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Updated: 6/21/2020


Austronesian Comparative Dictionary


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taAgutaynen(WMP) our; us; we PAN *-ta

taAnakalangu(CMP) at PCEMP *ta₁

taAsilulu(CMP) not, esp. in fast speech or as an emphatic sentence-final particle PMP *taq₃

taBabatana(OC) preposition of location: in, at, on, from, by PCEMP *ta₁

taBalinese(WMP) an emphasizing particle PWMP *ta₂

taBare'e(WMP) prefixed and suffixed form of the 1pl. incl. pronoun PAN *-ta

taIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) we two PAN *-ta

taIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) subordinating conjunction, “so that”, “in order that” PPH *taq₁

ta-Banggai(WMP) we (incl.) PAN *-ta

taBikol(WMP) we, by us; ni class first person plural inclusive pronoun PAN *-ta

taBinukid(WMP) second person dual nontopic pronoun: we (you and I/me); our PAN *-ta

taBinukid(WMP) because, for the reason that PPH *taq₁

taBontok(WMP) first and second person minimal pronoun; you (singular) and I; your (singular) and my; our PAN *-ta

taCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) 2sg. topic pronoun PMP *ka₄

taCebuano(WMP) 1pl. incl. in certain constructions when followed by a second person pronoun PAN *-ta

taCentral Tagbanwa(WMP) first person plural inclusive pronoun, genitive, used as nonfocused participant in verbal clauses and as possessive pronoun in possessive noun phrases where the pronoun follows the possessed noun, all of our PAN *-ta

taCentral Tagbanwa(WMP) particle of emphasis, marks a peak or an abrupt transition in a discourse PWMP *ta₂

taElat(CMP) no, not PMP *taq₃

taErai(CMP) not PMP *taq₃

Fijian(OC) to chop with knife or axe PAN *taRaq₁

ta-Fijian(OC) prefix to verb indicating spontaneity (sere ‘untie’ : ta-sere ‘come untied by itself’) PMP *ta-₂

Fijian(OC) the leather jacket, or unicorn fish: Acanthurus unicornis and other spp. PMP *taRaq₂

Fijian(OC) the leather jacket or unicorn fish: Acanthurus unicornus and other spp. POC *taRa

Futunan(OC) to beat, hit (with a stick); to cut (wood) for construction; to build (with wood) PAN *taRaq₁

ta-Gapapaiwa(OC) we (plural incl.), subject prefix PAN *ita₁

ta-Gitua(OC) 1pl. incl. subject POC *da₂

taHanunóo(WMP) we (inclusive); apheretic, literary form of kitá PAN *-ta

taIbaloy(WMP) first person dual: we two, you and I PAN *-ta

taIbaloy(WMP) because PPH *taq₁

taIbatan(WMP) first person plural inclusive nominative pronoun PAN *ta-₁

taIbatan(WMP) first person plural inclusive genitive or possessive pronoun PAN *-ta

taIbatan(WMP) because (marks the result proposition in result-reasons, as in ‘He passed &because& he studied’) PPH *taq₁

taIfugaw(WMP) dual pronominal enclitic, I and you; independent form PAN *-ta

taIfugaw(WMP) conjunction introducing a purpose or a result clasue, “in order that” PPH *taq₁

-taIlokano(WMP) first person dual pronoun, you and I (hortative) PAN *ta-₁

taIlokano(WMP) so, because; that; conjunction connecting causative or resultative clauses PPH *taq₁

taIrarutu(SHWNG) feces PMP *taqi

taIsneg(WMP) we two, you and I; replaces the first person singular of the possessives when followed by a personal pronoun of the second person PAN *-ta

taIsneg(WMP) because, lest, that, so that PPH *taq₁

taIsneg(WMP) an interrogative particle PPH *taq₂

taItbayaten(WMP) our (inclusive) PAN *-ta

taItbayaten(WMP) because PPH *taq₁

taItawis(WMP) we, 1+2 person singular nominative and genitive pronoun PAN *-ta

taKadazan Dusun(WMP) particle used to express admiration, etc. (marks intensity or enthusiasm) PWMP *ta₂

ta-Kairiru(OC) we (plural incl.), subject prefix PAN *ita₁

ta-Kambera(CMP) prefix on non-intentional, accidental, sudden or unexpected intransitive verbs PMP *ta-₂

taKankanaey(WMP) we two, we both, you and I; our PAN *-ta

ta-Kapampangan(WMP) occurs in a few limited expressions, as ta-balu ‘don’t know’ (balu‘know’) PMP *taq₃

taKaro Batak(WMP) 1pl. incl. possessive pronoun, our PAN *-ta

-taKavalan(Formosan) ours (inclusive); 1pl. incl. genitive pronoun PAN *-ta

taLabu(OC) excrement PMP *taqi

Lau(OC) bad, evil POC *saqat

taLeti(CMP) not exist; no, not PMP *taq₃

taLou(OC) a tree with edible fruit: Pometia pinnata PMP *tawan

ta-Lusi(OC) 1pl. incl. subject POC *da₂

taMalagasy(WMP) the sound of the beating of a hammer or the explosion of a rifle PMP *tak

taMansaka(WMP) first person plural inclusive topic pronoun PAN *-ta

Maori(OC) dash; aim a blow at; strike, beat with a stick, etc.; whip a top; dash water out of a canoe; so bail; cut; tattoo; carve, fashion PAN *taRaq₁

taMapun(WMP) first person dual non-focus pronoun inclusive of speaker and hearer only: we (dual), our (dual) PAN *-ta

taMaranao(WMP) we, us PAN *-ta

taManggarai(CMP) 1pl. incl. hortative pronoun PAN *ta-₁

ta-Mosina(OC) excrement POC *taqe₂

taMota(OC) preposition: from (a place) PCEMP *ta₁

taʔMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) brand new, just produced (of things); raw, unripe PAN *qetaq

ta-Muna(WMP) 1pl. excl. (realis and irrealis) subject prefix PAN *-ta

taMussau(OC) preposition: for (benefactive) PCEMP *ta₁

ta-Lakalai(OC) prefix marking action that takes place of its own accord (gole ‘to pluck leaves’ : ta-gole ‘to fall off, of a tree branch’) PMP *ta-₂

ta-Nggela(OC) intransitive verb prefix marking action that takes place without an agent PMP *ta-₂

taNggela(OC) preposition of location: from, with PCEMP *ta₁

taNias(WMP) excrement, feces; slag; lightning PMP *taqi

Niue(OC) to strike; to kill; to adze; to build; to cast (a speaer or a dart); to wield PAN *taRaq₁

taOld Javanese(WMP) emphatic particle PWMP *ta₂

ta-Paamese(OC) excrement POC *taqe₂

ta-Paiwan(Formosan) one PAN *esa

ta-Paiwan(Formosan) one PAN *sa₃

ta-Paiwan(Formosan) our, we (inclusive) PAN *-ta

taPangasinan(WMP) we two (topic pronoun; includes only speaker and single addressee) PAN *ta-₁

taPangasinan(WMP) because PPH *taq₁

taPangasinan(WMP) particle marking interrogative sentences PPH *taq₂

taPazeh(Formosan) we (inclusive, hortative) PAN *ta-₁

ta-Pazeh(Formosan) we (inclusive, genitive, hortative) PAN *-ta

ta-Puyuma(Formosan) we, 1st person plural incl. nominative bound pronoun PAN *ita₁

ta-Puyuma(Formosan) bound pronoun, 1pl incl. nominative, we PAN *ta-₁

-taPuyuma(Formosan) 1pl. incl. genitive pronoun, our PAN *-ta

taRaga(OC) preposition: from (a place) PCEMP *ta₁

Rarotongan(OC) to kill, to put to death, to slay, to overcome, to destroy, to slaughter; an assault, sudden attack; to beat or dash out, as in bailing a canoe; to pound or beat, as in washing clothes with a stick or stone on a flat surface PAN *taRaq₁

taRoviana(OC) preposition marking possession PCEMP *ta₁

Samoan(OC) (of blow) strike, hit; (of tree) fell, cut down; (of timber) adze, chip into shape, hew; (of bilge water) bail out; (of tattoo) apply, put on PAN *taRaq₁

Samoan(OC) 1dl. incl. conjunct verbal pronoun; we (you and I); 1dl. incl. nominal pronoun; our (your and my) POC *da₂

taSangir(WMP) no, not PMP *taq₃

taSeediq(Formosan) 1pl. incl. enclitic pronoun PAN *ta-₁

-taSekar(CMP) no, not PMP *taq₃

-taSimalur(WMP) possessive suffix, our (incl.) PAN *-ta

ta-Takia(OC) we (plural incl.), subject prefix PAN *ita₁

taTawala(OC) we (incl.) POC *-da₁

taToba Batak(WMP) 1pl. incl. possessive suffix, our PAN *-ta

taTolai(OC) preposition of location: in, at, on, from, by PCEMP *ta₁

Tongan(OC) to hit (in various senses); to hit, strike, beat; scoop up coarse sand, also applied to scooping up fish with a hand net PAN *taRaq₁

taTongan(OC) 1dl. incl; we POC *da₂

taTontemboan(WMP) 1pl. incl. suffix PAN *-ta

Wayan(OC) dung, feces, excrement, shit; unusable parts of shellfish; waste material, useless substance on a surface, scum POC *taqe₂

Wayan(OC) (of solid object) be cut by chopping or slashing; chopped, hacked, axed, adzed, slashed; be carved, shaped by cutting; be built, made (of boat, keel) PAN *taRaq₁

taManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) first person dual pronoun, nontopic PAN *-ta

ta-Yabem(OC) we (plural incl.), subject prefix PAN *ita₁

taYami(WMP) we (nominative case, inclusive); hortative PAN *ta-₁

taYami(WMP) we (genitive case, inclusive) PAN *-ta

taYami(WMP) because, otherwise; negator PPH *taq₁

ta-Wayan(OC) prefix that derives a stative verb marking an action or process that comes about accidentally or spontaneously, without a wilful agent PMP *ta-₂

ta- ~ tal-Simalur(WMP) prefix of spontaneous action PAN *taR-

ta ~ ta-maPaulohi(CMP) no, not PMP *taq₃

ꞌta¹²Mayá(SHWNG) eye PMP *mata

taʔa'Āre'āre(OC) wrong, bad, evil; be dying, be in a bad condition POC *saqat

taʔaArosi(OC) bad, poor; of poor quality; very POC *saqat

tááChuukese(OC) up, upward, eastward,rising POC *sake

taaNiue(OC) kind of red fish PMP *taRaqan

taaRennellese(OC) to hit, strike, cut, kill, murder; tattoo; to carve or make, as a canoe; to tap, as to soften bii fruit; to strike, as birds dive down for fish; to beat, as the sounding board; to net, as flying fish; to scoop up, as swarms of ... fish in seine or net PAN *taRaq₁

taʔaSa'a(OC) bad; also used as commiseration POC *saqat

taaTetun(CMP) to be cut by hitting, to make a blow with a cutting implement PAN *taRaq₁

taʔaTongan(OC) kind of red, edible fish PMP *taRaqan

taaTuvaluan(OC) hit; beat; chop; fell a tree; a large wedge used in splitting trees; build a canoe; drive fish; strike (of a clock) PAN *taRaq₁

ta(a)Wetan(CMP) not PMP *taq₃

taaRennellese(OC) inclusive (first person dual pronouns and possessives) POC *da₂

taa ~ taAnuta(OC) to strike, to hit; an implement used for striking (i.e. a club); to chop down; to cut; to build (as in cutting out the shape/building a canoe) PAN *taRaq₁

taa ahiTetun(CMP) to strike a flint PAN *taRaq₁

taabMongondow(WMP) flood PWMP *taeb

taabPendau(WMP) high tide PWMP *taeb

taʔahTiruray(WMP) long PMP *atas

taʔa-ha(na)Arosi(OC) badness, poorness POC *saqat

taʔa-hineRennellese(OC) honor, term of reference, esp. for a sister, daughter, niece POC *pine

taaʔ-iTongan(OC) to chop, to cut or carve (e.g. a canoe) by chopping PAN *taRaq-i

taaiʔKiput(WMP) feces, excrement PMP *taqay

taakPuluwat(OC) needlefish PMP *saku-layaR

taakPuluwat(OC) needlefish PMP *saku₂

taakúlaar'Puluwat(OC) sailfish, swordfish PMP *saku-layaR

ta-alay-anPaiwan(Formosan) a single thread PAN *sa₃

ta-alay-anPaiwan(Formosan) a single strand PAN *laway

ta-ʔaloTongan(OC) wave or beckon with the hand POC *qalop

taamChuukese(OC) outrigger float POC *saman

taamPuluwat(OC) outrigger float POC *saman

taa mateTuvaluan(OC) kill; switch off POC *mate

táanAklanon(WMP) fish net (across river) PAN *taqan₁

taʔanCebuano(WMP) set a trap of any sort PAN *taqan₁

taanFavorlang/Babuza(Formosan) snare for catching wild beasts PAN *taqan₁

taanLun Dayeh(WMP) setting of a trap PAN *taqan₁

taʔanMansaka(WMP) to set a trap or place a fish weir in order to catch something PMP *taqen

taanMansaka(WMP) to place something (as a trap) PAN *taqan₁

taanMapun(WMP) to set a trap (for fish, birds, chickens) in place PAN *taqan₁

taʔanMaranao(WMP) set trap for catch PAN *taqan₁

taʔanMaranao(WMP) set trap for catch PMP *taqen

taʔanManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) set a trap or place a fish weir in order to catch something PAN *taqan₁

taʔanManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to set a trap or place a fish weir in order to catch something PMP *taqen

*taanPSS(WMP) withstand, endure PWMP *taqan₂

ta-anoTongan(OC) to be more or less flooded, to have pools of water in or on it; sheet of water, large pool POC *rano

taaŋaSio(OC) ear POC *taliŋa

taapKenyah (Long Atun)(WMP) tree with fruit similar to breadfruit, and latex-like sap PWMP *teRep

taapMansaka(WMP) to winnow PMP *tahep

taapa-enItbayaten(WMP) make jerky, make into jerky PPh *tapa-en

taʔaruArosi(OC) shoal, shallow spot in the sea PMP *sakaRu

taar-utaSaaroa(Formosan) vomit PAN *utaq

táʔasAklanon(WMP) become taller, grow taller; raise, elevate PMP *atas

taʔásCebuano(WMP) long, tall, high; grow, appear long; add more length, height; do something in a long way; rise in temperature PMP *atas

táʔasHiligaynon(WMP) tall PMP *atas

taʔasMansaka(WMP) locative, above, up PMP *atas

taasMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) hardwood tree, the ironwood PMP *teRas

taʔásTagalog(WMP) height; physical stature (esp. of human body); eminence, nobility PMP *atas

taʔasTontemboan(WMP) heartwood of trees PMP *teRas

táá-táPuluwat(OC) to rise, as star or sun POC *sake

taataWolio(WMP) mother PAN *tata₁

taa-taaTuvaluan(OC) strum a stringed instrument PAN *taRaq₁

taa-tatakPazeh(Formosan) is cutting down tall grass or shrubs with a scythe or a machete by holding in aloft and swinging down PAN *tatak

taa-touMele-Fila(OC) we, plural inclusive PEMP *tolu

taa ulu-nTetun(CMP) to cut off a head, to decapitate PAN *taRaq₁

taʔaunNarum(WMP) year PMP *taqun

taa-valáʔəKanakanabu(Formosan) know, understand; can PAN *bajaq₁

taáwIlokano(WMP) sea, ocean PMP *tahaw

taawothYapese(OC) spear with many prongs (probably a Palauan loan) PMP *saet

taʔayMongondow(WMP) feces, excrement PMP *taqay

tááyPuluwat(OC) vehicle, ride in a vehicle PMP *sakay₁

tááye-lóPuluwat(OC) ride, as in a canoe or on a horse PMP *sakay₁

taaʔ-iTae'(WMP) to bargain, haggle over the price PWMP *tawaD

tabaArosi(OC) slap, slash, slap (as water with fishing line) POC *sabak

tabaIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) animal fat, of the body fat of an animal or person; rendered lard of an animal; coconut meat PWMP *tabeq

tabaBintulu(WMP) laughing PMP *tawa₁

taɓaBonerate(WMP) fat, grease PWMP *tabeq

tabáBontok(WMP) to become fat; fatness PWMP *tabeq

tabaBugotu(OC) to pay; wages; reward; price POC *taba₁

tabaGilbertese(OC) sides, edges of passage; to deviate, go sideways POC *taba₂

tabaIbaloy(WMP) fat on a living animal or person PWMP *tabeq

tabáIfugaw(WMP) fat, grease PWMP *tabeq

tabáIlokano(WMP) adipose tissue, fat; grease; bacon; cream PWMP *tabeq

tabāIsneg(WMP) fat, adipose tissue PWMP *tabeq

tabáItawis(WMP) fat (substance) PWMP *tabeq

tabaLamaholot(CMP) to mend, repair, patch PMP *tambal₁

tabāLau(OC) a species of tree POC *sabakap

tabaMori Atas(WMP) fat PWMP *tabeq

tabáPangasinan(WMP) fat, grease or oil for cooking; fatness, health; become fat PWMP *tabeq

tabaWolio(WMP) fat PWMP *tabeq

tabaIbatan(WMP) fat of the body, substance from animals or plants used for cooking PWMP *tabeq

tabaaku núanituItbayaten(WMP) plant sp. PMP *qanitu

tabaʔaŋ, tobaʔaŋMongondow(WMP) kind of shrub: Cordyline terminalis; the leaves are used in sacrificial offerings and the branches employed as boundary markers PWMP *sabaqaŋ

ta babawKavalan(Formosan) above PAN *babaw₃

taba buliFijian(OC) a cowrie necklace POC *buliq₁

tabádTagalog(WMP) venesection, process of bloodletting PMP *tabad

tabahBalinese(WMP) insipid, tasteless, watery (of food); unfeeling; insensitive PWMP *tabaR

tábahSambal (Botolan)(WMP) to cut cloth PWMP *tabas₂

tabahAyta Abellan(WMP) to cut grass PWMP *tabas

tabahPunan Tuvu'(WMP) medicine PWMP *tabaR

taba-iManam(OC) to reward; sacrifice POC *taba₁

tabákPangasinan(WMP) a large and long variety of bolo (machete) PPH *tabák

tabákAklanon(WMP) swordlike beak (of a swordfish); long pin, hat pin PPH *tabák

tabákTagalog(WMP) cutlass; a kind of bolo or large knife PPH *tabák

tabalMaranao(WMP) mitigate, as with medicine PMP *tambar

tabalSelaru(CMP) to stick, paste, glue, adhere to PMP *tapel

tabalaBola(OC) side of the head POC *tabal

tábanAklanon(WMP) snatch with one’s jaws (like a dog stealing food) PMP *taban

tabanBalinese(WMP) catch and keep an animal that has strayed onto your land until it is redeemed by its owner PMP *taban

tabanKelabit(WMP) running away with someone or something, kidnapping, elopement PMP *taban

tábanCebuano(WMP) elope PMP *taban

tabanDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) what is plundered, looted or taken captive PMP *taban

tabanIban(WMP) carry off, carry along, i.e. without leave (and so liable to fine), but with no intention of theft, and not by force; abscond or elope with, i.e. without consent of parents or tuai rumah (head of longhouse) PMP *taban

tabanKavalan(Formosan) head trophy PAN *tabaN

tabanLun Dayeh(WMP) a kidnapping, an abduction; a person who was caught during a headhunting raid and taken back by the person who caught him/her and made a slave PMP *taban

tabanMansaka(WMP) to plunder PMP *taban

tabanMapun(WMP) to snatch; grab at something PMP *taban

tabanMaranao(WMP) win, winnings; beat PMP *taban

tabanMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) to seize, grasp, hold PMP *taban

tabanSasak(WMP) booty; to loot, take as booty PMP *taban

tabanTiruray(WMP) the spoils or winnings; to win in fighting or betting PMP *taban

tabanToba Batak(WMP) booty PMP *taban

taban-anSasak(WMP) cattle confiscated from another person as compensation for damage caused by them wandering into one’s fields PWMP *taban-an

tabán-anTagalog(WMP) to hold onto; to hold something to keep it or oneself from falling PWMP *taban-an

taban-enAgutaynen(WMP) to carry away wrongfully or forcefully; snatch or grab by the mouth, as an animal stealing food PMP *taban

taban-enDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) war captive PWMP *taban-en

taban-enKaro Batak(WMP) booty, loot, war captive PWMP *taban-en

tabán-onBikol(WMP) be kidnapped or abducted PWMP *taban-en

tabán-onHiligaynon(WMP) be carried off, taken away, as in elopement PWMP *taban-en

taban sesatoSasak(WMP) the confiscation of another person’s cattle that have strayed into one’s fields and caused damage PMP *taban

tábʔáŋAklanon(WMP) fresh drinking water; insipid, flat, tasteless PWMP *taq(e)baŋ

tábaŋAklanon(WMP) to help, assist PMP *tabaŋ

tábaŋCebuano(WMP) help, give a hand PMP *tabaŋ

tabʔáŋCebuano(WMP) flat in taste, lacking sugar or salt PWMP *taq(e)baŋ

tabaŋMaranao(WMP) help, contribution, relief, aid, support, cooperate PMP *tabaŋ

tabáŋPangasinan(WMP) tasteless PWMP *taq(e)baŋ

tabáŋTagalog(WMP) insipidity; tastelessness; want of appetite; want of interest; fresh; not salty (as water); fresh water; of or living in water that is not salty PWMP *taq(e)baŋ

tabaŋIbatan(WMP) bland, tasteless, lacking in salt PWMP *taq(e)baŋ

tabaŋIda'an Begak(WMP) help PMP *tabaŋ

tabáŋIlokano(WMP) brackish, salty (water) PWMP *taq(e)baŋ

*tabaŋPMin(WMP) to help PMP *tabaŋ

tabáŋTagalog(WMP) insipidity, tastelessness; want of appetite; want of interest; fresh; not salty; fresh-water (of or living in water that is not salty) PWMP *taq(e)baŋ

tabarIban(WMP) tasteless, insipid, unseasoned PWMP *tabaR

tabarToba Batak(WMP) tasteless, insipid PWMP *tabaR

tábasAklanon(WMP) to cut into shape, tailor PWMP *tabas₂

tabásBikol(WMP) out of season (fruits, vegetables) PWMP *tebas₁

tabasBinukid(WMP) to cut through something flat PWMP *tabas

tabásSambal (Botolan)(WMP) to cut grass PWMP *tebas₂

tabásCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to cut down, to lop off (excess plant growth or branches, by hacking with a bolo) PWMP *tabas

tábasCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to cut cloth PWMP *tabas₂

tábasCebuano(WMP) cut lengthwise or through something flat; make a dress PWMP *tabas₂

tábasHanunóo(WMP) cutting down, clearing underbrush and small trees as in preparing a kaiŋin PWMP *tabas

tabasIbaloy(WMP) trimmings, remnant, that remaining of something (as piece of cloth, galvanized sheeting) after the desirable piece has been removed; the “cut” of a person, i.e. his nature, characteristics PWMP *tabas₂

tabasIda'an Begak(WMP) cut pattern out of cloth PWMP *tabas₂

tabásIlokano(WMP) kind of machete used to cut grass PWMP *tabas

tábasIlokano(WMP) style; cut; pattern; outline; form; look PWMP *tabas₂

tabasMansaka(WMP) to cut a pattern (for clothes) PWMP *tabas₂

tabasMaranao(WMP) to cut with scissors PWMP *tabas₂

tábasPangasinan(WMP) cut (of dress, etc.), style PWMP *tabas₂

tabasSasak(WMP) cut, level or smooth, cut off the top PWMP *tabas

tábasBikol(WMP) cut or style of clothes; pattern PWMP *tabas₂

tabasCentral Tagbanwa(WMP) to prune, to mow, to cut down excess growth PWMP *tabas

tabásItawis(WMP) long machete or bolo PWMP *tabas

tabasMapun(WMP) to cut cloth (according to a pattern or measurement in order to make a garment) PWMP *tabas₂

tabasMaranao(WMP) Maranao bolo PWMP *tabas

tabásTagalog(WMP) cut down; lopped off PWMP *tabas

tábasTagalog(WMP) cut; style of apparel PWMP *tabas₂

tabas-ánIlokano(WMP) to clear an area of grass PWMP *tabas

tabas-anMapun(WMP) garments that need to be cut out of cloth PWMP *tabas₂

tabasaʔBantik(WMP) to hack down (e.g. scrub to make gardens) PWMP *tebas₂

tabas-aʔMaranao(WMP) board for cutting PWMP *tabas₂

tabas-énIlokano(WMP) to cut grass, trim PWMP *tabas

tabás-enIlokano(WMP) to cut a garment using a pattern PWMP *tabas₂

tabas-iWolio(WMP) to clear for cultivation, reclaim land PWMP *tabas

tabás-onBikol(WMP) to cut material for clothes; to style, fashion PWMP *tabas₂

tabas-tabasMapun(WMP) cloth scraps; the leftover pieces of cloth after cutting out a garment PWMP *tabas₂

tabat-enAgutaynen(WMP) to cut something, as material PWMP *tabas₂

tabáyagBikol(WMP) elongated green squash with white flesh PPH *tabayaR

tabáyagCebuano(WMP) kind of edible squash, round in shape with a knob-like protrusion at the top; the shell becomes hard when mature and is used as a container: Lagenaria leucantha var. PPH *tabayaR

tabáyagHanunóo(WMP) lime container made from a gourd PPH *tabayaR

tabáʔBikol(WMP) fat PWMP *tabeq

tábaʔMansaka(WMP) fat, adipose tissue; to become fat PWMP *tabeq

tabáʔTagalog(WMP) fat; a white or yellow oily substance formed in the body of animals; lard; grease; soft animal fat; fatness; obesity PWMP *tabeq

tabáʔAklanon(WMP) fat, stout, plump PWMP *tabeq

tábaʔBinukid(WMP) fat, lard PWMP *tabeq

tábaʔCebuano(WMP) pork fat PWMP *tabeq

tabáʔKapampangan(WMP) fat, lard, grease, butter PWMP *tabeq

tabaʔMapun(WMP) the fat on any kind of meat or fish PWMP *tabeq

*tabaʔPMin(WMP) fat (on animal body) PWMP *tabeq

tabaɁaKwaio(OC) a tree: Alstonia scholaris POC *sabakap

tabaɁaToqabaqita(OC) the Milky Pine: Alstonia scholaris; sticky sap is used as glue, the wood to make kokobaqule (traditional dance) masks; small branches are used for traditional priests’ headdresses; trees are frequented by pigeons POC *sabakap

tabaʔ-anMapun(WMP) delicious PWMP *tabeq

tabbáʔIsneg(WMP) be cut by an edged instrument; to string, to thread (beads, tobacco leaves, pieces of meat, etc.) PAN *tebek

tabba-ānIsneg(WMP) to string, to thread (beads, tobacco leaves, pieces of meat, etc.) PWMP *tebek-en

tabbágIsneg(WMP) Moraceous shrubs and trees with smooth leaves and angular fruits: Ficus hauili Blanco and similar species; when the harvest is smaller than usual use its leaves instead of betel leaves for betel and the paddy will increase notably; when bitten by a mad dog put its sap on the wound and it will be cured, while the dog will die PPH *tebéR

tabbāgIsneg(WMP) to answer PPH *tebáR

tabbágItawis(WMP) an answer, reply PPH *tebáR

tabbálIsneg(WMP) suffer from costiveness or constipation PPH *tebel₁

tabbíIsneg(WMP) section of a betel nut PMP *tebiq

tabbuMapun(WMP) sugarcane PMP *tebuh₁

tabbúgIsneg(WMP) well; a pit or hole sunk into the earth (-um-) PAN *Cebuj

tabbúgIsneg(WMP) a well; a pit or hole sunk into the earth PMP *tebuR

tabeFijian(OC) hold or carry with the hands under POC *tabe

tabeSeediq(Formosan) plough; a very simple tool made of a stake (now iron-shod), inserted at a 60 degree angle into a long wooden frame pulled by a buffalo or a man PAN *tabi

tabeTolai(OC) hold something so that someone else will not take it, take something from the hands of another POC *tabe

tabeWayan(OC) hold or carry a burden in the extended arms, esp. resting on both palms extended horizontally in front, as a tray (it is polite to hold a gift in this manner when presenting it) POC *tabe

tabedBinukid(WMP) to wrap oneself around something; to twist, wind, wrap something repeatedly around something else PWMP *tambej

tabehBerawan (Long Terawan)(WMP) to laugh PMP *tawa₁

tabeh-tabehKaro Batak(WMP) the fat of the intestines PWMP *tabeq

tabəlaŋTondano(WMP) bamboo (generic term) PWMP *tambelaŋ

ta-bəlhəbəlhəSaaroa(Formosan) banana PAN *beNbeN

ta-benemSimalur(WMP) sink; sunken PWMP *taR-benem

tabeŋBalinese(WMP) stopper, cork PWMP *ta(m)beŋ

tabəŋSasak(WMP) to dam up PWMP *tambeŋ

tabəŋSasak(WMP) to dam off PWMP *ta(m)beŋ

tabe-tabeFijian(OC) the bringing of food in this basket POC *tabe

tabhaMuna(WMP) fat, grease; corpulent PWMP *tabeq

tabiKavalan(Formosan) a plough PAN *tabi

tabídAklanon(WMP) attach, join PWMP *ta(m)bid

tabídCebuano(WMP) braid the hair PWMP *tabid

tabídHiligaynon(WMP) link together with a rope or string, attach to PWMP *ta(m)bid

tabidIda'an Begak(WMP) to hold and twist PWMP *tabid

tabídIlokano(WMP) to twist thread PWMP *tabid

tabidTausug(WMP) twisted, not straight, out of shape PWMP *tabid

tabidMansaka(WMP) to twist (as rope); to wring PWMP *tabid

tabid-tabidTausug(WMP) a rope-shaped confection made of flour or pounded cassava PWMP *tabid

tabiŋBalinese(WMP) loose cover over the ridge of a roof; a partition PWMP *tabiŋ

tábiŋIlokano(WMP) screen; curtain; wall cloth PWMP *tabiŋ

tábiŋTagalog(WMP) curtain; screen; a covered frame that hides, protects, or separates; veil; anything that screens or hides (as a veil of clouds); shade; something that shuts out light PWMP *tabiŋ

tabíŋTagalog(WMP) curtain; screen; a covered frame that hides, protects, or separates; veil; anything that screens or hides PWMP *tabeŋ

tabíŋ-anIlokano(WMP) to screen, provide with a divider PWMP *tabiŋ

tabiraManam(OC) dish, bowl, plate POC *tabiRa

tabi-tabiArosi(OC) ear ornaments POC *sabi-sabi

tabizGedaged(OC) a wooden bowl; plate POC *tabiRa

tablayCentral Tagbanwa(WMP) to hang something over a fence or rope in order to air dry PPH *sab(e)láy

taboGumawana(OC) flesh inside a coconut that has sprouted POC *tabwa

táboIlokano(WMP) scoop (originally made of bamboo) PMP *tabuq

taboToba Batak(WMP) delicious, tasty PWMP *tabeq

taboduGorontalo(WMP) hinder, obstruct PWMP *sabeD

tabógAgta (Eastern)(WMP) wallowing hole for wild pigs PPH *tebug

tábogAklanon(WMP) to shoo, scare away PPH *tabuR₂

tabógAklanon(WMP) something used to shoo away (flies) PPH *tabuR₂

tábogAklanon(WMP) to shoo, scare away PPH *tabuR₂

tabógAklanon(WMP) something used to shoo away (flies) PPH *tabuR₂

tabokBikol(WMP) lance a boil; wound a fighting cock with a spur (of the opponent cock) PAN *tebek

tabokolIbaloy(WMP) cast net, throw net; fishing net that is thrown and pulled back, closing the mouth of the net and trapping the fish PAN *tabukul

tabok-ónBikol(WMP) lanced, wounded PWMP *tebek-en

tábonIlokano(WMP) a kind of bird PPH *tabun₁

tábonIlokano(WMP) burial PMP *tabun₂

tabonMansaka(WMP) kind of bird that when laying an egg digs a hole in the ground and lays its egg in the hole PPH *tabun₁

tábonTagalog(WMP) a heap used for filling up a hole; a dyke of earth between fishponds PMP *tabun₂

tabónBikol(WMP) bird species which buries its eggs deep in the sand PPH *tabun₁

tábunBontok(WMP) to hide PMP *tabun₂

tabonMansaka(WMP) to cover PMP *tabun₂

tabón-anIlokano(WMP) to embank; fill with earth PPh *tabún-an

tabon-ánPangasinan(WMP) to cover PPh *tabún-an

taboŋ buŋaMalay(WMP) flowering plants: Ixora opaca, Ixora pendula PWMP *tabuŋ

taboŋ galagTboli(WMP) a plant: Ixora bartlingii Elm., Rubiaceae PWMP *tabuŋ

tabo-taboToba Batak(WMP) fat (on meat), grease PWMP *tabeq

tabówānIsneg(WMP) a kind of large, reddish bee whose young are edible and whose nest resembles a coconut or a bow net, that is situated at the base of a tree or dangles from its branches; in this nest it constructs each year one platelike, honeyless cake, one above another PMP *tabuqan

taboyAyta Abellan(WMP) to chase or drive away PPH *tabuR₂

tabóySambal (Botolan)(WMP) to drive or chase away PPH *tabuR₂

táboʔBikol(WMP) water dipper (traditionally made from half a coconut shell) PMP *tabuq

táboʔTagalog(WMP) scoop or dipper made from coconut shell; any empty can used as a scoop or dipper; mug (in some areas) a drinking vessel made from coconut shell PMP *tabuq

tábtabAklanon(WMP) to chop, cut (up) PWMP *tabtab₁

tabtabBontok(WMP) chop, trim with a bolo PAN *CabCab

tabtabCebuano(WMP) hack something off with several blows PAN *CabCab

tabtábIsneg(WMP) to cut bamboo tubes into equal lengths; to behead the body of a dead enemy PAN *tebteb

tabtabItbayaten(WMP) hacking PWMP *tabtab₁

tabtabKapampangan(WMP) cutting (sugarcane) PAN *CabCab

tabtabKapampangan(WMP) cutting (sugarcane) PWMP *tabtab₁

tabtabTagalog(WMP) hew, trim, chip off by hewer or chipping tool (of wood, stone or the like) PAN *CabCab

tabtábTagalog(WMP) the act of hewing or trimming wood, stone, etc. PWMP *tabtab₁

tabtabCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to chop, to trim with a bolo (as to trim the sides of a rice paddy dyke by chopping the edges with a bolo, or to chop the rib bones of an animal when butchering it PWMP *tabtab₁

tabtábCebuano(WMP) hack something off with several blows PWMP *tabtab₁

tabtabIbaloy(WMP) to eat voraciously, wolf down, gulp down, devour, eat one’s food with fervor --- esp. of animals (as pigs), but also figuratively of people PAN *tabtab₂

tabtabIbatan(WMP) to hack something with a bolo or axe PWMP *tabtab₁

tabtabKavalan(Formosan) to eat and make noise like a pig or dog PAN *tabtab₂

*tabtabPMin(WMP) chop through, cut off PWMP *tabtab₁

tabtab-ánIlokano(WMP) to hollow out boards for putting rungs of stairs in them when making a ladder PPH *tabtab-an

tabtab-anItbayaten(WMP) to cut, to slash PPH *tabtab-an

tabtab-anKapampangan(WMP) chop off PAN *CabCab

tabtab-anKapampangan(WMP) to chop off PPH *tabtab-an

tabtab-ónBikol(WMP) to cut bamboo or rattan; to cut the fins of fish, the wings of fowl PPH *tebteb-en

tabuBugotu(OC) sacred, forbidden, holy; a prohibition placed on use or handling of anything POC *tabu

tabuCheke Holo(OC) taboo, prohibited, sacred POC *tabu

tabuEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) charm, sacred object; forbidden, taboo POC *tabu

tabuFijian(OC) forbidden, prohibited, implying a religious sanction, but now used also for legal prohibition, such as “no admission’; sacred, holy, unapproachable POC *tabu

tabuFordata(CMP) forbid, prevent PCEMP *tambu

tabuGilbertese(OC) prohibition, interdiction; sacred; forbidden, prohibited (generally used with religious meaning of sacred, consecrated) POC *tabu

tabuKavalan(Formosan) wrapping, binding (as on a wound) PAN *Cabu

taʔbuMakassarese(WMP) sugarcane PMP *tebuh₁

*tabuPNCV(OC) sacred, forbidden, taboo POC *tabu

tabuRoviana(OC) put a taboo (under certain circumstances) on food; perhaps an introduced term POC *tabu

tabuSalako(WMP) sugarcane PMP *tebuh₁

taʔbuTae'(WMP) sugarcane PMP *tebuh₁

tabuTawala(OC) forbidden (said to be a Suau loan) POC *tabu

tabuTingalan (West)(WMP) sugarcane PMP *tebuh₁

tabuToba Batak(WMP) pumpkin, gourd PMP *tabuq

t-abu-Tolai(OC) grandparent; grandchild; reciprocal term used between a woman and her parents-in-law POC *t-abu

tabuTubetube(OC) don’t POC *tabu

tabuWayan(OC) be forbidden, prohibited by strong communal sanction, e.g. of traditional custom, modern law; (of a place or thing) be prohibited from use; prohibition, restriction; holiness, sacredness POC *tabu

tab(u)Woleaian(OC) taboo, ban, ritual restriction protected by supernatural sanction (marked by a taboo sign); be prohibited by taboo, restricted by taboo POC *tabu

tabu-aGilbertese(OC) to forbid, prohibit, interdict POC *tabu

tabuanSasak(WMP) kind of wasp with yellow thorax PMP *tabuqan

tabuanTae'(WMP) kind of wasp that makes its nest in dry wood PMP *tabuqan

tabuan baloTae'(WMP) wasp with thin midsection and yellow stripes around the body, with a venomous sting PMP *tabuqan

tabudMongondow(WMP) strew, scatter, sow PWMP *sabuD

tabudMongondow(WMP) strew, scatter seed PWMP *tabuD

tabúgCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) a type of game drive where game is driven by dogs towards where men are waiting in ambush PPH *tabuR₂

tábugCebuano(WMP) to drive, send away (as a pig that has gotten into one’s yard) PPH *tabuR₂

tabugMansaka(WMP) to return to its customary place of living, as bees or people (after being driven off or dispersed) PPH *tabuR₂

*tabu(ɣ)PSS(WMP) to sow, scatter PMP *tabuR₁

tábugCebuano(WMP) to drive or send away (as a pig in the garden); throw something away to dispose of it PPH *tabuR₂

tabugPalawano(WMP) to repulse, drive away PPH *tabuR₂

tabu-guMolima(OC) a food forbidden to me POC *tabu

tabuhanBahasa Indonesia(WMP) large wasp that usually nests in trees PMP *tabuqan

ta-bukaʔLampung(WMP) opened PWMP *bukaʔ

tabúkolIlokano(WMP) round net with cord at the center and lead sinkers around the circumference PAN *tabukul

tabukol-anIlokano(WMP) to cast a net PAN *tabukul

tabukulKavalan(Formosan) to fish with a casting net PAN *tabukul

tabukulPuyuma(Formosan) fishing net; web (for some men kariɖ and tabukul are used in the sea; tiɭuɁ is used in the mountains; the tabukul is a casting net) PAN *tabukul

ta-bulWogeo(OC) turn around POC *ta-bulos

ta-bulíʔAklanon(WMP) turn the rear to PMP *buliq₂

tabuliAlune(CMP) conch shell trumpet PMP *tabuRi

ta-buloBugotu(OC) suddenly POC *ta-bulos

ta-bulos-iBugotu(OC) be sudden POC *ta-bulos

tábunCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to fill in soil in a low place in the earth PMP *tabun₂

tábunCebuano(WMP) small white heron often found perching on the backs of water buffaloes, eating insects PPH *tabun₁

tábunHanunóo(WMP) cover, covering, as of the heavy stitching over the closed portions of the seams in a man’s shirt PMP *tabun₂

tábunKapampangan(WMP) dam PMP *tabun₂

tabunMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) a cover, lid PMP *tabun₂

tabunTanga(OC) ritually restricted (used in reference to the immediate environs of a funeral house of a certain clan --- only members of that clan may walk on this ground) POC *tabuna

tabunTausug(WMP) a type of quail a little smaller than a chicken, which lays eggs in sandy holes it digs PPH *tabun₁

tabunKelabit(WMP) a heap or pile; covered by something that is heaped up; a heap of dead grass used by snakes to make a nest PMP *tabun₂

tábunCebuano(WMP) cover something to protect or conceal it; cover up for someone’s mistakes PMP *tabun₂

tabu-naEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) shrine, skull-house, sacred or forbidden place; sacred thing POC *tabu-na

tabún-anKapampangan(WMP) to dam up, stop up, barricade PPh *tabún-an

ta-bunəbunəKanakanabu(Formosan) banana PAN *beNbeN

tabuniAnakalangu(CMP) afterbirth, placenta PMP *tabuni₁

tabuniNgaju Dayak(WMP) placenta, afterbirth PMP *tabuni₁

tabu-ni-aRoviana(OC) put a taboo on food POC *tabu-ni-a

taburIban(WMP) sprinkle, scatter, sow broadcast (as seed rice in planting) PMP *tabuR₁

taburMalay(WMP) scattering; sowing; diffusion over a surface PWMP *tabuD

taburMalay(WMP) scattering; sowing; diffusion over a surface (of sowing seed, of scattering flowers over a passing hero, of the stars scattered over the sky, etc. PMP *tabuR₁

taburSasak(WMP) to strew, scatter (seed) PMP *tabuR₁

taburToba Batak(WMP) sprinked, speckled, spotted (as the sky sprinkled with stars) PMP *tabuR₁

taburuRoviana(OC) to throw about, scatter, as grain POC *tabuR₁

tabu-tabuToba Batak(WMP) bottle gourd used as a rice container PMP *tabuq

tabuwanBalinese(WMP) hornet; several different kinds are distinguished PMP *tabuqan

tabuwanMapun(WMP) hornet; a large black and yellow wasp with a painful sting PMP *tabuqan

tabuʔMadurese(WMP) belly PWMP *tambuk

tabuʔanYakan(WMP) a bee-like insect; it is large and black with brownish wings, and makes round nests of dirt on trees; its sting hurts very much PMP *tabuqan

taʔ-buʔbuʔMakassarese(WMP) pulled out, extracted (kris, tooth, nail, etc.) PMP *butbut₂

tabʷa(-anuwa)Dobuan(OC) coconut sprouted POC *tabwa

(tabʷa)-keaGilbertese(OC) species of turtle with brilliant red shell (Banksbill turtle) PCEMP *keRa

tabʔaŋIbaloy(WMP) pertaining to the unpleasant bitter taste of water, esp. of brackish, salty water PWMP *taq(e)baŋ

tábʔaŋAklanon(WMP) fresh drinking water; insipid, flat, tasteless, flavorless PWMP *taq(e)baŋ

tabʔáŋBinukid(WMP) flat in taste; tasteless, insipid PWMP *taq(e)baŋ

tabʔáŋHanunóo(WMP) fresh water; tastelessness, flatness, referring to flavor or taste PWMP *taq(e)baŋ

tabʔáŋKankanaey(WMP) insipid; tasteless; dull; flat; unsavory; not sweet PWMP *taq(e)baŋ

tabʔáŋRemontado(WMP) bland, tasteless PWMP *taq(e)baŋ

ta-cavuFijian(OC) uprooted, pulled out (not always of itself) POC *saput

tachiItbayaten(WMP) excreta, dung, manure PMP *taki

t-aciFijian(OC) younger sibling of the same sex POC *taci

taciFijian(OC) the sea PMP *tasik

taciWayan(OC) coast, seashore, sea, from the perspective of the land; be salty in taste; saltiness, salty taste PMP *tasik

tacikManggarai(CMP) sea PMP *tasik

taci-taciWayan(OC) be salty to the taste; have salt added, be salted; be a bit salty PMP *tasik

tadGedaged(OC) to look (upwards) POC *tadal

tadNehan(OC) up, upward direction POC *tadal

tadaBare'e(WMP) place the foot on something higher, e.g. in order to take a big step or a leap, or to reach a higher place PWMP *tanzak

tadaBugotu(OC) to look up; up POC *tadal

tadaBugotu(OC) to look up; up POC *tadra

tadaCheke Holo(OC) look up, turn face upwards POC *tadal

tadaGitua(OC) supine POC *tadal

tadaIban(WMP) natural spur of a cock PMP *tada

tadaManam(OC) to look up POC *tadra

tad(a)Nehan(OC) up, upward direction POC *tadra

*tadaPSan(WMP) cockspur PMP *tada

tadaManam(OC) to look up POC *tadal

tadabmBonggi(WMP) sharp PMP *tazem

tadagBilaan (Sarangani)(WMP) to stand PWMP *ta(n)zeg

tada-kaiNehan(OC) to look up to, respect POC *tadra

tádal-iManam(OC) to look up to somebody, something POC *tadal

tádal-iManam(OC) to look up to somebody, something POC *tadra

tadauKadazan Dusun(WMP) sun, day, weather PAN *qajaw

tadau tadauKadazan Dusun(WMP) every day, daily, day by day PMP *qalejaw-qalejaw

tadawPazeh(Formosan) knife (for fighting, hunting) PAN *tadaw

taɖawPuyuma(Formosan) a large knife, single-edged knife with a wooden handle PAN *tadaw

tadawMinokok(WMP) sun PMP *qalejaw

taddóŋIfugaw(WMP) a large circular hat used as an umbrella, mostly by women when they are working in the rice fields, or in a sweet potato swidden PPH *taduŋ

taddóŋIsneg(WMP) any kind of large leaf used for covering the head as a protection against rain, etc. PMP *teduŋ₁

tadeUlithian(OC) sea PMP *tasik

tademAmis(Formosan) grave, tomb PAN *CaNem

tademKelabit(WMP) sharp, of a blade PMP *tazem

tadə́mBontok(WMP) sharp, of a blade PMP *tazem

tademCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) sharp (of a knife or axe); fish-hook PMP *tazem

tadémIlokano(WMP) edge, the cutting side of the blade of a knife, an axe, a saw, etc. PMP *tazem

tademLun Dayeh(WMP) sharpness of a blade PMP *tazem

tademMaranao(WMP) memory; recollect, remember PWMP *ta(n)dem

tademTonsea(WMP) sharp PMP *tazem

tadem-enAmis(Formosan) to bury PAN *CaNem-en

taden-anIbaloy(WMP) esophagus PWMP *telen-an

tadesMaranao(WMP) sure, certain; assure PWMP *tandes

t-adəyKiput(WMP) younger sibling PMP *ta-huaji

t-adeyMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) younger sibling PMP *ta-huaji

t-adiKadazan Dusun(WMP) younger sibling PMP *ta-huaji

tadiMa'anyan(WMP) rope PMP *talih

tádiMalagasy(WMP) cord, rope PMP *talih

t-adi-Motu(OC) younger sibling of the same sex POC *taci

tadiMotu(OC) sea water PMP *tasik

tadiPaku(WMP) rope PMP *talih

tadiSudest(OC) sharpen (stick) PMP *tasim-i

tadiTonsea(WMP) rope PMP *talih

t-adihMiri(WMP) younger sibling PMP *ta-huaji

taðileVitu(OC) Terminalia sp. POC *talise₁

tadi-m poítraMalagasy(WMP) the navel string PWMP *talih pusej

tadí-naMalagasy(WMP) twisted into a cord or rope; bind with cords PMP *talih

tadínyMalagasy(WMP) the foramen of the ear PMP *taliŋa

tadiñaIvatan (Isamorong)(WMP) ear PMP *taliŋa

tadivaMotu(OC) paddle-tail: Lutjanus gibbus POC *tasiwa

ta-djalanPaiwan(Formosan) same, same kind of (“one road”) PAN *zalan

ta-djalan a tsautsauPaiwan(Formosan) same kind of people PAN *zalan

tadláŋBontok(WMP) the ribs of the body PAN *tageRaŋ

tadláŋKankanaey(WMP) rib PAN *tageRaŋ

tádoPalawan Batak(WMP) wax PWMP *tadu

ta-ʔ-dogIfugaw(WMP) stand up from a sitting position PWMP *ta(n)zeg

tadómIfugaw(WMP) sharpness of the blade of a knife, a spear, an axe, etc.; it is also applied to the balíga, i.e. the sword among the weaving rods PMP *tazem

tadomMolbog(WMP) sharp PMP *tazem

tados-ónBikol(WMP) to crush with a fingernail PWMP *tedes

tádtadAklanon(WMP) to hack, hit repeatedly with a blade PWMP *tadtad

tadtádBikol(WMP) chopped, minced; riddled, cut in many places; tattoo PWMP *tadtad

tadtadIbaloy(WMP) act of cutting up meat into small pieces; deadfall trap: trap for large animals in which a heavy weight is arranged to fall on and kill or disable the prey PWMP *tadtad

tadtadRomblomanon(WMP) something is cut into pieces by someone PWMP *tadtad

tadtádTagalog(WMP) chopped to pieces; minced PWMP *tadtad

tadtadManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to chop up, as of vegetables PWMP *tadtad

tadtádIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) for someone to slash down a slender-stalked plant or tree, especially sugarcane, with a single slash using a bolo; for someone to chop meat into small pieces for cooking PWMP *tadtad

tadtádCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to chop up; to mince (meat); to chop into pieces the limbs of trees which have been felled in a new swidden field (in preparation for burning the field) PWMP *tadtad

tádtadHiligaynon(WMP) to chop (as meat); to mutilate PWMP *tadtad

tadtádIlokano(WMP) to chop up, mince PWMP *tadtad

tadtád ~ pag-tadtádWaray-Waray(WMP) the act of cutting or chopping something into smaller pieces PWMP *tadtad

tadtad-ánBikol(WMP) to tattoo PPH *tadtad-án

tadtád-anMasbatenyo(WMP) chopping board PWMP *tadtad

tadtad-énIlokano(WMP) be chopped up or minced PPH *tadtad-én

tadtad-ónBikol(WMP) to riddle; to cut in many places PPH *tadtad-én

tadtad-ónMasbatenyo(WMP) be chopped, be sliced, be slashed, be cut PPH *tadtad-én

tadtád-onMasbatenyo(WMP) something to be chopped PPH *tadtad-én

tadtad-únHiligaynon(WMP) to chop; to mutilate PPH *tadtad-én

tadtar-ánAklanon(WMP) chopping block, cutting board PPH *tadtad-án

tadtar-anIbaloy(WMP) to finish the cutting up process PPH *tadtad-án

tadtar-ánTagalog(WMP) chopping block PPH *tadtad-án

tadtar-enIbaloy(WMP) to cut, chop something into pieces; to cut on, draw blade across something with repeated motions (as in maliciously ruining the sleeve of a jacket); to cut up meat into small pieces --- an important step in butchering PPH *tadtad-én

tadtar-énPangasinan(WMP) to chop up PPH *tadtad-én

tadtar-ínTagalog(WMP) to hack; to chop roughly into small pieces (for meat, vegetables, etc.); to mince; to chop up into very small pieces PPH *tadtad-én

tadtar-unRomblomanon(WMP) be cut into pieces PPH *tadtad-én

tadu ~ taruBinukid(WMP) beeswax, honeycomb PWMP *tadu

tadunTonsea(WMP) forest PMP *talun₁

taeAnuta(OC) entrails; excrement POC *taqe₂

tae-Aore(OC) excrement POC *taqe₂

taʔe'Āre'āre(OC) ride, embark; used to denote the numerical strength of a canoe PMP *sakay₁

taeBuma(OC) no POC *taqe₁

taeCentral Maewo(OC) excrement POC *taqe₂

taʔeFutunan(OC) excrement POC *taqe₂

tae-Gitua(OC) shit, residue POC *taqe₂

taʔeKilokaka(OC) excrement POC *taqe₂

taeLau(OC) embark PMP *sakay₁

taeLau(OC) to rise, ascend, get up, climb; to lift up; to exhume POC *sake

taeMakatea(OC) excrement POC *taqe₂

taʔeManam(OC) feces, excrement POC *taqe₂

taeMota(OC) excrement, dung; bits, remnants, inferior parts POC *taqe₂

taeNggela(OC) dung, feces POC *taqe₂

taeRarotongan(OC) to leak, to melt, to flow, to ooze, to trickle, to discharge POC *tape₁

taʔeRennellese(OC) feces, dung, excreta of various kinds (ear wax, octopus ink, sea-slug eggs); fragments as of turmeric or Derris; suds; also an endearing and demeaning term, and used as an insult as in ‘I am your feces’ (I respect and love you and humiliate myself before you) POC *taqe₂

taeRoviana(OC) excreta POC *taqe₂

taʔeSa'a(OC) embark, start off PMP *sakay₁

taeSamoan(OC) feces, excrement POC *taqe₂

taeTakuu(OC) excrement, feces, shit POC *taqe₂

taʔeTongan(OC) feces, excrement, dung; also used in the language of anger, contempt, or pity for me‘a (thing, stuff) POC *taqe₂

taeTuvaluan(OC) excrement POC *taqe₂

taʔeKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) feces, excrement PMP *taqay

taeWogeo(OC) feces, excrement POC *taqe₂

tae, tū-taeMaori(OC) filth, excrement POC *taqe₂

taʔe ~ taʔiTagalog(WMP) excrement; waste matter expelled from the body PMP *taqi

tae-aSamoan(OC) be dirty, disgusting, filthy POC *taqe₂

taeabáAklanon(WMP) oyster PPH *talabá

t<ae>ámn-anAklanon(WMP) field [for planting] PAN *tanem-an

taé apa apaTae'(WMP) nothing; never mind; whatever PWMP *NEG + apa apa

táʔebPalawan Batak(WMP) sea, ocean; flood, high tide PWMP *taeb

tae doŋaLau(OC) hitchhike in canoes, travel by successive canoes PMP *sakay₁

tae-feʔeSamoan(OC) octopus ink, sepia POC *taqe₂

taʔe-ʔiTongan(OC) (lit. ‘dung-of’), as in ho‘o ta‘e‘i peni (your rotten old pen, etc.) --- in the language of abuse POC *taqe₂

taʔe ileŋine horseSa'a(OC) to ride a horse PMP *sakay₁

taelYapese(OC) rope; string; twist tobacco POC *tali₁

tae-laŋiCentral Maewo(OC) sky PMP *laŋit

tae-laŋoSamoan(OC) fly-speck; freckle (or similar small spot) POC *taqe₂

tae-laŋo-aSamoan(OC) freckled POC *taqe₂

tae-liLau(OC) embark on a ship or a canoe PMP *sakay₁

taʔe-liSa'a(OC) embark, get into a canoe PMP *sakay₁

taenBinukid(WMP) to set (a fish trap or fish line) in place PMP *taqen

taénIlokano(WMP) bet, water PMP *taqen

taʔənKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) set a trap (as the buvuʔ fish trap) PMP *taqen

tae-naMono-Alu(OC) excrement POC *taqe₂

tae-naVangunu(OC) excrement POC *taqe₂

taena niciniʔ bulu mata-nnaMakassarese(WMP) he is not to be found (lit. 'there is not an eyelash to be seen of him') PMP *bulu ni mata

taʔe naŋ bituʔínTagalog(WMP) shooting star; meteor PWMP *taqi nu bituqen

taeómAklanon(WMP) sharp-edged, razor-sharp PMP *tazem

táeonAklanon(WMP) field; underdeveloped or overgrown land PMP *talun₁

tae-ʔotiSamoan(OC) an herb (Ageratum sp.), the goatweed POC *taqe₂

taeʔ paʔdu-nnaTae'(WMP) he has no understanding, no judgment (lit. 'without gall') PAN *qapejux

tae-pikoAnuta(OC) intestines (lit. ‘crooked feces’) POC *taqe₂

taʔe rua'Āre'āre(OC) a two-man canoe PMP *sakay₁

táetaeAklanon(WMP) to remove, take down PWMP *taltal₁

tae-taeGitua(OC) cloud POC *taqe₂

taʔe taʔai'Āre'āre(OC) a one-man canoe PMP *sakay₁

taʔəwBintulu(WMP) right side PMP *taqu₁

taʔəwKanowit(WMP) right side PMP *taqu₁

taʔəwKenyah (Long San)(WMP) right side PMP *taqu₁

taʔəwMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) to know PMP *taqu₂

taéwPangasinan(WMP) middle of river; ocean, deep sea PMP *tahaw

taʔəyMelanau (Balingian)(WMP) feces PMP *taqi

taʔəyBintulu(WMP) rust, rusty PMP *taqi

tae zaŋa-zaŋaGitua(OC) crease of ass POC *saŋa₁

taeʔKelabit(WMP) feces PMP *taqay

tafaLau(OC) what? PMP *sapa

tafaSamoan(OC) (of boil, abscess, etc.) cut open, incise POC *tapa₂

tafaSamoan(OC) (of light and shade effect) be visible, discernible PMP *tapak₂

tafaSamoan(OC) (of boil, abscess, etc.) cut open, incise POC *tapar

tafaTongan(OC) to cut into portions with a knife, carve up (e.g. a cooked pig or turtle); to lance, cut open (a boil, etc.) POC *tapa

tafadAmis(Formosan) a disembodied head gotten in headhunting or war PAN *tabaN

tafakUjir(CMP) to stab PAN *tebek

tafalFordata(CMP) adhere to; to stick, paste, glue PMP *tapel

tafa-levinaMalagasy(WMP) buried unintentionally PAN *lebeŋ₁

taf-àrakaMalagasy(WMP) going together PMP *aRak

tafa-réhitraMalagasy(WMP) set on fire, kindled PWMP *deket₂

tafeFutunan(OC) to flow (rapidly) POC *tape₁

tafeNiue(OC) to flow POC *tape₁

tafeSamoan(OC) to flow, run; a flow POC *tape₁

tafeTongan(OC) to flow, to run (of liquids) POC *tape₁

tafeTuvaluan(OC) to flow POC *tape₁

tafe-aNiue(OC) be carried away by a current; a sickness of women (causing continual menstruation) POC *tape-a

tafe-aSamoan(OC) be carried away (by current, etc.), to drift POC *tape-a

tafe-aSamoan(OC) be carried away (by current, etc.) POC *tape₁

tāfe-aTongan(OC) to be flooded by running water, or to be washed away or carried along by a stream POC *tape-a

tāfe-aŋaSamoan(OC) party of castaways or people cast adrift; party of people in exile or banishment POC *tape₁

tafe-ʔaŋaTongan(OC) place or gutter, etc. where something flows POC *tape₁

tafelMiri(WMP) to mend, patch PMP *tambal₁

tafe-ŋaSamoan(OC) current POC *tape₁

tāfe-ŋaSamoan(OC) flood POC *tape₁

tafe-tafeNiue(OC) flowing freely POC *tape-tape

tafe-tafe-aSamoan(OC) to drift; current, esp. where offshore waves meet sea waves POC *tape₁

tafe-totoSamoan(OC) to bleed POC *tape₁

tafiBwaidoga/Bwaidoka(OC) slap, clap POC *tapik

tafiNias(WMP) filter, sieve PWMP *tapis₃

tafiTongan(OC) to sweep; sweep away, get rid of PMP *tapis₂

tafiYamdena(CMP) to winnow PMP *tahep-i₁

tafiYamdena(CMP) to winnow PMP *tapi

tafi-aTongan(OC) be swept away, as by a wave PMP *tapis₂

ta-filiSamoan(OC) decorate, dress something by plaiting coconut or other leaves around it PMP *pirit

tafis-anTiruray(WMP) a woven rattan strainer for squeezing shredded coconut meat PWMP *tapis₃

tafoAmis(Formosan) to wrap up, to make a bundle PAN *Cabu

ta-fofór-anaMalagasy(WMP) bellows PWMP *puput-an

tafolaTongan(OC) to spread out or become scattered untidily POC *tapola

tafolaNiue(OC) scattered about POC *tapola

taftafThao(Formosan) make a loud slurping noise in eating, like a pig PAN *sabsab

taftafThao(Formosan) make a loud slurping noise in eating, like a pig PAN *tabtab₂

tafuLau(OC) to brush off, brush against PMP *sapu

tafuhiSoboyo(CMP) shell, blown to call up the wind when a canoe is launched on a voyage PMP *tabuRi

ta-fuliSamoan(OC) to roll POC *buliŋ

ta-fuliSamoan(OC) to roll (as a coconut trunk being rolled to sea) POC *puri

ta-fuluGaddang(WMP) ten PAN *puluq₁

tafuluLau(OC) species of mollusc POC *sapulu

tafuŋTiruray(WMP) rice flour; to make rice flour PPH *tapuŋ

tafurKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) triton shell PMP *tabuRi

tafy-eChamorro(WMP) thresh, remove husk from grain by threshing PMP *tapi

tagEfate (South)(OC) to cry, weep PMP *taŋis

tagáʔAklanon(WMP) to strike with a sharp object PAN *taRaq₁

tagáBikol(WMP) from, indigenous to, native to; to come from PPH *taga-

taga-Sambal (Botolan)(WMP) from a certain place, resident of PPH *taga-

tágaʔCebuano(WMP) cut down trees PAN *taRaq₁

tagaʔChamorro(WMP) hack, chop PAN *taRaq₁

tagaFavorlang/Babuza(Formosan) blood PAN *daRaq

tagaʔIda'an Begak(WMP) adze PAN *taRaq₁

tagáIlokano(WMP) to trim, shape (by cutting); kind of small gray bird that nests in tree holes it bores PAN *taRaq₁

tagá-Ilokano(WMP) indicating origin or citizenship PPH *taga-

taga-Kapampangan(WMP) combined with the locative deictics or place names means ‘comes from; originates in such-and-such a place’ PPH *taga-

tágaMaguindanao(WMP) to cut down PAN *taRaq₁

taga-Mansaka(WMP) locational: resident of PPH *taga-

tagá-Pangasinan(WMP) from (a place or point of origin) PPH *taga-

taga-Tagalog(WMP) a prefix joined to the name of the place to connote ‘native of’, ‘resident of’, ‘hails from’, ‘comes from’ PPH *taga-

taga-Casiguran Dumagat(WMP) prefix meaning ‘native or resident of’; occupation PPH *taga-

tagaMaranao(WMP) particle to indicatie origin or location of domicile PPH *taga-

tagábasHanunóo(WMP) long-leaved variety of kusúl (Kaempferia galanga Linn.); many medicinal and religious uses PWMP *taRabas

taga-búkidAklanon(WMP) person from the mountains (derogatory, implying backwardness) PAN *bukij

taga-búkidCebuano(WMP) mountaineer PAN *bukij

taga-búkidTagalog(WMP) person from the country PAN *bukij

taǥadMansaka(WMP) to wait PPH *taRad

taǥadTiruray(WMP) to pause briefly in one’s activity PPH *taRad

taǥadManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to wait PPH *taRad

tagadTboli(WMP) to wait PPH *taRad

tagad-tagadTiruray(WMP) temporary PPH *taRad

taga-enIlokano(WMP) to trim, shape (by cutting) PWMP *taRaq-en

taga-gíliŋTagalog(WMP) grinder; a person who grinds PMP *giliŋ

tagainépIlokano(WMP) to dream, to experience sleeping visions PPh *taRa-qinép

tagaʔinīpManobo (Dibabawon)(WMP) dream PPh *taRa-qinép

tagalCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to remain a long time; to take or last for a long time; duration, perseverance, delay PWMP *tagal

tagalCebuano(WMP) stipulated length or period of time to do something PWMP *tagal

tagálTagalog(WMP) length or duration of time; length (referring to time taken) PWMP *tagal

taga-láŋitTagalog(WMP) heavenly; of or in heaven PMP *laŋit

taga-liʔógAklanon(WMP) “neck-deep” (in troubles), be on edge, edgy PAN *liqeR

taga-líʔugCebuano(WMP) “up to the neck” (as in debt) PAN *liqeR

tagaltáwBikol(WMP) buoy, float PPH *tagal(e)táw

taga-nSekar(CMP) finger, toe PMP *taŋan

tag-anak-anCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) uterus (archaic) PPH *taR-anak

tag-andakTausug(WMP) stamp the feet PWMP *anzak

tagaokMansaka(WMP) to crow, as a rooster PPH *taRaquk

tagaokBinukid(WMP) for a rooster to crow PPH *taRaquk

taga-pag-pa-kilalaTagalog(WMP) toastmaster PAN *kilala

tagar-anTausug(WMP) that which one is waiting for PPH *taRad-an

taga-sálinTagalog(WMP) translator; interpreter PWMP *salin

taga-sampáyTagalog(WMP) a person whose job it is to dry clothes by hanging them on a clothesline PMP *sampay₁

taga-sunódTagalog(WMP) follower; a person who follows the ideas or beliefs of another; satellite; a follower or attendant upon a person of importance; hanger-on PPH *sunúd

taga-timogSiraya(Formosan) south PAN *timuR

taga-todCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) knee high (of the growth of rice, or the depth of a river) PPH *taRa-tuhud

taga-túhudCebuano(WMP) up to the knees PPH *taRa-tuhud

tagáukCebuano(WMP) for roosters to crow PPH *taRaquk

tágayAklanon(WMP) to pour out (slowly) PPH *tágay

tagáyBikol(WMP) a wedding ceremony in which the drinking of liquor forms part of the celebrations PPH *tágay

tágayBikol(WMP) ritual in which food is offered to the táwong-lipód (supernaturals) to ask for a rich harvest, a full catch, a successful hunt, or the removal of spells PPH *tágay

tágayCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to pour liquid into glasses in order to serve drinks; to pour out a little at a time PPH *tágay

tagayIban(WMP) put off, postpone; linger, allow to drag on (esp. debt) PWMP *tagal

tágayIlokano(WMP) a toast (with drinks) PPH *tágay

tagayMansaka(WMP) to offer (as native wine) PPH *tágay

tágayTagalog(WMP) a toast (in drinking wine) PPH *tágay

tagáy-anTagalog(WMP) a wine glass PPH *tágay

tagaynīpAborlan Tagbanwa(WMP) dream PPh *taRa-qinép

t<ag>aytayCebuano(WMP) mountain ridge PPH *t<ag>aytay

t<ag>aytayIsneg(WMP) bridge PPH *t<ag>aytay

tagbákCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) old, rotten (of cloth, rattan) PPH *tag(e)bák

tagbakMaranao(WMP) mildew PPH *tag(e)bák

tagbákBikol(WMP) rotten, rancid due to exposure to water or high humidity PPH *tag(e)bák

tagbuCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to go to meet someone at an agreed place PPH *tag(e)búq

tag-b-ue-uŋáAklanon(WMP) fruit-bearing season PMP *buŋa

tag-búhatAklanon(WMP) craftsman, creator PMP *buhat₂

tágbuʔHanunóo(WMP) meeting (someone); encountering (something) PPH *tag(e)búq

tag-duháWaray-Waray(WMP) twofold; double PWMP *taR-duha

tag(e)Woleaian(OC) directional --- upward, eastward POC *sake

tageey (tagee-a)Woleaian(OC) ride it, sail in it PMP *sakay₁

tagekAgutaynen(WMP) sap of trees, plants; juice of fruits PPH *tagek

tagenáp ~ taginápIsneg(WMP) dream PPh *taRa-qinép

tagenekBinukid(WMP) mosquito PPH *taRenek

tagεnəpCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) dream; to dream PPh *taRa-qinép

tageraŋPuyuma(Formosan) chest PAN *tageRaŋ

tagereMota(OC) a bird, flycatcher POC *takere

tagereRaga(OC) a bird: Rhipidura fuliginosa POC *takere

t-ag-etekMaranao(WMP) house lizard PAN *tektek₂

tággamItawis(WMP) ant PWMP *sejem

tággatItawis(WMP) hardness; nara tree PMP *teRas

tag-gatúsCebuano(WMP) a hundred each PMP *Ratus

taghiMuna(WMP) belly PMP *taqi

taghisiBanoni(OC) sea, saltwater, more a place than a liquid; gutsini more a liquid PMP *tasik

taghuMuna(WMP) year PMP *taqun

taghunu-Piva(OC) back POC *takuRu

-tagiRennellese(OC) sennit noose for snaring sharks POC *tali₁

tagiRennellese(OC) to wait POC *tari

taɣiSinaugoro(OC) to weep, cry PMP *taŋis

tagi-ámoIsneg(WMP) love charms which boys place in their pouch when they go to court the girls PPH *haq(e)muq

tagieRennellese(OC) a tree with edible nuts: Terminalia catappa L. POC *talise₁

tagieRennellese(OC) a land crab: Cardisoma hirtipes Dana POC *talise₂

tag-íhiʔAklanon(WMP) feel like urinating PMP *ihiq

tagiktíkBikol(WMP) a ticking sound PPH *tagiktik

tagiktíkIlokano(WMP) heavy rain PPH *tagiktik

tagiktíkIlokano(WMP) heavy rain PPH *taRiktík

t<ag>iktíkTagalog(WMP) patter; a series of quick taps, or the sound they make; ticking of a clock or watch PMP *tiktik₁

t<ag>iktíkTagalog(WMP) patter; a series of quick taps, or the sound they make; ticking of a clock or watch PAN *tiktik₁

tagiktíkTagalog(WMP) patter; a series of quick taps, or the sound they make (as the patter of rain on the roof); ticking of a clock or watch PPH *tagiktik

tagiktíkTagalog(WMP) patter; a series of quick taps, or the sound they make (as with the patter of rain on the roof) PPH *taRiktík

tagilalSonsorol-Tobi(OC) swordfish PMP *saku-layaR

ta-gílidKapampangan(WMP) at the edge; in danger; face sideways PPH *ta-gílij

ta-gílidHanunóo(WMP) tipped on one side, as trees partially blown over by the wind PPH *ta-gílij

tagi-lípatIlokano(WMP) forgetfulness PPH *lipat

ta-gilir-anKapampangan(WMP) side, edge PPH *ta-gílij

táginHanunóo(WMP) a horizontal spring snare for catching pigs or deer PMP *taRin

tagina-Piva(OC) ear PMP *taŋila

tagin batuMongondow(WMP) banana sp. PMP *batu

tagin bulawanMongondow(WMP) kind of banana PAN *bulaw-an

tagin bulig-anMongondow(WMP) kind of banana PMP *buliR

taginepMaranao(WMP) dream PPh *taRa-qinép

t<ag>intiŋTagalog(WMP) tinkling or jingling sound PMP *tiŋtiŋ

tagiŋaRennellese(OC) ear; side fins of fish, whale flippers; to hear, lend ear, listen POC *taliŋa

tagi-ŋiná-enIlokano(WMP) to consider something expensive PPH *ŋina

tāgipIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) for someone to slice a vegetable, fruit, tuber into chips with the use of a knife PPH *tájip

tágipIfugaw(WMP) slices of potatoes, carrots, meat, or whatever it may be PPH *tájip

tagip-enIbaloy(WMP) to slice something in several parallel slices (as sweet potato, loaf of bread) PPH *tájip

tagip-enKankanaey(WMP) to slice, to cut into slices PPH *tájip

tagi-pusóʔ-onAklanon(WMP) heart PMP *pusuq₁

tagi-pusúʔ-onMasbatenyo(WMP) inner being PMP *pusuq₁

tagi-sakiRennellese(OC) to wait POC *tari

tagisiPiva(OC) sea PMP *tasik

tagitíMasbatenyo(WMP) drizzle PPH *taRihtih

tagití ~ tagithíBikol(WMP) a light rain; a shower, drizzle PPH *taRihtih

tagiuriuWoleaian(OC) back (anatomical) POC *takuRu

tag-kayab-kayabBinukid(WMP) to flap (as a wide dress in the wind) PWMP *kayab

tagkéhSambal (Botolan)(WMP) girdle, anything tied around the waist PPH *tag(e)kés

tagkesManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) tether PPH *tag(e)kés

tagkosKadazan Dusun(WMP) to girdle PAN *ta(R)kes

tágkosAklanon(WMP) binder, a piece of cloth wrapped around a painful part of the body, usually head or waist PPH *tag(e)kés

tagkúsCebuano(WMP) fasten something to something with a knotted cord; tie into a loop that easily gets undone; tie something around something PPH *tag(e)kés

tag-lakin-anCebuano(WMP) the groom’s relatives at the wedding PWMP *la-laki

tagláŋIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) ribcage of a person or animal; i.e. the upper backbone and the ribs PAN *tageRaŋ

tagláŋIfugaw(WMP) ribs; side of a human chest (what is enclosed by the ribs) PAN *tageRaŋ

tagláŋPangasinan(WMP) rib, frame PAN *tageRaŋ

tag-limáCebuano(WMP) five each, do something by fives PWMP *taR-lima

tag-lima-nChamorro(WMP) five (in linear measurement) PWMP *taR-lima

tag-nanaʔBinukid(WMP) to suppurate (as a boil that has burst) PMP *nanaq

tagnekMamanwa(WMP) mosquito PPH *taRenek

tag-nipísCebuano(WMP) name given to various kinds of long and slender sardines and herrings PMP *nipis

tagnukMansaka(WMP) mosquito PPH *taRenek

tagõNias(WMP) steal PMP *takaw₁

tagoRennellese(OC) taro, Colocasia esculenta (one of the most important foods, the gift of the god Tupuimatangi) POC *talos

tagóbBikol(WMP) full, laden, overloaded; brimming (as a container with rice, a tree with fruit, a boat with cargo) PMP *teReb

tagókAklanon(WMP) sap (of tree) PPH *tagek

tagókBikol(WMP) juice, nectar, sap PPH *tegék

tagókBikol(WMP) juice, nectar, sap PPH *tagek

tagómAklanon(WMP) medicinal tree PMP *taRum

tágomBikol(WMP) indigo, species of plant from which a blue dye is extracted PMP *taRum

tagomMaranao(WMP) Indigofera suffruticosa Mill. --- leaves used to color things black; black, blacken, dark color: black, brown, blue or gray PMP *taRum

tagóm-onBikol(WMP) to tint or dye with indigo PMP *taRum

tagósTagalog(WMP) going through the whole width, thickness or length; reaching as far as the other side or end PMP *taRus

tágoʔMansaka(WMP) hidden, concealed; to hide, to conceal (as money) PMP *taRuq

tagoʔMaranao(WMP) put (as rice in a pot), place; contents (as of a sack); keep (as money for someone), hide (as money for safekeeping) PMP *taRuq

tágoʔMasbatenyo(WMP) secluded, of a place PMP *taRuq

tagóʔTagalog(WMP) hidden; kept out of sight; inconspicuous, not visible; obscure, hidden from view; secret, occult; latent, hidden, concealed PMP *taRuq

tagoʔ-aiMaranao(WMP) container PMP *taRuq

tagpásIlokano(WMP) to chop, cut PPH *tag(e)pás

tagpásTagalog(WMP) slashed; cut down (esp. referring to overhanging objects) PPH *tag(e)pás

tagpas-ínTagalog(WMP) to slash; to cut with a slashing downstroke PPH *tag(e)pás

tag-pilaBinukid(WMP) to cost how much for (something)? PAN *pijax

tag-piláCebuano(WMP) how much apiece? PAN *pijax

tag-piráMasbatenyo(WMP) how much is each? PAN *pijax

tagpísCebuano(WMP) slice something thinly; be skinny and slim PWMP *taRpis

tagpísTagalog(WMP) fineness, sveltness, thinness PWMP *taRpis

tag-pítuCebuano(WMP) seven at a time PAN *pitu₁

tagraŋItbayaten(WMP) rib PAN *tageRaŋ

tagréŋMiri(WMP) ribs PAN *tageRaŋ

tagru-Kokota(OC) back POC *takuRu

tag-siga-sigaBinukid(WMP) to glitter, sparkle PMP *siga

tag-si-siamAgutaynen(WMP) nine each PPH *siám

tagtāgIsneg(WMP) portions of rice and meat distributed to guests at a solemn sacrifice PPH *tagtág

tagtágCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to scatter, to toss (of the tossing of bundles of rice seedlings througout the paddy in preparation for transplanting); to pass out food from house to house PPH *tagtág

tag-tanímTagalog(WMP) planting season PWMP *taR-tanem

tagtax-ānIsneg(WMP) to divide sugarcane into sections PWMP *sagsag₁

tag-túkudCebuano(WMP) founder, organizer PAN *tukud

tagu-Baetora(OC) back POC *takuRu

taguIlongot(WMP) comb for lice PMP *saRu₁

tagu-ánTagalog(WMP) a place for hiding or keeping things (as money); harbor; covert; any place of shelter; children’s game of hide-and-seek PWMP *taRuq-an

tagubTiruray(WMP) to enclose oneself completely inside one’s sarong, as when very cold PMP *takub

tagubTiruray(WMP) to enclose oneself completely inside one’s sarong, as when verb cold PMP *ta(ŋ)kub

tagub-anTiruray(WMP) a scabbard PWMP *takub-an

tagub-anTiruray(WMP) a scabbard PMP *ta(ŋ)kub

tagúkHanunóo(WMP) sap, as of a tree PPH *tagek

tagúkCebuano(WMP) sticky sap of plants and fruits PPH *tagek

t<ag>uktókTagalog(WMP) clack; a short, sharp sound like that produced by heels of shoes on a pavement or hard floor PAN *tuktuk₃

tagumMongondow(WMP) a creeper that yields a greenish-black dye PMP *taRum

tágumCebuano(WMP) indigo: Indigofera suffruticosa PMP *taRum

tágumHanunóo(WMP) indigo plant (Indigofera tinctoria Linn.); the leaves are used for dyeing and for rubbing on neck swellings PMP *taRum

tagúmHiligaynon(WMP) blue PMP *taRum

tāgumRomblomanon(WMP) an indigo plant, Indigofera suffruticosa (Mill.) or Indigofera tinctoria (Linn.) PMP *taRum

taɣumManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) a certain leaf of a vine which is used as a black dye for dyeing abaca fiber PMP *taRum

tag-upátCebuano(WMP) four apiece; odds of four to three in betting PWMP *taR-epat

tag-urhaCebuano(WMP) two at a time PWMP *taR-duha

taguru-Zabana(OC) back POC *takuRu

tagutuŋ-anCebuano(WMP) porcupine fish, Diodon sp. PMP *taRutuŋ

taguw(a)Woleaian(OC) yellowfin tuna POC *takua

táguʔCebuano(WMP) hidden from view (as a house behind trees); to hide, keep away from view or knowledge; put away in a safe place for future use PMP *taRuq

táguʔHanunóo(WMP) hiding (as hiding something in a cave) PMP *taRuq

tāguʔRomblomanon(WMP) someone or something hides or takes shelter in a given location PMP *taRuq

taGuʔManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to put inside PMP *taRuq

taguʔ-ánHanunóo(WMP) be hidden, be concealed, as an object PWMP *taRuq-an

taguʔ-ánMasbatenyo(WMP) hideout, hiding place PWMP *taRuq-an

taGuʔ-anManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) a container PWMP *taRuq-an

táguʔ-an-anCebuano(WMP) hiding place; hideout PWMP *taRuq-an

taguʔ-ónMasbatenyo(WMP) keep safe, take care of PMP *taRuq

táguʔ-táguʔCebuano(WMP) game of hide-and-seek PWMP *taRuq taRuq

tagyáŋSambal (Botolan)(WMP) rib PAN *tageRaŋ

tagyáŋHanunóo(WMP) rib PAN *tageRaŋ

tagyáŋKapampangan(WMP) rib PAN *tageRaŋ

tagzaŋYami(WMP) spareribs; ribs PAN *tageRaŋ

ʔtahAmis(Formosan) chaff PAN *qeCah

tahBekatan(WMP) 1pl. incl., we PAN *ita₁

tahLoniu(OC) conch shell trumpet POC *tapuRi

tahSa'ban(WMP) we (dual incl.) PAN *k-ita

tahaArosi(OC) interrogative pronoun, what? PMP *sapa

tahaCentral Tagbanwa(WMP) denotes one’s place of origin PPH *taga-

tahaNiue(OC) one, any, an; singly, by itself; another POC *tasa

tahaTongan(OC) one; someone, anyone; person; other, another POC *tasa

tahahBalinese(WMP) the blade of a kind of machete, chopper PAN *taRaq₁

tahahKayan(WMP) belian [ironwood] timber; long-lived; able to endure PMP *teRas

taha-hBuruese(CMP) to fell, cut down PAN *taRaq₁

tahakLamaholot(CMP) ripe PMP *tasak

tahanMalay(WMP) set (snares and traps) PAN *taqan₁

tahanMalay(WMP) holding out against; resistance; restraint; to sustain PWMP *taqan₂

tahanMalay(WMP) to set (snares and traps) PMP *taqen

tahán-anTagalog(WMP) home; dwelling; abode PMP *tahan

tahana ni rāo'Āre'āre(OC) a fathom length of stitched leaf POC *qatop

tah-anaʔSangir(WMP) to rear, care for a child PPH *taR-anak

tahan bubuMalay(WMP) to set basket traps for fish PMP *taqen

ta-haŋaSa'a(OC) a fathom POC *ŋapa₁

*tahasPMin(WMP) tree sp. (used for timber) PMP *teRas

taha-tahaNiue(OC) very few POC *tasa

tahawItbayaten(WMP) the sea as salt water, sea water as material of the sea or ocean PMP *tahaw

táhawTagalog(WMP) clearing in a forest; open-air; exposed to view PMP *tahaw

taheArosi(OC) an abortion POC *sape₂

taheKove(OC) feces, excrement POC *taqe₂

taheMaori(OC) menses; sap of a tree; to exude, drop, flow POC *tape₁

taheMaori(OC) abortion POC *sape₂

taheRennellese(OC) to float, drift; current, especially where offshore waves meet sea waves; to have blood in saliva, especially of persons with tuberculosis POC *tape₁

taheVitu(OC) excreta, feces POC *taqe₂

tahe-aRennellese(OC) to soar POC *tape-a

tahe-ʔaŋaRennellese(OC) bleeding in saliva POC *tape₁

táhekSambal (Botolan)(WMP) to plant something by sticking it down into the ground PWMP *tasek

tahepItbayaten(WMP) winnowing; chaff, husks of grain, rough particles when corn is ground (kapaN-, maN-, ma-, naN-) PMP *tahep

tahe-taheVitu(OC) rubbish, waste POC *taqe₂

taheunSundanese(WMP) what one uses to trap something (in the broadest sense), deadfall trap, noose trap, poison, etc. PMP *taqen

tahíʔAklanon(WMP) to sew (manaN-, paN-) PMP *tahiq

tahiBalinese(WMP) dirt; rust; scale (metal); dung PMP *taqi

tahiBugotu(OC) sea, saltwater, salt; a vessel for holding saltwater PMP *tasik

tahiBungku(WMP) sea PMP *tasik

táhiʔCebuano(WMP) sew, stitch PMP *tahiq

t-ahi-Cheke Holo(OC) younger sibling of the same sex; younger parallel cousin of the same sex POC *taci

tahiCheke Holo(OC) ocean, sea; salt PMP *tasik

t-ahiEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) younger sibling of the same sex POC *taci

tahíʔHanunóo(WMP) sewing PMP *tahiq

tahíʔHiligaynon(WMP) sewing, stitch (mag-, -un) PMP *tahiq

tahiKadazan Dusun(WMP) rope PMP *talih

tahíʔKapampangan(WMP) to sew PMP *tahiq

tahiKokota(OC) sea PMP *tasik

tahiKoroni(WMP) sea PMP *tasik

tahiMalay(WMP) dregs; lees; sediment; dirt of any sort; ordure PMP *taqi

tahiMori Atas(WMP) sea PMP *tasik

tahiMoronene(WMP) sea; salt PMP *tasik

tahiNggela(OC) younger sibling of the same sex POC *taci

tahiNggela(OC) the sea; surf, a wave; salt PMP *tasik

tahiNiue(OC) the sea (more especially near the coast, as compared with moana, the open sea); the coast PMP *tasik

tahiOld Javanese(WMP) excrement, dropping; rust PMP *taqi

tahiPadoe(WMP) sea PMP *tasik

tahiPalu'e(CMP) sea PMP *tasik

tahiRaga(OC) sea; salt PMP *tasik

tahiSika(CMP) sea, saltwater PMP *tasik

tahíʔTagalog(WMP) sewing, stitch; cloth to be sewn (manaN-, paN- -an) PMP *tahiq

tahiTongan(OC) sea; sea-water; tide PMP *tasik

tahiʔUma(WMP) sea PMP *tasik

tahiʔManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to sew PMP *tahiq

tahiZabana(OC) sea PMP *tasik

tahi-Nehan(OC) brother, sibling POC *taci

tahíʔ-anTagalog(WMP) tailoring shop or millinery PMP *taqih-an

tahiʔ-an-anCebuano(WMP) dress, tailor shop (maN-REDUP, -un-un) PMP *tahiq

tahi aŋinMalay(WMP) light clouds driven before the wind PMP *taqi nu haŋin

tahi besiMalay(WMP) rust PMP *taqi

tahi bintaŋMalay(WMP) shooting stars; small bright yellow caterpillars PWMP *taqi nu bituqen

ta-hifoNiue(OC) to lower, make inferior POC *sipo

tahi harusMalay(WMP) driftwood and scum in a tideway PWMP *taqi qaRus

tahikAdonara(CMP) sea PMP *tasik

tahikLamaholot(CMP) sea, saltwater PMP *tasik

tahikMa'anyan(WMP) sea, ocean PMP *tasik

tahikSouthwest Tanna(OC) sea PMP *tasik

tahikYakan(WMP) sea; ocean; sea water PMP *tasik

tahɨkCentral Tagbanwa(WMP) sap; blood PPH *tagek

tahi lalatMalay(WMP) mole-freckle (lit. ‘fly dropping’) PMP *taqi

tahi lalatMalay(WMP) mole-freckle (lit. ‘fly speck’) PMP *taqi nu lalej

tahípTagalog(WMP) up and down movement of rice grains being winnowed on a flat basket PMP *tahep

táhip-anTagalog(WMP) the flat basket used in winnowing PMP *tahep-an

tahitiSangir(WMP) rain PPH *taRihtih

tahi ular sawaMalay(WMP) python-dung, rich in ammonia and PMP *sawa

tahi ulat (= tulat)Malay(WMP) three or four days after tomorrow PMP *taqi

tahluyLampung(WMP) egg PMP *qateluR

tahmwPohnpeian(OC) forehead POC *damwa

ta-hokaNiue(OC) to pierce (with an implement) POC *soka

tahomPonosakan(WMP) sharp PMP *tazem

tahópAklanon(WMP) to sift PMP *tahep

táhotraMalagasy(WMP) fear, dread, horror, terror PAN *takut

tahp-anItbayaten(WMP) to winnow PMP *tahep-an

tahp-iItbayaten(WMP) winnow (imperative) PMP *tahep-i₂

tahpuhlKosraean(OC) to turn POC *ta-bulos

tahraŋPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) chest, breast PAN *tageRaŋ

tahuBahasa Indonesia(WMP) understand after seeing (witnessing, experiencing, etc.); familiar with; clever, capable; aware; already PMP *taqu₂

tahuBalinese(WMP) know, perceive PMP *taqu₂

tahuMalay(WMP) to know; knowledge PMP *taqu₂

tahuOld Javanese(WMP) skilled, practiced, trained, used (to) PMP *taqu₂

tahuSalako(WMP) to know PMP *taqu₂

tahuSoboyo(CMP) to lay down, put or place PMP *taRuq

tahu-aMotu(OC) to seek; to examine POC *tapu

tahu-hBuruese(CMP) to place or set PMP *taRuq

ta huhuHawu(CMP) suck at the breast PAN *susu₁

tahu-kanMalay(WMP) to be aware of PMP *taqu₂

tahulanOld Javanese(WMP) bone, fish bone PMP *tuqelan

tahuliAsilulu(CMP) conch shell (Strombus spp.); conch shell trumpet PMP *tabuRi

tahumBalinese(WMP) indigo plant PMP *taRum

tahumNgaju Dayak(WMP) a creeper that produces purple-colored fruit that people use to dye woven fabric PMP *taRum

tahunKadazan Dusun(WMP) jungle, wilderness PMP *talun₁

tahunMalay(WMP) year (solar, lunar, seasonal from rice crop to rice crop, etc.) PMP *taqun

tahunOld Javanese(WMP) year; (seasonal) crop PMP *taqun

tahuniManusela(CMP) trumpet PMP *tabuRi

tahuni-aMotu(OC) to cover with earth POC *tapun₂

tahuŋSangir(WMP) indigo, Indigofera tinctoria, used as a dyestuff PMP *taRum

tahúpCebuano(WMP) chaff of cereals; separate the husk from husked grains PMP *tahep

tahúpHanunóo(WMP) winnowing PMP *tahep

tahuriKamarian(CMP) trumpet shell PMP *tabuRi

tahuruArosi(OC) species of black mussel used in making bonito hooks POC *sapulu

tahutToba Batak(WMP) fear, fright; dread; anxiety PAN *takut

tahu-tahuToba Batak(WMP) a scoop or ladle, vessel for scooping up liquid PAN *taku₂

tahut-onToba Batak(WMP) to fear, be afraid PWMP *takut-en

tahuyNauna(OC) conch shell trumpet POC *tapuRi

*tahuʔPMin(WMP) put into, store in PMP *taRuq

tahuʔTombulu(WMP) put into, put away, store inside PMP *taRuq

tahzucuTsou(Formosan) mulberry tree and fruit PAN *taNiud

táiAklanon(WMP) stool, feces; to defecate PMP *taqi

taiAnuta(OC) water covering the reef PMP *tasik

taʔiArosi(OC) to sew, join together POC *saqit

taiAsilulu(CMP) feces, excreta, filth PMP *taqi

taiBalaesang(WMP) excrement, feces PMP *taqi

taʔiBare'e(WMP) the waste produced by something; feces; dregs, sediment; also belly, stomach PMP *taqi

taʔiBimanese(CMP) to defecate; feces, filth PMP *taqi

taiBinukid(WMP) feces (of people and animals), excrement; manure PMP *taqi

taiBonerate(WMP) sea PMP *tasik

táʔiBontok(WMP) feces PMP *taqi

taiBuginese(WMP) feces; to defecate PMP *taqi

taiBunun(Formosan) taro PAN *Cali

taiBuol(WMP) who? PMP *sai

táʔiCebuano(WMP) feces of people and animals; dross from molten metal PMP *taqi

taiCham(WMP) liver PMP *qatay

taiFutunan(OC) sea; tide PMP *tasik

tai-Gapapaiwa(OC) feces, excrement PMP *taqi

taiGayō(WMP) feces; dirt, waste product PMP *taqi

t-ai-Gedaged(OC) younger sibling of the same sex; placenta POC *taci

taiIbaloy(WMP) fecal excrement, dung, crap, poop; waste material PMP *taqi

taʔíIfugaw(WMP) stool relief of the bowels, excrement, feces PMP *taqi

taiJavanese(WMP) feces; rust; sawdust PMP *taqi

taiKadazan Dusun(WMP) dung PMP *taqi

taiKambera(CMP) feces, excrement, filth; accretion PMP *taqi

táiKankanaey(WMP) stool relief of the bowels; excrement; feces; dung; crotel; treadle; rust, rustiness PMP *taqi

taiKapingamarangi(OC) saltwater, salt; lagoon; sea; tide PMP *tasik

ta-iKemak(CMP) no, not PMP *taq₃

taiKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) feces PMP *taqi

taiKomodo(CMP) feces, droppings PMP *taqi

taiKwaio(OC) to sew; close up POC *saqit

taiLau(OC) to sew POC *saqit

taʔiLi'o(CMP) feces; to defecate PMP *taqi

tai-Mafea(OC) excrement PMP *taqi

taiMafea(OC) excrement PMP *taqi

taiMakassarese(WMP) waste, dregs; feces; rust PMP *taqi

taiMalagasy(WMP) dung, excrement, refuse PMP *taqi

taiMandar(WMP) feces PMP *taqi

taìMansaka(WMP) to sew PMP *tahiq

taiMansaka(WMP) excrement, feces PMP *taqi

taiMaori(OC) the sea, generally antithetical to uta; the coast, as opposed to uta, inland; tide; wave PMP *tasik

taʔiMaranao(WMP) feces, stool PMP *taqi

taiMasbatenyo(WMP) feces, excrement PMP *taqi

taʔiManggarai(CMP) to defecate; feces; filth PMP *taqi

taiMono-Alu(OC) to cry PMP *taŋis

taiMotu(OC) a tree the inner bark of which is used for rope-making: Hibiscus tiliaceus POC *tali₁

taiMotu(OC) a tree the inner bark of which is used for rope-making (Hibiscus tiliaceus) POC *tail

taiMotu(OC) to cry, to howl (of dogs) PMP *taŋis

tai-Northeast Ambae(OC) excrement PMP *taqi

tai-Northeast Ambae(OC) excrement PMP *taqi

taiNehan(OC) feces, excrement PMP *taqi

taʔiNgadha(CMP) feces, excrement; to defecate PMP *taqi

taiNggeri(OC) rope POC *tali₁

taiNumbami(OC) saltwater, sea, ocean; salt PMP *tasik

taíPangasinan(WMP) excrement PMP *taqi

TaʔiPuyuma(Formosan) mend, repair, darn, sew PAN *CaqiS

TaʔiPuyuma(Formosan) feces, excrement PAN *Caqi

taiRarotongan(OC) the sea, sea or salt water; the coast or land bordering the sea, as opposed to uta, inland; tide; wave or waves, as of the sea PMP *tasik

taʔiRembong(CMP) feces, filth PMP *taqi

taiRennellese(OC) ocean, lake, salt water; seafood (poetic) PMP *tasik

taiSamoan(OC) tide; game or fish in season PMP *tasik

taiSangir(WMP) dregs, filth; feces; sediment PMP *taqi

taiSasak(WMP) feces; filth PMP *taqi

taiSimalur(WMP) feces, excrement PMP *taqi

taiTae'(WMP) the waste produced by something; feces; dregs, sediment PMP *taqi

taiTakuu(OC) sea, tide, sea water PMP *tasik

t-ai-Tolai(OC) sibling of the opposite sex POC *taci

taʔiTontemboan(WMP) filth, excrement PMP *taqi

taiTuvaluan(OC) sea; tide PMP *tasik

taʔiUma(WMP) feces, excrement PMP *taqi

táʔiWaray-Waray(WMP) human or animal excreta or waste PMP *taqi

taiWayan(OC) snare or trap to catch land animals, land crabs, crayfish, etc. PMP *taRin

taʔiManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) fecal matter PMP *taqi

taʔiWolio(WMP) excrement, filth, residue; rust PMP *taqi

taiW.Tarangan (Ngaibor)(CMP) sea PMP *tasik

taiBuruese(CMP) feces, excrement, dung PMP *taqi

ta-iNortheast Ambae(OC) cut PAN *taRaq-i

taiRapanui(OC) sea PMP *tasik

*tai, ta-PMic(OC) not POC *taqe₁

tai ~ teiLau(OC) who, whoever PMP *sai

tai ~ teiLau(OC) whoever PMP *sei

tai-a'Āre'āre(OC) to entangle (of spider’s web entangling a person); entwine, mix together; jumble up; sew POC *saqit

tai-aBoano₂(CMP) feces PMP *taqi

tai-aLau(OC) to sew POC *saqit

taiaMotu(OC) ear; gill fins of fish POC *taliŋa

tai-aToqabaqita(OC) to sew POC *saqit

tai-aKwaio(OC) to sew POC *saqit

tai-anIbaloy(WMP) to defecate on something (as a child on his shirt) PMP *taqi

taʔi aŋiBimanese(CMP) type of cloud PMP *taqi nu haŋin

tai aŋiŋKomodo(CMP) kind of clouds PMP *taqi nu haŋin

tai arusuʔMakassarese(WMP) kind of black, slippery and shiny seaweed from which whips or armrings are made PWMP *taqi qaRus

tai-atiEnde(CMP) earthworm PMP *wati₁

táibTagalog(WMP) high tide PWMP *taeb

tai bàhiKambera(CMP) rust PMP *taqi

tai bintuŋMakassarese(WMP) shooting star PWMP *taqi nu bituqen

ta-idayPaiwan(Formosan) one hundred PAN *sa₃

tái di gáyaŋKankanaey(WMP) a variety of taro with dark-colored shoots (lit. ‘crow feces’) PMP *taqi

taʔi garagajiBimanese(CMP) sawdust PMP *taqi

taʔihKelabit(WMP) feces PMP *taqi

taihRhade(WMP) distant, far PMP *atas

taʔih lalidKelabit(WMP) ear wax PWMP *taqi nu Caliŋa

taʔi kabaNgadha(CMP) kind of mushroom PMP *taqi

taiʔ kukuSundanese(WMP) dirt under the nails PWMP *taqi nu kuku

tai-lāLau(OC) a sewing, a seam POC *saqit

tai lalarəʔSangir(WMP) specks of dirt on the laundry PMP *taqi nu lalej

taʔi laliManggarai(CMP) mole, beauty spot (lit. ‘fly speck’) PMP *taqi nu lalej

tai laliʔTae'(WMP) wart (lit. ‘fly speck’) PMP *taqi nu lalej

tai-laŋiMafea(OC) sky PMP *laŋit

taʔi laruBimanese(CMP) mole, beauty spot PMP *taqi nu lalej

taileManam(OC) a shore tree: Terminalia catappa L. POC *talise₁

tai leputKenyah(WMP) go hunting with blowpipe PMP *leput

tailiRoviana(OC) fishline formerly made from the bark of the pusi (Lyonsia sp.) POC *tail

ta-i-lhuaŋəSaaroa(Formosan) female pygmy deer PAN *qiNuaŋ

tai maaŋagoRennellese(OC) brackish sea water, especially the Lake [in the middle of Rennell] PMP *tasik

tai-m-biMalagasy(WMP) iron slag, scoria PMP *taqi

tai-nBidayuh (Bukar-Sadong)(WMP) stomach; womb; belly; lower part of human body that contains the stomach and bowels PMP *taqi

*tainPSan(WMP) set up a snare trap PMP *taqen

t-ai-naAnuta(OC) "sibling" of the same sex, "sibling-in-law" of opposite sex POC *taci

t-ai-naMaori(OC) younger sibling of the same sex POC *taci

tainaThao(Formosan) female, of mammals other than man PAN *taina

taiṇaṃMarshallese(OC) mosquito net POC *tai ñamuk

tainamuAnuta(OC) mosquito net POC *tai ñamuk

tainamuFutunan(OC) mosquito net POC *tai ñamuk

tai-namuRarotongan(OC) literally means, the entangler of mosquitoes, or, that which catches mosquitoes; a mosquito net POC *tai ñamuk

tainamuTongan(OC) mosquito net POC *tai ñamuk

tai-n aŋinSasak(WMP) kind of lichen, Lichen capillaris PMP *taqi nu haŋin

tainepYami(WMP) to dream PPh *taRa-qinép

tai nifiMalagasy(WMP) the scurf on the teeth PMP *taqi

tai-n kintanaMalagasy(WMP) a meteor, a shooting star PWMP *taqi nu bituqen

tai-n-kuhuMalagasy(WMP) dirt under the nails PWMP *taqi nu kuku

táʔi-n si kúləŋBontok(WMP) ear wax PWMP *taqi nu Caliŋa

tai-n-tadiniMalagasy(WMP) the wax from the ear PWMP *taqi nu Caliŋa

ta-ʔi-nuáŋəKanakanabu(Formosan) female pygmy deer PAN *qiNuaŋ

tai nu tuliʔAmpibabo-Lauje(WMP) earwax PMP *tuli₁

taiŋaBunun(Formosan) ear PAN *Caliŋa

taʔíŋaTagalog(WMP) ear, ears PMP *taliŋa

taisKavalan(Formosan) sewing PAN *CaqiS

taisSelaru(CMP) sarong of native material PAN *tapis₁

taisTetun(CMP) woven material, cloth, clothing PAN *tapis₁

taisaMambai(CMP) sea PMP *tasik

tais fuku-nTetun(CMP) a seam in cloth PCEMP *buku

tais-iKavalan(Formosan) sew it! PAN *CaqiS

tai-taiMaori(OC) tide PMP *tasik

tai-tai nunuiMaori(OC) spring tides PMP *tasik

tai-tai ririkiMaori(OC) neap tides PMP *tasik

tai-tiWayan(OC) to trap or snare something; what is caught PMP *taRin

tai tuakTae'(WMP) sediment of palm wine PMP *taqi

tai uayTae'(WMP) green duckweed on the surface of water PMP *taqi

tāivaSamoan(OC) fish of genus Lutjanus when about two feet long POC *tasiwa

taiwIlongot (Kakiduge:n)(WMP) buy PAN *saliw

tai whaka-rā-kauMaori(OC) long swell POC *kayu

tajaUma(WMP) sharp PMP *tazem

taja-hiUma(WMP) sharpen PMP *tazem

tajamIban(WMP) sharp, keen-pointed (as a knife); excitable, excite, incite PMP *tazem

tajamMalay(WMP) sharp, as a weapon; (fig.) sharp mentally PMP *tazem

tajam mataIban(WMP) (fig.) sharp-eyed PMP *tazem

tajam mulutMalay(WMP) caustic, sharp-tongued PMP *tazem

tajegBalinese(WMP) stand erect; be directly overhead (sun) PWMP *ta(n)zeg

tajemJavanese(WMP) sharp, cutting PMP *tazem

tajemOld Javanese(WMP) sharp PMP *tazem

tajemSasak(WMP) sharp, pointed PMP *tazem

tajeumRejang(WMP) sharp PMP *tazem

tajomBulungan(WMP) sharp (edge) PMP *tazem

tajomLampung(WMP) sharp PMP *tazem

tajomToba Batak(WMP) sharp, of knives and the like; cutting, of words PMP *tazem

tajukBalinese(WMP) stick into something; stick something in the ground; bury; plant dry rice PWMP *tazuk

takAsilulu(CMP) sound of knock on door or tap on head PMP *tak

takBipi(OC) to weep, cry PMP *taŋis

takItbayaten(WMP) crash, bang PMP *tak

takJavanese(WMP) hard object striking a firm surface PMP *tak

takKaro Batak(WMP) onomatopoetic for sound of banging PMP *tak

takKayan(WMP) a notch, steps in a notched log ladder; the ridge on the penis after circumcision, or with the foreskin withdrawn PWMP *etak

takLong Gelat Modang(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

takMalay(WMP) a smacking or whacking sound PMP *tak

takMarshallese(OC) directional enclitic, eastward, upward POC *sake

takMarshallese(OC) needlefish PMP *saku₂

takManggarai(CMP) hit with something, hammer PMP *qetak

takNgaju Dayak(WMP) ticking sound PMP *tak

takToba Batak(WMP) onomatopoetic for sound of banging PMP *tak

ta(k)Rotinese(CMP) not present, not exist; no, not PMP *taq₃

takaBare'e(WMP) stick, adhere, cling fast to something, attach oneself to PWMP *ta(ŋ)ket

takáIlokano(WMP) hesitation PPH *taka

tàkaKambera(CMP) to arrive, come; therefore; next, afterwards PMP *teka₁

takáCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to be amazed, to be astonished PPH *taka

takaTongan(OC) (of animals) to be at large, to wander about freely; (of persons) to go about, walk round, wander round POC *takas

ta ka, ta ikaw, ta kamuCebuano(WMP) I will (do) to you, you are my (noun) PAN *-ta

takádCebuano(WMP) to step on a line or specific area PPH *takad

takádIsneg(WMP) the ties of the flooring; strips of rattan PPH *takéd

takadBilaan (Sarangani)(WMP) heel PWMP *taked₁

takadIbatan(WMP) footprint, track PPH *takad

takadItbayaten(WMP) footprint PPH *takad

takádTagalog(WMP) stamping of feet in anger or protest PPH *takad

takad-an ~ takar-anItbayaten(WMP) to step on PPH *takad

takáeAklanon(WMP) boar, male pig; oversexed man, sex maniac PPH *takál₂

takálBikol(WMP) clam sp. PPH *takál₁

takálCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) species of edible sea cockle shell, a snail: Frogum unedo PPH *takál₁

tákalCebuano(WMP) for male pigs to mount another animal; by extension, for humans to do so (derogatory) PPH *takál₂

takálIlokano(WMP) stud animal used for breeding PPH *takál₂

takal-énIlokano(WMP) to breed animals PPH *takál₂

ta-kan-iPazeh(Formosan) let’s eat! PAN *kaen-i

taka-niniRarotongan(OC) to whirl around giddily PCEMP *nini

tákaŋAklanon(WMP) to totter, half walk (said of baby only) PPH *tákaŋ

tákaŋBontok(WMP) to open one’s mouth PPH *tákaŋ

tákaŋCebuano(WMP) to step across; a step, stride PPH *tákaŋ

takaŋIbaloy(WMP) spread apart PPH *tákaŋ

tákaŋIfugaw(WMP) gape, act of gaping; not used in the sense of yawning PPH *tákaŋ

takaŋMansaka(WMP) to step up onto (as a ladder or a branch) PPH *tákaŋ

tákaŋ-naIfugaw(WMP) “its gape”, i.e. the gape between the odd and even threads through which the weaver can shoot the shuttle PPH *tákaŋ

takápKapampangan(WMP) cover; mask PAN *tekep

takápKapampangan(WMP) cover, mask PMP *ta(ŋ)kep₁

takas-takasIda'an Begak(WMP) hurry up PMP *ta(ŋ)kas

takauKayan(WMP) stealing PMP *takaw₁

takauNgaju Dayak(WMP) theft; thing stolen PMP *takaw₁

ta-kavitKadazan Dusun(WMP) what can be hooked PAN *kawit

tákawAklanon(WMP) steal, take (without permission) PMP *takaw₁

takawAmis(Formosan) steal PAN *Cakaw

tákawHanunóo(WMP) theft, stealing PMP *takaw₁

tákawIsneg(WMP) steal PMP *takaw₁

takawItbayaten(WMP) theft, idea of stealing PMP *takaw₁

takawKayan(WMP) to be released, to be set free; to escape, to flee away PWMP *takaw₂

takawKenyah(WMP) to escape; to free PWMP *takaw₂

takawMansaka(WMP) steal PMP *takaw₁

takawMaranao(WMP) to retreat; cowardly PWMP *takaw₂

tákawTagalog(WMP) greediness PMP *takaw₁

takaw-anIlokano(WMP) rob, steal rom, plunder, pillage PWMP *takaw-an

takaw-anIsneg(WMP) steal PWMP *takaw-an

takaw-anIsneg(WMP) to steal PWMP *takaw-en

Takaw-anPuyuma(Formosan) imperative of the instrumental focus: help to steal PAN *Cakaw-an

takáw-enIlokano(WMP) steal, pilfer, filch, purloin, embezzle PWMP *takaw-en

takaw-enItbayaten(WMP) to steal a thing PWMP *takaw-en

takáw-unHanunóo(WMP) be stolen PWMP *takaw-en

takaxaŋPazeh(Formosan) ribs PAN *tageRaŋ

tákbaAklanon(WMP) to service, engage in intercourse (like animals, from behind rather than in front) PPH *tak(e)bá

takbáBontok(WMP) back basket used by men; to place something in this basket PPH *tak(e)bá

takbáCebuano(WMP) lean forward on something or someone and cling to it; mount for copulation; for humans to have intercourse (coarse) PPH *tak(e)bá

takbáIlokano(WMP) to embrace from behind, hang on somebody’s neck while being carried on the back; cover; copulate on the back PPH *tak(e)bá

takbáPangasinan(WMP) to fall forward PPH *tak(e)bá

takbaIbaloy(WMP) backpack, pack frame --- general term for things worn on the back, esp. for carrying oads PPH *tak(e)bá

takbá-anKankanaey(WMP) to lie upon PPH *tak(e)bá

takba-enIbaloy(WMP) esp. of animal copulation, when the male mounts the female with his front feet on the females back PPH *tak(e)bá

tákbasCebuano(WMP) sever with a swing of the bolo PWMP *takebas

takd-án-anCebuano(WMP) in games, the line on which one steps at the start or any phase of the game PPH *takad

takdəgBontok(WMP) stand up PWMP *ta(n)zeg

takd-ənBontok(WMP) to bind, as in repairing the broken rattan rim of a basket; to secure; to fasten; anything used, as a vine or rattan for such a purpose PPH *takéd

takeManam(OC) feces, excrement POC *take₂

takePatpatar(OC) feces, excrement POC *take₂

takeTabar(OC) feces, excrement POC *take₂

takebMaranao(WMP) eyelid PWMP *ta(ŋ)keb

takecAmis(Formosan) embrace PAN *ta(R)kes

takecAmis(Formosan) to embrace, to hold in one’s arms PAN *takes₁

takedKelabit(WMP) popliteal area, back of knee PWMP *taked₁

takedIbaloy(WMP) a tie, fastening, binding --- what is wrapped around to hold something in place PPH *takéd

takə́dCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) a bamboo floor tied down with rattan (in contrast to being nailed down) PPH *takéd

takefTiruray(WMP) to double something, make it twice as much PMP *ta(ŋ)kep₁

takefTiruray(WMP) a kind of eel trap PMP *ta(ŋ)kep₂

takehAyta Abellan(WMP) to embrace, to hug PAN *takes₁

takéhSambal (Botolan)(WMP) to embrace, hug PAN *takes₁

takə́mCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) tightly hooked, locked, tightly closed, snug PPH *takem

take-naTolai(OC) his/her excrement POC *taqe₂

takəpAyta Maganchi(WMP) cover, lid PMP *ta(ŋ)kep₁

takepAyta Abellan(WMP) to capture PMP *ta(ŋ)kep₂

takepBalinese(WMP) be folded over, closed PMP *ta(ŋ)kep₁

takepKavalan(Formosan) to put one thing on top of another PMP *ta(ŋ)kep₁

takepKavalan(Formosan) to put one thing on top of another PAN *takep

takepMaranao(WMP) double, multiply PMP *ta(ŋ)kep₁

takepManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) a weir for catching eels PMP *ta(ŋ)kep₂

takep-anMaranao(WMP) trap for eels PMP *ta(ŋ)kep₂

takərKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) anything used to climb PWMP *taked₂

takesBinukid(WMP) to measure out (something with a measuring vessel) PPH *takes₂

takesMaranao(WMP) to measure; measuring tool or instrument PPH *takes₂

taketAgutaynen(WMP) measurement; dimention; size PPH *takes₂

takətKenyah (Long Wat)(WMP) anything used to climb PWMP *taked₂

taketKenyah (Long Anap)(WMP) leg, foot PWMP *taked₁

taketsPaiwan(Formosan) muntjac, pygmy deer PAN *sakeC

takéwPangasinan(WMP) steal PMP *takaw₁

takewManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) steal, acquire by theft PMP *takaw₁

takiAgutaynen(WMP) feces, manure PMP *taqi

takiArosi(OC) to knock, stumble against; touch PMP *sakil

takiBidayuh (Bukar-Sadong)(WMP) feces, excrement; relieve oneself; wax in the ear; scum from the preparation of coconut oil PMP *taki

tàkiKambera(CMP) gecko PAN *tekiq

takiBunun(Formosan) feces PAN *Caki

taki-Tolai(OC) feces, excrement PMP *taki

takicThao(Formosan) muntjac, barking deer PAN *sakeC

takɨdManobo (Kalamansig Cotabato)(WMP) heel PWMP *taked₁

taki-ituRarotongan(OC) sevenfold, in sevens, multiplied seven times PAN *pitu₁

taki-mTolai(OC) your excrement POC *taqe₂

taki-ŋguTolai(OC) my excrement POC *taqe₂

ta-kiŋkiŋCebuano(WMP) hop on one leg PWMP *kiŋkiŋ₂

takípCebuano(WMP) join flat things one on top of the other, or at their edges PPH *takíp

takípIfugaw(WMP) cover of a container, e.g. a basket which has a fitting cover PPH *takíp

tákipIlokano(WMP) a cover PPH *takíp

takipMansaka(WMP) cover (as of a kettle) PPH *takíp

takípTagalog(WMP) cover; cover of any container PPH *takíp

takípCebuano(WMP) include along with, do to something at the same time as one does it to something else PPH *taq(e)kip

takíp sílimTagalog(WMP) twilight; the faint light reflected from the sky before the sun sets PWMP *selem₂

takip-sílimTagalog(WMP) twilight; the faint light reflected from the sky before the sun sets PWMP *silem

takis ~ taŋkisOld Javanese(WMP) repelling, warding off; defense; clash, collision; shield?, weapon of defence? PWMP *taŋkis

takishTaokas(Formosan) sword PAN *takis

takitMongondow(WMP) ghosts of lower rank that cause sickness and all sorts of trouble, and that reside in springs, rivers, oddly-shaped stones, in the forest, etc., above all in lonesome and deserted places; takit also means ‘sickness’, and is then associated with the forces that cause sickness PMP *sakit

takítIsneg(WMP) sickness, disease, indisposition, pain, ache PMP *sakit

takítItawis(WMP) sickness, pain PMP *sakit

takitMasiwang(CMP) to cry PMP *taŋis

takkaMakassarese(WMP) to come PMP *teka₁

takkaMapun(WMP) to arrive; to reach or be able to reach a destination PMP *teka₁

takkábIsneg(WMP) cover of a vessel, lid; to cover, to put the lid over, to shut, to close PWMP *tekeb₁

takkábIsneg(WMP) cover (of a vessel), lid; to cover, to put the lid over, to shut, to close PWMP *ta(ŋ)keb

takkáb talíŋaIsneg(WMP) the small feathers that cover the ears of fowls PWMP *ta(ŋ)keb

takka-hanMapun(WMP) to report someone to the authorities PMP *teka₁

takka luppa mate-mateMakassarese(WMP) totally forget PMP *m-atay

takkánIsneg(WMP) a bamboo used for poling a canoe upstream, a raft, etc. PMP *teken

tákkanItawis(WMP) boatman’s pole PMP *teken

takkaŋMakassarese(WMP) stick, staff, walking stick PMP *teken

takkaŋ bodoMakassarese(WMP) humorous for ‘penis’ (lit. short stick) PMP *teken

takkiAtta (Pamplona)(WMP) foot, leg PPH *seki

takkíBontok(WMP) feces PMP *taki

takkíIfugaw(WMP) stool relief of the bowels; excrement, feces PMP *taki

takkíIlokano(WMP) stool, feces, fecal matter, excrement, ordure; dung; rust, verdigris PMP *taki

takkíIsneg(WMP) stool, feces, excrement, dung PMP *taki

takkiʔKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) intestines, guts PMP *taki

takkíKankanaey(WMP) stool; relief of the bowels; excrement; feces; dung PMP *taki

takkon-unMapun(WMP) to press down on something PWMP *teken-en

takkúbIsneg(WMP) to cover PMP *takub

takkúbIlokano(WMP) cover (usually temporary); wrapper, pillowcase PMP *ta(ŋ)kub

takkúbIsneg(WMP) to cover PWMP *tak(e)lub

takkub-anIsneg(WMP) to cover PWMP *takub-an

takkub-ānIsneg(WMP) to cover PMP *tekub

táklapCebuano(WMP) spread, lay something flat over something so as to cover it PWMP *takelap

takláʔBikol(WMP) a clicking sound make with the tongue PPH *tak(e)laq

táklaʔCebuano(WMP) make a clicking or clacking noise with the tongue; clacking of the tongue PPH *tak(e)laq

taklaʔTausug(WMP) the sound made by flapping the tongue against the roof of the mouth, a clicking of the tongue PPH *tak(e)laq

taklóbBikol(WMP) shroud PWMP *tak(e)lub

taklóbTagalog(WMP) cover; covering PWMP *tak(e)lub

taklúbHanunóo(WMP) cover, top, lid PWMP *tak(e)lub

táklubCebuano(WMP) cover something over with something enclosing it PWMP *tak(e)lub

ta-kmiTetun(CMP) urinate PMP *kemiq

takoAgutaynen(WMP) to know a fact; to know how to do something; to learn something PMP *taqu₂

taköCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) steal, burglarize PMP *takaw₁

tákoIlokano(WMP) dipper, scoop; section of dry bottle gourd PAN *taku₂

tákoIsneg(WMP) a dipper, used for dipping water from a jar PAN *taku₂

takoManggarai(CMP) steal PMP *takaw₁

takoMurik(WMP) theft PMP *takaw₁

takoSangir(WMP) theft PMP *takaw₁

takoʔTae'(WMP) cup the two hands together to hold something PWMP *takup₁

takoWolio(WMP) to catch (falling drops) PMP *taŋkep

takóbBikol(WMP) eyelid PMP *takub

takobMaranao(WMP) eyelid PMP *takub

takobMaranao(WMP) eyelid PMP *ta(ŋ)kub

tákobTagalog(WMP) a thin covering, surface covering PMP *ta(ŋ)kub

takóbBikol(WMP) eyelid PWMP *tekeb₁

tákobTagalog(WMP) a thin covering, surface covering PMP *takub

takób-takóbBikol(WMP) eyelid PMP *takub-takub

ta-kodoTolai(OC) pure, true, holy, honest, straight, righteous, decent, proper, seemly, reasonable, level POC *kodos

takóf-anaMalagasy(WMP) be covered with a lid PWMP *takub-an

takoiMongondow(WMP) get on a horse or a vehicle, go for a ride, sail, navigate PMP *sakay₁

takonAgutaynen(WMP) year PMP *taqun

takonMoken(WMP) dry season; year PMP *taqun

takon-anAgutaynen(WMP) years gone by PMP *taqun

takon-takonAgutaynen(WMP) yearly PMP *taqun

takópBikol(WMP) cap, cover, lid PAN *tekep

takopNehan(OC) hold with hands PMP *ta(ŋ)kep₂

takósAklanon(WMP) to measure out, allot; mete out PPH *takes₂

tákotBikol(WMP) fear PAN *takut

takotIbaloy(WMP) fear for one’s bodily safety PAN *takut

takótPangasinan(WMP) fear PAN *takut

takotSiraya(Formosan) fear PAN *takut

tákotTagalog(WMP) fear PAN *takut

takótTagalog(WMP) afraid, frightened, feeling fear; nervous, timid, tremulous PAN *takut

takot-enPangasinan(WMP) to frighten PWMP *takut-en

takót na takótTagalog(WMP) very frightened; panic-stricken; demoralized by fear PAN *takut

tákotraMalagasy(WMP) the lid of a cooking pot PMP *takub

takowMongondow(WMP) steal, go out to steal PMP *takaw₁

-takowMentawai(WMP) to steal PMP *takaw₁

takoyoŋ sigayMalay (Brunei)(WMP) a shell, Cypraea PWMP *sigay

takp-ánKapampangan(WMP) to cover something PAN *tekep

takp-ánKapampangan(WMP) to cover something PMP *ta(ŋ)kep₁

taktakAmis(Formosan) to pour out of a container PAN *taktak₁

taktakBinukid(WMP) for small things or something fastened or stuck to something, to detach and drop; to knock something off so that it drops PAN *taktak₁

taktákCebuano(WMP) for small things or something fastened or stuck to something to detach and drop; cause to drop; have a miscarriage PAN *taktak₁

taktakChamorro(WMP) mince, chop, cut up into slices, cut by striking repeatedly with a sharp instrument; pecking sound PAN *taktak₂

taktakItbayaten(WMP) emptying out of contents PAN *taktak₁

taktakKaro Batak(WMP) to drip, drop down PAN *taktak₁

taktákTagalog(WMP) act of shaking out the contents of a container by pounding the open mouth against some hard object PAN *taktak₁

taktakManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) of an object or a container with a hole in it, to slam it down on something or shake it in order to dislodge something inside PAN *taktak₁

taktakBalinese(WMP) strike with a sword PAN *taktak₂

taktakToba Batak(WMP) falling down of many things (as leaves or fruits) PAN *taktak₁

taktakYami(WMP) to sprinkle, to water PAN *taktak₁

taktak buluToba Batak(WMP) a musical instrument made of bamboo PAN *taktak₂

taktak-enItbayaten(WMP) to empty out the contents of something PAN *taktak₁

takuBunun(Formosan) ladle, scoop, spoon PAN *taku₂

takuKambera(CMP) to ladle, scoop up, draw water PAN *taku₂

takuKeo(CMP) fear PAN *takut

takuMotu(OC) quickly, suddenly POC *taku₁

takuNggela(OC) to take quick, short steps; talkative POC *taku₁

takuʔSangir(WMP) fear, dread PAN *takut

takuʔTae'(WMP) to fear PAN *takut

takūWayan(OC) the back or rear side of something; later, afterwards POC *takuRu

ta-ku, to-kuAnuta(OC) possessive pronoun, first person singular (my), with singular object POC *-gu

tā-ku, tō-kuMaori(OC) 1sg possessive pronoun: my (with singular possessed object) POC *-gu

tā-ku, tō-kuRarotongan(OC) 1sg possessive pronoun: my POC *-gu

ta-ku, to-kuRennellese(OC) my, mine POC *-gu

ta-ku, to-kuTuvaluan(OC) my (singular possessed) POC *-gu

takuaGilbertese(OC) dolphin POC *takua

takuaNiue(OC) a fish, the bonito POC *takua

takuaRennellese(OC) a very rare kind of porpoise or fish, POC *takua

ta-kua-kuaTae'(WMP) as if; so people say PMP *kua₁

takubKelabit(WMP) a patch, pocket PMP *takub

takubKelabit(WMP) a patch, pocket PMP *ta(ŋ)kub

takúbCebuano(WMP) a cover or lid of something which has a different shape from the thing it is put over, and is not attached PMP *ta(ŋ)kub

tákubIsneg(WMP) the skin of a drum (usually deerskin, but the skin of dogs, cows and horses also serve the purpose) PMP *takub

tákubIsneg(WMP) the skin of a drum PMP *ta(ŋ)kub

takubLun Dayeh(WMP) pocket PMP *ta(ŋ)kub

takúdHanunóo(WMP) something which may be fastened or tied onto something else PPH *takéd

takúdCebuano(WMP) to attach something to something else, put it right next to something so that it touches; harness an animal, hitch it for work PPH *takéd

taku-iKavalan(Formosan) scoop (imperative) PAN *taku₂

ta-kukuMapun(WMP) razor PMP *kuhkuh

takúpCebuano(WMP) shutter PWMP *takup₁

takʔupCebuano(WMP) close, be closed PWMP *takup₁

takúpHanunóo(WMP) cover, lid, top PWMP *takup₁

takúpIlokano(WMP) to patch, mend by patching PWMP *takup₁

takupMansaka(WMP) to close; to shut PWMP *takup₁

takupMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) lid, cover PWMP *takup₁

takup-ánIlokano(WMP) to patch PWMP *takup₁

takur-anTae'(WMP) cowardly PWMP *takut-an

*takuruPMic(OC) back (of body) POC *takuRu

takusMansaka(WMP) to tie around the waist, as a bolo PAN *takes₁

takutBalinese(WMP) fear; to fear, be afraid of PAN *takut

takutBasap(WMP) afraid PAN *takut

takutBanggai(WMP) fear PAN *takut

tákutIfugaw(WMP) fear; to fear; to frighten somebody PAN *takut

tákutKapampangan(WMP) fear PAN *takut

takutKayan(WMP) be afraid of, in fear of; be frightened by PAN *takut

takutLamaholot(CMP) be afraid PAN *takut

takutMalay(WMP) fear PAN *takut

takutMurik(WMP) fear; afraid PAN *takut

takutOld Javanese(WMP) fear PAN *takut

takutPaku(WMP) afraid PAN *takut

takutSasak(WMP) be afraid PAN *takut

takutSolorese(CMP) fear, be afraid PAN *takut

takutKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) fear; afraid PAN *takut

takutKenyah (Long Ikang)(WMP) afraid PAN *takut

taku-taku tau-naMotu(OC) a hasty, impulsive man, one who rushes off without waiting to hear the whole story POC *taku₁

takut-aŋSangir(WMP) timid, frightened (said, for example, of a child, and thus not a scornful term) PWMP *takut-an

takut-inSasak(WMP) to frighten someone PWMP *takut-en

takut-ínTagalog(WMP) to frighten, to make afraid, to scare; to intimidate; to bluff; to threaten PWMP *takut-en

takut-takut-anBahasa Indonesia(WMP) easily startled; afraid of things; shy; hesitant PWMP *takut-an

takut-takut-enOld Javanese(WMP) in the grip of fear PWMP *takut-en

talGitua(OC) to coil, put around POC *tali₁

talGitua(OC) to coil, put around POC *tali₂

-talMbula(OC) to coil up, wind something thick around something else (used of cane and bigger things) POC *tali₂

talPak(OC) sea urchin POC *salaŋ

talSeimat(OC) string, rope POC *tali₁

talaAmis(Formosan) to wait PAN *taRah

talaAsilulu(CMP) to cut down (as a banana plant); to scrape, to rasp PAN *taRaq₁

talaFutunan(OC) spine, horn, dorsal fin POC *salaŋ

talaFutunan(OC) spine, horn, dorsal fin PEMP *sala

talaKwaio(OC) road, path, track POC *jalan

talaKwaio(OC) to fail, miss (as a magic spell) PMP *salaq₁

talaLau(OC) path, road; opportunity; to begin; the Milky Way POC *jalan

talaLau(OC) to miss a mark, fail; amiss, wrongly PMP *salaq₁

talaNiue(OC) a barb, prong POC *salaŋ

talaNiue(OC) a barb, prong PEMP *sala

talaNumbami(OC) chop, carve (as a log in making a canoe) PAN *taRaq₁

talaRotinese(CMP) adze (carpenter’s tool); to work with an adze PAN *taRaq₁

talaSa'a(OC) path, road, way; a row, a string of objects POC *jalan

talaSa'a(OC) to miss, to fail PMP *salaq₁

talaSa'a(OC) sweep the house with a bunch of leaves or grasses POC *salap

talaSamoan(OC) spike, prong; barb (as of a stingray); spine, prickle (as of a fishes fins); spur (of a cock); thorn POC *salaŋ

tálaʔTagalog(WMP) bright star, planet PMP *talaq₁

tala-Tawala(OC) blood POC *draRaq

talaTongan(OC) thorn, prickle, spike, barb, or bristle POC *salaŋ

talaTongan(OC) thorn, prickle, spike, barb or bristle PEMP *sala

talaToqabaqita(OC) path, track, road POC *jalan

talaTuvaluan(OC) fin; thorn; glans of penis POC *salaŋ

talaTuvaluan(OC) fin, thorn; glans of penis PEMP *sala

talaWuvulu(OC) path, way, road POC *jalan

taḷaʔMongondow(WMP) mistake, error, fault, guilt; difference, distinction; fine, penalty PMP *salaq₁

talaToqabaqita(OC) miss (a target); miss one’s footing, miss one’s hold; (of a limb) be dislocated PMP *salaq₁

taɬa:Saaroa(Formosan) village PAN *taNaS

tala-aKwaio(OC) be born POC *jalan

tala alaŋiaLau(OC) to call (someone) by mistake PMP *salaq₁

tala-asáwaKapampangan(WMP) a married person PPh *tala-qasawa

talabáBikol(WMP) oyster PPH *talabá

talabáCebuano(WMP) kind of oyster PPH *talabá

talabáIlokano(WMP) kind of large oyster PPH *talabá

talabáTagalog(WMP) oyster PPH *talabá

talabaMaranao(WMP) barnacle PPH *talabá

tálaba-h-anTagalog(WMP) oyster bed PPH *talabá

tala-busawBinukid(WMP) evil spirit that possesses people PMP *busaw

talaf-iLau(OC) sweep (s.t.) POC *salap-i

tala fītōLau(OC) distrust PMP *salaq₁

ta-lafuTongan(OC) fireplace on a canoe or other small vessel POC *rapuR

talagaAyta Abellan(WMP) true; real PPH *talagá

talagáBikol(WMP) really, truly, honestly; virtual, virtually; that’s so PPH *talagá

talagáCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) certainly, surely; intending to (but not carrying out the intention) PPH *talagá

talagáHanunóo(WMP) right; really, truly PPH *talagá

talagáKapampangan(WMP) real, really, true, in truth PPH *talagá

talagáPangasinan(WMP) surely, indeed, truly, really, certainly PPH *talagá

talagáIlokano(WMP) really, truly; true, in fact PPH *talagá

talagáTagalog(WMP) arrant; thoroughgoing; out-and-out; practical; engaged in actual practice or work; virtual; real; being something in effect, though not so in name; ultimate; underlying; basic; elemental; expressing surprise; resolute; determined PPH *talagá

talahaCentral Tagbanwa(WMP) verification, truly PPH *talagá

talakAgutaynen(WMP) sin; fault; wrong; crime; guilt, guilty PMP *salaq₁

talakinīpKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) dream PPh *taRa-qinép

talakítokIlokano(WMP) kind of small, speckled marine fish with dark meat, Caranx sp. PPH *talakituk

talakitokTagalog(WMP) a species of cavalla fish PPH *talakituk

talakítukCebuano(WMP) name given to jacks and other good-sized carangoid fish PPH *talakituk

t<al>aktakChamorro(WMP) rattle, tapping, clicking, clacking, clink, clatter PAN *taktak₂

t<al>akúpHanunóo(WMP) door (sliding type) PWMP *takup₁

tala-la-laucuSaaroa(Formosan) to look down PAN *lahud

talamAtayal(Formosan) to try, to taste; to ask about the future, to tell the future PAN *tañam

talamPazeh(Formosan) to taste PAN *tañam

talamPuyuma(Formosan) try; participate; taste in swallowing PAN *tañam

talamSaisiyat(Formosan) to try PAN *tañam

talam-bunuʔBinukid(WMP) killer, murderer; killer cock PMP *bunuq₂

talambúnuʔCebuano(WMP) killer cock (in cockfighting) PMP *bunuq₂

t<al>amn-án-anCebuano(WMP) area prepared for planting PMP *tanem

talanYami(WMP) Squirrelfish spp. (Tsuchida 1984) PMP *taRaqan

talaŋCham (Eastern)(WMP) bone PWMP *tuqelaŋ

talaŋGaddang(WMP) a tree: Diospyros spp. PPh *talaŋ₁

talaŋIban(WMP) cast upwards and far (as a stone) PWMP *talaŋ₂

talaŋIbanag(WMP) a tree: Diospyros spp. PPh *talaŋ₁

tálaŋIsneg(WMP) the pine tree, Pinus insularis Endl.; pitch pine; soot obtained by burning it is smeared on the part of the body that has to be tattooed PAN *saleŋ

talaŋMaranao(WMP) game of flipping coins PWMP *talaŋ₂

talaŋSangir(WMP) kind of fish; when smoked it can be kept for a long time PWMP *talaŋ-talaŋ

tálaŋTagalog(WMP) species of tree also known as mabolo or mabulo, having edible fruit: Diospyros spp. PPh *talaŋ₁

talaŋSasak(WMP) name of a sea fish PWMP *talaŋ-talaŋ

talaŋaBebeli(OC) ear POC *taliŋa

talaŋa-Biliau(OC) ear POC *taliŋa

talaŋ patiSundanese(WMP) lay down one's life for another PMP *p-atay

talaŋ-talaŋBalinese(WMP) a sea fish PWMP *talaŋ-talaŋ

talaŋ-talaŋMakassarese(WMP) middle growth stage of the lari (sea fish with five stripes) PWMP *talaŋ-talaŋ

talaŋ-talaŋSimalur(WMP) kind of fish PWMP *talaŋ-talaŋ

ta-laŋuy-anPuyuma(Formosan) raft PAN *Naŋuy

talawMaranao(WMP) coward PAN *talaw

talár-anPangasinan(WMP) to wait, stand watch PPH *taRad-an

talasBuli(SHWNG) burst, crack PMP *talas

talasMaranao(WMP) break, burst PMP *talas

talasMinangkabau(WMP) a cultivated yam, Colocasia antiquorum PMP *tales

täläsPalawan Batak(WMP) taro (Revel-Macdonald 1979:53) PMP *tales

talasTetun(CMP) an aroid plant with highly-prized edible tubers PMP *tales

tala-sandigSungai Seguliud(WMP) lean on wall PMP *sandiR

talas isi-n, uhi isi-nTetun(CMP) yam roots or sweet potatoes PAN *isi₅

tala-talaNias(WMP) kind of fish PWMP *talaŋ-talaŋ

tala-talaNiue(OC) prickly POC *salaŋ

tala-talaTuvaluan(OC) rough surfaced POC *salaŋ

tala-talaTuvaluan(OC) rough surfaced PEMP *sala

talatanAgutaynen(WMP) southeast direction, wind PWMP *salatan

talauMoken(WMP) ashamed, shy PAN *talaw

talavaCentral Tagbanwa(WMP) oyster PPH *talabá

talavaYami(WMP) type of shellfish: Saccostrea mordax PPH *talabá

talawAmis(Formosan) be afraid, fear (generic term) PAN *talaw

taláwBikol(WMP) cowardly, yellow, chicken; a coward PAN *talaw

tálawCebuano(WMP) back off, be afraid to do something for lacking nerve PAN *talaw

talawPaiwan(Formosan) falling water PAN *salaw

talawTausug(WMP) excessive fear PAN *talaw

(tā)-lawa-lawaFijian(OC) cobweb PMP *lawaq-lawaq

talaw-anCebuano(WMP) cowardly PAN *talaw

talaw-anTausug(WMP) cowardly, excessively fearful PAN *talaw

talaxSiraya (Gravius)(Formosan) house PAN *taNaS

talaxSiraya (Utrecht ms.)(Formosan) house PAN *taNaS

talayBelait(WMP) rope PMP *talih

talayKiput(WMP) rope PMP *talih

talaytayCebuano(WMP) arrange things in a row PPH *taraytay

tálaʔCebuano(WMP) set foot in a place; step, tread on PPH *talaq₂

taláʔokTagalog(WMP) cockcrow; crowing of a rooster PPH *taraquk

taláʔukCebuano(WMP) to crow, of a cock PPH *taraquk

talɔə pusatAcehnese(WMP) umbilical cord PMP *pusej

taleAdonara(CMP) rope PMP *talih

taleMadurese(WMP) rope PMP *talih

taleRotinese(CMP) kind of water plant with large leaves (Jonker 1908) PMP *tales

taleRotinese(CMP) taro; icon for a male person (Fox 1993) PMP *tales

taleUlithian(OC) length of rope POC *tali₁

talekAyta Abellan(WMP) a dance; to dance PPH *tadék

talékSambal (Botolan)(WMP) a dance; to dance PPH *tadék

talek-enPazeh(Formosan) to be cooked; what is cooked PAN *taNek-en

talek-iPazeh(Formosan) Cook it! (sweet potatoes, fish, meat, but not rice) PAN *taNek

t<al>ektekBinukid(WMP) to put stakes around (something); to enclose an area with stakes PMP *tektek₂

taleliKambera(CMP) flute; to play a flute PMP *tulali

talemBinukid(WMP) sharpen the point of something PMP *tazem

talen-duhiSangir(WMP) remove bones from a fish PMP *duRi

taleŋPaiwan(Formosan) pine tree, evergreen (generic); Keteleeria davidiana var. formosana PAN *saleŋ

talesJavanese(WMP) taro PMP *tales

talesOld Javanese(WMP) taro, Colocasia antiquorum PMP *tales

talesPalawano(WMP) taro PMP *tales

t<al>etayNgaju Dayak(WMP) steps, ladder (specifically, a slanting log with steps cut into it that is used as a native ladder) PMP *taytay

taleusRejang(WMP) a root crop: Colocasia antiquorum PMP *tales

taleusSundanese(WMP) kind of tuber PMP *tales

talewManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to beat someone in a fight so that he is intimidated PAN *talaw

taləyBintulu(WMP) rope PMP *talih

taləyKejaman(WMP) rope PMP *talih

taləyLahanan(WMP) rope PMP *talih

taleyTiruray(WMP) rope, string; to wrap and tie PMP *talih

talhaqThao(Formosan) chips from adzing wood PAN *taRaq₁

talhaq-iThao(Formosan) Adze it! PAN *taRaq-i

talhíkSambal (Botolan)(WMP) be sprayed or splashed by water PPH *tal(e)sík

talhuqanThao(Formosan) temporary hut used when spending extended periods in the fields for agricultural work PAN *taRuqan

taliAbai Sembuak(WMP) rope PMP *talih

taliAmis(Formosan) taro PAN *Cali

taliBalinese(WMP) string, cord, rope; one thousand (primarily a cord with 1000 képéŋs strung on it, but used in Low Balinese for 1000) PMP *talih

taliBare'e(WMP) headcloth, headband PMP *talih

taliBisaya(WMP) rope PMP *talih

taliBonggi(WMP) rope PMP *talih

talíBontok(WMP) rope PMP *talih

taliEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) fishing line POC *tali₁

taliFijian(OC) to plait, interweave POC *tali₂

taliGedaged(OC) to bend (straight or round) POC *tali₁

taliGeser(CMP) rope PMP *talih

taliGorontalo(WMP) string, cord, rope PMP *talih

taliIban(WMP) rope, cord, string, line; tali is made from bark, palm fiber, etc. by laying the fibers together and rolling with palm on thigh or other handy surface PMP *talih

talíIfugaw(WMP) rope, cable, anything that serves to bind, attach, wind, etc.' (said to be from Ilokano) PMP *talih

talíIlokano(WMP) rope, cable, cord PMP *talih

talíIsneg(WMP) rope, cable PMP *talih

taliJavanese(WMP) string, rope PMP *talih

tàliKambera(CMP) pars pudenda mulieris (also used of animals) PMP *teli

talíKankanaey(WMP) cord; rope; line PMP *talih

talíʔKapampangan(WMP) tie, bind PMP *talih

taliKaro Batak(WMP) rope PMP *talih

taliKenyah(WMP) cord, rope PMP *talih

taliKomodo(CMP) cord, rope PMP *talih

taliKwaio(OC) stuck, be stuck; come to hand, obtain, catch POC *sariŋ

taliLampung(WMP) rope PMP *talih

taliLau(OC) to cut undergrowth, clear a garden, especially for taro POC *sali

taliLeti(CMP) rope PMP *talih

taliKenyah (Long Anap)(WMP) rope PMP *talih

taliLuang(CMP) rope PMP *talih

taliMakassarese(WMP) (in combination forms) cord, string PMP *talih

tali-Malmariv(OC) guts POC *tali₁

taliMaloh(WMP) rope, cord PMP *talih

taliMalay(WMP) rope; cord; string; line; anything of cord-like appearance, including (i) ropes, strings and cords of different materials, (ii) articles of clothing suggesting cords (bandolier, girdle, etc.), (iii) harness-straps, (iv) ropes in ship's rigging, (v) miscellaneous cords and ropes (for woman in labor, spinning top, fishing line, cat's cradle, tendon below tongue, viscera, dried banana strips, navel cord, carpenter's line) PMP *talih

taliMaranao(WMP) rope, cord, string, twine PMP *talih

taliMentawai(WMP) rope, string, cord PMP *talih

taliManggarai(CMP) rope, cord (as of rattan) PMP *talih

taliMota(OC) rope, cord, made of plaited or twisted lines POC *tali₁

taliʔMurik(WMP) string, cord, rope PMP *talih

-taliLakalai(OC) to wait for (only in compounds) POC *tari

taliNgadha(CMP) large rope, cord PMP *talih

taliNgaju Dayak(WMP) generic for any type of rope, twine or cordage PMP *talih

taliNggela(OC) rope POC *tali₁

taliNias(WMP) rope, cord, string PMP *talih

taliNiue(OC) since POC *tari

taliOld Javanese(WMP) rope, cord, string; bond, tie PMP *talih

TaliPuyuma(Formosan) line of the gardener (used to measure garden plots) PAN *CaliS

taliRembong(CMP) rope (for a horse) PMP *talih

taliRoma(CMP) rope PMP *talih

taliRotinese(CMP) rope (different types are distinguished by the material from which they are made) PMP *talih

täliSa'a(OC) to split down, to tear down the stem of the betel pepper preparatory to eating, to split a vine or a bamboo, to strip the skin of wale cane POC *sali

taliSamoan(OC) to wait POC *tari

taliBilaan (Sarangani)(WMP) rope PMP *talih

taliSasak(WMP) rope PMP *talih

taliSika(CMP) rope PMP *talih

taliSimalur(WMP) binding, rope, cord, string PMP *talih

taliSubanon(WMP) rope PMP *talih

taliSundanese(WMP) band, cord, rope, line, and in general anything that can be used to tie; also the cordage of a ship PMP *talih

taliTaboyan(WMP) rope PMP *talih

taliTae'(WMP) headband used to hold the hair in place PMP *talih

taliTawala(OC) rope to hold pig net up POC *tali₁

taliTetun(CMP) rope, cord, string PMP *talih

taliMurut (Timugon)(WMP) rope PMP *talih

taliToba Batak(WMP) rope, cable, thread, string, twine PMP *talih

taliTongan(OC) to wait for, to expect, to wait (esp. in order to welcome); to receive (e.g. a visitor) POC *tari

taliTonsawang(WMP) rope, string PMP *talih

taliTontemboan(WMP) net used to catch wild pigs PMP *talih

taliTugun(CMP) string, rope PMP *talih

taliTunjung(WMP) rope PMP *talih

taliUma(WMP) headband PMP *talih

taliʔKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) rope, string PMP *talih

taliVarisi(OC) rope POC *tali₁

taliWatubela(CMP) rope PMP *talih

taliManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) a small rope PMP *talih

taliWetan(CMP) rope PMP *talih

tal(i)Woleaian(OC) rope, line, be tangled up with ropes POC *tali₁

taliWolio(WMP) string PMP *talih

taliYamdena(CMP) rope PMP *talih

taliGedaged(OC) to bend (straight or round), as in bending a tortoise shell into a circle POC *tali₂

tali-aʔMaranao(WMP) rope-making machine PMP *talih

taliaTolai(OC) almond-bearing tree: Terminalia litoralis POC *talise₁

tali-aToqabaqita(OC) clear the ground (cutting down the bush, etc.) around the perimeter of a garden to be made POC *sali

tali-ánIlokano(WMP) to rope, to bind, tie or fasten with a rope or cord; connect or fasten together with a rope; to clench, grip, clutch, hold or grasp firmly (clinching); to entwist, entwine, twist or wreath around (snakes) PWMP *talih-an

tali-anNgaju Dayak(WMP) place where a boat is moored PWMP *talih-an

tali-anToba Batak(WMP) an alloted piece of land PWMP *talih-an

tali-bugsúkCebuano(WMP) stakes PMP *buRsuk

ta-licur-anTontemboan(WMP) west PMP *ta-likud

talieSamoan(OC) large tree growing near the coast, with strong timber used for houses, canoes, and gongs, the tropical almond: Terminalia catappa POC *talise₁

talieTuvaluan(OC) tree species: Terminalia samoensis POC *talise₁

tali-énIlokano(WMP) to braid, twist into a rope PWMP *talih-en

tali fusõNias(WMP) brother, sister, kinsman PMP *pusej

talig-káhuyCebuano(WMP) gather logs for a house PMP *kahiw

taliheNggela(OC) a tree: Terminalia catappa L. POC *talise₁

talihudTonsawang(WMP) turn the back on someone PMP *ta-likud

tali-iTae'(WMP) put on a headband PMP *talih

taliʔ inta nanion u-mu-boliMongondow(WMP) a brideprice that must be paid off at once PMP *beli

talɨkCentral Tagbanwa(WMP) a dance PPH *tadék

tali-kTetun(CMP) of or like rope; to coil around or entwine PMP *talih

talikanBobot(CMP) ear PMP *taliŋa

talika-nMasiwang(CMP) ear PMP *taliŋa

ta-likódAklanon(WMP) to turn one’s back to; turn one’s back on, refuse help; give up PMP *ta-likud

talikodMaranao(WMP) turn the back; leave; behind; rear of PMP *ta-likud

ta-likuBare'e(WMP) back (anat.), back side of something (as a person, sword) PMP *ta-likud

ta-likuBonerate(WMP) back PMP *ta-likud

talikudBinukid(WMP) to turn one’s back towards (someone or something); to abandon, turn one’s back on (something) PMP *ta-likud

talikúd ~ tallikúdIlokano(WMP) back to back; with the back turned PMP *ta-likud

talikud-anBinukid(WMP) behind, at the back PMP *ta-likud

ta-likur-anTae'(WMP) waist ‘yoke’ used to support the back of a weaver (who sits to weave on a back loom) PMP *ta-likud

ta-likur-ánTagalog(WMP) to turn one’s back on PMP *ta-likud

talilSeimat(OC) a shore tree: Terminalia catappa L. POC *talise₁

talimAs(SHWNG) sharp PMP *tazim

talímTagalog(WMP) sharpness of edge; blade; steel edging; penpoint PMP *tazem

taʔ-limaMakassarese(WMP) five each, five together PWMP *taR-lima

ta-limbuŋTae'(WMP) gather around, swarm around something PMP *limbun

talim-puruʔTae'(WMP) whirlwind PMP *-pudus

tali mugaLakalai(OC) tali muga POC *tari

tali-nJavanese(WMP) act or way of tying; a tied bundle, esp. of harvested rice PWMP *talih-en

t-ali-nNauna(OC) sibling of the same sex POC *taci

tali-nTetun(CMP) rope, cord, string; yoked together, paired PMP *talih

tali-nGaloli(CMP) rope PMP *talih

talinaSikaiana(OC) ear POC *taliŋa

tali-n ambetSasak(WMP) slender cord around the abdomen (worn as an amulet) PMP *talih

talinomAgutaynen(WMP) a type of vegetable with edible leaves (it is the top, tender leaves which are cooked and eaten) PPH *talínum

talínomSambal (Botolan)(WMP) plant with thick leaves that are cooked with meat; they are a bit sour PPH *talínum

t<al>intisəʔSangir(WMP) drip down (of tears, rain, etc.) PMP *titis

talinumAklanon(WMP) an herb: Talinum triangulare PPH *talínum

talinumCebuano(WMP) small shrub with thick, lanceolate, pale-green leaves, planted as an ornamental and for its leaves, which are used as a vegetable: Talinum triangulare PPH *talínum

talinúmIlokano(WMP) species of plant eaten by goats PPH *talínum

talínumTagalog(WMP) a plant: Talinum paniculatum (Madulid 2001) PPH *talínum

taliñaItbayaten(WMP) outer ear, earlobe, auricle, ear; edible tree fungus, the Jew's ear: Auricularia auricula-judae L. PMP *taliŋa

taliña no kayohItbayaten(WMP) a species of fungus PMP *taliŋa nu kahiw

taliña nu kayuhItbayaten(WMP) sp. of fungus PMP *taliŋa

taliŋNauna(OC) ear POC *taliŋa

tali-ŋSika(CMP) fibrous, of wood and tubers PMP *talih

taliŋWoleaian(OC) ear POC *taliŋa

talíŋaBikol(WMP) ear PMP *taliŋa

talíŋaBuhid(WMP) ear PMP *taliŋa

taliŋaCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) ear PMP *taliŋa

talíŋaCebuano(WMP) ear; notice, pay heed PMP *taliŋa

talíŋaIlokano(WMP) ear; handle; pierced ear (ta- -an) PMP *taliŋa

talíŋaIsneg(WMP) ear PMP *taliŋa

talíŋaKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) ear PMP *taliŋa

taliŋaKove(OC) ear POC *taliŋa

taliŋaMaloh(WMP) ear PMP *taliŋa

taliŋaMentawai(WMP) ear PMP *taliŋa

taliŋa-Mussau(OC) ear POC *taliŋa

taliŋa-Nehan(OC) ear POC *taliŋa

taliŋaNgaju Dayak(WMP) shell of the ear PMP *taliŋa

taliŋaNggela(OC) fungus, mushrooms on mbiluma tree POC *taliŋa

taliŋaNias(WMP) ear PMP *taliŋa

talíŋaPalawan Batak(WMP) ear PMP *taliŋa

taliŋaPileni(OC) ear POC *taliŋa

taliŋaSamal(WMP) ear PMP *taliŋa

taliŋaSamoan(OC) ear; name given to several types of fungus, including jew's-ear, POC *taliŋa

taliŋaTonsawang(WMP) ear PMP *taliŋa

taliŋaWayan(OC) generic for various kinds of fungi, e.g. mushrooms, bracket fungi POC *taliŋa

taliŋaZabana(OC) ear POC *taliŋa

taliŋaHaku(OC) ear POC *taliŋa

taliŋa balaoTae'(WMP) (lit. 'rat's ear') kind of fungus that grows on the underside of a decayed bamboo betuŋ PMP *taliŋa

taliŋa-bátaŋHanunóo(WMP) a poisonous saprophytic tree fungus PMP *taliŋa nu kahiw

talíŋa danāgIsneg(WMP) kind of bracket fungus that resembles the xaŋgarát, but is usually much larger PMP *taliŋa

taliŋa-ʔimoaSamoan(OC) (lit. "rat's ear") sp. fungus POC *taliŋa

talíŋa lamánIsneg(WMP) (lit. 'boar's ear'). A common herb, some four inches tall, with dark-colored leaves PMP *taliŋa

taliŋa-oroNias(WMP) kind of mushroom PMP *taliŋa

taliŋa taeGitua(OC) ear wax POC *taqe₂

taliŋa ziʔuNias(WMP) a measurement from the elbow to the tip of the longest finger PAN *sikux

taliŋe-li-pachWoleaian(OC) mushroom POC *taliŋa

taliŋeʔInati(WMP) ear PMP *taliŋa

ta-liŋiWayan(OC) spilt POC *ta-liŋi

ta-liŋi-aTolai(OC) spilt POC *ta-liŋi

taliŋoAyta Abellan(WMP) to make someone make a mistake, lead astray PPH *taliŋu

taliŋoMaranao(WMP) cheater, wrongdoer; to bilk PPH *taliŋu

tálipCebuano(WMP) slice root crops into thin strips to dry them under the sun PPH *tájip

talípKapampangan(WMP) to peel, pare off skin PPH *tájip

tali pitIban(WMP) braided cord PWMP *epid

tali puŋsedBalinese(WMP) umbilical cord PMP *pusej

tali pusatIban(WMP) umbilical cord PMP *pusej

tali pusatMalay(WMP) umbilicus, navel cord PWMP *talih pusej

tali pusatMalay(WMP) umbilicus (after severance; cf. tali uri ‘navel cord before severance’) PMP *pusej

tali puteriMalay(WMP) a plant, Cassytha filiformis, the basis of a Malay hairwash PMP *talih

talireKove(OC) Terminalia sp. POC *talise₁

tali runutYamdena(CMP) cord of runut fibre, hence trip-cord (lunut) of spring-trap PMP *Runut

tali sabutIban(WMP) coir rope, rope of ijok [sugar palm] fiber PWMP *sabut

tali sabutMalay(WMP) coir rope; cheap rope PWMP *sabut

talísayAklanon(WMP) tree with edible nut: Terminalia catappa L. PMP *talisay

talísayCebuano(WMP) kind of large tree similar to an almond tree, growing by the seashore bearing edible nuts: Terminalia catappa PMP *talisay

talisayChamorro(WMP) a tree that bears edible nuts, the Indian almond: Terminalia catappa PMP *talisay

talisayMaranao(WMP) a shore tree: Terminalia catappa L. PMP *talisay

*talisayPSan(WMP) tree with edible nuts: Terminalia catappa L. PMP *talisay

talisayTagalog(WMP) a species of shade tree: Terminalia catappa PMP *talisay

taliseEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) a variety of wood used in making some of the strong structural parts of a canoe POC *talise₁

taliseSoboyo(CMP) a tree with edible nuts: Canarium moluccanum PMP *talisay

talísiKanakanabu(Formosan) rope PAN *CaliS

tali sipatIban(WMP) carpenter’s line, i.e. black cord for stretching on wood, lifting to smack back and mark straight line PWMP *sipat

tali sipatMalay(WMP) string-line used by a carpenter, surveyor’s plumb-line PWMP *sipat

tali-soaSamoan(OC) to await company, wait for someone to join one POC *tari

talɨtCentral Tagbanwa(WMP) taro root PMP *tales

tali taliBahasa Indonesia(WMP) plant with beautiful blossom: Quamaclit pennata PWMP *tali tali

tali-taliSangir(WMP) kind of edible sea plant PWMP *tali tali

tali-taliNiue(OC) to expect POC *tari

tali-tali-aŋMakassarese(WMP) moor a large boat by tying in various places (as at prow and stern), esp. during the west monsoon; fig. restrain a furious person from every side PWMP *talih-an

tali t-em-aliMalay(WMP) cordage generally PMP *t<um>alih

taɭíuDuRukai (Budai)(Formosan) mulberry tree and fruit PAN *taNiud

taliurTolai(OC) back, backwards, with the head facing backwards; upside-down POC *ta-likur

taliʔuruEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) to turn round, especially in order to throw out a fishing-line POC *ta-likur

talhiusuSaaroa(Formosan) mulberry tree and fruit PAN *taNiud

taɬiwPaiwan(Formosan) small (pocket-sized) whetstone PAN *saNiw

taliwágaIlokano(WMP) ordinary, average; poor quality (cloth, etc.) PPH *taliwájaq

taliwálaʔCebuano(WMP) middle, center part; to do something to something at its center, in its middle part PPH *taliwájaq

ta-líwanAklanon(WMP) to bypass, go by, pass by PPH *líwan

tali-waniBare'e(WMP) magical means to bestow courage on someone PMP *baRani

taliyokAmis(Formosan) perimeter, area around the outside; go around PAN *taliuk

taliyukCebuano(WMP) turn the body around PAN *taliuk

talizaMendak(OC) a shore tree: Terminalia catappa L. POC *talise₁

tallaWetan(CMP) path, road PMP *zalan

tallaŋMakassarese(WMP) sink, sink away PWMP *teleŋ

tallaŋMandar(WMP) to sink PMP *telem

tallaŋTae'(WMP) kind of slender bamboo PWMP *telaŋ

tallaŋMakassarese(WMP) to sink, sink away PMP *telem

talləLuang(CMP) path, road PMP *zalan

tallehBerawan (Long Terawan)(WMP) rope PMP *talih

tallóAgta (Dupaningan)(WMP) three PAN *telu

tallóIlokano(WMP) three PAN *telu

tallóIsneg(WMP) three PAN *telu

talloʔMandar(WMP) egg PMP *qateluR

talloʔTae'(WMP) egg PMP *qateluR

talloʔTae'(WMP) egg PMP *qiteluR

tallo púloIlokano(WMP) thirty PMP *telu-ŋa-puluq

talló-tallóIlokano(WMP) a kind of vine with trifoliate leaves PMP *telu-telu

tálluItawis(WMP) three PAN *telu

talluKodi(CMP) three PAN *telu

talluMakassarese(WMP) three PAN *telu

talluMandar(WMP) three PAN *telu

talluMapun(WMP) three PAN *telu

talluTae'(WMP) three PAN *telu

talluTalaud(WMP) three PAN *telu

tallu buli-nnaTae'(WMP) riceplant (lit. 'the three-eared, that which has three ears') PMP *buliR

tallu-enIlokano(WMP) to do three times PWMP *telu-en

tallukaTalaud(WMP) egg PMP *qateluR

tallu-talluMakassarese(WMP) all three; only three; three, in games of cards and dice PMP *telu-telu

talŋa-Wogeo(OC) ear POC *taliŋa

talɔAs(SHWNG) egg PMP *qateluR

taloAyta Maganchi(WMP) beeswax PWMP *tadu

táloBikol(WMP) defeated PMP *talu₂

táloSambal (Botolan)(WMP) tallow; beeswax PWMP *tadu

táloCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to lose in a game or contest PMP *talu₂

taloFutunan(OC) taro (generic): Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott var. antiquorum Schott POC *talos

taloIban(WMP) shout at or to (Scott 1956) PWMP *talu₁

taloMaranao(WMP) call PWMP *talu₁

taloMarovo(OC) taro POC *talos

taloMotu(OC) a vegetable: Arum esculentum POC *talos

-taloLakalai(OC) down; westward POC *tanoq

talõNias(WMP) a tuber: Caladium PMP *tales

taloNiue(OC) the taro plant (Colocasia esculenta). Five groups are recognized, each with many varieties, the groups being distinguished according to differences in color and the marking of the petioles, or leaf stalks POC *talos

talóPangasinan(WMP) three PAN *telu

taloPileni(OC) taro POC *talos

t-āloSamoan(OC) wave, beckon POC *qalop

taloSamoan(OC) taro, a cultivated plant (Colocasia sp.), the corm of which is one of the most important sources of food POC *talos

táloTagalog(WMP) a defeat; a beating; a having been beaten or overthrown; loss; upset; defeat in sports PMP *talu₂

taloTongan(OC) taro, kind of arum with edible tuberous root, Caladium esculentum POC *talos

taloTonsawang(WMP) to fear, be afraid PAN *talaw

taloTuvaluan(OC) taro, a cultivated plant, Colocasia esculenta POC *talos

taloWolio(WMP) to lost, be defeated (in battle) PAN *talaw

tal(o)Woleaian(OC) earth, soil, ground; west, downward POC *tanoq

talo-aSamoan(OC) be plentiful in taro POC *talos

taloʔanAmis(Formosan) hut, temporary shelter for use in the fields PAN *taRuqan

taLœʔænSaisiyat(Formosan) house PAN *taRuqan

talodAmis(Formosan) all kinds of grass, weeds (generic term) PAN *CaluN

taloeAcehnese(WMP) rope, line, string, cord PMP *talih

talòë pusatAcehnese(WMP) navel string PWMP *talih pusej

taḷogMongondow(WMP) floor PMP *saleR

taḷog-anMongondow(WMP) provide with a floor or foundation PMP *saleR

talohAyta Abellan(WMP) to understand something; meaning PPH *tarús

talo-hLindrou(OC) three PEMP *tolu

talo-hAndra(OC) three PEMP *tolu

talo-hBipi(OC) three PEMP *tolu

talokManggarai(CMP) young bamboo PMP *taluk

talókiIlokano(WMP) (obs.) silk of one piece PMP *taluki

talomMongondow(WMP) sink PWMP *salem

tálonBikol(WMP) wild fowl PPH *talun₂

tálonBontok(WMP) forest PMP *talun₁

talónCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) jungle, forest PMP *talun₁

tálonIlokano(WMP) rice field PMP *talun₁

tálonIsneg(WMP) the small patch of ground, about a square yard, that is cleared on the first day, when a farmer begins to clear the ground for a new rice field PMP *talun₁

talonMadurese(WMP) fallow swidden land PMP *talun₁

tálonPalawan Batak(WMP) woods, forest PMP *talun₁

talonSimalur(WMP) spot, place, locale PMP *talun₁

talonSubanen/Subanun(WMP) wild PMP *talun₁

talonAgutaynen(WMP) forest, woods, jungle (some people believe that evil spirits and elves live in places like this) PMP *talun₁

tálonBuhid(WMP) forest PMP *talun₁

talón-anIsneg(WMP) clear a patch of ground for cultivation PPh *talun-an

talontónSambal (Botolan)(WMP) to follow a path PPH *taluntún

taḷoŋMongondow(WMP) a resinous tree: Dammara Celebica; resin from this tree PAN *saleŋ

taló-onBikol(WMP) to be defeated PMP *talu₂

talósPangasinan(WMP) to understand, interpret, have an understanding of PPH *tarús

talósTagalog(WMP) comprehended; perfectly understood; known; informed PPH *tarús

taloyBukat(WMP) egg PMP *qateluR

tálsikPangasinan(WMP) splash PPH *tal(e)sík

talsíkTagalog(WMP) splash of liquid; sudden flight or leap or splinters, sparks, etc.; dismissal from office PPH *tal(e)sík

taltalBalinese(WMP) hit repeatedly PWMP *taltal₁

taltálKapampangan(WMP) talk back and forth in anger PWMP *taltal₂

tal-talMbula(OC) to wind up POC *tali₂

taltálTagalog(WMP) loud dispute, verbal battle PWMP *taltal₂

taltalCebuano(WMP) knock off something that is attached or set (as in scraping mud off the wheels of a pushcart) PWMP *taltal₁

taltal-enIbaloy(WMP) to loosen something by striking it (as pipe fitting or bolt with a hammer, peg that holds plow parts together) to strike, jar something (as house wall with hammer) PWMP *taltal₁

taltal-enIlokano(WMP) to crush, bray, pound in order to pulverize PWMP *taltal₁

tal-tallóIlokano(WMP) only three PMP *telu-telu

tal-tuluŋYamdena(CMP) help, assistance PMP *tuluŋ

taluMurut (Tagol)(WMP) three PAN *telu

taluAsilulu(CMP) to place, to put PMP *taRuq

taluBalinese(WMP) defeated, beaten PMP *talu₂

taluBare'e(WMP) abandoned piece of ground, cultivated field which has gone to weeds PMP *talun₁

taluBugotu(OC) to put, place, appoint; used as auxiliary verb to denote continuance of action PMP *taRuq

taluBukat(WMP) three PAN *telu

táluCebuano(WMP) tallow, the hard fat in animals, or the wax from beehives, used for making candles, soap, etc. PWMP *tadu

taluGayō(WMP) to surrender PMP *talu₂

taluGorontalo(WMP) beeswax PWMP *tadu

táluHanunóo(WMP) cheating, beatingm as in trade; surpassed PMP *talu₂

táluIfugaw(WMP) to hide, conceal PMP *taRuq

taluKambera(CMP) conquer, overcome, be dominant PMP *talu₂

taluLamboya(CMP) egg PMP *qateluR

taluBisaya (Limbang)(WMP) three PAN *telu

taluLakalai(OC) to put in; to plant; to put down on the ground, as a bundle carried on the head PMP *taRuq

taluLakalai(OC) to put in, to plant POC *tanum₂

taluNggela(OC) forest, but not virgin forest, where the land has been cultivated PMP *talun₁

taluNggela(OC) to put, place, set PMP *taRuq

taluMurut (Paluan)(WMP) three PAN *telu

taluʔMurut (Timugon)(WMP) egg PMP *qateluR

taluMurut (Timugon)(WMP) three PAN *telu

taluTingalan (West)(WMP) three PAN *telu

taluToba Batak(WMP) succumb, be defeated PMP *talu₂

taluWolio(WMP) three PAN *telu

talu-aBugotu(OC) Stop! Wait a minute! Refrain! PMP *taRuq

talúbuCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) for a plant or person to grow much faster than others of its same age PPH *talúbuq

taludMongondow(WMP) catching of rainwater, spurting blood, etc. PWMP *saluD

talu-ēNiue(OC) fallow, unproductive PMP *talun₁

talugMongondow(WMP) edge, short PWMP *saluR

taluhuGorontalo(WMP) water PWMP *saluR

talú-hunHanunóo(WMP) be beaten in, or cheated at trade PMP *talu₂

talúkCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) wet rice seedlings PMP *taluk

talúkCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) wet rice seedlings; to plant paddy rice seedlings PWMP *taruk

tálukHanunóo(WMP) sprout, shoot (to be transplanted); transplanting PMP *taluk

tálukHanunóo(WMP) sprout, shoot (to be transplanted); transplanting PWMP *taruk

talukabIlokano(WMP) eyelid; carapace of crabs PPH *talukaeb

talukátokIlokano(WMP) hummock; ground over a flooded area PPH *taluktuk

talukiBalinese(WMP) kind of batik PMP *taluki

talukiKambera(CMP) kind of silk used as a veil PMP *taluki

talukiOld Javanese(WMP) a particular kind of fabric (perhaps muslin) PMP *taluki

taluloŋIbanag(WMP) the Chinese honeysuckle, Quisqualis indica PPH *taluluŋ

taluloŋTagalog(WMP) the Chinese honeysuckle, Quisqualis indica PPH *taluluŋ

taluloŋIlokano(WMP) the Chinese honeysuckle, Quisqualis indica PPH *taluluŋ

talu-melieNiue(OC) productive (soil), fertile PMP *talun₁

talunKayan (Busang)(WMP) brushwood, bushes, new growth on land that has served as a swidden (but is now fallow) PMP *talun₁

tálunHanunóo(WMP) jungle, forest; an extensive, continuous, forested area PMP *talun₁

talunIban(WMP) turn up soil, dig, till PMP *talun₁

talunJavanese(WMP) field which has no irrigation system, and hence is planted only during the wet season PMP *talun₁

talunKaro Batak(WMP) a bit of wilderness where one can secure rights of ownership through cultivation; a place with sugar palms which are tapped for wine PMP *talun₁

talunOld Javanese(WMP) outer gardens (on the edge of the wood, not long opened up) PMP *talun₁

*talunPMin(WMP) forest PMP *talun₁

TaƚunPuyuma(Formosan) grass; waste PAN *CaluN

talunSasak(WMP) cultivated land PMP *talun₁

talunSundanese(WMP) newly reclaimed swidden land PMP *talun₁

talunTiruray(WMP) forest PMP *talun₁

talunToba Batak(WMP) fallow land PMP *talun₁

talunTunjung(WMP) woods PMP *talun₁

talun-anMongondow(WMP) remove the growth from land, clear land for planting PPh *talun-an

Taƚun i ƚaƚiabanPuyuma(Formosan) edible seaweed (T) PAN *CaluN

tálun manúkHanunóo(WMP) wild jungle fowl, wild chicken: Gallus gallus gallus(Linn.) PMP *manuk

tálun manúkHanunóo(WMP) wild jungle fowl, wild chicken: Gallus gallus gallus Linn. PPH *talun₂

talun mo-nalunMongondow(WMP) clear or work a piece of land, removing the native growth, planting PMP *talun₁

taluntónIlokano(WMP) investigation PPH *taluntún

taluntónTagalog(WMP) line; row; path; rule; regulation; precept PPH *taluntún

talunton-énIlokano(WMP) to study, investigate; follow a path PPH *taluntún

taluŋMakassarese(WMP) past the time of bearing (of fruits); bear no more fruit PMP *talun₁

talu-ŋaNiue(OC) plants remaining on an old plantation PMP *talun₁

t<al>úŋkudHanunóo(WMP) bridge of a stringed instrument such as a gitgít (small, locally made violin having three strings of twisted human hair) PAN *tukud

taluqanBunun(Formosan) hunter’s hut; a hut or place in which to dream an omen about wars or hunting PAN *taRuqan

tálusHanunóo(WMP) a taro with yellowing leaves PMP *tales

talusYakan(WMP) to proceed with doing something, finish doing something, complete doing something PWMP *tarus

talus-inTagalog(WMP) to get information about; to learn PPH *tarús

talu-taluNiue(OC) land out of cultivation PMP *talun₁

talu-taluSamoan(OC) fresh growth of weeds; growth, development (of feature, phenomenon, etc.); young trees grown up where there had been a plantation (Pratt 1984) PMP *talun₁

talu-taluMurut (Timugon)(WMP) the three of them, all three PMP *telu-telu

Taƚu-TaƚunPuyuma(Formosan) forest, woods PAN *CaluN

talutunAsilulu(CMP) several fish, including diagonal-banded toado, also called black-lined pufferfish (Arothron aerostaticus Jenyns), Myers’ porcupine fish (Dicotylichthys myersi Ogilby), and three-bar porcupine fish (D. punctulatus Kaup) PMP *taRutuŋ

talu-tūvaoNiue(OC) thick bushland PMP *talun₁

taly-anOld Javanese(WMP) bound PWMP *talih-an

tamaAgutaynen(WMP) correct, right; accurate; appropriate; proper PAN *tama₁

tama-Amblong(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tamaAmis(Formosan) to find; to be right; to hit on target PAN *tama₁

tama'Āre'āre(OC) in line, in pairs POC *jama

tamaBalinese(WMP) be ready, be on hand, never be tongue-tied, be bold PMP *tama₂

tama-Banoni(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tamaBanggai(WMP) father PMP *t-amax

tamaBintulu(WMP) father PMP *t-amax

tamaBunun(Formosan) father PAN *ta-amax

tamaCentral Maewo(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tamaCentral Tagbanwa(WMP) to be correct; to hit the target PMP *tamaq₁

tama-Dobuan(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tama-Eddystone/Mandegusu(OC) father, grandfather, uncle PMP *t-amax

tamaErai(CMP) to enter PMP *tama₂

tamaErai(CMP) to enter PMP *tamaq₂

tamaFijian(OC) father, FB, MZH PMP *t-amax

tama-Gedaged(OC) father, FB, son, MZH (w.s.); FB, MZH (m.s.); lord, master, guardian; owner, composer, originator, inventor PMP *t-amax

tamaGilbertese(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tama-Gitua(OC) father, FB, MZH PMP *t-amax

tama-Haku(OC) father PMP *t-amax

támaʔHiligaynon(WMP) correct, well, extremely, excessively PMP *tamaq₁

tamaKadazan Dusun(WMP) father (ref.) PMP *t-amax

tamaKambera(CMP) to enter PMP *tama₂

tama-Kilivila(OC) father, FB, FZS, MZH PMP *t-amax

tamaKiput(WMP) father PMP *t-amax

tamaKove(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tama-Lakona(OC) father PAN *amax

tamaLamaholot(CMP) to enter PMP *tamaq₂

tama-Likum(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tama-Lou(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tama-Manam(OC) father, uncle PMP *t-amax

tamaMandar(WMP) to enter PMP *tama₂

tamaMaori(OC) man PMP *t-amax

tamaʔMaranao(WMP) enough, alright PMP *tamaq₁

tama-Marino(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tama-Mendak(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tamaMiri(WMP) father PMP *t-amax

tama-Misima(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tama-Molima(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tamaMoronene(WMP) man/male; father PMP *t-amax

tama-Motu(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tamaMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) father PMP *t-amax

tama-Mussau(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tama-Lakalai(OC) father, FB PMP *t-amax

tamaNakanamanga(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tama-Nali(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tama-Nauna(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tama-Nehan(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tama-Nehan(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tamaNggela(OC) father (ref.); those of his standing in a man's clan PMP *t-amax

tama-Numbami(OC) father (term of third person reference) PMP *t-amax

tamaOld Javanese(WMP) to enter, penetrate; to have penetrated into, mastered thoroughly, accomplished in PMP *tama₂

tama-Pom(SHWNG) father PMP *t-amax

*tamaPSS(WMP) enter PMP *tamaq₂

tamaRaga(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tamaRarotongan(OC) term used as a respectful manner of address to a man, being equivalent to the English word, sir PMP *t-amax

tamaRotinese(CMP) fit together well (as planks that are joined) PMP *tamaq₁

tamaRotinese(CMP) fit together well (as planks that are joined) PAN *tama₁

t-ámaRukai (Budai)(Formosan) father (ref.) PAN *ta-amax

t-amáRukai (Tanan)(Formosan) father (ref.) PAN *ta-amax

tamaSaliba(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tamaSasak(WMP) to enter (as a ship into a harbor) PMP *tama₂

tamaSeediq (Truku)(Formosan) father PAN *ta-amax

tam(a)-Seimat(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tamaSika(CMP) to enter, go inside PMP *tama₂

tamaSinaugoro(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tamaSio(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tama-Tabar(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tamaTae'(WMP) in, into; to the east; to the west PMP *tama₂

támaʔTagalog(WMP) correct, right; hitting the mark PMP *tamaq₁

tama-Tarpia(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tamaTetun(CMP) to enter, to introduce, to penetrate PMP *tama₂

tamaTetun(CMP) to enter, to introduce, to penetrate PMP *tamaq₂

tama-Tigak(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tamaToba Batak(WMP) suitable, appropriate PMP *tamaq₁

tamaToba Batak(WMP) suitable, appropriate PAN *tama₁

tama-Ulithian(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tamaVaikenu(CMP) to go in PMP *tamaq₂

tama-Vitu(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tama-Wandamen(SHWNG) father PMP *t-amax

tamaWindesi(SHWNG) father PMP *t-amax

tama-Wogeo(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tam(a)Woleaian(OC) father; father's side, patrilineality PMP *t-amax

tamaWuvulu(OC) outrigger float POC *saman

tamaYabem(OC) father PAN *amax

tama-Ansus(SHWNG) father PMP *t-amax

tama-Arop(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tama-Biliau(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tamaBungku(WMP) father PMP *t-amax

támaCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) right, correct, good, accurate, exact PAN *tama₁

tama-Dusner(SHWNG) father PMP *t-amax

tama-Kaniet(OC) father PAN *amax

tama-Lametin(OC) father PAN *amax

tama-Malmariv(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tama-Papuma(SHWNG) father PMP *t-amax

tama-Piamatsina(OC) father PMP *t-amax

*tamaPSS(WMP) to enter PMP *tama₂

tama-Suau(OC) father PAN *amax

tama-Ubir(OC) father PAN *amax

tama-Uruava(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tam̈a-Mafea(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tam(a)Woleaian(OC) outrigger float POC *saman

tama-aSamoan(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tama-anIbaloy(WMP) to hit on, especially of something done timely, fortuitously (as selling one’s vegetables when the price is high; or hitting on the ‘heart of the matter’); such a fortuitous happening, as with gold strikes PAN *tama₁

tamadBariai(OC) food for a journey POC *tamaji

tamádTagalog(WMP) lazy; idle; indolent; sluggish; slothful; truant; neglecting duty through laziness PPH *tamád

tamádBikol(WMP) be reluctant or disinclined to do something PPH *tamád

tamadCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to feel lazy, to not feel like working; lazy PPH *tamád

tamádCebuano(WMP) feel too lazy to do something PPH *tamád

tamad-anAgutaynen(WMP) for a person to feel lazy, tired; to be disinterested in, bored or tired of doing something PPH *tamad-an

tama-eBabatana(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tama-glaSelau(OC) father PMP *t-amax

t-amahBerawan (Batu Belah)(WMP) father (ref.) PMP *t-amax

tamahBelait(WMP) father PMP *t-amax

t-amahBunun (Takituduh)(Formosan) father PAN *ta-amax

tamahNarum(WMP) father (ref.) PMP *t-amax

t-amæhSaisiyat(Formosan) father PAN *ta-amax

tama-iMota(OC) father, in relation to individuals PMP *t-amax

tama-iTongan(OC) father, FB PMP *t-amax

tama-kTetun(CMP) impertinent, brash, not timid PMP *tama₂

tama-kTetun(CMP) impertinent, brash, not timid PMP *tamaq₂

tā-malauSamoan(OC) name given to certain fishes of genus Holocentrus when about 1 ft. in length PMP *taRaqan

ta-mallaŋTae'(WMP) skin disease which produces white spots on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet PMP *belaŋ₂

tama-nAhus(OC) his/her father PMP *t-amax

tamanBinukid(WMP) until, up to a certain point, as far as PWMP *taman

tama-nChuukese(OC) outrigger float (construct form) POC *saman

t-ama-nKayan (Long Atip)(WMP) father (ref.) PMP *t-amax

tamanMansaka(WMP) to reach as far as; to continue on as far as PWMP *taman

tamanPunan Tuvu'(WMP) attaining to; reaching as far as PWMP *taman

tamanTiruray(WMP) as far as, until PWMP *taman

támanCebuano(WMP) until, up to a certain part PWMP *taman

tama-nLun Dayeh (Long Semado)(WMP) father PMP *t-amax

tamanMaranao(WMP) limit, boundary, until PWMP *taman

tamanManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) limit, end; until PWMP *taman

tamanYakan(WMP) up to; until (stating the limits of objects and time; extent, limit, topping point (of objects) PWMP *taman

tama-naRennellese(OC) classificatory father; to have a classificatory father PMP *t-amax

tama-naRoviana(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tama(-na)Tolai(OC) father, father and child, or the relationship between them or between them and the father's brothers PMP *t-amax

tamanaBare'e(WMP) sterile, barren, childless, mainly of people, but also said of animals PWMP *tamanaŋ

ta-mana-iRoviana(OC) blessed POC *mana₂

taman-anYakan(WMP) end, stopping point, limit (of actions); used also for forming superlatives of adjectives PWMP *taman

tamanaŋMakassarese(WMP) sterile, childless PWMP *tamanaŋ

tamanaŋNgaju Dayak(WMP) barren, infertile PWMP *tamanaŋ

*tamanaŋPSS(WMP) barren (of a woman) PWMP *tamanaŋ

tamanaŋTae'(WMP) steriile, infertile, childless, of people; to fail to yield fruit, of plantings such as maize PWMP *tamanaŋ

tamanaŋTausug(WMP) (of people or animals) barren, sterile PWMP *tamanaŋ

tamanaŋToba Batak(WMP) bloodflow PWMP *tamanaŋ

tamanaŋ bulanToba Batak(WMP) menses PWMP *tamanaŋ

tamanaŋ bulan-onToba Batak(WMP) the monthly menstrual flow PWMP *bulan-en

tamandiNggela(OC) a relish with vegetable food, such as pork or fish; to eat together different sorts of food POC *tamaji

ta-maneAmara(OC) male POC *maRuqane

taman sa tamanTiruray(WMP) forever PWMP *taman

tamanuMussau(OC) kind of large-leafed Calophyllum found in the interior (cp. ŋitau 'Calophyllum of the shore') POC *tamanu

tamanuNiue(OC) a tree: Calophyllum inophyllum (= fetau) POC *tamanu

tamanuRarotongan(OC) the native mahogany: Calophyllum inophyllum POC *tamanu

tamanuSamoan(OC) large tree (Callophyllum sp.), with timber used for canoes and furniture POC *tamanu

tamanuTongan(OC) tree sp. POC *tamanu

tama-ñaBugotu(OC) father PMP *t-amax

tamaqPaiwan(Formosan) a fraction (of thing, number) PAN *samaq

tamar-ánCebuano(WMP) be lazy PPH *tamad-an

tamárawAklanon(WMP) species of wild carabao found only on Mindoro PWMP *tamadaw

tamaráwCebuano(WMP) kind of wild water buffalo PWMP *tamadaw

tamariTeop(OC) prepared food POC *tamaji

tamasi-naDawawa(OC) food for travel POC *tamaji

tamatNehan(OC) person, human, man PMP *tau-mata

tamatTaokas(Formosan) iron PAN *Namat

tamataFijian(OC) person, human being PMP *tau-mata

ta-mataMadurese(WMP) a spy PMP *mata-mata

tamataWayan(OC) person, human being PMP *tau-mata

tamataW.Tarangan (Ngaibor)(CMP) person, human being PMP *tau-mata

tamataAlune(CMP) person PMP *tau-mata

tamataKola(CMP) person, human being PMP *tau-mata

tamataUjir(CMP) person, human being PMP *tau-mata

tā-mateNiue(OC) kill POC *mate

ta-mateSamoan(OC) kill (animal or plant); (of a coco-nut tree, etc.) strip of leaves so as to kill POC *mate

ta-matuaMota(OC) a full-grown person POC *matuqa

tamaySiang(WMP) father PMP *ama-i

támaʔAklanon(WMP) right, correct, enough; to hit directly, make a bullseye, hit straight on PMP *tamaq₁

támaʔBikol(WMP) accurate, correct, right; appropriate, fitting, suitable; adequate, ample, sufficient; moderate, temperate PMP *tamaq₁

támaʔCebuano(WMP) for something to hit squarely on something; be just exactly on time; make something fit; stop doing something bad PMP *tamaq₁

támaʔHanunóo(WMP) right, correct, true PMP *tamaq₁

támaɁIsneg(WMP) Macaranga tanarius L., a small dioedious, euphorbiaceous tree; its bark is used for alná (ingredients in sugarcane rum), and give the rum its brown color and its bitter taste PWMP *samak

tamaʔKadazan Dusun(WMP) brave, bold PMP *tamaq₂

tamaʔKayan(WMP) the act of sexual intercourse PMP *tama₂

tamaʔYakan(WMP) for something to be penetrated or pierced (by a knife or bullet); covered with (wounds or bullet holes) PMP *tamaq₂

támaʔSambal (Botolan)(WMP) to hit squarely; correct, right PMP *tamaq₁

tambaBare'e(WMP) increase, add to (said to be a Buginese or Makasarese loan) PWMP *tambaq

tambaBare'e(WMP) a patch PMP *tambal₁

tambaMuna(WMP) to patch, add a surface piece to, coat PMP *tambal₁

tambaNggela(OC) to hire, pay wages; wages, pay; a reward, prize in a race POC *taba₁

tambaOld Javanese(WMP) cure, remedy, medicine PMP *tambar

tambaPendau(WMP) to increase, add to PWMP *tambaq

*tambaPSS(WMP) add to, increase PWMP *tambaq

tambaSundanese(WMP) antidote, means for recovering, medicine PMP *tambar

tambaWolio(WMP) medicine against poisoning or haemoptysis; to treat with medicine, cure PMP *tambar

tambaNias(WMP) a filling up PMP *tambak₂

tambaʔSimalur(WMP) grave; canal PMP *tambak₂

tambaToba Batak(WMP) increase, augmentation, what is added to or given as a supplement PWMP *tambaq

támbaeAklanon(WMP) medicine: coagulant; to stop bleeding PMP *tambar

tambaeAklanon(WMP) medicine --- coagulant PPH *tambal₂

tambágCebuano(WMP) to advise (as a doctor advising his patient how to get better); advice, counsel PPH *tambaR

tambagMansaka(WMP) advice PPH *tambaR

tambahSundanese(WMP) to increase, become greater PWMP *tambaq

tambahKaro Batak(WMP) replenishment; addition, supplement PWMP *tambaq

tambahMalay(WMP) increase by repetition or continuation PWMP *tambaq

tambakBalinese(WMP) dam, dyke; a pool formed from a dammed stream; fishpond; to block, obstruct, dam PMP *tambak₂

támbakItawis(WMP) dyke between rice paddies PMP *tambak₂

tambakJavanese(WMP) a pond near the shore where certain sea fish (bandeng) are cultivated; a dike or dam for regulating water PMP *tambak₂

tambakMalay(WMP) banking; filling; levelling up PMP *tambak₂

támbakMasbatenyo(WMP) piled, packed tightly, chock full PMP *tambak₂

*tamba(k)PSS(WMP) hit, pound PMP *tambak₁

*ta(m)bakPSS(WMP) to hit, pound PWMP *tabak₁

tambakSundanese(WMP) what serves to block off or divert water; also, to lie in a heap, heap up to obstruct the inflow or outflow of water PMP *tambak₂

tambakManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to fill in a hole; to cover something over with some substance PMP *tambak₂

támbakAklanon(WMP) pile; to pile up (one on top of another); fill (hole) PMP *tambak₂

tambákBikol(WMP) heap, mound, pile PMP *tambak₂

tambakBinukid(WMP) to cover (something) over with dirt PMP *tambak₂

tambakMongondow(WMP) burial place PMP *tambak₂

tambákCebuano(WMP) dump a large number of things in or over something PMP *tambak₂

tambákIlokano(WMP) dam, dike, bank PMP *tambak₂

tambakKaro Batak(WMP) a dyke, a damming up of water; an artificial pond made by damming PMP *tambak₂

tambakMapun(WMP) an orderly stacking of rocks or earth (as used for the foundation of a house on the seashore, for a wharf, for a retaining wall surrounding a grave or rice field, etc.) PMP *tambak₂

tambakMaranao(WMP) rampart, heap PMP *tambak₂

tambakNgaju Dayak(WMP) a burial place for those families that do not preserve the corpse and later reinter the bones in an elevated mausoleum built on wooden posts PMP *tambak₂

tambakOld Javanese(WMP) wall, dike, dam, fence PMP *tambak₂

tambakRomblomanon(WMP) something is covered over by someone with soil, stones, the shallow ocean PMP *tambak₂

tambakSasak(WMP) fishpond PMP *tambak₂

tambakTae'(WMP) clean something by pounding it PMP *tambak₁

tambakTae'(WMP) clean something by pounding it PWMP *tabak₁

tambákTagalog(WMP) embankment, terrace; mound; a bank or heap of earth, stones, sand, etc.; pile; a mass like a hill or mound; the piling up, e.g. of official papers not acted upon PMP *tambak₂

tambakToba Batak(WMP) burial mound that one properly undertakes and plants with trees PMP *tambak₂

tambákWaray-Waray(WMP) heap; pile; mass; mound PMP *tambak₂

tambak-ánCebuano(WMP) dumping ground; gathering place PMP *tambak₂

tambak-anIbaloy(WMP) to pile something against, on, etc. something else PWMP *tambak-an

tambak-anIlokano(WMP) to build a dike across or around PWMP *tambak-an

tambak-anMapun(WMP) to make an orderly stack of rocks or earth PWMP *tambak-an

tambak-ánMasbatenyo(WMP) dumping place, junk yard PWMP *tambak-an

tambāk-anRomblomanon(WMP) a shallow-sea fish trap PWMP *tambak-an

tambak-anSundanese(WMP) dam, dyke PWMP *tambak-an

tambák-anTagalog(WMP) a dump; a dumping place PWMP *tambak-an

tambak-ánTagalog(WMP) to fill up a place by dumping sand, earth, stones, rubbish, etc. PWMP *tambak-an

tambak-anYakan(WMP) to place something on top of something else; pile up on top PWMP *tambak-an

tambak-enAgutaynen(WMP) to pile up; to fill in, such as a hole PMP *tambak₂

tambak-enMaranao(WMP) to heap up, as earth PMP *tambak₂

tambak-ónBikol(WMP) to heap or pile up PMP *tambak₂

tambak-ónMasbatenyo(WMP) to pile something PMP *tambak₂

tambak sayaOld Javanese(WMP) (of warriors) defence, rampart (against the enemy) PMP *tambak₂

tambakuKambera(CMP) a dam; to dam PMP *tambak₂

tambalAyta Abellan(WMP) to consult a doctor; to get a physician to cure one’s ailment PPH *tambal₂

tambálBikol(WMP) antidote; snake medicine PMP *tambar

tambálBikol(WMP) antidote; snake medicine PPH *tambal₂

tambalBinukid(WMP) medicine, remedial measures PMP *tambar

tambálCebuano(WMP) treat an illness, wound; to reform, correct someone PMP *tambar

támbalHiligaynon(WMP) medicine, cure, remedy PMP *tambar

tambalTontemboan(WMP) a plant with thick leaves that are used as medicine for indigestion and as a spice in cooking: Labiatea PMP *tambar

tambalBinukid(WMP) medicine; remedial measures; to treat a physical ailment with medicine PPH *tambal₂

tambálCebuano(WMP) to treat an illness, wound PPH *tambal₂

tambalJavanese(WMP) a mending patch PMP *tambal₁

tambalMalay(WMP) to patch; to paste on; to plaster; to overlay PWMP *tambel

tambalMinangkabau(WMP) to patch; to paste on; to plaster; to overlay PMP *tambal₁

tambalSundanese(WMP) patch; insertion PMP *tambal₁

tambál-anCebuano(WMP) folk doctor, specializing in diseases of supernatural origin PMP *tambar

tambal-anJavanese(WMP) act or way of patching; having been patched PMP *tambal₁

tambalaŋDampelas(WMP) kind of long, not very strong bamboo PWMP *tambelaŋ

tambalaŋMurut (Timugon)(WMP) kind of bamboo PWMP *tambelaŋ

tambal banJavanese(WMP) tire patch PMP *tambal₁

tambal-tambalJavanese(WMP) to put on a patch PMP *tambal₁

tambanBalinese(WMP) kind of small sea fish PWMP *tamban

tambanCebuano(WMP) name given to sardines of several species PWMP *tamban

támbanHanunóo(WMP) dark-colored fish about 15 cm. long PWMP *tamban

tambánIlokano(WMP) kind of sardine PWMP *tamban

tambanMaranao(WMP) minnow, anchovy PWMP *tamban

tambanSasak(WMP) a sea fish, apparently the sardine PWMP *tamban

tambanSundanese(WMP) marine fish sp. PWMP *tamban

tambánTagalog(WMP) fish like a herring or sardine PWMP *tamban

tambanunuMakassarese(WMP) kind of fish, lighter-colored than barrukaŋ (barrukaŋ = kind of fish that lives in river mouths and swamps, smooth, shiny and scaleless, gray and black with barbels on the mouth and poisonous spines on the back) PWMP *tambaŋuŋu

t-ambaŋKadazan Dusun(WMP) fare (on bus, etc.); freight, freightage, passage money PWMP *abaŋ₃

tambaŋIbaloy(WMP) ambush PPH *tambáŋ

tambáŋTagalog(WMP) ambush, an attack from an ambush; the act or condition of lying in wait; a person waiting and watching from a vantage point for wild game, or in warfare, for the enemy PPH *tambáŋ

tambáŋ-anBikol(WMP) to encircle, surround PPH *tambaŋ-an

tambaŋ-anIbaloy(WMP) to lie in wait for something, esp. with the idea of killing (as enemy, animal being hunted) PPH *tambaŋ-an

tambaŋúŋuCebuano(WMP) kind of large, fleshy catfish living in river estuaries PWMP *tambaŋuŋu

tambarMalay(WMP) healing; curing PMP *tambar

tambarManggarai(CMP) very bitter creeper with thorns, used as malaria medicine PMP *tambar

tambarManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) medicine; to treat someone with medicine PMP *tambar

tambarKaro Batak(WMP) medicine, remedy PMP *tambar

tambaraʔMakassarese(WMP) antidote PMP *tambar

tambaraʔMakassarese(WMP) antidote PWMP *tabaR

tambaraʔ rappo-rappoMakassarese(WMP) a shrub with leaves that are used as medicine: Clerodendron inerme PMP *tambar

tambatMalay(WMP) tethering PWMP *tambej

tambayAyta Abellan(WMP) help; to help PPH *tambaR

tambaʔMaranao(WMP) exaggerate, superfluous PWMP *tambaq

tambeNggela(OC) to take hold, grasp, seize POC *tabe

tambedMaranao(WMP) to tie; wear malong (skirt-like garment with open ends) tied around chest PWMP *tambej

tambə́dCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) lizard fish, Saurida sp. PPH *tambéd

*tambəlaŋPMin(WMP) kind of bamboo PWMP *tambelaŋ

tambəlaŋTontemboan(WMP) kind of bamboo PWMP *tambelaŋ

tambel-inBalinese(WMP) be patched by someone PWMP *tambel

tambeŋBalinese(WMP) obstruct, block; be obstinate PWMP *ta(m)beŋ

tambeŋTiruray(WMP) stop a small flow of water by setting an impediment PWMP *ta(m)beŋ

tambeŋBalinese(WMP) to obstruct, block; be obstinate PWMP *tambeŋ

tambeŋJavanese(WMP) headstrong, obstinate, stubborn PWMP *tambeŋ

tambəŋOld Javanese(WMP) dam, dike, wall, partition PWMP *tambeŋ

tambeŋTiruray(WMP) stop a small flow of water by setting an impediment PWMP *tambeŋ

támbidHanunóo(WMP) hanging, as of a bamboo container from the rafters of a house PWMP *ta(m)bid

tambilukTausug(WMP) a sea worm that lives on trees, logs, and sides of wooden ships PWMP *tambiluk

tambiniKambera(CMP) afterbirth, placenta PMP *tabuni₁

tambitIban(WMP) fastening; latch, button PWMP *ta(m)bid

tamboAyta Abellan(WMP) bamboo shoot PPH *taŋ(e)buq₂

tambógTagalog(WMP) loud splash of something falling flat on water PPH *tambúg

tambógSambal (Botolan)(WMP) jump into water, wade through water or mud PPH *tambúg

tambókBikol(WMP) bulging (as muscles), full large (as breasts), prominent (parts of the body) PWMP *tambuk

tambókTagalog(WMP) bulge; protuberance; convexity; swelling; a swollen part PWMP *tambuk

tambolaŋTotoli(WMP) kind of long, not very strong bamboo PWMP *tambelaŋ

tambonMaranao(WMP) to cover (as with sand) PMP *tabun₂

tambóŋBikol(WMP) fish corral PWMP *tambeŋ

tambóʔBikol(WMP) coarse reed used for making brooms: PPH *taŋ(e)buq₁

tambóʔSambal (Botolan)(WMP) very tall flowering grass with wide blade (blooms in Oct. and Nov.) PPH *taŋ(e)buq₁

tambóʔTagalog(WMP) kind of tall grass with a hollow stalk that grows in wet places, and is used in making brooms PPH *taŋ(e)buq₁

tambuBare'e(WMP) a pointed bucket made of leaf sheaths of the sago palm, used to scoop up water for the washing out of sago flour PMP *tabuq

tambuNggela(OC) set apart; forbidden, taboo; dedicated; sacred, holy; a priest; abominable, hateful, immoral POC *tabu

*tambuPBun(WMP) to scoop, dip PMP *tabuq

tambuYamdena(CMP) restrain, prevent, forbid PCEMP *tambu

tambuaBare'e(WMP) kind of wasp PMP *tabuqan

tambúdCebuano(WMP) lizard fish, kind of fish around six inches long, living on sandy bottoms of shallow waters PPH *tambéd

tambudMansaka(WMP) to twine (as a vine around a tree) PWMP *tambej

tambúgCebuano(WMP) throw something heavy or bulky into something deep (as the sea); fall PPH *tambúg

tambukSa'dan Toraja(WMP) belly PWMP *tambuk

tambukTausug(WMP) corpulence, fatness, obesity, plumpness, chubbiness PWMP *tambuk

tambúlukCebuano(WMP) the hackles of roosters PWMP *tambuluk

*tambunPSan(WMP) heap; to cover with earth PMP *tabun₂

*tambunPSS(WMP) heap, pile PMP *tabun₂

tambunBalinese(WMP) to heap up, pack together (things and people) PMP *tabun₂

tambunMalay(WMP) heaping up, piling up PMP *tabun₂

tambunSasak(WMP) a heap, pile (of sand, stones, etc.); to heap up, pile up PMP *tabun₂

támbuŋHanunóo(WMP) dam, as in a stream PWMP *tambeŋ

tambuŋMakassarese(WMP) heap, pile PMP *tabun₂

tambuŋManggarai(CMP) to heap, fill up, as a grave with stones; to pile up PMP *tabun₂

támbuʔ ~ táŋbuʔCebuano(WMP) kind of coarse grass of swamps with a hollow stem, used for the manufacture of brooms and hats: Phragmites vulgaris PPH *taŋ(e)buq₁

tameSoutheast Ambrym(OC) father, FB, FFF, MZH (w.s.), BS, HZS PMP *t-amax

tamehBerawan (Long Terawan)(WMP) father PMP *t-amax

t-amenKenyah (Long Wat)(WMP) father (ref.) PMP *t-amax

tameŋMalay(WMP) shield, buckler (often referred to in Malayo-Javanese romance); the Javan shield is usually round, but the tameŋ is of the Indonesian long type PMP *tamiŋ

tamíʔAklanon(WMP) test food, taste (using one's finger) PMP *tamiq

tamiHoti(CMP) chew PMP *tamis

tamiHoti(CMP) chew PMP *tamiq

tamiMalagasy(WMP) penetrated, entered, appearing; to be at hand PMP *tama₂

tamiRennellese(OC) taste PMP *tamis

tamiRennellese(OC) taste PMP *tamiq

tamiHawu(CMP) shield PMP *tamiŋ

tamiMalagasy(WMP) penetrated, entered, appearing; to be at hand PMP *tamaq₂

tamiaŋuKambera(CMP) kind of thin bamboo: Schistostachyum blumei, used for spears, trail or pitfall spikes, and plaited to make walling PMP *tamiaŋ

tamilokAgutaynen(WMP) a type of large, edible worm; they burrow into driftwood or boat hulls to lay their eggs; the young worms, which are white and elongated and look similar to an umbilical cord, are considered a delicacy PWMP *tamiluk

tamílokAklanon(WMP) large edible worm found in trees PWMP *tamiluk

tamilok-onAgutaynen(WMP) for the hull of a boat to become full of holes made by these worms burrowing in to lay their eggs PWMP *tamiluk

tamílukCebuano(WMP) shipworms, edible marine mollusks that bore into wood; kind of edible insect grub, usually found in rotten logs; be infested with shipworms PWMP *tamiluk

tami-nBuruese(CMP) shield PMP *tamiŋ

tami-naMalagasy(WMP) to be attacked in front PMP *tama₂

tami-naMalagasy(WMP) to be attacked in front PMP *tamaq₂

tamiŋAgutaynen(WMP) shield used by soldiers for protection PMP *tamiŋ

tamíŋAklanon(WMP) shield PMP *tamiŋ

tamiŋCebuano(WMP) shield PMP *tamiŋ

tamíŋHiligaynon(WMP) armor, shield PMP *tamiŋ

tamiŋMaranao(WMP) shield PMP *tamiŋ

tamiŋSubanen/Subanun(WMP) round shield (Churchill 1913) PMP *tamiŋ

tamiŋManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) round shield PMP *tamiŋ

tamisBanggai(WMP) test, taste, sample PMP *tamis

tamísTagalog(WMP) sweetness; a sweet quality; pleasure, sweetness PMP *taq(e)mis

tamisTetun(CMP) taste, savor PMP *taq(e)mis

tamisTetun(CMP) to taste, to savor (by chewing) PMP *tamis

tami-tamiRennellese(OC) taste a little, as to try PMP *tamis

tami-tamiRennellese(OC) taste a little, as to try PMP *tamiq

tami tranoMalagasy(WMP) burglary (‘enter house’) PMP *tama₂

tami tranoMalagasy(WMP) burglary (‘enter house’) PMP *tamaq₂

tammiʔTae'(WMP) chew so as to enjoy the juice and reject the refuse, as when chewing sugarcane PMP *tamis

tammuMakassarese(WMP) all around, surrounded PMP *temu₁

tammuMakassarese(WMP) type of Curcuma (turmeric), the grated roots of which are pressed to yield a yellow dye used in weaving PWMP *temu₃

tammuTae'(WMP) to receive, meet, greet guests PWMP *temu₂

tamnaWetan(CMP) to bury PMP *tanem

tamn-ánTagalog(WMP) to plant in (emphasis on place); to have a place planted with PAN *tanem-an

tamoAgutaynen(WMP) here (close to the speaker) PMP *tani₂

tamoAndra(OC) father PMP *t-amax

támoTagalog(WMP) a plant: Curcuma zedoaria (Berg.) PWMP *tamu₂

tamohoŋAmis(Formosan) hat, cap PAN *tamuhuŋ

tampákKankanaey(WMP) slap in the face; box the ears PWMP *ta(m)pak

tampakMalay(WMP) to be visible PMP *tapak₂

tampakMaranao(WMP) dash or hit, as wave hits shore PWMP *ta(m)pak

tampakIban(WMP) visible, obvious; light, clear, shining PMP *tapak₂

tampakJavanese(WMP) open, unobscured PMP *tapak₂

tampak batisBalinese(WMP) sole of the foot PWMP *tapak₁

tampak-kanMalay(WMP) to see PMP *tapak₂

tampak limaBalinese(WMP) palm of the hand PWMP *tapak₁

tampalCebuano(WMP) overlay a patch on clothing at places of great wear to add strength PWMP *tapal

tampalIban(WMP) patch, cover; hence replant failed patches, e.g. in padi (rice in the field) PWMP *tapal

tampalMaloh(WMP) to stick, attach to PMP *tapel

tampalMalay(WMP) pasting up; patching, plastering PMP *tapel

tampalMalay(WMP) posting up; patching; plastering (of putting colored paper patterns on a kite, posting a notice on a wall, putting sticking plaster on a sore, etc. PWMP *tapal

tampálTagalog(WMP) to slap with the open hand (not so strong as sampál) PWMP *tampar₂

tampaŋTae'(WMP) to check, stop; dam up water PWMP *tampeŋ

tam-paŋiKadazan Dusun(WMP) ankle PWMP *paŋil

tamparMalay(WMP) slap; forcible blow with the flat of the hand; cuff PWMP *tampar₂

tamparNgaju Dayak(WMP) to hit with the fist PWMP *tampar₂

tamparToba Batak(WMP) a long rod with a wide end used to catch birds; also a flyswatter PWMP *tampar₂

tampasIban(WMP) to trim, shave or shape (with adze or axe) PWMP *ta(m)pas

tampasMalay(WMP) lopping off (a projecting point); smoothing; flattening with a knife or chopper (of whittling knobs off a stick; also of the practice of lopping off the end of a young coconut, of which the milk is to be drunk) PWMP *ta(m)pas

tampatChamorro(WMP) type of fish: Bothus mancus (Bothidae), flounder, flatfish PWMP *tampar₁

tampayIban(WMP) see from afar, catch sight of, make out at a distance (as in recognizing someone from a long way off) PWMP *tampay

tampayMaranao(WMP) to see (literary) PWMP *tampay

tam-páyoŋIsneg(WMP) the external surface of the conical body of the glans penis PWMP *payuŋ

tampaʔTae'(WMP) a blow; give a punch in the mouth PWMP *tampar₂

tampekBalinese(WMP) strike with the hand PMP *tampek

tampelBalinese(WMP) to cover up, plaster (a wound), patch (a hole), plaster something and make it watertight; plaster, a covering PMP *tapel

tampelManggarai(CMP) to stick on (as a paper on the wall) PMP *tapel

tampeŋSasak(WMP) dam up PWMP *tampeŋ

tampiMalay(WMP) to winnow PMP *tahep-i₁

tampiMalay(WMP) jerky up-and-down motion; winnowing by vertical jerks PMP *tapi

*ta(m)piPSS(WMP) to winnow PMP *tapi

tampiʔSasak(WMP) to winnow PMP *tahep-i₁

tampi-anMalay(WMP) winnowing pan PMP *tapi

t-ampiasMalay (Jakarta)(WMP) raindrops that spatter or splash in PWMP *ampias

tampíkKankanaey(WMP) to slap lightly in the face; to pat one on the cheek PMP *tapik

tampikIban(WMP) throw something soft and wet at PMP *tapik

tampilIban(WMP) join, attach, tie on PWMP *tampil

tampilMaranao(WMP) included with, identified with, favor one side PWMP *tampil

tampinaMalagasy(WMP) stopped, corked, plugged PWMP *tampeŋ

tampípiʔBikol(WMP) a travelling bag made of woven reeds PPH *tampipiq

tampípiBontok(WMP) kind of basket with fitting cover, for general storage (< Ilokano) PPH *tampipiq

tampipiIbaloy(WMP) lightweight box for keeping one’s clothes, blankets, that can be used as a travelling bag PPH *tampipiq

tampípiIlokano(WMP) kind of rectangular light bamboo trunk with flat sides, used for traveling PPH *tampipiq

tampípiʔTagalog(WMP) a native clothes trunk or chest made of bamboo, rattan or a certain kind of palm leaves PPH *tampipiq

tampípiʔTausug(WMP) a (double telescoping) basket made of coconut leaves PPH *tampipiq

tampipíʔ-onBikol(WMP) to place something into or carry in a tampípiʔ PPH *tampipiq

tampirIban (Lemanak)(WMP) join, attach, tie on PWMP *tampir

tampirMaranao(WMP) include, side with one party in controversy PWMP *tampir

támpiʔCebuano(WMP) tuck a piece of cloth under another to hold it in place, e.g. a shirt that sticks out, or something wrapped around the waist PWMP *tapiq₂

tampiʔMaranao(WMP) malong (skirt-like garment with open ends) worn by men knotted at the waist PWMP *tapiq₂

támpoCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to sulk, to have a sulky feeling, to complain of lack of attention from one expected to do better PPH *tampuq

tampoMuna(WMP) to dress a wound, cover with leaves, etc. PMP *tapel

tampoWolio(WMP) whole, intact, repaired, patched PMP *tapel

támpoeAklanon(WMP) medicinal leaf used as plaster PMP *tapel

tampókKankanaey(WMP) clap one's hands, applaud PMP *tampuk₁

tampokOld Javanese(WMP) coming down with a thud PMP *tampuk₁

tampókTagalog(WMP) stem of fruits, stalk of flowers PWMP *tampuk₃

tampokIban(WMP) fruit stalk (picked) PWMP *tampuk₃

tampokMalay(WMP) corolla; point where fruit and stalk meet PWMP *tampuk₃

tampókTagalog(WMP) elevated or exalted place or position; exaltation; elevation PWMP *tampuk₂

tampol-iWolio(WMP) to mend (clothes), patch, repair PMP *tapel

tampoŋMaranao(WMP) gather PWMP *tampuŋ

tampoŋMalay (Java)(WMP) tap and collect latex in a cup PWMP *tampuŋ

tampo-tampoWolio(WMP) to repair, fix (something broken off), keep in good state of repair, be careful with (one’s clothes) PMP *tapel

tampukCebuano(WMP) beat something with the inside of the fist (as if sticking a dagger into it) PMP *tampuk₁

tampukBalinese(WMP) the calyx of a fruit PWMP *tampuk₃

tampúlHanunóo(WMP) plaster, poultice PMP *tapel

tampuŋBahasa Indonesia(WMP) receive and collect together (produce from an area, excess produce, etc.) PWMP *tampuŋ

tampuŋSangir(WMP) gather, collect, assemble PAN *tapun

tam-putikNgaju Dayak(WMP) to pluck off (small twigs, grass, etc.) PWMP *putik₂

tampuʔBuginese(WMP) pregnant PWMP *tambuk

tamtamChamorro(WMP) test, try out, sip, taste PAN *tamtam

tamtamIbaloy(WMP) to taste something PAN *tamtam

tamtamPuyuma(Formosan) to taste with the lips PAN *tamtam

tamuBalinese(WMP) turmeric; dye PWMP *tamu₂

tamuKapampangan(WMP) a plant: Curcuma zedoaria (Berg.) PWMP *tamu₂

tamuRotinese(CMP) make a smacking sound while eating, as a pig does PCEMP *tamu₁

tamuKapampangan(WMP) Curcuma zedoaria\ (Berg.) PWMP *temu₃

tamuUruava(OC) to eat PCEMP *tamu₁

tamuhunThao(Formosan) round sun hat, shaped like a shallow cone, used when working in the fields PAN *tamuhuŋ

tamuhuŋBunun(Formosan) a hat PAN *tamuhuŋ

tamu-tamuMalagasy(WMP) the turmeric plant (iintroduced); the root is pounded and used as a poultice for abscesses by the Betsileo, and along with some other things for hydrophobia; the leaves are used in the form of vapor baths for malarial fever; it also affords a yellow dye PWMP *tamu₂

tamu-tamuMotu(OC) smack the lips while eating PCEMP *tamu₁

tamwataManam(OC) person, human being PMP *tau-mata

tamyaŋOld Javanese(WMP) kind of bamboo PMP *tamiaŋ

tamʔisCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) sweet (of taste) PMP *taq(e)mis

tamʔisRemontado(WMP) sweet PMP *taq(e)mis

tanAmblong(OC) to cry PMP *taŋis

tanApma(OC) earth POC *tanoq

-tanBiliau(OC) to plant POC *tanom

tanGedaged(OC) soil, ground; land; garden, field; earth; world POC *tanoq

tanKola(CMP) to cry PMP *taŋis

tanLoniu(OC) earth, ground, soil; down POC *tanoq

tanMerig(OC) earth POC *tanoq

tanMosina(OC) earth POC *tanoq

tanNorth Ambrym(OC) earth POC *tanoq

tanNauna(OC) down POC *tanoq

tanSoutheast Ambrym(OC) ground, soil; direction downward PMP *taneq

tanTakia(OC) earth, soil POC *tanoq

tanaArop(OC) earth POC *tanoq

tanaAs(SHWNG) ear PMP *taliŋa

tanaBare'e(WMP) ground, earth, soil, land PMP *taneq

tanaʔKelabit(WMP) earth, soil; world PMP *taneq

tanaBuruese(CMP) land PMP *taneq

tanaʔIda'an Begak(WMP) low PMP *taneq

tanaItbayaten(WMP) soil, earth, ground PMP *taneq

tanaʔKadazan Dusun(WMP) soil, land, earth, ground PMP *taneq

tanaKambera(CMP) land, district, territory PMP *taneq

tanaKayan(WMP) earth, soil, ground; floor PMP *taneq

tanaʔKenyah(WMP) land PMP *taneq

tanaKeo(CMP) earth PMP *taneq

tanaKwamera(OC) earth POC *tanoq

tanaLamaholot(CMP) earth, land, district, territory PMP *taneq

tanaʔKenyah (Long Anap)(WMP) earth, soil, land PMP *taneq

tanaʔLun Dayeh(WMP) earth, soil; ground; land; the world PMP *taneq

tanaʔMakassarese(WMP) coconut milk from which oil is boiled out; smelting of tin or lead PMP *tanek

tanaMakassarese(WMP) land, wet ricefield PMP *taneq

tanaʔMandar(WMP) boil, cook PMP *tanek

tanaʔMaranao(WMP) alight, as thing in air; go down, as from a steep thing; relevance PMP *taneq

tanaManggarai(CMP) land, soil, earth, territory PMP *taneq

tanaʔMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) earth, soil PMP *taneq

tanaʔNarum(WMP) earth, soil PMP *taneq

tanaNgadha(CMP) earth, soil, land; district, tract of ground PMP *taneq

tanaNgaju Dayak(WMP) rice field PMP *taneq

tanaPalu'e(CMP) ask PMP *utaña

tanaPazeh(Formosan) a plant: Aralia decaisneana (Hance) PAN *tanaq

tanaRembong(CMP) ask, inquire; request PMP *utaña

tanaʔRembong(CMP) earth, soil PMP *taneq

tanaRiung(CMP) earth PMP *taneq

tanaRukai (Budai)(Formosan) a plant: Aralia decaisneana (Hance) PAN *tanaq

tanaʔSasak(WMP) earth, soil, ground; land PMP *taneq

tanaSika(CMP) land, earth, ground PMP *taneq

tanaTae'(WMP) ground, earth, land; world PMP *taneq

tanaThao(Formosan) open PAN *taŋa₂

tanaʔTombonuwo(WMP) earth, soil, dirt PMP *taneq

tanaKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) earth, soil PMP *taneq

tanaʔManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) ground; earth; land; dirt; region; to come to earth PMP *taneq

tanaWolio(WMP) earth, ground, land, territory, country PMP *taneq

tanaYami(WMP) mud, earth, soil, land (as opposed to sea) PMP *taneq

tanaʔMapun(WMP) ground, dirt; land; soil, country PMP *taneq

tanaʔUma(WMP) earth, soil PMP *taneq

tanaʔYakan(WMP) dry rice field, swidden PMP *taneq

tanaaʔKiput(WMP) earth PMP *taneq

tanaaʔTunjung(WMP) earth PMP *taneq

tanaa-tTetun(CMP) to look up at anything on a higher elevation; to look closely at someone expecting to be given something PCMP *tanaRa

tana BuruBuruese(CMP) the land of Buru PMP *taneq

tana buyaBare'e(WMP) neutral territory PMP *budaq₃

tana dítaKambera(CMP) uplands, east Sumba; the visible world PMP *taneq

tanaʔeKanakanabu(Formosan) a plant: Aralia decaisneana (Hance) PAN *tanaq

tanaʔeSaaroa(Formosan) a plant: Aralia decaisneana (Hance) PAN *tanaq

tana ekaAdonara(CMP) earth, soil PMP *taneq

tana-enItbayaten(WMP) land, territory PMP *taneq

tanahBalinese(WMP) ground, land, earth, soil (mainly as agricultural object, but also as building material, and as a political unit) PMP *taneq

tanahIban(WMP) earth, soil, land, ground, country PMP *taneq

tanahJavanese(WMP) land, country; parcel of land PMP *taneq

tanahMalay(WMP) land; state, country; surface of soil, especially with regard to ownership; surface of soil with regard to its character; soil itself and its character PMP *taneq

tanahOld Javanese(WMP) land, country PMP *taneq

tanah baruIban(WMP) (‘new land’) land that is recently first cleared and still fertile PMP *taneq

tanah hampohBalinese(WMP) a sort of clay eaten by pregnant women PMP *taneq

tanah hasɨmSundanese(WMP) hard, stony ground PWMP *qalesem

tanah jəramiʔIban(WMP) ‘stubble’, land harvested of paddy with crops other than grain still to be gathered; land in the first year of fallow PMP *zaRami

tanah liatMalay(WMP) clay (‘sticky earth’) PMP *taneq

tanah na(m)palMalay(WMP) marl, edible earth PMP *taneq

tanah putihBalinese(WMP) chalk (‘white earth’) PMP *taneq

tanah rayaMalay(WMP) (‘great land’) continent PMP *taneq

tanah sa-kəpalMalay(WMP) clod of earth such as a mourner throws into a grave POC *ke(m)pal

tanah se-bukuMalay(WMP) lump of earth PWMP *sa-ŋa-buku

tanah tumbohIban(WMP) termite mound (lit. ‘growing earth’) PMP *taneq tumbuq

tana HumbaKambera(CMP) the island of Sumba PMP *taneq

tanahuruMarau₂(OC) ten PMP *sa-ŋa-puluq

tanah yaŋ masinMalay(WMP) "sour" soil; land that will not bear PMP *ma-qasin

tanaiKambera(CMP) intestines PMP *t<in>aqi

tanaiLamboya(CMP) guts PMP *t<in>aqi

tana ihi-ŋSika(CMP) products of the land, harvest PMP *taneq

tana ikandeWolio(WMP) edible earth PMP *taneq

tana isoKayeli(CMP) earthquake (‘shaking ground’) PMP *taneq

tanakIban(WMP) to cook (usually not rice) PMP *tanek

tanakMalay(WMP) boiling (rice) PMP *tanek

tanakMinokok(WMP) child PMP *anak

tanakSalako(WMP) to cook PMP *tanek

tanalaAsilulu(CMP) to gaze in amazement; to stare for a long time PCMP *tanaRa

tana liliŋManggarai(CMP) clay (‘waxy earth’) PMP *taneq

tanamAmis(Formosan) to try to do something; to taste PAN *tañam

tanamAyta Abellan(WMP) feeling (psychological); to feel something emotionally PAN *tañam

tanamBunun(Formosan) to try, taste PAN *tañam

tanámItawis(WMP) grave PMP *tanem

tanamMalay(WMP) planting, burying in soil PMP *tanem

tanamMaranao(WMP) pleasant, comfortable PAN *tañam

tanamWandamen(SHWNG) to plant PMP *tanem

tana ma-buyaBare'e(WMP) neutral territory PMP *bulan₂

tanam-anKadazan Dusun(WMP) to plant PAN *tanem-an

tanam-anMalay(WMP) a thing planted PAN *CaNem-en

tana ma-puyuBare'e(WMP) clay (‘sticky earth’) PMP *taneq

tanaʔ ma-tuʔaTontemboan(WMP) land that has returned to bush (‘old land’) PMP *taneq

tana mehiKambera(CMP) saly-laden earth (usually by river mouths) PCEMP *maqasin

tana MoriBare'e(WMP) the land of the Mori PMP *taneq

tananAgutaynen(WMP) all; every; the total amount or number of something PPH *tanan

tanánCebuano(WMP) all, everyone; in all PPH *tanan

tananKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) all PPH *tanan

tananMamanwa(WMP) all PPH *tanan

tananMaranao(WMP) all, everything, entire, every, whole PPH *tanan

tananTae'(WMP) to plant; also to put, place, erect PMP *tanem

tanánTagalog(WMP) all; everybody; everyone PPH *tanan

tanánHanunóo(WMP) all PPH *tanan

tan-an (< *taqan-an)Sa'dan Toraja(WMP) to hold out, endure, defend one’s place PWMP *taqan₂

tana-na'Āre'āre(OC) thigh, groin POC *saŋa₁

tánanaMalagasy(WMP) hand, foreleg of quadrupeds PMP *taŋan

tanán-anPalawan Batak(WMP) all PPH *tanan

tanan-anTae'(WMP) what is planted PMP *tanem

tananaʔPapapana(OC) path, road POC *jalan

tanan-niTae'(WMP) to plant with PMP *tanem

tanan-niTae'(WMP) to plant (with) PMP *tanem-i

t<an>anoŋSoboyo(CMP) what is planted, crop PMP *tanem

tanan-tanánHanunóo(WMP) all (emphatic) PPH *tanan

tan-aŋ (< *taqan-an)Makassarese(WMP) to maintain balance, not waver PWMP *taqan₂

tanaŋáwAklanon(WMP) rice bug (damages rice by sucking the unripe grains) PWMP *tanaŋaw

tanaŋawBinukid(WMP) kind of insect that has an unpleasant odor, stinking PWMP *tanaŋaw

tanaŋawMansaka(WMP) kind of insect that eats rice plants PWMP *tanaŋaw

tanaŋawMaranao(WMP) rice fly, stinkbug: Leptacorisa acuta PWMP *tanaŋaw

*tanaŋawPSan(WMP) insect which damages rice PWMP *tanaŋaw

tanaŋoSangir(WMP) a small, malodorous grasshopper that damages the young rice plants: Stenocoris varicordia PWMP *tanaŋaw

tanaʔ pulutKelabit(WMP) clay (‘sticky earth’) PMP *taneq pulut

ta-na-rau'Āre'āre(OC) hundred PMP *sa-ŋa-Ratus

tana-tKei(CMP) district, land, ground, earth, black earth PMP *taneq

tána-tánaMalagasy(WMP) width of space PMP *taŋa

tana ToraaTae'(WMP) Toraja country PMP *taneq

tana-tuqashThao(Formosan) elders, ancestor, forefathers PAN *tuqaS

tana vadaNgadha(CMP) cement PMP *badas

tanawMansaka(WMP) to observe, to see PPH *taq(e)náw

tana wàKambera(CMP) lowlands, west Sumba; the unseen world PMP *taneq

tanaʔ waleTontemboan(WMP) the space under the house PMP *taneq

t-anayKadazan Dusun(WMP) white ant PAN *aNay

tanayanSaisiyat(Formosan) kind of bamboo PAN *tanayan

tanaʔBelait(WMP) earth PMP *taneq

tanaʔBisaya (Lotud)(WMP) earth PMP *taneq

tanaʔBisaya (Lotud)(WMP) earth PMP *taneq

tanaʔBukat(WMP) earth, soil PMP *taneq

tanaʔMelanau Dalat (Kampung Teh)(WMP) earth, land, soil PMP *taneq

tan bulKei(CMP) red sticky earth PMP *taneq

tanɔhAcehnese(WMP) ground, land, earth PMP *taneq

tanɔh kliətAcehnese(WMP) (‘sticky earth’) clay, potter’s clay PMP *taneq

t<an>choʔChamorro(WMP) select, nominate, point, elect PMP *t<an>uzuq

tandaAyta Abellan(WMP) to know PPH *tandaq

tándaIlokano(WMP) memory PPH *tandaq

tandaCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) sign, signal, mark (as a sign left on a trail, such as a bent twig) PPH *tandaq

tandaCentral Tagbanwa(WMP) fact PPH *tandaq

tandaNggela(OC) up, upwards; face up POC *tadal

tandaNggela(OC) up, upwards POC *tadra

tandakMansaka(WMP) to kick, stamp the feet PWMP *tandak

tanḍakOld Javanese(WMP) dance (with song) PWMP *tandak

tandakMansaka(WMP) to kick; to stamp the feet PWMP *tanzak

tandal-agiNggela(OC) to put face up POC *tadra

tandal-agiNggela(OC) to put face up POC *tadal

tanda-tandaNggela(OC) face up; to look up POC *tadal

tanda-tandaNggela(OC) face up; to look up POC *tadra

tándaʔAklanon(WMP) to mark; remember, commemorate PPH *tandaq

tandáʔHanunóo(WMP) remembering, memorizing (something) PPH *tandaq

tandig-anAgutaynen(WMP) back of a chair PMP *sandiR

tandinIban(WMP) matching, equal, uniform; balancing match in which contestants each hold a foot with the hand and barge with the knee so bent PWMP *tandiŋ

ta-ndíndonaMalagasy(WMP) a shadow PAN *liduŋ

tanḍiŋBalinese(WMP) set opposite to each other; compare; cause to correspond; adversary; match PWMP *tandiŋ

tandiŋBinukid(WMP) to line up (something to compare with something else); to compare (something with something else) PWMP *tandiŋ

tanḍiŋJavanese(WMP) matched (against); equally matched PWMP *tandiŋ

tandiŋMalay(WMP) division into equal parts; proportion; share (the word implies comparison) PWMP *tandiŋ

tandiŋMansaka(WMP) to exhibit; to display; to show; to sit or stand beside PWMP *tandiŋ

tandiŋManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to compare two things to see which is better PWMP *tandiŋ

tanḍiŋOld Javanese(WMP) equal, match, peer; matched (compared) with PWMP *tandiŋ

tándís-anTagalog(WMP) certain, sure, definite PWMP *tandes

tandok-tandokMalay(WMP) plants with curiously shaped flowers; Strophanthus dichotomus, Ervatamia spp. PWMP *tanduk tanduk

tándrinaMalagasy(WMP) remembered PWMP *ta(n)dem

taneKamarian(CMP) to plant PMP *tanem

tanəʔBisaya (Limbang)(WMP) earth, soil PMP *taneq

taneʔMa'anyan(WMP) earth PMP *taneq

taneRotinese(CMP) to plant PMP *tanem

taneRotinese(CMP) mud PMP *taneq

taneʔSamihim(WMP) earth PMP *taneq

tanəʔBintulu(WMP) earth, soil PMP *taneq

tane-hBuruese(CMP) to plant (object is either thing or area planted) PMP *tanem

tanehKaro Batak(WMP) earth, ground, territory, district PMP *taneq

taneh-inaMalagasy(WMP) to be boiled, to be cooked PMP *tanek-en

tanekAgutaynen(WMP) ground, land; earth, soil, dirt; land owned by somebody PMP *taneq

tanekKelabit(WMP) boiling of water, cooking vegetables, cook meat PMP *tanek

tanekBinukid(WMP) to steam (immature unpounded rice to harden the grains so it can be dried and pounded) PMP *tanek

tanekKayan(WMP) cooked in water, boiled (as maize) PMP *tanek

tanekLun Dayeh(WMP) boiling of something PMP *tanek

tanekManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to steam immature unpounded rice in order to harden the grains so that it may be pounded and cooked PMP *tanek

tane-kBuruese(CMP) to implant (object is thing planted) PMP *tanem

tanemBalinese(WMP) bury in the ground (seeds, plants, a corpse); grave PMP *tanem

tanemKelabit(WMP) grave; sunken, as a stick pounded into the ground PMP *tanem

tanəmBontok(WMP) a cutting, as of sugarcane PMP *tanem

tanémIlokano(WMP) tomb, grave PMP *tanem

tanemJavanese(WMP) to plant PMP *tanem

tanemKaro Batak(WMP) to bury PMP *tanem

tanemKavalan(Formosan) grave PAN *CaNem

tanəmKayan(WMP) buried; a grave; covered with earth; to plant PMP *tanem

tanemLun Dayeh(WMP) a grave, a tomb PMP *tanem

tanəmMurik(WMP) grave PMP *tanem

tanemOld Javanese(WMP) being planted in something, having gone in and stuck fast PMP *tanem

tanémPangasinan(WMP) to plant, sow PMP *tanem

tanəmSimalur(WMP) to plant, to bury PMP *tanem

tanemTontemboan(WMP) to plant PMP *tanem

tanəmKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) bury PMP *tanem

tanem-anOld Javanese(WMP) that which has been planted, plants, crops PAN *tanem-an

tanəm-ənSimalur(WMP) what is planted = seedling PMP *tanem

tanəm-ənSimalur(WMP) what is planted, seedling PAN *CaNem-en

tanəm-tanəmSimalur(WMP) plants, growing things PMP *tanem

tanem-tanem-anOld Javanese(WMP) that which has been planted, plants, crops PMP *tanem

taneŋBuginese(WMP) plant PMP *tanem

taneŋKédang(CMP) to bury, cover with earth PMP *tanem

taneŋ-eŋBuginese(WMP) plantation PMP *tanem

ta-neŋneŋ-anAmis(Formosan) something to look at and get an idea from PAN *NeŋNeŋ

taneʔDusun Witu(WMP) earth PMP *taneq

taneʔPaku(WMP) earth, soil PMP *taneq

tangkal bunutSundanese(WMP) name of a tree, the leaves of which are eaten as a side dish with rice PWMP *bunut₂

tanhiCheke Holo(OC) to cry, shed tears, whine PMP *taŋis

taniAsilulu(CMP) to cry PMP *taŋis

taniAtoni(CMP) rope PMP *talih

taniBare'e(WMP) independent, not connected with others PWMP *taniq

taniFijian (Boumaa)(OC) away (directional) POC *tani₁

taniFijian(OC) away, elsewhere POC *tani₁

taniFortsenal(OC) to cry PMP *taŋis

taniKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) here (closer than taa ‘here’) PMP *tani₂

taniKavalan(Formosan) a plant: Aralia decaisneana (Hance) PAN *tanaq

taniLamaholot(CMP) to weep, cry; to complain PMP *taŋis

taniMalagasy(WMP) crying, tears, lamentation PMP *taŋis

taniMalagasy(WMP) earth, land, soil; a country, a kingdom PMP *taneq

taniMotu(OC) away from (prepositional verb) POC *tani₁

*taniPSan(WMP) to isolate oneself, be alone PWMP *taniq

taniRotinese(CMP) to cry, whine PMP *taŋis

taniRoviana(OC) here PMP *tani₂

taniSuau(OC) to cry PMP *taŋis

taniTolai(OC) here, just here PMP *tani₂

taniUjir(CMP) to cry PMP *taŋis

taniUruava(OC) to weep, cry PMP *taŋis

taniVaturanga(OC) motion away from POC *tani₁

tanì-anaMalagasy(WMP) to be cried for PMP *taŋis-an

tani-beMalagasy(WMP) (‘big land’) the mainland of Madagascar, a word used to distinguish the mainland from the surrounding islands PMP *taneq

*tañifaPMic(OC) a small fish POC *tañipa

taniga-nSekar(CMP) ear PMP *taliŋa

tanihPunan Tuvu'(WMP) here PMP *tani₂

tanihSeimat(OC) largest kind of unicorn fish POC *tañipa

tanɨhSundanese(WMP) earth, ground; dust PMP *taneq

tanɨkKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) earth (ground) PMP *taneq

tā ni laŋiWayan(OC) light scudding clouds POC *taqe₂

tanímTagalog(WMP) plant PMP *tanem

taním-anTagalog(WMP) place for planting, plantation PAN *tanem-an

taninaNuaulu(CMP) ear PMP *taliŋa

tani na poni'Āre'āre(OC) day and night POC *boŋi

taniŋuKambera(CMP) to bury PMP *tanem

tani pak-anituAsilulu(CMP) to wail and keen (on the death of a loved one) PMP *taŋis

tanisAs(SHWNG) cry PMP *taŋis

tanisTetun(CMP) to cry, to weep tears PMP *taŋis

tanisTetun (Dili)(CMP) to cry PMP *taŋis

tanisiPiva(OC) to cry PMP *taŋis

tā ni siŋaWayan(OC) brown growth, probably algae, appearing on surfaces of ponds or lakes in very dry weather (lit. ‘shit of the sun’) POC *taqe₂

taníucuKanakanabu(Formosan) mulberry tree and fruit PAN *taNiud

tanjakBahasa Indonesia(WMP) stretching upward (of headcloth, sail, etc.), tilting up the tip; to climb; become higher PWMP *tazek

tanjakIban(WMP) go against current or wind PWMP *tazek

tanjakJavanese(WMP) a certain leaping move in the classical dance PWMP *tanzak

tanjekSasak(WMP) to erect, place upright in the ground PWMP *ta(n)zeg

tanm-anKavalan(Formosan) buried PAN *tanem-an

tan (m)a-pilihOld Javanese(WMP) having no preferences, not discriminating, indiscriminately, at random PMP *ma-piliq

tannúgIsneg(WMP) sound (of musical instruments) PPH *tanúR

tannunTae'(WMP) to weave; threads for weaving PAN *tenun

tannun-anTae'(WMP) weave for someone PAN *tenun

tannuŋMakassarese(WMP) loom; threads for weaving PAN *tenun

tannuŋ-aŋMakassarese(WMP) what one has set up to weave with; kind of indicator for counting the quantity of threads PAN *tenun-an

tanoBanggai(WMP) earth, ground; world PMP *taneq

tanoBugotu(OC) earth, ground POC *tanoq

tanoDampelas(WMP) earth, soil PMP *taneq

tanoGilbertese(OC) sand, soil, clay, ground, land POC *tanoq

tanoGitua(OC) ground, earth POC *tanoq

tanoKove(OC) earth, ground POC *tanoq

tanoLusi(OC) earth, ground POC *tanoq

tanoManam(OC) to plant POC *tanom

tanoMota(OC) earth, ground POC *tanoq

tanoMotu(OC) earth; soil; country; land POC *tanoq

tanoNortheast Ambae(OC) earth POC *tanoq

*tanoPEGor(WMP) to see from a high place PPH *taq(e)náw

tanoPendau(WMP) earth, soil PMP *taneq

tanoPeterara(OC) earth POC *tanoq

tanoSaliba(OC) earth, soil POC *tanoq

tanoSuau(OC) earth, soil POC *tanoq

tanoTawala(OC) garden; clearing around house POC *tanom

tanoToba Batak(WMP) earth, ground, land PMP *taneq

tanoTolomako(OC) earth POC *tanoq

tanoTongan(OC) place of burial, cemetery (obsolescent) POC *tanom

tanoTubetube(OC) garden POC *tanom

tanoʔChamorro(WMP) world, earth, land, soil, ground PMP *taneq

tanõNias(WMP) earth, soil, land PMP *taneq

tano-aGilbertese(OC) to cover with sand, to dirty with clay POC *tanoq

tano aiMotu(OC) ashore; on land POC *tanoq

tano badaMotu(OC) the earth; the land, as distinguished from sky and sea (‘big land’) POC *tanoq

tano-cokorAmis(Formosan) to take along nothing but a cane; for an old person to have only a cane on which to lean PAN *sukud

tanodAgutaynen(WMP) local security guards or watchmen (they help the police keep peace and order by patroling the barangay at night and investigating disturbances) PPH *tánud

tánodSambal (Botolan)(WMP) to guard (crops), to watch for birds or wild pigs PPH *tánud

tanódCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to thread a needle PPH *tanúd

tánodIlokano(WMP) guard PPH *tánud

tánodTagalog(WMP) guard, sentinel PPH *tánud

tanógBikol(WMP) a sound, noise PWMP *teneR

tanógBikol(WMP) a sound, noise PPH *tanúR

tanogMansaka(WMP) sound (as of a bus or a machine); to make a sound (as a machine) PPH *tanúR

tanogMaranao(WMP) audibility, loudness PPH *tanúR

tanog-ánBikol(WMP) to emanate from (of a sound) PPH *tanúR

tanohGayō(WMP) earth, soil PMP *taneq

tanohLampung(WMP) land PMP *taneq

tanoh ke-buaŋ-enDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) place of banishment PMP *buqaŋ

tano hudonToba Batak(WMP) clay (lit. ‘potting earth’) PAN *kuden

tanokPunan Tuvu'(WMP) cooked PMP *tanek

tanókIfugaw(WMP) to boil something a long time because what must be boiled is too hard and thick (e.g. the hide of a water buffalo, a cow); it is also applied to an overcooking of vegetables by lack of attention so that they happen to be half-spoiled PMP *tanek

tanok-ónBikol(WMP) to parboil rice PMP *tanek-en

tanólPangasinan(WMP) loud sound, explosion; to set off an explosion, make an exploding sound PPH *tanúR

t<an>oldoʔ ~ t<un>ulduʔPalawan Batak(WMP) finger PPh *tulduq

tano liatToba Batak(WMP) clay (‘sticky earth’) PMP *taneq

tánomAklanon(WMP) rice seedling, rice shoot PMP *tanem

tanómAklanon(WMP) to plant PMP *tanem

tanómIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) seed rice, selected during main-crop rice harvest for planting main-crop rice PMP *tanem

tanómBikol(WMP) plant, bush, shrub PMP *tanem

tanomChamorro(WMP) to plant seeds or seedlings PMP *tanem

tanomIda'an Begak(WMP) bury PMP *tanem

tanómIfugaw(WMP) act of planting what must grow; transplanting (e.g. rice seedlings); tanóm is not applied to putting seeds in the earth, only to rice, trees, bushes PMP *tanem

tanomKadazan Dusun(WMP) plant, crop PMP *tanem

tanomKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) land, soil PMP *tanem

tanomLampung(WMP) to plant something PMP *tanem

tanomMapun(WMP) to plant something PMP *tanem

tanómMasbatenyo(WMP) a plant PMP *tanem

tánomMasbatenyo(WMP) rice seedling PMP *tanem

tanomTotoli(WMP) to plant PMP *tanem

tanomUmiray Dumaget(WMP) to plant PMP *tanem

tanómWaray-Waray(WMP) to plant something; raise crops PMP *tanem

tanom-ánBikol(WMP) arable, suitable for planting or farming PAN *tanem-an

tanom-anMapun(WMP) to plant something PAN *tanem-an

tanom-anMasbatenyo(WMP) to plant in a place PAN *tanem-an

tanom-anToba Batak(WMP) grave PMP *tanem

tanom-anToba Batak(WMP) grave PAN *tanem-an

tano-miManam(OC) to plant something POC *tanom

tanom-íWaray-Waray(WMP) to plant on something PMP *tanem-i

tanõmõNias(WMP) seed, seedling PAN *CaNem-en

tanom-onWaray-Waray(WMP) plants to be planted; something to be planted PAN *CaNem-en

tanom-unMapun(WMP) to plant something PAN *CaNem-en

tano na batu-onToba Batak(WMP) stony land PWMP *batu-en

t<an>ondoBare'e(WMP) remembrance, melancholy recollection PWMP *tendem

tanoŋBalaesang(WMP) to bury PMP *tanem

tanoŋDampelas(WMP) to bury PMP *tanem

tanoŋSoboyo(CMP) to plant, plant in PMP *tanem

tano pul ~ tano pulutMota(OC) tenacious earth, red, black, volcanic earth which sticks, used in building wona (stone feasting platform) at Gaua POC *tanoq pulut

ta-noraMalagasy(WMP) young, juvenile PMP *ŋuda

t<an>oroYami(WMP) finger PMP *tuzuq₂

tánosIlokano(WMP) main branch of a tree PPH *tánus

tano sisiŋiaGitua(OC) red earth (= clay) POC *tanoq

ta-nosyMalagasy(WMP) islander; name of a tribe on the southeast coast PMP *nusa₁

tano-tanoGilbertese(OC) full of sand (food) POC *tanoq tanoq

tano-tanoManam(OC) to plant POC *tanom

tano tubuMotu(OC) ant-hill (lit. ‘growing earth’) POC *tanoq tubuq

tan pa-hatiOld Javanese(WMP) lose one's spirit (heart); be distracted, disconsolate PMP *qatay

tan pa-kəkəp-anOld Javanese(WMP) without the possibility of locking somebody in one’s arms, without a close companion PMP *kepkep

tan pa-siŋkab-anOld Javanese(WMP) without an opening, completely closed (of darkness) PMP *siŋkab

tan simpaŋBalinese(WMP) do as is fitting, not deviate, be right PMP *simpaŋ

tantaduPendau(WMP) caterpillar (moth) PWMP *tatadu

tan-taʔiBare'e(WMP) buttocks, bottom, base of something PMP *taqi

tan-taʔiTontemboan(WMP) beetle that rummages in horse and pig feces PMP *taqi

tantamMaranao(WMP) taste PAN *tamtam

tantánCebuano(WMP) pay off a debt partially PPH *tantán

tantánIfugaw(WMP) progress of a certain work which cannot be finished in one day, or even in a few days PPH *tantán

tantanMansaka(WMP) to give up, to quit trying PPH *tantán

tantanManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to be immobilized by fear or surprise PPH *tantán

tantánPangasinan(WMP) calm, become calm, slow down PPH *tantán

tan-tandókIlokano(WMP) Gynandropsis pentaphylla (L.) DC.. An erect capparidaceous herb with digitate, long-petioled leaves ... and white flowers tinged with purple; it is considered a caustic PWMP *tanduk tanduk

tantan-lawPenchal(OC) spider PMP *lawaq₂

tan-tarapMaloh(WMP) to belch PMP *teRab

(tan)tunu-nFordata(CMP) roasted in the fire PMP *tunu

tanuAnuta(OC) to bury POC *tanum₂

tanuFutunan(OC) bury; be buried POC *tanum₂

tanuMaori(OC) to bury, plant, smother with, lie buried POC *tanum₂

tanuMuna(WMP) to bury PMP *tanem

tanuNiue(OC) to cover up, to bury; to surface (as a road) POC *tanum₂

tanuRarotongan(OC) the act or art of cultivating; to plant, to put into the ground for growth, to bury underground; to set shoots in the ground; to cultivate POC *tanum₂

tanuRennellese(OC) to plant, as coconuts, yams, taro, bananas, corn; to bury; to insert, as lime in grooves in an arrow; to sink, as feet in a swamp POC *tanum₂

tanuSamoan(OC) cover over, build up (with soil, stones, etc.); to bury (human being or animal) POC *tanum₂

tanuTongan(OC) to bury, inter; to cover with earth or fill in a hole with earth; to metal (a road) POC *tanum₂

tanuTuvaluan(OC) to bury POC *tanum₂

tanuWolio(WMP) to weave PAN *tenun

tanu-aTongan(OC) to bury, inter POC *tanum₂

tánudCebuano(WMP) keep watch over something that needs care PPH *tánud

tanúdCebuano(WMP) sewing thread; to thread a needle or sewing machine PPH *tanúd

tánudHanunóo(WMP) guard, one who watches over something, as a field PPH *tánud

tánudKankanaey(WMP) bamboo needle PPH *tanúd

tanudTausug(WMP) thread PPH *tanúd

tánudTboli(WMP) to take care of, to watch PPH *tánud

tanudəʔSangir(WMP) to guard, protect, keep watch over; look after, take care of PPH *tánud

tanugTausug(WMP) the volume (of a sound or voice); famous, well-known PPH *tanúR

t<an>ujuBare'e(WMP) index finger PAN *tuzuq₁

tanujuBare'e(WMP) index finger PMP *t<an>uzuq

tanukCebuano(WMP) to boil starchy foods, but not rice: ears of corn, root crops, bananas PMP *tanek

tanu-kaiRarotongan(OC) to plant food, to cultivate food crops POC *tanum₂

tanuk-ónMasbatenyo(WMP) to boil food (as jackfruit seeds) PMP *tanek-en

tanulTboli(WMP) anything that serves as thread; to thread a needle PPH *tanúd

tanúmCebuano(WMP) to plant, grow plants; implant, nurture in the mind PMP *tanem

tanúmHanunóo(WMP) planting PMP *tanem

tanúmHiligaynon(WMP) plant PMP *tanem

tanumMansaka(WMP) to plant PMP *tanem

tanumNgaju Dayak(WMP) fill it with water! (imperative of danum) PMP *tanum₁

tanumTausug(WMP) to plant (something); to bury (something) PMP *tanem

tanu-makiTongan(OC) to cover with earth or bury above the ground; to earth up (a plant or tree) POC *tanum₂

tanum-anTausug(WMP) to plant something PAN *tanem-an

tanu-maŋaRennellese(OC) anything set aside for planting POC *tanum₂

tanu-miaFutunan(OC) be buried (as a house under a landslide) POC *tanum₂

tanu-miaMaori(OC) be buried POC *tanum₂

tanu-miaNiue(OC) to be covered up or buried POC *tanum₂

tanu-miaRarotongan(OC) planted, buried, cultivated POC *tanum₂

tanu-miaSamoan(OC) be covered over, be buried POC *tanum₂

tanum-unHiligaynon(WMP) to plant, to allow to grow PAN *CaNem-en

tanunMinangkabau(WMP) weaving PAN *tenun

tanu-ŋaTuvaluan(OC) grave POC *tanum₂

tanu-tanuTuvaluan(OC) fill a hole, cover excrement with soil POC *tanum₂

tanyodYami (Imorod)(WMP) mulberry tree and fruit PAN *taNiud

tañaDampelas(WMP) to ask PMP *utaña

tañaMalay(WMP) interrogation PMP *utaña

tañisItbayaten(WMP) crying; weep PMP *taŋis

tañodItbayaten(WMP) a species of tree, mulberry: Morus alba Linn., with white flowers and edible fruit PAN *taNiud

tánʔawAklanon(WMP) to see, look at PPH *taq(e)náw

tanʔawCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to look at from a distance PPH *taq(e)náw

tanʔáw-énIlokano(WMP) to look down at PPH *tanɁaw-én

tanʔayKankanaey(WMP) great; large; big (applied to bundles of rice stalks PPH *taq(e)nay

taŋAsilulu(CMP) sound of metallic crash or gunshot PMP *taŋ

taŋGedaged(OC) a netbag used by women; chorion, membrane enveloping the fetus of mammals; afterbirth; the uterus POC *taŋa₂

taŋKuruti(OC) to weep, cry PMP *taŋis

tʌŋKosraean(OC) to cry PMP *taŋis

taŋLoniu(OC) to weep, cry PMP *taŋis

taŋMalay(WMP) a bang or clang; the sound of metal falling heavily PMP *taŋ

taŋManam(OC) to weep, cry PMP *taŋis

taŋSeimat(OC) to weep, cry PMP *taŋis

taŋTanga(OC) to weep, cry PMP *taŋis

taŋTboli(WMP) bass gong, a large gong emitting a deep, somber sound (used for transmitting calls to someone in the field, or calling a meeting) PMP *taŋ

taŋTitan(OC) to weep, cry PMP *taŋis

taŋWogeo(OC) to weep, cry PMP *taŋis

-taŋYabem(OC) to cry PMP *taŋis

taŋaAgutaynen(WMP) branch of a tree PMP *saŋa₁

taŋáAklanon(WMP) scatter-brained, absent-minded, foolish, gullible PMP *taŋa

taŋaArosi(OC) a crotch; fork of the legs POC *saŋa₁

taŋaBasai(Formosan) to open PAN *taŋa₂

taŋaBikol(WMP) a fruit tree: Prunus grisea (C. Muell.) Kalkm. Rosaceae PPH *taŋa₄

taŋaMongondow(WMP) branch (of a tree, river) PMP *saŋa₁

taŋaFijian(OC) a bag, pocket, sack POC *taŋa₂

taŋaGitua(OC) netbag, basket POC *taŋa₂

taŋaIlokano(WMP) a fruit tree: Prunus marsupialis Kalkm. Rosaceae PPH *taŋa₄

taŋaKambera(CMP) lid, cover PMP *taŋeb

taŋaKara(OC) a shrub with edible figs: Ficus tinctoria POC *taŋa₃

taŋaMota(OC) a bag, deep basket POC *taŋa₂

taŋaMuna(WMP) half, middle; in the process of PMP *teŋaq

taŋaMuna(WMP) half, middle, in the process of PWMP *taŋaq₄

taŋaLakalai(OC) to look up(ward) POC *taŋar

taŋaNggela(OC) a bag, cloth bag POC *taŋa₂

taŋáPangasinan(WMP) stupid PPH *taŋaq₁

taŋaRennellese(OC) a container of any kind: basket, bag, suitcase, pocket; to put into a container POC *taŋa₂

taŋaSa'a(OC) the crotch of the legs POC *saŋa₁

taŋaSelaru(CMP) finger, toe PMP *taŋan

taŋaTae'(WMP) middle (as of a village, middle of the night), half, half-way PMP *teŋaq

taŋáTagalog(WMP) dolt; a dull, stupid person; blockhead; gawk; an awkward, stupid person PMP *taŋa

taŋaToba Batak(WMP) bug; wall louse PWMP *taŋaq₃

taŋaTongan(OC) mouth, or mouth and throat: but only in the language of abuse PMP *taŋa

taŋaTuvaluan(OC) bag, pocket POC *taŋa₂

taŋaVitu(OC) to bite, hold with the teeth PMP *taŋaR

taŋaWolio(WMP) middle, center; waist; space in between; room in the middle of a house PWMP *taŋaq₄

taŋaYabem(OC) ear POC *taliŋa

taŋaNiue(OC) bag, bale, sack POC *taŋa₂

taŋaSamoan(OC) bag, sack; pocket; pillow case; door mat; stomach (of a shark) POC *taŋa₂

taŋáTagalog(WMP) dolt; a dull, stupid person; blockhead; to gawk; an awkward, stupid person; dumb; stupid; dull; asinine; silly PPH *taŋah

taŋa-aArosi(OC) a hand’s breadth, fingers extended POC *saŋa₁

ta-ŋa-búlanIsneg(WMP) one month PWMP *sa-ŋa-bulan

taŋádBikol(WMP) to look upward PMP *taŋad

táŋadBontok(WMP) to look up, to respect, look up to PMP *taŋad

taŋádCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to look up (as at fruit in a tree) PMP *taŋad

tāŋadIfugaw(WMP) a location above something; for someone to look up at something PMP *taŋad

táŋadIfugaw(WMP) to look upward PMP *taŋad

taŋa-dáwaIsneg(WMP) one ear (of grain) PAN *zawa₂

taŋafaTongan(OC) kind of fish POC *taŋapa

ta-ŋafaSamoan(OC) to measure in fathoms POC *ŋapa₁

taŋafaSamoan(OC) name give to fishes of genus Cheilinus when three feet long or more POC *taŋapa

taŋa-fanaNiue(OC) quiver POC *taŋa₂

ta-ŋa-fuluLau(OC) ten PMP *sa-ŋa-puluq

ta-ŋa-fuluLau(OC) ten PMP *ŋa

táŋagAklanon(WMP) to elope with PPH *taŋaR

taŋagMongondow(WMP) abduct, elope with, carry off, plunder PPH *taŋaR

taŋágHanunóo(WMP) biting or holding something in the mouth, as ants do PMP *taŋaR

taŋagMansaka(WMP) to abduct; to carry away (as a woman) PPH *taŋaR

taŋagManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to take something of someone else’s without permission and leave with it PPH *taŋaR

*taŋagoPGor(WMP) marry by elopement PPH *taŋaR

taŋahAyta Abellan(WMP) silly; fool; foolish; to act foolishly PPH *taŋah

taŋahNgaju Dayak(WMP) half PMP *teŋaq

taŋahaRennellese(OC) a large deep-sea fish POC *taŋapa

ta-ŋa-huruArosi(OC) ten PMP *sa-ŋa-puluq

ta-ŋa-huruArosi(OC) ten PMP *ŋa

ta-ŋa-huruHaununu(OC) ten PMP *sa-ŋa-puluq

taŋa kolSeimat(OC) pinky (‘little finger’) POC *taŋan

taŋa lapSeimat(OC) thumb (‘big finger’) POC *taŋan

ta-ŋa-lauLau(OC) one hundred PMP *sa-ŋa-Ratus

ta-ŋa-lauSa'a(OC) cardinal numeral, one hundred PMP *sa-ŋa-Ratus

taŋa-láwatIsneg(WMP) one internode of bamboo: used for storing fish PAN *lawas₃

taŋanIbaloy(WMP) kind of tree, probably purging nut: Jatropha curcas PWMP *taŋan-taŋan

taŋánIlokano(WMP) thumb, great toe PMP *taŋan

taŋanMa'anyan(WMP) hand PMP *taŋan

taŋanMalay(WMP) hand PMP *taŋan

taŋánPangasinan(WMP) thumb, big toe PMP *taŋan

taŋa-naFijian(OC) put into a bag; fish with hand-nets POC *taŋa₂

taŋa-naKwaio(OC) groin POC *saŋa₁

taŋan p-atoyMurung(WMP) kill PMP *p-atay

taŋán-taŋánBikol(WMP) the castor oil plant: Ricinis communis PWMP *taŋan-taŋan

taŋan-táŋanCebuano(WMP) castor oil plant, the seeds of which produce castor oil: Ricinis communis PWMP *taŋan-taŋan

taŋan-táŋanHanunóo(WMP) a species of tree: Jatropha curcas Linn.; two types or varieties are known, one reddish, one white PWMP *taŋan-taŋan

taŋan-taŋanTagalog(WMP) castor oil plant PWMP *taŋan-taŋan

taŋaŋ-taŋaŋMakassarese(WMP) Ricinis communis; the fruits yield castor oil; two varieties occur, one purple, the other white PWMP *taŋan-taŋan

taŋarTiruray(WMP) to elope when both persons are single PPH *taŋaR

taŋaraKambera(CMP) look upward toward something (as in gazing at the moon) PMP *taŋada

taŋaraYami(WMP) look up PMP *taŋada

taŋara-enItbayaten(WMP) be looked up at PMP *taŋada

taŋara-enYami(WMP) look up PMP *taŋada

ta-ŋa-rauArosi(OC) a hundred, of men only PMP *sa-ŋa-Ratus

taŋataAnuta(OC) man, person; male PMP *tau-mata

taŋataMaori(OC) man, human being; serf, slave PMP *tau-mata

taŋataSamoan(OC) human being; native (of a place) PMP *tau-mata

taŋataTongan(OC) man (human being), man (not woman), man (not boy) PMP *tau-mata

taŋataNiue(OC) man, person, mankind PMP *tau-mata

taŋataRarotongan(OC) general name for mankind PMP *tau-mata

taŋataRennellese(OC) man, male, person; to be a man, male or person PMP *tau-mata

taŋataTuvaluan(OC) man; person; human; male PMP *tau-mata

taŋa-taŋaWolio(WMP) between PWMP *taŋaq₄

taŋa-tataTolai(OC) a shrub with edible figs: Ficus tinctoria POC *taŋa₃

ta-ŋa-vuluLonggu(OC) ten PMP *ŋa

taŋayAyta Abellan(WMP) to take something and go away with it (as a cat stealing a fish that people are planning to cook) PPH *taŋaR

taŋayIbatan(WMP) look up at something PPH *taŋay₁

taŋayItbayaten(WMP) lying face up PPH *taŋay₁

taŋayKiput(WMP) cry, weep PMP *taŋis

taŋayMiri(WMP) crying, weeping PMP *taŋis

taŋayYami(WMP) before one’s eyes, in front of PPH *taŋay₁

taŋayAyta Abellan(WMP) to take something and go away with it PPH *taŋay₂

taŋáyTagalog(WMP) carried away by wind, current, bird of prey, animal or by emotion PPH *taŋay₂

taŋay-ínTagalog(WMP) to sweep away, to remove with a sweeping motion; to carry off; to snatch and bear away PPH *taŋay-en

taŋáʔAklanon(WMP) to look upward PWMP *taŋaq₂

táŋaʔCebuano(WMP) inattentive, doing even simple things incompetently; consider someone incompetent PPH *taŋaq₁

taŋaʔKadazan Dusun(WMP) middle; among, center PWMP *taŋaq₄

taŋaʔPunan Tuvu'(WMP) half PWMP *taŋaq₄

taŋaʔSimalur(WMP) bug; wall louse PWMP *taŋaq₃

taŋaʔMurut (Timugon)(WMP) middle, center PMP *teŋaq

taŋáʔBikol(WMP) in between, intermediate, mid-way PMP *teŋaq

taŋaʔMaranao(WMP) absentminded, slow person PPH *taŋaq₁

táŋaʔTagalog(WMP) potato bug or worm; clothes moth a small insect that destroys clothes PWMP *taŋaq₃

taŋaʔTausug(WMP) (of speech) stammering PPH *taŋaq₁

táŋbuʔHanunóo(WMP) offshoot, sucker, referring to bamboo PPH *taŋ(e)buq₂

taŋdánBontok(WMP) to pay for work performed PPH *taŋ(e)dan

táŋdanHanunóo(WMP) direct payment of beads to a seer for his services PPH *taŋ(e)dan

taŋdānIsneg(WMP) wages, salary, fee PPH *taŋ(e)dan

taŋdanItbayaten(WMP) salary, pay, wage PPH *taŋ(e)dan

taŋdanYami(WMP) giving compensation to the midwife (in a topping off ceremony, after the blessing, the child’s father will carry the compensation to the midwife’s house) PPH *taŋ(e)dan

taŋdánIlokano(WMP) salary, wages; stipend; pay PPH *taŋ(e)dan

taŋdan-ánIlokano(WMP) to give salary to, pay for work done PPH *taŋ(e)dan

taŋeKenyah (Long Dunin)(WMP) crying, weeping PMP *taŋis

táŋeadAklanon(WMP) lemon grass (used for seasoning): Andropogon citratus DC PMP *taŋelaj

taŋeaʔRejang(WMP) to look up, to lift one’s head PWMP *taŋaq₂

taŋəbBontok(WMP) to cover, as a pot or vat PMP *taŋeb

taŋebIbaloy(WMP) lid, cover (as of pot, coffin, can) PMP *taŋeb

taŋébKankanaey(WMP) to cover PMP *taŋeb

taŋebMaranao(WMP) close door or window PMP *taŋeb

taŋeb-anIbaloy(WMP) to provide something with a lid or cover PMP *taŋeb

taŋeb-enIbaloy(WMP) to cover something PMP *taŋeb

taŋehBerawan (Long Terawan)(WMP) crying, weeping PMP *taŋis

taŋeiKaniet(OC) to cry PMP *taŋis

taŋenItbayaten(WMP) raising support for leveling effect (as to unbalanced table, etc.) PPH *taŋén

taŋenItbayaten(WMP) a wedge under something to stop if from rolling PPH *taŋén

taŋenYami(WMP) pillow PPH *taŋén

taŋə́nBontok(WMP) something placed under an object to raise it higher or to keep it from resting on the ground PPH *taŋén

taŋesChamorro(WMP) a cry, a sob PMP *taŋis

taŋe (<taŋa-i)Gedaged(OC) put into a netbag POC *taŋa₂

taŋgIrarutu(SHWNG) to cry PMP *taŋis

táŋgaBikol(WMP) step, stair; rung of a ladder PMP *taŋga₁

taŋgaKambera(CMP) step of a ladder, tied to the stem of a lontar palm to facilitate climbing it PMP *taŋga₁

taŋgaKaro Batak(WMP) rung of a ladder; also family, household (Malayism?) PMP *taŋga₁

taŋgaMalay(WMP) house ladder; staircase; a numeral coefficient for any aid to climbing of the ‘ladder’ type PMP *taŋga₁

taŋgaManggarai(CMP) the Indian cork tree: Millingtonia hortensis PMP *taŋga₂

taŋgaBimanese(CMP) the Indian cork tree: Millingtonia hortensis PMP *taŋga₂

taŋgaToba Batak(WMP) ladder PMP *taŋga₁

taŋgafTiruray(WMP) receive, accept PWMP *taŋgap

taŋgalMalay(WMP) dropping; falling off (of things that seem to fall spontaneously, as leaves in autumn, of skin cast by a snake; to shed one’s garments, disrobe, etc.) PWMP *taŋgal

taŋgalToba Batak(WMP) detached, unravelled, become loose or free PWMP *taŋgal

taŋgálCebuano(WMP) detach, remove something from where it is held firmly PWMP *taŋgal

taŋgálTagalog(WMP) unfastened; dismantled; detached; dismissed from employment PWMP *taŋgal

taŋgaltáwIlokano(WMP) float, buoy PPH *tagal(e)táw

taŋgapBalinese(WMP) take into the hand, accept, receive PWMP *taŋgap

taŋgapKapampangan(WMP) receive, accept PWMP *taŋgap

taŋgapOld Javanese(WMP) accept, take, receive (also with person as object) PWMP *taŋgap

taŋgápTagalog(WMP) accepted, admitted, received PWMP *taŋgap

taŋgaʔIban(WMP) stair, steps, ladder PMP *taŋga₁

taŋ geretAgutaynen(WMP) one slice of something PAN *gereC

taŋgigiIbatan(WMP) a kind of fish resembling a barracuda PWMP *taŋgiRi

taŋgígiIlokano(WMP) kind of marine fish, usually eaten raw in kilawen (a raw meat dish), Spanish mackerel PWMP *taŋgiRi

taŋgígiMasbatenyo(WMP) Spanish mackerel fish PWMP *taŋgiRi

taŋgígiBikol(WMP) Spanish mackerel PWMP *taŋgiRi

taŋgígiWaray-Waray(WMP) Spanish mackerel fish PWMP *taŋgiRi

taŋgíŋgiTagalog(WMP) Spanish mackerel PWMP *taŋgiRi

taŋgíriMinangkabau(WMP) Spanish mackerel: Scomberomorus (Cybium) spp. PWMP *taŋgiRi

taŋgiriSundanese(WMP) name of a seafish, the mackerel PWMP *taŋgiRi

taŋgólTagalog(WMP) defense; act of defending PWMP *taŋgul

taŋgoŋMalay(WMP) supporting (on the shoulder); bearing up a heavy weight from below; (fig.) bearing up under trouble or misfortune; standing security for another PWMP *taŋguŋ

taŋgoŋAyta Abellan(WMP) to carry in the arms PWMP *taŋguŋ

taŋgoŋCentral Tagbanwa(WMP) to carry on one’s shoulder PWMP *taŋguŋ

taŋgulBalinese(WMP) build a dyke, a dam PWMP *taŋgul

taŋgulOld Javanese(WMP) parrying, defense PWMP *taŋgul

taŋgulToba Batak(WMP) that which one uses to defend himself against a blow PWMP *taŋgul

taŋgulJavanese(WMP) earth dam built in rice paddies to control the flow of water PWMP *taŋgul

taŋgulKapampangan(WMP) to protect PWMP *taŋgul

taŋgulSundanese(WMP) dyke in a rice paddy PWMP *taŋgul

taŋguŋKadazan Dusun(WMP) carry over the shoulder with a long stick PWMP *taŋguŋ

*taŋguŋPSS(WMP) to carry, be responsible for PWMP *taŋguŋ

taŋguŋTboli(WMP) to use a pole to carry water or something very heavy PWMP *taŋguŋ

taŋguŋIda'an Begak(WMP) yoke; carry with yoke PWMP *taŋguŋ

taŋguŋJavanese(WMP) to vouch for, accept responsibility for; security, pledge (e.g. for a loan); responsibility, obligation PWMP *taŋguŋ

taŋguŋOld Javanese(WMP) carrying, bearing, burden, load PWMP *taŋguŋ

taŋguŋSasak(WMP) vouch for, be responsible for PWMP *taŋguŋ

taŋhadIbatan(WMP) kind of sharp-bladed grass that grows in higher elevations PMP *taŋelaj

taŋiAnuta(OC) to cry, to moan PMP *taŋis

taŋiBugotu(OC) to cry, cry aloud, lament, wail; crying, lamentation PMP *taŋis

taŋiFijian(OC) to give out sound: of humans, to cry, weep, lament; of animals, to cry, mew, crow, etc.; of clocks and musical instruments, to give out their sounds; to give an alarm (as of war) PMP *taŋis

taŋiFutunan(OC) to weep; to take a complaint to the chief PMP *taŋis

taŋiGilbertese(OC) complain, sigh, lament PMP *taŋis

taŋiKove(OC) weep, cry PMP *taŋis

tʌŋ-iKosraean(OC) to be sorry for PMP *taŋis-i

-taŋiLusi(OC) to cry PMP *taŋis

taŋiMafea(OC) to cry PMP *taŋis

taŋiMakatea(OC) to cry PMP *taŋis

taŋiMaori(OC) sound, give forth a sound, cry, of things animate or inanimate; weep, utter a plaintive cry, sing a dirge; fret, cry; salute, weep over; resound; mourn; cry for; lamentation, mourning, dirge PMP *taŋis

taŋiMota(OC) to weep, cry, with reference both to tears and sounds; to cry, of birds, animals; sound of musical instruments; to weep, as a tree when chopped PMP *taŋis

taŋiNggela(OC) to sound, make a sound; a sound; to pronounce a word, be pronounced; to cry PMP *taŋis

taŋiNiue(OC) to weep, cry; a wake over the dead PMP *taŋis

taŋiNumbami(OC) cry, sing, sound PMP *taŋis

taŋiRarotongan(OC) any noise or sound, peculiar quality of tone, report, empty or meaningless noise; any sound or noise, such as crying in grief or pain; a fit of weeping; the particular cry or call uttered by birds or beasts; to cry, to lament, to weep, to bawl; to sympathize with PMP *taŋis

taŋiRennellese(OC) to cry, weep, sound, ring, bark; tears PMP *taŋis

taŋiSamoan(OC) to cry, weep; to make a noise, utter a cry characteristic of a given animal (birds, crickets, cicadas); ask for, beg for, request PMP *taŋis

taŋīSamoan(OC) kind of fish PMP *taŋiRi

taŋiʔTae'(WMP) weeping, crying; lamentation, funeral dirge PMP *taŋis

taŋiTifu(CMP) to weep, cry PMP *taŋis

taŋiTolai(OC) to cry, weep, wail; make a noise, as of water shaken in a bottle, also of water about to boil; to sing, of birds and musical instruments; sound PMP *taŋis

taŋiTongan(OC) to cry, weep; (of horses) to neigh or whinny, (of dogs) to howl, (of cats) to mew; to ask or appeal or make a petition PMP *taŋis

taŋiTuvaluan(OC) to weep, cry; to sound (as an instrument); the sound of weeping or an instrument PMP *taŋis

taŋiKayan (Uma Juman)(WMP) weep, cry; a cry PMP *taŋis

-taŋiVisina(OC) to cry PMP *taŋis

taŋiVitu(OC) to cry PMP *taŋis

taŋiWayan(OC) to cry, wail, weep (usually refers to audible weeping but may refer to silent flow of tears); of birds and some animals, make the sound, call or cry characteristic of a species PMP *taŋis

taŋ(i)Woleaian(OC) to weep, cry, sob PMP *taŋis

taŋi ~ daŋiSoboyo(CMP) to weep, to cry PMP *taŋis

taŋiaBunun(Formosan) ear PAN *Caŋila

taŋi auēNiue(OC) loud lamentation PCEMP *qaue

taŋiaʔBunun (Isbukun)(Formosan) ear PAN *Caŋila

taŋicAmis(Formosan) cry; expressed or unexpressed grief PAN *Caŋis

taŋi-caFijian(OC) to cry for (in order to get a thing); to chime in, of a meke or song PMP *taŋis

taŋi-cakaFijian(OC) to cry on account of, to lament the dead PMP *taŋis

taŋichiBali (Uneapa)(OC) to mourn for the dead PMP *taŋis

taŋi-ciWayan(OC) cry for something, ask for help in something, plead or cry for assistance; lament something, bewail something PMP *taŋis-i

taŋi-eTolai(OC) to mourn, bewail PMP *taŋis-i

taŋígiAklanon(WMP) large, delicious fish PMP *taŋiRi

taŋígiCebuano(WMP) kind of Spanish mackerel, silvery white and black color, with no scales, popularly eaten raw: Scomberomorus commersoni and guttatus, and others PMP *taŋiRi

taŋigiMaranao(WMP) Spanish mackerel: Scomberomorus commersoni Lacepède PMP *taŋiRi

taŋihKayan(WMP) crying, weeping PMP *taŋis

taŋihMelanau (Mukah)(WMP) a cry; crying PMP *taŋis

taŋihMurik(WMP) weeping, crying PMP *taŋis

taŋi-hagiNggela(OC) to make someone cry PMP *taŋis-i

taŋi-hiNggela(OC) to cry for PMP *taŋis-i

taŋihiSangir(WMP) kind of fish, the large growth stage of the pangaluang PMP *taŋiRi

taŋi-hiBugotu(OC) to desire, want; to bewail PMP *taŋis-i

taŋiiGilbertese(OC) yellowfin tuna (Bender et al. 2003) PMP *taŋiRi

taŋiʔ-iTae'(WMP) to cry over, initiate a lamentation for the dead PMP *taŋis-i

taŋílAklanon(WMP) shim, something used to level off an unbalanced table or chair that is wobbling PPH *taŋíl

táŋilBikol(WMP) a wedge; a jack, lever PPH *taŋíl

taŋílCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) put sticks under something to cause it to rest on them (as in storing lumber, to put posts under the lumber so the lumber won’t rest directly on the ground) PPH *taŋíl

taŋilaAmis(Formosan) ear, ears PAN *Caŋila

taŋílaIfugaw(WMP) hudhúd word for 'ear', instead of íŋa PMP *taŋila

TaŋiƚaPuyuma(Formosan) ear PAN *Caŋila

Taŋila-ŋila-yanPuyuma(Formosan) the Jew's ear fungus, Auricularia-Auricula Judae PAN *Caliŋa

Taŋiƚa-ŋiƚa-yanPuyuma(Formosan) Jew's ear fungus PAN *Caŋila

taŋilaʔSakizaya(Formosan) ear PAN *Caŋila

taŋíleIlokano(WMP) a species of native hardwood PPH *taŋíliq

taŋiliNumbami(OC) marlin, sailfish PMP *taŋiRi

taŋiliAyta Abellan(WMP) kind of tree with fruit that cannot be eaten PPH *taŋíliq

taŋíliʔAklanon(WMP) a tree: mahogany PPH *taŋíliq

taŋíliʔTagalog(WMP) species of Philippine mahogany PPH *taŋíliq

taŋi mateBugotu(OC) to wail (for the dead) PMP *taŋis

taŋina-naPapapana(OC) ear PMP *taŋila

taŋirKairiru(OC) mackerel (two types) PMP *taŋiRi

taŋirWogeo(OC) a sea fish, Spanish mackerel PMP *taŋiRi

taŋirGitua(OC) mackerel, wahoo PMP *taŋiRi

taŋiraSiraya(Formosan) ear PAN *Caŋila

taŋiriKambera(CMP) kind of large sea fish: Scomberomorus Cybium PMP *taŋiRi

taŋiriKomodo(CMP) a fish: Scomberomorus guttatus PMP *taŋiRi

*taŋiriPMic(OC) tuna PMP *taŋiRi

taŋiriRoviana(OC) a fish generally got by trolling, a species of kingfish PMP *taŋiRi

taŋir(i)Woleaian(OC) king-size tuna fish PMP *taŋiRi

taŋiriManam(OC) kind of fish PMP *taŋiRi

taŋirɔεAcehnese(WMP) kind of sea fish PMP *taŋiRi

taŋisBalinese(WMP) weeping PMP *taŋis

táŋisBikol(WMP) cry PMP *taŋis

taŋisBuli(SHWNG) to weep, cry; howl PMP *taŋis

taŋisBunun(Formosan) to cry PAN *Caŋis

taŋísCebuano(WMP) to cry, weep; a cry, weeping PMP *taŋis

taŋisGayō(WMP) crying, weeping PMP *taŋis

taŋisGimán(SHWNG) to weep, cry PMP *taŋis

táŋisHiligaynon(WMP) a cry, a lament PMP *taŋis

taŋisJavanese(WMP) crying, weeping PMP *taŋis

taŋisKaro Batak(WMP) to weep, to cry PMP *taŋis

taŋisLabel(OC) to weep, cry PMP *taŋis

taŋisMalay(WMP) weeping, in contrast to cries (raung) or lamentations (ratap) PMP *taŋis

taŋisMapun(WMP) crying PMP *taŋis

taŋisMota(OC) to cry for PMP *taŋis-i

taŋisNgaju Dayak(WMP) weeping, crying PMP *taŋis

taŋisOld Javanese(WMP) weeping, tears PMP *taŋis

taŋísPalawan Batak(WMP) cry, shout, moan, cry out PMP *taŋis

TaŋisPuyuma(Formosan) weep PAN *Caŋis

taŋisSasak(WMP) weeping, crying PMP *taŋis

táŋisSekar(CMP) to weep PMP *taŋis

táŋisTagalog(WMP) weeping, crying; mourning, lamenting PMP *taŋis

taŋisToba Batak(WMP) to weep, to cry PMP *taŋis

taŋísWaray-Waray(WMP) to cry, weep, shed tears PMP *taŋis

táŋisAklanon(WMP) to cry, bawl (tears) PMP *taŋis

taŋis-anBikol(WMP) to cry over PMP *taŋis-an

taŋis-anJavanese(WMP) things cried over PMP *taŋis-an

taŋís-anMapun(WMP) to cry over something or someone PMP *taŋis-an

taŋis-anTagalog(WMP) to weep over, to mourn, to lament; to bemoan, to express grief by moaning PMP *taŋis-an

taŋis-an buroŋMalay(WMP) plant-name (variously identified, but lit. ‘wept over by a bird?) PWMP *taŋis-en

taŋis-aŋSasak(WMP) to cry over something, mourn something or someone PMP *taŋis-an

taŋis-en kakKaro Batak(WMP) a vine with hard, round, bitter fruits that are used as marbles (lit. ‘wept over by a crow’?) PWMP *taŋis-en

taŋis-inBalinese(WMP) be wept over PWMP *taŋis-en

taŋis-taŋisKaro Batak(WMP) to weep continuously or incessantly PMP *taŋis-taŋis

taŋis-taŋisToba Batak(WMP) to weep, to cry PMP *taŋis-taŋis

taŋis-unHiligaynon(WMP) to cry, to lament PWMP *taŋis-en

taŋis-unMapun(WMP) to cry over something or someone PWMP *taŋis-en

taŋitMongondow(WMP) kind of song that is heard, for example, during the demolition of the scaffolding in the deathhouse of a prince PWMP *saŋit

taŋitCentral Tagbanwa(WMP) grief, weeping, crying PMP *taŋis

táŋitItawis(WMP) crying PMP *taŋis

taŋitKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) cry PMP *taŋis

taŋi-taŋGilbertese(OC) complaints, sighs, lamentations, claims, sobbing; to complain, to whine, to moan, to cry, to grieve; song of birds, music, playing musical instrument POC *taŋi-taŋis

taŋi-taŋSeimat(OC) weeping, crying POC *taŋi-taŋis

taŋi-taŋiFutunan(OC) to whimper, whine, snivel POC *taŋi-taŋis

taŋi-taŋiRarotongan(OC) to cry, to lament, weep or bawl in a continuous manner, etc. POC *taŋi-taŋis

taŋi-taŋiRennellese(OC) to sound empty (as a coconut that has no liquid); to cry, weep (especially of children) POC *taŋi-taŋis

taŋi-taŋiSamoan(OC) to jingle, as coins in pocket; be high-pitched, shrill POC *taŋi-taŋis

taŋi-taŋiWayan(OC) cry and cry, keep crying, cry a lot POC *taŋi-taŋis

taŋi-teŋWoleaian(OC) to cry a lot, weep frequently POC *taŋi-taŋis

taŋi-vaMota(OC) crying, grief PMP *taŋis

taŋizGedaged(OC) a white marine fish about 30 inches long, like a mackerel PMP *taŋiRi

taŋi-ziaVitu(OC) to cry for POC *taŋis-ia

taŋkaʔUma(WMP) set free, release; remove something that clings fast PMP *taŋkas

taŋkabTagalog(WMP) to fall, hurting one's lip or chin PWMP *taŋkeb

taŋkād (length unexpl.)Isneg(WMP) climb PWMP *taked₂

taŋkálHanunóo(WMP) pig basket or cage PPH *taŋkal

taŋkálTagalog(WMP) coop; hencoop; chicken coop PPH *taŋkal

taŋkalAgutaynen(WMP) pigpen or chicken coop made of bamboo PPH *taŋkal

taŋkálBikol(WMP) pigpen, pig sty PPH *taŋkal

taŋkálIfugaw(WMP) a provisional basketlike container which is roughly made by using reeds and grass PPH *taŋkal

taŋkalMaranao(WMP) barn, cage; to encase, place PPH *taŋkal

taŋkal-anIbaloy(WMP) to put a concave object over something --- perhaps esp. something to catch a chicken PPH *taŋkal

taŋ ka-layu-anTae'(WMP) of an entire family, not affected by the death of someone in his youth (used in the supplication for long life) PAN *layu

taŋkal buŋurSundanese(WMP) name of a flowering tree PAN *buŋuR

taŋkal cayurSundanese(WMP) kind of timber tree PMP *bayuR

taŋkal gayamSundanese(WMP) name of a large tree and of its edible fruit, which resembles a mango PMP *gayam

taŋkal putatSundanese(WMP) kind of tree similar to the rambutan (the leaves are used as a condiment with rice) PMP *putat

taŋkal tɨrɨpSundanese(WMP) sap of the tɨrɨp tree, used as birdlime PWMP *teRep

taŋkaŋMongondow(WMP) bend or curve away from one another, of legs or knees PPH *tákaŋ

taŋkapMalay(WMP) gripping; clasping; capture, esp. capture in the hand PMP *ta(ŋ)kep₂

taŋkapMalay(WMP) gripping; clasping; capture, esp. capture in the hand PMP *taŋkep

taŋkásBikol(WMP) remove (as a necktie, a cover), take off (as a necktie), pull out (as a plug), disconnect PMP *taŋkas

taŋkasBinukid(WMP) to take apart, undo, rip off (something tied); rip out stitches PMP *taŋkas

taŋkásCebuano(WMP) rip open the seam, rip off hinges and the like PMP *taŋkas

taŋkasJavanese(WMP) swift-moving PMP *ta(ŋ)kas

taŋkasKadazan Dusun(WMP) unbolt, loosen things, fittings PMP *taŋkas

taŋkasMapun(WMP) fast, faster PMP *ta(ŋ)kas

taŋkasIban(WMP) quick, quickly PMP *ta(ŋ)kas

taŋkawSamal(WMP) steal PMP *takaw₁

taŋkayIban(WMP) stalk of fruit; come into ear, pick with the stalk PMP *taŋkay

taŋkáyIlokano(WMP) stem of a plant PMP *taŋkay

taŋkayMalay(WMP) stalk; haulm; stem; in composite flowers or fruits taŋkay is the stalk of each item, while kaki or tandan is that of the cluster PMP *taŋkay

taŋkayMansaka(WMP) handle (as of a vessel) PMP *taŋkay

taŋkayTausug(WMP) a stem, stalk (of a plant); handle (of a ladle, cup, pan, etc.) PMP *taŋkay

taŋ-kayu-nTontemboan(WMP) something that loves to eat wood (as termites) PMP *kahiw

taŋkebBalinese(WMP) cover up (with a basket, etc.) PWMP *ta(ŋ)keb

taŋkebJavanese(WMP) overlapping portion of a double-breasted jacket PWMP *ta(ŋ)keb

taŋkeb-anSundanese(WMP) moveable corner of smoke-vent in roof PWMP *ta(ŋ)keb

taŋkepBalinese(WMP) arrest, seize, hold (police, etc.) PMP *ta(ŋ)kep₂

taŋkepDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) face downward; to fall face downward PWMP *taŋkeb

taŋkepManggarai(CMP) covering, catching by covering with the hand; to lay one thing on top of another; to cover under a hollow PMP *taŋkep

taŋkepManggarai(CMP) lay something on top of, catch under a hollow PMP *ta(ŋ)kep₁

taŋkəpSasak(WMP) a dropnet used to catch birds; to catch people PMP *taŋkep

taŋkəpSasak(WMP) a drop net for catching birds; to catch or seize people PMP *ta(ŋ)kep₂

taŋketSasak(WMP) companion PWMP *ta(ŋ)ket

taŋkílTagalog(WMP) annex to a building with its own roofing; roofing put on the frame of a building before the walls are constructed; a small barn or granary (in some areas) PWMP *taŋkir

taŋkirIban(WMP) fix next to, add to, extend; extension (as to a garden), supplement PWMP *taŋkir

taŋkisJavanese(WMP) flood control dike along a riverbank; shield, breastplate PWMP *taŋkis

taŋkisMaranao(WMP) parry, fence, dodge, ward off PWMP *taŋkis

taŋkisNgaju Dayak(WMP) parrying; what is parried (blow, thrust, etc.) PWMP *taŋkis

taŋkisSasak(WMP) to ward off, parry PWMP *taŋkis

taŋkisTboli(WMP) denial; to deny, as charges made against one; to be dissenting PWMP *taŋkis

taŋkisTiruray(WMP) to parry, to turn something aside PWMP *taŋkis

taŋkisBalinese(WMP) warding off, parrying PWMP *taŋkis

taŋkisMalay(WMP) parrying by striking aside (used of fencers or duelists) PWMP *taŋkis

taŋkisManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to fend off a blow with one’s hands or arm PWMP *taŋkis

taŋkis-kanMalay(WMP) to ward off PWMP *taŋkis

taŋkoKaro Batak(WMP) steal; fig. illicit, have clandestine sexual relations PMP *takaw₁

taŋkoToba Batak(WMP) steal PMP *takaw₁

taŋko-anToba Batak(WMP) what is stolen, loot PWMP *takaw-an

taŋkoŋAgutaynen(WMP) a plant with leaves and stalks like spinach, used as a vegetable PPH *taŋkuŋ

taŋkopMapun(WMP) a cover; a bandage; a door; operculum of a shellfish PMP *taŋkep

taŋkopMapun(WMP) a cover; a bandage; a door; operculum of a shellfish PMP *ta(ŋ)kep₁

taŋkowAlas(WMP) to steal PMP *takaw₁

taŋkubKadazan Dusun(WMP) to cover PMP *ta(ŋ)kub

taŋkubPendau(WMP) to close or cover something PMP *takub

taŋkubPendau(WMP) to close or cover something PMP *ta(ŋ)kub

taŋkuŋ ~ tlaŋkuŋTboli(WMP) swamp cabbage, a smooth, widely-spreading vine with stems trailing on mud or floating on stagnant pools; young leaves and stems are eaten as a leafy vegetable: Ipomoea aquatica PPH *taŋkuŋ

taŋkupKaro Batak(WMP) close together, of two halves, as the shells of shellfish PWMP *takup₁

taŋkupMalay(WMP) capture under a hollow PWMP *takup₁

taŋkupMalay(WMP) capture under a hollow (of a dog catching flies in his mouth; of a man putting a tumbler over an insect or slapping the hollow of his palm over it, etc.) PMP *ta(ŋ)kub

taŋkupIban(WMP) cover with something hollow (as a plate with a basin); to match, correspond, fit PMP *takub

taŋkupMalay(WMP) to capture under a hollow (as a dog catching flies in his mouth, a man putting a tumbler over an insect or slapping the hollow of his palm over it; also of hollow covers to apertures, as of hatch-covers in boats, and pieces over the bow and stern of a Malay canoe PMP *takub

taŋlaArop(OC) ear POC *taliŋa

taŋladAgutaynen(WMP) lemon grass, used in flavoring dishes, and also as one of the leaves in the pamegat bath water (medicinal wine or bath water, for preventing a relapse) PMP *taŋelaj

taŋládBikol(WMP) lemon grass, a plant possessing a root which is pounded and used as a seasoning: Andropogon citratus PMP *taŋelaj

taŋládCebuano(WMP) lemon grass, kind of tall grass that smells of lemon and is used as a spice: Andropogon citratus PMP *taŋelaj

taŋladManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) lemon grass, Andropogon citratus, used in flavoring meat, and as a poultice PMP *taŋelaj

taŋladBinukid(WMP) lemon grass PMP *taŋelaj

taŋlágIfugaw(WMP) kind of grass which has long and sharp leaves, and so cannot be used to cover roofs: Themeda gigtantea PMP *taŋelaj

taŋlágIlokano(WMP) elephant grass PMP *taŋelaj

taŋ lakoTae'(WMP) not come PMP *lakaw

taŋléKapampangan(WMP) a tree whose leaves are eaten boiled with fish PPH *taŋíliq

taŋŋáIsneg(WMP) middle, center PMP *teŋaq

taŋŋáItawis(WMP) middle, mid-section PMP *teŋaq

taŋŋaMakassarese(WMP) center, middle; keep to the center PMP *teŋaq

taŋŋaMandar(WMP) middle, center PMP *teŋaq

taŋŋá piŋitItawis(WMP) across PMP *teŋaq

taŋoAyta Abellan(WMP) nod, nodding or bowing of the head as a sign of assent; agree or assent PPH *taŋuq

taŋoBugotu(OC) to perform, do, work; deeds POC *taŋop

taŋoItbayaten(WMP) a nod PPH *taŋuq

taŋoMaori(OC) take up, take hold of, take in the hand; take possession of POC *taŋop

taŋoMota(OC) to touch with the hand POC *taŋop

taŋoNggela(OC) rarely used alone, but incompounds with the meanings: do, touch, be in contact POC *taŋop

taŋoSamoan(OC) take, get hold of; touch and feel with the hand POC *taŋop

taŋoSio(OC) touch, place hand or fingers on POC *taŋop

taŋoTikopia(OC) grab POC *taŋop

taŋoYami(WMP) raise the head, hold the head up PPH *taŋuq

taŋobIda'an Begak(WMP) close door, cover food; lid, cover PMP *taŋeb

taŋo-enItbayaten(WMP) to nod PPH *taŋuq

taŋof-i-aSamoan(OC) be touched POC *taŋop

taŋof-i-aTikopia(OC) have hands laid upon POC *taŋop

taŋo-liBugotu(OC) to take, to hold, handle, receive POC *taŋop

taŋo-liNggela(OC) to hold, touch POC *taŋop

táŋosSambal (Botolan)(WMP) long and pointed, of a nose PPH *táŋus

táŋosTagalog(WMP) cape; promontory; peninsula; physical prominence, e.g. of forehead or pointedness of nose PPH *táŋus

taŋosUmiray Dumaget(WMP) to weep, cry PMP *taŋis

taŋo-taŋoAyta Abellan(WMP) nodding of one’s head PPH *taŋuq

taŋo-taŋoMaori(OC) handle, have recourse to, use POC *taŋop

taŋo-vMota(OC) to grope, lay hand upon POC *taŋop

taŋoyNgaju Dayak(WMP) swimming PWMP *taŋuy

taŋóʔKapampangan(WMP) to receive an affirmative answer, esp. in courting PPH *taŋuq

taŋóʔTagalog(WMP) nod, nodding or bowing of the head as a sign of assent PPH *taŋuq

taŋoʔ-ánBikol(WMP) to nod at PPH *taŋuq

taŋpa-enIbaloy(WMP) to pay for an animal when it is newborn or in utero, at a low price, taking it when it is weaned (if it dies the buyer loses, so it is a gamble) PPH *taŋ(e)paq

táŋpaʔAklanon(WMP) to pay tax for PPH *taŋ(e)paq

táŋpi ~ támpiCebuano(WMP) bank of a body of water, edge of a surface PWMP *taŋepi

taŋtáŋCebuano(WMP) to take off, remove something fastened or tied (as a pig working itself loose from the place where it was tied); to pay off debts, free from obligation PPH *taŋtáŋ₂

taŋtaŋIbatan(WMP) to hammer metal to flatten it (from the sound “tangtang” that is produced) PPH *taŋtáŋ₁