMP) stink, smell PMP *qaŋiR

háŋinAklanon(WMP) air, wind PMP *haŋin

haŋinBantuqanon(WMP) wind PMP *haŋin

háŋinCebuano(WMP) air; wind; breath or air as necessary for the body, stamina; mere talk, idle words; force, agency that carries something along or influences something; become windy; be blown by the wind; get puffed up, conceited PMP *haŋin

háŋinHiligaynon(WMP) wind PMP *haŋin

(h)aŋinOld Javanese(WMP) wind PMP *haŋin

haŋínPenchal(OC) to feed POC *paŋan

háŋinTagalog(WMP) air, wind, breeze PMP *haŋin

haŋin-ánCebuano(WMP) kind of sea cucumber that shrinks greatly when taken out of the water PWMP *haŋin-an

(h)aŋin-aŋinOld Javanese(WMP) a gust, draught, waft, current of wind caused by a swift movement, wing-beat, breathing, etc.) PMP *haŋin-haŋin

haŋin-iLoniu(OC) feed him! POC *paŋan

haŋɨn-iNauna(OC) to feed POC *paŋan

haŋɨn-iNauna(OC) to feed POC *paŋan-i

haŋín-onAklanon(WMP) pretentious, boastful; crazy, foolish PWMP *haŋin-en

háŋin-unCebuano(WMP) crackpot, characterized by silly and impractical ideas PWMP *haŋin-en

háŋirPuluwat(OC) yellowfin tuna, sometimes more than a fathom in length PMP *taŋiRi

háŋitAklanon(WMP) irritated, provoked, angry PMP *haŋit

haŋitBanjarese(WMP) burn up, become charcoal PAN *qaŋeSit

haŋítCebuano(WMP) get irked or irritated to the point of anger PMP *haŋit

háŋitHanunóo(WMP) anguish, regret, torment; anger PMP *haŋit

haŋitMalay(WMP) foul-smelling. Of the musty odor of dirty linen; the stench after the Krakatoa eruption; the smell of dung; the smell from armpits, etc. PAN *qaŋeSit

(h)aŋitMalay(WMP) foul-smelling (dirty linen, dung, armpits, etc. PAN *qaŋeliC

haŋitSundanese(WMP) stench of something burning or burnt PAN *qaŋeSit

haŋkapAyta Abellan(WMP) utensils (as plates, cups, etc.) PPH *saŋkap

haŋ-kujaUma(WMP) how much/how many? PWMP *saŋ-kuja

haŋlagIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) a roasting spatula (made of wood or tin with a blade about fifteen centimeters long and ten centimeters wide, and with a handle about one meter long; used for roasting grains in a vat); the roast-quality of cereal grains PMP *saŋelaR

haŋlag-onIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) to dry-roast cereal grains (maize, peanuts, young rice grains) in a pan or vat, without fat; it is usually stirred with a stirring spatula; to fry cooked rice, pork fat PWMP *saŋelaR-en

háŋosAklanon(WMP) pant (from loss of breath); breathless PWMP *haŋus₁

háŋosAklanon(WMP) to pant (from loss of breath); breathless PPH *haŋes

háŋosBikol(WMP) inhale or exhale; breathe, sigh PWMP *haŋus₁

háŋosTagalog(WMP) out of breath due to hurry or excitement PWMP *haŋus₁

haŋós-haŋósBikol(WMP) pant, be out of breath, be winded PWMP *haŋus₁

háŋotBikol(WMP) the smell of green wood; the smell of certain unidentifiable odors in the air; the taste of certain vegetables like celery, carrots PAN *haŋut

haŋótBikol(WMP) eat something tough by pulling at it with the teeth PPh *haŋút

haŋotItbayaten(WMP) smell, odor PAN *haŋut

haŋot-enItbayaten(WMP) to smell PPh *haŋut-en

haŋot-enItbayaten(WMP) to smell PAN *haŋut

ha-ŋ-puʔTausug(WMP) ten PMP *ŋa

HaŋRuPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) odor of salted meat and vegetables in ferment PAN *qaŋeRu

haŋruSundanese(WMP) smell strongly, as the flesh of some animals (e.g. tigers); body odor PAN *qaŋeRu

HaŋseRPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) stinking, of urine or fermented eggs PAN *qaŋeseR

haŋsɨrSundanese(WMP) odor of urine PAN *qaŋeseR

háŋusCebuano(WMP) breathe heavily or with difficulty; heavy breathing PWMP *haŋus₁

háŋusCebuano(WMP) to breath heavily or with difficulty PPH *haŋes

háŋusHiligaynon(WMP) gasp for breath, pant, breathe fast and with difficulty PWMP *haŋus₁

haŋusMalay(WMP) destruction by fire. In contrast to being on fire or being cooked or baked PMP *haŋus₂

haŋusOld Javanese(WMP) covered with soot, fire-blackened PMP *haŋus₂

haŋús-onBikol(WMP) take in a breath of air PWMP *haŋus-en

haŋútCebuano(WMP) bite at, chew something rubbery or sinewy PPh *haŋút

haŋútCebuano(WMP) to bite at, chew s.t. rubbery or sinewy PPH *haŋet

ha-ŋ-vuluRaga(OC) ten PMP *ŋa

haoHawaiian(OC) scoop or pick up; grasp, pillage, plunder; robber POC *paRo₂

haoHawaiian(OC) all native species of a genus of small trees (Rauvolfia) related to the maile and the hōlei. Four or five narrow leaves are borne together at joints of branches; many small, yellowish flowers develop, and then small, black, flattened, twinned, inverted, heart-shaped fruits POC *paoq (ʔ)

haoHawaiian(OC) to scoop or pick up; to grasp, pillage, plunder; robber POC *paqaRok

haoKomodo(CMP) to scratch PAN *kaRaw₁

haoNiue(OC) escape POC *saRop

haoNukuoro(OC) drill through, burrow POC *paRo₁

haʔoRennellese(OC) chisel; to chisel; holes for lashings in a canoe POC *paqot

haoTongan(OC) succeed in getting out or in or through; escape, be acquitted, go free POC *saRop

haoTuvaluan(OC) escape; be safe POC *saRop

haodaMotu(OC) to fish POC *paŋoda

hao-fakiTongan(OC) rescue, deliver or bring safely through POC *saRop

hao-fiaNiue(OC) be in danger POC *saRop

hao-haoNiue(OC) trumpetfish POC *sao

hao-haoTokelauan(OC) Sphyraena forsteri POC *sao

haoluSa'a(OC) new, fresh PEMP *baqoRu

haolu-naMono-Alu(OC) new PEMP *baqoRu

hao-ŋaNukuoro(OC) a hole in something POC *paRo₁

haoru'Āre'āre(OC) new, fresh, young PEMP *baqoRu

haoruArosi(OC) new, fresh PEMP *baqoRu

haotraMalagasy(WMP) scratching PWMP *gaut

hapManggarai(CMP) gasping, panting PMP *ekap

hapPuluwat(OC) cheek; fish gill POC *tabal

hapa'Āre'āre(OC) timber; a canoe seat POC *baban

hapaArosi(OC) a board; flat; mid-seats of a canoe POC *baban

hapaAyta Abellan(WMP) small stream; lake PAN *sapaq₁

hapaMoronene(WMP) what? PMP *sapa

hapaSa'a(OC) a canoe seat, removable POC *baban

hapaSundanese(WMP) empty (rice kernel, etc.); sterile (of plants; less commonly of animals or humans) PMP *qapah

hāpadIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) a unit measure of a hand of bananas PPH *sápad

hápadIfugaw(WMP) bunch of betel nuts, grapes, cluster of bananas or other fruits PPH *sápad

hapág-onBikol(WMP) be chased, pursued PPH *hapáR-en

hapa hapaOld Javanese(WMP) empty ears (of rice) PWMP *qapah qapah

hapak-hapakToba Batak(WMP) a clapper of bamboo used as a scarecrow PMP *kapak

hapalNarum(WMP) thick PWMP *kapal

hapalToba Batak(WMP) thick, strong, of objects PAN *kaS(e)pal

hapalToba Batak(WMP) thick, of things PWMP *kapal

hapasKadazan Dusun(WMP) after, after something is finished PWMP *lapas

ha-pasaŋBalinese(WMP) one pair PMP *pasaŋ₁

h-apatDampelas(WMP) four PMP *a-epat

haʔ-patItbayaten(WMP) four (animals and humans) PMP *a-epat

ha-pate-anToba Batak(WMP) the end of a matter, agreement PWMP *ka-p-atay-an

hapauKayan(WMP) leaf thatch of roof PAN *sapaw

hapawMa'anyan(WMP) roof PAN *sapaw

hápdiʔAklanon(WMP) cause pain, smart, hurt a lot; be in pain, feel a smarting pain PMP *hapejiq

hapdíʔBikol(WMP) smarting or burning of the eyes PMP *hapejiq

hápdiʔHiligaynon(WMP) painful, smarting pain; pain sting PMP *hapejiq

hapdiItbayaten(WMP) hairy appendages of plant leaf PMP *hapejiq

hapdíʔTagalog(WMP) smarting, excruciating pain PMP *hapejiq

hápdosAklanon(WMP) hurt a little, be painful PMP *hapejes

hapdósBikol(WMP) pain PMP *hapejes

hapdúsCebuano(WMP) stinging, burning pain in a wound, pangs of hunger; for words to be stinging PMP *hapejes

HapeduPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) gall bladder; bile PAN *qapejux

hapenManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) fishline PMP *hapen

hapgósBikol(WMP) rub something off PPh *hapRus

haphápIfugaw(WMP) act of chopping pieces of wood, especially boards, to make their surface even and smooth, using a knife if no plane is available PWMP *sapsap

hápiʔCebuano(WMP) for plants to bend flat to the ground (as corn bent flat by a strong wind) PMP *hapiq

(h)apiTotoli(WMP) fire PMP *hapuy

hápinAklanon(WMP) put something underneath (to protect the bottom surface from heat, dirt or the like) PMP *hapin

hapínAklanon(WMP) cover, covering, placemat PMP *hapin

hápinBikol(WMP) lining; insulation, padding; layer, ply, veneer; (fig.) eat or drink something to line the stomach before drinking liquor PMP *hapin

hapínCebuano(WMP) something that is laid over or under something; food taken along with drinks as a digestive buffer; lay something over something PMP *hapin

hapínHiligaynon(WMP) diaper, lining, cover PMP *hapin

hapinItbayaten(WMP) woven mat, sleeping mat PMP *hapin

hapinManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) pad something to avoid injury PMP *hapin

hapín-anBikol(WMP) to line (as shelves, boxes); to pad, insulate PPH *hapin-an

hapin-enItbayaten(WMP) weave mats and the like; to weave PPh *hapin-en

hapin-únCebuano(WMP) be lined by PPh *hapin-en

hápitHanunóo(WMP) pressing tightly against something PMP *hapit

(h)apitMalay(WMP) pressure between two disconnected surfaces (as in a copying press or printing-press); torture by pressure PMP *hapit

hapitMalay(WMP) pressure between two disconnected surfaces, as in a printing press; torture by pressure PMP *qapit

hapitNgaju Dayak(WMP) pinched, pressed; long pieces of split bamboo, etc. that are used to fasten together the thatch of walls and roofs from both sides PMP *qapit

(h)apitOld Javanese(WMP) enclosed, squeezed, pressed PMP *qapit

(h)apitOld Javanese(WMP) enclosed, squeezed, pressed; "inserted", name of the 11th and 12th months PMP *hapit

hapitSundanese(WMP) part of the native loom (that against which the galeger sits pressed, and that the weaver wears) PMP *hapit

hápitTagalog(WMP) pressing tight between two hard objects PMP *hapit

hapítTagalog(WMP) tight-fitting (said of dresses or the like); taut, tense PMP *hapit

hapit-ánTagalog(WMP) pressing or tensing apparatus or machine PWMP *hapit-an

hapit-hapitToba Batak(WMP) snap trap for mice and birds; warp beam (in weaving) PMP *kapit

hápiyPuluwat(OC) bowl, calabash, wash basin, plate, dish POC *tabiRa

hápiyá-n mwéngéPuluwat(OC) food bowl POC *tabiRa

háplitAklanon(WMP) to whip, lash PPh *hap(e)lít

háplitHiligaynon(WMP) to blow, to strike, to hit PPh *hap(e)lít

haplítTagalog(WMP) stroke with a lash or whip PPh *hap(e)lít

háplusHiligaynon(WMP) rub with ointment, smear PPh *hap(e)rus

hapoNiue(OC) to catch a thing thrown POC *sabot

hapoTongan(OC) to catch (a ball, etc.) POC *sabot

háponAklanon(WMP) afternoon; to roost, go to roost, settle down (birds) PPh *hápun

háponBikol(WMP) afternoon PPh *hápun

haponManobo (Dibabawon)(WMP) fishline PMP *hapen

haponItbayaten(WMP) dew PMP *hapun₁

háponTagalog(WMP) afternoon; roosting of fowls PPh *hápun

hapón-anAklanon(WMP) perching rod or twig, roost PPH *hapun-an

hapoyItbayaten(WMP) fire PMP *hapuy

hapoySaisiyat(Formosan) fire PAN *Sapuy

hapuAyta Abellan(WMP) cut meat into pieces PPH *sapuq

hápuIfugaw(WMP) allotment, apportionment, i.e. act of dividing things into two parts (not necessarily equal parts), and thus allotting one part to the kinship group of the husband and the other part to the kinship group of the wife; applied to butchered meat that has not been consumed in a festive banquet, but also to movable possessions, as jewels, in cases of divorce PPH *sapuq

(h)apūOld Javanese(WMP) lime PAN *qapuR

hapu-hBuruese(CMP) to tie, bind (as a person) PMP *Rapus

hapuhápAklanon(WMP) feel around, feel for (something -- as when searching a thief for something stolen or for a weapon) PMP *hapuhap

hapúhapCebuano(WMP) stroke gently back and forth with little pressure PMP *hapuhap

(h)apu(h)apManobo (Dibabawon)(WMP) stroke with palm of hand PMP *hapuhap

hapúnCebuano(WMP) fishing line PMP *hapen

hápunCebuano(WMP) afternoon, early evening PPh *hápun

hapúnHanunóo(WMP) fishline, frequently of two-ply home-grown cotton thread PMP *hapen

hapun-anTagalog(WMP) supper, dinner PPH *hapun-an

*hapu-niq, hapuyPAty(Formosan) fire PAN *Sapuy

hapusBalinese(WMP) to deceive, cheat; deceit, cunning, cheating PMP *Rapus

hapusKadazan Dusun(WMP) pierce, get through PWMP *la(m)pus₂

hapusMalay(WMP) expunging, wiping off; effacing PMP *qa(m)pus

hapuyManobo (Ata)(WMP) fire PMP *hapuy

hapuyManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) fire PMP *hapuy

hapwi, hapuyPazeh(Formosan) fire PAN *Sapuy

harSelaru(CMP) carry on the shoulder PMP *qabaRa₁

haraArosi(OC) mouth; jawbone; double tooth, molar POC *paRaŋ

haraArosi(OC) to swell, of the body; become hard and round, of a swelling POC *paRaq₁

haraBauro(OC) a boil POC *paRaq₁

haraMotu(OC) platform of sticks on which meat is grilled; a gridiron POC *paRa, baRa

(h)araOld Javanese(WMP) a particular kind of tree (of the ficus family) PMP *qaRa₁

haraRotuman(OC) to sprout (coconut) PMP *para

haraSelaru(CMP) charcoal PMP *baRah

har'aPuluwat(OC) kind of red fish PMP *taRaqan

hárabHanunóo(WMP) pasturage, grass, and other fodder PPH *hárab₂

h-ar-abl-ánHanunóo(WMP) backstrap loom for weaving cotton garments and blankets PPh *habel-án

harahaTamambo(OC) to crawl (of child) POC *kaRaka

hara-iLabel(OC) sprouting tissue of a coconut PMP *para

harakErai(CMP) west, western PMP *habaRat

ha-ŕamPuluwat(OC) light, daylight; to be light POC *ramaR

haramaOld Javanese(WMP) edible marine creature PWMP *qaRama

háranaMalagasy(WMP) a rock, a rocky prominence, hill or mountain; also used for shells, coral, coral reefs, etc. PMP *karaŋ

haranjaŋToba Batak(WMP) woven basket used to carry tobacco leaves PWMP *karanzaŋ

haraŋToba Batak(WMP) coral; volcanic tuff; cliff; reef PMP *karaŋ

ha-rapar-onToba Batak(WMP) deficiency, scarcity PMP *lapaR₁

ha-ráromBikol(WMP) deep, profound PMP *dalem

ha-ráromBikol(WMP) deep, profound PAN *ma-dalem

hárasTagalog(WMP) Foeniculum vulgare: local name for anís (Eng. 'fennel'), the seeds of which are used for flavoring PWMP *hadas

haratSelaru(CMP) west, westward PMP *habaRat

harataArosi(OC) kind of fish POC *palaja

haratiVitu(OC) to bite POC *kaRati

harau-birau ~ haraw-birawMalay(WMP) confused noise PWMP *biRaw

HaRaw-iPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) snatch it! PAN *qaRaw

harawiʔItbayaten(WMP) far, distant; distance PPH *hadawiq

ha-rayaItbayaten(WMP) idea of dragging a boat toward shore (e.g. from fishing) PAN *daya

HarazPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) fence PAN *qalad

hare'Āre'āre(OC) house of retirement for women during menstruation and after childbirth POC *pale

hareArosi(OC) shrine, small house on poles POC *pale

hareArosi (Eastern)(OC) shed for yams POC *pale

hareArosi (Western)(OC) house with one side of roof only, made in gardens POC *pale

hareBauro(OC) canoe house, men's house POC *pale

hareTetun(CMP) rice (plant and unhusked grain) PAN *pajay

hare-hareArosi(OC) sheath for knife POC *pale

harekItbayaten(WMP) idea of kissing hard for respect PMP *hajek

harek-anItbayaten(WMP) to kiss PPh *hajek-an

HaRemPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) pangolin, anteater PAN *qaRem

(h)areŋOld Javanese(WMP) charcoal PMP *qajeŋ

harepBalinese(WMP) be in front, put in front; prefer; to face PMP *qadep

harepOld Javanese(WMP) the front, fore part; to stand before, to wish, desire, be on the point of (about to) PMP *qadep

harep-anBalinese(WMP) before, in front of; before, in the presence of PMP *qadep

hareup-eunSundanese(WMP) be in front of PMP *qadep

harga matiMalay(WMP) fixed price PMP *m-atay

hari'Āre'āre(OC) stingray POC *paRi

hari'Āre'āre(OC) lop off branches, cut off a bunch of bananas, betelnuts POC *paRi₃

hariArosi(OC) stingray POC *paRi

hari-Arosi(OC) reciprocal prefix generally having the force of united action, rather than mutual action PEMP *paRi-

hariArosi(OC) tear, tear off, pull off a cluster of fruit POC *paRi₃

hariManobo (Ata)(WMP) younger sibling of the same sex PMP *huaji

hari-Kamarian(CMP) turn around, turn back, invert PMP *paliŋ

hariMalay(WMP) day PAN *waRi₁

hariPaulohi(CMP) turn over PMP *balik₂

hari-aMotu(OC) to divide, give away POC *pari₂

harígiBikol(WMP) post, pillar, column PMP *hadiRi

hari-hariPaulohi(CMP) lie, deceive PMP *bali₄

hari-hari-nePaulohi(CMP) liar PMP *bali₄

hari-kukunSundanese(WMP) tree which yields a hard and durable wood PMP *kukun

hari lindoŋIban(WMP) the sun has gone in PAN *liduŋ

hari-manu'Āre'āre(OC) big ray fish PMP *paRih manuk

harimau balan daunMalay(WMP) the marbled cat: Felis marmorata PMP *balan

harimauŋMa'anyan(WMP) leopard PWMP *qari-maquŋ

harimauŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) leopard PWMP *qari-maquŋ

harinuanToba Batak(WMP) large wild bee (< *kari-ñuan) PMP *qari-ñuan

Hari-pudu-anPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) hair whorl PAN *qali-puju-an

hari rayaIban(WMP) midday PAN *Raya

hari raya besarMalay(WMP) festival after the fasting month; the greatest holiday in the Malay year PAN *Raya

harisNgaju Dayak(WMP) cut, slice PMP *hiras

harisi'Āre'āre(OC) grass, small clover POC *palici

harisi'Āre'āre(OC) grass, small clover POC *palisi₂

haro'Āre'āre(OC) pierce, bore, drill POC *paRo₁

haroLakalai(OC) sun; day; goodday! POC *qaco

haromToba Batak(WMP) capsize, of boats, go down, sink; symbolically used for terrible misfortune PWMP *kaRem

HaRsemPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) sour PAN *qaRsem

haru'Āre'āre(OC) a few, some, several POC *palu₆

haruArosi(OC) give the final death feast six months after death; the final death feast POC *paluq

haruArosi(OC) tree sp. POC *(bp)alu

haruArosi(OC) some, certain POC *palu₆

haruKamarian(CMP) rice pestle PMP *balu₂

(h)aruMinangkabau(WMP) a tree: Casuarina equisetifolia PMP *qaRuhu

haruPaulohi(CMP) widow(er) PMP *balu₄

haruPaulohi(CMP) a shore tree: Hibiscus tiliaceus PMP *baRu

haru, harus-iArosi(OC) to scratch POC *palus

ha-ruaMotu(OC) twice PMP *pa-₁

haruanBanjarese(WMP) a murrel PWMP *haruqan

haruanMalay(WMP) mudfish PWMP *qaruqan

harumNehan(OC) needle POC *saRum

harusBanjarese(WMP) current PMP *qaRus

harusMalay(WMP) current (in sea or river) PMP *qaRus

harutaArosi(OC) to paddle POC *paluca

haruʔánBikol(WMP) freshwater fish sp., PWMP *haruqan

hasAhus(OC) sea, saltwater PMP *tasik

hasPonam(OC) sea PMP *tasik

hasaAsilulu(CMP) sharpen by continuously rubbing one side of the blade on a whetstone PMP *hasaq

hasaʔKadazan Dusun(WMP) mistake, error, fault, blunder, crime PMP *salaq₁

hasaSoboyo(CMP) whet, sharpen PMP *hasaq

hásaʔTagalog(WMP) whetting, sharpening PMP *hasaq

hasaʔ-ánTagalog(WMP) whetstone PMP *hasaq-an

(h)asakMalay(WMP) stuffing; insertion by force or pressure (of stuffing food into the mouth, beating stones into a roadway, hammering earth to fill up interstices PMP *hasek₂

(h)asakMalay(WMP) stuffing; insertion by force or pressure PWMP *qasak

h-asakNarum(WMP) to cook PMP *esak

ha-sala-sala-anToba Batak(WMP) a fine with which one makes amends for wrongdoing PWMP *ka-salaq-an

hasanTetun(CMP) carry on the shoulders PMP *pasaqan

hásaŋAklanon(WMP) gill (of fish) PMP *hasaŋ

hásaŋCebuano(WMP) gills PMP *hasaŋ

hásaŋTagalog(WMP) gills PMP *hasaŋ

hasáŋ-anCebuano(WMP) having gills PWMP *hasaŋ-an

hásaŋ-hásaŋCebuano(WMP) an outlet on the side of a ship's hull to let the bilge water out PMP *hasaŋ

ha-sa-selatNgaju Dayak(WMP) often pass between PWMP *selat

ha-sawutNgaju Dayak(WMP) fibrous PWMP *sabut

hasekManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) press down on something PMP *hasek₂

hasemMalay(WMP) acid; sour (W. Sumatra) PWMP *qalesem

(h)asemOld Javanese(WMP) tamarind PWMP *qalesem

hasem-hasem(-an)Old Javanese(WMP) something sour, a dish of various (pleasantly) sour items (fruits, preserves) PWMP *qalesem

h-asepNgaju Dayak(WMP) to smoke PWMP *asep

haseupSundanese(WMP) smoke, steam, soot PWMP *qasep

haseup-anSundanese(WMP) funnel-shaped basket of plaited bamboo in which rice is steamed over a water-filled earthen pot; steaming basket PWMP *qasep-an

HasevPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) smoky PAN *qaseb

hasiArosi(OC) to plant POC *pasi

hasiSaliba(OC) four PCEMP *pat-i

hasiSuau(OC) four PCEMP *pat-i

hasi-a'Āre'āre(OC) to plant (of food except taro) POC *pasi

hasi-aArosi(OC) planted POC *pasi

h-asi-anToba Batak(WMP) darling, pet, favorite PMP *ka-qasiq-an

hasíkTagalog(WMP) sowing PMP *hasek₁

HasilPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) salty PAN *qasiN

hasɨmSundanese(WMP) sour, taste sour PWMP *qalesem

(h)asinOld Javanese(WMP) salt, salty PAN *qasiN

hasókBikol(WMP) plant rice or corn seeds by placing them in a hole made by a pole; referring only to upland field cultivation carried out at present primarily by minority groups PMP *hasek₁

hasókBikol(WMP) plant rice or corn seeds by placing them in a hole made by a pole PPH *hesek₁

hasok-ánhask-ánBikol(WMP) upland rice or corn fields PPh *hesek-án

hasoŋKadazan Dusun(WMP) dammar, resinous pitch PAN *saleŋ

HaspaPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) astringent, puckery (the taste of green bananas, the kernel of areca nut, persimmon, etc.) PAN *qasepa

ha-spokChamorro(WMP) full (from food), satiated, glutted, sated PMP *ka-besuR

hasúgCebuano(WMP) push something into a container and tamp it down to fill it tight (as in filling a sack with copra) PWMP *haseg

hasu-hasu-(na)Arosi(OC) eyebrow POC *paju

hasúkCebuano(WMP) insert something into a hole or sheath PWMP *hacuk

hasúkCebuano(WMP) make a hole to sow seeds in; insert something into a hole or sheath; drive in stakes or pegs; dibble stick; hole dibbled in the ground to sow seeds in; action of making a hole; peg, stake PMP *hasek₁

hasúkCebuano(WMP) pack inside tight by compacting or tamping it down (as copra in a sack); compressed and well-packed inside a container PMP *hasek₂

hasúkCebuano(WMP) insert something into a hole or sheath PWMP *hasuk

hasuk-inBalinese(WMP) be made to go in, be put in PWMP *hasuk

(h)asuliChamorro(WMP) freshwater eel: Anguilla marmorata PWMP *kasuli

Hasv-anPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) smoke PAN *qaseb

hatLoniu(OC) break up (firewood), pick or break off (corn, but not fruit) POC *pati

hatSoutheast Ambrym(OC) stone POC *patu

hatSoutheast Ambrym(OC) four PEMP *pat

hatSeimat(OC) stone POC *patu

hátTetun (Dili)(CMP) four PMP *epat

hatToak(OC) four PEMP *pat

hataAsilulu(CMP) trunk, stick, piece of timber; body; beam; numerical connector for long, stick-like objects PMP *bataŋ

hataItbayaten(WMP) uncooked, raw (of cereal), green, immature (of fruits), food subject to cooking, unripe PWMP *hataq

hat-aMorella(CMP) four PAN *pat-a

hataRennellese(OC) platform, canoe platform, perch, shelf; raised floors of present-day houses; the ancient traditional house and its platform; perch formerly used in netting doves PMP *pataR₁

hataRotuman(OC) kind of pandanus bearing fruit in compact, rouhly spherical masses POC *padran

hataSa'a(OC) to go together, to accompany one another PMP *pasaŋ₁

hataSa'a(OC) hardwood tree POC *pasa(rR)

hata aŋinToba Batak(WMP) rumor PMP *haŋin

ha-taʔásCebuano(WMP) very long; high PMP *atas

hatafanaMalagasy(WMP) a large tree, the kernel of whose fruit is edible: Terminalia catappa PMP *katapaŋ

hátagCebuano(WMP) to give PPH *hátaR

hátagHiligaynon(WMP) gift, donation PPH *hátaR

hátagAklanon(WMP) to give (something) PPH *hátaR

hata-hatSeimat(OC) shelf above the hearth for drying fish, etc. PMP *pataR₁

hata-hatay-enItbayaten(WMP) to distribute, to give equally PPH *hátaR

(hataholi) mate nulakRotinese(CMP) one who dies young PCEMP *matay₁

ha-tahor-anaMalagasy(WMP) fear, dread PWMP *ka-takut-an

hata-iPaulohi(CMP) tree trunk PMP *bataŋ

(h)atakOld Javanese(WMP) a certain legume PWMP *hametak

ha-ta-likutNgaju Dayak(WMP) turn one’s back to someone PMP *ta-likud

hatamaVitu(OC) door, entrance PMP *kataman

hata-naLarike(CMP) classifier for trunks, logs PMP *bataŋ

hata na busukToba Batak(WMP) foul, ugly words PMP *busuk

hatapBanjarese(WMP) roof; thatch for roofing PMP *qatep

(h)atapMalay(WMP) roof; roofing-thatch PMP *qatep

hatapaŋToba Batak(WMP) tree with almond-like fruits PMP *katapaŋ

(h)atap sisek teŋgiliŋMalay(WMP) (of shingles); -- but specifically of thatch, made usually of nipah (the commonest), rembia (reputed the best), bertam (a palm: Eugeissona tristis), kaboŋ (sugar palm: Arenga saccharifera), salak (a stemless thorny palm: Zalacca edulis), kelubi (a stemless thorny marsh-palm: Zalacca conferta), palas (fan-palm: Licuala spp.), serdaŋ (a tall fan-palm: Livistona cochinchinensis), puar (generic for wild giners and esp. for the local cardamom, in contrast to the imported cardamom), lalaŋ (sword grass: Imperata cylindrica) PMP *qatep

hataulAsilulu(CMP) large shore tree yielding an orangish wood suitable for boat building PMP *bitaquR

ha-tavéz-anaMalagasy(WMP) fatness PWMP *ka-tabeq-an

hatáyCebuano(WMP) expression preceding a phrase warning someone against doing something foolish: watch out PWMP *hatay

HaTayPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) liver PAN *qaCay

h-atayTboli(WMP) kill PMP *p-atay

hatayItbayaten(WMP) share (in general) PPH *hátaR

hatd-ánCebuano(WMP) bring PMP *hateD-an

hátd-an imáwAklanon(WMP) escort him (imperative) PMP *hateD-an

hatd-unHiligaynon(WMP) be delivered personally; what is delivered personally PWMP *hateD-en

hatd-unHiligaynon(WMP) be delivered personally; what is delivered personally PWMP *hateD-en

hate-Lakalai(OC) liver or solar plexus (seat of emotion); internal organs in general; sometimes spleen PMP *qatay

hateSundanese(WMP) heart, mind, inner self; intelligence, understanding PMP *qatay

hatedManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) deliver PMP *hateD

hatelePaulohi(CMP) larva of the beetle Euchirus longimanus L. which lives in the trunks of sago palms and is eaten as a delicacy PMP *qabateR

hatele ina-iPaulohi(CMP) sago beetle PMP *qabateR

ha-telo-anaMalagasy(WMP) three days PWMP *ka-telu-an

ha-təluHitu(CMP) thick PCEMP *təlu

haten-inaMalagasy(WMP) affected with the itch, having the itch PWMP *gatel-en

hatepOld Javanese(WMP) roof, cover PMP *qatep

ha-teteAsilulu(CMP) kind of chisel; to chisel wood PAN *tektek₁

hatiBobot(CMP) stone PMP *batu

hatiMalay(WMP) heart; core; seat of certain feelings. Anatomically the "blood-eagle" made up of liver (limpa), gall (hempedu) and heart proper (jantoŋ hati, buah hati); commonly hati is 'heart' as the seat of emotion and also of one's secret thoughts; hati is used by mystics in the sense almost of character or human nature; but hati is used most commonly in the sense of active feeling in contrast to mere passive sensation; cf. 'to feel cool' (badan sejok) and 'to keep cool' (hati sejok) PMP *qatay

(h)atiOld Javanese(WMP) a part of the body: liver?; heart as seat of feelings; be inclined, feel like, want PMP *qatay

hatídTagalog(WMP) conduction, accompaniment; person conducting or convoying or taking something or someone to a destination PMP *hateD

hati-hatiBahasa Indonesia(WMP) watch out! take care! PWMP *hatay

(h)ati-(h)atiMalay(WMP) be careful; look out; be watchful PWMP *hatay

hati-hatiMalay(WMP) plant sp.: Coleus atropurpureus, C. blumei PMP *qatay qatay₁

hati-hati hutanMalay(WMP) a plant: Sonerila heterostemon PMP *qatay qatay₁

HatimraPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) flea PAN *qatimela

Hati-muRmuRPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) gargle PAN *qaCi-

hátinaMalagasy(WMP) the itch, scabies PMP *gatel

hatɨpSundanese(WMP) roof thatch made of tied bundles of sword grass (Imperata cylindrica) or other material suitable for thatching, but also used for tiles, etc.; roof PMP *qatep

hati taŋanMalay(WMP) hollow of palm of hand PMP *qatay

hatoWakasihu(CMP) stone PMP *batu

hatódAklanon(WMP) to escort, take, deliver safely, conduct PMP *hateD

hatódBikol(WMP) to escort, conduct; to convoy; convey or deliver; bring or accompany to a particular place PMP *hateD

(h)atohNgaju Dayak(WMP) reflection, consideration; advice, counsel PMP *qatuR₁

hatotoluLakalai(OC) egg POC *qatoluR

hatouTamambo(OC) hermit crab POC *katou

hatuErai(CMP) cough PMP *batuk₁

hatuErai(CMP) stone PMP *batu

hatuGaloli(CMP) stone PMP *batu

hatuHitu(CMP) stone PMP *batu

hatuKamarian(CMP) stone PMP *batu

hatuRennellese(OC) stone, rock, coral, any hard metal; seed; pandanus key; fighting club with a stone head POC *patu

hatuSeimat(OC) to plait, weave POC *patuR

hatuSikaiana(OC) stone POC *patu

hatuTakuu(OC) stone POC *patu

hatuTalur(CMP) stone PMP *batu

hatubBunun(Formosan) deadfall trap to catch rats (Tsuchida 1976:167) PAN *qaCeb

hatúdCebuano(WMP) take something somewhere; make something reach a certain distance in time or space; something delivered PMP *hateD

hatúdHiligaynon(WMP) deliver personally, carry a message PMP *hateD

ha-tuduTetun(CMP) to show, to indicate, to point out, to direct PAN *tuzuq₁

ha-tuduTetun(CMP) to show, to indicate, to point out, to direct PMP *tuzuq₂

ha-tudu dalanTetun(CMP) to teach or show the way PMP *zalan

ha-tudu dalanTetun(CMP) to give directions PAN *tuzuq₁

hatu-hatuRennellese(OC) stony, rocky PMP *batu-batu

(h)aturMalay(WMP) order, arrangement PMP *qatuR₁

ha-turoNgaju Dayak(WMP) drip through PAN *tuduq

hatusBalinese(WMP) hundred (occurs only in compounds, as telu-ŋ-hatus ‘300’) PMP *Ratus

hatusMapun(WMP) a hundred PMP *Ratus

hatusYakan(WMP) hundred PMP *Ratus

hatus-anMapun(WMP) by the hundreds, in terms of hundreds PWMP *Ratus-an

hatus-anYakan(WMP) hundreds of something PWMP *Ratus-an

haʔu'Āre'āre(OC) the pandanus tree, which has broad leaves; used by men as perineal bandage; also used to make a kind of mat called haʔu POC *pakuŋ

haʔuArosi(OC) a pandanus; a mat made by sewing together the dried leaves of pandanus POC *pakuŋ

hauArosi(OC) plait POC *patuR

hauArosi(OC) stone, rock, iron (recent); expressing strength; coral POC *patu

hauAsilulu(CMP) smell PMP *bahu

hauBugotu(OC) to be far; a long time POC *sauq₁

hauCape Cumberland(OC) tree POC *kayu

hauDhao/Ndao(CMP) smell PMP *bahuq

hauDhao/Ndao(CMP) smell PMP *bahu

hauErai(CMP) hibiscus tree PMP *baRu

hauErai(CMP) smell, stench; rot PMP *bahu

hauHawaiian(OC) a lowland tree: Hibiscus tiliaceus ... Formerly the light, tough wood served for outriggers of canoes, the bast for rope, the sap and flowers for medicine POC *paRu

haʔuKwaio(OC) pandanus; pandanus umbrella POC *pakuŋ

(h)auMalay(WMP) oh! a cry of terror or pained surprise PWMP *qau

hauManggarai(CMP) 2sg., you/thou PMP *kahu

hauNggela(OC) raise, lift, stretch out or up POC *sau₁

hauNiue(OC) to make an incision in, to cut open POC *saRu

hau-Paulohi(CMP) odor PMP *bahu

hauPiamatsina(OC) tree POC *kayu

hauRennellese(OC) a tree: Hibiscus tiliaceus L. The fibre is used for rope, and the wood (on Bellona) for house posts POC *paRu

hauRotuman(OC) a tree: Hibiscus tiliaceus POC *paRu

haʔuSa'a(OC) pandanus with broad leaves used to make umbrellas; an umbrella of haʔu leaves POC *pakuŋ

h-auTetun (Dili)(CMP) 1sg., I PAN *aku

hauToba Batak(WMP) tree, wood PMP *kahiw

hauTongan(OC) thin dagger or stiletto, like a giant-sized needle, used in spearing bonito POC *saRum

hauTongan(OC) instrument used for tattooing POC *saRu

hauVaikenu(CMP) tree PCEMP *kayu

hau-(b)Atoni(CMP) tree PCEMP *kayu

(hau) baʔatAtoni(CMP) root of a tree PMP *wakat

hau-boŋaArosi(OC) be angry (hau = ‘mind’) POC *boŋa

hau-b unAtoni(CMP) base of a tree PCEMP *kayu

hāudIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) for someone to string a warping frame with warp threads in preparation for weaving PPH *saud

háudIfugaw(WMP) warp; the threads lengthwise in a weaving loom which are crossed by the woof PPH *saud

haudKeley-i(WMP) to finish preparing to weave native clothing PPH *saud

ha-udan-anToba Batak(WMP) get caught in the rain PWMP *ka-quzan-an

hau-esaAsilulu(CMP) very fishy smell PMP *bahu

haugKadazan Dusun(WMP) howl PWMP *rauŋ

hau-hBuruese(CMP) gather PMP *Raqup

hau juŋjuŋ buhitToba Batak(WMP) a forest tree that is used as an offering pole; male figures of the two gods of life are cut from its wood PWMP *zuŋzuŋ

haʔu-kekeHawaiian(OC) quiver, shiver PAN *tirtir₁

hau manu-manu'Āre'āre(OC) pumice stone POC *mañur mañur

häu menuSa'a(OC) pumice stone POC *maqañur

hau-minaAsilulu(CMP) delicious oily smell of roasting fish, especially with juices dripping on the embers PMP *bahu

hau mouSa'a(OC) an isolated rock POC *motus

haʔunAsilulu(CMP) kind of very tall pandanus with large inedible fruits PMP *bakuŋ₂

hau-nAsilulu(CMP) It stinks! PMP *bahu

hau nagiArosi(OC) flint POC *patu

hau-niBugotu(OC) to be far off from, distant POC *sauq₁

haʔu-nuhTausug(WMP) when? PAN *-nu₁

-HauŋPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) of a dog, to howl PAN *qauŋ

hauŋSundanese(WMP) to roar, as a tiger PAN *qauŋ

hau-ŋari-ŋariArosi(OC) angry POC *ŋali-ŋali

haʔu onaSa'a(OC) shore rocks, rough and spiky POC *ona₁

haurBanjarese(WMP) kind of bamboo PMP *qauR

(h)aurMalay(WMP) bamboo Bambusa spp. PMP *qauR

haurNgaju Dayak(WMP) kind of thick, smooth bamboo with long, narrow leaves, and only small cavities inside PMP *qauR

haurNgaju Dayak(WMP) bamboo (generic) PMP *qauR

ha-usurPatpatar(OC) to teach POC *paka-usuri

hau ufAtoni(CMP) mother’s brother (lit. ‘tree trunk’) (Fox 1980:14) PMP *puqun

havaBugotu(OC) interrogative pronoun, what? Used also as indefinite, whatever, anything PMP *sapa

havaNggela(OC) what, whatever, which, any, either, of that sort, of what sort PMP *sapa

havaVitu(OC) mouth; opening (of a hole in the ground. or in a rock) POC *qawa₂

havalBunun(Formosan) flying squirrel PAN *lawaR

havanKadazan Dusun(WMP) to oppose, resist, disobey PMP *laban₂

hávanaMalagasy(WMP) that which is void or open (open space in an assembly, etc.) PWMP *kawaŋ

hávanaMalagasy(WMP) a relation, an alliance, a friend PWMP *kaban₁

havananaMalagasy(WMP) right side PAN *ka-wanaN

haván-inaMalagasy(WMP) to be entered into relationship with; to be consorted with PWMP *kaban₁

havayatItbayaten(WMP) west wind (blows from late July to September) PMP *habaRat

havelManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) weave cloth PPH *habél

haveŋManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) block an opening or a path so that nothing can pass, as to block other possible avenues on each side of a pig trap; a constructed barrier PWMP *hambeŋ

haviBimanese(CMP) fishhook PAN *kawil₁

haviMalagasy(WMP) left (side) (Hudson 1967) PAN *ka-wiRi

havi-aMalagasy(WMP) the left side (Richardson 1885) PAN *ka-wiRi

havihaviMalagasy(WMP) oscillation, suspension, hanging PMP *kaway₁

havit-inaMalagasy(WMP) to be hooked, as a canoe by a boathook, or an eel by a fishhook PWMP *kawit-en

hávitraMalagasy(WMP) a pointed iron, a poker, a spit; in the provinces a hook, a boat hook PAN *kawit

ha-vitsi-anaMalagasy(WMP) fewness in number PMP *bitiq₁

ha-vitsi-naMalagasy(WMP) be reduced to few PMP *bitiq₁

havuNggela(OC) to scatter, as seeds POC *sapuR

havuNggela(OC) to scatter, as seeds PMP *sabuR

HavuPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) ashes PAN *qabu

havuVitu(OC) fireplace, hearth POC *qapu

Havu-anPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) hearth PAN *qabu-an

havu-havuVitu(OC) dust POC *qapu

havuk-havukManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) the white powdery scale which forms on exposed parts of the body when a person does not often bathe; the powdery film on a mature squash or any white scale or powdery substance on something; to become covered with white scale or with a powdery film PMP *habuk

havul-agiNggela(OC) to cause to be scattered POC *sapuR

havul-agiNggela(OC) cause to be scattered PMP *sabuR

havul-iNggela(OC) to scatter or sprinkle water; to wash with water, as a canoe POC *sapuR

havul-iNggela(OC) to scatter or sprinkle water PMP *sabuR

havuluBugotu(OC) scallop POC *sapulu

havuluNggela(OC) species of mollusc, Pelecypod, Pinna POC *sapulu

havunKayan(WMP) cover something; covered, e.g. with earth PWMP *Rab(e)qun

hawChamorro(WMP) you – intransitive subject singular pronoun, transitive subject singular pronoun with indefinite object, transitive object singular pronoun PMP *kahu

hawaAyta Maganchi(WMP) tired of PWMP *saweqaq

hawa-Kayan(WMP) spouse PAN *qasawa

hawaʔKayan(WMP) marriage, a wedding PAN *qasawa

hawaUma(WMP) python PMP *sawa

hawaNehan(OC) what? PMP *sapa

háwakAklanon(WMP) waist PMP *hawak

háwakBikol(WMP) body, torso, physique; stalk of plants; shaft of an arrow PMP *hawak

háwakCebuano(WMP) waist PMP *hawak

háwakHanunóo(WMP) back of the waist (NOTE: No general term for waist) PMP *hawak

háwakHiligaynon(WMP) waistline PMP *hawak

hawakManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) waist of a person; by extension, waist of a garment; hold someone around the waist PMP *hawak

hawák-anCebuano(WMP) waistline PWMP *hawak-an

hawak-unCebuano(WMP) tend to suffer from backaches PMP *hawak

háwanAklanon(WMP) clear up, clean up, make open PWMP *hawan

háwanCebuano(WMP) clear an area; for an area to become clear PWMP *hawan

háwanHiligaynon(WMP) to clear, clean from obstruction, clear a crowded area PWMP *hawan

háwanTagalog(WMP) clearing (in a forest), or produced by the removal of a crowd; or, in the sky, by disappearance of clouds PWMP *hawan

hawánTagalog(WMP) cleared PWMP *hawan

hawan-ánCebuano(WMP) living room; floorspace or anything enclosed PWMP *hawan

(h)awan-anManobo (Dibabawon)(WMP) cleared area PWMP *hawan

hawan-hawanManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) space between heaven and earth PWMP *hawan hawan

hawayRoglai (Northern)(WMP) rattan PAN *quay

haweNapu(WMP) to arrive PWMP *sabay₂

(h)awerOld Javanese(WMP) restrain, suppress, check, stop, prevent PWMP *habed

hawháwTagalog(WMP) rinsing (said of clothes) PMP *hawhaw

hawiPuluwat(OC) conch trumpet POC *tapuRi

(h)awihAcehnese(WMP) a tied cloth, cloth tied into a bundle PWMP *qawis

(h)awinOld Javanese(WMP) bear, bring along (weapon, insignia, betel set), of someone escorting a person of rank PMP *qabin

hawinApma(OC) woman POC *papine

(h)awisOld Javanese(WMP) finished, completely gone PWMP *qabis

ha-witiluKambera(CMP) a pinch, as of tobacco pa-witilu 'pinch one another' PCMP *bitil₂

hawuNias(WMP) fine ash, as cigarette ash; remainder, sweepings, rubbish, dust, powder PMP *qabu

(h)awuOld Javanese(WMP) ash, ashes PMP *qabu

hawuSundanese(WMP) fireplace, hearth, overn PMP *qabu

hawuʔUma(WMP) strew PWMP *sabuD

ha-wuaSika(CMP) some, a piece (numeral classifier) PMP *buaq

hawu-hawuNias(WMP) that with which something is cast or strewn PWMP *qambuR

hawu-hawuOld Javanese(WMP) powder PMP *qabu

hawukSundanese(WMP) drab, ash-gray PMP *qabuk

hawuk-hawukOld Javanese(WMP) greyish PMP *qabuk

hawuɁUma(WMP) to strew PMP *saq(e)buR

-hawuɁUma(WMP) to strew, scatter PMP *sabuR

háwʔasAklanon(WMP) to take out (from container) PPH *haq(e)was

hawʔasBinukid(WMP) to get off (a vehicle); to dismount (a riding animal); to unload, take something off (a vehicle or an animal) PPH *haq(e)was

hawʔásWaray-Waray(WMP) to alight; get down; disembark from; unload PPH *haq(e)was

haxoŋLampung(WMP) black PMP *qajeŋ

haxusLampung(WMP) current (of river) PMP *qaRus

hayPak(OC) blood POC *draRaq

haySori(OC) blood POC *draRaq

(h)ayaʔAcehnese(WMP) sieve of plaited bamboo or metal wire; to sieve, sift PWMP *qayag

hayaBalinese(WMP) big, large, extremely large PAN *Raya

hayaBunama(OC) kind of anchovy PMP *paya

hayaChamorro(WMP) south (in Guam and Rota); east (in Saipan) PAN *daya

hayaSoboyo(CMP) big, large (as a big island); very; serious PAN *Raya

ha-yahBipi(OC) afternoon, evening POC *paka-Rapiqi

(h)ayakMalay(WMP) sifting; passing through a sieve PWMP *qayag

(h)ayamMalay(WMP) common domestic fowl; fighting cock; turkey; guinea-fowl; water-cock; jungle fowl PWMP *qayam₂

(h)ayamOld Javanese(WMP) fowl, cock, hen PWMP *qayam₂

HayamPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) bird PAN *qayam₁

hayamSundanese(WMP) chicken, hen PWMP *qayam₂

(h)ayam-(h)ayamKaro Batak(WMP) toy PWMP *qayam₃

hayanSelaru(CMP) bait PCEMP *bayan

hayewNarum(WMP) wood; tree PMP *kahiw

haymaŋItbayaten(WMP) sea eel which stays in holes under the sea; big eel (black, spotted): Anguilla japonica Temminck, etc. (includes painted morays) PMP *haRemaŋ

ha-ynoSaisiyat(Formosan) where? PAN *inu

hayoAyta Abellan(WMP) fluid that comes out of a sore; sap from a tree PWMP *saRu₂

hayoʔSoboyo(CMP) to sniff, smell PMP *hajek

háyopAklanon(WMP) mammals, cattle PPh *hayep

háyopBikol(WMP) animal; beast, creature PPh *hayep

hayópBikol(WMP) blow something away PWMP *hayup

hayópBikol(WMP) blow something away; blow on something PMP *heyup

háyopTagalog(WMP) animal; a beast PPH *háyup

hayop-anBikol(WMP) place of blowing PMP *heyup-an

hayop-ónBikol(WMP) blow something away, blow on PWMP *heyup-en

hayuChamorro(WMP) stick, wood PMP *kahiw

hayunBalinese(WMP) to rock, swing PWMP *ayun

hayúnCebuano(WMP) swing the arms in walking PWMP *hayun

(h)ayunMalay(WMP) swaying; swinging PWMP *hayun

(h)ayunOld Javanese(WMP) moving to and fro, swinging, dangling PWMP *hayun

hayun-anBalinese(WMP) a swinging cot for a baby, cradle; a swing PWMP *ayun

hayun-hayunBalinese(WMP) sit on a swing, swing for pleasure PWMP *ayun

hayuŋAtayal(Formosan) pine tree PAN *saleŋ

háyupAgta (Eastern)(WMP) animal, creature, spirit (generic for any non-human creature, especially mammals, whether natural or supernatural; includes fairies, elves, goblins, etc.) PPH *háyup

háyupCebuano(WMP) domestic animal; a person with base instincts and desires PPh *hayep

háyupHanunóo(WMP) animal, especially a mammal; also by extension and colloquial usage, any object that moves, animate or inanimate PPh *hayep

háyupHiligaynon(WMP) animal PPh *hayep

hayuyuOld Javanese(WMP) crab PMP *qayuyu

hazagKadazan Dusun(WMP) sail PAN *layaR

hazekManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to smell, to kiss PMP *hajek

HaziPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) not (negating a verb or adjective) PAN *qazi

haziManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) younger sibling; a younger person of one's own generation, whether related or not PMP *huaji

hazoKadazan Dusun(WMP) ginger PMP *laqia

házoMalagasy(WMP) tree or shrub; wood of all kinds; (fig.) hard PMP *kahiw

haɁKayan(WMP) at, in, to PAN *sa₂

haɁKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) at, on, into PAN *sa₂

haʔaRennellese(OC) stalk, as of taro, banana, papaya; stem, as of flowers PMP *paqa₂

haɁ alemKayan(WMP) inside; within PAN *sa₂

haʔaoRennellese(OC) to take, capture, snatch, rob POC *paqaRok

haʔa-siwaArosi(OC) nine times POC *paka-siwa

haʔa-subuArosi(OC) to beget POC *paka-tupuq

haʔa-usuriArosi(OC) to teach, cause to copy; a teacher; a model, copy, pattern POC *paka-usuri

haʔa-usuri-a'Āre'āre(OC) to teach, instruct POC *paka-usuri

haʔmoItbayaten(WMP) fear, fright PPH *haq(e)muq

haʔuRennellese(OC) to tie, lash, as sennit PCEMP *paqus₂

haɁ unanKayan(WMP) at the front; in front of; before a person PAN *sa₂


TOP      h~    ha        hc    hd    he    hh    hi    hl    hm    hn    ho    hr    ht    hu    hw    hy    

Atoni(CMP) 2sg., you/thou PMP *kahu


TOP      h~    ha        hc    hd    he    hh    hi    hl    hm    hn    ho    hr    ht    hu    hw    hy    


hcekAmis(Formosan) post, wooden pillar PAN *hesek₂


TOP      h~    ha        hc    hd    he    hh    hi    hl    hm    hn    ho    hr    ht    hu    hw    hy    


hdaŋRhade(WMP) charcoal PMP *qajeŋ


TOP      h~    ha        hc    hd    he    hh    hi    hl    hm    hn    ho    hr    ht    hu    hw    hy    


heMaori(OC) indefinite article, both singular and plural: an, any, some PAN *esa

heRennellese(OC) indefinite article: a, an, any PAN *esa

heTuvaluan(OC) singular indefinite article PAN *esa

he-...ʔakiRennellese(OC) common affix indicating reciprocal or plural action PEMP *paRi-

heaSama (Central)(WMP) big PAN *Raya

heaErai(CMP) crocodile (< *baya) PCEMP *buqaya

heaHawaiian(OC) which (in questions and after other words); where (in questions, and after ai, ʔau, i, ma-, mai, no, ʔo; why, why not (in questions after i) POC *pea

heaMaori(OC) interrogative: what place?; indefinite: any place POC *pea

heaRennellese(OC) which?, what?, where? POC *pea

he-ama-ʔakiRennellese(OC) to have side-by-side canoe floats POC *saman

hea-ŋErai(CMP) oar; row PMP *beRsay

həapRhade(WMP) yawn PMP *huab₂

hebasBinukid(WMP) for water to recede; for a well or spring to dry up PPh *hebás

he-betuʔTboli(WMP) shoot off, as a firecracker PPh *pa-betu

hebeyJarai(WMP) tuber, yam PMP *qubi

hedaŋJarai(WMP) charcoal PMP *qajeŋ

hedaːŋJarai(WMP) shrimp PAN *qudaŋ

hedauNukuoro(OC) Alexandrian laurel tree: Calophyllum inophyllum L. POC *pitaquR

hedékTboli(WMP) sting; smart (as salt in an open wound) PMP *hapejiq

hedhedAyta Abellan(WMP) compact; to shake in order to compress contents in sack PPH *sedsed₂

hedi ma-tuaRotinese(CMP) a heavy, serious sickness PMP *ma-tuqah

hedipJarai(WMP) live, be alive PAN *qudip₁

hedi(s)Rotinese(CMP) pain, sickness; painful PMP *hapejis

heduRotinese(CMP) gall, bile; bitter PAN *qapejux

hedui deni-adeHawu(CMP) grief, sorrow ( = 'sorrow on the liver') PMP *qatay

heduuNukuoro(OC) star, planet POC *pituqun

heeNukuoro(OC) where?, what kind?, which? POC *pea

heʔe-ku, ho-kuTongan(OC) definite 1sg exclusive: my POC *-gu

heʔ-enemManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) six PAN *a-enem

heʔe-patManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) four PMP *a-epat

héétTboli(WMP) bitter, salty PMP *paqit₂

hefauRotuman(OC) kind of tree (the calophyllum) which grows to a very large size, with thick spreading branches; wood, reddish; fruit, round, size of golf-balls POC *pitaquR

hefuRotuman(OC) star POC *pituqun

he-gata-ʔakiRennellese(OC) be congenial, accustomed to one another POC *lasa₁

hegeNggela(OC) alone, by oneself; do something alone, be alone; unique PCEMP *kese

heɣe-heɣeNduke(OC) Centropus spp. POC *seke

hegetBinukid(WMP) tight, taut; firm PMP *heRet

heǥetManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to tighten something; in tying or wrapping something, to pull it tight; to twist tight the lid of a bottle or jar; figuratively, to make a final settlement PMP *heRet

heget-aBinukid(WMP) tighten it! PMP *heRet

heɣezanManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) ladder; stairway PMP *haRezan

he-gi-giŋi-ʔakiRennellese(OC) to pour back and forth PCEMP *liŋi

hehaAsilulu(CMP) the interior of the mouth; animal's mouth; call out to someone, call after PMP *beqbeq

he-heʔaArosi(OC) defecate POC *bekas₄

he-heʔa-siArosi(OC) defecate POC *bekas₄

hehinSeimat(OC) woman POC *papine

hehinePileni(OC) woman POC *papine

héhitraMalagasy(WMP) a grasp, a clutch, a bite; seizure PWMP *ketket

həhŋəTsou(Formosan) a tree: Cordia sp. PAN *qaNuNaŋ

hehŋeTsou(Formosan) tree with sticky fruits: Cordia myxa PAN *quNuNaŋ

heiKokota(OC) who? PMP *sei

heiRaga(OC) who? PMP *sei

heiZabana(OC) who? PMP *sai

heʔit-aGorontalo(WMP) raft (used, e.g. in time of flood) PWMP *Rakit-an

hejaːnJarai(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

hejanNgaju Dayak(WMP) notched log ladder PMP *haRezan

hekDrehet(OC) sago grub POC *qapatoR

hekakNgaju Dayak(WMP) choking, strangling PMP *qekak

hekeAsilulu(CMP) tie, tie up, fetter PMP *beRkes

hélaMalay(WMP) dragging after oneself; hauling or lugging along PWMP *hilah

helaŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) space between; between (of space and time) PMP *qelaŋ

(h)elarOld Javanese(WMP) wing (of bird, insect, etc.) PMP *qelad₂

(he)latMalay(WMP) periodicity, alternation PMP *qelet

helatNgaju Dayak(WMP) interval; between (of space and time) PMP *qelet

heleErai(CMP) unfold, open, spread out PMP *bekelaj

(h)eledOld Javanese(WMP) one swallow PWMP *qeled

heléh-inaMalagasy(WMP) to be seized under the armpit PWMP *kilik-en

hele maiHawaiian(OC) Come! POC *mai

heleŋKédang(CMP) to set, of the sun PAN *selem₁

helepAyta Abellan(WMP) to enter PMP *selep

heletOld Javanese(WMP) what lies between, separates one thing from another PMP *qelet

heliAsilulu(CMP) price PMP *beli

heliErai(CMP) property, valuable things PMP *beli

heliManusela(CMP) price PMP *beli

hélikaMalagasy(WMP) the armpit PWMP *kilik₂

heli-nAsilulu(CMP) expensive; the price of something PMP *beli

heli-ŋErai(CMP) price, marriage-gift (paid to the bride's people) PMP *beli

heliŋa-Ahus(OC) ear POC *taliŋa

heluhLikum(OC) to paddle POC *paluca

helukSundanese(WMP) sit with the head bowed in silence or distress PWMP *qeluk

heluŋManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) seek shelter from rain or sun PWMP *heluŋ

həmLahanan(WMP) pangolin, anteater PAN *qaRem

hemLenkau(OC) lime spatula POC *d(r)amut

hemaBuruese(CMP) marine eel PMP *haRemaŋ

hemaJarai(WMP) cultivated field PMP *quma

hema-Lonwolwol(OC) outrigger of (the suffix-taking form) POC *saman

*həmaʔPAty(Formosan) tongue PAN *Sema

hemaSeediq(Formosan) tongue PAN *Sema

H<em>a-HalevPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) to close PAN *qaNeb

H-em-a-HalupPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) to hunt PAN *q<um>aNup

H-em-a-HaRawPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) take by force, snatch away PAN *qaRaw

H-em-amiPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) north wind blows PAN *qamiS

hemaŋaHawu(CMP) soul PMP *sumaŋed

H-em-aŋHaŋPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) (of a dog) to bark, as a dog which is kept on a leash or shut up in a room PAN *q<um>aŋqaŋ

h-əm-aruŋPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) snore (Ting 1978) PAN *SaRuŋ

(h)embanOld Javanese(WMP) that which carries or encloses PMP *heban

(h)embunOld Javanese(WMP) mist, fine rain, dew, dew drops PWMP *qembun

(h)embusMalay(WMP) blowing hard; panting and puffing; making a current of air (a snorting horse, a man panting as he runs, etc.) PMP *qembus

hemmaŋSangir(WMP) marine eel PMP *haRemaŋ

h<em>nokTboli(WMP) to fill up PWMP *p<um>enuq

hempaMalay(WMP) empty, void of contents; empty rice husk PWMP *qepah

(h)empasMalay(WMP) dashing down, hurling against (of a man flinging down a burden, flinging himself down, slamming a door, etc.) PWMP *qempas

(h)empeduMalay(WMP) gall PAN *qapejux

(h)empékMalay(WMP) cry or grunt of the tapir or smaller rhinoceros PWMP *qepik

(h)empelasMalay(WMP) a plant: Tetracera assa; its leaves are used as sandpaper; to sandpaper PMP *qa(m)pelas

hempitMalay(WMP) pressure between two unconnected surfaces PAN *qepit

HemuPuyuma(Formosan) flour PAN *qemu

he-nManipa(CMP) wood PCEMP *kayu

henTaba(SHWNG) turtle PMP *peñu

henaMalagasy(WMP) beef; flesh meat PMP *kenas

henao-aMotu(OC) steal POC *penako

henao-henaoMotu(OC) steal again and again; constant theft; illicit intercourse; fornication POC *penako

(h)endemDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) sulk, brood PWMP *qendem

hene heneErai(CMP) every night PMP *beRŋi beRŋi

hene hene leo leoErai(CMP) night and day PMP *beRŋi beRŋi

henekBalinese(WMP) be silent PWMP *Renek

henekBuruese(CMP) cram, compress (the contents of a container) to make room for more PMP *Reneg

heneŋOld Javanese(WMP) silence, stillness, quiet PMP *qeneŋ

heneŋSundanese(WMP) keep still (not speak, not complain, not moan) PMP *qeneŋ

həniJarai(WMP) honeybee PMP *wani

heni-aMotu(OC) give to, hand to POC *pani₁

henih-inaMalagasy(WMP) to be made satisfied, to be made to have all one wants PWMP *genep

henikaMalagasy(WMP) full of, complete, having all PWMP *genep

heni-nGaloli(CMP) night PWMP *beRkis

heni-nTalur(CMP) night PMP *beRŋi

he-noBalangaw(WMP) who? PAN *-nu₁

henoKayeli(CMP) sea turtle PMP *peñu

(h)entakMalay(WMP) ramming or stamping down; pounding. Used of treading something underfoot PMP *qentek

(h)entakMalay(WMP) ramming or stamping down, pounding PMP *qetak

hentekNgaju Dayak(WMP) strike, strike against PMP *qentek

henteŋKaro Batak(WMP) lie athwart, lie across a path PMP *qeteŋ

hentiMalay(WMP) stop, come to a stop PMP *qeti₃

(h)entiOld Javanese(WMP) used up, finished so that nothing remains, utterly destroyed, exhausted PMP *qeti₃

hentimunMalay(WMP) cucumber: Cucumis sativus L. PMP *qatimun

(h)enūOld Javanese(WMP) road, way PMP *qenuR

henuRotinese(CMP) to fill; full, as a house full of people, a river in full stream PAN *peNuq

henuaRennellese(OC) land, as opposed to water; island; unknown land (poetic); people of the land; afterbirth POC *panua

heñekNgaju Dayak(WMP) what is pressed down PMP *qeñek

heŋaTongan(OC) Vini australis POC *seŋa₂

heŋen-iLeipon(OC) to feed POC *paŋan

heŋgaNgaju Dayak(WMP) until, up to, as far as; aim, object PWMP *qeŋgah

həŋgukKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) hiccough PWMP *ceguk

heŋheŋAyta Abellan(WMP) to stop up; to cover; to put fingers in ears PAN *seŋseŋ

heŋkiŋSangir(WMP) wrinkle, shrink PMP *Re(ŋ)keŋ

he-ŋ-uruHawu(CMP) ten PMP *sa-ŋa-puluq

he-ŋ-uruHawu(CMP) ten PMP *ŋa

hephepAyta Abellan(WMP) to puff on a cigarette; to suck snails from shell; to sip, as through a straw PAN *sepsep

he-piko-piko-ʔakiRennellese(OC) winding, branching, as a crooked path POC *biko

he-puŋLoniu(OC) one cluster (as of areca nuts) PMP *puŋun

he-puŋLoniu(OC) one cluster (as of areca nuts) POC *puŋu

həputKayan(WMP) blowpipe PWMP *seput

héraManggarai(CMP) sea turtle PCEMP *keRa

herakErai(CMP) heavy PMP *beReqat

(h)eramMalay(WMP) crouch, lie low, make ready for a spring (tigers), sit on eggs (fowl) PWMP *qerem

(h)eraŋMalay(WMP) moan, cry of pain PMP *heReŋ

(h)eraŋMalay(WMP) moan, cry of pain PWMP *qeraŋ

(h)eratMalay(WMP) constriction; pressure from every side PMP *heRet

heremNgaju Dayak(WMP) to brood, of a hen PWMP *qerem

hereŋSundanese(WMP) the purring of a cat PMP *heReŋ

hereŋSundanese(WMP) purring of a cat PWMP *qereŋ

HerHerPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) chew, masticate PAN *qelqel

heriKamarian(CMP) to lie, tell a lie PMP *beliq₁

heri-niPaulohi(CMP) its purchase price PMP *beli

heruKamarian(CMP) to bend, curve PMP *beluk

heruLaha(CMP) new PMP *baqeRu

heruPaulohi(CMP) bent; to bend PMP *beluk

(he)rutMalay(WMP) compression; squeezing PMP *qeRut

herutKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) sip PWMP *sedut

hesaŋSangir(WMP) useful type of moss that grows to a height of over two feet. The light-green young plants resemble small fir trees, with cylindrical stalks filled with hairs or soft spines. The plant later loses its pyramidal form and comes to resemble the flatter mosses. It grows in close association with Imperata cylindrica wherever there is enough moisture. Also called hesaŋ lumuʔ in contradistinction with hesaŋ or hesaŋ eseʔ; the latter belongs with the ginto, and is a climbing fern, much used for wicker chairs, etc. PMP *qaRsam

HesepPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) to chew (for the juice, as sugarcane, chewing gum, etc.) PAN *qesep

hesiAsilulu(CMP) to split bamboo or the exterior sago petioles from the interior pith PMP *besiq

hesiSelaru(CMP) purchase price for a bride, brideprice PMP *beli

hesi-reSelaru(CMP) canoe paddle PMP *beRsay

hetLoniu(OC) sago grub PMP *qabatiR

hetSelaru(CMP) chop, cut down PMP *bentas

hetSelaru(CMP) chop, cut down PMP *beta₂

hetaAsilulu(CMP) chop down; strike downward with a weapon PMP *beta₂

hetaErai(CMP) cleave PMP *betak

HeTaPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) rice husk and bran PAN *qeCah

hetanErai(CMP) millet PMP *beteŋ₁

hetaʔuRennellese(OC) a large tree, Calophyllum inophyllum L., used for canoes, bowls, curved house rafters, slit drums; its roots used for fishhooks; its flowers as adornments POC *pitaquR

hetayJarai(WMP) liver PMP *qatay

hetenAsilulu(CMP) millet (Panicum spp.) PMP *beteŋ₁

hetesNgaju Dayak(WMP) cutting through (of rope, rattan, etc.) PMP *qetes

hetiAsilulu(CMP) kick (with a jerk of one's knee); jerk something upward PAN *betik₁

hetuAsilulu(CMP) get up, wake up PMP *betu

hetuKamarian(CMP) wake up; stand up PMP *betu

HeTuRPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) scrotum PAN *qeCuR

hetutoGorontalo(WMP) hundred PMP *Ratus

hetu-turuMotu(OC) to drop, drip (of liquids, rain, etc.) POC *turuq

hetuʔuRennellese(OC) star, constellation POC *pituqun

heuRotinese(CMP) bind together; roof of a house (tying lontar leaves or bundles or alang-alang grass to the slats of the roof) PCMP *peu

hevel-enManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) woven cloth on the loom which is not yet complete PWMP *habel-en

he-wue he-wueHawu(CMP) each, every, of fruits, eggs, etc. PMP *buaq

heyatGaloli(CMP) heavy PMP *beReqat

heyuGaloli(CMP) new PMP *baqeRu


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h-hoaNukuoro(OC) crack open; break into pieces; cut a hole in POC *posaq


TOP      h~    ha        hc    hd    he    hh    hi    hl    hm    hn    ho    hr    ht    hu    hw    hy    


hiIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) a personal noun determiner PAN *si₁

Hawaiian(OC) flow; hiss PMP *sit

hiIfugaw(WMP) article and nominative case marker of names of persons (e.g. hi Aligúyun) and kinship appellations (e.g. hi ama ‘my father’) PAN *si₁

hiJavanese(WMP) exclamation of revulsion or fear PMP *qi₁

hiMalay(WMP) gee-up; go on. A word of command to elephants. PMP *qi₁

hiManggarai(CMP) article preceding the name of persons (and animals in tales) PMP *ki₂ₐ

hiLakalai(OC) exclamation of excitement PMP *qi₁

hiNgaju Dayak(WMP) cry of pain, etc. PMP *qi₁

hiSaisiyat(Formosan) marker of personal names PAN *si₁

hiaAtayal(Formosan) 3sg. PAN *si ia₁

hiaBugotu(OC) nine PMP *siwa

-hiaHawaiian(OC) how many?, how much? POC *pica

hiáIfugaw(WMP) 3sg. PAN *si ia₁

hiaKapingamarangi(OC) much, many (question) POC *pica

hiaʔKayan(WMP) salt PAN *qasiRa

hiaKlata(WMP) he, she PAN *si ia₁

hiaNorth Tanna(OC) where POC *pia

hiaNukuoro(OC) how many? [in compounds only] POC *pica

(h)iaOld Javanese(WMP) indeed, so, in fact, truly, right PAN *qia

hiaRennellese(OC) how many?, how much? POC *pica

hiaSundanese(WMP) spur someone on, encourage, incite PAN *qia

hia ~ whiaMaori(OC) interrogative numeral: how many?; an indefinite numeral: several (three, more or less) POC *pica

hiadKadazan Dusun(WMP) to push back with hands, move back; tilted PWMP *liad

hi-ahiKapingamarangi(OC) evening PAN *Rabi-Rabi

hiakAsilulu(CMP) cut wood (for kindling) PMP *biqak

hiaʔ nekKayan(WMP) fine salt PAN *qasiRa

hia-ñaBugotu(OC) ninth PMP *siwa

hiaŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) grandfather PWMP *qiaŋ

hiaŋ, yaŋMalay(WMP) divinity; Godhead. Usually in compounds, e.g. PWMP *qiaŋ

hiapToba Batak(WMP) produce by fanning or blowing of the wind (as a fire) PWMP *kiab

hiap kepKayan(WMP) a brooding hen PMP *ekep

hiauBanjarese(WMP) call to someone PAN *qiaw

hiauNgaju Dayak(WMP) the call, sound produced by animals or birds PAN *qiaw

hiaʔ uŋKayan(WMP) coarse salt PAN *qasiRa

hibaRaga(OC) peel with knife POC *siba

hibásTagalog(WMP) reduced in intensity (said of fever or storm), low tide PPh *hebás

híbeIfugaw(WMP) eaves of a pyramidal roof in the sense of the lower edges of the four slopes that overhang the walls of an Ifugaw house or granary PPH *sibay

hibíkTagalog(WMP) pleading, supplication; sob PWMP *he(m)bek

hi-bílinCebuano(WMP) be left behind (as a passenger when a boat leaves); be the amount remaining; for a girl to fail to get married PPh *hi-bilín

hi-bílin, i-bílinAklanon(WMP) leave behind; order, request PPh *hi-bilín

hibúgIfugaw(WMP) sprinkling of water PMP *simbuR

hibulIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) a brothy moistener for cooked rice or sweet potatoes; for someone to moisten food such as rice or sweet potatoes with a brothy moistener, either in a spoon or in the mouth PMP *simbuR

híbunCebuano(WMP) for a depression to get filled up or covered PMP *hibun

hi-bútuʔCebuano(WMP) to castrate animals PMP *butuq

hicepAmis(Formosan) to slurp water PAN *hisep

hichetItbayaten(WMP) idea of winding PMP *hiket

hiciTsou(Formosan) leather PAN *qaNiC

hicuTsou(Formosan) spirit, god PAN *qaNiCu

hidaMotu(OC) how many? POC *pica

hída, ihdá vianIfugaw(WMP) what is eaten with rice or sweet potatoes PPh *sidáq

hi-dalómMasbatenyo(WMP) deep (this has both a literal and a figurative meaning); deep part PMP *dalem

hidámBikol(WMP) to borrow PWMP *hinzam

(h)idamMalay(WMP) morbid craving. Especially of a pregnant woman's craving for some special food PWMP *qidam

hidámRemontado(WMP) borrow PWMP *hinzam

(h)idapMalay(WMP) protraction (of illness, sorrow or fasting). PWMP *hidap

hidekKayan(WMP) tired from sobbing PWMP *si(n)dek

hidemAyta Abellan(WMP) generic term for ant PWMP *sijem

(h)idepOld Javanese(WMP) eye-lashes PWMP *qizep

h-idíIfugaw(WMP) there yonder, that yonder (3p) PMP *i-di

hidiPatpatar(OC) to plait POC *pijir, pijir-i

hidioMotu(OC) flesh; lean of meat; grain of wood, muscle POC *pijiko

hidioMotu(OC) flesh, lean of meat, grain of wood POC *pisiko

hidoMotu(OC) wild cane growing by the riverside POC *piso₁

hidoMotu(OC) a wild cane growing by the riverside POC *pijo

hidogoʔManobo (Ata)(WMP) sleep PPh *hideRáq

hidopToba Batak(WMP) blink, wink PWMP *ki(n)zep

hiduKapingamarangi(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

hiduNukuoro(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

(h)iduOld Javanese(WMP) spittle, saliva PWMP *qizuR

hídu etiKambera(CMP) (lit. 'sick/painful liver') heartsick, offended, hurt; disgruntled PMP *X₄ + qatay

hidupMalay(WMP) living, being alive; rise (of the sun) PAN *qudip₁

hieMa'anyan(WMP) who? PMP *sei

hiemSundanese(WMP) (of a horse) to neigh, whinny PWMP *qiem₁

hifiTboli(WMP) cheek PMP *pihpih

hifoNias(WMP) poison PWMP *qipuq

hifoNiue(OC) down, downwards, southwards, westwards; to go down, to go south or west; below, under POC *sipo

hifoTongan(OC) to go down, descend; to dismount, get down, get out (of a vehicle), alight; to get off, go ashore (from a boat), disembark; to go down to the beach (from farther inland) or into the water (from the land); to be deposed or dismissed from office POC *sipo

hifo-hifoNiue(OC) inclining downwards POC *sipo

hifuRotuman(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

higáʔTagalog(WMP) lying down; fallen flat on the back PPh *hideRáq

higamChamorro(WMP) traditional adze of clam shell or stone PMP *kiRam

higaŋAyta Abellan(WMP) to cook fish, shrimp, or pork with something sour (like adding tomatoes, tamarind, guava, etc.) PPH *sigáŋ

higdáʔBikol(WMP) lie down, repose PPh *hideRáq

higdáʔCebuano(WMP) lie down PPh *hideRáq

higiNggela(OC) to break wind POC *siki

higiRennellese(OC) to braid, lash, twist; construct, build a nest PMP *pirit

higiRennellese(OC) to choose, select, vote; to be choosy, selective PAN *piliq

higiRennellese(OC) to braid, lash, twist; to construct, build a nest POC *pilit

hígiŋTagalog(WMP) tone, cue to start singing; something heard vaguely and not well understood PMP *heReŋ

higi-ŋaRennellese(OC) choice, selection, preference; plants selected for planting PAN *piliq

higi-tiNggela(OC) to break wind POC *siki

higit-ínTagalog(WMP) be pulled until taut or tight PWMP *heRet-en

higoRennellese(OC) to coil, braid; to mix, as food, or as persons with others unlike himself POC *piro

higo-higoRennellese(OC) to mix, connect; be mixed (as a person's ancestry); area between shallow and deep blue sea POC *piro

hígopAklanon(WMP) inhale, sip PMP *hiRup

hígopBikol(WMP) to siphon, sip PMP *hiRup

hígopTagalog(WMP) sip PMP *hiRup

hígop-onBikol(WMP) be siphoned, sipped by PWMP *hiRup-en

hígotAklanon(WMP) tie up PPh *hiRét

higótAklanon(WMP) string (for tying) PPH *higút

higótBikol(WMP) taut, tight; tense PPh *hiRét

higótWaray-Waray(WMP) the act of tying up, fastening or binding; anything used in tying up purposes; string; cord PPH *higút

hígotAklanon(WMP) to tie up PPH *higút

higótBikol(WMP) taut, tight, tense PPH *higút

higót-anBikol(WMP) tighten a part of something PPh *hiRet-an

higpítBikol(WMP) strict, tight (as regulations); drastic, harsh, rigid, stringent PPh *hig(e)pít

higpítCebuano(WMP) narrow, for something to be small such that it restricts motion, causes difficulty PPh *hig(e)pít

higpítHanunóo(WMP) tightness, seriousness, gravity PPh *hig(e)pít

higpítTagalog(WMP) tightness; strictness, severity; restriction, limitation PPh *hig(e)pít

higpít-onBikol(WMP) be enforced (as regulations), be tightened (as restrictions) PPh *hig(e)pít-en

higuBauro(OC) star POC *pituqun

hígupCebuano(WMP) sip, take in liquid by sucking it up with air; take in air in the same manner PMP *hiRup

hígupHiligaynon(WMP) sip, suck up, slurp, as a soup PMP *hiRup

hiɣupManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) sip a liquid by sucking it in with the breath PMP *hiRup

hígup-anTagalog(WMP) sipping tube PWMP *hiRup-an

higup-án, higup-ánanCebuano(WMP) something from which one sips a liquid PWMP *hiRup-an

higútCebuano(WMP) tie something up; tie something to something PPh *hiRét

higútHanunóo(WMP) tie, tying PPh *hiRét

higútHiligaynon(WMP) rope, string PPh *hiRét

higut-anManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) a string or cord belt which is sewed into the waist of a pair of trousers PPH *higut-an

hihNehan(OC) peel with the hand, peel off in strips PCEMP *sisi₃

hihi-Asilulu(CMP) mouth; orifice; lip PMP *bibiR

hihiHawaiian(OC) entangle, creep, spread, intertwine, intermingle; entangled; web; a large-meshed fish net POC *pisi₁

híhiMalagasy(WMP) scraped, as the flesh from bones, or as the skin scrapted from roots, etc.; erased PAN *kiskis

hihiNggela(OC) to scoop out the white flesh of a coconut; to push out, prise out; to open, as a tin PCEMP *sisi₃

hihiPaulohi(CMP) lip PMP *bibiR

hihiSelaru(CMP) lip, mouth PMP *bibiR

hihiTongan(OC) shellfish, like a hard-shelled snail PMP *sisi₁

hihiTongan(OC) to scoop out, gouge out (of clams); to open with a knife and detach the flesh PCEMP *sisi₃

hihiHitu(CMP) mouth PMP *bibiR

hihikManggarai(CMP) sound of laughter PMP *gikgik

hī-hī-manuHawaiian(OC) various stingrays (Dasyatidae) and eagle rays (Myliobatidae) (with assimilation of *hai-hai to hī-hī). PMP *paRih manuk

hihi-na'Āre'āre(OC) labia POC *pipiR

hihi-onNehan(OC) peelings PCEMP *sisi₃

hi-hiri-anSundanese(WMP) argue with one another about who will have to do something PWMP *qiRih-an

hihìs-anaMalagasy(WMP) be scraped PAN *gisgis₁

hīhī-wai (length unexplained)Hawaiian(OC) grainy snail (Neritina), in both fresh and brackish water, eaten both cooked and raw PMP *sisi₁

híhyMalagasy(WMP) scraped, as the flesh from bones, the skin from roots, etc. PAN *gisgis₁

hiiKamarian(CMP) snap lice between the fingernails PCMP *biqit

hɨɨhSundanese(WMP) yes, right, correct PMP *heqe

hiɨmSundanese(WMP) shade, shadow PWMP *qiem₂

hiim, himá-nPuluwat(OC) kind of fairly large edible tridacna PMP *kima

hijauMalay(WMP) dark-colored; a name given to greens and blues, as the prevailing color in the jungle and the sea PWMP *hizaw

(h)ɨjɨnSundanese(WMP) press down in defecation or childbirth PMP *qezen

hikKayan(WMP) threshed rice; rice separated from straw PAN *Riqek

hikManggarai(CMP) short sudden laugh PMP *kik

hikaRotinese(CMP) laugh loudly PMP *pikak

hikaHawu(CMP) morning bird, named from its cry PMP *pikak

hīkadIfugaw(WMP) act of pushing, bumping, striking, kicking something with one’s foot or feet (as in bumping one’s foot against a stone to move it out of the way, stamping into the mud of a rice field to avoid sliding when one is about to hurl a spear toward an adversary PPH *síkad

hikád-anIfugaw(WMP) the bulky block of wood, or a heavy stone, against which the weaver (who sits at the end of the weaving loom) presses her feet when weaving PPH *sikád-an

hikairNarum(WMP) rasp, file PAN *kiRkiR

hikamManobo (Dibabawon)(WMP) mat PMP *hikam

(h)ikanOld Javanese(WMP) fish PMP *hikan

hika-pituTausug(WMP) seventh PMP *ika-pitu

hika-túlugCebuano(WMP) fall asleep PAN *tuduR

hiketSika(CMP) pinch, clench; insert something between PMP *si(ŋ)ket

hiketManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) tie up; commit suicide PMP *hiket

hiketManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to tie up; to commit suicide PWMP *hiket

hikhikAyta Abellan(WMP) to remove lice from one’s hair, delouse PWMP *siksik₁

hikhikAyta Abellan(WMP) scales on a fish; to remove the scales PMP *siksik₂

hiknátCebuano(WMP) pull slightly with the fingers as if stretching something PPh *hikñat

hikoWakasihu(CMP) adze PMP *biŋkuŋ

hikoʔKayan(WMP) elbow PAN *sikux

hikoMaori(OC) snatch POC *sikop

hikoʔSaisiyat(Formosan) elbow PAN *sikux

hikoAyta Maganchi(WMP) elbow PAN *sikux

hikof-iTongan(OC) to pick up with tongs POC *sikop

híkotBikol(WMP) net, now primarily used for fishing, but in the past used for hunting as well PMP *hiket

híkotBikol(WMP) net, now primarily used for fishing, but in the past used for hunting as well PWMP *hiket

hikót-onBikol(WMP) be made into a net from PWMP *hiket-en

hikouKadazan Dusun(WMP) coil PAN *likaw

hikuAsilulu(CMP) to adze wood, to hew and shape wood; an adze PMP *biŋkuŋ

hikuBunun(Formosan) back PAN *likud

hikuHawaiian(OC) seven; seventh PAN *pitu₁

híkuIfugaw(WMP) elbow; also applied to paths, roads, ricefield dikes, things that are provided with projections, that resemble an elbow PAN *sikux

hikuKadazan Dusun(WMP) to bend (a branch) PMP *likuq

hikuLuangiua(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

hikuMaori(OC) tail of a fish or reptile; rear of an army on march, or of a company of travellers; tip of a leaf, etc.; point; headwaters of a river POC *siku

hikuNiue(OC) end, tail; small end of a tree trunk usually cut into firewood POC *siku

hikuTongan(OC) tail (especially of fish or reptile); end (e.g. of rope or string); tip (of a leaf); lower end POC *siku

*hikuʔPAty(Formosan) elbow PAN *sikux

hiku ~ sikuLamaholot(CMP) elbow PAN *sikux

hikudKadazan Dusun(WMP) the back PAN *likud

hiku-hikuMaori(OC) eaves of a house POC *siku

hiku-hikuTongan(OC) top(s) or tip(s) projecting upwards; tip (of a branch), topmost branch (of a tree) POC *siku

hiku-onKadazan Dusun(WMP) to be bent PMP *likuq

hikupKadazan Dusun(WMP) envelop, cover PWMP *likup₁

hikup-anKadazan (Kimanis)(WMP) to cover PWMP *likup-an

hikútCebuano(WMP) tie something up; tie something to something PMP *hiket

hikutoKaidipang(WMP) grass PWMP *rikut

hilSeimat(OC) how many? POC *pica

hil, pilLabel(OC) lightning; to flash, of lightning POC *pilak₂

hilaAsilulu(CMP) giant taro: Alocasia macrorrhiza PMP *biRaq₁

hílaBikol(WMP) a work song sung when pulling or hauling PWMP *hilah

hilaKambera(CMP) to glow, gleam, flame PMP *silak₁

hilaKambera(CMP) to glow, shine, flame PMP *sirak₁

hilaKlata(WMP) they PMP *ida

hilaSoboyo(CMP) how much/how many? PAN *pijax

hílaTagalog(WMP) pull; drag; tow, towing; the thing pulled; a cartload or carload as a unit of measure; attraction, invitation PWMP *hilah

hílabCebuano(WMP) empty or smarting sensation in the stomach, caused by hunger, fear, or acidity PPH *hilab

hílabTagalog(WMP) spasm; a convulsive action causing pain in the abdomen PPH *hilab

híla(h)Aklanon(WMP) to pull PWMP *hilah

(h)ilam-(h)ilamMalay(WMP) dimly or intermittently visible, as the flight of a bird in the distance PMP *qilem

hilaŋMalay(WMP) loss, disappearance, death; of loss generally PMP *qilaŋ

hilaŋ, ilaŋOld Javanese(WMP) vanished, disappeared, lost, destroyed, dead, come to an end, ceased PMP *qilaŋ

hilapBinukid(WMP) to cut a slice off (something) PPH *hírap

hílapCebuano(WMP) to cut a wide slice off s.t. PPH *hírap

hilapManggarai(CMP) radiance (of lightning) PMP *kilab

hilapManggarai(CMP) brilliance, illumination (of lightning); a transient impression (as of something rapidly passing by) PMP *kilap

hilapToba Batak(WMP) lightning, flash of lightning PMP *kilap

hilapManggarai(CMP) radiance (of lightning) PMP *gilap

hiláp-onBikol(WMP) to slice meat PPH *hilap-en

hílasTagalog(WMP) cutting off of palm leaf-blades from rib, or of banana stem segments from trunk PMP *hiras

hilatManggarai(CMP) lightning PMP *kilat₁

hílatTagalog(WMP) stretching of an opening (as by pulling down the eyelid) PMP *hilat

(h)ilauMalay(WMP) shimmering (as sunlight on rippling water) PMP *qilaw

hiláwAklanon(WMP) raw, uncooked; unripe PPh *hiláw

hiláwBikol(WMP) raw, half-cooked (meat, vegetables); immature (fruits, vegetables) PPh *hiláw

hiláwCebuano(WMP) uncooked, raw; unripe, green PPh *hiláw

hilawTagalog(WMP) uncooked; green, unripe; raw PPh *hiláw

hi-lawodItbayaten(WMP) north wind PAN *Si-lahud

hi-lawr-enItbayaten(WMP) disease caused by north wind PAN *Si-lahud

hilaʔAyta Abellan(WMP) shining of sun or moon; rays of sun or moon PAN *silaq

hilekItbayaten(WMP) blackish or smoke-colored fish: Kyphosus cinerascens, Lutianus erythropterus Forskal PPH *hilek

hilemAyta Abellan(WMP) afternoon PWMP *silem

hilemAyta Abellan(WMP) afternoon PWMP *sidem

hiletKayan(WMP) tight-fitting -- of clothes, and generally PWMP *silet

hileud-anSundanese(WMP) having caterpillars or worms (of a tree or plant), worm-eaten PMP *qulej-an

hileud-eunSundanese(WMP) swelling at the tip or joint of the finger, whitlow PMP *qulej-en

hilewManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) unripe, uncooked PPh *hiláw

hiliHawaiian(OC) to braid, plait, string, as a lei or Candlenuts; a braid, plaiting, string; to turn, deviate, wander, stray PMP *pirit

hiliHawaiian(OC) to braid, plait, string, as a lei or candlenuts; a braid, plaiting, string; to turn, deviate, wander, stray POC *pilit

híliIfugaw(WMP) strong, dazzling rays of the sun PMP *sili

hiliItbayaten(WMP) town proper, habitual living place; point of departure PMP *hili

hiliKapingamarangi(OC) to choose, to select; choice PAN *piliq

hiliNias(WMP) mountain, hill, mountain chain, row of hills PMP *qilih

hiliNukuoro(OC) pick from among several, choose, elect; particular (choosy) about PAN *piliq

(h)iliOld Javanese(WMP) flowing, current PWMP *qiliR

hiliRotuman(OC) to pick out, choose, select, elect; to pick and choose, to show either discrimination or favoritism PAN *piliq

hiliSa'a(OC) to choose for one’s own, to desire and take PAN *piliq

hiliTeluti(CMP) post PCEMP *adiRi

hiliTetun(CMP) to pick up from the ground; to arrange PAN *piliq

hiliTetun (Dili)(CMP) to choose PAN *piliq

hilISoutheast Ambrym(OC) hair, feather POC *pulu₃

híligAklanon(WMP) fond of, inclined to, having a liking for; hobby PPh *hírig

híligCebuano(WMP) leaning, tilted to one side; develop a tendency, inclination PPh *hírig

hiligItbayaten(WMP) inclination PPh *hírig

híligTagalog(WMP) inclination, leaning position; propensity, tendency PPh *hírig

hilígTagalog(WMP) inclined PPh *hírig

hili-helapManggarai(CMP) thunderbolt -- i.e., lightning that strikes something PMP *gelap₁

hili-hiliHawaiian(OC) to braid, plait, string POC *piri-piri

hili-hiliNias(WMP) hill, knoll PMP *qilih

hili-hiliNukuoro(OC) choose carefully from among many; election PMP *piliq piliq

hilíkTagalog(WMP) snore, snoring PPh *helek

hilíŋBikol(WMP) a look; look at, look over, admire PWMP *hiliŋ

hilíŋBikol(WMP) a look; look at, look over, admire PWMP *iliŋ₂

hilíŋCebuano(WMP) examine something carefully, touching it to see what is there; examine one's health PWMP *hiliŋ

híliŋHanunóo(WMP) looking at something, usually near by PWMP *hiliŋ

(h)ilirMalay(WMP) flowing down; movement or situation downstream PWMP *qiliR

hilirSundanese(WMP) downstream location, what is downstream or lower downriver PWMP *qiliR

hilir-anOld Javanese(WMP) flow, current PWMP *qiliR-an

hili-siSa'a(OC) to pick, to choose PAN *piliq

hilítAklanon(WMP) corner, side PPh *hilít

hilítCebuano(WMP) secluded, isolated in location (as a place with no near neighbors) PPh *hilít

hɨlɨtSundanese(WMP) interval of space or time PMP *qelet

hɨlɨt-hɨlɨt-anSundanese(WMP) with intervening spaces, at intervals, irregular (as visits) PWMP *qelet qelet

hilloToba Batak(WMP) the Batak mirror, a piece of polished metal PWMP *kilaw₂

híloBikol(WMP) poison PWMP *hilu

hiloHawaiian(OC) to twist, braid, spin; twisted, braided, threadlike; faint streak of light POC *piro

hiloLakalai(OC) to see POC *qiro

hiloNukuoro(OC) mix; braid strands of sennit POC *piro

híloTagalog(WMP) dizziness, giddiness, vertigo PWMP *hilu

hiloAyta Abellan(WMP) rope of hallong trap (trap for wild chicken); to trap with a rope PPH *síluq

hilo-aNukuoro(OC) mix, braid strands of sennit POC *piro-a

hílodTagalog(WMP) scrubbing of skin to remove dirt PPh *hírud

hilo-hiloHawaiian(OC) lengthen a speech or story by inserting new matter; embroider or spin out a tale POC *piro

hílomBikol(WMP) in secret; clandestine, covert, furtive, surreptitious PWMP *lihem

hiloŋAyta Abellan(WMP) under PPH *siluŋ

hílotAklanon(WMP) restore a broken bone; massage PPh *hílut

hílotTagalog(WMP) midwife; massaging PPh *hílut

hilúCebuano(WMP) poison ingested; poison something or someone PWMP *hilu

hiluSa'a(OC) a ridge covering of sago-palm leaves, laid on flat POC *piRu

hiluManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to poison; poison PWMP *hilu

hiluTboli(WMP) how many?, how much? PAN *pijax

hilu-hiluSa'a(OC) zigzag POC *piluk₂

hiluh-ínTagalog(WMP) to make someone dizzy PWMP *hilu

hílumCebuano(WMP) silent, quiet; secret, not overt (as secret love); keep something secret, hush something up PWMP *hidem

hílutCebuano(WMP) massage, pull the bones for medicinal purposes PPh *hílut

hílutHanunóo(WMP) massage PPh *hílut

hílutHiligaynon(WMP) midwife; to massage, rub PPh *hílut

hilutManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to massage a part of the body PPh *hílut

hílut-unHiligaynon(WMP) to massage, rub PPh *hílut-en

hi-mManipa(CMP) vagina PAN *puki

himaBunun(Formosan) five PAN *lima

himaChamorro(WMP) clam – various bivalve mollusks (venus mercenaria) PMP *kima

hímaIfugaw(WMP) barblike end of a fishhook PPH *símaq

himaMalagasy(WMP) a kind of shell (provincial) PMP *kima

himaManggarai(CMP) oyster PMP *kima

himaToba Batak(WMP) large white marine shellfish from which armbands for the upper arm are made (probably < Malay) PMP *kima

hi ma-biláuIfugaw(WMP) in uncultivated land, i.e. in the places where many canes grow PAN *biRaSu

hímagCebuano(WMP) oil with magical healing properties obtained from a special kind of leech PMP *himaR

hi-mateyManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) kill PMP *m-atay

himatokKadazan Dusun(WMP) jungle leech PWMP *qali-matek

himatónTagalog(WMP) giving of directions to find the way to a place; information, news, or instructions sent over PPh *himatún

him-bukonKadazan Dusun(WMP) hill-pigeon PWMP *buken₂

him-bulbúlCebuano(WMP) dress fowl or birds by plucking the feathers PPh *hi-bulbul

him-búligCebuano(WMP) producing lots and lots of bunches PMP *buliR

him-búligIfugaw(WMP) one bunch of bananas PMP *buliR

himbunKadazan Dusun(WMP) pile up; heaped up PMP *limbun

hɨmhɨmSundanese(WMP) hold something long in the mouth, conceal in the mouth PAN *qemqem

himílTagalog(WMP) idle tapping with the point of the fingers, doodling PWMP *hemel

hɨmɨyManobo (Tigwa)(WMP) cooked rice PMP *hemay

himmoKlata(WMP) who? PAN *si-ima

himoKadazan Dusun(WMP) five PAN *lima

himpalToba Batak(WMP) lumpy, clotted; massive; rigid, of things that normally should be fluid PWMP *kimpal

(h)impasMalay(WMP) (W. Sumatra) entirety, all; (Java) paid off, settled (of a debt) PMP *qimpas

himpitMalay(WMP) squeezing pressure PMP *qipit

himponAcehnese(WMP) collected, gathered PMP *qi(m)pun

him-pūluIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) the number ten PAN *puluq₁

(h)impunJavanese(WMP) small edible fishes that collect in huge compact masses at sea PMP *hipun₁

himpunJavanese(WMP) collect, compile PMP *qi(m)pun

himpunMalay(WMP) assembly in one place; gathering PMP *qi(m)pun

himukudəʔSangir(WMP) soul; ghost of a departed person PPH *Rimukud

hin-Bikol(WMP) prefix which conveys the meaning of removing something PMP *hin-

hiN-Cebuano(WMP) prefix forming verbs which mean 1. be almost (such-and-such) a state, time of day, 2. referring to an intense action, 3. added to nouns to form a verb meaning 'get the (noun) out', 4. added to a few verb bases to form nouns referring to an accidental or involuntary action PMP *hin-

hin-Tagalog(WMP) prefix indicating removal, cleaning or the like PMP *hin-

h-ináIfugaw(WMP) that, there (2p) PMP *i-na

hinaLarike(CMP) female, woman PCEMP *b<in>ai

hinaNggela(OC) to glow, shine; sunlight, in the sun; hot weather, heat of the sun; summer; the sun (rare, usually aho) PMP *sinaR

hi-nablúkCebuano(WMP) eat something in great quantity to PPH *sab(e)lék

hīnagIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) an afterglow emitted by the sun’s rays after sunset PMP *sinaR

hínagIfugaw(WMP) reddish rays of the sun before evening darkness PMP *sinaR

hínamCebuano(WMP) eager, intensely desirous (as to eat) PPh *hínam

h-in-amuKadazan Dusun(WMP) mixture (of food) PWMP *lamuj

h<in>anNarum(WMP) was eaten by someone PAN *k<in>aen

hinana'Āre'āre(OC) taro pudding PMP *p<in>aŋan

hi-nánaʔCebuano(WMP) take out pus PMP *nanaq

hina-nakítTagalog(WMP) umbrage; resentment; suspicion that one has been slighted or injured; feeling offended; grudge, ill will; a sullen feeling against PMP *sakit

hinaŋa'Āre'āre(OC) taro pudding PMP *p<in>aŋan

hinaŋaArosi(OC) yams for sacrifices, one or two tubers; seed yams for planting; vegetable food PMP *p<in>aŋan

hinaŋaArosi(OC) yams for sacrifices, one or two tubers; seeds yams for planting; vegetable food PMP *p<in>aŋan

hinaŋaSa'a(OC) a yam pudding eaten at sacrifices PMP *p<in>aŋan

hinaŋaSa'a(OC) yam pudding PMP *p<in>aŋan

hin-aŋk-anCebuano(WMP) hen that has raised a brood PPh *hin-anak-an

h<in>aŋlagIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) fine roasted cereal PMP *s<in>aŋelaR

hina otaBugotu(OC) midday PMP *sinaR

hinaraBugotu(OC) to shine, of moon, stars, firefly, lamp; a light PMP *sinaR

h-in-atepOld Javanese(WMP) cover with a roof PWMP *q<in>atep

h-in-atep-anOld Javanese(WMP) put a roof on something PWMP *q<in>atep-an

hin-a-tulíCebuano(WMP) instrument for getting earwax out PMP *tuli₁

hináwCebuano(WMP) wash the hands PMP *hiñaw

hináwHiligaynon(WMP) wash hands or feet PMP *hiñaw

hináwTagalog(WMP) washing of hands or feet PMP *hiñaw

hinawaItbayaten(WMP) breath, respiration PMP *nihawa

hinaw-anCebuano(WMP) wash basin PMP *hiñaw-an

hínaw-anTagalog(WMP) wash-bowl PMP *hiñaw-an

hi-nawnáwCebuano(WMP) rinse PAN *ñawñaw

h-in-awu-hawuOld Javanese(WMP) make into powder PWMP *q<in>abu

hin-basáʔCebuano(WMP) wash someone's feet PMP *baseq

hindemNgaju Dayak(WMP) image that is unclear because of distance or darkness PWMP *qidem

hindemNgaju Dayak(WMP) image that is unclear because of distance or darkness PWMP *qi(n)dem

hindíʔTagalog(WMP) no, not PWMP *hediq

hindíkTagalog(WMP) continuous and agonizing hard breathing; last agonizing breath of the dying PPh *hendek

hindolAyta Abellan(WMP) bumping or striking the head against something PPH *sindul

hin-dopáIfugaw(WMP) one fathom length PAN *depah

hin-duaSangir(WMP) soul (Sasahara speech); twin PMP *duha

hin-du-dwáIfugaw(WMP) two for each PMP *duha

hindzakaMalagasy(WMP) dance PMP *ki(n)zak

hineMaori(OC) girl; chiefly used in addressing a girl or young woman, never used with an article or definitive; daughter POC *pine

hineNukuoro(OC) female, woman (must be preceded by an article) POC *pine

hineb, inebOld Javanese(WMP) being shut; door-panel PAN *qiNeb

h-in-embanOld Javanese(WMP) carry on both arms or in a carrying shawl; hold on one's lap; to nurse, be the guardian of PMP *h<in>eban

(hi)neŋKayan(WMP) face PWMP *sineŋ

hineŋKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) see PWMP *sineŋ

hine-ŋaMaori(OC) girlhood POC *pine

(h)inepOld Javanese(WMP) spend the night PAN *qinep

hiniAsilulu(CMP) seeds for planting PMP *binehiq

hiniErai(CMP) seed-rice PMP *binehiq

h-iniSaisiyat(Formosan) this, here PAN *i-ni

hiniSelaru(CMP) seedling PMP *binehiq

hini-hKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) here PWMP *si-ni

hi-niŋáHanunóo(WMP) picking of one's teeth PMP *tiŋah

hi-níŋa(h)Aklanon(WMP) take out food particles between one's teeth PMP *tiŋah

hi-noSambal (Botolan)(WMP) who? PPh *si-nu

h-inoʔKayan(WMP) where? PAN *inu

hi-noSiraya(Formosan) where? PAN *-nu₁

hi-noʔKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) where? PAN *-nu₁

hinógTagalog(WMP) ripe (usually said of fruits) PPH *hinuR

hinógBikol(WMP) ripe, mature PPH *hinuR

h-in-osogKadazan Dusun(WMP) the speed of flowing or streaming water; the stream of water, the current PWMP *seleg

hin-púsudCebuano(WMP) cut the umbilical cord; instrument for cutting the umbilical cord PMP *pusej

hiN-siksíkCebuano(WMP) for birds and fowls to preen their feathers; search for nits in the head by running the strands of hair between thumb and forefinger PWMP *siksik₁

hintaiMalay(WMP) prying; watching secretly PWMP *hintay

hintáyTagalog(WMP) wait! PWMP *hintay

hin-tu-túroʔTagalog(WMP) index finger PAN *tuzuq₁

hinuSa'a(OC) bark; shell of shellfish POC *pinut

hinúgCebuano(WMP) ripe (as bananas); for a cold to be at a late stage, when the mucus gets thick; for acne or a small pimple to come to a head PPH *hinuR

hinugBinukid(WMP) ripe (fruit, etc.); for fruit, etc. to be ripe; to let fruit ripen; for a boil to be ready to burst PPH *hinuR

hinugTausug(WMP) (of fruit) ripe PPH *hinuR

h-in-úgasCebuano(WMP) dishwasher PMP *huRas

h-in-úmayBikol(WMP) the dish prepared in this way} PMP *hemay

h<in>unih-anToba Batak(WMP) rice colored yellow with turmeric PWMP *k<in>uñij-an

h<in>uŋáwCebuano(WMP) gas or air exuded PMP *heŋaw

hinu(wa)Paamese(OC) Macaranga tanarius POC *pinuan

hi-ñawLeipon(OC) widow POC *ñao

hi-ñawLeipon(OC) widow POC *ñaRo

hi-ñawLoniu(OC) widow POC *ñao

hi-ñawLoniu(OC) widow POC *ñaRo

hinʔekAyta Abellan(WMP) to hiccup PPH *sin(e)qek

hi-ŋáeanAklanon(WMP) to pronounce, say, name PMP *ŋajan

híŋakCebuano(WMP) breathe deeply and rapidly PPh *híŋak

(h)iŋarMalay(WMP) noise, disturbance PWMP *qiŋeR

hi-ŋáʔunCebuano(WMP) fond of eating PAN *kaen

hiŋawAyta Abellan(WMP) fumes, vapor, steam; the steam from boiling water PPH *siŋaw

hiŋeLuangiua(OC) woman POC *pine

hiŋetKayan(WMP) bee, wasp PWMP *siŋ(e)het

hiŋgaMalay(WMP) as far as, until; limit; boundary; end PMP *qiŋga

hiŋgaNgaju Dayak(WMP) aim, goal, limit; way, manner; until, as far as PMP *qiŋga

hiŋgaSundanese(WMP) border (but only in negative expressions) PMP *qiŋga

hiŋ-gahútIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) one hundred PMP *Ratus

hiŋ-gahútIfugaw(WMP) one hundred PMP *Ratus

(h)iŋga-nBanjarese(WMP) boundary, border; as far as PMP *qiŋga

hiŋga-nMalay(WMP) boundary PMP *qiŋga

hiŋiAyta Abellan(WMP) half hand of bananas; to buy one at a time PPH *siŋiq

hiŋiʔUma(WMP) jealous PWMP *siŋit

hiŋinAyta Abellan(WMP) twins PPH *síŋin

hiŋkikSundanese(WMP) kind of grey predatory night bird named from its piercing cry PWMP *qikqik

hiŋkikSundanese(WMP) kind of grey predatory night bird named from its piercing cry PWMP *qi(ŋ)kik

hiŋ-kuku-hónBikol(WMP) to clean the nails PMP *kukuh

hiŋ-tuli-ónBikol(WMP) to clean wax from the ears PMP *tuli₁

híŋusCebuano(WMP) sniffle, draw the snot up into the nose PMP *hiŋus

híŋusCebuano(WMP) sniffle, draw the snot up into the nose PWMP *Siŋus

(h)iŋusMalay(WMP) snot; mucus from the nose PMP *hiŋus

híŋus-híŋusCebuano(WMP) kind of peppery dish made from chicken intestines PMP *hiŋus

hi-ŋutóAklanon(WMP) to take out lice from someone’s hair PMP *kutu₁

hioPadoe(WMP) salt PAN *qasiRa

hioTaba(SHWNG) well, good PMP *pia₂

hioloSa'a(OC) hungry POC *pitolon

hi oloʔUma(WMP) in between PMP *qelet

hiolo-ŋaSa'a(OC) famine POC *pitolon

hio-rapoTsou(Formosan) seeds for sowing PAN *Rahap

hioro'Āre'āre(OC) to fast, starve POC *pitolon

hioroArosi(OC) hungry POC *pitolon

hioro-haArosi(OC) famine, hunger POC *pitolon

hioro-na'Āre'āre(OC) hunger, fasting, famine, starvation POC *pitolon

hípaʔBikol(WMP) wait for in hiding; ambush, waylay, spring upon, set upon; to lurk, skulk, slink, sneak PMP *hipaʔ

hipaNiue(OC) to slant slightly, to be askew, to list POC *siba₂

hipaTongan(OC) to be slanting, crooked, out of line, out of alignment or not parallel POC *siba₂

hípagAklanon(WMP) sister-in-law PMP *hipaR₁

hípagHiligaynon(WMP) sister-in-law, brother-in-law PMP *hipaR₁

hípagTagalog(WMP) sister-in-law PMP *hipaR₁

hípag, ípagBikol(WMP) sister-in-law PMP *hipaR₁

hi-panewManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) walk, go on a journey, go someplace PMP *panaw₂

hipetAyta Abellan(WMP) to consume all; to leave none remaining PPH *sipet

hiphipIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) for someone to clean a dry pondfield or seedbed of weeds, stubble, or vegetation with the use of a suitable implement, as a digging stick or sickle (done during the preparation of seedbeds and fields for planting and transplanting) PPH *sipsíp

hipihSaisiyat(Formosan) small cockroach PAN *Sipes

hipiŋAyta Abellan(WMP) seated or lying side by side PPH *sípiŋ

hīpitIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) a cane thatch clamp made of arrow-grass canes placed horizontally two or three together on top and near the top edge of a thatch row, and tied securely to two or three cane purlins; for someone to clamp thatch with a thatch clamp PAN *sipit

hípitIfugaw(WMP) liana thongs or reed stalks which are tightly lashed to the upper border of baskets in order to keep it (the upper border) more resistant PAN *sipit

hipituKambera(CMP) pinch between two fingers (as in pinching someone’s cheek PAN *sipit

hípoʔTagalog(WMP) touch, palpation PPh *hipuq

híponAklanon(WMP) small shrimp PPh *hípun₂

hiponItbayaten(WMP) shrimp (largest) PPh *hípun₂

híponTagalog(WMP) shrimp PPh *hípun₂

híponTagalog(WMP) shrimp PPh *hípun₂

híposAklanon(WMP) to keep silence, be quiet; to keep secret PPH *hipes

hipsiTsou(Formosan) thin, flat PAN *Nipis

hípunCebuano(WMP) small anchovy which comes seasonally in great abundance, most common eaten preserved in salt PMP *hipun₁

hípunCebuano(WMP) tiny shrimp PPh *hípun₂

hípusHanunóo(WMP) quality of being gentle, reserved, quiet PPH *hipes

hipʔútCebuano(WMP) narrow space or passageway; tight in financial situation, mode of living; for clothes to be tight PWMP *hiqepet

hiputKadazan Dusun(WMP) to go around something; surround PMP *liput₁

hiput-onKadazan Dusun(WMP) to be all around, surrounded PMP *liput₁

hiput-onKadazan Dusun(WMP) to be all around, surrounded PAN *lipuC

hipʔonAyta Abellan(WMP) a head cold PPH *sip(e)qun

hirKei(CMP) they, them PMP *si ida

hira'Āre'āre(OC) wild taro; there are several varieties, of which some are edible. It is used also in magical curing of the sick POC *piRaq₂

hiraArosi(OC) lightning POC *pilak₂

hiraArosi(OC) a scar POC *pilat₂

hiraArosi(OC) a plant, giant caladium; used in magic, and taboo to children; leaves burnt to drive off ghosts POC *piRaq₂

hiraArosi(OC) scar POC *piras

hiraArosi(OC) scar PMP *birat

hiraArosi(OC) scar PMP *pilaɁ

hiraAtayal (Cʔuliʔ)(Formosan) yesterday PAN *siRa₁

hiraErai(CMP) they, their, them PMP *si ida

hiraMotu(OC) large species of edible arum POC *piRaq₂

hiraTetun(CMP) how much?, how many? PAN *pijax

hiraTetun (Dili)(CMP) how much/how many? PAN *pijax

hira-hira'Āre'āre(OC) to scar, to cut; a scar, a cut POC *pilat₂

hira-hiraArosi(OC) scarred POC *pilat₂

hira-iaArosi(OC) lightning POC *pilak₂

hira-iaBauro(OC) to lighten, to flash, of lightning POC *bila₂

hi ralaUma(WMP) in, inside, within PMP *dalem

hiramAcehnese(WMP) dark (of the face, through rage or shame) PWMP *qirem

hirámTagalog(WMP) borrowing PWMP *hinzam

hirámTagalog(WMP) borrowed; adapted PMP *hezam

híram-anTagalog(WMP) person from whom or place from which one may borrow something PWMP *hinzam-an

hiram-ínTagalog(WMP) to borrow (a thing) PWMP *hinzam-en

hir(a)m-ínTagalog(WMP) to borrow (a thing) PPh *hedam-en

hírapTagalog(WMP) difficulty, suffering PWMP *hidap

hirápTagalog(WMP) tired, weary; up against much difficulty PWMP *hidap

hírawTagalog(WMP) white-feathered rooster with green or greenish spots or edgings PWMP *hizaw

(h)irékMalay(WMP) treading down, of a man treading on a plank bridge and so making it bend under his weight, but esp. of stamping on the harvested rice so as to separate grain and straw; sieve or strainer used for cooking vegetables PAN *qiRik

hirəmAyta Maganchi(WMP) small black biting ant PWMP *sijem

(h)ireŋOld Javanese(WMP) blackness; the dark half of the moon PWMP *qiReŋ

hirepKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) dusk PWMP *si(n)dep

hiriArosi(OC) pay a fine for, make atonement for, death by violence POC *pili

hiriArosi(OC) twist, twine round, coil (of a snake), wind a line round PMP *pirit

hiriArosi(OC) to choose PAN *piliq

hiriBanjarese(WMP) envious PWMP *qiRih

hiriKambera(CMP) to cleanse, separate by winnowing PMP *siji

hiriOld Javanese(WMP) envious, jealous, watching what another will do or get PWMP *qiRih

hiriRotuman(OC) to plait three strands of sennit, hair, etc., and the "tail" of a basket or floor-mat made of coconut-leaf, this tail itself being called a hiri PMP *pirit

hiriSa'a(OC) to lap with string, bind spears or arrows PMP *pirit

hiriSundanese(WMP) angry, bad, evil; envious PWMP *qiRih

hiriTakuu(OC) to choose, select PAN *piliq

hiri-a'Āre'āre(OC) choose, pick out, select PMP *piliq-an

hiri-aMotu(OC) fasten by twisting round and round; tie up a parcel or bundle, twisting string all round it; to kill for visitors (as a pig) PMP *pirit

(h)iri hatiMalay(WMP) spite, malice PWMP *qiRih

hiri-hiriArosi(OC) twist, twine round, coil (of a snake), wind a line round; a thread for tying a hook to a line PMP *pirit

hiri-hiriArosi(OC) a thread for tying a hook to a line POC *piri-piri

hiri-hiriNgaju Dayak(WMP) envious, jealous PWMP *qiRih

hiri-hiriSa'a(OC) a plaited spear POC *piri-piri

hiriʔ-iArosi(OC) to twist, twine round, coil (of a snake), wind a line round PMP *pirit

hiriʔ-ia'Āre'āre(OC) twist, entwine, tie, bind, with a vine; tighten a vine around the waist of a woman in order to provoke an abortion PMP *pirit

hiriŋBanjarese(WMP) slant, incline PWMP *qiriŋ₂

(h)iriŋOld Javanese(WMP) border or edge (of the sky) PWMP *qiriŋ₁

(h)iriŋOld Javanese(WMP) side, flank, slope (of mountain) PWMP *qiriŋ₂

hirisBanjarese(WMP) slice, carve PMP *qiris

(h)irisMalay(WMP) slitting, slicing. Of slitting a garment, slicing an orange or lime, etc. PMP *qiris

hirisNgaju Dayak(WMP) long, thin strip (as of flesh); cut in long, thin strips PMP *qiris

hiri-si-a'Āre'āre(OC) choose, pick out, select PAN *piliq

hɨrɨtSundanese(WMP) small, narrow (as a hat) PMP *heRet

hiro-ato'Āre'āre(OC) wring out, squeeze, twist POC *piro

hiru'Āre'āre(OC) curly, of hair; to wind (round) POC *piluk₂

hiru'Āre'āre(OC) a palm tree with digital leaves, used for making bows POC *piRu

hiruArosi(OC) flow in a circle; an eddy; be curly, of the hair POC *piluk₂

hiruArosi(OC) a palm sp. used in making the war-bow rau which differed from the basi and baʔe through its wrappings of coconut fibre or pandanus POC *piRu

HiruPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) to wipe (after defecating) PAN *qiluS

hiruArosi(OC) be curly, of the hair POC *pilul

hiru-hiruArosi(OC) large fish which swims in circles and is the sign of a shark being near POC *pilu-pilu

hiru-hiruArosi(OC) large fish sp. which swims in circles, and is the sign of a shark being near PMP *bilu-bilu

hiru-hiruArosi(OC) a large fish which swims in circles, and is the sign of a shark being near POC *piRu-piRu

(h)irupMalay(WMP) lapping or sucking up (liquid) PMP *hiRup

hirupNehan(OC) to sip PAN *siRup

hisBanjarese(WMP) object to children doing something PMP *qis

hisMalay(WMP) interjection of disapproval or disgust PMP *qis

hisNias(WMP) interjection to chase away an animal PMP *qis

hisSoutheast Ambrym(OC) bow and arrow POC *pusuR

hisSoutheast Ambrym(OC) banana POC *pudi

hisToak(OC) bow POC *pusuR

hisaBunama(OC) some; how many? POC *pica

hisaPaulohi(CMP) to split in fragments (trans.), of glass, bamboo, etc. PCEMP *bisak

hisaTboli(WMP) a boil PWMP *pi(R)sa

hisapBanjarese(WMP) suck PMP *qisep

(h)isapMalay(WMP) inhaling; sucking in (of sucking one's thumb, opium-smoking, tobacco-smoking, etc.) PMP *qisep

(h)isepOld Javanese(WMP) that which is sucked up, absorbed PMP *qisep

hisiAsilulu(CMP) to peel (with the hands, e.g. bananas); rip open durian carpels to extract the fruit segments; to open (draperies, etc.) slightly, to part (curtains, etc.) PCEMP *bisik₁

hisiMotu(OC) pain; an epidemic PMP *pi(n)tik

hisiSoutheast Ambrym(OC) meat, flesh POC *pijiko

hisiTsou(Formosan) tooth, tusk PAN *waNiS

hisi e aniaMotu(OC) to suffer (‘to eat pain’) PMP *pi(n)tik

hisi-n mataHalia(OC) eyelash POC *pisi ni mata

hísoʔBikol(WMP) rub dirt off the body with a stone while bathing PMP *hisuq

hisoʔLampung(WMP) suck something PMP *qisep

hísoʔTagalog(WMP) cleaning of teeth by rubbing PMP *hisuq

hitAtoni(CMP) we (plural incl.) PAN *k-ita

hita'Āre'āre(OC) split, hit, struck POC *pisak₁

hita'Āre'āre(OC) how much? how many? POC *pica

hitaArosi(OC) to split, hit, strike POC *pisak₁

h-itaSambal (Botolan)(WMP) we (dual incl.) PAN *ita₁

hitaChamorro(WMP) we, us (emphatic, inclusive) PAN *k-ita

hitaKamarian(CMP) cut, hew, beat (as sago) PMP *bitak₁

hítaMalagasy(WMP) seen, found, perceived PAN *kita₂

hitaSeimat(OC) a shore tree: Calophyllum inophyllum POC *pitaquR

hítaʔTagalog(WMP) thigh PPh *hitaq

hitaToba Batak(WMP) we (plural incl.); also polite address for 2nd pers. sg. PAN *k-ita

hitaVitu(OC) we (plural incl.) PAN *k-ita

hita ʔaiUlawa(OC) to split firewood POC *pisak₁

hita ʔāre'Āre'āre(OC) how many? (of things and persons) POC *pica

hitamDelang(WMP) black PMP *qitem

hitamMalay(WMP) very dark in color; black PMP *qitem

híta másoMalagasy(WMP) clearly seen, seeing by oneself, undoubted, undisputed (máso = ‘the eye’) PAN *kita₂

h-ita-moSambal (Botolan)(WMP) we (plural incl.) PAN *ita₁

hita roʔua'Āre'āre(OC) how often?, how many times? POC *pica

hitasTboli(WMP) to tear open, as a hole; (of a hole) torn open, as in the earlobe caused by heavy earrings PWMP *pi(n)tas

hítaʔAklanon(WMP) crotch, groin PPh *hitaq

hítaʔBikol(WMP) groin PPh *hitaq

hítaʔHanunóo(WMP) crotch, groin PPh *hitaq

hítaʔHiligaynon(WMP) thigh, crotch PPh *hitaq

hiteSa'a(OC) to split, hit, strike, arrive at POC *pisak₁

hiteToba Batak(WMP) narrow bamboo bridge PWMP *kitey

hī-tekiMaori(OC) to hop on one foot POC *tige

hitemOld Javanese(WMP) black (only in certain compounds) PMP *qitem

hiteŋChamorro(WMP) Rabbitfish: Siganus punctatus (family siganidae) PWMP *kiteŋ

HiTHiTPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) gnaw through meat from a bone, or as a rat gnawing off a pillar or a wooden box PAN *qiCqiC

hitiAsilulu(CMP) lift something held close to the body; undertake a joint expense; hold an infant in one's lap PMP *bintiŋ

hitiAsilulu(CMP) jump up from a seated position (as in an emergency) PMP *bitik₁

hitiKankanaey(WMP) lift up, raise PMP *bintiŋ

hitiPaulohi(CMP) carry a child clutched to the breast; carry off; lift from the ground PMP *bintiŋ

h-itihKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) there (3p) PAN *i-ti

hiti-hitiRennellese(OC) leap about, squirm, wiggle; to flap, as caught fish, spring up and down POC *pitik-pitik

hiti-hiti gau ŋutuRennellese(OC) Jew's harp POC *pitik-pitik

hitikSelaru(CMP) lightning PMP *bitik₁

hitikSelaru(CMP) lightning PCEMP *bitik₂

hitik mataAsilulu(CMP) raise one's eyes; to glance; jump up and gesticulate in glee PMP *bitik₁

hi-tiko-ʔiRennellese(OC) the defecating place (usually for males) POC *tiko

hi-tinay-anItbayaten(WMP) remove intestines PMP *t<in>aqi

hi-tindegManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) stand up PMP *ti(n)zeg

hiti-poiRennellese(OC) to jump rope, usually with the bae vine or ue rattan cane; to jump POC *pintik

hítoʔAklanon(WMP) fish sp. PMP *hituq

hítoʔBikol(WMP) freshwater catfish sp. PMP *hituq

hitoloMotu(OC) hungry; hunger; to hunger POC *pitolon

hitolo maseMotu(OC) be famished POC *pitolon

hitoŋMalay(WMP) reckoning; adding up PWMP *qituŋ

hítoʔTagalog(WMP) a species of edible freshwater catfish PMP *hituq

hítuHanunóo(WMP) edible freshwater catfish (Clarias batrachus Linn.) found in swamps, ponds and ditches PMP *hitu

hituIdate(CMP) seven PAN *pitu₁

hitúIfugaw(WMP) here; this PWMP *si-tu

h-ituManggarai(CMP) that PAN *i-Cu

hituMotu(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

hituRennellese(OC) seven, seventh, seven times PAN *pitu₁

hituRotinese(CMP) seven PAN *pitu₁

hituSaparua(CMP) seven PAN *pitu₁

hituSoutheast Ambrym(OC) star POC *pituqun

hituSoutheast Ambrym(OC) star POC *pituqun

hituTboli(WMP) seven PAN *pitu₁

hituTetun(CMP) seven PAN *pitu₁

hituTetun (Dili)(CMP) seven PAN *pitu₁

hituToak(OC) star POC *pituqun

hituVaikenu(CMP) seven PAN *pitu₁

hituMono-Alu(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

hitu aŋa huguRennellese(OC) seventy PAN *pitu₁

hitu-n-uluTetun(CMP) seventeen PAN *pitu₁

(h)ituŋOld Javanese(WMP) to calculate, enumerate; to consider, think of; pay attention to, relish PWMP *qituŋ

hiʔuArosi(OC) star POC *pituqun

hīʔuIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) the elbow of a person PAN *sikux

hiʔuHawaiian(OC) hind part or tail section of a fish, considered less delicious than the head or front section; caudal fin; to break wind POC *siku

hiuKambera(CMP) elbow; bend, curve PAN *sikux

hiuMarau₂(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

hiuNias(WMP) shark PAN *qiSu

hiuSa'a(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

hiuSundanese(WMP) generic name for all sharklike fish PAN *qiSu

hiu, yuMalay(WMP) shark; dogfish; generic for sharks, dogfish, hammerhead sharks, sawfish and beaked rays PAN *qiSu

hiʔu- hiʔuHawaiian(OC) last bits of odds and ends; remnants of matting strips that must be cut off after plaiting is finished; ends of knots in plaiting; wispy end of a braid POC *siku

hiukSundanese(WMP) the sound or howl of the wind, or of something that moves forcefully through the air PMP *qiuk

hiu-naGhari(OC) tail POC *siku

hiuŋSundanese(WMP) onomatopoetic for a buzzing, droning, or snoring sound PMP *qiuŋ₂

hiupManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) blow on or at something; blow a musical instrument PMP *heyup

híusCebuano(WMP) for air to leak out; be deflated; leaky, letting air or gas out PWMP *hius

hiutaMambai(CMP) star PAN *bituqen

hivaNiue(OC) nine; ninth PMP *siwa

hivaTongan(OC) nine PMP *siwa

hi-vavaItbayaten(WMP) lower part, lower region PMP *babaq₁

hi-vavawItbayaten(WMP) shallow PWMP *babaw₂

hi-voxbox-anItbayaten(WMP) remove hair PPh *hi-bulbul

híwaʔBikol(WMP) to slice meat PPh *híwaq

híwaʔHiligaynon(WMP) chunk, sliced piece, one slice PPh *híwaq

hiwaLamaholot(CMP) nine PMP *siwa

hiwaPalu'e(CMP) nine PMP *siwa

hiwaSolorese(CMP) nine PMP *siwa

híwaʔTagalog(WMP) cut, incision; slice (of fish, meat, cake, etc.); wound (caused by a cutting instrument) PPh *híwaq

hiwáʔ-anBikol(WMP) slice meat PPh *hiwáq-an

hiwaʔ-án-anCebuano(WMP) cutting board PPh *hiwáq-an

hiwal-híwalCebuano(WMP) writhe, wriggle (as a worm) PWMP *hiwal

hiwáʔ-onBikol(WMP) be sliced, of meat PPh *hiwáq-en

híwaʔCebuano(WMP) cut something into smaller pieces or slices PPh *híwaq

hiwhiwAyta Abellan(WMP) chick PAN *siwsiw

híwiʔAklanon(WMP) uneven, askance, off to one side PWMP *hiwiʔ

híwiʔCebuano(WMP) crooked, winding or twisting, slanting to one side or askew; crooked, dishonest; deformed; become crooked, make something crooked; make a face at someone PWMP *hiwiʔ

hiwídTagalog(WMP) awry, out of line PMP *hiwid

hiwoNias(WMP) mildew, mold PWMP *qibaw₂

hiwoWolio(WMP) edible freshwater mussel PMP *qibaw₁

hiyáʔ, híyaʔTagalog(WMP) shame PMP *heyaq

hiyámIfugaw(WMP) nine PPH *siám

hizeɣaʔManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) lie down PPh *hideRáq

HizusPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) spoon PAN *qidus

hīʔadIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) for someone to brace the foot, as when walking in a swift current, or pushing something heavy PPH *síkad


TOP      h~    ha        hc    hd    he    hh    hi    hl    hm    hn    ho    hr    ht    hu    hw    hy    


hlatJarai(WMP) worm, maggot PMP *qulej

hlənSa'ban(WMP) to swallow PMP *telen

hloəŋSa'ban(WMP) bone PWMP *tuqelaŋ

hlunJarai(WMP) slave PMP *qulun₁


TOP      h~    ha        hc    hd    he    hh    hi    hl    hm    hn    ho    hr    ht    hu    hw    hy    


hmāBuli(SHWNG) father, FB PMP *t-amax

hmahSa'ban(WMP) clothes louse PMP *tumah

h<m>akutAtayal(Formosan) to carry, bring PAN *s<um>akut

hmayAmis(Formosan) cooked rice PAN *Semay

hmitSa'ban(WMP) ball of the heel PWMP *tumid

hmitaIaai(OC) to vomit PCEMP *mutaq

hmuənSa'ban(WMP) cucumber PMP *qatimun

h<m>ulutTboli(WMP) to set a sticky trap for birds PMP *pulut


TOP      h~    ha        hc    hd    he    hh    hi    hl    hm    hn    ho    hr    ht    hu    hw    hy    


hnokTboli(WMP) to fill up (as a glass with water); full (as a sack full of corn) PAN *peNuq

hnokTboli(WMP) to fill up (as a glass with water) PAN *peNuq

hnok-enTboli(WMP) fill it! PWMP *penuq-en

hnu(a)Selaru(CMP) village PMP *banua

hñeBuli(SHWNG) M (ref.) PMP *t-ina


TOP      h~    ha        hc    hd    he    hh    hi    hl    hm    hn    ho    hr    ht    hu    hw    hy    


hoAyta Abellan(WMP) fingernail; toenail PPH *sulu₂

hoToba Batak(WMP) 2sg., you/thou PMP *kahu

hoTsou(Formosan) and PAN *Na₁

hoVitu(OC) 2sg., you POC *ko

hoʔaArosi(OC) sit with legs apart POC *pokaŋ

hoaArosi(OC) divide, cleave asunder, separate POC *potak

hoaArosi(OC) cut with a bamboo knife POC *potas

hoaArosi(OC) divide, cleave asunder, separate PMP *peka

hoaErai(CMP) to marry PAN *qasawa

hoaHawaiian(OC) to strike with a stick or club; to club; a club POC *posaq

hoaHawaiian(OC) companion, friend, associate, fellow, antagonist POC *soRa

hoaMaori(OC) friend, mate, companion; spouse, husband, wife POC *soRa

hoaMotu(OC) surprised, amazed POC *poŋap

hoaMotu(OC) surprised, amazed PMP *beŋaŋ₁

hoaMotu(OC) surprised, amazed POC *poŋaŋ

hoaNiue(OC) helper, follower, companion POC *soRa

hoaRennellese(OC) to crack, as nuts of tagie (Terminalia) or baga (Barringtonia) trees; to cut or lacerate the forehead, as with axe, stone, or knife in mourning; to break or hatch, as an egg; to bump, as the head; to smash; to drive fish into a seine, as by beating the sea with sticks or by throwing stones POC *posaq

hoaSa'a(OC) make an incision in POC *potak

hoaTongan(OC) to be partners (e.g. in a game); to be harmonious, appropriate, or befitting; to correspond, to be in harmony or accord with; to match POC *soRa

hoāTongan(OC) partner, one of two who work or play, etc. in partnership POC *soRa

hoaTuvaluan(OC) opposite number in a visiting party; opponent in a fishing competition, in wrestling, etc, and in war, an hence enemy; be a partner for POC *soRa

hoa-ʔakiRennellese(OC) to split, as wood POC *posaq

hoa-hoaHawaiian(OC) tapa beater, washing stick POC *posaq

hoa-hoaMaori(OC) spouse; used also of two women, wives of the same husband; wife of husband’s brother, or husband of wife’s sister POC *soRa

ho-ʔaiHawaiian(OC) to feed, give food to POC *kani

hoa laloNukuoro(OC) anvil or other hard object (such as a stone) on which something can be struck hard; mortar stone POC *posaq

hoaluMori Atas(WMP) eight PAN *walu

ho-aluMoronene(WMP) eight PAN *walu

hoa-naNiue(OC) wife; to marry (of a man) POC *soRa

hoʔ-āniHawaiian(OC) beckon, wave, signal; let wind POC *paka-aŋin

hobiKadazan Dusun(WMP) more, extra, superfluous (in comparison) PMP *lebiq

hobidIbatan(WMP) rope or string PPH *lúbid

hoblayAyta Abellan(WMP) to bypass each other unintentionally PPH *sub(e)laR

hoboAyta Abellan(WMP) to feed (as in feeding one’s baby brother); to eat with the hands PPH *subu₂

hobolToba Batak(WMP) nvulnerable PWMP *kebel

hobugKadazan Dusun(WMP) to wallow PWMP *lebuR

hobuʔKadazan Dusun(WMP) calabash, type of gourd PWMP *labuq₂

hoda si-lintomToba Batak(WMP) black horse PWMP *li(n)tem

hodeMotu(OC) a paddle POC *pose

hodhódIfugaw(WMP) pressing action; apply pressure in one or another way on whatever it may be, but not applied to sugarcane pressing PPH *sedsed₂

hodi mourisTetun(CMP) be lively or energetic PMP *ma-qudip

hodir-anaMalagasy(WMP) to be skinned, flayed PWMP *kulit-an

hoditraMalagasy(WMP) skin; bark PMP *kulit

hododAyta Abellan(WMP) delousing tool PWMP *sujud

*hoduPBun(WMP) hiccough PAN *sedu

hoeAklanon(WMP) cry to stop a carabao PMP *huy

hoeHawaiian(OC) paddle, oar; to paddle, row; fig. to travel, get to work, continue working POC *pose

hoeMaori(OC) paddle, row, convey by canoe; travel in a boat or a canoe, make a voyage; paddle, oar POC *pose

hoeRennellese(OC) paddle; to paddle (less common than áago); to follow, as a leader, or as a small fish after a large fish; chase after POC *pose

hoe-hoeMaori(OC) paddle about, make repeated trips in a boat or canoe; convey in a boat or canoe, making repeated trips; side fins of a fish POC *pose pose

hoe-hoeRennellese(OC) to paddle; to accompany POC *pose pose

hogaArosi(OC) come apart PMP *peka

hogaRennellese(OC) to spread, as mats; dub evenly, as the surface of a canoe log before final deepening POC *polac

hogas-iaRennellese(OC) be spread POC *polac

hogoRennellese(OC) swallow whole without chewing; take bait; swallowed thing POC *polon

hogoRennellese(OC) to swallow whole without chewing; to take bait; swallowed thing POC *polon

hogoŋKadazan Dusun(WMP) make a booming sound PMP *re(ŋ)geŋ

hogópIfugaw(WMP) act of entering a house, a granary, a hut built more or less two feet above the ground, a houseyard surrounded by a fence with a small gate PAN *sejep

hohPak(OC) dark POC *rodrom₁

hohoArosi(OC) swelling (testicles) POC *popol

hohoArosi (Western)(OC) swelling on woman's body POC *popol

hohoNggela(OC) a narrow passage in the reef for canoes POC *solso

hœhœʔSaisiyat(Formosan) female breast PAN *susu₁

ho-hobug-anKadazan Dusun(WMP) pool, buffalo pool PWMP *lebuR

ho-houNias(WMP) current (in a river) PMP *qaRus

hoiMalay(WMP) hey there! An interjection to call attention PMP *huy

hoiMotu(OC) buy, sell PEMP *poli

hoiNgaju Dayak(WMP) exclamation with which one calls someone PMP *huy

hoi-aMotu(OC) buy, sell POC *poli-a

hoi-hoiMotu(OC) barter POC *poli poli

hoi huuSa'a(OC) fruit of the Barringtonia POC *putun₁

hoʔi-ihoHawaiian(OC) cause to go down; beside that, also, furthermore POC *paka-sipo

hō-ʔikeHawaiian(OC) to show, make known, display, tell, exhibit, reveal, explain, testify, cause to know or see; testimony, proof, token, guide, exhibition PAN *kita₂

hō-ʔike-ʔikeHawaiian(OC) to display, exhibit, as in a museum or show; circus, museum, play, show of almost any kind PAN *kita₂

hoi pupuUlawa(OC) the Southern Cross constellation POC *bubu₁

hokaʔAmis(Formosan) loosen something that was tight, as a belt PAN *hukaq

hokaArosi(OC) move the legs apart, stretch legs POC *pokaŋ

hokaArosi(OC) move the legs apart, stretch the legs PMP *pekaŋ

hokaAyta Abellan(WMP) to vomit PPH *suka₂

hokaSambal (Botolan)(WMP) to vomit PPH *suka₂

hokaNiue(OC) to pierce, poke (as a fire), stir, thrust (with a spear) POC *soka

hokaSa'a(OC) burst open, come apart POC *pokaq

hokaSa'a(OC) burst open, come apart PMP *beka

hokaSa'a(OC) burst open, come apart PMP *peka

hokaTongan(OC) upright pieces of timber in the roof of a Tongan house, standing on the tuɁuŋahoka (pedestal running lengthwise) and supporting the ridgepole POC *sokar

hoka-ɁiTongan(OC) to ram, jab, poke, or strike with the tip of a rod, etc.; to stab; to harpoon (whales); to husk (coconuts); to play billiards or snooker; to have bayonet practice POC *soka

hoko'Āre'āre(OC) bundle; faggot POC *pokos

hokoAyta Abellan(WMP) to surrender PPH *suku₂

hokoSa'a(OC) a bundle POC *pokos

hokóbIfugaw(WMP) a provisory cover, anything that can cover a container for the time being, e.g. a leaf, a carton, a piece of wood, even the palm of a hand, in order to avoid that dirt or drippings would spoil what has been poured or put into the container PWMP *se(ŋ)keb

hoko i daŋoSa'a(OC) bundle of firewood carried on head by women POC *pokos

hoko i saoSa'a(OC) bundle of sago leaves POC *pokos

hokólIfugaw(WMP) to strangle, throttle PMP *cekel

hoko-matePopalia(WMP) kill PMP *m-atay

hokos-ia'Āre'āre(OC) make into a bundle POC *pokos

hoko-whituMaori(OC) of an indefinite number of persons, band, force PAN *pitu₁

holaKamarian(CMP) split in two (coconuts) PAN *belaq

holár-inaMalagasy(WMP) having scars PWMP *kulad

hólatraMalagasy(WMP) a scar PWMP *kulad

*holayPBun(WMP) fry without oil PMP *saŋelaR

holholItbayaten(WMP) sound of barking dog PAN *hulhul₁

holiSa'a(OC) barter, buy PEMP *poli

holi-holi-ŋaUlawa(OC) a bought dependent PEMP *poli

holloWest Damar(CMP) road PMP *zalan

holoHawaiian(OC) to run, sail, ride, go; to flow, as water; to slide, as an avalanche; fleet, fast; double time; landslide POC *solo₃

holoKapingamarangi(OC) to swallow POC *polon

holoLakalai(OC) mend a net POC *qono₂

holoNukuoro(OC) to swallow POC *polon

holoSa'a(OC) to cross; across (as sea); divide POC *polos₁

holoTongan(OC) here and there, in various places, hither and thither, in various directions POC *solo₁

holoTongan(OC) to go down, fall, sink, sink in (e.g. of a mine); (of a house) to fall, collapse POC *solo₃

hololTboli(WMP) palm of the hand PMP *palaj₁

holomToba Batak(WMP) dark, dusky PAN *kelem

holon tuhaLampung(WMP) parents PMP *tuqah

holoŋToba Batak(WMP) inclined, favorably disposed toward PWMP *keleŋ₂

holos-iSa'a(OC) cut a piece off, sever a pig's head; to cross POC *polos₁

holotAyta Abellan(WMP) to wear PPH *suq(e)lút

homaSangir(WMP) slip, cover, sheath; also mask under which an enchanted prince appears PAN *Rumaq

h<om>abasIbatan(WMP) to pass by (object, day or time) PPH *labas

h<óm>anaMalagasy(WMP) to eat, to consume a meal; to expend; to bite, as a saw, etc. PAN *k<um>aen

h<œm>aŋihSaisiyat(Formosan) to weep, cry PAN *C<um>aŋis

h<om>arawiItbayaten(WMP) to keep away from, to go far away PPH *hadawiq

h<om>axhaxItbayaten(WMP) to gasp, to pant PPH *halhál

homboSambal (Botolan)(WMP) to boil PPH *subu₁

homboŋAyta Abellan(WMP) to tell on; to report PPH *sumbuŋ

homhomChamorro(WMP) dark, dim, obscure, dusky, gloomy, not light-colored; bleak PAN *demdem₂

h<om>ilemAyta Abellan(WMP) evening PWMP *silem

h<om>ilemAyta Abellan(WMP) evening PWMP *sidem

h<œm>iopSaisiyat(Formosan) to blow (with breath)/whistle PAN *S<um>eyup

h<om>ñitItbayaten(WMP) to laugh PPH *heŋit

homokKadazan Dusun(WMP) soft, muddy PAN *lemek₁

homolToba Batak(WMP) keep something for oneself, give none to anyone else PMP *kemel

h<om>olholItbayaten(WMP) to bark, of a dog PAN *hulhul₁

h-om-oniItbayaten(WMP) to crow (of a rooster) PMP *h<um>uni

homoyManobo (Ata)(WMP) cooked rice PMP *hemay

hompoŋAyta Abellan(WMP) to be attacked by an illness or anito (evil spirit) PPH *sumpuŋ

homuNggela(OC) species of mollusc, Pelecypod, Spondylus, withg scarlet or crimson shell, from which the native red money is made POC *somu

h-om-wabItbayaten(WMP) to yawn PMP *huab₂

ho-nManipa(CMP) odor PMP *bahuq

honSeimat(OC) sea turtle POC *poñu

-honToba Batak(WMP) verb suffix that represents the object as being the immediate cause of an action or state PWMP *aken₂

honaToba Batak(WMP) be struck by something (also in a figurative sense) PAN *keNa

hona rasunToba Batak(WMP) be poisoned PAN *keNa

hona sahitToba Batak(WMP) suddenly fall ill PAN *keNa

hona toruToba Batak(WMP) struck by a curse PAN *keNa

hona udanToba Batak(WMP) caught by surprise in a rainstorm PAN *keNa

honaʔ-honaʔMapun(WMP) common sense PPh *henaq

hondoNggela(OC) to roost, of fowls and birds; be solitary, silent, quiet PMP *sendem

hondo varoŋoNggela(OC) sit and listen PMP *sendem

hondurToba Batak(WMP) slack, not taut, of a cord PWMP *kenduR

honhónIfugaw(WMP) act of accumulating, piling up things into a container until it be filled; the honhón action does not per se imply pressing PPH *sensén

ho-niBoano₂(CMP) odor PMP *bahu

honiItbayaten(WMP) idea of crowing; crowing of chickens; noise, bustle PMP *huni

honi, soniAmis(Formosan) noise, sound PAN *Suni

hónitraMalagasy(WMP) a creeping plant used by the Betsimisaraka as a red dye PMP *kunij

honjanKatingan(WMP) ladder PMP *haRezan

honoHawaiian(OC) gathering of chiefs in a taboo ceremony; group of islands in a circle POC *ponor

honoMalagasy(WMP) it is said, it is reported, so report says PMP *kunu₂

honoMaori(OC) assembly, company, crowd; retinue, following POC *ponor

honoRennellese(OC) rituals; priest-chiefs performing these rituals; sorcery POC *ponor

h-onoŋDampelas(WMP) six PAN *a-enem

honsiKadazan Dusun(WMP) fishy smell PMP *laŋ(e)si

honu'Āre'āre(OC) full POC *ponuq

honu'Āre'āre(OC) tortoise, turtle POC *poñu

honuArosi(OC) to fill POC *ponuq

honuArosi(OC) sea turtle POC *poñu

honuHawaiian(OC) general name for turtle and tortoise, as Chelonia mydas; name of a design for Ni’ihau mats POC *poñu

honuKapingamarangi(OC) to fill; filled POC *ponuq

honuMaori(OC) sea turtle (in a few ancient songs) POC *poñu

honuMotu(OC) to be full, as a water pot with water POC *ponuq

honuNukuoro(OC) full POC *ponuq

honuNukuoro(OC) green turtle (two varieties) POC *poñu

honuRapanui(OC) turtle POC *poñu

honuRennellese(OC) to be full of liquid; to be flooded or full of puddles; to rise, of the tide; to be juicy, as a fruit or shredded coconut; to be watery, as some rice; to be shipping water, as a canoe POC *ponuq

honuRennellese(OC) green turtle, Chelonia mydas; formerly considered the gift (tonu) of Tehainga’atua (one of the most important sky gods), and offered as angatonu (food offering). The honu was believed to have been first a culture hero (kakai) and now is considered a fish (kaui, ika) POC *poñu

honuSa'a(OC) full POC *ponuq

honuSa'a(OC) turtle; chorea, when the patient is said to move his hands and feet as a turtle moves its flappers POC *poñu

honuaHawaiian(OC) land, earth POC *panua

honu-aNukuoro(OC) filled with POC *ponuq

honu ako'Āre'āre(OC) a sickness caused by the turtle, a cough and vomiting of blood POC *poñu

honu-honu-daeMotu(OC) be full to the top POC *ponuq sake

honu iʔeSa'a(OC) green turtle POC *poñu

honu makeateSa'a(OC) full to overflowing POC *ponuq

honu-siaArosi(OC) filled POC *ponuq

honu taiNukuoro(OC) high tide POC *ponuq

honu tulaKapingamarangi(OC) full to the brim, brimming POC *ponuq

hoñe buutSundanese(WMP) name of a plant whose fruit is used to dye yarn red PAN *buhet

hoŋayAyta Abellan(WMP) animal horns PPH *súŋay

hóŋaySambal (Botolan)(WMP) horn PPH *súŋay

hoŋeNiue(OC) famine, hunger; to suffer from hunger POC *soŋe

hoŋeTongan(OC) to have a famine, to suffer from a famine, to be famine-stricken POC *soŋe

hōŋe-aTongan(OC) (of people) to be famine-stricken POC *soŋe

hoŋedItbayaten(WMP) young, young part, idea of youngness, tender part of a plant, idea of greenness (not of color) PPH *ŋuhed

hoŋe (hoŋe) valeTongan(OC) to be in the grip of a severe famine POC *soŋe

hoŋitAyta Abellan(WMP) harshness, sternness; surly, ill tempered, unfriendly; dour-faced PPH *suŋit₃

hoŋitLolak(WMP) mosquito PWMP *reŋit₁

hoŋkuasKadazan Dusun(WMP) (a type of) root, rhizome like a ginger PWMP *laŋkuas

ho-ŋo-fuluNiue(OC) ten PMP *sa-ŋa-puluq

ho-ŋo-fuluTongan(OC) ten PAN *esa

ho-ŋo-fuluTongan(OC) ten PMP *sa-ŋa-puluq

ho-ŋo-fuluTongan(OC) ten PMP *ŋa

hoŋonKadazan Dusun(WMP) arm, hand, forearm PMP *leŋen

hoŋotAyta Abellan(WMP) cat’s whiskers, shrimp feelers, and catfish’s feelers PWMP *suŋut₃

hoŋuKambera(CMP) to bake, roast (as maize or coffee beans) PMP *saŋelaR

hoʔo-huaHawaiian(OC) bear fruit, reproduce, give birth; swell high, as a wave POC *puaq

hoʔo-huliHawaiian(OC) turn, change, overturn, convert POC *buliŋ

hoʔo-kā-maka-makaHawaiian(OC) to ask forgiveness, to seek restoration of friendship POC *mataq

hoʔo-kaniHawaiian(OC) to play a musical instrument, to cause to sound; to crack, as a whip; to ring up on the telephone PMP *paka-taŋis

hoʔo-kanuHawaiian(OC) to cause to plant or bury POC *tanum₂

hoʔo-kapuHawaiian(OC) make taboo, prohibit, sanctify, consecrate POC *paka-tabu

hoʔo-kuliHawaiian(OC) deaf; to feign deafness; (fig.) disobey, be disobedient POC *tuli₁

hoʔo-lakaHawaiian(OC) to tame, domesticate; to treat with kindness, as a child or animal, so as to familiarize with one POC *lasa₁

hoʔo-lalaHawaiian(OC) to warm, as over a fire; warm oneself by a fire; bask in the sun; cook over a fire PMP *daŋdaŋ₁

hoʔo-laniHawaiian(OC) to treat one as a chief; to act as a chief; to enjoy the position and prestige of a high chief PMP *laŋit

hoʔo-lauHawaiian(OC) to grow leaves, to leaf out PEMP *raun

hoʔo-liliHawaiian(OC) provoke jealousy POC *lilim

hoʔo-lokoHawaiian(OC) insinuate, suggest, implant a thought, either good or bad; character, disposition, heart POC *loto₁

hoʔo-lonoHawaiian(OC) to listen, hear, obey; obedient POC *paka-roŋoR

hoʔo-luaHawaiian(OC) do twice, repeat, do over and over; to bake twice, as food in the oven POC *paka-rua

hoomáPuluwat(OC) ghost, bad ghost of the dead; malevolent spirit (feared, as they are believed to devour humans) POC *taliŋa

hoʔo-maʔiHawaiian(OC) to cause sickness; to feign sickness; genitals POC *masakit

hoʔo-makaʔuHawaiian(OC) to frighten, scare, terrify, make afraid; to pretend fear PMP *paka-takut

hoʔo-makeHawaiian(OC) kill; pretend to be dead; let die, let diminish, grow faint POC *paka-mate

hoʔo-makuaHawaiian(OC) to grow into maturity; to mature; to act the part of a parent; to foster, adopt, as a child; to call or treat as a parent; to address as parent, aunt, or uncle, one related by affection rather than by blood or adoption; to become established or permanent POC *matuqa

hoʔo-maluHawaiian(OC) to bring under the care and protection of, to protect; to keep quiet, still, as during taboo POC *paka-maluRu

hoʔo-malu-maluHawaiian(OC) to overshadow, shade, darken, as by a cloud POC *maluRu maluRu

hoʔo-okiHawaiian(OC) put an end to, finish, stop, end; extraordinary, superlative POC *qoti

hoʔo-papaHawaiian(OC) to place in rank or file; to put in order, to put in layers, overlay, as shingles; to make a shelf; to pack neatly POC *baban

hoʔo-piliHawaiian(OC) to bring together, stick; to attach oneself to a person PMP *pilit₁

hoʔo-ponoHawaiian(OC) righteous, correct; to correct; behave correctly; completely, properly, rightly, well, exactly, carefully, satisfactorily, much (an intensifier following major words) POC *bonor₁

hoʔo-puaHawaiian(OC) progeny, child, descendant, offspring POC *puat₂

hoʔo-puʔuHawaiian(OC) to heap up, collect in heaps POC *buku

hootAyta Abellan(WMP) clothes; to wear clothes PPH *suq(e)lút

hoʔouRennellese(OC) new, fresh; recently, for the first time PEMP *baqoRu

hoʔo-ūkaHawaiian(OC) to load, as cargo or freight; to put on, as gear on a horse; to send, as a letter POC *ucan

hō-ʔoʔiHawaiian(OC) to cause to limp; to pretend to limp POC *koki

hopiKadazan Dusun(WMP) folds, plaits PWMP *lepiq

hopitToba Batak(WMP) narrow PMP *kepit

hopotKadazan Dusun(WMP) to pack, wrap PWMP *lepet₃

hopuTawala(OC) descend, go down (westward) POC *sobu

hopuUma(WMP) blowgun PWMP *seput

ho-puluMoronene(WMP) ten PAN *sa-puluq

hoputuTongan(OC) Lethrinus miniatus, possibly also Lutjanus gibbus POC *sabutu

horaŋToba Batak(WMP) dry, rainless, of the sky when there is no sign of rain PAN *keRaŋ₃

horasToba Batak(WMP) vehement, hard, of words PMP *keRas

horbo si-alaŋ-alaŋToba Batak(WMP) a carabao that is too large to slaughter, but too small to work PWMP *alaŋ-alaŋ₁

horiArosi(OC) buy, sell, pay PEMP *poli

hori-a'Āre'āre(OC) buy, pay; reward POC *poli-a

hori-a keni'Āre'āre(OC) purchase a bride POC *poli-a

horoArosi(OC) cross over, lie across POC *polos₁

horoArosi(OC) to grow tall POC *polok

horoLonwolwol(OC) to go down, disappear; to set (of sun, stars, etc.) POC *sorop

horoMaori(OC) fall in fragments, crumble down, slip, as land; landslip POC *solo₃

horoMaori(OC) to swallow POC *polon

horo-horo'Āre'āre(OC) broken into many pieces POC *poro poro

horo-horoMaori(OC) shattered POC *poro poro

horo-miaMaori(OC) be swallowed POC *polon

horos-ia'Āre'āre(OC) to cross, go across, swim across POC *polos₁

horotToba Batak(WMP) notch, as one makes in a tree; cut, incision PAN *keRet

horo-taʔiArosi(OC) to spring up from POC *polok

hosOld Javanese(WMP) exerting oneself, (moving) with difficulty, going heavily, heavy (heart, breathing) PMP *qaRus

hos-aTsou(Formosan) village PAN *taNaS

hoseHalia(OC) canoe paddle POC *pose

hosoʔTboli(WMP) heart PMP *pusuq₁

hoso-nKayeli(CMP) heart PMP *pusuq₁

hosoŋIvatan(WMP) mortar PMP *lusuŋ

hosoʔ tiTboli(WMP) the calf of a person’s leg PMP *pusuq₁

hosuTetun(CMP) to break wind, to fart PCMP *pesu₂

hös uliRotuman(OC) steer-oar, rudder PMP *qulin

hötOld Javanese(WMP) narrowness, etc. PMP *heRet

hote'Āre'āre(OC) a paddle; to paddle, row POC *pose

hoteArosi(OC) a paddle; in names of trees, people, etc.; in old songs; and names of paddling strokes POC *pose

hoteSa'a(OC) to paddle, to row (late use); a paddle, an oar, an incantation for protection at sea, an incantation to a sea spirit POC *pose

hotekItbayaten(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

hote ruarua'Āre'āre(OC) to paddle alternately on both sides of the canoe (of steerer) POC *pose

hotoRennellese(OC) barb, as on a sting ray's tail; thorn, spur; sharp fin, as of certain fish; spine, as of sea urchin; prickly root hairs, as of some yams; weapon of protection, as club, axe, sacred object (masahu); prong, as on a spear; horn of a goat; be armed or protected POC *potok

hotoRennellese(OC) barb, as on a stingray’s tail; thorn, spur; sharp fin, as of certain fish, spine, as of sea urchin POC *potok

hoto-hotoRennellese(OC) barbed, thorny, bony, rough-skinned; to have spines, thorns; thorn, barb POC *potok

hotuErai(CMP) rise (of sun, moon or stars) PMP *betu

hotuKamarian(CMP) rise to the surface (in water) PMP *betu

hotuNias(WMP) wind, fart PMP *qetut

hotu-hotuNias(WMP) a small insect PWMP *qetut qetut

hotukToba Batak(WMP) a clapping device used to scare wild animals from the crops PMP *ketuk

houHawaiian(OC) new, fresh, recent; again, more PEMP *baqoRu

houNias(WMP) current (in the sea) PMP *qaRus

hovayIvatan(WMP) ear-ring PPH *lubay

hovidIvatan(WMP) string, cord (in general) PPH *lúbid

howágSambal (Botolan)(WMP) to bunt or butt PPH *suqag

howiAyta Abellan(WMP) a breach baby PMP *suliq

howoSoboyo(CMP) two PMP *duha

hoyAklanon(WMP) expression used to call the attention of another; term used to drive a dog away or stop it from barking or biting another PMP *huy

hoyBikol(WMP) hey; an exclamation of warning or a call for attention; a response when one is called PMP *huy

hoyTagalog(WMP) interjection: an answer to a call; an exclamation of warning or calling attention PMP *huy

ho-yepLenkau(OC) afternoon, evening POC *paka-Rapiqi

hoyopMamanwa(WMP) to blow, as a fire PMP *heyup

hoyotItbayaten(WMP) idea of being pulled out PPH *húRut

hozonaMalagasy(WMP) shaking, trembling, agitation PWMP *kuyuŋ

hoʔ-āhiahiHawaiian(OC) to become evening; to spend an evening; to detain until evening; to darken, obscure PAN *Rabi-Rabi

hō-ʔauHawaiian(OC) to teach to swim, learn to swim; to swim with a drowning person POC *kaRu₁

ho-ɁōHawaiian(OC) to cause to enter, put in, thrust in, insert; to reach in POC *soka

hoɁo-Hawaiian(OC) a very active former of causative/simulative derivatives, including 1. causation and transitivization (pono ‘correct’ hoɁo-pono-pono ‘to correct’), 2. pretense (kuli ‘deaf’ : hoɁo-kuli ‘to feign deafness’), 3. simillarity (kamaliɁi- ‘children’ : hoɁo-kamaliɁi ‘childish’), 4. no meaning (kāholoholo ‘to hurry’, hoɁo-kāholoholo ‘to hurry’), 5. unpredictable (maikaɁi ‘good’ : hoɁo-maikaɁi ‘to congratulate’) POC *paka-

hoʔo-anaHawaiian(OC) to make measurements POC *paka-saŋa

hoɁo-hoaHawaiian(OC) to make friends; to tie, bind, secure, rig; rigging, lashing; to challenge, dare, provoke; daring, defiant POC *soRa

hoʔo-kaheHawaiian(OC) to water or irrigate, to cause to flow, drain POC *tape₁

hoʔo-kaliHawaiian(OC) to cause to wait, delay; lingering, slow, as of a disease POC *tari

hoʔo-kiʔoHawaiian(OC) to excrete, evacuate, give birth to a child (often sarcastic) POC *tiko

hoʔo-kupuHawaiian(OC) to cause growth, sprouting; to sprout POC *paka-tupuq

hoʔo-mimiHawaiian(OC) to cause urination; to help to urinate, as a child PMP *mimi


TOP      h~    ha        hc    hd    he    hh    hi    hl    hm    hn    ho    hr    ht    hu    hw    hy    


hraJarai(WMP) salt PAN *qasiRa

hraRhade(WMP) salt PAN *qasiRa

hrahRhade(WMP) red (note: Rhade c.d. < *siRaq) PMP *ma-iRaq

(h)rebukOld Javanese(WMP) pollen PMP *rebuk

hreŋOld Javanese(WMP) deep persistent sound; rumbling, grumbling, growling, humming PMP *heReŋ

hreŋ hreŋOld Javanese(WMP) to rumble PMP *heReŋ

hrəyJarai(WMP) day PAN *waRi₁

hruêRhade(WMP) day PAN *waRi₁

hruənSa'ban(WMP) to descend PMP *tuRun₁


TOP      h~    ha        hc    hd    he    hh    hi    hl    hm    hn    ho    hr    ht    hu    hw    hy    


htgan wagiAtayal(Formosan) East PAN *waRi₁


TOP      h~    ha        hc    hd    he    hh    hi    hl    hm    hn    ho    hr    ht    hu    hw    hy    


-huAmbai(SHWNG) my, mine, marker of general possession (house, book, boat, etc.) PAN *-ku

'Āre'āre(OC) a littoral tree; extracts of its bark used to poison fish; its fruit POC *putun₁

huJavanese(WMP) exclamation of scorn PMP *qu₁

huMota(OC) noise made by the wind; to hum POC *puuŋ

huNias(WMP) here! here I am! PMP *qu₁

Niue(OC) enter, emerge, push one's way in PMP *surup₁

huRotinese(CMP) term suffixed “to the terms for the mother’s brother and the mother’s mother’s brother to signify these men as the “origin” of their sister’s children, who are described as their “plants” (Fox 1971, Fox 1980:14) PMP *puqun

huToba Batak(WMP) 1sg suffixed possessive pronoun and prenominal agent PAN *-ku

Tongan(OC) wet POC *suRuq₁

Tongan(OC) to enter, to go in; to pass through an entrance (whether going in or out), put on, get into (clothes) PMP *surup₁

-hu ~ -kuChamorro(WMP) 1sg possessive suffix and preverbal subject pronoun PAN *-ku

hua'Āre'āre(OC) to bring, carry, of person or thing that cannot move by itself (reanalyzed as hu-a) POC *puat₂

huaAsilulu(CMP) to swell; be pregnant; fruit; protrusions; numeral connector for small objects (as cigarettes); areca nut PMP *buaq

huaAsilulu(CMP) salt water crocodile: Crocodilus porosus L. PCEMP *buqaya

huaAsilulu(CMP) fruit; numeral connector for small objects PMP *buaq

huaDhao/Ndao(CMP) fruit PMP *buaq

huāHaununu(OC) crocodile POC *puqaya

huaHawaiian(OC) fruit, egg, ovum, seed, offspring; to bear fruit, seed; bear a child; fruitful; round object, as pill or bead; result, effect; testicles; word, letter, figure, watchword, rallying cry, note in music; to speak POC *puaq

huaKamarian(CMP) betel nut; fruit; the heart PMP *buaq

huaKamarian(CMP) throw out money (as a wager) in a top-spinning competition PMP *buhat₂

huaKamarian(CMP) load a boat; lift anchor PMP *buhat₃

huaKapingamarangi(OC) numeral classifier for breadfruit and fruit; fruit of; scrotum POC *puaq

huaKapingamarangi(OC) only, thats all POC *pua₁

huaKapingamarangi(OC) area of POC *puat₂

huaKove(OC) two; dual marker in pronouns POC *rua

huaLaha(CMP) fruit PMP *buaq

huaLarike(CMP) fruit; classifier for fruits, buildings, eggs, general objects PMP *buaq

huaLuangiua(OC) fruit POC *puaq

huaManusela(CMP) two PMP *duha

huaMaori(OC) fruit; egg of a bird; roe of a fish; product, progeny; abundance, number; bear fruit or flowers; full (of the moon) POC *puaq

huaMaori(OC) lever; raise with a lever; steer, paddle POC *puqal

huaMaori(OC) to steer, paddle PEMP *suak

huaMorella(CMP) fruit PMP *buaq

huaMotu(OC) increase (as an ulcer, or wave about to break); be full (of udder); to fruit POC *puaq

huaMotu(OC) moon, month POC *pulan₃

huaMotu(OC) to increase (as an ulcer, or a wave about to break), to be full (of an udder), to fruit POC *pula₄

huaNehan(OC) to paddle a canoe PEMP *suak

huaNukuoro(OC) come out in front; sing (a song); bear (fruit); a swelling (on the skin, or of dough, etc.); a swell (of the sea); numeral classifier (by tens) for fruit POC *puaq

huaRennellese(OC) fruit, nut, seed, bulbil, berry; egg, as of bird or fish; ear, as of corn; to have fruits, nuts, berries; to have or lay eggs; size, shape; to be of a size; counting classifier for coconuts and round objects; song; to sing a song; counting classifier for coconuts and round objects POC *puaq

huaSeimat(OC) crocodile POC *puqaya

huaSelaru(CMP) heart PMP *buaq

huaTongan(OC) (of pigs) to root in the earth, to turn over the earth with the snout, to grout PMP *sual

huaTongan(OC) of a boat, to change from one tack to another PEMP *suak

huaTongan(OC) food made from a mixture of hili (arrowroot starch), and coconut cream PEMP *sua₂

huaaManipa(CMP) crocodile PCEMP *buqaya

hua-a booRennellese(OC) cartridge, bullet (lit. 'traveling fruit') POC *puaq

huabəSangir(WMP) (in the Sangirese tidal calendar) time of the first and last quarter (of the moon); after haresəʔ the huabə begins, which is to say that the reef is no longer visible PMP *Ruab

hua huaHawaiian(OC) fruitful, productive; bear many fruits, lay many eggs; testicles POC *puaq puaq

hua-huaMotu(OC) fruit POC *puaq

hua huaMotu(OC) fruit POC *puaq puaq

hua-huePaamese(OC) beach morning glory POC *puRe₂

huʔa-huʔatoGorontalo(WMP) opened, as a package PMP *bu(ŋ)kas

hua-iLabel(OC) bloom, bear fruit (as a coconut tree) POC *puaq

hua-iPaulohi(CMP) its fruit; numeral classifier for people, boats, cigarettes, mountains PMP *buaq

hua-iaMotu(OC) carry on the shoulder POC *puat₂

hua-iaMotu(OC) to carry on the shoulder POC *pua₂

hua i ʔaiArosi(OC) kidneys POC *puaq

hua-ia raruraMotu(OC) carry on a pole between two POC *puat₂

hua i bubuArosi(OC) the constellation Southern Cross POC *bubu₁

hua i hauArosi(OC) a round stone PMP *buaq na batu

hua i kuaArosi(OC) an egg (fowl) POC *puaq

hualaMotu(OC) crocodile POC *puqaya

hua lāRotuman(OC) take a step, make a stride POC *puat₂

hua-luaKapingamarangi(OC) two (breadfruit) POC *puaq

huamKayan (Long Atip)(WMP) a yawn PMP *huab₂

hua-mataMaori(OC) first fruits rite POC *puaq

hua-nErai(CMP) fruit PMP *buaq

hua-nTeluti(CMP) fruit PMP *buaq

hua-nWahai(CMP) fruit PMP *buaq

hua-naArosi(OC) fruit; to bear fruit; a unit in counting such objects as fruit, stones, eggs, fish, round or lump-like objects; a descriptive prefix with similar objects POC *puaq

hua-naLabel(OC) blossom, bud, fruit POC *puaq

hua-naUlawa(OC) article, a, one, used of fruits only POC *puaq

hua ni ʔeiUlawa(OC) fruit POC *puaq ni kayu

huaŋSangir(WMP) subsidence of the ground, hole, pit PWMP *Ruqaŋ

hua-ŋaMaori(OC) advantage, benefit POC *puaq

(h)uapMalay(WMP) vapor PWMP *huab₁

huara'Āre'āre(OC) crocodile POC *puqaya

huar-iaMotu(OC) to smash, as pottery POC *puaR

huasManobo (Dibabawon)(WMP) sweat PPH *hulas

huasaArosi(OC) crocodile POC *puqaya

huasaSa'a(OC) crocodile POC *puqaya

huas-iArosi(OC) carry suspended from the head, on the neck, as a bag POC *puat₂

huatKlata(WMP) comb PMP *suat₁

huat-akiMaori(OC) raise, lift; begin POC *puat₂

huavKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) a yawn PMP *huab₂

huayJarai(WMP) rattan PAN *quay

huayKamarian(CMP) crocodile PCEMP *buqaya

huayPaulohi(CMP) crocodile: Crocodilus porosus Schneid. PCEMP *buqaya

huayoGorontalo(WMP) crocodile PMP *buqaya

húbadAklanon(WMP) unravel, untie, unwind PPh *hubád

hubádBikol(WMP) undo a knot; untie, unfasten; disentangle, untangle PPh *hubád

húbadCebuano(WMP) break out of a hold in wrestling or in judo; translate into another language PPh *hubád

hubádTagalog(WMP) undressed from the waist up PPh *hubád

hubadTausug(WMP) untie, unlash PPh *hubád

hubád-onBikol(WMP) be loosened PPh *hubád-en

(h)ubanMalay(WMP) grey or white (of the hair); grey-haired PMP *quban

hubásAklanon(WMP) low tide PPh *hebás

hubásCebuano(WMP) dry up or drain liquids out PPh *hebás

hubásHanunóo(WMP) evaporation, drying up, as of mountain streams in the dry season PPh *hebás

hubásHiligaynon(WMP) evaporate, dry up PPh *hebás

huboŋIfugaw(WMP) specific term for a pang-ó necklace (consists of a number of cylindrical beads) PWMP *subeŋ

hubóʔ-onBikol(WMP) to move or transfer something to a new place PPH *hubuq-en

hubuToba Batak(WMP) entrenchment, fortification that the beleaguered inhabitants of a village erect against the enemy PMP *kubu

hubúnCebuano(WMP) fontanel, the soft, boneless areas in the skull of a baby or young animal which are later closed by the formation of bone PMP *hubun₁

hubúnHiligaynon(WMP) group PMP *hebun

hubúnHiligaynon(WMP) group PMP *hubun₂

hubún-hubúnCebuano(WMP) fontanel, the soft, boneless areas in the skull of a baby or young animal which are later closed by the formation of bone PWMP *hubun hubun

huci ~ kuciPapora(Formosan) vulva PAN *kuti

hucikManggarai(CMP) sound made by a monkey, chatter PMP *kusik

HudalPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) rain PAN *quzaN

(h)udamMalay(WMP) dulled (of lustre); faded (of coloring) PAN *qudem

(h)udanOld Javanese(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

(h)udaŋMalay(WMP) prawn; crayfish; lobster; generic for decapods of the Macrura class, in contrast to crabs PAN *qudaŋ

hudhudIfugaw(WMP) to relate a story that is recognized as being fictitious, as to relate a story in which animals are personified; a fictitious story PWMP *sudsud₁

hudiBunama(OC) banana POC *pudi

hud-iKapingamarangi(OC) to pull POC *puput-i

hudiKapingamarangi(OC) banana plant: Musa paradisiaca and Musa nana POC *pudi

hudiNukuoro(OC) banana tree POC *pudi

hudiSa'a(OC) a banana; twenty-one kinds of native bananas are named at Sa’a; the cultivation of native bananas ceased at Ulawa owing to ceremonial restrictions POC *pudi

hudiTetun(CMP) banana PAN *punti₁

hu di bulan-naToba Batak(WMP) gestation period PMP *bulan₃

hudonToba Batak(WMP) pot PAN *kuden

huduBimanese(CMP) louse PMP *kutu₁

huːduGorontalo(WMP) tip, as of a sugarcane stalk PMP *budu

huduNias(WMP) projecting point or peak PMP *quzuŋ

huduŋKayan(WMP) progress; to push along; move an object PWMP *su(n)duŋ

(h)udutMalay(WMP) suck at PWMP *qudud

huʔeArosi(OC) to overturn, prise up POC *puke

huʔeHawaiian(OC) remove, lift off, uncover, expose; to unload, as a ship; to open, as an oven; push, force, prod; to wash out, as flood waters POC *puke

hueNukuoro(OC) vines (several spp.) POC *puRe₂

hueRennellese(OC) beach creeper: Ipomoea pes-caprae POC *puRe₂

hueRotuman(OC) fruit (lit. and fig.); pill; bear fruit POC *puaq

huʔeRotuman(OC) to open up (native oven, sack, bundle, etc.) POC *puke

hueWahai(CMP) hair PCEMP *buek

hueʔ-akiRotuman(OC) bear fruit (lit. and fig.) POC *puaq

hueámAklanon(WMP) borrow PMP *hezam

húeawAklanon(WMP) stop raining, "let up" (rain only) PMP *hedaw

hue hua-naSa'a(OC) its fruit POC *puaq puaq

hue hueSa'a(OC) fruit, seeds of Malay apple POC *puaq puaq

hue-na, hue-niSa'a(OC) article, a, one, used of fruits only POC *puaq

húeogAklanon(WMP) to drop (something); mail (a letter); to fall, get dropped PMP *huluR

hueom-ónAklanon(WMP) to borrow PPh *hedam-en

hue-pLenkau(OC) two POC *rua

hue-si daŋoSa'a(OC) kidney POC *puaq

hufaRotuman(OC) float on fishing net POC *puta

hufaRotuman(OC) float on fishing net PMP *putat

hufuRotuman(OC) the Barringtonia, non-edible variety, the fruit being used for making fish-poison. The tree is large with a strong characteristic smell. Fruit about four inches long, almost pyramidal in form with a base and four triangular sides POC *putun₁

húgaIfugaw(WMP) sharpened ends of canes stuck on paths or ricefield dykes to impede passage PMP *suja

húgasAklanon(WMP) rinse, wash off PMP *huRas

húgasBikol(WMP) to wash (as dishes, a car; not applicable to the face, hands or clothes) PMP *huRas

húgasCebuano(WMP) wash anything but clothes PMP *huRas

húgasHiligaynon(WMP) wash hands and other objects except clothes PMP *huRas

húgasTagalog(WMP) washing PMP *huRas

hugás-anCebuano(WMP) place for washing PWMP *huRas-an

hugás-anTagalog(WMP) wash something PWMP *huRas-an

hugas-ánTagalog(WMP) washing tub or basin PWMP *huRas-an

hugás-iCebuano(WMP) wash (imper.) PWMP *huRas-i

hugás-onBikol(WMP) be washed off PWMP *huRas-en

hugás-unCebuano(WMP) dishes to be washed PWMP *huRas-en

hugeKapingamarangi(OC) to open POC *puke

huge di imuKapingamarangi(OC) uncover the ground oven POC *puke

hughúg, h-al-ughúgCebuano(WMP) drawstring in the waistline of clothing to hold it up; put a drawstring at the waist; pass a thread in and out loosely through the edge of cloth in shirring or basting PMP *huRhuR

hugiArosi(OC) banana or plantain (many named varieties) POC *pudi

hugiKapingamarangi(OC) to make a small hole in something PMP *suksuk-i

hugi, hugis-iaRennellese(OC) push, shove, roll, throw, hurl, turn over; to drop, as heavy objects POC *buliŋ

hugi-hugiRennellese(OC) turn over, roll; put down, as a burden POC *buliŋ

hugoBauro(OC) a large net, seine net POC *pukot

hugomChamorro(WMP) squeeze with arms or legs, as in wrestling PWMP *kugem

hugóŋTagalog(WMP) humming in the ear PMP *huRuŋ

hugóŋ-húgoŋAklanon(WMP) rumors PMP *heReŋ

hugóŋ-hugóŋAklanon(WMP) rumors PMP *huRuŋ

hugótAklanon(WMP) to tighten, make firm PMP *heRet

hugótBikol(WMP) remove something with the fingers (as lice from the hair, grains of rice from the stalk) PAN *SuRut

hugótTagalog(WMP) pulling or withdrawing (from); unsheathing PAN *SuRut

hugótWaray-Waray(WMP) the act of stretching or drawing tightly, as of string, cord, rope or the like; drawn tightly, stretched PMP *heRet

hugot-áWaray-Waray(WMP) to draw tightly PMP *heRet

huguKapingamarangi(OC) tail; the end (referring to the back of something) POC *siku

huguLakalai(OC) carry on the head PMP *qusuŋ

huguRennellese(OC) body hair, feathers, fur; prickly root hairs, as of some yams; spikes, as of the sea urchin; nail; to anoint or rub, as with perfume, vasoline, or turmeric; to dye, as hair POC *pulu₃

huguSika(CMP) bend the head down; hang the head because one is sad PMP *su(ŋ)kuk

húgudIfugaw(WMP) comb to disentangle the hair PWMP *sujud

hugu-huguRennellese(OC) hairy; to grow, as hair or feathers; be tattered, as an unfinished mat; have spines, as a balloon fish POC *pulu pulu

húguŋCebuano(WMP) produce a steady humming sound PMP *heReŋ

húguŋCebuano(WMP) produce a steady humming sound PMP *huRuŋ

húguŋCebuano(WMP) to produce a steady humming sound PWMP *heRuŋ

húgutCebuano(WMP) pull in rope or the like; pick nits from a strand of hair PAN *SuRut

hugútCebuano(WMP) firmly tied, attached, closed; taut, holding tight; firm in belief, purpose, feeling PMP *heRet

húgutCebuano(WMP) to pull in rope or the like; pick nits from a strand of hair PPH *húRut

húgutHanunóo(WMP) pulling, up as of a loincloth; tightening, as of a binding PAN *SuRut

húgutHanunóo(WMP) pulling up, as of a loincloth; tightening, as of a binding PMP *heRet

hugútHiligaynon(WMP) tight PMP *heRet

hugutRomblomanon(WMP) something, as a roll of buri (palm leaf) strips, a jar lid, a piece of clothing on the body, a weaving is firm or tight PMP *heRet

hugutTausug(WMP) tightness (as of a knot, tie, lid, door); firmness PMP *heRet

húgutCebuano(WMP) pull in rope or the like PMP *heRet

hugut-ánMasbatenyo(WMP) screw tightly PMP *heRet

hugút-onBikol(WMP) remove with the fingers PAN *SuRut-en

hugwaChamorro(WMP) two (old numeral) PMP *duha

huhLonwolwol(OC) breast; suck at the breast PAN *susu₁

huhNehan(OC) to nurse at the breast; breast milk PAN *susu₁

huh, huhu-reSelaru(CMP) wickerwork fish trap PAN *bubu₂

huhasPazeh(Formosan) vein, blood vessel PAN *huRaC

huhedTboli(WMP) umbilicus, navel; core of the ocean PMP *pusej

huhetoGorontalo(WMP) wash PMP *huRas

huhoAyta Abellan(WMP) snail PMP *susuq

huhóʔTagalog(WMP) flowing off of grains or pieces of things PMP *huhuq

huhu'Āre'āre(OC) dry, powdery, of powdered substance such as hena POC *pupuk₂

huhu'Āre'āre(OC) swollen, of callosity in the stomach POC *pupuŋ

huhu'Āre'āre(OC) dry, powdery, of powdered substance such as lime POC *pupus

huhuArosi(OC) large wickerwork eel trap POC *pupu₂

huhuArosi(OC) to pluck fruit POC *puput

huhuArosi(OC) leak, drip, flow out; soak POC *pupus

huhuArosi(OC) pluck fruit PMP *pupu₁

huhuArosi(OC) pluck fruit PMP *puqpuq₁

huhuAsilulu(CMP) curving, four-cornered fish trap of plaited bamboo PAN *bubu₂

huhuAsilulu(CMP) be full of wood mites (as planks) PMP *bukbuk₃

huhuErai(CMP) fish trap made chiefly of bamboo PAN *bubu₂

huhuGorontalo(WMP) beam which connects the ridgepole with the upper part of the crossbeam PMP *bubuŋ₁

huhuHawaiian(OC) a wood-boring insect; worm-eaten, rotten POC *pupuk₂

huhuKamarian(CMP) fish trap PAN *bubu₂

huhuKambera(CMP) breast; suck at the breast PAN *susu₁

huhuMaori(OC) larva of the beetle Prionoplus reticularis, found in decayed timber POC *pupuk₂

huhuNiue(OC) breast, nipple PAN *susu₁

huhuPaulohi(CMP) fish trap PAN *bubu₂

huhu-Paulohi(CMP) ridge of roof PMP *bubuŋ₁

huhuPom(SHWNG) breast PAN *susu₁

huhuRaga(OC) breasts PAN *susu₁

huhuRoma(CMP) female breast PAN *susu₁

huhuRotuman(OC) pull up, pull out; (of one's eyes) to take off, withdraw POC *puput

huhuSa'a(OC) pluck, pick off POC *puput

huhuSa'a(OC) leak, drip, pour, spill, of powdered substance POC *pupus

huhuSa'a(OC) pluck, pick off PMP *pupu₁

huhuSa'a(OC) pluck, pick off PMP *puqpuq₁

huhuHawu(CMP) breast PAN *susu₁

huhuTongan(OC) suck PMP *cupcup

huhuTongan(OC) prick, pierce (with a small hole); of a bee, to sting; give an injection to POC *susul₂

huhuTongan(OC) to suck (as a baby does) from breast or bottle PAN *susu₁

huhuTongan(OC) to prick, pierce (with a small hole); (of a bee, etc.) to sting; to give an injection to PAN *suksuk

huhuTongan(OC) to suck (as a baby does) from breast or bottle POC *susup

huhuVao(OC) female breast PAN *susu₁

huhuWoi(SHWNG) female breast PAN *susu₁

huhu-East Damar(CMP) female breast PAN *susu₁

hu-huaArosi(OC) bear abundantly POC *puaq puaq

huhu-aMotu(OC) break off banana singly POC *puput

huhu-aMotu(OC) break off bananas singly PMP *pupu₁

huhu-aMotu(OC) break off bananas singly PMP *puqpuq₁

huhu-aNiue(OC) be filled with milk (of the breast) PAN *susu₁

hu-hua-na'Āre'āre(OC) seeds, of fruits POC *puaq puaq

huhugaRennellese(OC) swell up, be swollen (as face, eye with epicanthic fold) POC *pupula

hu-hugaRennellese(OC) to swell up, be swollen (as face or eyes) POC *pula₄

hu-huiHawaiian(OC) cluster (as of grain or fruit); Pleiades POC *pui₁

húhukItawis(WMP) that which is slowly eaten away; dental caries, tooth decay PMP *bukbuk₃

huhu kamu huaAsilulu(CMP) very fine-meshed fish trap PAN *bubu₂

huhu katihuAsilulu(CMP) shrimp trap made of a single piece of bamboo, slatted and tapering on both ends, used in streams PAN *bubu₂

huhuk-iHawaiian(OC) pull hard or frequently (as in uprooting taro) POC *puput-i

hūhūk-iaTongan(OC) pricked in many places, having many small holes as if pricked POC *susuk

hūhūk-iaTongan(OC) pricked in many places, having many small holes as if pricked PAN *suksuk

huhulAsilulu(CMP) small bits of rotten wood PMP *buRbuR₂

huhulaMotu(OC) fish sp. POC *pu-pulan

hu-hulaMotu(OC) fish sp. POC *pu-pulan

huhulaRotuman(OC) to swell (esp. through disease, etc.) POC *pupula

huhu lau hahaAsilulu(CMP) large-meshed fish trap PAN *bubu₂

hu-huleSa'a(OC) cataract in the eye POC *pulaR₂

huhu liaŋuKambera(CMP) stalactites PMP *liaŋ

hu-huluNiue(OC) to shine (as the moon) PMP *suluq

huhu mwakanaSa'a(OC) dry, powdery earth POC *pupus

huhunErai(CMP) mountain, hill, heap PMP *bunbun

huhu-nNehan(OC) chest, breast PAN *susu₁

hu-hunuNiue(OC) to burn PMP *sunuR

hu-hunu, romaSa'a(OC) stupefy fish with the fruit of the Barringtonia POC *putun₁

huhúŋItawis(WMP) a well PMP *bubuŋ₂

huhuŋaRotuman(OC) coconut leaves laid on ridge of house above the roof proper POC *pupuŋan

huhuŋen-aRotuman(OC) place such leaves on ridge of house POC *pupuŋan

huhuʔoGorontalo(WMP) to slap (as a mosquito, or a person on the back) PMP *bukbuk₁

huhu puleAsilulu(CMP) plaited cone-shaped entrance on either end of the fish trap; fish trap characterized by such an entrance PAN *bubu₂

huhurKamarian(CMP) dust from decayed wood PMP *buRbuR₂

huhuraArosi(OC) scar; sore under skin of sole of foot POC *pupula

huhus-iSa'a(OC) pluck, pick off POC *puput-i

huhus-iSa'a(OC) pour on POC *pupus-i

huhus-i-a'Āre'āre(OC) spill, shake off, of powdered substance POC *pupus

huhut-iRennellese(OC) to pull, as on a fishing line; catch a fish on a line POC *puput-i

huhut-i-ʔakiRennellese(OC) pull one another POC *puput-i

húʔhuʔCebuano(WMP) empty a container of its contents by turning it upside down and agitating it. PMP *huqhuq

hui'Āre'āre(OC) a wart POC *putiR

huiAsilulu(CMP) food remnants, grease on plate PCMP *buqi₁

huiHawaiian(OC) club, association, society, corporation, firm, partnership, union; form a society or organization; to meet; join, unite, combine; cluster, as of grapes or coconuts; bunch, as of bananas; chorus of a song POC *pui₁

huiKapingamarangi(OC) immerse in water PCEMP *buqi₂

huiKapingamarangi(OC) to immerse in water POC *puqi

huiMotu(OC) hair POC *pulu₃

huiNiue(OC) foot, leg; bone; keel of canoe POC *suRi₁

hui-Raga(OC) bone POC *suRi₁

huiRennellese(OC) bunch or cluster, as of Barringtonia nuts or Pandanus keys; string, as of fish; fruit, as of pandanus POC *pui₁

huiSa'a(OC) pour water on (as in washing a corpse) PCEMP *buqi₂

hui-Sori(OC) bone POC *ruRi

huiTongan(OC) bone; needle; bony (of fish, etc.) POC *suRi₁

hui-Ponam(OC) bone POC *ruRi

hui-a'Āre'āre(OC) pour out, pour water over, on PCEMP *buqi₂

huiaLuangiua(OC) a bird: Aplonis feadensis POC *pusiRa

hui bakuŋSundanese(WMP) kind of tuber PAN *bakuŋ₁

huʔiduGorontalo(WMP) mountain PAN *bukij

hui-huiMaori(OC) put or add together; congregate, come together; meet; double up; assembly, group POC *pui₁

hui-huiNiue(OC) bony (of fish) POC *suRi₁

hui-huiSa'a(OC) turn from side to side, be troublous POC *pui pui

hui-huiSa'a(OC) pour water on (as in washing a corpse) POC *puqi puqi

huʔi-huʔiRennellese(OC) diminutive of hu-huʔi; to dip, as into water POC *puqi puqi

hui-ka hui-kaMotu(OC) hairy, as a blanket POC *pulu₃

huʔi-nTetun(CMP) female genitalia PAN *puki

huitaPiamatsina(OC) squid PMP *kuRita

hujaUma(WMP) sharp bamboo spikes planted in the ground PMP *suja

hujanBahasa Indonesia(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

hujanDelang(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

(h)ujanNgaju Dayak(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

hujanSundanese(WMP) rain; to rain PMP *quzan

hujan batuMalay(WMP) hail PMP *quzan batu₂

hujan batuSundanese(WMP) hail PMP *quzan batu₁

hujan buahSundanese(WMP) hail; hailstone PMP *quzan buaq

huján lebatBahasa Indonesia(WMP) heavy rain, downpour PMP *quzan

hujan panasBahasa Indonesia(WMP) sunshower ( = "hot rain") PMP *quzan

hujan rintik rintikBahasa Indonesia(WMP) drizzling rain PMP *quzan

hujoŋMalay(WMP) extreme point, tip (tongue, eye, index finger) PMP *quzuŋ

hujoŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) cape of land which projects seaward PMP *quzuŋ

(h)ujuŋOld Javanese(WMP) the furthest point, projecting part, projecting corner, foot of a mountain PMP *quzuŋ

hukKei(CMP) kind of tree: Gnetum gnemon L. PMP *suka₁

hu(k)Rotinese(CMP) trunk; root; origin; cause, reason; counter term for trees PMP *puqun

hukaʔ-anTausug(WMP) loosen something, as of tie or knots, bracelet, lid, tourniquet, or wound dressing PAN *hukaq

hukábCebuano(WMP) open, remove a cover through forceful or nonhuman action PWMP *hu(ŋ)kab

húkadCebuano(WMP) to take something out of a container by lifting it out PPH *hukad

hukálItawis(WMP) kidney; seed PWMP *bukel

hukanWatubela(CMP) dibble stick PMP *suqan

húkasAklanon(WMP) take off, unstitch PWMP *hukas

húkasCebuano(WMP) take clothing off of the top part of the body; expose a secret PWMP *hukas

hukásHanunóo(WMP) unloading or dismounting from an animal PWMP *hekas

hukásHanunóo(WMP) unloading or dismounting from an animal PWMP *hukas

hukasTausug(WMP) undress PWMP *hukas

húkatIfugaw(WMP) measure of capacity (as of rice in a wooden container) PWMP *sukat

hukát-onIfugaw(WMP) to measure PWMP *sukat-en

hukáwItawis(WMP) hawk sp. PWMP *bukaw

hukáyBikol(WMP) dig something up PWMP *hukay

hukáyTagalog(WMP) excavation; grave in the ground PWMP *hukay

hukáy-anBikol(WMP) dig into PWMP *hukay-an

hukay-ínTagalog(WMP) dig or excavate a certain place, dig out (something buried) PWMP *hukay

hukeArosi(OC) to lever up, turn over POC *puke

hukeMaori(OC) dig up, expose by removing the earth; excavate; disembowel fish POC *puke

hukeRennellese(OC) to open, as an oven; to dig out, as a canoe log POC *puke

huketTboli(WMP) a large net used for fishing in deep water PMP *puket₁

hukhúkIfugaw(WMP) onomatopoetic word used by gamblers when they shuffle the cards PAN *suksuk

hukiHaununu(OC) banana POC *pudi

huk-iHawaiian(OC) to pull, as on a rope; to draw, stretch, reach POC *puput-i

hukiMaori(OC) transfix, spit, a bird, etc. on a stick; stick in, as feathers in the hair PMP *suksuk-i

huk-iMaori(OC) to transfix, spit (a bird, etc..) on a stick; stick in, as feathers in the hair; a spit, consisting of a single pointed stick, on which fish, etc. are roasted PAN *suksuk

hukiNiue(OC) to pierce, lance, inoculate; needle, prickle, lance, injection, inoculation; fork PMP *suksuk-i

hukiNiue(OC) to pierce, lance, inoculate; a needle, prickle, lance, injection, inoculation; fork PMP *suŋkit

hukiTuvaluan(OC) pierce; test ground for turtle eggs with a stick; poke a stick through mats to hold them on ridge of house PMP *suksuk-i

hukiTuvaluan(OC) to pierce; test ground for turtle eggs with a stick; poke a stick through mats to hold them on ridge of house; sticks so used PMP *suŋkit

hūk-iaTongan(OC) pricked POC *susuk

hukígItawis(WMP) thicky forested mountain PAN *bukij

huk-i huk-iHawaiian(OC) pull or draw frequently, or by many persons; pull by jerks or continuously, as in the tug-of-war game; to gather, as taro POC *puput-i

huki-hukiMaori(OC) roast on a spit PMP *suksuk-i

huki-hukiTuvaluan(OC) perform an action or series of actions producing many holes PMP *suksuk-i

huki-hukiTuvaluan(OC) perform an action or series of actions producing many holes PMP *suŋkit

hukótTagalog(WMP) stooped; round-shouldered PMP *hekut

hukuAsilulu(CMP) a bump; to bulge (something hidden in clothes, something deep inside); become swollen PCEMP *buku

hukuHawaiian(OC) protuberance, lump, projection, elevation, jutting out, heap; to protrude, jut POC *putul₂

hukúItawis(WMP) node; knuckle PMP *bukuh

hukuManggarai(CMP) fingernail, toenail, claw PMP *kukuh

húkuʔ-húkuʔCebuano(WMP) be doubled over PWMP *hukuq

hukuman dapitTausug(WMP) one-sided judgment PWMP *dapit

hulaGorontalo(WMP) white; albino PMP *budaq₃

hulaGorontalo(WMP) white PMP *bulan₂

hulaRotuman(OC) moon, month POC *pulan₃

hulaRotuman(OC) sea slug POC *pula₃

hulaSoboyo(CMP) washing off (of dishes) PMP *huRas

hula-aholaUlawa(OC) six nights of the moon's course, including the full moon and two nights each way POC *pulan₃

hulaanWahai(CMP) gold PAN *bulaw-an

hula-báratraMalagasy(WMP) probably a kind of mushroom growing immediately after rain (varatra = ‘lightning’) PMP *kulat₂

hula-hulaUlawa(OC) water springs POC *puraq puraq

hulaloGorontalo(WMP) moon, month; menses PMP *bulan₃

hulámCebuano(WMP) borrow something; adopt, take over as one's own PWMP *huzam

hulámCebuano(WMP) borrow something; adopt, take over as one's own PMP *hezam

hulámHiligaynon(WMP) borrow PMP *hezam

(h)ulamMalay(WMP) uncooked vegetable food eaten with boiled rice PWMP *qulam

hulam-unHiligaynon(WMP) to borrow PPh *hedam-en

hulanAsilulu(CMP) moon, month PMP *bulan₃

hulanErai(CMP) moon, month PMP *bulan₃

hulanGaloli(CMP) moon PMP *bulan₃

húlanItawis(WMP) moon, month PMP *bulan₃

hulanTalur(CMP) moon PMP *bulan₃

hulanWahai(CMP) moon PMP *bulan₃

hulanePaulohi(CMP) moon, month PMP *bulan₃

hulaniBatu Merah(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

hulaniBatu Merah(CMP) moon PMP *bulan₃

hulan joko kapanErai(CMP) moon-eclipse (lit. moon hides in a cover) PMP *bulan₃

hulaŋLaha(CMP) moon PMP *bulan₃

hulaŋoGorontalo(WMP) sickness that leaves stripe marks on the calves of the legs PMP *belaŋ₂

hula putiAsilulu(CMP) bright moon PMP *bulan₃

(h)ulasMalay(WMP) cover; wrapper; skin PMP *qules₂

hulasTausug(WMP) perspiration, sweat PPH *hulas

hulasTetun(CMP) to twist PMP *pules

hula-siAsilulu(CMP) spew out saliva mixed with chewed areca on some diseased body part (a medical treatment for all kinds of external and internal disorders, esp. those caused by unfriendly spirits, e.g. headache) PMP *buRah

(h)ulatMalay(WMP) worm; grub; maggot; larva of fly or other such insect; slow-moving insect of the caterpillar type, in contrast to snake-like worms PMP *qulej

hulatManggarai(CMP) open the eyes very weakly PMP *kulat₁

húlatraMalagasy(WMP) a generic name for fungi PMP *kulat₂

huláwCebuano(WMP) drought, prolonged period without rain PMP *hedaw

hulawaGorontalo(WMP) gold PAN *bulaw-an

hulawanePaulohi(CMP) gold PAN *bulaw-an

hulawanoTeluti(CMP) gold PAN *bulaw-an

huleʔKayan(WMP) new shoot from padi [rice] plants; shoots or suckers from bananas or pineapples; a member of a family, a scion PMP *suli₁

huleSa'a(OC) phases of the moon; full moon POC *pulan₃

huleSa'a(OC) a convolvulus growing on the beaches, used to produce a blue dye for the hair POC *pula₂

hule-huleSa'a(OC) water springs POC *puraq puraq

hule i ladeSa'a(OC) name of a month, July POC *pulan₃

(h)ulesOld Javanese(WMP) cloth cover, covering, wrapping, piece of cloth to put on (wrap in, sleep under), sheet PMP *qules₂

hulhulBinukid(WMP) to lower (one’s trousers); for one’s trousers to fall, slip down PPH *hulhul₂

hulhúlCebuano(WMP) to bark; to shout halt; barking; shout to halt PAN *hulhul₁

huliAgta (Central Cagayan)(WMP) buttocks PMP *buliq₂

huliHawaiian(OC) turn; curl over, as a breaker; (fig.) to change, as an opinion or manner of living POC *buliŋ

huliHawaiian(OC) taro top, as used for planting PMP *suli₁

huliKapingamarangi(OC) to turn, to twist, to change POC *buliŋ

(h)uliMalay(WMP) kneading; squeezing (and not merely stirring) dough PMP *quli

huli-Nggela(OC) body; bone; vein of a leaf POC *suRi₁

huliNggela(OC) to lead, go before POC *suRi₂

huliRotuman(OC) turn something over; turn oneself over POC *buliŋ

hulíTagalog(WMP) late, tardy; last; tail-end; position behind PMP *udehi

huliTausug(WMP) last, end, rear PMP *udehi

huliTongan(OC) shoot, sprout, twig or sucker; fig. scion, descendant; to send out one or more shoots or suckers PMP *suli₁

huliTongan(OC) kind of fish POC *sulik

huliatoGorontalo(WMP) kind of tick or body louse PAN *buli-

húlidAklanon(WMP) sleep with, share a bed with, be in bed with PMP *hulij

húlidBikol(WMP) lie someone down to sleep (as a child); lie down beside PMP *hulij

húlidHiligaynon(WMP) lie alongside, lie together PMP *hulij

hulidManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) lie down next to someone; have sexual relations with someone; the person one lies next to PMP *hulij

(h)ulih-anTausug(WMP) behind, as of a person that follows in a line PWMP *udehi-an

huli kuaHawaiian(OC) to turn the back on, as to insult; back wall of a house POC *tuqa₁

hulimamaŋoGorontalo(WMP) talk in one's sleep; be delirious PAN *buli-

hulimayangoGorontalo(WMP) dizzy, giddy PAN *buli-

huli-nErai(CMP) ear (of rice, etc.) PMP *buliR

huli-nKayan(WMP) banana shoots; suckers; new shoots from padi [rice] plant PMP *suli₁

huli-ŋaTongan(OC) node (of a plant or tree) PMP *suli₁

hulipBinukid(WMP) to cover, patch up a small hole in something PPH *udip

hulisTetun(CMP) twist, as a wet towel to wring it out PMP *pulis

hulis nuTetun(CMP) twist coconuts off the stem PMP *pulis

húlitBikol(WMP) homily PPH *hulit

hulitToba Batak(WMP) leprosy PMP *kulit

hulit-onToba Batak(WMP) to contract leprosy PWMP *kulit-en

hul-ke, hula-reSelaru(CMP) moon PMP *bulan₃

huloNgaju Dayak(WMP) upper course (of a river), on the upper part PMP *qulu

huloSa'a(OC) sponge POC *puro₁

huloʔTboli(WMP) red PMP *pulaq

húlogBikol(WMP) drop something; fall PMP *huluR

húlogTagalog(WMP) fall; failure in examinations; capture; installment payment PMP *huluR

hulog-ánBikol(WMP) installment PWMP *huluR-an

(h)ulohNgaju Dayak(WMP) lower or let down, as on a rope PMP *huluR

huloloGorontalo(WMP) cataract of the eye PWMP *buleheR

huluAsilulu(CMP) end (as of village, veranda) PMP *budu

huluAsilulu(CMP) body hair, feather, fur; insect setae PCEMP *bulu₁

huluChamorro(WMP) thunder PWMP *delek

huluErai(CMP) body hair, feather; thatch of palm leaves PCEMP *bulu₁

huluErai(CMP) torch PMP *suluq

huluHawaiian(OC) feather, quill; fur, wool, fleece, human body hair (contrasting with lauoho 'head hair'); kind, nature, color POC *pulu₃

huluHitu(CMP) feather PCEMP *bulu₁

húluItawis(WMP) bamboo sp. having thick stems PAN *buluq₂

huluKambera(CMP) torch PMP *suluq

huluKapingamarangi(OC) hair POC *pulu₃

huluMalay(WMP) head; upper portion; handle PMP *qulu

huluNggela(OC) frond of a coconut PMP *suluq

huluNiue(OC) a torch PMP *suluq

huluNukuoro(OC) hair on the body (rarely heard) POC *pulu₃

huluOld Javanese(WMP) head; headwaters of a river; (often in inscriptions in the titles of officials or functionaries) head of, chief of PMP *qulu

huluPetats(OC) hair POC *pulu₃

huluSa'a(OC) hairy POC *pulu₃

huluSoboyo(CMP) ten PAN *puluq₁

huluSundanese(WMP) head PMP *qulu

huluTongan(OC) to show a light, or to give light, with a lantern, or a torch, etc. PMP *suluq

huluTongan(OC) to fix one’s loincloth by tucking in one end of it at the waist PMP *suluŋ₂

huluTuvaluan(OC) skirt-like garment (cloth worn by both sexes, wrapped around the lower half of the body and tucked in at the waist; formerly woven of pandanus) PMP *suluŋ₂

huluʔUma(WMP) torch PMP *suluq

hulu-aGorontalo(WMP) place where fish collect in the rear compartment of a basket trap PWMP *bunuq-an₂

hulu aluMalay(WMP) handle of pestle PMP *qulu

hulucBunun (Takituduh)(Formosan) upper garment PAN *qules₁

huluduGorontalo(WMP) upper part, headwaters of a river PMP *bulud₃

húlugCebuano(WMP) drop, fall freely, cause something to do so PMP *huluR

húlugHanunóo(WMP) fall, falling PMP *huluR

húlugHiligaynon(WMP) fall down, tumble PMP *huluR

hulugTausug(WMP) fall or drop, as from a height PMP *huluR

hulúg-anCebuano(WMP) give money to PWMP *huluR-an

hulu hateSundanese(WMP) pit of the stomach PWMP *qulu ni qatay

hulu hatiMalay(WMP) (lit. 'head of the liver') pit of the stomach PWMP *qulu ni qatay

hulu-huluHawaiian(OC) body hair, hair of eyelashes, fleece, fur; hairy; frayed, splintered, rough, not smooth, bristling; blanket; feathers; down or fuzz on plant stems; rootlet POC *pulu pulu

hulu-huluKapingamarangi(OC) hairy; first appearance of pubic hair POC *pulu pulu

hulu-huluNiue(OC) evening PMP *suluq

hulu-huluNukuoro(OC) hair on the body POC *pulu pulu

hulu-huluPileni(OC) feather POC *pulu₃

hulu-hulu-aNukuoro(OC) hairy POC *pulu pulu

hulu-hulu-iSa'a(OC) to sting, of leaves POC *pulu₃

hulu-hulu-ʔiTongan(OC) to give light to, throw light on (path, book, etc.) PWMP *suluq-i

hulu-hulu madaNukuoro(OC) eyebrows POC *pulu qi mata

hulu-ʔiUma(WMP) to fish by torchlight (?) PWMP *suluq-i

hulu i de leŋaNukuoro(OC) to paint one's body with turmeric POC *pulu₃

hulukWatubela(CMP) torch PMP *suluq

hulu kapakMalay(WMP) axe-handle PMP *qulu

hulu madeNukuoro(OC) the fading of one's hair color (becoming white) POC *pulu₃

hulu madugeKapingamarangi(OC) spines of the slate pencil urchin POC *pulu₃

hulu manuHawaiian(OC) bird feather; tick used for mattresses and pillow covers, so called because they were stuffed with bird feathers; green seaweeds POC *pulu ni manuk

hulu manuNukuoro(OC) feathers POC *pulu ni manuk

hulu motaʔaSa'a(OC) hairy; rough and prickly, of the backs of certain leaves POC *pulu₃

hulúnItawis(WMP) to follow PMP *bulun

(h)ulunMalay(WMP) slave; servant; person; this person; I PMP *qulun₁

(h)ulunOld Javanese(WMP) slave, bondsman, servant; be a servant PMP *qulun₁

hulu-nWahai(CMP) feather PCEMP *bulu₁

hulu-nWetan(CMP) body hair, feather; thatch of palm leaves PMP *bulu-n

hulun-ánItawis(WMP) to follow PMP *bulun

hulu-niBatu Merah(CMP) feather PCEMP *bulu₁

hulu-niSaparua(CMP) feather PCEMP *bulu₁

huluŋIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) for someone to go upstream along a brook or river PWMP *suruŋ

huluʔoGorontalo(WMP) addled (of an egg which has failed to hatch) PAN *buRuk

hulu-palaHawaiian(OC) light brown, bay, as a horse POC *pulu₃

hulu panaAsilulu(CMP) kind of black, spiked sea urchin (Echinodea) PCEMP *bulu₁

hulurMalay(WMP) letting go; slacking or paying out (a line) PMP *huluR

hulur-anMalay(WMP) what is extended to someone (gift, help, etc.) PWMP *huluR-an

hulusBunun(Formosan) clothes (all examples given refer to types of jackets) PAN *qules₁

hulúsCebuano(WMP) lower something attached on a string which passes through a pulley PWMP *hurus

hulu susuSundanese(WMP) nipple, teat PWMP *qulu ni susu

hulutTboli(WMP) glutinous (sticky) rice or corn; sticky tree sap used to trap birds PMP *pulut

hulutoGorontalo(WMP) fibers, husk PMP *bulut₁

hulutoGorontalo(WMP) coconut husk PMP *bunut₁

hulut-oloGorontalo(WMP) be fibrous, as a mango PPh *bunut-en

hulw-anOld Javanese(WMP) the head (of a bed, etc.) as opposed to the foot PMP *qulu-an

humaBuruese(CMP) house PAN *Rumaq

(h)umaKaro Batak(WMP) rice field, generally dry rice field or swidden PMP *quma

(h)umaMalay(WMP) cultivation on dry soil in contrast to planting on swampy ground. Esp. of the cultivation of Oryza montana, or hill-rice, but also applied to other crops needing dry soil PMP *quma

humaNgaju Dayak(WMP) house (the large, permanent dwelling houses in villages) PAN *Rumaq

humaNias(WMP) hermit crab PAN *qumaŋ

HumaPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) cultivated field (wet or dry) PAN *qumah

humaSundanese(WMP) swidden, dry rice field PMP *quma

h<um>ágokTagalog(WMP) to snore PWMP *haguk

humahBalinese(WMP) house, the complex containing the usual group of buildings (stone house, open platform with thatched roof for daily activity, rice-store, kitchen, pig-sty and house shrine) PAN *Rumaq

humah-inBalinese(WMP) be housed, dwell PAN *Rumaq

h<um>aʔitIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) for something to pain PWMP *s<um>akit

h<um>akítIfugaw(WMP) it will give (cause) pain PWMP *s<um>akit

h<um>alaŋ-alaŋOld Javanese(WMP) “to keep being in the way”, keep troubling PWMP *qalaŋ

h<um>allotMapun(WMP) tighten up something, as when tying up rope PMP *h<um>eRet

(h)umanMalay(WMP) to keep "harping on one string" PAN *quman

h<um>anNarum(WMP) to eat PAN *k<um>aen

h<um>anNgaju Dayak(WMP) to eat (of people or animals) PAN *k<um>aen

h<um>arepOld Javanese(WMP) go forward; stand or move in the direction of; turn towards, face PMP *qadep

h<um>asaʔKadazan Dusun(WMP) to make a mistake; to break the law PWMP *s<um>alaq

h<um>athatIfugaw(WMP) for someone to clear a field of old sweet potato vines with a digging trowel or digging bar PWMP *t<um>astas

huma-xnatiBuruese(CMP) married PAN *Rumaq

humáyAklanon(WMP) cooked rice PMP *hemay

húmayBikol(WMP) prepare a dish eaten on festive occasions in which seasoned meat or fish and rice are cooked in a segment of bamboo PMP *hemay

humáyCebuano(WMP) general term for rice PMP *hemay

humáyHiligaynon(WMP) rice plant PMP *hemay

húmbakAklanon(WMP) wave, crest PWMP *humbak

humbákHanunóo(WMP) wave(s) at sea, ocean waves PWMP *humbak

humbákTagalog(WMP) hollow, concave (of cheeks, stomach or the like) PWMP *humbak

(h)umbiMalay(WMP) bulb, bulb-root PMP *qubi

humbiaSangir(WMP) sago palm PMP *Rumbia

humbutBanjarese(WMP) edible pith; palm cabbage PMP *qubuj

hu-m-cóiTsou(Formosan) dead man PAN *ma-aCay

h-um-eneŋOld Javanese(WMP) be or become silent, keep silence, fall silent; keep quiet, take no action PWMP *q<um>eneŋ

humhumBunun(Formosan) twilight PAN *lemlem

humi-Piamatsina(OC) beard PMP *kumi

h<um>igítTagalog(WMP) pull until taut or tight PMP *h<um>eRet

h<um>illo-hilloToba Batak(WMP) to glitter, flicker PWMP *kilaw₂

h<um>iputKadazan Dusun(WMP) to go around something PWMP *l<um>iput

h<um>iputKadazan Dusun(WMP) to go around something PAN *lipuC

h<um>omokKadazan Dusun(WMP) to become soft or muddy PAN *lemek₁

h<um>onodKadazan Dusun(WMP) to drown PWMP *leñej

h<um>ontorToba Batak(WMP) to tremble, shiver, quiver; to oscillate, of wood on which a musical instrument is played PWMP *keter

h<um>otokToba Batak(WMP) to make a noise; be loud PWMP *ketek

(h)umpanNgaju Dayak(WMP) bait used to catch fish PMP *qumpan

humuLakalai(OC) cook on the hearth by covering food with heated stones PMP *qumun

humuNiue(OC) a species of fish (black in color, with yellow tints) POC *sumu

humuTongan(OC) kind of fish POC *sumu

h-um-ubásHanunóo(WMP) dry up PPh *h<um>ebás

h<um>ugutTausug(WMP) to become tight or tighter PMP *h<um>eRet

humu-humuHawaiian(OC) triggerfish; to sew, of many or continuously POC *sumu

h<um>unósTagalog(WMP) to get a share of the crop being harvested PPH *húnus

HumuRPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) cram mouth with food or water PAN *qumuR

h-um-uripOld Javanese(WMP) give life, bring to life, grant life (not kill) PAN *qudip₁

hunChamorro(WMP) quotative marker; used to distinguish a reported statement from a statement known to be fact PWMP *ken

hunTetun(CMP) base, foot, bottom, the lower part of flank; beginning, source; trunk of tree PMP