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Austronesian Comparative Dictionary


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yaBalinese(WMP) an emphasizing particle, it is also used for yes PAN *qia

y-āBonfia(CMP) 1sg. nominative pronoun: I PAN *aku

yaSambal (Botolan)(WMP) topic indicating particle (also used as relative pronoun) PAN *ya

yaBuli(SHWNG) 1sg. nominative pronoun: I PAN *aku

yaDobel(CMP) what? PMP *apa₁

yaDobel(CMP) what? PMP *sapa

yaDusner(SHWNG) 1sg., I PAN *i-aku

yaGedaged(OC) fire, conflagration, combustion, ignition POC *api

yaIsneg(WMP) the definite article PAN *ya

yaItawis(WMP) common singular and plural nominative and genitive particle PAN *ya

yaKalagan(WMP) marker of definite predicate PAN *ya

yaKavalan(Formosan) nominative marker PAN *ya

yaNumfor(SHWNG) 1sg. nominative pronoun: I PAN *i-aku

yaRon(SHWNG) 1sg., I PAN *i-aku

yaːHawu(CMP) 1sg. nominative pronoun: I PAN *aku

yaalPuluwat(OC) road, path, street POC *jalan

ya-ʔanLikum(OC) to eat POC *kani

yááŋPuluwat(OC) wind, air POC *aŋin

yáátPuluwat(OC) spleen, gall bladder; formerly the human spleen was cooked and used to poison a foe POC *qasu₂

yaatPuluwat(OC) smoke, as of a fire; foam, as of the sea PMP *qasu₃

yáátPuluwat(OC) chin, especially its bottom POC *qase

y-abágaIlokano(WMP) place on the shoulder PMP *qabaRa₁

yabaraKeapara(OC) northwest wind PMP *habaRat

yabatBuli(SHWNG) wound, be wounded PCEMP *abat₃

yabiBare'e(WMP) remainder, surplus, what is left over, more PAN *labiq

yabiSambal (Botolan)(WMP) night PMP *Rabiqi

yabiaKilivila(OC) sago, sago palm POC *Rabia

yabnoyIbatan(WMP) kind of softwood fig tree with inedible fruit PPH *lab(e)nuR

yabnoyIvatan(WMP) Chinese banyan: Ficus hauili PPH *lab(e)nuR

yabnoyItbayaten(WMP) tree with greenish fruit, found at edge of forest: Ficus integrifolia Elm., Ficus hauili Blanco PPH *lab(e)nuR

yabulYapese(OC) type of conch shell; horn, trumpet, siren POC *tapuRi

y-abúloyIlokano(WMP) to donate to charity; contribute PPH *abúluy

y-ábutIlokano(WMP) to bring within one's reach, to hand PPH *i-qábut

yabyábMansaka(WMP) to winnow PPH *yabyáb

yabyábIfugaw(WMP) a fan; the act of fanning; draft, breeze, winnow PPH *yabyáb

yacaFijian(OC) name POC *acan

yacaFijian(OC) grate, grind, file, rub eyes with cika (conjunctivitis) PEMP *asaq

yade-Sonsorol-Tobi(OC) lungs PMP *qatay

y-adiBalangaw(WMP) that (3p) PMP *a-di

y-adiBalangaw(WMP) that (demonstrative) PWMP *qadi

y-adiMansaka(WMP) this (very near) PMP *a-di

yadreFijian(OC) forehead POC *raqe

yadyádSambal (Botolan)(WMP) to shred coconut PPH *yadyád

yadyad-ánBikol(WMP) a grater PPH *yadyad-án

yadyad-ánSambal (Botolan)(WMP) a shredder PPH *yadyad-án

yafArguni(SHWNG) fire PEMP *api

yāfBonfia(CMP) fire PMP *hapuy

yafKei(CMP) fire PMP *hapuy

yafWoleaian(OC) fire, flame, blaze POC *api

yafanBuli(SHWNG) line used in harpooning sea turtles PEMP *apen

yàfenNumfor(SHWNG) harpoon for spearing fish and turtles PEMP *apen

yafiBuli(SHWNG) lime, calcium PAN *qapuR

yafoTeluti(CMP) fire PMP *hapuy

yafuFordata(CMP) fire PMP *hapuy

yafurFordata(CMP) lime, calcium; very white, of the flesh of the sago palm PAN *qapuR

yafurKei(CMP) lime, calcium PAN *qapuR

yafurYamdena(CMP) lime, calcium PAN *qapuR

yafur avlādKei(CMP) chalk PAN *qapuR

yafur wātKei(CMP) small calabash, Lagenaria idolatrica, used as a lime container with the betel chew PAN *qapuR

yaf wara-nKei(CMP) glowing coals PMP *baRah hapuy

yagilaKilivila(OC) wind POC *aŋin

yaginSekar(CMP) rain PMP *haŋin

yagyágCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to trot (of a horse or person) PPH *yagyág

yagyágIsneg(WMP) earthquake PPH *yegyeg

yahAhus(OC) fire POC *api

yáhPuluwat(OC) tall, high, upper, easterly PMP *atas

yahamPuluwat(OC) door, doorway, window PMP *kataman

yahatPonosakan(WMP) sea PMP *daRat

yahayLikum(OC) west wind PMP *habaRat

yahóŋWaray-Waray(WMP) bowl PPH *yahuŋ

yahuŋBinukid(WMP) bowl PPH *yahuŋ

yaiArguni(SHWNG) mother PMP *aya₂

yaiKei(CMP) father (address form used by small children, and in mourning songs) PMP *aya₂

yaiNumfor(SHWNG) father PMP *aya₂

yaiSekar(CMP) 1sg. nominative pronoun: I PAN *aku

yaiArop(OC) fire POC *api

y-aiYami(WMP) reason to come, bring PAN *aRi

yaia-naDobuan(OC) female of the first ascendant generation of one's father's village (Fortune 1963:37) PMP *aya₂

yai-nMasiwang(CMP) leg, foot PAN *qaqay

yaiuw(a)Woleaian(OC) kind of fish: Neomyxus chaptalii, etc. PMP *qaRuas

yaiuw(a)Woleaian(OC) fish sp.: Neomyxus chaptalii PMP *qawas

yakGimán(SHWNG) 1sg. nominative pronoun: I PAN *i-aku

yakálAklanon(WMP) a hardwood tree: Shorea gisok or Shorea balangeran PPH *yakál

yakálBontok(WMP) a tall softwood tree, the mahogany: Hopea sp. PPH *yakál

yakálIlokano(WMP) species of durable hardwood: Hopea sp. PPH *yakál

yakálTagalog(WMP) a tree producing lumber of the first group: Hopea flagata PPH *yakál

yakalTausug(WMP) a tree: Shorea gisok PPH *yakál

yakálWaray-Waray(WMP) a species of hardwood, the yacal tree: Hopea sp. PPH *yakál

-yakapKapampangan(WMP) catch, apprehend PWMP *Rakep

yak-aviFijian(OC) the evening, and by extension the afternoon POC *Rapi

yakedItbayaten(WMP) tying material (of house or building PPH *Rakéd

y-akenIbatan(WMP) 1sg topicalized nominative pronoun, fronted agent pronoun PAN *aken₁

yakerNumfor(SHWNG) escort, show a person out (as a rule this is festive) PEMP *ated

yaker binNumfor(SHWNG) escort a bride to her bridegroom; also the preparations connected with this: to wit, the bringing of bridewealth PEMP *ated

yakinMasiwang(CMP) wind PMP *haŋin

y-akinThao(Formosan) 1sg accusative and absolute possessive pronoun PAN *aken₁

y-akoBuruese(CMP) me. Usually objective case PAN *i-aku

y-akoSaisiyat(Formosan) 1sg. nominative pronoun: I PAN *i-aku

yakoTifu(CMP) 1sg., I/me PAN *i-aku

y-akuʔBa'amang(WMP) 1sg. nominative and accusative pronoun: I, me PAN *i-aku

y-akuPazeh(Formosan) 1sg. topic and accusative pronoun: I, me PAN *i-aku

y-akuSeediq (Truku)(Formosan) emphatic form of the 1sg. personal pronoun; always requires a particle (ka or o) in order to be united with the predicate of which it is the subject PAN *i-aku

y-akuThao(Formosan) 1sg. nominative pronoun: I PAN *i-aku

yakuYamdena(CMP) 1sg. nominative pronoun: I PAN *i-aku

yakwaDobel(CMP) spouse PAN *qasawa

yalBuli(SHWNG) get, fetch PAN *alaq₁

yalaKola(CMP) path, road PMP *zalan

yala-liWoleaian(OC) road of, way of, path of POC *jalan

yaleBare'e(WMP) a fly PMP *lalej

y-áliKankanaey(WMP) to bring; to bring forward; to bring in; to adduce; to let come PAN *aRi

y-alipTami(OC) canarium almond POC *(q)alipa

y-alipaNumbami(OC) canarium almond POC *(q)alipa

yalius(iu)Woleaian(OC) ghost, spirit, god; chant directed to a god or spirit PMP *qanitu

ya-liut(a)Woleaian(OC) small uninhabited island POC *a-nusa

yalo, yalov-aFijian(OC) to beckon POC *qalop

yaluTubetube(OC) backwash from wave breaking on the beach PMP *qalun

yamaBonfia(CMP) father PAN *amax

y-amaIbanag(WMP) father PAN *amax

yamaSekar(CMP) father PAN *amax

yama-nKei(CMP) father PAN *amax

y-amenIbatan(WMP) 1pl ex topicalized nominative pronoun, fronted agent pronoun PAN *i-amen

y-amenYami(WMP) we (nominative case) exclusive PAN *i-amen

y-amiKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) 1pl. excl. nominative, we PAN *i-ami

y-amiPazeh(Formosan) 1pl. excl. nominative, we PAN *i-ami

y-amiSubanun (Sindangan)(WMP) 1pl. excl. nominative, we PAN *i-ami

y-amiSaisiyat(Formosan) 1pl. excl. nominative, we PAN *i-ami

yaminThao(Formosan) 1pl ex accusative and absolute possessive pronoun PAN *i-amen

yámlPalauan(WMP) grass in snapdragon family that grows in swampy areas: Limnophila aromatica (Lam.) Merr. PMP *lamun₁

y-amoIlokano(WMP) to reconcile people PPH *haq(e)muq

yamótSambal (Botolan)(WMP) root PMP *Ramut₁

yamotCentral Tagbanwa(WMP) root PMP *Ramut₁

yamotItbayaten(WMP) root PMP *Ramut₁

yamotYami(WMP) root PMP *Ramut₁

(ya)-motuFijian(OC) small detached reef POC *motus

y-ampírIlokano(WMP) place, etc. close to something PWMP *hampir

y-amuKalamian Tagbanwa(WMP) 2pl. nominative, you all PAN *amu

*y-amuPAty(Formosan) you (plural) PAN *amu

y-amuSubanun (Sindangan)(WMP) 2pl. nominative, you all PAN *amu

yamúkRemontado(WMP) mosquito PMP *ñamuk

yamutKapampangan(WMP) root PMP *Ramut₁

yamwuŕ-e-ni-pwoŋPuluwat(OC) dew; to fall, of dew PAN *ñamuR

yamyámIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) for excessive talking to tire the mouth PPH *yamyám

yamyámBikol(WMP) blah-blah, incessant talk or chatter PPH *yamyám

yamyamBinukid(WMP) to mumble words (not for the purpose of communicating) PPH *yamyám

yamyámCebuano(WMP) to utter, articulate words rapidly and not for the purpose of communicating; mumble, mutter PPH *yamyám

yamyamManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to say “I told you so” PPH *yamyám

yanAgta (Central Cagayan)(WMP) this PWMP *ian₃

yanGaddang(WMP) that (2p.) PWMP *ian₃

yanIlokano(WMP) place, location, situation, locality, spot, position PAN *ian₂

yanItbayaten(WMP) idea of spatial placement PAN *ian₂

yanSakao(OC) to go POC *pano

yanTaba(SHWNG) fish PEMP *ikan

yanaMasiwang(CMP) child PMP *anak

ya-na-kBuli(SHWNG) my, mine (with foods, hence marker of edible possession) PAN *-ku

yanamBuli(SHWNG) to plait, weave (as mats) PMP *añam

yana-nKei(CMP) child (in relation to adults); young; component part of something; small (for its kind) PMP *anak

yanan piārKei(CMP) house slave, house servant PMP *anak i qaRta

yana-n sosalôkKei(CMP) illegitimate child PMP *anak

yanan yānKei(CMP) eldest child PMP *anak a qulu

yana-yanaFijian(OC) loosely plaited or woven, as of mats PMP *añam

yaneFijian(OC) sp. of moth POC *ane

yanəmNumfor(SHWNG) to plait, weave PMP *añam

yaniMansaka(WMP) this PAN *ia-ni

y-aniMansaka(WMP) this PAN *qani₁

ya-ni-kBuli(SHWNG) my, mine, marker of general possession (house, book, boat, etc.) PAN *-ku

yaniySatawal(OC) rock cod (generic): Epinephelidae POC *kalika

yanoTeluti(CMP) fish PMP *hikan

yanúPuluwat(OC) ancient god PMP *qanitu

ya-nucaFijian(OC) proper name of many small islands (Geraghty 1983:128) POC *a-nusa

y-ánudIlokano(WMP) to float; to throw into a current of water PPh *i-qañud

yaŋBiliau(OC) wind POC *aŋin

yaŋLele(OC) sky PMP *laŋit

yaŋNali(OC) sky PMP *laŋit

yaŋSengseng(OC) yellow POC *aŋo

yaŋSundanese(WMP) original heathen (Hindu) divinity; God PWMP *qiaŋ

yaŋaFijian(OC) generic name for some varieties of shell-fish: Pterocera and Lambis sp. PMP *Raŋa

yaŋawIvatan(WMP) a branch PPH *Raŋaw₁

yaŋawIbatan(WMP) a new shoot of vines and creepers, as sweet potato, squash, beans, etc. PPH *Raŋaw₁

yaŋayaŋWatut(OC) yellow POC *aŋo

yáŋdPalauan(WMP) sky; weather PMP *laŋit

yaŋenArop(OC) wind POC *aŋin

yaŋeyaŋLingarak(OC) yellow POC *aŋo-aŋo-ana

yaŋ hrəyJarai(WMP) sun PAN *waRi₁

yaŋ hruêRhade(WMP) sun PAN *waRi₁

yaŋ(i)Woleaian(OC) wind, blast, air in motion POC *aŋin

yaŋ ke-sa-pulohMalay(WMP) tenth PMP *ika-puluq

yaŋoAyta Abellan(WMP) dry; of weeds, plants, to wither PMP *Raŋu

*yaŋoPEGor(WMP) handspan PPH *daŋaw

yaŋo-ŋo-anaArop(OC) yellow POC *aŋo-aŋo-ana

yaŋyaŋMalay(WMP) God of Gods; Great God ... the Batara Vishnu, King of Heaven PWMP *qiaŋ

y-aʔóNias(WMP) 1sg. nominative and accusative pronoun: I, me PAN *i-aku

yáoŋIlokano(WMP) kind of wide, glazed china cup PPH *yahuŋ

yapAs(SHWNG) fire PEMP *api

yapBuli(SHWNG) fire PEMP *api

yapGitua(OC) fire POC *api

yapMinyaifuin(SHWNG) fire PEMP *api

yapTarpia(OC) fire POC *api

y-appánIlokano(WMP) to use as bait PPH *i-paen

y-aprósIlokano(WMP) to stroke, touch gently with the hand PPH *ap(e)rus

yapyapManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) the final process in winnowing to remove the last of the chaff PPH *yapyáp

yapyápKankanaey(WMP) to fan; to winnow; the first fanning PPH *yapyáp

yapyap-ánBikol(WMP) to fan someone with a hand fan PPH *yapyap-an

yapyáp-anKankanaey(WMP) to fan; to winnow; the first fanning PPH *yapyap-an

yarMarshallese(OC) lung POC *paRaq₂

yārNumfor(SHWNG) a tree: Casuarina equisetifolia PMP *aRuhu

yārNumfor(SHWNG) a tree: Casuarina equisetifolia PMP *qaRuhu

yaŕawaŕawPuluwat(OC) various shades of light green (as grass or the wura parrot fish) or of light blue (as European eyes or the sky) POC *kara-karawa

y-aríTagalog(WMP) this PMP *a-di

yár'ikPuluwat(OC) small edible crab PMP *kaRuki

yarsPalauan(WMP) sail PAN *layaR

yaruGitua(OC) a tree: Casuarina sp. POC *aRu

yaruWindesi(SHWNG) a tree: Casuarina equisetifolia PMP *aRuhu

yaruWindesi(SHWNG) a tree: Casuarina equisetifolia PMP *qaRuhu

yā-ruaFijian(OC) two each POC *rua

yasKairiru(OC) sharpen something PEMP *asaq

yāsNumfor(SHWNG) native manner of kissing, by sniffing the face PEMP *ajek

yāsNumfor(SHWNG) whet, sharpen PEMP *asaq

yasWoleaian(OC) liver PMP *qatay

-yas(a)Woleaian(OC) up, upside PMP *atas

yasakYamdena(CMP) press into the ground PMP *hasek₁

yase-shWoleaian(OC) your liver PMP *qatay

yasiSekar(CMP) dog PAN *asu₁

yasoMolima(OC) to smell (something) POC *acok

yas(o)Woleaian(OC) roof, thatch, coconut-frond thatch; be roofed, have a roof POC *qatop

yasulYapese(OC) type of fish: white-finned tuna POC *qatun

yatJawe(OC) name POC *acan

yatKosraean(OC) eastern part of a village PMP *atas

yatSelaru(CMP) stand in battle-order PCEMP *qatuR₂

yatTigak(OC) liver PMP *qatay

yātMarshallese(OC) eyebrow POC *pasu₂

yataMasiwang(CMP) roof PMP *qatep

yátabSambal (Botolan)(WMP) to harvest sticky rice by cutting the stalks long, not just the heads\ PPH *yátab

yátabHanunóo(WMP) crescent-shaped hand knife for harvesting rice PPH *yátab

yātabRomblomanon(WMP) a harvest knife (used in times past; presently a harvest sickle, kārit, is almost exclusively used for harvesting) PPH *yátab

yátabTagalog(WMP) small, short hand sickle for cutting rice stalks PPH *yátab

yátabKapampangan(WMP) small hand knife for harvesting rice PPH *yátab

yatafBuli(SHWNG) thatch; roof PMP *qatep

yatafMinyaifuin(SHWNG) roof PMP *qatep

yatakFordata(CMP) cover, cover oneself with; envelop oneself with PCMP *atek

yatakKei(CMP) cover, lay something across PCMP *atek

yata-nBobot(CMP) liver PMP *qatay

yata-nFordata(CMP) liver PMP *qatay

yata-nKei(CMP) liver PMP *qatay

yata-nMasiwang(CMP) liver PMP *qatay

yata-n lāiKei(CMP) (lit. 'big liver') proud, haughty, arrogant PMP *X₁ + qatay

yatatAgutaynen(WMP) breast milk PMP *Ratas₂

yatayBuli(SHWNG) liver PMP *qatay

yat(e)Woleaian(OC) chin, jaw POC *qase

yate-dauTarpia(OC) liver PMP *qatay

y-atenIbatan(WMP) 1pl in topicalized nominative pronoun, fronted agent pronoun PMP *aten

y-atenYami (Iranomilek)(WMP) ours PMP *aten

y-atenItbayaten(WMP) we (incl.) PWMP *aten₃

y-atenYami (Imorod)(WMP) we (incl.) PWMP *aten₃

yate-naFijian(OC) the liver, considered as the seat of cowardice and courage, hence yate levu 'coward' ( = 'big liver'), yate dei, yate lialia 'courageous' ( = 'firm, unwavering/mad, foolish liver') PMP *qatay

yate-yate-ʔenItbayaten(WMP) we ourselves only PWMP *aten₃

yatinInati(WMP) we (incl.) (Lobel 2012) PWMP *aten₃

yati-nYamdena(CMP) sweat, perspiration PMP *qatiŋ

ya-tip(a)Puluwat(OC) to slice, as breadfruit POC *siba

yā-toluFijian(OC) three each PEMP *tolu

yatosItbayaten(WMP) idea of one hundred PMP *Ratus

yatuFijian(OC) the yellow-finned tunny, locally called bonito: Neothunnus, Macropterus POC *qatun

yatuFijian(OC) a row, not followed by PCEMP *qatuR₂

yatuTawala(OC) sago chopper, adze for chopping sago POC *qatu

yatuTubetube(OC) to cut sago POC *qatu

yatu duruFijian(OC) a row of posts, colonnade PCEMP *qatuR₂

yátú-nPuluwat(OC) smoke of, foam of PMP *qasu₃

yatu-naFijian(OC) arrange in rows PCEMP *qatuR₂

yaturFordata(CMP) lay (things) in a row PCEMP *qatuR₂

yátúyátPuluwat(OC) to smoke, as fire; to foam, as the sea PMP *qasu qasu

yauAmbai(SHWNG) 1sg. nominative pronoun: I PAN *i-aku

yauAmbai(SHWNG) 1sg., I PAN *i-aku

y-auAnsus(SHWNG) 1sg, I PAN *i-aku

yauFijian(OC) dew PCEMP *au₁

yauFijian(OC) carry, bring PMP *qaRus

yauGitua(OC) 1st sg., I PAN *i-aku

y-auHitu(CMP) 1sg. nominative pronoun: I PAN *i-aku

yauKola(CMP) far PMP *zauq

y-auLamboya(CMP) thou PMP *i-kahu

yauMunggui(SHWNG) 1sg., I PAN *aku

yauSaliba(OC) 1sg, I, me PAN *i-aku

yauSelaru(CMP) 1sg. nominative pronoun: I PAN *aku

yauSobei(OC) 1sg. nominative pronoun: I PAN *i-aku

yauSobei(OC) 1sg., I PAN *aku

yauSuau(OC) 1sg. nominative pronoun: I PAN *i-aku

yauSursurunga(OC) 1sg., I PAN *aku

y-auSye(OC) 1sg., I PAN *i-aku

yauUbir(OC) 1sg. nominative pronoun: I PAN *i-aku

yauUra(OC) 1sg., I PAN *aku

yauWandamen(SHWNG) 1sg. nominative pronoun: I PAN *i-aku

yauWoi(SHWNG) 1sg., I PAN *i-aku

yavalataMolima(OC) northwest wind PMP *habaRat

y-avaŋYami(WMP) to give a ride to PAN *qabaŋ₁

yavarKairiru(OC) wind type PMP *habaRat

yavaraGitua(OC) Northwest wind; blows from December-March, brings rain to Gitua PMP *habaRat

yavatIvatan (Isamorong)(WMP) driftwood PPH *Rabat

yavataKilivila(OC) north (wind) PMP *habaRat

yavatoFijian(OC) a grub in a tree which develops into the coleopterus called qou (large coleopterus resembling a stag beetle) POC *qapator

yavatoFijian(OC) a grub in a tree which develops into the coleopterus called qou (large coleopterus resembling a stag beetle) POC *qapatoR

yava viloloFijian(OC) bow-legged POC *pilolo

yawaFijian(OC) milkfish (Chanos chanos) PMP *qawan

yawaFijian(OC) deep-bellied fish that jumps along the surface of the sea: the milkfish, Chanos chanos PMP *qawa₁

yaw(a)Woleaian(OC) mouth POC *qawa₂

yawalataTawala(OC) rain (light) from southwest during dry season PMP *habaRat

yawanBuli(SHWNG) banyan tree PEMP *qayawan

yaweNumbami(OC) to wag (as a dog wagging its tail) POC *awe

yawedAyta Abellan(WMP) betel leaf (for chewing preparation) PWMP *Rawed

yawiNumbami(OC) fire POC *api

yawúúlPuluwat(OC) unidentified large fish caught by trolling PMP *qatulay

yawyáwBontok(WMP) to eat PPH *yawyaw

yawyawIbaloy(WMP) expression used to call someone to come and eat, i.e. Let’s eat!; Come and eat! PPH *yawyaw

yawyáwIlokano(WMP) colloquial term for eating PPH *yawyaw

yawyawMansaka(WMP) to murmer, to grumble PPH *yawyaw

y-ayaJavanese(WMP) father PMP *aya₂

y-ayaSula(CMP) mother (Fortgens 1921:108) PMP *aya₂

ya-yakedItbayaten(WMP) tying material which is not being used PPH *Rakéd

yayaŋIbatan(WMP) kind of large sea snail PPH *RaRaŋ

yayaŋItbayaten(WMP) seashell with a shutter or lid: Turbo marmoratus (larger of the two Turbo varieties) PPH *RaRaŋ

yayaŋIvatan(WMP) turbo shell PPH *RaRaŋ

yayéfar'Puluwat(OC) shoulder, load carried on the shoulder POC *qapaRa₁

yáyəsPalauan(WMP) housefly PMP *lalej

yayo-hItbayaten(WMP) race PAN *laRiw


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-yeMbula(OC) have sexual intercourse POC *qait

yeðSakao(OC) four PCEMP *pat-i

yéélPuluwat(OC) three (sequential) PEMP *tolu

yee-tPuluwat(OC) one (sequential) PAN *esa

yefar (yafara)Woleaian(OC) shoulder POC *qapaRa₁

yegyegAyta Abellan(WMP) to shake up and down (especially branches of trees) for a short time; shaky PPH *yegyeg

yegyégPangasinan(WMP) tremor, earthquake PPH *yegyeg

yegyeg-énIlokano(WMP) to grind, pulverize, triturate; shake something PPH *yegyeg

yehLihir(OC) fire POC *api

yeiLeti(CMP) father PMP *aya₂

yei(-ni)Moa(CMP) uncle PMP *aya₂

yekyekBinukid(WMP) heavy and prolonged cough PPH *yekyek₂

yəkyəkBontok(WMP) armpit PPH *yekyek₁

yekyekManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) a choking cough PPH *yekyek₂

yekyek-énIlokano(WMP) to choke, suffocate, smother, stifle (through coughing or sickness); to constantly cough PPH *yekyek₂

yeli-ma-wLoniu(OC) yawn POC *mawap

yeluuqPuluwat(OC) three (general) PEMP *tolu

yemahPuluwat(OC) raw, uncooked; raw or uncooked food PMP *qamataq

yemat(a)Woleaian(OC) raw, not cooked; new PMP *qamataq

yemotInati(WMP) root PMP *Ramut₁

yenMalay (Deli)(WMP) that (Lang. dial. ian 'that') PWMP *ian₃

yenefSawai(SHWNG) sleep PCEMP *qenəp

ye-ŋafPuluwat(OC) one fathom POC *ŋapa₁

y-epiLeipon(OC) sago palm POC *Rabia

yeritLeipon(OC) the putty nut: Parinarium laurinum POC *qarita

yeriule-yasWoleaian(OC) south-southeast PMP *atas

ye-taWoleaian(OC) one (enumerative counter) PAN *esa

yetalMarshallese(OC) to go POC *pajale

yew-Puluwat(OC) mouth, bill of a bird, largest eye of a coconut POC *qawa₂

yewTitan(OC) banyan PEMP *qayawan

yewa-nPuluwat(OC) his mouth POC *qawa₂

yew-yewLele(OC) sugar ant POC *loRo

yewyewManobo (Western Bukidnon)(WMP) to move the jaw back and forth as a sign of anger PPH *yawyaw


TOP      ya    ye    yi    yo    yu    


yiArop(OC) fish PEMP *ikan

yiPatep(OC) 3sg., he PAN *ia₁

yidaLamboya(CMP) they, them PMP *ida

yihKele(OC) fire POC *api

yihNali(OC) cockroach POC *ipos

yiimYapese(OC) oyster POC *tiRom

yiimwPuluwat(OC) house, building of any kind PAN *Rumaq

yiitPuluwat(OC) name, kind (as of a plant) POC *isa₂

yiiyPuluwat(OC) 3sg. PAN *ia₁

yiiyPuluwat(OC) demonstrative: this PMP *ia₂

yiiyPuluwat(OC) interjection: oh, no! don't! PAN *qia

yíluKambera(CMP) sour (both taste and feeling of unease in body) PMP *ma-ñilu

yiṁaUlithian(OC) house PAN *Rumaq

yimwa-nPuluwat(OC) his/her house PAN *Rumaq

yinKairiru(OC) recline, lie down, settle (residentially) PAN *qinep

yinaPuluwat(OC) there, that's right, that's okay, fine PMP *qina

yiŕo- ŋiyPuluwat(OC) to look for, at POC *tiro

yisu-Ali(OC) nose POC *icuŋ

yitAli(OC) we PAN *ita₁

yitaLamboya(CMP) we (plural incl.) (Fox n.d.) PAN *ita₁

yiteqMarshallese(OC) whale meat POC *pijiko

yitomoGorontalo(WMP) black PMP *qitem

yiy i-reŋLele(OC) s/he is crying PMP *taŋis


TOP      ya    ye    yi    yo    yu    


yoIlokano(WMP) shark PAN *qiSu

yoKankanaey(WMP) your, you, ye PMP *iu₃

yoLeipon(OC) 1sg. nominative pronoun: I PAN *i-aku

yoTaokas(Formosan) orange PAN *iuk

yoTinputz(OC) 1sg. nominative pronoun: I PAN *i-aku

yo/mputSye(OC) navel POC *buto

yoaWoleaian(OC) fishing line, string used for carrying baskets; band (as of a watch) POC *apon

yo-ʔaseʔChamorro(WMP) merciful person, forgiving person PMP *qasiq

yóbəʔPalauan(WMP) ravine, valley PWMP *le(m)baq

yo-ᵐbutUra(OC) navel POC *buto

yokibAyta Abellan(WMP) cave PPH *Rukib

yokóʔSambal (Botolan)(WMP) to stoop down PPH *yukúq

yokóʔTagalog(WMP) a bending of the head or body; inclination; bending; bowing PPH *yukúq

yoku burik-oBare'e(WMP) white shell armband with black stripes PWMP *burik

yokyokSambal (Botolan)(WMP) to stab PPH *yukyuk

yomu-Nali(OC) body hair, feather POC *lamu₂

yónTboli(WMP) to sit down on something; to ride on; to take office; to be seated as an elected official; to rule as a leader PAN *ian₂

yoŋMoken(WMP) nose PMP *ijuŋ

yoŋitMongondow(WMP) mosquito PWMP *reŋit₁

yuŋúyuŋBontok(WMP) to hang down, as a branche which is laden with fruit; to walk with bowed head, as when one is sad PPH *yuŋyúŋ

yuŋyúŋBontok(WMP) to bend over in order to look at something on the ground, or to put something on the ground PPH *yuŋyúŋ

yóóhPuluwat(OC) thatch, thatch panel, roof of any kind POC *qatop

yóótPuluwat(OC) vertical house rafter PMP *kasaw₁

yopSa'ban(WMP) thing used for blowing (as a bamboo tube used to blow on the fire) PMP *heyup

yopaMongondow(WMP) fathom, unit of measurement between the outstretched arms PAN *depah

yopo ŋuraBare'e(WMP) young vegetation that sprouts up in cleared land PMP *ŋuda

yop-yópCasiguran Dumagat(WMP) to blow on something (as to blow out a candle, or to blow on coals to get them to flare up) PWMP *heyup heyup

y-ósokIlokano(WMP) insert, etc. from below PMP *usuk

yotNali(OC) boil, abscess POC *loto₂

yotLele(OC) boil, abscess POC *loto₂

yotafGimán(SHWNG) roof, thatch PMP *qatep

yotefSawai(SHWNG) thatch PMP *qatep

yow keyNali(OC) leaf of a tree PEMP *raun

yo-yoYami(WMP) shark PAN *qiSu

yo-yowNali(OC) red tree ant POC *loRo


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yuaBonkovia(OC) rain POC *qusan

yu béŋkoŋMalay(WMP) hammerhead shark PMP *biŋkuŋ

yuəʔ-ə́lPalauan(WMP) his/her tears PMP *luheq

yúgyugAklanon(WMP) to shake (usually by the shoulders) PPH *yegyeg

yugyúgCebuano(WMP) to shake back and forth or up and down in short, quick movements (as in rocking a hammock so a baby will soon sleep) PPH *yegyeg

yugyug-enIlokano(WMP) to beat eggs; to shake, sway (of a tree) PPH *yugyúg

yukósTagalog(WMP) bent (as a branch of a tree laden with fruit) PPH *yukús

yúkosIlokano(WMP) stooping PPH *yukús

yúku(h)Ifugaw(WMP) to bend something as deeply as possible PPH *yukús

yukúʔCebuano(WMP) bent way over; to be, become bent; to bend over PPH *yukúq

yukyókBikol(WMP) armpit PPH *yekyek₁

yukyukCebuano(WMP) to stab and jiggle around (as in killing a pig as quickly as possibe) PPH *yukyuk

yukyuk-anIlokano(WMP) to stab PPH *yukyuk

y-úlogIlokano(WMP) bring, etc. down, out of the house; to translate PPh *i-huluR

yumNauna(OC) house PAN *Rumaq

y<um>ayuʔMongondow(WMP) to distance oneself, move far away PPH *d<um>ayuq

yumdPalauan(WMP) algae PMP *lumut

y<um>ugyógTagalog(WMP) to shake up and down (esp. branches of trees) PPH *yugyúg

yu-nAdzera(OC) nose POC *icuŋ

y-únabIlokano(WMP) to put yams in a running stream PPH *unab

yuŋBalinese(WMP) damaged, destroyed, upset, in confusion; swing PWMP *iuŋ

yuŋayAtayal(Formosan) monkey; substitute for girl whose real name is tabooed; to become a monkey PAN *uŋay

yuŋayTaokas(Formosan) monkey PAN *uŋay

yuŋyóŋTagalog(WMP) to hang the head, look downward PPH *yuŋyúŋ

yuŋyuŋRomblomanon(WMP) someone or something droops the head PPH *yuŋyúŋ

yuŋyuŋIfugaw (Batad)(WMP) for a person to bow down the head PPH *yuŋyúŋ

yuŋ-yuŋ-aŋBalinese(WMP) be made to swing, be given a swing (of a child) PWMP *iuŋ

yup-anSeediq(Formosan) place of blowing (as where a fire is being started) PAN *Seyup-an

yup-yúpIfugaw(WMP) blow-pipe, used to increase the fire burning in the hearth PWMP *heyup heyup

y-urítIlokano(WMP) to underline; write; mark PPH *urit

y-usay-usayIlokano(WMP) to explain in detail PPH *usay

yut-enIlokano(WMP) copulate with a woman; to cover, to serve, to leap (a female animal) PAN *qiut

yut-énIlokano(WMP) to copulate with (a woman); to cover, serve; to leap (a female animal); to brim (swine), to tread (birds) PPH *iut₂

yuwaya tinaNumbami(OC) seahorse (lit. ‘crocodile mother’) POC *puqaya

yuwiBonkovia(OC) yam PMP *qubi

yuyuBalinese(WMP) crab, lobster PMP *qayuyu

yuyuJavanese(WMP) river crab PMP *qayuyu

yuyuSundanese(WMP) coconut refuse after squeezing out the oil PMP *qayuyu

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