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Austronesian Comparative Dictionary


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-wLeipon(OC) 1sg possessive suffix; my POC *-gu

waAhus(OC) fresh water; lake PCEMP *waiR

waAndra(OC) water PCEMP *waiR

waAnsus(SHWNG) canoe PEMP *waŋka

Buli(SHWNG) root PMP *wakaR

waCebuano(WMP) expression of mild disappointment PAN *ua₁

Fijian(OC) vine, creeper of any kind; string, bandage POC *waRoc

waGilbertese(OC) any vehicle, any means of conveyance; canoe, boat, bicycle, cart POC *waga

waJarai(WMP) uncle, aunt PMP *uaʔ

waJarai(WMP) uncle, aunt PMP *ua₂

waKapampangan(WMP) yes PAN *ua₁

waLonwolwol(OC) bear fruit POC *puaq

waMandar(WMP) expression of surprise, etc. PAN *ua₁

waMarshallese(OC) canoe; ship; boat; vehicle POC *waga

waMendak(OC) stingray POC *paRi

waManggarai(CMP) so long as, but, if, not PCEMP *ba₁

waManggarai(CMP) under, below PMP *ba₄

waMinyaifuin(SHWNG) water PCEMP *waiR

waNumfor(SHWNG) canoe PEMP *waŋka

waPohnpeian(OC) to flower, bear fruit POC *puaq

waPohnpeian(OC) carry POC *puat₂

*waPSHG(OC) mother's brother (and also father's sister?) PMP *uaʔ

*waPSHG(OC) mother’s brother (and also father’s sister?) PMP *ua₂

waʔRejang(WMP) FeB, FeZ, MeB, MeZ PMP *uaʔ

waRon(SHWNG) canoe PEMP *waŋka

waHawu(CMP) to flood, inundate PCEMP *baaq

waHawu(CMP) lung PAN *baRaq₁

waHawu(CMP) west, the island of Sumba PMP *habaRat

waSeediq(Formosan) final particle of exclamation PAN *ua₁

waSeimat(OC) canoe POC *waga

waSika(CMP) mouth; opening of a door PMP *bahaq₁

waSinghi Land Dayak(WMP) younger sibling of a parent PMP *ua₂

waTagalog(WMP) shoo! (to drive off pigs, etc.) PAN *ua₁

waWandamen(SHWNG) canoe PEMP *waŋka

waWuvulu(OC) canoe POC *waga

wā, waOld Javanese(WMP) live coal, piece of burning material which is aglow PMP *baRah

ꞌwa¹²kMayá(SHWNG) canoe PEMP *waŋka

ꞌwa³lMayá(SHWNG) eight PAN *walu

waʔa'Āre'āre(OC) split, cut in sections; yam section PMP *wakaq

waʔaArosi(OC) to split; burst through, as a pig through a fence PMP *wakaq

waaBare'e(WMP) glowing coals PMP *baRah

waaChuukese(OC) boat, ship, canoe, vessel, conveyance, automobile, airplane, vehicle POC *waga

waʔaHawaiian(OC) canoe; trench, furrow POC *waga

waaKwaio(OC) snake; various sorts of worms, other snake-like creatures POC *mwata

waʔaManggarai(CMP) floodwater, flood; to flood, flow, be carried off by a current PCEMP *baaq

waʔaMoor(SHWNG) canoe PEMP *waŋka

waʔaNias(WMP) root PMP *wakaR

waaPuluwat(OC) canoe, vehicle of any kind, bicycle, container, people in a canoe; possessive classifier for vehicles POC *waga

waʔaRembong(CMP) to flow; be carried off by a current PCEMP *baaq

waʔaSa'a(OC) be split, cut into sections; to split, divide fish; shred, cut up yams for planting PMP *wakaq

waʔaSa'a(OC) a boss on the head of adze handle, on canoe haku (stem or stern) in prow, on back of kiekie clubs, etc. POC *waka

waahineMaori(OC) women POC *papine

wáʔakBontok(WMP) caw (crow), squeal (frightened pig) PPh *wáak

waʔakManggarai(CMP) cut with a machete (banana shoots, etc.) PMP *baqak₁

wââ-nIaai(OC) root PMP *wakaR

waʔa-nLamaholot(CMP) ember PMP *baRah

waa-nNemi(OC) root PMP *wakaR

waarKamarian(CMP) root PMP *wakaR

waʔatFordata(CMP) shore tree: Rhizophore PMP *wakat

waʔatKowiai/Koiwai(SHWNG) mangrove tree PMP *wakat

waawakiToqabaqita(OC) spp. of large cuttlefish and squid POC *mwamwaki

waʔayAmis(Formosan) legs including the feet PAN *waqay

wa-baayRukai (Tona)(Formosan) give PAN *beRay

wa-binBiga(SHWNG) woman PCEMP *b<in>ai

wabuMunggui(SHWNG) ash POC *qapu

wabuWoi(SHWNG) ash PMP *qabu

wacaManggarai(CMP) wet PMP *baseq

w-acuʔSakizaya(Formosan) dog PAN *asu₁

wádaBontok(WMP) bring about; make; form; create; father a child; there is, there exists PWMP *wada-q

wadáIlokano(WMP) to have; to be (somewhere), there is, there are, there was, there were; some PWMP *wada-q

wádaKankanaey(WMP) there is, there was; to be; be present; exist PWMP *wada-q

waḍasJavanese(WMP) a variety of sandstone PMP *badas

wadÉ-ŋCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) younger sibling (vocative) PWMP *huaji-ŋ

wadíCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) younger sibling (ref.) PMP *huaji

wadiPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) younger sibling, younger cousin (ref.) PAN *Suaji

wadianMa'anyan(WMP) shaman PWMP *balian

wadisAmis(Formosan) tooth PAN *waNiS

wadi-yanPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) younger sibling, younger cousin (ref.) PAN *Suaji-an

waduBimanese(CMP) stone PMP *batu

waduTonsea(WMP) eight PAN *walu

waduHawu(CMP) stone PMP *batu

wadwádSambal (Botolan)(WMP) to spread something out, as material or a mat PPH *wadwad

wadwadManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to distribute, as transplanting plants in a field; to distribute one’s goods among many PPH *wadwad

waeGedaged(OC) give (away), dispense, distribute, bestow, deal out, apportion POC *wa(n)se

waeHawaiian(OC) leg (obsolete) POC *waqe

waeHawaiian(OC) to choose, select, pick out, sort, separate; to draft, as soldiers; to preen, as of a chicken; finicky POC *wa(n)se

waeKapingamarangi(OC) leg, foot; wheel (of a vehicle) POC *waqe

waeMaori(OC) leg, foot POC *waqe

waeMaori(OC) to divide, part, separate POC *wa(n)se

waePaulohi(CMP) leg, foot PAN *waqay

waeWogeo(OC) foot, leg POC *waqe

waeáʔAklanon(WMP) disappear, become nothing; run out of; left without PWMP *wada-q

wae hua-iKamarian(CMP) calf of the leg PMP *buaq ni bities

waelAsilulu(CMP) water, sap, liquid; river (esp. in place names) PCEMP *waiR

waelHitu(CMP) water PCEMP *waiR

waeleKayeli(CMP) water; stream PCEMP *waiR

waeóAklanon(WMP) eight PAN *walu

waerTontemboan(WMP) price; payment PMP *bayaD

wae̯ʔGaai(WMP) mouth PMP *baqbaq

wagGedaged(OC) large canoe that goes out on the high seas, has one or two masts and a large platform; ship, boat POC *waga

wagaArosi(OC) let loose, set free PMP *wakas₁

wagaBali (Uneapa)(OC) canoe POC *waga

wagaBuruese(CMP) canoe, boat, ship PCEMP *waŋka

wagaDobuan(OC) canoe POC *waga

wagaKapingamarangi(OC) canoe POC *waga

wagaKilivila(OC) canoe POC *waga

wagaLabel(OC) canoe POC *waga

wágaMaguindanao(WMP) shoulder PMP *qabaRa₁

wagaMaranao(WMP) shoulder PMP *qabaRa₁

wagaManggarai(CMP) split PMP *wakaq

*wagaPAmb(CMP) canoe PCEMP *waŋka

wagaʔRembong(CMP) split PMP *wakaq

wagaTifu(CMP) canoe PCEMP *waŋka

waga, wakaBwaidoga/Bwaidoka(OC) a canoe of any kind, but esp. a large, boarded-up canoe POC *waga

wagalOld Javanese(WMP) rude, unmannered PMP *bagal

waga-naKahua(OC) root PMP *wakaR

wagedMaranao(WMP) snake; vine PMP *waRej

waged-enMaranao(WMP) viny PMP *waRej

wa-gəmgəmRukai(Formosan) squeeze in the hand (Ferrell 1969) PAN *gemgem

waghaKove(OC) canoe POC *waga

wagiAtayal(Formosan) sun PAN *waRi₁

wagiAtta (Pamplona)(WMP) sibling (without respect to relative age) PMP *huaji

wagiSiraya(Formosan) day PAN *waRi₁

wagoTawala(OC) plant by pushing into the ground; to strike a cutting POC *pasok

waguBisaya (Lotud)(WMP) new PMP *baqeRu

waguTeluti(CMP) eight PAN *walu

wágwagAklanon(WMP) rice (traditional variety) PPh *wagwág₁

wagwágAyta Abellan(WMP) act of shaking unhusked rice from the stalks that are being threshed PPh *wagwág₂

wagwágBikol(WMP) shake out (a rug, clothes to remove dust or lint) PPh *wagwág₂

wagwágCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) variety of paddy (wet) rice PPh *wagwág₁

wagwágCebuano(WMP) variety of white paddy rice with strong panicles maturing late and giving a heavy yield PPh *wagwág₁

wagwágIfugaw(WMP) shake out what is filling a container, e.g. a sack the contents of which cannot be poured out and emptied without shaking PPh *wagwág₂

wagwágIlokano(WMP) a variety of awned early rice with light-colored hull, few awns, and white kernel PPh *wagwág₁

wagwágIlokano(WMP) shake a person, a screen, etc.; shake, make to tremble or shiver PPh *wagwág₂

wagwāgIsneg(WMP) shake (a blanket, a mat, etc.) PPh *wagwág₂

wagwágKapampangan(WMP) valued variety of rice PPh *wagwág₁

wagwágPangasinan(WMP) shake out a sack, empty a container PPh *wagwág₂

wagwágTagalog(WMP) species of rice grain PPh *wagwág₁

wagwágTagalog(WMP) to dry (wet cloth) by shaking up; shake the dust off (clothes, mats, floor rugs, curtains, etc.); clean (cloth or the like) of dust, dirt, or soapsuds by shaking in water without rubbing PPh *wagwág₂

wahPohnpeian(OC) fruit, flower; offspring; result POC *puaq

wah, wāhOld Javanese(WMP) flood, spate, freshet, river swollen by rains, torrent PMP *bahaq₂

wahaHawaiian(OC) carry on the back, as a child POC *papa₁

wahaHawaiian(OC) mouth; opening; inner surface of a bowl; open top of a canoe POC *papaq₂

wahaMaori(OC) carry on the back POC *papa₁

wahaMaori(OC) mouth, entrance POC *papaq₂

wahagAyta Abellan(WMP) to scatter; to pour out PPH *waság

wahágSambal (Botolan)(WMP) to scatter, as papers or clothes PPH *waság

wahaguŋModang (Long Glat)(WMP) bear PWMP *baRuaŋ

wahalRoma(CMP) answer PAN *bales₁

waha-nManipa(CMP) root PMP *wakaR

wahan m-ur m-urKei(CMP) later; in the future PCEMP *m-udi

wáhay, wáheIfugaw(WMP) Ifugaw axe, the blade of which is thick but narrow near and in its wooden handle PWMP *wasay

wah benarSasak(WMP) day has broken PWMP *benaR

wahəhao̯ʔLong Gelat Modang(WMP) crocodile PMP *buqaya

wahetBuruese(CMP) vine; snake PMP *waRej

wahhe-wahheIfugaw(WMP) kind of big mosquito PPh *wasay wasay

wahíItawis(WMP) sibling PMP *huaji

wahieHawaiian(OC) fuel, firewood; to serve as firewood POC *papian

wahieMaori(OC) firewood POC *papian

wahígCebuano(WMP) river PMP *wahiR

wahigManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) water; river; stream PMP *wahiR

wahineHawaiian(OC) woman, lady; wife; sister-in-law; female cousin-in-law of a man; feminine POC *papine

wāhineHawaiian(OC) women POC *papine

wahineMaori(OC) woman; female; wife POC *papine

wahiraKove(OC) day before yesterday POC *waRisa

wahíwa(h)Ifugaw(WMP) a sort of Ifugaw fan ... a man who sits near the corpse of somebody who is installed on a death chair sways it back and forth to chase the flying insects away PPh *wasíwas

wahíwayIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) frighten away flies from food, and esp. from the dead while tied in a death chair during preburial ritual by a continual waving back and forth of a stick PPh *wasíwas

wahjao̯ʔMei Lan Modang(WMP) crocodile PMP *buqaya

wahjao̯ʔWoq Helaq Modang(WMP) crocodile PMP *buqaya

wahjɛʔKelai(WMP) crocodile PMP *buqaya

wahjoʔGaai(WMP) crocodile PMP *buqaya

wah-kahkPohnpeian(OC) call or cackle loudly, of a hen PMP *kakakₐ

wahoHawaiian(OC) outside, beyond, out, outer, outward POC *papo₁

wahoKove(OC) vein; rope POC *waRoc

wahoMaori(OC) the outside; the open sea; the coast, as opposed to inland POC *papo₁

wahoSoboyo(CMP) rattan PMP *waRej

wahuBalinese(WMP) just, just now PMP *baqeRu

wahuGorontalo(WMP) ashes from the hearth PMP *qabu

wahwahAyta Abellan(WMP) to bathe by immersing in stream; to wash clothes PPh *waswás₁

wahwáhIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) lift up and down in the water to wash off mud, as of the feet, a vegetable, in washing off soil from the root PPh *waswás₁

wahwá(h)Ifugaw(WMP) rinse clothes which have been washed PPh *waswás₁

waiAdonara(CMP) river; fresh water PMP *wahiR

waiAnakalangu(CMP) water PCEMP *waiR

wai'Āre'āre(OC) fresh water (as opposed to āsi 'saltwater'); moisture, sap, juice; river PCEMP *waiR

waiArosi(OC) husband or wife; to marry POC *wati₂

wai-Arosi(OC) husband or wife; to marry POC *wati₂

waiArosi(OC) water PCEMP *waiR

waiArosi(OC) coconut shell water bottle PEMP *waip

waiBauro(OC) husband or wife POC *wati₂

waiFijian(OC) water, liquid of any kind PCEMP *waiR

waiHawaiian(OC) water, liquid of any kind other than sea water; juice, sap, honey; any liquid discharged from the body, as blood, semen; river, stream (in place-names) PCEMP *waiR

waiKambera(CMP) water PCEMP *waiR

waiKeapara(OC) river PCEMP *waiR

waiKomodo(CMP) grandmother/grandchild (recip.) PAN *baqi

waiLamaholot(CMP) water PCEMP *waiR

waiMandar(WMP) water; river PMP *wahiR

waiMaori(OC) water; liquid, oil, etc. PCEMP *waiR

waiMaori(OC) vessel to hold water, etc.; calabash PEMP *waip

waiMori Bawah(WMP) female, of animals PMP *bahi

waiMotlav(OC) water PCEMP *waiR

wa(i)Numfor(SHWNG) single or double outrigger canoe. Used only of canoes with dugout hulls PEMP *waŋka

*waiPSS(WMP) water PMP *wahiR

waiRarotongan(OC) water (general term) PCEMP *waiR

waiSa'a(OC) fresh water; stream, river PCEMP *waiR

waiSangir(WMP) mango tree and fruit PMP *wai

waiSaparua(CMP) water PCEMP *waiR

waiSelaru(CMP) put or hang something in the sun PAN *waRi₁

waiTae'(WMP) water PMP *wahiR

waiTarpia(OC) river PCEMP *waiR

waiTifu(CMP) water PCEMP *waiR

waiWetan(CMP) to pound PAN *bayu

waiYamdena(CMP) younger sibling of the same sex PCEMP *waji

waiKove(OC) make a basket, plait a door POC *pai₂

wa-iTawala(OC) carry, get, select, take POC *pa-i

wai, way, weOld Javanese(WMP) sun; day PAN *waRi₁

wai, wayaBuli(SHWNG) water; river PCEMP *waiR

wa-iaNakanamanga(OC) this PMP *ia₂

wai dranuWayan(OC) fresh water (contrast wai taci) POC *ranum

waifBuli(SHWNG) water ladle, bucket made of sago bark PEMP *waip

wáigIlokano(WMP) brook, run, small creek, rivulet, streamlet PMP *wahiR

waihinSuau(OC) woman POC *pai-p<in>ai

waiinePanatinani(OC) woman POC *pai-p<in>ai

wáilBontok(WMP) stream; creek PMP *wahiR

wailaSaliba(OC) water PCEMP *waiR

wai layiaKambera(CMP) ginger water, infusion of ginger used as a stimulant PMP *laqia

wai lukuKambera(CMP) river water PCEMP *waiR

wai mataTae'(WMP) tears PWMP *wahiR ni mata

wai mataTae'(WMP) tears PMP *mata

wai ma-wuraKambera(CMP) foaming water PMP *ma-bujeq

wa-inaNakanamanga(OC) that (distant) PMP *i-na

waineDobuan(OC) woman POC *papine

wai ni mataFijian(OC) tears PCEMP *waiR ni mata

wai ni sucuFijian(OC) milk (breast water) PAN *susu₁

wai niuHawaiian(OC) coconut water PMP *niuR

wai pa-unuŋuKambera(CMP) drinking water PMP *pa-inum

wairMisool (Coast)(SHWNG) fresh water PCEMP *waiR

wairSika(CMP) water PCEMP *waiR

wairaWedau(OC) water; water vessel; calabash PCEMP *waiR

waira-naWedau(OC) juice PCEMP *waiR

wai riaKambera(CMP) blood PAN *daRaq

wai rioGilbertese(OC) to go towards the west, to descend POC *sipo

wair tahiSika(CMP) seawater PCEMP *waiR

wair uranSika(CMP) rainwater PCEMP *waiR

wai(s)Bonfia(CMP) water PCEMP *waiR

waʔitPuyuma(Formosan) barb of spear or arrow PAN *waqit

wai taciFijian(OC) wai taci PMP *tasik

wai taciWayan(OC) sea, a body of sea-water; salt water PMP *tasik

wai tehikuKambera(CMP) seawater PCEMP *waiR

wai tehikuKambera(CMP) saltwater, seawater PMP *tasik

waiwUripiv(OC) general word for pandanus POC *poipoi

wajaʔBuginese(WMP) to pay PMP *bayaD

wajurManggarai(CMP) a tree: Pterospermun diversifolium PMP *bayuR

wakDusner(SHWNG) canoe PEMP *waŋka

wákHanunóo(WMP) common crow (Corvus macrorhynchus); apheresis of the form ʔuwák, q.v. PPh *wáak

wakIlokano(WMP) kind of crow PPh *wáak

wakItawis(WMP) crow (bird) PPh *wáak

wakTakia(OC) pandanus POC *pakum

wakTboli(WMP) a bird similar to the crow PMP *uak₁

wakTboli(WMP) a bird similar to the crow PPh *wáak

wakaBare'e(WMP) place where something used to be; the trace of something gone PMP *bekas₃

wakaBare'e(WMP) tree in the family Lauraceae: Litsea sp.; there are two types, one with small, the other with large leaves PWMP *bakan

wakaFijian(OC) the root of a plant PMP *wakaR

wakaFijian(OC) kind of club with many knots at the head, and really just a root POC *waka

wàkaKambera(CMP) cracked, torn, split PMP *bekaq

wakaMaori(OC) canoe in general; any long narrow receptacle, as trough for water, box for feathers, etc.; crew of a canoe; tribe POC *waga

wakaMaranao(WMP) Musa textilis Nee: abaca, Manila hemp PPh *abaká

wakaPalu'e(CMP) root PMP *wakaR

wakaʔTae'(WMP) root PMP *wakat

wakaTarpia(OC) root PMP *wakaR

wakaʔManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) rip or pull off the jaw; pull two halves of bamboo apart PMP *wakaq

waka-Asilulu(CMP) root PMP *wakaR

waka-cSoboyo(CMP) kind of Rhizophore PMP *wakat

wakahAyta Abellan(WMP) to end PPH *wakas₂

wàkahuKambera(CMP) loosen, undo (as the tie of a basket) PMP *beŋkas

wákalBontok(WMP) any vine used for tying PMP *wakaR

wákalIfugaw(WMP) thongs of litúku lianas PMP *wakaR

wákaŋBontok(WMP) to stride, walk with large steps PMP *waŋkaŋ

wákaŋIfugaw(WMP) great steps in walking PMP *waŋkaŋ

wákaŋIfugaw(WMP) great steps in walking PPH *wákaŋ

wákaŋ-ənBontok(WMP) to stride, to walk with large steps PPH *wákaŋ

*wakarPAmb(CMP) root PMP *wakaR

wakarYamdena(CMP) root PMP *wakaR

*wakaraPMic(OC) root POC *wakaR-a

wàkaruKambera(CMP) break, fall to pieces (as cornflour dough that has been kneaded together) PMP *be(ŋ)kaR

wakásBikol(WMP) lift the covering of something; uncover; lift someone's skirt PMP *wakas₁

wakásIlokano(WMP) get rid of, deliver oneself of, free oneself of, conclude satisfactorily PMP *wakas₁

wakasCentral Tagbanwa(WMP) to terminate, finish PPH *wakas₂

wakásTagalog(WMP) end; conclusion; finish PPH *wakas₂

wakas-ánBikol(WMP) lift the covering of something; uncover PPh *wakas-án

wakas-ánIlokano(WMP) get rid of, deliver oneself of, free oneself of PPh *wakas-án

wákatAklanon(WMP) roots of mangrove trees PMP *wakat

wakatAyta Maganchi(WMP) root that projects above ground PMP *wakat

wakatBalantak(WMP) root PMP *wakat

wakatBasap(WMP) root PMP *wakat

wákatBikol(WMP) roots of the mangrove tree PMP *wakat

wakatMongondow(WMP) tree root PMP *wakat

wákatBontok(WMP) spread around, as things which make a mess, scraps, paper, or mud PPh *wákat

wakatBuruese(CMP) a tree, the mangrove (Rhizophora) PMP *wakat

wákatCebuano(WMP) intertwine, be intertwined (as mangrove roots); prop roots of mangroves PMP *wakat

wákatCebuano(WMP) scatter, put in disarray (as things scattered around a room) PPh *wákat

wákatHanunóo(WMP) vine, a general term PMP *wakat

wákatIfugaw(WMP) scatter all kinds of things, putting them separately PPh *wákat

wákatKankanaey(WMP) scattered, spread, strewed about, thrown here and there; fall on the ground, sprawl PPh *wákat

wakatKapampangan(WMP) root of a tree PMP *wakat

wakatKei(CMP) mangrove: Rhizophora conjugata PMP *wakat

wakatMa'anyan(WMP) root PMP *wakat

wakatPaku(WMP) root PMP *wakat

*wakatPAmb(CMP) Rhizophore PMP *wakat

*wakatPSS(WMP) root PMP *wakat

wakatTifu(CMP) mangrove tree PMP *wakat

wakat-anMongondow(WMP) shore or swamp tree on high stilt-roots: Rhizophora conjugata PMP *wakat

wàka tanaKambera(CMP) cracks in dry ground PMP *bekaq

wakayAyta Maganchi(WMP) vine PMP *wakaR

wakayItbayaten(WMP) sweet potato, camote (Ipomoea batatas) PMP *wakaR

wakəHiw(OC) canoe POC *waga

wakeʔMandar(WMP) root PWMP *waket

wakeHawu(CMP) tie around the waist; belt PMP *bakes₁

waketMaranao(WMP) vine PWMP *waket

wakiUjir(CMP) root PCEMP *wakir

wakihKola(CMP) root PCEMP *wakir

wakirLabel(OC) tree root PCEMP *wakir

wakirOnin(CMP) root PCEMP *wakir

wakirSelaru(CMP) soap root PCEMP *wakir

wa-kokoDobuan(OC) brown house spider POC *koko

wa-kokoGapapaiwa(OC) large species of spider that sometimes occupies outhouses POC *koko

waksíIlokano(WMP) shake (a handkerchief, etc.); rid oneself of, shake off, throw off, free oneself from, reject, discard, doff PPh *waksí

waksíTagalog(WMP) get rid of something by jerking away the hand, foot, or body; renounce PPh *waksí

wakuKisar(CMP) stone PMP *batu

wakulJavanese(WMP) rice-serving basket PWMP *bakul₁

wakulOld Javanese(WMP) a type of basket PWMP *bakul₁

wakulTondano(WMP) basket PWMP *bakul₁

wakulTontemboan(WMP) small shallow basket for holding vegetables, spices and the like PWMP *bakul₁

wakul-anJavanese(WMP) (placed) in a serving basket; by the basket(ful) PWMP *bakul₁

wakuŋOld Javanese(WMP) a lily-like flower, Crinum asiaticum. The petals are very slender; fingers are compared with them PAN *bakuŋ₁

wakwákAklanon(WMP) large bat-like creature (believed to be a witch's messenger) PAN *wakwak

wakwakAmis(Formosan) white-breasted water hen PAN *wakwak

wakwákBikol(WMP) bird sp., said to walk for one month on one foot, and for the next month on the other PAN *wakwak

wakwákCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) crow, raven: Forrus macrorhychus PAN *wakwak

wakwákCebuano(WMP) a bird which comes out at night, so called from its call. Its call signals the presence of a vampire (uŋlu) or in some beliefs, it is a form the vampire takes himself PAN *wakwak

wakwakKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) witch, spirit which flies around at night and causes the death of people PAN *wakwak

wakwákKankanaey(WMP) croak, caw PAN *wakwak

wālKei(CMP) turn around, rotate PMP *balik₂

wālKei(CMP) change into PMP *baliw₂

walLabel(OC) eight PAN *walu

walMisool (Coast)(SHWNG) eight PAN *walu

walSelaru(CMP) eight PAN *walu

walTring(WMP) vine, creeper PMP *wakaR

walaKove(OC) shoulder POC *qapaRa₁

walaMinyaifuin(SHWNG) rope PMP *waRej

walaOld Javanese(WMP) in compounds it seems to be 'all kinds of, in every respect' PMP *bala₃

waláPangasinan(WMP) being in existence (often translatable by English 'to have' when referring to possessions, etc.) PWMP *wada-q

waláʔTagalog(WMP) none, nothing; absent PWMP *wada-q

walaUma(WMP) fence, enclosure PMP *bala₂

walaʔa wuwatoʔoGorontalo(WMP) stepchild PMP *anak

walayMaranao(WMP) house, building, case PMP *balay

walákKankanaey(WMP) scattered; spread; strewed about; thrown here and there PPh *warák

walamoGorontalo(WMP) weaving, woven PMP *añam

walam-oloGorontalo(WMP) woven PWMP *añam-en

walaŋJavanese(WMP) locust, grasshopper, or similar insect with jointed legs PWMP *balalaŋ₁

walaŋOld Javanese(WMP) cricket, grasshopper, locust PWMP *balalaŋ₁

walaŋSika(CMP) side, part PCEMP *balaŋ₂

walaŋSundanese(WMP) grasshopper PWMP *balalaŋ₁

walaŋ káyaTagalog(WMP) helpless; not able to help oneself PWMP *kaya

wala-ŋ-paŋ-ŋálanTagalog(WMP) nameless, having no name PWMP *paŋ-ŋaran

wala-ŋ púsoʔTagalog(WMP) heartless, merciless, unfeeling; cruel PMP *pusuq₁

walaʔoGorontalo(WMP) child PMP *anak

wa-lariLeti(CMP) run PMP *pa-laRiw

w(a)-lariWetan(CMP) flee PMP *pa-laRiw

wàlaruKambera(CMP) to open (as the hand), spread out (as a mat) PMP *bekelaj

wálasBontok(WMP) distribute PPh *wáras

wálasKankanaey(WMP) distribute to; deal out to; portion out to; serve out to (used only in songs) PPh *wáras

walatukOld Javanese(WMP) woodpecker PMP *balalatuk

walauRaga(OC) guide, steer, direct POC *pa-laur

walau-aMota(OC) to collect things for a voyage POC *pa-laur

wala-walauMota(OC) to paddle all together POC *pa-laur

walayAmis(Formosan) string; noodles PAN *walay

walayAtayal (Squliq)(Formosan) thread PAN *walay

walayKapampangan(WMP) to separate, as children from their mother PAN *waray

waLayPuyuma(Formosan) thread, warp (for weaving) PAN *walay

walaySeediq (Truku)(Formosan) thread; thin noodles PAN *walay

wálayTagalog(WMP) separate from; wean (a baby) from mother's breast PAN *waray

waLaySaisiyat (Taai)(Formosan) thread PAN *walay

waleʔBuginese(WMP) reciprocate, do in return PAN *bales₁

waleGorontalo(WMP) termite larva PAN *aNay

waleLarike(CMP) younger sibling PCEMP *waji

walékManggarai(CMP) change, turn around PMP *balik₂

walen, walyanOld Javanese(WMP) physician, healer PWMP *balian

walerOld Javanese(WMP) boundary, limit, end PWMP *balej

walesJavanese(WMP) retribution, revenge; response; reaction; return PAN *bales₁

walesOld Javanese(WMP) return, reaction, countermove, repayment, retaliation, revenge PAN *bales₁

waletAsilulu(CMP) rope, cord, string; intestines; vines and creeping plants in general PMP *waRej

wale tanaʔTontemboan(WMP) house on the ground, not raised on piles, with the earth as floor PMP *taneq

walet-ePaulohi(CMP) liana; rope PMP *waRej

walewTiruray(WMP) eight PAN *walu

waleyTiruray(WMP) becoming PWMP *bali₁

walheKisar(CMP) repay, requite, answer PAN *bales₁

waliAgutaynen(WMP) advice (archaic) PPH *wali₂

waliAmis(Formosan) East PAN *waRi₁

wali-Asilulu(CMP) younger sibling of the same sex PCEMP *waji

waliBare'e(WMP) happen, occur PWMP *bali₁

waliBimanese(CMP) again, once more PMP *baliw₂

wáliCebuano(WMP) sermon; lecture read to someone who has done something wrong; to deliver a sermon; lecture someone PPH *wali₂

waliFijian(OC) anoint; rub a sore with i wali, which is a kind of oil made of leaves cut up and oil added POC *wali₁

waliLeti(CMP) turn oneself, go back; back again, once again PMP *balik₂

waliLeti(CMP) side, half; partner, companion; opponent like PCEMP *bali₈

waliLeti(CMP) again, once more PMP *baliw₂

waliLonwolwol(OC) the one (or other) of (a pair); the mate of POC *bali₇

waliManggarai(CMP) return in kind (gifts, etc.) PMP *baliw₄

waliMolima(OC) sing; song PCEMP *wari

waliPuyuma(Formosan) tooth PAN *waNiS

waliRembong(CMP) repay, reply PMP *baliw₄

wäliSa'a(OC) a space of time, long past POC *waRi₂

wæliSa'a(OC) a space of time, long past POC *tuaRi

waliUma(WMP) become PWMP *bali₁

waliBinukid(WMP) sermon; lecture; to preach, deliver a sermon; to lecture someone PPH *wali₂

walianMaranao(WMP) legendary witch PWMP *balian

walidaBare'e(WMP) weaver's lath (used to beat in the woof) PMP *balija

walikJavanese(WMP) on the contrary, the other way around, on the opposite side; the other way; around (as a shirt on backwards); go back on one's word, turn traitor PMP *balik₂

walikOld Javanese(WMP) turn round, reverse PMP *balik₂

walikatOld Javanese(WMP) shoulder blade PWMP *balikat

walikatSundanese(WMP) shoulder blade PWMP *balikat

walikeManipa(CMP) rope PMP *waRej

walilSaparua(CMP) river PCEMP *waiR

waliliBare'e(WMP) circle, circuit PWMP *baliliŋ

w-alimaHaku(OC) hand PAN *qalima

wali-nKei(CMP) side, opposite side PCEMP *bali₈

waliŋOld Javanese(WMP) mistaken belief, thinking (wrongly) PWMP *baliŋ₁

waliraOld Javanese(WMP) part of the weaver's loom (a stick or bow) with which the threads are pressed together PMP *balija

waliriBare'e(WMP) kind of herb PMP *baliji

waliriBare'e(WMP) kind of herb PMP *balizi

walisCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) broom; to sweep PPH *walís

walisPazeh(Formosan) canine tooth; tusk of animal PAN *waNiS

waliʃSaisiyat(Formosan) fang, tusk PAN *waNiS

walísTagalog(WMP) broom PPH *walís

waliʃ-anSaisiyat(Formosan) wild boar PAN *waNiS-an

wälitaUlawa(OC) day after tomorrow POC *waRisa

walitoGorontalo(WMP) skin (of animals) PMP *qanit

waliwisOld Javanese(WMP) kind of duck (Anas casarca) PWMP *baliwis

waliwisSundanese(WMP) kind of wild duck PWMP *baliwis

wali-yNali(OC) sing PCEMP *wari

waloAmblau(CMP) eight PAN *walu

walóBikol(WMP) eight PAN *walu

walúBontok(WMP) eight; to be eight PAN *walu

walóBuhid(WMP) eight PAN *walu

walóIlokano(WMP) eight PAN *walu

walóIsneg(WMP) eight PAN *walu

waloMaranao(WMP) eight PAN *walu

waloMolima(OC) veins and tendons POC *waRoc

walóPangasinan(WMP) eight PAN *walu

waloSa'a(OC) creeper, vine; rope, string, line; fishing-line; ten shell-moneys, a unit POC *waRoc

waloSaisiyat(Formosan) honeybee; sugar PAN *waNu

walóTagalog(WMP) eight PAN *walu

waloi-enTondano(WMP) change! (imperative) PMP *baliw₂

walo-waloSambal (Botolan)(WMP) eight by eight (eight at a time) PMP *walu walu

walo-waloMolima(OC) veins and tendons POC *waRoc waRoc

walsaLeti(CMP) repay, requite, answer PAN *bales₁

waluAnakalangu(CMP) eight PAN *walu

waluAsilulu(CMP) eight PAN *walu

waluAtayal (Squliq)(Formosan) honeybee PAN *waNu

waluMongondow(WMP) eight PAN *walu

waluʔBuginese(WMP) bundle PWMP *balut₂

walúCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) eight PAN *walu

walúCebuano(WMP) eight PAN *walu

waluFijian(OC) eight PAN *walu

waluFordata(CMP) eight PAN *walu

waluGorontalo(WMP) eight PAN *walu

walúHanunóo(WMP) eight PAN *walu

waluHawaiian(OC) eight PAN *walu

walúIfugaw(WMP) eight PAN *walu

walúItawis(WMP) eight PAN *walu

walúKalinga (Guinaang)(WMP) eight PAN *walu

waluKambera(CMP) eight PAN *walu

walúKapampangan(WMP) eight PAN *walu

waluLolak(WMP) eight PAN *walu

waluManggarai(CMP) mourn PMP *baluq

waluManggarai(CMP) eight PAN *walu

waluMunggui(SHWNG) eight PAN *walu

waluNggela(OC) eight PAN *walu

w̃aluNias(WMP) eight PAN *walu

*waluPAmb(CMP) eight PAN *walu

waluPazeh(Formosan) honeybee PAN *waNu

*waluPMic(OC) eight PAN *walu

waluPuyuma(Formosan) sugar; sweet; honeybee PAN *waNu

waluSangir(WMP) eight PAN *walu

waluSoboyo(CMP) eight PAN *walu

waluTetun(CMP) eight PAN *walu

waluTetun (Dili)(CMP) eight PAN *walu

waluToba Batak(WMP) eight PAN *walu

waluUlithian(OC) eight PAN *walu

waluUma(WMP) eight PAN *walu

waluManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) eight PAN *walu

waluWolio(WMP) eight PAN *walu

waluYamdena(CMP) eight PAN *walu

walu-aBatu Merah(CMP) eight PAN *walu

waluaBonkovia(OC) paddle POC *paluca

walu-anIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) (with gemination of the second consonant to indicate reciprocal action), that which eight people do together PPh *walu(h)-an

waluhKelabit(WMP) eight PAN *walu

wáluh-anTagalog(WMP) eight for each; in groups of eight PPh *walu(h)-an

wàlukuKambera(CMP) bend around (as in coiling rattan); break PMP *beluk

walulaŋOld Javanese(WMP) leather, hide PWMP *balulaŋ

walunOld Javanese(WMP) a cloth for wrapping or covering PMP *balun₅

waluŋBuginese(WMP) wrap up PMP *balun₅

walu ŋa fuluNias(WMP) eighty PMP *walu ŋa puluq

waluŋan ka-gila-gilaSundanese(WMP) river that one is terrified of PMP *gila-gila

waluŋuKambera(CMP) bind together, bundle PCEMP *balun₃

walu-waluFijian(OC) all eight PMP *walu walu

walu-waluOld Javanese(WMP) widow PWMP *balu balu

walu-weluŋSika(CMP) eight PAN *walu

walwágCebuano(WMP) insert something long in an opening and work it around (as in working something around in a pipe to remove an obstruction) PPH *walwáR

walwálIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) make a space between an object planted firmly in a base (as the ground) and that around it which holds it in place (as soil) by moving the object back and forth and then removing it PPH *walwáR

walwálIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) make a space between an object planted firmly in a base (as the ground) and that around it which holds it in place (as soil) by moving the object back and forth and then removing it PPh *walwál

walwálBontok(WMP) to move from side to side, as when removing a loose rock from a wall or a post from a hole; to twist or rotate a limb as a form of massage PPH *walwáR

walwálBontok(WMP) to move from side to side, as when removing a loose rock from a wall or a post from a hole; to twist or rotate a limb as a form of massage PPh *walwál

walwalIbaloy(WMP) to move something around, back and forth, in order to loosen it (as post deep in the ground, s.t. that is tied or assembled) PPh *walwál

walwalManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) shake or pull on a long horizontally hanging vine or line to make it move up and down; shake or pull on the network of rattan built over a field to frighten away rice birds PPh *walwál

w-amaAmis(Formosan) father PAN *amax

wa-manBiga(SHWNG) man PMP *ma-Ruqanay

w-amaʔSakizaya(Formosan) father PAN *amax

wam-barekNumfor(SHWNG) west wind, west monsoon PMP *habaRat

wambuloGorontalo(WMP) fog PWMP *ambun

wa meLou(OC) Come here! (= ‘you come’) POC *mai

wa mePenchal(OC) Come here! (= ‘you come’) POC *mai

wa meLindrou(OC) Come here! (= ‘you come’) POC *mai

wanMendak(OC) eight PAN *walu

-wanRano(OC) to go POC *pano

wanSelaru(CMP) right side PMP *wanan

wanaAdonara(CMP) right side PMP *wanan

wanaArop(OC) right side PMP *wanan

wanaBimanese(CMP) right side PMP *wanan

wanaErai(CMP) right side PMP *wanan

wanaErai(CMP) right hand side PMP *wanan

wanaKédang(CMP) right (side) PMP *wanan

wanaManam(OC) right (side) PMP *wanan

wanaManam(OC) right (side) PMP *wanan

wanaMorella(CMP) child PMP *anak

wan(a)Nehan(OC) shoot PAN *panaq

wanaSelau(OC) shoot with bow and arrow PAN *panaq

wanaSika(CMP) right hand PMP *wanan

wanaTolai(OC) go, move; come POC *pana

wanaTunjung(WMP) husband PMP *banah

wanaUruava(OC) right side PMP *wanan

wanaWaima'a(CMP) right side PMP *wanan

wanaWogeo(OC) right (side) PMP *wanan

wanaWogeo(OC) right (side) PMP *wanan

wananItbayaten(WMP) right (side) PMP *wanan

wananItbayaten(WMP) right (side) PMP *wanan

wánanKapampangan(WMP) right side PMP *wanan

wananLamaholot(CMP) right (side) PMP *wanan

wananLamaholot(CMP) right (side) PMP *wanan

wananManggarai(CMP) right side PMP *wanan

wananManggarai(CMP) right side PMP *wanan

wananRembong(CMP) right side PMP *wanan

wananYogad(WMP) right side PMP *wanan

wananeNuaulu(CMP) right side PMP *wanan

wananeNuaulu(CMP) right side PMP *wanan

wanañSoboyo(CMP) right side PMP *wanan

wanarManggarai(CMP) a thorny vine: Smilax modesta PCEMP *banaR₂

wana-wanaKove(OC) hot PMP *panas₁

wan-dui-duiMuna(WMP) a dugong (in folktales) PMP *duyuŋ₂

*wanePMic(OC) straight, steady, direct POC *wane wane

wane-wanMortlockese(OC) straight, steady, direct POC *wane wane

wane-waneAua(OC) smooth, level; straight POC *wane wane

wane-waneWuvulu(OC) straight POC *wane wane

waniBare'e(WMP) give praise; boast PMP *baRani

waniBare'e(WMP) honeybee PMP *wani

waniDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) large bee that nests in a wooden or bark box, or nests near the village PMP *wani

waniKaro Batak(WMP) large bee that nests in the tualaŋ (the honey tree: Koompassia parviflora) PMP *wani

waniLeti(CMP) bee, honeybee PMP *wani

w-aniMamanwa(WMP) this PAN *qani₁

waniManggarai(CMP) bee sp. PMP *wani

waniNias(WMP) bee PMP *wani

wāniOld Javanese(WMP) courage, bravery, valor, prowess; to dare, daring, courageous, brave, valiant PMP *baRani

*waniPSS(WMP) bee PMP *wani

waniRembong(CMP) a bee: Apis dorsata PMP *wani

waniSoboyo(CMP) honeybee PMP *wani

waniUma(WMP) bee PMP *wani

wani, wani-nTetun(CMP) honey bee PMP *wani

wā ni vico-vicoFijian(OC) the navel string POC *piso₂

wani wayoSoboyo(CMP) honey PMP *wani

wannuLeti(CMP) wake up, get up PMP *baŋun₂

wanoKulawi(WMP) wash the hands PMP *bañaw

wanoUma(WMP) wash the hands PMP *bañaw

wantahOld Javanese(WMP) clash together, collide PWMP *bantaq

wantal-enTontemboan(WMP) wrap it in a cloth PWMP *bantal

wantoʔoGorontalo(WMP) insert, put in (as money into a fold of the clothing) PMP *hasek₁

wanuAnsus(SHWNG) village; house PMP *banua

wanuNuaulu(CMP) eight PAN *walu

wanuNuaulu(CMP) eight PAN *walu

wanuaBare'e(WMP) den of an animal PMP *banua

wanuaDuke of York(OC) land, country POC *panua

wanuaTondano(WMP) village PMP *banua

wanuaWusi-Mana(OC) house POC *panua

wanunuWindesi(SHWNG) shadow (van Hasselt and van Hasselt 1947, sub nin) PMP *qanunu

wanwaOld Javanese(WMP) inhabited place or area; village, settlement PMP *banua

wañiMaloh(WMP) honeybee PMP *wani

wañiBasap(WMP) honeybee PMP *wani

waŋGedaged(OC) right hand, right side, dextral PMP *wanan

waŋGedaged(OC) right hand, right side, dextral PMP *wanan

waŋJavanese(WMP) jaw, jawbone PMP *baReqaŋ

waŋJawe(OC) boat, canoe POC *waga

waŋTanga(OC) outrigger canoe of dugout type POC *waga

waŋaMota(OC) open the mouth, gape, gasp PAN *paŋa₁

waŋaMota(OC) to open the mouth, gape, gasp POC *paŋa₃

waŋanDuke of York(OC) to eat POC *paŋan

waŋáwaŋBikol(WMP) wide open (as a door); be wide open PPh *waŋáwaŋ

waŋáwaŋBontok(WMP) widen a cut in the dike of a terrace wall to allow free flow of water to the terrace below PPh *waŋáwaŋ

waŋésManggarai(CMP) open the mouth wide in disappointment or submission PMP *waŋis

waŋgaBimanese(CMP) thigh PMP *waŋkaŋ

waŋgaFijian(OC) a sailing canoe, of various kinds POC *waga

waŋgaGhari(OC) canoe POC *waga

waŋgaGitua(OC) canoe POC *waga

waŋgaKambera(CMP) make an opening, take apart PMP *bakas₂

waŋgaŋManggarai(CMP) walk with the legs wide apart; lie on back with legs spread open while sleeping PMP *waŋkaŋ

waŋgihuKambera(CMP) twist, wind around; belt; rope that is tied around the loincloth PMP *bakes₁

wàŋguKambera(CMP) to bend, bow, curve PMP *beŋkuq

wàŋguKambera(CMP) bend, duck, bow to, curve, bent downward PMP *beŋkuŋ

waŋiOld Javanese(WMP) fragrance PMP *baŋehih

waŋiŋi-anSeimat(OC) sour POC *maŋiŋi

wáŋisCebuano(WMP) for a pig's canines to grow long because of age PMP *waŋis

wáŋitIsneg(WMP) molar teeth of hogs and horses PMP *waŋis

waŋkaKomodo(CMP) boat, canoe PCEMP *waŋka

waŋkaManggarai(CMP) boat PCEMP *waŋka

waŋkaPeterara(OC) canoe POC *waga

waŋkaRembong(CMP) boat PCEMP *waŋka

waŋkasManggarai(CMP) break open, dig up with the roots PMP *wakas₁

waŋkay ~ waŋkeOld Javanese(WMP) dead body, corpse, carcass PWMP *baŋkay

waŋkéBalinese(WMP) dead body, corpse PWMP *baŋkay

waŋkéJavanese(WMP) corpse PWMP *baŋkay

waŋketManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) of strands of vines, abaca fiber, etc., to entwine or entangle PWMP *waket

waŋkuBare'e(WMP) bent over, inclined, of someone who does not walk erect; leaning over, as a house or tree PMP *ba(ŋ)kuq

waŋkuḍuOld Javanese(WMP) a plant the root of which produces a red dye: Morinda spp. PWMP *baŋkudu

waŋkuŋManggarai(CMP) a plant: Crinum asiaticum L. PAN *bakuŋ₁

waŋkuŋRembong(CMP) a plant: Crinum asiaticum L. PAN *bakuŋ₁

waŋuBare'e(WMP) stand up from a lying or sitting position PMP *baŋun₂

waŋunJavanese(WMP) design, shape; appearance, aspect; suitable (to), in keeping (with); building, structure PMP *baŋun₂

waŋunOld Javanese(WMP) rising, starting, taking shape PMP *baŋun₂

waŋunTolai(OC) to awaken, awake, rouse, arouse, excite POC *paŋun

waŋun ḍahinaOld Javanese(WMP) dawn PMP *baŋun₂

waŋun udhāniOld Javanese(WMP) regain consciousness PMP *baŋun₂

waŋuŋBuginese(WMP) body PMP *baŋun₂

waŋwáŋCebuano(WMP) enlarge an opening by cutting or pushing two things apart; be dilated, widely opened PPh *waŋwáŋ

waŋwáŋHanunóo(WMP) expansiveness, broadness, wideness, bigness, as of pools PPh *waŋwáŋ

waŋwáŋIlokano(WMP) abyss, abysm, gulf, chasm PPh *waŋwáŋ

waŋwaŋKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) of a hole, to enlarge by continual use PPh *waŋwáŋ

waoHawaiian(OC) general term for inland region, usually not precipitous and often uninhabited POC *wao

waóKankanaey(WMP) eight PAN *walu

waoMaori(OC) forest POC *wao

waoWuvulu(OC) rope; vein; tendon POC *waRoc

wapiduGorontalo(WMP) layers PWMP *apid₂

wapitoGorontalo(WMP) touch, be touched PMP *hapit

waqitAtayal(Formosan) canine tooth, fang, tusk; tooth of a tool or instrument (as a tattooing tool) PAN *waqit

warAli(OC) rope PMP *waRej

wārKei(CMP) song; sing PCEMP *wari

warKis(OC) rope POC *waRoc

warLabel(OC) stingray POC *paRi

war-Label(OC) reciprocal prefix PEMP *paRi-

warNumfor(SHWNG) river, brook, stream PCEMP *waiR

warNumfor(SHWNG) eight PAN *walu

warNumfor(SHWNG) eight PAN *walu

warRon(SHWNG) eight PAN *walu

warTarpia(OC) rope POC *waRoc

warWindesi(SHWNG) root PMP *wakaR

waraAnsus(SHWNG) hand PMP *baRa₁

waraArop(OC) rope POC *waRoc

waraBimanese(CMP) have; wealthy PMP *wada

wáraGaddang(WMP) there is, there are PWMP *wada-q

waraLeti(CMP) carry on the shoulder PMP *qabaRa₁

wāraLeti(CMP) root PMP *wakaR

waraLi'o(CMP) shoulder PMP *qabaRa₁

waraMailu(OC) table for smoking fish POC *paRa, baRa

waraManggarai(CMP) ember PMP *baRah

waraRembong(CMP) ember; red PMP *baRah

waraHawu(CMP) white, bleached white PMP *balaR₁

waraSerui-Laut(SHWNG) hand PMP *baRa₁

waraʔTiruray(WMP) abscess PAN *baReq

waraTiruray(WMP) shoulder PMP *qabaRa₁

waraTolai(OC) reciprocal prefix used with verbs, e.g. kul 'to pay', wara-kul 'to pay each other'; this word often becomes wari- before r, e.g. wari-rap PCEMP *paRa-

waraHPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) spiderweb PAN *lawaq₂

-warah-anJavanese(WMP) teach each other PMP *bajaq₂

warah-warahOld Javanese(WMP) communication, information, report, instruction, teaching PMP *bajaq₂

warákBikol(WMP) dissipate; scatter or strew; smudge or smear; get strewn around or scattered; get smudged or smeared PPh *warák

warákGaddang(WMP) scattering; spreading PPh *warák

warákItawis(WMP) that which is scattered; spread, scatter PPh *warák

wara-nKei(CMP) glowing coal, ember PMP *baRah

waraniBuginese(WMP) brave PMP *baRani

waraŋanJavanese(WMP) rat-weed, arsenic PWMP *baraŋan₃

waraŋeŋBuginese(WMP) rat-weed, arsenic PWMP *baraŋen₂

wararaDuke of York(OC) handle of a stone club or adze POC *paRara

wárasBikol(WMP) allot or give as a share; share with or among PPh *wáras

wárasIlokano(WMP) distribute, deal out, apportion, allot, divide amongst several or many PPh *wáras

warasSelaru(CMP) liana PMP *waRej

warasYamdena(CMP) liana (generic) PMP *waRej

waratFordata(CMP) liana sp. PMP *waRej

waratKei(CMP) liana, creeper; rope PMP *waRej

waratManggarai(CMP) rainy season (primarily in January and February); violent storm PMP *habaRat

waratRembong(CMP) west monsoon PMP *habaRat

waratuKambera(CMP) west, west wind PMP *habaRat

wara-waraItbayaten(WMP) things, property, belongings PWMP *wada-q

warayAmis(Formosan) separate two parties that are quarreling PAN *waray

waráyCebuano(WMP) be gone, not in existence (colloquial) PWMP *wada-i

waRayKavalan(Formosan) thread for sewing PAN *walay

warayPazeh(Formosan) thread, hemp yarn for weaving PAN *walay

wareʔBuginese(WMP) athwart, across PAN *baRat₁

wareKove(OC) to count POC *wa(n)se

waretKamarian(CMP) rope PMP *waRej

*waretPAmb(CMP) liana PMP *waRej

wareyTiruray(WMP) stale, spoiled PMP *baRiw

wari-Aore(OC) root PEMP *wakaR-i

wariArosi(OC) old, chiefly of living things; old man POC *waRi₂

wariArosi(OC) old, chiefly of living things; long ago POC *tuaRi

wariBimanese(CMP) reversal, going back PMP *balik₂

wariDairi-Pakpak Batak(WMP) day PAN *waRi₁

wariDobuan(OC) sing PCEMP *wari

wariFagani(OC) old (things or persons) POC *tuaRi

wariFordata(CMP) younger sibling of the same sex PCEMP *waji

wariItbayaten(WMP) younger sibling (add.); next-born child PMP *huaji

wariKaro Batak(WMP) day, time from about 6 AM to 6 PM PAN *waRi₁

waRiKavalan(Formosan) East PAN *waRi₁

wariManggarai(CMP) poisonous, dangerous PCEMP *baRi

wariPaulohi(CMP) younger sibling of the same sex PCEMP *waji

waRiPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) day; time to spare PAN *waRi₁

wariRembong(CMP) dry in the sun PAN *waRi₁

wariHawu(CMP) turn, change PMP *balik₂

wàriHawu(CMP) again PMP *balik₂

wariHawu(CMP) turn, change PMP *bali₅

wariWoi(SHWNG) root PEMP *wakaR-i

wariYamdena(CMP) lay, put, or hang something in the sun PAN *waRi₁

wariYami(WMP) younger sibling PMP *huaji

wari-kFordata(CMP) dry in the sun; put, hang, etc. in the sun PAN *waRi₁

wari-kKei(CMP) dry in the sun PAN *waRi₁

wari puanRembong(CMP) day before yesterday PAN *waRi₁

warisMansaka(WMP) to sweep PPH *walís

warita'Āre'āre(OC) former, previous, past POC *waRisa

waritaArosi(OC) an old man POC *waRisa

warit-aLaha(CMP) rope PMP *waRej

warizaGitua(OC) day before yesterday POC *waRisa

war masenNumfor(SHWNG) saltwater PCEMP *waiR

warnuLeti(CMP) bush dove PMP *baluj

waro'Āre'āre(OC) liana; string, rope; fishline; string of money POC *waRoc

waroArop(OC) intestines POC *waRoc

waroArosi(OC) piece of string; prefix to names of creepers POC *waRoc

waroGitua(OC) rope; vine POC *waRoc

waroMarau₂(OC) rope POC *waRoc

waroWogeo(OC) rope, string POC *waRoc

waro-waroArosi(OC) vines POC *waRoc waRoc

wartaLeti(CMP) west, west wind PMP *habaRat

waru'Āre'āre(OC) eight PAN *walu

waruArosi(OC) eight PAN *walu

waruBimanese(CMP) eight PAN *walu

waruHaununu(OC) eight PAN *walu

waruJavanese(WMP) a certain hibiscus tree, the fibers of whose bark (agel) are used for making rope and sacking material PMP *baRu

waruKambera(CMP) kind of hibiscus PMP *baRu

waruLeti(CMP) new PMP *baqeRu

waruMailu(OC) wild cotton or hibiscus tree, affording fibre bark for rope, etc.; fibre from wild cotton tree POC *paRu

waruMaori(OC) eight PAN *walu

waruMarau₁(SHWNG) eight PAN *walu

waruOld Javanese(WMP) a tree: Hibiscus tiliaceus PMP *baRu

waruPom(SHWNG) eight PAN *walu

waruPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) eight (cardinal number) PAN *walu

waruRembong(CMP) just now; the foregoing PMP *baqeRu

waruRembong(CMP) a tree: Hibiscus tiliaceus PMP *baRu

waruSaparua(CMP) eight PAN *walu

waRuKaidipang(WMP) eight PAN *walu

waruMarau₂(OC) eight PAN *walu

waruWoi(SHWNG) eight PAN *walu

warugaOld Javanese(WMP) kind of building ("bale"? hall, pendopoʔ). It seems to be part of the housing of persons of distinction and a tax can be levied on it PWMP *baruga

waru-m-puruBimanese(CMP) eighty PMP *walu ŋa puluq

war-waraSelau(OC) shoulder POC *qapaRa₁

war-werJavanese(WMP) describing whizzing motions PMP *ber

wasMota(OC) to drive a hole, make a hole by hammering in some tool, as to drive holes through the plank side-pieces with a shell tool, and lash them to the hull POC *pasok

wāsNumfor(SHWNG) divide into two parts, as when a path runs through a garden PEMP *wa(n)se

wasTaba(SHWNG) to wash PEMP *uRas

w-asaBatu Merah(CMP) one PAN *asa₁

w-asaBatu Merah(CMP) one PCEMP *asa₂

wasaBuginese(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

waságCebuano(WMP) to scatter something fairly good-sized, causing a great disorder, not over a large area PPH *waság

wasagCentral Tagbanwa(WMP) to scatter PPH *waság

wasalSaisiyat(Formosan) sea PAN *waCaN

wasatBonfia(CMP) root PMP *waRej

wasauSeediq(Formosan) leaf (Ferrell 1969) PAN *waSaw

wásayAklanon(WMP) axe; chop with an axe PWMP *wasay

wásayBontok(WMP) short-bladed axe PWMP *wasay

wasáyCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) axe; chop with an axe PWMP *wasay

wásayCebuano(WMP) large axe; cut or chop with an axe wasay-wasay 'name of bivalves which are shaped like the head of an axe, e.g. some kinds of hammer oysters' PWMP *wasay

wásayHanunóo(WMP) ax PWMP *wasay

wásayHiligaynon(WMP) axe, hatchet PWMP *wasay

wásayIlokano(WMP) axe PWMP *wasay

wasayItbayaten(WMP) hatchet PWMP *wasay

wásayKankanaey(WMP) ax PWMP *wasay

wasayMaranao(WMP) axe PWMP *wasay

wasayYami(WMP) axe, hatchet PWMP *wasay

wasay-wasáyCebuano(WMP) general name for small dragonflies PPh *wasay wasay

wasay-wásayIlokano(WMP) mantis PPh *wasay wasay

waseBare'e(WMP) axe PWMP *wasay

waseErai(CMP) to wash (objects) PMP *baseq

waseFijian(OC) to divide, separate POC *wa(n)se

waseMaloh(WMP) axe PWMP *wasay

waseMandar(WMP) axe PWMP *wasay

*wasePSS(WMP) axe PWMP *wasay

waseSangir(WMP) iron PWMP *wasay

waseTae'(WMP) axe, adze PWMP *wasay

wase-iTae'(WMP) work with an axe or adze PWMP *wasay

wase ruaFijian(OC) bisect, etc. POC *wa(n)se

waseyManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) ax PWMP *wasay

wasíwasBikol(WMP) brandish, wield; wave (as a flag) PPh *wasíwas

wasíwasIlokano(WMP) to wave to and fro PPh *wasíwas

wasíwasTagalog(WMP) flourish or wave to and fro (as a flag or the like) PPh *wasíwas

was-kiṭaJavanese(WMP) having intelligence and reasoning power for which one is held in high esteem; able to predict the future by extrasensory perception PAN *kita₂

wasuTeluti(CMP) dog PAN *asu₁

wasuhJavanese(WMP) wash PAN *basuq

wasu ponaʔa'Āre'āre(OC) to smell (of a decaying object) POC *bona₁

wáswasAklanon(WMP) shake (off), rid something of dirt PPh *waswás₁

waswásCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) worn out cloth with large holes in it PPh *waswás₂

waswásCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) wave back and forth (as to wave a cloth, a tree branch, etc. back and forth, or to swish a cloth around in the water to wash away the soap, or to shoo flies away with a handkerchief, or to sweep the ground with a branch with leaves on it) PPh *waswás₁

waswásCebuano(WMP) rinse off soap and dirt with clear water in doing the laundry PPh *waswás₁

waswásCebuano(WMP) rip off clothes, bedding, or anything covering the body PPh *waswás₂

wáswasHiligaynon(WMP) shake out clothes PPh *waswás₁

waswásIlokano(WMP) undo what was done badly (sewing, basketry, etc.) PPh *waswás₂

waswasKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) rip off (clothing, bedding, or anything covering the body); pull down something in order to straighten it PPh *waswás₂

waswásKapampangan(WMP) shake a cloth to chase off mosquitoes PPh *waswás₁

waswásTagalog(WMP) rinse (cloth) as finishing part of washing PPh *waswás₁

was-wasalSaisiyat (Tungho)(Formosan) lake, pond PAN *waCa-waCaN

watBuli(SHWNG) a tree: Rhizophore PMP *wakat

watMelanau Dalat (Kampung Teh)(WMP) vein PMP *uRat

watMendak(OC) stone POC *patu

watSelau(OC) stone POC *patu

wataBare'e(WMP) tree that has fallen or been felled PMP *bataŋ

wataMuna(WMP) tree trunk lying on the ground PMP *bataŋ

wat(a)Numbami(OC) four PEMP *pat

wataTolaki(WMP) fallen tree trunk; log PMP *bataŋ

wataʔTondano(WMP) young tree PWMP *bataq

wataʔTontemboan(WMP) young, fresh, strong PWMP *bataq

wataUma(WMP) fallen tree, log PMP *bataŋ

wataaAua(OC) twins POC *masaŋa

wa-taa (< *mwa-saŋa)Aua(OC) twins PMP *ma-saŋa

watág, wátagCebuano(WMP) scatter something fairly good-sized causing a great disorder, not over a large area; for money to be dispersed without one realizing it PPh *wat(e)nág

watak-watakAgutaynen(WMP) things dropped and scattered around, often referring to trash or food scraps PPH *watak-watak

watak(-watak)Ayta Abellan(WMP) widely scattered; isolated in different places, disunited PPH *watak-watak

watalaTawala(OC) shelf PMP *pataR₁

wata ncakiBare'e(WMP) main part of the litany of the shamaness that must be recited PMP *bataŋ

wataŋBalinese(WMP) corpse PMP *bataŋ

wataŋBuginese(WMP) trunk, stem; strong PMP *bataŋ

wataŋMaranao(WMP) tongue of plow; log PMP *bataŋ

wataŋManggarai(CMP) large fallen tree; bridge, go-between in marriage negotiations PMP *bataŋ

wataŋOld Javanese(WMP) tree trunk (fallen, felled), bar, piece of wood; pole; kind of lance or pike, probably of wood or bamboo, with an iron tip PMP *bataŋ

wataŋPaku(WMP) stick PMP *bataŋ

wataŋRembong(CMP) fallen tree; bridge PMP *bataŋ

wataŋ-anBalinese(WMP) corpse; corpus delicti; an eye-witness PWMP *bataŋ-an

wataŋ-anJavanese(WMP) the sport of jousting; a handle; opium-smoking pipe PWMP *bataŋ-an

wataŋ-anOld Javanese(WMP) shaft of an arrow; tree trunk (as bridge) PWMP *bataŋ-an

wata (ŋkoro)Bare'e(WMP) body PMP *bataŋ

watarKédang(CMP) maize PMP *batad

wataruKambera(CMP) maize PMP *batad

watawatAmis(Formosan) wave something back and forth (as a flag) PAN *watawat

wátawatTagalog(WMP) flag, standard PAN *watawat

wátayIsneg(WMP) axe PWMP *wasay

wátayItawis(WMP) ax PWMP *wasay

wate'Āre'āre(OC) to herald the assigned food portions at a feast to the different villages; make an oration at a feast POC *wa(n)se

wateArosi(OC) to give POC *wa(n)se

wateRoro(OC) distribute POC *wa(n)se

wateSa'a(OC) make an oration at a feast POC *wa(n)se

wate-a'Āre'āre(OC) give (the thing given has not to be returned to the donor, as opposed to ta) POC *wa(n)se-a

wate buntaDampelas(WMP) lungs PMP *qatay

wate-na'Āre'āre(OC) gift POC *wa(n)se-ŋa

wate-ŋaSa'a(OC) an oration POC *wa(n)se-ŋa

watesJavanese(WMP) boundary, limit PWMP *bates

watesOld Javanese(WMP) border, end PWMP *bates

wates-anJavanese(WMP) boundary marker; deadline PWMP *bates

wate-wateBauro(OC) generous, liberal POC *wa(n)se wa(n)se

wate-wateUlawa(OC) make an oration at a feast POC *wa(n)se wa(n)se

watíCebuano(WMP) earthworm; be infested with earthworms PMP *wati₁

watiFijian(OC) spouse POC *wati₂

watiManam(OC) four PCEMP *pat-i

watiUma(WMP) sago worm PMP *wati₁

watiWetan(CMP) stone; become stone; dry up, of land; whetstone PMP *batu

wàtikuKambera(CMP) sound of dripping water PAN *betik₁

watiŋoGorontalo(WMP) salt PAN *qasiN

wati-watiManam(OC) four each, four at a time POC *pati pati

watnágIlokano(WMP) scatter, disperse, break apart (heaps of money, clothes, etc.) PPh *wat(e)nág

watoAdonara(CMP) stone PMP *batu

watoGorontalo(WMP) slave, servant PMP *qaRta

watoMaranao(WMP) stone, rock PMP *batu

wato-anMaranao(WMP) weight PWMP *batu-an

watoiMongondow(WMP) iron PWMP *wasay

watop-aloGorontalo(WMP) covered with thatch, roofed PWMP *qatep-an

watopoGorontalo(WMP) sword grass (Imperata cylindrica) bound into bundles of thatch PMP *qatep

(w)atowoSelau(OC) roof, thatch POC *qatop

watrIaai(OC) a plant: Pandanus POC *padran

watsuTrobiawan(Formosan) dog PAN *asu₁

wattoSiraya(Formosan) stone PAN *batux

watuAnakalangu(CMP) stone PMP *batu

watuBare'e(WMP) stone PMP *batu

watuEast Damar(CMP) stone PMP *batu

watuJavanese(WMP) stone PMP *batu

watuKodi(CMP) stone PMP *batu

watuKodi(CMP) stone PMP *batu

watuKomodo(CMP) stone PMP *batu

watuLamboya(CMP) stone PMP *batu

watuLuang(CMP) stone PMP *batu

watuMa'anyan(WMP) stone PMP *batu

watuMuna(WMP) there (far, neutral) PMP *wa-tu

watuOld Javanese(WMP) stone, rock PMP *batu

watuPaku(WMP) stone PMP *batu

*watuPMic(OC) directional suffix: towards addressee PMP *wa-tu

watuSinaugoro(OC) stone POC *patu

watuTombonuwo(WMP) stone, rock; classifier for living animals, fruits, large and small objects PMP *batu

watuTonsea(WMP) stone PMP *batu

watuUma(WMP) stone PMP *batu

watu apiKomodo(CMP) flintstone PMP *batu hapuy

watukJavanese(WMP) a cough; to cough PMP *batuk₁

watukOld Javanese(WMP) cough PMP *batuk₁

watuk-anJavanese(WMP) subject to frequent coughs PMP *batuk₁

watu karaŋOld Javanese(WMP) coral, coral stone, rock PMP *karaŋ

watu labuKambera(CMP) anchor stone PWMP *labuq₁

watu mpaŋasa ndapaŋasaka labuBare'e(WMP) whetstone used to sharpen a bush knife PWMP *paŋ-hasaq

watu-nenJavanese(WMP) have or get kidney stones PWMP *batu-en

watu-nenJavanese(WMP) have/get kidney stones PMP *batu

watu oti, bone otiBare'e(WMP) the stones and sandy stretches that are exposed at low water PMP *qeti₁

watu poʔ-ahaaʔUma(WMP) whetstone PMP *hasaq

watu rasangKomodo(CMP) whetstone PMP *batu

wa-tutiWetan(CMP) to teach PAN *pa-tuzuq

watuʔAs(SHWNG) head PMP *batuk₃

watwan ~ watonOld Javanese(WMP) edge, border (architectural term) PWMP *batu-an

watwatCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) for something to have a hole torn in it (as for wind to rip off part of a roof, or for one to open a pussy sore with a pin) PPH *watwát

watwátIfugaw(WMP) may be used in the sense of widening a hole with a tool that can hollow out PPH *watwát

wāt yana-nKei(CMP) small stone PMP *anak i batu

wauAnakalangu(CMP) smell PMP *bahuq

wauBare'e(WMP) odor, smell PMP *bahu

(w)auHawaiian(OC) 1sg. nominative pronoun: I PAN *aku

wauJavanese(WMP) the aforesaid; just now [Kromo speech level] PMP *baqeRu

wauKambera(CMP) odor, stench; to smell, to stink PMP *bahu

waũ-ʔLamaholot(CMP) its odor PMP *bahu

wauLi'o(CMP) stink PMP *bahu

wauManggarai(CMP) odor; rotten PMP *bahu

wauNgadha(CMP) unpleasant odor, to reek, stink PMP *bahu

wauNgadha(CMP) smell PMP *bahuq

wauRembong(CMP) odor; to smell, stink; rotten PMP *bahu

wauSa'a(OC) adverb of place; there PMP *wa-tu

wauSika(CMP) odor; to smell PMP *bahu

wau ~ waʔuAdonara(CMP) smell, odor PMP *bahuq

wau-kSika(CMP) to stink, smell bad PMP *bahu

wau-kLamaholot(CMP) odor, aroma PMP *bahu

wau katiKambera(CMP) penetrating, of an odor PMP *bahu

wau mboRembong(CMP) have a rotten smell PMP *bahu

wau-ŋSika(CMP) odor; give out an odor PMP *bahu

waʔupoGorontalo(WMP) catch, capture, be caught or captured PMP *aŋkup₁

wāvKei(CMP) North; northward, beneath PMP *babaq₁

wāvKei(CMP) carry on the back PMP *baba₁

wāvKei(CMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

wavineGapapaiwa(OC) woman POC *papine

wavineMolima(OC) women POC *papine

wavineWedau(OC) woman POC *papine

wavuPapuma(SHWNG) ash PMP *qabu

wā vula-vulaFijian(OC) a creeper, fam. Convolvulaceae: Ipomoea pes-caprae POC *pula₂

wawáʔAklanon(WMP) mouth of a river PPh *wáqwaq

wawaBalantak(WMP) to carry, bring PMP *baba₁

wawaBimanese(CMP) lower oneself, stand so as to make oneself lower than another PMP *babaq₁

wa-waJavanese(WMP) glowing coal PMP *baRah

wawaKambera(CMP) beneath; west PMP *babaq₁

wáwaKankanaey(WMP) bank, margin (of a river, etc.) PPh *wáqwaq

wawaKomodo(CMP) under, below, beneath; west, western PMP *babaq₁

wawaLeti(CMP) carry in a basket on the back PMP *baba₁

wawaLeti(CMP) mouth PMP *baqbaq

wawaOld Javanese(WMP) carry, carry along, take along, bring PMP *baba₁

wawaHawu(CMP) beneath, under PMP *babaq₁

wawaSika(CMP) beneath, under PMP *babaq₁

wáwaʔTagalog(WMP) mouth of a river, delta PPh *wáqwaq

wawaWaropen(SHWNG) sit on the back, carry on the back (as a child) PMP *baba₁

wawaWaropen(SHWNG) knock on side of canoe; make a clamor PAN *bakbak₂

wawaWetan(CMP) to carry (in a basket on one’s back) PMP *baba₁

wā-wāLau(OC) generic for all creatures on or in the ground POC *mwata

wawa-Nokuku(OC) mouth POC *papaq₂

wa-waeHawaiian(OC) leg, foot; foot of a rainbow; trousers (obsolete); afoot POC *waqe

wawahJavanese(WMP) spacious PWMP *babaq₂

wa-waiAsilulu(CMP) species (of mangos only) PCEMP *waiwai

wa-waiNumbami(OC) to weave (mats, baskets) POC *pai₂

wawakSika(CMP) loud sound or noise PAN *bakbak₂

wawakiLau(OC) sp. of octopus POC *mwamwaki

wawaŋuKambera(CMP) group, collection of things that belong together PMP *baban

wawaʔoGorontalo(WMP) body PMP *hawak

wa-wariPom(SHWNG) root PEMP *wakaR-i

wa-waruPuyuma (Tamalakaw)(Formosan) eight (in counting persons, not things) PAN *wa-walu

wawawMaranao(WMP) weed, as in rice field, remove turf PMP *babaw₄

wa-wawoYami (Iraralay)(WMP) eight (of humans) PAN *wa-walu

wawaʔKapampangan(WMP) the mouth of a river, confluence PPh *wáqwaq

waweTunjung(WMP) woman PAN *ba-bahi

wawiBimanese(CMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

wawiKédang(CMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

wawiLeti(CMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

wawiLi'o(CMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

wawiHawu(CMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

wawiSika(CMP) pig PAN *babuy₃

wawinWoi(SHWNG) woman PMP *ba-b<in>ahi

wawinaTolai(OC) woman POC *papine

wawineTawala(OC) woman; female POC *papine

waw-naLeti(CMP) on, upon (< *wawa-na) PAN *babaw₃

wawoBare'e(WMP) upper surface, upper part; the outside of something PAN *babaw₃

wawoBimanese(CMP) peak, summit; on top of PAN *babaw₃

wawoloGorontalo(WMP) to weave PPH *habél

wawo n-tasiBare'e(WMP) surface of the sea PMP *tasik

wawuSerui-Laut(SHWNG) ash PMP *qabu

wawu banuaBare'e(WMP) domesticated pig PMP *babuy banua

waxíIsneg(WMP) brother, sister; relative PMP *huaji

waxuItbayaten(WMP) eight PAN *walu

wayKurudu(SHWNG) river PCEMP *waiR

wayNauna(OC) vine; rope POC *waRoc

wayUjir(CMP) water PCEMP *waiR

wayaBare'e(WMP) fence, enclosure PMP *bala₂

wayaBare'e(WMP) multi-colored PWMP *balaŋ₃

wayaGimán(SHWNG) water PCEMP *waiR

wayaPalu'e(CMP) crocodile PCEMP *buqaya

wayaSerui-Laut(SHWNG) river PCEMP *waiR

ꞌwaya¹²Mayá(SHWNG) water PCEMP *waiR

wayaaBare'e(WMP) creeper, vine, liana, rope, cord PWMP *balaRen

wayaa mpuseBare'e(WMP) umbilical cord PMP *pusej

wayáraMoor(SHWNG) river PCEMP *waiR

wayatuBare'e(WMP) bamboo or long pole in which the stumps of the branches remain, used as a ladder in climbing trees PWMP *balatuk

waya uluBuli(SHWNG) source of a river PMP *qulu ni wahiR

wayawakOld Javanese(WMP) iguana, monitor lizard PWMP *bayawak

waya-wayaManam(OC) sardine PMP *paya

wayegTiruray(WMP) water (loan) PMP *wahiR

*wayerPAmb(CMP) water PCEMP *waiR

wayoSoboyo(CMP) water; river PCEMP *waiR

wayo wuyuBare'e(WMP) the slenderest type of bamboo in central Sulawesi: Bambusa longinodis PAN *buluq₂

wayuJavanese(WMP) old, stale, having sat around too long PMP *baRiw

wayuPaku(WMP) new PMP *baqeRu

wayu, waluBare'e(WMP) eight PAN *walu

waywáyCebuano(WMP) dangle loosely PPh *waywáy

waywáyIsneg(WMP) hanging, dangling PPh *waywáy

wayyiGaddang(WMP) distant relatives, second cousins and beyond PMP *huaji

wazGedaged(OC) vine, liana POC *waRoc

wazaRembong(CMP) crocodile PCEMP *buqaya

wazaʔManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) nothing; without; negative PWMP *wada-q

wazishThao(Formosan) the Formosan wild boar: Sus scrofa taivanus (Swinhoe) PAN *waNiS

wæʔKelai(WMP) mouth PMP *baqbaq

wæʔWahau(WMP) mouth PMP *baqbaq

waʔ ~ woʔRejang(WMP) father’s or mother’s elder brother or sister, uncle, aunt PMP *uaq

waʔaWuvulu(OC) snake POC *mwata

waʔaAmblau(CMP) canoe PCEMP *waŋka

waʔa-naLarike(CMP) root of something PMP *wakaR

waʔaŋTonsea(WMP) tooth PMP *baReqaŋ

waʔarBiliau(OC) rope POC *waRoc

waʔatHitu(CMP) root PMP *wakat

waʔat aiAsilulu(CMP) mangrove tree PMP *wakat

wáʔwaʔCebuano(WMP) straits between two bodies of land PPh *wáqwaq


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weAmbai(SHWNG) foot, leg PAN *waqay

weBalinese(WMP) water (High Balinese) PMP *wahiR

weBare'e(WMP) water PMP *wahiR

weBukat(WMP) rattan PAN *quay

weDusner(SHWNG) foot, leg PAN *waqay

weGaloli(CMP) water PCEMP *waiR

weKoro(OC) good PMP *pia₂

weLamboya(CMP) water PCEMP *waiR

wELonwolwol(OC) water PCEMP *waiR

weLou(OC) fresh water PCEMP *waiR

w̃eNias(WMP) sap PMP *wahiR

weNumfor(SHWNG) foot, leg PAN *waqay

we-Numfor(SHWNG) foot, leg PAN *waqay

weRon(SHWNG) foot PAN *waqay

weTalur(CMP) water PCEMP *waiR

we, weiYotefa(OC) mango (Galis 1955:275, sub buyai) PCEMP *waiwai

wé, wiRotinese(CMP) exclamation PMP *huy

weaBare'e(WMP) husked rice PMP *beRas

weasOld Javanese(WMP) husked rice (unboiled) PMP *beRas

wəa̯ʔMei Lan Modang(WMP) mouth PMP *baqbaq

wəa̯ʔWoq Helaq Modang(WMP) mouth PMP *baqbaq

wecekManggarai(CMP) too hard-packed (of earth); unripe, still hard, insufficiently cooked (of rice) PMP *besek

wecikManggarai(CMP) sound of a sneeze PMP *becik

wecurManggarai(CMP) be satisfied, satiated, have one's fill PAN *besuR

weehKola(CMP) water PCEMP *waiR

weerBalantak(WMP) water PMP *wahiR

wehaŋOld Javanese(WMP) jaw PMP *baReqaŋ

wehaŋOld Javanese(WMP) jaw PAN *beReqaŋ

wehasManggarai(CMP) old, disused, long time (since walked on, etc.) PMP *bekas₃

wəhaʔMei Lan Modang(WMP) ember, burning coal PMP *baRah

wəhaʔWahau(WMP) ember, burning coal PMP *baRah

wəhaʔWoq Helaq Modang(WMP) ember, burning coal PMP *baRah

wehguŋPunan Kelai(WMP) bear PWMP *baRuaŋ

wehiPohnpeian(OC) sea turtle POC *poñu

wehi-j-eMoa(CMP) paddle PMP *beRsay

wehwehAyta Abellan(WMP) to swing s.t. or s.o. with outstretched arm (usually turn a complete circle) PPH *weswés

weiKédang(CMP) water, stream PCEMP *waiR

weiLarike(CMP) foot PAN *waqay

weiLeti(CMP) to say, to sound PCMP *bei

weiWetan(CMP) canoe paddle PMP *beRsay

weirLaha(CMP) water PCEMP *waiR

weʔi-yLoniu(OC) sing PCEMP *wari

wəjəʔWahau(WMP) crocodile PMP *buqaya

wejoKodi(CMP) water PCEMP *waiR

wekMarshallese(OC) net; netting; screen POC *pukot

wekaBuginese(WMP) split PMP *beka

wekasJavanese(WMP) the end, the last; (to make) a request; (to give) a piece of advice, a message PMP *bekas₃

wekasOld Javanese(WMP) what is left: the last of a stretch in time or space, end, limit, final aim; finally; the highest point, top, height, what surpasses all others, paramount, non plus ultra, first, best or worst; what is left behind, what it comes to, what has finally become of, result, remains, trace; instructions (before departing), order, commission, injunction PMP *bekas₃

wekas-anOld Javanese(WMP) in the end, finally PWMP *bekas-an

wekemeKisar(CMP) millet PMP *betem

wekukManggarai(CMP) curvature; snare trap PMP *bekug

wekukManggarai(CMP) curvature; snare trap PMP *bekuk

wekukRembong(CMP) curved; bow (for shooting) PMP *bekug

wekukRembong(CMP) curved; bow (for shooting) PMP *bekuk

wekutManggarai(CMP) hunched over; folded PMP *bekut

wEl (ʔ)Lonwolwol(OC) creek, ravine, water-hole PCEMP *waiR

wəlPalauan(WMP) sea turtle PMP *peñu

welaAsilulu(CMP) to file PMP *qa(m)pelas

welahOld Javanese(WMP) cleft, narrow opening; split bamboo (as trap or defense) PAN *belaq

welah-anOld Javanese(WMP) cleft, opening, entry; part of the river where it widens PAN *belaq

welakRembong(CMP) slit open (as the stomach of a fish) PMP *belak

welaŋJavanese(WMP) black-and-white striped poisonous snake PMP *belaŋ₂

welaŋOld Javanese(WMP) variegated, spotted, speckled, banded (in coloring), marked in contrasting colors PMP *belaŋ₂

welaŋ-welaŋOld Javanese(WMP) variegated, spotted, speckled PWMP *belaŋ belaŋ

welarOld Javanese(WMP) broadness, etc. PMP *bekelaj

welarTontemboan(WMP) wide, broad; spread out widely PMP *bekelaj

welarTontemboan(WMP) lay something damp in the sun to dry out PWMP *belaj

wélarTontemboan(WMP) spread out, extend; lie on the back with arms and legs extended PPh *bik(e)laj

wela-tAsilulu(CMP) kind of abrasive leaf used for sanding PMP *qa(m)pelas

we-lawAhus(OC) spiderweb PMP *lawaq₂

we-lawLeipon(OC) spiderweb PMP *lawaq₂

weleInati(WMP) left side PAN *wiRi

weleUmiray Dumaget(WMP) younger sibling PMP *huaji

weleManipa(CMP) water PCEMP *waiR

wele-wel(e)Woleaian(OC) straight, steady, still POC *wane wane

welheLuang(CMP) machete, bush knife PCMP *belas

weliKambera(CMP) return, turn back PMP *balik₂

weliKambera(CMP) return, turn back PMP *bali₅

weliKomodo(CMP) buy PMP *beli

weliLeti(CMP) buy PMP *beli

weliLi'o(CMP) brideprice PMP *beli

weliManggarai(CMP) buy PMP *beli

weliRembong(CMP) buy PMP *beli

weliWetan(CMP) price; to buy PMP *beli

weli hutuAsilulu(CMP) clump of grass PCEMP *butu₂

weli-nKédang(CMP) price, cost PMP *beli

welitOld Javanese(WMP) /alaŋ-alaŋ/ (sword-grass) bound with bamboo, used for roof cover PWMP *belit₁

wel-liLeti(CMP) the price (of something) PMP *beli

weloTeluti(CMP) water PCEMP *waiR

welsaLeti(CMP) machete, bush knife PCMP *belas

weluAsilulu(CMP) gall PAN *qapejux

weluʔBuginese(WMP) bend back, e.g. the fingers in dancing (Matthes 1874) PMP *beluk

welukManggarai(CMP) straighten out (something bent) PMP *beluk

wely-anOld Javanese(WMP) that which one buys PWMP *beli-an

wen(a)Chuukese(OC) straight, well-aligned POC *wane wane

wenaKis(OC) to sleep PAN *qinep

wenaLeti(CMP) say PCMP *beŋa₂

wenaLi'o(CMP) lower part PMP *bena

wenaPalu'e(CMP) to sneeze PMP *beñan

wen aIlokano(WMP) yes indeed (I agree) PPH *qa

wenanRembong(CMP) to sneeze PMP *beñan

wenaŋBuginese(WMP) thread PWMP *benaŋ

wenaŋKomodo(CMP) to sneeze PMP *beñan

wenaŋManggarai(CMP) to sneeze PMP *beñan

wenaŋOld Javanese(WMP) thread, string PWMP *benaŋ

wenaŋSika(CMP) to sneeze PMP *beñan

weneBuginese(WMP) seed for sowing PWMP *benehiq

wénéʔTontemboan(WMP) rice in the husk, both in the field and already harvested PMP *binehiq

ꞌwene¹²fMayá(SHWNG) sleep PAN *qinep

wene-wenPuluwat(OC) directly above; straight, direct, honest, exactly, greatly POC *wane wane

wennaŋ si wuteʔBuginese(WMP) a piece of thread PWMP *butes

wentisJavanese(WMP) thigh PAN *beties

wentisOld Javanese(WMP) of the belly PWMP *bentis

wenuAsilulu(CMP) sea turtle: Chelonia sp. PMP *peñu

wenuSeit(CMP) turtle PMP *peñu

wenuaBare'e(WMP) tall tree with soft wood that decays quickly: Octomeles Moluccana PWMP *benuaŋ

wɛnuaNokuku(OC) house POC *panua

weŋaJavanese(WMP) act of opening; open-handed, generous PMP *beŋa₁

weŋaManggarai(CMP) split open; harelip; torn PMP *beŋaq

weŋaManggarai(CMP) split open; harelip; torn PMP *beŋa₁

weŋāOld Javanese(WMP) opening, being open PMP *beŋa₁

weŋaʔTontemboan(WMP) tear, opening; to open PMP *beŋat₁

weŋelManggarai(CMP) temporarily silent; startled, speechless PCEMP *beŋel

weŋelTontemboan(WMP) deaf; dull, of a sound, not audible from far, as the sound of a musical instrument such as a gong, bell or drum PMP *beŋel

weŋésManggarai(CMP) smile (while showing the teeth), laugh PMP *beŋis₂

weŋiBalinese(WMP) evening, night, darkness; become dark PMP *beRŋi

weŋiOld Javanese(WMP) night PMP *beRŋi

weŋiTonsea(WMP) night PMP *beRŋi

weŋiTontemboan(WMP) dark; evening, night PMP *beRŋi

weŋiUma(WMP) yesterday; recently PMP *beRŋi

weŋi-nTontemboan(WMP) overcome by darkness, benighted PAN *beRŋi-n

weŋisJavanese(WMP) stern, fierce-looking PMP *beŋis₁

weŋisOld Javanese(WMP) angry, furious (especially if things do not go as wished?); (in later texts it appears to be) afraid; dispirited, in panic PMP *beŋis₁

weŋitManggarai(CMP) wrinkle up the face (when crying or laughing) PMP *beŋit

weŋkaŋJavanese(WMP) bend something apart, separate something forcibly PMP *be(ŋ)kaŋ

weŋkaŋTontemboan(WMP) cleft, crack; opening made by splitting or bursting PMP *be(ŋ)kaŋ

weŋkarRembong(CMP) split open (of dry ground), to blossom (of a flower), split open (of a plank) PMP *be(ŋ)kaR

weŋkasTontemboan(WMP) unfold, undo, loosen, untie PMP *beŋkas

weŋkuŋManggarai(CMP) bent or hunched over; sleep with the knees bent PMP *beŋkuŋ

weŋkutRembong(CMP) lower the head in fear; curl up in sleep PMP *bekut

weŋweŋJavanese(WMP) humming, e.g. wind or things blown about by wind; someone humming a tune PAN *beŋbeŋ₂

weoWolio(WMP) live coal, ember PMP *baRah

we pen ma pukpukMbula(OC) flapping helplessly, floundering, be in trouble and helpless (like a turtle lying on its back and flapping its flippers helplessly) POC *poñu

werIrarutu(SHWNG) water PCEMP *waiR

werJavanese(WMP) swift upward action PMP *ber

werOnin(CMP) fresh water PCEMP *waiR

werSelaru(CMP) water PCEMP *waiR

w̃eraLeti(CMP) water PCEMP *waiR

weran-niWetan(CMP) its breadth PMP *beraŋ

wera-ŋNorth Ambrym(OC) hand POC *paRa₃

werasManggarai(CMP) seed, grain; contents, contain; wealth, wealthy PMP *beRas

we-rauŋAnsus(SHWNG) leaf PEMP *raun

wereʔBuginese(WMP) husked rice PMP *beRas

wereSonsorol-Tobi(OC) straight, flat POC *wane wane

wereŋTontemboan(WMP) droning of unclear voices; mumble or mutter PMP *beReŋ

wernaWetan(CMP) broad; to spread out (e.g. a mat) PMP *beraŋ

wertaLeti(CMP) to consider PMP *beReqat

wertaMoa(CMP) weigh PMP *beReqat

wertaWetan(CMP) heavy, be heavy (also in a figurative sense, e.g. of a disease); to weigh, consider PMP *beReqat

weruManggarai(CMP) new, recently PMP *baqeRu

weruTonsea(WMP) new PMP *baqeRu

weru-nSeit(CMP) gall PAN *qapejux

wəsæʔWahau(WMP) wet PMP *baseq

weseBimanese(CMP) oar, paddle; to row, to paddle PMP *beRsay

weseʔBuginese(WMP) dense, packed closely together PMP *besek

wesekTontemboan(WMP) press against with force, plug tight, press in with force (as when the object pressed in is too large to easily enter the opening) PMP *besek

wesiLeti(CMP) paddle PMP *beRsay

wesiʔTontemboan(WMP) small split or tear PMP *besiq

wəsliSelau(OC) grass POC *palici

wəsliSelau(OC) grass POC *palisi₂

wesoʔBuginese(WMP) satiated, full from having eaten enough PAN *besuR

wesuTontemboan(WMP) satisfied from having eaten enough; satisfaction; abundance PAN *besuR

weswésIlokano(WMP) a child’s whirling toy made from coconut shells that produces a hissing sound PPH *weswés

weswesItbayaten(WMP) idea of rotating PPH *weswés

weswes-enItbayaten(WMP) to turn; to unscrew, screw in PPH *weswés

wetaBuginese(WMP) to cut PMP *betak

wetaManggarai(CMP) sister (man speaking); also used by a man for his wife PMP *betaw

wetaRembong(CMP) sister (man speaking); refined term used by a man toward a woman (sweetheart or wife) PMP *betaw

wetaWolio(WMP) half, part, side; to split, cleave PMP *betak

wetahJavanese(WMP) intact PWMP *betaq₁

wetahOld Javanese(WMP) whole, undamaged, intact, unscathed; recovered, afresh PWMP *betaq₁

wetasManggarai(CMP) break, snap (rope, etc.); cut down; tear PMP *be(R)tas

weta-wetaWolio(WMP) cut to pieces, chop finely PMP *betak

weteBuginese(WMP) to fry, as corn PWMP *beRtiq

weteŋBalinese(WMP) belly, abdomen PWMP *beteŋ₂

weteŋJavanese(WMP) stomach, belly; unborn baby, fetus PWMP *beteŋ₂

weteŋOld Javanese(WMP) belly, womb PWMP *beteŋ₂

wetiNgadha(CMP) cut, carve, chisel, draw PMP *betik₂

wetiʔTontemboan(WMP) bursting open of popped corn, or the flower spathe of the areca palm PWMP *beRtiq

wetihKomodo(CMP) calf of the leg PCEMP *betis

wetihOld Javanese(WMP) parched rice? PWMP *beRtiq

wetikManggarai(CMP) carve, serrate the edge (of a piece of coconut shell, etc.); sign one's name PMP *betik₂

wetikRembong(CMP) carve; embroider (cloth) PMP *betik₂

wetisManggarai(CMP) calf of the leg PCEMP *betis

wetisOld Javanese(WMP) calf of the leg PAN *beties

wetisRembong(CMP) calf of the leg PCEMP *betis

wetkiLeti(CMP) snap or flick with the fingers PAN *betik₁

wetmaLeti(CMP) millet PMP *betem

wetmaWetan(CMP) millet PMP *betem

wettaBuginese(WMP) to cut (as vegetation with a machete) PMP *beta₂

wetteŋBuginese(WMP) millet PMP *beteŋ₁

wetteŋBuginese(WMP) millet PMP *betem

wetuJavanese(WMP) emergence, product (as fruits) PMP *betu

wetuOld Javanese(WMP) coming out, coming forth, appearing, birth, (sun)rise, product PMP *betu

wëtwëtCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) make a lot of noise (by talking and yelling) PPh *witwít₁

wetwétCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) wave a torch (to make the embers flare up) PPh *witwít₂

we vir o talMota(OC) plait a cord PMP *pirit

wewaPalu'e(CMP) mouth PMP *beqbeq

wewa-nLamaholot(CMP) mouth PMP *beqbeq

weweBare'e(WMP) bandage, wrapper, thin copper wire, as that used in fishing tackle PMP *bejbej₂

wewerBalantak(WMP) lip PMP *bibiR

we-wertaWetan(CMP) heaviness, difficulties PMP *beReqat

we-weyTitan(OC) mango PCEMP *waiwai

we-wiLoniu(OC) mango PCEMP *waiwai

wewiMuna(WMP) pig, hog; name of a constellation PAN *babuy₃

weyKédang(CMP) rattan PAN *quay

weye mata-nYamdena(CMP) spring, source (‘eye of water’) PMP *mata nu wahiR

weylBatu Merah(CMP) water PCEMP *waiR

wɛʔAs(SHWNG) water PCEMP *waiR

weʔLong Gelat Modang(WMP) mouth PMP *baqbaq


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whāMaori(OC) four; elliptically, the fourth month PEMP *pat

whaiMaori(OC) Dasyatis brevicaudatus, sting-ray and Raja nasuta, skate POC *paRi

whaka-Maori(OC) causative prefix; combined with an intransitive verb, an adjective or participle to form an intransitive verb, it signifies a beginning of, or approach to, the action or condition indicated; combined with a noun to form an intransitive verb, it signifies the assumption of the character or form expressed by the noun; as a strict causative it may combine with a verb, adjective, participle, or noun to form a transitive verb POC *paka-

whaka-atuMaori(OC) to point out, show; call attention to PMP *atu

whaka-hikuMaori(OC) to follow on, commence POC *siku

whaka-hoaMaori(OC) make a companion of, associate with POC *soRa

whaka-huaMaori(OC) make abundant POC *puaq

whaka-kiteMaori(OC) reveal, disclose; display PAN *kita₂

whaka-manaMaori(OC) give effect to; give prestige to; make effective, rectify POC *mana₂

whaka-manawaMaori(OC) to encourage, render confident POC *mañawa

whaka-ma-ramaMaori(OC) make light, illuminate; explain POC *ma-ramaR

whaka-maru-maruMaori(OC) to shade, shelter, protect; protector, chief POC *maluRu maluRu

whaka-mateMaori(OC) put to death; cause to be sick POC *paka-mate

whaka-matuaMaori(OC) rest, pause, after an effort; keep steady, control POC *matuqa

whaka-oŋeMaori(OC) make scarce POC *soŋe

whaka-pikoMaori(OC) to bend POC *biko

whaka-piriMaori(OC) to stick, fasten; keep close to; watertight, snug PMP *pilit₁

whaka-ponoMaori(OC) believe, admit as true; perform rites connected with human victims; faith (modern) POC *bonor₁

whaka-pūMaori(OC) make a long continuous wail or sound, howl as a dog POC *buu₅

whaka-puruMaori(OC) to cram; protect with a pad; thatch a house; a protective spell POC *bulut

whaka-putuMaori(OC) lay in a heap, be heaped up POC *putu, butu

whaka-rakaMaori(OC) walk, step out POC *lakas

whaka-rakaMaori(OC) to walk, step out PMP *laŋkaq₁

whaka-riha-rihaMaori(OC) disgusting; disgusted, annoyed POC *lisa

whaka-ririMaori(OC) provoke POC *lilim

whaka-roŋoMaori(OC) cause to hear, inform; listen; attend to, obey POC *paka-roŋoR

whaka-ruaMaori(OC) hollow, vale, valley PMP *luaŋ₁

whaka-rua-kiMaori(OC) to vomit up, disgorge POC *lua-ki

whaka-ruruMaori(OC) affording shelter, sheltering; shelter, screen POC *ruruŋ

whaka-taheMaori(OC) to lead off water, etc., as into a drain POC *tape₁

whaka-taheMaori(OC) to cause to abort POC *sape₂

whaka-taŋataMaori(OC) assume human shape; become adult PMP *tau-mata

whaka-taŋiMaori(OC) cause to sound PMP *paka-taŋis

whaka-taŋi-taŋiMaori(OC) applied to the largest and final wedge used in splitting a tree; cajole, appeal to sympathy of PMP *paka-taŋis

whaka-turuMaori(OC) cause to drip POC *turuq

whaka-tu-turiMaori(OC) turn a deaf ear to, be obstinate, be unyielding POC *tuli₁

whaka-uruMaori(OC) insert PMP *surup₁

whaka-wiriMaori(OC) twist, wring PMP *wirit

whanaMaori(OC) travel, come, go POC *pana

whanoMaori(OC) go, proceed; lead, of a road; verge towards; be on the point of; act, behave POC *pano

whaŋaMaori(OC) bay, bight, nook; stride, spread the legs; measure with the extended arms, or span with the thumb and fingers spread POC *paŋa₂

whaŋaMaori(OC) bay, bight, nook POC *paŋa₃

whaoMaori(OC) perforate, chisel out POC *paRo₁

wharaMaori(OC) a plant; ? Astelia sp., but possibly applied to any plant with ensiform leaves, such as Astelia, Phormium, Typha, etc. POC *padran

whararaMaori(OC) lean, stoop, decline (as the setting sun) POC *(bp)alalan

wharauMaori(OC) travel, particularly by water POC *pa-laur

wharau-ŋaMaori(OC) voyage POC *pa-laur

whareMaori(OC) house POC *pale

wharo, wha-wharo, wharo-wharoMaori(OC) to scrape POC *paro

whataMaori(OC) elevated stage for storing food and for other purposes PMP *pataR₁

whatuMaori(OC) stone; kernel of fruit; pupil of eye; core of boil or abscess; anchor POC *patu

whatu-kuhuMaori(OC) kidney PMP *batu₂

whauMaori(OC) a shrub: Entelea arborescens; a tree: Nothopanax arboreum; to tie POC *paRu

whenuaMaori(OC) land, country; ground; placenta, afterbirth POC *panua

whiriMaori(OC) select, choose PAN *piliq

whiriMaori(OC) to twist, plait; use a certain trip in wrestling; plaited hem on the upper edge of a cloak POC *pilit

whituMaori(OC) seven; seventh; elliptically, the seventh month PAN *pitu₁


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wiBonkovia(OC) water PCEMP *waiR

Fijian(OC) a tree, Spondias dulcis, Anacardiaceae; the natives are fond of the fruit PCEMP *quRi

wi-Haununu(OC) penis PMP *qutin

wiLeipon(OC) large tree with green fruit that turns yellow when ripe PCEMP *quRi

wiLoniu(OC) tall tree with small green fruit PCEMP *quRi

wI:tMendak(OC) four PEMP *pat

wiaBimanese(CMP) kind of taro which causes strong itching PMP *biRaq₁

wiaLelepa(OC) good PMP *pia₂

wiaMarino(OC) good PMP *pia₂

wiaMota(OC) good, of the right sort, without anything unusual PMP *pia₂

wiahPaku(WMP) husked rice PMP *beRas

wiʔakManggarai(CMP) open a way, open a path (as through a crowd); opened widely, of the mouth of someone about to cry or shout PMP *biqak

wiʔakRembong(CMP) to split (fish, bamboo) with the hand PMP *biqak

wiarManggarai(CMP) tiny worms in the intestines; tiny worm in the stomach of frogs PMP *biaR₁

wiarRembong(CMP) tiny worm in the stomach PMP *biaR₁

wicikManggarai(CMP) to peel PCEMP *bisik₁

wiculManggarai(CMP) pimple, boil, abscess PMP *bisul

wiðPalauan(WMP) seven (used when counting in sequence) PAN *pitu₁

widaŋBuginese(WMP) winding sheet PWMP *bidaŋ

widuHawu(CMP) sword grass: Imperata cylindrica PCEMP *bitu

wígiArta(WMP) left hand PAN *wiRi

wígiYogad(WMP) left side PAN *wiRi

wiguBare'e(WMP) crooked, as the neck PMP *biŋkuk

wigwígIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) to shake, of the body or parts of the body, as with palsy, when frightened, nervous, exhausted PPh *wigwíg

wigwígBikol(WMP) shake excess water from; shake down a thermometer, shake a pen to see if it has ink in it; shake the penis after urinating; jiggle PPh *wigwíg

wigwígIfugaw(WMP) shake the head in a negative manner (implying a denial or refusal) PPh *wigwíg

wihiKambera(CMP) leg, foot PMP *bities

wihiPak(OC) dolphin POC *kuriap

wihikAyta Abellan(WMP) to sprinkle PPH *wisik

wihikuKambera(CMP) to peel, shell, skin, remove the rind, peeling or skin PCEMP *bisik₁

wihuHawu(CMP) abscess PMP *bisul

wihuleKisar(CMP) boil PMP *bisul

wihuŋ wiculSika(CMP) swollen (of sail, belly) PMP *bisul

wihu wuduHawu(CMP) boil, running sore PMP *bisul

wɨigManobo (Tigwa)(WMP) river PMP *wahiR

wiinChuukese(OC) sea turtle POC *poñu

wikaBimanese(CMP) open something that is closed tight, as in using the hand to open someone's closed eyes PMP *bikaq₁

wikuBimanese(CMP) a fold; to fold PMP *biŋku

wikuManggarai(CMP) sit sedately, of a woman (that is, with legs folded to the side); sit cross-legged PMP *biŋku

wikukManggarai(CMP) sit hunched over, squat, crouch PMP *biŋkuk

wikukRembong(CMP) sit cross-legged PMP *biŋkuk

wikutManggarai(CMP) curl up, sit with with legs bent; curl up like a dog in the ashes of the hearth PMP *bikut

wikwíkKankanaey(WMP) to chirp PWMP *wikwik

wilMokilese(OC) penis POC *ule₁

wilMota(OC) turn over, turn on axis; to peel, turning the fruit over in peeling POC *piliŋ

wilMota(OC) to peel, turning the fruit over in peeling POC *pilit₂

wilaBimanese(CMP) tree which yields a fruit with sticky sap that can be used as glue and to stiffen cloth PMP *bila₁

wilaKomodo(CMP) the calabash tree: Crescentia cujete PMP *bila₁

wilahJavanese(WMP) long thin stick PWMP *bilaq₁

wilahOld Javanese(WMP) probably a board or panel of split bamboo PWMP *bilaq₁

wilakWatubela(CMP) a tuber PMP *biRaq₁

wilakuKambera(CMP) shine, gleam, glitter PMP *bilak₁

wilaŋOld Javanese(WMP) number, sum PAN *bilaŋ₁

wilaŋ-anJavanese(WMP) number, numeral; quantity word PWMP *bilaŋ-an

wi-lawBipi(OC) spiderweb, net PMP *lawaq₂

wɨ-lawLoniu(OC) spider PMP *lawaq₂

wile-nMokilese(OC) penis of (construct form) POC *ule₁

wiletJavanese(WMP) coiling, twisting PMP *belit₂

wiliHawaiian(OC) to wind, twist, writhe, crank, turn, grind, drill, mix PMP *wirit

wiliIlongot(WMP) left (hand) PAN *wiRi

wíliKambera(CMP) price, value; brideprice PMP *beli

wiliTawala(OC) to roll POC *piliŋ

wil risMota(OC) turn round so as to present another side POC *piliŋ

wilutOld Javanese(WMP) bent, crooked PWMP *bilut

wilut-anOld Javanese(WMP) gone crooked PWMP *bilut

wiʔmbiʔTontemboan(WMP) piece of a broken pot, potsherd PWMP *biqbiq₁

winKis(OC) female, woman POC *pine

winSa'ban(WMP) odor, smell PWMP *bahu-en

winaManggarai(CMP) wife; woman; female (of people and animals) PCEMP *b<in>ai

winaMokilese(OC) to scale (fish), to pluck (feathers) POC *qunap₂

w-in-aliŋOld Javanese(WMP) to think (wrongly) PWMP *baliŋ₁

w<in>antalTontemboan(WMP) package, thing that is wrapped up PWMP *bantal

winaŋaBare'e(WMP) river mouth, lower course of a river PMP *binaŋa

winaŋaBuginese(WMP) (= minaŋa) estuary, mouth of river PMP *binaŋa

w-in-aŋunOld Javanese(WMP) shaped, formed, built, composed PWMP *b<in>aŋun

w<in>atuOld Javanese(WMP) throw a stone at, hit with a stone PWMP *b<in>atu

wina-unMokilese(OC) to scale (fish), to pluck (feathers) PMP *qunap qunap

w-inaʔSakizaya(Formosan) mother PAN *ina

wineBuginese(WMP) seed-rice PMP *binehiq

wineKomodo(CMP) female (of humans and animals) PCEMP *b<in>ai

wineWolio(WMP) seed, seed-rice PMP *binehiq

wine, wua mbineBare'e(WMP) the areca nut, beads, comb and other objects which lie in the biŋka mpobine, the basket used to distribute the seed-rice to the women who plant it in the dibble-holes PMP *binehiq

w-in-ekasOld Javanese(WMP) a particular category of functionaries PMP *bekas₃

w-in-elar-akenOld Javanese(WMP) to spread out, open PMP *bekelaj

w-in-eteŋ-akenOld Javanese(WMP) conceive a child PWMP *beteŋ₂

w-in-etu-wetuOld Javanese(WMP) bring forth, cause to appear, cause, produce, create PMP *betu

winiKambera(CMP) seed, grains for dibbling PMP *binehiq

winiLeti(CMP) seed for planting PMP *binehiq

winiManggarai(CMP) seed-rice, seedling, seed PMP *binehiq

winiHawu(CMP) seed PMP *binehiq

winiSika(CMP) seed, grains PMP *binehiq

winiWetan(CMP) seed PMP *binehiq

ꞌw-ini³mMayá(SHWNG) to drink PMP *inum

wini areHawu(CMP) seed-rice PMP *binehiq

winihJavanese(WMP) seed or cutting for starting a plant; root cause; heredity; animal used for breeding purposes PMP *binehiq

winihOld Javanese(WMP) seed, seedling PMP *binehiq

wini louHawu(CMP) of foreign origin (lit; ‘sea seed’, said of the mother if she has married in to Hawu; not of the father) PCEMP *laur

w-in-otiBare'e(WMP) decorated, adorned PMP *b<in>etik

wintaŋorTontemboan(WMP) kind of tree which grows in the mountains PWMP *bintaŋuR

wintaŋ wuwurOld Javanese(WMP) The Milky Way PWMP *bubud

wintasManggarai(CMP) crumbling; gashed, torn; tear off with the mouth PMP *bitas

wintiUma(WMP) kick in the calf PMP *bintiq

wintiUma(WMP) calf-kicking PWMP *binti₂

winuSula(CMP) to drink PMP *inum

winuaBare'e(WMP) a tall tree PWMP *binuaŋ

w-in-ulaŋOld Javanese(WMP) to bind with a thread, to attach spurs PWMP *bulaŋ

w-in-ulaŋOld Javanese(WMP) made black PMP *buluŋ₁

w-in-ulat-anOld Javanese(WMP) look at, watch PMP *bulat₁

w-in-uluhOld Javanese(WMP) becoming a wuluh, overflowing with sweetness or compassion, deeply moved; also (as if) pierced by a sharp piece of bamboo PAN *buluq₂

w<in>uniOld Javanese(WMP) to hide, keep secret PWMP *b<in>uni

w-in-unuʔTontemboan(WMP) a victim of magical retribution PWMP *b<in>unuq

w-in-unuhOld Javanese(WMP) slaughter, kill, put an end to, slay PWMP *b<in>unuq

w-in-uwuh-anOld Javanese(WMP) increase, add to PMP *bubuq

w-in-uwuŋ-anOld Javanese(WMP) roofed, covered with a roof PWMP *b<in>ubuŋ-an

w-in-wat-anOld Javanese(WMP) to load something (with pack) PWMP *b<in>uhat-an

wiŋaSika(CMP) shell of a shellfish PMP *biŋaq

wiŋawiŋAmis(Formosan) wag one's tail PAN *wiŋawiŋ

wiŋáwiŋKankanaey(WMP) swing; sway; wag; shake. Caused by wind; for instance, trees, reed, etc. PAN *wiŋawiŋ

wiŋəlPalauan(WMP) tooth PAN *ŋipen

wiŋisManggarai(CMP) open, of the lips, so that the teeth show (when growling, laughing, etc.); laugh coyly PMP *biŋis

wiŋisManggarai(CMP) of the lips, to be open so that the teeth are visible PMP *wiŋis

wiŋisOld Javanese(WMP) to bare, unsheathe PMP *biŋis

wiŋisOld Javanese(WMP) to bare, unsheathe PMP *wiŋis

wiŋisRembong(CMP) grin, show the teeth PMP *biŋis

wiŋisRembong(CMP) grin, show the teeth PMP *wiŋis

wiŋitOld Javanese(WMP) awe-inspiring, dangerous to approach; in a sad mood (often with the nuance of: unapproachable, sullen, sulky, petulant, ill-tempered, morose, cross) PAN *biŋiC

wiŋíwiŋIlokano(WMP) shake one's head (as a sign of dissent, etc.) PAN *wiŋawiŋ

wiŋkaJavanese(WMP) potsherd PWMP *bika

wiŋkaOld Javanese(WMP) potsherd PWMP *bika

wiŋkeBare'e(WMP) shore, bank, edge (of sea, lake, river, ravine) PWMP *biŋkay

wiŋke n-danoBare'e(WMP) shore of a lake PWMP *biŋkay

wiŋkuBare'e(WMP) adze, made from an axe by forging the blade in the middle so that the cutting edge is horizontal PMP *biŋkuŋ

wirArguni(SHWNG) fresh water PCEMP *waiR

wirDuke of York(OC) plait coconut leaves round trees to make them taboo PMP *pirit

wirTolai(OC) to plait, weave (as a mat) PMP *pirit

wiraʔRembong(CMP) wild taro: Alocasia macrorrhiza PMP *biRaq₁

wiriErai(CMP) left (side) PAN *wiRi

wiriFijian(OC) turn, revolve PMP *wirit

wiriMaori(OC) bore, twist; gimlet, auger PMP *wirit

wiriSika(CMP) left (side) PAN *wiRi

wiriTitan(OC) dolphin POC *kuriap

wiriŋBuginese(WMP) edge (as of the sea) PMP *bidiŋ

wiriŋBuginese(WMP) edge (as of the sea) PMP *biriŋ₁

wiritGaddang(WMP) to twist PMP *wirit

wiritMosina(OC) squid PMP *kuRita

wɨriyLou(OC) dolphin POC *kuriap

wiruJavanese(WMP) fold, series of pleats (accordion-wise) in a cloth PMP *biRu

wisUra(OC) squid PMP *kuRita

wisaʔBuginese(WMP) split (wood) PMP *biseqak

wi segaʔIban(WMP) rotan, Calamus spp., especially C. cassius Bl. PWMP *segaʔ

wish(i)Woleaian(OC) banana (Musa). Four varieties are found on Falalus which are named after their supposed islands of origin, Truk, Saipan, Yap and Ponape POC *pudi

wisiBimanese(CMP) calf of the leg PMP *bities

wisiLeti(CMP) to peel, shell, skin, flay PCEMP *bisik₁

wisíkCebuano(WMP) to make something fly off in all directions (as mud thrown up by a passing truck) PPH *wisik

wísikHanunóo(WMP) shaking, sprinkling PPH *wisik

wisikJavanese(WMP) knowledge or words of advice imparted by supernatural beings or by seers PWMP *bisik₃

wisíkTagalog(WMP) sprinkling or spraying of liquid PPH *wisik

wisik-anAgutaynen(WMP) to sprinkle water or another liquid on something; to accidentally be splattered, spattered by something PPH *wisik

wisik-ánBikol(WMP) to sprinkle water on PPH *wisik

wisik-anJavanese(WMP) night wind PWMP *bisik₃

wisik wisikOld Javanese(WMP) whispering, whispered conversation, secret instruction PWMP *bisik bisik

wisluLeti(CMP) sore, ulcer, boil PMP *bisul

wisoNumbami(OC) flesh, meat, muscle POC *pijiko

wisoNumbami(OC) flesh, meat, muscle POC *pisiko

wisuhJavanese(WMP) wash one's hands or feet PMP *biseq

wisuhOld Javanese(WMP) water for washing PMP *biseq

wisuh-anJavanese(WMP) water, or basin for washing the hands/feet PMP *biseq

wisulRembong(CMP) boil, abscess PMP *bisul

wis-wísikHanunóo(WMP) shaking of the hand to get rid of something attached or stuck to it PPH *wisik

witSeimat(OC) octopus PMP *kuRita

witToak(OC) squid PMP *kuRita

witUra(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

witEfate (South)(OC) octopus PMP *kuRita

witaAore(OC) squid PMP *kuRita

witaLelepa(OC) octopus PMP *kuRita

witakSika(CMP) break, tear, burst PMP *bitak₁

witekTontemboan(WMP) worm in the body PPh *bitek

witiBare'e(WMP) leg, foot, hind leg (of animals) PMP *bities

witiBimanese(CMP) millet PMP *beteŋ₁

witiBuginese(WMP) calf of the leg PMP *bities

witiGitua(OC) penis, cock PMP *qutin

witiNumbami(OC) ache, pain; to hurt PMP *pi(n)tik

witiSelau(OC) seven PAN *pitu₁

witiʔUma(WMP) leg, foot PMP *bities

witiluKambera(CMP) to pinch PCMP *bitil₂

witionaWetan(CMP) star PAN *bituqen

witiora woitiWetan(CMP) a constellation, Ursa minor PMP *bituqen pitu

witisBalantak(WMP) calf of the leg PMP *bities

witiwetCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) wag, flick, swish the tail (of an animal) PAN *witiwit

witíwitBikol(WMP) mechanical swing ride at a carnival PAN *witiwit

witíwitBontok(WMP) wag, of a dog's tail PAN *witiwit

witíwitIfugaw(WMP) continual moving of a dog (wagging its tail) PAN *witiwit

witíwitIlokano(WMP) ploughtail; the handle of a plough PAN *witiwit

witíwitKankanaey(WMP) wag one's tail PAN *witiwit

witokTontemboan(WMP) worms in the intestines of the kuse phalanger; they are very bitter, and are found in a bunch or heap, cohering with a membrane PWMP *bituk

witoraWetan(CMP) a tree whose fruits are burned for lightening PMP *bitaquR

wittuŋBuginese(WMP) star PAN *bituqen

wituKambera(CMP) sword grass: Imperata cylindrica PCEMP *bitu

witwítCebuano(WMP) chirp; complain about something, criticizing; spread bad things about others; chirping of the birds; senseless talk PPh *witwít₁

witwítIfugaw(WMP) continual moving of a light or a torch, i.e., the person who holds the light or the torch makes it move up and down, back and forth, higher or lower, farther or nearer, while he is walking in the darkness of the night PPh *witwít₂

witwítTagalog(WMP) warning sign by means of shaking the index finger PPh *witwít₂

witwítIlokano(WMP) wagging, shaking (of the finger or long object) PPh *witwít₂

wiuBare'e(WMP) bent around, as the edge of a piece of metal PWMP *biquŋ

wiuBare'e(WMP) a palm with deeply indented leaves that resembles rattan: Licuala Rumphii. Rice is cooked in the leaves to produce winalu (leaf packets of rice that are cooked in bamboo and served at feasts) PMP *biRu

wiʔuŋTontemboan(WMP) crooked, slanting, askew; dented, of knives, hoes, etc. PWMP *biquŋ

wiʔutTontemboan(WMP) crooked, slanting, askew; bent, twisted, of a knife or hoe blade, of the hands, feet or legs of animals or people PAN *biqut

wivineGapapaiwa(OC) women POC *papine

wivineMolima(OC) women POC *papine

wiweBuginese(WMP) lip PMP *bibiR

wiwiBare'e(WMP) lip PMP *bibiR

wiwiBare'e(WMP) side, edge, border PMP *birbir₁

wiwiBimanese(CMP) lip PMP *bibiR

wiwíBontok(WMP) make a high-pitched whistling sound PPh *wiwí

wiwʔíBontok(WMP) cut open, as intestines, in order to clean them prior to cooking PPh *wíqwiq

wiwiItbayaten(WMP) cicada, sound of cicada PPh *wiwí

wiwiKambera(CMP) lip PMP *bibiR

wiwiKambera(CMP) side, edge, border PMP *birbir₁

wiwʔíKankanaey(WMP) to open, widen PPh *wíqwiq

wiwiLi'o(CMP) mouth, lips PMP *bibiR

wiwiPaku(WMP) lip PMP *bibiR

wiwiTontemboan(WMP) lip PMP *bibiR

wiwiUma(WMP) lip PMP *bibiR

wiwiʔUma(WMP) edge, border PMP *birbir₁

wiwi ndanoBare'e(WMP) shore of a lake PMP *birbir₁

wiwi ndanoBare'e(WMP) lake shore, edge of a lake PAN *danaw

wiwineDobuan(OC) women; female POC *papine

wiwi njayaBare'e(WMP) side of the road PMP *birbir₁

wiwi n-tasiBare'e(WMP) seashore, beach PMP *tasik

wiwirKédang(CMP) lip PMP *bibiR

wiwirManggarai(CMP) edge, border PMP *birbir₁

wiwirRembong(CMP) lip PMP *bibiR

wiwirSika(CMP) lip; eyelid PMP *bibiR

wiwir puarManggarai(CMP) edge of the forest PMP *birbir₁

wiwir weŋaManggarai(CMP) harelip PMP *beŋaq

wiwir weŋaManggarai(CMP) harelip PMP *beŋa₁

wɨwɨyNauna(OC) mango PCEMP *waiwai

wíʔwiʔAklanon(WMP) split open further (e.g. a buttonhole), enlarge by splitting PPh *wíqwiq

wíʔwiʔCebuano(WMP) push the sides apart to create an opening or to widen an opening PPh *wíqwiq

wiyaNumbami(OC) good, well PMP *pia₂


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wlawlPalauan(WMP) floor (< *panpan) PMP *papan


TOP      wa    we    wh    wi    wl        wo    wu    ww    

wȯleUlithian(OC) six POC *onom


TOP      wa    we    wh    wi    wl        wo    wu    ww    


woLeti(CMP) numeral classifier PMP *buaq

Lonwolwol(OC) fruit of- POC *puaq

woTolai(OC) paddle, oar, anything of similar shape, such as the petal of a flower; to paddle, row POC *pose

woWaropen(SHWNG) fruit PMP *buaq

woaAnsus(SHWNG) root PMP *wakaR

woaLeti(CMP) fruit PMP *buaq

woaWetan(CMP) fruit; milt; bear fruit PMP *buaq

wo-ataLeti(CMP) four PMP *epat

wocha-amasChuukese(OC) eat raw POC *qodaq

wodJavanese(WMP) root PMP *waRej

wo-diluHawu(CMP) ear PMP *tilu

wo dimu danaHawu(CMP) watermelon PMP *qatimun

wo dimu poroHawu(CMP) cucumber PMP *qatimun

woeHawu(CMP) crocodile PCEMP *buqaya

wɔɛSawai(SHWNG) water PCEMP *waiR

woeTawala(OC) paddle (of boat) POC *pose

wogTaba(SHWNG) canoe PEMP *waŋka

wogTakia(OC) canoe POC *waga

wogoTiruray(WMP) an abaca PPh *abaká

wogokPaitan(WMP) domesticated pig PAN *beRek

wogokDumpas(WMP) pig PAN *beRek

woguTboli(WMP) uncultivated abaca, usually not good to strip PPh *abaká

wohApma(OC) canoe paddle POC *pose

wohJavanese(WMP) fruit PMP *buaq

wohLakona(OC) canoe paddle POC *pose

wɔhLonwolwol(OC) paddle (for canoe); modern use for oar POC *pose

woh, patek wohJavanese(WMP) kind of persistent pustule PAN *baReq

woh-anJavanese(WMP) guava PMP *buaq

woh bosokJavanese(WMP) rotten fruit PMP *busuk

wohe timuSoboyo(CMP) south wind PMP *timuR

wohiKisar(CMP) paddle PMP *beRsay

wohowLakona(OC) rat POC *kasupe

woh-woh-anJavanese(WMP) various kinds of fruit PMP *buaq

woiMokilese(OC) sea turtle POC *poñu

wo-iraWetan(CMP) how many? how much? PAN *pijax

wo-ira wo-iraWetan(CMP) some, several PAN *pija pija

wo-itiWetan(CMP) seven PAN *pitu₁

wo-ituEast Damar(CMP) seven PAN *pitu₁

wo-ituLuang(CMP) seven PAN *pitu₁

wo-ituLeti(CMP) seven PAN *pitu₁

wojoKodi(CMP) fruit PMP *buaq

wokJavanese(WMP) growth of human hair or bird’s feathers on the throat area PWMP *bauk

wökOld Javanese(WMP) pig, hog, boar PAN *beRek

wokOld Javanese(WMP) abundant hair-growth on the body (esp. under the chin, chin-whiskers) PWMP *bauk

wokaNumbami(OC) root PMP *wakaR

wo-keluKisar(CMP) three PAN *telu

wokuBimanese(CMP) fold; to fold PMP *bekuk

wōlMarshallese(OC) penis POC *ule₁

wolMota(OC) barter, buy or sell by exchange PEMP *poli

wolan-n-matiWetan(CMP) dark moon, lunar eclipse PMP *bulan matay

wolan tipriWetan(CMP) east monsoon PMP *bulan₃

wolan wartaWetan(CMP) west monsoon PMP *bulan₃

woliaKulisusu(WMP) shaman PWMP *balian

wo-limEast Damar(CMP) five PAN *lima

wo-limaWetan(CMP) five PAN *lima

wo-liməLuang(CMP) five PAN *lima

wollaWetan(CMP) moon, month, monsoon PMP *bulan₃

wolləLuang(CMP) moon PMP *bulan₃

wol maMota(OC) get by exchange, buy PEMP *poli

wol(o)Woleaian(OC) six POC *onom

wolosMota(OC) cut across, cut, chop in lengths POC *polos₁

wolo-woloMota(OC) crossways; a crosspiece POC *polos₁

wol reagMota(OC) barter away, sell; not properly of money passing PEMP *poli

woluManusela(CMP) gall PAN *qapejux

wolu-woluJavanese(WMP) by eights PMP *walu walu

wo-maya-mayaMolima(OC) shame PCEMP *ma-mayaq

wonBipi(OC) sand POC *qone

wɔnLonwolwol(OC) sand POC *qone

wɔnLonwolwol(OC) be fast (shut), be closed, be tight POC *qonop

wonTubetube(OC) sea turtle POC *poñu

wonaAnsus(SHWNG) six PEMP *onəm

wonaPom(SHWNG) six PEMP *onəm

wonaWoi(SHWNG) six PEMP *onəm

wonamBuli(SHWNG) six PEMP *onəm

wonanMarau₁(SHWNG) six PEMP *onəm

wonanMunggui(SHWNG) six PEMP *onəm

wo-nemEast Damar(CMP) six PAN *enem

wonemNumfor(SHWNG) six PEMP *onəm

wonemWetan(CMP) six PAN *enem

wo-neməLuang(CMP) six PAN *enem

wonenGah(CMP) six PAN *enem

wonoHawu(CMP) a constellation PCEMP *bunuq₁

w-ono-hBipi(OC) six POC *onom

wono piduHawu(CMP) the Seven Sisters, Pleiades PCEMP *bunuq₁

wontiWolio(WMP) kind of sea fish, mullet: Mugil sp. PWMP *benti

wonuKilivila(OC) sea turtle POC *poñu

*woñuPMic(OC) sea turtle POC *poñu

woŋ alas-anJavanese(WMP) forest-dweller; boor PWMP *halas-an

woŋ d<um>ohJavanese(WMP) a dull-witted person PMP *zauq

woŋkuBare'e(WMP) the bent part of something PMP *beŋkuŋ

woŋku mpekaBare'e(WMP) the curve of a fishhook PMP *beŋkuŋ

woŋoUma(WMP) deaf PMP *beŋel

wooChuukese(OC) vertical rafter POC *oka₂

wooKulisusu(WMP) scent, odor (pleasant or unpleasant) PMP *bahuq

woonChuukese(OC) six POC *onom

woonPuluwat(OC) six POC *onom

woosChuukese(OC) load, burden, thing carried POC *ucan

wootChuukese(OC) coconut husking stick, digging stick used in cultivation (made of Pemphis acidula wood if possible) POC *kojom

woowPuluwat(OC) sugarcane POC *na topu

woow ~ wowuChuukese(OC) sugarcane, Saccharum officinarum POC *na topu

wor-Puluwat(OC) possessive classifier for raw food; raw seafood, meat (cooked or raw), eggs POC *qodaq

woreHawu(CMP) rear part, posterior; rump, buttocks PMP *buliq₂

woriSerui-Laut(SHWNG) buy PEMP *poli

woroMota(OC) to squeeze, wring out (juice of herbs, liquor of fruits) over food and things prepared for charms POC *poRos

wo-rooKisar(CMP) two PMP *duha

woruKurudu(SHWNG) new PEMP *baqoRu

wo-ruLuang(CMP) two PMP *duha

wo-ruWaropen(SHWNG) two PMP *duha

wo-ruEast Damar(CMP) two PMP *duha

wosJavanese(WMP) raw rice; essence, contents PMP *beRas

wosVatrata(OC) canoe paddle POC *pose

wosMosina(OC) canoe paddle POC *pose

wosaMota(OC) to smack, slap, clap POC *pwajaR

wosaMota(OC) a boil POC *pwasa

wosaMota(OC) to slap, smack, clap POC *pwasa(r,R)

wosaNumbami(OC) a paddle, oar POC *pose

wosa-nChuukese(OC) his load POC *ucan

woseBare'e(WMP) oar PMP *beRsay

woseMota(OC) a paddle POC *pose

woseNumbami(OC) to paddle, row POC *pose

wose-gaMota(OC) paddle-shaped POC *pose

wo-siEast Damar(CMP) nine PMP *siwa

wo-sia ~ wo-siwaLeti(CMP) nine PMP *siwa

wo-siewaMoa(CMP) nine PMP *siwa

wo-siwaWetan(CMP) nine PMP *siwa

wo-sjewaLuang(CMP) nine PMP *siwa

wotMota(OC) rise up, stand up, appear, shoot up (as land coming into sight when at sea) POC *potu₁

wotaKilivila(OC) (fishing) net POC *pukot

wotaMota(OC) knock, break by knocking (as pieces of firewood) POC *potak

wot-aMota(OC) be born, come into being POC *potu₁

wotaMota(OC) knock, break by knocking (as firewood) PMP *peta

wo-teliWetan(CMP) three PAN *telu

wo-teluEast Damar(CMP) three PAN *telu

wo-teluLeti(CMP) three PAN *telu

wo-teluLuang(CMP) three PAN *telu

wothoWest Damar(CMP) stone PMP *batu

wotiBare'e(WMP) burn with a brand, decorate something with burn marks (as a lime gourd for betel) PMP *betik₂

wotirSika(CMP) wart on the hand PCEMP *butiR

wōt mijel-jelMarshallese(OC) raining cats and dogs POC *matolu-tolu

wotoWest Damar(CMP) root PMP *wakat

wotuBimanese(CMP) explode PMP *betu₂

wōt-wōtMotlav(OC) white-spotted puffer: Arothron hispidus POC *potok

wōt-wōtMotlav(OC) white-spotted puffer: Arothron POC *potok

wouArosi(OC) away from, there, yonder PMP *wa-tu

woʔuBare'e(WMP) also, still, again; new PMP *baqeRu

wouBimanese(CMP) odor; to smell PMP *bahu

wouNumbami(OC) new PEMP *baqoRu

wouHawu(CMP) smell, odor PMP *bahu

wouWoleaian(OC) sugarcane POC *na topu

wou naki-nakiHawu(CMP) stinking PMP *bahu

wo-urMota(OC) the fruit of the Spondias dulcis PCEMP *quRi

wo-vutuMota(OC) the fruit of the Barringtonia POC *putun₁

wowPuluwat(OC) 2sg., you POC *ko

wo-waiGitua(OC) mango PCEMP *waiwai

wowaiNumbami(OC) mango PCEMP *waiwai

wo-waiHawu(CMP) kind of red forest fruit PCEMP *waiwai

wo-woaWetan(CMP) be very fruitful PMP *buaq buaq

woyuBare'e(WMP) bent, sagging PMP *beluk


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wuGorontalo(WMP) interjection to ridicule PMP *qu₁

wuLamboya(CMP) fruit PMP *buaq

wuSika(CMP) hair of the head PCEMP *buek

wuaAdonara(CMP) fruit PMP *buaq

wuaAnakalangu(CMP) fruit PMP *buaq

wuaBare'e(WMP) fruit; also used of kidneys because of their shape PMP *buaq

wuaBimanese(CMP) fruit, contents PMP *buaq

wuaKambera(CMP) fruit, seed, grain; numeral classifier for fruits, houses, months, villages, gardens, etc. PMP *buaq

wuaKomodo(CMP) fruit PMP *buaq

wuaManggarai(CMP) fruit, fruits; kidneys; results of a discussion, conclusion; contents; purpose, content (of talk); protrude (of the skin), grow (of scar tissue over a healed wound); areca nut PMP *buaq

wuaʔRembong(CMP) fruit; kidneys PMP *buaq

wuaRiung(CMP) fruit PMP *buaq

wuaSika(CMP) the areca palm and its fruit PMP *buaq

wuaSolorese(CMP) fruit PMP *buaq

wuaʔTontemboan(WMP) fruit; areca nut PMP *buaq

wuaʔUma(WMP) fruit PMP *buaq

wuaaLeti(CMP) crocodile PCEMP *buqaya

wua aiKambera(CMP) fruit of a tree PMP *buaq ni kahiw

wua foʔoBimanese(CMP) mango PMP *buaq

wuajaBare'e(WMP) frequently used exclamation of surprise or astonishment; used by small children as an interjection of anger PMP *buqaya

wua kadaluKambera(CMP) kidneys; testicles PMP *buaq

wua-kiBare'e(WMP) what is hung on something as decoration: beads, metal strips, tassels PMP *buaq

wua limaKambera(CMP) finger PMP *buaq ni lima

wua mataKambera(CMP) pupil of the eye; to bear fruit PMP *buaq

wua m-bineBare'e(WMP) the areca nut, beads, comb and other objects that lie in the biŋka mpobine, the basket from which the seed rice is distributed to the women who will sow it in dibble holes during the planting PMP *buaq

wuanGah(CMP) moon PMP *bulan₃

wuaʔ-na in camaTontemboan(WMP) finger PMP *buaq

wuaʔ-na in camaTontemboan(WMP) finger PMP *buaq ni lima

wuaʔ-na in ceiceiTontemboan(WMP) toe PMP *buaq

wuaʔ-na in susuTontemboan(WMP) nipple PMP *buaq

wua-n yata-nKei(CMP) heart PMP *buaq ni qatay

wuaŋRembong(CMP) discarded, not used any longer (road, house) PMP *buqaŋ

wua-ŋSika(CMP) fruit; bear fruit PMP *buaq

wua-ŋ ihi-ŋSika(CMP) the yield from a field, harvest PMP *buaq

wua-ŋ kajuBare'e(WMP) fruit of a tree PMP *buaq ni kahiw

wua-ŋ ruaŋSika(CMP) wasp that nests in the ground PMP *buaq

wuʔa-ŋ wuaSika(CMP) kidney PMP *buaq

wua pucuManggarai(CMP) heart PMP *buaq

wuaʔ pusuʔRembong(CMP) heart of banana PMP *pusuq₁

wuatManggarai(CMP) to call, go, order, command; to provision for a journey PMP *buhat₃

wuatRembong(CMP) fetch, get, clutch to the breast or hold in the lap PMP *buhat₃

wua tukaManggarai(CMP) beloved child PMP *buaq

wua usaŋManggarai(CMP) kind of edible mushroom PMP *buaq

wua wayaBare'e(WMP) large type of areca nut PMP *buaq

wua-wuayaTontemboan(WMP) a marine fish that somewhat resembles a crocodile PMP *buqaya

wuayaTontemboan(WMP) bold, intrepid; strong PMP *buqaya

wuaʔTonsea(WMP) fruit PMP *buaq

wucukManggarai(CMP) force something into the mouth PMP *buRsuk

wudMokilese(OC) rain; to rain POC *qusan

wúdəsPalauan(WMP) navel PMP *pusej

wudiMolima(OC) bananas in general POC *pudi

wuduBimanese(CMP) penis PMP *butuq

wueManggarai(CMP) kind of small bean: Phaseolus spp. PMP *buay₁

wueHawu(CMP) fruit PMP *buaq

wueHawu(CMP) laden, loaded with cargo PMP *buhat₃

wue, wue-kRembong(CMP) long beans PMP *buay₁

wuhBipi(OC) lobster POC *quraŋ

wuhtKosraean(OC) area inland or toward the mountains, upper area of land PMP *qutan

wuhuHawu(CMP) bow used to clean cotton PMP *busuR₂

wuhuSolorese(CMP) bow for cleaning cotton PMP *busuR₂

wuiLeti(CMP) necklace (as of coral), armband (as of gold) PCMP *bui₂

wuiUma(WMP) to blow (wind) PWMP *bui₁

wuiWetan(CMP) beads, necklace PCMP *bui₂

wuiWetan(CMP) angle, corner PCEMP *buu₃

wūjMarshallese(OC) drown someone by holding his head under water POC *qutup

wūjMarshallese(OC) cork; balsa driftwood POC *uton

wukManggarai(CMP) hair of the head PCEMP *buek

wūkOld Javanese(WMP) liquid oozing from corpses or any putrescent matter PAN *buRuk

wukPalauan(WMP) vagina PAN *puki

wukRembong(CMP) hair of the head; tasseled, of a young ear of corn PCEMP *buek

wukRiung(CMP) head hair PCEMP *buek

wukaBare'e(WMP) pulled up, lifted up, roots and all PMP *buŋkaR

wukaManggarai(CMP) to open (as the mouth) PMP *buka

wukaRembong(CMP) begin, do for the first time (of dogs that are beginning to bark) PMP *buka

wukaʔTontemboan(WMP) open, standing open, not closed; clear, not muddled, of a matter PWMP *bukaʔ

wūk-anOld Javanese(WMP) rotten (egg) PAN *buRuk

wukaʔ nuwuʔTontemboan(WMP) clear, of voice, having a clear voice PWMP *bukaʔ

wukasManggarai(CMP) to open PMP *bu(ŋ)kas

wukədPalauan(WMP) fish or mosquito net PMP *puket₁

wukirJavanese(WMP) mountain PAN *bukij

wukirOld Javanese(WMP) mountain PAN *bukij

wukirToratán(WMP) mountain PAN *bukij

wukir anakOld Javanese(WMP) small mountain (promontory?), hill PAN *bukij

wukkaʔBuginese(WMP) to open, remove (as the lid of a pot) PMP *bu(ŋ)kas

wūk nanahOld Javanese(WMP) pus PAN *buRuk

wūk nanahOld Javanese(WMP) liquid oozing from corpses or any putrescent matter, pus; always in the combination wūk nanah PMP *nanaq

wukoBare'e(WMP) a small owl whose nocturnal call signals a death; by daylight its call is also adverse, and one who hears it must bite the blade of a bush knife PWMP *bukaw

*wukoPMic(OC) fishnet POC *pukot

*wuko-tiPMic(OC) catch in a net POC *pukot

wūk turuOld Javanese(WMP) addicted to sleeping, sleepy-head PAN *buRuk

wukuBare'e(WMP) bone, pit, seed PMP *bukuh

wukuGah(CMP) fingernail PMP *kukuh

wukuJavanese(WMP) seed; grain; section of a bamoo or rattan stalk PMP *bukuh

wukuKomodo(CMP) fingernail, claw PMP *kukuh

wukuLeti(CMP) knot, knob, node, joint PCEMP *buku

wukuOld Javanese(WMP) section (of bamboo, etc.) between the joints; grain, seed PMP *bukuh

wukuTontemboan(WMP) knot, knob, bump, knuckle, joint, node PMP *bukuh

wukuUma(WMP) bone; joint in bamboo PMP *bukuh

wuku-anTontemboan(WMP) with nodes, knots or joints PMP *buku-an

wuku lopiBare'e(WMP) shoulder blade PMP *bukuh

wuku lopi (< *alepiʔipʔ)Bare'e(WMP) scapula PWMP *qali-peqip

wuku mboyoBare'e(WMP) node, joint of bamboo PMP *bukuh

wuku-na in cayuTontemboan(WMP) knot in wood PMP *bukuh

wuku usuBare'e(WMP) rib PMP *bukuh

(wuku) usuBare'e(WMP) rib (bone) PAN *Rusuk

wuku yaliBare'e(WMP) ankle bone PMP *buku lali

wuku yaliBare'e(WMP) ankle bone PMP *lali

wuk-wuk-anJavanese(WMP) rotten (as an egg) PAN *buRuk

wulApma(OC) moon POC *pulan₃

wulNokuku(OC) moon POC *pulan₃

wúlPuluwat(OC) budding leaf, tree top POC *qulu

wulYapese(OC) type of shell, large cowrie POC *buliq₁

wulaAdonara(CMP) moon PMP *bulan₃

wulaAnakalangu(CMP) moon PMP *bulan₃

wulaLamboya(CMP) moon PMP *bulan₃

wulaMolima(OC) blow out water, as a whale POC *puRa

wulaMolima(OC) to blow out water, as whale POC *puRas

wulaUma(WMP) moon PMP *bulan₃

wula ka-metiKambera(CMP) dark moon, time of the new moon PMP *bulan matay

wulam-bulanTontemboan(WMP) kind of sea fish: Megalops cyprinoides PMP *bulan-bulan₁

wulanJavanese(WMP) moon, month PMP *bulan₃

wulanOld Javanese(WMP) moon, month PMP *bulan₃

wulanRembong(CMP) moon; month PMP *bulan₃

wulan-anOld Javanese(WMP) monthly, by the month; menstruation PWMP *bulan-an

wulan-wulanOld Javanese(WMP) something moon-like PMP *bulan₃

wulaŋKomodo(CMP) moon, month PMP *bulan₃

wulaŋManggarai(CMP) moon, month; menses PMP *bulan₃

wulaŋOld Javanese(WMP) band, binding PWMP *bulaŋ

wulaŋSika(CMP) moon, month PMP *bulan₃

wulaŋ mateSika(CMP) eclipse PMP *bulan matay

wulaŋ ŋuzaRembong(CMP) menses PMP *bulan₃

wulaŋuKambera(CMP) moon; month PMP *bulan₃

*(w)ulasoPEGor(WMP) sweat, perspiration PPH *hulas

wulatJavanese(WMP) scrutinize, examine minutely PMP *bulat₁

wulatOld Javanese(WMP) look, glance; sight, seeing, looking PMP *bulat₁

wulawanTontemboan(WMP) gold (arch.); exceptionally pretty, of women PAN *bulaw-an

wulaʔ werenTontemboan(WMP) big, wide-open eyes PMP *bulat₁

wula-wulaMolima(OC) whale's spout; whale POC *puRa

wula-wulaMolima(OC) whale POC *puRa-puRas

wūleMarshallese(OC) penis of POC *ule₁

wuliBare'e(WMP) ear of grain; cluster, bunch (of areca nuts, bananas, lansat) PMP *buliR

wuliJavanese(WMP) ear (of rice, corn) PMP *buliR

wuliSika(CMP) an entire stem of bananas PMP *buliR

wuliWetan(CMP) hair PCEMP *bulu₁

wuliWolio(WMP) lie, falsehood PWMP *buqeli

wuli-Ali(OC) skin POC *kulit

wuliaBare'e(WMP) shamaness, female shaman PWMP *balian

wulihOld Javanese(WMP) stem PMP *buliR

wuliloGorontalo(WMP) rudder PMP *qulin

wulirSika(CMP) the stalk of rice and millet PMP *buliR

wulitoGorontalo(WMP) repeat, mention again PWMP *ulit

wullaKodi(CMP) moon PMP *bulan₃

wullaLeti(CMP) moon, month PMP *bulan₃

wulla (lera) n-matiLeti(CMP) the moon (sun) is eclipsed PCEMP *matay₁

wulluWaiyewa(CMP) feather PCEMP *bulu₁

wuloduGorontalo(WMP) maggot, caterpillar PMP *qulej

*(w)ulosoPEGor(WMP) blanket (used for sleeping) PPH *ules

*wulosoPGor(WMP) blanket used when sleeping PMP *qules₂

wuluAnakalangu(CMP) feather PCEMP *bulu₁

wuluGorontalo(WMP) beads PAN *quNuq

wuluJavanese(WMP) fur, feathers, body hair PMP *bulu₁

wuluJavanese(WMP) ritual washing (Pigeaud 1938) PMP *bulu₂

wuluKambera(CMP) body hair, feathers PCEMP *bulu₁

wuluKodi(CMP) feather PCEMP *bulu₁

wuluLamboya(CMP) feather PCEMP *bulu₁

wuluLeti(CMP) body hair, feathers PCEMP *bulu₁

wuluManggarai(CMP) body hair, fur, feathers, downy hair PCEMP *bulu₁

wuluOld Javanese(WMP) hair on the body, feather PMP *bulu₁

wuluRembong(CMP) body hair, fur, feathers PCEMP *bulu₁

wuluSika(CMP) body hair PCEMP *bulu₁

wuluʔUma(WMP) kind of bamboo PAN *buluq₂

wuluUma(WMP) body hair, feathers, fibers PMP *bulu₁

wulu-Nokuku(OC) hair POC *pulu₃

wuluPaku(WMP) body hair, feathers PMP *bulu₁

wuluRiung(CMP) feather PCEMP *bulu₁

wuluhJavanese(WMP) a slender bamboo plant; gun barrel; iron pipe used as a lamp chimney PAN *buluq₂

wuluhOld Javanese(WMP) bamboo, bamboo shaft, bamboo vessel, esp. the bamboo vessel in which liquid sugar (syrup) is kept PAN *buluq₂

wululaGorontalo(WMP) pillow, headrest PMP *qulun-an

wulu manuKambera(CMP) chicken feathers PMP *bulu ni manuk

wulu-nOld Javanese(WMP) covered with hair, hairy PWMP *bulu-en

wúlú-nPuluwat(OC) foliage; head hair POC *qulu

wuluŋJavanese(WMP) blue-black PMP *buluŋ₁

wuluŋOld Javanese(WMP) bluish black, black, dark PMP *buluŋ₁

wúlúŋPuluwat(OC) possessive classifier for pillows POC *quluŋ-an

wuluŋoGorontalo(WMP) cape of land PMP *quzuŋ

wulurTontemboan(WMP) ridge of a mountain PMP *bulud₃

wulur ma-atusTontemboan(WMP) the 'Mountain of a Hundred Ridges', proper name of a ridge of mountains on the borderlands between Minahasa and Bolaang Mongondow PMP *bulud₃

wulus-anOld Javanese(WMP) mouth of a river PWMP *bulus-an

wulutoGorontalo(WMP) to launch (a boat) PWMP *hurus

wúlúúlPuluwat(OC) pillow POC *quluŋ-an

wuluʔPaku(WMP) bamboo PAN *buluq₂

wulw-anOld Javanese(WMP) kind of hairy fruit and its tree: Nephelium, rambutan PWMP *bulu-an

(w)umBiga(SHWNG) house PAN *Rumaq

wumBipi(OC) house PAN *Rumaq

wumLeipon(OC) house PAN *Rumaq

wumPapitalai(OC) house PAN *Rumaq

wumi-Merig(OC) beard PMP *kumis

wumi-Lakona(OC) beard PMP *kumis

wumpuŋBuginese(WMP) heap, stack, pile PMP *bunbun

wumwChuukese(OC) be put in an earth oven PMP *qumun

wumwo-wumwChuukese(OC) hermit crab PMP *qumaŋ qumaŋ

wumwun-iChuukese(OC) cook (something) in an earth oven; make earth oovens for (a chief) POC *qumun-i

wUnLonwolwol(OC) to come (to fight), prepare for fighting, approach aggressively, to plot (probable violence) POC *punuq₃

wunMarshallese(OC) scale of fish POC *qunap₂

wúnPuluwat(OC) hair, feathers, fish scale, fur POC *qunap₂

wunduBare'e(WMP) blunt, truncated PWMP *budul

wunduKambera(CMP) inflated, swollen (as the belly after eating something) PMP *buntuʔ

wúnef-iChuukese(OC) to pluck (feathers, hair) PCEMP *qunep

wuniJavanese(WMP) tree sp.; also the tart fruits that grow in clusters on this tree PWMP *buRnay

wuniOld Javanese(WMP) a secret PMP *buni₁

wuniOld Javanese(WMP) a tree and its fruit: Antidesma bunius PWMP *buRnay

wuniHawu(CMP) to hide PMP *buni₁

wuniUma(WMP) to hide PMP *buni₁

wuniWetan(CMP) the Seven Sisters, Pleiades PCEMP *bunuq₁

wuniWetan(CMP) kill, sacrifice (always, or usually combined with wenna) PMP *bunuq₂

wuni-wennaWetan(CMP) kill, sacrifice (ritually); quarrel PMP *bunuq₂

wun-kieaWetan(CMP) Ursa minor PCEMP *bunuq₁

wun-liawnaWetan(CMP) Ursa Major PCEMP *bunuq₁

wúnna-nChuukese(OC) his pillow POC *quluŋ-an

wuntalTontemboan(WMP) round PMP *buntal

wunteŋManggarai(CMP) hot-headed, quick to get angry PMP *buteŋ

wunto kompoBare'e(WMP) belly-ache PMP *bunter

wuntuTontemboan(WMP) mountain, hill PMP *buntu

wuntuUma(WMP) point, peak PMP *buntu

wuntutManggarai(CMP) rear end of a chicken PMP *buntut₁

wuntutOld Javanese(WMP) tail PMP *buntut₁

wunuBare'e(WMP) a tree with bast fibers used to make twine PWMP *bunut₂

wúnúChuukese(OC) drawn out, extracted POC *unus

wúnúChuukese(OC) three PEMP *tolu

wunuLeti(CMP) the Seven Sisters, Pleiades PCEMP *bunuq₁

wunuLeti(CMP) hit, give a thrashing or drubbing; kill PMP *bunuq₂

wunuMolima(OC) hit, strike, spear, kill; to exhaust, tire out POC *punuq₃

wunuSika(CMP) the Seven Sisters, Pleiades PCEMP *bunuq₁

wunu-aMolima(OC) hit, strike, spear, kill; to exhaust, tire out POC *punuq-a

wunuh-anOld Javanese(WMP) an animal for slaughtering PWMP *bunuq-an₁

wúnúm-Puluwat(OC) drink, beverage, smoke; possessive classifier for anything drunk, tobacco smoked, medicine taken; to drink, smoke, take medicine PCEMP *unum

wunum-iChuukese(OC) drink; smoke (tobacco); take (medicine); eat (honey); ingest (something) without chewing PCEMP *unum

wúnú-n chuukChuukese(OC) mountain top POC *qulu

wúnú-n fénúChuukese(OC) cape, point (of an island) POC *qulu ni panua

wunutJavanese(WMP) a variety of tree PWMP *bunut₂

wunutManggarai(CMP) sugar-palm fiber PMP *bunut₁

wunutOld Javanese(WMP) kind of tree of the Ficus species PWMP *bunut₂

wuʔnutTontemboan(WMP) kind of tree: Columbia serratifolia; also a kind of Ficus the wood of which is used for firewood and the bast fiber as binding material PWMP *bunut₂

wunuʔ-unTontemboan(WMP) a victim of magical retribution PWMP *bunuq-en

wunwun-anOld Javanese(WMP) fontanelle, crown of the head PWMP *bunbun-an₁

wuŋSika(CMP) a howling storm wind PMP *buŋ

wuŋaBare'e(WMP) a labiata, Ocimum sanctum, which serves as a magical plant on all kinds of occasions because it has a tenacious capacity to survive; because of its fragrance of balsamine is often used as headpiece PMP *buŋa

wuŋaKambera(CMP) first (as a first child), earlier PMP *buŋas

wuŋaOld Javanese(WMP) flower PMP *buŋa

wuŋaRembong(CMP) flower, blossom (which results in a fruit), as that of the mango, citrus fruits, or Malay apple; to flower, blossom (of a mango tree), bear grains (of a rice stalk) PMP *buŋa

wuŋaTontemboan(WMP) flower, blossom PMP *buŋa

wuŋaUma(WMP) flower, blossom PMP *buŋa

wuŋa-na in capayaTontemboan(WMP) papaya blossom PMP *buŋa

wuŋa-n bawahOld Javanese(WMP) that which is on everybody's lips, general topic, constantly recurring theme PMP *buŋa

wuŋa-n tahunOld Javanese(WMP) (annual) tribute PMP *buŋa

wuŋaŋTontemboan(WMP) flower, blossom PMP *buŋaŋ

wuŋasManggarai(CMP) first, just now (fetched), hot (of food that has just been cooked) PMP *buŋas

wuŋa wéwoʔRembong(CMP) eldest or firstborn child PMP *buŋa

wuŋa-wuŋaOld Javanese(WMP) nipple PMP *buŋa

wuŋeʔBuginese(WMP) first, beginning PMP *buŋas

wuŋ-eMoa(CMP) the Seven Sisters, Pleiades PCEMP *bunuq₁

wuŋ-iLonwolwol(OC) flower of POC *puŋa₁

wuŋ-i-balLonwolwol(OC) hibiscus flower POC *puŋa₁

wuŋkarManggarai(CMP) swell up and split open (as the soil because of something pushing up from within) PMP *buŋkaR

wuŋkasTontemboan(WMP) pull back the grass that covers a place, separate the grass; open up, part (of grass, clouds) PMP *bu(ŋ)kas

wuŋkukJavanese(WMP) bent, crooked, deformed, hunchbacked PMP *buŋkuk

wuŋkukOld Javanese(WMP) hunchbacked, crooked PMP *buŋkuk

wuŋkuk-anOld Javanese(WMP) the mark on the moon (lit. rendering of Sanskrit aŋka 'hook, anything curved; mark, line') PMP *buŋkuk

wuŋkusJavanese(WMP) wrapper, esp. of banana leaves PWMP *buŋkus

wuŋkusOld Javanese(WMP) wrap up; surround (in battle) PWMP *buŋkus

wuŋkus-anJavanese(WMP) a packet wrapped with banana leaf; food cooked in a leaf wrapping PWMP *buŋkus

wUŋɔ-Lonwolwol(OC) used by a small boy of his MBD, who also happens to be his FZD; wife's mother, wife's father POC *puŋao

wuŋuJavanese(WMP) purple, violet, lavender PAN *buŋuR

wuŋuKambera(CMP) rustling or whizzing sound produced by sudden movement PMP *buŋ

wuŋūOld Javanese(WMP) a particular kind of tree (Lagerstroemia Reginae) with large clusters of purple flowers PAN *buŋuR

(w)uŋuOld Javanese(WMP) violet, purple PAN *buŋuR

wuŋ-wéretSika(CMP) sound of rustling or rushing, sound of many birds taking flight at once PMP *buŋ

wUɔŋ-Lonwolwol(OC) wife's mother of- POC *puŋao

wúpChuukese(OC) to fish with fish poison POC *tupa₂

wurLeipon(OC) shrimp, lobster POC *quraŋ

wuraBimanese(CMP) moon, month PMP *bulan₃

wuraKambera(CMP) foam, froth, bubbles, scum; to foam, to froth, to bubble PCEMP *budaq₄

wuraKambera(CMP) bleached, whitened, as a piece of material that has lost its color PMP *budaq₃

wuraKambera(CMP) foam, froth, bubbles, scum; to foam, to froth, to bubble PMP *bujeq₂

wuraLeti(CMP) oil PCMP *bura₁

wuraMota(OC) to spring forth, throw up, jet forth, of water POC *buraq

wuraSika(CMP) fat, grease PCMP *bura₁

wuraʔUma(WMP) foam, bubbles, froth, scum, lather PMP *bujeq₂

wurasTontemboan(WMP) strew, scatter (as rice seed) PWMP *buras

wura waiKambera(CMP) foam on the surface of water PMP *bujeq ni wahiR

wura-wuraMota(OC) spurt upwards POC *puraq puraq

wuriBare'e(WMP) charcoal PWMP *budiŋ

wuriBimanese(CMP) ear of grain PMP *buliR

wuriLeipon(OC) dolphin POC *kuriap

wuriLeti(CMP) to clean, wash, rinse off PMP *buRiq

wuriHawu(CMP) ear of grain PMP *buliR

wuriUma(WMP) black; charcoal PWMP *budiŋ

wuriOld Javanese(WMP) back, behind, rear PWMP *buri₂

wuri areHawu(CMP) ear of paddy PMP *buliR

wuri huhuHawu(CMP) nipple of the breast PMP *buliR

wurikJavanese(WMP) (of hens) speckled PWMP *burik

wuriŋTontemboan(WMP) black; black snake PWMP *budiŋ

wuri teraeHawu(CMP) ear of millet PMP *buliR

wuroWaropen(SHWNG) body hair, feathers PCEMP *bulu₁

wurrKairiru(OC) banana (generic) POC *pudi

wuruAnsus(SHWNG) body hair, feathers PCEMP *bulu₁

wuruBimanese(CMP) pubic hair PCEMP *bulu₁

wuruHawu(CMP) fiber, root fiber PCEMP *bulu₁

wuru bàhiKambera(CMP) iron pot PAN *kuden

wuruhJavanese(WMP) foam, suds PMP *bujeq₂

wurukTontemboan(WMP) rotten, decayed; dirty; debauched, dissolute; ugly, nasty PAN *buRuk

wuru madaHawu(CMP) fringe, as on a table cloth, or on a Savunese blanket PMP *bulu ni mata

wuruŋuKambera(CMP) pot, vessel PAN *kuden

wuru tanaKambera(CMP) earthenware pot (native) PAN *kuden

wusBipi(OC) rain POC *qusan

wusMokilese(OC) banana POC *pudi

wusNamakir(OC) heart POC *puso₃

wusaManggarai(CMP) foam, froth, spume, surf; foam at the mouth PCEMP *budaq₄

wusaManggarai(CMP) foam, froth, spume, surf; foam at the mouth PMP *bujeq₂

wusuJavanese(WMP) bow-shaped tool for cleaning kapok fibers PMP *busuR₂

wusuOld Javanese(WMP) cotton-card PMP *busuR₂

wusurRembong(CMP) instrument for twisting fibers into cordage PMP *busuR₂

wutAli(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

wutBiga(SHWNG) louse PMP *kutu₁

wutLakona(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

wutMerig(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

wutMosina(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

wūtOld Javanese(WMP) half-ape (tarsier, lemur) PAN *buhet

wútPuluwat(OC) rain POC *qusan

wutSelau(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

wutTolai(OC) to weed, pull up (as grass, weeds, etc.) POC *puput-i

wutaBuginese(WMP) blind PMP *buta₁

wutaGorontalo(WMP) long beans PMP *qutan

wutaJavanese(WMP) blind PMP *buta₁

wutaOld Javanese(WMP) blind PMP *buta₁

wutaʔRembong(CMP) kind of poisonous tree: Ternstroemia sp. PMP *butaq₂

wutaTolai(OC) species of fish with small spines and said to be edible POC *puntal

wutaTontemboan(WMP) blind (archaic) PMP *buta₁

wútánPuluwat(OC) cargo, load; to be loaded POC *ucan

wutbutOld Javanese(WMP) kind of night bird (owl?) PWMP *butbut₁

wuteʔBuginese(WMP) broken piece of thread or rope PWMP *butes

wutiGorontalo(WMP) penis PMP *qutin

wuti-Leipon(OC) penis POC *na qutin

wutitiʔTontemboan(WMP) marine fish that inflates when touched PPh *butítiq

wutoʔoGorontalo(WMP) brain PMP *hutek

wuttaŋBuginese(WMP) gush out (as water from a reservoir) PMP *buntaŋ

wutuAnakalangu(CMP) louse PMP *kutu₁

wutuKambera(CMP) flea, louse PMP *kutu₁

wut(u)Mota(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

wutu ahuKambera(CMP) dog louse PMP *kutu₁

wutunTolai(OC) species of large tree which grows on the beach: Barringtonia speciosa POC *putun₁

wutu tauKambera(CMP) louse on a person PMP *kutu₁

wutu uraŋuKambera(CMP) small insects that fly about in the evening during the rainy season (‘rain lice’) PMP *kutu₁

wuʔuBare'e(WMP) be checked in its course, as something which sticks in the throat, or a river when fallen trees block its flow PWMP *buqul

wuuBare'e(WMP) howling of the wind; dull sound of a loud voice; the brrrrr with which mothers pacify their infants PAN *buuŋ

wuʔuBimanese(CMP) envious, jealous PCEMP *buRu₂

wuuChuukese(OC) wicker fish trap, lobster pot (made of mangrove sticks) POC *pupu₂

wuuPuluwat(OC) fish trap POC *pupu₂

wuuUma(WMP) interjection PAN *buuŋ

wuuch ~ wuchuChuukese(OC) banana (fruit and plant) POC *pudi

wuukChuukese(OC) tail, rear end PAN *ikuR

wuʔukTontemboan(WMP) hair, feather, down, wool on the body of people or animals PMP *buhek

wuukChuukese(OC) fishnet, net (general term) POC *pukot

wuukPuluwat(OC) seine; to seine POC *pukot

wuulPuluwat(OC) maggot PMP *qulej

wuumwChuukese(OC) earth oven, oven, furnace; presentation of food to a chief PMP *qumun

wúúnChuukese(OC) pillow, headrest POC *quluŋ-an

wúúnChuukese(OC) extreme part, top POC *qulu

wuunChuukese(OC) hair (of head or body, of person or animal), fur, feather, scale (of fish) POC *qunap₂

wúúpChuukese(OC) a vine, Derris elliptica; its roots and stems are used for fish poison, and the long vine is used as a rope to haul logs POC *tupa₂

wúúrChuukese(OC) Japanese spiny lobster: Panulirus japonicus von Siebold POC *quraŋ

wuur ~ wurú-nPuluwat(OC) banana, the tree and fruit POC *pudi

wúútChuukese(OC) rain POC *qusan

wuuwa, wuwá-nPuluwat(OC) fruit, flower, bur; bear fruit, flowers POC *puaq

wuʔu-wuʔuNias(WMP) young fruit PMP *buŋkul

wuwaChuukese(OC) fruit, berry; bear ruit or berries POC *puaq

wuwaChuukese(OC) convey, ship, carry from one place to another POC *puat₂

wuwaWetan(CMP) rice-beetle, weevil PMP *bukbuk₃

wuwahPuluwat(OC) burden, as of breadfruit, copra, boxes, taro; carried object, food package, baggage, canoe load, cargo POC *puat-an₁

wuwahPuluwat(OC) burden, as of breadfruit, copra, boxes, taro; carried object, food package, baggage, canoe load, cargo POC *puat₂

wuwaloGorontalo(WMP) gray hair PMP *quban

wúwanChuukese(OC) grey hair, white hair PMP *quban

wuwayPuluwat(OC) to carry, transport, take by canoe; to obtain POC *puat₂

wuwiWetan(CMP) fish trap PAN *bubu₂

wuwniWetan(CMP) upper part, skull PMP *bubun₂

wuwnuMoa(CMP) upper part, skull PMP *bubun₂

wuwuBare'e(WMP) fish trap woven of rattan, a much-used fishing implement; quadrangular rattan basket on four feet especially used by the women of the To Lage for the transport of light burdens PAN *bubu₂

wuwuBare'e(WMP) skull, cranium, crown of the head PMP *bubu₄

wuwuBare'e(WMP) scattered, dispersed (as spilled rice grains) PMP *budbud₁

wuwuBimanese(CMP) a tall forest tree: Sterculia foetida PMP *bubuR₃

wuwuJavanese(WMP) type of bamboo or wicker fish trap PAN *bubu₂

wuwuLeti(CMP) fish trap PAN *bubu₂

wuwūOld Javanese(WMP) a particular kind of (wicker) fish-trap PAN *bubu₂

wuwuRembong(CMP) fontanelle PMP *bubu₄

wuwuHawu(CMP) fish trap PAN *bubu₂

wuwuTontemboan(WMP) fish trap of large dimensions used in river or sea PAN *bubu₂

wuwuTubetube(OC) extract (as fish from a net) POC *puput

wuwu-aBare'e(WMP) the fontanelle in the head of a child PMP *bubu₄

wuwuhJavanese(WMP) increase, add to PMP *bubuq

wuwuhOld Javanese(WMP) increase, growth PMP *bubuq

wuwuh-wuwuhJavanese(WMP) keep increasing PMP *bubuq

wuwunTontemboan(WMP) soft part of the head, the large fontanelle which is still soft and open in infants PMP *bubun₂

wuwuŋJavanese(WMP) rooftop, house peak PMP *bubuŋ₁

wuwuŋManggarai(CMP) ridge of the roof PMP *bubuŋ₁

wuwuŋManggarai(CMP) fontanelle PMP *bubun₂

wuwuŋOld Javanese(WMP) ridge (of a roof) PMP *bubuŋ₁

wuwuŋ-anJavanese(WMP) rooftop, house peak PMP *bubuŋ-an

wuwuŋ-anOld Javanese(WMP) ridge of a roof PMP *bubuŋ-an

wuwuŋ-anTontemboan(WMP) ridge, ridgepole, ridge of the roof PMP *bubuŋ-an

wuwurJavanese(WMP) scatter, sprinkle something (fried onions on noodles, sand on a floor) PWMP *bubud

wuwurRembong(CMP) a tall forest tree: Sterculia foetida PMP *bubuR₃

wuwusManggarai(CMP) extravagant, prodigal PMP *busbus

wuxiBipi(OC) dolphin POC *kuriap

wuxõ-wuxõNias(WMP) foam, spume, froth, suds PMP *bujeq₂

wuyDobel(CMP) vulva, vagina PAN *puki

wuyaBare'e(WMP) moon, month PMP *bulan₃

wuyam baʔuTontemboan(WMP) sarong made of bamboo membrane in contrast with sarongs made of other materials PWMP *buyaŋ

wuyaŋTontemboan(WMP) sarong PWMP *buyaŋ

wuyawaBare'e(WMP) gold PAN *bulaw-an

wuyuBare'e(WMP) feather, body hair PMP *bulu₁

wuyu manuBare'e(WMP) chicken feathers PMP *bulu ni manuk

wuyu mataBare'e(WMP) eyelash PMP *bulu ni mata

wuyu ŋuraBare'e(WMP) the small downy hairs that grow on the forehead at the edge of the head hair proper PMP *bulu₁

wuyu pasaBare'e(WMP) nest feathers of birds PMP *bulu₁

wuyu-wuyuBare'e(WMP) a vegetable PMP *bulu bulu

wuzaʔRembong(CMP) foam, froth, spume PMP *bujeq₂

wuzaʔ wáeʔRembong(CMP) foam on the surface of water PMP *bujeq ni wahiR

wuʔVatrata(OC) louse PMP *kutu₁

wuʔuAdonara(CMP) new PMP *baqeRu

wuʔukTonsea(WMP) hair PMP *buhek


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wwahOld Javanese(WMP) fruit, esp. betel-nut PMP *buaq

wwaŋ anak-enOld Javanese(WMP) suffer from excessive fondness for one's relations PWMP *anak-en

wwaŋ lenOld Javanese(WMP) unrelated people PWMP *laqin

wwatOld Javanese(WMP) to present, offer, convey, report, show, show oneself, appear PMP *buhat₃

w-weTaba(SHWNG) leg PAN *waqay

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