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o   (wẹw).   Dial. E only; see u (wiw).   1(-i), 2, 3, 7, 8, 9.   Pale; wan.  

o   (wẹw).   6(-i).   Refuse of scraped coconut after it is squeezed; dregs.  

o   (wẹw).   From Engl.   Woe.  

O, o, o ñan ro rej jokwe ioon laḷ. Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth. (Rev. 8:13).

o   (wew).   Interjection: "Oh. Oh my. Darn it." (exclamation of mild surprise or disappointment).  

o   (wew).   archaic.   A bird.  

ob   (wẹb).   1(ubō-).   Chest; bosom; thorax.  

obab   (webab).   1(-i), 2, 7.   Bruised; collapsed; dented.  

Eobab tibat eo. The teapot is dented.

obab   (wewbab).   3, 6(-i), 8, 9.   Smashed.  

Ear itaak kaar eo waan im obab. His car was hit and got smashed.

obajañ   (webahjag).   From Japn. obāchan.   Grandmother; old woman.  

Ḷōṃare ebar ita obajañ. Now, what's the matter with grandma again?

obar   (webar).   2, 3(tr -e), 8, 10(obrak).   Force to fit; squeeze into.  

Ear koobareḷọk ajri ro ṇailowaan ruuṃ eo. He squeezed the children into the room.

Eobrak ruuṃ eo. The room was crowded.

obataim   (wewbahtahyim).   Also obataiṃ.   From Engl.   2(inf, tr -i), 4, 6(-i).   Overtime.  

Iar obataimi men e. I worked overtime on this.

Kwōj obataiṃ ke buñinin? Are you working overtime tonight?

obbar   (webbar).   archaic.   Fishing method involving fruit of the wōp (Barringtonia asiatica tree).  

oboñ   (webeg°).   From Japn. obon.   6(-i).   Tray.  

Kwaar lo ke oboñūn Jāmne eo arro? Did you see my German tray?

obrak   (webrak).   1(-i), 2, 3, 7, 8, 9.   Full; tight, not used with liquids; perfective form of obar (webar) and of koobob (kewebweb); replete; teem.  

Eobrak wa eṇ kōn ṃweiuk. The ship is full of trade goods.

Eobrak kōn kūṃaḷṃaḷ. It's replete with decorations.

obwin   (webin).   Also obwin (wẹbin).   From Engl.   6(-i).   Stove; oven.  

oda   See wōda.  

oja   See wōja.  

ok   (wẹk).   Also ok (wẹq).   1(ukō-).   Net; netting; screen.  

okabur   (wekabir°).   1(-i), 2, 4, 7.   Pick unripe pandanus.  

okaetok   (wẹkhayeteq).   2(inf, tr -e), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Long fishing net.  

Jen tan okaetoki ṃọle kaṇ. Let's go use the long net and catch that school of rabbitfish.

okaj   (wekaj).   Transitive form of okok (wekwek).  

okaliklik   (wekaliklik).   Cause pandanus to ripen; by picking and storing, or by pounding stem of fruit until pliable and leaving it hang three more days before picking.  

Ok-an-adik   (wẹk-han-hadik).   From ok "fish net", adik "first quarter of the moon": "net of the first quarter", when certain fish may be caught easily in large numbers in the ocean side.   A constellation; stars in Bootes (beta, mu, nu) and mu in Corona Borealis.  

okar   (wekar).   1(okra-), 6(-i).   Root.  

okjak   (wẹqjak).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr ukwōj), 3(inf kọokjakjak, tr kọokjak), 5(okkwōjakjak, owokwōjakjak), 7.   Overturn; upset; upside down; fall, from erect position; capsize; perfective form of ukok (wikwẹk).  

Tipñōl eo eokkwōjakjak eṇ. That canoe is always capsizing.

Wōn ṇe ear ukōj wa ṇe? Who capsized that canoe?

Eokjak rūkadek eo. The drunk fell down.

okjānlañ   (wekjanlag).   Strong wind; gusty wind.  

okjānḷañ   (wekjanḷag).   archaic.   2(inf, tr -e), 4, 6(-i).   Kill someone during a typhoon in anticipation of shortage of food; this custom may be abused to settle grudges.  

Okjānḷañin rinana. Killing of a bad person.

Raar okjānḷañe ḷōḷḷap eo boñ. They killed the old man last night.

Ruokjānḷañ eo eko. The killer escaped.

okkoḷọk   (wẹqqẹḷaq).   From "onomatopoeia".   1, 3, 6(-i).   Sound of a collision; slam, as of a door.  

Iilbōk kōn okkoḷọk in kōjām eo. I jumped when the door slammed.

okḷā   (wẹkḷay).   2(inf, tr -ik), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Turn over small rocks when searching.  

Okḷāik nabōjān ṃwiin im pukot riiñ eo aō. Turn everything over in front of this house and look for my ring.

okḷe   (wẹqḷẹy).   Also ọkḷe (waqḷẹy).   archaic.   Hungry; variant form of kwōle (qẹlẹy).  

okmāāṇāṇ   (wẹkmayaṇyaṇ).   Variant form of māāṇāṇ (mayaṇyaṇ).  

okok   (wekwek).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr okaj), 3, 4, 7.   Pick pandanus.  

Rōmoot in okok. They went to pick pandanus.

Eṃōj okaj bōb eo. The pandanus have been picked off that tree.

okpej   (wẹqpẹj).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e, okpije), 3, 4, 7.   Scrounge around; scavenge; turn over rubbish hunting for something.  

okraan   (wekrahan).   2(inf, tr -e).   Twilight; morning; dawn.  

oktaak   (wẹqtahak).   Dial. W only; see eotaak (yẹwtahak).   Also uñtaak (wigtahak).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 3, 4, 7.   Wrestling.  

oktak   (wẹktak).   1(-i), 2, 3, 8, 9.   Peculiar; unusual.  

oktak   (wẹqtak).   1(-i), 2, 3(inf kọwoktaktak, tr kọoktak), 5(okoktaktak), 7.   Change; perfective form of ukok (wikwẹk); difference; contrast; turn around.  

Ejjeḷọk wōt oktakūṃ jān ke iar lo eok. You have really changed from when I last saw you.

Kwōn oktak tok. Turn around and face me.

oktak   (wẹktak).   Dialectal variant of eotaak (yẹwtahak).  

Oktoba   (wektewbah).   From Engl.   October.  

okun bade   (weqin bahdẹy).   From Engl.   1(-i), 2, 3, 4, 6(-i), 7.   Stevedore; working party.  

Rej kappok okun bade ñan wa eṇ i ar. They are looking for stevedores for the ship in port.

okwa   (wẹkwah).   1(-i), 2.   Tripod for fishing; scaffold.  

okwa   (wẹqwah).   2(inf, tr -ik(i)), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Fishing method, pole fishing from a raised platform or tripod used for fishing.  

Jet raṇ ṃṃaan rej okwa iaar. I can see some men fishing from tripods on the lagoon shore.

Raar okwaik ek eo. The fish was landed using the tripod method.

okwōjaja   (weqejahjah).   Shallow draft; ride high in water because not loaded.  

Wa in eokwōjaja. This canoe is riding high.

olọk   (wewlaq).   Fall down.  

oḷaḷo   (weḷaḷẹw).   1(-i), 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9.   Weakling; coward; invalid.  

oḷaḷo   (weḷaḷẹw).   Dial. E, W: ikmid (yikmid).   A fish, bass, Variola louti.  

oḷaḷo   (weḷaḷẹw).   Dialectal variant of ikmid (yikmid).  

oḷañi   (weḷagiy).   Variant form of waḷañi (waḷagiy).  

oḷar   (weḷar).   Tiny; runt; general term for small things.  

Oḷar in iu. Sprouted coconut with small leaf.

Oḷar in matmat. Small sponge.

oḷā   (weḷay).   1(-i), 2, 3, 7, 8, 9.   Out of perpendicular; askew; correct angle of handsaws.  

Kwōn kooḷāik jidpān e aō. Bend the teeth of my saw to the correct angle.

oḷeọ   (weḷeyaw).   1(-i), 2, 3, 4, 7.   Beautiful.  

Eḷap an oḷeọ jikin kweilọk eṇ. That city is beautiful.

oḷiaanta   (weḷiyahantah).   Also oḷiaaṇta (wẹḷiyahaṇtah).   From Engl.   3, 6(-i).   A plant, flower, Nerium oleander. L.  

oḷiiñ   (wewḷiyig).   Also oḷiñ (weḷyig).   From Engl. all in (poker).   1(-i), 2, 3, 4, 8.   Broke, financially; out of money.  

Ilukkuun oḷiiñ. I am really broke.

oḷip   (weḷip).   From Engl.   Wolf.  

oḷkūñ   (weḷkig).   1(-i), 3, 6(-i).   Anus hair.  

oḷọk   (weḷaq).   1(-i), 2, 3, 5(owoḷọkḷọk), 6(-i), 7.   Tumble over; fall, as a tree; tipped over; fallen prostrate; felling of a tree; topple over.  

Lale eoḷọk ḷọk ni ṇe im buñut ṃweeṇ. Be careful the tree doesn't fall on that house.

Eoḷọk ni eo. The palm tree fell down.

Kọoḷọke (keoḷọke) miade eṇ. Tear down the tower.

Eḷak baajkōḷ, eowoḷọkḷọk. When he rides a bicycle, he falls all over the place.

oḷōt   (weḷet).   Small piece of land; of no value.  

oḷūb   (weḷib).   1, 2(inf, tr -i), 5(-i).   Bald head; shaven head.  

Eoḷūb bōran. His hair has been shaved bald.

Ñe eor rijikuuḷ eṇ ekōbaatat, rōnaaj oḷūbi. If a student is caught smoking, his hair will be shaved off.

omom   See wōmwōm.  

oṃ   (wẹṃ).   3, 6(-i).   Hermit crab.  

oṃoja   (weṃewjah).   slang..   2, 6(-i), 8, 9.   Poor quality; fragile; rickety.  

Ṃweiuk in Oñkoñ rooṃoja. Hong Kong products are of poor quality.

oṃrawūn   (weṃrahwin).   Also oṃrawūn (wẹṃrahwin).   From Engl.   2(inf, tr -i), 3, 4, 6(-i), 7.   Home run; run a complete circuit around a field.  

onaji   See wōnaji.  

oṇaak   (weṇahak).   2(inf, tr -e), 4, 6(-i).   Protect; provide for; oversee; look after; keep an eye on; auspices.  

Oṇaak an Anij. Providence.

Anij ej oṇaake kōj. God looks over us.

Juon irooj ej aikuj oṇaake armej ro an. A king must provide for his people.

oṇān jata   (weṇyan jahtah).   Rental.  

Oṇān jata eo an ṃweeṇ ij jokwe ie ej jibukwi ruwalitoññoul taḷa. The rental for my apartment is one hundred eighty dollars a month.

oṇea-   (weṇya-).   Also wōnea-.   1.   Price of; salary of; cost of; fare; fee; hire; stipend; wages of.  

Jete oṇān jōōt ṇe aṃ? How much did your shirt cost?

Jete oṇān aṃ rūkaki? How much do you get paid for teaching?

oṇeṇak   (weṇẹyṇak).   Also wōneṇak (wẹnẹyṇak).   6(-i).   A ghost, haunts and drives people mad, lives in dense forests.  

  (weg°).   Also (wig).   1(-i), 2, 3, 4, 5(owoñoñ), 7, 8, 9.   Homesick; longing for; nostalgia.  

Eowoñoñ ajri eṇ. That child keeps on being homesick.

oñoñ   (weg°weg°).   Dial. E only; see matmat (matmat).   3, 6(-i).   Sponge.  

oo   (wewew).   Dialectal variant of mmej (mmẹj).  

ooj   (wewej).   From Engl.   6(-i).   Hose.  

oom   (wẹwẹm).   Until; up to.  

Ear idaak oom kadek. He drank until he was drunk.

Kwōnaaj ruṃwij bajjek oom tūṃ. You'll keep procrastinating until you're completely lost.

opene   (wewpeney).   2, 3(inf, tr -ik), 6(-i), 8, 9.   Dent; crush.  

Kwōn jab koopeneik ainbat ṇe. Don't crush the pot.

opieṃ   See wōpieṃ.  

opij   See wōpij.  

opija   See wōpija.  

or   (wẹr).   Also wōr, wor.   3(kalwor).   Lobster.  

or   (wer).   Also wōr.   Fish gills.  

or   (wer).   Also wōr.   7.   Be; there is; there are; have; exist.  

Eor juon iṃō eṃ. I have a house.

Eortok armej ñan ṃwiin. Someone is coming toward this house.

or   (wer).   Formant in place names; may be related to or "fish gilḷ°, or possibly to the or of ora- "quantity", or "exists", and orḷọk "grows, propagates"; or possibly related to oror "enclosure"; also possibly war, orañe "barren, sterile".  

ora-   (wera-).   Also wōra-.   1.   Number of; quantity.  

oran   (weran).   From Engl.   3, 6(-i).   Orange, the fruit.  

orañe   (weragey).   Also wōrañe, war (war).   1(-i), 2, 8, 9.   Sterile; barren; incapable of bearing offspring, of women only.  

orañḷọk   (weragḷaq).   Also wōrañḷọk.   1(-i), 2, 3.   Swallow; devour; gulp.  

orā   (weray).   Also wōrā.   1(-i), 2, 3, 6(-i), 8, 9.   Tired; exhausted; beat; bushed; pooped; oppressed.  

Ejjeḷọk wōt orāū jān jipiij eo an. His sermon really oppressed me. I was very tired after his speech.

ore   (wẹrẹy).   Also wōre.   vulgar.   1, 2(inf, tr -ik(i)), 4, 5(oworere), 6(-i).   Pull back the foreskin.  

orjeb   (wẹrjẹb).   Variant form of orjib (werjib).  

orjib   (werjib).   Also wōrjib, orjib (wẹrjib), orjeb (wẹrjẹb).   2, 3, 6(-i).   Peel; molt.  

Ibwil im orjib. I burned and peeled.

Eorjib ṃwinaṃōn eo em erom babbūb. The caterpillar molted and became a butterfly.

orjin   (wẹrjin).   Also wōrjin.   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -i), 3, 4, 7.   To bolt onẹs food.  

Kwōn kate eok meme im jab orjin. Take care to chew your food and don't bolt it.

orḷọk   (wẹrḷaq).   Also wōrlok.   1(-i), 2, 3, 4.   Asthma.  

orḷọk   (werḷaq).   Also wōrḷọk.   1(-i), 2, 3.   Increase; profit; interest money; invested money; propagate.  

ormej   (wẹrmẹj).   Also wōrmej.   1(-i), 2, 3, 7.   Wash onẹs face.  

Kwōn ormej ṃokta jān aṃ ṃōñā in jibboñ. Wash your face before eating breakfast.

oror   (werwer).   Also wōrwōr.   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 3, 6(-i), 7.   Pen; fence; enclosure; coop; corral.  

Kwōn orore piik ṇe. Put that pig in the pen.

Ororin bao. Chicken coop.

ortabtab   (wẹrtabtab).   Also wōrtabtab.   1, 2, 3(inf, tr -e), 6(-i), 8, 9.   Haphazard; careless manner.  

En jab ortabtab aṃ kanne pāāk ṇe bwe enaaj booḷ wōt kiiō. You'd better arrange the contents of that sack if you want it to contain more.

oru   (wẹriw).   Also wōru.   From Japn. ōru (from Engl. oar).   1, 2(inf, tr -uk), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Row a boat; scull.  

Oruuk āneḷọk wa ṇe. Row the boat ashore.

ot   See wōt.  

ota   (wetah).   Variant form of wata.  

otem   See wōtōm.  

out   (wẹwit).   archaic.   Meeting place; place where many people live.  

owan   (wwan).   Dial. W: eowan (yewwan), E: owan (wewwan).   1(-i), 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 11(owan).   Industrious; hard working.  

owar   (wwar).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Beg; beseech; appeal; petition; plead; invoke.  

Iar oware im kajjinōk ak ear jab kōtḷọk tok wa eo waan. I begged him until I got tired but he never let us borrow his canoe.

Ij owar ñan eok bwe kwōn jouj in jab baere Jọọn. I'm begging you please not to fire John.

Jijej ear oware Jemān. Jesus invoked His Father.

owat   (wwat).   Dial. W: eowat (yewwat), E: owat (wewwat).   1(-i), 2, 3, 7, 8, 9.   Ripe, of pandanus.  

Enañin owat ke bōb ṇe? Is that pandanus ripe yet?

owatrere   (wwatrẹyrẹy).   Dial. W: eowatrere (yewwatrẹyrẹy), E: owatrere (wewwatrẹyrẹy).   From watre (watrẹy)|.   1(-i), 2, 3(inf, tr -ik(i)), 4, 6(-i), 7, 8, 9.   Not ripe; green; undried copra.  

Waini kein aṃ rej owatrere wōt. Your copra still needs more drying.

Ij jab lōke bwe eowatrere. I don't trust him cause he's green.

owe   (wwey).   Dial. W: eowe (yewwey), E: owe (wewwey).   Also wejeḷ (weyjeḷ).   1(-i), 2, 3, 4, 5(ajowewe, ajjowewe), 7.   Whistle.  

Wōn in ej ajjowewe? Who's that that keeps whistling?

owōj   (wwej).   Dial. W: eowōj (yewwej), E: owōj (wewwej).   1(-i), 2, 3, 4, 7.   Tax; tribute.  

Eṃōj aer tōltōl owōj. They have finished collecting taxes.

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