Updated: 2/9/2019
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Concordance of the Example Sentences

unified alphabetization

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CanadaEwi wāween iaḷ ṇe aṃ ḷọk ñan Canada?What is your itinerary on your trip to Canada?iaḷ
cheeseKōn men in, elōñ ri-pālle rej ṇa etan Marshallese cheese.For this reason, many Westerners have given it the name Marshallese cheese. S28bwiro
ChinaBaar in China eṇ edik jān baarin Amedka eṇ.The Chinese saloon is smaller than the American saloon.baar
 Bakōj in Japan eṃṃan jān bakōj in China.Japanese buckets are better than Chinese buckets.bakōj
CMIKwaar bōk ke kilaajin jiña eṇ ilo CMI?Did you sign up for the art class at CMI?jiña
CongRūttariṇae ro an Amedeka raar kōmeḷan jidik innem bar jino ṃurṃur ñan maatin ri-Viet Cong roThe American troops waited a bit before they resumed the assault and wiped out all the Viet Cong.meḷan
copyLeḷọk copy ṇe bwe en baeḷe.Give her the copy to put in the file.baeḷ

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