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i   (yiy).   Also i- (yi-).   At; in; on.  

Epād i lowaan pāāk ṇe. It's in that bag.

ia   (yi'yah).   7.   Where?; how?.  

Kwōj etal ia ḷọk? How are you going?

Kwaar itok ia tok? How did you get here?

Inaaj iwōj ia wōj? How will I get there (where you are)?

Ia ṇe kwōj kōnnaan tok jāne? Where are you calling from?

iaa-   (yi'yaha-).   1, 5(iaea).   With someone.  

Kwe āt iaaṃ ilo ṃupi eo boñ? Who was with you at the movie last night?

Iaarro ilo jerbal jab in. We'll be partners in this job.

Jej iaea ke? Are we going to split into teams?

Ej iaaṃ? What did you say?

Iaab   (yi'yahab).   From Engl.   4.   Place name, Yap.  

iaaṃ   (yi'yahaṃ).   From Engl.   Yam.  

iaat   (yi'yahat).   From Engl.   6(-i).   Yard.  

Letok ṃōk juon iaat in nuknuk. Please give me a yard of cloth.

iabaru   (yiyabariw).   Dial. W: iiabaru (yiyyabariw), E: iabaru (yiyabariw).   1(-i), 2.   Poisoned by eating crab.  

Iar ṃōñā baru im iabaru. I ate crab and got poisoned.

iaboñ   (yiyahbeg°).   Dial. W: iiaboñ (yiyyabeg°), E: iaboñ (yiyabeg°).   4, 7.   Raid at night; attack at night.  

iabuñ   (yi'yahbig°).   2(inf, tr -i), 6(-i).   Catch up with, overcome, overwhelm; burden; laden.  

Jab inepata kōn an iien iabuñi koṃ. Don't worry about time catching up with you.

Eban kanooj ḷap an ekkeini kōj bwe eḷap an iabuñ kōn ajri raṇ nājin. We don't see very much of him because he's so busy with his children.

iakalep   (yiyakalep).   Variant form of eaklep (yaklẹp).  

iakiu   (yi'yakiyiw).   From Japn. yakyū.   Baseball; play baseball.  

iakwāāl   (yihaqayal).   Also akwāāl (haqayal).   2(inf, tr -e), 4, 5(iakwāālāl), 6(-i).   Quarrel; argue.  

iaḷ   (yiyaḷ).   Dial. W: iiaḷ (yiyyaḷ), E: iaḷ (yiyaḷ).   1(-a), 6(-i), 7.   Road; path; street; way; itinerary; journey; lane; route; transportation.  

iaḷ aidik   (yiyaḷ hayidik).   idiom.   From iaḷ (yiyaḷ) |"road, way", aidik (hayidik) |"narrow".   2, 4, 6(-i), 7.   Sneak away; go one at a time; come one at a time.  

Ear kōttar aer ṃad im iaḷ aidikḷọk. He waited until they were not paying attention and sneaked away.

Jen iaḷ aidik jāne. Let's go away from him one at a time.

iaḷ kadu   (yiyaḷ kadiw).   6(-i), 7.   Shortcut.  

Kōjro iaḷ kaduḷọk ñan tawūn. Let's take the shortcut to town.

iaḷan bōtōktōk   (yiyaḷan betektek).   1(-i), 6(-i).   Blood vessel; artery; vein.  

iaḷan jọọr   (yiyaḷan jawar).   A way made clear for escaping; escape route.  

iaḷan juon   (yiyaḷan jiwen).   2(inf, tr -e), 3, 4, 7.   Examine; test; a game; a trial.  

Raar iaḷan juone eō ṃokta jān aō ilān jikuuḷ. They tested me before I went to school.

Jen iaḷan juone doon. Let's play iaḷan juon.

iaḷap   (yiyaḷap).   Dial. W: iiaḷap (yiyyaḷap), E: iaḷap (yiyaḷap).   Period of great tidal variations; spring tide.  

iaḷo   (yiyaḷẹw).   Dial. W: iiaḷo (yiyyaḷẹw), E: iaḷo (yiyaḷẹw).   1(-i), 2, 3, 5(iaḷoḷo), 7.   Yellow.  

Eiaḷoḷo mejān nuknuk eo an. Her dress is yellowish.

iañak   (yiyagak).   Dial. W: iiañak (yiyyagak), E: iañak (yiyagak).   7.   Come to onẹs senses.  

Ej kab iañaktok aō im ikōṇaan etal jikuuḷ. I just came to my senses and I want to go to school.

iar   (yiyhar).   From i (yiy) |"locative", ar (har) |"lagoon beach".   1(-i), 6(-i), 7.   At the lagoon beach.  

iaraj   (yiyaraj).   3, 6(-i).   A plant, taro, general term; Cyrtosperma chamissonis; taro.  

iaroñroñ   (yiyahreg°reg°).   Dial. W: iiaroñroñ (yiyyahreg°reg°), E: iaroñroñ (yiyahreg°reg°).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Spy; reconnoiter; eavesdrop; wiretap; monitor secretly; investigate.  

Wa eo emoot in iaroñroñ tok. That ship has gone to spy.

Raar jilkinḷọk ña bwe in iaroñroñe lọk ṃṃakūtkūt ko an rinana ro. They sent me to spy on and report the enemy movements.

iawewe   (yiyahweywey).   Dial. W: iiawewe (yiyyahweywey), E: iawewe (yiyahweywey).   1, 6(-i).   Coral lime.  

Kwōn raakutake ḷọk iawewe kaṇe jān lowaan upaaj ṇe. Please rake out the coral lime from the fireplace.

  (yiyay).   Dial. E, W: ūō (hihẹh)   Interjection: "ouch!".  

iādatōltōl   (yiyadateltel).   Dial. W: iiadatōltōl (yiyyadateltel), E: iadatōltōl (yiyadateltel).   1(-i), 2, 3.   Saliva; spit; slobber; drool.  

Eiādatōltōl ḷadik eṇ. That boy is slobbering.

iāekwōj   (yiyayẹqẹj).   Dial. W: iiāekwōj (yiyyayẹqẹj), E: iāekwōj (yiyayẹqẹj).   1, 2.   Race.  

iāetōl   (yi'yayẹtẹl).   Also aetōl.   Associate with.  

iāllulu   (yiyalliwliw).   1(-i), 2, 7.   Foot race.  

Ḷōṃaro raṇ rej iāllulu ippān ek kaṇ. Those boys are racing to catch the fish (on the reef).

iāne   (yiyanẹy).   From i (yiy) |"at", āne (yanẹy) |"islet".   Ashore.  

Epād iāne. He's ashore.

Ibae   (yibahyey).   From Engl. pronunciation of the spelling "Ebeye"   Variant form of Epjā (yepjay).  

ibb-   See bb-.  

ibbuku   (yibbiqiw).   From Japn. ippuku "one swallow".   Take a break; rest; recess.  

Jemaroñ ke ibbuku jidik bwe jeṃōk? Could we take a short break since we're tired?

ibeb   (yibyẹb).   1(-i), 2, 3, 4, 6(-i), 7.   Storm; overrun; overflow; overcome; onrush; onset; onslaught; flow, series of larger waves; waves of ships or planes; a sortie of planes; series of waves, usually three to six at a time, counted by good navigators before launching oceanward.  

Ṃōttan wōt jidik ebar ibeb tok. A series of waves will be coming soon.

Ia ṇe ej ibeb tok? Where's that water coming from?

Raar ibebḷọk ñan ṃōn kiiñ eo. They stormed the palace.

Ebooḷ em ibebḷọk. It filled up and overflowed.

Raar ibeb em wiin ilo teeñ eo āliktata. They turned on the pressure and came back to win in the last quarter.

Eibeb. Here comes a large wave--warning to crew of small boat that a wave is about to break on them.

ibkij   (yibkij).   Variant form of ikbwij (yikbij).  

ibnene   (yibnẹynẹy).   Also ipnene (yipnẹynẹy).   6(-i).   Stump; rooty soil.  

ibwij   (yibij).   2(inf, tr -i), 3+7, 6(-i).   High tide.  

Eibwij tok. The tide is coming in (rising).

Jen kaibwijḷọk. Let's wait for the tide to come in.

Eibwiji wa eo im peḷọk. The tide came up and the canoe drifted away.

ibwijleplep   (yibijleplep).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 3(inf, tr -e), 7, 8, 9.   Flood; deluge; highest tide.  

Nowa wōt im bwij eo an raar mour ilo ibwijleplep eo ilo Baibōḷ. Only Noah and his family survived the great flood in the Bible.

id   (yid).   3, 6(-i).   Strands for weaving garlands or stringing leis.  

Rej kōṃṃan idin ḷōḷō jān maañ. Weaving strands are made of pandanus leaves.

ida   (yidah).   Band, used for tying torch made from frond.  

idaak   (yidahak).   Also daak (dahak), ilim (yilim).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr ilim, inim, limi), 3, 4, 7.   Drink.  

Kwōj daak ke? Do you want a drink?

Ilimi im kōmaate. Drink it all up.

idaaptōk   (yidahaptẹk).   1(-i), 2, 3, 7.   Crossed in weaving or plaiting; tangled; ajar.  

Ettōr im idaaptōk neen. As he ran, his legs got tangled

Ḷōmṇak kein arro reidaaptōk (ippān doon). Our opinions are ajar.

idajoñjoñ   (yidahjeg°jeg°).   2(inf, tr -e), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Try; examine; inspect; investigate.  

Kwōn ṃōk idajoñjoñe tok ñan kōjro. How about trying it out for us.

Riidajoñjoñ eo ṇe tok. Here comes the inspector.

Idajoñjoñin rūkapeel. Investigation of an expert.

idd-   See dd-.  

ide   (yidey).   Transitive form of idid (yidyid).  

iden   (yiden).   Weaving strips; strands; fibre.  

Eṃṃan iden nuknuk ṇe. That cloth has good fibers.

iden-oṇe   (yiden-weṇey).   1, 2(inf, tr -ik), 4, 6(-a), 7.   Revenge; avenge; retaliate; punish; even out; recompense for evil deed.  

Anij enaaj iden-onieik eok kōn nana kaṇe aṃ. God will punish your evil deeds.

idepdep   (yidẹpdẹp).   1, 2(inf, tr -e), 3, 7.   Crowded; grow together as plants.  

Eḷap an idepdep niin wāto ṇe. The trees on that tract are crowded.

Eidepdep armej ilo kweilọk eo. The meeting is crowded.

idid   (yidyid).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr ide), 7.   Stinging sensation; to sting.  

Lale aolōk eide eok. Be careful or that Portuguese man-o'-war might sting you.

Eḷap an idid aolōkin likin ānin. The Portuguese men-o'-war on the ocean side of this islet really sting.

idik   (yidik).   3, 7.   Period of neap tides.  

idik   (yidik).   2(inf, tr -i), 4, 5(idikdik), 6(-i).   Shake.  

Ejaje idik pein armej. He never shakes hands.

Jab idiki ut ṇe. Stop shaking the tree.

Eidiki ut eo im mej. He shook the flower tree and it withered.

idimkwi   (yidimqiy).   1, 2, 3(inf, tr -i), 5(iddimkwi), 6(-i).   Easily angered; be on edge, of people; edgy.  

Kwōn jab kōkjakjek ippān bwe eiddimkwi. Don't joke with him as he's edgy.

idiñ   (yidig).   1(-i), 2, 3, 7.   Sudden; abrupt decision; suddenly; change of plans; instantaneous.  

Ejjeḷọk wōt idiñ in aṃ uwe. That was an abrupt decision for you to travel.

ieṃa   (yiyeṃah).   Dial. W: iieṃa (yiyyeṃah), E: ieṃa (yiyeṃah).   From Japn. yama "mountain".   5(iieṃaṃa), 6(-i).   Stripes showing military rank.  

Jilu an ḷeeṇ ieṃa. He's got three stripes.

Eieṃaṃa pein ḷeeṇ. His arm is covered with stripes.

ieñe   (yiyẹgẹy).   Here it is (close to me).  

ieñe   (yiyẹgẹy).   Variant form of eñe (yẹgẹy).  

ieñṇe   (yiyegṇey).   That's it.  

iep   (yiyep).   Dial. W: iiep (yiyyep), E: iep (yiyep).   6(-i).   Basket.  

Wōn ṇe ear āje iep ṇe? Who wove that basket?

iep   (yiyep).   Dial. W: iiep (yiyyep), E: iep (yiyep).   Sheet, nautical.  

iep jaḷḷọk   (yiyep jaḷḷaq).   Said of male children; see iep jāltok.  

iep jāltok   (yiyep jalteq).   From "a basket whose opening is facing the speaker°.   Said of female children; a female married to a chief or householder;. in her position she represents a basket whose contents are available to her relatives;. said of families with girl children (in matrilineal society); see iep jaḷḷọk.  

Iep jāltok ajri ṇe. You are fortunate to have a girl child.

iepān ṃaal   (yiyepan ṃahal).   6(-i).   Large basket.  

ieplik   (yiyẹplik).   6(-i).   Rope from sheet line forward and aft.  

iia   ('yiyah).   Dial. W only; see jemaluut (jemaliwit).   Rainbow.  

iiaak   ('yiyahak).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 3, 4, 6(-i), 7.   Remove bones from fish; remove thorns from pandanus leaves; explain something in detail.  

Kanooj iiaake ek ṇe bwe edidi. Be careful in taking the meat off that fish for it has lots of bones.

iiaeae   ('yiyahyahyey).   Rainbow-colored; distributive of iia ('yiyah).  

iiaḷañe   ('yiyaḷagey).   2(inf, tr -ik), 3, 6(-i).   Moonrise.  

Jen kaiaḷañe. Let's wait for the moon to rise.

Enaaj iiaḷañeiki kōj ṃokta jān ad tōprak ḷọk. We won't make it to there before moonrise.

iiāio   ('yiyayiyẹw).   Reunion.  

Eṃṃan adwōj iiāio. It's good for all of us to get together again.

iie   ('yiyẹy).   Needle.  

Iie in aj. Needle for sewing thatch.

Iie in kōtak. Needle for tying on thatch.

iie   ('yiyẹy).   An animal, centipede.  

iie   ('yiyey).   archaic.   Time; old form of iien.  

iie rak   ('yiyey rak).   Variant form of iien rak.  

iien   ('yiyen).   7.   Time; chance; occasion.  

Elōñ iien tokālik. There will be lots of time later.

iien kijone   ('yiyen kijẹwnẹy).   2, 6(-i).   Period of adjustment; Lent; religious period.  

iien ṃṃan   ('yiyen ṃṃan).   Dial. W: iien eṃṃan (yiyyen yeṃṃan), E: ien eṃṃan (yiyen yeṃṃan).   Opportunity; a chance.  

iien rak   ('yiyen rak).   Also iie rak ('yiyey rak).   idiom.   2, 6(-i), 7.   Summertime; time of fair weather.  

Ḷōṃa e eiie rak tok bwe edik lọk kōto in. Men, summertime is near as the wind is fairer.

iien wōtemjej   ('yiyen wẹtẹmjẹj).   Variant form of aolep iien.  

iieṇ   ('yiyeṇ).   Also eieṇ (yẹyiyeṇ).   That (close to neither of us); demonstrative, third person singular, singling out.  

iiet   ('yiyẹt).   1(-i), 2, 3(inf, tr -e), 7.   Few; less; several.  

Eḷap an iiet aō nuknuk. I have only a few clothes.

Kwōn jab kāiete aṃ bbōk. Don't take so few.

iij   (yiyij).   Also ij (yij).   From Engl.   2(inf, tr -i), 5(iji, iijij), 6(-i).   Yeast; yeast beverage.  

Eiijij iiōk eo an. His batter came out having too much yeast.

Kōmij kōṃṃan dānnin kadek jān ij. We make liquor from yeast.

iiṃ   (yiyiṃ).   Also iṃ (yiṃ).   1, 2, 3(inf, tr -i), 7, 8, 9.   Swift; fast; catch a glimpse of, because of fast motion.  

Eiṃ wōt wa eo. The boat was very fast.

Eḷap an iiṃ wa eo. That canoe is very swift.

iio   ('yiyẹw).   1(-i), 2, 3(inf, tr kaiouk), 7.   Whole; entirety; gross; intact.  

Iar kaiouk mā eo im leḷọk. I gave him the whole breadfruit.

iioon   ('yiyewen).   2(inf, tr -e).   Meet; encounter; run into.  

Iar iioon jera inne. I ran into my friend yesterday.

iiō   ('yiyẹh).   Also eiō (yẹyiyẹh), eñiō (yẹgyiyẹh).   7.   This (close to me); here it is; demonstrative, first person exclusive singular.  

Bao eo kwōj pukot iiō. The chicken you're looking for is right here.

iiō   ('yiyeh).   Also yiō.   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 3, 6(-i).   Year.  

Jete iiōūṃ ṇai ānin? How many years have you been on this island?

Iar kaiōeō ṇai Amedka. I spent years in America.

iiōk   ('yiyẹk).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Mixture; mix; stir up; batter.  

Kwōjeḷā ke iiōk pilawā? Do you know how to mix dough?

iiōk dakdak   ('yiyẹk dakdak).   2, 4, 6(-i).   Sloppy; hasty; slovenly.  

Eṃōj ṇe aṃ iiōk dakdak. Stop being sloppy.

iiūñ   ('yiyig).   Dial. E, W: aet (hayẹt).   Also iññā (yiggay).   Yes.  

ijā   (yijay).   Dial. Mejit Island only   Exclamation: "Goodness!".  

Ijā, emake baj ṃṃan an lur. Goodness, it's so nice and calm.

ije   (yijẹy).   Also je (jẹy).   7.   Here; this place; locative demonstrative, first person exclusive singular.  

ijekaṇ   (yijekaṇ).   Also jekaṇ (jekaṇ).   There; those places (close to neither of us); locative demonstrative, third person plural.  

ijekaṇe   (yijekaṇey).   Also jekaṇe (jekaṇey).   Thereabouts (close to you); locative demonstrative, second person plural.  

ijekā   (yijekay).   Also jekā (jekay).   7.   Somewhere here around me; hereabouts; locative demonstrative, first person exclusive plural.  

ijekākaṇ   (yijekaykaṇ).   Also jekākaṇ (jekaykaṇ).   There; those places (close to neither of us); locative demonstrative, third person plural, singling out.  

ijekākaṇe   (yijekaykaṇey).   Also jekākaṇe (jekaykaṇey).   Somewhere around you; thereabouts; locative demonstrative, second person plural, singling out.  

ijekākā   (yijekaykay).   Also jekākā (jekaykay).   Somewhere here around me; hereabouts; locative demonstrative, first person exclusive plural, singling out.  

ijekein   (yijẹkẹyin).   Also jekein (jẹkẹyin).   7.   Somewhere here around us; hereabouts; locative demonstrative, first person inclusive plural.  

ijeko   (yijekew).   Also jeko (jekew).   Here; where; there; locative demonstrative, abstract plural.  

Eṃōj etale ijeko ear etal ie ḷọk. The places where he went have been investigated.

ijekoko   (yijekewkew).   Also jekoko (jekewkew).   Yonder; over there; at that place (close to neither of us); locative demonstrative, abstract plural, singling out.  

ijellọkwi-   (yijẹllaqi-).   1.   Except; instead of; save.  

Kab itok aolep raan ijellọkun wōt Jabōt. Come every day except Sunday.

ijeṇ   (yijeṇ).   Also jeṇ (jeṇ).   7.   There; that place (close to neither of us); locative demonstrative, third person singular.  

ijeṇe   (yijeṇey).   Also jeṇe (jeṇey).   7.   There by you; locative demonstrative, second person singular.  

ijeṇeṇe   (yijeṇeyṇey).   Also jeṇeṇe (jeṇeyṇey).   There by you; locative demonstrative, second person singular, singling out.  

iji   (yijiy).   Transitive form of ijij (yijyij).  

ijij   (yijyij).   vulgar slang.   1(-i), 2(inf, tr iji), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Sexual intercourse.  

ijin   (yijin).   Also jin (jin).   Here; this place; locative demonstrative, first person inclusive singular.  

Jen kakkije ijin. Let's rest here.

Ijitō   (yijiteh).   From Engl.   Easter.  

ijj-   See jj-.  

Ijjidik   (yijjiydik).   Dial. W, E: Jidikdik (jiydikdik).   Clan name.  

Ijjidikin-kapinmeto   (yijjiydikin-kapinmetew).   Clan name.  

ijjiieṇ   (yijjiyiyeṇ).   Also jiieṇ (jiyiyeṇ), ijiieṇ (yijiyyeṇ).   Yonder; at that place (close to neither of us); locative demonstrative, third person singular, singling out.  

ijjiiō   (yijjiyiyẹh).   Also (i)jieō ((yi)jiyeyẹh), ijiiō (yijiyyẹh).   Here; this place (close to me); locative demonstrative, first person singular, singling out.  

ijjurpe   (yijjir°pẹy).   Also ijurpe (yijir°pey).   1(-i), 7.   Hold hands while walking.  

ijjuweo   (yijjiwweyew).   Also (i)juuweo ((yi)jiwiweyew), ijuweo (yijiwweyew).   Yonder; over there; at that place (close to neither of us); locative demonstrative, abstract singular, singling out.  

ijo   (yijew).   Also jo (jew).   7.   Here; where; there; locative demonstrative, abstract singular.  

Raar kakkije ijo. They rested there.

Imeḷọkḷọk bok eo aō ṇai ijo jaar kakkije ie. I forgot (and left) my book there where we rested.

Ijo wōt kwōj ba. Anything you say.

ijo   (yijẹw).   archaic.   Good soil.  

ijoke   (yijewkey).   However; nevertheless; but as; maybe.  

ijoko   (yijeqew).   7.   Those places.  

ijoḷ   (yijeḷ°).   1(-i), 2, 3, 7.   Like; have an appetite for; to relish something.  

iju   (yijiw).   5(ijujuwi), 6(-i).   Star; comet; planet; any celestial body other than the sun and the moon.  

Iju Raan. Morning Star.

Ej ijujui jọteen in. There are lots of stars tonight.

Iju Raan   (yijiw rahan).   See Jurōn Jemān Kurlōñ.  

iju rabōḷḷọk   (yijiw rabeḷḷaq).   Also iju kāḷọk (yijiw kayḷaq).   Meteor; falling star.  

ijuboñ-ijuraan   (yijiwbẹg°yijiwrahan).   2(inf, tr -e), 4, 6(-i).   Move with steady and deliberate purpose; do something persistently.  

Raar ijuboñ-ijuraane wa eo ñan ṃōjin. They kept at it night and day until they finished the canoe.

Iju-ilo-bok-ajaj   (yijiw-yilew-beq-hajhaj).   See bok ajaj "coarse sand"   A star; in the Magellanic cloud.  

Iju-ilo-raan-kubōk   (yijiw-yilew-rahan-qibẹk).   See kubōk: "star in the branches of the kubōk tree.   A star.  

Iju-kuwaj-aiḷip   (yijiw-qiwaj-hayiḷip).   See kuwaj, aiḷip: "thick halfbeak fish".   A constellation; Castor and Pollux in Gemini.  

Iju-māj-rouṃuṃ   (yijiw-maj-rẹwiṃwiṃ).   A star; nebula in perseus; possibly the double cluster NGC 869 and 884.  

Iju-pilo   (yijiw-pilẹw).   Also Liiju-pilo.   A constellation; stars in Cancer; 44 is a blind woman led by her two granddaughters gamma and delta.  

ijur   (yijir°).   3, 6(-i).   Incense.  

Raar kāijurtok lik tok. They were collecting incense (wood) by the shore.

ijurwewe   (yijir°wẹywẹy).   1, 2, 3(inf, tr -ik), 6(-i), 8, 9.   Dilapidated; run-down condition.  

Joñan an to aō jako jān ṃweo eijurwewe ḷọk. I had been away from my house for so long that it was dilapidated.

ijuun māj   (yijiwin maj).   1(...meja-), 6(...mejān).   Pupil of the eye; eyeball.  

Ijuun Rak   (yijiwin rak).   A star, possibly Achernar (alpha Eridani).  

ik   (yik).   2, 3, 7.   Healing together of a wound; joining; coming together.  

Eiktok mejān kinej ṇe peiṃ. The center of the wound on your arm is starting to heal shut.

Eiktok kōtaan rā kaṇe. The crack between those boards is closing up now.

Kaiktok me ṇe. Close the weir.

ikaarar   (yikaharhar).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 3, 6(-i), 7.   Poisonous fish.  

Eḷap an ikaarar ikōn ānin. The fish around this islet are very poisonous.

Eikaarare ikōn ānin. The fish around this islet poison people.

ikabwe   (yikabẹy).   A fish, mackerel, Grammatorcynus bicarinatus.  

ikade   (yikadẹy).   3, 6(-i).   A fish, Chelon vaigiensis.  

ikallo   (yikallẹw).   A fish; used as bait for tuna.  

ikāidik   (yikayidik).   A fish, rainbow runner, Elagatis bipinnulatus.  

ikbwij   (yikbij).   Dial. W, E: ḷañe (ḷagẹy)   Also ibkij (yibkij).   A fish, crevally, Caranx stellatus.  

ikdeelel   (yikdeyelyel).   1(-i), 2, 3, 7.   Desire something; obsession; have something on onẹs mind; be bothered by something; eager; anxious; frantic.  

Kwōjiktōm ikdeelel ilo būruō. You have finally come and created desire in my heart. (from a love song).

Ij kab ikdeelel in jikuuḷ. I have just decided that I want to go to school.

Ta ṇe ekaikdeelel eok? What's on your mind?

ike   (yikey).   Distributive form of ek (yẹk).  

ikeruṃwij   (yikeyr°iṃij).   Variant form of ikiruṃwij (yikiyr°iṃij).  

ikiddik   (yikiddik).   1, 3(inf, tr -i), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Sultry mannerisms.  

Ikiddik kaṇ aṇ lieṇ rōkọkkure aō ḷōmṇak. Her sexy ways are driving me crazy.

ikien   (yikiyen).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 3, 4, 7.   Frolic; play; pester; bother; play practical jokes.  

Ekanooj kiliddāp an ikien. His pestering really gets under my skin.

ikiruṃwij   (yikiyr°iṃij).   Also ikeruṃwij (yikeyr°iṃij).   1(-i), 2, 3, 4, 6(-i), 7.   Slow moving; very slow; chronically tardy; absenteeism.  

Eṃōj ṇe aṃ ikiruṃwij. I want you to stop being tardy.

ikjet   (yikjẹt).   6(-i).   Depths of the ocean; the deep; point beyond which one cannot dig further; rock bottom.  

Raar kōb im po ikjet. They dug till they reached rock-bottom.

ikjin   (yikjin).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -i), 3, 4.   Cook fish on stones.  

ikk-   See kk-.  

ikkwetōr   (yikqeyter).   From Engl.   Equator.  

Ṃajeḷ epād iturun ikkwetōr. The Marshalls are situated near the equator.

ikmid   (yikmid).   Dial. W, E: oḷaḷo (weḷaḷẹw).   A fish, bass, Variola louti.  

ikoeaak   (yikẹwyahak).   Variant form of ikueaak.  

ikōk   (yikek).   Variant form of kōk (kek).  

ikōlood   (yikelewed).   A fish, electrid, Valenciennesia strigata/violifera.  

ikōḷ   (yikeḷ).   From Engl.   6(-i).   Eagle.  

ikōn   (yiken).   Construct form of ek (yẹk).  

ikōn aḷe   (yiken haḷey).   slang.   Riffraff; a slovenly person; a nẹer-do-well.  

Lale kwaar leḷọk aṃ ḷōmṇak ñan ikōn aḷe eṇ. Don't you worry your head over that riff-raff.

ikōn-ae   (yiken-hayey).   A fish.  

ikōnālkinṃwio   (yikenyalkinṃiyew).   idiom.   Fish that wanders outside coconut leaf chain scarer; belongs solely to the one who catches it; person who is not "iñ or "with it"; deviant.  

Kwōj jab aikuj kobaiki bwe ikōnālkinṃwio. You don't have to put it with the rest because you caught it outside the scarer.

Jab inepata kake bwe ikōnālkinṃwio. Don't worry about him because he's not with it.

ikōn-wōd   (yiken-wed).   A fish, wrasse, Thalassoma lunare.  

ikōñ   (yikẹg).   1(-i), 2, 3.   Silence; keep silent; quiet; dumb; mum; mute; taciturn.  

Kwōn ikōñ wōt im jab keroro. Be quiet and don't make any noise.

ikrooḷ   (yikreweḷ).   Also ikūrooḷ.   Dissatisfied.  

Armej in ṃweeṇ reikrooḷ ippān doon. The people from that house are dissatisfied with each other.

ikudej   (yiqidẹj).   A fish, scrawled file fish, Alutera scripta.  

ikueaak   (yikiwyahak).   Also ikoeaak.   1(-i), 2, 3, 4, 6(-i), 7.   Walk back and forth; ride back and forth; promenade; fellowship; traverse to and fro.  

Ikueaakin ta kaṇe ami? Why are you people riding (walking) back and forth?

Eṃōj ṇe aṃ ikoeaak bwe kwōj rippālele kiiō. Stop running around for you're now a married man.

Kōm ar ikoeaak bajjek imeḷan āneo. We just sort of roamed around the island.

ikuut   (yikiwit).   A fish, pilot fish, Naucrates ductor.  

ikūr   (yikir).   2(inf, tr -i), 3, 5(ikikūr), 7.   Change; rearrange; distort.  

Eṃōj aō ikūr karōkin lowaan ṃwe. I rearranged the room.

Kwōmake kijoñ ikikūr lowaan ṃōṇe. Your always rearranging the room.

Eṃōj ikūri bwebwenato eo. The story has been distorted.

ikwōd   (yikwed).   Dialectal variant of ukood (wikwed).  

il   (yil).   3, 6(-i).   Taro sprout; immature taro plant.  

il   (yil).   Also ilil (yilyil).   2(inf, tr -i), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Pierce; make a hole; pierce ears.  

Wōn ṇe ear ili lọjilñūṃ? Who made a hole in your earlobe?

Edikḷọk ilil raan kein. People don't pierce ears as much nowadays.

il   (yil).   2, 3(inf, tr -i), 5(ilil), 6(-i), 8, 9.   Small blisters from over exposure to sun.  

Kwōmaroñ ke kāilili likū? Can you please pop the blisters on my back?

il meej   (yil meyej).   2, 6(-i).   Beauty spot; mole.  

ilar   (yilar).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 3, 7.   Fancy; pretty; bright colored.  

Eḷap an ilar jōōt eṇ an. His shirt is certainly fancy.

ilarak   (yilahrak).   1(-i), 2, 3, 4, 7.   Fishing method, trolling outside lagoon; trolling.  

Ḷōṃaro raṇ rej ilarak lik. Those fellows are trolling along the ocean side.

ilām   (yilam).   Contraction of ilok im (yilaq yim).  

ilān   (yilan).   Contraction of ilok in (yilaq yin).  

ilbōk   (yilbẹk).   1(-i), 2, 3, 7.   Scared; startled; surprised; shocked.  

Iilbōk kōn ainikien bu eo. The sound of the gun scared me.

ile   (yilẹy).   Also ele (yeley, yẹlẹy).   6(-i).   String; wire for stringing fish.  

Juon e ilein ek. Here is a string of fish.

Eor ke aṃ ile? Do you have a string (for stringing fish)?

ileek   (yileyek).   Transitive form of ilele (yilẹylẹy).  

ilel   (yilyẹl).   Pile of rubble; formant in place names.  

ilele   (yilẹylẹy).   From ile (yilẹy)|.   1(-i), 2(inf, tr ileek), 3(inf, tr -ik), 4, 7.   String fish, coconuts, flowers, etc;.  

Kwōn ileek ek kaṇe. String those fish.

Rej ilele ek. They are stringing fish.

Inaaj kāileleik eok ippa. I'll let you string your fish with my stringer.

ilen   (yilen).   Construct form of el (yẹl).  

iliik   (yiliyik).   1(-i), 2, 7.   Walk swinging the arms.  

Ia ṇe kwōj iliik ḷọk ñane? Where are you walking to swinging your arms?

ilil   (yilyil).   Distributive form of il (yil) 'blisters'.  

ililju   (yilyiljiw).   Early tomorrow.  

Inaaj iwōj ililju. I'll come there the first thing in the morning.

ilim   (yilim).   Transitive form of idaak (yidahak).  

ilju   (yiljiw).   Tomorrow.  

ilju im men   (yiljiw yim men).   Near future; within the next few days.  

ill-   See ll-.  

ilmeej   (yilmeyej).   1(-i), 2.   Mole on the skin; beauty spot.  

ilmek   (yilmẹk).   3, 6(-i).   A fish, silverfish, Gerres baconensis.  

ilo   (yilew).   Dial. E, W: ilo (yilẹw).   At; in.  

ilomej   (yilẹwmẹj).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 3, 4, 7.   Mourn the dead; visit the bereaved; visit home of dead person with gifts; grief; lament; see āmej.  

ilowa   (yilewah).   1(-a).   Inside; in.  

Bwil ṇe an epād ilowa. He has a fever (although he doesn't feel hot).

ilọk   (yilaq).   Dial. W, E: wālọk (waylaq).   1(-i), 2, 4, 6(-i).   Go away (of humans).  

ilọk   (yilaq).   2, 3, 5(ilọklọk), 8, 9.   Dilute food or drink to make it stretch; water down.  

Kwōn jitu bwe eilọk. Make a stew so we'll have more.

Eilọk lọjien. He's got diarrhea.

ilọklọje   (yilaqlawjẹy).   From ilọk (yilaq) |"dilute", lọje (lawjẹy) |"stomach".   1(...jie-), 2, 3, 4, 7.   Diarrhea; loose bowels.  

ilūlōt   (yilhilet).   Variant form of ūlūlōt.  

iḷḷ-   See ḷḷ-.  

iḷoñ   (yiḷeg°).   Depth.  

Ie iḷoñ in kinej eo? How deep is the wound?

im   (yim).   Also em (yem), -m (-m).   And.  

Ṃṃaanem kōrā. Men and women.

im   (yim).   6(-i).   A skirmish; bout; brawl; duel; riot; hassle.  

Juon eo im ear waḷok ilo weta jab ṇe iōñ. A verbal skirmish took place in the house next door north.

imen   (yimen).   3, 6(-i).   A fish, spotted eagle ray fish, poisonous, Aetobatus narinari.  

imkili   (yimkiliy).   Transitive form of imkilkil (yimkilkil).  

imkilkil   (yimkilkil).   Also imkil (yimkil).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr imkili), 3, 7.   Tear into fine pieces; pluck feather or hair (Ralik only).  

Jab imkili peba ṇe. Don't tear that paper up.

imm-   See mm-.  

impiḷoob   (yimpiyḷeweb).   Also eṃpiḷoob (yeṃpiyḷeweb).   From Engl.   6(-i).   Envelope.  

iṃ   (yiṃ).   See iiṃ.  

iṃaajaj   (yiṃahajhaj).   Also iṃaaj (yiṃahaj).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 3, 6(-i), 7.   Strike aginst each other; smash into each other; bump into each other; collide head on; clash, physical as well as philosophical; smash-up.  

Ruo eṇ kaar reiṃaajaj. Those two cars smashed into each other.

Eiṃaajaj ainikien ko mejatoto. Voices filled the air.

iṃiṃ   (yiṃyiṃ).   3, 6(-i).   A fish, reef triggerfish, Balistapus rectangulus/aculeatus; Hawaiian humu-humu nuku-nuku a-puaa.  

iṃṃ-   See ṃṃ-.  

iṃōn aje   (yiṃen hajey).   Gift land; land given by chief as reward for services.  

iṃōn bwebwe   (yiṃen bẹybẹy).   Asylum; house for the demented.  

iṃōn kōppād   (yiṃen keppad).   Temporary shelter.  

iṃōn utaṃwe   (yiṃen witaṃẹy).   Asylum.  

Iba kwaar pād iṃōn utaṃwe eṇ? Could it be that you were in the asylum?

iṃtō-   (yiṃte-).   3, 6.   Dance steps.  

Ej lukkuun kāiṃtōn. He's actually making up dance steps.

iṃuk   (yiṃiq).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -i), 3, 7.   Shake a bush or tree.  

Iṃuk jān leen ut ṇe. Shake the flowers off the bush. (lit. Shake from its fruit that flowering bush.)

Kwōn iṃuki jān leen oran ṇe. Shake the oranges off that tree.

iṃwe   (yiṃey).   Distributive form of eṃ (yẹṃ).  

in   (yin).   To.  

Kwōj etal in jikuuḷ ia? Where do you go to school?

Kokanooj in ṃṃool. Thank you very much.

in   (yin).   Dial. W, E: ōr (her)   Grass skirt.  

in   (yin).   This (thing close to us both); demonstrative, first person inclusive singular.  

Men in eṃṃan. This thing is good.

in   (yin).   Also -in (-in).   Of; from; for; construct particle or suffix.  

indeeo   (yindẹyyew).   Forever; perpetual.  

Ejjeḷọk eṇ enaaj mour ñan indeeo. No one will live forever.

Indeeo im indeeo. Forever and ever.

ine   (yiney).   1(-e), 3(inf, tr -ik).   Seed; breed; spawn; seedling.  

Kako eṇ ej kāineik lọlọ eṇ. The rooster is covering the hen.

Ineen rinana. Spawn of the wicked.

ine   (yinẹy).   Also ineek.   Long stick placed on shoulders of two persons to carry burden suspended between; see inene (yinẹynẹy).  

ine-   (yine-).   1.   Sisters of a male; female parallel cousins of a male; taboo female relatives of the same generation.  

Liṃarein rej inem. Our sisters and female parallel cousins.

ineea   (yinẹyyah).   1(-i), 2, 4, 6(-i), 7, 8, 9.   Giant; of great stature; tall.  

Enaaj kanooj ineea ñe erūttoḷọk. He'll be very tall when he grows up.

ineek   (yineyek).   Transitive form of inene (yinẹynẹy).  

ineeṃṃan   (yinẹyẹṃṃan).   1(-i), 2, 3, 4, 7.   Serene; meek; gentle; cheerful, resigned; soft-hearted; easy-going; carefree; mellow; benign.  

Jet armej eḷap aer ineeṃṃan. Some people don't have anything to worry about.

Enana ñe ej ḷe jān joñan ad ineeṃṃan. It's not good to be too easy going.

inej   (yinẹj).   6(-i).   Fleet of canoes, ships, or planes.  

inelep   (yineylep).   Multitude.  

Naajdikin inelep eo. Feeding of the multitude.

inene   (yinẹynẹy).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr ineek), 3, 4, 6(-i), 7.   Carry on shoulders; bear a burden.  

Kwōmaroñ ke ineek pāāk e? Can you carry this bag on your shoulder?

Rej inene pāāk in waini. They are carrying bags of copra on their shoulders.

inepata   (yinẹypahtah).   1(-i), 2, 3, 4, 6(-i), 7.   Worry; anxious; troubled; angered; displeased; perturbed.  

inij   (yinij).   From Engl.   1(-i), 6(-i), 7.   Inch.  

inik   (yinik).   Also inōk (yinẹk).   From Engl.   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -i), 3, 6(-i), 7(inikitok, ḷọk, waj).   Ink.  

inim   (yinim).   Transitive form of idaak (yidahak).  

inin   (yinyin).   From in (yin)|.   1(-i), 2, 3(inf, tr kāinin(i)), 4, 7.   Wear a skirt; grass skirt.  

Rōnañin kāinin(i) ke rieb ro? Have they adorned the dancers with grass skirts?

injej   (yinjẹj).   From Engl.   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 4.   Hinge; hasp.  

Kwōn injeje kōjām eṇ. Install the hinges on that door.

injin   (yinjin).   4, 6(-i).   Engine; motor.  

Injin jarom. Generator.

Injinin kwaḷkoḷ. Washing machine.

Injin ḷọk. Outboat motor.

Injin batbat. Japanese one-cylinder engine (putput).

injin ḷọk   (yinjin ḷaq).   Outboard motor.  

injinia   (yinjiniyah).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -ik), 3, 4, 6(-i), 7.   Engineer; mechanic.  

Wōn eṇ ej injinia in wa eṇ? Who is the engineer on that boat?

Wōn eṇ ear injiniaik tok wa eṇ? Who was engineer on that ship when it came here?

innām   (yinnam).   Also innem (yinnem).   Then.  

Innem ta? Then what?

inne   (yinney).   Yesterday.  

inne eo ḷọk juon   (yinney yew ḷaq jiwen).   Also raan eo ḷọk juon (rahan yew ḷaq jiwen).   The day before yesterday.  

innem   (yinnem).   Variant form of innām (yinnam).  

innijek   (yinniyjẹk).   Also innijek (yinnijẹk).   3(inf, tr -e), 6(-i), 8, 9.   Pitch black, said of nights.  

Buñūn bọbo men in bwe einnijek. This should be an ideal night for catching flying fish because it's pitch black.

Innintok   (yinninteq).   From nnin (nnin) |"to pound, smash", tok (teq) |"toward me".   3, 6(-i).   A plant, pandanus cultigen (Takeuchi).  

ino   (yinew).   1(-i), 6(-i).   Lashing cord.  

inojeik   (yinewjẹyik).   7.   Ignore; drift away from.  

Kwōjab inojeikḷọk jāni wa kein, iaḷ iṇ mour ko kein. Don't drift away from these canoes, these are your passes to life. (Don't take things for granted.)

inọñ   (yinag°).   Also inoñ (yineg°).   1(-i), 2, 4, 6(-i), 7.   Legend; folkloristic story; fiction; lore; myth; day-dream.  

Inọñūn ia ṇe kwōj inọñ kake? Where does that legend you're telling come from?

inọñ   (yinag°).   Euphemism used on sailing vessels to notify men to stay out of sight when women need to relieve themselves.  

inōk   (yinẹk).   Variant form of inik (yinik).  

inōknōk   (yineknek).   Also inōknōk (yinẹknẹk).   1(inōka-), 2(inf, tr inōke), 3(inf, tr -e), 4(riinōk), 5(inōke, inōknōke), 6(inōka-).   Adorn; decorate; embellish; ornament, trimmings; decked out.  

Eḷap an inōknōk ṃōn jar eṇ. That church is decorated.

Wōn eṇ ear kāinōknōk ṃōn jar ṇe? Who decorated that church?

Wōn ṇe ear inōke ṃōn jar ṇe? Who decorated the church with those colors of paint?

Ledik ro rej kāinōknōk lōb. The girls are decorating graves.

Ledik eo ear kāinōknōke ruuṃ eo. The girl decorated the room.

Einōknōke ubōn opija eo. The officier was much decorated.

inpel   (yinpẹl).   3, 6(-i).   Coconut cloth.  

RiṂajeḷ rej kōjerbal inpel ñan kāāḷāḷ. Marshallese use inpel for straining coconut milk.

inwijet   (yinwiyjẹt).   2(inf, tr -e), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Lashing technique used on canoes.  

Raan kein ejejā eṇ eṃṃan an inwijet. Few people nowadays can perform a good lashing job.

iṇoṇooj   (yiṇewṇewej).   2(inf, tr -e), 6(-i).   Manipulate; tamper with.  

  (yig).   6(-i).   Spines on fish.  

  (yig).   Angry.  

iñ lọjien   (yig lawjiyen).   6(-i), 7, 8, 9.   Strain onẹs abdominal muscles; hernia.  

Eiñ lọjien kōn an kate kotak men ddodo eo. He strained his abdominal muscles lifting the heavy weight.

iñimmaḷ   (yigimmaḷ).   1(-i), 2, 3, 7.   Writhe in pain.  

Eḷap an kar iñimmaḷ kōn lọjien. He writhed in pain from the stomach (ache).

iñiñ   (yigyig).   2(inf, tr iñūti), 4, 6(-i), 7, 10(iñtōk).   Twirl; turn, around and around; wind; kinky, of hair.  

Iñūti waj ṇe aṃ. Wind your watch.

Ear iñiñ im jotok bọọḷ eo. He wound up and threw me the ball.

Eiñ lọjien ḷadik eṇ. That boy's got a hernia.

iñiñ   (yigyig).   1, 2(inf, tr iñūr(i), ikūr), 4, 6(-i), 7, 10(iñrōk).   Sprain; change; turn for worse.  

Ear iñūr injin eo. He threw the engine's tuning off.

iñiñtōk   (yigyigtẹk).   1(-i), 2, 3(inf, tr -e), 7.   Wiggle; wriggle.  

iñjālle   (yigjalley).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -ik), 3, 7.   Toss a line by means of weight tied to end.  

Iñlen   (yiglen).   From Engl.   4.   Place name, England.  

Iñlij   (yiglij).   From Engl.   4.   English; England.  

Ejeḷā kajin Inlij. He knows the English language.

RiIñlij men ṇe. That's an Englishman.

iññ-   See ññ-.  

iññā   (yiggay).   Dial. E only; see aet (hayẹt).   Also iiñ ('yiyig).   Yes.  

iñrōk   (yigrẹk).   1(-i), 2, 3, 7.   Sprain; perfective form of iñiñ (yigyig); twisted.  

Ittōr im iñrōk neō. I ran and sprained my ankle.

iñtōk   (yigtẹk).   2, 3, 5(iñtōktōk, iñiñtōk), 6(-i), 7, 8, 9.   Twisted; perfective form of iñiñ (yigyig); squirm.  

Ālkin baaṃ eo, eiñtōktōk māāl ilo jikin eo. After the bomb, the city was a wreck of twisted steel.

Eṃōj ṇe aṃ iñtōk. Stop squirming.

iñūti   (yigitiy).   Transitive form of iñiñ (yigyig).  

io   (yiyẹw).   Interjection: "Shucks!", "Darn!".  

Io ewōt. It is raining now (period of expecting rain implied).

Io kwōnaaj et? Now what are you going to do?

io   (yi'yew).   Variant form of eñeo (yegyew).  

io-   (yi'yew-).   Interjection: "See what you've done!" (always used with personal demonstratives).  

Ioḷe. See what you (a man) have done.

Ioliṃa. see what you gals have done.

iok-   (yiyeq-).   Also iook- (yiyeweq-).   7.   Go directly to or towards; come directly.  

ioḷap   (yi'yewḷap).   Dial. E, W: eoḷap (yewḷap).   1(-i), 3, 7.   Middle.  

ioo-   (yi'yewe-).   Also eoo- (yewe-).   1, 1+7.   On; upon; top; surface; over.  

iooj   (yiyẹwẹj).   Dial. E, W: eọọj (yawaj).   1(-i), 7.   Middle of an island; interior of an island.  

Piik ko rōpād iooj. The pigs are in the middle of the island.

ioonkappe   (yi'yewenkappẹy).   Dial. E, W: eoonkappe (yewenkappẹy).   6(-i), 7.   Landward side of beach; on the shore.  

ioot   (yiyewet).   Dial. W: iioot (yiyyewet), E: ioot (yiyewet):   From Engl. yacht.   Sloop.  

iọkiọkwe   (yi'yaqyi'yaqey).   2(inf, tr -ik), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Greet; bid farewell to.  

Etke ej jab iọkiọkwe armej? Why doesn't he greet people?

iọkwe   (yi'yaqey).   Also yokwe.   1(-i), 4, 5(iọkiọkwe), 6(-i), 7.   Greet; to love; bid farewell; sympathize.  

iọkwe in eọ   (yi'yaqey yin yaw).   From iọkwe (yi'yaqey) |"love", eọ (yaw) |"tattoo".   2, 4, 6(-i).   True love.  

iọkwe in kij   (yi'yaqey yin kij).   idiom.   From iọkwe (yi'yaqey) |"love", kij (kij) |"louse".   2(inf, tr -i), 4, 6(-i).   Infatuation; false love; pretentious care; puppy love.  

Erro ej iọkwe in kij bajjek. Theirs is just a puppy love.

Ekaannuoj ḷap an allikar an iọkwe in kiji eok. Her love for you is so obvious that it is a put-on.

iọọt   (yi'yawat).   From Engl.   Yacht.  

iọuwọ   (yiyawiwwaw).   Dial. W: iiọuwọ (yiyyawiwwaw), E: iọuwọ (yiyawiwwaw).   Interjection: "beware!".  

  (yiyeh, yiyẹh).   Formant in place names; variant form of iu (yiw) "sprouted coconut".  

iōñ   (yi'yẹg).   Variant form of eañ (yag).  

iōōe   (yiyẹhẹy).   Variant form of eñe (yẹgẹy).  

iōōḷ   (yiyeheḷ).   Dial. W: iiōōḷ (yiyyeheḷ), E: iōōḷ (yiyeheḷ).   3, 6(-i).   A fish, mullet, Crenmugil crenilabis.  

ip   (yip).   1(-i), 2, 3, 7.   Awry; askew; crooked; distorted.  

Enana aḷaḷ ṇe bwe eip. That piece of lumber is no good because it's crooked.

ip   (yip).   1(-i).   Hips; waist.  

ipep   (yipyẹp).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr iper), 7.   Drag; haul.  

Kwōn iper arḷọk kimej kaṇe. Drag those fronds to the lagoon beach.

Rej ipep arḷọk kimej. They are dragging fronds to the lagoon beach.

ipep   (yipyẹp).   1(-i), 2, 3, 6(-i).   Womeṇs full-length dress; Mother Hubbard.  

Ipepin ia ṇe aṃ? Where did you get your long dress?

Kab baj ipepū. This is the first time I wore a long dress.

iper   (yiper).   Transitive form of ipep (yipyẹp).  

ipnene   See ibnene.  

ipp-   See pp-.  

ippa-   (yippa-).   Dial. W, E: pepa- (ppa-).   1, 7.   With; spouse of.  

Lio ippa e. Here's my wife.

ippān doon   (yippan dewen).   Together; cooperate.  

iptu   (yiptiw).   From Engl.   2(inf, tr -ik), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Heave to; lay to, nautical.  

Wa eo eṇ ej iptu ilik. The ship is heaving to outside.

ir   (yir).   2, 3(inf, tr -i), 6(-i), 7.   Dislocated; out of joint; displaced; sprained; deviate.  

Eir bok kaṇe jān ke iar karki. Those books are changed from the way I arranged them.

Eirḷọk ṇeō. My leg is sprained.

Lale bwe kwōn jab ir jān men eo iaar ba. Be careful not to deviate from my instructions.

Eirḷọk diin aeran. He dislocated his collar bone.

ir   (yir).   Transitive form of irir (yiryir).  

irar   (yirar).   Contact, constant and physical.  

Aō ekōṇan bwin (ekōṇaan bwe in) irar ippaṃ le raan im boñ. I'd love to have her cuddle close to me night and day--words from a love song.

ire   (yirey).   Also ire (yirẹy).   1, 2, 3(inf, tr -ik), 4, 5(irere), 6(-i).   To fight; duel; brawl.  

Raar ire ippān doon. They fought among each other.

Jab kāireik ajri raṇ. Don't make the children fight.

Enaaj kalbuuj kōn an irere (ḷaire). He'll end up in jail from fighting all the time.

iri   (yiriy).   Transitive form of irir (yiryir).  

irir   (yiryir).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr ir(i)), 3, 4, 7.   Rub; friction; scrape.  

irir   (yiryir).   Also ir (yir).   2(inf, tr iri), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Wipe.  

irko   (yirkew).   Also erko (yerkew).   Here they are, nonhumans only.  

Irko bok ko aṃ ko. Here are your books.

irḷọk   (yirḷaq).   Also irlọk (yirlaq).   2, 3(inf, tr -e), 6(-i), 8.   Flaw; defect; dislocated; not all there.  

Eor jidik irḷọk ilo kōmālij eṇ an. He's got a bit of a mental defect.

irooj   (yirẹwẹj).   Dial. E, W: irooj (yirewej).   Also irwōj (yirwẹj), irooj (yirewej), irwōj (yirwej).   3, 6(-i).   Chief; king.  

Irooj   (yirewej).   Clan name.  

irooj rilik   (yirẹwẹj riylik).   2, 3, 6(-i).   A god of fish.  

irooj-eṃṃaan   (yirẹwẹj-yeṃṃahan).   1(-i), 2, 3, 6(-i).   Commoner married to royal woman.  

iroojiddik   (yirẹwẹjiddik).   Variant form of bwidak (bidak).  

irr-   See rr-.  

iruj   (yir°ij).   1(-i), 2, 3, 7.   Alarm; excitement.  

Ta eṇ rej iruj ḷọk kake? What are they getting excited about?

iruj lọjie-   (yir°ij lawjiye-).   1, 2, 3(inf, tr -i).   Thrilled; inspired; intrigued.  

Nnaan eo ekāiruji lọjiō. The news thrilled me.

it   (yit).   Dial. W only, see etōñ (yẹtẹg).   1(-i), 2, 3, 4, 7, 8.   Make fire by rubbing sticks.  

it   (yit).   Also jit (jit).   2(inf, tr -i), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Strike a match.  

Ij iti ak eban tok bwe eṃōḷọwi. I keep striking the match but it won't light up because it's wet.

ita   (yitah).   Dialectal variant of et (yẹt).  

itaak   (yitahak).   1(-i), 2, 3, 7.   Clash; strike against; collide with; arrive at; bump into.  

Lale eitaak bōraṃ. Watch that you don't bump your head.

Wa eṇ ear itaaktok ñāāt? When did that ship get here?

itak kipilōñ   (yitak kipiylẹg).   Wind from the west.  

itaka-   (yitaka-).   Variant form of ḷokwa- (ḷeqa-).  

itakḷọk   (yitakḷaq).   Also itaḷọk (yitahḷaq).   2.   Go eastward.  

itaḷọk   (yitahḷaq).   Variant form of itakḷọk (yitakḷaq).  

iteṃaṃōj   (yiteyṃaṃẹj).   2(inf, tr -e), 6(-i).   Rub in black carbon on tattoos.  

Eiñimmaḷ ke rej iteṃaṃōje. He writhed in agony as black carbon was rubbed into his tattoos.

itene   (yitẹynẹy).   Transitive form of et (yẹt).  

itileñeñ   (yitilyẹgyẹg).   Variant form of tileñeñ (tilyẹgyẹg).  

itileoñeoñ   (yitilyeg°yeg°).   2, 7.   A large crowd passing backwards and forwards; milling about of a crowd; jostling; see tileñeñ.  

Eitileoñeoñ armej ilowaan ṃōn wia eo. A lot of people are milling around in the store.

itkaap   (yitkahap).   2, 7.   Make fire; method in which one person squeezes two sticks while another moves a third back and forth between.  

Kōjro itkaap. Let's make fire by the itkaap method.

ito   (yitẹw).   2, 4, 7.   Go westward.  

ito-itak   (yitẹw-yitak).   1(-i), 2, 3, 4.   Travel; go around; go back and forth; journey.  

Rej ito-itak bajjek. They are just walking around.

RiAmedka rōkijoñ ito-itak. Americans are accustomed to traveling.

itok   (yiteq).   Dial. W, E: wātok (waytẹq), atok (hatẹq).   Also tok (teq).   1(-i), 2, 4, 6(-i).   Come here (of humans).  

itok   (yiteq).   1, 6(-i).   Whale meat.  

Ekane ṃōñā mā ippān itok. Breadfruit with whale meat is a tasty combination.

itok reeaar   (yiteq rẹyyahar).   Wind from the east.  

itok-limo   (yiteq-limew).   From "comes interest".   1(-i), 2+1, 3(st inf kāitoktok-limo, tr kāitok-limowi-), 4(riitok-limo "interested person, rūkāitoktok-limo "person who arouses interest).   Arouse interest; enjoy; enthusiasm.  

Eḷap an itok-limoū ilo jerbal in. I am very interested in this job.

Eḷap an kāitoktok-limo an jipij. He makes interesting speeches.

Eḷap an kar kāitok-limoū jipij eo an. His speech really interested me.

itōk   (yitẹk).   Also ititōk.   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 3, 4, 7, 8.   Draw water; dip up water.  

Rej itōk dān. They are drawing water.

itōm   (yitem).   Come and; contraction of itok im (yiteq yim).  

itōn   (yiten).   Come in order to; contraction of itok in (yiteq yin); intend; mean; about to.  

Eitan wōt. Looks like rain. It's about to rain.

itt-   See tt-.  

ittūt   (yittit).   Dial. W, E: tūttūt (tittit).   1(itti-).   Breast; nipple; teat.  

itūk   (yitik).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -i), 3, 4, 5(ititūk), 7.   Pluck out eyes; rub ones eye.  

Raar itūk(i) mejān Jaṃjen. They plucked out Samson's eyes.

Jab ititūk(i) mejaṃ. Don't rub your eyes.

itūñ   (yitig).   2(inf, tr -i), 7.   Rub ones eye.  

Jab itūñi mejaṃ. Don't rub your eye.

itweḷọk   (yitweyḷaq).   2.   Hesitate (reflexive); waver; falter; balk.  

Jab itweḷọk eok. Don't hesitate.

iu   (yiw).   3(kaiuiu), 5(-i), 6(-i).   Spongy meat of sprouted coconut; sprouted coconut; coconut; coconut "apple".  

Eḷap an iui āneṇ. There are lots of sprouted coconuts on this islet.

iuiuun dekein jinme   (yiwyiwin dẹkẹyin jinmey).   idiom.   2, 4.   Tamper with the status quo.  

Jet armejin Ṃajeḷ rōdike kain eṇ ej iuiuun dekein jinme. Some Marshallese don't take kindly to those who are trying to advocate changes.

iuṃwi-   (yi'yiwṃi-).   Also eoṃwi- (yewṃi-), eọṃwi- (yawṃi-), iọṃwi- (yi'yawṃi-).   1(-i), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Under; beneath; underneath; below.  

iupej   (yiwpẹj).   Also iuwapej (yiwahpẹj).   3(inf, tr -e), 4, 6(-i), 3+7.   Overgrown and inedible sprouted coconut; worthless person or thing.  

Rej kaiupeje wāto eṇ. They are cleaning that tract of iupej.

iur   (yir°).   6(-i).   Flock of birds.  

iur   (yir°).   1(-i), 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 11(iur, iuriur).   Swift; fast; quick; immediate; prompt; rapid.  

Juon uwaak iur. An immediate reply.

iurjet   (yir°jẹt).   1(-i), 2, 3, 4, 8, 9.   Quick in action; sprightly; rapid.  

Ekadik iurjet aṃ kōnono. But you speak so rapidly.

iutūr   (yiwtir).   2(inf, tr -i), 3, 4, 5(iiutūrtūr), 6(-i), 7.   A food, bundled and baked spongy meat of sprouted coconut.  

Kwōn iutūri iu kaṇe. Bundle and bake the coconut apples.

Ear iutūri ḷọk ñane. She made iutur for him.

iuun   (yiwin).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -i), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Push; poke; boost.  

Kwōmaroñ ke jipañ eō iuuni kaar e? Could you help me push the car?

Kwōjaam iuun katū? Why don't you stop poking my side?

iuwuṃuṃ   (yiwwiṃwiṃ).   2(inf, tr -i), 4, 6(-i), 7.   A food, spongy meat of sprouted coconut baked in its shell.  

Kwōmaroñ ke iuwuṃuṃi iu kā kijerro? Could you do me a favor and bake these sprouted coconuts for us?

iwapej   (yiwahpẹj).   Variant form of iupej (yiwpẹj).  

iwōj   (yiwẹj).   Dial. W, E: wawōj (wahwẹj), awōj (hahwẹj).   Also wōj (wẹj).   1(-i), 2, 4.   Go to you; come to you (of humans).  

Iwōj kōjro etal. Let's go.

Iwōj ṃokta bwe ij iwōj wōt. You go first and I'll come later.

Kwōn awōj ḷọk. Come on, step on it.

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