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Austronesian Comparative Dictionary


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vaʔBintulu(WMP) swollen PAN *baReq

vaBintulu(WMP) ember PMP *baRah

Fijian(OC) four PEMP *pat

Fijian(OC) to tread softly POC *paRas

vaKaulong(OC) get, take, bring POC *pa₂

vaːLonwolwol(OC) hand, arm POC *paRa₃

vaLonwolwol(OC) to go POC *pa₃

vaːLonwolwol(OC) spongy kernel of a mature coconut (which is rich in oil, and nourishing) PMP *para

vaLonwolwol(OC) to go

vaMalagasy(WMP) interrogative particle PWMP *ba₅

vaMalagasy (Provincial)(WMP) or, nor, though, whether, neither, if. It is also used to form several indefinite pronouns and adverbs PMP *ba₁

vaMota(OC) expletive POC *pa₁

vaMota(OC) go or come; the same used as auxiliary with the notion of going on, but not easy to distinguish from the causative va- POC *pa₃

vaMota(OC) go or come; the same used as auxiliary with the notion of going on, but not easy to distinguish from the causative va-

vaNggela(OC) go; expressing purpose or intention of action, as in English "I am going to" POC *pa₃

vaNggela(OC) go; expressing purpose or intention of action, as in English “I am going to”

va-Zabana(OC) causative PAN *pa-₂


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-v̋aLeviamp(OC) to go POC *pano


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vaaFordata(CMP) flowing of a river PCEMP *baaq

vaʔaRotuman(OC) roots (fibrous) PMP *wakaR

vaʔaSamoan(OC) boat, ship, vessel, craft POC *waga

va-ahoBugotu(OC) dry in the sun POC *qaco

vaʔa-leleSamoan(OC) aircraft, plane POC *waga

vaaraKanakanabu(Formosan) embers PAN *baRah

váatuKanakanabu(Formosan) stone PAN *batux

vaa-vaakItbayaten(WMP) old-fashioned PPH *baqak₂

vaa-vaŋaBugotu(OC) crops, food POC *paŋan

vā-caFijian(OC) to tread softly on something POC *paRas

vacuFijian(OC) eyebrow POC *paju

vacuFijian(OC) the eyebrows POC *pasu₂

vacuWayan(OC) eyebrow POC *paju

vadiciIvatan(WMP) banyan tree: Ficus stipulosa PPh *balítiq

vadikaMalagasy(WMP) overturned; changed; turned upside down PMP *balik₂

vadinoIvatan(WMP) beach morning glory PPH *balinu

vadiwPaiwan(Formosan) edible mushroom sp. PAN *bajiw

vadraFijian(OC) the pandanus tree: Pandanus odoratissimus POC *padran

vadyMalagasy(WMP) partner, husband, wife; a companion, an associate; a mate, one of a set of two (thus the saucer is the vady of a cup) PMP *baliw₁

vadylahyMalagasy(WMP) a friend PMP *baliw₁

vaeAnuta(OC) divide a group of objects into subsets POC *wa(n)se

vaeLuangiua(OC) foot POC *waqe

vaePileni(OC) leg POC *waqe

vaeRarotongan(OC) to divide, part, separate POC *wa(n)se

vaeSamoan(OC) lower limb (including foot), leg; basis, ground; fundamentals POC *waqe

vaeSamoan(OC) to divide, separate; cut, sever POC *wa(n)se

vaʔeTongan(OC) foot, leg (including foot); wheel (of cart or car); weights along the bottom edge of a fishing net POC *waqe

vāe-aSamoan(OC) be removed, taken away POC *wa(n)se-a

vāe-ŋaSamoan(OC) section, division, part; portion, share POC *wa(n)se-ŋa

(vae)-raŋiAnuta(OC) heavens, sky PMP *laŋit

vāe-vaeSamoan(OC) divide (into several pieces); (of speech) be careful, cautious POC *wa(n)se wa(n)se

va-γan-iEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) to eat PAN *pa-kaen

vagatSiraya(Formosan) cucumber PAN *baRat₂

vaga-visaMota(OC) how many times? POC *paka-pica

vaghoruBali (Uneapa)(OC) new PEMP *baqoRu

vagiatYami(WMP) female anklet PPh *bagiat

vagoGabadi(OC) to plant crops POC *pasok

vaɣoMarovo(OC) tree sp. with large banana-like leaves: Heliconia POC *paqo

vaɣoNduke(OC) a large perennial herb with banana-like leaves: Heliconia salomonensis POC *paqo

vagotItbayaten(WMP) idea of pulling out PPH *bagut

vagotItbayaten(WMP) idea of pulling out PPH *bag(e)qut

vagotYami(WMP) to dig up, as taro PPH *bagut

vagot-enItbayaten(WMP) to pull by claw hammer, to pull out vigorously (deeply rooted plant, pole, root, etc.) PPH *bagut-en

vagot-enItbayaten(WMP) to pull out vigorously (deeply rooted plant, pole, root, etc.) PPH *bag(e)qut-en

vaguBwaidoga/Bwaidoka(OC) new PEMP *baqoRu

vaguKadazan Dusun(WMP) new, again, anew PMP *baqeRu

vagul-iKilivila(OC) to wake up POC *paŋun

vahaBugotu(OC) Pandanus aff. compressus martalli POC *pwasa(rR)

váhaMalagasy(WMP) loosened, untied, relaxed, as of parcels, burdens, etc. PMP *bakas₂

vahaNggela(OC) a plant: Vitex cofassus POC *pasa(rR)

vahaSiraya (Gravius)(Formosan) flood PAN *baSaq

vahaSiraya (Utrecht ms.)(Formosan) flood PAN *baSaq

vahaTongan(OC) space between, space apart; space, distance, extended area, esp. at sea; open sea, high seas; strait, channel POC *sawaŋ₂

vahagiNggela(OC) to be in pain; to be ill, have malaria PMP *pa-sakit

vahagi-gaNggela(OC) sickly PMP *pa-sakit

vaha-moheTongan(OC) (of two islands) so far apart that at least one night must be spent at sea in travelling from one to the other POC *sawaŋ₂

vahaŋaYami(WMP) soup bowl PAN *balaŋa

vaharaCheke Holo(OC) Pandanus conoideus POC *pwasa(rR)

vahasMurut (Tagol)(WMP) rice (uncooked) PMP *beRas

vahawItbayaten(WMP) idea of being cold (of food esp.) PMP *bahaw

vahaw-enItbayaten(WMP) let something cool off PMP *bahaw

vahayItbayaten(WMP) a vine, arrowroot; people make starch out of its root and eat during lean days PMP *bahay

vahayItbayaten(WMP) an edible vine, arrowroot; people make starch or farina out of its root, and eat it during lean days PPH *baháy

vaheNggela(OC) give, give to POC *wa(n)se

vaheTongan(OC) to divide, divide out, allot, distribute; division, e.g. division of country, district POC *wa(n)se

vaheCheke Holo(OC) butcher, cut up meat, as pig, turtle or fish POC *wa(n)se

vahe-aTongan(OC) to divide POC *wa(n)se-a

vahe-ŋaNiue(OC) class, sect, division, space of time POC *wa(n)se-ŋa

vāhe-ŋaTongan(OC) division, portion POC *wa(n)se-ŋa

vahe-vaheTongan(OC) to divide into more than two. Also, to share between two or more POC *wa(n)se wa(n)se

vahi-koluNggela(OC) to plant yams POC *pasi

va-hisToak(OC) how many? POC *pica

vahóhoMalagasy (Provincial)(WMP) fish sp. PWMP *bakuku

vahónaMalagasy(WMP) generic for various plants of the genus Aloe, esp. A. macroclada Baker, and A. deltoideodonta Baker; also a species of Crinum PAN *bakuŋ₁

vahosaIvatan(WMP) eggplant: Solanum procumbens Lour. PPH *basula

vahoy-anItbayaten(WMP) a part of sugarcane mill PWMP *bahuR-an

vahuBugotu(OC) bring forth, give birth to POC *pasu₃

vahuNggela(OC) to bear, give birth to; be born POC *pasu₃

vahudIvatan(WMP) dove PMP *baluj

vahyMalagasy(WMP) generic for plants used as withes, girdles, and in plaiting, rope-making, etc. PMP *bakes₁

vaiAnuta(OC) water container PEMP *waip

vaʔiBimanese(CMP) grandmother PAN *baqi

vaiFijian(OC) a ray or skate, Raiidae; also a string figure POC *paRi

vaiKilivila(OC) stingray POC *paRi

vaiLuangiua(OC) water PCEMP *waiR

vaiPaiwan(Formosan) give PAN *beRay

vaiPileni(OC) water PCEMP *waiR

*vaʔiPRuk(Formosan) sun PAN *waRi₁

vaiRotuman(OC) water; natural water-hole or bathing pool; well PCEMP *waiR

vaiRotuman(OC) cask PEMP *waip

vaiSamoan(OC) water (esp. fresh water as opposed to salt water) PCEMP *waiR

vaiSamoan(OC) water-bottle (Pratt 1984); coco-nut gourd (Milner 1966) PEMP *waip

vaiTongan(OC) liquid, esp. fresh water (as opposed to tahi = saltwater) PCEMP *waiR

vaiYami(WMP) daughter-in-law or girl; term of address for a daughter who is unmarried, or married but without children PMP *bahi

vai-aVitu(OC) to weave POC *pai₂

vai-akaAnuta(OC) root PMP *akaR

vaiawaWogeo(OC) banyan PEMP *qayawan

vaidaPaiwan(Formosan) weaver's sword (for loom) PAN *baRija

vaʔieRarotongan(OC) firewood POC *papian

vai fāTongan(OC) flood (from a river), river in flood POC *waiR pāq

vaigKadazan Dusun(WMP) water PMP *wahiR

vaigKujau(WMP) water PMP *wahiR

vail-ailTolai(OC) a beach tree: Pongamia Pinnata POC *pail

vai-leleNiue(OC) stream, river, flowing water POC *rere₂

vainaoGabadi(OC) steal POC *painako

vaʔineRarotongan(OC) woman; female; wife POC *papine

vai niuAnuta(OC) coconut shell water bottle PEMP *waip

vai-tupuTongan(OC) spring, well, or water from a spring or well PCEMP *waiR

vai-vaiMotu(OC) wild mango (also Mangifera indica) PCEMP *waiwai

vaivineBugotu(OC) woman; female POC *pai-p<in>ai

vakaCheke Holo(OC) ship, boat POC *waga

vaka-Fijian(OC) prefix; added to verbs it usually makes causatives; added to nouns it makes adjectives or adverbs (tamata ‘man’, vaka-tamata ‘human; like a human being); added to adjectives it makes adverbs (vinaka ‘good’, vaka-vinaka ‘well’); added to nouns it may indicate possession (vale ‘house’ vaka-vale ‘having a house’); added to some intransitive verbs it makes intensives, frequentatives or continuatives POC *paka-

vakaMota(OC) have strength, energy POC *pakas

vakaNiue(OC) canoe, vessel POC *waga

vakaNiue(OC) root PMP *wakaR

*vakaPAmb(CMP) split PMP *bakaq

vakaRarotongan(OC) canoe; tribe, clan, nation POC *waga

vakaRotuman(OC) canoe POC *waga

vakaRoviana(OC) a vessel--used distinctively of a non-native craft POC *waga

vakaRoviana(OC) a vessel, used distinctively of non-native craft POC *pakaq

vakaTongan(OC) boat, canoe, ship, of any kind; aeroplane POC *waga

vakaNggela(OC) a foreign vessel, European ship POC *pakaq

vakaTakuu(OC) canoe POC *waga

vaka-aviWayan(OC) go in the early evening POC *paka-Rapiqi

vaka-avi-aviWayan(OC) go in the early evening; have an evening meal PAN *Rabi-Rabi

vaka-babaWayan(OC) have boards on, be boarded or planked POC *baban

vaka-boŋi-vāFijian(OC) fourth night after the chief's death POC *boŋi

vaka-bulut-iWayan(OC) cause something to stick, seal something up POC *bulut

vaka-calaFijian(OC) to cause to err PMP *pa(ka)-salaq

vaka-calaWayan(OC) cause something to go wrong, lead someone astray, put someone off (target, concentration); disagree with someone PMP *pa(ka)-salaq

vaka-cala-kaFijian(OC) do a thing by mistake PMP *pa(ka)-salaq

vaka-caŋi-caŋiFijian(OC) go somewhere for health's sake; take a holiday POC *paka-aŋin-aŋin

vaka-cavaFijian(OC) in what way?, how?, how is it that?, \ why? PMP *sapa

vaka-civoWayan(OC) to say ‘Ā maca’ (Ah! Empty!) and clap as a mark of respect after a person has drained his cup of kava POC *paka-sipo

vaka-ciwaFijian(OC) nine times POC *paka-siwa

vaka-ciwaWayan(OC) nine times POC *paka-siwa

vaka-dē-naFijian(OC) to excrete on POC *taqe₂

vaka-dranuWayan(OC) wash oneself in fresh water after being in the sea POC *ranum

vaka-enItbayaten(WMP) idea of cracking open or cutting open; to crack (as coconuts) PMP *bakaq

vaka-i-sāFijian(OC) having a mate or opposite; of a house, having rafters POC *soRa

vaka-i-suluWayan(OC) to dress, put on clothing; wear or have clothes PMP *suluŋ₂

vaka-lacaWayan(OC) have a sail, with sails PAN *layaR

vaka-limaWayan(OC) five times POC *paka-lima₂

vaka-liŋiWayan(OC) pour something (contents) out; empty something (a container); try to pour or empty something PCEMP *liŋi

vaka lovoNggela(OC) airplane; to move, of clouds; float in the air POC *Ropok

vaka-maca-takaFijian(OC) to dry or empty a canoe on shore PMP *maja

vaka-maluWayan(OC) take shelter, seek shade or protection POC *paka-maluRu

vaka-matakuWayan(OC) be fearsome, frightening, terrifying; be dreadful, terribly bad, wicked; be dangerous; be formidable, powerful, commanding respect PMP *paka-takut

vaka-matauFijian(OC) cleverly, in a right-handed way PMP *ma-taqu₂

vaka-mateFijian(OC) go out, of a light POC *paka-mate

vaka-mate-aFijian(OC) put to death, kill; extinguish a light POC *paka-mate-ia

vaka-mātua-niWayan(OC) let something mature or ripen; to mature something; what matures POC *matuqa

vaka-mimiFijian(OC) to make water run in a small stream PMP *mimi

vaka-nanaFijian(OC) having pus PMP *nanaq

vakaŋ-enItbayaten(WMP) to entertain, to amuse (to divert attention of someone) PPH *bakaŋ₂

vaka-ŋusuWayan(OC) have a mouth, beak, snout, spout, etc. PAN *ŋusuq

vaka-onoFijian(OC) six times POC *paka-onom

vaka-osooso-takaFijian(OC) crowd together POC *osok

vaka-oso-raFijian(OC) to fill, as a crowd does POC *osok

vakaraBali (Uneapa)(OC) root POC *wakaR-a

(vaka)-raraŋ-aFijian(OC) to warm food again by placing it near a fire; to sear up banana leaves around food PMP *daŋdaŋ₁

vaka-riri-ŋaFijian(OC) to boil a thing POC *ririq

vaka-roko-rokoWayan(OC) be respectful, show reverence or respect; be bent, stooping, with a stoop or bow POC *roko-roko

vaka-roŋoWayan(OC) listen; obey, take heed of what one is told POC *paka-roŋoR

vaka-ro-roŋoFijian(OC) to hear, listen, obey POC *paka-roŋoR

vaka-ruaFijian(OC) twice POC *paka-rua

vakasKadazan Dusun(WMP) strong PMP *bakas₁

vaka-sala-takaFijian(OC) to point the way, show, advise, warn POC *jalan

vaka sali-aFijian(OC) to drain PMP *saliR

vaka-sivo-yaFijian(OC) to dismiss, depose POC *paka-sipo

vakatMurut (Tagol)(WMP) root (of a tree) PMP *wakat

vaka-tabe-tabe-aFijian(OC) to test the weight of something in the hands; to life a boat out of shallow water POC *tabe

vaka-tā-kilāFijian(OC) to show, make known, reveal PAN *kilala

vaka-taŋiWayan(OC) to cause tears, be the cause of sorrow PMP *paka-taŋis

vaka-taŋi-taŋiWayan(OC) pretend to cry, put on a crying act PMP *taŋis

vaka-tokaWayan(OC) be brought ashore or beached POC *toka₃

vaka-toluFijian(OC) three times POC *paka-tolu

vaka-toluWayan(OC) be three times, thrice POC *paka-tolu

vaka-tovo-tovoWayan(OC) do an experiment or test POC *topoŋ

vaka-turaŋaFijian(OC) belonging to a chief, chiefly, of chiefly rank, noble POC *turaŋa

vakauKadazan Dusun(WMP) climbing plants (tough), twiners, lianas PWMP *bakehaw

vaka-uaWayan(OC) have big waves washing to it, be covered with big waves POC *Ruap

vaka-vāFijian(OC) four times POC *paka-pat

vaka-vicaFijian(OC) how many times? POC *paka-pica

vaka-vicaWayan(OC) how many times? how often? POC *paka-pica

vaka-vili-Wayan(OC) try to pick up or gather something PAN *piliq

vaka-vituFijian(OC) seven times PMP *paka-pitu

vaka-vuniFijian(OC) secretly, on the sly POC *puni₂

vaka-vut-i-takaFijian(OC) pull off old thatch preparatory to putting on new POC *puput-i

vaka-vū-vūFijian(OC) clear the throat POC *buu₄

vaka-waluFijian(OC) eight times PMP *paka-walu

vaka-watiFijian(OC) marry POC *wati₂

vaka-yaca-naFijian(OC) to name PMP *pa(ka)-ajan

vakesItbayaten(WMP) idea of being female PPH *bakes₂

vakiHoanya(Formosan) grandfather PAN *baki₂

vā-kila-kilāFijian(OC) to fawn upon one previously despised PAN *kilala

vakolItbayaten(WMP) basket? PWMP *bakul₁

vakoŋItbayaten(WMP) Crinum asiaticum L., a plant similar to the lily with white flower and purple fruit. It is fragrant and said to repel mosquitoes PAN *bakuŋ₁

vakuGabadi(OC) stone POC *patu

vakuNgadha(CMP) kind of pandanus PMP *bakuŋ₂

vā-kutuWayan(OC) have lice, be infested with lice, be lousy PMP *kutu₁

valApma(OC) house POC *pale

valMota(OC) to refrain from certain food as a sign of mourning PMP *baliw₃

valNalik(OC) house PMP *balay

valaItbayaten(WMP) chips produced in lumbering, small chips cut off from wood by axe PWMP *bala₁

valaMalagasy(WMP) the wooden fence of a cattle pen PMP *bala₂

valaNggela(OC) shoulder; collarbone POC *qapaRa₁

valʸaPaiwan(Formosan) a plant: Smilax bracteata, S. china PAN *baNaR

*valaPSam(CMP) hand PMP *baRa₁

valahanaMalagasy(WMP) loins PWMP *balakaŋ

valálaMalagasy(WMP) locust, grasshopper PWMP *balalaŋ₁

valalaNggela(OC) handle; cross handle of an adze POC *paRara

valaŋaPaiwan(Formosan) a mortar PAN *balaŋa

valaŋa-laŋaPaiwan(Formosan) miniature mortar (for betel nut) PAN *balaŋa

vala (OG)Fijian(OC) to fight POC *(bp)ala₂

valharəSaaroa(Formosan) a plant: Smilax china PAN *baNaR

valʸasPaiwan(Formosan) male, of animal (somewhat obscene) PAN *baNaS

valatFordata(CMP) answer, repay, requite PAN *bales₁

vaɭauRukai (Mantauran)(Formosan) a plant: Smilax sp. PAN *baNaw

vala-valaMolima(OC) get dry; to heat, of sun or fire POC *(bp)ala₁

*vaLayPRuk(Formosan) thread PAN *walay

valeFijian(OC) house POC *pale

valeMarino(OC) house POC *pale

valeNggela(OC) house POC *pale

valearuTolai(OC) a vine: Merremia peltata POC *paliaRua

valeŋPaiwan(Formosan) pickled meat (preserved with salt, water, and millet beer dregs) PAN *baleŋ₂

valetPaiwan(Formosan) oppose someone, talk or strike back; do in return; trade places with; return a visit; oppose, take revenge PAN *bales₁

valiBunun(Formosan) sun PAN *waRi₁

vaɬiBunun (Isbukun)(Formosan) sun PAN *waRi₁

valiCheke Holo(OC) stingray POC *paRi

valiLi'o(CMP) restore, equalize a loss, win back what was lost in a game PMP *baliw₄

valiMolima(OC) stingray POC *paRi

valiLakalai(OC) to mourn PMP *baliw₃

valiLakalai(OC) to cut, as wood or a leaf, from a tree; remove all the limbs from a tree POC *paRi₃

valiLakalai(OC) apply paint, feathers, or other surface adornment to the head or body POC *wali₁

valiLakalai(OC) to apply paint, feathers, etc. to the head or body POC *pani₂

valiNgadha(CMP) again, further, besides, moreover PMP *balik₂

valiNggela(OC) a species of fish, ray, skate POC *paRi

valiNiue(OC) to paint, whitewash POC *wali₁

valiPaiwan(Formosan) wind, air PAN *bali₃

*valiPAmb(CMP) turn around PMP *balik₂

valiSamoan(OC) paint; apply a coat of plaster, concrete, whitewash, etc.; paint, dye; make-up, cosmetics; house paint POC *wali₁

valiTongan(OC) paint or smear (house with paint, sore with iodine) POC *wali₁

valiTuvaluan(OC) paint POC *wali₁

valialaLakalai(OC) a vine: Ipomoea sp. POC *paliaRua

valiciYami(WMP) banyan tree: Ficus caulocarpa PPh *balítiq

valihaNggela(OC) day before yesterday; day after tomorrow; some time ago; by and by, some day POC *waRisa

valihaNggela(OC) day before yesterday; day after tomorrow; some time ago POC *waRisa

valikFordata(CMP) mixture of liquid and dry substances

valikFordata(CMP) mixture of liquid and dry substances PCMP *balik₁

valikYamdena(CMP) mixture of liquid and dry substances PCMP *balik₁

va-limaBugotu(OC) five times PAN *lima

valinoItbayaten(WMP) a vine, Ipomoea pes-caprae (if you cut off the leaves and tie the vine around your belly you will be protected from sea-sickness, nausea, etc.) PPH *balinu

valinoYami(WMP) a type of plant: beach morning glory PPH *balinu

valiriMarovo(OC) generic for several medium-sized dark surgeonfish PMP *qapaliR

valisMota(OC) tall coarse grass; in recent use grass generally and onions POC *palici

valisMota(OC) tall coarse grass; in recent use grass generally and onions POC *palisi₂

valisPapora(Formosan) tusk of wild boar PAN *waNiS

valis-anəRukai (Tona)(Formosan) wild boar PAN *waNiS-an

valísiRukai (Tona)(Formosan) tooth PAN *waNiS

valitiItbayaten(WMP) plant sp. (Moraceae, Ficus stipulosa Miq.) PPh *balítiq

va-liuBugotu(OC) to spread PMP *liu₁

valiweswesItbayaten(WMP) idea of being rotated PPH *baliweswes

váloMalagasy(WMP) plant whose bark affords a useful fiber: Dombeya sp. PMP *balu₁

valoNggela(OC) pierce a hole in a porpoise tooth, so as to string it POC *paRo₁

valoNggela(OC) rob openly, take and keep, refuse to return, an open act, unlike gito, steal POC *paRo₂

valoNggela(OC) to rob openly, take and keep, refuse to return POC *paqaRok

*vaLoPRuk(Formosan) eight PAN *walu

*valoPRuk(Formosan) honeybee PAN *waNu

valo-valoNggela(OC) to rob POC *paRo₂

valuCheke Holo(OC) new PEMP *baqoRu

valuFijian(OC) make war on, be at war with POC *i-palu

valuFijian(OC) to make war on, be at war with POC *palu₄

valuItbayaten(WMP) plant sp.: Thespesia populnea Soland. PMP *balu₁

valuLabuk-Kinabatangan Kadazan(WMP) eight PAN *walu

valuKilivila(OC) place, village, town, country, landscape, environment, world; climate, weather POC *panua

valuLuangiua(OC) eight PAN *walu

valuMota(OC) every POC *palu₆

valuNgadha(CMP) grieve, mourn PMP *baluq

valuNgadha(CMP) widow(er) PMP *balu₄

valuNggela(OC) tree sp. POC *(bp)alu

valuRotuman(OC) eight PAN *walu

valuSamoan(OC) eight PAN *walu

valuTongan(OC) eight PAN *walu

valuWayan(OC) be at war, fight a war POC *palu₄

valu, valuz-iMalagasy(WMP) change, repent PMP *baliw₂

va-luaEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) the second man in a six-man canoe (cf. *duSa 'two') PMP *pa-₁

va-luaMolima(OC) do in pairs PMP *pa-₁

valuhaCheke Holo(OC) paddle POC *paluca

valu-tiWayan(OC) make war on something, fight against something POC *palu₄

valyMalagasy(WMP) the answer to a question or a letter; a reply; a revenge or recompense PAN *bales₁

va-mateBanoni(OC) kill POC *paka-mate

va-mate-aRoviana(OC) kill POC *paka-mate-ia

vanAmblong(OC) to go POC *pano

vanApma(OC) to go POC *pano

vænAxamb(OC) to go POC *pano

vanGitua(OC) give POC *pani₁

vanLonwolwol(OC) go, pass (and so also of time); to continue (to do ...); often; adverbially: away POC *pano

vanMerig(OC) to go POC *pano

vanRirio(OC) to shoot, throw PAN *panaq

vanaFijian(OC) shoot with an arrow or a gun; to pierce PAN *panaq

vanaFordata(CMP) be light, bright PMP *banaqaR

vanaNgadha(CMP) right side PMP *wanan

vanaNggela(OC) shoot with bow and arrow; shoot with a gun (modern) PAN *panaq

vanaSudest(OC) go (Capell 1943:105) POC *pana

vana-hiNggela(OC) shoot with bow and arrow PAN *panaq

vanaləRukai (Tanan)(Formosan) right (side) PAN *wanaN

vananKadazan Dusun(WMP) right hand PMP *wanan

vananKadazan Dusun(WMP) right hand PMP *wanan

vanárəKanakanabu(Formosan) a plant: Smilax china PAN *baNaR

vana-vanaMalagasy(WMP) width of space PMP *baŋa₂

vanawItbayaten(WMP) idea of washing the hands PMP *bañaw

vanaxItbayaten(WMP) fatigue, tiredness PPH *banal

vaneMagori(OC) wing PMP *panid

vaneMolima(OC) climb POC *panek

vaniFijian(OC) to put oil through the hair with one’s fingers POC *pani₂

vaniGabadi(OC) wing PMP *panid

vaniWogeo(OC) give POC *pani₁

vaniZabana(OC) give POC *pani₁

vani-aEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) give POC *pani₁

vanisBunun(Formosan) wild boar PAN *waNiS

vanisaYami(WMP) a tree: Planchonella obovata PPH *banisah

vanisahItbayaten(WMP) a tree: Planchonella obovata PPH *banisah

van meMotlav(OC) Come here! (= ‘walk hither’) POC *mai

vanoBugotu(OC) go, come; used in comparisons: beyond, more POC *pano

van(o)Mota(OC) go, come POC *pano

vanoNggela(OC) away, further off; to go POC *pano

vanuBunun(Formosan) honeybee PAN *waNu

vanuaBugotu(OC) land, island POC *panua

vanuaFijian(OC) land, region, place; used in a number of weather expressions, sa siga na vanua 'it is daylight'; sa bogi na vanua 'it is night' POC *panua

vanuaItbayaten(WMP) landing place, port PMP *banua

vanuaLonggu(OC) people POC *panua

vanuaMarovo(OC) house POC *panua

vanuaMolima(OC) house POC *panua

vanuaMota(OC) land, island, village, place POC *panua

vanuaTabar(OC) house POC *panua

vanuaPokau(OC) land POC *panua

vanua mwotMota(OC) island (lit. ‘land broken off’) POC *motus

vanua pouMolima(OC) residents of a village POC *panua

vanuɣaHula(OC) land POC *panua

vanunuWogeo(OC) shadow; reflection POC *qanunu

vaŋaBugotu(OC) to eat; vegetable food POC *paŋan

vaŋaItbayaten(WMP) earthen pot PPH *baŋaq₂

vaŋaNggela(OC) food, properly vegetable food; to eat, have a meal POC *paŋan

vaŋaNggela(OC) food, properly vegetable food; to eat, have a meal PMP *paŋan

vaŋaYami(WMP) clay pot PPH *baŋaq₂

vaŋa-gaNggela(OC) to bear fruit; fruitful; the contents of anything POC *paŋan

vaŋan-iBali (Uneapa)(OC) to feed POC *paŋan-i

vaŋaniFijian(OC) pet animal; petted POC *paŋan-i

vaŋa ni tahiNggela(OC) food in the sea; fish, shellfish, etc. POC *paŋan

vaŋasKanakanabu(Formosan) a tree: Melia azedarach PAN *baŋaS

vaŋasPaiwan(Formosan) a tree: Melia azedarach PAN *baŋaS

vaŋa-vaŋaNggela(OC) to eat into, of a sore POC *paŋan

vaŋavaŋaRoviana(OC) enlarge the cuts made with an axe, as when felling a tree POC *paŋa₂

vaŋesAmis (Kiwit)(Formosan) skin PAN *baŋeS

vaŋgaNggela(OC) to split, from the heat of the sun POC *pagaq

vaŋiNgadha(CMP) to smell (badly) PMP *baŋehih

vaŋodaBugotu(OC) hunt for shellfish on the reef POC *paŋoda

vaŋonItbayaten(WMP) idea of getting up from sleep PMP *baŋun₂

vaŋonYami(WMP) to help someone up out of bed PMP *baŋun₂

vaŋondaNggela(OC) to collect food on the reef POC *paŋoda

vaŋunKadazan Dusun(WMP) come about, get existence PMP *baŋun₂

vaŋun-iEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) to awake, arise POC *paŋun

vaŋunuRoviana(OC) awake POC *paŋun

vaŋ-vaŋPaiwan(Formosan) chest cavity (anatomical) PAN *baRaŋ

vaoAnuta(OC) grass POC *wao

vaoFijian(OC) a plant: Bleekeria elliptica POC *paqo

vaoNggela(OC) wild banana POC *paqo

vaoNiue(OC) forest, waste place, desolate area; area where gardens are made POC *wao

vaoNukuoro(OC) wilderness, uninhabited place POC *wao

vaoRotuman(OC) grove, forest, large number of trees or big plants growing together POC *wao

vaoSamoan(OC) bush, forest; weeds; tall grass POC *wao

vaoTongan(OC) forest, bush-land, scrub, land or tract of land in its natural uncultivated state POC *wao

vaoMota(OC) a heliconium POC *paqo

vaodYami(WMP) tie up (as a fox) PPH *balud

va-oliBugotu(OC) exchange; in turn PMP *pa-uliq

vaoluLonggu(OC) new PEMP *baqoRu

vaoluNggela(OC) new; young, fresh, beautiful, in one's prime; renew PEMP *baqoRu

vaolu-naTalise(OC) new PEMP *baqoRu

vao motuaNiue(OC) the original dense forest, virgin bush POC *matuqa

vao-vaoNggela(OC) species of shrub with large leaves POC *paqo

vao-vaoRotuman(OC) strongly growing creeper POC *waRoc waRoc

va-puneAraki(OC) red-bellied fruit dove: Ptilinopus greyii POC *bune

vaqesiŋPaiwan(Formosan) a sneeze PAN *baqeSiŋ

vaqu-anPaiwan(Formosan) new PAN *baqeRuh

var-Mota(OC) prefix, 1. of reciprocity, 2. of plurality (e.g. children crying all together) PEMP *paRi-

varNorth Ambrym(OC) spongy kernel of a mature coconut PMP *para

var, variMota(OC) stingray POC *paRi

var, varuMota(OC) a tree: Hibiscus tiliaceus POC *paRu

varaFijian(OC) spongy flesh in the kernel of a coconut before it shoots; a coconut in this stage or just shooting PMP *para

varaʔKanakanabu(Formosan) lung PAN *baRaq₁

varaMota(OC) the shoot, plumule, of the cocoanut, as it forms first within the nut, afterwards when it shoots outside, and finally as growing up from the radicle PMP *para

varaMota(OC) to tread, stamp, walk; to measure by feet POC *paRas

varaNgadha(CMP) misfortune, disaster PMP *baraq

varaNgadha(CMP) wind, storm; stormy PMP *habaRat

varaNggela(OC) a fallen coconut beginning to grow and showing leaf PMP *para

vaRaPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) glowing embers PAN *baRah

varaRaga(OC) step POC *paRas

varaWindesi(SHWNG) hand PMP *baRa₁

varaʔaSaaroa(Formosan) charcoal PAN *baRah

vaRaHPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) lung PAN *baRaq₁

varah-iRaga(OC) step heavily, stamp (in dance, etc.); tread on, step in, straddle POC *paRas

varaneRoviana(OC) brave, bold POC *paRane

vara-ŋkVartavo(OC) hand POC *paRa₃

vararaRoviana(OC) wooden handle, as of an axe, etc. POC *paRara

varasMota(OC) to stamp for something; to trample on; to trample to death, as intruders in a gamal (men’s house) POC *paRas

varatItbayaten(WMP) idea of blockage, shield, barrier PAN *barat₁

varatraMalagasy(WMP) thunder, thunderbolt PMP *habaRat

vareSiraya(Formosan) wind PAN *bali₃

vaReHPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) to swell PAN *baReq

v-ar-eŋveŋPaiwan (Western)(Formosan) blazing, of fire PAN *b<aR>eŋbeŋ

varesPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) avenge, retaliate PAN *bales₁

variBilibil(OC) a few days back POC *waRi₂

vari-Bugotu(OC) prefix denoting reciprocity PEMP *paRi-

variBugotu(OC) heir, heritage; to inherit POC *pari₂

variNgadha(CMP) warm oneself in the sun; dry in the sun PAN *waRi₁

variNggela(OC) an heir POC *pari₂

variPeterara(OC) stingray POC *paRi

variPiamatsina(OC) stingray POC *paRi

variPuyuma(Formosan) wind PAN *bali₃

variRoviana(OC) wood rasp POC *pari₁

variPapora(Formosan) wind PAN *bali₃

vari-aFijian(OC) scale a fish; scratch POC *pari₁

*variliPWil(OC) grass (Goodenough 1961) POC *palici

*variliPWil(OC) grass (Goodenough 1961) POC *palisi₂

vari-pukuNggela(OC) tie a knot POC *buku

variraPanayati(OC) before (in time) POC *waRisa

varitItbayaten(WMP) a kind of rattan (tying material) PPH *barit

vari-voseRoviana(OC) to race POC *pose

vaRiwPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) typhoon PAN *baRiuS

varoFijian(OC) to file, saw, or rasp POC *paro

va-roŋoBugotu(OC) to hear, listen to, obey POC *pa-roŋoR

varo-varoMotu(OC) vines of all kinds; veins, arteries, tendons POC *waRoc waRoc

varuAnuta(OC) eight PAN *walu

varuRarotongan(OC) eight PAN *walu

varuRoviana(OC) a tree: Hibiscus tiliaceus POC *paRu

va-ruaEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) the second man in a six man canoe POC *rua

va-rua-iBugotu(OC) twice, second time POC *rua

varukItbayaten(WMP) a plant (Butaceae, Zanthoxylum integrifolium Merrill), used as caulking material in boats PMP *baruk

vasBintulu(WMP) husked rice PMP *beRas

vasPaamese(OC) give birth, have a child POC *pasu₃

vasSoutheast Ambrym(OC) to launder POC *pasoq

vasaFijian(OC) a plant: Cerbera odollam POC *pasa(rR)

vasaItbayaten(WMP) idea of being wet PMP *baseq

vasaSamoan(OC) open sea, ocean POC *sawaŋ₂

vasaŋaBanoni(OC) name POC *acan

vasaraMarovo(OC) a plant: Vitex cofassus POC *pasa(rR)

vasaraPatpatar(OC) a plant: Vitex cofassus POC *pasa(rR)

vasayLabuk-Kinabatangan Kadazan(WMP) waterfall PWMP *besay

vasbas-anItbayaten(WMP) to cleanse off bad luck and to bless (somebody or something) with holy water; to wash the afflicted portion for counter-witchery PWMP *basbas₄

vasiFijian(OC) to plant yams in the same ground two or more years in succession POC *pasi

-vasiKilivila(OC) four PCEMP *pat-i

vasiUruava(OC) four PEMP *pat

va-soso-vMota(OC) to push on, as by shoving into a pack POC *sosok

vasuBileki(OC) forehead POC *pasu₂

vasuMori Atas(WMP) stone PMP *batu

vasuPadoe(WMP) stone PMP *batu

vasu-vasu-Arosi(OC) eyebrow POC *pasu₂

vasvasKavalan(Formosan) to water (plants) PAN *basbas₂

vatBintulu(WMP) heavy PMP *beReqat

vatLakona(OC) stone POC *patu

vatLametin(OC) four PCEMP *pat-i

vatMerig(OC) stone POC *patu

vatPaiwan(Formosan) seed, kernel, grain; testicles PAN *beRas

vatPeterara(OC) stone POC *patu

vataFijian(OC) shelf, loft, platform; bed in a corner of a native house PMP *pa(n)tar₂

va-tabu-tabu-aVitu(OC) to forbid POC *tabu

va-tabu-tabu-aVitu(OC) to forbid POC *paka-tabu

va-tadaBugotu(OC) to raise up, set up, turn right way up; to set one’s shield against an enemy POC *tadra

va-tadaBugotu(OC) raise up, set up, turn right way up; set one’s shield against the enemy POC *tadal

vátanaMalagasy(WMP) a body; trunk of a tree; the real thing PMP *bataŋ

vatan-oronaMalagasy(WMP) bridge of the nose PWMP *bataŋ qijuŋ

vataŋKadazan Dusun(WMP) log PMP *bataŋ

vata-vatalaMolima(OC) canoe platform PMP *pa(n)tar₂

vatekYami(WMP) design PMP *batek

v"atiMafea(OC) four PCEMP *pat-i

vatiMagori(OC) four PCEMP *pat-i

vatiNggela(OC) four PCEMP *pat-i

vatiNokuku(OC) four PCEMP *pat-i

vatiMalmariv(OC) four PCEMP *pat-i

vati-vatiNggela(OC) four each POC *pati pati

vatoItbayaten(WMP) stone PMP *batu

vatoMalagasy(WMP) stone; weights PMP *batu

vatoNggela(OC) species of grub eaten as food on Mala POC *qapator

vatoWogeo(OC) roof, thatch POC *qatop

vatoYami(WMP) kidneys PMP *batu₂

vato afoMalagasy(WMP) fireflint, generally a kind of siliceous sinter or common opal PMP *batu hapuy

vàto asànaMalagasy(WMP) stone used for grinding knives, etc., a grindstone PMP *hasaq

va-toliuMota(OC) three PEMP *tolu

va-toliuMota(OC) third POC *pa-tolu

va-tolu-iBugotu(OC) third, third time PEMP *tolu

va-tolu-iBugotu(OC) third, third time POC *pa-tolu

va-tolu-ñaBugotu(OC) third PEMP *tolu

va-tolu-ñaBugotu(OC) third POC *pa-tolu

vatotoMota(OC) pins which fasten the yoke-pieces to the outrigger of a canoe PEMP *patoto

vatotoWayan(OC) sticks fastening the outrigger (cama) to the booms which connect it to the hull of a canoe PEMP *patoto

va-to-towa-naGumawana(OC) to imitate POC *toa

vatoyItbayaten(WMP) idea of being in a line PPH *batuR₂

vatsalʸPaiwan(Formosan) a deep pool; lake (Western Paiwan) PAN *waCaN

vatsa-vatsalʸPaiwan (Western)(Formosan) small pond PAN *waCa-waCaN

vatsiBasai(Formosan) wind PAN *bali₃

vatsiTrobiawan(Formosan) wind PAN *bali₃

vatuBali (Uneapa)(OC) stone POC *patu

vatuBonerate(WMP) stone PMP *batu

vatuBungku(WMP) stone PMP *batu

vatuDusun Witu(WMP) stone PMP *batu

vatuFijian(OC) stone POC *patu

vatuKadazan Dusun(WMP) plait, weave PMP *batuR₁

vatuKadazan Dusun(WMP) stone PMP *batu

vatuLabuk-Kinabatangan Kadazan(WMP) stone PMP *batu

vatuKilivila(OC) big stone; rock POC *patu

vatuMoronene(WMP) stone PMP *batu

vatuNggela(OC) stone, rock; made of stone POC *patu

vatu aliNggela(OC) pumice; limestone POC *patu

vatu lakeNggela(OC) coral that irritates the skin POC *lake

vatuʔuSaaroa(Formosan) stone PAN *batux

vatu-vatuNggela(OC) rocky area POC *patu

vatu-xToak(OC) head POC *batuk

vatuʔuSaaroa(Formosan) stone PAN *batux

vauBunun(Formosan) eight PAN *walu

vauFijian(OC) a tree: Hibiscus tiliaceus POC *paRu

vauFijian(OC) Kleinhovia hospita POC *pau

vauHote(OC) bear a child, give birth; bear fruit POC *pasu₃

vauNakanamanga(OC) new PEMP *baqoRu

(v)auTahitian(OC) 1sg. nominative pronoun: I PAN *aku

vauTolai(OC) Kleinhovia hospita POC *pau

vau-caFijian(OC) to tie, bind PCEMP *paqus₂

vau-hiRaga(OC) to tie, bind PCEMP *paqus₂

vaumTolai(OC) Pandanius dubius POC *pakum

vaʔúruKanakanabu(Formosan) new PAN *baqeRuh

vau-vahuNggela(OC) eyebrow POC *pasu₂

vauʔBunun (Isbukun)(Formosan) eight PAN *walu

vavaFijian(OC) carry a child on the back POC *papa₁

vā-vāFijian(OC) all four POC *pati pati

vavaFordata(CMP) beneath, south PMP *babaq₁

vavaFordata(CMP) mouth PMP *baqbaq

vavaLonggu(OC) speak POC *papaq₂

vavaMalagasy(WMP) mouth; fig. speech PMP *baqbaq

vavaMota(OC) speak, say POC *papaq₂

vā-vāWayan(OC) tree taxon, probably Heliconis sp.; tall banana-like herb POC *paqo

vavaWedau(OC) downwards, towards the sea (King 1901) POC *papaq₃

va-vaiGitua(OC) to weave (a basket) POC *pai₂

va-vai-anPaiwan(Formosan) woman, female person PAN *ba-bahi

va-vala, vala-valaNggela(OC) crosswise POC *baRat, paRat

va-valu-naMisima(OC) new PEMP *baqoRu

va vaŋun-iaRoviana(OC) to wake a person POC *paŋun-ia

va-vaoluLonggu(OC) renew PEMP *baqoRu

vavapaMota(OC) kind of crawfish POC *papaba

vavatraMalagasy(WMP) opened, untied (of something like a clasp-hold, or lid-fast or a fast knot) PWMP *bajbaj

vavawPaiwan(Formosan) up, above PAN *babaw₃

vaviFijian(OC) bake food in a native oven POC *papi

vaviNgadha(CMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

vavi levuNgadha(CMP) domesticated pig PMP *babuy lebu

vavinMarau₁(SHWNG) woman PMP *ba-b<in>ahi

vavinTalaud(WMP) woman PMP *ba-b<in>ahi

vavin(a)Moor(SHWNG) woman PMP *ba-b<in>ahi

vavineBugotu(OC) man’s sister; woman’s brother POC *papine

vavineMota(OC) woman; female POC *papine

vavineNggela(OC) sister of a man, brother of a woman; all of this standing in one’s clan POC *papine

vavineHula(OC) woman POC *papine

vavine-naPapapana(OC) elder sister (man speaking) POC *papine

vavi(ŋ)Ansus(SHWNG) woman PMP *ba-b<in>ahi

(va)-vitu-ñaBugotu(OC) seventh PAN *pitu₁

vavoNgadha(CMP) atmosphere, surface (as of water); above, on, over PAN *babaw₃

vavoNggela(OC) to weed POC *papo₂

vavoPadoe(WMP) above PAN *babaw₃

va-vonuBugotu(OC) to fill POC *pa-ponuq

va-voruSerui-Laut(SHWNG) new PEMP *baqoRu

va-vouDusner(SHWNG) new PEMP *baqoRu

vavoySiraya(Formosan) domesticated pig PAN *babuy₃

vavuFordata(CMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

va-vuhaBugotu(OC) to beget, bring forth, produce, make, create POC *pusa₁

vavúluKanakanabu(Formosan) pig PAN *babuy₃

va vura-iaRoviana(OC) cause to appear, reveal POC *pura

vavuyMa'anyan(WMP) wild pig PAN *babuy₃

vavuyPaiwan(Formosan) wild pig: Sus taivanus PAN *babuy₃

*vavu(y)PAmb(CMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

vavuyPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) wild pig PAN *babuy₃

vávyMalagasy(WMP) a female; feminine PAN *ba-bahi

vawBintulu(WMP) new PMP *baqeRu

vawBintulu(WMP) stench PMP *bahu

vaxaŋaItbayaten(WMP) small clay plate for food (sweet potato, yam, rice, meat, etc.) PAN *balaŋa

vaxatichItbayaten(WMP) fishing rod used at night near the shore by standing on an elevated rock PWMP *bala(n)tik

vaxayItbayaten(WMP) house, building PMP *balay

vaxodItbayaten(WMP) idea of bondage, being tied PPH *balud

vaxonItbayaten(WMP) provisions; take-out lunch PWMP *balun₂

vaxor-enItbayaten(WMP) to tie up (pig, crab, and the like) PPH *balud-en

vaxosaItbayaten(WMP) eggplant: Solanum procumbens Lour. (eaten raw or cooked); unexuded egg of turtle PPH *basula

vaxoyoItbayaten(WMP) a species of plant PWMP *baluRu

vayaFijian(OC) small fish like the daniva (similar to a sardine), but with a red tail PMP *paya

vayah-enItbayaten(WMP) to heat red-hot PMP *baRah

vayatItbayaten(WMP) idea of meeting another PPH *baRat

v-ay-eŋveŋItbayaten(WMP) rain pipe, spout PAN *b<aR>eŋbeŋ

vayoyItbayaten(WMP) a plant used to make parts of boat or tools: Pterospermum niveum Vidal PMP *bayuR

vayoyYami(WMP) type of plant: Pterospermum PMP *bayuR

vaʔyuItbayaten(WMP) new, recent; neophyte, novice PMP *baqeRu

vayuItbayaten(WMP) fiber-producing tree: Hibiscus gumamela sp. PMP *baRu

vayuaŋMa'anyan(WMP) bear PWMP *baRuaŋ

vazanaMalagasy(WMP) double teeth, molars PMP *baReqaŋ

vaziraVitu(OC) formerly, in the past, long time ago POC *waRisa

vazo ~ vazo-vazoVitu(OC) to plant POC *pasok

vazoh-iaVitu(OC) to be planted POC *pasok

vazokGitua(OC) to plant POC *pasok

vaʔaMoor(SHWNG) stone PMP *batu

vaʔiDonggo(CMP) grandmother PAN *baqi

vaʔtiñItbayaten(WMP) catch it (by the leg)! PPH *batiŋ


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veTape(OC) do, make, cause POC *pait

veaMori Atas(WMP) husked rice PMP *beRas

veahDusun Witu(WMP) husked rice PMP *beRas

vécRirio(OC) four PEMP *pat

vedvedItbayaten(WMP) idea of tying, tying material; bundle, bind PMP *bejbej₂

vedver-en, vedved-enItbayaten(WMP) to wind, roll up, tie, tie up, bind together, to bind, bundle the leaves of tobacco, tie the jaw of the dead by a piece of cloth PPh *bejbej-en

və'əraKanakanabu(Formosan) husked rice PAN *beRas

vehaNggeri(OC) defecate POC *bekas₄

véhanaMalagasy(WMP) the space from the end of the thumb to the end of the first finger when stretched out PMP *be(ŋ)kaŋ

veiBiga(SHWNG) water PCEMP *waiR

veiDonggo(CMP) give PMP *beRay

veiFijian(OC) interrogative noun, asking place where? PMP *pai₁

vei-Fijian(OC) a prefix. Added to nouns it forms a collective plural (vale 'house', vei-vale 'a group of houses'). Added to verbs it makes reciprocals. It may also be added to names of relationships to produce a reciprocal sense: vei-taci-ni 'brother and sister', the taci relationship PEMP *paRi-

veiGabadi(OC) water PCEMP *waiR

veiMekeo (East)(OC) river PCEMP *waiR

veiMisima(OC) to plait POC *pai₂

veiNggela(OC) where, which, usually i vei PMP *pai₁

vei-dio-dioFijian(OC) of a rock, covered with oysters POC *tiRom

vei dranu-miFijian(OC) the place where the tide meets the fresh water of a river POC *ranum

veinaoRoro(OC) steal POC *painako

veinauMuyuw(OC) steal POC *painako

veineWogeo(OC) woman POC *papine

vei-rara-yakiFijian(OC) of two persons, each lying on one side of a fire PMP *daŋdaŋ₁

vei sāFijian(OC) a pair, couple; a thing given in exchange POC *soRa

vei-tama-niFijian(OC) father and son relationship: applied to animals (cp. also Toba Batak par-ama-on 'relationship of children to their father') POC *paRi-tama

vei-vatuFijian(OC) groups of rocks, rocky country POC *patu

vei-vatu-vatuFijian(OC) stony place; shoulder-blade; slate for writing; coral POC *patu

vei-vuniFijian(OC) hide-and-seek, a game POC *puni₂

veke-ciWayan(OC) to defecate in or on something POC *bekeR₂

vela, velavelaFijian(OC) interjection of surprise POC *pela pela

velaqPaiwan(Formosan) a slit, rip; vulva PAN *belaq

velarFordata(CMP) unfold, unroll, spread out, open a book; be unfolded, unrolled, spread out PMP *bekelaj

velar-anaMalagasy(WMP) used of that on which anything is spread, as a floor on which a mat is put; wide PWMP *bekelaj-an

velarinaMalagasy(WMP) be spread, be opened, be spread out PWMP *bekelaj-en

velatraMalagasy(WMP) exhibition of the inside of something by spreading it out PMP *bekelaj

velavelaRoviana(OC) to shout, as an official at a gathering, a man in anger, etc. POC *pela pela

veliFordata(CMP) brideprice PMP *beli

veliPaiwan(Formosan) buy, sell PAN *beli

veliawaWayan(OC) a vine: Merremia peltata POC *paliaRua

velukFordata(CMP) use fire to help straighten a curved bamboo PMP *beluk

velʸvelʸPaiwan(Formosan) banana PAN *beNbeN

velʸelemPaiwan(Formosan) cloud shadows; overcast PAN *beNelem

venaNgadha(CMP) lower side, under; lower half; outside (of a door, a village) PMP *bena

venanPaiwan(Formosan) deer (gen.); Cervus unicolor swinhoei PAN *benan

v-en-a-viyaTPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) draw a bow to its full extent; pull to pieces (e.g. the legs of a chicken) PAN *biaC

veŋbeŋItbayaten(WMP) plug PWMP *beŋbeŋ

veŋinPaiwan(Formosan) night (as occurrence) PAN *beRŋi-n

veŋveŋPaiwan(Formosan) wind-screen, shelter PAN *beŋbeŋ₁

verMerig(OC) stingray POC *paRi

verMosina(OC) stingray POC *paRi

verVatrata(OC) stingray POC *paRi

vera-Lonwolwol(OC) hand of, arm of POC *paRa₃

veRasPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) husked rice PAN *beRas

-veRayPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) give PAN *beRay

verberItbayaten(WMP) hurrying, rushing PMP *berber₁

verɛ-Lonwolwol(OC) handle of - POC *paRara

verekPuyuma(Formosan) domesticated pig (Ferrell 1969) PAN *beRek

veresNaman(OC) step on POC *paRas

veRHaŋPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) molar tooth PAN *beReqaŋ

-veRŋawPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) bluebottle fly PAN *beRŋaw

vesPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) whizzing sound, as of a flying bird, or of wind PAN *bes

vesi (dü)Fijian(OC) a tree: Intsia bijuga POC *pesi

vesi (wai)Wayan(OC) a tree: Pongamia pinnata POC *pesi

vetApma(OC) stone POC *patu

vetSio(OC) make, do POC *pait

vetauFijian(OC) a tree: Ochrocarpus odoratus yielding a dye and a useful timber POC *pitaquR

vetiNgadha(CMP) calf of the leg PCEMP *betis

vetsikPaiwan(Formosan) writing; tattoo; design (carved, beadwork, etc.) PAN *beCik

vetsuPaiwan(Formosan) callus PAN *beCu

vetuʔAmis(Formosan) callus (Ferrell 1969) PAN *beCu

vevaFordata(CMP) wind around, wrap around PMP *bejbej₂

vevne-Sye(OC) sister of a man POC *papine

ve-voruAmbai(SHWNG) new PEMP *baqoRu

ve-voruAnsus(SHWNG) new PEMP *baqoRu

ve-voruWoi(SHWNG) new PEMP *baqoRu

veʔVatrata(OC) stone POC *patu


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vhonaTsou(Formosan) right (not left) PAN *waNan


TOP      va    ve    vh    vi    vl    vn    vo    vr    vu    


viBonkovia(OC) stingray POC *paRi

vi-Southeast Ambrym(OC) where, which POC *pia

viaBonkovia(OC) how much/how many? POC *pica

viaFijian(OC) generic name of the giant arums of the genera Alocasia and Cyrtosperma Araceae. Kinds: via dranu 'Alocasia indica', via ŋaŋa, via kana 'Cyrtosperma edule', via mila 'Alocasia indica, edible' POC *piRaq₂

viaFijian(OC) an auxiliary verb expressing desire PMP *pian

viaFijian(OC) an auxiliary verb expressing desire PMP *pia₃

viaFijian(OC) kind of broad fish with large breast fins POC *piRa₂

viaKilivila(OC) variety of taro POC *piRaq₂

viaMalagasy(WMP) large species of arum PMP *biRaq₁

viaNggela(OC) wherever, of whatever kind, where, what, which POC *pia

viʔaRukai (Mantauran)(Formosan) wild taro: Alocasia macrorrhiza PAN *biRaq₁

viaWayan(OC) be ready to spawn, have roe; fish eggs, roe POC *biRa

viahoItbayaten(WMP) reeds, Miscanthus floridulus (Labill) Warb., Gramineae, Miscanthus japonicus Anders. (used to make torches used in night fishing or hunting). viaho is the term for the plant, while snasah is the term for the plant as material in house-building, etc., and seksek is the term for reeds used between vonots in thatching a roof. In building a house a sort of mat made of viaho (called nidker a viaho or insen a viaho) which is knit with ahway string, is put on the lumber structure toab, pakaw (common rafter), paŋanivokan (pole plate), rekran (purlin), sapawan (ridgepole), etc. In childbirth the mamihay (midwife) cuts a one-coil length of the umbilical cord with a sharpened viaho which must have a red pith. In gathering viaho the plant must be cut from below PAN *biRaSu

viakFordata(CMP) split in two; tear, rend PMP *biqak

viakKadazan Dusun(WMP) split by itself (of long things) PMP *biqak

via-luaFijian(OC) to feel sick PMP *luaq

viaqPaiwan(Formosan) leaf used in rites (may be of various plants) PAN *biRaq₁

viā-toluWayan(OC) be every third one PEMP *tolu

vicaFijian(OC) interrogative numeral, how many?, and indefinite, so many, as in ‘a certain number of days’ (unspecified) POC *pica

vicaWayan(OC) how many?, how much?; be a small number or amount: a few, a bit POC *pica

vica-saŋavuluFijian(OC) how many tens? POC *pica

vichladItbayaten(WMP) spread out, unroll, unfold, unfurl PPh *bik(e)laj

viciFijian(OC) to bind, roll up, coil POC *pisi₁

vicikoFijian(OC) the flesh, the lean of meat as against uro, the fat; the grain of lumber POC *pijiko

vicikoFijian(OC) flesh, the lean of meat as against the fat; the grain of timber POC *pisiko

vicikoWayan(OC) flesh, meat; muscles; be meaty, full of substance POC *pisiko

vicoFijian(OC) a wild sugarcane: Erianthus maximus POC *piso₁

vicoFijian(OC) a wild sugarcane: Erianthus maximus POC *pijo

vico-vicoFijian(OC) the navel POC *piso₂

vidaFijian(OC) to split, of certain things only POC *pidak

vidaFijian(OC) to split, of certain things only PMP *pi(n)tak

vidaFijian(OC) to split, of certain things only PMP *pitak₃

vidiFijian(OC) jump, spring, fly up; of animal, to run at full gallop; of sap or gum, to ooze out; of water, to sound like drips POC *pintik

vidiFijian(OC) to jump, spring, fly up POC *pidik

vidi-kaFijian(OC) to fillip POC *pintik

vidi-kaFijian(OC) to fillip POC *pidik

vidi vidiFijian(OC) kind of sea-prawn, so called because it jumps POC *pitik-pitik

vídyMalagasy(WMP) fish sp. PWMP *bilis

vídyMalagasy(WMP) price, value PMP *bili

vigbigSiraya(Formosan) lips PAN *biRbiR

vihayItbayaten(WMP) life PWMP *bihaR

vihay-enItbayaten(WMP) start the engine, make alive PPh *bihaR-en

vihiMisima(OC) be cracked POC *piti

vihikoNortheast Ambae(OC) flesh POC *pisiko

vihoMotlav(OC) Saccharum spontaneum POC *pijo

vihoRaga(OC) Saccharum edule POC *pijo

viiItbayaten(WMP) idea of lateral imbalance (of boats and the like) PAN *biqiR

vikaMagori(OC) how much/how many? POC *pica

vī-kai-kaiWayan(OC) bush, forest, woods POC *kayu-kayu

vī-kila-tiWayan(OC) know each other, be acquainted PAN *kilala

vikirOnin(CMP) tail PAN *ikuR

vilaKilivila(OC) how many? POC *pica

vilaKove(OC) fish eggs, roe POC *piRa₁

vilaMota(OC) lightning POC *pilak₂

vilaMota(OC) lightning POC *bila₂

vilaNggela(OC) to flash, flashing POC *pilak₂

vilaTolo(OC) wild taro POC *piRaq₂

vilaIbatan(WMP) sail of a boat PPh *bik(e)laj

viladYami(WMP) sail of a boat PPh *bik(e)laj

vilaŋItbayaten(WMP) number PAN *bilaŋ₁

v-il-aŋaLakalai(OC) food given as payment to visiting singers and dancers PMP *p<in>aŋan

vilaŋ-anItbayaten(WMP) to count PWMP *bilaŋ-an

vilaŋ-enItbayaten(WMP) to count PWMP *bilaŋ-en

viliBugotu(OC) to choose PAN *piliq

viliBunun(Formosan) left (side) PAN *wiRi

viliFijian(OC) to pick up scattered things, as fallen leaves or fruits PAN *piliq

viliItbayaten(WMP) idea of returning or restoring PAN *wili

viliKilivila(OC) to turn; to make grass skirts; be twisted PMP *pirit

viliMolima(OC) to roll a cigarette POC *piliŋ

viliMolima(OC) roll a cigarette PMP *pirit

viliNggela(OC) to choose, select; to give a judgment, sentence; to collect small things such as shells PAN *piliq

viliPileni(OC) parrot POC *pwirip

viliSamoan(OC) (of thread, top, coin, etc.) spin; drill; revolve, rotate PMP *wirit

viliTongan(OC) to drill, bore PMP *wirit

viliWayan(OC) of something on the surface, especially foodstuff, be picked up, gathered, collected; pick up things; what is picked up PAN *piliq

viliBuma(OC) a parrot: Trichoglossus haematodus, and Palm Lorikeet: Charmosyna palmarum POC *pwirip

vili-aNggela(OC) chosen PMP *piliq-an

vilihLakona(OC) grass POC *palici

vililʸPaiwan(Formosan) be behind (when moving) PAN *biliN

vilinItbayaten(WMP) request, order, command, message, instruction PWMP *bilin

vilin-enItbayaten(WMP) leave something to someone PWMP *bilin

vilisMosina(OC) grass POC *palici

vili-suruRoviana(OC) a small noisy greenish bird often found at coconut and Barringtonia blossoms POC *pwirip

vili-viliNggela(OC) to choose; collect small things PMP *piliq piliq

vili-viliWayan(OC) keep gathering, etc. PMP *piliq piliq

vilo-aMolima(OC) to twist POC *piro-a

viloloFijian(OC) crooked, bent POC *pilolo

viluFijian(OC) small deep-bellied fish like the saqa (trevally, Caranx spp.), but dark in color and with no teeth PMP *pilu

viluNggela(OC) species of palm with umbrella-like leaves POC *piRu

viluWayan(OC) a fish taxon, probably Carangoides PMP *pilu

vilu ŋgereNggela(OC) serrated leaf POC *piRu

vilu-viluLakalai(OC) fan palm: Licuala sp. POC *piRu

vilu-viluNggela(OC) swordfish POC *pilu-pilu

vilu-viluNggela(OC) swordfish PMP *bilu-bilu

vilu-viluNggela(OC) swordfish POC *piRu-piRu

vílyMalagasy(WMP) turned aside from the road or from the point (Provincial) PMP *biliŋ

vímbinaMalagasy(WMP) carried in the hand, led by the hand; to carry in the hand PWMP *biŋbiŋ₁

vi-mutaPiva(OC) to vomit PCEMP *mutaq

vinaFordata(CMP) kind of shellfish PCEMP *bina

vinaMasiwang(CMP) woman, female PAN *b<in>ahi

v<in>a-gila-gilaRoviana(OC) a sign PAN *kilala

vina limaRoviana(OC) fifth PAN *lima

vinányMalagasy(WMP) the confluence of two or more streams or rivers, the mouth of a river PMP *binaŋa

vina-ruaRoviana(OC) second POC *rua

vinauNalik(OC) to steal POC *penako

vinayTrobiawan(Formosan) woman; wife PAN *b<in>ahi

vindiNggela(OC) flick off, slip off, be knocked off; spring back, of elastic, a bowstring, a trap; throb or smart, of a cut; the pulse; be in labor, pain from child bearing POC *pintik

vindiNggela(OC) throb or smart, of a cut, the pulse PMP *pi(n)tik

vindiNggela(OC) to flick off, slip off, be knocked off POC *pidik

vindik-iNggela(OC) flick off, let spring back; grasshopper POC *pintik

vindi-kiNggela(OC) to flick off, let spring back; a grasshopper POC *pidik

vindi-vindiNggela(OC) pain POC *pitik-pitik

v-in-etsik-anPaiwan(Formosan) something which has been written or drawn PAN *b<in>eCik

vine-vineNggela(OC) obstinate, stubborn, disobedient (cp. mane-mane ‘hold one’s head high, put on airs’ < mane ‘male, man’) POC *pine

vinieWandamen(SHWNG) wife PCEMP *b<in>ai

vinitiuMota(OC) skin, bark, husk, rind, shell POC *pinut

vínitraMalagasy(WMP) angry in looks, but not speaking; displeased; strutting in anger PAN *biŋiC

víntanaMalagasy(WMP) tree sp. PWMP *bintaŋ

vintánoMalagasy(WMP) a tree PWMP *bintaŋuR

víntsyMalagasy(WMP) crested kingfisher: Corythornis cristata L. PWMP *binti₁

vinu-Raga(OC) skin, bark, husk, rind POC *pinut

vinuaNggela(OC) Macaranga tanarius POC *pinuan

vinueNortheast Ambae(OC) Macaranga involucrata POC *pinuan

viŋkoŋItbayaten(WMP) bent PMP *biŋkuŋ

vioWest Damar(CMP) water PCEMP *waiR

viókTolai(OC) peep, cheep (Bley 1912) POC *piok

viqi-viqirPaiwan(Formosan) lopsided, off-center PAN *biqiR

virMota(OC) to twist, wring, squeeze with a twist PMP *pirit

viraBimanese(CMP) spread out, unfold (as a mat) PMP *bekelaj

viraFordata(CMP) a tuber which causes itching PMP *biRaq₁

viraHula(OC) how much/how many? POC *pica

viraKeapara(OC) how much/how many? POC *pica

viRawPuyuma(Formosan) Miscanthus sp. PAN *biRaSu

viRaw-RawPuyuma(Formosan) Miscanthus field PAN *biRaSu

vi-reŋitsPaiwan (Western)(Formosan) to grimace (at pain) PAN *reŋiC

viriEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) plait, make a basket PMP *pirit

viriFijian(OC) to throw at, pelt POC *piriŋ₃

viriLonwolwol(OC) to plait (rope, etc.) PMP *pirit

viriLakalai(OC) to constrict, as a python; be mixed up or twisted, of a child's speech; twist, wind up, wind around; too much, a great deal PMP *pirit

viriNggela(OC) bind round and round; puzzling, difficult; English twist tobacco PMP *pirit

viriPaiwan(Formosan) left (direction) PAN *wiRi

viriRarotongan(OC) the motion of turning or twisting or twirling; a drill, a bit, an auger or anything that is used to drill or bore a hole with; turn or twist something around PMP *wirit

virig-iNggela(OC) wind round, of a creeper; put a hitch round, make a sail fast when reefing PMP *pirit

viroFijian(OC) cross-grained, of timber POC *piro

viroMota(OC) to turn, go round, change, turn out of the way POC *piro

viroLakalai(OC) a hollow-stemmed reed: Phragmites spp. POC *pijo

viro-aGilbertese(OC) to twist, to screw, to tighten with a vice POC *piro-a

viro-viro-aFijian(OC) cross-grained, of timber POC *piro-a

viruGhari(OC) waterspout POC *pipirua

viru-viruRoviana(OC) a variety of swordfish smaller than ikutaina (general term for swordfish) POC *piRu-piRu

virvirPaiwan(Formosan) lips PAN *biRbiR

viRviRPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) lips PAN *biRbiR

visKairiru(OC) pitpit, a wild sugarcane with edible fruit: Saccharum spontaneum POC *pijo

visaPeterara(OC) how much/how many? POC *pica

visaMota(OC) how many? so many POC *pica

visiLonwolwol(OC) flesh POC *pijiko

visiMinigir(OC) to tie POC *pisi₁

visiGumawana(OC) to break, crack (of pots) POC *piti

visiɣo-Aore(OC) flesh POC *pisiko

visihoAraki(OC) flesh, meat POC *pisiko

visioMalmariv(OC) meat POC *pisiko

visoBola(OC) knife PMP *pisaw

visoMota(OC) a reed, arundo, with edible flower-heads POC *piso₁

visoTabar(OC) bamboo PMP *pisaw

visoTabar(OC) bamboo POC *pijo

vitbitItbayaten(WMP) carry in suspension at the hand PMP *bitbit₂

vitbit-enItbayaten(WMP) carry suspended from the hand PWMP *bitbit-en

vitiFijian(OC) to break off small branches POC *piti

vitiNggela(OC) lightning flashing on horizon, flash of a torch POC *pitik₂

vitigMota(OC) to pain PMP *pi(n)tik

vitih-iaMalango(OC) to flash, of lightning POC *pitik₂

vī-tiŋgeWayan(OC) game of throwing reed darts; to play this game POC *tika

vī-tio-tioWayan(OC) place with many oysters, an oyster colony POC *tiRom

vitiuPeterara(OC) star POC *pituqin

vitjivitjPaiwan(Formosan) wave; wag back and forth; dart back and forth PAN *witiwit

vitoItbayaten(WMP) a well PPh *bítu

vitoen, vitwenItbayaten(WMP) star PAN *bituqen

vitohenIvatan (Isamorong)(WMP) star PAN *bituqen

vitokaItbayaten(WMP) first stomach of ruminants, intestines PMP *bituka

vitoloLakalai(OC) hungry POC *pitolon

vitoloNggela(OC) hungry POC *pitolon

vitoloTolo(OC) hungry POC *pitolon

vitolonTolai(OC) hunger, famine; immaturity, of trees; hungry, in a state of famine POC *pitolon

vi-toluBugotu(OC) the third day, back or forward, not counting today PEMP *tolu

vito-vitoMono-Alu(OC) star POC *pituqun

vito-vitoloNggela(OC) long hungry, weak from hunger POC *pitolon

vítranaMalagasy(WMP) a seam in a cloth; two planks or more tongued together so as to make the surface broader PWMP *bidaŋ

vitsukaPaiwan(Formosan) stomach PAN *biCuka

vítsyMalagasy(WMP) few, small in number PMP *bitiq₁

vittuBabatana (Avasö)(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

vituBugotu(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

vituEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

vituFijian(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

vituMalmariv(OC) star POC *pituqun

vituMota(OC) star POC *pituqun

-vituLakalai(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

vituNggela(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

vituUruava(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

vituWayan(OC) (be) seven; (in card games) a seven PAN *pitu₁

vitu-ɣuZabana(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

vituHenPuyuma(Formosan) star PAN *bituqen

viTukaPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) stomach of animals (as food) PAN *biCuka

vitu-niNggela(OC) seventh PAN *pitu₁

vitu-sa-ŋa-vuluFijian(OC) seventy PMP *pitu ŋa puluq

vitu-vituFijian(OC) all the seven PAN *pitu pitu

vitu-vituWayan(OC) in sevens, all seven together PAN *pitu pitu

vituʔoBonerate(WMP) star PAN *bituqen

vítyMalagasy(WMP) the foot; a limb PMP *bities

viuFijian(OC) the fan palm: Pritchardia pacifica, Palmae. Used as protection from rain, hence umbrella POC *piRu

viviDusun Witu(WMP) lip PMP *bibiR

viviMori Atas(WMP) lip PMP *bibiR

viviYami(WMP) lips PMP *bibiR

vi-vihoCheke Holo(OC) hollow reed POC *pijo

vivikKadazan Dusun(WMP) whistle; to whistle PWMP *wikwik

vi-viluNggela(OC) to twist up tobacco leaf in preparing tobacco POC *pilul

vi-vilu-(wa)Kilivila(OC) whirlwind, waterspout POC *pipirua

vivi-nMasiwang(CMP) mouth PMP *bibiR

viviŋAmbai(SHWNG) woman, female PMP *ba-b<in>ahi

vi-virMota(OC) to throw, giving a twist, twirling motion, as to a stone POC *piriŋ₃

vi-viriNggela(OC) to bind, to tie; busy PMP *pirit

vi-viruaRoviana(OC) whirlwind, waterspout POC *pipirua

vi-visMota(OC) to tie, bind round and round POC *pisi₁

vivìt-inaMalagasy(WMP) be lifted, be picked up by the thumb and finger PWMP *bitbit-en

vívitraMalagasy(WMP) lifted up, as on a sharp point, or on the horn of a bull; picked up by the finger and thumb PMP *bitbit₂

viyaT-uPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) draw it! (imperative) PAN *biaC

viyayIvatan (Isamorong)(WMP) alive PWMP *bihaR

viziBali (Uneapa)(OC) to tie POC *pisi₁


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vlayTrobiawan(Formosan) to give PAN *beRay

vlunurYamdena(CMP) a tree (unident.); an extract from its leaves is used to prepare a drink PMP *balunuR


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v-n-aiPaiwan(Formosan) to give PAN *beRay

v<n>akaŋPaiwan(Formosan) to walk bowlegged (intentionally) PAN *bakaŋ₁

v<n>aŋasPaiwan (Western)(Formosan) to thunder in winter (? a sign that vaŋas are budding) PAN *baŋaS

v<n>aqesiŋPaiwan(Formosan) to sneeze (when one sneezes he should say ‘palisi’ [taboo] and if going somewhere he should return home) PAN *baqeSiŋ

v<n>ay-vayPaiwan(Formosan) dry something in the sun (by hanging it up) PAN *waRi₁

v-n-ekutsPaiwan(Formosan) pull something down (as branch of tree); pull trigger PAN *bekuC

v-n-elaqPaiwan(Formosan) split a long object; split with one blow PAN *b<in>elaq

v-n-elʸutsPaiwan(Formosan) pull up or out (grass, plants) PAN *beNuC

v-n-etsuPaiwan(Formosan) become calloused PAN *beCu

v-n-etuPaiwan(Formosan) (of food) to cause to be satiated PAN *besuR

v-n-ilu-nFordata(CMP) gifts offered to the dead PCMP *bilu₂

v-n-iqirPaiwan(Formosan) cause to be lopsided PAN *biqiR

v-n-tsikPaiwan(Formosan) to write; to design PAN *b<in>eCik

v-n-ukPaiwan(Formosan) let something rot PAN *b<in>uRuk


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voMoor(SHWNG) fruit PMP *buaq

voSoutheast Ambrym(OC) smell, odor; to rot POC *bou

voaMalagasy(WMP) seeds or fruits of all kinds; the kidneys; element in the names of numerous fructifying plants PMP *buaq

voaSiraya(Formosan) fruit PAN *buaq

voa, vwaItbayaten(WMP) areca palm or nut PMP *buaq

vóa-bazáhaMalagasy(WMP) the work introduced by foreigners PMP *buhat₂

voa-fanaMalagasy(WMP) warmed (applied to food or medicine cooked and warmed the second time) PMP *panas₁

voa-fóliMalagasy(WMP) spun PMP *pules

voa-háŋyMalagasy(WMP) beads of red coral, etc. PMP *buaq

voa-hásinaMalagasy(WMP) twisted, or spun, as cotton PWMP *gasiŋ

voa hazoMalagasy(WMP) tall herb with edible seeds, sometimes called til-seed: Sesamum indicum L. PMP *buaq ni kahiw

voa-lavoMalagasy(WMP) rat PMP *buaq

voa-léfitraMalagasy(WMP) folded, bent, plaited PMP *lepit₂

voa-levinaMalagasy(WMP) buried, interred PAN *lebeŋ₁

voa-n-kenaMalagasy(WMP) the kidneys of animals; /voa/ alone is used for the kidneys of human beings PMP *buaq

voa-nósyMalagasy(WMP) name of an insect PMP *buaq

voa-n-tandrokaMalagasy(WMP) name of a flying insect PMP *buaq

voa-n-tayMalagasy(WMP) the name of a beetle, probably a scavenger beetle PMP *buaq

voa-n-tséfotraMalagasy(WMP) name of a small insect PMP *buaq

voáraMalagasy(WMP) a tree the leaves of which are pounded and used as poultices for abscesses. The wooden mortars for pounding rice are often made from the wood of this tree. The milky juice is made into bird-lime. Ficus sp. PMP *buqaR

voa-ráfitraMalagasy(WMP) wrought, put together PMP *rapet

voa-réhitraMalagasy(WMP) set on fire, made to blaze PWMP *deket₂

voa-tádiMalagasy(WMP) made into cord PMP *talih

voatiPetapa Taje(WMP) heavy PMP *beReqat

vóatraMalagasy(WMP) prepared, arranged, made ready PMP *buhat₂

voa-vítsyMalagasy(WMP) calf of the leg PMP *buaq ni bities

voa-vóhaMalagasy(WMP) opened, as of a door or a cupboard; disclosed PMP *buka

voa-vònoMalagasy(WMP) killed, murdered, slaughtered; rubbed out, as of writing; put out, as a candle or fire; obliterated, destroyed or stopped up, as a road, etc. PMP *bunuq₂

voa-vóvoMalagasy(WMP) got by a vóvo, as fish PAN *bubu₂

voáyMalagasy(WMP) crocodile: Crocodilus madagascariensis Gray PMP *buqaya

vocaFijian(OC) to be wrecked on a reef, of a canoe (stronger than kasa to run aground, of a canoe) POC *posaq

vocaWayan(OC) be run aground by force; be wrecked in this way POC *posaq

vocaWayan(OC) slap or smack something with the open hand or hands together POC *pwajaR

voca-vocaWayan(OC) be damaged, etc. POC *posaq

voceFijian(OC) to paddle a canoe, row a boat POC *pose

voce-a, voce-raFijian(OC) row to a place POC *pose

vochidItbayaten(WMP) cogon grass: Imperata cylindrica, used in thatching roof, and also made into riñdiñ (walls) of a house. The root is sweet, and was formerly dug up and used to make wine; herb: Apluda mutica Linn.; grassland PAN *bukij

vodePokau(OC) canoe paddle POC *pose

vódyMalagasy(WMP) posterior, rump; hinder part, foot of a hill; bulbous and esculent roots; the lower part on which things rest, basis, pedestal, foundation, etc. PMP *buliq₂

vogaNggela(OC) to separate, as two men fighting; a chasm in a reef POC *pokaq

vogaNggela(OC) to separate, as two men fighting PMP *peka

vogoTigak(OC) pig POC *boRok

vogokKadazan Dusun(WMP) pig, swine, pork PAN *beRek

voguNggela(OC) curl over before breaking (of a wave) PMP *pekuq₁

voha-inaMalagasy(WMP) be opened PWMP *buka-en

voheNggela(OC) a paddle, oar: to paddle, paddle to, paddle with, convey by canoe POC *pose

vohitraMalagasy(WMP) elevated ground, a hill, an enclosure, a village, a town PAN *bukij

vóhoMalagasy(WMP) the back or the outside of anything, as of a picture, etc. PMP *bukuh

vohokItbayaten(WMP) hair of the head; feather PMP *buhek

vohokItbayaten(WMP) drunkenness PMP *buhuk

voiBwaidoga/Bwaidoka(OC) a paddle POC *pose

voiHula(OC) to barter PEMP *poli

voiPokau(OC) gardening (generally); clear garden in grassland after burning POC *poki

voivoiFijian(OC) a kind of pandanus with leaves that are made into mats: Pandanus thurstonii POC *poipoi

voivoiWayan(OC) a small pandanus tree planted for its leaves, which are used for making fine mats, baskets and fans: Pandanus tectoriu sp; possibly also applied to cultivars of P. dubius or P. whitmeeanus POC *poipoi

voivoiWest Guadalcanal(OC) pandanus POC *poipoi

voi-voiKeapara(OC) to barter PEMP *poli

voiz-inaMalagasy(WMP) to be paddled PMP *beRsay

voja-iTamambo(OC) to strike, slap POC *pwajaR

vokaNggela(OC) divide, separate, divorce; divided, separated POC *pokaq

vokaNggela(OC) divide, separate, divorce PMP *pekaŋ

vokaNggela(OC) divide, separate, divorce PMP *peka

vokexItbayaten(WMP) a boil on the head PWMP *bukel

vokoItbayaten(WMP) node PMP *bukuh

vókokaMalagasy(WMP) hunchbacked, crooked, stooping PMP *buŋkuk

vokotItbayaten(WMP) idea of being humpbacked; spinal column, vertebra, backbone PMP *bukut

vokxadItbayaten(WMP) idea of budding, being opened by itself PPh *buk(e)lad

volaBonerate(WMP) to split PAN *belaq

volaFijian(OC) put up a fish-fence (at the mouth of a river) POC *polat

vólanaMalagasy(WMP) moon, month; menses PMP *bulan₃

voliBugotu(OC) buy, sell, pay; price PEMP *poli

voliCheke Holo(OC) to buy PEMP *poli

voliFijian(OC) buy, purchase PEMP *poli

voliNggela(OC) barter, buy and sell PEMP *poli

voli-aFijian(OC) buy, purchase POC *poli-a

voli-aTolo(OC) buy, purchase; pay POC *poli-a

voli-takaFijian(OC) sell, spend (money) PEMP *poli

voli-voliNggela(OC) barter, buy and sell POC *poli poli

voloFijian(OC) small striped fish POC *polos₂

vóloMalagasy(WMP) a generic name for various kinds of bamboo, from which are made various articles, as musical instruments and snuff boxes. They belong chiefly to the genus Nastus PAN *buluq₂

vóloMalagasy(WMP) hair, feathers; moss, lichen; color PMP *bulu₁

voloLakalai(OC) to work sago, squeeze the water out POC *poRos

volò-inaMalagasy(WMP) hairy PWMP *bulu-en

volo-volosoRoviana(OC) lines, stripes POC *polos₂

voluLakalai(OC) full POC *ponuq

vonGitua(OC) full POC *ponuq

vonbonItbayaten(WMP) a covering, lid, top covering, soil, dirt or chaff used to fill up or cover something PMP *bunbun

vonbon-anItbayaten(WMP) cover with soil (leaves, dirt) PWMP *bunbun-an₂

voniPokau(OC) night POC *boŋi

voni-afoMalagasy(WMP) large shed for keeping fuel, etc. PMP *buŋa ni hapuy

voni-fotsiMalagasy(WMP) a variety of beads; a shrub PMP *buŋa

voni-n hazoMalagasy(WMP) a flower PMP *buŋa na kahiw

vonoItbayaten(WMP) idea of stabbing/piercing into PMP *bunuq₂

vónoMalagasy(WMP) killing, murder, slaughter; putting out of fire PMP *bunuq₂

vonoWayan(OC) (of, e.g. a preacher or team coach) to give a speech of advice, instruction or encouragement POC *ponor

vono-enItbayaten(WMP) stab, pierce with a sharp-pointed knife PWMP *bunuq-en

vonò-inaMalagasy(WMP) be killed; be rubbed out, be obliterated PWMP *bunuq-en

vɔnɔmRirio(OC) six POC *onom

vonoŋItbayaten(WMP) food share PPH *bunuŋ

vonoŋYami(WMP) distribute, take charge; one’s share PPH *bunuŋ

vóno sófinaMalagasy(WMP) pretend not to hear; be deaf to orders PWMP *buŋug

vóno sófinaMalagasy(WMP) pretend not to hear, be deaf to orders PWMP *buŋul

vonotItbayaten(WMP) coconut husk PMP *bunut₁

vóntoMalagasy(WMP) a swelling; soaked, wetted; much afflicted PMP *buntuʔ

vóntoMalagasy(WMP) a swelling PWMP *bu(n)tu

vónto ránoMalagasy(WMP) (lit. 'swollen with water') used of peaches almost ripe PMP *buntuʔ

vontotItbayaten(WMP) spoiled (in relation to cooked food) PPh *buŋ(e)tút

vonuBugotu(OC) full, fullness POC *ponuq

vonuFijian(OC) sea turtle POC *poñu

vonuNakanamanga(OC) sea turtle POC *poñu

vonuNggela(OC) to be full POC *ponuq

vonuNggela(OC) sea turtle POC *poñu

vonuVitu(OC) full POC *ponuq

vonu-aNggela(OC) full POC *ponuq

vonu-aBugotu(OC) full POC *ponuq

vonu balavuFijian(OC) a euphemism for human flesh (Lau islands) POC *poñu

vonu dinaFijian(OC) green turtle POC *poñu

vonu-giaNggela(OC) filled POC *ponuq

vonukuBali (Uneapa)(OC) full (of a container) POC *ponuq

vonu mbuto-mbutoNggela(OC) a sea creature like a turtle but only one inch long POC *poñu

vonyMalagasy(WMP) flower, generally voni-ny its flowers, its petals; yellow PMP *buŋa

voñuBugotu(OC) sea turtle POC *poñu

voŋgaNggela(OC) be split, rent, as a sail by the wind; to split, crack, rend, as glass or wood, or cloth; be cracked, as glass POC *pokaq

voŋgaNggela(OC) be split, rent, as a sail by the wind; to split, crack, rend, as glass or wood, or cloth; be cracked, as glass POC *poŋkaR

voŋiKadazan Dusun(WMP) odor, smell, scent PMP *beŋi

voŋiKove(OC) morning POC *boŋi

voŋiPadoe(WMP) night PMP *beRŋi

voŋkosKadazan Dusun(WMP) bundle (of firewood) PMP *beRkes

voŋtotItbayaten(WMP) idea of being stinking; spoiled PPh *buŋ(e)tút

voodYami(WMP) borrow, loan PPh *bulud₁

voouPadoe(WMP) new PMP *baqeRu

vorakaVitu(OC) root POC *wakaR-a

vorasItbayaten(WMP) idea of plucking PPh *bujas

vore muli-muliLakalai(OC) engage in a canoe race POC *pose

voré-naMalagasy(WMP) frothy; nappy, having on a nap PMP *bujeq₂

vore-voreLakalai(OC) to paddle POC *pose pose

vóri-m bávaMalagasy(WMP) saliva, spittle PMP *bujeq₂

vóri-n dránoMalagasy(WMP) foam, spray PMP *bujeq ni wahiR

vóri-nósyMalagasy(WMP) long kind of bead (lit. 'goat bead') PMP *bujeq₂

voritItbayaten(WMP) line PMP *burit₂

vorit-enItbayaten(WMP) be drawn or scratched, of a line PMP *burit₂

vóritraMalagasy(WMP) having had the end cut off, as a plank or a board PMP *burit₁

voruTsou(Formosan) eight PAN *walu

vo-ruoVatrata(OC) two POC *rua

vóryMalagasy(WMP) froth, foam PMP *bujeq₂

voseAore(OC) canoe paddle POC *pose

voseEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) a paddle POC *pose

voseRoviana(OC) a paddle; to paddle POC *pose

voseTolo(OC) oar, paddle POC *pose

vose rarataRoviana(OC) closely follow the coast line in a canoe, etc. POC *raRat

vose-voseRoviana(OC) to paddle POC *pose pose

vose-voseTolo(OC) to paddle POC *pose pose

vosoyYami(WMP) hatred, enemy PAN *busuR₁

voswaŋ-anItbayaten(WMP) place where water falls to the seashore PPh *busuáŋ

votMosina(OC) stone POC *patu

votaItbayaten(WMP) idea of being blind PMP *buta₁

vota-enItbayaten(WMP) render blind PMP *buta-en mata

votbotItbayaten(WMP) idea of pulling out; to dig up (as clothes in a trunk, a pile of papers, etc.) PMP *butbut₂

votbot-anItbayaten(WMP) pull out from; that from which something is pulled out PMP *butbut₂

votbot-enItbayaten(WMP) pull out (weeds, vines, teeth, etc.), uproot; that which is pulled out PPh *butbut-en

votikKadazan Dusun(WMP) color; to carve, engrave PMP *betik₂

votitiItbayaten(WMP) species of fish with poisonous bile. It has no spines, and is similar to the ponayo in form: Lethrinus sp., Arothron stellatus, Tetraodontidae Tetraodon sp., puffer PWMP *butiti

votoFijian(OC) thorn, prickle POC *potok

votoFijian(OC) thorn, prickle POC *potok

votoItbayaten(WMP) glans penis; penis of an animal or person of more than five years of age (the term is often uttered as a joke) PMP *butuq

vótoMalagasy(WMP) long fruit or oblong tubercle; penis PMP *butuq

voto-kaFijian(OC) to prick POC *potok

voto ni moliFijian(OC) kind of kingfish (lit. ‘orange thorn’) POC *potok

voto ni vaiFijian(OC) skate-thorn, used as a spear-thorn in olden times POC *potok

voto-ʔomItbayaten(WMP) an expression of teasing: Your voto! PMP *butuq

votoxItbayaten(WMP) seed, kernel, grain, ovule; pimple PMP *butequl

votsiMalagasy(WMP) a temporary small excrescence on the body PMP *buteliR

vottohYami(WMP) seed, pit (Tsuchida, Yamada and Moriguchi 1987) PMP *butequl

votuFijian(OC) appear, become visible (as a ghost) POC *potu₁

votu-votu-aFijian(OC) of breadfruit, presenting an abundant crop POC *potu₁

vouFijian(OC) new; newly, recently PEMP *baqoRu

vovoItbayaten(WMP) fontanelle (of baby). It is believed that when the fontanelle is hollow the baby is hungry for milk PMP *bubu₄

vovoMalagasy(WMP) kind of basket made of the stalks of the vero or fantaka grass and used for fishing PAN *bubu₂

vovóh-inaMalagasy(WMP) rotten, worm-eaten (used only of wood) PWMP *bukbuk-en

vovó-inaMalagasy(WMP) be fished for by a vóvo; be treated spitefully PAN *bubu₂

vóvokaMalagasy(WMP) dust; worm-eaten PMP *bukbuk₃

vovo-mboTamambo(OC) firefly (regarded as little devils, and avoided) POC *qali-popot

vovón-anaMalagasy(WMP) ridge of the roof PMP *bubuŋ-an

vovoŋItbayaten(WMP) part of roof, upper roof PMP *bubuŋ₁

vovoŋ-anItbayaten(WMP) make upper part of roof with cogon grass PMP *bubuŋ-an

(vo)-vuoLakalai(OC) to fish with a net POC *pukot

voxanItbayaten(WMP) moon, month PMP *bulan₃

voxawanItbayaten(WMP) gold PAN *bulaw-an

voxboxItbayaten(WMP) feather, hair of body, fine hair, down, fluff PPh *bulbúl

voxodItbayaten(WMP) idea of borrowing/lending; borrow, lend (imperative) PPh *bulud₁

voxod-enItbayaten(WMP) borrow PPh *bulud-en

voxoŋItbayaten(WMP) leaf PMP *buluŋ₂

voxo-voxoŋItbayaten(WMP) leaves PWMP *buluŋ buluŋ

voyMalagasy(WMP) the act of paddling PMP *beRsay

voyawItbayaten(WMP) idea of driving away; drive away (imper.) PAN *buRaw

voyawYami(WMP) chase away PAN *buRaw

voyaw-enItbayaten(WMP) drive away, expel PPh *buRaw-en

voyokItbayaten(WMP) idea of stinking; being rotten/spoiled PAN *buRuk

voyokItbayaten(WMP) idea of stinking, being rotten/spoiled PPh *buyúk

vozeGitua(OC) to paddle a canoe POC *pose

vozoMalagasy(WMP) lazyiness PAN *buRuk

voʔniItbayaten(WMP) ringworm (disease of the skin) PMP *buqeni

vo-ʔolVatrata(OC) three PEMP *tolu

voʔuMori Atas(WMP) new (objects) PMP *baqeRu


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vra-kMae(OC) hand POC *paRa₃

vri-naTsou(Formosan) left (side) PAN *wiRi

vrocəTsou(Formosan) blood vessel PAN *huRaC


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Fijian(OC) to cough, a cough POC *buu₄

Fijian(OC) bottom, basis, root (tuberous or bulbous; fibrous root is waka); cause PMP *puqun

Fijian(OC) to wash, cleanse with water, of the feet or hands PMP *puRiq

Fijian(OC) to wash, cleanse with water, as the feet or hands POC *puqi

vuTolai(OC) blow, blow on (as the wind), play a bamboo flute, blow on a trumpet shell POC *puu

vua-Aore(OC) fruit POC *puaq

vuaBugotu(OC) crocodile POC *puqaya

vuaBungku(WMP) fruit PMP *buaq

vuaEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) fruit, flower, blossom, bud; to bear fruit POC *puaq

vuaFijian(OC) fruit, produce; grandchild, descendant; to bear fruit POC *puaq

vuaFijian(OC) bear two burdens on the shoulder, one at each end of a stick; the burden so carried, also a yoke POC *puat₂

vuaHula(OC) fruit POC *puaq

vuaHula(OC) moon POC *pulan₃

vuaKeapara(OC) fruit POC *puaq

vuaKove(OC) betel nut POC *puaq

vuaPokau(OC) fruit POC *puaq

vuaMori Atas(WMP) fruit PMP *buaq

vuaLakalai(OC) to seed; bear fruit POC *puaq

vuaNgadha(CMP) work for someone PMP *buhat₂

vuaNgadha(CMP) to load, put on cargo PMP *buhat₃

vuaNgadha(CMP) throw, fling, hurl, pitch PMP *buqaŋ

vuaNggela(OC) fruit, round object POC *puaq

vuaNggela(OC) crocodile POC *puqaya

vuaPadoe(WMP) fruit PMP *buaq

vuaRoviana(OC) bear fruit POC *puaq

vuaTolai(OC) only POC *pua₁

vua-dimaMalagasy(WMP) having had the water bailed out, as a canoe PMP *limas

vuaʔeKanakanabu(Formosan) orange PAN *buaq

vua fidiMalagasy(WMP) chosen, selected, preferred PAN *piliq

vua γatoHoava(OC) fruit POC *puaq

vua-heni-naRoviana(OC) fruiting time, season, year POC *puaq

vua-iTigak(OC) betel nut POC *puaq

vua-iTolai(OC) fruit or seed of any plant or tree POC *puaq

vua-iTolai(OC) crop; to yield POC *puat₁

vua-i-naTolai(OC) outcome, result, success, return, profit, product, produce POC *puat₁

vua-i na kapiakaTolai(OC) fruit of the breadfruit tree POC *puaq

vua-lazoMalagasy(WMP) faded, withered PAN *layu

vua-lefaMalagasy(WMP) set at liberty; set off, fired off PWMP *lepas

vua-nFordata(CMP) fruit; heart PMP *buaq

vua-naRoviana(OC) fruit POC *puaq

vuáneKanakanabu(Formosan) moon, month PAN *bulaN

vua ni kauFijian(OC) fruit; also used for a pill POC *puaq ni kayu

vua ni kolaNggela(OC) kidneys POC *puaq

vua ni loŋaNggela(OC) lizard sp. POC *puqaya

vua ni niuWayan(OC) coconut; at least eleven named varieties of fruit PMP *niuR

vuaqPaiwan(Formosan) Dioscorea alata (wild); Dioscorea esculenta var. spinosa (cultigen) PAN *buaq

vuaraPokau(OC) crocodile POC *puqaya

vua ráriMalagasy(WMP) plaited PWMP *laja

vua-safu-safuMalagasy(WMP) coaxed, rubbed in, patted, tapped; to be spied out; to be brushed PMP *sapu

vua-sáliMalagasy(WMP) roasted by the use of a fork PWMP *salay

vua-sísikaMalagasy(WMP) forced in, pushed in; fig., bribed PWMP *sisip

vua súkitraMalagasy(WMP) engraved; picked out, taken out, as a cricket from a hole PMP *suŋkit

vua-súrunaMalagasy(WMP) put in, made to enter, as a piece of timber, etc.; put through a window or to be put in or on, as fuel to a fire PWMP *suruŋ

vuatFordata(CMP) resemble PMP *buat₂

vuatFordata(CMP) bring, carry; load, cargo PMP *buhat₃

vuat-aFijian(OC) crop, fruits of trees, etc.; harvest POC *puat-an₁

vua-télinaMalagasy(WMP) swallowed PMP *telen

vua-tundruMalagasy(WMP) pointed at PAN *tuzuq₁

vua-turuMalagasy(WMP) pointed out, as a road, etc. PAN *tuzuq₁

vua-tútutraMalagasy(WMP) filled, covered over, as a hidden snare by grass PMP *tutup₁

vua vuaFijian(OC) to bear fruit POC *puaq puaq

vua vuaNggela(OC) fruit, seed, flower POC *puaq puaq

vua vuag-aNggela(OC) in bearing POC *puaq puaq

vua-vulaBugotu(OC) whale POC *puRa-puRas

vuawKadazan Dusun(WMP) to drive, chase away (birds, chicken, etc.) PAN *buRaw

vucaFijian(OC) rotten POC *pusa₂

vuca-loaFijian(OC) bruised, of fruit POC *pusa₂

vučiTalise(OC) banana POC *pudi

vucuFijian(OC) hit with a missile, as in veilavo game POC *pusuR

vudiBugotu(OC) plantain, banana POC *pudi

vudiEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) banana (general term) POC *pudi

vudiFijian(OC) bananas in general, Musa sapientum, Musa paradisiaca, Musaceae POC *pudi

vudiWayan(OC) plantain, Musa cultivar (Musaceae), bananas whose fruits are edible only when cooked; used by some as generic term for bananas POC *pudi

vueFijian(OC) to lift up, generally from water or mire (as a fishing net) POC *puRe₁

vueWayan(OC) drag the anchor, drift after breaking away from moorings POC *puRe₁

vue-tiWayan(OC) refloat a boat that has sunk; pull up a net POC *puRe₁

vugoNggela(OC) a net; to fish with a net; a cobweb POC *pukot

vugoRoviana(OC) tomorrow POC *puko

vuguNggela(OC) a cough, cold POC *pukuR

vuhaBugotu(OC) to begin, to be, become, appear, to conceive, be born POC *pusa₁

vuhaNggela(OC) be born, become; make, create; originate, as an island or poem POC *pusa₁

vuhanKadazan Dusun(WMP) moon, month; calendar PMP *bulan₃

vuhan-vuhanKadazan Dusun(WMP) monthly PMP *bulan-bulan₂

vuhiLakalai(OC) rinse; baptize PCEMP *buqi₂

vuhiLakalai(OC) to rinse, to baptize (?) POC *puqi

vuhoTangoa(OC) tomorrow POC *puko

vuhoVitu(OC) fishing net POC *pukot

vuhuBugotu(OC) shoot with arrow or gun POC *pusuR

vuhuKadazan Dusun(WMP) hair on the body, down, fluff PMP *bulu₁

vuiBugotu(OC) to swing on a swing, swing about POC *puis

vuiBugotu(OC) to swing on a swing, swing about POC *pui₂

vuiHula(OC) body hair POC *pulu₃

vuiKeapara(OC) hair POC *pulu₃

vuiPokau(OC) hair POC *pulu₃

vuiLonggu(OC) to wash PMP *puRiq

vuiLonggu(OC) to wash POC *puqi

vuiNgadha(CMP) necklace of large cowrie shells PCMP *bui₂

vuʔiNgadha(CMP) thick foam on the cutting implement in tapping PMP *buqiq

vuirəTolai(OC) a bird: Aplonis spp. POC *pusiRa

vui-vuiBugotu(OC) swinging POC *pui pui

vukPaiwan(Formosan) rotten meat PAN *buRuk

vukaNgadha(CMP) dig up, transplant PMP *buŋkaR

vukeNggela(OC) pull apart; to open the eyes or the mouth; to lift up, as an eyelid; to open a book POC *puke

vukidPaiwan(Formosan) forest; forested inland mountain areas; continuous forest PAN *bukij

vukigIbanag(WMP) mountain PAN *bukij

vukinSiraya (Gravius)(Formosan) mountain, hill PAN *bukij

vukiŋSiraya (Utrecht ms.)(Formosan) mountain, hill PAN *bukij

vuki-vukidPaiwan(Formosan) eyebrow; woods on foothills (said to be inhabited by ancestors and evil spirits) PAN *bukij

vukuKadazan Dusun(WMP) finger joint; node in bamboo PMP *bukuh

vukushTaokas(Formosan) beard PAN *bukeS

vulaBugotu(OC) moon, month POC *pulan₃

vulaFijian(OC) moon, month POC *pulan₃

vulaFijian(OC) kind of sea cucumber POC *pula₃

vulaMalmariv(OC) moon POC *pulan₃

vulaMori Atas(WMP) moon PMP *bulan₃

vulaMota(OC) moon, month, season marked by moon POC *pulan₃

vulaMota(OC) white POC *pulaR₁

vulaNgadha(CMP) moon, month; time, period; menstruation PMP *bulan₃

vulaNggela(OC) moon, month POC *pulan₃

vulaNggela(OC) generic for cushion starfishes POC *pula₃

vulaPetapa Taje(WMP) moon PMP *bulan₃

vulaPeterara(OC) moon POC *pulan₃

vulaWayan(OC) sea cucumber: Holothuria sp. POC *pula₃

vulaMoronene(WMP) moon PMP *bulan₃

vula-iPaamese(OC) spray; ejaculate POC *puRas

vulalheSaaroa(Formosan) moon, month PAN *bulaN

vulanFordata(CMP) moon, month PMP *bulan₃

vulanMinokok(WMP) moon PMP *bulan₃

vulan nabrii timurFordata(CMP) moon in the last quarter PMP *bulan₃

vulan nabrii varatFordata(CMP) moon in the first quarter PMP *bulan₃

vū laŋiFijian(OC) stranger PMP *puqun nu laŋit

vula tegaNgadha(CMP) dry season PMP *tegaŋ

vula te maiNggela(OC) next month POC *mai

vulatsTrobiawan(Formosan) rice PAN *beRas

vula-vulaFijian(OC) white; a partial albino POC *pulan₂

vula-vulaFijian(OC) white; a partial albino POC *pulaR₁

vuleLakalai(OC) Crinum sp. POC *puRe₂

vuledPaiwan(Formosan) a single mountain PAN *buled₁

vuliBugotu(OC) wash a person, pour water on, quench PMP *puRiq

vuliFordata(CMP) porcelain shell, egg cowrie PMP *buliq₁

vuliNgadha(CMP) large cowrie shell used for war necklaces; the necklace itself PMP *buliq₁

vuliNggela(OC) pour water, sprinkle PMP *puRiq

vuliWayan(OC) move position or turn over while lying down (as a baby) POC *puri

vulilʸawlʸawPaiwan(Formosan) whirlwind PAN *buli-

vuli-uPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) hide it! PAN *buNi

vulnəEast Damar(CMP) moon PMP *bulan₃

vuluBonerate(WMP) feather PMP *bulu₁

vulu-East Damar(CMP) body hair PCEMP *bulu₁

vuluDusun Witu(WMP) feathers PMP *bulu₁

vuLuKujau(WMP) body hair PMP *bulu₁

vulu-Lakona(OC) hair POC *pulu₃

vulu-Merig(OC) hair POC *pulu₃

vuluMori Atas(WMP) body hair, feathers PMP *bulu₁

vulu-Mosina(OC) body hair POC *pulu₃

vuluNgadha(CMP) kind of thin bamboo PAN *buluq₂

vuluPadoe(WMP) feather PMP *bulu₁

vuluPopalia(WMP) feather PMP *bulu₁

vulu-Vao(OC) hair POC *pulu₃

vuluWawonii(WMP) bamboo PAN *buluq₂

vuluWawonii(WMP) body hair, feather PMP *bulu₁

vulu-aFijian(OC) hair about the privates POC *pulu-an

vuluHPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) the Morning Star PAN *buNuq₁

-vuluHPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) to throw overhand something small PAN *buNuq₂

vulu-hagiNggela(OC) eyelash; antenna of crayfish; shoots of a plant POC *pulu₃

vulu-iMota(OC) the hair of the body POC *pulu₃

vulu-nFordata(CMP) body hair, feathers PCEMP *bulu₁

vulu (ni) mboloNggela(OC) species of small black Echinus on reef (lit. 'pig bristle') PMP *bulu ni babuy

vulu-ñaBugotu(OC) feather, hair POC *pulu₃

vulu-vuluFijian(OC) wash the hands; euphemism for being circumcised; circumcision POC *pulu₂

vulu-vuluNggela(OC) species of water plant; a plant: Amaranthus POC *pulu pulu

vulu-vuluPiamatsina(OC) body hair POC *pulu₃

vulu-vulu i mataTamambo(OC) eyelashes POC *pulu qi mata

vulu-vulutuBali (Uneapa)(OC) tree sap POC *bulut

vulvulPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) fontanelle, the soft and boneless area in the skull of a baby PAN *buNbuN

vunKenyah (Long Wat)(WMP) heap, pile PMP *ebun

vunMota(OC) to deceive, hide something POC *puni₂

vunMota(OC) to poison fish with leaves, fruits, bark that is rubbed in the hands POC *(bp)una

vunSudest(OC) to poison fish with derris POC *punat

vunTolai(OC) species of roots which yields a poison used to kill fish; kill fish with this poison; dynamite, sometimes used to catch fish; powder POC *(bp)una

vunTolai(OC) a species of root which yields a poison used to kill fish; to kill fish with this poison POC *punat

vunaEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) root; thick end of a bunch of bananas POC *puna₁

vū-naFijian(OC) to begin PMP *puqun

vunaFordata(CMP) flower spadix of the coconut and some other palms PMP *buŋa

vunaTolai(OC) beginning, cause, origin, source, basis, root, foundations; used either of material things like trees or houses, or of ideas; to begin, commence, cause POC *puna₁

vun-anFordata(CMP) ridgepole PMP *bubuŋ-an

vun-an dar-diri-nFordata(CMP) main housepost (reanalyzed, apparently by Drabbe 1932, as vuna-n) PMP *bubuŋ-an

vunavunPaiwan(Formosan) seedlings of grains or grasses PAN *bunabun

vundiLungga(OC) banana POC *pudi

vundiNggela(OC) banana, plantain, both plant and fruit POC *pudi

vuniFijian(OC) to hide, conceal POC *puni₂

vuniWayan(OC) be hidden, concealed; to hide, hide oneself; secret, something concealed POC *puni₂

vuni-aFijian(OC) to hide, conceal (trans.) POC *puni₂

vū ni kauFijian(OC) tree (often coupled with name of tree instead of generic kau, as in vū ni vudi ‘a banana plant’) PMP *puqun nu kahiw

vū-ni-kauFijian(OC) definitely a tree POC *kayu

vū ni laŋiFijian(OC) horizon PMP *puqun nu laŋit

vū ni laŋiFijian(OC) as though one who comes from the horizon PMP *laŋit

vū ni niuWayan(OC) a particular coconut palm PMP *niuR

vū ni saŋaFijian(OC) hip joint PMP *puqun

vū ni tabaFijian(OC) shoulder (taba = upper arm) PMP *puqun

vunu-naPapapana(OC) hair POC *pulu₃

vunu-(ña)Bugotu(OC) outer skin of canarium almond POC *bunut₁

vunutuBali (Uneapa)(OC) coconut husk POC *bunut₁

vun yanatFordata(CMP) a constellation, part of the 'Steer' PCEMP *bunuq₁

vuŋTigak(OC) night, evening POC *buŋi

vuŋaFijian(OC) a porous coral rock in the sea: vatu vuso POC *buŋa₃

vuŋaNgadha(CMP) first PMP *buŋas

vuŋanTolai(OC) ridge, ridgepole of a house POC *pupuŋan

vuŋao(-ña)Bugotu(OC) relations in law POC *puŋao

vuŋa-vuŋaGhari(OC) mountain POC *puŋa-puŋa

vuŋoFijian(OC) descripive term applied to one's relations in law: father or mother, son or daughter, mother's brother (whose daughter one normally marries), niece and nephew to the same POC *puŋao

vuŋoNggela(OC) parents-in-law; those of their standing in the clan POC *puŋao

vuŋuNggela(OC) grain of maize; pod; bunch, cluster of fruit PMP *puŋun

vuŋuNggela(OC) grain of maize; pod; bunch, cluster of fruit POC *puŋu

vuŋuPaiwan(Formosan) Meliosma rhoifolia (young leaves fried and added to soup) PAN *buŋuR

vuŋuʔuSaaroa(Formosan) head PAN *buŋuh

vupTolai(OC) an oval fish-trap made like a basket, of cane and bamboo strips POC *pupu₂

vuraFijian(OC) arrive, emerge, appear POC *pura

vuraMota(OC) spring forth, rise up, as water POC *buraq

vuraNggela(OC) bubble up POC *buraq

vuraRoviana(OC) to appear POC *pura

vuraTabar(OC) moon POC *pulan₃

vuraWayan(OC) to appear, come into view; to show up, arrive POC *pura

vura!Fijian(OC) interjection of welcome to a stranger arriving POC *pura

vurag-aBugotu(OC) be in abundance, flourish; abundance, increase POC *buraq

vurag-a ni mbetiNggela(OC) a spring POC *buraq

vuranPuyuma(Formosan) moon, month PAN *bulaN

vura-vuraMota(OC) to bubble, spring up; a spring of water POC *puraq puraq

vura-vuraNggela(OC) bubble up; leak POC *puraq puraq

vureWayan(OC) navel POC *pure

vuririkPuyuma(Formosan) house lizard PAN *bulilik

vuroHula(OC) navel POC *pusoc

vuroMota(OC) volcanic vent, hot spring POC *puro₂

vuroNgadha(CMP) emerge in a swarm; run hither and thither, dash about haphazardly; escape, abscond PAN *buRaw

vuruTalise(OC) to burn POC *pururuŋ

vuru-Uruava(OC) hair POC *pulu₃

vuruHPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) type of slender bamboo used as an arrow shaft PAN *buluq₂

vuru-vuruŋuGhanongga(OC) flame POC *pururuŋ

vusHahon(OC) wind POC *pusi

vusLakona(OC) bow POC *pusuR

vusMerig(OC) bow POC *pusuR

vusMosina(OC) bow POC *pusuR

vusPaiwan(Formosan) Rhus semialata var. roxburghiana (leaves used as soap) PAN *beRuS

vusPapora(Formosan) hair of the head PAN *bukeS

vusVatrata(OC) bow POC *pusuR

vusa-Baetora(OC) heart POC *pusa₃

vusaFijian(OC) almost synonymous with yavusa (the largest kinship and social division of Fijian society), but used more generally of a group, tribe, either of people or animals, etc. POC *pusa₁

vusoFijian(OC) to effervesce, to froth; foam, froth POC *pucoq pucoq

vusoFijian(OC) foam, suds} POC *busa₂

vusoFijian(OC) to effervesce, to froth; froth, foam POC *pusoq

vuso-lakaFijian(OC) to foam over, of the sea POC *pucoq pucoq

vuso-vuso-aFijian(OC) frothy, foaming POC *pucoq pucoq

vusukTrobiawan(Formosan) drunk PAN *buSuk

vut-iBugotu(OC) pluck up by the roots POC *puput-i

vut-iNggela(OC) pull up, pull out, pull off, pull away, root up POC *puput-i

vut-i-aFijian(OC) pluck hair or feathers, pull up weeds POC *puput-i

vut-ia na malamalaFijian(OC) extract a splinter POC *puput-i

vutjPaiwan(Formosan) squirrel PAN *buhet

vutsanBasai(Formosan) moon PAN *bulaN

vutsanTrobiawan(Formosan) moon PAN *bulaN

vutuBugotu(OC) a tree: Barringtonia sp. POC *putun₁

vutuFijian(OC) pound with pestle and mortar POC *putuk

vutuFijian(OC) a tree, Barringtonia sp. POC *putun₁

vutuFijian(OC) tie flowers in bunches POC *putu, butu

vutuFordata(CMP) top, peak, crest of a mountain or hill PMP *buntu

vutuMota(OC) a tree: Barringtonia speciosa POC *putun₁

vutuNggela(OC) species of large shore tree: Barringtonia POC *putun₁

vutuPaiwan(Formosan) enemy PAN *busuR₁

vuTuPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) callosity, corn PAN *buCu

vutuhIvatan(WMP) a seed, grain PMP *butequl

vutuk-aFijian(OC) pound it! POC *putuk

vutu kana, vutu kataFijian(OC) Barringtonia edulis POC *putun₁

vutu ŋaŋa, vutu karakara, vutu valaFijian(OC) Barringtonia speciosa POC *putun₁

vutu siri waiFijian(OC) Barringtonia racemosa POC *putun₁

vutu-vutuNggela(OC) a mound POC *putur

vutu-vutuNggela(OC) a mound POC *putul putul

vutu-vutuNggela(OC) a mound PMP *buntu buntu

vut-vutMota(OC) stand up high; hillock, heap; hilly POC *putur

vut-vutMota(OC) stand up high; hillock, heap; hilly POC *putul putul

vut-vutMota(OC) stand up high; hillock, heap; hilly PMP *buntu buntu

vuuMori Atas(WMP) head hair PMP *buhek

vuuMoronene(WMP) hair PMP *buhek

vuuWawonii(WMP) head hair PMP *buhek

vuútuKanakanabu(Formosan) squirrel PAN *buhet

vuvuFijian(OC) long narrow fish trap made of bamboo POC *pupu₂

vuvuFijian(OC) root up entirely POC *puput-i

vu-vūFijian(OC) envious, jealous; envy, jealousy POC *puRu₂

vuvuLakalai(OC) wasp and wasp-like insects POC *pupuk₂

vuvuNgadha(CMP) scatter grain in prepared dibble holes PMP *budbud₁

vuvuNgadha(CMP) crown of the head; fontanelle of a child PMP *bubun₂

vuvuNggela(OC) a worm that bores into wood POC *pupuk₂

vuvuPaiwan(Formosan) grandparents/grandchildren PAN *bubu₆

vū-vūWayan(OC) be jealous, envious POC *puRu₂

vu-vuaEddystone/Mandegusu(OC) crops, plants in general POC *puaq puaq

vu-vuaRoviana(OC) fruit trees POC *puaq

vu-vuaRoviana(OC) seahorse POC *puqaya

vuvudKadazan Dusun(WMP) shake something out of a pot, etc. PWMP *bubud

vuvug-aNggela(OC) infested by the borer worm PMP *bukbuk-an

vu-vuiMota(OC) pour water upon, cool with water POC *puqi puqi

vuvulaFijian(OC) a white fish, bony to eat (easily chokes people): Megalops cyprinoides (Broussonet) POC *pu-pulan

vu-vulaFijian(OC) a fish: Megalops cyprinoides (Broussonet); white, bony to eat, easily chokes people POC *pu-pulan

vuvulaGitua(OC) spotted herring POC *pu-pulan

vu-vulaGitua(OC) spotted herring POC *pu-pulan

vuvu-livaNggela(OC) toothache POC *pupuk₂

vu-vuluBugotu(OC) betel pepper: Piper betle POC *pu-pulu

vu-vuluBugotu(OC) the leaf of the betel pepper POC *puqulu

vu-vulu-ñaBugotu(OC) hairy POC *pulu₃

vuvunMota(OC) to deceive, hide something POC *puni-puni

vu-vunMota(OC) to poison fish POC *(bp)una

vu-vunaBwaidoga/Bwaidoka(OC) cause, origin, foundation of anything; (of a tree) the root POC *puna₁

vuvuŋaNggela(OC) upon, above, over; a ridge; ridge-pole of house POC *pupuŋan

vuvusuRoviana(OC) strew; crumble soil, as in gardening; fall, as dust from a dirty roof, to fall, as leaves of various plants POC *pupus

vuvut-iNggela(OC) pull out, root out POC *puput-i

vuwaHPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) fruit PAN *buaq

vu-yaFijian(OC) wash it (trans.) PMP *puRiq

vū-yaFijian(OC) to wash something, cleanse something with water POC *puqi

vuyaPokau(OC) moon, month POC *pulan₃

vuyuʔMurut (Tagol)(WMP) betel leaf PWMP *buyuq

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