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Updated: 6/21/2020


Austronesian Comparative Dictionary


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o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        

ōAnuta(OC) to go, to come POC *oRo

oBimanese(CMP) exclamation of surprise PMP *qu₁

oBoano₂(CMP) 2sg., you PMP *kahu

oErai(CMP) you, your PMP *kahu

ōHawaiian(OC) food provisions for a journey, esp. at sea; sea rations POC *qoso

ōHawaiian(OC) to answer, reply yes, agree; yes (in reply) POC *qo

oIrarutu(SHWNG) 2sg., you/thou PMP *kahu

oItbayaten(WMP) topic particle PAN *qu₂

oKilivila(OC) in, into POC *o₁

ōLau(OC) to perch, of birds; to hover over, as a butterfly over flowers POC *toko

oLoniu(OC) pitch black, of a cloudy or moonless night POC *rodrom₁

oManam(OC) locative and directional suffix basically corresponding to 'on', 'onto', 'from the surface of' (Lichtenberk 1983:358) POC *o₁

ōMaori(OC) provision for a journey POC *qoso

oMaranao(WMP) source particle PAN *qu₂

oMokilese(OC) fishing line POC *apon

oMono-Alu(OC) yes POC *oqo

ōMono-Alu(OC) to cough POC *qokok

oMono-Alu(OC) yes; all right POC *qo

oMotu(OC) yes POC *qo

o-Lakalai(OC) locative marker (in expressions such as o-ata 'up, on top of', o-hulu 'in the men's house', o-luma 'in the family house', o-mai 'here, hither, toward me', and o-muli 'to the left as one faces inland') POC *o₁

oNgadha(CMP) exclamation PMP *qu₁

ōNiue(OC) to go, to come. This is the dual and plural form of both fano (to go) and hau (to come) POC *oRo

oOnin(CMP) 2sg., you PMP *kahu

oRotinese(CMP) bamboo PMP *qauR

oRotinese(CMP) 2sg., you/thou PMP *kahu

ōRotuman(OC) make a rumbling, rushing or roaring noise POC *oRoŋ

ōRotuman(OC) go or come POC *oRo

ōSamoan(OC) plural of alu (go, get); go side by side, go together with POC *oRo

oSelaru(CMP) yes PMP *qu₁

oSika(CMP) exclamation to acknowledge that one has heard that he is being called; exclamation of astonishment, or to introduce oneself PMP *qu₁

oTalur(CMP) bamboo PMP *qauR

oTanga(OC) you, thou, 2sg. POC *ko

oTetun(CMP) you (singular) PMP *kahu

oTetun (Dili)(CMP) 2sg., you PMP *kahu

ōTongan(OC) to go; sometimes o mo = go with, be accompanied or combined with, in a figurative or spiritual sense POC *oRo

oTugun(CMP) 2sg., you PMP *kahu

o, uYamdena(CMP) yes PMP *qu₁


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        


oʔaArosi(OC) to stay, dwell, abide; to settle, of birds POC *toka₃

oaAua(OC) a hardwood tree: Intsia bijuga POC *toRas

oʔaHawaiian(OC) house rafter; timbers in the side of a ship POC *oka₂

oaMussau(OC) root PMP *wakaR

oáʔPalauan(WMP) foot; leg; back paws (of animal) PAN *waqay

ʔoaRarotongan(OC) friend, mate, companion; spouse, husband, wife; one of a pair POC *soRa

oʔaSa'a(OC) to settle, of birds; to squat on the haunches POC *toka₃

oábPangasinan(WMP) yawn PMP *huab₂

oʔabuGorontalo(WMP) open (wing) PWMP *e(ŋ)kab

*ʔoacPRuk(Formosan) sinew, artery PAN *huRaC

o-agow-anMongondow(WMP) what is usually taken in robbery: booty, loot PAN *qaRaw

oahsPohnpeian(OC) ivory nut palm: Coelococcus amicarum; roof, thatch POC *qatop

oaiMokilese(OC) fire POC *api

oajMokilese(OC) liver PMP *qatay

oajMokilese(OC) thatch; roof of thatch POC *qatop

oakManggarai(CMP) nausea, disgust, retching PMP *uak₂

oalaWuvulu(OC) north wind POC *tokalaur

oalo-aloMaranao(WMP) eight only, eights PMP *walu walu

*o-alopoPRuk(Formosan) to hunt PAN *qanup

oaməko-ádPalauan(WMP) kill; extinguish; put out PMP *m-atay

oan missa-kTetun(CMP) only child PMP *ma-isa

o anu-kuWolio(WMP) mine PMP *a-nu-ku

o anu-muWolio(WMP) yours PMP *a-nu-mu

o anu-naWolio(WMP) his/hers/theirs PMP *a-nu-ni a

ʔoaŋAmis(Formosan) to howl; high-pitched sound of a dog PAN *quaŋ₂

oaŋSika(CMP) to call pigs and dogs PAN *quaŋ₂

oawMaranao(WMP) thirst PMP *quhaw

ōapMentawai(WMP) yawn PMP *huab₂

o-ataLakalai(OC) above PMP *atas

ʔo ata tamaSamoan(OC) my (dear) children (woman speaking) PAN *ata


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        


ʔúbadBontok(WMP) unbind; undo; untie; undress, that is, to untie and remove one's loincloth or waist belt PPh *hubád

obad-enAgutaynen(WMP) to untie or unwrap something PPh *hubád-en

ʔubád-ənBontok(WMP) be unbound PPh *hubád-en

obagaMongondow(WMP) shoulder PMP *qabaRa₁

óba(h)Aklanon(WMP) undressed, naked, bare; to take off one’s clothes PPH *úba

óbakSambal (Botolan)(WMP) bark of tree PWMP *ubak

obákPangasinan(WMP) bark or skin of tree PWMP *ubak

*obaləPRuk(Formosan) body hair PAN *qubaN

ʔúbanBontok(WMP) gray hair; be gray-headed PMP *quban

obánIfugaw(WMP) special blanket in which babies and little children are carried on the back of somebody PMP *heban

obánPangasinan(WMP) greyish hair; to have white hairs PMP *quban

obanToba Batak(WMP) carry, bring PMP *heban

oba-obaArosi(OC) the lap POC *topwa

obar-enIbaloy(WMP) to untie something (as a knot) PPh *hubád-en

obatogMongondow(WMP) large larva in e.g. a sago palm or a coconut palm PMP *qabateR

o-bayIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) large female animal PMP *bahi

obboKlata(WMP) smoke PAN *qebel

obbukKlata(WMP) head hair PMP *buhek

obetIbaloy(WMP) bottom, rear, base; buttocks PMP *ubet

ʔúbiBontok(WMP) sweet potato. In most Bontok barrios, yam: Dioscorea alata Linn. PMP *qubi

obiMaranao(WMP) sweet potato: Ipomoea batatas PMP *qubi

obi luaToqabaqita(OC) choker-like necklace worn by the bride during the wedding ceremony and a few weeks afterwards POC *Ruqa

obisiRukai (Tona)(Formosan) pubic hair PAN *qubiS

-oboBiga(SHWNG) to fly PMP *Rebek

obodMaranao(WMP) shoot, bud PMP *qubuj

obókIfugaw(WMP) rattling noise, sometimes applied to the resonant sounds produced by those who beat the gongs for those who are dancing PWMP *ebek

obolAmpibabo-Lauje(WMP) smoke (from a fire) PAN *qebel

ʔubúnBontok(WMP) to be grouped together, of a crowd of people PMP *hubun₂

óbosIlokano(WMP) drained, emptied, bled, deprived of contents (impaired containers); bleed to death PMP *qubus

obosMaranao(WMP) finish, consume, liquidate PMP *qubus

obosMaranao(WMP) finish, consume, liquidate PPH *ubus

o-bosoŋ-onMansaka(WMP) be cursed for doing wrong to one's relatives PWMP *busuŋ-en

obotAyta Abellan(WMP) to pull out something that is deeply embedded PMP *ubut

oβuAraki(OC) sugarcane POC *na topu

obuh-onToba Batak(WMP) covered with hair PWMP *buhek-en

obukToba Batak(WMP) hair of the head PMP *buhek

óbusAklanon(WMP) gone, used up, exhausted, all out PWMP *ebus

obusBanggai(WMP) finished, done PWMP *ebus

obúsCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) be gone, used up, become exhausted, be all out of something PMP *qubus

obusMakassarese(WMP) finished, gone; dispersed PMP *qubus

óbus, úbosAklanon(WMP) gone, used up, exhausted, all out PMP *qubus

obʷaArosi(OC) coral reef; a pool in rocks POC *tobwa

obʷa-obʷaArosi(OC) a bay, harbor POC *tobwa


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        


ocNauna(OC) coconut husking stick POC *kojom

ocoFijian(OC) food given in payment for work, or in course of it POC *qoso


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        


odaKwaio(OC) eat raw; eat a garden, of a pig POC *qodaq

odaMolima(OC) to eat raw food, of animals POC *qodaq

odaNukuoro(OC) eat (something) raw POC *qodaq

odaRoviana(OC) to eat fish without baso (relish) or vegetables, etc.; to eat garden produce, of pigs POC *qodaq

odaʔSasak(WMP) unripe (of fruits), not yet fully developed (bones)

odaUma(WMP) rung of a ladder PMP *haRezan

odaWolio(WMP) ladder, stairway PMP *haRezan

*odalPRuk(Formosan) rain PAN *quzaN

oda mata-nTetun(CMP) a door PMP *mata

ʔudánBontok(WMP) rain; to rain PMP *quzan

ʔudáŋBontok(WMP) kind of large caterpillar with red spines PAN *qudaŋ

odaŋMaranao(WMP) shrimp, crayfish, lobster PAN *qudaŋ

*ʔoɖasəPRuk(Formosan) gray hair PAN *qudaS

oddowKlata(WMP) day PMP *qalejaw

odhiʔMadurese(WMP) living, alive; flame PAN *qudip₁

odiNukuoro(OC) already; very; gone, finished, used up; all POC *qoti

odiSika(CMP) expression of future time; shall, will, must PCEMP *udi

odì-anaMalagasy(WMP) go home, return home; pretend to be what one is not PWMP *uliq-an

odi-bsəbs-állPalauan(WMP) is to be filled to overflowing, is to be poured out PWMP *bujbuj

odi-bsóbsPalauan(WMP) fill with (liquid) to overflowing; pour out (large quantity of liquid) PWMP *bujbuj

odi-odiNukuoro(OC) long since finished, done, or gone; long since, a long time ago POC *qoti

odipanManobo (Ata)(WMP) slave PPh *qadipen

odit-enIbaloy(WMP) to say, tell, relate something, esp. of something said repeatedly (as in scolding) PPH *hulit

odoKapingamarangi(OC) roof a house by thatching POC *qatop

odoKapingamarangi(OC) eat raw POC *qodaq

odoKwaio(OC) straight; correct POC *oto

odoKwaio(OC) straight; correct POC *kodos

odo ~ odo-odoArosi(OC) straight POC *kodos

odo ~ odo-odoArosi(OC) straight POC *kodoŋ

odo ~ odo-odoSa'a(OC) straight; go straight forward; be correct and proper POC *kodos

odógIfugaw(WMP) back of persons, animals; textiles, garments, belts, certain tools, etc., may be said to have a back PWMP *edeg

odomMongondow(WMP) sit on a nest; stay in one's own place PWMP *qendem

odonToba Batak(WMP) squeeze something out (child in giving birth; feces) PMP *qezen

odo-naArosi(OC) the right hand POC *kodos

odo-odoArosi(OC) straight POC *oto

odo-odoLau(OC) go in a direct line, straight POC *oto

odo-odoLau(OC) go in a direct line, straight opposite POC *kodos

odo(odo)Sa'a(OC) be straight, go straight forward; be correct and proper POC *oto

odópIfugaw(WMP) act of extinguishing fire PWMP *qezep

odopKadazan Dusun(WMP) sleep, snooze PWMP *qezep

ʔodoraManam(OC) cuscus, phalanger POC *kadoRa

odowMurut (Timugon)(WMP) day PMP *qalejaw

oduBonggi(WMP) day PAN *qajaw

oduŋRungus Dusun(WMP) nose PWMP *e(ŋ)juŋ

od-wad, od-odOld Javanese(WMP) hanging plant, hanging parasite, climber, creeper, liana PMP *waRej


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        


oeBalantak(WMP) rattan PAN *quay

oeGedaged(OC) interjection used to call a person's attention to something POC *oe

Karo Batak(WMP) hey! hey there! PMP *huy

Makassarese(WMP) cry with which one hails someone else PMP *huy

Manggarai(CMP) reply which is less courteous than apa, less refined than oi: yes? what?; answer of a woman (as when called by her husband) PMP *huy

oeMono-Alu(OC) hullo! interjection POC *oe

oeMotu(OC) mountain mist, fog; vapor POC *oke

Ngadha(CMP) answer to a distant call PMP *huy

oeNiue(OC) exclamation, ho! Also, the answer to a call POC *oe

ɔɛVaikenu(CMP) water PCEMP *waiR

oe fudeRotinese(CMP) bubble PMP *bujeq ni wahiR

ʔ-oem-alopSaisiyat(Formosan) to hunt PAN *q<um>aNup

oe mataRotinese(CMP) spring of water PMP *mata nu wahiR


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        


õfaNias(WMP) four PMP *epat

ofaNiue(OC) a fathom; to measure in fathoms (i.e. with outstretched arms) POC *ropa

ofaTongan(OC) fathom, six feet; (in gardening) the distance between two consecutive rows of yams, etc. POC *ropa

ófakaMalagasy(WMP) scaling off, peeling off, as blistered skin PWMP *hupak

ófakaMalagasy(WMP) scaling off, peeling off, as blistered skin; to scale, peel off PWMP *upak₁

ʔofatoTongan(OC) kind of white grub found in timber (sometimes eaten by Tongans) POC *qapator

ʔofatoTongan(OC) kind of white grub found in timber (sometimes eaten by Tongans) POC *qapatoR

ʔo feaSamoan(OC) where? POC *pea

ofe-ofe-ʔiTongan(OC) keep on bending by internal pressure POC *ropeq

ofe-ʔiTongan(OC) to bend (in the form of a curve, not an angle) POC *ropeq

ofiBugotu(OC) sit on eggs, hatch (trans.) POC *opi

ofiRotuman(OC) finished, used up, consumed, all gone POC *qoti

ofiTboli(WMP) fire PMP *hapuy

ofuKwaio(OC) sugarcane POC *na topu

ofuLau(OC) be together; pile up, amass; a bundle POC *opun

ofuLau(OC) pile up, amass; bunch, group of people PMP *hebun

ofuLau(OC) sugarcane POC *na topu

ofuNgadha(CMP) diminish, disappear; be lost, forfeit PMP *qubus

ɔfuRotuman(OC) number of things in a line, row, series PCEMP *qatuR₂

ɔfu-tRotuman(OC) a row PCEMP *qatuR₂


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        


ogaArosi(OC) eat food raw, uncooked POC *qodaq

ogaBauro(OC) to sit POC *toka₃

ogaBugotu(OC) root PMP *wakaR

ogaKwaio(OC) belly; mind POC *topwa

ogaKwaio(OC) belly; mind POC *tobwa₂

ogaLau(OC) small intestines POC *topwa

ogaLau(OC) small intestines POC *tobwa₂

ogaMadurese(WMP) wobbly because it is not firmly embedded (of tooth, housepost, stake, etc.) PWMP *ugaq

ogaNggela(OC) small roots PMP *wakaR

ogahBalinese(WMP) shake, move to and fro, be loose (a tooth) PWMP *ugaq

ʔugáliBontok(WMP) custom; manner; way; practice; habit PWMP *ugaliq

ogáliPangasinan(WMP) custom; character (of a person) PWMP *ugaliq

ogapToba Batak(WMP) suffocate, choke, drown PWMP *egap

ogatMaranao(WMP) blood vessel, lymphatic vessel; nerve PMP *uRat

ogbosMansaka(WMP) new tender leaves just coming out; to prolong life PPH *ugbús

ógbusCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) sprout (of a tree, plant, vine); to sprout PPH *ugbús

ogikKadazan Dusun(WMP) tread out corn from the ears PAN *Riqek

ogisMaranao(WMP) albino PPh *quRis

ogisMaranao(WMP) albino PPH *uRis

ogoCheke Holo(OC) bent over, stooped (tree, or old man) POC *oŋkol

ogoKapingamarangi(OC) rafter POC *oka₂

ogoRennellese(OC) mountain, hill, slope POC *oro

ogo baaAmpibabo-Lauje(WMP) floodwaters PMP *bahaq₂

ogo-ogoKapingamarangi(OC) fish sp.: Lethrinus minatus (scavenger fish) POC *oka oka

ogopMaranao(WMP) help, serve PWMP *uRup

ogotKadazan Dusun(WMP) tight, firmly held together PMP *heRet

ogot-anMongondow(WMP) waist, middle of the body PMP *heRet

ogot-onKadazan Dusun(WMP) be tied up tightly PWMP *heRet-en

ʔugsáBontok(WMP) deer PWMP *uRsa

ógsaCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) deer PWMP *uRsa

ogtoAyta Abellan(WMP) midday, lunchtime; directly over or under PPh *ugtu

ogtóPangasinan(WMP) noon PPh *ugtu


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        


ohLakona(OC) rain POC *qusan

ohSori(OC) village POC *koro₂

ɔhTinputz(OC) smoke of a fire PMP *qasu₃

ohaIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) do something alone, do something with one item PAN *esa

oháIfugaw(WMP) one PAN *esa

ohaySori(OC) cuscus, phalanger POC *kadoRa

ohàz-anaMalagasy(WMP) be dug, be scraped PWMP *hukay-an

ohiaBungku(WMP) salt PAN *qasiRa

ohiaMori(WMP) salt PAN *qasiRa

ohioMori Atas(WMP) salt PAN *qasiRa

ohkKosraean(OC) mist, fog, haze POC *oka₁

ohkKosraean(OC) mist, fog, haze POC *oke

ohk-ohkKosraean(OC) blurred, foggy, misty, hazy, nebulous POC *oka₁

ohk-ohkKosraean(OC) blurred, foggy, misty, hazy, nebulous POC *oke

ohlKosraean(OC) mountain POC *oro

oh-lowKuruti(OC) spider PMP *lawaq₂

ohnMokilese(OC) six POC *onom

ohóʔIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) plants seeds such as corn with a dibble stick PPH *hesek₁

ohoBugotu(OC) food for a journey POC *qoso

ohoIvatan (Isamorong)(WMP) head PMP *qulu

ohoManusela(CMP) to stand PMP *kedeŋ

ohoNggela(OC) food for a journey; payment for work in food POC *qoso

ohoSa'a(OC) attempt, make trial of POC *topoŋ

ʔohoTongan(OC) provisions, esp. for voyagers or for workmen POC *qoso

oho-kBuruese(CMP) to massage PMP *quRut

ohókIfugaw(WMP) put seeds in little pits PPH *hesek₁

ʔohokTiruray(WMP) to plant in general, specifically to dibble; dibble stick PMP *hasek₁

ʔohokTiruray(WMP) to plant in general, specifically to dibble PMP *usuk

oho-na'Āre'āre(OC) attempt, try (in compounds); sample, taste (of drinks) POC *topoŋ

ohoŋBalinese(WMP) toadstool, mould, mildew, fungus PMP *quhuŋ

oho-ŋaArosi(OC) an attempt, try POC *topoŋ

oho-ŋiArosi(OC) try, test; tempt POC *topoŋ

ohopBalinese(WMP) help, stand by, support PWMP *uRup

ōhu'Āre'āre(OC) sugarcane POC *na topu

ohuArosi(OC) complete, finish; completely POC *opus

ohuArosi(OC) complete, finished; completely PMP *te(m)pus

ohuLuangiua(OC) smoke PMP *qasu₃

ohuTboli(WMP) dog PAN *asu₁

ohuTongan(OC) dip up, ladle; to bale (a boat, or the water in it); catch little fish by dipping them up in large numbers PMP *asu₂

o-hunokKadazan Dusun(WMP) thick flesh (as of fruit, particularly durian) PWMP *lunek₁

óhyMalagasy(WMP) dug open, used of a re-opened tomb; be scraped PWMP *hukay


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        


oiBimanese(CMP) water PCEMP *waiR

oiMotu(OC) thou POC *koe

oiNgaju Dayak(WMP) yo! (answer when one is called) PMP *uy

ʔɔiRotuman(OC) tree, plant; wood, timber, piece of wood; box, chest, safe, thing made (or usually made) of wood) POC *kayu

oiTetun(CMP) hoy! (an exclamation to attract attention) PMP *uy

oiTontemboan(WMP) answer to someone who calls one's name PMP *huy

oiagMaranao(WMP) alive; provide; living; arouse; stimulate, encourage PPh *quyag

oʔigiMongondow(WMP) post under a house or bridge, pillar PMP *hadiRi

oɨhSambal (Botolan)(WMP) blanket PMP *qules₂

oʔi-lPalauan(WMP) foot or leg of PAN *waqay

oilSimalur(WMP) water, sap PMP *wahiR

o-ímPalauan(WMP) five (used when counting in sequence) PAN *lima

oi madaBimanese(CMP) tears (‘water of the eyes’) PMP *mata

oi-maiMorella(CMP) come PAN *um-aRi

oiotMaranao(WMP) pouch, pocket PWMP *uyut₁

oirTolai(OC) to gasp or groan, resulting from pain or fatigue POC *osi(rR)

oi-ralanTugun(CMP) inside PMP *dalem

oi susuBimanese(CMP) milk (breast water) PAN *susu₁

oitMaranao(WMP) take over, bring, carry PWMP *uit₂

ʔɔituRotuman(OC) (PN loan) god, object or worship; shark, stingray or other creature regarded as the habitat of a god; God PMP *qanitu


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        


ojaʔUma(WMP) not want PWMP *ejaq

ojoŋSika(CMP) shake, rock, roll PMP *huyuŋ

ojorSika(CMP) move to and fro PMP *uyuR


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        


okW.Tarangan (Ngaibor)(CMP) 1sg. nominative pronoun: I PAN *aku

okaAnuta(OC) transverse beams supporting roof of house POC *oka₂

okaAnuta(OC) transverse beams supporting roof of house POC *sokar

oka'Āre'āre(OC) cross beam POC *oka₂

oka'Āre'āre(OC) to root the ground for food (of pigs); to eat food raw (of crazy people) POC *qodaq

okaBare'e(WMP) open, broken open (as the ground, a dam, a wall) PWMP *e(ŋ)kab

okaGilbertese(OC) joint, beam, rafter of house going from tataŋa (large horizontal beam on which rafters are placed) to taubuki (ridge of house roof) POC *oka₂

okaMaori(OC) rafters for the roof of a kūmara (sweet potato) pit POC *oka₂

okaMaori(OC) to prick, stab; any sharp weapon used for stabbing or piercing; POC *soka

okaRarotongan(OC) a pointed stake, a stick or stake used to pierce and detach the husk of the matured or green coconut; an implement used for stabbing or piercing, husking or stripping of husks; to husk or remove the outer integument from certain fruit, as to husk a coconut POC *soka

okaRarotongan(OC) rafter of a house, a beam POC *sokar

okaRotinese(CMP) root, tendril PMP *wakaR

ʔokaSaisiyat(Formosan) empty PAN *uka₁

okaTolai(OC) to poke or probe, poke a fire, prod POC *soka

okaTuvaluan(OC) house rafters POC *oka₂

okaTuvaluan(OC) coconut husk; to husk (coconuts); to punch POC *soka

ʔukábBontok(WMP) the cover of the topil or akob baskets PWMP *hu(ŋ)kab

okábKankanaey(WMP) skinned; flayed; barked; peeled PWMP *hu(ŋ)kab

okabMaranao(WMP) open PWMP *hu(ŋ)kab

okabTausug(WMP) to open PWMP *e(ŋ)kab

okadMansaka(WMP) to unpack; to open; to unwrap (as a package) PPH *hukad

o-kan-onTombonuwo(WMP) cooked rice PAN *kaen-en

oka-okaGilbertese(OC) reef fish, scavenger fish POC *oka oka

oka-okaMaori(OC) split open, as fish for drying; stab or wound repeatedly POC *soka

oka-okaMolima(OC) heavy fog on mountain after rain POC *oka₁

okapMansaka(WMP) to remove bark, to husk PPH *ukap

okap-enIbaloy(WMP) to remove something that is tightly in place, requiring considerable force to remove it (as floorboards) PPH *ukap

ʔúkasBontok(WMP) undo and remove rice from the basket in which it has been packed and tied PWMP *hukas

okasIbaloy(WMP) to untie, undo, unbind, unclasp something (as a knot) PWMP *hukas

okasMaranao(WMP) cut, trigger PWMP *hukas

ok-ə-dəyPalauan(WMP) thirty PMP *paka-telu

ʔukíBontok(WMP) female genitals, used only in the expletive okin inam ('your mother's vulva!') PWMP *uki

okiHawaiian(OC) stop, finish, end POC *qoti

ókiIsneg(WMP) the vulva PWMP *uki

okiMaranao(WMP) pet name for girls PWMP *uki

ʔukílBontok(WMP) remove piece by piece, as in quarrying rock with a crowbar PWMP *quŋkil

ókirIlokano(WMP) groove, furrow PMP *ukir

okirMaranao(WMP) designs usually carved and painted; carve elaborately PMP *ukir

okír-anIlokano(WMP) carve, engrave (metal, wood, etc.) PWMP *ukir-an

ʔúkitBontok(WMP) to remove an aggong snail from its shell by using the fingers (other snails are sucked from their shells) PPH *úkit

okitHoti(CMP) to fart PMP *qetut

okitIbaloy(WMP) to remove, extract something from a fixed position that requires some degree of effort or digging (as dried nasal discharge from the nose, something from a cleft in a wall) PPH *úkit

okoBimanese(CMP) bow the head PMP *eŋkel

okoFijian(OC) cover up a bunch of bananas to ripen them POC *okop

okoMailu(OC) to cough POC *qokok

oko-ituRarotongan(OC) seventy doubled, denotes one hundred and forty PAN *pitu₁

okókIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) to cough, cough up something, cough on something PMP *qekqek

okʔókIfugaw(WMP) coughing disease (e.g. bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.) PMP *qekqek

okókPangasinan(WMP) cough; to cough PMP *ukuk

okok, okukManggarai(CMP) sound of coughing PMP *ukuk

okom-iSa'a(OC) roll around in the mouth and swallow whole POC *oŋkom

okom-iSa'a(OC) roll around in the mouth and swallow whole POC *qoŋkom

okom-iaKwaio(OC) to swallow POC *oŋkom

okom-iaKwaio(OC) to swallow POC *qoŋkom

ʔúkupBontok(WMP) to cover, as a sore; to line, as a rusty container before putting in the contents; to wrap, as a roll of tobacco PMP *ukup

okópIlokano(WMP) sitting hen, brooder PMP *ukup

okopMaranao(WMP) airtight; protect from evaporation, as in perfume PMP *ukup

okop-aʔMaranao(WMP) airtight bottle for perfume PMP *ukup

o-kosogTombonuwo(WMP) stubborn, obstinate PAN *keseR

okuBisaya (Lotud)(WMP) 1sg., I PAN *aku

okúpIsneg(WMP) to brood, sit on eggs PMP *ukup


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        


ɔlKosraean(OC) mountain POC *koro₃

olaLau(OC) a canoe built of planks sewn together POC *tola

olabat ~ labatMongondow(WMP) beam of a balustrade PPH *alabat

olab rəkt-əlPalauan(WMP) pregnant PMP *sakit

oladMolbog(WMP) wing PMP *qelad₂

olagaʔMongondow(WMP) kind of large red tree ant PWMP *alagaq

olakMalay(WMP) a wooden revolving spindle used in weaving PWMP *ulak

olalIbaloy(WMP) small water snake PMP *hulaR

o-lalomTombonuwo(WMP) deep PMP *dalem

olamMaranao(WMP) refreshment PWMP *qulam

olanBuli(SHWNG) ladder PEMP *aRezan

olanMaranao(WMP) moon, month; pregnancy duration PMP *bulan₃

olanMoken(WMP) snake PMP *hulaR

olan-aʔMaranao(WMP) moonlight night PMP *bulan₃

olan-olanMaranao(WMP) month PMP *bulan-bulan₂

olaŋToba Batak(WMP) to separate, sever PMP *qelaŋ

olaolPangasinan(WMP) (of a person) very sensitive, weeping easily PPH *ulaqul

olarMadurese(WMP) snake PMP *hulaR

olarW.Tarangan (Ngaibor)(CMP) wing PMP *qelad₂

o-lásəʔPalauan(WMP) tool for carving/chopping (< *pa-naRaq) PAN *taRaq₁

olatAmis(Formosan) tendons; blood vessels PAN *huRaC

ʔulátBontok(WMP) vein; artery; tendon PMP *uRat

olatMoken(WMP) string; vein PMP *uRat

olátPangasinan(WMP) vein PMP *uRat

ólatraMalagasy(WMP) snake PMP *hulaR

ʔúlawBontok(WMP) feel faint; giddy; nauseated; travel sick PAN *ulaw

olawIbaloy(WMP) state of disorientation, dizziness (as in vertigo, slightly drunken state) PAN *ulaw

olayAyta Abellan(WMP) to allow or tolerate something (a situation or condition) PMP *huRay

ʔúlayBontok(WMP) never mind PMP *huRay

olayanMaranao(WMP) a tree used for lumber and firewood PPH *ulayan

ʔúlay muBontok(WMP) even if, even though PMP *huRay

olaʔolMaranao(WMP) to wail, weep, cry PPH *ulaqul

ʔoldPalauan(WMP) fart (< *qentut) PMP *qetut

oléManggarai(CMP) restore, repair PCEMP *oliq, uliq

oledMaranao(WMP) worm; snake PMP *qulej

ʔúləgBontok(WMP) kind of large snake PMP *qulej

olégPangasinan(WMP) snake PMP *qulej

oléhMalay(WMP) by; by reason of; by means of; owing to; because PWMP *uliq₂

olənBasap(WMP) worm PMP *qulej

olə-ŋíbəsPalauan(WMP) tempt, tease, seduce PMP *ibeR

oleoKulisusu(WMP) day PMP *qalejaw

oleoMori Atas(WMP) sun PMP *qalejaw

olèr-inaMalagasy(WMP) rotten, worm-eaten PMP *qulej-en

olesMadurese(WMP) wrapping; sarong PMP *qules₂

olesMaranao(WMP) together; two using the same malong (skirt-like garment with open ends) PMP *qules₂

olesMaranao(WMP) together, of two using the same malong (sarong) PPH *ules

olésPangasinan(WMP) blanket; cover with a blanket PMP *qules₂

oliBugotu(OC) change PCEMP *oliq, uliq

oliBuruese(CMP) return (intr.) PCEMP *oliq, uliq

oliItbayaten(WMP) idea of going homeward or to town PMP *uliq₁

oliKove(OC) to buy PEMP *poli

oliKwaio(OC) return, come back to; commit incest PCEMP *oliq, uliq

oliʔMaranao(WMP) vagina; name for female sex, term of endearment PMP *buliq₂

oliNggela(OC) back, again; come back, return PCEMP *oliq, uliq

õliNias(WMP) to buy PMP *beli

olíPangasinan(WMP) return; become resurrected PMP *uliq₁

ôliYabem(OC) skin POC *kulit

olibobagMongondow(WMP) rainbow PAN *qali-

ɔli-fVaikenu(CMP) younger brother PCEMP *waji

ʔúligBontok(WMP) to put a child to sleep in order that the person watching it can perform other duties PMP *hulij

oligMaranao(WMP) bunch, as of bananas PMP *buliR

olihBalinese(WMP) get, acquire, attain to PWMP *uliq₂

oli-hiBugotu(OC) exchange PCEMP *oliq, uliq

oliiTotoli(WMP) house post PMP *hadiRi

olíkPalauan(WMP) fruit bat PMP *paniki

*o-limaPBUN(WMP) five (independent numeral) PAN *lima

olimantokMongondow(WMP) kind of leech with bluish back and yellow underside PWMP *qali-matek

olimaŋowMongondow(WMP) large crab PMP *qali-maŋaw

olimaŋowMongondow(WMP) kind of large crab PAN *qali-

o-límətPalauan(WMP) instrument for bailing PAN *nimas

o-limoBungku(WMP) five PAN *lima

o-limoPadoe(WMP) five PAN *lima

o-limoMori Atas(WMP) five PAN *lima

oli-nLamaholot(CMP) return PCEMP *oliq, uliq

olinMaranao(WMP) coach; steer; manage the affairs of another PMP *qulin

olin-aʔMaranao(WMP) abaft; steering mechanism PMP *qulin

olinowMongondow(WMP) shadow, that is shadow-image PPh *alinaw

oli-oliMono-Alu(OC) scrape coconuts POC *orit

oli-oliNggela(OC) go and return, go somewhere and come back POC *oliq oliq

olí-olíPangasinan(WMP) once more; mention something repeatedly PMP *uliq uliq

oli(oli)Sa'a(OC) return, relieve, replace PCEMP *oliq, uliq

oli-siSa'a(OC) change, alter PCEMP *oliq, uliq

ólitPangasinan(WMP) repeat; again PWMP *ulit

olitáwoAklanon(WMP) master, sire; bachelor, young man PPh *ulitáu

ólitraMalagasy(WMP) grub, small worm; toothache, which is supposed to be occasioned by a small worm in the tooth PMP *qulej

oloAmblau(CMP) head PCEMP *qulu

ʔúluBontok(WMP) head, top of something PMP *qulu

oloBuruese(CMP) head; leader, chief PCEMP *qulu

oloHawaiian(OC) hill (obsolete now except in place names) POC *oro

óloIlokano(WMP) head; roof PMP *qulu

oloInati(WMP) head PMP *qulu

óloIsneg(WMP) the head; head chief; head, source (of a stream) PMP *qulu

oloLau(OC) to come, go POC *oRo

oloʔMakassarese(WMP) worm, caterpillar (humorous: children) PMP *qulej

oloMakassarese(WMP) front part; prow of a boat; earlier, the first, do before others; PMP *qulu

oloMaranao(WMP) head; leader, manager, captain PMP *qulu

oloMono-Alu(OC) hill POC *oro

oloMono-Alu(OC) hill POC *koro₃

oloNgadha(CMP) something previous, do first, begin; old, earlier, former PCEMP *qulu

õlõNias(WMP) expenditure of strength or effort (for something) PWMP *elet₂

ʔóloPalauan(WMP) fish scale; money PMP *quhenap

olóPangasinan(WMP) head PMP *qulu

oloSa'a(OC) cut the ends off; to cut the hair of the head POC *koRot

ʔoloSamoan(OC) fort; shelter POC *koro₂

oloSika(CMP) first-born PCEMP *qulu

oloTolai(OC) enter or go through, as a door in a house or a gap in the reef POC *solop

oloʔUma(WMP) interval, intervening space PMP *qelet

olo-anBuli(SHWNG) village head; owner of something PMP *qulu-an

ologMaranao(WMP) fall, drop, abort (intentional) PMP *huluR

olog-ologMaranao(WMP) ridicule, mock PWMP *ulug

oloh, olorSasak(WMP) brook, stream, waterway PWMP *uluR

oloh-olohSasak(WMP) gutter PWMP *uluR

olo-iSa'a(OC) to sever the shoots of POC *koRot

olókIfugaw(WMP) sleep PPh *helek

olok-olokBahasa Indonesia(WMP) words intended to tease or ridicule, or just to have fun PWMP *ulug

olok-olokMalay(WMP) joking; chaff; a jester PWMP *ulug

o-lolafBuli(SHWNG) a tree: Erythrina indica PMP *dedap

olo lautNgaju Dayak(WMP) people from across the sea PAN *lahud

olómIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) unduly jealous or suspicious PWMP *elem₂

oḷomMongondow(WMP) coolness, protection from the heat of the sun, shadow (distinct from olinow 'the shadow of something'), the cool place under a tree PMP *elem₁

olómIfugaw(WMP) suspicion; become suspicious, suspect PWMP *elem₂

olomPendau(WMP) dark PMP *helem

olomDampelas(WMP) dark PMP *helem

olomoGorontalo(WMP) six PAN *enem

olonMaranao(WMP) lay head on top of something PMP *qulun₂

olo-n, ulu-nBuruese(CMP) head PCEMP *qulu

ólonaMalagasy(WMP) person, somebody, human being PMP *qulun₁

olon-anMaranao(WMP) pillow, cushion, head of bed PMP *qulun-an

oloŋIbatan(WMP) the horns of an animal PAN *uReŋ

o-loŋoAmara(OC) fly (insect) POC *laŋo

olo-óloIlokano(WMP) source (of a stream) PAN *qulu qulu

olópPangasinan(WMP) accompany, go together PWMP *uRup

olorSimalur(WMP) root; vein, tendon PMP *waRej

olor-aŋMakassarese(WMP) fishing pole PWMP *huluR-an

ʔúlusBontok(WMP) slide down a slope PWMP *hurus

ʔúlusBontok(WMP) slide down a slope PWMP *ulus

olótIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) do something by exertion, strength PWMP *elet₂

ʔúlutBontok(WMP) remove grain from rice panicles by pulling them through one's hands PAN *SuRut

olótIfugaw(WMP) strength, force PWMP *elet₂

ʔolotTiruray(WMP) kind of loosely woven basket used to scoop up fish in shallow water PWMP *qalat

olo-walaGorontalo(WMP) right side PMP *wanan

olo-yihiGorontalo(WMP) left (side) PAN *wiRi

oloyoBanggai(WMP) day PMP *qalejaw

oloyoBanggai(WMP) day, sun; daylight PMP *qalejaw

oloyo mata-noBanggai(WMP) sun (‘eye of the day’) PAN *mata nu qalejaw

ol-sebəkPalauan(WMP) make (something) fly PMP *Rebek

oluKwaio(OC) three PEMP *tolu

oluLau(OC) three PEMP *tolu

õluNias(WMP) popliteal space PWMP *qeluk

oluSa'a(OC) three PEMP *tolu

oluSimalur(WMP) eight PAN *walu

oluWuvulu(OC) three PEMP *tolu

olu-asiMongondow(WMP) earthworm PMP *wati₁

olu-naKwaio(OC) third PEMP *tolu

olu-na ~ ou-naLau(OC) third PEMP *tolu

olunanMongondow(WMP) headrest PMP *qalunan

olu-neSa'a(OC) third, third time PEMP *tolu

oluŋTboli(WMP) shadow, reflection PMP *aluŋ

olutonMongondow(WMP) remains of firewood in the hearth, pieces of smoldering wood PMP *aluten


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        


-om-Sambal (Botolan)(WMP) infix used with intransitive and semitransitive verbs, and to mark inchoatives PMP *<um>

-om-Malagasy(WMP) rare infix used with intransitive bases, and to form adjectives (Richardson 1885:xviiff) PMP *<um>

-om-Saisiyat(Formosan) marker of actor focus PAN *<um>

-om-Bilaan (Sarangani)(WMP) subject focus, future tense PMP *<um>

omaAyta Abellan(WMP) to kiss PPH *umah

omaBimanese(CMP) cultivated field PMP *quma

ʔúmaBontok(WMP) cut down grass; make a swidden; a field formed by cutting and burning the vegetation PMP *quma

omaMaranao(WMP) farm, field, meadow PMP *quma

*omaPRuk(Formosan) field, swidden PAN *qumah

omahAmis(Formosan) field, farm PAN *qumah

omahItbayaten(WMP) kiss, osculation PPH *umah

omahJavanese(WMP) house, home PAN *Rumaq

ʔomæhSaisiyat(Formosan) farm, dry field PAN *qumah

omah-anItbayaten(WMP) to kiss someone PPH *umah-an

o-maiBatu Merah(CMP) to come PAN *um-aRi

o-maiLakalai(OC) here POC *mai

ʔ<um>álaBontok(WMP) to get PAN *um-alaq

ʔ<um>álaBontok(WMP) to fetch, to get PAN *um-ala

ʔ<um>áliBontok(WMP) to come; to bring; implies motion towards speaker or speaker’s home PAN *um-aRi

ománIlokano(WMP) to consult, take counsel, seek the opinion or advice of another PAN *quman

omanMaranao(WMP) add, include; number; frequent; repeatedly PAN *quman

omanMaranao(WMP) add, include, frequent, repeatedly PMP *uman

ománPangasinan(WMP) change, repair, repeat PAN *quman

omanAyta Abellan(WMP) to repeat; again PMP *uman

ʔ<um>anákBontok(WMP) give birth, bear a child PWMP *um-anak

om-andapItbayaten(WMP) to flare or flicker, emit light PWMP *andap

oman-omanMaranao(WMP) often, frequently, always, usually PWMP *quman-quman

omaŋItbayaten(WMP) hermit crab (on land); it is used as bait for fishing PAN *qumaŋ

omaŋMansaka(WMP) kind of snail which has no shell of its own, but takes over other shells PAN *qumaŋ

omaŋ-omaŋSasak(WMP) hermit crab PMP *qumaŋ qumaŋ

o-máolPalauan(WMP) to attract, lure with bait (< *pa-maen) PAN *paen

ʔ<um>ápalBontok(WMP) to chase away (as a dog chasing a cat) PPH *hápaR

om-aponItbayaten(WMP) to alight, to perch, to roost PPh *hápun

om-asletItbayaten(WMP) be caught and withheld between two objects PMP *selet

omat-anIbaloy(WMP) to speak about, mention someone PPH *umat

omawMaranao(WMP) simple-minded, innocent person, dullard PPH *umaw

om-axapItbayaten(WMP) take, get, bring PWMP *um-alap

o-maya-mayaDobuan(OC) shame, ashamed PCEMP *ma-mayaq

ombaʔMadurese(WMP) wave, swell, billow PWMP *humbak

ombakJavanese(WMP) a wave PWMP *humbak

ombakMalay(WMP) wave; billow; (in art) wavy pattern. Esp. of broken or foaming waves, in contrast to rollers (gelombaŋ) or ground-swell (alun) PWMP *humbak

ombakMaranao(WMP) artesian well; water pump PWMP *humbak

ombakSasak(WMP) to peel, shell, hull PWMP *ubak

ombakSundanese(WMP) wave, swell (of sea) PWMP *humbak

ombak bər-saboŋMalay(WMP) waves crashing into one another PWMP *sabuŋ₁

ombak-ombakMaranao(WMP) artesian well; water pump PWMP *humbak-humbak

ombak-ombakMaranao(WMP) artesian well; water pump; pump PWMP *umbak umbak

ombawMaranao(WMP) exceed, go higher than another PMP *umbaw

omboBimanese(CMP) dam a stream PMP *embeŋ

ombonMaranao(WMP) fontanel PMP *hubun₁

ombonSasak(WMP) heap up earth PMP *hubun₂

ombon-ombon-anMaranao(WMP) fontanel PWMP *hubun hubun

ombon-ombon-anMaranao(WMP) fontanel PWMP *ubun (ubun)

ombotraMalagasy(WMP) plucked up by the roots, plucked out, as thorns in the flesh, etc. PMP *ubut

ombunToba Batak(WMP) cloud PWMP *qembun

ombun lanoToba Batak(WMP) fog PWMP *qembun

ombusToba Batak(WMP) to blow PMP *qembus

ombut-ombutToba Batak(WMP) fontanel PWMP *embut-embut

om-cila-cilatItbayaten(WMP) twinkle brightly, glitter, sparkle (shiny surface) PMP *kila-kilat

o meLevei(OC) Come here! (= ‘you come’) POC *mai

omeToba Batak(WMP) rice in the husk, rice plant PMP *hemay

omə-chellPalauan(WMP) give birth to; assist (woman) in delivery PMP *qezen

ʔome hiriArosi(OC) to select; to divide, separate, judge PAN *piliq

omək-sebəkPalauan(WMP) make (something) fly PMP *Rebek

omelAyta Abellan(WMP) not able to speak, make no sound PMP *umel

oməŋ-ədPalauan(WMP) fishing; someone's characteristic way of fishing (cited under ched 'low tide') PMP *qeti₂

oməsebəsPalauan(WMP) tie (basket) closed by pulling string through open edges; tie up; tie (box) all over PMP *bejbej₂

om-honagYami(WMP) to melt, as lard (Tsuchida, Yamada and Moriguchi 1987) PPH *lunag

ʔ<um>iyánBontok(WMP) stay overnight PWMP *um-ian

ʔ<um>inúmBontok(WMP) to drink PMP *um-inum

om-inomItbayaten(WMP) to drink PMP *um-inum

omisKadazan Dusun(WMP) sweet PMP *hemis

om-kavosItbayaten(WMP) to terminate, to finish PMP *kabus₁

om-lapoYami(WMP) to start from PPH *lapu₃

ʔ<um>lətBontok(WMP) to bind; to tighten; to make taut PMP *h<um>eRet

om-nanaItbayaten(WMP) to be removed of its pus PMP *nanaq

om-nedYami(WMP) to sink PWMP *leñej

om-ŋare-ŋarehIbatan(WMP) to blunt or dull a blade PWMP *ŋazel

omoBare'e(WMP) to swallow PAN *qemqem

omoBimanese(CMP) hold something in the mouth PAN *qemqem

omókətPalauan(WMP) unwrap, unravel; unwind; comb out or undo (hair) with hands; break (hold); lift (magic spell) PMP *beŋkas

om-oliItbayaten(WMP) go or return to town, go to town from the fields PMP *um-uliq

omomToba Batak(WMP) slobber PAN *qemqem

ʔ<um>unáBontok(WMP) go ahead of, be first PMP *um-unah

omo-omot-anYami(WMP) to grow moss PMP *lumut-an

ʔ-œm-oralSaisiyat(Formosan) to rain PAN *q<um>uzaN

omotYami(WMP) moss, seaweed PMP *lumut

ʔ<um>útaBontok(WMP) to vomit PAN *um-utaq

om-otaItbayaten(WMP) to vomit PAN *um-utaq

ompakToba Batak(WMP) splinter PWMP *hepak

ompanToba Batak(WMP) bait for fishhook PAN *paen

ompasToba Batak(WMP) fall down; dash down PWMP *qempas

om-pilpilItbayaten(WMP) to pound against PWMP *pilpil

ompoBare'e(WMP) obstruction, dam, barrier PMP *empeŋ

ompodiʔSubanon(WMP) sting PMP *hapejiq

ompuBimanese(CMP) grandparent, respected person, village headman; grandson PMP *empu

ompuMongondow(WMP) lord, ruler, head; ancestor; grandfather; grandchild PMP *empu

ompu-ʔMongondow(WMP) opening word in the solemn invocation of the higher powers, as when swearing an oath, treating the sick with medicine, in uttering blessings, congratulations, etc.; O gods! PMP *empu-q

ompuDonggo(CMP) grandparent/grandchild (recip.) PMP *empu

ompuToba Batak(WMP) grandfather, grandmother; ancestor PMP *empu

ompu-anMongondow(WMP) that toward which respect is shown; that which is respected or honored PWMP *empu-an

om-pulaSubanon(WMP) red PMP *pula₁

o-m-puluMuna(WMP) ten PMP *sa-ŋa-puluq

ompú-ŋToba Batak(WMP) grandfather, grandmother; ancestor (vocative) PWMP *empú-ŋ

ompusKadazan Dusun(WMP) continue, complete PMP *epus

om-rálmPalauan(WMP) rinse clothes PMP *danum

om-rendenItbayaten(WMP) to move continually (fire, cloud, smoke, a bird, boat, airplane, etc.); to move PPH *denden

om-saychedItbayaten(WMP) to have a lull in activity (such as walking, working, etc.) PPH *saR(e)ked

om-sexdaŋItbayaten(WMP) to brighten PPH *sel(e)daŋ

om-takadItbayaten(WMP) to step on, tread on PPH *takad

om-taŋo-taŋoItbayaten(WMP) to nod repeatedly PPH *taŋuq

ʔ<um>tútBontok(WMP) break wind PWMP *q<um>utut

omu'Āre'āre(OC) roll the food in one's mouth (of toothless people) POC *omuR

o-muEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) poss. pn. and adj., 2sg., your POC *o₂

omuSinghi Land Dayak(WMP) high PMP *abaw

omuSinghi Land Dayak(WMP) high PWMP *embaw

o-múbPalauan(WMP) catch fish with a trap; go out to check fishtrap PAN *bubu₂

o-múkədPalauan(WMP) catch (fish) by casting net PWMP *pa-muket

omúŋPalauan(WMP) bloom, blossom, flower PMP *buŋa

omwMarshallese(OC) hermit crab \nq The "mw" in this form is what Abo, Bender, Capelle and deBrum 1976 in the Marshallese-English dictionary describe as a 'heavy' (= pharyngealized) bilabial nasal; they use a cedilla under the 'm'. In some other languages of Micronesia (and Melanesia) which reportedly have a bilabial nasal different from [m] that is produced with lip spreading rather than lip rounding, "mw" is used. POC *qumwaŋ

omʷe-n oh-lowKuruti(OC) spiderweb PMP *lawaq₂

om-xavasItbayaten(WMP) to pass by, to go past, to come to pass PPH *l<um>ábas

om-xomo-xomotItbayaten(WMP) dark green PMP *lumut

om-yatosItbayaten(WMP) one hundred PMP *Ratus


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        


-onAklanon(WMP) common object focus verb suffix for future time; common adjective suffix showing the quality of a person or thing PAN *-en

onAndra(OC) sand POC *qone

onApma(OC) sand POC *qone

-onBikol(WMP) command form used when the pronoun is stated; e.g. Hiliŋ-on mo an gámgám Look at the bird (cp. the alternative Hiliŋ-a an gámgám Look at the bird) (Mintz 1971:141); passive suffix which sometimes describes afflictions or blights: duldól scabies, duldól-on describing someone suffering from scabies; to contract or suffer from scabies; bukbók weevil, bukbók-on infested with weevils PAN *-en

onGilbertese(OC) full, filled; fullness POC *ponuq

onGilbertese(OC) sea turtle POC *poñu

-onKadazan Dusun(WMP) passive marker; e.g. oŋgom-on be held in the fist PAN *-en

onKosraean(OC) six POC *onom

onLindrou(OC) sand POC *qone

onLindrou(OC) sand POC *qone

onMerig(OC) sand POC *qone

onMosina(OC) sand POC *qone

onPonam(OC) sand POC *qone

-onMurut (Timugon)(WMP) object focus; also used in imperatives; e.g. Kubayaw-on i Kasuab ru lalaiŋ-rati The children will make friends with Kasuab (Prentice 1971:47); Alap-on (mu) laŋgut-no (You) take the coconut shell (Prentice 1971:40) PAN *-en

o-naAmis(Formosan) this PAN *-na

ona'Āre'āre(OC) posts, stakes, put in a hole -- used as a trap for humans POC *ona₂

ona'Āre'āre(OC) posts, stakes put in a hole -- used as a trap for humans POC *ona₁

onaAyta Abellan(WMP) to go first; to go ahead PMP *unah

onaIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) catch something by a trap; throw something accurately with the object of hitting a mark (as in throwing a spear, a stone) PMP *ena

ʔunáBontok(WMP) go ahead of, be first PMP *unah

onaBwaidoga/Bwaidoka(OC) to spear, throw a spear POC *ona₂

onaBwaidoga/Bwaidoka(OC) to spear, throw a spear POC *ona₁

o-naEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) poss. pn. and adj., 3sg., his POC *o₂

o-naHawaiian(OC) his, her, its POC *o₂

onáIlokano(WMP) first, foremost; sooner PMP *unah

onáIsneg(WMP) the first PMP *unah

onaKwaio(OC) black very hard core of 'ea futo, palm variety, used for drilling POC *ona₁

onaLau(OC) stake in a hole to impale an enemy POC *ona₂

onaLau(OC) hard part at base of a palm; spines of echinus or crayfish; stake in a hole to impale an enemy POC *ona₁

ō-naMaori(OC) plural of definitive tōna: his, her POC *o₂

onaMaranao(WMP) ahead; lead; first PMP *unah

onaMono-Alu(OC) get caught POC *ona₁

onaNggela(OC) stakes or spears fixed for enemy to tread on; sharp pointed stick to probe for enemy through stockade POC *ona₂

onaNggela(OC) stakes or spears fixed for enemy to tread on; sharp pointed stick to probe for enemy through stockade POC *ona₁

o-naNukuoro(OC) his several, her several, its several POC *o₂

onáPangasinan(WMP) first, do first PMP *unah

o-naRennellese(OC) possessive (o-class, pl. possessed objects), his, her, its POC *o₂

onaSa'a(OC) stakes of puepue palm or areca palm set in a hole as an enemy trap POC *ona₂

onaSa'a(OC) freshwater limpet with poisonous spines; stakes of puepue palm or areca palm set in a hole as an enemy trap POC *ona₁

o-naSamoan(OC) third person singular disjunct verbal pronoun (class O): his/hers POC *o₂

onaWetan(CMP) tree-trunk (esp. the lower part); piece, lump in general; origin; chief, leader PMP *unah

oná-anPangasinan(WMP) first in order PPh *unah-an

onabMaranao(WMP) to wash PPH *unab

onab-aʔMaranao(WMP) washbowl, wash vessel PPH *unab

on-abotIbaloy(WMP) to come to, arrive at, reach somewhere (as before it gets dark) PPH *qábut

onaf-iaKwaio(OC) hit with a sharp point or edge POC *ona₁

on-alisIbaloy(WMP) to transfer, move PPH *qalís

on-aŋáyPangasinan(WMP) to fit well PPH *aŋáy

ona-ona'Āre'āre(OC) to wound, harm POC *ona₁

ona-onaMaranao(WMP) go ahead; priority; first to come or go PPh *unah-unah

onatAyta Abellan(WMP) to stretch, as a rubber band or elastic PPh *uñat

onatMongondow(WMP) unroll, draw out (of a ball of yarn or string); stretch oneself PWMP *eñat

ʔúnatBontok(WMP) draw out, stretch, pull, as cotton from a reel or string from a ball PPh *huñat

ʔúnatBontok(WMP) draw out, stretch, pull, as cotton from a reel or string from a ball PPh *uñat

onátIfugaw(WMP) to draw, pull out something in order to use it PWMP *eñat

onátIfugaw(WMP) to draw, pull out something in order to use it PPH *enat

onatLolak(WMP) stretch PWMP *heñat

onátPangasinan(WMP) spread out (a mat); stretch PPh *huñat

onátPangasinan(WMP) to spread (e.g. spread out a mat), stretch PPh *uñat

ʔunát-ənBontok(WMP) be drawn out, stretched out PPh *uñat-en

onawMansaka(WMP) wash off, remove by means of water; wash the hands PWMP *huñaw

onawManobo (Sarangani)(WMP) wash the hands PWMP *huñaw

on-awasIbaloy(WMP) to get out (as from house, bus) PPH *haq(e)was

on-basigIbaloy(WMP) to become sterile, impotent PWMP *basiR

on-boltoŋIbaloy(WMP) to separate oneself, go on one’s own (as a goat that leaves the herd, young married couple who leave their parents and set up their own home, person who goes into business for himself PPH *buR(e)túŋ

oncoBare'e(WMP) squeeze between others when there is not enough room PMP *esek₁

ondaNggela(OC) to eat raw; destroy a garden, of animals POC *qodaq

on-dabasIbaloy(WMP) to pass, pass by PPH *labas

ondakMalay(WMP) billowy movement (esp. in water) PWMP *qundak

ondak-ondakMansaka(WMP) jounce; jolt up and down (as a truck on rough road) PWMP *enzak

ondak-ondakMansaka(WMP) jounce, jolt up and down (as a truck on rough road) PWMP *undak-undak

ondanMaranao(WMP) in addition, furthermore PWMP *unzan

óndanaMalagasy(WMP) pillow, bolster, cushion PMP *qulun-an

on-dápoPangasinan(WMP) landing place; to alight, drop onto PPH *dapu

on-daʔnabIbaloy(WMP) to overflow --- of the river’s overflowing its banks during heavy rains PPH *laq(e)nab

on-dekétPangasinan(WMP) become black PPH *deket₃

on-déldelPangasinan(WMP) to insist PPH *deldel

ondhak-ondhakMadurese(WMP) house ladder PWMP *undak-undak

ondhemMadurese(WMP) cloud PAN *qudem

ondi-ʔMongondow(WMP) term used by elders to address girls up to about seven years of age (obsolescent); also used as a proper name PWMP *enzi-q

oneAnuta(OC) beach; beach sand POC *qone

oneAore(OC) sand POC *qone

oneArosi(OC) shore, beach POC *qone

oneBonerate(WMP) sand PAN *qenay

oneHawaiian(OC) sand; sandy; silt; poetic name for land POC *qone

oneKwaio(OC) sand; beach POC *qone

oneLau(OC) sand POC *qone

oneMailu(OC) sand; country; land POC *qone

oneMalmariv(OC) sand POC *qone

oneMaori(OC) beach; sand, mud; in various names for different kinds of soil POC *qone

oneMono-Alu(OC) get caught POC *ona₂

oneMota(OC) sand POC *qone

oneNakanamanga(OC) lie down POC *qenop

oneNiue(OC) powder, gunpowder POC *qone

onePadoe(WMP) sand PAN *qenay

onePeterara(OC) sand POC *qone

onePileni(OC) sand POC *qone

onePohnpeian(OC) mend or repair, used principally with native objects (tran.) POC *one-a

onePopalia(WMP) sand PAN *qenay

oneRaga(OC) sand POC *qone

oneRarotongan(OC) general name for soil, earth, sand, gravel POC *qone

ʔoneRennellese(OC) sand, sand or rubble beach; to be plentiful as sands (poetic) POC *qone

oneSa'a(OC) sand; beach POC *qone

oneSamoan(OC) gunpowder POC *qone

ʔoneTongan(OC) sand (in compounds) POC *qone

oneTuvaluan(OC) sand, soil POC *qone

one-aFijian(OC) mend nets (tran.) POC *one-a

onedItbayaten(WMP) young (internal) part of the banana stalk, tender central trunk of banana, plant pith or core, interior part or portion PMP *qunej

ʔunə́gBontok(WMP) the soft inner core of certain types of plants, as the banana PMP *qunej

onəmNumfor(SHWNG) six PEMP *onəm

onemRon(SHWNG) six PEMP *onəm

one-oneAnuta(OC) beach; beach sand POC *qone qone

oneoneFijian(OC) mend nets (intr.) POC *one one

one-oneMailu(OC) sandy POC *qone qone

one-oneMaori(OC) earth, soil; land POC *qone qone

one-oneMota(OC) a sandy beach POC *qone qone

one-oneNggela(OC) black sand POC *qone qone

one-oneNiue(OC) sand POC *qone qone

one-oneRarotongan(OC) sandy, dirty, gritty POC *qone qone

one-oneSamoan(OC) sand POC *qone qone

one suaManggarai(CMP) the day before yesterday PMP *duha

one-wnedItbayaten(WMP) guts, viscera PMP *qunej

one-wnedItbayaten(WMP) guts, viscera PWMP *qunej qunej

ʔone-ʔoneRennellese(OC) sandy, dry, crumbling, powdery, as over-dry grated coconuts POC *qone qone

ʔone-ʔoneTongan(OC) sand POC *qone qone

oniLeti(CMP) crow of a cock PMP *huni

oniMaranao(WMP) sound PMP *huni

oniHawu(CMP) bee PMP *wani

oniSimalur(WMP) wild bee PMP *wani

oniTae'(WMP) sound, noise PMP *huni

on-idalIbaloy(WMP) to cause a disturbance (as drunk, naughty child) PPH *idal

on-ilolIbaloy(WMP) to salivate, drool PWMP *qizuR

oni manukTae'(WMP) cry of a cock PMP *huni

ʔoniŋAmis(Formosan) dirt, soil of clothing or skin PAN *qujiŋ

oni oniTae'(WMP) flute made of a split rice straw PWMP *huni huni

o-nipisTombonuwo(WMP) thin PMP *nipis

onit-anKadazan Dusun(WMP) to skin, to peel, strip the skin off PWMP *qanit-an

onjurMadurese(WMP) direction of the flow of a river PMP *qunzur

onkaŋJavanese(WMP) sit with feet dangling PMP *waŋkaŋ

on-KonayIbaloy(WMP) to act, i.e. take action, carry out an action PPH *gunay

on-lábanPangasinan(WMP) to fight PMP *laban₂

on-labásPangasinan(WMP) to go beyond, pass through; surplus, excess above requirements PPH *labas

on-lábiPangasinan(WMP) become night PMP *Rabiqi

on-layógPangasinan(WMP) excessive tallness; grow very tall PPH *láyug

on-líkoPangasinan(WMP) to turn, veer PMP *likuq

on-lotóPangasinan(WMP) to ripen PWMP *lutuq

on-ŋatoIbaloy(WMP) to go high --- esp. of a person’s station in life, and prices (said to be from Ilokano) PPH *ŋatu

on-ŋawŋawIbaloy(WMP) to mew---the sound of a cat PAN *ŋawŋaw

onoAnuta(OC) six POC *onom

ono'Āre'āre(OC) six POC *onom

onoArosi(OC) six POC *onom

onoBare'e(WMP) six PAN *enem

onoBugotu(OC) six POC *onom

onoFijian(OC) six POC *onom

onoGilbertese(OC) six POC *onom

onoHaununu(OC) six POC *onom

onoHawaiian(OC) six POC *onom

onoHawaiian(OC) large mackerel type fish (Acanthocybium solandri), up to five or six feet in length POC *qono₁

onoKapingamarangi(OC) six POC *onom

onoKapingamarangi(OC) a fish, the barracuda POC *qono₁

onoKwaio(OC) six POC *onom

onoLau(OC) six POC *onom

onoLuangiua(OC) six POC *onom

onoMakatea(OC) six POC *onom

onoManam(OC) to shut POC *qonop

onoMaori(OC) six POC *onom

onoMarau₂(OC) six POC *onom

onoMendak(OC) six POC *onom

onoMotu(OC) fish sp. POC *qono₁

onoNggela(OC) six POC *onom

onoNias(WMP) child, children; boys; calf; suckling pig; plant shoot PMP *anak

õnõNias(WMP) six PAN *enem

onoNiue(OC) six POC *onom

onoNiue(OC) mend nets POC *qono₂

onoNokuku(OC) six POC *onom

onoNukuoro(OC) six POC *onom

onoNukuoro(OC) a fish, the barracuda POC *qono₁

onoPiamatsina(OC) six POC *onom

onoRaga(OC) six POC *onom

onoRennellese(OC) six POC *onom

onoRotuman(OC) six POC *onom

onoSa'a(OC) six POC *onom

onoSa'a(OC) a fish, the barracuda POC *qono₁

onoSamoan(OC) six POC *onom

ʔonoʔTiruray(WMP) general term for necklaces PAN *quNuq

ʔonoʔTiruray(WMP) necklace PMP *unuq

onoTongan(OC) six POC *onom

ʔonoTongan(OC) a fish, the barracuda POC *qono₁

onoTuvaluan(OC) six POC *onom

onoUma(WMP) six PAN *enem

onóbIfugaw(WMP) door of an Ifugaw house or granary; more exactly, the cover of the door opening PMP *qeneb₁

ono dorosiNias(WMP) clapper of a bell PMP *anak

ono-fPonam(OC) six POC *onom

ono fanaNias(WMP) arrow; bullet PMP *anak i panaq

ono fõnaNias(WMP) stepchild PMP *anak

ono ganaʔaNias(WMP) interest on a loan PMP *anak

ono-hAndra(OC) six POC *onom

ono-hAhus(OC) six POC *onom

ono heneNias(WMP) firstborn (of animals) PMP *anak a qulu

onohnPohnpeian(OC) be mended or repaired, used principally with native objects (intr.) POC *one one

ono horõNias(WMP) illegitimate child PMP *anak

ono hõrõNias(WMP) pupil of the eye PMP *anak i mata

ʔonokTiruray(WMP) offspring, egg, fruit; all consanguineal relatives in descending generations PMP *anak

ʔonok kayewTiruray(WMP) fruit of a tree PMP *anak

ʔonok manukTiruray(WMP) chicken egg PMP *anak

onomMongondow(WMP) six PAN *enem

onómIfugaw(WMP) six PAN *enem

onomKadazan Dusun(WMP) six PAN *enem

onomLabuk-Kinabatangan Kadazan(WMP) six PAN *enem

onomLolak(WMP) six PAN *enem

onomMurut (Paluan)(WMP) six PAN *enem

ʔonomTiruray(WMP) to weave PMP *añam

onomToba Batak(WMP) six PAN *enem

ono mbanuaNias(WMP) common man, villager PMP *anak i banua

ono-miLau(OC) to swallow, swallow whole POC *toñom

ono-miArosi(OC) to swallow POC *toñom

ono-miaWuvulu(OC) swallow it! POC *toñom

onomm-ánIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) that which six people do together PPh *enem-an

onomoMono-Alu(OC) six POC *onom

(o)nomoMussau(OC) six POC *onom

onomoRoviana(OC) six POC *onom

onomoUruava(OC) six POC *onom

onomo-ɣuZabana(OC) six POC *onom

on-onáKankanaey(WMP) first; precede, go before PPh *unah-unah

ononeRoviana(OC) sand POC *qone qone

onoŋIbaloy(WMP) to remain, stay in the same place or condition PPH *unuŋ

onoŋItbayaten(WMP) notion of constancy, permanency of nature, size, thickness PPH *unuŋ

ono-ŋo-fuluTongan(OC) sixty POC *onom ŋa puluq

ono-ŋo-ulLou(OC) sixty POC *onom ŋa puluq

o-nooMoronene(WMP) six PAN *enem

ono-onoFijian(OC) all the six POC *onom onom

onopMongondow(WMP) sunken in or covered with water; saturated, as cooked rice in a cooking pot which still contains water PMP *eñep

onosItbayaten(WMP) idea of dragging along PMP *qunus

onosMadurese(WMP) to withdraw, draw out PMP *hunus

onosMaranao(WMP) strong wind PMP *qunus

ʔúnusBontok(WMP) to finish off; to put an end to life, as to kill an injured water buffalo PWMP *hunus

o-no saMamanwa(WMP) what? PAN *-nu₁

ono-sa-ŋa-vuluFijian(OC) sixty POC *onom ŋa puluq

onos-onosMaranao(WMP) typhoon, storm, tornado PMP *qunus qunus

on-piakIbaloy(WMP) to emit a sudden, loud cry --- esp. of babies, but also of chickens PAN *piak

on-piyekIbaloy(WMP) to peep, of the frantic sound of baby chicks PMP *piqek

on-poliIbaloy(WMP) to pass on to another generation --- of some trait or characteristic PPH *pulí

on-potiIbaloy(WMP) to become white, as by bleaching PMP *putiq

on rakeGilbertese(OC) full to the top POC *ponuq sake

on-salkedIbaloy(WMP) to have difficulty in getting through a passage (as table too big to get through a door, truck held back by protruding rock) PPH *saR(e)ked

on-saŋáPangasinan(WMP) to grow branches PMP *saŋa₁

on-saŋɁatIbaloy(WMP) to arrive up above, to a high place (as climbers of a mountain, the souls of the dead by tradition on Mt. Pulag) PPH *saŋ(e)qát

on-sapátPangasinan(WMP) to mount a horse PPH *sapat

on-sebetIbaloy(WMP) to absorb, pick up (as cloth does dust, hair does fleas, wood does moisture) PWMP *sebet

on-seŋawIbaloy(WMP) to escape, go out into the air, of flavor, aroma, strength PWMP *seŋ(e)qaw

on-seŋɁewIbaloy(WMP) to give off a pleasant aroma, as coffee PWMP *seŋ(e)qaw

on-shalaIbaloy(WMP) to bleed, to menstruate PAN *daRaq

on-shalanIbaloy(WMP) to drop by somewhere for a quick visit enroute to somewhere else PMP *zalan

on-shenshenIbaloy(WMP) to move oneself a short distance (as to make room for someone else to sit down) PPH *denden

on-sibáPangasinan(WMP) to eat a lot, become voracious PPH *sibáq

on-soloŋIbaloy(WMP) to go, depart PWMP *suruŋ

on-soloŋPangasinan(WMP) to go ahead, put into effect PWMP *suruŋ

onsomKadazan Dusun(WMP) sour PWMP *esem

onsopToba Batak(WMP) suck PAN *qesep

on-súkoPangasinan(WMP) to corner PPH *suku₂

onsuŋTombonuwo(WMP) mortar PMP *esuŋ

ontaBare'e(WMP) eat immoderately, be a glutton PAN *qetaq

ontakToba Batak(WMP) to pound, of the pulse PMP *qetak

ontanyMalagasy(WMP) enquiry, question, interrogation, examination PMP *utaña

on-taŋáyPangasinan(WMP) to look up at PPH *taŋay₁

on-tapewIbaloy(WMP) to be on top (as children playing); to come to the surface, top PPH *taq(e)paw

on-tawenIbaloy(WMP) to be a year old (as debt, baby, time of a person in a place) PMP *taqun

óntayCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) fishline PWMP *quntay₁

ontáyIlokano(WMP) hanging, suspended, dangling (being fastened at one end) PWMP *quntay₁

ontáyIlokano(WMP) hanging, suspended, dangling PWMP *untay₁

on-tedenIbaloy(WMP) to swallow PMP *telen

on-tekokIbaloy(WMP) of the crowing of roosters; also of person (perhaps figuratively) to hoot, as to attract someone’s attention at a distance PPH *tekuk₂

on-tikolIbaloy(WMP) to warp, curl up at the edges, as board, photograph PWMP *tikul

on-timtimIbaloy(WMP) to murmur, mutter PPH *timtim

on-tiyadIbaloy(WMP) to bend backward, making the abdomen protrude forward PPH *tiqad

ontoMansaka(WMP) tooth PMP *quntu

on-tóloŋPangasinan(WMP) to help PMP *tuluŋ

ontolugETialo(WMP) egg PMP *qateluR

on-tontonIbaloy(WMP) to walk in a line, column, single file, following one another PWMP *tuntun

ontoŋMongondow(WMP) see, look at PMP *e(n)teŋ

on-toʔmawIbaloy(WMP) to come into view, presenting only a part (as person at a window, snake’s head from behind a rock, baby’s presenting part at birth) PPH *tuq(e)maw

o-nuBonggi(WMP) what? PAN *-nu₁

o-nuMongondow(WMP) what, which, how? PMP *a-nu

onuMussau(OC) sea turtle POC *poñu

onukTboli(WMP) chicken, fowl; bird PMP *manuk

onumMisool (Coast)(SHWNG) six PEMP *onəm

onunaŋMongondow(WMP) kind of tree which produces glue PMP *hanunaŋ

onunaŋMongondow(WMP) kind of tree which produces glue PAN *qaNuNaŋ

onu-onMongondow(WMP) what must be done? PPh *anu-en

ɔnusiRotuman(OC) to spit POC *qanus-i

ɔnusiRotuman(OC) to spit POC *qanusi

oñoWest Damar(CMP) wind PMP *haŋin


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        

Tanga(OC) to hear POC *roŋoR

ʔuŋáBontok(WMP) child; baby PWMP *uŋaq

oŋaMaranao(WMP) fruit PMP *buŋa

oŋaNggela(OC) be out of breath with running, as in bringing news PMP *eŋap

oŋaNggela(OC) out of breath PMP *heŋak

oŋa atiŋMaranao(WMP) rash PMP *buŋa

oŋ-áləkPalauan(WMP) nuclear family PWMP *paŋ-anak

oŋeAnuta(OC) famine POC *soŋe

oŋeFutunan(OC) to be wanting, lacking resources, in a condition of scarcity, famine POC *soŋe

oŋeMaori(OC) scarce, rare; rarity, treasure POC *soŋe

oŋeNukuoro(OC) famine POC *soŋe

oŋeRennellese(OC) hunger POC *soŋe

oŋeSamoan(OC) scarcity of food, famine; be scarce POC *soŋe

oŋeTuvaluan(OC) famine POC *soŋe

oŋe-aRennellese(OC) be hungry POC *soŋe

oŋe-oŋeMaori(OC) scarce; lonely POC *soŋe

oŋe-sauRennellese(OC) famine time; to be short of food, starving POC *soŋe

oŋe taŋataRennellese(OC) to be few people, not enough to carry out a ritual (poetic) POC *soŋe

oŋgikToba Batak(WMP) gasp for breath (as of someone drowning) PMP *egik

oŋgom-iNggela(OC) hold a solid in the mouth POC *oŋkom

oŋgom-iNggela(OC) hold a solid in the mouth POC *qoŋkom

oŋgomoGorontalo(WMP) clenched in the fist PMP *eŋgem

oŋgomoGorontalo(WMP) grasp, clutch PMP *qeŋkem

oŋkaBare'e(WMP) squat PWMP *eŋkaŋ

oŋkaSiang(WMP) elder sibling PMP *teka₂

oŋkakToba Batak(WMP) rattle, rasp, choke PMP *e(ŋ)kak

oŋkakToba Batak(WMP) rattle, rasp, choke PMP *qekak

oŋkamDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) break open, lift up PWMP *e(ŋ)kab

oŋkaŋMalay(WMP) sit with legs dangling PWMP *u(ŋ)kaŋ

oŋkapToba Batak(WMP) gasp for air, cough PMP *ekap

oŋkasMalay(WMP) to slip off (as a sarong) PWMP *hukas

oŋkélMadurese(WMP) pry or lever up PWMP *quŋkil

oŋkirMaranao(WMP) disbelieve, disregard, oppose PWMP *uŋkir

oŋkitToba Batak(WMP) to sob PMP *ekit

oŋkoBare'e(WMP) crooked, leaning over, bent (as a coconut tree about to fall, or someone stalking birds) PMP *eŋkel

oŋkoWolio(WMP) stoop, bend down PMP *eŋkel

oŋkobMongondow(WMP) to cover PMP *e(ŋ)keb

oŋkoh-oŋkohMalay(WMP) walking about with a stoop PWMP *ukuq

oŋkoŋToba Batak(WMP) stiff, rheumatic, arthritic PMP *ekeŋ

oŋoArosi(OC) mangrove PMP *teŋeR

oŋoGilbertese(OC) hear, obey POC *roŋoR

oŋoNiue(OC) a report, message POC *roŋoR

oŋoTongan(OC) to sound, be heard or to be heard about; to appeal, carry weight, impress; to be felt or perceived or realized or appreciated; to hear, to have the sense of hearing; to be sentient, able to feel; sound; report, story; fame, reputation; hearing, sense of hearing; feeling, emotion; report or story that is ‘floating about’ but is unauthenticated, rumor POC *roŋoR

oŋo-ʔiTongan(OC) to hear; to perceive, feel --- pain, pleasure, taste, smell, etc.; to be aware or conscious of, to realize, to appreciate; to feel for, sympathize with POC *roŋoR

ʔúŋulBontok(WMP) to moan, groan; the sound of distant motors as trucks or airplanes PPh *úŋur

óŋolSambal (Botolan)(WMP) to moan and groan with pain; the mooing of a cow when a bit angry PMP *quŋal

oŋólPangasinan(WMP) roar (of sea, wind, water, a crowd); to roar PMP *huRuŋ

ʔuŋ-ʔuŋáBontok(WMP) young one; a person who has not reached the age of puberty; child PWMP *uŋaq

oŋo-oŋoTongan(OC) news, report or reputation POC *roŋoR

oŋo-oŋo-aTongan(OC) famous, renowned POC *roŋoR

oŋórPalauan(WMP) Pandanus aimiriikensis Mart. PMP *paŋedan

oŋotAgutaynen(WMP) drinking cup or dipper made from a coconut shell PPH *úŋut

oŋótAyta Abellan(WMP) the fruit of the coconut, the meat of the coconut, the juice of the coconut PPH *úŋut

ʔúŋutBontok(WMP) a coconut shell bowl; a piece of coconut shell; to place in such a container PPH *húŋut

ʔúŋutBontok(WMP) a coconut shell bowl; a piece of coconut shell; to place in such a container PPH *úŋut

óŋotSambal (Botolan)(WMP) coconut PPH *úŋut

oŋotIbaloy(WMP) bowl made from a half coconut shell (today the oŋot bowl is mainly used ceremonially, in rituals) PPH *húŋut

oŋotIbaloy(WMP) bowl made from a half coconut shell (today the oŋot bowl is mainly used ceremonially in rituals) PPH *úŋut

oŋ talokAgutaynen(WMP) in secret; secretly; in private PMP *taRuq


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        


ooAnuta(OC) provisions for a voyage POC *qoso

ʔooArosi(OC) straight; stretch the legs, straighten PMP *keteŋ

ʔooArosi(OC) a spear POC *koto

oʔoBare'e(WMP) sound that one makes to apologize or to show agreement PMP *heqe

oʔoBimanese(CMP) bamboo PMP *qauR

oʔoMongondow(WMP) expression of agreement; yes, good, it is good PMP *heqe

óóChuukese(OC) fishline POC *apon

óóChuukese(OC) tentacle of octopus or squid POC *kawe₂

óóChuukese(OC) tentacle of octopus or squid POC *kawe₁

ooGitua(OC) yo! (reply) POC *oqo

oːoGorontalo(WMP) yes, true PMP *heqe

o-oNukuoro(OC) your (sg.) several POC *o₂

ʔooRennellese(OC) yes; to say yes, assent, agree POC *qo

ooUma(WMP) interjection PMP *heqe

oo-douNukuoro(OC) your [3] several PEMP *tolu

ʔoʔohTiruray(WMP) chew sugarcane PMP *ququs

oohuSa'a(OC) sugarcane POC *na topu

o-omisDumpas(WMP) sweet PMP *emis₁

o-onaTuvaluan(OC) plural possessed, inalienable possession: his; hers; its POC *o₂

ʔúʔuŋBontok(WMP) kind of large, grayish, pleasant-tasting mushroom; to gather this mushroom PMP *quhuŋ

óoŋCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) generic term for several species of edible mushrooms PMP *quhuŋ

óoŋIfugaw(WMP) mushroom, most common variety PMP *quhuŋ

uóŋIlokano(WMP) generic name for mushroom or toadstool PMP *quhuŋ

óoŋIsneg(WMP) a general name for edible mushrooms; a completely white, edible mushroom, one of the Agaricaceae, the most esteemed of all mushrooms PMP *quhuŋ

óoŋKankanaey(WMP) kind of large, edible, white mushroom, much sought after PMP *quhuŋ

óoŋPangasinan(WMP) mushroom PMP *quhuŋ

óósChuukese(OC) prepared sheet of thatch; thatch shingle; any sheet of roofing material of any kind; roof (traditionally made of ivory palm leaves stitched to a reed one fathom long) POC *qatop

oosItbayaten(WMP) idea of chewing sugarcane PMP *ququs

oos-enItbayaten(WMP) be chewed on, of sugarcane PWMP *ququs-en

oo-thom-əTsou(Formosan) to taste PAN *tañam

o-otiBanggai(WMP) ebb PMP *qeti₁

oot o ar-rosoFavorlang/Babuza(Formosan) rib (lit. ‘rib bone’) PAN *Rusuk

o-ʔouRennellese(OC) possessive (o-class, redup.), one or some of yours (sg.) POC *o₂

o-ouTuvaluan(OC) plural possessed, inalienable possession: your (sg.) POC *o₂

o-oviAvava(OC) yam variety PMP *qubi


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        


opaBare'e(WMP) bait (for hook, trap, etc.) PAN *paen

ʔúpaBontok(WMP) young hen, pullet PMP *qupa

opaBuli(SHWNG) to fly PMP *Rebek

opaGimán(SHWNG) to fly PMP *Rebek

opaItbayaten(WMP) female chicken, hen PMP *qupa

opa-Marau₂(OC) belly POC *topwa

ópahSambal (Botolan)(WMP) banana fiber used for walling, roofing, and window shutters (can also be used for a mat) PPH *upas₂

o-paitTombonuwo(WMP) bitter PMP *paqit₂

opakIbaloy(WMP) the layers (compact leaves) that comprise the trunk (stem) of the banana tree; also outer leaves of such as cabbage or lettuce PWMP *hupak

opakMansaka(WMP) strips peeled off trunk of an abaca or banana tree PWMP *hupak

opakMaranao(WMP) split, break PWMP *hupak

opana huhu'Āre'āre(OC) a swollen stomach, inflated by wind POC *pupuŋ

opasMadurese(WMP) poison, venom of a snake PMP *upas₁

opasSasak(WMP) poison, poisonous PMP *upas₁

opasMaranao(WMP) stalk of banana PPH *upas₂

opatMongondow(WMP) four PMP *epat

opatBuol(WMP) four PMP *epat

opátIfugaw(WMP) four PMP *epat

opatLolak(WMP) four PMP *epat

opatMansaka(WMP) four PMP *epat

opatMolbog(WMP) four PMP *epat

opatSiang(WMP) four PMP *epat

opatToba Batak(WMP) four PMP *epat

opat-anSundanese(WMP) the four, set of four PWMP *epat-an

opatoGorontalo(WMP) four (in serial counting) PMP *epat

opat-opatMongondow(WMP) four by four, four at a time; all four PMP *epat epat

opa-upatMongondow(WMP) kind of snake PMP *upas₁

opawAgutaynen(WMP) bald PPH *upaw

opawMansaka(WMP) bald PPH *upaw

opawMaranao(WMP) shave hair; bald head PPH *upaw

o-p-cóiTsou(Formosan) kill PAN *pa-aCay

ʔupə́kBontok(WMP) rice bran, esp. of the bran which results from pounding roasted green rice in the preparation of the doom confection PWMP *upek

opékKankanaey(WMP) husk (of corn) PWMP *upek

ʔopiHawaiian(OC) fold, crease; wrinkled; bend of a wave; to fold, crease POC *kobit₁

opirAmis(Formosan) a braid of hair or of rope PAN *qupid

opisMaranao(WMP) bark, peeling, skin; fade, peel off PWMP *upis

o-pisuMori Atas(WMP) seven PAN *pitu₁

opitMongondow(WMP) substance between the leaves and stem of a coconut palm, something like the idup (horsehair-like fibers) of an areca palm; a few interwoven pieces are commonly used as the inner lining of baskets used to carry sago PPH *epis

ópitIlokano(WMP) to compress, to compact, to consolidate, to harden, to press PWMP *upit

o-pituMoronene(WMP) seven PAN *pitu₁

*o-pituPBun(WMP) seven (independent numeral) PAN *pitu₁

opoBare'e(WMP) four PMP *epat

opoMoken(WMP) the Lord PMP *umpu

opoNgadha(CMP) end, finish, conclusion; out of, used up, come to an end; kill, last, later PMP *upus

opoʔUma(WMP) four PMP *epat

opodiKadazan Dusun(WMP) smarting (of pain) PMP *hapejiq

opodosKadazan Dusun(WMP) smarting (of pain); pungent; poisonous (of snakes, etc.) PMP *hapejes

o-podosTingalan (West)(WMP) spicy PMP *hapejes

opo lamaSa'a(OC) growing coconut with watery inside, not normal (opo = core, center of a growing coconut) POC *lama₃

opoḷatMongondow(WMP) tree with leaves that can be used as sandpaper: Ficus politoria PMP *qa(m)pelas

ʔúpunBontok(WMP) place in one pile; gather in one place; form a group PMP *upun₁

opoyuMongondow(WMP) gall PAN *qapejux

o-poʔitBisaya (Lotud)(WMP) bitter PMP *paqit₂

o-psoh-iTsou(Formosan) go twice PAN *puSaN

opuBare'e (Luwu)(WMP) title of nobility PMP *empu

opuMakassarese (Salayar)(WMP) Sir, Madam; title of traditional community leader PMP *umpu

o-puluTombonuwo(WMP) ten PAN *puluq₁

o-puoAmara(OC) net POC *pukot

o-putiʔTombonuwo(WMP) white PMP *putiq

opuyKlata(WMP) fire PMP *hapuy

opuySinghi Land Dayak(WMP) fire PMP *hapuy

opwaSa'a(OC) belly, bowels, stomach POC *topwa

opʷa-Sa'a(OC) belly, bowels, stomach POC *tobwa₂

opwa-opwaBauro(OC) a bay, harbor POC *tobwa


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        


o qaui we viroMota(OC) twisted knee POC *piro

oqoFijian(OC) to walk stooping, as in a house or in the presence of a chief; crouch down in approaching something, as a fish to spear it POC *oŋkol


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        


orMerig(OC) shrimp POC *quraŋ

orTolai(OC) to lend, help POC *soRa

ora'Āre'āre(OC) fireplace POC *koran

ʔoraArosi(OC) blaze, gleam, shine PMP *ke(R)lap

oraArosi(OC) a species of tree from which the best canoes are made; a plank-built canoe POC *toRas

oraArosi(OC) a plank-built canoe POC *tola

orāJavanese(WMP) not (in narrative predicates), no (as a reply, contradiction, etc.) PMP *wada

oraLeti(CMP) bamboo PMP *qauR

oraNias(WMP) ladder, stairs PMP *haRezan

oraOld Javanese(WMP) not PMP *wada

oraUlawa(OC) to flame, to burn brightly; ashes POC *koran

ʔoradAmis(Formosan) rain PAN *quzaN

ora luluSa'a(OC) belch POC *toRap

oranMaranao(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

oránPangasinan(WMP) rain; to rain PMP *quzan

oranTinputz(OC) glowing embers POC *koran

óranaMalagasy(WMP) the Madagascar crayfish ... it belongs to a genus peculiar to the island PAN *qudaŋ

óranaMalagasy(WMP) rain PMP *quzan

oraŋMaranao(WMP) scorpion PAN *qudaŋ

oráŋPangasinan(WMP) shrimp PAN *qudaŋ

oraŋ basaIban(WMP) acquaintances PWMP *basa

oraŋ bukaiIban(WMP) a stranger, not one of us PWMP *buken₁

oraŋ buni-anMalay (Johore)(WMP) invisible elves of the forest PWMP *buni₂

oraŋ hutan alas-anMalay(WMP) a forest dweller PWMP *halas-an

oraŋ lakiIban(WMP) a man PMP *laki₁

oraŋ lamaMalay(WMP) the people of long ago, the ancients PAN *lama₂

oraŋ mataIban(WMP) policeman PMP *mata

oraŋ putihKaro Batak(WMP) Caucasians, white people PMP *putiq

ora-oraGilbertese(OC) act of eating fish or meat in a raw state POC *qodaq

ora-oraUlawa(OC) ashes POC *koran

orasSasak(WMP) to clean, wash (of objects, not of clothes) PMP *huRas

oras-inSasak(WMP) be cleaned, washed (of objects, not of clothes) PWMP *huRas-en

oratBasap(WMP) vein PMP *uRat

oratMentawai(WMP) ladder, stairs PMP *haRezan

o-rawuTombonuwo(WMP) far PMP *zauq

oray sancaSundanese(WMP) giant snake, the python (it can reach five meters and longer) PMP *sawa

oreManam(OC) oar; to row POC *pose

orétMadurese(WMP) scratched PMP *qurit

ori'Āre'āre(OC) return; come back, go back (home) PCEMP *oliq, uliq

ʔoriArosi(OC) scrape PMP *gerit

oriArosi(OC) return; stroll about PCEMP *oliq, uliq

oriFijian(OC) to slit or cut lengthwise with motion away POC *ori

oriLawangan(WMP) post PMP *hadiRi

oriMaranao(WMP) behind, late PMP *udehi

ori-a'Āre'āre(OC) to skin, peel, scrape (of roasted food) POC *orit

ori-aMotu(OC) grate coconut POC *orit

ori-aMotu(OC) to grate coconut PMP *gerit

ori-aMotu(OC) to grate coconut POC *korit

ori-anMaranao(WMP) rear; behind; last; later; result PWMP *udehi-an

orichFavorlang/Babuza(Formosan) alive; to live PAN *qudip₁

orìh-inaMalagasy(WMP) be gone against, of a current PWMP *udahik

oriiʔBalantak(WMP) pole, post PMP *hadiRi

oriñItbayaten(WMP) charcoal (made from outer coconut shell) PAN *qujiŋ

oriñ-enItbayaten(WMP) tree sp.: Wendlandia luzoniensis DC PPh *qujiŋ-en

oriŋMaranao(WMP) charcoal, coal, soot; blacken by soot PAN *qujiŋ

oríŋPangasinan(WMP) charcoal; to make charcoal PAN *qujiŋ

oriŋ-aʔMaranao(WMP) pit for making charcoal PAN *qujiŋ

ori-oriMaranao(WMP) last to come, one at the end of the line; hindmost, rearmost PMP *udehi

ori-oriRarotongan(OC) go about here and there, move about, walk about; ramble, stroll; wave, flutter in the wind POC *oliq oliq

ori-oriSa'a(OC) scrape the charcoal off yams or taro roasted on the coals; peel yams POC *orit

ori-oriSa'a(OC) to scrape, to scrape the charcoal off yams or taro roasted on the coals; to peel yams with a roa (black lip pearl shell) held between the thumb and index finger, the motion being away from and not towards the body. POC *ori

ʔoripAmis(Formosan) life PAN *qudip₁

oripMansaka(WMP) to mend (as a mat) PPH *udip

oripMaranao(WMP) reweave, patch up, repair a mat PAN *qudip₁

oripMaranao(WMP) reweave, patch up, repair a mat PPH *udip

oripenMaranao(WMP) slave, servant PWMP *qudipen

oritItbayaten(WMP) stripe, streak, stripes, vertical line PMP *qurit

oritItbayaten(WMP) stripe, streak, line (vertical) PPH *urit

orit-anaMalagasy(WMP) be divided by lines PMP *qurit

óritraMalagasy(WMP) stroke, line, the parting of the hair, etc. PMP *qurit

oroArosi(OC) come or go with a set purpose, e.g. to help, as Christ came to the world POC *oRo

oroWest Damar(CMP) bamboo PMP *qauR

oroDuke of York(OC) finished, of rain PMP *hedaw

oroLamogai(OC) mountain POC *koro₃

oroʔLawangan(WMP) far PMP *zauq

oroMailu(OC) hill, mountain POC *oro

oroManam(OC) go landwards (away from the sea) POC *oro

oroManam(OC) to landwards (away from the sea) POC *koro₃

oroMoor(SHWNG) three PEMP *tolu

oroNias(WMP) name of a spirit PMP *taliŋa

oroRarotongan(OC) to swallow, to engulf POC *polon

oroRarotongan(OC) a slide, as a landslide, an avalanche; to slide, to slip, to avalanche POC *solo₃

oroTolai(OC) to call, shout POC *oRoŋ

oroʔPaku(WMP) far PMP *zauq

o-rolNalik(OC) three PAN *telu

oromBalantak(WMP) immerse PAN *edem₂

óronaMalagasy(WMP) nose PAN *ujuŋ

óronaMalagasy (Provincial)(WMP) promontory PMP *quzuŋ

oro ni bulanToba Batak(WMP) menstruation PMP *bulan₃

oroŋInati(WMP) nose PAN *ujuŋ

oroŋItbayaten(WMP) horn PAN *uReŋ

oroŋToba Batak(WMP) to bark (dogs) PMP *heReŋ

o-roŋowRungus Dusun(WMP) to hear PMP *deŋeR

oro-oroMbula(OC) noise, commotion POC *oRoŋ

or-orRoro(OC) mango POC *koRa

oro-roMotu(OC) mountain (< oro-oro) POC *oro

oro-roMotu(OC) mountain POC *koro₃

o roro lamaMota(OC) the sound of the sea POC *roRoŋ

orosMaranao(WMP) slide up and down PWMP *hurus

orosSasak(WMP) train (of garments); drag its rear end along the ground (of a dog) PWMP *hurus

órotraMalagasy(WMP) drawn through the hands, as rushes, etc., to make them supple before being plaited PMP *quRut

or-raylPalauan(WMP) lead (animal, etc.); drive (boat, car, etc.); start (engine) PWMP *pa-zalan

or-reŋəsPalauan(WMP) hear; listen to; obey PMP *deŋeR

ortaWetan(CMP) tendon; sinew; fibre; muscle; vein PMP *uRat

oru'Āre'āre(OC) three PEMP *tolu

oruArosi(OC) three PEMP *tolu

oruHaununu(OC) three PEMP *tolu

oruMarau₂(OC) three PEMP *tolu

o-ruRano(OC) two POC *rua

oruTsou(Formosan) type of bamboo PAN *qauR

o-ruaKoroni(WMP) two PMP *duha

*o-ruaPBun(WMP) two (independent numeral) PMP *duha

orudSinghi Land Dayak(WMP) boat, canoe PWMP *alud

oru-naArosi(OC) third PEMP *tolu

oru n-tasiBare'e(WMP) bottom of the sea PMP *tasik

o-ruoBungku(WMP) two PMP *duha

o-ruoMori Atas(WMP) two PMP *duha

o-ruoPadoe(WMP) two PMP *duha


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        


osCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) bite into sugarcane (in order to peel off the outer bark) PMP *ququs

osLou(OC) to husk coconuts POC *kojom

osMaranao(WMP) chew sugarcane PMP *ququs

osMerig(OC) smoke PMP *qasu₃

osaAmis(Formosan) approach PAN *uSa

õsaNias(WMP) some, a part PAN *esa

o-sakitTombonuwo(WMP) sick, painful PMP *sakit

ʔœSalapSaisiyat(Formosan) scales (of fish) PAN *quSeNap

osan funanTetun(CMP) interest on a loan PMP *buŋaŋ

osaogMansaka(WMP) to go with the current; to go downstream PPH *usauR

ʔúsatBontok(WMP) to sever, as the roots of a plant or the strips of wood holding together two sections of an incompletely split log PWMP *qutas

osawaMolbog(WMP) spouse PAN *qasawa

osayMansaka(WMP) to investigate; to unravel; to settle (as a controversy) PPH *usay

osayMaranao(WMP) to explain, elucidate; preface PPH *usay

oschaCarolinian(OC) large species of parrotfish POC *kosa

osekMaranao(WMP) rot, rotten PWMP *bucek

osérMadurese(WMP) pursue PAN *qusiR

osiArosi(OC) to cut, score PEMP *tosi

osiMongondow(WMP) coral reef, shallows PMP *qeti₁

osiBuruese(CMP) great grandfather (FFF) PCMP *usi

osiFijian(OC) to moan POC *osi(rR)

ösiNias(WMP) contents; flesh PMP *hesi

ʔosiTongan(OC) be finished, finished up, spent, all used up, or all sold, etc.; or to be completely ended, past, over POC *qoti

osi-a'Āre'āre(OC) to cut, bevel timber for joints PEMP *tosi

ôsicYabem(OC) lightning POC *qusila

osílPangasinan(WMP) run after PAN *qusiR

osi-maFijian(OC) to lament, bemoan POC *osi(rR)

osiŋItneg (Binongan)(WMP) charcoal PPH *usiŋ

o-sioMori Atas(WMP) nine PMP *siwa

o-sioMoronene(WMP) nine PMP *siwa

osi-osiArosi(OC) striped, slashed PEMP *tosi

õsi zusuNias(WMP) milk (breast contents) PAN *susu₁

ósniTsou(Formosan) immediately PAN *Sauni

ʔosŋetAmis(Formosan) an expression of anger PAN *quSeŋeC

osoBare'e(WMP) close together, crowded, with little room between PMP *esek₁

osoDelang(WMP) one PAN *esa

osoFijian(OC) narrow, crowded; strait POC *osok

ʔosoRennellese(OC) rations of tobacco as for workers (provided by the employer), or for a sea trip POC *qoso

osoSamoan(OC) customary gift of food (presented by travellers to their host on arrival at destination); provisions for a journey POC *qoso

osogMaranao(WMP) satisfied PWMP *busuR₃

oso-kBuruese(CMP) enter; put into PMP *usuk

osokMaranao(WMP) stick with a sharp point PMP *usuk

osokTae'(WMP) implant, drive in, as a grave post into the ground; also: erect a hut or house (that is not on houseposts) PMP *usuk

osok-an baruŋ-baruŋTae'(WMP) the erection of a hut or house (that is not on houseposts) PWMP *usuk-an

osoŋMadurese(WMP) carry on the shoulder, as a litter between two people PMP *qusuŋ

osoŋYami(WMP) mortar PMP *lusuŋ

os-osJavanese(WMP) let something escape through an opening (as the air from a tire) PMP *qaRus

osreKosraean(OC) eat raw POC *qodaq

osriLeti(CMP) chase, pursue, follow PAN *qusiR

osuPak(OC) gall, gall bladder (< A) POC *qasu₂


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        


otTolai(OC) straight POC *oto

otTolai(OC) complete, full POC *qoti

otTolai(OC) straight PMP *keteŋ

otaʔAmis(Formosan) vomit PAN *utaq

otaBare'e(WMP) chaff (of rice) PMP *qeta

ʔútaBontok(WMP) vomit PAN *utaq

ótaCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) vomit; to vomit PAN *utaq

otáIfugaw(WMP) rice grains that still have the cortex, i.e., failed to be decorticated by the pestle PMP *qeta

otáʔIsneg(WMP) brain; marrow PMP *hutek

ótaIsneg(WMP) vomit, spew PAN *utaq

otaItbayaten(WMP) vomitus, what an adult vomits, matter that is vomited PAN *utaq

otaMadurese(WMP) vomit PAN *utaq

otaMaori(OC) unripe, uncooked; eat raw or in an uncooked state POC *qodaq

otaʔMaranao(WMP) regurgitate, spit, disgorge PAN *utaq

otaNiue(OC) to eat raw; a dish of raw fish fixed with coconut cream POC *qodaq

otáPangasinan(WMP) vomit PAN *utaq

otaRarotongan(OC) any raw flesh such as raw fish; raw, green, uncooked POC *qodaq

otaSamoan(OC) (of fish) pickle, 'souse' (for eating raw); dish of pickled raw fish POC *qodaq

ʔotaTongan(OC) raw, uncooked -- mostly of meat, fish, shell-fish, or eggs; eat raw fish or shell-fish POC *qodaq

otaTuvaluan(OC) raw fish or fruit; eat fish raw POC *qodaq

ʔuta-ʔánBontok(WMP) to vomit (object form) PAN *utaq-an

otaʔ-anItbayaten(WMP) independent imperative form: vomit (it) out PAN *utaq-an

otaʔ-enAmis(Formosan) vomit (a command) PAN *utaq-en

otákIfugaw(WMP) Ifugaw long knife having a single-edged blade of approximately two daŋan (handspans) in length PPh *eták

otakMalay(WMP) brain (considered anatomically, and not as the seat of intelligence); spinal marrow PMP *hutek

otakMalay(WMP) brain PMP *qutek

otakMoken(WMP) head PMP *hutek

otakSasak(WMP) head PMP *hutek

otak, utakYamdena(CMP) marrow of bones; brains PMP *hutek

o-taloLakalai(OC) down POC *tanoq

ʔota mataRennellese(OC) to eat raw, as Tridacna (haasua), fish, or birds; to eat partially cooked food (fish are not eaten raw; anyone doing so is said to be crazy, or possessed by gods POC *qodaq

otanMansaka(WMP) taro leaves PMP *qutan

otanMaranao(WMP) weed, grass PMP *qutan

ʔútaŋBontok(WMP) to borrow money; a debt PMP *qutaŋ

ótaŋSambal (Botolan)(WMP) debt PMP *qutaŋ

otaŋItbayaten(WMP) debt, obligation PMP *qutaŋ

otaŋMaranao(WMP) bill, debt; credit; owe; kill PMP *qutaŋ

ótaŋPangasinan(WMP) bill, account, debt; to owe PMP *qutaŋ

ʔutáŋ-anBontok(WMP) a debt PWMP *qutaŋ-an

ʔutáŋ-ənBontok(WMP) a debt PWMP *qutaŋ-en

o-taromTombonuwo(WMP) sharp PMP *tazem

otasMaranao(WMP) sever completely, cut off completely PWMP *qutas

o tau namMota(OC) the season of planting yams PMP *taqun

oteLi'o(CMP) brain PMP *hutek

oteNgadha(CMP) brain PMP *hutek

otəkBasap(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

ʔútəkBontok(WMP) brains PMP *hutek

otekIvatan (Isamorong)(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

otekMaranao(WMP) brain; mind PMP *hutek

otekMaranao(WMP) brain; mind PMP *qutek

otékPangasinan(WMP) brain, brains PMP *hutek

otekSika(CMP) brains PMP *hutek

othoWest Damar(CMP) dog PAN *asu₁

otiAnuta(OC) finish POC *qoti

otiBare'e(WMP) ebb, as the tide; dry up, as a pool PMP *qeti₁

otiFijian(OC) finish, complete, end POC *qoti

otiMaori(OC) used absolutely, or with a verb in the infinitive to denote the operation which is finished; finished POC *qoti

otiNiue(OC) finish, be ended; entirely POC *qoti

otiRarotongan(OC) that which finishes or completes; to finish, end, complete POC *qoti

ʔotiRennellese(OC) finished, completed, over; to complete, finish; to quit, resign POC *qoti

otiSamoan(OC) (of people) die; finish POC *qoti

otiSula(CMP) penis PMP *qutin

otiTuvaluan(OC) finished POC *qoti

otiUma(WMP) ready, finished PMP *qeti₃

otikToba Batak(WMP) little, few, small in amount PWMP *etik

otiliGorontalo(WMP) eel PWMP *kasuli

oti manavaNiue(OC) overdone with work POC *mañawa

oti-nBuruese(CMP) penis PMP *qutin

otinMaranao(WMP) penis, name for male (endearing term) PMP *qutin

otiŋMakassarese(WMP) (humorous) penis PMP *qutin

otiŋMakassarese(WMP) iron pin at the base of the blade of a kris used to bind blade and hilt together PMP *utiŋ

otiŋTae'(WMP) pointed extremity at the base of a knife or machete which is stuck into the hilt PMP *utiŋ

ʔɔtmot ɔfu-tRotuman(OC) row or chain of islands PCEMP *qatuR₂

otnaWetan(CMP) debt PMP *qutaŋ

otnaWetan(CMP) rain PMP *quzan

oto'Āre'āre(OC) provisions, food for a journey POC *qoso

oto'Āre'āre(OC) a war spear, arrow with one barb POC *kojom

otoMaranao(WMP) lunch; eat noon meal PPh *ugtu

otoʔMaranao(WMP) boy PWMP *utuq

otoMotu(OC) slice or strip POC *otok

otoNggela(OC) set face to do, stare straight at POC *otoŋ

otoNggela(OC) go directly, straight; set face to do, stare straight at POC *oto

õtõNias(WMP) chop to pieces, cut down PMP *etes₁

õtõNias(WMP) cross over (a river); step over PWMP *etes₂

õtõNias(WMP) chop to pieces, chop up PMP *hetek

otoSa'a(OC) cooked food taken on a journey POC *qoso

otoWuvulu(OC) digging stick; coconut husking stick POC *kojom

otodYami (Imorod)(WMP) knee PMP *tuhud

otokoRukai (Tona)(Formosan) rabbit, hare PAN *lutuk₁

otolToba Batak(WMP) exert, strain oneself (without reaching one's goal) PMP *etel

ʔutulBontok(WMP) erection of the penis PPh *qutuR

otoli-Nokuku(OC) egg POC *qatoluR

otoliPiamatsina(OC) egg POC *qatoluR

o-toluBungku(WMP) three PAN *telu

o-toluKoroni(WMP) three PAN *telu

o-toluMori Atas(WMP) three PAN *telu

otoluMussau(OC) egg POC *qatoluR

o-toluPadoe(WMP) three PAN *telu

*o-toluPBun(WMP) three (independent numeral) PAN *telu

otomi-a'Āre'āre(OC) to spear POC *kojom-i

oto-nMaranao(WMP) eat during lunch time, lunch on PPh *ugtu

otoŋItbayaten(WMP) nipple, tip of teat, protuberance of breast PWMP *utuŋ

oto-oto'Āre'āre(OC) straight; correct and proper in conduct POC *oto

oto-oto'Āre'āre(OC) straight; correct and proper in conduct POC *kodos

otosMaranao(WMP) cajole PWMP *utus₂

ʔutútBontok(WMP) flatus; to break wind PMP *qutut

otouMussau(OC) a cycad: Cycas rumphii PMP *patuRu

o-touTuvaluan(OC) your (plural possessor) PEMP *tolu

ottótIlokano(WMP) break wind PMP *qutut

ottowKlata(WMP) person PMP *tau₁

otuBare'e(WMP) fart PMP *qetut

otuNias(WMP) hundred PMP *Ratus

ʔotuTongan(OC) row, line, series, chain or long group (e.g. of islands) PCEMP *qatuR₂

otuʔUma(WMP) fart, let a fart PMP *qetut

ʔotuaTongan(OC) object of worship, deity, god PMP *qatuan

otuanaEmira(OC) spirits PMP *qatuan

ʔotuleTongan(OC) kind of fish (= pilchard?) PMP *qatulay

otutMongondow(WMP) wind, fart PMP *qetut

ot-wat, ot-otOld Javanese(WMP) muscle PMP *uRat uRat

otʔotBalangaw(WMP) to scratch PWMP *kutkut₁


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        


ouBonggi(WMP) 1sg. focused actor pronoun: I PAN *aku

o-uHawaiian(OC) your, yours POC *o₂

ō-uMaori(OC) of thee; plural of definitive tōu, thy POC *o₂

ouPonam(OC) 2sg., you POC *ko

o-uSamoan(OC) second person singular disjunct verbal pronoun (class O), yours POC *o₂

ouAndra(OC) 2sg., you POC *ko

ou-ʔármPalauan(WMP) keep (animal) as a pet; raise (animal) PWMP *qayam₂

ouhPak(OC) wind (generic) POC *aura

ɔʔuhTboli(WMP) 1sg. nominative pronoun: I PAN *aku

o-umanMongondow(WMP) a story PAN *quman

ou-naMussau(OC) new PEMP *baqoRu

o-urAvava(OC) lobster POC *quraŋ

ou-ráktPalauan(WMP) to be sick, suffer chronically from PMP *sakit

ouruKisar(CMP) bamboo PMP *qauR


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        


ovàh-anaMalagasy(WMP) be peeled or stripped PWMP *ubak

óvakaMalagasy(WMP) a chip of wood (Prov.) PWMP *ubak

ovanItbayaten(WMP) white hair, grey hair PMP *quban

ovanIvatan (Isamorong)(WMP) gray hair PMP *quban

ovaŋYami(WMP) to plant dry taro PPH *rubaŋ

ovaŋ-anYami(WMP) place one planted dry taro PPH *lubaŋ₂

ovaŋ-anYami(WMP) place where one planted dry taro PPH *rubaŋ

*ovayPRuk(Formosan) rattan PAN *quay

ovayYami(WMP) gold, gold chest ornaments PPH *lubay

oviFijian(OC) to brood, of hens; to cover up the chickens under her wings (trans.) POC *opi

oviItbayaten(WMP) yam: Dioscorea alata Linn. PMP *qubi

ɔviNokuku(OC) fire POC *api

ovidYami(WMP) rope, string PPH *lúbid

ovid-enYami(WMP) weave a strand PPH *lúbid

óvi-házoMalagasy(WMP) sweet potato PWMP *qubi kahiw

oviʔiRukai (Mantauran)(Formosan) pubic hair PAN *qubiS

ovoNggela(OC) block a road with branches POC *opoŋ

ovodItbayaten(WMP) banana rhizome, tender heart of a tree, palm fruit, etc. PMP *qubuj

ovoh-onKadazan Dusun(WMP) what is spun or woven PWMP *habel-en

o-volowMurut (Paluan)(WMP) blind PWMP *buleheR

óvotraMalagasy(WMP) an herb PMP *qubuj

ovuNggela(OC) crowd, heap, pile, flock; to assemble, heap together; make a bundle; a bundle POC *opun

ovuNggela(OC) crowd, heap, pile PMP *hebun

óvyMalagasy(WMP) generic term for yams and potatoes PMP *qubi


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        


ʔuwábBontok(WMP) yawn PMP *huab₂

owakItbayaten(WMP) black crow: Corvus macrorhynchus philippinus PMP *uak₁

owákPangasinan(WMP) crow (bird species) PMP *uak₁

owanNgaju Dayak(WMP) gray hair PMP *quban

owaŋ-owaŋMapun(WMP) kind of lobster PAN *qudaŋ

ʔuwásBontok(WMP) to wash, as dishes PMP *huRas

ʔowayAmis(Formosan) reeds made from a plant that grows in the mountains; plant used in tying together poles, furniture, baskets PAN *quay

ʔœwaySaisiyat(Formosan) rattan PAN *quay

o-weAvava(OC) water; river PCEMP *waiR

oweaMori(WMP) shoulder PMP *qabaRa₁

owehAyta Abellan(WMP) blanket; sheet; any kind of cover PPH *ules

ʔuwə́yBontok(WMP) rattan PAN *quay

owiNgaju Dayak(WMP) edible tuber with blackish skin and white flesh -- can grow as big around as a man's head PMP *qubi

owoyAbai Sembuak(WMP) rattan PAN *quay

owoyMurut (Tagol)(WMP) rattan PAN *quay


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        


oxd-enItbayaten(WMP) be infested with worms PMP *qulej-en

oxedItbayaten(WMP) worm, maggot PMP *qulej

oxoItbayaten(WMP) head (as part of body); chief head of office PMP *qulu


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        


ʔuyBontok(WMP) expression of surprise; expression used to attract someone's attention PMP *huy

oyCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) exclamation of surprise, exclamation made when calling to get someone's attention, answering someone's call, disagreeing with a statement made PMP *huy

oyIlokano(WMP) an interjection: calling or attracting attention PMP *huy

oyPangasinan(WMP) hey! (exclamation to attract attention of distant person) PMP *huy

oyaʔMongondow(WMP) shyness, shame PMP *heyaq

oyaKembayan(WMP) mother (Hudson 1970:310) PMP *aya₂

oyabLauje(WMP) yawn PMP *huyeʔab

oyahAyta Abellan(WMP) to wash or clean something PMP *huRas

oyas-anItbayaten(WMP) to wash utensils; washing of plates, wounds, boils, hair, feet, boards PWMP *huRas-an

oyawAgutaynen(WMP) to laugh at something concerning an animal, and then be struck by lightning, as if it is revenge by the animal PPH *uyaw

ʔuyáwBontok(WMP) to criticize; to laugh at another person’s misfortune or physical disability PPH *uyaw

oyaw-enAgutaynen(WMP) to laugh at something concerning an animal, and then be struck by lightning PPH *uyaw-en

oyaw-enIbaloy(WMP) to dislike something a lot, detest something PPH *uyaw-en

o-yenoWogeo(OC) sleep, lie down POC *qenop

oyhaSambal (Botolan)(WMP) deer PWMP *uRsa

oyoBare'e(WMP) space between two things (fingers or toes, floor laths, days, etc.) PMP *qelet

oyomMongondow(WMP) to roost, of chickens PWMP *qendem

oyomMongondow(WMP) to perch (chickens) PWMP *qerem

ʔúyunBontok(WMP) a bundle of tobacco containing about twenty mános (one mános = one to five sticks) PWMP *uyun₁

oyotSasak(WMP) dilapidated, rickety PWMP *uyut₂

oyotYami(WMP) to pull out PPH *húRut

oyutMongondow(WMP) noise, reverberation; growl PWMP *erut


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        


ozaMalagasy(WMP) washing some part of one's body PMP *huRas

ozà-naMalagasy(WMP) be washed, be cleansed PWMP *huRas-an

ozàt-inaMalagasy(WMP) muscular, strong, athletic, tough, hard; stringy (of meat) PWMP *uRat-en

ózatraMalagasy(WMP) sinew; vein, artery; muscle PMP *uRat

oza-yMalagasy(WMP) wash (imper.) PWMP *huRas-i

ozoŋYami (Imorod)(WMP) horn (as of a goat) PAN *uReŋ


TOP      o,    oa    ob    oc    od    oe    of    og    oh    oi    oj    ok    ol    om    on        oo    op    oq    or    os    ot    ou    ov    ow    ox    oy    oz        

oʔaArosi(OC) to stay, dwell, abide; to settle, of birds POC *toka₂

ʔoʔiHawaiian(OC) to limp POC *koki

ʔoʔoArosi(OC) wooden gong made from a hollowed tree PAN *keŋkeŋ₁

(ʔo)-ʔo-naTongan(OC) objective pronominal adjective, 3sg., his, her/hers, its POC *o₂

(ʔo)-ʔo-ouTongan(OC) objective pronominal adjective, 2sg., your (thy), yours (thine) POC *o₂

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