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Updated: 6/21/2020


Austronesian Comparative Dictionary


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p-Atayal(Formosan) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

pa-Agta (Central Cagayan)(WMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

paAgta (Eastern)(WMP) yet, still PAN *pa₁

paAgutaynen(WMP) yet; still; additionally; what’s more; moreover PAN *pa₁

paAklanon(WMP) sustaining particle with the sense of English “yet” or “still” PAN *pa₁

pa-Aklanon(WMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

pa-Amis(Formosan) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

paAnuta(OC) four PEMP *pat

paBare'e(WMP) still, yet PAN *pa₁

pa-Ifugaw (Batad)(WMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

paBikol(WMP) still, yet; more, anymore; than PAN *pa₁

pa-Bikol(WMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

paBinukid(WMP) still, yet: up to now, up to a specific point in time PAN *pa₁

pa-Binukid(WMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

pa-Bontok(WMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

paBuli(SHWNG) no, not, nothing, no one PMP *bak₂

paBuruese(CMP) four PMP *epat

paCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) particle: first, still PAN *pa₁

pa-Cebuano(WMP) derivative verb-forming affix to which inflectional affixes are added without morphophonemic alternation: 1. referring to actions one has caused someone to do (either to something else or to oneself), 2. added to adjectives, have someone make something (adj.); have something become (adj.), 3. added to nouns, cause someone to do the action that verbs derived from the noun refer to, 4. added to doubled adjectives, pretend to be, 5. added to nouns, go to (noun) PPh *ipa-

paCebuano(WMP) still, yet: up to now, up to a specific point in the past; else, in addition PAN *pa₁

pa-Cebuano(WMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

paCentral Tagbanwa(WMP) still, yet PAN *pa₁

Hawaiian(OC) fence, wall, corral, pen, sty, enclosure POC *baRa

Hawaiian(OC) pearl-shell lure POC *bayan

Hawaiian(OC) pearl-shell lure POC *bayan₃

paHiligaynon(WMP) particle: still, yet PAN *pa₁

pa-Hiligaynon(WMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

pa-Ibatan(WMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

pa-Ilokano(WMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

paItbayaten(WMP) particle: also, too, yet, still, more PAN *pa₁

pa-Itbayaten(WMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

pa-Kambera(CMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

paKanakanabu(Formosan) still PAN *pa₁

paKapampangan(WMP) still, yet PAN *pa₁

pa-Kapampangan(WMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

pa-Kavalan(Formosan) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

paKavalan(Formosan) will (future) PAN *pa₁

pa-Kenyah(WMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

paʔKomodo(CMP) four PMP *epat

paKosraean(OC) bait POC *baniŋ

paʔLampung(WMP) four PMP *epat

paʔKenyah (Long Anap)(WMP) mouth PMP *bahaq₁

paLoniu(OC) kind of pandanus with narrow light-green leaves, used in plaiting mats POC *padran

pa-Lusi(OC) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

paʔMakassarese(WMP) a chisel PMP *paqet

-paMakassarese(WMP) still, yet PAN *pa₁

pa-Makassarese(WMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

paMamuju(WMP) still PAN *pa₁

-paMandar(WMP) only; later; still; not yet PAN *pa₁

paMansaka(WMP) modifying particle: still; yet PAN *pa₁

pa-Mansaka(WMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

Maori(OC) stockade, fortified place; weir for catching eels, etc.; screen, blockade POC *baRa

pa-Mapun(WMP) instransitive causative motion within oneself, transition, or change of state becoming PAN *pa-₂

paMasbatenyo(WMP) particle: yet, still; in addition, as well, also, too PAN *pa₁

pa-Masbatenyo(WMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

paMbula(OC) in, at, from, to POC *pa₂

paMota(OC) but, and POC *ba₁

pa-Paiwan(Formosan) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

pa-Palawano(WMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

pa-Pangasinan(WMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

pa-Pazeh(Formosan) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

paPohnpeian(OC) since (contrary to expectations) POC *ba₁

paPonam(OC) anchovy PMP *paya

paPonosakan(WMP) still, more, yet (before doing something else) PAN *pa₁

pa-Puyuma(Formosan) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

paRomblomanon(WMP) someone does something first, before something else is done; someone still does something, has something; something is also done; a situation also exists PAN *pa₁

pa-Romblomanon(WMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

Rotuman(OC) wall, fence, enclosure POC *baRa

paRoviana(OC) in, at, on, from, to POC *pa₂

pa-Rukai(Formosan) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

pa-Saisiyat(Formosan) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

Samoan(OC) fence, wall, hedge POC *baRa

paSasak(WMP) thigh PAN *paqa₁

paRemontado(WMP) still, more, yet PAN *pa₁

paTabun(WMP) water PMP *bahaq₂

paʔTae'(WMP) a chisel PMP *paqet

-paTae'(WMP) still, yet PAN *pa₁

paTagalog(WMP) more; still; even; yet; up to now, up to a certain time; further; else PAN *pa₁

pa-Tagalog(WMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

Tanga(OC) thunder POC *parara

paTausug(WMP) signals the continuance of an event already occurring or of a state already existing; still, more, yet PAN *pa₁

pa-Thao(Formosan) causative of dynamic verbs PAN *pa-₂

pa-Toba Batak(WMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

Tongan(OC) touch; hit; knock against; collide with; slap (esp. on the head) POC *bak

Tongan(OC) fence, wall, enclosure POC *baRa

pa-Toratán(WMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

Tuvaluan(OC) fence; fenced enclosure (for chickens, pigs); fish trap POC *baRa

paUmiray Dumaget(WMP) thigh PAN *paqa₁

paWaray-Waray(WMP) more; yet, still PAN *pa₁

paManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) yet; still PAN *pa₁

paWoleaian(OC) bait, anything used as a lure POC *bayan

paWoleaian(OC) bait, anything used as a lure POC *bayan₃

pa-Wolio(WMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

paYami(WMP) first (before doing something else) PAN *pa₁

pa:-pa-kanKapampangan(WMP) feed someone PAN *pa-kaen

pa:-sakitKapampangan(WMP) burden; give a burden PMP *pa-sakit

pa¹¹Tsat(WMP) fathom, armspan PAN *depah

ꞌpa¹²pMayá(SHWNG) lower, low PMP *babaq₁

páʔaAklanon(WMP) thigh, upper leg PAN *paqa₁

paaMurut (Tagol)(WMP) thigh PAN *paqa₁

paʔaBare'e(WMP) thigh, upper leg PAN *paqa₁

páʔaBikol(WMP) thigh; lap, haunches, hip PAN *paqa₁

paaBinukid(WMP) foot, leg; leg (of a table or other furniture) PAN *paqa₁

paʔaBoano(WMP) thigh PAN *paqa₁

paaMongondow(WMP) thigh; hip; buttock PAN *paqa₁

páʔaSambal (Botolan)(WMP) thigh PAN *paqa₁

páʔaCebuano(WMP) thigh, legs from the knees up PAN *paqa₁

páʔaHiligaynon(WMP) thigh PAN *paqa₁

paaItbayaten(WMP) thigh PAN *paqa₁

paaKenyah (Long Anap)(WMP) storage rack for firewood above the hearth PAN *paRa₁

paaMansaka(WMP) thigh PAN *paqa₁

paaMapun(WMP) thigh PAN *paqa₁

páʔaMasbatenyo(WMP) thigh, upper leg PAN *paqa₁

paʔaManggarai(CMP) thigh PAN *paqa₁

paaMuna(WMP) four PMP *epat

paaNgadha(CMP) upper leg, thigh PAN *paqa₁

paaNgadha(CMP) shoot, sprig, sprout PMP *paqa₂

*paaPMic(OC) bait, worm POC *bayan

paʔaPuyuma(Formosan) thigh PAN *paqa₁

paʔaRembong(CMP) thigh PAN *paqa₁

paʔaRotinese(CMP) to fence, a fence PMP *pager

paaTausug(WMP) thigh PAN *paqa₁

paaTombonuwo(WMP) thigh, upper leg PAN *paqa₁

paaTotoli(WMP) thigh PAN *paqa₁

páʔaWaray-Waray(WMP) thigh; lap PAN *paqa₁

paʔaManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) the foot and/or leg PAN *paqa₁

paaWolio(WMP) attic, bay at the side of a house, on higher level than the floor PAN *paRa₁

paaWolio(WMP) thigh; quarter (of a carcass) PAN *paqa₁

paʔaYakan(WMP) thigh PAN *paqa₁

páʔa ~ paʔáTagalog(WMP) foot, leg; hoof, paw PAN *paqa₁

pa-acawaSakizaya(Formosan) to pledge in marriage PAN *qasawa

pa-acawa-aySakizaya(Formosan) matchmaker PAN *qasawa

paaðBunun(Formosan) rice plant, rice in the field PAN *pajay

pa-adaWolio(WMP) lend to (a person) PAN *pa-Sezam

pa-ágawAklanon(WMP) throw things for others to catch PAN *qaRaw

páʔa-hanCebuano(WMP) the upper leg of a pair of pants PAN *paqa₁

paʔa-hánTagalog(WMP) having large feet PAN *paqa₁

paaiKadazan Dusun(WMP) paddy PAN *pajay

pa-a-kan-onKadazan Dusun(WMP) to cause or allow to be fed PAN *pa-kaen-en

pa-ʔalaUma(WMP) catch something; haul in loot or booty PAN *ala

pa-aláb-anKankanaey(WMP) to drive to pasture PPH *hárab₂

pa-a-laHudPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) set adrift PAN *pa-añud

páaliKanakanabu(Formosan) bile, gall bladder PAN *paliq₁

pa-alísPangasinan(WMP) to let leave, drive away PPH *qalís

paaloGorontalo(WMP) bait PAN *paen

pa-ama-ŋ-anTontemboan(WMP) anything that serves as a sign of the relationship, or the reason for the relationship between father and child PWMP *paR-ama-en

pa-ámuBontok(WMP) a working water buffalo; a water buffalo which has been broken in PPH *haq(e)muq

pa-amo-énCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to tame, to domesticate, to break (a horse) PPH *haq(e)muq

pa-amo-onSambal (Tina)(WMP) to tame PPH *haq(e)muq

pa-amu-enIlokano(WMP) to tame; domesticate; temper; subdue PPH *haq(e)muq

pa-ʔanIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) a weft thread; transverse strips of certain baskets; to weave a weft thread onto warp threads PAN *pa-kaen

paanMongondow(WMP) bait PAN *paen

paa-nBuruese(CMP) stem, base of trunk; stem, especially of a taro plant PMP *paqa₂

paʔanMaranao(WMP) bait PAN *paen

paa-na ŋkaboroWolio(WMP) grasshopper’s thighs (said of a very thin person) PAN *paqa₁

paandaMbula(OC) pandanus tree POC *padran

paa-niuWoleaian(OC) coconut leaf, coconut frond PMP *niuR

pa-ánodAklanon(WMP) go downstream; let drift PAN *pa-añud

pa-anuRarotongan(OC) drift, a drifting, leeway, floatage or flotsam, the floating capacity of a thing; anything that floats or drifts; to float or swim on liquid, be buoyed up, drift about aimlessly, float or drift away PAN *pa-añud

pa-anúdCebuano(WMP) allow oneself to go with the current, but with control; drift net which is left to float in the sea and catches fish by the gills PAN *pa-añud

paaŋ-ələvəSaaroa(Formosan) to close, shut PAN *qeNeb₁

p(a)-aŋiŋMakassarese(WMP) hang up in the wind to dry, as laundry PMP *pa(ka)-haŋin

pa-aŋkaʔMakassarese(WMP) bearer, carrier PWMP *pa-aŋkat

pa-aŋk-anCebuano(WMP) make someone pregnant PWMP *pa-anak-an

pa-ʔaŋtadCebuano(WMP) put something in the line of sight PPH *aŋ(ə)tad

paa ombuWolio(WMP) smoking rack over kitchen fire PAN *paRa₁

paʔá-onBikol(WMP) describing someone with large thighs PAN *paqa₁

paapChuukese(OC) board, plank; board floor POC *baban

paapPuluwat(OC) board, lumber, timber; canoe planks POC *baban

paap(a)Woleaian(OC) plank, strake, the planking (of a canoe); to be provided with plank POC *baban

paa-paaWolio(WMP) small bay at the side of a house, used for storage PMP *paRa paRa

pa-api-anTontemboan(WMP) piece of firewood; what one uses to start a fire PMP *pa-hapuy-an

pa-apoItbayaten(WMP) vocative term: fond name for grandparent, grandaunt/uncle, or any person two generations older PMP *pa-ampu

pa-apuBipi(OC) grandfather POC *pa-abu

pa-apuNali(OC) grandfather POC *pa-abu

paar, pera-nPuluwat(OC) handle, as of knife or saw POC *paRara

pa-áriKanakanabu(Formosan) dry in the sun PAN *waRi₁

pa-asáwaCebuano(WMP) be married off to PMP *pa-qasawa

pa-asiNgaju Dayak(WMP) merciful, compassionate, helpful PWMP *pa-qasiq

pa-asi-asiToba Batak(WMP) treat someone in a very friendly manner PWMP *pa-qasiq

pa-áslomAklanon(WMP) cause to become sour, let get sour PWMP *qalesem

pa-asúCebuano(WMP) fumigate, apply smoke to plants to make them bear PMP *pa(ka)-qasu

paatPuluwat(OC) swamp POC *pasa

paat -an, -unMapun(WMP) chisel PMP *paqet

pa-ʔatezPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) send PAN *pa-SateD

paʔat-iBare'e(WMP) a chisel PMP *paqet

p(a)-atiOld Javanese(WMP) death PMP *p-atay

pa-atubáŋCebuano(WMP) towards, in a direction to PPh *atúbaŋ

pa-áyonAklanon(WMP) to parallel, agree with PPH *áyun

pa-baaw-enIlokano(WMP) to let cool off PPH *pa-bahaw-en

pa-babaKavalan(Formosan) to ride PAN *baba₁

pa-bahaw-onBikol(WMP) to let cool off, to let stand (so as to cool) PPH *pa-bahaw-en

pa-bakásKapampangan(WMP) have something marked PWMP *pa-bekas

pa-balliʔMakassarese(WMP) laths to which the /rakka-rakka/ laths are attached; also the ties of rattan or lontar palm bast fiber PWMP *belit₁

pa-balliMakassarese(WMP) sell; buy something with something PMP *pa-beli

pa-balli-aŋMakassarese(WMP) buy something for something PMP *beli

pa-bantugBinukid(WMP) to boast, brag; to exalt, make someone (or oneself) well-known PPH *bantug

pa-baŋlóIlokano(WMP) perfume PPH *baŋ(e)lúh

pa-baŋŋiMakassarese(WMP) stay overnight PMP *beRŋi

pa-baŋŋiMakassarese(WMP) spend the night, stay overnight PWMP *pa-beRŋi

paʔ-baŋŋi-aŋMakassarese(WMP) accommodation for the night, place where one spends the night PWMP *paR-beRŋi-an

pa-báŋonAklanon(WMP) to awaken, wake (someone) up PMP *baŋun₂

pa-báŋonAklanon(WMP) to awaken, wake someone up PWMP *pa-baŋun

pa-baŋuŋMakassarese(WMP) make someone stand up PWMP *pa-baŋun

paʔ-baraniTae'(WMP) hero, intrepid fighter, champion PMP *baRani

pa-baretPazeh(Formosan) to answer PAN *bales₁

paʔ-barras-aŋMandar(WMP) place to store husked rice PMP *beRas

paʔ-batuMakassarese(WMP) turn to stone PMP *batu

pa-baw-enAgutaynen(WMP) to let something cool down, such as hot water PPH *pa-bahaw-en

pa-bayarBanggai(WMP) means of payment; payment PMP *bayaD

pa-bayáʔAklanon(WMP) to let pass, not care about, ignore PPH *bayáq

pa-bazaPazeh(Formosan) cause to know; teach PAN *pa-bajaq

pa-bidaŋ-honToba Batak(WMP) widen, extend PWMP *bidaŋ

pa-bidiŋToba Batak(WMP) step aside; sit sloping forward while eating to be able to eat much from a dish PWMP *pa-bidiŋ

pa-bígaʔCebuano(WMP) aphrodisiac PMP *biRaq₁

pa-bigáyTagalog(WMP) gift sent PAN *pa-beRay

pa-bikás-enKankanaey(WMP) fortify, strengthen, invigorate PWMP *bikas

pa-biku-ŋuKambera(CMP) winding, curving, not straight PMP *bikuq

pa-bílinCebuano(WMP) stay behind, remain in the same way PWMP *bilin

paʔ-bine-aŋMakassarese(WMP) seed bed for young rice plants PWMP *paR-binehiq-an

paʔ-biriŋMakassarese(WMP) set aside, put on the side PMP *bidiŋ

pa-biriŋMakassarese(WMP) a coastal dweller PWMP *pa-bidiŋ

paʔ-biriŋMakassarese(WMP) set aside, put on the side PMP *biriŋ₁

pa-biroŋ-honToba Batak(WMP) blacken PMP *biReŋ

paʔ-bisik-anTae'(WMP) speak of something in a whisper, tell in a whisper PWMP *bisik₃

paʔ-bisiʔ-bisik-aŋMakassarese(WMP) whisper about someone PWMP *bisik bisik

pa-boli-hanToba Batak(WMP) exchange a woman to another lineage, marry a woman out PMP *pa-beli

pa-búludBontok(WMP) to lend PPh *pa-bulud

pa-buás-buásAklanon(WMP) procrastinate, put off until later, delay PPh *buás

pa-bueáʔAklanon(WMP) talk nonsense, 'foam at the mouth' PWMP *pa-bujeq

pa-bugsókBikol(WMP) headfirst, downward; to fall downward, plunge PPH *bug(e)suk

pa-buǵsokBikol(WMP) swoop down; fall downward, plunge PMP *buRsuk

pa-buhaToba Batak(WMP) to open PMP *buka

pa-búkaeAklanon(WMP) to boil in water, bring to a boil PMP *bukal₁

pa-búkidAklanon(WMP) go to the mountains, head for the hills PAN *bukij

pa-búkidCebuano(WMP) go, bring to the mountains PAN *bukij

pa-búlanCebuano(WMP) hire oneself, someone out as a servant PMP *bulan₃

pa-búligAklanon(WMP) ask for help, have someone assist PWMP *bulig

pa-bulós-anBikol(WMP) make water flow PWMP *bulus

pa-búnaeAklanon(WMP) accept a beating PPh *bunal

pa-buni-buniToba Batak(WMP) to conceal, hide something PMP *buni₁

pa-buni-honToba Batak(WMP) keep hidden PMP *buni₁

pa-bunoMakassarese(WMP) killer, one who kills; kill; use something to kill PMP *pa-bunuq

paʔ-bunoTae'(WMP) weapon PMP *bunuq₂

pa-bunoTae'(WMP) that which kills, strikes or pricks PMP *pa-bunuq

pa-buntaŋ-iTae'(WMP) let water flow into a paddy field so that it becomes full PMP *buntaŋ

pa-bunuhOld Javanese(WMP) overseer of slaughtering? PMP *pa-bunuq

pa-búŋaAklanon(WMP) to bear fruit PMP *buŋa

paː-buŋa-nKapampangan(WMP) share-crop PMP *buŋa

pa-buŋóeAklanon(WMP) act as if deaf, play deaf PMP *beŋel

pa-buraKavalan(Formosan) to ask for something PAN *bula₂

pa-butúCebuano(WMP) fire, make something explode PPh *pa-betu

pa-bwatBalinese(WMP) for, because of, instead of PMP *buhat₂

pa-caʔBerawan (Long Terawan)(WMP) to cook PAN *qesak

pa-cacawaThao(Formosan) to smile PAN *Ca-Cawa

pa-cafayAmis(Formosan) to be a companion, to go with PAN *sabay₁

pacakMalay(WMP) splitting, transfixing PAN *pacek

pacalPenchal(OC) rabbitfish POC *palaja

pa-camolAmis(Formosan) to add something to PAN *samuR

pa-canitThao(Formosan) to make someone cry; let someone continue crying PAN *pa-Caŋis

*pacayPRuk(Formosan) die PAN *pa-aCay

p-acayThao(Formosan) to beat, kill PAN *pa-aCay

pacekAmis(Formosan) a nail, nails PAN *pasek

pacekBalinese(WMP) peg, nail; stick into, make a hole; plant (seedlings, etc.) PAN *pacek

pacekManggarai(CMP) pile, stake; drive in a pile or stake PAN *pacek

pacekOld Javanese(WMP) spike, pin PAN *pacek

pacekManggarai(CMP) drive in a stake (in making a fence); to plant, as rice; planted PCEMP *pasekₐ

pachWoleaian(OC) thunder, lightning POC *taliŋa

pa-cidalAmis(Formosan) to put out in the sun PAN *siNaR

pacokAmis(Formosan) to slaughter, to kill with a knife or sword PAN *pasuk

pa-coliAmis(Formosan) to oppose, rebel PAN *suli₂

pacpacAmis(Formosan) beat hard; thresh out; hit with twigs PAN *paspas₁

pacuManggarai(CMP) cheek PAN *pasu₁

padGedaged(OC) the pandanus tree POC *padran

padMokilese(OC) eyebrow POC *paju

padaAmpana(WMP) high grass, cane grass PWMP *padaŋ

paḍaBalinese(WMP) like, similar, all-in-all, all, together (often used with no more meaning than to indicate plurality) PWMP *pada

padaBare'e(WMP) plain, field; also used for the plants that grow there PWMP *padaŋ

padaGitua(OC) pandanus POC *padran

pádaIfugaw(WMP) what is the same, the equal in measure, quantity, number, or degree, commonly used with suffix -na PWMP *pada

pádaIlokano(WMP) same, equal; peer PWMP *pada

pádaIsneg(WMP) equal, alike PWMP *pada

padaMalay(WMP) sufficiency (but no more) PWMP *pada

paḍaOld Javanese(WMP) equal; the equal of; equally; an indication of the plural PWMP *pada

padaSasak(WMP) equal, equal to PWMP *pada

padaHawu(CMP) broken PMP *pataq

padaTae'(WMP) the same in size, quantity, quality, shape, etc. PWMP *pada

padaWolio(WMP) tall grass-like weed, Imperata sp.; citronella grass: Andropogon nardus PWMP *padaŋ

pa-daanMapun(WMP) to become worn out, old PMP *daqan₂

pa-da-ɖikəTPuyuma(Formosan) sticky paper PAN *dikeC

pada-enIlokano(WMP) to equal, match; copy or imitate PWMP *pada

pa-dakep-anIlokano(WMP) to copulate; breed PAN *dakep

padak-kanMalay(WMP) to stuff into or press down PWMP *pa(n)det

-padalTakia(OC) go astray, disappear POC *pajale

pa-dalagán-onBikol(WMP) to propel forward; to run a business; to manage, operate, supervise PPH *dalágan

pa-dalán-anIlokano(WMP) to run over; excuse, apologize PWMP *pa-zalan-an

pa-dalán-enIlokano(WMP) to give way; make way PMP *zalan

pa-dalem-anJavanese(WMP) a building lot PMP *dalem

pa-dalem-anSundanese(WMP) dwelling of a prince, palace PMP *dalem

pa-dalíʔBikol(WMP) abruptly, at once, suddenly, unexpectedly, without warning PPH *dalíq

padamMalay(WMP) extinguished, put out, of any flame PWMP *padem

páda-naIfugaw(WMP) its equal PWMP *pada

pa-danúmIlokano(WMP) irrrigation PMP *pa-danum

padaŋAcehnese(WMP) field, plain PWMP *padaŋ

padaŋBalinese(WMP) grass, plant, herb PWMP *padaŋ

padaŋKelabit(WMP) field PWMP *padaŋ

padaŋMongondow(WMP) cane grass: Imperata cylindricaImperata arundinacea PWMP *padaŋ

pádaŋHanunóo(WMP) a short, small-leaved cogon grass (Imperata sp.) PWMP *padaŋ

padaŋIban(WMP) large space covered with one kind of vegetation; freshwater swamp, usually flooded and supporting few plants; field, meadow, green, sports-ground PWMP *padaŋ

padaŋIda'an Begak(WMP) coarse grass PWMP *padaŋ

padaŋKadazan Dusun(WMP) field, playing ground, meadow PWMP *padaŋ

padaŋKaro Batak(WMP) kind of grass: Pogonatherum panicum Hack. PWMP *padaŋ

padaŋMandar(WMP) vegetation that resembles the stem of the rice plants, sword grass, very hard to eradicate except by digging up the roots; sword grass: Imperata cylindrica PWMP *padaŋ

padaŋMandar(WMP) species of tall grass: Imperata cylindrica PWMP *padaŋ

padaŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) a large treeless plain overgrown with sword grass (Imperata cylindrica) PWMP *padaŋ

padaŋSimalur(WMP) grassland, meadow PWMP *padaŋ

padaŋTae'(WMP) earth, ground; field; kind of grass with sharp, needle-like leaves; when young it creeps along the ground with long tendrils PWMP *padaŋ

padaŋToba Batak(WMP) grass; grassland, plain PWMP *padaŋ

paḍaŋJavanese(WMP) to lay open (of ground) PWMP *padaŋ

padaŋ allaʔTae'(WMP) deserted stretches between one village or region and another PMP *qelet

padaŋ silaBalinese(WMP) the name of a rock-field (sila = ‘stone’) PWMP *padaŋ

padawMaranao(WMP) sailboat PWMP *padaw

paḍa-paḍaBalinese(WMP) as much; equally (long, high, etc.) PWMP *pada pada

páda-pádaIlokano(WMP) same, equal; everyone without exception or favoritism PWMP *pada pada

paḍa-paḍaOld Javanese(WMP) equal; the equal of PWMP *pada pada

pada-padaPendau(WMP) each, together; same PWMP *pada pada

pada-padaSasak(WMP) equal; even PWMP *pada pada

pada-padaTae'(WMP) approximately so; the same, all without distinction PWMP *pada pada

páda-padá-enIlokano(WMP) to treat equally; to share alike PWMP *pada

pa-dápitCebuano(WMP) put something at some place PWMP *dapit

pa-dappaMapun(WMP) to measure something by armspans; to extend one’s arms out on both sides PAN *depah

pa-dara-enIlokano(WMP) to bleed a person or animal PAN *daRaq

pa-darusdus-ónBikol(WMP) to slide s.t. PPH *darusdús

padatIban(WMP) close up, crowd together, cram, pack tight PWMP *pa(n)det

padatMalay(WMP) crushed into the least possible space; well-packed; compact PWMP *pa(n)det

padatMentawai(WMP) Pandanus odoratissimus L. PMP *paŋedan

padauKadazan Dusun(WMP) boat, canoe, rowing boat, sailing boat PWMP *padaw

padauTarakan(WMP) boat PWMP *padaw

paɗawBintulu(WMP) sailing PWMP *padaw

padayDali'(WMP) riceplant, rice in the field PAN *pajay

padayKenyah(WMP) paddy, rice in the field PAN *pajay

padayMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) rice plant, rice in the field PAN *pajay

padayPaiwan(Formosan) rice (plant, grain): Oryza sativa PAN *pajay

pad-dua-duaBuginese(WMP) become two PMP *duha

padeKelabit(WMP) rice plant, rice in the field PAN *pajay

p-ade-ʔKenyah(WMP) sibling PWMP *paR-huaji

padeLun Dayeh (Long Semado)(WMP) rice in the field PAN *pajay

pade ~ pareSasak(WMP) rice in the field, unhusked rice PAN *pajay

pa-dedet-dedetSundanese(WMP) crowd against one another’ PAN *detdet

padəkKiput(WMP) fragment of broken rice grain PWMP *padek

padekLun Dayeh(WMP) husk of rice grain after separation by pounding (cf. lipaŋ 'husk of rice grain before separation by pounding') PWMP *padek

padeŋAmis(Formosan) to put out, literally to extinguish a fire; to turn off PAN *padeŋ

padeŋMaranao(WMP) put out, as a fire, turn off a light PAN *padeŋ

padetKayan(WMP) closed up, blocked up, as of a hole; dammed up, of a stream PWMP *pa(n)det

paḍetOld Javanese(WMP) compact, compressed, having become a solid mass PWMP *pa(n)det

padeumRejang(WMP) extinguished, put out (a light or fire) PWMP *padem

padəyKiput(WMP) rice plant, rice in the field PAN *pajay

padiBalinese(WMP) rice, corn, grain; a grain (weight); rice in the husk PAN *pajay

padiHelong(CMP) younger sibling PCEMP *waji

padiIban(WMP) rice, Oryza spp. as plants or grain in husk, paddy PAN *pajay

padiMalay(WMP) rice as a plant, in the ear, and as an unhusked grain PAN *pajay

padiSalako(WMP) riceplant PAN *pajay

pa-digus-enIlokano(WMP) to bathe animals; lead animals to a water hole PAN *diRus

padɨkAborlan Tagbanwa(WMP) husk of rice PWMP *padek

padɨkPalawan Batak(WMP) husk of rice PWMP *padek

pa-ɖikəTPuyuma(Formosan) stick something on a surface PAN *dikeC

pa-dila-dilah-onToba Batak(WMP) treat with contempt PMP *dilaq₁

padi layu-layu-anMalay(WMP) rice losing its bright green color PAN *layu

padi mə-ŋandoŋMinangkabau(WMP) rice in the ear PWMP *kanduŋ

padi ñau ñarumIban(WMP) the padi is sprouting (i.e. like green needles) PAN *zaRum

padisMaloh(WMP) sick PMP *hapejis

paʔdiʔTae'(WMP) pain, painful PMP *hapejis

pa-djeketsPaiwan(Formosan) to paste PAN *pa-dekeC

pa-djuluPaiwan(Formosan) prepare something in advance PAN *zulu

pa-dnet-anItbayaten(WMP) to make (it) touch PPH *denet

pa-dŋəlBontok(WMP) to tell; to make known; to relate PMP *deŋeR

pa-dŋəlBontok(WMP) to tell; to make known; to relate PWMP *pa-deŋeR

padoŋIban(WMP) raised sleeping platform or bunk near or in outer wall of house; (formerly) sleeping place for girls PWMP *pa(n)duŋ

pa-dorasToba Batak(WMP) hasten, quicken the pace of something PMP *deRas

padpádSambal (Botolan)(WMP) to be carried by the wind (as leaves, paper, feathers), to be carried by current of water (used of people, limbs, rubbish, etc.) PPH *padpád

pádpadCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) for a boat to be driven by a storm PPH *padpád

padpádCebuano(WMP) for wind or water to carry something in the current; bring someone somewhere; remove something from whatever it was mixed with or stuck to PPH *padpád

pádparPangasinan(WMP) run aground because of adverse wind or current; shipwreck PPH *padpád

padrLeipon(OC) kind of pandanus with narrow light-green leaves, used in plaiting mats POC *padran

paʔduTae'(WMP) gall PAN *qapejux

paʔ-duaTae'(WMP) divide into two, to halve PMP *duha

pa-dua-honToba Batak(WMP) the second PMP *duha

pa-duduŋ-iTae'(WMP) give someone something to carry on the head PWMP *zuŋzuŋ

pa-dugóʔAklanon(WMP) to bleed, let bleed PMP *zuRuq

pa-dúkotAklanon(WMP) to dance close together PMP *deket₁

pa-ɖuma-ɖumaPuyuma(Formosan) change for something else PAN *duma

pa-dumdómMasbatenyo(WMP) reminder PAN *demdem₁

pa-dúmdumAklanon(WMP) to remind (of) PAN *demdem₁

pa-duŋógAklanon(WMP) to honor, celebrate, give honor to PWMP *pa-deŋeR

pa-duŋug-dúŋugCebuano(WMP) say something in someone’s earshot to embarrass him or give him a hint PMP *deŋeR

pa-duri-duriTae'(WMP) thorny, spiky PMP *duRi

pa-duruToba Batak(WMP) push to the side PWMP *zuRu

padzaHoanya(Formosan) rice plant PAN *pajay

paeAtchin(OC) shark POC *bakewak

paeBare'e(WMP) rice in the field, unhusked rice PAN *pajay

paeMori Atas(WMP) riceplant, rice in the field PAN *pajay

paeMuna(WMP) rice (on the stalk) PAN *pajay

paeʔSimalur(WMP) chisel PMP *paqet

pa-eagíwAklanon(WMP) run away and hide, avoid PMP *pa-laRiw

p<ae>ákpakAklanon(WMP) to clap for, applaud PAN *pakpak₁

pa-eámonAklanon(WMP) to feed an animal (used insultingly of people) PPH *lamun₂

pa-eatʔas-anAklanon(WMP) shortcut PWMP *la(n)t(e)qas

páeayAklanon(WMP) rice (growing in the fields), Oryza sativa; rice seeds (freshly harvested, unmilled) PAN *pajay

paʔehKelabit(WMP) thigh PAN *paqa₁

paenBinukid(WMP) bait PAN *paen

paeóAklanon(WMP) fish sp. PPH *palú

páeoŋAklanon(WMP) to put out (fire), turn off (light); to die out (fire), to go out (light) PAN *padeŋ

pa-epat-anTontemboan(WMP) rectangle, square; rectangular measure PWMP *paR-epat-an

pa-eram-enTontemboan(WMP) be rented PPh *pa-hedam-en

pae sa-m-buliBare'e(WMP) an ear of rice, rice head PMP *sa buliR

paʔetKelabit(WMP) chisel PMP *paqet

paə́tBontok(WMP) chisel (said to < Ilokano) PMP *paqet

paetItbayaten(WMP) hole-boring tool which was used a long time ago PMP *paqet

paét -an, i-, mai-Ilokano(WMP) chisel PMP *paqet

paewaHula(OC) shark POC *bakewak

pa-fa-fahi-enAmis(Formosan) get someone a wife PAN *ba-bahi

pag-Bikol(WMP) nominal affix: abot 'arrive', pag-abot 'arrival' PWMP *paR-

pag-Tagalog(WMP) prefix forming verbal nouns: act of. 1. Followed by the simple root word if derived from an um verb, as um-alis 'to depart': pag-alis 'departure'. 2. Followed by the root word with the first syllable reduplicated, if derived from a mag- verb, as mag-alis 'to remove', pag-a-alis 'removal, act of removing' PWMP *paR-

pag- ... -anMurut (Timugon)(WMP) occurs with verbs which are inflected with mag-₁, mag-₂, and man- in the subject focus (Prentice 1971:140) PWMP *paR- ... -an

pagaAtayal(Formosan) the stand used for the heads taken in headhunting PAN *paRa₁

págaBikol(WMP) storage loft made from bamboo, attached to the ceiling just above the stove, usually used for storing firewood PAN *paRa₁

págaCebuano(WMP) shelf put above the stove; platform built close to the roof forming a loft, but not extending the entire length of the house PAN *paRa₁

págaHanunóo(WMP) shelf PAN *paRa₁

pagaMansaka(WMP) place where kitchen utensils are kept PAN *paRa₁

pagaMaranao(WMP) attic PAN *paRa₁

pagaʔTae'(WMP) bamboo fence built, for example, around the base of a tree in order to heap up fertilizer around it PMP *pager

págaTagalog(WMP) storage loft made of bamboo attached to ceiling PAN *paRa₁

pagaTawala(OC) a sore POC *pwasa

pag-abagat-anMaranao(WMP) south PMP *habaRat

pag-ab-gabiy-ánIsneg(WMP) to darken, to obscure PMP *Rabiqi

pa-gabíʔiCebuano(WMP) spend the night PMP *Rabiqi

pag-abl-ánIlokano(WMP) loom PPh *habel-án

pagádaBontok(WMP) the handle of the wásay axe PMP *paRada

pagádaKankanaey(WMP) handle (of an ax) PMP *paRada

pagáekKankanaey(WMP) hoarse PMP *paRaek

pag-agómBikol(WMP) marriage PPH *agúm

pagaiRennellese(OC) kind of wild yam POC *balai₂

pa-gajaŋBuginese(WMP) stab PAN *gayaŋ

pagákTagalog(WMP) hoarse and broken (said of the voice) PMP *paRaek

pag-aka-ɁTingalan (West)(WMP) sibling PWMP *aka-q

pagálBikol(WMP) exhausted, fatigued, jaded, tired, worn out PWMP *pagel

pagalManggarai(CMP) hobble; heavy block hung from buffalo's neck to impede his movements PMP *pagal

pagálTagalog(WMP) fatigue; assumed work or trouble or hardship for s.o. else PWMP *pagel

pagal, ma-pagalKapampangan(WMP) tired PWMP *pagel

pa-gamótTagalog(WMP) to allow oneself to be cured or treated PMP *Ramut₁

pag-amu-enIlokano(WMP) to make enemies friends as before, make people reconcile PPH *haq(e)muq

pa-gamútCebuano(WMP) propagate plants by letting cuttings develop roots PMP *Ramut₁

pá-gamut-anTagalog(WMP) dispensary; infirmary; clinic PMP *Ramut₁

pa-gamut-ónMasbatenyo(WMP) to cause to take root PMP *Ramut₁

pag-anákTagalog(WMP) act or moment of parturition PWMP *paR-anak

pag-anak-anMansaka(WMP) uterus, womb PWMP *paR-anak-an

pa-gannar-anTae'(WMP) to complete something for (someone) PWMP *genep

pa-gannaʔMakassarese(WMP) to complete something; replenish PWMP *pa-genep

pa-gannaʔMandar(WMP) to complete, make sufficient PWMP *pa-genep

pag-anóm-onBikol(WMP) divide into six; send six at a time; go six by six PAN *paR-enem-en

págaŋIfugaw(WMP) roast soomething edible PWMP *paŋgaŋ

paga-ŋaran-anMansaka(WMP) to call someone something PMP *ŋajan

pagaŋiRennellese(OC) kind of surgeonfish, perhaps ring-tail surgeonfish: Acanthurus xanthopterus Valenciennes POC *balaŋi

pagawMaranao(WMP) hoarse voice PAN *paRaw

paga-pagaMaranao(WMP) attic-like garret PMP *paRa paRa

pag-apát-onBikol(WMP) divide into four; send four at a time PMP *paR-epat-en

pag-apoi-anMaranao(WMP) fireplace PWMP *paR-hapuy-an

pag-aprósIlokano(WMP) massage ointment PPH *ap(e)rus

pag-apúg-anIlokano(WMP) kind of very small báŋa or earthenware jar used by chewers of betel nut for holding lime; any receptacle for lime PWMP *paR-qapuR-an

pagarIban(WMP) fence, railing PMP *pager

pagarMalay(WMP) fence; palisade, e.g. of bamboo (pagar buloh), or wattle (pagar sasak) or palm-trunk (pagar ruyon) PMP *pager

pagar, pagerNgaju Dayak(WMP) fence, hedge PMP *pager

pagaraʔMakassarese(WMP) fence PMP *pager

pag-aráb-anIlokano(WMP) pasture, grazing land PPH *hárab₂

pag-ariMaranao(WMP) brother, sister PWMP *paR-huaji

pagari-aʔMaranao(WMP) friend, chum, pal PWMP *paR-huaji

pagari-nMaranao(WMP) give birth to another child PWMP *paR-huaji

pagar ruyonIban(WMP) stockaded fort PMP *pager

pagar sasakMalay(WMP) wattled fence PWMP *sasag

pagásPangasinan(WMP) hoarse; to speak hoarsely PPH *pagas

pagasTausug(WMP) voiceless (as from a cold); hoarse PPH *pagas

pag-asin-ánIlokano(WMP) saltcellar PAN *qasiN

pagátpatAklanon(WMP) a tree: Sonneratia caseolaris (Linn.) PWMP *paRatpat

pagatpátBikol(WMP) tree producing a wood suitable for house posts: Sonneratia alba PWMP *paRatpat

pagátpatCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) uncultivated tree found in mangrove swamps: Sonneratia acida (wood used for house posts) PWMP *paRatpat

pagátpatCebuano(WMP) tree of mangrove swamps: Sonneratia caseolaris and acida PWMP *paRatpat

pagátpatTagalog(WMP) tree found in mangrove swamps: Sonneratia caseolaris (Merrill 1954) PWMP *paRatpat

pagáwCebuano(WMP) hoarse, become hoarse PAN *paRaw

pagáwHanunóo(WMP) hoarseness PAN *paRaw

págawIsneg(WMP) hoarse PAN *paRaw

págawTagalog(WMP) hoarseness of voice PAN *paRaw

pagáwTagalog(WMP) hoarse PAN *paRaw

pagayAtayal(Formosan) unhulled rice, rice in the husk PAN *pajay

págayIlokano(WMP) rice (unhusked), Oryza sativa PAN *pajay

pagayRukai (Budai)(Formosan) rice plant, unhusked rice PAN *pajay

pagay-anIlokano(WMP) place where rice is grown; to plant with rice PAN *pajay

pagaʔKadazan Dusun(WMP) to press out, squeeze out, wring out (liquid) PAN *peReq

págboAklanon(WMP) beam, girder (supporting roof) PPh *paR(e)bu

pag-bonobón-anIlokano(WMP) seedbed PMP *bunubun

pagbúHanunóo(WMP) one of the four principal rafters, frequently of bamboo, used in the Hanuno'o construction of a house roof PPh *paR(e)bu

pag-buát-unHanunóo(WMP) that which is being made, being done PWMP *paR-buhat-en

pag-bubúŋCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) put a crown on a roof with cogon grass PMP *bubuŋ₁

pag-buwát baláyHanunóo(WMP) making a house PMP *buhat₂

pag-dágitTagalog(WMP) swooping and seizing while in flight, as when a hawk or an eagle snatches its prey PPH *daRit

pag-dáitIlokano(WMP) needle; sewing thread PMP *zaqit

pag-dálawTagalog(WMP) a visit, a call PPH *dálaw

pag-dalawah-ínTagalog(WMP) to form or make into two PMP *da-duha

pag-dapag-enIlokano(WMP) to flatten PMP *dapaR

pag-dua-enIlokano(WMP) do two at the same time; divide into two PMP *duha-en

pag-du-dulókTagalog(WMP) digging out and burning sticks and rubbish in a kaingin (swidden) PPH *duluk

pag-duwá-onBikol(WMP) to double; to divide into two parts PMP *duha

pag-dúyanWaray-Waray(WMP) the act of swinging to and fro the hammock PPH *dúyan

pageʔBuginese(WMP) fence, wall (as a stone wall around a planted field) PMP *pager

págeIfugaw(WMP) rice growing in the fields, or bundles of rice ears PAN *pajay

pageKaro Batak(WMP) rice plant, rice in the field, unhusked rice PAN *pajay

pageLakona(OC) shark POC *bakewak

pagehBalinese(WMP) strong, firm, steady, reliable, sure, unchanging, faithful PWMP *pageq

pagehBalinese (Low)(WMP) be fenced PMP *pager

pagehOld Javanese(WMP) firmness, stability, constancy, stabilization, repair PWMP *pageq

pageh-anBalinese (Low)(WMP) a hedge, fence, wall, fortification PMP *pager

pagé mar-isiKaro Batak(WMP) rice variety PWMP *maR-isi

pa-gəmgəmPaiwan(Formosan) crush or grasp forcefully in hand PAN *gemgem

pagerBalinese (High)(WMP) fence, wall, hadge, fortification PMP *pager

pagerBuruese(CMP) fence PMP *pager

pagérIlokano(WMP) palisade PMP *pager

pagerJavanese(WMP) fence, outside wall PMP *pager

pagerOld Javanese(WMP) hedge, fence, enclosure PMP *pager

*pagərPMin(WMP) fence, enclosure PMP *pager

pagerSasak(WMP) wall of wicker-work, fence, enclosure PMP *pager

pagerSundanese(WMP) fence (of bamboo, stone, etc.); hedge PMP *pager

pa-geritsPaiwan(Formosan) to scream (in fright) PAN *geriC

pageuëAcehnese(WMP) fence, hedge PMP *pager

pageuhSundanese(WMP) firm, steady, fast; stand, sit or hold fast; believe firmly in, inwardly convinced PWMP *pageq

págəyBontok(WMP) unthreshed rice; the rice plant, Oryza sativa L. PAN *pajay

pageyIbaloy(WMP) rice --- esp. of rice standing in the field, but also of harvested rice that is still on the stalk unthreshed, and of unhusked rice off the stalk PAN *pajay

págeyKankanaey(WMP) rice on the stalk, unhusked rice PAN *pajay

pagéyPangasinan(WMP) rice plant; unhusked rice PAN *pajay

pag-gamótBikol(WMP) to put forth roots PMP *Ramut₁

pag-gamótTagalog(WMP) treatment; the act or process of treating an illness PMP *Ramut₁

paggátIsneg(WMP) to express, squeeze out, press out (water, milk from coconut meat, etc.) PAN *peRes

pag-gíliŋTagalog(WMP) grinding, milling PMP *giliŋ

paggotMapun(WMP) a small triggerfish PWMP *peget

pag-gu-gubat-ánIlokano(WMP) battlefield PPH *gubát

paghiMuna(WMP) bitter (as papaya leaves) PMP *paqit₂

pagiAcehnese(WMP) Day of Judgement PWMP *pagi

págiAklanon(WMP) ray, ray fish PMP *paRih

págiBikol(WMP) stingray PMP *paRih

pagiMongondow(WMP) stingray; also a constellation: the Stingray PMP *paRih

pagíCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) sting ray, genus Dasyatis PMP *paRih

págiCebuano(WMP) general term for rays PMP *paRih

págiHanunóo(WMP) sting ray, devil ray, rayfish PMP *paRih

pagiIban(WMP) morning, early morning PWMP *pagi

págiIlokano(WMP) kind of ray whose meat is esteemed PMP *paRih

págiItawis(WMP) stingray PMP *paRih

pagiKaidipang(WMP) stingray PMP *paRih

pagiKaro Batak(WMP) future, future time PWMP *pagi

pagiLampung(WMP) morning PWMP *pagi

pagiMalay(WMP) morning; early PWMP *pagi

pagiMaranao(WMP) stingray PMP *paRih

*pagiPCha(WMP) tomorrow PWMP *pagi

págiTagalog(WMP) ray fish PMP *paRih

pagi-anToba Batak(WMP) later PWMP *pagi

pag-idasMaranao(WMP) brother-in-law when two men marry two sisters PAN *idas₁

pagigSiraya(Formosan) stingray PAN *paRiS

pa-gilúkCebuano(WMP) to tickle someone PWMP *gilek

paginBerawan (Batu Belah)(WMP) fence PMP *pager

pag-inómTagalog(WMP) act of drinking PWMP *paR-inum

pag-i-ŋárn-anHanunóo(WMP) to be named or called (something) PWMP *i-ŋajan(-an)

pag-iŋatMaranao(WMP) be careful PWMP *paR-iŋat

pagi-pagi-anToba Batak(WMP) future, in the course of one's life PWMP *pagi

pag-ir-ibáBikol(WMP) company, companions, society PMP *ibah

pag-isah-ínTagalog(WMP) to combine (many things) into one PAN *paR-isa-an

pag-itaʔMaranao(WMP) threat, threaten PMP *qitaq

pag-kaanMansaka(WMP) food PAN *kaen

pagka-daragaBikol(WMP) feminity; maidenhood, virginity PWMP *da-daRa

pag-kag-kaxíIsneg(WMP) means of saying, of telling, of talking PAN *kaRi₁

pag-ka-ká-sálinTagalog(WMP) translation; having been translated PWMP *salin

pag-ka-ká-taʔónBikol(WMP) chance, opportunity PMP *taqun

pag-ka-kilaláTagalog(WMP) prestige; reputation; distinction; influence PAN *kilala

pag-ká-kilalaTagalog(WMP) knowledge of a person; recognition; a being recognized PAN *kilala

pagka-lalákiBikol(WMP) manliness, masculinity; virility PWMP *la-laki

pagka-lalákiTagalog(WMP) manhood; masculinity; virility; manliness PWMP *la-laki

pagka-lásawTagalog(WMP) thawing; liquefying PPH *lásaw

pag-káliIlokano(WMP) digging instrument PMP *kali₂

pag-ka-lima-enIlokano(WMP) divide into five parts PPh *paR-lima-en

pag-kalítWaray-Waray(WMP) the act of making or doing something, as of inflicting bodily harm on someone with treachery PPH *kalít

pagka-lúnodTagalog(WMP) drowning PPH *lúnud

pag-ka-ma-liŋaw-onBikol(WMP) forgetfulness, absent-mindedness PWMP *kaliŋaw

pag-ka-matáyTagalog(WMP) death PMP *m-atay

pag-káonAklanon(WMP) food PAN *kaen

pag-káʔonMasbatenyo(WMP) food PAN *kaen

pag-kaonWaray-Waray(WMP) the act of eating PAN *kaen

pag-ka-pitu-enIlokano(WMP) divide into seven parts PAN *pitu₁

pag-ka-púkanWaray-Waray(WMP) the act of falling; collapsing, or dropping down something PPH *púkan

pag-ka-saʔl-ánBikol(WMP) failure, mistake PMP *salaq₁

pag-káʔunHanunóo(WMP) food PAN *kaen

pag-kaunTausug(WMP) food, meal PAN *kaen

pag-káyasTagalog(WMP) act of shaving off a stick or length of wood with a knife, a spokeshave or the like PPH *káyas

pag-ki-kilalaTagalog(WMP) mutual knowledge of each other; meeting; becoming acquainted PAN *kilala

pag-kilalaTagalog(WMP) acknowledgement; receiving, admitting, thanking, recognizing an obligation or debt, etc.; informing about the receipt of something; answering; identification; view; a way of looking at or considering a matter; opinion; recognition; recognizing PAN *kilala

pag-kiliŋWaray-Waray(WMP) the act of inclining or leaning into the other side PMP *kiliŋ

pag-kítaIlokano(WMP) eyes, organs of sight PAN *kita₂

pag-kubkóbTagalog(WMP) siege; the surrounding of a fortified place to capture it PPH *kubkub₁

pag-kúlobTagalog(WMP) producing more heat or higher temperature by covering so as to make airtight; hermetical cooking PWMP *kulub₂

pag-lágaIlokano(WMP) material used in making baskets PWMP *laja

pag-lahuk-ínTagalog(WMP) to mix two things together PWMP *lahuk

pag-lákadTagalog(WMP) manner of walking PMP *lakaj

pag-lákawMasbatenyo(WMP) walking PMP *lakaw

pag-lámayBikol(WMP) a wake, a vigil PPH *lámay

pag-lámayTagalog(WMP) overtime work at night PPH *lámay

pag-laŋóyTagalog(WMP) swimming PWMP *laŋuy

pag-laŋóyWaray-Waray(WMP) swimming PWMP *laŋuy

pag-laŋóy-anIlokano(WMP) place where one swims, swimming pool PWMP *laŋuy

pag-laŋuyRomblomanon(WMP) someone’s swimming PWMP *laŋuy

pag-lapdósWaray-Waray(WMP) the act of whipping or lashing PPH *lap(e)des

pag-lapidWaray-Waray(WMP) the act of sticking, putting or placing something together PPH *lapid

pag-likud-anIlokano(WMP) turn one’s back on; renounce; retract PAN *likud

pag-li-liklíkTagalog(WMP) beating around the bush; digressing PPH *liklík

pag-lima-onBikol(WMP) divide into five; send five at a time, go five by five PPh *paR-lima-en

pag-linug-anTausug(WMP) for an earthquake to occur PAN *linuR

pag-lipádTagalog(WMP) flight; flying PPH *lepad

pag-lipásTagalog(WMP) passage, passing (as of time) PWMP *lepas

pag-lipítIlokano(WMP) instrument for squeezing PMP *liq(e)pit

pag- lipítIlokano(WMP) instrument used for squeezing PWMP *lipit

pag-lípotTagalog(WMP) going over an obstacle; going from one town or country to another; transferring PMP *liput₁

pag-luas-ánIlokano(WMP) place of departure PPH *luás

pag-lubóŋBikol(WMP) funeral PAN *lebeŋ₁

pag-lúkobTagalog(WMP) act of sheltering, as a bird does with its young PPH *lukúb

pag-luksóTagalog(WMP) a jump; leap; a spring off the ground; a jumping contest; a hurdle PPH *luk(e)súh

pag-lu-luwásTagalog(WMP) export; exporting; exportation PPH *luás

pag-lúnoyTagalog(WMP) act of fording or wading through a river (not above one’s depth) PPH *lunuy

pag-mama-ánIlokano(WMP) container for betel PMP *mamaq

pag-matáMasbatenyo(WMP) awaking PWMP *paR-mata

pag-mátaMasbatenyo(WMP) to wake up, awaken, rouse, get up PWMP *paR-mata

pag-nanámIlokano(WMP) sense of taste PAN *ñamñam

(pag)-ŋaŋáTagalog(WMP) act of opening the mouth PMP *ŋaŋa₂

pag-ŋísiTagalog(WMP) to grin, snicker, giggle, grimace, etc. PMP *ŋisi

pag-ŋulŋólTagalog(WMP) sulking and grumbling; bursts of loud crying with intermittent gasps for breath PWMP *ŋulŋul₂

paʔgoChamorro(WMP) now, today PMP *baqeRu

pagoʔChamorro(WMP) irritate skin, cause skin irritation PAN *baReq

paɣoMerig(OC) shark POC *bakewak

*pagoPRuk(Formosan) gall, gall bladder PAN *paqeju

pagoaMota(OC) shark POC *bakewak

pagóŋBikol(WMP) turtle PPh *pag(e)qúŋ

pagʔúŋBontok(WMP) turtle PPh *pag(e)qúŋ

pagʔóŋIlokano(WMP) tortoise, a land and fresh-water turtle PPh *pag(e)qúŋ

pagʔóŋIsneg(WMP) kind of turtle with long neck and a more or less elongated body PPh *pag(e)qúŋ

pagóŋTagalog(WMP) turtle PPh *pag(e)qúŋ

págotAklanon(WMP) grind one's teeth PWMP *pagut

págpágBikol(WMP) to beat to remove dust (as from a rug) PWMP *peRpeR

págpagCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to brush dust or trash off cloth or a mat; to dust off by shaking PPH *pagpág

pagpágCebuano(WMP) agitate to remove dust, shake the dust off things PPH *pagpág

pagpag-énSambal (Botolan)(WMP) to shake dust off clothes, papers, etc.; this can be done by tapping against a hard surface PPH *pagpág

pag-pakpákMasbatenyo(WMP) clapping, applause PAN *pakpak₁

pag-pa-pa-anadWaray-Waray(WMP) the act of taming or domesticating animals PPH *anad

pag-pa-pa-kilalaTagalog(WMP) a making known; an expression; demonstration; a showing of emotion; introduction PAN *kilala

pag-pa-paspásTagalog(WMP) dusting (by sweeping, fanning or flicking action) PWMP *paspas₂

pag-paspásWaray-Waray(WMP) the act of wiping off mud and moisture from shoes or feet; the act of shaking off or getting rid of, as dust, etc. PWMP *paspas₂

pag-paspásWaray-Waray(WMP) the act of hurrying up; haste; a hurry; quickness of movement or action PPH *paspás₄

pag-píliIsneg(WMP) to let (one) choose PPH *paR-piliq

pag-píliʔMasbatenyo(WMP) choice, selection, option PPH *paR-piliq

pag-pīlíʔRomblomanon(WMP) someone’s or something’s choosing someone, something, a particular object, place or time PPH *paR-piliq

pag-píliʔTagalog(WMP) choice, the act of choosing PPH *paR-piliq

pag-pili-anTagalog(WMP) to choose something from a number of things PAN *piliq

pag-pitu-ónBikol(WMP) divide into seven; send seven at a time PAN *pitu₁

pag-pudun-anIlokano(WMP) spool; winder for spooling thread PMP *pudun

pag-púnasIlokano(WMP) towel, rag, anything used to wipe PMP *punas

pag-pútolTagalog(WMP) the act of cutting; amputation PMP *putul

pag-puyát-unHanunóo(WMP) overcome by sleepiness PPH *púyat

pag-sabát-anIlokano(WMP) meeting place PWMP *sabat

pag-sabát-enIlokano(WMP) to negotiate on behalf of; to make both ends meet PWMP *sabat

pag-saklótTagalog(WMP) to grab; grabbing or snatching PPH *sak(e)lút

pag-saksákTagalog(WMP) stuffing; cramming; tight packing PPH *saksák

pag-samsámTagalog(WMP) confiscation; seizing of property PPH *samsám

pag-sanlágWaray-Waray(WMP) the act of popping, as of corn or rice; the act of making popped corn or popped rice PMP *saŋelaR

pag-saŋa-ánBikol(WMP) junction, intersection PMP *saŋa₁

pag-saŋ-saŋit-tánIsneg(WMP) to cause weeping PMP *taŋis

pag-sawsáwIlokano(WMP) ingredients used for dipping PPH *sawsáw

pag-sigáŋIlokano(WMP) sour ingredients used to make a sigáŋ PPH *sigáŋ

pag-síkatTagalog(WMP) rising (as of the sun, moon or stars); splendor, brilliance PPH *sikát

pag-sikóWaray-Waray(WMP) the act of elbowing PAN *sikux

pag-siŋít-anBikol(WMP) the branching or forking of a river or road PPH *síŋit

pag-sísidTagalog(WMP) diving headfirst into water; dive; a downward plunge of an airplane; swimming under water PWMP *sesed

pag-si-sílimTagalog(WMP) becoming dark; nightfall PWMP *selem₂

pag-si-sílimTagalog(WMP) becoming dark; nightfall PWMP *silem

pag-si-sisiTagalog(WMP) regret; repentance; sorrow for wrongdoing; contrition PWMP *selsel₂

pag-sitsítTagalog(WMP) gossip; detraction; backbiting PMP *sitsit

pag-subaŋ-unTausug(WMP) to be or become crazy, be mildly affected now and again by times of lunacy PPH *sebaŋ

pag-sukaWaray-Waray(WMP) the act of vomiting PPH *suka₂

pag-suksókWaray-Waray(WMP) the act of inserting or putting in between; ensheathing PAN *seksek₁

pag-súloŋTagalog(WMP) advance; development; advancement; progress; improvement PWMP *suruŋ

pag-sulsólBikol(WMP) atonement, regret, remorse, repentance PWMP *selsel₂

pag-sumpáʔTagalog(WMP) act of cursing PWMP *sumpaq

pag-suŋsóŋTagalog(WMP) going against the current or wind; old name for China; north of the monsoon (according to an old Chinese belief, Lusóng (Luzón) refers to the island south of China, or “south of the monsoon”, the opposite of suŋsóŋ “north of the monsoon” PWMP *suŋsuŋ₁

pag-súsoWaray-Waray(WMP) the act of sucking PAN *susu₁

pag-su-súboɁTagalog(WMP) act of feeding or putting into the mouth PPH *súbuq

pag-su-suksókTagalog(WMP) shuffling of playing cards; weaving in the repair of mats or nipa roofing; sheathing a weapon PAN *suksuk

pag-suwáyTagalog(WMP) disobedience PPH *suay

pag-tadtádMasbatenyo(WMP) chopping PWMP *tadtad

pag-táʔeTagalog(WMP) the act of moving one’s bowels PMP *taqi

pag-tahánTagalog(WMP) act of residing, living or dwelling in a place PMP *tahan

pag-takíp-enIlokano(WMP) to cover, unite, join; overlap PPH *takíp

pag-takit-ánIsneg(WMP) to make sick, to afflict, to torment PWMP *paR-sakit-an

pag-takúpIlokano(WMP) patching material PWMP *takup₁

pag-talíkTagalog(WMP) the artistic movement of the hands, as in folk dancing PPH *tadék

pag-tampóʔBikol(WMP) remorse PPH *tampuq

pag-ta-tarókBikol(WMP) rice planting time PWMP *taruk

pag-taulTausug(WMP) the howling of a dog PPH *taqul

pag-tepeŋ-enAgutaynen(WMP) to put two things or people next to each other to see if they are level or the same height PPH *tepeŋ₂

pag-timbaŋTausug(WMP) a ceremonial weighing of a newborn child PWMP *timbaŋ

pag-timtímTagalog(WMP) tasting without swallowing PPH *timtim

pagti-tiʔísTagalog(WMP) suffering; bearing trials or hardships PPH *tiqís

pag-túbuʔHiligaynon(WMP) growth PMP *tubuq, tumbuq

pag-túdluʔHiligaynon(WMP) teaching PPh *tulduq

pag-tudluʔ-anRomblomanon(WMP) someone or something should or must be pointed out to someone else PPh *tulduq

pag-tūgutRomblomanon(WMP) someone’s permission for someone else to do something PWMP *tuRut

pag-tular-anTagalog(WMP) to use as a model, copy from PWMP *tulad

pag-tuláyWaray-Waray(WMP) the act of crossing a bridge PPH *tuláy

pag-túliʔTagalog(WMP) circumcision PPH *turiq

pag-tulo-onBikol(WMP) to divide into three; to send three at a time; to go three at a time PWMP *paR-telu-en

pag-tulóyTagalog(WMP) (in some areas) staying temporarily in a place as a guest PMP *tuluy₁

paguAcehnese(WMP) attic, loft, ceiling PWMP *pagu

paguChamorro(WMP) a plant: Hibiscus tiliaceus PMP *baRu

paguIban(WMP) shelf, esp. over hearth PWMP *pagu

paguMalay(WMP) ceiling; ceiling-loft, attic PWMP *pagu

paguMinangkabau(WMP) the upper and more solid shelf over the kitchen fire (the lower light rack being salaian) PWMP *pagu

pagu-anChamorro(WMP) give off scent, odor, aroma, smell (as cooking) PWMP *bahu-an

paguhKaro Batak(WMP) firm, steady, solid, of a post; strong, big, robust, of men, trees, and houses PWMP *pageq

pagukpókBikol(WMP) knocking sound; sound such as that made by an ax when chopping wood PPH *p<aR>ukpuk

pagukpókTagalog(WMP) sound of strokes or knocks from a distance PPH *p<aR>ukpuk

pag-úlinBikol(WMP) large oar serving as a rudder PMP *qulin

pag-umáBikol(WMP) agriculture, farming PWMP *paR-quma

pagu (NG)Rennellese(OC) to scrape, as with a shell away from oneself; to scratch POC *palus

pag-úpasTagalog(WMP) removing leaves of plants (esp. sugarcane) PPH *upas₂

págutHiligaynon(WMP) rave, be furious, gnash the teeth while asleep PWMP *pagut

pagutMalay(WMP) peck (of birds), bite (of snakes), nibble (of fish). Not used of the bite of a mammal PWMP *pagut

pagut, pargutToba Batak(WMP) beak of a bird, mouth of a snake; peck up (birds), bite (snakes) PWMP *pagut

pagútputAklanon(WMP) let out much air while defecating PPh *p<aR>utput

pagutputCebuano(WMP) put-put sound; croaking sound of frogs PPh *p<aR>utput

pa-guyúd-enIlokano(WMP) haul a load with the help of a water buffalo PWMP *guyud₃

pag-waló-onBikol(WMP) divide into eight; send eight at a time PAN *paR-walu-en

pagw-anChamorro(WMP) scent; give off odor, aroma, smell

pag- X -(on)Bikol(WMP) divide into X; send X at a time (X = numeral) PAN *paR-₂

pag-yagyágTagalog(WMP) to trot; trotting; the motion of a trotting horse PPH *yagyág

pag-yán-anIlokano(WMP) location, situation, position PWMP *paR-ian-an

pahAhus(OC) pandanus tree and fruit POC *padran

pah-Pohnpeian(OC) four PEMP *pat

pahaBalinese(WMP) thigh PAN *paqa₁

pahaBuruese(CMP) bamboo rack PAN *paRa₁

pahaʔKayan(WMP) rack above the hearth for storing firewood PAN *paRa₁

pahaMalay(WMP) thigh; quarter; ham (of animal) PAN *paqa₁

pahaSangir(WMP) rack used in drying copra, or in the kitchen above the hearth on which fish is smoked, etc. PAN *paRa₁

pahaSundanese(WMP) thigh, upper leg PAN *paqa₁

pa-habas-anIbatan(WMP) let something pass by PPH *pa-labas-en

paha belalaŋMalay(WMP) upper leg of grasshopper; fig. for safety pin; curve of a perfect thigh PAN *paqa₁

pahadKadazan Dusun(WMP) palm, handpalm PMP *palaj₁

pa-hadam-ónBikol(WMP) to lend PPh *pa-hedam-en

pa-hadjeYakan(WMP) to honor someone, treat someone with respect PAN *Raya

paha-hūNiue(OC) damp, wet by dew POC *suRuq₁

pa-hakiʔSangir(WMP) bound together into one piece PWMP *paR-Rakit

pa-halaKambera(CMP) payment made for a transgression PMP *pa(ka)-salaq

paha-lípayCebuano(WMP) to congratulate, felicitate PPH *lípay

pa-hanNarum(WMP) to feed (as a child) PAN *pa-kaen

pah-anaʔSangir(WMP) bear a child! (passive imper.) PWMP *paR-anak

pa-han-onToba Batak(WMP) domesticated animals PAN *pa-kaen-en

pahaŋManggarai(CMP) cross threads in weaving PMP *pakan

pa-háŋinAklanon(WMP) let fresh air blow over something PMP *pa(ka)-haŋin

pa-háŋinCebuano(WMP) expose oneself to the wind, draft PMP *pa(ka)-haŋin

pa-háŋin-háŋinAklanon(WMP) go out for some fresh air PMP *pa(ka)-haŋin-haŋin

pahaŋuKambera(CMP) pair; form a pair; agree or fit with one another PMP *pasaŋ₁

pa-hapoy-anItbayaten(WMP) something with which you build a fire PMP *pa-hapuy-an

pah-ariNgaju Dayak(WMP) sibling of the same sex PWMP *paR-huaji

pa-hasa-onKadazan Dusun(WMP) to be blamed PWMP *pa-salaq-en

pahatKaro Batak(WMP) chisel PMP *paqet

pahatMalay(WMP) chisel; gouge; punch PMP *paqet

pa-hatódBikol(WMP) that which is given by the parents of the bridegroom to the parents of the bride as a sign that the marriage contract has been fulfilled PAN *pa-SateD

pahauKayan(WMP) hoarse, of voice PAN *paRaw

páhawItawis(WMP) hoarseness PAN *paRaw

pa-hcekAmis(Formosan) put stakes of wood in the ground, as when staking claims PAN *hesek₂

paheNgaju Dayak(WMP) shelf over the hearth where firewood is placed to dry PAN *paRa₁

pa-hena (< *pa-penako)Loniu(OC) steal POC *penako

pahənəLuang(CMP) warm PMP *panas₁

paheoCape Cumberland(OC) shark POC *bakewak

pahepaʔSangir(WMP) a shore tree, the mangrove: Rhizophora conjugata PWMP *paRepat

pahetBalinese(WMP) chisel PMP *paqet

pahewNauna(OC) k.o. shark POC *bakewak

pahiAbaknon(WMP) stingray PMP *paRih

pahiBalinese(WMP) a species of shark PMP *paRih

pahiGorontalo(WMP) kind of marine fish with skin like sandpaper PMP *paRih

pahiNgaju Dayak(WMP) stingray (skin used as a rasp or grater, and in polishing rough surfaces) PMP *paRih

*pahiPMin(WMP) ray fish PMP *paRih

pahiama, pohiamaSangir(WMP) a constellation: the Seven Sisters, Pleiades PWMP *pariama

páhidCebuano(WMP) rub on, apply by wiping; wipe PWMP *pahid

páhidTagalog(WMP) wiping off; a light wiping; smearing on, anointing PWMP *pahid

pahi-duaToba Batak(WMP) the second PMP *duha

pahighiSangir(WMP) pit, well PWMP *paRigi

pa-hirámTagalog(WMP) thing lent PAN *pa-hinzam

pa-hirámTagalog(WMP) thing lent PAN *pa-Sezam

pa-hiram-ínTagalog(WMP) lend something to someone PAN *pa-hinzam

pa-hir(a)m-ínTagalog(WMP) to lend something to (someone) PPh *pa-hedam-en

pahír-anCebuano(WMP) doormat; rags to wipe the hands PWMP *pahid

pahír-anTagalog(WMP) to coat; to cover something with a layer PWMP *pahid

pahír-inTagalog(WMP) to rub off; to remove by rubbing; to brush; to wipe away PWMP *pahid

pahitBalinese(WMP) kind of tree with small round fruit used as medicine PMP *paqit₂

pahitMalay(WMP) bitter, bitterness, a bitter drink PMP *paqit₂

pahitOld Javanese(WMP) bitter, (of sea water) salt PMP *paqit₂

pahit ~ paitJavanese(WMP) bitter PMP *paqit₂

pahkoAmis(Formosan) type of fern that is edible PAN *paheku

pahnPohnpeian(OC) bait, lure POC *baniŋ

pahoDelang(WMP) thigh PAN *paqa₁

páhokIfugaw(WMP) wedge used to cleave logs before they can be split and serve as firewood PAN *pasek

pah-ompuToba Batak(WMP) grandson PWMP *paki-empu

pahoŋChamorro(WMP) pandanus, screw pine --- bears edible fruit PMP *bakuŋ₂

páhoʔBikol(WMP) tree in the mango family producing a small, sour fruit which may be salted PMP *pahuq₁

páhoʔAklanon(WMP) small mango: Mangifera altissima Blanco PMP *pahuq₁

páhoʔTagalog(WMP) a small, sour species of mango PMP *pahuq₁

pahpaPohnpeian(OC) father, any person one's father would call brother POC *baba₆

pahpahAtayal (Mayrinax)(Formosan) flower PAN *pahpah

pahpá(h)Ifugaw(WMP) to purify, cleanse; applied to wounds PWMP *paspas₂

pahrPohnpeian(OC) spongy center of a sprouting coconut; par to sprout, of coconuts PMP *para

pahuBimanese(CMP) face PAN *pasu₁

pahuGorontalo(WMP) space between attic and roof PWMP *pagu

pahuPaku(WMP) cheek PAN *pasu₁

pahuToba Batak(WMP) large fern PWMP *paku

pa-hueámAklanon(WMP) lend PAN *pa-hinzam

pa-hueómAklanon(WMP) to lend PAN *pa-Sezam

pa-hulámCebuano(WMP) lend PAN *pa-hinzam

pa-hulámCebuano(WMP) to lend PAN *pa-Sezam

pa-hulug-húlugHanunóo(WMP) kind of monkey trap PMP *huluR

pa-huma-ʔanSundanese(WMP) a complex of fields used as swiddens; the inhabitants of a swidden PAN *pa-qumah-an

pahuŋSika(CMP) cheek PMP *pasuŋ

pahut ~ pautMalay(WMP) drag inward; carching on to anything and pulling; clinging and pulling, as a boatman using a boathook, a canoeist digging his canoe perpendicularly into water and turning the canoe with a pull, a man clinging to a plank, a wrestler tugging at his opponent, dragging a third party into a discussion to make it still livelier PWMP *paqud

pa-hutaŋ-anOld Javanese(WMP) he to whom one owes a debt; that for which one owes a debt, leasehold PWMP *paR-qutaŋ-an

pahutoGorontalo(WMP) uproot (plants), unsheathe (weapon) PMP *paRut

pahu-wanaHitu(CMP) right side PMP *wanan

pahuʔManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) a tree reaching 35 meters in height: Mangifera altissima; it bears small mangos, and is not cultivated PMP *pahuq₁

páhuʔCebuano(WMP) kind of small, fibrous mango: Mangifera altissima PMP *pahuq₁

paʔiBimanese(CMP) bitter (as taste); difficult (as one’s life) PMP *paqit₂

paiBintulu(WMP) stingray PMP *paRih

paiHoanya(Formosan) woman; female PAN *bahi

paiʔKomodo(CMP) bitter PMP *paqit₂

paiLelepa(OC) stingray POC *paRi

paiʔMakassarese(WMP) gall; bitter; difficult PMP *paqit₂

paiMoken(WMP) paddy PAN *pajay

paiMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) stingray PMP *paRih

paiNumbami(OC) do, make, cause, affect POC *pait

paʔ-iTae'(WMP) chisel out, gouge a hole with a chisel; carving done with a chisel PMP *paqet

paiTsou(Formosan) rice plant, unhusked rice PAN *pajay

paiWolio(WMP) where? PMP *pai₁

paiWuvulu(OC) stingray POC *paRi

pai, pariSasak(WMP) stingray PMP *paRih

pa-i-bábawCebuano(WMP) to soar up (as a crow trying to escape a hawk) PAN *i babaw

pa-ʔi-bābawRomblomanon(WMP) someone’s or somethings’s going to the top, going up PAN *i babaw

paʔidKelabit(WMP) duster, mop, anything used to wipe; accidental wiping PWMP *paqid

paʔidBoano(WMP) to wipe PWMP *paqid

paídIlokano(WMP) a fan (usually made of woven bamboo) PAN *paid

paidTotoli(WMP) to wipe PWMP *paqid

paid-anIlokano(WMP) to fan someone PAN *paid

pa-i-lawódAklanon(WMP) to go seawards PMP *i-lahud

pa-i-layáAklanon(WMP) to go inland PAN *daya

pa-i-láyaCebuano(WMP) to go inland PAN *daya

pai matauAnuta(OC) right side PMP *ma-taqu₂

painGedaged(OC) woman; wife; female (also said of plants like papaya, etc.) POC *papine

páʔinTagalog(WMP) bait for catching fish, rats, etc. PAN *paen

páʔin-anTagalog(WMP) to bait, to set a bait for; to lure or attract with bait PPH *paen-an

paʔ-ináwaKapampangan(WMP) rest PMP *nihawa

pa-indan-iTae'(WMP) lend to PWMP *hinzam-i

pa-inomAklanon(WMP) to give to drink PMP *pa-inum

paʔinumBontok(WMP) to give to drink PMP *pa-inum

pa-inraŋMakassarese(WMP) lend PAN *pa-hinzam

pa-inraŋMakassarese(WMP) to lend PAN *pa-Sezam

pa-inumToba Batak(WMP) let someone drink PMP *pa-inum

pa-inuŋMakassarese(WMP) a drinker -- someone who regularly imbibes alcohol PMP *pa-inum

pa-inuŋ-aŋMakassarese(WMP) give someone something to drink PWMP *pa-inum-en

pa-iŋaʔMakassarese(WMP) make mindful, warn PWMP *pa-iŋat

pa-iŋotToba Batak(WMP) for someone to be reminded of something; to warn or admonish PWMP *pa-iŋat


TOP      pa        pd    pe    pf    ph        ph        ph    pi    pk    pl    pm    pn    po    pp    pq    pr    ps    pt    pu    pw    py    

p̈aioMafea(OC) shark POC *bakewak


TOP      pa        pd    pe    pf    ph        ph        ph    pi    pk    pl    pm    pn    po    pp    pq    pr    ps    pt    pu    pw    py    


payopasMaranao(WMP) broom, sweep PWMP *payupas

paisBunun(Formosan) enemy PAN *pajiS

páisCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to cook (a method of cooking small fish or shrimp, wrapping them in a banana leaf and cooking them in water, or laying them directly on the coals) PWMP *paqis

paisIban(WMP) food, esp. fish, cooked in green leaves or bamboo PWMP *paqis

paisMalay(WMP) spiced fish cooked in banana leaf PWMP *paqis

paʔisMaranao(WMP) wrap in green leaf and roast PWMP *paqis

paisSeediq(Formosan) enemy, adversary PAN *pajiS

páʔisTagalog(WMP) fish or meat roasted or broiled and wrapped in leaves; steamed or boiled fish, usually small, wrapped in leaves, esp. banana leaves PWMP *paqis

paʔisManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) the process of preparing sweet potato by grating it, wrapping it in leaves, and roasting it in a hole with a fire on top PWMP *paqis

pais ikanIban(WMP) fish so cooked PWMP *paqis

pa-isolAgutaynen(WMP) to step back a bit; walk backwards PPh *isul

paisu mata-noBanggai(WMP) spring, source of water PMP *mata nu wahiR

paʔítAklanon(WMP) bitterness PMP *paqit₂

paʔitKelabit(WMP) kind of small fish PWMP *paqit₁

paʔitKelabit(WMP) bitter PMP *paqit₂

paitBasap(WMP) bitter PMP *paqit₂

pāitIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) the austere taste of old wine, ginger, salt, onion, garlic, red pepper, lemon, tobacco; of the stinging sensation of smoke PMP *paqit₂

paítBinukid(WMP) kind of small fish PWMP *paqit₁

paʔitBoano(WMP) bitter PMP *paqit₂

paʔítCebuano(WMP) bitter in taste, bitter in situation PMP *paqit₂

paitDumpas(WMP) fish PWMP *paqit₁

paʔítHanunóo(WMP) small white freshwater fish with a bitter taste; hence its name (< paʔít 'bitterness') PWMP *paqit₁

paʔítHanunóo(WMP) bitterness PMP *paqit₂

paʔítHiligaynon(WMP) bitterness PMP *paqit₂

paitIbaloy(WMP) sourness (as of unripe orange); bitter taste, saltiness; also describes the taste of good coffee or rice wine PMP *paqit₂

paitIban(WMP) freshwater fish: Puntius sp. PWMP *paqit₁

paitIban(WMP) bitter PMP *paqit₂

paitIda'an Begak(WMP) fish PWMP *paqit₁

paítIfugaw(WMP) sourness; mostly applied to fruits that are not yet ripe PMP *paqit₂

paítIlokano(WMP) bile, used in cooking; bitterness, bitter taste PMP *paqit₂

paʔitIlongot(WMP) bitter PMP *paqit₂

paʔítKapampangan(WMP) bitter PMP *paqit₂

paʔitKayan(WMP) species of tebaring fish found near small river rapids PWMP *paqit₁

paitLamaholot(CMP) bitter PMP *paqit₂

paitMansaka(WMP) bitter (of food, medicine) PMP *paqit₂

paitMansaka(WMP) kind of freshwater fish PWMP *paqit₁

paitMapun(WMP) bitter PMP *paqit₂

paʔitMaranao(WMP) fish of Cyprinid family (from bitter taste) PWMP *paqit₁

paʔitManggarai(CMP) bitter (of taste), difficult (of situations) PMP *paqit₂

paítPangasinan(WMP) bitter tasting PMP *paqit₂

paitSasak(WMP) bitter PMP *paqit₂

paʔitSundanese(WMP) bitter PMP *paqit₂

paʔítTagalog(WMP) chisel (in carpentry) PMP *paqet

paʔítTagalog(WMP) bitterness; bitter taste; bitterness in the moral sense; harshness, disagreeableness PMP *paqit₂

paitTausug(WMP) bitterness PMP *paqit₂

paitToba Batak(WMP) bitter PMP *paqit₂

paitTombonuwo(WMP) fish PWMP *paqit₁

paʔitManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) bitter; produce a bitter taste in someone’s mouth PMP *paqit₂

paʔitManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) a small fish PWMP *paqit₁

paʔitYakan(WMP) bitter, over salted, too salty PMP *paqit₂

paitTolai(OC) to do, make, work, effect POC *pait

pait ~ pepaitSasak(WMP) small, silvery river fish PWMP *paqit₁

paitaKambera(CMP) bitter PMP *paqit₂

paʔit-ánBikol(WMP) develop a bitter taste PPh *paqit-an

paít-anIlokano(WMP) Lunasia amara plant PPh *paqit-an

pait-anMansaka(WMP) a plant: Lunasia amara Blco. (Madulid 2001) PPh *paqit-an

paʔit-anMaranao(WMP) kind of bitter banana PPh *paqit-an

paʔit-ánTagalog(WMP) to make bitter PPh *paqit-an

pa-itikHoanya(Formosan) few PAN *qitik₁

pa-i-tushaThao(Formosan) divide into two PAN *duSa

paizKavalan(Formosan) a fan PAN *paid

pajak nasiKaro Batak(WMP) time to eat PWMP *in-asi

paj-pajMokilese(OC) platform for drying copra PMP *pataR₁

pa-jujuŋMakassarese(WMP) people (especially women) who carry loads on their heads PWMP *zuŋzuŋ

pajuŋManggarai(CMP) parasol, umbrella PWMP *payuŋ

pakBikol(WMP) the sound of a smack, splat, whack PMP *pak

pakBipi(OC) stone POC *patu

pakCebuano(WMP) word used in writing to represent the sound of a slap, or explosion of firecrackers PMP *pak

pakItbayaten(WMP) crash, bang, sound word for the sound of striking PMP *pak

pakKayan(WMP) the fallen sheath from palm frond or bamboo; husk of sugarcane PWMP *epak

pakKayan(WMP) the fallen sheath from palm fronds or bamboo; husk of sugarcane PWMP *hepak

pakKenyah (Long Wat)(WMP) split PWMP *epak

pakKenyah (Long Wat)(WMP) split PWMP *hepak

pakMalay(WMP) (onom.) thwack; whack; smack PMP *pak

pakMentawai(WMP) to hit, beat PMP *pak

pakManggarai(CMP) to box on the ear, smack PMP *pak

pakMiri(WMP) fork of a road PWMP *epak

pakOld Javanese(WMP) onomatopoetic particle, blow PMP *pak

pakRembong(CMP) slap, pat PMP *pak

pakSissano(OC) come up, appear, come into view, stay close POC *pwaka

pakToba Batak(WMP) the sound of beating or slapping PMP *pak

pakaAgutaynen(WMP) thigh; leg PAN *paqa₁

paka-Amis(Formosan) causative prefix PAN *pa-ka-

paka-Anuta(OC) causative prefix (mate ‘die’ : paka-mate ‘commit suicide’, taŋi ‘to cry, to moan’ : paka-taŋi ‘to blow a conch shell or other type of whistle, horn, etc.’) POC *paka-

paka-Ilokano(WMP) nominalizing instrumental affix for potentive maka- verbs (maka-surat ‘able to write’ : paka-surat ‘something with which one is able to write’) PAN *pa-ka-

pakaKara(OC) leaf PMP *paqa₂

paka-Makassarese(WMP) prefix for adjectives or stative verbs PAN *pa-ka-

pa-ka-Maranao(WMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

paka-Maranao(WMP) causative of object voice (McKaughan 1958:27) PAN *pa-ka-

pakaMota(OC) banyan, ficus (various species) POC *baka₂

paka-Paiwan(Formosan) causative prefix PAN *pa-ka-

pakaPatpatar(OC) Ficus nodosa POC *baka₂

paka-Pazeh(Formosan) causative prefix PAN *pa-ka-

pa-ka-Toratán(WMP) ‘exhaustive’ causative of stative verbs PAN *pa-ka-

paka-Yakan(WMP) causative affix in transitive or antipassive clauses PAN *pa-ka-

paka-Cebuano(WMP) derivational verb-forming prefix; with durative active affixes, verbs with paka- mean ‘pretend to be, act like so-and-so’, and with the direct passive affixes they mean ‘consider as so-and-so’, or ‘treat like so-and-so’ PAN *pa-ka-

pakaMoken(WMP) upper leg, thigh PAN *paqa₁

paka-akoAnuta(OC) to teach POC *akot

pa-kaanMansaka(WMP) food offered (esp. to some person) PAN *pa-kaen

paka-asi-si-anItbayaten(WMP) difficulty, poverty PMP *qasiq

paka-axap-anItbayaten(WMP) object-agent for plentiful catch (in fishing) PAN *alap

pa-kaba-ánBikol(WMP) to give someone a fright; to startle PPH *kebá

paʔka-buaʔ-naTae'(WMP) through its action, its performance PMP *buhat₂

paka-bútaCebuano(WMP) pay no heed to someone PMP *buta₁

pa-kacuThao(Formosan) to send PAN *pa-kaCu

pa-ka-ɖikəTPuyuma(Formosan) anchor PAN *dikeC

paka-duaDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) the second month PMP *paka-duha

paka-duaTae'(WMP) grasp something with two hands PMP *paka-duha

paka-dua-duaTae'(WMP) do something in a hasty fashion PMP *duha

paka-duŋúgCebuano(WMP) hear many things; cause someone to hear PWMP *paka-deŋeR

paka-ḍusaPaiwan (Western)(Formosan) second wife PAN *paka-duSa

pa-kaenAmis(Formosan) to feed, give food PAN *pa-kaen

pa-kaenBinukid(WMP) to feed (a person or an animal) PAN *pa-kaen

paka-gabíʔiCebuano(WMP) spend the night PMP *paka-Rabiqi

paka-gannaʔMakassarese(WMP) to make complete PWMP *genep

paka-hasaʔKadazan Dusun(WMP) to say that someone is wrong, to blame PMP *pa(ka)-salaq

pa-kaiIban(WMP) to eat, consume PAN *pa-kaen

paka-i-duma-anIlokano(WMP) preference; difference; uniqueness PAN *duma

pa-kaʔínTagalog(WMP) food PAN *kaen

pa-kaʔínTagalog(WMP) ration of food PAN *pa-kaen

pa-kaʔín-inTagalog(WMP) to feed someone PAN *pa-kaen-en

pa-ka-kanYakan(WMP) to eat into something (as a saw); sink into something (as tires); consume something (as fire) PAN *pa-kaen

pa-ka-kan-ónBikol(WMP) to feed PAN *pa-kaen-en

pákalCebuano(WMP) stuff a hole (as by putting rocks into a rat-hole) PWMP *pakal

pakalIban(WMP) caulking material PWMP *pakal

pakalMalay(WMP) caulking, rendering watertight PWMP *pakal

paka-lakadBinukid(WMP) able to take steps (as a small child just beginning to walk) PMP *lakaj

paka-lalákiCebuano(WMP) act like a man, consider, treat like a man PWMP *la-laki

pa-kalatkátIlokano(WMP) support made for climbing plants PPH *kalatkat

pa-ka-ma-kəsərPuyuma(Formosan) make someone strong PAN *pa-ka-keseR

paka-mataAsilulu(CMP) deliver the final blows, administer a coup-de-grace; finish off PMP *pa(ka)-m-atay

paka-mataTae'(WMP) inflammation of the eyes, conjunctivitis PMP *mata

paka-matáyAklanon(WMP) commit suicide PMP *pa(ka)-m-atay

paka-matáyCebuano(WMP) die for a cause; commit suicide; allow someone to die PMP *pa(ka)-m-atay

paka-mia-enItbayaten(WMP) to please PMP *ma-pia

pa-kanBontok(WMP) to feed, to raise, as an animal PAN *pa-kaen

pakánBontok(WMP) woof; the crosswise threats of woven material PMP *pakan

pakanIbaloy(WMP) fill material PMP *pakan

pa-kánIfugaw(WMP) thread shot through the gape which the woman who is weaving made by raising the even (or the uneven) threads PAN *pa-kaen

pa-kanJavanese(WMP) animal food PAN *pa-kaen

pakanKaro Batak(WMP) the weft thread in weaving (as against the sawen) PMP *pakan

pa-kanKayan(WMP) to feed (as chickens) PAN *pa-kaen

pa-kanMalay(WMP) fodder; to eat; to feed, of animals; woof, weaving PAN *pa-kaen

-pa-kanMbula(OC) to feed someone PAN *pa-kaen

pa-kánPaiwan(Formosan) to feed PAN *pa-kaen

pa-kanPazeh(Formosan) to feed (as a mother feeding her young child) PAN *pa-kaen

pa-kanPuyuma(Formosan) to feed PAN *pa-kaen

pakanSasak(WMP) the weft in weaving PMP *pakan

pakanSundanese(WMP) the weft threads in weaving PMP *pakan

pa-kanThao(Formosan) to feed (as children or domesticated animals); to serve, as food or drink to a guest or honored person PAN *pa-kaen

pa-kanKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) to feed (animals); fodder PAN *pa-kaen

pakanBalinese(WMP) the warp (in weaving) PMP *pakan

pa-kánIlokano(WMP) to feed PAN *pa-kaen

pakanMalay(WMP) woof; weaving PMP *pakan

pakanMaranao(WMP) woof PMP *pakan

pa-kánPangasinan(WMP) to feed; to serve food PAN *pa-kaen

pa-kan ~ pa-kannKavalan(Formosan) to feed, to make someone eat PAN *pa-kaen

pa-kan-anAgta (Dupaningan)(WMP) to feed a person or animal PAN *pa-kaen-en

pa-kan-anKankanaey(WMP) woof, weft PAN *pa-kaen

pa-kan-enIlokano(WMP) to feed PAN *pa-kaen-en

pa-kan-enItbayaten(WMP) to feed PAN *pa-kaen-en

pa-kan-inThao(Formosan) is being fed by someone PAN *pa-kaen-en

pa-kannaTae'(WMP) get lucky in gambling PWMP *pa-kena

pakaŋMakassarese(WMP) cross threads in weaving PMP *pakan

pakaŋŋ-iMakassarese(WMP) weave a weft thread through the warp PMP *pakan

pa-káonAklanon(WMP) to feed PAN *pa-kaen

pa-káʔonMasbatenyo(WMP) feast PAN *pa-kaen

pa-kapal-anKapampangan(WMP) make something thick PWMP *kapal

paka-pia-enItbayaten(WMP) to do well; to repair; to put in position; to put in order; to make good PMP *ma-pia

paka-pia-enYami(WMP) make well PMP *pia₂

paka-pili-anIlokano(WMP) selection PAN *piliq

pa-kapít-inTagalog(WMP) to get someone to hold onto someone else or to something PMP *kapit

paka-pituDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) the seventh month PMP *paka-pitu

paka-ra-a-ri-keriHPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) (of a monkey) to cry "keriH keriH" PAN *keriq

paka-rua-anTontemboan(WMP) two times, twice PMP *paka-duha

paka-sadʔ-unCebuano(WMP) impute a fault on someone PMP *pa(ka)-salaq

paka-sákitCebuano(WMP) to make sacrifices PMP *sakit

pa-kaskásTagalog(WMP) molasses candy made from the juice of coconut gratings and packed in buri leaves; sugar from buri palm PMP *kaskas₂

paka-tabáʔKapampangan(WMP) fertilizer PWMP *tabeq

paka-takuSoboyo(CMP) frightened PMP *paka-takut

paka-takuʔTae'(WMP) to frighten PMP *paka-takut

paka-tawa-enAmis(Formosan) make someone laugh PAN *Cawa

pak-ateTunjung(WMP) kill PMP *atay

pa-katsuPaiwan(Formosan) cause something to be carried PAN *pa-kaCu

pa-katuBalaesang(WMP) to send PMP *katu

pa-katuSa'dan Toraja(WMP) to send PMP *katu

pa-katuTae'(WMP) send PAN *pa-kaCu

pa-katuTotoli(WMP) to send PMP *katu

paka-túlugCebuano(WMP) induce, put to sleep PAN *tuduR

paka-ulawPaiwan(Formosan) fail to recognize (someone whom one knows) PAN *ulaw

pa-kāʔunRomblomanon(WMP) food is allowed by someone to be eaten by someone else; an eating event, as at the reception of a baptism or wedding PAN *pa-kaen

pa-kaun-unTausug(WMP) to feed (as children); cooked rice PAN *pa-kaen-en

pa-kavaPaiwan(Formosan) to clothe PAN *kabaR

pakáwCebuano(WMP) bow-legged, pigeon-toed; have an inarticulated elbow, such that one cannot straighten his arm PPH *pakáw

pákawHanunóo(WMP) handle, as of a frying pan or other utensil PWMP *pakaw

pakáwIlokano(WMP) bow-legged; term used for Japanese soldiers during occupation PPH *pakáw

pákawIsneg(WMP) the two handles of a scoop net PWMP *pakaw

pakawMaranao(WMP) handle PWMP *pakaw

pákawCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) handle (of a pail, pot, bucket); to put a wire handle onto a tin can PWMP *pakaw

pákawCebuano(WMP) handle stuck into a frying pan with a rounded bottom; buoy or float made of a long bamboo node one and a half to two feet in length, used principally as a marker for fishing equipment PWMP *pakaw

pákawTagalog(WMP) nose ring (for cattle); clasp for earrings PWMP *pakaw

pa-kawasPazeh(Formosan) Say it! PAN *kawaS₂

pa-kawi-an ~ pu-(a)-kawi-anPuyuma(Formosan) woodshed PAN *kaSiw

paʔ-kayu-anTae'(WMP) building material of wood for a house or granary PMP *kahiw

pakeaNokuku(OC) shark POC *bakewak

pa-kedked-enYami(WMP) to tie to (something else) PPH *kedked

pa-kedker-enItbayaten(WMP) to tie (a boat), to tie the other end of a rope which is connected with a boat to a post or rock on the shore PPH *kedked

pa-kellesYakan(WMP) to go down, become less, subside (of air, water, swelling); deflate PPH *keles

pa-kemkem-ánIlokano(WMP) to bridle, put something in the mouth PAN *kemkem₂

pakeoPileni(OC) shark POC *bakewak

pakètMoken(WMP) bitter PMP *paqit₂

pa-ketel-anAgutaynen(WMP) to push hard to get a job done; to exert effort; to make something loud, strong (as one’s voice) PAN *keseR

pákəwBontok(WMP) handle; any rigid protuberance which can be used for a handle, as a stem of a squash or the stalks of a bundle of rice PWMP *pakaw

*pakewaPMic(OC) shark POC *bakewak

pa-ki-Maranao(WMP) causative prefix PAN *pa-₂

pakiTongan(OC) break or break off, esp. with the hand; pick or pluck POC *baki₁

pak-i, papak-iMaori(OC) slap, pat; make a clapping noise POC *babak₃

paki-ʔafalaAmis(Formosan) carry on the shoulders PAN *qabaRa₁

paki-foŋohAmis(Formosan) to put on one’s head to carry PAN *buŋuh

pakig-ímponAklanon(WMP) gather, mingle with PMP *qi(m)pun

paki-gubátIlokano(WMP) armor; ammunition; war equipment PPH *gubát

paki-kilálaKapampangan(WMP) to make known, introduce PAN *kilala

pa-kikítIlokano(WMP) fetlock; dewclaw; nonfunctional claw in dogs PMP *kikit

pa-kilaalaMbula(OC) to teach, help to understand PMP *pa-kilala

pa-kiláeaAklanon(WMP) to introduce, acquaint PMP *pa-kilala

pa-kilalaBinukid(WMP) to make (something) known; to introduce someone to someone else; to become acquainted with someone PMP *pa-kilala

pa-kilálaCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) go-between, intervener (in the case of an elopement; the term for the man who goes to the angry father of the girl, at the request of the boy’s family, to bring about a reconciliation); to act as go-between PMP *pa-kilala

pa-kilalaOld Javanese(WMP) to have the usufruct (right to the service) of PMP *pa-kilala

pa-kilalaTae'(WMP) remember; think about; admonish PMP *pa-kilala

pa-kilo-kiloTae'(WMP) to shine, glisten, flicker PWMP *kilaw₂

pakinKiput(WMP) fence PMP *pager

paki-nákemIlokano(WMP) will, intention, thought PPH *nákem

paki-naʔm-anIsneg(WMP) to think, propose, intend PPH *nákem

pakin-tutuzThao(Formosan) to stack up, pile up in stacks (as cups, wood, stones) PAN *susuN

pa-kiŋg-ánTagalog(WMP) to hear; to listen to PAN *kiŋeR

pa-kipót-onBikol(WMP) to close up a hole; to constrict PMP *kiput

pakitAgutaynen(WMP) bitter taste; bitterness PMP *paqit₂

pakitKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) bitter PMP *paqit₂

p-akitKenyah(WMP) to cruise down in boats side by side PWMP *paR-Rakit

pa-kitaTae'(WMP) able to see PAN *pa-kita

pa-kitaPazeh(Formosan) to show PAN *pa-kita

pa-kítaTagalog(WMP) demonstration; a sample; to allow oneself to be seen PAN *pa-kita

pa-kita-hanMapun(WMP) to show something to someone; to reveal oneself or cause oneself to be seen PAN *pa-kita

paki-tau-unMapun(WMP) to make something known to someone; to inform PMP *taqu₂

pa-kiteYakan(WMP) to show something to someone; to appear, to show oneself PAN *pa-kita

pa-ki-tsaqu-anPaiwan(Formosan) to cause to learn skill PAN *Caqu

pak-kan-ánIsneg(WMP) to feed (animals) PAN *pa-kaen-en

pakkáwIsneg(WMP) to shout; extol one's former exploits (in headhunting) -- this is done at the time of a solemn sacrifice, when the braves are supposed to be ridden by the spirit aŋlabbāŋ; to curse -- this is done shouting, so that the object of the curse may hear it PWMP *pekaw

pakkihBerawan (Long Terawan)(WMP) storage shelf above the hearth PAN *paRa₁

pakkóIlokano(WMP) neck (of the cow, etc.) PWMP *pekuq₂

pakkohBerawan (Long Terawan)(WMP) fern PWMP *paku

pakkowIda'an Begak(WMP) handle of a cup PWMP *pakaw

pakóAgta (Eastern)(WMP) fern PWMP *paku

pakoBinukid(WMP) kind of fern (the young fronds of which are edible) PWMP *paku

pakoʔKayan (Busang)(WMP) fern, the young tips of which are eaten as a vegetable PWMP *paku

pakóCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) an edible wild fern, sometimes called “wild asparagus”: Athyrium esculentum PWMP *paku

pakóIlokano(WMP) an edible fern: Athurium Esculentum (sic!) PWMP *paku

pakóIsneg(WMP) Athyrium esculentum (Retz.) Copel: an edible fern; eating it cures influenza PWMP *paku

pakoʔKayan(WMP) ferns (many kinds) PWMP *paku

pakoMansaka(WMP) kind of edible fern that grows by rivers PWMP *paku

pakoMaranao(WMP) a fern: Athyrium esculentum (Retz.) Copel PWMP *paku

pakóPangasinan(WMP) edible fern PWMP *paku

pakotMaranao(WMP) sword band PMP *pakut

pakótAklanon(WMP) button PMP *pakut

pakpakAmis(Formosan) to clap hands, to hit with the hand PAN *pakpak₁

pakpákBikol(WMP) wing (as of a bird) PAN *pakpak₁

pakpakBinukid(WMP) wing (of a fowl) PAN *pakpak₁

pakpákBontok(WMP) beat with a short stick using a rhythmic motion, as in beating chickens to death, or the beating of shields during omen hunting trips PAN *pakpak₁

pakpákCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) wing (of birds, airplanes, angels, etc.) PAN *pakpak₁

pakpakIda'an Begak(WMP) drop something small PAN *pakpak₁

pakpákIlokano(WMP) bamboo rattle PAN *pakpak₁

pakpakKapampangan(WMP) wings PAN *pakpak₁

pakpakMapun(WMP) for a rooster to flap its wings before crowing PAN *pakpak₁

pákpakMasbatenyo(WMP) wing PAN *pakpak₁

pakpákPangasinan(WMP) to beat cotton or cloth with a rod PAN *pakpak₁

pakpakPuyuma(Formosan) wing; flap wings PAN *pakpak₁

pakpakSasak(WMP) bamboo clatterer put in the fields to frighten birds PAN *pakpak₁

pakpákTagalog(WMP) wing PAN *pakpak₁

pakpakThao(Formosan) clap PAN *pakpak₁

pakpákWaray-Waray(WMP) wooden club or mallet for pounding laundry PAN *pakpak₁

pakpakManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) wing; wing feather; clap the hands PAN *pakpak₁

pákpakAklanon(WMP) wing; to spank, slap (children) PAN *pakpak₁

pakpákCebuano(WMP) applause PAN *pakpak₁

pakpákCebuano(WMP) husk, bark of trees; to peel off, shell PWMP *pakpak₂

pakpákHanunóo(WMP) wing PAN *pakpak₁

pákpakHiligaynon(WMP) feather, wing PAN *pakpak₁

pakpakMansaka(WMP) clap the hands PAN *pakpak₁

pakpák-enIbaloy(WMP) to hit something with a resulting thump, thud (as head by police baton, volleyball on palm) PAN *pakpak₁

pakpak-enIlokano(WMP) slap with the open hand; spank; clap; hammer PAN *pakpak₁

pakpakenItbayaten(WMP) to strike with open palm, slap PAN *pakpak₁

pakpák-enKankanaey(WMP) to slap in the face, to box the ears of PAN *pakpak₁

pak-pa-kilápIlokano(WMP) burning glass; gathering the rays of the sun with the aid of a lens PMP *kilap

pak-pakóIlokano(WMP) ferns resembling the pakó PWMP *paku

pak-rushaqThao(Formosan) to shed tears PAN *luSeq

pak-rusha-rushaqThao(Formosan) for tears to keep flowing; for the eyes to water continuously PAN *luSeq

pak-tushá-nThao(Formosan) be divided into two by someone PAN *duSa

pakuAcehnese(WMP) fern PWMP *paku

pakuBalinese(WMP) fern, bracken PWMP *paku

pakuBare'e(WMP) kind of fern eaten as a vegetable PWMP *paku

pakúCebuano(WMP) kind of fern, the young leaves of which are eaten as a salad: Athyrium esculentum PWMP *paku

pakuHawaiian(OC) to unite portions of tapa by beating PAN *pa(n)tuk₂

pakúItawis(WMP) fern PWMP *paku

pakuKaro Batak(WMP) edible fern PWMP *paku

pakuKenyah(WMP) fern PWMP *paku

pakuLuangiua(OC) to strike with the fist PAN *pa(n)tuk₂

pakuMakassarese(WMP) fern, of which certain types are eaten as vegetables PWMP *paku

pakuMalay(WMP) fern; generic for Filices (many types) PWMP *paku

pakuMaori(OC) scab on a sore PMP *baku

pakuMekeo (East)(OC) forehead POC *pasu₂

pakuManggarai(CMP) kind of fern eaten as a vegetable: Athyrium esculentum PWMP *paku

pakuʔMurik(WMP) fern PWMP *paku

pakuNgadha(CMP) kind of fern eaten as a vegetable PWMP *paku

pakuOld Javanese(WMP) fern PWMP *paku

*pakuPBUN(WMP) ferns PWMP *paku

*pakuPMin(WMP) type of edible fern PWMP *paku

*pakuPSan(WMP) edible fern PWMP *paku

pakuRennellese(OC) to be crusted over, but still sore, of a boil or cut PMP *baku

pakuSasak(WMP) fern (various types) PWMP *paku

pakuSimalur(WMP) fern PWMP *paku

pakuSundanese(WMP) fern PWMP *paku

pakuTae'(WMP) kind of fern eaten as a vegetable PWMP *paku

pakuTombonuwo(WMP) edible fern PWMP *paku

pakuTontemboan(WMP) fern PWMP *paku

pakuWolio(WMP) fern PWMP *paku

pakuTongan(OC) crust (of bread) PMP *baku

pa-kubkob-ónBikol(WMP) to breed chickens or other fowl PMP *kebkeb₁

paku gajahSimalur(WMP) ordinary tree fern (lit. ‘elephant fern’) PWMP *paku

pakú(h)Aklanon(WMP) a fern: Athyrium esculentum PWMP *paku

pakulTolai(OC) species of fish POC *bakul₂

pakulCebuano(WMP) name given to good-sized triggerfishes with a relatively large mouth PMP *pakul

pa-kumpul-anJavanese(WMP) association, organization, club, team; meeting, gathering PWMP *kumpul

pa-kurenOld Javanese(WMP) be married, live as husband and wife PAN *kuden

paʔ-kurinTae'(WMP) someone who makes or sells cooking pots PMP *kudin

pa-kusog-ónBikol(WMP) to strengthen, to fortify, invigorate, nourish; to amplify (make louder) PAN *ma-keseR

pa-kusúgCebuano(WMP) contest of strength (as weightlifting) PAN *keseR

pákutHanunóo(WMP) cord, string, used to sling a bush knife from the waist PMP *pakut

pákutCebuano(WMP) to bind something tightly; bond PMP *pakut

pakutTolai(OC) to make a bundle PMP *pakut

pa-kutuMakassarese(WMP) someone who is skilled at delousing, louse-seeker PMP *kutu₁

pa-kuwo-nJavanese(WMP) military encampment; home or estate of the above official; village PMP *kubu

pakuʔSalako(WMP) fern PWMP *paku

pakyoChamorro(WMP) typhoon, storm, tropical cyclone PAN *baRiuS

palLabel(OC) house, men's house POC *pale

palLabel(OC) shell, peeling, skin POC *bwara

palLabel(OC) shell, peeling, skin POC *bwala

palPetats(OC) half POC *bali₇

palPuluwat(OC) to be bald POC *palala

palTanga(OC) small house or shed; canoe shed; storehouse for ritual gifts of food POC *pale

palTigak(OC) part POC *balaŋ₄

palTolai(OC) house, building POC *pale

palTolai(OC) skin, covering, bark, crust, rind POC *bwara

palTolai(OC) skin, covering, bark, crust, rind POC *bwala

p-alaBuginese(WMP) to win PWMP *alaq₂

palaBuruese(CMP) rice (in general) PAN *pajay

palaGitua(OC) cut open, slice lengthwise POC *pwalaq

paláIfugaw(WMP) attic of an Ifugaw house in which rice bundles (and some other things) are stored PAN *paRa₁

palaʔMaloh(WMP) vagina PWMP *palaq

palaMisima(OC) mat made of pandanus POC *pwasa(rR)

palaNgadha(CMP) palm of the hand, sole of the foot PMP *palaj₁

palaNggela(OC) side, part POC *balaŋ₄

pálaPangasinan(WMP) coconut pith PMP *para

pálaPangasinan(WMP) place for storing pillows and mats PAN *paRa₁

palaRotinese(CMP) speak in irritation or anger, snarl at PMP *palak

palaSa'a(OC) light in color (coconuts, people, animals); cataract in eye; pale; faded POC *balaR₂

palaʔTae'(WMP) palm of the hand, sole of the foot PMP *palaj₁

palaTongan(OC) side, edge POC *balaŋ₄

pal(a)Woleaian(OC) be dry, dried (as a cloth) POC *(bp)ala₁

palaYami(WMP) shelf above the oven that is used to dry wood PAN *paRa₁

palaTifu(CMP) rice PAN *pajay

pa-labás-anIsneg(WMP) to let pass, to leave PPH *pa-labas-en

pa-labnaw-ínTagalog(WMP) to dilute or thin out PPH *lab(e)náw

pa-labs-enIlokano(WMP) to let go; not mind; let pass PPH *pa-labas-en

pa-labw-anOld Javanese(WMP) anchorage, harbor PWMP *labuq₁

paladAbai Sembuak(WMP) palm of hand PMP *palaj₁

paladBikol(WMP) palm of the hand PMP *palaj₁

páladBontok(WMP) palm of the hand PMP *palaj₁

paládCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) palm of the hand, sole of the foot PMP *palaj₁

páladCebuano(WMP) palm of the hand; one's fate PMP *palaj₁

páladCebuano(WMP) one's fate PWMP *palaj₂

páladIfugaw(WMP) palm of a human hand (scrutinized for signs of one's fortune) PMP *palaj₁

páladIlokano(WMP) line in the palm of the hand, the fingers, the sole of the foot PMP *palaj₁

paladInati(WMP) hand PMP *palaj₁

pálādIsneg(WMP) lines, marks, etc. in the palm of the hand; fate, luck, chance, good luck PMP *palaj₁

pálādIsneg(WMP) fate, luck, chance; good luck PWMP *palaj₂

páladItawis(WMP) palm of hand PMP *palaj₁

páladKapampangan(WMP) palm (of hand) PMP *palaj₁

paladMaranao(WMP) palm of the hand, sole of the foot PMP *palaj₁

páladTagalog(WMP) palm of the hand; fate, fortune, luck PMP *palaj₁

paladUmiray Dumaget(WMP) palm of the hand PMP *palaj₁

paladManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) palm of the hand; shake hands PMP *palaj₁

palad, *p-en-aladKelabit(WMP) palm of the hand, sole of the foot PMP *palaj₁

paladuGorontalo(WMP) palm of the hand, sole of the foot PMP *palaj₁

pa-lafiAmis(Formosan) to give dinner to (as in feeding a child) PAN *Rabiqi

pa-lagoyMaranao(WMP) run away, escape; flight; elope PMP *pa-laRiw

pa-laho-honToba Batak(WMP) make something go, chase away PMP *lakaw

pa-laiKambera(CMP) run, run away, flee PMP *pa-laRiw

palaiNiue(OC) yam variety POC *balai₂

*palaiPMic(OC) wild, bitter, common yam: Dioscorea bulbifera POC *balai₂

palaiSamoan(OC) Liane (Dioscorea sp.), one of the common yams POC *balai₂

palaiTongan(OC) kind of yam POC *balai₂

pa-laiWolio(WMP) flee, run away PMP *pa-laRiw

pálakIfugaw(WMP) cry loudly out of anger, making a sobbing sound (applied to children) PMP *palak

palakManggarai(CMP) angry; scold, reprove PMP *palak

palakMinangkabau(WMP) feel hot; palak hati dan I am annoyed PMP *palak

paʔlakTae'(WMP) cultivated field, garden PWMP *parelak

palakToba Batak(WMP) palm of the hand, sole of the foot PMP *palaj₁

pa-laka-enAgutaynen(WMP) to become thinned out; to be spaced out, as to plant seed with spaces between PWMP *la(ŋ)ka

pa-lakar-anKapampangan(WMP) to send on an errand PMP *lakaj

pa-lakáwBikol(WMP) method, procedure, process, system, way PMP *lakaw

pa-lakaw-onBikol(WMP) to run (as a business, an organization) PMP *lakaw

pa-lakkesYakan(WMP) to speed up something PWMP *lekas₂

pa-lakoTae'(WMP) take away, to place, put PWMP *pa-lakaw

palakpákBontok(WMP) clap one's hands, applaud PPH *p<al>akpak

palákpakCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) clap the hands PPH *p<al>akpak

palakpákCebuano(WMP) applause; clap PPH *p<al>akpak

p<al>akpákCebuano(WMP) applause PAN *pakpak₁

palákpakHanunóo(WMP) flapping of wings PPH *p<al>akpak

p<al>akpákHanunóo(WMP) flapping of wings PAN *pakpak₁

p<al>ákpakHiligaynon(WMP) clapping of the hands PAN *pakpak₁

palakpákIlokano(WMP) springless cart; the sound of a cart without springs PPH *p<al>akpak

p<al>akpakItbayaten(WMP) a bamboo toy for making a clapping sound PAN *pakpak₁

palakpákPangasinan(WMP) applause PPH *p<al>akpak

p<al>akpákPangasinan(WMP) applause PAN *pakpak₁

palakpákTagalog(WMP) applause, sound of applause PPH *p<al>akpak

p<al>akpákTagalog(WMP) applause PAN *pakpak₁

palakuan aseŋ panjaŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) ask for a long breath (life) PWMP *qaseŋ

palalTanga(OC) bald; baldness; a bald-headed man POC *palala

palalaBugotu(OC) to be bald POC *palala

palalaManam(OC) bald head POC *palala

palala (length unexpl.)Hawaiian(OC) a low or rumbling sound POC *parara

pa-lalanTae'(WMP) grow seed; cultivate in order to sow later, of actions; make a model (to prepare the way for some action) PWMP *pa-zalan

pa-la-laŋuyPuyuma(Formosan) make something swim, let something swim PAN *Naŋuy

pa-la-layuNgaju Dayak(WMP) make something wither a little PWMP *pa-layu

pa-lalú-anIlokano(WMP) to do something excessively PMP *lalu₁

pala-ma-ŋan-anAgutaynen(WMP) dining room PMP *ma-ŋaen

pa-lamig-ínTagalog(WMP) to chill; to make cold; to cool PPH *lamíg

pa-lammaʔMapun(WMP) to soften something; to become soft or tender; to tenderize something PWMP *lemeq

pa-lamudMoken(WMP) to participate; to get involved in; to take part in; to associate with; to meddle PWMP *pa-lamuj

pa-lamun-inTagalog(WMP) to give someone too much to eat PPH *lamun₂

palanKayan(WMP) lines on palms of hands; segments in a fruit PMP *palaj₁

pa-lānMapun(WMP) habitually going somewhere PWMP *pa-zalan

palanNali(OC) thunder POC *parara

pa-lan-anMapun(WMP) a place to go PWMP *pa-zalan-an

palaniHawaiian(OC) a surgeonfish (Acanthurus dussumieri) famous for a strong odor POC *balaŋi

palantík-anTagalog(WMP) eaves PWMP *palantik

palaŋAcehnese(WMP) anything used as a barrier: crossbeam, bolt, etc. PMP *palaŋ₁

palaŋKelabit(WMP) a cross PMP *palaŋ₁

palaŋDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) palm of the hand PMP *palaj₁

palaŋGedaged(OC) potsherd, used to render fat and to cook oil; frying pan, shallow roaster POC *palaŋa

palaŋIban(WMP) crosspiece PMP *palaŋ₁

palaŋJavanese(WMP) obstacle; object placed crosswise to something PMP *palaŋ₁

palaŋBisaya (Limbang)(WMP) having patches of black and white (of dogs or cats) PWMP *palaŋ₂

palaŋMakassarese(WMP) lowest crosspiece of a ladder on the ground PMP *palaŋ₁

palaŋMalay(WMP) cross-bar or crosspiece of any sort PMP *palaŋ₁

palaŋMaranao(WMP) spotted, dappled PWMP *palaŋ₂

palaŋMota(OC) set one thing obliquely across another; to wattle sticks PMP *palaŋ₁

palaŋSasak(WMP) lie across the path; born feet first PMP *palaŋ₁

p-alaŋBalinese(WMP) cross-beam PWMP *qalaŋ

p-alaŋOld Javanese(WMP) cross-beam PWMP *qalaŋ

palaŋ, pa-palaŋBalinese(WMP) cross-beam PMP *palaŋ₁

palaŋiSamoan(OC) name given to certain fishes of the genus Acanthurus (Surgeon fishes) when about one foot long POC *balaŋi

palaŋiTongan(OC) fish sp. POC *balaŋi

pa-laŋiYakan(WMP) to cause to swim, to let swim PWMP *laŋuy

pa-laŋkahJavanese(WMP) gift given to an older sibling by a younger one who is marrying first PMP *laŋkaq₁

pa-laŋóyTagalog(WMP) swimming party PWMP *laŋuy

palaŋ-palaŋMakassarese(WMP) wooden support on the weather side of the mast on which the sail is laid when struck in bad weather PMP *palaŋ₁

p-al-aŋpaŋChamorro(WMP) loud noise, fall down (noisily) PAN *baŋbaŋ₆

pa-ɬaŋuyPaiwan(Formosan) to cause swimming or immersion PAN *Naŋuy

palápaCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) upper part of a palm tree (where the leaves are); palm leaf PMP *palaqpaq

palápaʔIsneg(WMP) leaf of the coco palm; petiole of the taro PMP *palaqpaq

palápaʔKapampangan(WMP) fiber stripped from banana stalk PMP *palaqpaq

palapaMakassarese(WMP) midrib of palm fronds and banana leaves; leafstalk of papayas and some other trees PMP *palaqpaq

palapaʔMaranao(WMP) spices, flavor PWMP *palapaq

palápaPangasinan(WMP) midrib of coconut leaf PMP *palaqpaq

palapaTae'(WMP) midrib of palm leaves PMP *palaqpaq

palápaʔTagalog(WMP) pulpy leaf of plants like the banana PMP *palaqpaq

palapaʔ-anMaranao(WMP) rib, midrib of a leaf PMP *palaqpaq

palapahNgaju Dayak(WMP) palm frond, banana leaf, taro leaf PMP *palaqpaq

palapahOld Javanese(WMP) condiments, flavorings PWMP *palapaq

palapahSundanese(WMP) palm frond PMP *palaqpaq

palapalPohnpeian(OC) fish sp., rabbitfish, Siganus punctatus POC *(bp)ala(bp)ala

pala-palPohnpeian(OC) gold-spotted spinefoot: Siganus punctatus POC *palaja

pala-palaBare'e(WMP) bench for resting or sleeping PWMP *pala pala₁

pála-pálaBikol(WMP) framework; scaffolding; trellis, lattice PWMP *pala pala₁

pala-palaCebuano(WMP) temporary shed without walls, with a flat roof PPh *pala pala₂

palapalaEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) horizontal supports of a roof, resting on the center posts POC *barabara₂

palapalaHawaiian(OC) fish sp., perhaps Abudefduf abdominalis POC *(bp)ala(bp)ala

pala-pálaIlokano(WMP) scaffold, scaffolding. For supporting workmen, etc.; a framework for ornamental arches, etc. PWMP *pala pala₁

pala-palaMotu(OC) palm of hand, sole of foot PMP *palaj₁

pala-palaNggela(OC) a ladder, steps into a house POC *paRas

pála-pálaPangasinan(WMP) temporary shed prepared for a special occasion, esp. a wedding reception PPh *pala pala₂

pala-palaSa'a(OC) grey, whitish POC *balaR₂

pala-pálaTagalog(WMP) gangplank PWMP *pala pala₁

palapalaTolai(OC) fish sp. POC *(bp)ala(bp)ala

palaʔ-palaʔCebuano(WMP) horizontal trellis for plants to grow on PWMP *paraq paraq

palaʔpáʔBikol(WMP) the full branch of the coconut or other palm trees; frond; the full leaf of the banana plant PMP *palaqpaq

palarMokilese(OC) thunder, thunder and lightning; to thunder POC *parara

palarOld Javanese(WMP) in the hope that, in view of, in order to, expecting, perhaps PWMP *palaj₂

palarMurut (Paluan)(WMP) palm of the hand PMP *palaj₁

pálarPangasinan(WMP) lines on palm of hand; luck, fortune; be affected by fortune PMP *palaj₁

pálarPangasinan(WMP) luck, fortune PWMP *palaj₂

palár-anCebuano(WMP) fortunate PWMP *palaj₂

pa-lariMakassarese(WMP) runner, running, flight PMP *pa-laRiw

pa-lari-aŋMakassarese(WMP) running, running away PWMP *pa-laRiw-an

palasBuli(SHWNG) to pay PAN *bales₁

palásTagalog(WMP) lopped off; levelled PWMP *paras₁

palásanCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) species of rattan used for tying fences because it lasts longer than other types of rattan exposed to wind and dampness PPH *parásan

palásanTagalog(WMP) thick rattan used in making canes and furniture PPH *parásan

palaspasChamorro(WMP) splash (as a fish in the water) PWMP *barasbas

palataCebuano(WMP) fish found around rocks in shallow waters; not particularly good eating PMP *palata

palataMaranao(WMP) white fish about 2" long: Puntius palata Herre PMP *palata

palataMarovo(OC) dolphinfish: Coryphaena hippurus PMP *palata

palátikCebuano(WMP) outrigger boom to which the float (katig) is attached PWMP *palantik

palauIban(WMP) kind of river fish PWMP *palaw

palauKayan(WMP) small pinkish fish with small scales; found in small streams PWMP *palaw

palauKenyah(WMP) small fish PWMP *palaw

pala-uranTae'(WMP) rainy season PMP *quzan

pala-utútCebuano(WMP) one who constantly breaks wind PMP *qetut

palawanBikol(WMP) a tree: Tristaniopsis decorticata (Merr.) PWMP *palawan

paláwanTagalog(WMP) large plant with stout trunk, found in ravines along streams, but also cultivated for its edible corms or as ornamental plant; has big, hastate leaves, large, stout petioles, and large rootstocks which are edible: Cyrtosperma merkush Schott. PWMP *parawan

pa-lawomMapun(WMP) make something deep PWMP *pa-dalem

pálayHiligaynon(WMP) rice plant PAN *pajay

paláyKanakanabu(Formosan) glutinous rice PAN *pajay

pálayTagalog(WMP) rice plant PAN *pajay

palay-anKapampangan(WMP) rice field PAN *pajay

palay-anTagalog(WMP) rice paddy, rice field PAN *pajay

pa-layar-anSundanese(WMP) sea voyage PAN *layaR

pa-layás-onBikol(WMP) to send away; to turn out; to banish PPH *layas₁

pa-layoYami(WMP) to run PMP *pa-laRiw

palayók, palyókTagalog(WMP) earthen pot for cooking PAN *pariuk

pa-layuMapun(WMP) allow something to wilt or wither PWMP *pa-layu

pa-layūOld Javanese(WMP) running, running away, flight PMP *pa-laRiw

pa-layw-anOld Javanese(WMP) running, running away, flight PWMP *pa-laRiw-an

*palaʔpaʔPMin(WMP) palm branch PMP *palaqpaq

pa-lɔrɔJavanese(WMP) young girls of the court PMP *daRa₂

paleBare'e(WMP) hand, forepaw, arm PMP *palaj₁

páleKapampangan(WMP) rice (growing in the field) PAN *pajay

paleʔMandar(WMP) palm of the hand PMP *palaj₁

pa-leMussau(OC) sail PCEMP *pa-layaR

paléhAcehnese(WMP) unlucky PWMP *palis₂

pa-lekkupYakan(WMP) to come off, peel (like skin, paint) PWMP *lekup

palemYakan(WMP) for something to go out, be extinguished (fire or light), turned off, shut off (water, electricity, engine), dried up (stream, well) PWMP *padem

pa-lemaIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) the fifth time; to do something five times PAN *lima

paleŋAcehnese(WMP) turn, swerve, avert PMP *paliŋ

paleuëtAcehnese(WMP) palm of the hand PMP *palaj₁

paleuwRejang(WMP) a river fish PWMP *palaw

paleuwRejang(WMP) a hammer PMP *palu

pa-leyBipi(OC) sail PCEMP *pa-layaR

paleyMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) a taboo PAN *paliSi

pa-leyPenchal(OC) sail PCEMP *pa-layaR

paleyYakan(WMP) rice (unhusked), Oryza sativa PAN *pajay

pa-lhayThao(Formosan) give someone freedom to do something, let someone do something PAN *pa-beRay

pa-lhay cicuThao(Formosan) Let him do it! PAN *pa-beRay

pálhiAklanon(WMP) inhabited with evil spirits, enchanted PAN *paliSi

pálhiCebuano(WMP) for a place to be inhabited by supernatural beings that can get easily angered and inflict diseases on the object of their ire PAN *paliSi

paliAgutaynen(WMP) scar PWMP *paliq₂

paliAyta Maganchi(WMP) rice PAN *pajay

paliBare'e(WMP) subject oneself to taboos by refraining from the use of or contact with things, the pronunciation of words or the visiting of places PAN *paliSi

páliʔBikol(WMP) pancreas, spleen PAN *paliq₁

páliBontok(WMP) spleen of a water buffalo PAN *paliq₁

palíʔCebuano(WMP) large scar

páliʔCebuano(WMP) large scar PWMP *paliq₂

paliGorontalo(WMP) a wound

paliGorontalo(WMP) a wound PWMP *paliq₂

páliIlokano(WMP) pancreas PAN *paliq₁

paliKove(OC) stingray POC *paRi

paliʔMaranao(WMP) wound, cut

paliʔMaranao(WMP) wound, cut PWMP *paliq₂

paliʔMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) a wound

paliʔMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) a wound or cut PWMP *paliq₂

paliNgadha(CMP) both sides, reciprocal, mutual PCEMP *pali₁

paliNgaju Dayak(WMP) not allowed, forbidden PAN *paliSi

paliNggela(OC) rub one thing against another POC *pari₁

páliPangasinan(WMP) spleen PAN *paliq₁

paliRembong(CMP) side (as of the head) PCEMP *pali₁

palíʔTagalog(WMP) spleen PAN *paliq₁

paliʔManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) wound; to wound

paliʔManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) wound; to wound PWMP *paliq₂

paliWetan(CMP) widow(er) PMP *balu₄

paliáKankanaey(WMP) Momordica balsamina L. A slender vine with yellow flowers and rough, elongated, bitter edible fruits PWMP *paria

pa-líbatAklanon(WMP) to cross one’s eyes; to look out of the corner of one’s eye (in observation) PPH *libat

pa-libóg-onBikol(WMP) to blur, to make fuzzy or indistinct PPH *liq(e)beR

pa-líbotTagalog(WMP) surroundings, environment PWMP *pa-libut

pa-libot-anBikol(WMP) to enclose, surround, ring PWMP *pa-libut

pa-libutCebuano(WMP) surroundings PWMP *pa-libut

palidAklanon(WMP) get blown away by the wind PWMP *palij

palidKelabit(WMP) blown away, as papers in the wind PWMP *palij

pálidBikol(WMP) be blown away or carried away by the wind PWMP *palij

palidCebuano(WMP) for the wind to blow something away; be blown off course; winnow, throw grains in the air PWMP *palij

palidMaranao(WMP) separate chaff from grain, blown away PWMP *palij

*palidPAty(Formosan) wing PAN *paNid

palidManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) blow the chaff away PWMP *palij

palideʔSangir(WMP) get lost, be driven off course by storm or wind PWMP *palij

palidpídCebuano(WMP) pass close along the side of something PWMP *p<al>idpid

palidpídIlokano(WMP) border (as in a pattern) PWMP *p<al>idpid

pali-enAgutaynen(WMP) to be scarred PWMP *paliq₂

p-alʔi-enKankanaey(WMP) to send; to send down; to send up; to drive forward; to let come PAN *aRi

páligIlokano(WMP) be carried off, swept away by the wind PWMP *palij

*paligPSaBa(WMP) surgeonfish (probably < Tausug) PMP *qapaliR

paligTausug(WMP) surgeonfish PMP *qapaliR

pa-li-gəmgəmPaiwan(Formosan) to make a fist PAN *gemgem

p<al>igpígTagalog(WMP) shaking of the body by birds or animals to get rid of dust or water PWMP *piRpiR₂

palih-onBikol(WMP) ancient rites, superstitions or prohibitions PAN *paliSi-en

paliiSaaroa(Formosan) bile, gall bladder PAN *paliq₁

pa- líkawIlokano(WMP) circumference PAN *pa-likaw

pa-likoAgutaynen(WMP) to turn a certain direction PMP *likuq

pa-likódTagalog(WMP) backwards, toward the back PAN *pa-likud

pa-líkoʔAklanon(WMP) to turn (something); have someone turn PMP *likuq

pa-likoʔMapun(WMP) to turn (as a vehicle) PMP *likuq

palikpíkIlokano(WMP) fin (of a fish) PPh *p<al>ikpik

palíkpikPangasinan(WMP) fins or dorsal spines of fish PPh *p<al>ikpik

palikpíkTagalog(WMP) soft slender fin PPh *p<al>ikpik

pa-likúdIlokano(WMP) substitute, proxy; the back door of a truck PAN *pa-likud

pa-likú-likóʔTagalog(WMP) serpentine, winding; tortuous, sinuous, full of twists, turns, or bends; erroneous, not right; not proper PWMP *liku-likuq

pá-likur-anTagalog(WMP) toilet (especially a public one) PAN *likud

pa-líkusHanunóo(WMP) circumference PMP *likes

pa-likuzPaiwan(Formosan) to look back PAN *pa-likud

pa-likuzPaiwan (Western)(Formosan) to turn one’s back to PAN *pa-likud

pa-lima-honToba Batak(WMP) the fifth PMP *pa-lima

pali-manókTagalog(WMP) Javan cow-nosed ray PMP *paRih manuk

pa-lima-ŋuKambera(CMP) five times PMP *pa-lima

pa-límedIlokano(WMP) a secret, a mystery PPH *liméd

pá-limlim-anTagalog(WMP) brooder PAN *demdem₁

pa-linḍuŋ-anJavanese(WMP) shelter, protection; a fallout shelter PAN *liduŋ

palíŋBikol(WMP) turn the prow of a boat PMP *paliŋ

palíŋCebuano(WMP) for something not rooted or fixed at the base to fall over to its side PMP *paliŋ

paliŋDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) lean to the side, list PMP *paliŋ

páliŋIlokano(WMP) pintle (of a rudder) PMP *paliŋ

palʔíŋIsneg(WMP) strabismus PPh *paq(e)liŋ

paliŋKaro Batak(WMP) turn something in another direction PMP *paliŋ

paliŋMalay(WMP) to turn away (of looking aside by the movement of the head, and not by a mere movement of the eyes; of turning round; turning a horse to the left; turning a boat's bows to port or starboard PMP *paliŋ

paliŋMaranao(WMP) one-eyed person, one who has impaired vision PPh *paq(e)liŋ

palʸiŋPaiwan(Formosan) door PAN *paNiŋ

palíŋPangasinan(WMP) to turn PMP *paliŋ

paliŋPazeh(Formosan) wall PAN *paNiŋ

paliŋSika(CMP) turn the prow (of a boat) PMP *paliŋ

paliŋSoboyo(CMP) turn back, return PMP *paliŋ

páliŋTagalog(WMP) slope, inclination PMP *paliŋ

palíŋTagalog(WMP) inclined sideward, tilted; person with the head physically turned sideward PMP *paliŋ

paliókKankanaey(WMP) iron pan with rounded bottom and short round handle PAN *pariuk

pali-pali, pa-paliOld Javanese(WMP) the various ritual requisites (with purifying and strengthening power), used in ceremonial blessings (wedding, return after a battle, festive reception, etc.) PAN *paliSi

palipidOld Javanese(WMP) edging, frame PWMP *p<al>idpid

palipirOld Javanese(WMP) border, edge, side; going along, (being on) the border or side PWMP *p<al>idpid

palirJavanese(WMP) furrow, gully, channel PWMP *parij

palirJavanese(WMP) furrow, gully, channel PWMP *parik

palirSaisiyat(Formosan) wing PAN *paNid

pálisBontok(WMP) a sequence of pig and dog sacrifices held at a person's house ... because of sickness, or because he has killed an enemy PPh *palis₃

pálisCebuano(WMP) for the wind to blow something away PWMP *palis₁

pálisKankanaey(WMP) kind of sacrifice which takes place in the evening and in which a dog is killed PPh *palis₃

palisKaro Batak(WMP) blown away by the wind (word used in magical formulas) PWMP *palis₁

palisNgaju Dayak(WMP) sign of bad luck to come PWMP *palis₂

palisSimalur(WMP) bad luck PWMP *palis₂

palisManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to purify (ceremonially) with blood; ward off evil or sickness; remove sickness caused by offending a supernatural PPh *palis₃

palisiPaiwan(Formosan) rite, ceremony; tabu; "superstition" PAN *paliSi

palisi-aSaaroa(Formosan) taboo PAN *paliSi-an

palisi-anPaiwan(Formosan) private parts of the human body PAN *paliSi-an

palis-palisKaro Batak(WMP) drizzling rain, misty rain PWMP *palis₁

palítCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) change, exchange, switch PPh *palit

palítCebuano(WMP) buy PPh *palit

palitKenyah(WMP) to blow, of wind; blown around PWMP *palij

palítPangasinan(WMP) buy new clothes, have new clothes PPh *palit

palítTagalog(WMP) change, exchange, substitute PPh *palit

palitYami(WMP) to exchange PPh *palit

pa-litjlitjPaiwan(Formosan) to cause something to be wound round with cord PAN *pa-litlit

paliyWoleaian(OC) side, flank POC *bali₇

paliyWoleaian(OC) side, flank PCEMP *pali₁

páliy, peliyPuluwat(OC) side, as in a game or war; half-section POC *bali₇

paliyá, palíyaCebuano(WMP) widely cultivated vine producing an elongated fruit with wart-like skin, eaten unripe as a vegetable, having a bitter taste, Momordica charantia PWMP *paria

paliyamaTausug(WMP) a good or abundant harvest PWMP *pariama

paliy-etamWoleaian(OC) outrigger side, windward side of a canoe POC *bali₇

paliʔBintulu(WMP) wound PWMP *paliq₂

pallaʔBuginese(WMP) enclosed garden, orchard PWMP *parelak

pallatMapun(WMP) acridity; bitterness; having an acrid, bitter taste (as soap, baking powder, turmeric, unripe pomelo, cigarettes) PWMP *pelet

pallú (-ll- unexpl.)Ifugaw(WMP) heavy stick to beat somebody with (e.g. a recalcitrant slave or servant), or an animal PMP *palu

paloAmis(Formosan) to hit with something large or flat-surfaced, or with the hand PAN *palu₃

páloCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to beat with a stick PMP *palu

palóIlokano(WMP) conger eel PPH *palú

paloʔKayan(WMP) a tool for adzing or rasping sago logs PWMP *palu₂

paloʔKayan(WMP) butting, as goats PMP *palu

paloSika(CMP) strike with something heavy, as a hammer or a club PMP *palu

páloʔTagalog(WMP) stroke with the hand or a stick, usually in castigation PMP *palu

palo-lola-kRotinese(CMP) strips of meat PCMP *lolan

paloŋAcehnese(WMP) trough PWMP *paluŋ₁

páloŋSambal (Botolan)(WMP) the comb of a chicken PPH *páluŋ

palóŋIlokano(WMP) wave, not a breaker, which is dalluyon PPH *paluŋ₂

paloŋMalay(WMP) hollow with stagnant water; trough of wood for watering cattle PWMP *paluŋ₁

palóŋPangasinan(WMP) the comb of a rooster PPH *páluŋ

páloŋTagalog(WMP) a rooster’s comb; cockscomb PPH *páluŋ

palóŋIsneg(WMP) wave, billow PPH *paluŋ₂

paloŋ-anMaranao(WMP) trough PWMP *paluŋ-an

paloŋ-anSubanen/Subanun(WMP) trough PWMP *paluŋ-an

paloŋ-ónBikol(WMP) a cock’s comb PPH *páluŋ

palósBikol(WMP) to get off, dismount PAN *pelus

pálotPangasinan(WMP) pull out PMP *paRut

pa-lotawAgutaynen(WMP) small doughy balls cooked in coconut milk which float to the surface when fully cooked PWMP *lutaw

palpáCebuano(WMP) for the feet to get flat; flat, of feet PWMP *palpal₂

palpalBinukid(WMP) to pound, drive (something into the ground) PPH *palpál₂

palpálCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to drive a stake into something PPH *palpál₂

palpálCebuano(WMP) hit someone on the open palm; knock something with the flat palm PPH *palpál₁

palpálCebuano(WMP) for the feet to get flat; flat, of feet PWMP *parpar

palpalIbaloy(WMP) stake to which an animal is tethered (as in pasture) PPH *palpál₂

palpalKaro Batak(WMP) bare, of a large area; short, of grass PWMP *palpal₁

pálpalPangasinan(WMP) to drive a wooden stake into the ground PPH *palpál₂

palpalToba Batak(WMP) bald, of the head; also bare, of a field or mountain PWMP *palpal₁

palpalManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) stake; to drive a stake into the ground PPH *palpál₂

palpalAgutaynen(WMP) stakes used for tethering an animal or securing a tent PPH *palpál₂

palpalIbaloy(WMP) to beat something, strike many blows to something, esp. to the head PPH *palpál₁

palpal-anAgutaynen(WMP) to stake an animal out to graze PPH *palpál₂

palpal-únCebuano(WMP) somewhat flat-footed PWMP *palpal₂

palpal-únCebuano(WMP) somewhat flat-footed PWMP *parpar

paltikAklanon(WMP) homemade gun--for only one bullet PWMP *paletik

páltikAklanon(WMP) homemade gun -- for only one bullet PWMP *pale(n)tik

paltíkBikol(WMP) supports for an outrigger; homemade gun PWMP *paletik

paltíkBikol(WMP) homemade gun PWMP *pale(n)tik

paltíkCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) poles running out from a boat onto which outriggers are tied PWMP *paletik

paltikCebuano(WMP) homemade firearms PWMP *paletik

paltíkHanunóo(WMP) swift, jerky blow PWMP *paletik

paltíkHanunóo(WMP) swift, jerky blow PWMP *pale(n)tik

paltíkPangasinan(WMP) (usually homemade) gun PWMP *paletik

paltíkPangasinan(WMP) (usually homemade) gun PWMP *pale(n)tik

paltíkTagalog(WMP) homemade gun PWMP *paletik

paltíkTagalog(WMP) homemade gun PWMP *pale(n)tik

paltokBikol(WMP) toy gun made from a bamboo branch and using wet paper or leaves as ammunition; pound, beat, or strike someone, particularly on the head PAN *paleCuk

paltukKapampangan(WMP) conk someone on the head, raise a lump PAN *paleCuk

palTukPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) to explode PAN *paleCuk

paluAcehnese(WMP) hit with a stick or other object (as in striking a gong) PMP *palu

paluAnakalangu(CMP) to hit PMP *palu

paluBalinese(WMP) hammer, mallet, knocker; to knock, hammer, cut PMP *palu

paluBare'e(WMP) hammer, in particular the smith’s hammer PMP *palu

paluBuginese(WMP) a hammer PMP *palu

páluʔCebuano(WMP) hit, slap in punishment PMP *palu

paluChamorro(WMP) some, some more PMP *balu₃

paluGorontalo(WMP) hammer PMP *palu

paluHelong(CMP) eight PAN *walu

paluʔIban(WMP) hit, beat, strike (with stick or mallet) PMP *palu

paluJavanese(WMP) hammer, mallet PMP *palu

paluKamarian(CMP) touch lightly PMP *palu

paluKambera(CMP) to beat, strike; anything used to hit or strike PMP *palu

paluKenyah(WMP) a rasp (used for sago) PWMP *palu₂

paluLamaholot(CMP) to hit, beat PMP *palu

paluLamboya(CMP) to hit PMP *palu

paluLeti(CMP) spinster, widow(er) PMP *balu₄

paluMalay(WMP) hitting hard with a rigid weapon (of clubbing or hammering or drumming or striking off a printed copy; not of blows with a switch) PMP *palu

paluManggarai(CMP) sago flour PMP *palu₁

paluMuna(WMP) a hammer; to hammer PMP *palu

paluNgadha(CMP) flat wood club PMP *palu

paluOld Javanese(WMP) hammer, mallet PMP *palu

paluPalu'e(CMP) to hit, strike PMP *palu

*paluPBun(WMP) hammer (tool) PMP *palu

*paluPSS(WMP) hammer PMP *palu

paluRotinese(CMP) wrap a cloth around the body; cloth for wrapping dead person, shroud PCEMP *balun₃

paluRotinese(CMP) to strike dead, slaughter, used especially of chickens and dogs PMP *palu

paluRotinese(CMP) to grate (coconuts) PMP *parud

paluSamoan(OC) mix (with the hands) POC *balut

paluSamoan(OC) mix (with the hands) POC *balun₄

paluSangir(WMP) kind of adze used to smooth out the inner surface of a dugout canoe hull PWMP *palu₂

paluSangir(WMP) an adze with short, curved handle and blade like a gouge; to work with such an instrument PMP *palu

paluSasak(WMP) hammer (said to be from Malay) PMP *palu

paluSundanese(WMP) hammer (of metal) PMP *palu

paluTae'(WMP) hammer; beat with a hammer; also a very common term of abuse for coitus PMP *palu

paluTongan(OC) mix and knead in water with the hands POC *balut

paluTongan(OC) mix and knead in water with the hands POC *balun₄

paluUma(WMP) hammer PMP *palu

paluWaiyewa(CMP) to hit PMP *palu

paluManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) heel; to kick with the heel PMP *palu

paluWolio(WMP) kind of large mallet; to hammer, batter, rap PMP *palu

paluWuvulu(OC) dove sp. POC *baluc

palu ahuKambera(CMP) stick used to cudgel a dog PMP *palu

pa-lūdMapun(WMP) cause something to go downhill PAN *lahud

pa-lūdMapun(WMP) to go downhill, to cause something to go downhill PMP *pa-lahud

pa-ludlúdIlokano(WMP) something used to scrub off dirt (towel, stone) PPH *ludlud₁

paluhKelabit(WMP) flour obtained from the pith of a thorny palm, acquired in trade from the Penan PMP *palu₁

p<aɬ>ukpukPaiwan(Formosan) to throb, pulsate (as heart) PAN *pukpuk

pàlukuKambera(CMP) to bend, bend around PMP *peluk

pàluku pataKambera(CMP) to bend and break off, as a branch PMP *peluk

palunaKavalan(Formosan) paddle, oar; to paddle, to row PAN *pa-aluja

paluŋBalinese(WMP) trough, oblong basin, cooler PWMP *paluŋ₁

páluŋCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) chicken’s comb; to cut off the comb of a fighting cock (so it can see better) PPH *páluŋ

palúŋCebuano(WMP) cut the cockscomb PPH *páluŋ

páluŋHiligaynon(WMP) to put out, to extinguish, to blow out PAN *padeŋ

páluŋKapampangan(WMP) cock’s comb PPH *páluŋ

paluŋKaro Batak(WMP) gutter, drain, funnel PWMP *paluŋ₁

*paluŋPSS(WMP) trough PWMP *paluŋ₁

paluŋSasak(WMP) wooden vessel into which coconut meat is grated; wooden feeding trough for horses and dogs PWMP *paluŋ₁

páluŋHanunóo(WMP) cock’s comb PPH *páluŋ

paluŋ-anBalinese(WMP) trough, oblong basin, cooler PWMP *paluŋ-an

paluŋ-anOld Javanese(WMP) trough, vat, tub, container for drinks? PWMP *paluŋ-an

paluŋ-anSa'dan Toraja(WMP) feeding trough (usually for pigs) PWMP *paluŋ-an

paluŋ-anTae'(WMP) feeding trough for pigs and other animals PWMP *paluŋ-an

paluŋ-enKaro Batak(WMP) gutter, drain, funnel PWMP *paluŋ-en

paluŋ-eŋBuginese(WMP) rice mortar PWMP *paluŋ-en

p<al>uŋpuŋCebuano(WMP) a cluster or bunch (as keys, grapes) PWMP *puŋpuŋ₂

palu-paluʔKapampangan(WMP) beater (used in washing clothes) PMP *palu

palu-paluKaro Batak(WMP) stick, pole; cudgel; beater for a musical instrument PAN *palu-palu

palu-paluMakassarese(WMP) hammer PMP *palu

palu-paluMakassarese(WMP) hammer; cudgel, club; tool for beating PAN *palu-palu

palu-paluMandar(WMP) to beat PMP *palu

palu-paluMandar(WMP) hammer (tool) PAN *palu-palu

palu-paluOld Javanese(WMP) mace, war-club (or battle hammer?) PAN *palu-palu

palu-paluToba Batak(WMP) beater (for drum or gong) PAN *palu-palu

palu-paluWolio(WMP) a hammer PAN *palu-palu

palu-palu-iTae'(WMP) beat on with a hammer PAN *palu-palu

pa-lupʔítCebuano(WMP) put something in between two flat surfaces so as to press it PMP *luqepit

pálutIfugaw(WMP) pull out grass, weeds, small plants including the roots PMP *paRut

palutpútIfugaw(WMP) spattering defecation PPh *p<aR>utput

pa-luwáCebuano(WMP) to command a carabao to stop PPH *luá

paluwaGaddang(WMP) to paddle PAN *pa-aluja

pa-luwág-onBikol(WMP) to loosen PMP *luqaR

pa-luwásBikol(WMP) outward PMP *luas₁

pa-luwas-ónBikol(WMP) to send out, to discharge PMP *luas₁

palyáPangasinan(WMP) bitter melon PWMP *paria

palyúkIfugaw(WMP) broad iron pot PAN *pariuk

pama-dáyawIsneg(WMP) to celebrate PPH *dáyaw

pa-mágayCebuano(WMP) rhyming, verse-making PWMP *bagay

pa-máhawAklanon(WMP) breakfast; snack (so-called because it generally consists of cold leftovers, particularly rice; to eat breakfast PMP *bahaw

pa-máhidTagalog(WMP) ointment; medicine used on the skin to heal or to make soft and white PWMP *pahid

pa-mampámCebuano(WMP) patronize a prostitute PPH *pampám

p-ama-nJavanese(WMP) uncle; uncle who is a parent's younger brother; older man of lower status than speaker PWMP *paR-ama-en

pa-mánaBikol(WMP) bequest, inheritance; heritage PWMP *mana₁

pa-mánaBikol(WMP) bequest, inheritance; heritage PWMP *maña

pamanaCebuano(WMP) for women to get married PMP *banah

pa-mánaHanunóo(WMP) inheritance PWMP *mana₁

pa-mánaHanunóo(WMP) inheritance PWMP *maña

pa-mánasBikol(WMP) a rag or cloth used for wiping up spills, a sponge PMP *punas

pamanh-únunCebuano(WMP) husband-to-be PMP *banah

pa-maŋgí-hanBikol(WMP) the evening meal; dinner, supper PMP *beRŋi

pa-máŋluHanunóo(WMP) perfume; any object that is sweet-scented PPH *baŋ(e)lúh

pam-aŋpaŋ-onBikol(WMP) a high, steep river bank difficult to ascend PWMP *paŋpaŋ

pa-marPak(OC) uncooked, raw POC *mataq

pa-masoAgutaynen(WMP) something which causes a caustic burn PPH *pásuq

pa-matLou(OC) uncooked POC *mataq

pa-mataHitu(CMP) kill PMP *pa(ka)-m-atay

pa-mataRomblomanon(WMP) something is observed by someone PPH *pa-matá

pa-matáIlokano(WMP) spectacles PPH *pa-matá

pa-matáTagalog(WMP) tenants fee paid to a landlord for being allowed to work on first-class land; a form of reproach by demonstration; what is shown to others PPH *pa-matá

pa-mata-hónMasbatenyo(WMP) be awakened, be roused PMP *mata

pa-mata-nOld Javanese(WMP) looks, way of looking, glance PMP *mata

pa-mataŋSundanese(WMP) hunchback PMP *bataŋ

pa-mataŋToba Batak(WMP) body PMP *bataŋ

pa-mata-ónBikol(WMP) to wake someone up PMP *mata

pa-matáyAklanon(WMP) slaughter, kill off, exterminate (in great numbers) PWMP *paŋ-m-atay

pam-atáyCebuano(WMP) something used to kill PMP *p-atay

pa-mateKove(OC) to kill POC *paka-mate

pa-mateMakassarese(WMP) mistake for dead PMP *pa(ka)-m-atay

pa-mateTae'(WMP) die; kill; numb something, bring under narcosis PMP *pa(ka)-m-atay

pa-mate-honToba Batak(WMP) kill someone PMP *m-atay

pa-mate-ŋeMaleu(OC) kill POC *paka-mate

pa-matiOld Javanese(WMP) means (instrument) for killing, instrumental in killing; killer, slayer PWMP *paŋ-m-atay

pa-matiSundanese(WMP) the center of life (where a man or animal can be struck dead) PWMP *paŋ-m-atay

pa-máypayCebuano(WMP) to fan oneself PPH *paypáy

pam-baŋuŋ-aŋMakassarese(WMP) stand up somewhere; raise something for someone, erect something at a certain time PWMP *paŋ-baŋun-an

pam-bebek-anOld Javanese(WMP) grindstone PMP *bekbek₁

pam-buat-anToba Batak(WMP) place from which something is taken PMP *buhat₃

pa-m-buraTae'(WMP) to foam, work up suds PMP *bujeq₂

pa-mekasOld Javanese(WMP) what is at the end or at the top; what is left behind at departure PWMP *paŋ-bekas

pa-mepeKapampangan(WMP) a fan PPH *paypáy

pa-metiKambera(CMP) kill, bring to an end PMP *pa(ka)-m-atay

pa-migl-ánKapampangan(WMP) abruptly PPh *big(e)láq

pa-míhagAklanon(WMP) invade and capture, take over, seize PWMP *bihaR

pa-míhudCebuano(WMP) have roe; become pregnant (humorous) PWMP *bihed

pa-milaŋJavanese(WMP) act or way of counting; an enumeration PWMP *paŋ-bilaŋ

pa-milaŋOld Javanese(WMP) a means of counting PWMP *paŋ-bilaŋ

pa-miliItbayaten(WMP) to choose PWMP *pa-miliq

pa-milihSundanese(WMP) the talent for being able to distinguish (as between nobility and commoners) PWMP *pa-miliq

pa-milih-anJavanese(WMP) act or way of selecting PWMP *pa-miliq-an

pami-míliʔTagalog(WMP) choosing or selecting PAN *piliq

pamin-dua-enIlokano(WMP) to multiply by two PMP *duha

pa-mínhiʔAklanon(WMP) prepare seeds for planting PMP *binehiq

pa-miŋkuŋ-anCebuano(WMP) name given to the hammerhead shark, so called because its flattened head with its oculonarial expansions is positioned to the body as the blade of a pick is to its handle PMP *biŋkuŋ

pa-mipíʔHanunóo(WMP) wooden mallet or beater for pounding clothing PPH *piqpiq

pa-miriŋTae'(WMP) inclined beams at front and rear of house PMP *bidiŋ

pa-miriŋTae'(WMP) inclined beams at front and rear of house PMP *biriŋ₁

pa-misak-anTae'(WMP) to split with PMP *biseqak

pa-mítayCebuano(WMP) the lower wattles of a chicken PPh *bítay

p<am>itpitTagalog(WMP) crusher of nuts, garlic, etc. PWMP *petpet₁

pamm-anakk-aŋMakassarese(WMP) uterus, womb PWMP *paR-anak-an

pamm-aŋiŋ-aŋMakassarese(WMP) something used to dry things in the wind, clothesline PMP *haŋin

pam-masaʔMakassarese(WMP) wedge PAN *pacek

pam-milaŋ-anItbayaten(WMP) rosary for praying PWMP *paŋ-bilaŋ

pam-mileMakassarese(WMP) choice PAN *piliq

pam-mile-aŋMakassarese(WMP) what is left over after a choice is made; remainder PWMP *pa-miliq-an

pam-miriŋBuginese(WMP) edge, side PMP *bidiŋ

pam-miriŋBuginese(WMP) edge, side PMP *biriŋ₁

pam-mulaŋTae'(WMP) the binding of an artificial spur to the leg of a fighting cock; thread used for this purpose PWMP *paŋ-bulaŋ

pam-munoMakassarese(WMP) killing; means of killing, etc. PWMP *paŋ-bunuq

pa-mogasToba Batak(WMP) the beater who follows the track of game PWMP *paŋ-bekas

pa-motoMbula(OC) frighten someone POC *matakut

pampaBimanese(CMP) tree with useful wood: Vitex pubescens PMP *pa(m)pa

pampaManggarai(CMP) tree which is good for making house posts: Vitex pubescens PMP *pa(m)pa

pampámBikol(WMP) prostitute, whore, harlot PPH *pampám

pampámCebuano(WMP) prostitute (slang), become a prostitute PPH *pampám

pampámIlokano(WMP) prostitute, whore, easy girl PPH *pampám

pampanMaranao(WMP) harlot, prostitute PPH *pampám

pampaŋAmpibabo-Lauje(WMP) land; plain PWMP *paŋpaŋ

pampáŋHanunóo(WMP) bank of a river; edge of a field PWMP *paŋpaŋ

pampaŋKadazan Dusun(WMP) rock, big stone PWMP *paŋpaŋ

pampaŋMaranao(WMP) cliff; steep, as in contour of earth PWMP *paŋpaŋ

pampáŋTagalog(WMP) river bank PWMP *paŋpaŋ

pampaŋ-aWolio(WMP) steep; rather deep part of the sea where the bottom is still visible PWMP *paŋpaŋ-an

pampetJavanese(WMP) stop flowing (as blood) PWMP *pa(m)pet

pam-pilítMasbatenyo(WMP) adhestive, glue, paste, something used as glue or paste PMP *pilit₁

pa(m)-piŋilTatana(WMP) ankle PWMP *piŋil

pam-pitóTagalog(WMP) seventh PAN *pitu₁

pam-punuqThao(Formosan) put something on the head, as a head decoration PAN *punuq₁

pa-muatNgaju Dayak(WMP) that which is always loaded or burdened PMP *buhat₃

p<am>ugi-anIlokano(WMP) first threads of the woof PPH *pugiq

pa-múhatCebuano(WMP) business of making something PMP *buhat₂

pa-muhísCebuano(WMP) system of taxation PWMP *buhis

pa-múkawAklanon(WMP) serenade; alarm clock PWMP *pukaw₃

pa-múkawTagalog(WMP) incitement; a thing that urges, stirs up or rouses PWMP *pukaw₃

pa-mukúlCebuano(WMP) for the breasts to develop in adolescence PMP *buŋkul

pa-múkutCebuano(WMP) fishing with a púkut PWMP *pa-muket

pa-múkutRomblomanon(WMP) someone goes net fishing PWMP *pa-muket

pa-múlaŋBikol(WMP) fighting cock PWMP *paŋ-bulaŋ

pa-múlaŋCebuano(WMP) attend a cockfight and bet; for a cock to win in a fight PWMP *paŋ-bulaŋ

pa-mulaŋTae'(WMP) thread with which the artificial spur is bound to the leg of a fighting cock PWMP *paŋ-bulaŋ

pa-muliToba Batak(WMP) send home, dispatch home PMP *pa-uliq

pa-muli-honToba Batak(WMP) marry a girl out PMP *um-uliq

pa-muluOld Javanese(WMP) complexion, color of the skin PMP *bulu₁

pa-mulúŋHanunóo(WMP) any prepared medicine PMP *buluŋ₂

pa-múnasTagalog(WMP) wiping rag PMP *punas

pamuniOld Javanese(WMP) a means of hiding something PWMP *paŋ-buni

pamuniTae'(WMP) that which is hidden, that which is kept secret PWMP *paŋ-buni

pa-muniTae'(WMP) what is hidden PMP *buni₁

p<am>únoʔAklanon(WMP) to lead, start out first PWMP *p<am>uqun

pa-munterNgaju Dayak(WMP) full (of the moon) PMP *bunter

pa-munuToba Batak(WMP) murderer PWMP *paŋ-bunuq

pa-munu-onToba Batak(WMP) a murder, act of murder PMP *bunuq₂

pa-múŋaIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) a unit measure of a bunch of fruit; relatively low interest on something borrowed, as on money, a pig, carabao PPh *paŋ-búŋa

pa-muŋaBinukid(WMP) bear fruit; for there to be fruit (on a plant); fig. to produce results, to come to fruition, realization PPh *paŋ-búŋa

p<am>uonIlokano(WMP) foundation PWMP *p<am>uqun

pa-musoʔTae'(WMP) carded kapok fibers PWMP *paŋ-busuR

pa-músuʔBinukid(WMP) for corn to ear out PMP *pusuq₁

pa-musw-anOld Javanese(WMP) place where cotton is carded PWMP *paŋ-busuR

pa-músʔunHiligaynon(WMP) to move the bowels PPH *pus(e)qun

pa-músʔunKinaray-a(WMP) to defecate, move the bowels PPH *pus(e)qun

pa-mutasTagalog(WMP) perforator PWMP *butas₂

pa-mutítiCebuano(WMP) for rice sheathes to swell prior to blossoming PWMP *butiti

panKayan(WMP) a bait left on river bottom to attract fish for subsequent netting PAN *paen

panLoniu(OC) dove sp. POC *baluc

panNauna(OC) white patches on skin due to fungal infection PMP *panaw₁

panPaiwan(Formosan) bait (for fishhook or trap) PAN *paen

panSengseng(OC) paint designs on bark cloth POC *pani₂

panEfate (South)(OC) to go POC *pano

-panTarpia(OC) to shoot PAN *panaq

panaAdonara(CMP) to walk PMP *panaw₂

panáʔAklanon(WMP) bow and arrow; shoot with bow and arrow PAN *panaq

panaʔAmis(Formosan) bow for shooting arrows PAN *panaq

panaAnuta(OC) any implement which discharges projectiles PAN *panaq

panaBare'e(WMP) bow, formerly a weapon of the Toraja people and in more recent times still hung up in the blacksmith’s workshop as an example of the weapons and tools made there PAN *panaq

pánaʔBikol(WMP) bow and arrow; archery PAN *panaq

panáCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) arrow (of which there are several types); shoot an arrow PAN *panaq

pánaʔCebuano(WMP) arrow, spear projected; shoot an arrow, to spear PAN *panaq

panaHawaiian(OC) to shoot, as marbles, arrows, bow; bow and arrows... PAN *panaq

panáʔHiligaynon(WMP) arrow, bow PAN *panaq

pánaIfugaw(WMP) bow and arrow. Practically, it is only used by boys … it is hardly longer than one meter; its cord is mostly a string of rattan; its arrow is merely a straight, thin stick. PAN *panaq

pánaIlokano(WMP) arrow PAN *panaq

pánaIsneg(WMP) arrow PAN *panaq

panaItbayaten(WMP) arrow; bow PAN *panaq

panaKadazan Dusun(WMP) bow PAN *panaq

panaKamarian(CMP) to shine, of the sun PMP *banaqaR

panaKambera(CMP) to heat (as coffee) PMP *panas₁

panaKambera(CMP) bow; shoot with bow and arrow PAN *panaq

panaKapampangan(WMP) bow and arrow; shoot with bow and arrow (Bergaño 1860) PAN *panaq

panaKédang(CMP) warm PMP *panas₁

panaKenyah(WMP) hot PMP *panas₁

panaLahanan(WMP) warm PMP *panas₁

panaLamaholot(CMP) go PMP *panaw₂

panaLun Dayeh (Long Semado)(WMP) sweat PMP *panas₁

pánaMaguindanao(WMP) to shoot PAN *panaq

panaMakassarese(WMP) bow and arrow PAN *panaq

panaʔMaranao(WMP) bow; shoot with arrow PAN *panaq

panaManggarai(CMP) bow (not used by Manggarai) PAN *panaq

panaMuna(WMP) bow (not used on Muna) PAN *panaq

panaPalu'e(CMP) go PMP *panaw₂

panáPangasinan(WMP) arrow PAN *panaq

panaPopalia(WMP) to shoot PAN *panaq

*panaPRuk(Formosan) shoot (with arrows) PAN *panaq

panaRembong(CMP) bow and arrow; shoot with bow and arrow PAN *panaq

panaʔSasak(WMP) arrow; bow PAN *panaq

panaHawu(CMP) warm, warmth PMP *panas₁

panaʔTae'(WMP) heat of the sun; sharp, pungent, of Spanish pepper; Spanish pepper PMP *panas₁

panaʔTae'(WMP) ginger: Zingiber officinale PMP *panas₂

panaTae'(WMP) bow PAN *panaq

pánaʔTagalog(WMP) arrow PAN *panaq

panaThao(Formosan) fork of a branch; bifurcation; branch PAN *paŋa₁

panaʔManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) bow and arrow; shoot with bow and arrow PAN *panaq

panaWolio(WMP) bow (weapon) PAN *panaq

panaDhao/Ndao(CMP) warm PMP *panas₁

pana-a'Āre'āre(OC) to fill a hole POC *pwaŋa

pa-nabaIlokano(WMP) manure PWMP *tabeq

pa-nábaŋAklanon(WMP) prayer (imploring divine help or favor) PMP *tabaŋ

pa-nábasAklanon(WMP) cut or style of clothing PWMP *tabas₂

pa-nabásIlokano(WMP) pa-nabás PWMP *tabas

pa-nabit-anMurut (Timugon)(WMP) time or reason for mentioning something PWMP *pa-ña(m)bit-an

pa-naburToba Batak(WMP) sower, one who sows PWMP *sabuD

pa-nabur-anToba Batak(WMP) seedbed PWMP *sabuD

pa-nabur-anToba Batak(WMP) seedbed PMP *saq(e)buR

pa-nadtádTagalog(WMP) chopping or mincing knife PWMP *tadtad

pa-naeóg-anAklanon(WMP) support or brace for bamboo flooring PMP *saleR

pa-nagatTausug(WMP) to hunt for shellfish, edible plants or other edible animals along the shore at low tide PMP *daRat

panag-inipTagalog(WMP) deep dream (not easily remembered in detail) PAN *qinep

panag-tanémPangasinan(WMP) planting season PMP *tanem

pa-nāguʔRomblomanon(WMP) someone’s hiding or taking shelter in a given location PMP *taRuq

panag-yotIlokano(WMP) sexual intercourse, coitus PPH *iut₂

panahBalinese(WMP) arrow PAN *panaq

panahKaro Batak(WMP) bow (no longer used in warfare) PAN *panaq

panahKayan(WMP) warm; feel warm; to warm up food PMP *panas₁

panahLikum(OC) small blue and green marine fish with projecting lower jaw POC *panapa

panahLoniu(OC) barred garfish: Hemirhamphus commersoni Cuv. POC *panapa

panahMalay(WMP) archery; bow; arrow PAN *panaq

panahOld Javanese(WMP) arrow; bow; bowman PAN *panaq

panaHPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) shoot with a bow PAN *panaq

panahSundanese(WMP) arrow and bow; manah shoot with bow and arrow PAN *panaq

p<an>ahanNarum(WMP) was fed by someone PAN *p<in>a-kaen

pa-nahitToba Batak(WMP) worms in the intestines; having intestinal parasites PWMP *pa-ñakit

panah-memanahMalay(WMP) archery PAN *panaq

panahoKove(OC) to steal POC *panako

panah-panah-anBalinese(WMP) a children’s game with bows and arrows PAN *panaq

panahuKambera(CMP) warm up; insist on, coerce PMP *panas₁

pa-nahutToba Batak(WMP) provoke fear PWMP *pa-nakut

panaiNgaju Dayak(WMP) a crude earthenware bowl PMP *panay

pana ʻioleHawaiian(OC) to shoot rats or mice with bow and arrow, an ancient sport; bow and arrow PAN *panaq

pa-náitIlokano(WMP) sewing thread PMP *zaqit

panakAgutaynen(WMP) an arrow (this can refer to both the bow and the arrow) PAN *panaq

p-anakBalinese(WMP) birth; a thing born, a child; used alone it refers to a young animal; interest on money PWMP *paR-anak

pa-naka-anKadazan Dusun(WMP) the place where one steals PWMP *paŋ-takaw-an

p-anak-anNgaju Dayak(WMP) children, descendants PWMP *pa-anak-an

p-ānak-anOld Javanese(WMP) woman by whom one has a child, wife PWMP *paR-anak-an

pa-naka-onKadazan Dusun(WMP) be stolen PWMP *paŋ-takaw-en

pa-nakauKadazan Dusun(WMP) steal PMP *pa-nakaw

pa-nakauNgaju Dayak(WMP) thievish, stealing inveterately PMP *pa-nakaw

pa-nakáwAklanon(WMP) theft PMP *pa-nakaw

pa-nakawItbayaten(WMP) steal PMP *pa-nakaw

pa-nakaw-anItbayaten(WMP) steal from PWMP *paŋ-takaw-an

pa-nakaw-enItbayaten(WMP) let one steal PWMP *paŋ-takaw-en

pa-nakítCebuano(WMP) pains, aches, characteristics of a sickness PWMP *pa-ñakit

pa-nakitOld Javanese(WMP) disease PWMP *pa-ñakit

pa-nakm-enItbayaten(WMP) to remind PPH *nákem

panakoNakanamanga(OC) steal POC *panako

pa-nakoUma(WMP) steal PMP *pa-nakaw

pa-nákotTagalog(WMP) scarecrow PWMP *pa-nakut

pa-nala-enYami (Imorod)(WMP) to wait PAN *naRa

pa-nalg-án-anCebuano(WMP) storey of a house; floor joist; floor clearance from the ground PMP *saleR

pa-nalíʔKapampangan(WMP) something to tie with PWMP *pa-nalih

pa-naliNgaju Dayak(WMP) what is often used to make rope PWMP *pa-nalih

pa-nālopIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) for someone to use stones for damming up a river for fishing PPH *sáRep

pa-nalp-ánIfugaw(WMP) fishpond made by draining a river PPH *sáRep

pa-nambálCebuano(WMP) to practive medicine PMP *tambar

pa-nambít-anAklanon(WMP) proverb, saying PWMP *pa-ña(m)bit-an

pa-namdamKapampangan(WMP) feelings PAN *demdem₁

pa-namdamm-ānIsneg(WMP) remembrance, keepsake, souvenir PAN *demdem₁

pan-anákPangasinan(WMP) time or month of delivery PWMP *paŋ-anak

pa-na-nalátTagalog(WMP) lack of supplies; financial crisis; depression PWMP *sadat

pa-nanímTagalog(WMP) referring to seeds or seedlings used for planting and for propagation PWMP *pa-nanem

pa-nanúmCebuano(WMP) planting, farming, agriculture PWMP *pa-nanem

pa-nanumTausug(WMP) plants, that which has been planted, a crop PWMP *pa-nanem

panaŋ-ániPangasinan(WMP) harvest season PMP *qanih

pa-naŋisNgaju Dayak(WMP) prone to crying; one who cries easily PWMP *pa-naŋis

pa-naŋisOld Javanese(WMP) to weep, cry PWMP *pa-naŋis

pa-náŋisTagalog(WMP) a wail; a long cry of grief or pain, or a similar sound PWMP *pa-naŋis

pa-naŋis-anMapun(WMP) what is cried over, thing that induces crying PWMP *pa-naŋis

pa-naŋkisNgaju Dayak(WMP) what is often or always parried PWMP *taŋkis

pa-naŋkoToba Batak(WMP) thief PMP *pa-nakaw

panawMaranao(WMP) white itchy spot on skin which is caused by fungus PMP *panaw₁

panawMaranao(WMP) journey; roam PMP *panaw₂

panaw-nMaranao(WMP) be covered by ringworm PWMP *panaw-en

pa-naónPangasinan(WMP) season, in season PMP *taqun

panapLou(OC) small blue fish with long needle-like mouth POC *panapa

pana-pitoFavorlang/Babuza(Formosan) do seven times PAN *pitu₁

pa-napūl-anIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) a fireplace PMP *dapuR₁

pa-napútCebuano(WMP) attire, the kind of clothes one wears as opposed to the type worn by other classes or on other occasions PMP *saput₁

paN-apuyIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) what is used to make a fire PWMP *paŋ-hapuy

panaqPaiwan(Formosan) arrow PAN *panaq

panaqThao(Formosan) throw something at an object to hit it, as in throwing a stone at a target; shoot with a weapon PAN *panaq

panaqBunun (Takituduh)(Formosan) shoot with a bow and arrow PAN *panaq

pa-narokWaray-Waray(WMP) dipper, scooper PWMP *sanduk

panasBalinese(WMP) heat; hot PMP *panas₁

panasErai(CMP) warm, hot; sharp; fever PMP *panas₁

panasIban(WMP) heat; hot, esp. of weather PMP *panas₁

panasJavanese(WMP) hot; have a fever; angry; having a curse on it; bringing misfortune PMP *panas₁

panasKaro Batak(WMP) sweat panas-en'to sweat' PMP *panas₁

panasMalay(WMP) heat, esp. (or specifically) solar heat PMP *panas₁

panasManggarai(CMP) hot (as sun); smarting, stinging, hot-tasting PMP *panas₁

panasMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) feeling of anger PMP *panas₁

panasOld Javanese(WMP) heat PMP *panas₁

panasRembong(CMP) hot; fever; peevish; jealous PMP *panas₁

panasRembong(CMP) tuberous plant; fam. Zingiberaceae PMP *panas₂

panasSasak(WMP) warm (of things); hot, sharp tasting (spices) PMP *panas₁

panasSundanese(WMP) hot; warmth, heat; fig. hot-tempered, irate, embittered, jealous, envious PMP *panas₁

panasBasap(WMP) hot PMP *panas₁

panasTalur(CMP) hot PMP *panas₁

panasaʔMakassarese(WMP) a plant: Amomum acre. The pith of the large stems and fruits is minced and put in vinegar; the taste is pungent; the plant is also used as a medicine PMP *panas₂

panas ateMadurese(WMP) angry ( = 'hot liver') PMP *qatay

pan-aslámKapampangan(WMP) use something to sour PWMP *qalesem

panatMongondow(WMP) warm, feverish PMP *panas₁

pan-atápKapampangan(WMP) put on a roof PWMP *paŋ-qatep

panauIban(WMP) light patches on skin, leucoderma, caused by diet deficiency or (mild) tinea PMP *panaw₁

panauKadazan Dusun(WMP) walk, march PMP *panaw₂

panauKayan(WMP) walk; walking; go by foot PMP *panaw₂

panauMalay(WMP) light painless spots or marks on the human skin, regarded as beauty spots or otherwise (due usually to Pityriasis versicolor or Tinea flava) PMP *panaw₁

pa-naun-anTae'(WMP) the Toraja agricultural year PMP *taqun

pánawAklanon(WMP) go on foot, walk; leave, depart, go PMP *panaw₂

pánawBikol(WMP) Tinea flave (fungal skin disease characterized by de-pigmented patches of skin) PMP *panaw₁

panáwCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) have white patches on the skin PMP *panaw₁

pánawCebuano(WMP) travel, journey; regularly scheduled trip; make a travel or journey PMP *panaw₂

pánawIlokano(WMP) to leave, go away, set out; die PMP *panaw₂

pánawIsneg(WMP) go away, depart, withdraw PMP *panaw₂

pánawItawis(WMP) departure PMP *panaw₂

panawKayan (Long Atip)(WMP) to walk PMP *panaw₂

panáwPalawan Batak(WMP) walk PMP *panaw₂

pánawTagalog(WMP) departure; disappearance; death PMP *panaw₂

pa-nawágAklanon(WMP) to call out PWMP *tawaR₂

pa-nawág-anMasbatenyo(WMP) invitation PWMP *tawaR₂

pana-wdiItbayaten(WMP) posterior, behind, hind leg, hind part, rear PMP *udehi

pa-nawénIlokano(WMP) time PMP *taqun

panáw-onBikol(WMP) to have Tinea flava PWMP *panaw-en

panayAmis(Formosan) rice; the harvested grain PAN *pajay

panáyCebuano(WMP) earthenware vessel, usually hemispherical but shallow, used to hold liquids PMP *panay

panáyIsneg(WMP) kind of jar PMP *panay

panáyItbayaten(WMP) plate, dish PMP *panay

panayKavalan(Formosan) rice plant in a dry field (unhusked); said to be a loan from Amis PAN *pajay

panayBasai(Formosan) riceplant, rice in the field PAN *pajay

panay, paneOld Javanese(WMP) earthen vessel, pot PMP *panay

pa-náya-nKapampangan(WMP) wait for someone PAN *naRa

pa-naytáyCebuano(WMP) travel along a mountain ridge PMP *taytay

panaʔPuyuma(Formosan) arrow; shoot an arrow PAN *panaq

pan-cawuBare'e(WMP) time, place or manner of sowing PMP *sabuR

pandadTotoli(WMP) shore, beach PWMP *pantad

pándakCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) short-legged (of animate objects) PMP *pandak

pandakIban(WMP) short (as a stick, stature, brevity): shorten PMP *pandak

pandákIlokano(WMP) dwarf: dwarfish PMP *pandak

pandakMalay(WMP) short, especially as a familiar name for the fourth or fifth child in the family (if a boy) PMP *pandak

pandakMansaka(WMP) extremely short; dwarfed PMP *pandak

pandákCebuano(WMP) short and stout; be short and stout PMP *pandak

pándakItawis(WMP) short (of persons) PMP *pandak

pandakKapampangan(WMP) short of stature PMP *pandak

pandakNgaju Dayak(WMP) short in height, as a person PMP *pandak

pandakTae'(WMP) very short, very small PMP *pandak

pandákTagalog(WMP) short (referring to stature) PMP *pandak

pandakuKambera(CMP) short, squat and compact in stature PMP *pandak

paṇḍanBalinese(WMP) pandanus PMP *paŋedan

pandanIban(WMP) Screw pine (Pandanus spp.) PMP *paŋedan

pandānIsneg(WMP) kind of screw pine. Its fragrant inflorescences are added to the headband on festive occasions PMP *paŋedan

paṇḍanJavanese(WMP) pandanus tree PMP *paŋedan

pandanKaro Batak(WMP) pandanus variety the leaves of which are used in plaiting PMP *paŋedan

pandanMalay(WMP) Smaller screwpine. Generic for all such Pandanaceae as are used for fine matwork or plaitwork PMP *paŋedan

pandanMaranao(WMP) hemp PMP *paŋedan

paṇḍanOld Javanese(WMP) kind of tree: Pandanus PMP *paŋedan

pandanSasak(WMP) name of various types of pandanus: Pandanaceae PMP *paŋedan

pandanSimalur(WMP) pandanus palm: Pandanus odoratissimus PMP *paŋedan

pandanSundanese(WMP) kind of plant (some types are used to weave mats while the redolent leaves of others are minced and used with flowers and fragrant oil by women) PMP *paŋedan

pandanTae'(WMP) fragrant type of pandanus with thorny leaves PMP *paŋedan

pandánTagalog(WMP) Pandanus odoratissimus PMP *paŋedan

pandanToba Batak(WMP) pandanus, screwpine PMP *paŋedan

pandán, paŋdánBikol(WMP) pandanus (used in weaving of mats and other articles) PMP *paŋedan

pandan-anMaranao(WMP) maguey plantation, ramie plantation PMP *paŋedan

pandan eriJavanese(WMP) pandanus thorn, used for hats, mats PMP *paŋedan

pandan waŋiJavanese(WMP) fragrant pandanus leaf as a cooking ingredient PMP *paŋedan

pandaŋMakassarese(WMP) name of various types of pandanus PMP *paŋedan

pandaŋManggarai(CMP) pineapple: Ananas comosus PMP *paŋedan

pandátTagalog(WMP) crammed, packed, squeezed in PWMP *pa(n)det

pande bulabaŋMandar(WMP) goldsmith PAN *bulaw-an

pande bulawaWolio(WMP) goldsmith PAN *bulaw-an

pandemYakan(WMP) for something to go out, be extinguished (fire or light), turned off, shut off (water, electricity, engine), dried up (stream, well) PWMP *padem

pan-depet-anIbaloy(WMP) to bend double in doing something PMP *lepet₂

pandhanMadurese(WMP) pandanus PMP *paŋedan

pandɨkIlongot(WMP) star PWMP *pa(n)dek

pan-dikítTagalog(WMP) paste; glue PMP *deket₁

pan-dílaʔBinukid(WMP) to lick up something PMP *dilaq₁

pan-dilat-anKapampangan(WMP) stick the tongue out at someone PWMP *dilat

pandokMongondow(WMP) spot, speck, fleck PWMP *pa(n)dek

pandóŋIlokano(WMP) mantilla, woman’s scarf PPH *panduŋ

pandoŋMaranao(WMP) temporary building; stage, raised flooring PWMP *pa(n)duŋ

pandoŋMinangkabau(WMP) hut in rice fields PWMP *pa(n)duŋ

pandóŋBikol(WMP) a hood; a canopy; parasol PPH *panduŋ

pandóŋTagalog(WMP) anything, such as paper, cloth, banana or palm leaf, used as head covering for protection against the sun or rain PPH *panduŋ

pan-dua-iToba Batak(WMP) second part PWMP *duha-i

pan-dumdúm-anCebuano(WMP) mind PAN *demdem₁

pánduŋHanunóo(WMP) a protective rain cover, a combination rain cape and umbrella, made commonly from a leaf sheaf of the of the fan palm PPH *panduŋ

panduŋ-ánTagalog(WMP) to put a head covering on someone PPH *panduŋ

panduŋ-ínTagalog(WMP) to use something (e.g. a banana leaf or newspaper) as a head covering PPH *panduŋ

paneBalinese(WMP) large vessel of earthenware or wood PMP *panay

paneBare'e(WMP) warm drink: coffee or tea PWMP *panes

paneJavanese(WMP) trough, bowl, basin (earthenware or wood) PMP *panay

paneLakona(OC) wing POC *banic

paneNgadha(CMP) dish, basin, bowl PMP *panay

paneSasak(WMP) earthen vessel PMP *panay

paneSika(CMP) kind of earthen pot made in the Lio district PMP *panay

panèëAcehnese(WMP) spots on human skin PMP *panaw₁

panék, penékOld Javanese(WMP) climb, climb on, get on or in, mount, ascend PMP *panahik

pan-ʔəkanBontok(WMP) meal time; time for eating PAN *kaen

pa-nemnem-énIlokano(WMP) consider, fix the mind on, think on PAN *nemnem

pa-nenun-anJavanese(WMP) weaving loom PAN *tenun

panesBalinese(WMP) hot, troubled; heat PWMP *panes

panə-ʃəmət-ənSaisiyat(Formosan) smothered PAN *Semut

paneusRejang(WMP) hot, warm, feverish PWMP *panes

paneuwRejang(WMP) go, walk PMP *panaw₂

panhíkTagalog(WMP) go up the stairs PMP *panahik

paniBare'e(WMP) wing PAN *paNij

paniBare'e(WMP) wing of a bird, bat, or insect PMP *panid

paniBimanese(CMP) bait PCEMP *paniŋ

paniBunun (Takituduh)(Formosan) wing PAN *paNij

paniGedaged(OC) give (him); hand over, bestow, grant, confer, impart, accord, yield POC *pani₁

paniʔKambera(CMP) flying fox PMP *paniki

pàniKambera(CMP) feed chickens or pigs PCEMP *paniŋ

pani-Kaniet(OC) wing PMP *panid

paniKavalan(Formosan) bow (for shooting) PAN *panaq

paniʔMandar(WMP) wing PAN *paNij

paniMaori(OC) to paint, besmear; to smear, spread anything upon something else POC *pani₂

paniMori Bawah(WMP) wing PMP *panid

paniNgadha(CMP) fodder (as for pigs) PCEMP *paniŋ

paniRennellese(OC) to anoint, as the head with turmeric POC *pani₂

paniSobei(OC) night POC *boŋi

paniSoboyo(CMP) wing PAN *paNij

paniSoboyo(CMP) wing PMP *panid

paniʔTae'(WMP) wing PAN *paNij

paniʔUma(WMP) wing PAN *paNij

paniTongan(OC) to smear, besmear, daub or stain; to rub the head with oil POC *pani₂

pani-bughóʔTagalog(WMP) jealousy PMP *buRehuʔ

*pani(C)PSS(WMP) wing PMP *panid

panichiItbayaten(WMP) big bat: Pteropus sp. PMP *paniki

panidItbayaten(WMP) wing PAN *paNij

panidItbayaten(WMP) pectoral fin, wing (in general) PMP *panid

panidMansaka(WMP) wing PAN *paNij

panidMansaka(WMP) wing PMP *panid

panideʔSangir(WMP) wing PAN *paNij

panidəʔSangir(WMP) wing PMP *panid

panihiBimanese(CMP) bat PMP *paniki

paN-íhiʔCebuano(WMP) urinate PMP *ihiq

panihóeAklanon(WMP) whistle, whistling (with lips) PMP *sihul

pa-nihúlHiligaynon(WMP) a whistle PMP *sihul

pa-nihul-anHiligaynon(WMP) to be whistled at PMP *sihul

panikMaranao(WMP) ascend, climb stairs or ladder PMP *panahik

pa-níkadCebuano(WMP) push with the feet, exerting effort; kick the ground, as if eager to fight (as a bull); very eager to do something PPH *síkad

paníkiBikol(WMP) fruit bat, flying fox PMP *paniki

paníkiBontok(WMP) kind of fruit eating bat PMP *paniki

paníkiIsneg(WMP) fruit bat PMP *paniki

paníkiItawis(WMP) fruit bat PMP *paniki

panikiMandar(WMP) flying fox PMP *paniki

panikiMaranao(WMP) baby bat PMP *paniki

*panikiPAmb(CMP) flying fox PMP *paniki

panikíPangasinan(WMP) a bat PMP *paniki

panikiSangir(WMP) flying fox PMP *paniki

panikiTae'(WMP) large bat, flying fox PMP *paniki

panikiWaiyewa(CMP) flying fox PMP *paniki

pa-níktikAklanon(WMP) to spy (on) PPH *tiktík₃

pa-nikuOld Javanese(WMP) one’s ‘right hand’ helper (‘he who occupies the place of the elbow’) PWMP *pa-ñiku

pa-nílawIlokano(WMP) light used for catching mudfish at night PMP *silaw

pa-nímbaŋAklanon(WMP) to adjust one’s personality or ways to others; to be cautious or careful with others PWMP *timbaŋ

pa-nimbáŋTagalog(WMP) balance; a condition of not falling over in any direction; steadiness PWMP *timbaŋ

pa-nimbáŋ-anAklanon(WMP) counterbalance PWMP *timbaŋ

pa-nimbaŋ-ánTagalog(WMP) to try to get along with someone PWMP *timbaŋ

pani-nBuruese(CMP) wing PAN *paNij

pani-nMondropolon(OC) wing POC *banic

paniŋManggarai(CMP) bait; to bait; to feed chickens PCEMP *paniŋ

paniŋRembong(CMP) bait; to bait PCEMP *paniŋ

paniŋSinghi Land Dayak(WMP) cheek PWMP *anapiŋ

pa-niŋaʔKapampangan(WMP) toothpick PMP *tiŋah

pàniŋuKambera(CMP) bait for fishing PCEMP *paniŋ

pa-nípisAklanon(WMP) to have a very close call (danger, death); to pass through a crowd or crowded area with great difficulty PMP *nipis

pa-nipísCebuano(WMP) come too close to another vehicle PMP *nipis

pa-nipis-ánMasbatenyo(WMP) be thinned (as lumber that is trimmed down for some purpose) PMP *nipis

pa-nipis-honToba Batak(WMP) make something thin PMP *nipis

pa-nipis-ínTagalog(WMP) to cause something to become thin PMP *ma-nipis

pa-nípitIlokano(WMP) device used as tongs PPH *pa-nípit

pa-nípitTagalog(WMP) tongs; a tool for seizing, holding or lifting; tweezers; pincers PPH *pa-nípit

pa-nipit-enAgutaynen(WMP) to make something thin (as cloth when weaving) PMP *nipis

pa-ni-sisiTagalog(WMP) reproach; reprimand; censure; blame; finding fault; odium PWMP *selsel₂

pánitAklanon(WMP) skin, flesh; to peel off, to skin PWMP *panit

pánitCebuano(WMP) skin, peelings, bark, leather; shell of a shrimp, egg; to skin, peel something; beat someone in gambling; be trounced in a fight PWMP *panit

pánitHiligaynon(WMP) skin, leather, bark; to skin, to peel something off PWMP *panit

pánitIlokano(WMP) to skin, to flay (fowls or men's head) PWMP *panit

panitKayan(WMP) to manhandle a person, handle roughly; be torn by animals; clothes torn by rough handling PWMP *panit

panitKenyah(WMP) to scratch; scratched PWMP *panit

panitMaranao(WMP) leather, hide, skin PWMP *panit

pánitPangasinan(WMP) to skin (e.g. a frog) PWMP *panit

panitSubanen/Subanun(WMP) skin PWMP *panit

panítTagalog(WMP) excoriated, skinned PWMP *panit

panitManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) leather PWMP *panit

pan-lalákiTagalog(WMP) manly; suitable for a man; masculine; in grammar, of the gender of male names PWMP *la-laki

pannKavalan(Formosan) bait (for fishing, or in a trap) PAN *paen

pan-na-naóIlokano(WMP) language; saying PMP *sau₄

pan-na-sa-sumaThao(Formosan) various others PAN *duma

panniʔIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) a bat: Pteropus Leucopterus PMP *paniki

panníkiIfugaw(WMP) greatest species among the bats; fruit bat, flying fox PMP *paniki

panníkiIlokano(WMP) fruit bat, flying fox PMP *paniki

panníkiKankanaey(WMP) large bat PMP *paniki

pannóIsneg(WMP) full; fullness PAN *peNuq

pannoMakassarese(WMP) full PAN *peNuq

pannoMandar(WMP) full PAN *peNuq

pannoʔMapun(WMP) to be full (as a jar, room, container, airplane, etc.); to have more than enough (with regard to wealth) PAN *peNuq

pannoAbaknon(WMP) sea turtle PMP *peñu

pannoʔ-anMapun(WMP) fill it! PWMP *penuq-an

panno-iMandar(WMP) to fill up PAN *peNuq

pannoʔ-unMapun(WMP) fill it! PWMP *penuq-en

pannow-ánIsneg(WMP) to fill PWMP *penuq-an

pannoʔAbaknon(WMP) full (of a container); filled PAN *peNuq

pannuMapun(WMP) sea turtle PMP *peñu

panóʔBikol(WMP) full, crowded PAN *peNuq

panoKaro Batak(WMP) white spots on the skin PMP *panaw₁

panoMakassarese(WMP) spots on the skin (sometimes regarded as a sign of beauty) PMP *panaw₁

panoMandar(WMP) skin disease: tinea, ringworm PMP *panaw₁

panoManggarai(CMP) skin disease, tinea; patchy color, as of someone with tinea PMP *panaw₁

panoNgadha(CMP) having white or light spots on the skin PMP *panaw₁

panóPangasinan(WMP) to fill to overflowing PAN *peNuq

panoRembong(CMP) skin disease, tinea PMP *panaw₁

panoTae'(WMP) skin disease in which the skin shows light-colored spots: Pityriasis flava PMP *panaw₁

pano-aŋMakassarese(WMP) covered with skin spots PWMP *panaw-en

panohTarakan(WMP) full PAN *peNuq

pa-nohonNgaju Dayak(WMP) descent, stock PMP *tuRun₁

panoldokAgutaynen(WMP) index or forefinger PPh *tulduq

pa-nomu-ŋuKambera(CMP) six times PMP *pa-enem

pa-noŋsoŋJavanese(WMP) one who has the task of sheltering a dignitary from sun or rain with umbrella PWMP *saeŋ

panoʔ-ónBikol(WMP) to fill something up PWMP *penuq-en

pano-onKaro Batak(WMP) suffer from white spots on the skin PWMP *panaw-en

panóosIlokano(WMP) stench of smoke and smoky substances PPh *panuqus

pano-panMuyuw(OC) Guettarda sp. POC *pwano-pwano

pano-panoAnuta(OC) wash the hands POC *paño

pano-panoNiue(OC) a plant: Guettarda speciosa POC *pwano-pwano

pano-panoToba Batak(WMP) freckles PMP *panaw₁

panóʔ-pánoʔBikol(WMP) very full; crowded, packed, teeming PAN *peNuq

panosMaranao(WMP) sour PPh *panuqus

pa-nōʔMapun(WMP) a teaching PWMP *pa-nuzuq

pan-pidi-anIbaloy(WMP) alternatives, choices, options PAN *piliq

panreŋBuginese(WMP) pandanus PMP *paŋedan

pansaLeti(CMP) warm season; warm (as bread); sick, painful; sickness PMP *panas₁

pan-showaIbaloy(WMP) to divide something into two (as inheritance, large camote, piece of land) PMP *duha

pantadManobo (Ata)(WMP) shore PWMP *pantad

pantadBinukid(WMP) shore PWMP *pantad

pantadBoano(WMP) sandbank PWMP *pantad

pantadManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) sand; beach of a river; sandbar PWMP *pantad

pantadEDondo(WMP) shore, beach PWMP *pantad

pantagManobo (Ilianen)(WMP) sand PPH *pantaR

pantaiIban(WMP) earth, soil, mud, (at sea) mud bottom PWMP *pantay

pantaiMalay(WMP) beach, coast PWMP *pantay

pantayMaranao(WMP) field, meadow PWMP *pantay

pantakIban(WMP) having spot of different color, usually of animal's head PAN *paCak

pantakIban(WMP) having spot of different color, usually of animal's head PWMP *pantek

pantak daunIban(WMP) lesser green leafbird PMP *dahun

pantalBanggai(WMP) flat, level PMP *pa(n)tar₁

pantalKeley-i(WMP) sand; gravel PPH *pantaR

pantal-ánTagalog(WMP) wooden or bamboo pier PMP *pa(n)tar₂

pan-talunBanggai(WMP) weeding implement PMP *talun₁

pan-tanaLamboya(CMP) earth PMP *taneq

pan-tananTae'(WMP) what is planted; riceplants that have already been transplanted into the paddy PWMP *pa-nanem

pantárIlokano(WMP) treeless plain; (in some districts) shore, land immediately bordering on a stream PMP *pa(n)tar₁

pantarMaranao(WMP) level, flat, even, plane surface PMP *pa(n)tar₁

pantarManggarai(CMP) flat nest (as the nest of the turtle-dove) PMP *pa(n)tar₁

pantarSundanese(WMP) equal (in age, height, strength, beauty, etc.) PMP *pa(n)tar₁

pantarToba Batak(WMP) shelf in wood-shed made of wooden or bamboo laths; also the support for a mattress made of sugar-palm mid-ribs PMP *pa(n)tar₂

pantarIban(WMP) raised floor or bench built in or next to front wall of longhouse PMP *pataR₁

pantáyTagalog(WMP) of the same height or level PWMP *pantay

pantékKankanaey(WMP) spotted, speckled; marked with spots; stained PWMP *pantek

pantékMalay(WMP) striking together two hard substances, esp. flint and steel PWMP *pa(n)tik

pantikIban(WMP) to nail PWMP *pa(n)tik

pan-timbáŋTagalog(WMP) the actual weights used in weighing PWMP *timbaŋ

pan-ti-típon-ánPangasinan(WMP) gathering place; assemblage PPH *típun

pantókIlokano(WMP) top, apex, summit (mountains, houses); tip of the nose (when long) PWMP *pa(n)tuk₁

pantókPangasinan(WMP) summit, top PPH *pantuk

pantokSasak(WMP) woodpecker spp.; hit, strike; play a percussion instrument PAN *pa(n)tuk₂

pantókTagalog(WMP) summit, top PPH *pantuk

pantókIlokano(WMP) top, summit, peak; ridge; tip of long nose PPH *pantuk

pantokKadazan Dusun(WMP) a spot in the eye PWMP *pantek

pantok daunIban(WMP) green broadbill PMP *dahun

pantukCebuano(WMP) knock something against something else PAN *pa(n)tuk₂

pantukKaro Batak(WMP) to peck, bite PAN *pa(n)tuk₂

pan-tupíʔTagalog(WMP) an apparatus or machine used for folding PPH *tupíq

pan-tuwa-anMurut (Timugon)(WMP) time, place, or reason for poisoning oneself, for committing suicide by poisoning PAN *tubah

panuErai(CMP) rise from sleep PMP *baŋun₂

panuGedaged(OC) village, settlement, hamlet, town, place, city POC *panua

panuKambera(CMP) kind of skin disease coupled with spots on the skin PMP *panaw₁

panuTugun(CMP) get up (from sleep) PMP *baŋun₂

*panuaPAdm(OC) village POC *panua

pa-nuan-anToba Batak(WMP) ricefield PMP *suqan

pa-nuan-anToba Batak(WMP) ricefield PWMP *suan

pa-nuaŋ-anToba Batak(WMP) form into which something is poured PWMP *tuaŋ₁

pa-núbliʔAklanon(WMP) inheritance PPH *sub(e)liq

pa-núgunCebuano(WMP) ask someone to get and bring something back PWMP *tuRun₂

pa-nuhaOld Javanese(WMP) eldest PMP *tuqah

pa-nuhúg-anHanunóo(WMP) beads, literally 'that which is used for being strung' PMP *tuhuR

pa-núkodIlokano(WMP) pole for sounding the depths of water PAN *tukud

pa-nulaŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) remove the bones from meat or fish PWMP *tuqelaŋ

pa-nulíAklanon(WMP) to clean one’s ears (of ear wax) PMP *tuli₁

pa-nuliBinukid(WMP) remove wax from one’s ears PMP *tuli₁

pa-núluʔCebuano(WMP) go hunting or fishing at night with torchlight PMP *suluq

pa-nulund-unCebuano(WMP) something which is inherited (< met. of *pa-nulud-nun?) PPH *sunúd

pa-numdómWaray-Waray(WMP) the act of remembering the past; reminiscence; memory PAN *demdem₁

pa-númdumAklanon(WMP) to ponder, think, concentrate PAN *demdem₁

pa- (numeral)Kambera(CMP) divide into (numeral) PMP *pa-₁

pa- (numeral)Toba Batak(WMP) let (the thing mentioned by you) be made into (numeral) (van der Tuuk 1971) PMP *pa-₁

pa-numpaʔBinukid(WMP) to swear, make an oath or vow to do (something) PWMP *sumpaq

pa-númpaʔCebuano(WMP) to swear, make an oath to do something or that something will happen PWMP *sumpaq

pa-numpaʔRomblomanon(WMP) take an oat or solemnly attest that a particular situation exists or will exist, or action occurs or will occur PWMP *sumpaq

pa-núnawTagalog(WMP) laxative; digestion; the power of digesting PPH *túnaw

pan-úniCebuano(WMP) quality of singing, intonation and pitch; tone of voice PMP *huni

pa-núnogTagalog(WMP) incendiary; causing fires (as incendiary bombs) PMP *sunuR

pa-nuntunJavanese(WMP) leader; guidance PWMP *tuntun

pa-nunw-anOld Javanese(WMP) cremation place, pile, pyre PMP *tunu

pa-nuroʔTagalog(WMP) pointer, indicator; lesson, instruction, teaching, guidance PWMP *pa-nuzuq

pa-núroʔTagalog(WMP) spoon PWMP *suduq

pa-nuruJavanese(WMP) place for sleeping; bed, bedroom PAN *tuduR

pa-nuruToba Batak(WMP) the act of sending or ordering PAN *suRuq₂

panʔúsCebuano(WMP) for food, wash, or the body to get a rancid smell from having been wet and not allowed to dry out well; spoiled, sour in smell PPh *panuqus

panúsHanunóo(WMP) stench of urine PPh *panuqus

p-an-utpótIlokano(WMP) sound of a car horn or repeated farting PMP *putput₂

pa-nutu-anToba Batak(WMP) mortar in which Spanish pepper is crushed PAN *tutuh

pa-núwayCebuano(WMP) to go clamming PMP *tuay

pa-ñakitJavanese(WMP) sickness (physical or spiritual) PWMP *pa-ñakit

pa-ñakitSundanese(WMP) sickness, complaint; disease PWMP *pa-ñakit

pañidIvatan(WMP) wing PMP *panid

pañikiMakassarese(WMP) flying fox PMP *paniki

paññuMakassarese(WMP) sea turtle PMP *peñu

pañuSinghi Land Dayak(WMP) sea turtle PMP *peñu

p-añunKayan(WMP) to set drifting (as a raft on the river) PAN *pa-añud

paŋ-Balinese(WMP) nominal prefix often forming words that denote agents PWMP *paŋ-

paŋBaluan(OC) to feed POC *paŋan

paŋBaluan(OC) to feed PMP *paŋan

paŋ-Bikol(WMP) prefix used to form deverbal nouns PWMP *paŋ-

paŋKaro Batak(WMP) soung of a bang PMP *paŋ

paŋMakassarese(WMP) banging sould (as a gun firing, inner tube bursting) PMP *paŋ

paŋMalay(WMP) banging sound PMP *peŋ

paŋMalay(WMP) banging sound PMP *paŋ

paŋManggarai(CMP) notch (in a tree trunk) PMP *epaŋ

paŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) popping, to pop (as when one pulls a cork from a bottle); sound of fingers snapping, tongue clacking PMP *paŋ

paŋ-Tagalog(WMP) prefix forming nouns or adjectives denoting instruments, special usages or the like PWMP *paŋ-

paŋ-Toba Batak(WMP) deverbal prefix forming instrumental nouns PWMP *paŋ-

paŋTolai(OC) open the mouth, esp. of a basket or container PAN *paŋa₁

paŋ-Toratán(WMP) verbal noun referring to the action of doing what the base specifies PWMP *paŋ-

paŋ-Ilokano(WMP) nominalizing instrumental prefix used for maŋ- verbs PWMP *paŋ-

paŋáAklanon(WMP) hook (for getting fruits) PAN *paŋa₁

paŋaBare'e(WMP) bifurcation; forked branch, fork in a road PAN *paŋa₁

paŋaBanggai(WMP) branch PAN *paŋa₁

paŋáBikol(WMP) jaw, jawbone; jowl PAN *paŋa₁

paŋáBikol(WMP) jaw, jawbone; jowl PPH *paŋah

paŋáBontok(WMP) branch of a tree from which leaves are growing; hooks on the top of a pinaŋpaŋa earring PAN *paŋa₁

paŋáCebuano(WMP) forked stick; forked handle of a slingshot PAN *paŋa₁

paŋaCheke Holo(OC) fish spear with several prongs PAN *paŋa₁

paŋáIlokano(WMP) jawbone PPH *paŋah

paŋáIsneg(WMP) branch (of a tree) PAN *paŋa₁

paŋaItbayaten(WMP) twins PAN *paŋa₁

paŋáItawis(WMP) branch (of tree, river, etc.) PAN *paŋa₁

paŋáKankanaey(WMP) branch, bough, twig PAN *paŋa₁

paŋáKapampangan(WMP) jaw PAN *paŋa₁

paŋáKapampangan(WMP) jaw PPH *paŋah

paŋaMalay(WMP) forked supports for carrying poles, etc. in a cargo boat PAN *paŋa₁

paŋaMaranao(WMP) horn PAN *paŋa₁

paŋaMaranao(WMP) horn PPH *paŋah

paŋaMengen (Poeng)(OC) open the mouth POC *paŋaŋap

paŋaManggarai(CMP) branch; be forked PAN *paŋa₁

paŋaManggarai(CMP) bifurcation; forked, pronged PAN *paŋaq

paŋaNgadha(CMP) open the eyes and mouth, be amazed PAN *paŋa₁

paŋaPazeh(Formosan) branch PAN *paŋa₁

paŋaPopalia(WMP) branch PAN *paŋa₁

paŋaRembong(CMP) branch, fork of a branch; forked PAN *paŋa₁

paŋaRoviana(OC) fish spear with several prongs PAN *paŋa₁

paŋaSa'a(OC) to wonder, stagger at a matter PAN *paŋa₁

paŋáTagalog(WMP) jaw, jawbone PAN *paŋa₁

paŋáTagalog(WMP) jaw; the lower part of the face; jawbone PPH *paŋah

paŋaUma(WMP) forked branch PAN *paŋa₁

paŋaAgutaynen(WMP) jaw PPH *paŋah

paŋ-abara-anToba Batak(WMP) wooden pole or burden which rests on the shoulders in carrying PMP *qabaRa₁

paŋ-abughuBinukid(WMP) to be jealous of a loved one PMP *buR(e)hu

paŋ-ábuŋKankanaey(WMP) member of the family; cohabiting; husband and wife PPH *hábuŋ

paŋahAyta Abellan(WMP) jaw and jawbone PPH *paŋah

paŋahMalay(WMP) openmouthed PAN *paŋaq

paŋ-ahínIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) what is used to salt something PWMP *paŋ-qasin

paŋ-ahin-ánIfugaw(WMP) site where salt can be collected; water pool containing much salt PPh *paŋ-qasin-an

pa-ŋahóyAklanon(WMP) to gather/collect wood PWMP *pa-ŋahiw

pa-ŋáhuyCebuano(WMP) cut down and gather firewood PWMP *pa-ŋahiw

pa-ŋahuy-káhuyCebuano(WMP) for muscles to get stiff with fatigue PMP *kahiw

pa-ŋaíw-an ~ pa-ŋayú-anIfugaw(WMP) place where firewood is taken PWMP *pa-ŋahiw

paŋ-ālaIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) instrument used to get something PWMP *paŋ-alaq

paŋ-alaʔIsneg(WMP) to get, etc. PWMP *paŋ-alaq

paŋ-alaʔSangir(WMP) all sorts of fishing gear: nets, traps, lines, spears, etc. PWMP *paŋ-alap

paŋal-adwa-nKapampangan(WMP) do something a second time PMP *duha

paŋ-ala geloŋTae'(WMP) leader of song group in the maro ceremony PWMP *paŋ-alaq

paŋ-alapOld Javanese(WMP) a means of catching PWMP *paŋ-alap

paŋ-alap-anOld Javanese(WMP) place for fetching something PWMP *paŋ-alap-an

paŋ-alap-an boruToba Batak(WMP) that relationship within which a man is permitted by customary law to take a wife PWMP *paŋ-alap-an

paŋ-alap-an gogoToba Batak(WMP) the place or means by which one acquires strength PWMP *paŋ-alap-an

paŋa-lawáTagalog(WMP) second; assistant; substitute; a person second in rank PMP *da-duha

pa-ŋaliSundanese(WMP) a piece of bamboo, wood, or iron used in digging PWMP *pa-ŋali

pa-ŋalí-naIfugaw(WMP) it is his way of speaking PAN *kaRi₁

paŋ-amíhanCebuano(WMP) blow from the north PMP *qamihan

paŋ-ampun-anToba Batak(WMP) apology PWMP *paŋ-ampun-an

paŋ-ampuŋ-aŋSangir(WMP) one who will be granted forgiveness; one who asks for forgiveness PWMP *paŋ-ampun-an

pa-ŋanBalinese(WMP) food, things to eat PWMP *pa-ŋaen

pa-ŋanIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) for someone to feed someone something PWMP *pa-ŋaen

paŋ-anBontok(WMP) to feed; to feed on PWMP *pa-ŋaen

pa-ŋanKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) to eat PWMP *pa-ŋaen

paŋanKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) to eat PMP *paŋan

paŋánKankanaey(WMP) viand, food; all that is edible and is eaten with rice PMP *paŋan

pa-ŋanLampung(WMP) food to be eaten PWMP *pa-ŋaen

paŋanNumfor(SHWNG) touch, taste, feel PMP *paŋan

pa-ŋanOld Javanese(WMP) food, eating PWMP *pa-ŋaen

paŋanOld Javanese(WMP) food; eating PMP *paŋan

pa-ŋanSasak(WMP) cookies made of sticky rice flour; to eat PWMP *pa-ŋaen

pa-ŋanSundanese(WMP) food PWMP *pa-ŋaen

paŋanTae'(WMP) betel chew PMP *paŋan

pa-ŋanGayō(WMP) to be eaten by someone PWMP *pa-ŋaen

pa-ŋanJavanese(WMP) food, something to eat PWMP *pa-ŋaen

pa-ŋānKaro Batak(WMP) food, all kinds of food PWMP *pa-ŋaen

paŋanSasak(WMP) sticky rice cakes PMP *paŋan

pa-ŋan-aUma(WMP) betel nut, areca nut PWMP *pa-ŋaen-an

paŋ-anákCebuano(WMP) sponsor in a baptism PWMP *paŋ-anak

paŋ-anakOld Javanese(WMP) bringing forth PWMP *paŋ-anak

pa-ŋan-anBalinese(WMP) food, things to eat PWMP *pa-ŋaen-an

paŋan-anBalinese(WMP) food, things to eat PWMP *paŋan-an

pa-ŋan-ánIfugaw(WMP) eating place; eating time PWMP *pa-ŋaen-an

paŋán-anIlokano(WMP) dining room PWMP *paŋan-an

pa-ŋan-ánIsneg(WMP) to feed (human beings) PWMP *pa-ŋaen-an

pa-ŋan-anToba Batak(WMP) plate or anything similar from which a person eats PWMP *pa-ŋaen-an

pa-ŋan-anTotoli(WMP) food PWMP *pa-ŋaen-an

paŋánayAklanon(WMP) first born, first to do PPH *paŋánay

paŋánayCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) first born child in a family PPH *paŋánay

paŋánayHanunóo(WMP) oldest child PPH *paŋánay

paŋanayMansaka(WMP) eldest; firstborn PPH *paŋánay

paŋanayMaranao(WMP) firstborn PPH *paŋánay

paŋánayTagalog(WMP) first-born child PPH *paŋánay

paŋ-aninó-anBikol(WMP) cast a shadow on PMP *qaninu

paŋ-ánodAklanon(WMP) cloud PPh *paŋ-añud

pa-ŋan pa-ŋan-anOld Javanese(WMP) food PWMP *pa-ŋaen-an

paŋ-antaraʔBuginese(WMP) person who leads or escorts another PWMP *paŋ-hateD

pa-ŋan toIbaloy(WMP) “his meal”, designation for the first day of the aremag/siling funeral celebration, when one pig is butchered PWMP *pa-ŋaen

paŋ-ānudIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) way in which something drifts PPh *paŋ-añud

paŋ-ánudCebuano(WMP) cloud PPh *paŋ-añud

paŋ-anupManobo (Ata)(WMP) to hunt with dogs PPh *paŋ-qanup

paŋ-anupIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) that used to hunt, i.e., a dog PPh *paŋ-qanup

paŋ-anupIsneg(WMP) hunter (dog) PPh *paŋ-qanup

paŋa-ñSoboyo(CMP) branch PAN *paŋa₁

pa-ŋañuNgaju Dayak(WMP) one who likes to gather firewood PWMP *pa-ŋahiw

pa-ŋaŋaTolai(OC) to open one’s mouth, open; yawn; gape PMP *ŋaŋa₂

paŋa-ŋaTolai(OC) to open one’s mouth, be open, yawn, gape POC *paŋa₃

paŋaŋaNehan(OC) open the mouth POC *paŋaŋap

paŋaŋaPatpatar(OC) open the mouth in wonder; yawn POC *paŋaŋap

pa-ŋaŋah-ínHanunóo(WMP) to get someone to open his mouth PMP *ŋaŋa₂

paŋaŋ-aŋkaʔMakassarese(WMP) the lifting, raising PWMP *paŋ-aŋkat

pa-ŋa-ŋapáʔTagalog(WMP) act of fishing by groping with the bare hands PPH *kapaq-kapaq

paŋ-aŋkatJavanese(WMP) act or way of raising PWMP *paŋ-aŋkat

paŋ-aŋkatSundanese(WMP) introduction, beginning (as of a feast) PWMP *paŋ-aŋkat

paŋ-apúBontok(WMP) the social unit comprising all of the descendants of a single ancestor PPh *paŋ-apu

pa-ŋápoyMasbatenyo(WMP) tiredness, weariness, fatigue PPH *kápuy

paŋ-apúCebuano(WMP) have grandchildren PPh *paŋ-apu

pa-ŋaput-anSundanese(WMP) sewing basket PMP *kaput₁

paŋ-apúx-ānItawis(WMP) receptacle for lime PWMP *paŋ-qapuR-an

paŋ-apuyOld Javanese(WMP) set on fire PWMP *paŋ-hapuy

paŋa-ráanCebuano(WMP) be engaged in something over a long period of time PMP *daqan₂

pa-ŋaranOld Javanese(WMP) name, named, called PMP *i-pa-ŋajan

pa-ŋaranOld Javanese(WMP) name, named, called PWMP *paŋ-ŋaran

paŋ-araw-anItbayaten(WMP) by the day PWMP *paŋ-qalejaw-an

paŋ-asaTae'(WMP) that which is sharpened PWMP *paŋ-hasaq

paŋ-asá-anIlokano(WMP) whetstone, oilstone, hone PWMP *paŋ-hasaq-an

paŋ-asahOld Javanese(WMP) one who grinds or sharpens PWMP *paŋ-hasaq

paŋ-asáwaCebuano(WMP) for men to get married PPh *paŋ-qasawa

paŋ-asáwa-nKapampangan(WMP) rape someone PPh *paŋ-qasawa

paŋásiBikol(WMP) rice wine PWMP *paŋasih

paŋ-asin-anCebuano(WMP) salt beds PPh *paŋ-qasin-an

paŋ-asódTagalog(WMP) heavy hammer PPh *qasúd

paŋ-ásuBinukid(WMP) hunt with dogs PPh *paŋ-asu

paŋ-asu-nTontemboan(WMP) game, what is hunted PPh *paŋ-asu

paŋatMinangkabau(WMP) stuffing fish or flesh and stewing it in a rich spicy sauce PWMP *paŋat

paŋátBikol(WMP) to cook PWMP *paŋat

paŋátPangasinan(WMP) to cook fish in vinegar with garlic PWMP *paŋat

paŋátSambal(WMP) to cook fish, shrimp, etc. with salt and small amount of water; onions, tomatoes, ginger, etc. may be added PWMP *paŋat

paŋát ~ p<in>aŋátTagalog(WMP) fish cooked in water with vinegar and salt added PWMP *paŋat

pa-ŋateCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) the tame rooster which is staked to the ground inside the snare (the bait that attracts wild chickens into the trap) PPH *pa-ŋátiq

pa-ŋátiCebuano(WMP) decoy, lure in fishing PPH *káti

pa-ŋátiʔHanunóo(WMP) decoy wild cock PPH *pa-ŋátiq

pa-ŋatú-enIlokano(WMP) to raise, increase PPH *ŋatu

paŋ-avitKadazan Dusun(WMP) the thing one uses for hooking, or a hook to be used for plucking PWMP *pa-ŋawit

paŋ-awakSundanese(WMP) be, exist PMP *hawak

pa-ŋawílAklanon(WMP) to go deep sea fishing PWMP *pa-ŋawil

pa-ŋawílWaray-Waray(WMP) hook fishing PWMP *pa-ŋawil

pa-ŋáwitHanunóo(WMP) a hook, i.e. an implement PWMP *pa-ŋawit

pa-ŋawítanCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) mature rooster PPH *kawitan

pa-ŋáyabHanunóo(WMP) fan, any fanning device PWMP *kayab

paŋ-áyamAklanon(WMP) to hunt (with dogs) PWMP *qayam₂

paŋ-ayátAklanon(WMP) to affront, challenge (a whole group) PWMP *ayat

paŋayawDampelas(WMP) headhunting PWMP *pa-ŋayaw

paŋayawMaranao(WMP) engage in piracy PWMP *pa-ŋayaw

paŋayaw-anMaranao(WMP) place where slaves are captured PWMP *pa-ŋayaw

pa-ŋayuBinukid(WMP) to get, gather firewood PWMP *pa-ŋahiw

pa-ŋayu-hunMapun(WMP) use the wood as fuel (imper.) PWMP *pa-ŋahiw

paŋaʔSaisiyat(Formosan) branch PAN *paŋaq

paŋ-banwítBikol(WMP) fishing tackle, gear PPh *banuít

paŋ-baŋgíBikol(WMP) nocturnal PMP *beRŋi

paŋ-buaŋ-anSundanese(WMP) an order of banishment PWMP *paŋ-buaŋ-an

paŋ-buʔbóʔBikol(WMP) sprinkler, watering can PMP *buqbuq

páŋdanAklanon(WMP) a tree and its fruit: Pandanus tectorius PMP *paŋedan

páŋdanCebuano(WMP) any of the plants of the genus Pandanus, esp. tectorius PMP *paŋedan

páŋdanHanunóo(WMP) pandanus palm (Pandanus sp.) PMP *paŋedan

paŋdánIlokano(WMP) the screw pine, Pandanus tectorius Sol. Its leaves are used in the manufacture of hats and mats PMP *paŋedan

paŋdánKankanaey(WMP) ananas, pineapple PMP *paŋedan

paŋ-diláʔ-diláʔAklanon(WMP) stick out one’s tongue (in a taunting manner) PMP *dilaq₁

paŋèAcehnese(WMP) wild tree from the seeds of which a good cooking oil is prepared PWMP *paŋi

paŋelAgutaynen(WMP) stupid; asinine; idiot PPH *paŋel

paŋelAgutaynen(WMP) stupid; asinine; idiot PPH *paŋeR

paŋ-empw-anOld Javanese(WMP) "he who is considered as (addressed with) mpu", his (your) lordship or reverence PWMP *paŋ-empu-an

pa-ŋe-ri-nJavanese(WMP) thorny place PMP *duRi

pa-ŋesegBinukid(WMP) to exert strength, do (something) forcefully, energetically; to put all one’s energy into something PAN *keseR

paŋ-gabunBinukid(WMP) to be foggy PMP *Rabun

paŋgagaOld Javanese(WMP) kind of creeping herb, Hydrocotyle asiatica PWMP *paŋgaga

paŋgagaTae'(WMP) a creeping plant with small, round leaves that are used as a vegetable and boiled for pig fodder: Hydrocotyle asiatica PWMP *paŋgaga

paŋgálIlokano(WMP) a stick or bamboo transversely tied to the head or neck of an animal, or a collar consisting of a kind of triangle made of three pieces of wood or bamboo, to keep the wearer from passing through bamboo fences PMP *pagal

paŋga-lafaTajio(WMP) spider PMP *lawaq₂

paŋ-gamótTagalog(WMP) medicinal; healing; curative PMP *Ramut₁

paŋgaŋAcehnese(WMP) roast (meat or fish) on a spit PWMP *paŋgaŋ

paŋgaŋBalinese(WMP) roast over a fire PWMP *paŋgaŋ

paŋgáŋBikol(WMP) to dry-fry in a kawaliʔ producing a result similar to toasting, rather than frying PWMP *paŋgaŋ

paŋgaŋIban(WMP) roast, bake, cure by smoking PWMP *paŋgaŋ

paŋgaŋJavanese(WMP) broiled food, food cooked over an open fire or charcoal; to toast at an open fire PWMP *paŋgaŋ

paŋgaŋKaro Batak(WMP) roast something over a fire; roasted PWMP *paŋgaŋ

paŋgaŋMakassarese(WMP) roasting of chicken (or a piece of chicken) PWMP *paŋgaŋ

paŋgaŋMalay(WMP) broiling; roasting before the fire; toasting. Esp. toasting or roasting on a spit, skewer, or fork PWMP *paŋgaŋ

paŋgaŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) anything roasted on a gridiron; to roast on a gridiron PWMP *paŋgaŋ

paŋgaŋOld Javanese(WMP) to roast (on spit, fork, etc.), toast PWMP *paŋgaŋ

paŋgaŋSasak(WMP) to roast PWMP *paŋgaŋ

paŋgáŋTagalog(WMP) broiled or toasted to crispiness PWMP *paŋgaŋ

paŋ-gátoŋBikol(WMP) fuel PPH *gatuŋ

paŋgawIban(WMP) wooden platform, bench or bedstead in longhouse gallery PWMP *paŋgaw

paŋgawMaranao(WMP) elevate, raise up; bed PWMP *paŋgaw

paŋgelSasak(WMP) tired; bored PWMP *pagel

paŋ-gənəpOld Javanese(WMP) the means to make complete PWMP *genep

paŋ-gi-gígilTagalog(WMP) tremble or thrill from some irrepressible emotion PMP *gigil

paŋ-giliŋMandar(WMP) a person who crushes (foodstuffs, etc.) PWMP *paŋ-giliŋ

paŋ-giliŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) a block on which one rolls something PWMP *paŋ-giliŋ

paŋ-giliŋSundanese(WMP) something used to roll things up PWMP *paŋ-giliŋ

paŋ-giliŋ-anSundanese(WMP) mill; the building in which a mill is found PMP *giliŋ

paŋ-giliŋ-anOld Javanese(WMP) roll, rolled meat? PMP *giliŋ

paŋ-gimukudBinukid(WMP) to perform a rite believed to return the wandering soul (of someone) to the body PPH *Rimukud

paŋgonan buro-nJavanese(WMP) hunting ground PWMP *buRaw-an

paŋgoŋIban(WMP) pile, stack PWMP *paŋguŋ

paŋgoŋMalay(WMP) raised flooring, platform of a stage (paŋgoŋ wayaŋ), a scaffolding for spectators, a look-out house PWMP *paŋguŋ

paŋgooŋSasak(WMP) lay something on top of something else PWMP *paŋguŋ

paŋguŋBalinese(WMP) tower, cupola, dome PWMP *paŋguŋ

paŋguŋJavanese(WMP) attic; platform built on piles above flood level; open-air pavilion for spectators PWMP *paŋguŋ

paŋguŋOld Javanese(WMP) scaffolding, raised platform, stand for spectators, "tower" in the cremation ceremony, stage for play (wayaŋ) PWMP *paŋguŋ

paŋguŋSasak(WMP) an elevated structure with a ladder, used as a look-out PWMP *paŋguŋ

paŋguŋSundanese(WMP) dome, look-out, tower PWMP *paŋguŋ

paŋguŋToba Batak(WMP) heap, pile, knoll PWMP *paŋguŋ

paŋguŋ-anBalinese(WMP) a high place for seeing from, a look-out PWMP *paŋguŋ-an

paŋguŋ-anToba Batak(WMP) hearth PWMP *paŋguŋ-an

paŋ-gúyodTagalog(WMP) thick rope or cable used in hauling PWMP *guyud₃

paŋ-hatepOld Javanese(WMP) covering PWMP *paŋ-qatep

paŋ-hilala-anToba Batak(WMP) emotion, feeling, sentiment PAN *kilala

paŋ-hi-nakítAklanon(WMP) to feel sorry for, sympathize with; to bear a grudge, feel bad about, take ill (someone’s actions or talk) PMP *sakit

paŋ-húgasCebuano(WMP) wash oneself PWMP *paŋ-huRas

paŋ-huluOld Javanese(WMP) the one in the forefront, leader PWMP *paŋ-qulu

paŋ-huluSundanese(WMP) religious leader, priest PWMP *paŋ-qulu

paŋiBalinese(WMP) tree sp. PWMP *paŋi

paŋiBare'e(WMP) a tree with seeds and leaves that are edible after proper preparation: Pangium edule PWMP *paŋi

paŋiMongondow(WMP) a tree, Pangium edule. Its shredded leaves are mixed with bacon and blood and cooked in a bamboo to make a favorite dish. The seeds of the fruit are also eaten, but are poisonous and must first be roasted PWMP *paŋi

paŋiDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) flattish seed which is eaten after being cooked; if eaten uncooked it can cause intoxication PWMP *paŋi

paŋiKadazan Dusun(WMP) kind of fruit the seeds of which are added to salted fish PWMP *paŋi

paŋiMakassarese(WMP) tree with large fruits each of which contains two or three seeds: Pangium edule; after the seeds are cooked, one obtains a black mucilaginous substance from them which is used in the preparation of certain dishes PWMP *paŋi

paŋiMaranao(WMP) poisonous squash: Pangium edule Reinw. PWMP *paŋi

paŋiNgaju Dayak(WMP) kind of mango tree and its fruit, which has an exceptionally thick skin PWMP *paŋi

paŋiOld Javanese(WMP) tree with edible fruits: Pangium edule PWMP *paŋi

paŋiSamoan(OC) coconut bait for flying fish PMP *baŋi₁

paŋiSangir(WMP) tree with edible fruits and leaves PWMP *paŋi

paŋiTae'(WMP) a tree with large round fruits, Pangium edule. The pith of the seeds is dried, pounded, and cooked, and becomes black as a result; it is then used as a vegetable PWMP *paŋi

paŋiManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) a tree, probably Parartocarpus woodii, which bear large edible fruit the seeds of which are a source of edible oil PWMP *paŋi

paŋ-ígpitAgutaynen(WMP) clip, hairpin PPH *qiR(e)pit

pa-ŋilátAklanon(WMP) to be lightening, flashing, of lightning PMP *kilat₁

pa-ŋilatBinukid(WMP) for lightning to flash PMP *kilat₁

pa-ŋilátCebuano(WMP) for lightning to be flashing intensely PMP *kilat₁

paŋ-impè-nJavanese(WMP) a dream PWMP *paŋ-hipi

paŋ-impiTae'(WMP) a dream PWMP *paŋ-hipi

paŋ-impi-anSundanese(WMP) a dream PWMP *paŋ-hipi

pa-ŋínaBontok(WMP) to raise the price of something PPH *ŋina

pa-ŋiná-anIlokano(WMP) to set a price on; to charge PPH *ŋina

pa-ŋ<in>áonAklanon(WMP) to have an appetite, eat well PAN *k<in>aen

paŋ-innaweUmiray Dumaget(WMP) breath (Jason Lobel p.c.) PMP *nihawa

paŋin-sedsedBinukid(WMP) to gather this sedge PWMP *sedsed₁

paŋ-inuBare'e(WMP) a drink, beverage; drinking vessel; time, place or manner of drinking PMP *paŋ-inum

paŋ-inum-anOld Javanese(WMP) drinking-bout PWMP *paŋ-inum-an

paŋ-inum-anToba Batak(WMP) drinking vessel PWMP *paŋ-inum-an

pa-ŋi-ŋilóTagalog(WMP) putting the teeth on edge; nerve pain at edge of a tooth PAN *ŋilu

paŋi-paŋilPalawan Batak(WMP) ankle (Reid 1971) PWMP *paŋil

paŋ-ipiBare'e(WMP) a dream PWMP *paŋ-hipi

paŋ-ipy-anOld Javanese(WMP) state of dreaming; dream-vision PWMP *paŋ-hipi

pa-ŋiramTausug(WMP) a strong and sudden craving for a particular kind of food (during the early stages of pregnancy) PWMP *kidam

paŋ-isdaʔMaranao(WMP) fish PPh *sidáq

paŋ-isiOld Javanese(WMP) contents; core, essence PMP *pa-isi

paŋ-isiTae'(WMP) sickness in which one urinates only a few drops PMP *pa-isi

paŋ-isiToba Batak(WMP) inhabitants PMP *pa-isi

pa-ŋísiBikol(WMP) humor PMP *ŋisi

pa-ŋitáŋAklanon(WMP) to fish with a long line having many hooks PPH *kitáŋ

páŋkaʔCebuano(WMP) bump against something PWMP *paŋkaq

paŋkaʔIban(WMP) strike, dash (down, against), hurl PWMP *paŋkaq

paŋkahMalay(WMP) to peg a top PWMP *paŋkaq

paŋkalMalay(WMP) first portion; beginning PWMP *paŋkal

paŋkalToba Batak(WMP) stem, basal part of a tree or shrub; capital with which one works PWMP *paŋkal

paŋkálTagalog(WMP) protruding or visible above the ground (said of surface roots of trees) PWMP *paŋkal

paŋ-kaliTae'(WMP) a piece of ground that has been dug up for planting, but not yet planted PWMP *pa-ŋali

paŋkal ñiurMalay(WMP) visible root of coconut palm PWMP *paŋkal

paŋkal pokokMalay(WMP) lower part of tree trunk PWMP *paŋkal

paŋkal təliŋaMalay(WMP) junction of ear with head PWMP *paŋkal

p-aŋkatMalay(WMP) tier; stage; floor; grade; rank; school-standard PWMP *pa-aŋkat

p-aŋkatSundanese(WMP) rank, grade PWMP *pa-aŋkat

p-aŋkitNgaju Dayak(WMP) biting, to bite (as a dog) PMP *a(ŋ)kit

paŋkóTagalog(WMP) armful; as much as one or both arms can hold; carried in the arms PWMP *paŋku

paŋkuNgaju Dayak(WMP) put into one’s lap PWMP *paŋku

paŋkuJavanese(WMP) to sit on someone’s lap PWMP *paŋku

paŋkuMalay(WMP) holding to the breast; taking on the lap PWMP *paŋku

paŋku-nJavanese(WMP) a lap PWMP *paŋku

paŋkuʔIban(WMP) take or hold on the lap PWMP *paŋku

paŋ-layaŋOld Javanese(WMP) to move (float) through the air, fly PWMP *layaŋ₁

paŋ-líʔugCebuano(WMP) get thick at the neck (from having rolls of fat) PAN *liqeR

paŋ-lu-anTae'(WMP) time of the solstice, when one cooks the pig fodder PWMP *paŋ-qalejaw-an

paŋ-malémIlokano(WMP) afternoon meal PMP *malem

paŋ-ma-matáTagalog(WMP) disdain PMP *mata

paŋ-ŋálanTagalog(WMP) noun, substantive, the name of a person or thing PWMP *paŋ-ŋaran

paŋŋ-anaʔMakassarese(WMP) the third strand added in making rope PWMP *paŋ-anak

paŋŋ-anaŋMakassarese(WMP) weave bamboo or rattan around something PMP *añam

paŋŋ-antaraʔMakassarese(WMP) exchange presents at the end of the fasting month, or at Chinese or European New Year PWMP *paŋ-hateD

paŋŋ-apiʔMakassarese(WMP) young women who flank the bride; young men who flank the groom PWMP *paŋ-hapit

paŋ-ŋáranBikol(WMP) a name PWMP *paŋ-ŋaran

paŋŋ-avoyw-anItbayaten(WMP) container for molasses PPH *abuyu

paŋŋ-inuŋ-aŋMakassarese(WMP) anything used for drinking, as a drinking glass or beaker PWMP *paŋ-inum-an

paŋ-ŋuyáʔTagalog(WMP) molar; suitable for grinding PWMP *ŋuyaq

paŋoKadazan Dusun(WMP) tributary or side road; branch off (river, road) PAN *paŋa₁

paŋólBikol(WMP) stupid, dull PPH *paŋel

paŋ-óloIlokano(WMP) head, chief, director, leader, commander, headman, chieftain, ruler, governor PWMP *paŋ-qulu

paŋ-óloIsneg(WMP) chief, head PWMP *paŋ-qulu

paŋonChamorro(WMP) wake (someone) up, rouse someone from sleep, awaken PMP *baŋun₂

paŋ-oroŋToba Batak(WMP) a dog PWMP *maŋ-heReŋ

páŋpaŋAklanon(WMP) bank (of river); shoreline PWMP *paŋpaŋ

paŋpáŋBikol(WMP) river bank; bluff PWMP *paŋpaŋ

paŋpaŋBinukid(WMP) cliff; steep bank PWMP *paŋpaŋ

paŋpáŋCebuano(WMP) cliff PWMP *paŋpaŋ

paŋ-paŋGedaged(OC) snap! noise made when snapping a dry coconut with one's finger PMP *paŋ

páŋpaŋHiligaynon(WMP) brink, edge, coast, area close to a river or sea PWMP *paŋpaŋ

paŋpáŋIlokano(WMP) furrow, ridge (thrown up by a plow) PWMP *paŋpaŋ

paŋpaŋKapampangan(WMP) river bank PWMP *paŋpaŋ

paŋpáŋPangasinan(WMP) river bank, riverside, seaside PWMP *paŋpaŋ

paŋpaŋManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) a cliff PWMP *paŋpaŋ

paŋpaŋAgutaynen(WMP) cliff; steep dropoff into the ocean PWMP *paŋpaŋ

paŋpaŋIbaloy(WMP) bank of a river PWMP *paŋpaŋ

paŋpaŋ-an, pampaŋ-anKapampangan(WMP) Kapampangan ('people of the river banks') PWMP *paŋpaŋ-an

paŋpaŋ-anunCebuano(WMP) cliff dwellers PWMP *paŋpaŋ

paŋpaŋ-unCebuano(WMP) characterized by having cliffs PWMP *paŋpaŋ

paŋ-sabalíʔ-anBikol(WMP) to make an exception for PPH *sabáliq

paŋ-suŋkálBikol(WMP) the snout of animals (such as the pig) PWMP *suŋkal

paŋ-talaba-ónBikol(WMP) go in search of oysters PPH *talabá

paŋ-túeogAklanon(WMP) pyjamas, sleeping clothes PAN *tuduR

paŋ-tuha-naSundanese(WMP) the eldest PMP *tuqah

paŋudalʸPaiwan(Formosan) pandanus; pineapple; Pandanus odoratissimus var. sinensis PAN *paŋudaN

paŋuDaɭRukai (Tona)(Formosan) pineapple PAN *paŋudaN

paŋ-úeoAklanon(WMP) to lead, head, be the head (of) PWMP *paŋ-qulu

paŋugCebuano(WMP) stupid, tending to do the wrong thing unthinkingly PPH *paŋeR

paŋ-ugátCebuano(WMP) be angry PMP *uRat

pa-ŋugítaCebuano(WMP) catch octopuses PMP *kuRita

paŋ-uláŋCebuano(WMP) trap used for catching freshwater shrimps PAN *qudaŋ

pa-ŋúlitIsneg(WMP) to peel (sugarcane) PWMP *pa-ŋulit

pa-ŋúlitIsneg(WMP) to peel sugarcane PPH *kúlit

paŋ-úloPangasinan(WMP) be a leader; eldest PWMP *paŋ-qulu

paŋ-ulo-anPangasinan(WMP) first child PWMP *paŋ-qulu

paŋ-úluCebuano(WMP) be, become a leader, chief PWMP *paŋ-qulu

paŋ-úluItawis(WMP) leader PWMP *paŋ-qulu

paŋ-uluMandar(WMP) leader PWMP *paŋ-qulu

paŋ-uluTae'(WMP) leader, commander PWMP *paŋ-qulu

paŋ-umáAklanon(WMP) to farm land, be a farmer PWMP *paŋ-quma

paŋ-umaMandar(WMP) farmer PWMP *paŋ-quma

pa-ŋ<um>anNgaju Dayak(WMP) what always spreads, “eats” up a wider area PAN *k<um>aen

paŋ-unuŋuKambera(CMP) to water animals PMP *paŋ-inum

paŋ-uras-onToba Batak(WMP) what is used to wash something PWMP *paŋ-huRas

paŋ-ure-anTae'(WMP) reel, implement used to separate and wind up thread or yarn PWMP *quray

paŋusiMengen (Poeng)(OC) blow the nose POC *paŋusi

paŋ-útanCebuano(WMP) pick, gather vegetables PMP *qutan

paŋ-utánaAklanon(WMP) question, inquiry PMP *kutaña

paŋ-uwáyCebuano(WMP) gather rattan PPh *paŋ-quay

paŋ-uway-anIfugaw(WMP) place where rattan thongs can be gathered PPh *paŋ-quay

paŋ-yapyápBikol(WMP) a hand fan PPH *yapyáp

paŋzanKavalan(Formosan) pandanus PAN *paŋudaN

paoBare'e(WMP) kind of small mango found on the coast PMP *pahuq₁

paoChamorro(WMP) odor, smell, scent, aroma (as of perfume, gas, etc.) PMP *bahu

páoIlokano(WMP) variety of small mango PMP *pahuq₁

páoIlokano(WMP) kind of large marine fish PWMP *pahuq₂

paóKankanaey(WMP) mango, mango tree PMP *pahuq₁

paoMakassarese(WMP) mango PMP *pahuq₁

paóPangasinan(WMP) Indian mango (rounded and somewhat smaller than native varieties) PMP *pahuq₁

paoTae'(WMP) mango PMP *pahuq₁

pa-olay-an moynaAyta Abellan(WMP) never mind PMP *huRay

pa-olíPangasinan(WMP) leave (something) for awhile PMP *pa-uliq

paónAklanon(WMP) bait (for fishing); to put on bait PAN *paen

paónMasbatenyo(WMP) bait, lure, enticement; something used to entice the victim in fishing or trapping PAN *paen

p-ao-nSasak(WMP) kitchen PWMP *paR-qabu-an

paónWaray-Waray(WMP) bait PAN *paen

páʔonBikol(WMP) bait; decoy or lure PAN *paen

paʔon-anBikol(WMP) to bait or set a trap; to place bait on a hook; to decoy or lure PPH *paen-an

pa-oniTae'(WMP) make a sound or noise, produce a sound PWMP *pa-huni

pa-onom-honToba Batak(WMP) the sixth PMP *pa-enem

pa-oránPangasinan(WMP) be caught in the rain PAN *pa-quzaN

pa-ʔorip-ayAmis(Formosan) provider, rescuer; deliverer, saviour PAN *pa-qudip

pa-ʔorip-enAmis(Formosan) be saved (physically, as from drowning; spiritually) PAN *pa-qudip

pao̯sMei Lan Modang(WMP) cockroach PMP *ipes

pao̯sWoq Helaq Modang(WMP) cockroach PMP *ipes

pa-osaAmis(Formosan) take food to someone, as to workers in a field PAN *pa-uSa

pa-ʔútaŋBontok(WMP) to lend (money) PWMP *pa-qutaŋ

pa-ótaŋPangasinan(WMP) to lend PWMP *pa-qutaŋ

paót mum-, -in-, <in> -anIfugaw(WMP) wood carving; chisels used for carving PMP *paqet

pa-oyonAgutaynen(WMP) to agree to something; to consent PPH *uyun₂

paoʔSasak(WMP) mango: Mangifera indica PMP *pahuq₁

pāpBuli(SHWNG) beneath, under PMP *babaq₁

pæpKosraean(OC) rib, side, raised sides of a canoe between front and rear gunwales POC *baban

papLou(OC) carry a person (as someone who is sick) on the back POC *papa₁

pāpMarshallese(OC) coconut frond; midrib of a coconut frond PMP *papaq₁

papSoutheast Ambrym(OC) uncle, etc. POC *baba₆

papaAnuta(OC) carry a person -- generally a small child -- on one's back, piggyback fashion POC *papa₁

papaAnuta(OC) board, plank; any hard flat surface, as the top of a plank, a flat rock POC *baban

papaBare'e(WMP) father, father’s brother, mother’s brother PMP *papa₂

papaʔChamorro(WMP) down, below, bottom, southward, downward, beneath PMP *babaq₁

papaFutunan(OC) board, plank POC *baban

papaHawaiian(OC) flat surface, stratum, layer, level, foundation; story of a building; class, rank, order; table; sheet, plate, shelf; flat, level POC *baban

papaItbayaten(WMP) father (address term); fond name for father, dad, daddy PMP *papa₂

ɸaɸaKola(CMP) mouth PMP *baqbaq

ɸaɸaKola(CMP) below PMP *babaq₁

papaMaori(OC) anything broad, flat, and hard; flat rock, slab, board; earth floor or site of a native house; bed of a lake POC *baban

papaʔMaranao(WMP) bite, chew PMP *paqpaq₁

papaNggela(OC) carry pick-a-back POC *papa₁

papaNggela(OC) to chip; chips PEMP *babak₁

papaNggela(OC) to chip; chips POC *babak₃

papaNggela(OC) to chip POC *babak

papaNiue(OC) flat POC *baban

papaPileni(OC) board POC *baban

*papaPMic(OC) board, plank POC *baban

papaRennellese(OC) sounding board, beater of the papa, dancer to the papa; to be flat, flattened; to flatten POC *baban

papaRoviana(OC) carry a child on one's back POC *papa₁

papaSamoan(OC) (children's language) Dad, Daddy POC *baba₆

papaSamoan(OC) a fish (Epinephelus sp.), grouper POC *babaŋ

papaSamoan(OC) board, plank; rock; make level, flatten POC *baban

papaSamoan(OC) (children’s language) Dad, Daddy PMP *papa₂

papa-Sangir(WMP) (in composition) armpit, esp. of animals (pigs, etc.); side under the armpit PWMP *apaqpaq

papaHawu(CMP) plank PMP *papan

papaTongan(OC) sawn timber, plank(s), board(s); flat hard sandstone forming a layer or bed at the coast in certain places; flat and smooth and hard (as a well-trodden track) POC *baban

papaWolio(WMP) board, plank PMP *papan

papaRotuman(OC) floor, or deck, if made of boards POC *baban

*papa:nPCha(WMP) board; plank PMP *papan

pa-paʔatTontemboan(WMP) a chisel PMP *paqet

papabaTolai(OC) crayfish sp. POC *papaba

*pa-pacayPRuk(Formosan) kill PAN *pa-p-aCay

pa-p-acayThao(Formosan) to fight PAN *pa-p-aCay

pa-padaTae'(WMP) to make equal PWMP *pada

papa daun nipaTae'(WMP) roof thatch made from the leaves of this swamp palm PMP *nipaq

papagAgutaynen(WMP) stretcher made of bamboo PPH *papag

pápagCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) shelf, high table (in a house for keeping things on); high table (outside, for drying meat on, or for the offering of the atang sacrifice) PPH *papag

pápagHanunóo(WMP) a bamboo slat-tray or shelf, used for support of bone bundles in a family burial cave PPH *papag

pápagIlokano(WMP) bamboo bench; bamboo or wood bed (with no mattress) PPH *papag

papagItbayaten(WMP) low table, usually of bamboo PPH *papag

pápagKapampangan(WMP) bamboo-slat platform used for sleeping, eating, and just sitting around talking PPH *papag

pápagTagalog(WMP) a low bamboo bed PPH *papag

pápagBikol(WMP) bamboo cot or bed PPH *papag

papa-gamutKadazan Dusun(WMP) to cause or allow to root PMP *Ramut₁

pa-pagi, pe-pagiKaro Batak(WMP) morning PWMP *pagi

papahBalinese(WMP) the young or green leaf of a coconut or palm tree; the sheath of a leaf PMP *paqpaq₂

papahJavanese(WMP) center stalk of palm, banana, etc. PMP *paqpaq₂

papahMalay (Jakarta)(WMP) coconut frond PMP *papaq₁

papahOld Javanese(WMP) the long stalk of a palm- or banana-leaf PMP *papaq₁

papahOld Javanese(WMP) the long stalk of a palm or banana leaf PMP *paqpaq₂

papahSakizaya(Formosan) leaf PAN *pahpah

papahJavanese(WMP) midrib of a palm frond PMP *papaq₁

papakMalay(WMP) clapper for frightening birds PAN *pakpak₁

papakMaranao(WMP) wing; break, chip off PAN *pakpak₁

papakMaranao(WMP) to break, chip off PMP *papak

papakNgaju Dayak(WMP) a slap PAN *pakpak₁

papakTolai(OC) to peel off bark - also applied to peeling off lime, paint, etc. PEMP *babak₁

papakTolai(OC) to peel off bark - also applied to peeling off lime, paint, etc. POC *babak₂

papakTolai(OC) to peel off bark; also applied to peeling off lime, paint, etc. POC *babak₃

papak-anMaranao(WMP) flying fish PAN *pakpak₁

papakiTikopia(OC) to slap POC *papak-i

pa-pakpakKapampangan(WMP) clap the hands, flap the wings PAN *pakpak₁

pa-pakpakPuyuma(Formosan) to make wings flap (as when frightening a chicken) PAN *pakpak₁

pa-pakpak-anKapampangan(WMP) clap for someone PAN *pakpak₁

papalIban(WMP) pare, clip off, cut even (at the edges) PWMP *palpal₂

papalMalay(WMP) short; cropped; trimmed PWMP *palpal₁

pa-palidAklanon(WMP) to winnow, separate the grain from the chaff in the wind PWMP *palij

pa-palisSiraya(Formosan) wing PAN *paNid

pa-palitPazeh(Formosan) wing PAN *paNid

pa-paluTontemboan(WMP) the instrument used to pound sago PAN *palu-palu

pa-pa-matLenkau(OC) raw, unripe POC *mataq

papanBalinese(WMP) board, plank PMP *papan

papanMongondow(WMP) stick or lath used to tap down the weft thread (in weaving) PMP *papan

pá-panBontok(WMP) bait, as used in fishing or trapping birds PAN *paen

papa-nBuruese(CMP) cheek PCEMP *papaR

papanBuruese(CMP) board PMP *papan

pá-panIfugaw(WMP) bait, to lure birds to the place where they can be ensnared, or eels into a cage trap called udál, or rats into a kind of deadfall called ipít PAN *paen

papanJavanese(WMP) board PMP *papan

pá-panKankanaey(WMP) bait PAN *paen

papanMalay(WMP) plank; board; strake; flooring; numeral coefficient for games played on boards, such as chess and draughts PMP *papan

papanMapun(WMP) board; plank (usually and inch and a half or less thick) PMP *papan

papanMaranao(WMP) lumber, board; arrange checkers or chess (pieces) on board PMP *papan

papanMoken(WMP) plank PMP *papan

papanNgaju Dayak(WMP) board, plank PMP *papan

papanOld Javanese(WMP) board; (round wooden) shield PMP *papan

papanSasak(WMP) plank; slate; school board PMP *papan

papanSundanese(WMP) plank, board; in a wider sense, any flat object; plank (of wood, stone, etc.) PMP *papan

papanTae'(WMP) plank PMP *papan

papanToba Batak(WMP) board, plank; floor boards PMP *papan

papanYakan(WMP) a plank, board (as for making a wall) PMP *papan

papánCebuano(WMP) stone slab PMP *papan

papanGayō(WMP) plank, board PMP *papan

papanIban(WMP) long flat surface or thing PMP *papan

papanKaro Batak(WMP) plank, the plank floor; a chessboard PMP *papan

pa-panaMakassarese(WMP) shoot with (something) PAN *panaq

pa-panaPazeh(Formosan) shoot with a bow; throw at (with a stone) PAN *panaq

*pa-panakoPAdm(OC) steal POC *panako

pa-panaw-enIlokano(WMP) to drive away, send away PMP *panaw₂

papan batuNgaju Dayak(WMP) a thin flat stone or a thin, flat piece of iron PMP *papan

papan batuSundanese(WMP) stone plate PMP *papan

papan caturBalinese(WMP) chessboard PMP *papan

papa ni gaiNggela(OC) wood chips POC *babak

papan kayuʔIban(WMP) plank, board PMP *papan

pápá-n limwPuluwat(OC) house board POC *baban

pa-pannoʔMapun(WMP) to be becoming full PMP *pa-penuq

papán ŋa batóWaray-Waray(WMP) stone tablet PMP *papan

papan sandarMalay(WMP) backrest PMP *papan

papaŋMakassarese(WMP) plank, board PMP *papan

papaŋManggarai(CMP) plank, board PMP *papan

pa-paŋaBunun (Takituduh)(Formosan) bifurcation; fork of a branch PAN *paŋa₁

pa-pa-ŋan-iToba Batak(WMP) eat a lot PWMP *pa-ŋaen

pa-paŋasíh-anBikol(WMP) the container in which the rice wine is made PWMP *paŋasih

pa-pa-paciSaaroa(Formosan) kill PAN *pa-p-aCay

pa-pa-piliqPaiwan(Formosan) to sort out, divide PAN *piliq

pa-pa-pituThao(Formosan) seven at a time, seven-by-seven PAN *pitu₁

paparIban(WMP) cut smooth (with adze, etc.) PWMP *parpar

papara (OG)Roviana(OC) side of face, cheek POC *babaR

papasKadazan Dusun(WMP) ditch, drain, channel PWMP *paspas₃

papasNgaju Dayak(WMP) broom; what is swept PWMP *paspas₂

papas-anKadazan Dusun(WMP) to make a ditch for PWMP *papas-an

pa-pa-savoKadazan Dusun(WMP) give in marriage; make or let marry (of boy) PMP *pa-qasawa

pa-pasiʔSangir(WMP) stake, post (as a fencepost) PAN *pacek

pa-paspas-enItbayaten(WMP) to shake something so that dirt or something inserted comes out PWMP *paspas₂

pa-paspas-onBikol(WMP) to make something run faster (as a vehicle) PPH *paspás₄

papatMalay (Brunei)(WMP) to cut, lop off PWMP *patpat

pa-pat-aPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) four (animals and objects) PAN *pat-a

pa-pataw-enYami(WMP) flying fish with red fins, can be used as bait; the most common type of flying fish PPH *patáw

pa-pataySamal(WMP) kill PMP *pa-p-atay

pa-patay-anAtta (Pamplona)(WMP) kill PWMP *pa-p-atay-an

pa-patay-ānIsneg(WMP) place in the axilla of a hog through which its heart is pierced, when slaughtering hogs PWMP *pa-p-atay-an

pa-pateSangir(WMP) death PMP *pa-p-atay

pa-pateTontemboan(WMP) death, time of dying or killing PMP *pa-p-atay

pa-p-ate-anTae'(WMP) kill PWMP *pa-p-atay-an

pa-pate-honToba Batak(WMP) bring to an end, extinguish PMP *pa-p-atay

pa-patokYami(WMP) a hammer PAN *pa(n)tuk₂

pa-patuKambera(CMP) by fours, in groups of four PMP *epat epat

pa-paʔuIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) an edible fern: Athyrium esculentum PWMP *paku

pa-paxpaxItbayaten(WMP) club for striking PPH *palpál₁

pa-payidItbayaten(WMP) a fan PAN *paid

pa-payuŋSundanese(WMP) protection, shelter PWMP *payuŋ

pa-payuŋ-anJavanese(WMP) to hold an umbrella over the head PWMP *payuŋ

paʔpaʔAmis(Formosan) chew; the action of the jaws and teeth in chewing PAN *paqpaq₁

papaʔKadazan Dusun(WMP) to feed a child mouth to mouth PMP *paqpaq₁

papaʔSasak(WMP) premasticate rice for newborn child PMP *paqpaq₁

papaʔMaranao(WMP) shoots of vegetables PMP *papaq₁

papaʔ-unMapun(WMP) to chew PMP *paqpaq₁

pa-pe-qetseŋelPaiwan(Formosan) to blacken PAN *qeCeŋeN

pa-pəspəsPuyuma(Formosan) to massage PAN *pespes

pa-pəspəsPuyuma(Formosan) to massage PAN *pa-pespes

papeuënAcehnese(WMP) plank (as in a coffin or grave) PMP *papan

papeunRejang(WMP) wooden board, plank PMP *papan

pa-pichpich-anItbayaten(WMP) to strike at the side of (as of animals drawing sleds) PAN *pikpik

papieAnuta(OC) firewood POC *papian

papieMekeo (East)(OC) woman POC *papine

pa-piga-honToba Batak(WMP) the which? (in quantitative sequence) PAN *pijax

pa-pikok, piko-pikokNgaju Dayak(WMP) crooked, bent PMP *pi(ŋ)kuk

pa-pileMakassarese(WMP) let someone choose something PWMP *pa-piliq

pa-pileSangir(WMP) something with which one sorts things out PWMP *pa-piliq

paʔ-pile-anTae'(WMP) the remainder, residue that has no more value, is of no more use after the valuable or useful part has been chosen PAN *piliq

pa-pile-pileMakassarese(WMP) fastidious, squeamish PMP *piliq piliq

pa-píliʔCebuano(WMP) be a candidate PWMP *pa-piliq

pa-pilítCebuano(WMP) to paste, stick something to something PMP *pilit₁

pa-pinaAmis(Formosan) how many? (of people) PAN *pa-pija

pa-pina-pinaAmis(Formosan) several (people) PAN *pija pija

papineAnuta(OC) woman; female POC *papine

p-apirKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) fused, as two bananas that have grown together; twins PMP *qapij

pa-pirahItbayaten(WMP) how many (in units or number, not in time) PAN *pijax

pa-pispis-anItbayaten(WMP) to sprinkle PWMP *pispis₃

pa-pispis-enItbayaten(WMP) to shake off PWMP *pispis₃

pa-pitoIvatan(WMP) seven PAN *pa-pitu

pa-pitoAmis(Formosan) seven (people) PAN *pa-pitu

pa-pitpitThao(Formosan) to massage with pinching motions PAN *pitpit₂

pa-pitpitThao(Formosan) to massage with pinching motions PAN *pa-pespes

pa-pituManobo (Ata)(WMP) seven PAN *pa-pitu

pa-pituBalinese(WMP) seven PAN *pa-pitu

pa-pituBare'e(WMP) seven (like pitu, also used in combination forms, with stress on the amount) PAN *pa-pitu

pa-pituPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) seven (people) PAN *pa-pitu

pa-pituThao(Formosan) seven (of humans) PAN *pa-pitu

pa-pitu-honToba Batak(WMP) seventh PAN *pitu₁

pa-pizaThao(Formosan) how many? (of people) PAN *pa-pija

papnaWetan(CMP) board, plank PMP *papan

p-apo-ʔTontemboan(WMP) vocative of apo-ʔ PMP *pa-ampu

pa-podomToba Batak(WMP) to lull to sleep PWMP *pezem

p-apo-nJavanese(WMP) container for slaked lime PWMP *paR-qapuR-an

pa-popod-onAgutaynen(WMP) to cause, or wait for, something to be completely consumed, used up, worn down, burned down/up PPH *pa-pudpud-en

pa-poroŋ t-in-aliSangir(WMP) twisted headcloth worn by men PMP *t<in>alih

pappaChamorro(WMP) strip off (bark of a tree), skin (an animal), peel off, rip off (as skin, bark) PMP *bakbak₁

pappaChamorro(WMP) wing PAN *bakbak₂

pappaŋIda'an Begak(WMP) beach; river side PWMP *paŋpaŋ

pa-pshiqThao(Formosan) spray water from mouth; splash water PAN *peSiq

pa-pudáw-enIlokano(WMP) to make white, bleach PPH *pudaw

pa-pudpod-ónBikol(WMP) to wear something down PPH *pa-pudpud-en

pa-pukaʔMakassarese(WMP) fishermen who fish together with a dragnet PWMP *pa-puket

pa-púkawIlokano(WMP) to rape PWMP *pukaw₂

pa-pu-laviqPaiwan(Formosan) to fill something to overflowing PAN *labiq

paputSinghi Land Dayak(WMP) stopped up (choked up) PWMP *pa(m)pet

pa-putíʔAklanon(WMP) to whiten, make white PMP *pa-putiq

pa-putiErai(CMP) who is white, being white PMP *pa-putiq

pa-putiNgaju Dayak(WMP) whitish PMP *pa-putiq

pa-putiTugun(CMP) white PMP *pa-putiq

pa-putiTugun(CMP) white PWMP *damdam

pa-puzuɬ-anPaiwan(Formosan) a spool PAN *puduN

*paqaPBun(WMP) thigh PAN *paqa₁

pa-qadawPaiwan(Formosan) put in the sun (to dry); use a burning-glass PAN *qajaw

paqa-seRKavalan(Formosan) to apply force PAN *pa-ka-keseR

paqavBunun(Formosan) gall, gall bladder PAN *paqeju

pa-qawitKavalan(Formosan) to hook; to carry by hanging from the arm PAN *kawit

pa-qetjutjPaiwan(Formosan) to break wind PAN *pa-qetut

pa-qitaKavalan(Formosan) to show PAN *pa-kita

*paqoQPBUN(WMP) chisel PMP *paqet

paq-sikazKavalan(Formosan) cause to be ashamed, shy or bashful PAN *Sikad

pa-qudjalʸPaiwan(Formosan) cause rain, give rain to PAN *pa-quzaN

pa-qusazThao(Formosan) stand in the rain PAN *pa-quzaN

pa-quzipPaiwan(Formosan) raise an animal PAN *pa-qudip

parGitua(OC) stingray POC *paRi

parLou(OC) kind of pandanus with narrow light-green leaves, used in plaiting mats POC *padran

parPapitalai(OC) broad-leaved pandanus sp. POC *padran

-parTakia(OC) step, pace, tread on POC *paRas

par-Toba Batak(WMP) Substantives with the prefix par- do occur without there being a corresponding verb with the prefix mar-. These substantives are derived from substantives that have a preposition before them, or from those that, with a preposition, function as adverbs ... These substantives rather represent a person and, therefore, can also be formed from intransitive verbs (van der Tuuk 1971:186) PWMP *paR-

par- + N + -anToba Batak(WMP) makes nouns of place (Nababan 1981:95) PWMP *paR- ... -an

paraAcehnese(WMP) attic, loft (under the ceiling) PAN *paRa₁

paraAcehnese(WMP) horde, troop PMP *paRa₂

paraAraki(OC) trunk of a tree; hence the tree itself, vs. its fruits (vae), or its other parts PMP *bataŋ

para'Āre'āre(OC) fence, trap POC *bala₄

para'Āre'āre(OC) fence, trap POC *baRa

para'Āre'āre(OC) fence, trap POC *bara₄

para'Āre'āre(OC) small platform, mostly above the fireplace, used as a depository POC *paRa, baRa

para'Āre'āre(OC) a fishhook used for catching bonito POC *potok

paraAua(OC) kind of broad-leaved littoral pandanus used in plaiting mats and baskets POC *padran

pára-Bikol(WMP) verbal affix, repetitive action series, infinitive-command form, used in combination with the intensive series affix pag- and verbs taking mag-, -on, i-, and -an in the regular series; magpara-bisíta repeatedly visit PWMP *para-

paraʔBuginese(WMP) hoarse PMP *paRaek

paraIban(WMP) frame or rack over a hearth for drying or preserving things laid on it; platform for felling large trees; hide or machan for hunter in tree PAN *paRa₁

páraIlokano(WMP) the sprouting embryo of the coconut, before the cotyledon appears PMP *para

paraKaro Batak(WMP) name for various racks above the fireplace (where husked rice is kept dry, cooking pots are stored, firewood is kept, etc.) PAN *paRa₁

paraMakassarese(WMP) germ of the coconut that remains in the nut and later sprouts PMP *para

paraMakassarese(WMP) all, both (in composite expressions) PMP *paRa₂

paraMakassarese(WMP) all, both (in combinations); same, equal (mostly in combinations) PWMP *pada

paraMakassarese (Bantaeng)(WMP) attic, loft PAN *paRa₁

paraMalay(WMP) shelf or framework built over the fireplace as a receptable for cooking pots; any shelf-like upper apartment in a Malay house, serving as an attic or home for a young girl during her seclusion PAN *paRa₁

paraMalay(WMP) collective prefix implying a certain parity (used before nouns to indicate collectivities of persons sharing some vocational or other feature PMP *paRa₂

paraMaori(OC) turned yellow, sere, discolored POC *balaR₂

para-Muna(WMP) verbal prefix on verbal bases; a-class, amenable to -um-, intransitive. Meaning: iterativity in combination with habituality. In some cases the emphasis is on the variety of the implied objects; no-para-toŋka vomit repeatedly PWMP *para-

paraOld Javanese(WMP) a personal demonstrative particle for a number of persons belonging to the same category PMP *paRa₂

páraPangasinan(WMP) like, the same; be the same PWMP *pada

paraRembong(CMP) mutual, reciprocal PCEMP *paRa-

paraRembong(CMP) uppermost floor of a house PAN *paRa₁

paraSa'a(OC) to fence with upright posts, to guard POC *bara₄

paraSasak(WMP) shelf over the hearth PAN *paRa₁

paraSundanese(WMP) attic, loft (used for storage) PAN *paRa₁

paraTae'(WMP) the slanting upper portion of the front and rear facades of a house PAN *paRa₁

páraTagalog(WMP) as though; as if; only; same as; like; similar; just like; such as one would expect PWMP *pada

paraWolio(WMP) coconut embryo PMP *para

par̃aAraki(OC) trunk of a tree; hence the tree itself vs. its fruits (vae), or its other parts PMP *bataŋ

pa-raánTagalog(WMP) way; a way of doing something; method; a course of action or conduct; tactics; resource; any means of achieving success or getting out of trouble; style PWMP *pa-zalan

pa-raan-ánTagalog(WMP) to pass over something; to allow someone to pass over or through a certain place (stress on the place) PWMP *pa-zalan-an

para-boseWolio(WMP) be abroad, wander about PMP *beRsay

para buaŋ-anMalay(WMP) aperture in house wall for emptying out slops PMP *buqaŋ

para-bubuŋ-anMentawai(WMP) ridgepole of a house PMP *bubuŋ-an

parafaRotuman(OC) mid-rib of coconut leaf POC *balapaq

parahaNehan(OC) put foot against something, place foot firmly POC *paRas

para-hi-ŋútoMasbatenyo(WMP) lice catcher … refers to someone who regularly catches and kills lice in someone else’s hair PMP *kutu₁

parahuOld Javanese(WMP) boat PMP *paraqu

parahuSundanese(WMP) sloop, boat PMP *paraqu

paraiRotuman(OC) kind of hard yam POC *balai₂

parakBilur(OC) to split wood POC *pwalaq

pa-rakédIlokano(WMP) outrigger of a canoe PPH *Rakéd

pa-rakox-anItbayaten(WMP) to enlarge PPH *dakél

paralNauna(OC) thunderclap POC *parara

para-laŋóyMasbatenyo(WMP) swimmer PWMP *laŋuy

para-láyagBikol(WMP) one who sails, a fisherman PAN *layaR

parallakk-eŋMakassarese(WMP) farmyard, compound PWMP *parelak

para-lúgosBikol(WMP) rapist PPH *luges

par-ama-onToba Batak(WMP) relationship of children to their father PWMP *paR-ama-en

para-nLou(OC) stalk, stem, trunk PMP *bataŋ

p-aranSasak(WMP) give someone a name PMP *pa(ka)-ajan

par-anakToba Batak(WMP) the one who arranges the marriage for a young man (Vergouwen 1964:156) PWMP *paR-anak

paran epiNauna(OC) sago palm POC *Rabia

para ni keni'Āre'āre(OC) an enclosure of girls, virgins, taboo for men POC *bala₄

para ni keni'Āre'āre(OC) an enclosure of girls, virgins, taboo for men POC *baRa

para ni keni'Āre'āre(OC) an enclosure of girls, virgins, taboo for men POC *bara₄

para-n pameBaluan(OC) areca palm PMP *bataŋ

para-n pwaŋBaluan(OC) thigh PMP *bataŋ

pa-ranumKapampangan(WMP) ditch or inlet that directs water to the seed-bed PMP *pa-danum

pa-ranúmPangasinan(WMP) irrigation system PMP *pa-danum

paraŋCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) meadow, open field, usually covered with cogon grass (Imperata cylindrica) PWMP *padaŋ

paraŋMakassarese(WMP) field, treeless plain PWMP *padaŋ

páraŋTagalog(WMP) meadow, prairie; a large piece of level or rolling land with grass but not trees; field; uncultivated land PWMP *padaŋ

paraŋTausug(WMP) grass PWMP *padaŋ

parapaʔMakassarese(WMP) one fourth PWMP *paR-epat

par-apaWolio(WMP) fourth part, quarter PWMP *paR-epat

par-apad-anMadurese(WMP) one quarter of something divided; cross-roads PWMP *paR-epat-an

para-paŋugítaMasbatenyo(WMP) octopus catcher PMP *kuRita

para-para'Āre'āre(OC) white, pale POC *balaR₂

para-paraMakassarese(WMP) trellis for tendrils to creep up PWMP *paraq paraq

para-paraMakassarese(WMP) grill on which a cooking pot is set PMP *paRa paRa

para-paraMalay(WMP) shelf or framework built over the fireplace as a receptacle for cooking-pots PMP *paRa paRa

pára-páraPangasinan(WMP) matching PWMP *pada pada

para-paraRembong (Waru-Kia)(CMP) uppermost floor of a house PMP *paRa paRa

para-paraTae'(WMP) rack in a house where eating utensils are put PMP *paRa paRa

para-paraToba Batak(WMP) wooden rack that in a Batak house runs from the door around the entire house PMP *paRa paRa

par-api-anToba Batak(WMP) hearth, fireplace PWMP *paR-hapuy-an

parappaʔMakassarese(WMP) a tree with a fruit shaped like an apple: Sonneratia oborata PWMP *paRatpat

para-puhágBikol(WMP) one who cuts the honeycomb PWMP *puhaR

p-ararFavorlang/Babuza(Formosan) to fence round PAN *qalad

pararLabel(OC) thunder POC *parara

pararaMotu(OC) handle (given only in the English index) POC *paRara

pa-rarom-onBikol(WMP) to deepen PWMP *pa-dalem

parasIban(WMP) trim, cut even or smooth PWMP *paras₁

parasIban(WMP) shape of the face, features PWMP *paras₂

parásKapampangan(WMP) hot, spicy, sharp-tasting PMP *hapejes

parasKaro Batak(WMP) castrate PWMP *paras₁

parasMalay(WMP) trimming off asperities PWMP *paras₁

parasMalay(WMP) good looks; appearance; handsomeness PWMP *paras₂

parasMaranao(WMP) face, looks, appearance PWMP *paras₂

parasNgaju Dayak(WMP) smooth, even, level PWMP *paras₁

parasOld Javanese(WMP) that which is trimmed by shaving (hair, eyebrow); razor; to shave (trim) the eyebrows PWMP *paras₁

parasSasak(WMP) shave off the eyebrows PWMP *paras₁

parasSundanese(WMP) shave off PWMP *paras₁

parasManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) the appearance or countenance of a person PWMP *paras₂

parásanHanunóo(WMP) a tall, mature type of rattan PPH *parásan

parasanMansaka(WMP) a kind of rattan (the largest type) PPH *parásan

paR-asa-nPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) to do once PAN *paR-isa-an

para saŋa-nLou(OC) fork of a branch PMP *bataŋ

para siʔrípBikol(WMP) a Peeping Tom PPH *siq(e)rip

par-ate-ateToba Batak(WMP) irascible, irritable PMP *qatay

para tuhurKaro Batak(WMP) the lowest shelf over the hearth fire, where rice is often dried PMP *tuquR

parauIban(WMP) hoarse PAN *paRaw

parauMalay(WMP) hoarseness due to overmuch talking or shouting or to a cold (not of voice naturally harsh) PAN *paRaw

parauNehan(OC) boat PMP *paraqu

parauToba Batak(WMP) boat, ship PMP *paraqu

parauTolai(OC) boat, ship; foreign, European, brought from overseas in a ship PMP *paraqu

para-úlinBikol(WMP) helmsman PMP *qulin

parawAgutaynen(WMP) a boat similar to a lansa (cargo boat), but with outriggers, used for fishing (it pulls smaller outriggers out to deeper water where they can fish); the entire entourage is called a paraw PWMP *padaw

parawMurut (Tagol)(WMP) boat, canoe PWMP *padaw

parawCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) large sailing vessel PMP *paraqu

paráwCebuano(WMP) schooner, galleon PWMP *padaw

párawIlokano(WMP) hoarse PAN *paRaw

paráwIlokano(WMP) a sailing vessel much larger than the biráy PMP *paraqu

parawKavalan(Formosan) hoarse PAN *paRaw

párawPangasinan(WMP) traditional type of sailboat PWMP *padaw

paráwTagalog(WMP) large passenger and cargo sailboat PWMP *padaw

paráwAklanon(WMP) sailboat PWMP *padaw

pa-rawat-enItbayaten(WMP) to hand over PPH *dáwat

pa-raxan-enItbayaten(WMP) cause to pass through; give way to someone; obtain by means of PWMP *pa-zalan

párayHanunóo(WMP) palay, or unhusked rice (Oryza sativa Linn.), especially that standing in the fields, still unharvested PAN *pajay

parayIda'an Begak(WMP) paddy PAN *pajay

parayItbayaten(WMP) unhusked rice; husked rice; rice plant PAN *pajay

parayKejaman(WMP) riceplant, rice in the field PAN *pajay

parayMinokok(WMP) rice in the field PAN *pajay

paraySupan(WMP) riceplant, rice in the field PAN *pajay

parbóIlokano(WMP) the four rafters that meet the solókan (hip rafters) at their upper end, near the ridge of the roof PPh *paR(e)bu

par-borŋin-anToba Batak(WMP) place where one spends the night PWMP *paR-beRŋi-an

par-buat-anToba Batak(WMP) source of gain or acquisition, work; source of misfortune PWMP *paR-buhat-an

par-buat-onToba Batak(WMP) goods, wealth PWMP *paR-buhat-en

par-buŋa-anToba Batak(WMP) navel PMP *buŋa

par-buri-anToba Batak(WMP) vessel for water used in washing PMP *buRiq

par-dua-anToba Batak(WMP) a part/division of the inheritance PMP *duha

pareKayan(WMP) rice plant, rice in the field PAN *pajay

pareLi'o(CMP) riceplant, rice in the field PAN *pajay

pareMakassarese(WMP) rice in the field PAN *pajay

pareMandar(WMP) rice in the field PAN *pajay

pareSundanese(WMP) rice in general, but particularly rice in the field and in the husk PAN *pajay

pareTae'(WMP) rice in the field PAN *pajay

pare bulaanTae'(WMP) kind of yellow/golden rice which yields white grains PAN *bulaw-an

párekIlokano(WMP) dregs of liquors PPH *parek

parekItbayaten(WMP) wine, liquor, sugarcane wine PPH *parek

parekYami(WMP) murky, as water PPH *parek

parék (é unexpl.)Maloh(WMP) ditch, canal PWMP *parij

parék (é unexpl.)Maloh(WMP) ditch, canal PWMP *parik

pare launTae'(WMP) old rice; rice that is not newly harvested PWMP *laun

paremKayan(WMP) extinguished; fire or light gone out PWMP *padem

par(e)patOld Javanese(WMP) formation, arrangement PWMP *paR-epat

*paRəpatPSan(WMP) mangrove PWMP *paRepat

par-ettus-eŋBuginese(WMP) frequently farting PMP *qetut

pareum bulanSundanese(WMP) new moon PMP *bulan₃

pareyBukat(WMP) riceplant, rice in the field PAN *pajay

pareyManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) the rice plant, Oryza sativa, and the grain before it is milled or pounded PAN *pajay

par-h<al>aŋkaŋ-anToba Batak(WMP) space between the upper thighs, the crotch PWMP *kaŋkaŋ₁

par-hauToba Batak(WMP) all kinds of timber used for building PMP *kahiw

par-hobol-onToba Batak(WMP) skill in making oneself invulnerable PWMP *kebel

pariBuginese(WMP) stingray PMP *paRih

pariʔIban(WMP) skate; ray. Generic for sting-rays (Trygonidae), electric rays (Torpedinae), and eagle-rays (Myliobatidae) PMP *paRih

pariJavanese(WMP) rice plant (growing, or harvested, but still unhulled) PAN *pajay

pariKambera(CMP) stingray PCEMP *paRi

pariKambera(CMP) rice plant PAN *pajay

pariKaro Batak(WMP) stingray PMP *paRih

pariNgadha(CMP) sawfish PCEMP *paRi

pariOld Javanese(WMP) rice (in the field or still in the straw), paddy PAN *pajay

pariSika(CMP) fish a fathom long PCEMP *paRi

pariTahitian(OC) side POC *bali₇

pariTahitian(OC) side PCEMP *pali₁

pariWetan(CMP) hibiscus PMP *baRu

pariáIlokano(WMP) Momordica charantia L. A vine with yellow flowers. Its young shoots and leaves and its fruits are edible PWMP *paria

pariaʔMaranao(WMP) succulent vegetable with quinine bitter taste: Momordica charantia L. PWMP *pariaq

pariaTae'(WMP) climbing plant with bitter cucumber-like fruit used as a vegetable PWMP *paria

pari-aTuamotuan(OC) a half POC *bali₇

pariaʔUma(WMP) vine with bitter fruit eaten as a vegetable: Momordica charantia PWMP *pariaq

pariamaMongondow(WMP) the Seven Sisters (constellation) PWMP *pariama

pariamaNgaju Dayak(WMP) taboo word for "star" PWMP *pariama

pariamaTae'(WMP) name of a constellation PWMP *pariama

pariamaToba Batak(WMP) Pleiades PWMP *pariama

par-ibanToba Batak(WMP) MBD (the preferred spouse of a man); two sisters ... are each other's pariban, they are marpariban, and call each other haha and aŋgi and not iboto. Each sister is also marpariban to the husband of the other and both their husbands are marpariban to each other also. Sisters are always very attached to each other, and, as a rule, the same is true of their husbands. (Vergouwen 1964:47) PMP *ibah-an

parigiOld Javanese(WMP) low encircling wall of stones (of yard, trees), paved (terraced?) bank or slope (of pond) PWMP *paRigi

*paRigiPSan(WMP) well PWMP *paRigi

parigiSundanese(WMP) excavated ditch or canal PWMP *paRigi

parigiWolio(WMP) ditch, moat PWMP *paRigi

parikKaro Batak(WMP) ditch, furrow, canal PWMP *parij

parikKaro Batak(WMP) ditch, furrow, canal PWMP *parik

parikToba Batak(WMP) embankment, earthen wall PWMP *parij

parikToba Batak(WMP) embankment, earthen wall PWMP *parik

pa-rikawKavalan(Formosan) to cause to bend PAN *pa-likaw

pa-rikiSeit(CMP) cold PMP *diŋdiŋ₂

p-ari-n, peh-ari-nKayan(WMP) all relatives and close friends PWMP *paR-huaji

par-ina-anToba Batak(WMP) mates (of animals); female, of domesticated animals PWMP *paR-ina-an

paʔ-rinriŋMakassarese(WMP) partition off (with curtain, etc.) PMP *diŋdiŋ₁

par-inuŋBuginese(WMP) drunkard PWMP *paR-inum

pariókIlokano(WMP) an iron pan with a round bottom and a short iron handle in the shape of a socket PAN *pariuk

pa-rios-anItbayaten(WMP) bathing place PAN *diRus

pari pauhMalay(WMP) hornless devilfish: Dicerobatis spp. PWMP *pahuq₂

parisAtayal(Formosan) enemy PAN *pajiS

parisiPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) to pray PAN *paliSi

paʔrisiʔMakassarese(WMP) painful, smarting, laborious, difficult; pain PMP *hapejis

paritIban(WMP) ditch, drain PWMP *parij

paritIban(WMP) ditch, drain PWMP *parik

paritMalay(WMP) groove, cutting, drain; ditch or open moat PWMP *parij

paritMalay(WMP) groove, cutting, drain; ditch or open moat PWMP *parik

pariukPaiwan(Formosan) wok, large, round-bottomed metal pan for cooking PAN *pariuk

pariukSundanese(WMP) earthen pot or pan for cooking PAN *pariuk

pariu-tBuruese(CMP) cooking pot PAN *pariuk

pari-vaa-vililhiSaaroa(Formosan) to follow PAN *biliN

pari-vii-viíniKanakanabu(Formosan) to follow PAN *biliN

pariyáIsneg(WMP) vine with yellow flowers and oblong, cylindric, ribbed rugose fruits, pointed at both ends: Momordica charantia L. PWMP *paria

par-ka-ɖuaPuyuma(Formosan) in two, half PAN *duSa

parlakOld Javanese(WMP) dry rice field PWMP *parelak

par-mataToba Batak(WMP) glasses, spectacles; person who is gifted PWMP *paR-mata

par-m-ian-anToba Batak(WMP) place where one stays or resides PWMP *paR-ian-an

par-m-inumToba Batak(WMP) drunkard PWMP *paR-inum

paR-nem-enPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) do six times PAN *paR-enem-en

paroAcehnese(WMP) hoarse PAN *paRaw

paroTabar(OC) to hold POC *paqaRok

pa-ro, pa-rwaOld Javanese(WMP) wavering, in two minds PMP *pa-₁

paròëAcehnese(WMP) stingray PMP *paRih

parókBikol(WMP) residue, silt; sediment brought up in turbulent water; dregs left at the bottom of casks or other containers of wine or other liquor PPH *parek

parok (< *paqaRok-i)Pohnpeian(OC) to catch something animate; to arrest POC *paqaRok

parokpókIlokano(WMP) rapids; to bubble, said of liquids: water issuing from a spring or a spout, boiling, etc. PPH *p<aR>ukpuk

p<ar>ompoŋAgutaynen(WMP) a kind of white rice with very small kernels; the grain heads are numerous, and are in clusters on the end of the stalk PWMP *puŋpuŋ₂

paro (NG)Maori(OC) shrunk, wilted POC *palo₂

paroŋMansaka(WMP) to cut off (as the comb of a rooster) PPH *páluŋ

par-pat-anOld Javanese(WMP) a fourth part, quarter PWMP *paR-epat-an

paR-pat-enPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) do four times PAN *paR-Sepat-en

parraTae'(WMP) squeeze out; crude expression for ‘hold onto’ PAN *peReq

par-rabuh-anToba Batak(WMP) powder container PMP *Rabuk

parroʔMakassarese(WMP) use pressure to squeeze something out (as on a mother’s breast, a wound or a boil) PAN *peRes

parroMakassarese(WMP) hoarse PWMP *peRaw

par-sahit-anToba Batak(WMP) illness PWMP *paR-sakit-an

par-sapi-honToba Batak(WMP) bring into harmony or conformity PWMP *sapiq

parshi-anThao(Formosan) taboo PAN *paliSi-an

par-si-aun-anToba Batak(WMP) a swing PWMP *ayun

par-siŋirToba Batak(WMP) creditor PWMP *siŋir

par-siŋir-anToba Batak(WMP) debtor PWMP *siŋir

par-tabanToba Batak(WMP) one who captures or plunders, plunderer PMP *taban

par-tello-nMadurese(WMP) a path that branches three ways PWMP *paR-telu-en

par-tonun-anToba Batak(WMP) loom PAN *tenun

paruGitua(OC) a tree: Hibiscus tiliaceus; bark used for rope, leaf used as cigar wrapper POC *paRu

paruLeti(CMP) hibiscus tree PMP *baRu

paruThao(Formosan) to hammer, to beat someone up PAN *palu₃

paru-anThao(Formosan) be hammered; be beaten up by someone PAN *palu₃

parudBalinese(WMP) a rasp, file PMP *parud

parudIda'an Begak(WMP) scrape PMP *parud

parudJavanese(WMP) grater PMP *parud

parudSundanese(WMP) a rasp PMP *parud

parud-anBalinese(WMP) filings, what has been rasped or filed PMP *parud

parud-anJavanese(WMP) having been grated PMP *parud

par-ulos-onToba Batak(WMP) clothing PMP *qules₂

par-ulos-onToba Batak(WMP) clothing PWMP *paR-qules-en

pa-rumaKavalan(Formosan) to plant, to grow, to cultivate PAN *mula

par-uma-umaToba Batak(WMP) farmer PWMP *paR-quma

paruŋKayan(WMP) attic space above inner room; upper storey PWMP *pa(n)duŋ

paru-paruThao(Formosan) a hammer; to hammer; the action of ceremonially striking out the teeth PAN *palu-palu

paru sa nipinThao(Formosan) traditional ceremony of tooth extraction, performed at puberty to ensure the health and vigor of young adults (consists of knocking out the top incisors with a hammer-like instrument) PAN *palu₃

parutIban(WMP) grater, rasp; to grate PMP *parud

párutIlokano(WMP) pull up, grub up, uproot, pluck up by the roots, pull off, pluck (feathers, hair, etc.) PMP *paRut

parutMalay(WMP) coconut grater, rasp; a piece of hard wood with a rough surface PMP *parud

parutRembong(CMP) to grate (as coconuts) PMP *parud

parutSasak(WMP) a rasp, file PMP *parud

par-utaŋ-anToba Batak(WMP) a creditor PWMP *paR-qutaŋ-an

par-utaŋ-aŋSasak(WMP) to have lent to someone, be a creditor PWMP *paR-qutaŋ-an

pa-ruzaThao(Formosan) boat, canoe; a canoe paddle PAN *pa-aluja

paruʔTae'(WMP) to rasp, grate PMP *parud

paR-waru-nPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) do eight times PAN *paR-walu-en

paR- X -(en)Puyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) do X times (X = numeral) PAN *paR-₂

pasDusner(SHWNG) rice (in general) PAN *pajay

pasaKilivila(OC) swamp POC *pasa

pasaMendak(OC) a plant: Vitex cofassus POC *pasa(rR)

pasaMuna(WMP) match, equal, rival; pair (male and female) PMP *pasaŋ₁

pasaMuna(WMP) stake one’s money (in gambling) PWMP *pasaŋ₃

pasaSa'a(OC) the stern bonito hook, trailed behind the canoe, made anciently of clam with a tortoise shell barb POC *bayan

pasaSa'a(OC) the stern bonito hook, trailed behind the canoe, made anciently of clam with a tortoise shell barb POC *bayan₃

pasaWolio(WMP) pair (e.g. of shoes), team (of horses); set; make a pair, match well, be well suited, be alike, be equal PMP *pasaŋ₁

pa-sabsab-ánBikol(WMP) to pasture, to put out to pasture PAN *sabsab

pasa-eMuna(WMP) just like, exactly like PMP *pasaŋ₁

pa-sagíd-anIlokano(WMP) to hurt the feelings of; offend, wound PPH *saq(e)gid

pa-sagut-ánBikol(WMP) a discussion PPH *sagút

pasakIban(WMP) treenail, dowel, peg, wedge; fix with these PAN *pasek

pasakMalay(WMP) fastening or tightening with a bolt, peg or wedge PAN *pasek

pasakNgaju Dayak(WMP) wooden nail, dowel; what is fastened together with dowels PAN *pacek

pa-sákaIlokano(WMP) string of rattan; string used to tie fowl PPH *sáka

pa-saká-anIlokano(WMP) to tie at the leg; beat the leg PPH *sáka

pa-sakay-inYami(WMP) pull up, make something go up PMP *sakay₄

pa-sakb-enItbayaten(WMP) to cause to lie with face down PPH *sakeb

pa-sakebYami(WMP) place something face downward PPH *sakeb

pa-sákitAklanon(WMP) to cause/inflict suffering on PMP *pa-sakit

pa-sákitCebuano(WMP) to make sacrifices PMP *pa-sakit

pa-sakitRomblomanon(WMP) someone is caused to experience pain by a part of the body which pains PMP *pa-sakit

pa-sākitRomblomanon(WMP) suffering PMP *pa-sakit

pa-sakit-anIlokano(WMP) to pain, afflict, distress; hurt, trouble; torment PMP *pa-sakit

pa-sakít-anMasbatenyo(WMP) displeasure PWMP *pa-sakit-an

pasak-kan sepatu kudaMalay(WMP) to shoe a horse PAN *pasek

pa-sakutsPaiwan(Formosan) cause things to be moved PAN *SakuC

pa-sakuts-anPaiwan(Formosan) place to which things will be moved PAN *SakuC

pasalLavongai(OC) to walk POC *pajale

pasalTigak(OC) to go, walk; come to POC *pajale

pa-salaBare'e(WMP) a magical formula that the bearer protects in order to keep evil away PMP *pa(ka)-salaq

pa-sala-enYami(WMP) cause to deviate (as in mispronouncing words) PWMP *pa-salaq-en

pa-salah-an jalanSundanese(WMP) take the wrong way PMP *salaq₁

pa-salin ~ pi-salinJavanese(WMP) new clothing PWMP *salin

pa-s<al>iwsiwPuyuma(Formosan) noise made by cheeping (as by baby chicks looking for their mother) PAN *siwsiw

paʔsánBikol(WMP) carry on the shoulder PMP *pasaqan

pasʔánCebuano(WMP) carry something over the shoulders PMP *pasaqan

pasánTagalog(WMP) a load or burden on the shoulders; burden; what is carried; a load (of things, care or work in physical or moral sense) PMP *pasaqan

pa-sandeMuna(WMP) to lean against (as a wall), to depend on (as someone for support in time of need) PMP *sanday

pa-sandigRomblomanon(WMP) something is leaned against something else by someone PMP *sandiR

pa-sandígTagalog(WMP) slanted; tilted; leaning; reclining; by reclining or leaning on something PMP *sandiR

pasan-ínTagalog(WMP) to carry on the shoulder PMP *pasaqan

pasa-no mbadhaMuna(WMP) marriage partner (lit. ‘match of body’) PMP *pasaŋ₁

pa-sansanThao(Formosan) to roast; to heat by direct exposure to a fire PAN *daŋdaŋ₁

pasaŋAcehnese(WMP) pair, team, spouse, partner, equal PMP *pasaŋ₁

pasaŋBalinese(WMP) pair (of inanimate objects); a distich, a couplet in verse PMP *pasaŋ₁

pasaŋGayō(WMP) insert PWMP *pasaŋ₂

pasaŋIda'an Begak(WMP) sea PWMP *pasaŋ₄

pásaŋIlokano(WMP) counterpart, match PMP *pasaŋ₁

pasaŋJavanese(WMP) pair (of shoes, etc.), team (as of draught animals) PMP *pasaŋ₁

pasaŋJavanese(WMP) to put in place, set up PWMP *pasaŋ₂

pasaŋJavanese(WMP) to place a bet PWMP *pasaŋ₃

pasaŋJavanese(WMP) rising of flood waters PWMP *pasaŋ₄

pasaŋKaro Batak(WMP) a pair; belonging together PMP *pasaŋ₁

pasaŋKaro Batak(WMP) insert (in a game) PWMP *pasaŋ₂

pasaŋLampung(WMP) pair PMP *pasaŋ₁

pasaŋMalay(WMP) putting in use or order or motion, as saddling or harnessing a horse, firing a cannon, hoisting a flag, setting a sail, lighting a lamp, setting up a machine, buttoning, etc. PWMP *pasaŋ₂

pasaŋMalay(WMP) tidal flow, in constrast to surut (ebb) PWMP *pasaŋ₄

pasaŋMaranao(WMP) to aim, as a firearm PWMP *pasaŋ₂

pasaŋMaranao(WMP) to bet, as in card game PWMP *pasaŋ₃

pasaŋRembong(CMP) to match; a pair PMP *pasaŋ₁

pasaŋSundanese(WMP) pair, team PMP *pasaŋ₁

pasaŋTae'(WMP) flood tide PWMP *pasaŋ₄

pásaŋTagalog(WMP) a well-adjusted wedge PWMP *pasaŋ₂

pasaŋTausug(WMP) a pair, set (of material things) PMP *pasaŋ₁

pasaŋToba Batak(WMP) matching, going together PMP *pasaŋ₁

pasaŋToba Batak(WMP) prepare, use; prepare for use PWMP *pasaŋ₂

pasaŋToba Batak(WMP) flood tide PWMP *pasaŋ₄

pasaŋManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to place a leaf-bound resin lamp in a holder made of a piece of wood which is partially split so that the lamp may be wedged in it PWMP *pasaŋ₂

pasaŋKadazan Dusun(WMP) pair PMP *pasaŋ₁

pasaŋMalay(WMP) pair; (slang) to couple (kasut sa pasaŋ ‘a pair of boots’) PMP *pasaŋ₁

pasaŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) flood tide (opposite of ebb tide) PWMP *pasaŋ₄

pasaŋSasak(WMP) pair, team (of animals and objects) PMP *pasaŋ₁

pa-saŋáIsneg(WMP) branching (trees, antlers, rivers, etc.) PMP *saŋa₁

pa-saŋáTagalog(WMP) slip; cutting from a plant PMP *saŋa₁

pa-saŋa-anItbayaten(WMP) that on which a ‘branching’ load (basket) is placed PMP *saŋa₁

pasaŋ-anBalinese(WMP) a couple, pair PMP *pasaŋ₁

pasaŋ-anJavanese(WMP) yoke (for draught animals) PMP *pasaŋ₁

pasaŋ-anMaranao(WMP) set, as of kolintang (gongs) or buttons PMP *pasaŋ₁

pasaŋ-anOld Javanese(WMP) yoke PMP *pasaŋ₁

pasaŋ-anSasak(WMP) one of a pair PMP *pasaŋ₁

pasaŋ-anSimalur(WMP) yoke on the neck of a carabao PMP *pasaŋ₁

pasaŋ-anSundanese(WMP) yoke for a team of draught animals PMP *pasaŋ₁

pasaŋ anakMalay(WMP) neap tide PWMP *pasaŋ₄

pasaŋ bahMalay(WMP) tide causing inundation PWMP *pasaŋ₄

pasaŋ bəsarMalay(WMP) spring tide PWMP *pasaŋ₄

pa-saŋkopBanggai(WMP) door, lid PWMP *sa(ŋ)kep

pa-saŋkopBanggai(WMP) door PWMP *cakep

pasaŋ menohIban(WMP) high tide; the tide is high PWMP *maŋ-penuq

pasaŋ-unTausug(WMP) to put things together into sets or groups PMP *pasaŋ₁

pa-sapat-anYami(WMP) storage shelf PPH *sapat

pa-sapat-enYami(WMP) to be put above by someone PPH *sapat

pa-sapitjPaiwan(Formosan) put between others (as papers); put in a book PAN *Sapit

pa-saqayKavalan(Formosan) to send (something), to deliver PAN *sakay₂

pasarPatpatar(OC) slap; beat a drum POC *pwasa(r,R)

pa-satjezPaiwan(Formosan) cause something to be returned PAN *pa-SateD

pa-saurMandar(WMP) to win PWMP *saur₂

p-asawaCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) married couple PMP *pa-qasawa

pa-sawaNgaju Dayak(WMP) to marry off, as a father marrying off his son PMP *pa-qasawa

pa-sawah-anJavanese(WMP) rice paddies collectively, i.e. land devoted to raising rice PWMP *sabaq

pa-sawáʔ-inTagalog(WMP) to make someone lose interest in something because of being already satiated by such PWMP *saweqaq

pa-sawuŋOld Javanese(WMP) a certain tax (on cockfights?) PWMP *sabuŋ₁

pa-sawurJavanese(WMP) strewing, spreading PMP *sabuR

(p)a-sawurOld Javanese(WMP) strewing, spreading PWMP *sabuD

(p)a-sawurOld Javanese(WMP) strewing, spreading PMP *saq(e)buR

pa-saxod-enItbayaten(WMP) to put into a container PWMP *saluD

paséʔKomodo(CMP) to plant (as rice, or bananas) PCEMP *pasekₐ

pa-sedjamPaiwan(Formosan) to lend, loan PAN *pa-hinzam

pa-sedjamPaiwan(Formosan) to lend, loan PAN *pa-Sezam

pasəkBintulu(WMP) enter PAN *pacek

pasekItbayaten(WMP) nail PAN *pasek

pasekKankanaey(WMP) wedge PAN *pacek

pasəkKenyah (Long Anap)(WMP) insert something into something else PAN *pasek

pasekMaranao(WMP) post, pillar PAN *pacek

pasekMaranao(WMP) post, pillar PAN *pasek

pasekPuyuma(Formosan) nail; hammer in a nail PAN *pacek

pasəkTontemboan(WMP) a pole driven firmly into the ground to which a horse can be tethered PAN *pacek

pasekManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) put a post or stick in the ground PAN *pacek

pasekItbayaten(WMP) nail PAN *pacek

pásekKankanaey(WMP) wedge PAN *pasek

pasekPuyuma(Formosan) nail; hammer in a nail PAN *pasek

pa-sekezPaiwan (Western)(Formosan) to cause to stop (as automobile); to cause to rest PAN *Seked

pa-seksek-enIbatan(WMP) someone inserts, tucks something in the narrow space between two things PAN *seksek₁

pa-selemPaiwan(Formosan) to shade; cut off sun PAN *Selem

pa-semaAmis(Formosan) stick out the tongue PAN *Sema

p-asep-anOld Javanese(WMP) incense-burner PWMP *asep

p-asep-anOld Javanese(WMP) incense-burner PWMP *qasep

pash, pashaWoleaian(OC) that part of a utensil or tool which is to be held with the hand POC *paRara

pash-kawi-anThao(Formosan) any place where wood is stored PAN *kaSiw

pash-lhalhum-anThao(Formosan) pincushion; place to keep needles PAN *zaRum

pash-tuzá-nThao(Formosan) kind of wicker eel cage suspended in the water next to a boat and used to keep one’s catch alive until returning to shore PAN *tuNa

pasiAcehnese(WMP) beach, sand PWMP *pasiR

pasiIlongot(WMP) kill PMP *p-atay

p-asiKayan(WMP) compassionate feeling; emotional, sympathetic; gracious, merciful PWMP *pa-qasiq

pa-sia-honToba Batak(WMP) ninth PMP *siwa

pasi-bantúgCebuano(WMP) to boast about one’s ability, skill PPH *bantug

pa-si-bunoBuginese(WMP) someone who likes to engage in fights to the death, war leader; kill someone; fight each other; incite an opponent to fight PMP *bunuq₂

pasigAmpibabo-Lauje(WMP) coral reef PWMP *pasiR

pasígCebuano(WMP) shoals, a shallow place in a body of water; for a water-covered area to become shallow PWMP *pasiR

pasígMansaka(WMP) shallow rocky place in the sea PWMP *pasiR

pásigTagalog(WMP) a river that flows into the sea; sandy bank of a river PWMP *pasiR

pasigTajio(WMP) sandbank PWMP *pasiR

pasigTotoli(WMP) sandbank PWMP *pasiR

pasig-anTagalog(WMP) sandy bank of a river PWMP *pasiR-an

pasigiBare'e(WMP) reef, shoal, sandbank PWMP *pasiR

pasigi maluluBare'e(WMP) sea grass PWMP *pasiR

pasihBalinese(WMP) the sea PWMP *pasiR

pasih-pasih-anBalinese(WMP) a small pool, pond PWMP *pasiR-an

pa-síkatAklanon(WMP) to be a show-off, exhibit one’s prowess conceitedly PPH *pa-sikat

pa-sikátBikol(WMP) ostentatious, pretentious PPH *sikát

pa-síkatBontok(WMP) to show off; to skite; to make a public display of one’s possessions or attainments PPH *pa-sikat

pa-síkatCebuano(WMP) to show off PPH *sikát

pa-síkatTagalog(WMP) a showing off; a show PPH *pa-sikat

pa-sikat-ánBikol(WMP) to show off to PPH *sikát

pa-sikat-ónBikol(WMP) to show something off; to flaunt PPH *sikát

(pa)-sikeBola(OC) crouch POC *tike

pa-sikut-sikotTagalog(WMP) roundabout, sinuously PMP *sikut₁

pa-silibCebuano(WMP) peep, look at while remaining hidden; look furtively out of the corner of the eyes PWMP *silib

pa-siluŋ-inTagalog(WMP) to allow someone to take shelter; to give shelter to PPH *pa-siduŋ-en

pa-sílʔipCebuano(WMP) peer slyly or secretly; take a hasty furtive look PPH *siq(e)rip

pa-sinagYakan(WMP) to shine (of sun and moon only) PMP *sinaR

pa-si-naŋanKavalan(Formosan) to name someone or something, give a name to PAN *ŋajan

pa-siñit-enItbayaten(WMP) to insert PMP *siŋ(e)qit

pa-siñit-enItbayaten(WMP) to insert PPH *i-síŋit

pasirIban(WMP) sand, sandbank; mudbank PWMP *pasiR

pasirMalay(WMP) sand; sandy stretch; sand-like PWMP *pasiR

pasir-anMalay(WMP) sand; sandy stretch; sand-like PWMP *pasiR-an

pasir bəlanakMalay(WMP) sandy sea bottom that holds anchors well (lit. ‘mullet sand’) PWMP *pasiR

pasir buŋaIban(WMP) fine sand PWMP *pasiR

pasir buŋinMalay(WMP) sand mixed with mud PWMP *buhaŋin

pasir keresikIban(WMP) quicksand