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ta   (tah).   What; which.  

Ta ṇe kijeṃ? What are you eating?

ta   (tah).   Dial. W, E: tak (tak).   Eastward; directional, enclitic, eastward.  

Iar lo an ttōr tawaj iarwaj. I saw him running towards the east on the beach.

taaṃbūḷo   (tahaṃbiḷẹw).   From Engl.   2.   Down below; nautical term.  

taan   (tahan).   Dial. W only; see raut (rahwit).   2(inf, tr -e), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Urine; urinate.  

taanṃait   (tahanṃahyit).   From Engl.   2(inf, tr -i), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Dynamite.  

Raar taanṃaiti toḷ eo. The mountain was dynamited.

taar   (tahar).   Also ttaar.   archaic.   Parry; ward off a spear thrust; push away a canoe.  

tab   (tab).   1(-i), 2, 3, 7, 8, 9.   Obscured, cloudy; unclear weather; fog, dim, haze, blur.  

Etab mejatoto rainin. The air is hazy today.

tab   (tab).   1, 2, 3, 6(-i), 8, 9.   High from liquor.  

Etab ripade ro. The party folks got high.

tab   (tab).   From Engl.   6(-i).   A tub.  

Tabin ia ṇe aṃ? Where was your tub made?

taboḷōn   (tahbewḷen).   From Engl.   Tarpaulin.  

tabōḷ   (tabeḷ).   From Engl.   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e, -i), 3, 7.   Double.  

Ear tabōḷi ek ko im dibōji. He speared two fish at one time.

En jab tabōḷ aṃ ṃōñā. Don't eat twice.

tabtab   (tabtab).   2, 6(-i), 7.   Trousers; long pants.  

Iar tabtabḷọk ñan pade eo. I wore long pants to the party.

tabu   (tahbiw).   2(inf, tr -uk), 3(kōtabuuk (reflex only)).   Stranded; a helpless position.  

Etabu. It's too late.

Etabuuk kōj. We are in a helpless position.

tabuk   (tabiq).   2(inf, tr -i), 4(rūttabuk), 5(ttabukbuk), 6(-i), 7.   Medicine, heat-treatment using hot stones wrapped in leaves.  

tabur   (tabir°).   1(-i), 2, 3, 5(ttaburbur), 7, 8, 9.   Hesitate; be reluctant to.  

Itabur in kajjitōk wa eṇ waan. I am reluctant to ask him for his vehicle.

Etke kottaburbur in iḷọk ñan ṃweeṇ iṃōn irooj eṇ? Why are you always reluctant to go to the chief's house?

tabur   (tabir°).   1(-i), 2, 7, 8, 9.   Slippery, of trees.  

Ear wōt im etabur mā eṇ. It rained and that breadfruit tree is slippery.

taburbur   (tabir°bir°).   A fish, parrotfish, Scarus vetula.  

tabūṇṇo   (tabiṇṇew).   Also tabwiṇo (tabiyṇew).   2(inf, tr -ik(i)), 3, 6(-i), 7, 8, 9.   Saltspray.  

Etabūṇṇoik(i) tūrak eo im jjo. Saltspray caused the truck to rust.

tabwil   (tabil).   Fresh egg (see kune (kiwney)).  

Etabwil lep e. This egg is fresh.

Ekōṇaan ṃōñā tabwil. He likes to eat fresh eggs.

taeo   (tahyew).   Also tāeo (tayew).   1(-i), 2, 3(inf kōttaeoeo, tr kōttaeoeouk, kōttaeoeoik), 5(ttaeoeo), 8, 9.   Pimple; acne.  

Ettaeoeo ḷeeṇ. He is covered with pimples.

Jab kōettaeoeouk mejaṃ. Don't pick the pimples on your face.

taibuun   (tahyibiwin).   From Engl.   2, 6(-i), 7.   Typhoon.  

taidik   (tahyidik).   1, 2, 4, 5(ttaidikdik), 6(-i).   Folk dances.  

Ettaidikdik riWōjjā. People from Wotje are always doing folk-dances.

taij   (tahyij).   From Engl.   2, 3(inf, tr -i), 4, 6(-i).   Dice; a game; rolling dice.  

Erwōj ar taij inne. They all were shooting craps yesterday.

Taije   (tahyijey).   From Engl.   Thursday.  

taikoñ   (tahyikeg°).   From Japn. daikon.   2(inf, tr -e), 3, 5(ttaikoñkoñ), 6(-i), 7.   Pickled radish.  

Kwōn tan kōtaikoñ tok. Go get us some daikon.

Taikoñe juub ṇe. Mix some daikon in the soup.

Ettaikoñkoñ. It smells of pickled radish.

taikō   (tahyikeh).   From Engl.   3, 5(ttaikōkō), 6(-i).   Tiger.  

Ettaikōkō buḷōn mar in Abdika. There are tigers all over the African jungles.

taiḷa   (tahyiḷah).   From Engl.   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -ik), 3, 4, 6(-i).   Tailor.  

Wōn ṇe ear taiḷaik jōōt ṇe aṃ? Who made your shirt?

taiṃ   (tahyiṃ).   From Engl.   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -i), 4, 5(ttaiṃiṃ), 6(-i), 7.   Fight; skirmish; scuffle; tune up.  

Erro baj taiṃ wōt jidik. They almost fought

Kwōmaroñ ke taiṃi tok injin e? Could you please give this engine a tune-up?

taiṃoṇ   (tahyiṃeñ).   From Engl.   3, 5(ttaiṃoṇṃoṇ), 6(-i).   Diamond.  

Ettaiṃoṇṃoṇ peiū. There are lots of diamonds in my hand (in a card game).

taiṇaṃ   (tahyiṇaṃ).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 3, 5(ttaiṇaṃṇaṃ), 6(-i).   Mosquito net.  

Ettaiṇaṃṇaṃ riḶora. The people of Laura always use mosquito nets.

taiñad   (tahyigad).   1(-i), 2, 3.   Smell, halitosis; scum, food particles between teeth.  

taip   (tahyip).   2(inf, tr -i), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Type; typewriter.  

Kwōjeḷā ke taip? Can you type?

Ear taipi peba eo. He typed the paper.

An wōn taip in? Whose typewriter is it?

tak   (tak).   3, 6(-i).   A fish, needlefish, Belone platyura; Raphiobelone robusta.  

tak   (tak).   2(inf, tr -e), 7.   Use a vehicle or vessel.  

Take bajikōḷ eṇ. Use the bicycle.

tak   (tak).   Dial. E, W: ta (tah)   Eastward; upward; directional, enclitic, eastward, upward.  

take   (takẹy).   From Engl.   Turkey.  

takin   (takin).   Also jitọkin (jitawkin).   From Engl. stocking.   3, 6(-i).   Socks.  

takin aḷ   (takin haḷ).   Sun-up; sunrise.  

takinkin   (takinkin).   From takin (takin)|.   1(-i), 2, 3(inf, tr -i), 7.   Wear socks.  

Kwōn takinkin kōn takin kā rōkāāl. Put on these new socks.

Kwōn jab kōtakinkini ippaṃ. Don't let him use some of your socks in the meantime.

takḷọk   (takḷaq).   Variant form of taḷọk (tahḷaq).  

taktakōnae   (taktakenhayey).   2, 6(-i).   New moon.  

Etaktakōnae. It's new moon out tonight.

taktō   (takteh).   From Engl.   2(inf, tr -ūk, -ik), 3, 4, 6(-i), 7.   Doctor; see a doctor.  

Wōn eṇ aṃ taktō? Who is your doctor?

Ta ṇe kwaar taktō kake? What did you go to see the doctor about?

Wōn ṇe ear taktōik eok? Who doctored you?

Iar taktōik neō bwe emetak. I went to see a doctor about my leg because it hurts.

tal   (tal).   1(-i), 2, 3, 7.   Sink; submerge.  

Etal wa eo. The boat sank.

tal   (tal).   Procession of mourners; group of people going to pay respects to a deceased; procession bearing tribute to chief.  

Tal eo an bukwōn juon ṇe. That's the procession of mourners from district one.

Tal eo an ṃōñā eṇ an Kōppālle ṇe ḷọk. That's the Capelle clan on its way to pay its last respects to the deceased.

talboon   (talbewen).   From Engl.   2(inf, tr -e), 4, 5(ttalboonon), 6, 7.   Telephone.  

Iar talboone eok inne. I telephoned you yesterday.

Ledikin pālle rōttalboonon. American girls are always on the phone.

talliñe   (talligey).   Transitive form of tallōñ (tallẹg).  

tallōñ   (tallẹg).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr talliñe), 3, 4, 7.   Climb up; mount.  

Kwōjeḷā ke tallōñ? Do you know how to climb?

Komaroñ ke talliñe ni eṇ? Can you climb that coconut tree?

taḷa   (tahḷah).   From Engl.   Dollar.  

taḷe   (taḷẹy).   From Engl.   2(inf, tr -ik), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Tally; count up.  

taḷe   (taḷẹy).   2, 3(inf kōttaḷeḷe, tr kōtaḷeik(i)), 5(ttaḷeḷe), 6(-i), 8, 9.   Have sex appeal.  

taḷọk   (tahḷaq).   Also takḷọk (takḷaq).   Eastward.  

taḷōn   (taḷen).   From Engl.   Talent.  

taḷum   See tọḷūm.  

tam   (tam).   Variant form of ḷam (ḷam).  

tampeḷ   (tampeḷ).   From Engl.   6(-i).   Temple; altar.  

taṃ   (taṃ).   From Engl.   2(inf, tr -e), 6(-i).   Dump; refuse area; discard; reject.  

Jọkpeje ilo taṃ eṇ. Throw it away at the dump.

Rōtaṃe eō. I was dumped. I got rejected.

taṃbaj   (taṃbaj).   From Japn. dampatsu   1, 2(inf, tr -e).   Girl's haircut, Japanese style; shingled, cut the hair short.  

taṃṃwe   (taṃṃẹy).   Dialectal variant of taṃwe.  

taṃṃwi-   (taṃṃi-).   1.   Mood; disposition.  

taṃtaṃ   (taṃtaṃ).   1(-i), 2, 3, 7.   Glare; blinded by sunlight.  

Eḷap an taṃtaṃ im ijjab lo ṃaan. There is a lot of glare and I can't see ahead.

taṃwe   (taṃẹy).   Dial. W, E: taṃṃwe   Find something to ride.  

tanij   (tanij).   From Engl.   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -i), 3, 4, 5(ttanijnij), 7.   Dance, western style.  

Ettanijnij rijikuuḷ in ae-jikuuḷ. The high school students are always having dances.

tanim   (tanim).   From Engl.   2(inf, tr -i), 3, 4(ttanimnim), 5(ttanimnim), 6(-i), 7.   Denim; denim trousers, blue jeans, Levis.  

Eor ke aṃ tanim? Have you any denim pants?

taṇo   (taṇew).   From Japn. tannō "short in ability" or Engl. don't know (?).   2, 5(ttaṇoṇo), 6(-i), 8, 9.   Kooky; dumb; stupid; eccentricity; loony; mentally unstable.  

taññaḷọk   (taggaḷaq).   From "onomatopoeia".   1(-i), 2, 3(inf, tr -e).   Clanging sound.  

tap   (tap).   2, 3, 6(-i).   Piece of pandanus roots cut and dried to be used as frame in weaving thatch.  

tapañ   (tapag).   archaic.   Mortar for making medicine; small piece of rock with hole in it; no one but medicine people may touch.  

tape   (tapẹy).   Dial. W, E: peeḷ (peyeḷ)   vulgar.   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -ik), 3, 4, 5(ttapepe), 7.   Sexual intercourse.  

tapioka   (tapiyewkah).   From Engl.   Tapioca.  

tar-   (tar-).   1, 2, 3, 7.   Go on a vehicle or sailing canoe (used with directional enclitics (and postpositions)).  

tare   (tarẹy).   2, 3(inf kōttarere, tr kōttareik(i), kōttarereik(i)), 4, 8, 9.   Hook easily.  

Kāāj rot eo etare ṇe. That's the kind of fish hook that hooks so neatly.

tariṇae   (tariyṇahyey).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -ik), 3, 4(rūttariṇae), 7.   War; fight a battle; combat.  

Ejjañin jeṃḷọk aer tariṇae. They haven't stopped fighting yet.

Rej tariṇaeik wōt doon. They are still fighting each other.

Ear pād ilo tariṇae. He's a combat veteran.

tarkijet   (tarkiyjẹt).   6(-i).   Shore; beach; offshore.  

Kōpaak tarkijet bwe in kelọk. Move close to shore so I can jump off.

tarrin   (tarrin).   About; approximately.  

Letok wōt tarrin juon bawūnin anien. Give me about a pound of onions.

tarto-tartak   (tartẹw-tartak).   2, 3, 4, 6(-i).   Jaunt, sail, or drive around aimlessly.  

Jab tarto-tartak bwe kwōnaaj wōtlọk ilọjet. Stop running around or you'll fall overboard.

tarukelel   (tariqyelyel).   archaic.   Anxiety.  

Etarukelel ije ibūruō. "There is anxiety in my heart."

tata   (tahtah).   Superlative particle; most.  

tawūnin   (tahwinyin).   Also taunin.   Why?; what is the reason?.  

tāākji   (tayakjiy).   From Engl.   2(inf, tr -ik), 3, 4, 5(ttāākjiji), 6(-i), 7.   Taxicab.  

Ear tāākjiik tok kōm. He brought us in the taxicab.

tāānjen   (tayanjen).   6(-i).   Belt keeper.  

tāāñ   (tayag).   From Engl.   6(-i).   Water container; tank; spout, rain gutter.  

tāāñ   (tayag).   1(-i), 2, 3(inf, tr -e), 4, 7, 8, 9.   Have sex appeal, of males; lady killer; have a way with women.  

tāāñ   (tayag).   1(-i), 2, 3(inf, tr -e), 5(ttāāñeñ), 6(-i), 8, 9.   Choice coconut tree for collecting sap.  

Ni ttāāñeñ men ṇe. That's a choice tree for coconut sap.

tāāp   (tayap).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr tāāpin, -e), 4, 5(ttāāpāp), 7.   Provide food for family from local sources (not from the store); provide food for someone.  

Ḷadik ro rōmoot in tāāp. The boys have gone to look for food.

Wōn eo ej tāāpe jinōṃ? Who provides food for your mother?

Ettāāpāp ḷadik raṇ nājin lieṇ. Her children always help provide food.

tāṃoṇ   (tayṃeñ).   1(-i), 2, 3, 5(ttāṃoṇṃoṇ), 6(-i).   Graze, as a bullet, chipped; ricochet.  

Etāṃoṇ likao eo kōn joot eo. The young man was grazed by the bullet.

Ettāṃoṇṃoṇ mejān ṇaib eo. The blade of the knife was chipped in several places.

tāṃoṇ   (tayṃeñ).   Harelip.  

Enaaj kar lukkuun deọ eḷañe ear jab tāṃoṇ lọñiin. She would have been very beautiful if she didn't have a harelip.

tāpin   (taypin).   Transitive form of tāāp (tayap).  

tāte   (taytẹy).   Dial. W, E: tete (tẹytẹy)   1, 2(inf, tr tāik), 6(-i), 7.   Bind; roll up, line or film, spool; coil of coconut sennit.  

Eṃōkaj an tāte eo. He pulls in his line pretty fast.

Tāik eo ṇe ṇa ijeṇe. Pull in the line and leave it there.

te   (tey).   Also tete (teytey).   vulgar.   2, 3, 6(-e).   Sanitary napkin.  

teaak   (teyahak).   2, 5(teeaake), 6(-i).   Provisions for a voyage; make provisions for a journey.  

Raar teaak kōn rōñoul bao. They took twenty chickens for provisions.

Eteaake wa eṇ. That boat picked up a lot of provisions.

tebōḷ   (teybeḷ).   From Engl.   6(-i).   Table; desk.  

tebōḷ jibuun   (teybeḷ jibiwin).   From Engl.   Tablespoon.  

tebu   (tẹybiw).   From Japn. debu.   1(-i), 2, 5(ttebubu).   Fat; overweight, obese.  

tebukro   (teybiqrew).   From Japn. tebukuro.   2(inf, tr -ik), 6, 6(-i).   Glove.  

Ij tebukroiki peiū. I'm going to wear gloves.

tee-   (teye-).   1, 2(tr teek), 6.   What location?; what relation?.  

Teen eo bok eo ej pād ie? Where is the book located?

Teen ḷadik eṇ lieṇ? What relation is that boy to that woman?

Teeṃ ḷeeṇ? What relation is he to you?

Rej teek doon Tiṃōj im Aḷi? How are Timoj and Ali related?

Epād bok eo iteen tebōḷ eo? Where is the book in relation to the table?

Epād ituteen tūroot eo? Where is it in relation to the cabinet?

teej   (teyej).   From Engl.   2, 3, 6(-i), 7.   Test; examination; quiz.  

Teejin ta eo kwaar bōk kiiō? What test did you just take?

teej   (teyej).   2.   Get onẹs comeuppance.  

teejṃōḷ   (teyejṃeḷ).   From Engl.   Decimal.  

teek   (teyek).   From Engl.   Deck, nautical.  

Epād ioon teek. He's on deck.

teekkiiñ   (tẹyẹkkiyig).   From Engl. (from Japn.).   2(inf, tr -i), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Reinforcing rods.  

teeḷ   (teyeḷ).   Variant form of teoḷ (teyeḷ°).  

teemjọọn   (tẹyẹmjawan).   From Engl.   Large bottle, demijohn.  

teeṃbura   (teyeṃbir°ah).   Also teeṃbūra (teyeṃbirah).   From Japn. tempura "food dipped in batter and deep fried".   2(inf, tr -ik), 6(-i).   A food, fish, basted in flour and deep fried; tempura.  

Teeṃburaik ek kaṇe. Cook those fish tempura style.

teeṃbura   (teyeṃbir°ah).   vulgar.   2(inf, tr -ik), 4, 6(-i).   Euphemistic reference to illicit sexual relations.  

teeñ   (teyeg).   1, 6(-i).   Measure; division; class; inning in baseball; grade.  

teeñki   (teyegkiy).   1(-i), 2, 3, 6(-i), 7.   Flashlight; light.  

Teeñki jarom. Electric light.

teep   (tẹyẹp).   From Engl.   2(inf, tr -e), 4, 5(tteepep), 6(-i), 7.   Tape.  

teep   (teyep).   2, 3(inf, kōtteep, tr kōteep(e)), 5(tteepep), 6(-i), 3+7.   Removed; rooted out; pulled out; extracted.  

Eteep juon ñi. A tooth is extracted.

teiṇaḷ   (tẹyiṇaḷ).   Variant form of tenaḷ (teynaḷ).  

teiñ   (tẹyig).   Transitive form of tteiñ (ttẹyig).  

teiñwa   (tẹyigwah).   From Japn. denwa.   2(inf, tr -ik), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Telephone; phone.  

Kab teiñwa tok ilo ruo awa. Phone me at two o'clock.

tekōḷ   (teykeḷ).   From Engl. tackle.   2(inf, tr -e), 6(-i), 7.   Raise by rope; lift using crane; block and tackle.  

Tekōḷe āneḷọk ṃweiuk kaṇe. Unload the merchandise (by crane).

temakil   (tẹymakil).   Variant form of ttemakil (ttẹymakil).  

tenaḷ   (teynaḷ).   Also teiṇaḷ (tẹyiṇaḷ).   2, 3(ttenaḷnaḷ), 6(-i).   Get a splinter; sliver.  

Jab atartar ijeṇe bwe kwōnaaj tenaḷ. Don't lean on that or you might get a splinter.

Ettenaḷnaḷ aḷaḷ ṇe. That board is splintered in many spots.

teoḷ   (teyeḷ°).   Also teeḷ (teyeḷ).   1(-i), 2, 3, 5(tteoḷeoḷ), 7, 8, 9.   Come loose.  

Etteoḷeoḷ ñiū. My tooth is loose.

Eteoḷ ñiū. My tooth came out.

tepiḷ   (teypiḷ).   Also tepiḷ (tẹypiḷ).   From Engl.   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -i), 3, 4, 8, 9.   Devil; use bad language; act in a way contrary to missionary teaching.  

Ear tepiḷi ledik eo. He tempted (talked provocatively to) the girl.

teroñe   (teyreg°ey).   Unsettle; unnerve; dissilusion.  

teru   (tẹyriw).   1(-i), 2, 3(inf, tr -uk), 4, 5(tteeruru), 6(-i), 7, 8, 9.   Succeed; achieve onẹs goal.  

Koteru ke ilo kkāālel eo? Did you get elected?

tete   (tẹytẹy).   Variant form of tiete (tiyẹytẹy).  

tete   (tẹytẹy).   Dialectal variant of tāte (taytẹy).  

tete   (teytey).   vulgar.   2, 6(-i).   Use a sanitary napkin.  

ti   (tiy).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -ik), 3.   Tea; put tea in.  

Wōn e ear tiik tibat e? Who put tea in this teapot?

tiār   (tiyar).   Variant form of tūar (tihar).  

tiārmān   (tiyarman).   Variant form of tūar (tihar).  

tibat   (tiybat).   From Engl.   6(-i).   Teapot; tea kettle; coffee pot.  

tie   (tiyey).   1(tie-).   Lips.  

tiek   (tiyek).   6(-i).   Rim; molded edge; variant form of ṃọkwōd (ṃaqed).  

tiemlo   (tiyemlew).   idiom.   From tie (tiyey) |"lips", im (yim) |"and", lo (lew) |"tongue".   6(-i).   Someone that people are always talking about; celebrity.  

Etiemlo wōt lieṇ. She is the talk of the town.

tiepdọ   (tiyepdaw).   A fish, black surgeonfish, Acanthurus nigricans.  

tieta   (tiyetah).   From Engl.   Theater; drama.  

tiete   (tiyẹtẹy).   Also tete (tẹytẹy).   archaic.   Formant in place names; reef around a secondary lagoon; end of the reef at a passage.  

tiikri   (tiyikriy).   From Engl.   Degree, angle measurement; degree, collegiate.  

tiin   (tiyin).   From Engl.   3, 5(ttiinin), 6(-i).   Tin; piece of tin roofing.  

Ettiinin pia e kōn an ṃor. This beer has a metallic taste because of its age.

tijeḷ   (tiyjeḷ).   From Engl.   1(-i), 2, 3, 5(ttijeḷjeḷ), 6(-i).   Diesel; diesel oil.  

Ettijeḷjeḷ jikin injin eo. The engine room had diesel oil all over.

Tijeṃba   (tiyjeṃbah).   From Engl.   December.  

tijeṃḷọk   (tiyjeṃḷaq).   2.   Expert; wiz.  

Likao eṇ etijeṃḷọk ilo lōkā. He's a surfing expert.

Ikōṇaan tijeṃḷọk ilo kajin Būranij. I want to be an expert in speaking French.

tijibuun   (tiyjibiwin).   From Engl.   Teaspoon.  

tijjañ   (tijjag).   2, 4, 6(-i), 8, 9.   Have missing teeth.  

Jab kalluuk eō bwe kwōnaaj tijjañ. Don't get me angry or you'll lose your teeth.

tikōn   (tiyken).   From Engl.   Deacon.  

Tikōn jemān. His father is a deacon.

til   (til).   Torch.  

tilaan   (tilahan).   2(inf, tr -e), 3, 6(-i).   Pumice stone; basaltic rock which floats.  

Tilañ   (tilag).   Clan name.  

tilbuuj   (tilbiwij).   2(inf, tr -i), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Gather followers.  

Jijej ear tilbuuji ro rūkaḷoran jān riJu ro. Jesus gathered his followers from among the Jews.

tile   (tiley).   Transitive form of ttil (ttil).  

tilekek   (tilyẹkyẹk).   Also tiliekek (tiliyẹkyẹk).   2, 3(kaattilekek), 4, 5(ttilekek), 6(-i), 7.   Hide; obscured.  

Etke kwōj tilekek? Why are you hiding?

Kwōn jab kōṇaan ttilekek. Don't always hide.

Jeañ ilen kaattilekek. Let's go play hide and seek.

Rej tiliekek jān rūkadek eo. They are hiding from the drunk.

tileñeñ   (tilyẹgyẹg).   Also itileñeñ (yitilyẹgyẹg).   1, 2, 5(ttileñeñ), 6(-i), 8, 9.   Make onẹs presence felt, especially a group; see itileoñeoñ.  

Ñe ej or waan Nepi, ettileñeñ jeḷa. When there's a Navy ship in port, sailors are all over the place.

Kumi in al eo jān Ḷora ear lukkuun ttileñeñ ilo jebta eo. The singing group from Laura was the most impressive at the song-fest.

tiliej   (tiliyẹj).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 3, 5(ttiliejej), 7.   Lines used to reef sails.  

Kwōn tilieje wa ṇe bwe eḷap kōto in. Reef the sail of your canoe because the wind is strong.

Ettiliejej wa eṇ. The sail of that canoe is always reefed.

tiliekek   (tiliyẹkyẹk).   Variant form of tilekek (tilyẹkyẹk).  

tiljek   (tiljẹk).   1(-i), 2, 3, 4, 8, 9.   Thrifty; careful; painstaking; faithful; prudent; frugal.  

tilkawor   (tilkawẹr).   Also tilkọor.   2(inf, tr -e), 3, 4, 6(-i), 7.   Fishing method, hunting for lobsters at night by means of artificial light, not moonlight.  

Jej tilkawor wōt ilo buñūn marok. We hunt for lobster by the tilkawor method only on moonless nights.

Tilkaworin jaje. The fishing for lobster of an inexperienced person.

tilkōmerā   (tilkemeray).   2(inf, tr -ik), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Fishing method, torch and machete.  

tilmaak   (tilmahak).   2(inf, tr -e), 5, 6(-i).   To tender; to offer formally; to proffer.  

Koñkōrōj enaaj tilmaake tok riboot eo an rainin. Congress will tender its report today.

tilmaak   (tilmahak).   2(inf, tr -e), 6(-i).   Spread far and wide.  

Raar tilmaake kōjjeḷā eo ilo retio. The message was spread abroad on the radio.

tilpoki   (tilpewkiy).   1(-i), 2, 3, 4, 8, 9.   Skin disease.  

tiltil   (tiltil).   1(-i), 2, 3, 5(-i), 6(-i), 8, 9.   Embroidery; spotted; dotted.  

Ear pikinni kōn juon nuknuk iaḷo tiltil. She wore a yellow polka dot bikini.

tiltil keeañ   (tiltil keyyag).   Wind from the northwest.  

timaruk   (timariq).   Also tōmaruk (temariq).   1(-i), 2, 3, 5(ttimarukruk), 6(-i), 7.   Take in water from the top of a canoe; sink; outrigger goes underwater; said of one who finds his former girlfriends are all married.  

Jab kallōñlōñ bajinjea bwe kwōnaaj kōtōmaruk wa ṇe. Don't overload the boat or you'll sink it.

Enana wa ṇe bwe ettimarukruk. That boat is no good for it's always going under.

Etōmaruk wa eṇ. The outrigger of that canoe is underwater.

tiṃa   (tiyṃah).   From Engl. steamer.   6(-i).   Ship; steamer; motorvessel.  

tiṃoṇ   (tiyṃeñ).   From Engl.   5(ttiṃoṇṃoṇ).   Ghost; demon; monster; spook.  

Ettiṃoṇṃoṇ ānin. This island is haunted.

tinaad   (tinahad).   2(inf, tr -e), 3, 6(-i), 8, 9.   Glare.  

Iban lo ṃaan bwe etinaad. I can't see forward due to the glare.

tinak   (tinak).   archaic.   Rarely used; stay put.  

Ḷeo etinak ijo. He just stays there.

tinar   (tinar).   3, 6(-i).   A fish, small grouper.  

Tipāp   (tipap).   archaic.   Name of a navigational sign; looks like a coconut frond (pāp).  

tipdik   (tipdik).   idiom.   2(inf, tr -i), 6(-i), 7.   Analyze; talk in great detail, elaborate.  

Kwōn tipdiki tok ṃōk meḷeḷein jipij eo aṃ. Would you elaborate upon your speech?

Inaaj kiiō tipdiki waj meḷeḷe e. I will now analyze the meaning.

tipdikdik   (tipdikdik).   1(-i), 2, 3, 5(ttipdikdik), 7.   Small pieces; fragments; crumbs; bits; chips; particles, scraps.  

Ettipdikdik pilawā kā. These loaves of bread keep crumbling.

tipe-   (tipe-).   1, 2+1, 6.   Way of; seem.  

Einwōt kobaj tipen pikōt. You seem scared.

Etipen naaj wōt. Looks like rain.

tipen   See tipe-.  

tipen   (tipen).   From tipdikdik "fragments"   Piece of.  

Tipen wōjke. Piece cut from a tree.

tipi   (tiypiy).   From Engl.   1(-i), 2, 3(inf, tr -ik), 4.   Tuberculosis.  

tipi   (tiypiy).   From Engl.   Television.  

tipij   (tipij).   Transitive form of tipjek (tipjẹk).  

tipjek   (tipjẹk).   Dial. W only; see tūbbọk (tibbaq).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr tipij(i)), 3, 4, 5(ttipjekjek), 7.   Stumble; slip; trip.  

Ettōr im tipjek. He ran and slipped.

Ettipjekjek lieṇ. She's always stumbling.

Ej ettōr wōt ak itipiji. When he ran I tripped him.

Etipijek. He stumbled.

tipñōl   (tipgel).   6(-i).   Large outrigger canoe, for sailing.  

tipñōl   (tipgel).   1(-i), 2, 3.   Stumble; fall; offend.  

tiptak   (tiptak).   2(inf, tr -e).   To trip with the foot.  

tirooj   (tiyrewej).   From Engl. "tea rose".   3, 6(-i).   A plant, Pseuderanthemum atropurpureum (Bull.) Baily. Cult. Hedge plant;. also applied to other similar hedge plants. Ebon. n.  

to   (tẹw).   2, 3, 5(ttoto), 7.   Disembark; come off of; climb down; strut of a rooster.  

Eṃōj ṇe aṃ ttoto. Why don't you stop getting off (and getting back on).

to   (tẹw).   6(tou-).   Pit for soaking coconut husks for making sennit.  

to   (tẹw).   From Engl.   Syllable "do" of musical scale.  

to   (tẹw).   Westward; directional, enclitic, westward.  

Kwōn itowaj bar jidik. Move down a bit more to the west of you.

to   (tew).   1(-i), 2, 3, 6(-i), 7, 8, 9.   A long time; prolong; last; protracted.  

Enañin to aṃ jako? You were gone quite a while, weren't you? (give an account of yourself).

Ejjeḷọk wōt toun aṃ jako. You were gone an awfully long time.

to   (tew).   6(-i).   Rope; string; tether.  

to   (tew).   Channel; passage into lagoon from ocean.  

to jān enōka-   (tẹw jan yẹnẹka-).   Be overdecorated.  

Eto jān enōkan ḷeeṇ. He is overdecorated.

toeak   (tẹwyak).   Feces.  

to-jān-lañ   (tẹw-jan-lag).   idiom.   From to (tẹw) |"climb down", jān (jan) |"from", lañ (lag) |"heaven".   Extremely beautiful woman; a rare beauty; a very beautiful female.  

To-jān-lañ men eṇ pālen. His wife is a knock-out.

tok   (teq).   2, 3, 5(ttoktok), 6(-i).   Ignited; catch fire; kindle.  

Katoke radikdik kaṇe bwe jen jenjen kijek. Ignite those twigs so we can build a fire.

Ettoktok kiaaj. Gasoline is flammable.

tok   (teq).   Also tak (tak) (obligatorily following directional enclitics, and becomes zero following to (tẹw) 'westward' and tak (tak) or ta (tah) 'eastward').   Toward the speaker; directional, postposition, toward the speaker.  

Iar lo an ttōr niñatak iartak. I saw him running up eastward on the beach.

tok   (teq).   Variant form of itok (yiteq).  

tokadkad   (tewkadkad).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 3, 7.   To tow; string for towing toy canoe in water, held in middle with ends attached to ends of canoe for steering.  

Ḷadik ro raṇ rej bwilbwil tokadkad i ar. The boys are towing toy canoes along the lagoon beach.

tokake   (tewkakey).   Also tokañe (tewkagey).   Huge lizard, imported from Japan.  

tokañe   (tewkagey).   Variant form of tokake (tewkakey).  

tokālik   (teqyalik).   6(-i).   Afterwards; later.  

Inaaj iioon eok tokālik. I'll meet you later.

tokja-   (teqja-).   1, 7.   Value; asset; convenient; effect; worth.  

Ḷap tokja-. Valuable.

Dik tokja-. Cheap, of little value.

Jej tokjan. Of no value. Worthless.

tokkwi   (tẹqqiy, teqqiy).   2, 3, 5(ttokkwikwi), 6(-i), 8, 9.   Chick.  

Ettokkwikwiḷọk oror e jān oror ieṇ. This pen's got more chicks in it than that one.

Jen tan katokkwi ippān Ḷōbao. Let's go get chicks from Mr. Chicken.

tokokkok   (tẹqẹqqẹq).   Also tokokkok (teqeqqeq).   1(-i), 2+7, 3(inf, tr -e), 6(-i), 7.   Clucking of a hen.  

tokọ   (tewkaw).   Fire logs; of kōñe wood, can burn for a week or more.  

tokra-   (teqra-).   1, 7+1.   Distance.  

Ewi tokran Ṃajeḷ jān Awai? How far are the Marshalls from Hawaii?

tokrak   (teqrak).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 7.   Stick used to spread hot stones for earth oven.  

toktak   (tẹqtak).   Also totak (tẹwtak).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 3, 4, 7.   Dig up; uproot.  

toktok   (tẹqtẹq).   2, 7.   Scratch in ground for food, chickens only.  

tokubaak   (tewqiwbahak).   6(-i).   Canoe part, line from top of mast to outrigger spar (jojo (jewjew)).  

tokwanwa   (teqanwah).   See tok "come", wa "canoe"   Superstition that large waves portend the arrival of a vessel.  

tokwiia   (teqiyyah).   2, 6(-i), 8, 9.   Incombustible; not flammable; incapable of catching fire and burning; fireproof. (see tokwiie (teqiyyẹy)).  

Eban bwil bwe etokwiia. It won't burn because it's incombustible.

tokwiie   (teqiyyẹy).   2, 6(-i), 8, 9.   Inflammable; combustible (see tokwiia (teqiyyah)).  

Jab kōbaatat iturun bwe etokwiie. Don't smoke close to it cause it's combustible.

tokwōj   (teqej).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 3, 8, 9.   Ignited easily (see jatokwōj (jateqej)).  

tokwōj   (teqej).   Also tokwōje (teqejey).   Accomplish.  

Ta ṇe kotokwōje? What good are you?

Eto aō pād ijeṇ ak ejjeḷọk men eṇ itokwōje. I was there for a while but accomplished nothing.

Ta eo etokwōj ke ear pād i Awai. What did he accomplish in Hawaii?

tola   (tewlah).   2(inf, tr -ik), 4, 6(-a).   Knead preserved breadfruit.  

Liṃaraṇ rej tola bwiro. The women are kneading preserved breadfruit.

Tolaik bwiro ṇe em kapidodouki. Knead that preserved breadfruit and soften it.

toḷ   (teḷ°).   5(ttoḷtoḷ), 6(-i).   Hill; mountain.  

Eḷap an ttoḷtoḷ ānin. This island has lots of mountains.

toḷaj   (teḷ°aj).   6(-i).   Herbs for anointing.  

toḷoñ   (teḷ°eg°).   Variant form of tōḷoñ (teḷeg°).  

toḷọk   (tẹwḷaq).   Westward.  

toḷọk   (tẹwḷaq).   idiom.   6(-i).   Such; extreme; so; very.  

Baj toḷọkun aṃ nana. You're so bad.

tomede   (tewmedey).   Cable, chain, referred to in Bible; used to bind Samson.  

tomewa   (tewmeywah).   Miss the boat.  

Itomewa jān tūrep eo bwe iruṃwij. I missed making the trip because I was late.

tomino   (tewminew).   From Engl.   Domino.  

tomittori   (tewmittewriy).   From Engl.   Dormitory.  

tonaaj   (tewnahaj).   From Engl.   1(-i), 2, 3, 4, 5(ttonaajaj), 6(-i).   A food, doughnut, with hole.  

Ettonaajaj ḷaṃ jako ṃwiin. There are lots of doughnuts in this house.

toṇ   (teñ).   From Engl.   6(-i).   A tune; melody.  

toṇ   (teñ).   From Kusaiean.   A fish, fresh-water eel; Anguilla celebesensis; eel that lives in fresh water, toothless;. (not found in Marshalls but reported from Eastern Carolines.).  

toṇak   (tẹwṇak).   1, 2(inf, tr -e), 5(ttoṇakṇak).   Part, hair; a clearing between trees growing in opposite directions.  

Ear toṇake bōran. He parted his hair.

Ettoṇakṇak likao eṇ. That young man is always parting his hair.

toñkwe   (teg°qey).   Contrite.  

toñōl   (teg°el).   Get onẹs comeuppance.  

tooj   (tẹwẹj, tewej).   2, 3, 5(ttoojoj), 6(-i), 7.   Break off of.  

Etooj juon wiiḷ. A wheel came off.

Injinia eo ear katooj injin eo jān kaar eo. The mechanic took the engine out of the car.

Ettoojoj jebwe in wa eṇ. The boat's rudder is always falling off.

tooj   (tewej, tẹwẹj).   Dial. W: tooj (tẹwẹj), E: tooj (tewej)   1(-i), 2, 3(kattoojoj), 7, 8, 9.   Stand out; be conspicuous; obvious; transparent.  

Kwōn jab kattoojoj. Don't show off.

Eḷap an tooj nuknuk ṇe aṃ. Your clothes are quite loud.

toojin edwaan   (tẹwẹjin yedwahan).   idiom.   Pretentious; phony; Philistine, hypocrite.  

Kwōnjab elḷọk ñan e bwe toojin edwaan bajjek. Don't bother with him because he's not what he seems.

toon kọuḷaḷo   (tewen kawiwḷahḷẹw).   Spider's web.  

toor   (tewer).   Swinging; point in all directions.  

toor   (tewer).   Variant form of tọọr.  

toore   (tewerey).   Transitive form of ttoor (ttewer).  

toorlōñ   (tewerlẹg).   Also ak (hak), toollōñ (tẹwẹllẹg).   A bird, great frigate bird, Fregata minor; a bird, lessor frigate bird, Fregata ariel.  

toorwa   (tewerwah).   Boat passage on reef; see tọọr.  

tor   (tẹr°).   2, 3(inf, tr -e), 6(-i), 8, 9.   Shrink; decreasing in size, as of physique.  

Eḷak rọọltok jān kalbuuj etor. He really shrunk after being in prison.

tor   (ter°).   Dial. E only; see rot (r°et).   Kind; type; sort.  

Wa tor? What kind of boat?

Men tor kaṇ; mettorkaṇ. Hanky-panky (euphemism).

totak   (tẹwtak).   Also totak (tẹqtak).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e)), 3, 7.   Dig up; uproot.  

toto   (tewtew).   Also allitoto (hallitewtew).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -uk, -ok), 3(inf, tr -uk, -ok), 4, 7.   Hang up; hang on to; hang from.  

Kwōn totook jōōt ṇe aṃ. Hang up your shirt.

Rōḷak loe ej toto ilo bōb eo. When they found him he was hanging from the pandanus tree.

toul   (tẹwil).   A shell; similar to di.  

towa   (tewah).   Place for beaching canoes.  

towe   (tewey).   1(-i), 2, 5(ttotowe), 7.   To rub gently; fondle; caress.  

Kwōn ttotowe ajri ṇe bwe en mājur. Keep on caressing the baby so that it goes to sleep.

tọ   (taw).   3, 5(ttọtọ), 6(-i).   A plant, Saccharum officinarum L. sugar cane (Gramineae). (ko or to of Polynesia.).  

tọ   (taw).   Pond on reef where fish are caught when tide goes out.  

tọ   (taw).   Sail not full; canoe about to capsize.  

tọ   (taw).   Glide, of birds.  

tọ   (taw).   2, 6(-i), 7.   Rain in, as through a window.  

Kwōn kiil wūntō ṇe bwe etọ. Close the window because it is raining in.

tọḷ   (taḷ°).   6(-i).   Strips of green coconut branches laid across a fire for warming pandanus leaves.  

Jekjek tọḷūn rirar. Cut branches for singeing.

tọḷ   (taḷ°).   Dialectal variant of kaḷo (kahḷew).  

tọḷe   (tawḷẹy).   From Engl.   6(-i).   Doll.  

tọḷūm   (taḷ°im).   Also taḷum.   Transitive form of ttọḷūm (ttaḷ°im).  

tọnōt   (tawnet).   From Engl.   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 4, 5(ttọnōtnōt), 6(-i), 7.   Doughnut.  

Tọnōtin wōn in? Who made this doughnut?

tọọk   (tawak).   From Engl. dock.   2(inf, tr -e), 3, 6(-i).   Beach a boat for maintenance purposes; dry-docking, maintain.  

Kwōnaaj tọọke ñāāt wa in? When are you going to do maintenance on this boat?

tọọl   (tawal).   From Engl.   6(-i).   Towel.  

tọọn   (tawan).   2(inf, tr -e), 3.   Be away from; be apart.  

Jab meḷọkḷọk eō ñe kōjro tọọne doon. Don't forget me while we're apart.

Jinen edike kōta eo em kōtọọne erro. Her mother didn't approve so she separated them.

tọọñke   (tawagkẹy).   From Engl.   Donkey.  

Bōtin wōt tọọñke. He's as stubborn as a donkey.

tọọr   (tawar).   1(-i), 2, 3, 5(ttọọror), 7.   Pour out; run, of water; flow; gush; ooze; shed.  

Etọọr aebōj eo. The water is flowing out of the cistern.

Jijej ear kōtọọrḷọk daan ñan kōj. Jesus shed his blood for our salvation.

tọọr   (tawar).   Also toor.   Boat passage through a reef; canal; place on an islet where water flows across at high tide; place on reef where water remains at low tide.  

tọọr pata   (tawar pahtah).   idiom.   2, 6(-a).   Entry in net of small groups of fish versus one large group.  

Jab kijer in eḷḷọk bwe tọọr pata. Don't spread the net out yet for it is just a small group.

tọọr pata   (tawar pahtah).   Unexpected streak of luck, windfall.  

Tọọr pata bajjek. Just a streak of luck, that's all.

tọọt   (tawat).   From Engl. thwart.   Canoe part, seat on a paddling canoe, usually in the mid-section; canoe part, thwart.  

Letok lem ṇe iuṃwin tọọt ṇe. Hand me the bailer under the seat.

tọr   (tar°).   Also tọrtọr.   2(inf, tr -e), 6(-i), 7.   Wash, as a wave or backwash; pull out, as current or undertow.  

Raar tọre rilōkā ro. The surfers got washed out.

Ebuñ ṇo eo im tọre men ko wōj. A big wave came and swept everything away.

tọre   (tar°ey).   Transitive form of tọrtọr (tar°tar°).  

tọrōk   (tawrẹk).   2, 3, 5(ttọrōkrōk), 6(-i).   Caught in a trap; get hooked, nabbed.  

Lale aṃ jakkōlkōl bwe kwōnaaj tọrōk. Stop being indiscrete or you'll get caught.

Ettọrōkrōk kōn an bwebwe. He's so stupid he's always walking into traps.

Etọrōk rūkọọt eo. They nabbed the thief.

tọrtọr   (tar°tar°).   6(-i).   Eaves; eaves-trough.  

tọrtọr   (tar°tar°).   2(inf, tr tọre), 7.   Push, move, postponement.  

Jenaaj tọre ṃaanḷọk keemem in. We'll postpone the birthday party.

tọrtọr   (tar°tar°).   Also tọr.   2(inf, tr tọke).   Massacre.  

Ear tọre joñoul ṃṃaan. He wiped out ten men.

Pako tọrtọr. Thresher shark.

tọujin   (tawijin).   From Engl.   2, 3(inf, tr -i), 5(kōttọujinjin), 6(-i), 7.   One thousand.  

tō-   (tẹh).   String.  

tōbak   (tebak).   Also kabbōk (kabbẹk).   3, 5(ttōbakbak), 6(-i).   Male flower of breadfruit; breadfruit bud.  

Ettōbakbak eoṃwin mā eṇ. There are lots of buds under that breadfruit tree.

tōbak   (tebak).   From Germ. Tabak "tobacco".   3, 5(ttōbakbak), 6(-i).   Cigar.  

tōbalbal   (tebalbal).   Also tōbalbōl (tebalbẹl), tōbal (tebal).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr tōbale), 3, 5(ttōbalbōl), 6(-i), 7.   Crawl; creep; slithering.  

Ejeḷā tōbalbal ajri eṇ. That baby can crawl.

Kōtōbale ajri ṇe. Make the child crawl.

Kiil kōjām ṇe bwe ñe eruj enaaj ttōbalbōl. Close the door for when he gets up he'll be crawling all over the place.

tōbale   (tebaley).   Transitive form of tōbalbal (tebalbal).  

tōbo   (tebew).   archaic.   Smaller eye of sprouted coconut.  

tōbo   (tẹbẹw).   Also tōbu (tebiw).   3, 4+3, 6(-i), 3+7.   A shell, Muricidae, Purpura (Manicinella) Armigera.  

tōboḷāār   (tebewḷayar).   Also tōboḷāār (tẹbẹwḷayar).   2.   Stage of the coconut seedling in which it is beginning to sprout.  

Rōnañin tōbolāār ke ine kaṇe? Have the seedlings begun to sprout?

tōborọñ   (tẹbẹwrag°).   Also tōboroñ (tebewr°eg°).   archaic.   A shell; similar to toul and di.  

Tōbọtin   (tebawtin).   3, 6(-i).   A plant, pandanus cultigen.  

tōbōb   (tebeb).   1(-i), 2, 3(inf, tr -e), 6(-i), 8, 9.   Fat; chubby; robust.  

Etōbōb lọlọ eṇ kijen. He has a nice and fat chicken.

tōbtōb   (tebteb).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr tōbwe), 4, 7.   Pull in, as fish on a line; weigh anchor.  

Eṃōj aer tōbtōb añkō. They have weighed anchor.

Añkō eo eṇ rej tōbwe. They are weighing anchor now.

tōbwe   (tebey).   Transitive form of tōbtōb (tebteb).  

tōjin   (tẹhjin).   From Engl.   Dozen.  

tōkai   (tekahyiy).   From Japn. takai "high".   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -ik), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Fly ball, in baseball; pop-up, in baseball.  

Ear tōkaik ḷọk bọọḷ eo ñan buḷōn mar. He hit a fly ball right into the bushes.

tōkale   (tekalẹy).   Also tōnale (tegalẹy).   3, 6(-i).   A shell, killer clam.  

tōkā   (tekay).   Also tōked (teked).   Strip of reef; long reef between two islets.  

Eike ioon tōkā eṇ ñe ej pāāt. That strip of reef has quite a few fish on it when the tide is low.

tōkeak   (tekyak).   2, 3, 7.   Arrive; come to land; reach destination.  

Raar tōkeak tok boñ. They arrived last night.

tōl   (tẹl).   3, 6(-i).   Larvae of lice; nit.  

tōl   (tel).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr tōle), 4, 7.   To lead, direct, preside.  

tōl   (tel).   Transitive form of tōltōl (tẹltẹl).  

tōlien   (teliyen).   So many.  

Tōlien ek jeban bwini. So many fish we can't count them.

tōllọk   (tellaq).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e).   Within the power; within the realm of possibilities; pertain; pertinent; worth.  

Ej jab tōllọkū ba iiọkwe eok. It's not for me to say I love you.

Inaaj kar bōk peiṃ ak ejjab tōllọkū. I would have married you but I am not worthy.

Ta ṇe kotōlloke kiiō? What are you worth now? what do you do now?

tōllọkbōd   (tellaqbed).   A fish.  

tōlpilo   (tẹlpilẹw).   Also tōḷpilo (teḷpilew).   2(inf, tr -uk), 6(-i), 7.   Lead astray; blind leading the blind.  

Jab po ippān bwe enaaj tōlpilouk eok. Don't associate with him or he'll lead you astray.

tōltōl   (tẹltẹl).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr tōl(e)), 3, 4, 7.   Collect; put inside.  

Ḷeeṇ ej tōltōl owōj. He is collecting tax.

tōḷao   (teḷahwew).   6(-i).   Sitting mat; coarsely woven.  

Tōḷaoun ia ṇe kineṃ? Where did your sitting mat come from?

tōḷḷañ   (teḷḷag).   Save from a storm.  

tōḷoñ   (teḷeg°).   Also jeḷoñ (jeḷeg°).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 7.   Go to the interior of an islet; penetrate to the interior of an islet; pervade.  

Raar tōḷoñe ān eo. They went to the interior of the island.

tōḷọk   (teḷaq).   Away.  

tōmak   (temak).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 3, 4, 5(ttōmakmak), 7, 8, 9.   Believe, faith, creed, pious.  

Ettōmakmak ḷeeṇ. He is gullible. He's pious.

Etōmak lōḷḷap eṇ. She's a pious old lady.

Kwōn jab tōmake. Don't believe him.

tōmak ilo jetōb   (temak yilew jẹtẹb).   Superstition.  

Etōmak jetōb. He's superstitious.

tōmaruk   (temariq).   Variant form of timaruk (timariq).  

tōmeañ   (temyag).   2(inf, tr -e), 5(ttōmeañeañ), 6(-i), 7.   Nautical term; sail downwind with the sail on the south and the outrigger on the north.  

Wa ko kaṇ rej tōmeañ toḷọk. The canoes are sailing downwind with their sails on the port and the outrigger on the starboard side.

tōmmeḷọk   (temmeḷaq).   1(-i), 2, 3, 5(ttōmtōm).   Smack the lips.  

Wōn in ej ttōmtōm? Who is that that keeps smacking his lips?

tōmrak   (temrak).   Nautical term; sail with the outrigger on the south.  

tōmrok   (temreq).   Also tōmaruk, timaruk.   Nautical term; outrigger sinks because too much weight is placed on it; fall into sin.  

tōṃa   (teṃah).   From Japn. tama "sphere".   6(-i).   Lightbulb; pupil of eye.  

Kobōk kajoorin tōṃa in meja. You've taken the light right out of my eyes. (You dazzle me).

Ej likūt ledik eṇ jibwin tōṃa in mejān. Her granddaughter is the apple of her eye.

tōṃato   (teṃahtew).   From Engl.   2, 3, 5(ttōṃatoto), 6(-i), 8, 9.   Tomato.  

tōn   (tẹn).   Also tōn (ten).   From Engl.   6(-i).   Ton.  

tōñaak   (tegahak).   Also ettōñaak (yettegahak), ettōnaak (yettenahak).   7.   Porch; veranda; lanai; balcony.  

Ejjeḷọk ettōñaakin ṃwiin. This house has no veranda.

tōñal   (tegal).   1(-i), 2, 3, 4, 5(ttōñalñal), 7, 8, 9, 11(tōñalñal, tōñalñōl)..   Sweet.  

Ennọ an ttōñalñal. It's pervasive sweetness is delicious.

tōñal   (tegal).   2, 4.   Diabetes; diabetic.  

Aolep rūtōñal rōnaaj taktō. All those with diabetes will be treated.

tōñale   (tegalẹy).   Variant form of tōkale (tekalẹy).  

tōññōḷọk   (teggeḷaq).   2, 3(inf, tr -e), 6(-i).   Sound of a bell or something rung.  

tōñōl   (tegel).   2(inf, tr tōñōle), 4(rūttōñōl), 5(ttōñōlñōl), 6(-i), 7.   Poke; rub.  

Tōñōle ṃōk im lale an makōrlep. Rub her and notice how hypersensitive she is.

tōñtōñ   (tegteg).   6(-i).   Very; the most; intensifier, with great force.  

Eḷap ñūta ilo bwiltōñtōñin pata eo. There was much hunger during the heaviest part of the war.

Ebooḷtōñtōñ aebōj jimeeṇ eṇ. That cistern is full to the brim.

Ebōttōñtōñ ḷadik eṇ. That boy is the naughtiest.

tōōldepak   (tẹhẹldẹpak).   6(-i).   Garland with flowers set wide apart.  

tōōlkut   (tẹhẹlqit).   6(-i).   Garland with flowers set close together.  

tōōḷ   (tẹhẹḷ).   Tooth of a comb; bristle, strand of hair; grain of rice.  

tōōṃ   (teheṃ).   From Engl.   Term.  

tōōt   (tẹhẹt).   Also tōōt (tehet).   From Engl.   Third base.  

tōp   (tẹp).   5(ttōptōp), 6(-i).   Wood-shavings.  

Ettōptōp ṃōn booj eo. The boat house had wood-shavings strewn all over the place.

tōp   (tẹp).   archaic.   Encouragement; incentive.  

Jen bōk tōp eo jān ḷeeṇ. Follow the leader, be encouraged, and get the work done.

tōpañ   (tepag).   Also tapañ.   Medicine pounding rock.  

tōpar   (tepar).   2, 3(kōttōpar), 7, 10(tōprak).   Arrive; reach.  

tōpdo   (tepdew).   From Gilb. te bero.   A plant, tree, Ficus tinctoria Forst.  

tōpe   (tẹpẹy).   Transitive form of tōptōp (tẹptẹp).  

tōplik tōpar   (tẹplik tẹphar).   1, 2, 3(inf, tr -e), 8, 9.   Unbalanced; uneven.  

Kajiṃwe aṃ jijet bwe etōplik tōpar wa ṇe. Sit properly because the canoe is unbalanced.

tōpḷedik   (tẹpḷẹydik).   1, 2, 4, 6(-i).   To sit up on something high with the feet dangling and moving incessantly.  

Ilo ṃantin Ṃajeḷ, emọ an leddik tōpḷedik. It's unacceptable for girls to sit with their feet dangling, according to Marshallese custom.

tōprak   (teprak).   1(-i), 2, 3, 5(ttōprakrak), 7.   Accomplish; carry out; succeed; netted; achieve; perfective form of tōpar (tepar).  

Ettōprakrak an jerbal. He always completes his tasks.

tōpran   (tepran).   1(tōpra-), 6(tōpran).   Value; gain; accomplishment; achievement; worth.  

Eor ke tōpran jikuuḷ eo aṃ? Did you gain anything from your schooling?

Eor tōpra ṇa ilo ānin. I did much work (planted many things) on this islet.

tōptōp   (tẹptẹp).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr tōpe), 3, 4, 7.   Taking gifts to a wedding, funeral, or party for guests to take home.  

Elōñ kar nuknuk in tōptōp ilo keemem eo. There was much cloth brought as gifts to the birthday party.

Ear tōpe ruo nuknuk ilo iien keemem eo. He took two pieces of cloth as gifts at the time of the birthday party.

tōptōp   (tẹptẹp).   6(-i).   Chest, trunk; foot locker.  

Ia ṇe kwaar wiaik tōptōp ṇe aṃ ie? Where did you buy your trunk?

tōptōp   (tẹptẹp).   A fish, cardinal fish, Apogon novemfasiatus; Paramia quinquekineata.  

tōr   (ter).   1(-i), 2, 3, 4, 8, 9.   Greedy.  

tōr   (ter).   archaic.   6(tōran).   Formant in place names; in a certain part.  

Tōrrak. In the south part.

Tōreañ. In the north part.

Tōrkaṇiiene. On dry land.

tōrak   (tẹhrak).   Also kattōrak (kattẹhrak).   2(inf, tr -e), 3, 4, 6(-i), 7.   Protection in fighting; shield.  

tōrak   (terak).   Ceiling; roof.  

tōran   (tẹran).   Distance.  

Tōran ikōtaan Mājro im Jālwōj eḷap. The distance between Majuro and Jaluit is great.

tōrañ   (terag).   2(inf, tr -e).   Spoil; infect.  

Jab kōjjedwawaik kinej eo bwe ḷọñ enaaj torañe. Don't expose the wound or the flies will infect it.

tōre   (tẹrẹy).   Time of day or night; the time.  

Tōreet in koṃro ej ilān eọñōd ie? What ungodly hour are you two going fishing?

Ej ja tōrein wōt ke ij itok. I arrived at this time of day.

Enaaj iọkwe eok ṃae tōreo kobūrook. She'll love you till you're broke.

tōreej   (teryej).   Also tōrej.   From Engl.   3, 6.   Thread.  

tōreej   (teryej).   Also tōrej.   From Engl.   2, 3, 7.   Straight, in playing poker.  

tōreejab   (tereyjab).   Also tōrejab.   From Engl.   2, 3(inf, tr -e), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Dress up.  

Ta wūnin aṃ tōrejab? Why are you all dressed up?

tōreeta   (tereytah).   Also tōreta.   From Engl.   Trader; merchant.  

tōreo   (tẹrẹyew).   Variant form of tōrreo (tẹrrẹyew).  

tōrerei-   (tẹrẹyrẹyi-).   1, 7, 8, 9.   Side; edge; alongside; border; fringe; margin; rim of.  

tōrerein iaḷ   (tẹrẹyrẹyin yiyaḷ).   Roadside.  

tōrreo   (tẹrrẹyew).   Also tōreo (tẹrẹyew).   All the more.  

Iḷak ba en jab jañ, tōrreo ej kab buuḷ im jañ. When I asked her not to cry, she cried all the more.

Ñe koba en jab idaak, tōrreo ej kab idaak. If you tell him not to drink, he'll drink all the more.

tōt   (tet).   1(-i), 2, 3(inf, tr -e).   Stay still; fixed, settled.  

Ij katōte joor e ije. I'm fixing the post in the ground here.

Etōt ioon jikin. He settled on his homeland.

tōt-   See tt-.  

tōtaiṃoṇ   (tetahiyṃeñ).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 4, 5(tōtaiṃoṇṃoṇ), 6(-i), 7.   A food, taro grated and mixed with coconut oil and coconut sap.  

An wōn iien tōtaiṃoṇ. Whose turn is it to make tōtaiṃon?

Etōtaiṃoṇṃoṇ. It's got tōtaiṃon all over it.

tōū   (tẹhih).   Dial. E only; W: ettōū (yẹttẹhih).   A fish, mackerel, Trachurops crumenopthalmus.  

tta   (ttah).   Dial. W: etta (yettah), E: tōta (tetah).   1(-a), 2, 4, 6(-i).   Conceive; become pregnant.  

ttabōn   (ttaben).   Dial. W: ettabōn (yettaben), E: tōtabōn (tetaben).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 4, 8, 9.   Occult; black magic; omen.  

ttal   (ttal).   Dial. W: ettal (yettal), E: tōtal (tetal).   1(-i), 2, 3, 7, 8, 9.   Leak; puncture.  

Ettal ainbat e. This pot leaks.

ttal   (ttal).   Dial. W: ettal (yettal), E: tōtal (tetal).   1(-i), 2, 6(-i), 8, 9.   Loudmouth; blabber-mouth; telltale.  

Kwōn jab kōṇaan ttal. Don't be a blabbermouth.

ttaḷum   See ttọḷūm.  

ttaorak   (ttahwewrak).   Dial. W: ettaorak (yettahwewrak), E: tōtaorak (tetahwewrak).   1, 2(inf, tr -e), 3(inf, tr -e), 5(ttaorak), 6(-i), 7, 8, 9.   Gritty feeling under the eyelids; sticky, of eyes.  

Ej ttaorak wōt meja jān ke iar pilo. It has felt gritty under my eyelids since I got the eye disease.

Ettaorak meja. My eyes feel sticky.

ttā   (ttay).   Dial. W: ettā (yettay), E: tōtā (yetay).   1(-i), 2, 3(inf, tr kōttāik), 4, 6(-i), 8, 9, 11(ttāte).   Low; lowly; menial; demote; inferior.  

Eḷap an ttā jerbal eṇ an. He has a menial job.

Eḷap an ttā baḷuun eo. The plane is very low.

Eṃōj kōttāiki. He's been demoted.

ttā bōro   (ttay bẹrẹw).   Dial. W: ettā bōro (yettay bẹrẹw), E: tōtā bōro (tetay bẹrẹw).   1(...būruo-), 2, 3, 4, 7.   Humble; modest.  

tteiñ   (ttẹyig).   Dial. W: etteiñ (yẹttẹyig), E: tōteiñ (yẹtẹyig).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr teiñ(i)), 4, 7.   Fill with liquid.  

Kwōn teiñi kaar eṇ kōn ḷalem kōḷan in kiaaj. Please put five gallons of gas in the car.

Kwōn teiñ bato ṇe kōn aebōj. Fill that bottle with fresh water.

ttemakil   (ttẹymakil).   Dial. W: ettemakil (yẹttẹymakil), E: tōtemakil (tẹtẹymakil).   Also temakil (tẹymakil).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr temakil(i)), 4, 5(ttemakilkil), 6(-i), 7.   Pluck feathers from a bird; pluck leaves from midrib of coconut fronds; tear apart.  

Wōn e ear ttemakilkil kimej ṇa ije? Who plucked this frond and scattered leaves all over the place?

ttiijij   (ttiyijyij).   Dial. W: ittiijij (yittiyijyij), E: tūtiijij (titiyijyij)   Sound of grease frying; sizzle.  

Ettiij ḷọk ek eo ke emat. The fish kept sizzling when it was cooked.

ttil   (ttil).   Dial. W: ittil (yittil), E: tūtil (titil).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr tile), 3, 7.   Burn; light; set fire to; ignite.  

Kwōn tile aḷaḷ ṇe. Set fire to that piece of wood.

ttino   (ttinẹw).   Dial. W: ittino (yittinẹw), E: tūtino (titinẹw)   Also alọk (halaq).   1, 2, 3(inf, tr -ik, -uk), 5(ttinono), 6(-i), 7, 8, 9.   Secret; mysterious; camouflaged; obscure; hidden; covert.  

Ettino ṃwilin. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Kattinouk men in. Keep this a secret.

Ettinono an jerbal. He's very secretive about his work.

Eḷap an ttino ijo ej kūttiliek ie. The place he is hiding is secret.

tto   (ttẹw).   Dial. W: etto (yẹttẹw), E: tōto (yẹtẹw),   1(-i), 2(inf, tr tuuj(i)), 3, 4, 7.   Dig taro.  

Ḷōṃaro raṇ rej tto iaraj ṃōñein jota. Those fellows are digging taro for supper.

tto   (ttew).   Dial. W: etto (yettew), E: tōto (yetew).   2.   Fishing method, use fishpole at night with either lure or bait.  

ttoḷọk   (ttewḷaq).   Dial. W: ettoḷọk (yettewḷaq), E: tōtoḷọk (tetewḷaq).   1(-i), 2, 3, 7.   Far; distant; remote.  

Ettoḷọk Wūjlañ jān Mājro. Ujelang is far from Majuro.

ttoñ   (tteg°).   Dial. W: ettoñ (yetteg°), E: tōtoñ (teteg°).   Also ññor (gger°).   1, 2, 3, 7.   Sleep soundly.  

Eḷap aō kar ttoñ. I really slept soundly.

ttoon   (ttẹwẹn).   Dial. W: ettoon (yẹttẹwẹn), E: tōtoon (yẹtẹwẹn).   1(-i), 2, 3(st inf kattoonon, tr kattoon), 5(ttoonon), 7, 11(ttoonon).   Dirty; corrupt; foul; nasty; obscene; polluted; unclean, vulgar, gross.  

Ekattoonon. He's sloppy.

Ettoonon nōbjān ṃwiin. There's litter all around this house.

Ettoon kobban lọñiin. He's got a foul mouth.

ttoor   (ttewer).   Dial. W: ettoor (yettewer), E: tōtoor (tetewer).   2(inf, tr toore), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Fishing method, pole fishing along the beach or shore.  

Kwōj ttoor jikōt. In which direction are you pole fishing?

ttọ   (ttaw).   Dial. W: ettọ (yettaw), E: tōtọ (tetaw).   1, 2(inf, tr tọuk), 4, 6(-i).   Mend a net.  

Ḷōṃaraṇ rej ttọ ok. The men are mending nets.

ttọḷ   See ttọḷūm.  

ttọḷūm   (ttaḷ°im).   Dial. W: ettọḷūm (yettaḷ°im), E: tōtọḷūm (tetaḷ°im).   Also ttọḷ (ttaḷ°).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr tọḷūm(i)), 4, 5(ttọḷūmḷwūm), 7.   Grope; reach for something in the dark; feel around for something; fumble.  

Eṃōj ṇe aṃ ttọḷūmḷwūm. Control your hands.

Tọḷūmtok juon ni jān lowaan pāāk ṇe. Get a coconut for me out of the bag.

ttōl   (ttẹl).   Dial. W: ettōl (yẹttẹl), E: tōtōl (yẹtẹl).   Give preference to.  

ttōllōñ   (ttẹllẹg).   Dial. W: ettōllōñ, E: tōtōllōñ   Look up.  

ttōṇak   (tteṇak).   Dial. W: ettōṇak (yetteṇak), E: tōtōṇak (teteṇak).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 4, 5(ttōṇakṇak), 7.   Dream; fantasy; day-dream.  

Eḷap aō ttōṇakṇak ṇai ṃwiin. I always dream (when I sleep) in this house.

Eṃōj ṇe aṃ ttōṇak. Stop your day-dreaming.

ttōñ   (ttẹg).   Dial. W: ettōñ (yẹttẹg), E: tōtōñ (tẹtẹg), rere (reyrey):   1(-i), 2, 3(st inf kattōñtōñ, tr kattōñ), 5(ttōñtōñ), 7.   Laugh.  

Ettōñtōñ ajri eṇ. That child is always laughing.

Ekattōñtōñ ledik eṇ. That girl is charming.

Jab kattōñ eō. Don't make me laugh.

ttōñ dikdik   (ttẹg dikdik).   Dial. W: ettōñ dikdik (yẹttẹg dikdik), E: tōtoñ dikdik (yẹtẹg dikdik).   1(-i), 2, 3, 7.   Smile; titter; giggle; chuckle.  

ttōñtōñ   (ttegteg).   Dial. W: ettōñtōñ (yettegteg), E: tōtōñtōñ (tetegteg).   1(-i), 2, 3, 7.   Rattling of bottle, etc.; chinking; jangling; jingling; clinking.  

ttōr   (ttẹr).   Dial. W: ettōr (yẹttẹr), E: tōtōr (tẹtẹr).   1(-i), 2, 3, 4, 7.   Run.  

ttōr kālọk   (ttẹr kaylaq).   Dial. W: ettōr kālọk (yẹttẹr kaylaq), E: tōtōr kālọk (tẹtẹr kaylaq).   1(-i), 2, 4, 7.   Run and jump.  

ttuuj   (ttiwij).   Dial. W: ittuuj (yittiwij), E: tūtuuj (titiwij).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr tuuj(i)), 4, 7.   Dig up.  

ttuur   (ttiwir).   Dial. W: ittuur (yittiwir), E: tūtuur (titiwir)   1(-i), 2(inf, tr tuur(i)), 4, 7.   Dive down.  

Rōmoot in ttuur tok kapoor. They went to dive for and bring back giant clams.

Kwōn tuur tok bukbuk eṇ. Dive down and get that helmet shell.

ttuur bōro   (ttiwir bẹrẹw).   Dial. W: ittuur bōro (yittiwir bẹrẹw), E: tūtuur bōro (titiwir bẹrẹw).   1(būruo-), 2(inf, tr tuur būruo-), 4, 6(-i).   Psychoanalyze; pry into someonẹs thoughts.  

Kwōn tuur būruon. Find out what is really on his mind.

Jekdọọn ñe kotuur būruō ak iban kwaḷọk aō ḷōmṇak. Even if you persist on questioning me, I will not say what's on my mind.

ttūṃurṃur   (ttiṃir°ṃir°).   Dial. W: ittūṃurṃur (yittiṃir°ṃir°), E: tūtṃurṃur (titṃir°ṃir°).   1, 2, 3(inf, tr -ki), 6(-i), 7, 8, 9.   Fearful; doubtful; hesitant.  

Kwōn joḷọk aṃ ttūṃurṃur bwe wūnin aṃ wōtlọk ṇe. You'd better stop being fearful if you want to get anywhere in life.

tu   (tiw).   A locative, where, there.  

Tu ia eo bok eo epād ie? Where is the book?

Epād tulaḷ. It's down there somewhere.

tu   (tiw).   Variant form of tudek (tiwdek).  

tubar   (tiwbar).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 3, 4, 7.   Headlong; jump to dive, head first; dive.  

tudek   (tiwdek).   Also tu (tiw).   1(-i), 3, 6(-i).   Gizzard; stomach.  

tueañ   (tiwyag).   Also tueñ (tiwyẹg).   1(-i), 7.   Northern part.  

tujiloñloñ   (tiwjileg°leg°).   Variant form of meḷoktakōn (meleqtaken) and tuujloñloñ (tiwijleg°leg°).  

Tujuon   (tiwjiwen).   From tu (tiwi-) |"dive", juon (jiwen) |"one" (?).   A plant, pandanus cultigen (Takeuchi).  

tulowa   (tiwlewwah).   1(-i).   Inward.  

Kwōn wūno waj ñan tulowa. Paint inward.

tulọk   (tiwlaq).   1(-i), 2, 3(inf kattulọk, tr katulọk), 4, 5(ttulọklọk), 7.   Go down; dive; take a bath; submerge.  

Etulọk aḷ. The sun has set.

Kwōnañin tulọk ke? Haven't you bathed yet?

Waan tulọk. Submarine.

Eḷap an ttulọklọk ḷeeṇ. He does a lot of diving. He's always taking baths.

Rej kattulọk armej iar. They are dunking people in the lagoon.

Katulọk neeṃ ilojet. Dip your feet in the water (lagoon).

tulọkun aḷ   (tiwlaqin haḷ).   Sundown; sunset.  

tulōñ   (tiwlẹg).   1(-i), 2, 7, 8, 9.   At the upper part.  

tuḷaar   (tiḷ°ahar).   Also tūḷaar (tiḷahar).   1(-i), 2, 3, 5(ttuḷaarar).   Burnt; overcooked; scorched.  

Etuḷaar raij eo. The rice is scorched.

tumej   (tiwmẹj).   2, 4, 5(ttumejmej), 6(-i), 7.   Open eyes under water.  

Jab tumej bwe eliṃ. Don't open your eyes in the water because it's murky.

tuṃaḷ   (tiwṃaḷ).   1, 2, 4, 6(-i).   A game, pulling people from port to starboard under the keel; keel-haul.  

Koṃ jab tuṃaḷ bwe koṃ naaj maḷoñ. Don't play that keel-haul game or you'll drown.

tuññūlaḷḷọk   (tig°g°ilaḷḷaq).   Also tūṃṃwilaḷḷọk (tiṃṃilaḷḷaq).   2, 3.   Sink; go underwater.  

tuññūli   (tig°g°iliy).   2, 7.   Poke; pluck.  

Ear tuññūli mejān ek eo. He plucked out the fish's eyes.

Jab tuññūli keek ṇe. Don't poke the cake.

tuo   (tiwew).   archaic.   Formant in place names.  

tuon   (tiwen).   3(inf, tr -e), 4+3, 3+7.   Trick; skill; seem.  

Ejeḷā katuon. He knows some tricks.

Etuon wōt tok. It looks like rain.

tur   (tir°).   2(inf, tr -i), 6(-i).   End of an islet; beam of a house.  

Kwōnañin turi ke ṃōṇe? Have you put up the beams on the house?

tureeaar   (tiwrẹyyahar).   Dial. W: ittuur (yittiwir), E: tūtuur (titiwir).   1(-i), 6(-i), 7.   Eastward.  

turilik   (tiwriylik).   Dial. W, E: turōtle (tiwrẹtley).   1(-i), 6(-i), 7.   Westward.  

turot   (tir°et).   Dial. Bikini only.   Kind; type; sort.  

Bōb turot men ṇe? What kind of a pandanus is that?

turọñ   (tiwrag°).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 3, 4, 5(tturọñrọñ), 7.   Skin diving; fishing method, spear fishing.  

Elōñ ikōn turọñ. There are many fish to be caught by spearing.

Kwōj turọñ ke? Are you going spear fishing?

Etturọñrọñ likao in ānin. The fellows on this island do a lot of spear fishing.

turōk   (tiwrẹk).   1(-i), 7.   Southern part.  

turōtle   (tiwrẹtley).   Dialectal variant of turilik (tiwriylik).  

turruḷọk   (tir°r°iḷaq).   Also turūḷḷọk (tir°iḷḷaq).   1(-i), 2, 3, 7.   Sink; swamped.  

Eturruḷọk wa eo. The boat sank.

turu-   (tir°i-).   1(-i), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Next to; close to; near; beside.  

Itōm jijet turū. Come sit by me.

turuṃ   (tir°iṃ).   From Engl.   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -i), 5(tturuṃruṃ).   A game, trump; a card game.  

Etturuṃruṃ Aḷi im men. Ali and his wife are always playing trump.

turun māj   (tir°in maj).   1(...meja-).   Face.  

tutu   (tiwtiw).   Dial. W, E: ṇok (ṇeq)   1(-i), 2, 3(inf, tr katutuuk(i)), 5(ttutu), 7, 8, 9, 11(tutu)..   Bathe, take a bath; wet.  

Etutu nuknuk kā aō. My clothes are wet.

Kwōn tutu ṃokta. Take a bath first.

tutu in kwōlej   (tiwtiw yin qẹlyẹj).   2, 4, 6(-i).   Rinse oneself off in lieu of thorough shower.  

Kwōn tutu in kwōlej bwe eawa. Just rinse yourself off because it's time (to go).

tutukōp   (tiwtiwkẹp).   Variant form of jujukōp (jiwjiwkẹp).  

tuuj   (tiwij).   Transitive form of tto (ttẹw).  

tuuj   (tiwij).   Transitive form of ttuuj (ttiwij).  

tuuj bōl   (tiwij bẹl).   slang.   From tuuj bōl (tiwij bẹl) |"dig up taro patch".   2.   Steal someonẹs wife (euphemism).  

Rōtuuj bōl eo an. Someone stole his wife.

tuujloñloñ   (tiwijleg°leg°).   Also meḷoktakōn (meḷeqtaken).   Period between setting of sun and rising of moon; third moon phase; moon phase after meḷoktak.  

tuuḷ   (tiwiḷ).   From Engl.   6(-i).   Tool.  

Eor ke aṃ tuuḷ rot eṇ ej diklọkḷaplọk? Have you got an adjustable wrench?

tuuḷbọọk   (tiwiḷbawak).   From Engl.   6(-i).   Toolbox.  

tuur   (tiwir).   Transitive form of ttuur (ttiwir).  

tuwa   (tiwwah).   Also tuwa (tiwah).   Small opening; little space between trees; aisle; gap.  

tuwaak   (tiwwahak).   Also tuwaak (tiwahak).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr tuwaak), 3(inf, tr -e), 6(-i), 7.   Go into the water; wade in water.  

tuwā   (tiwway).   2(inf, tr -ik(i)), 4, 6(-i), 7.   Fishing method, spear fishing while diving.  

Iar tuwāiki ek kā. I speared these fish while diving.

tuwe   (tiwey).   archaic.   Formant in place names; old form of to "westward".  

tuwe   (tiwey).   2.   Exploit a fishing grounds; to possess, of evil spirits; possessed by a demon.  

Rōtuwe lio. She was possessed.

Eṃōj tuwe jikin eọñōd in. Someone has fished out the area.

tuwe   (tiwẹy).   To damage.  

Jourur etuwe (etwe) ni eo. Lighting damaged the coconut tree.

tūaḷ   (tihaḷ).   Charge of a school of fish chasing minnows.  

tūar   (tihar).   Also tiār (tiyar), tiārmān (tiyarman).   3, 6(-i).   Pandanus blossom.  

tūb   (tib).   Also tip (tip).   Reward; prize; delightful; enjoyment.  

Ebōk tūb eo. He took the prize. He enjoys it very much.

Eḷap tūb eo an rainin. Today is a happy occasion.

tūbbọk   (tibbaq).   Dial. E, W: tipjek (tipjẹk).   1(-i), 2, 3, 4, 5(ttūbbọkbọk), 7.   Stumble; slip.  

Ettōr im tūbbọk. He ran and stumbled.

Ettūbbọkbọk ajri eṇ. That child is always stumbling.

tūbḷotak   (tibḷ°etak).   Also tūbuḷtak.   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -e), 3, 4, 6(-i), 7.   Eulogize; praise; laud; entreat; beg.  

Koṃwin tūbḷotake Anij bwe en jipañ koṃ. Beg God to help you.

Rej al im tūbḷotake etan Irooj. They are singing and praising the name of the Lord.

tūbok   (tibeq).   Variant form of ettōbok.  

tūkjinede   (tikjineydey).   From Engl.   6(-i).   Dictionary.  

tūkōk   (tikẹk).   6(-i), 7.   High tide.  

Tūkōkin jota eḷap jān jibboñ. Evening tide is higher than morning.

tūkōt   (tikẹt).   Also tūkōt (tiket).   From Engl.   2(inf, tr -e), 6(-i).   Ticket.  

tūḷaar   (tiḷahar).   Variant form of tuḷaar (tiḷ°ahar).  

tūṃ   (tiṃ).   2, 3, 5(ttūṃtūṃ), 7.   Be late for and miss a plane, boat, or car, etc..  

Itūṃ jān baḷuun eo. I missed the plane.

Ḷeo ettūṃtūṃ eṇ. That fellow always misses the boat.

tūṃ kwōd   (tiṃ qed).   idiom.   Severance of a relationship.  

Jān wōt aṃ nana, etūṃ kwōd eo ikōtaarro. Simply because you're a harlot, our relationship is dissolved.

tūṃbōḷ   (tiṃbeḷ).   From Engl.   Thimble.  

tūṃṃọṇ   (tiṃṃañ).   2(inf, tr -e), 4, 6(-i).   Pluck feathers; pull out hairs; eradicate.  

Jab tūṃṃọṇe bōra. Don't pull out my hair.

tūṃṃwijkōk   (tiṃṃijkẹk).   slang.   From tūṃ (tiṃ) |"break", mwijkōk (ṃijkẹk) |"break".   2, 3, 6(-i).   Lose out; miss out; cut off completely.  

Kwōj kab āteo tūṃṃwijkōk jān būruō. Now you're really completely cut off from my heart.

tūṃṃwilaḷḷọk   (tiṃṃilaḷḷaq).   Variant form of tuññūlaḷḷọk (tig°g°ilaḷḷaq).  

tūṃtūṃ   (tiṃtiṃ).   Also tūṃ (tiṃ).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr tūṃ(wi)), 3, 5(ttūṃtūṃwi, tūṃtūṃwi), 7.   To pull and break objects such as string, rope, wire or grass; come loose; severed.  

Rej tūṃtūṃ wūjooj. They are pulling grass.

Rej tūṃwi wūjooj ko. They are pulling the grass.

Kwōn jab ttūṃtūṃi wūjooj kaṇe. Don't keep pulling up that grass.

Rej katūṃtūṃ bao. They're plucking chickens.

Etūṃ to eo. The rope broke.

Tūṃur   (tiṃir°).   Personal name of legendary figure, eldest son of Lōktañūr; a constellation; stars in Scorpius; tau, alpha, sigma; Antares.  

tūñad   (tigad).   A fish, porgy, Gnathodentex aurolineatus.  

tūñañ   (tigag).   Dial. E, W: kōjṃaal   Ask for food, a shameful thing to do.  

Ekajjookok tūñañ. It's disgraceful to ask people for food.

tūññūḷọk   (tiggiḷaq).   Also tūñ (tig).   2, 3.   Ringing (in ears); ringing sound.  

tūr   (tir).   From tūrtūr (tirtir).   6(-i).   Bundle that has been wrapped, sticks or pandanus leaves; bundle of long objects such as spears, fish poles, etc;. Place for making weapons.  

Ewi tūrin kane eo? Where is the bundle of firewood?

tūrabōḷ   (tirabeḷ).   From Engl.   2, 3, 4, 5(ttūrabōḷbōḷ), 7.   Trouble.  

Ettūrabōḷbōḷ jar eṇ. That couple is always fighting.

tūraip   (tirahyip).   From Engl.   2, 4, 5(ttūraipip), 7, 8, 9.   To drive a car.  

Ekadik ttūraipip ḷadik eṇ nājin Robōt. Robert's boy drives all over the place.

Inaaj tūraipwōj ñan Rita buñniin. I'll drive over to Rita tonight.

tūrak   (tirak).   From Engl.   1(-i), 2, 3, 6(-i), 7.   Truck.  

tūraṃ   (tiraṃ).   From Engl.   2(inf, tr -e), 3, 6(-i).   Drum; barrel; short punches in boxing, as in the beating of a drum.  

Etūraṃe mejān. He gave him short, quick punches to the face.

tūrāikōn   (tirayiken).   From Engl.   Dragon.  

tūrep   (tiryep).   Also tūreep (tireyep).   From Engl.   7.   Trip; voyage.  

tūriaṃo   (tiriyaṃew).   1(-i), 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9.   Sympathize with; have mercy on; have pity; emotion.  

tūrook   (tirewek).   Transitive form of tūroro (tirewrew).  

tūroon   (tirewen).   From Engl.   Throne.  

tūroot   (tirwet).   Also tūrwōt.   Cabinet; wardrobe; closet; bureau; locker.  

tūroro   (tirewrew).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr tūrook), 3, 6(-i), 7.   Wrap with leaves.  

Kwōn tūrook mā ṇe. Wrap that breadfruit with leaves.

tūroro   (tirewrew).   Dial. Ujelang only   Wrap up in a blanket.  

Ḷeo eṇ ej tūroro. The man you're looking for is wrapped up in a blanket.

tūrowa   (tirewwah).   From Engl.   6(-i).   Drawer.  

tūrtūr   (tirtir).   1(-i), 2(inf, tr -i), 3, 7.   Wrap in basket or leaves; bundle.  

Kwōn tūrtūri ek kaṇe. Wrap those fish with leaves.

Rej tūrtūr ek. They are wrapping fish in leaves.

Ewi tūrtūr in kane eo? Where is the bundle of firewood?

tūt-   See tt-.  

tūttūt   (tittit).   Dialectal variant of ittūt (yittit).  

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